Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. r==^OCAL INTELLIGENCE. TifCoCKClW?Board of Atd?rm*H?Lut nnht in the Board of Aldermen, (Mr Presi jimt Hill in tbe chair,) tbe Mayor'? Domina tion of a new Board of Health wai laid be fore tbe Board, as follow* : Ur $. t Snoot and Wa Wilson, for tha ?? ? |? gfii ; Dr H P. Howard and Jobs H Reilly, <^tood Ward ~ Dr Jas C. Hall and Harrey Crittandan, Third Ward Dr William Marbury and W. E. Howard, Fourth Ward. D. A. Watterson and Jamas A Brown, Fifth Ward. Dr Cbas W Daw and A. W. Venable, MXtb Ward. Beoj. b. Kinseyand Wm R Kiley, Cor tha Seventh Ward. Said nominations war* temporarily laid on the table Mr Hill presented tha petition of Joseph >cwfiel<i and otber* against tha efeotion of Mother livery stable on Eighth street, batwean D and E streets north; referred to tha poliea committee. Mr. Pepper reported from the improvements committee, a lower board a bill, authorising Robert R Pywell to erect a stable on Eighth street, (the one referred to in tha petition mentioned above ) Mr Pepper explained that Mr Pywell pro posed to build bis stable so tbat the stabling and grooming of the horsea would not be dona within fifteen feet of the pavement line. Mr Pearaon opposed the paaaaga of tha bill, and then after further conversation, by Messrs Pepper and Fitspatriok, this bill was also referred, on Mr. Pepper s motion, to tha poliea e- mm ttee. Mr. Pepper presented a petition of Elita Peyton and otbera, against the construction of a (ewer in the alley between Indiana avenue and C atreet; referred to the improvement committee The Chair laid before the Board a bill for the relief of the Union Fire Company; refer red to the fire department oemmittee. Also, a bill for the relief of Gales 1 Seaton. Mr Pepper moved to put it on its third read ing. Mr. Fitipatrick, raising a |H>iut of order, contended tbat it was not competent for the lower Board to pass this bill; inasmuch as there still exists before that Board another bill to ettect precisely the end proposed io this bill?to pay the balance due Gales A Seatcn for advertising Ac. After a few words in explanation, Mr. Hill overruled the point of order, though also rul ing that, in strict parliamentary usage, it was not competent for the lower board, under the circu-natances, to originate the bill. The said bill, to pay Gales A Seaton $<U0.5O, wao then read tbe third time and passed. Mr. Fitzpatrick introduced a bill to pay Wm Thompson $16ri.05, balance due him for printing; read twice. After debate between Messrs. Fitztpatrick, B*yly, Pepper. Marks. IIill. and Clarke for its immediate passage, and Messrs Houston, Pear ton, and Evans lor its reference to the finance committee, the said bill was read the third time?yeas 7, Bays i; as follows : Yeas?Messrs. Reed, Bayly. Pepper, Fitz patrick. Houston, Maiks, ard Hill, (presi dent)?7. Nays?Messrs Evans, Clarke, and Pear son?3 Tbe said bill was then passed Mr. Evans, rising to a personal explanation, remarked that hia relations with Mr. Thoinp son were, on his part, tbe kindest possible, and tbat bis vote against this bill was given under the conviction that hs was not entitled to the money under the corporation's advertising law. Mr. Marks reported ba>-k, from tbe special committee of the Sixth Ward members, the bill authorizing James Rhodes to erect a frame house against a brick one, on the corner of M street south and Tenth Btreet east After debate between Mr. Marks for this bill, and Messrs. Pearson. Reed, and Hill against it. it was rejected on its third read ing?yeas 4. nays 6. Mr. Evans made a partial repoit from the ?elect committee to examine the tax books ol the Corporation, showing the varioua errora ftund in the books of Mr. Lamer. Mr E remarked that he hid had Mr. Roth well to aid him in the investigation of Mr. Liner's book, and that it was that gentleman's opinion tbat tbe book was well kept. Mr. Baylj, in reply, contended tbat Mr. Kothwell was the last person in the world who should have been aaked to aid in i uch an in vestigation. Why, he explained. He re marked that the errors mentioned by Mr. E., ware those only that had been marked, not thise to which his attention had not been called He admitted tbat Mr Larner's book was kept much better thau those of Mr. Henshaw and Radcliffa, whose bock*, accord ing to Mr B s view, were kept in very bad condition indeed, as he explained, quoting a long li*t ot errois discovered in them. Mr. Evans replied to Mr B to show that Mr Larner's book was well kept compara tively. Ihis debate was in progress wlan we left the Chamber. C'f mmoH Vounrit.?Tha Board met at tha usual hour. In the absance of the President and \ ice President, Mr. l>uncan*on, on mo tion, took tha chair. Mr Clements presented tha petition of Fraocia liutchins Referred Mr. Ruff presented tha petition ot John Minekeim Referred Mr. buncanson, from (ha committee on claims, reported a bill for the relief of G T. Lemmons, which waa referred back to aama committee with instructions. Also, from same committee, a report adverse to the petition of John Winderlick, and asked that the committee be discharged. Mr Plant presented the petition of R D. Spencer and other police officers, at the Fair ot Metropolitan Mechanics Institute, a-king an increaaeof pay; referred. Mr Busey. from the committee on police, asked to be discharged from tha further con a.deration of a bill to amend tha police lyatem ol the eity; agreed to. Also introduced a bill regulating tbe polka at the Mechanics Inatitute; passed. Mr Cross introduced a bill for tha raliaf of M Mcbermott; referred. A communication from the Mayor, cf having signed certain bills, waa received. Also, the monthly report of tha Superin tendent of the Asylum; referred. ihe bill from the Board of Aldermen, set ting the curb gtone and paving the foot-way on tks south front of squares and 904, was referred. Also, the bill to grade and gravel Four teenth street, Irom 1 to Boundary streets. Ihe bill for the relief of Wm Shorter was referred Mr. Smoot introduced a bill making an ap propriation for defraying the expenses of an alec ion in the First Ward on the Wth of De cember, 1?54; passed Mr. Smith cSored tha following resolution; which waa adopted: Hesolvtd, That the committee on Police be maiiucted to inquire if any, and if any by what authority, the pavement on Pennsylva nia avenue, in front of the Centra Market space, has been sold by the market matter to any person *r persona engaged in the sale of market stuffs. Mr. Clementa offered a resolution respecting the location of tbe furnace . passed. Mr Kelly introduced a bill for tbe redemp tion of certain paving stock ; referred. Mr i>onn introduced a bill for tha ereotion of three platform hay scales in the city ; re ferred A Wo, a bill to regulate tha markets and tbe market houses, referred. Mr* Killmon presented the petition of Henry Pardon; referred The bill for tbe relief of William Thomp son, from the Board of Aldermen, waa re ferred. And then tha Board adjoarnad. Taa Lioft Ijsfastrv?Our readers will aee by reference to our advertising oolumns that tha military ball of this old and favorite company will be given to-morrow evening at tha Assembly Rooms, on Louisiana avenue It is hardly necessary for ns to say anything, for tha reputation of tha corps is such that there will be crowds pouring into tha hall as soon aa tha doors are open. Thar* will baalirely Uae at tha Assembly Jlovmi tomorrow pifht. Tm ScrrMnrg* or rA Poo*.?Wa win preeent, J"terdav durinjr the distribution 0f the grooenes at Shekel 1 Broth erf .tor* to the deatitu'e of oar which had been ordered by so id# of oar benevolent oitisens, Wh08e names wo ir? not permitted to d(ftf? r! waa truly ? pitiable si?ht. There eo?d not 1m> thl?l mFIP ar?and lhe ^ding ES-Aa ;50# P?"00"' uxl poverty of some of them wu truly rrut p,Jl- 01 .T.PT,B tUa> "4 if ?? to th? /kI!. 11 ? r#mainin* In addition Bavenner distributed 1,700 thronlJn' 7 0rd#r ?f ,Ma# PhiI?D f#nUwMn The relief thai afforded to many came most opportanelj, as many de ?* 3 tb#y D0t * wffioi*ney of ^od for one day. Let otbera, who are ble'sed with a competency, follow up ao noble an ex ample as baa been performed by those an ?*? W# J#t ? nam. her to be provided lor in our city. To"Nioh* ?Tha third annaal ball of the Journeymen 8tone Cutters, it should be remembered, takes place this evening at the Assembly Rooms, Louisiana Avenue, be A large oompany will no doubt honor the ball with their pres ence, as it is well known that the Stone Cut ters always give satisfaction in their ball ar rangements 1 wIH0T5*'a Stock or Valiwtines. lace and ?"boased envelope?, for next Valentine's u7, 14th iMt*nt.) are oertainly wnnM?I/?PefK W* fhaT* 6T#r ,een< and We ? adT1f? tko?e of our readers who wish to purohase galantines to giro friend Shilling ton an early call Remember?Oieon Build ing, corner of 4J street and Pennsylvania avenue. J A Suggestion ?Will not our gentlemanly superintendent of the Fair, for the accommo dation of those gentlemen who indulge in the refined taste of ohewing tobacco, place a num ber of saliva receptacles, at respective dis tances, throughout the hall, for their especial benefit By so doing, be will protect many ?J * '?u froLm getting soiled, and receive their thaaks for his attention. Assist Them -We learn that the Hope Section of Cfidets of Temperance, are making efforts to raise a library. This section i?com posed of some of t.>r most intelligent and rc spectable youths, and we trust they will suc ceed. Would it not be well for some of our neb men to assist tbem from their abundance t^A,*Fr,L Accident-Yesterday afternoon, the hands at work in the Navy Yard were hoiatmg a heavy sheet of iron, and the weight of it parted the rope, when it tell, carohin* one of the workmen. Mr. Henry Berry unda? it and he was severely, if not fatally, injured ?r Berry is reipected and es'eeined by his aoquantances, and the accident ha, been the source of much regret. Maniaa-Potc - Last night, a negro woman 7hU hn ?k. .*Qa,d house ""tforing with this horrible complaint. Her foolish exclama tions, at times, caused laughter; while her deep groans were painful to hear. Such si^ht* fh V arif ?JrIon?'lt to be, sullioient to drive I sobe^man b*ttle- aud make hiui a Figbtinu and Whisky -Last night, the .central part of our city was disturbe d by a S^nt w2 Wh? had ?^er Capt. VVhisky. They were just drunk enough to scrateh e<ch others faces and make night hideous with their bachanalian howling* H K"1 R*s-Serena Ann Baker, de ranged and drunk; jail. (Jeo tsmpson, free 5' drunk; line and costs John Swan, do. profanity; do. JM. Cassady, firing pistol m the street, do. James Murray, profanity * Workhouse 30 diys. Jas. Brown, vagrant, do.' * PEKSONAr,. ? ??? lhe Baltimore Anirriran says* Honaptaf? RJnd?"> at a recent Tammany . 1 n???ting, announced his intention of a', ing to \ irgmia about the 1st of March to heln on the election of Mr. Wise." -Well, what of it?" Has not Capt. Ryn. Mth R* nght 10 g0 as Ken. netb Rajner, or any one else' ... .Twonoteriouscharacters, at the Charles ton races, named Arthur Connor and Alex <0t Int0 an altercation which is said to have originated in Baltimore, when tha former shot the latter through the choek in tZZ'.'ZT'"" "*?"u th??^ ? .... The"Satani:" says, ' the last Cuban Dodge is the appointment of Augustus Ca sar Dodge as Minister to Spain. .... " Strabismus" says that the nomination of bimon Cameron by the K. N's of the Penn *h?r?' ??.k- not the only one inent WhSr ? - ? ?earI^ a" tLe prom A ^ politicians of Pennsylvania who ?eTat::p:r;i{?arrtiQtLe ^ .... Mayor llinks, of Baltimore, has ju?t de^him" n?Ini.nation?/or official positions un i Z t\ hM .u,ad# a c,ean "bow ing that be recognues the Marcv dortrin^? "to the victors belong the spoils " It would ITIh.i. ^ 1 John Wesley Kiehardson, a leading member of the Metho dist Church, and foimerly a Democrat has been named for collector of the city. ' The chDrch ln h" ?p .... The Democratic papers of the "Old Stit9: are afUr our friend Camt ArguTiS,; ""r|' "ick The PW?J.lpWa ?J'iSiB10f Cam*r?n has sold bis birthright and made a mockery of all pretensions to ordT^c?ntPnOCIp,# b^j?inin* that secret order, accepting its nomination, and openly proclaiming his apostacy to the werld " " Its no use o' crying, Mrs Brown." .... The Hon. Luclen B Chase, formerly a r?im?*n of C,on?re"' and brother-in-law of tol. Fuller, of the Mirror, baa just completed of '?7C^*It ?.a0t P'ay ,entitl?d " The Spirit , *a? read a few evenings since to l.SiV. gentlemen and literary diet. lhe part of the heroine was mea sured and fitted for Miss Julia Dean, who will produce this American drama during her next engagement in New York. Hiram H Robinson has been nomina te ^?"Tha1, Wiljon J?dge, and 1 & i iewe" ^>,Btrict Attorney lor the new Jadlcial Distriot of Ohio. .... N. H Massie, Eiq., wai unanimously 0f the MonUcello Bank, Lharlottsville, \ a., on Tuesday last. .... Prentice, of the Louisville Journal, is in town. ... .Prince Albe t is quite bald on the top h?r?^it.ead' P,r#naature baldness seems to be hereditary in the royal family. The Duke of Cambndge. though only 36 years of age lost his hair some time ago. George IV. resorted ?arjy to a wig, and the Duke of York waa bald .... John Rowan, of Kentucky, having been invited to become the Democratic candidate 50 1 JftTDOr' vM dec,in?d> because there are K?ow Nothings in the State, who are p edged, be thinks, to vote against any man having a wifj like his own, that is a Catholic. .... A girl 14 years old, being on her way from school in Raynham, Mass , the wind blew her veil off and landed it on the river. Pur ^ C? SaT? and ,h? ll?rown into the river where it was ten feet deep; then keeping heiself afloat by pieces of ice, she let the current drift her down to the bridge against the stone pier. Clinging to this she ?\ rf?U,f th* ?fnd regained the highway without aid, and soon reaped home. This waa one of tbe severest days of the winter. Hurra for th*e Yankee school girl ^"Forgiveness is tbe moat refined and generous point of virtue that human nature can attain to. Cowarda have done good and kind actions, but a coward nevar forgave, it is lot hii nature 1 ALXXAJTDKIA COEEIf POVDXVCB. Wtatker? Theatre?Lecture?Sermon?The Young Catkolic's Friend Society?Meet ings?Election. ALBXAUDftiA, Feb. IS, 1865 The tan U amiling brightly upon oar iloppy atreete, ud the piercing eoid it beginning to abate. Boriaeu if yet moderate, with tht procpeot of brisker time* ahead. To-night, at the theatre at Washington Hall, Mr Keenan, the leeeee, prodaeea " Uncle Tom as he it." On Saturday night laat there waa presented the moral drama of tha " Drank ard" and an exoeHeat faree. The leotare of Oen. Sam Hontton, for the benefit of the Tonng Men'e Chriatian Aaaooia tion library, will be delivered to-night at Ly ceam Hall. There ia little donbt bat that the fame of the lecturer and the exoellent object of the leeture will attract a Urge audience. On Sanday, the congregation at St. Mary's ohnreh waa favored with an exoellent diaooarae from Her. Mr. Mcllhaney, of Georgetown. The pnlpitx of the remaining ooogregationa were filled by the paators. with the oharohea well filled. On Sanday night, the Yoang Catholio'a Friend Society held ita third annual meeting and eleoted the following gentlemen ita offi cers for the next half year, vis : George W. Brent, Preaident; Robert J. Sbehy, Vice Preaident; Richard L. Carne, jr., Recording Seoretary; John A. Roaoh, Corresponding Secretary; John 0. A. Alvy, Bookkeeper; John Laphon, Treasurer; J. T. Hill of Firat Ward, A Moran of Second Ward, S. Wooda of Third Ward, Thos Devitt of Fourth Ward, and Philip Ratohford of the County, Truateea ; Harrison Jacobs, Steward. This benevolent association numbers eighty members. To-night, a meeting of those who feel an interest in the celebration of the ooming 22d, is oalled at Carson's Restaurant on Cameron Street. Our City Council held their regular semi monthly session ?t the City Chambers. A apeciai eleotion for two jasticea in tha Second Diatrict, will be held on tha 20th inat. No nominationa yet. Ami. (Y f" w 4TCHES ? M*inli?rs of Cnnicrese aud olliers "In want of a llret rntr timekeeper w?nld do well to make * at-lertlou At otire that their quality way tx thoronuhljr teet. ed belore leaving tbe rlty. M W. OAI.T k HRO'H aeeort ment wee inrtr n <-<>ui|W? ax at prcoMit, embracing #v?rj description, all warranted, and at price* certainly a* low a* ?miliar article* can be purchased for In any city In thle country. M W OAI.T M BKO., Jau J??dtf Pa. artDUt t?etw?iui Will and 10th ute W AlOTUI P a * ? I c ?.-Mr. WHITEHl'RST hM.bMD awarded another premium for his eoperlor Daguerreotypes, exhibited at th* World'* Fair New York. It will be remem bered that Mr. W. received from the World'* Fair, London, two metiale for hi* nnrlvaile 1 daguerreotypes of rreeldeci Fillmore an< Oabicet, and Pantlacouee of Niagara Fall*, be aldfi premlas* at all the fair* at which he ha* exhibited for many yeara peat. Thl* ?peak* volume* tn favor of hla (all*. rlee. Call and have yon r llkeneaaes taken at Whltebnrat's Qallst ry, near Kotit aud a-Lalf etreet, Penutylvaula avenae. eep IS?tf _____________ vry rf.aoy madk clothino fob oknti.kmev and ?J?' Youth*' wear manufactured with taiteaud clegaur* by NOAH WaI.KKR k CO., un<ler Brown*' Hotel. Their itoek eiubr-ire the Palltot or Hurtont Over oat, Overiackl, shaped and uejilagee; Talmaa, black and blae Cloth Dree* Coayi, Frock Coata ef all fashionable color*, Caselmer, Huflnej* Suite?, r,V-h Velvet V-?te, Silk*, kc., black doeekln Ca?*ln>er, floured tUaelnier, and plain Cae^uier Pantaloon*. For the youth?Jackets, Pauta, Ve*ls, Overcoat*. Ac. A* they are their 'Wii mannf-irturerp they are enabled and will sell at the very loweat |.rtcca. Shirts of Duperlar lit, Collars, Olovee, run, >*f late at) |e* al way* ou hand. dec 2# - fr-jr AYKR'H OHKRBY PECTtIRaI..?For the rapid cure " (>i CoikIid, C.iMii, Hoar?eii. n?, Brunt liltli, Whooping fViu^h, Axthin* and Consumption. I* nuiversally known a* tti?* beet n?r vet discovered for every variety of Pulmonary disease So wide I* the Held of its usefulness, and so nuiiteroiia the caaee of ite cure*, that almoat every action ? I the c.iuntry abound* In persons publicly known, who Lave Veen restored froiu-alarmlng end even desperate diseases of the luii{* by li* n?e When once tried Ita supe rloi tty over every other medicine of Ita kind 1* too apparent to ear ipe observation, and where It* virtue* are known, the pabltc no longer hesitate what antidote to employ for the distressing and dantcerou* affection* of the pulmonary or gans whlcji are Incident to enr climate. Bv It. timely uae, many, nay almoat ail att-trks of dlteaae npou the I.nug? or throat, are arrested an.I thus are aavtd tuuny thi>ua&iida ev ery yeai from a premttuie grave. No f.tmily ahutild be with out It. and thoje who do nexl?>'t to provide themaelvea with * remedy which ward* oil till* datiiceroua claag of di?ea*ee will have cause to deplore It when It I* too late Proof* of the aurprtaing eHi'-acy of the Chtrry Pectoral need not be giveu t>? the American people?they have living proof* In every neichborbood. But tnoee who wlah to read the state menta of tlione who*e whole health ha* been reatored and whose live* have been saved by It* u*e, will Hud them In my American Almanac which the agent* below n*iuiatl hae to fnrniali creti* for every one. Prepared hy OR. J. C. AYKR, Lowell, Mate., ?And told by Z D OILMAN, Washlnrlon. O M. I.INTHICI'M, Oeorgetown. J As? COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Orcg^lrta everywhere. dec IT?eo2m [V-T?KOR BRONCHITIS, Throat Lileeaeee, Hacking Cough, and the ettert* of imprndeLt u*e of Mercnry, oo med Inlne ha* ever been discovered which haa effected tuch enree a* Tarter'* Hpanlab Mixture. Throat dlaeaae* produced by aallvatloa. Hacking Cr ngh, Bronchial Attention*, Liver l>l?ease, Neuralgia, aud Rheu matism, have all beeu relieved aud cared In a wonderful m.untr, by the great puritler of the blood, Carter'e Spanleh Mixture. The ca*e of Mr. T. H Ramaey alone ehonld eatlify any who doubt. Call on th* Agent aud procure a pamphlet, containing curea, whVh will aatouud you. *.*see advertisement. ?ar Jo* Shilumotom receive* all thenew Book* and Neva Tapers as fast a* published. He Is ageat for Harper'* aud all the otuer Magaztuee, and our readers will alwaya And a large and gojd assortment of Bltnk Book* and Stationery his Bookstore Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenue aud at. DIBD. On the morning of ill* 13.h iastant, at Mis* E. P.1 Birckhead'H, GEORGIANA, infant daughter of Geo. L. and Mary A. SiU*#, agf-1 1 month and 13 days EXTRA!EXTRA!EXTRA! STORMING (not of) SEBASTOPOL ! But of every FORT, CITY, AMD CABTLE In the dominions of O U P I D! By the combined forces of the Allies of SAINT VALENTINE!! Under the command of that experienced veteran, COL. JOE SHILLINGTON, Backed hy a force amounting to more than 100,000 Dart*, levelled at the heretofore impregnable lines BACIIELORDOM ! The missives used by ine Colonel's forces in this assault, \ver?? forgt-d by BEAUTY and AF FE<-TIO\, and riveted by the glpn ce? of even to whom all sto gie lads and lassies Me tiOUiSD TO SURREJSDEtt The engagement will commence during the ever memorable epoch of ST VALENTINE, and contiHue until noi a single oighing maid orbach>' elor is left to tell the tale I 100,000 VALENTINES With tn wi'hout Knvelnpen, ready for deltv?ry to the forcea engaged, (or who contemplate taking part in the assault) at the < OUEON," Corner 414 street and Pa. avenue, BY JOE SHILLINGTON, COMMANDER IN CHIEF. feb SPLENDID RAFFLE. "ITTILI. be Raffled for as *oon as the requisite j\ number of Chances have b?en taken, the fol lowing splendid and costly articles, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and H day Chronometer, most beautifully decorated and adorned witli enamelled Paintings f 1,600 *2d Prize. One Lady'* Gold Watch, richly sei with Diamonds aud Pamung ou Enamel... 120 I 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painting on Enamel.. P20 4th Prize. One Gents Full Je*eted Patent Lever (with Compensator) soli Hunting Watch.. .VJ. 100 5th Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased CO Total value ^Is?00 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The ratHe will take place at Hilbua fc Hitx' Mu sic Depot, titar Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and 11th ptreet, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of possessing some of the most superb articles of workmanship ever exhiMted, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such at an extremely low price. Call and examine for yourselves at the Music De pot of HILBU8 It HIT/, Star Buildings, between the hours oi 'J o'clock a. ui. and 6 p. in. feb 7?tf SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee S*ts, Ca*tora, Cake and Fruit Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, Des sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and lnple plated on Albaia, the best substitute tor silver, war ranted and cold by H. SEMKEN No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 1#M Jan 19 ROBINSON'S PRACTICE.?The Practice in Court* of Justice in Eoglind tod the United Stales, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, V?.? vol 1?price $6, juat publuhed. I feb 9 FRANCE TAYLQB, Tog Bile and Rent. For rent?the store room u dwel liag on Eighth street, three doors from the ave nue west side, and in (hi) view of Centre Market. Off the avenue this it probably one of ihe be?t bus iness stands in Washington. To a food tenant the rent will be made low. Apply in Mr. J. O. Stock. No. 4R0 Eighth atreet, or the subscriber, on Maine ?venue, few doors west of the Foundry. feb 14?3t? RICH'D G. BRISCOE. ffiSSAS SsrjS^ Th* w. Forrent-a brick house,containing eight rooms, on 8ixth, between G and H streets. The house is in good order, having been recently re paired. For particulars enquire on the premises. feb 12-3t* A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT ? The large and commodious dwelling at the r of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 ?oom?, with a fine kitoh?*? ?? * corner ?uo ra. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a fine kitchen in the bisement, having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now for rent. Its excellent loca tion and fine accommodations make it one of the most desirable places for a large bearding bouse or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb 8-tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairft x county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, comer of Bridge and Congrees su>n No. 87. feb 6?tf For rent or sale on reasonable TERMS? A two-stoiy frame House, with back building, containing six rooms, on 13>? street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, neit door. A three-story Frame, with bas?ment, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th <?ts. went. A three-story Frame, with back building, on I st. I north, between 4th and 5th sis. west. Anplv for the two last mentioned to JAMES W. BARKER, on H street north, between Will and 13ih sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with hark building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON & KING, feb 7?eotf (Jeorgwtown. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry lioods Groceries, ttc., to be storm], will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa avenue' and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. jan 31?tf For rent?for one year or a term of y< ars, the well situated, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, over the Mu?ic Store of Hilbus & Hit?., at the corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street. It contains seventeen rooms without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This is a rare chance tor a private fam ily wishing a large house-on Pa. avenue,orfor a per eon desiring the best location in Washington fur a large and well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fer t front by LlO feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 0 ?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. T^TANTED -TO HIRE FIVE OR SIX HUN j 7 dred dollars tor the space of ttuee or toui years. Good security can be given oil projierty either in Washington or Georgetown. Apply to C H. R., City Post Otfice. Immediate application i> desirable. feb 13?'t* AN ERRAND BOY.?THE SUBSCRIBER wish es to hire a small colored ei rand Boy, at 4 H 8 Seventh street. , P. J. STEER. feb 12-3' WANTED?$'4,5OO on good tangible security. Address, with name, terms, tic , st itiiip wh re the party ran be seen at once, to "Marion/' Washington city P. O. feb 12?2i* WANTED?A GOOD CHAMBERMAID. Ap ply at No. 1 30 F street west. feb 10?4t Boarding. BOARDKMO.?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on F street, between flth and 7th, can offer fine large rooms for families, either furnished or unturnished. Also, Iihs room* for gentlemen much larger than are gent-tally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable term*. jan 29?2w* VALENTINES! VALENTINES !! HUTCHISON 6l MUNRO have iust received a beautiful assortment of choice V ALENTINES, which they will close out at very reasonable prices. Also, constantly on hand, an asso. tinent of Letter Paptr, Vixiiiug Cards, Envelopes, fcc., at their new store, next door to Messrs. Harper k Co.'s, No. 310 Pa. avenue, between Mn:h and Tenth sts. HUTCHINSON &. MUNRO. feb 8?fit [Intel] NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER fc PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery establish ment, No. 400 .Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel low*' Hall, where they will be most happy to receive their fiiend. and the public generally. We will keep consta <tly on hand a choice selec tion of all kinds of CONFECTIONERY. . Also, dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of | all kinds. We hope by a strict attention to business to win the approbation of our friends, and merit a liberal share of patronage generally. N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short est notice. RYDER & PLANT. feb 6?tf DISSOLUTION. rpiIE partnership of Barron &. Orme is this day X dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due | the concern must be paid to II. Barron, he being au thorised to close the business of the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, 1855. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request all those indebted to the concern to come forward sad settle their bills by the 6th of March, as it i? very important to hint to have the business closed by that time. All accounts left over at that time will be put into the hands of an officer for collection. Al! ac counts due by the concern will please lie presented for payment as soon as possible, as I am ready at any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would respectfully *ay to all the customers of the late firm, and iIih public generally, that there will always be kept a stock of Wood and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a share of public patronage. Believing it to be best for both buyer and seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual customers. THOS. ORME, Agent, feb 5 ? PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rTMIE subscriber has always on hand a assort I ment of German and Ainencan Pl-^g^ ANOS, from Ihe very best nianiifacturersW^p^W winch be offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and on the most accommodating terms. All Piaaos purchased from me are warianted to give satisfac tion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor ol Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, feb 6?3m* 01 MUTUAL EIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered by Congest, FFERS to the citizens of the District the safest _ and cheapest moans of insurance against loss by fire on all descriptions of property, as may be seen by an examination of the charter and by laws. Applications for insurance can be made to ihe un dersigned or at the office, Columbia Place. Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, where cepies of the charter and by-laws may be precured. ULYS8ES WARD, President. Manager*?Thomas Blagdcn, Ulysses Ward, Dr F. Howard, J. C. McKeldeu, John Van Riawick, p. W. Browning and M.G. Emery. jan 31?eolin VALENTINES. WE have this morning received the largest and most varied assortment of Valentines ever before offered in this city, consisting of every style, finish and priee to suit all kinds of people of all ages sexes and conditions, all of which we will run on at such prices as suit the times. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa avenue, near corner Tenth street*, frbft?tf CUMBERLAND GOAL. UMP and fine COAL delivered to any part of the j District low for cash. Apply through the post office or al the lumber yard of the subscribers, D and 26th streets, near the National Observatory. feb 6?eo3t . H. N. & J. W. EASBY. BANKING H0U8E OF FAIBO ft N0UR8E, Opposite United StaUt Trtatvry. BONDS, Stocks and other securiues purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of aix per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when left tor 90 days or longer, jan 94?6m I Auction Bates T Wy i.O. HtOUIRK, Ametfm, ___ IRUSTEE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL _ lgibly situated Improved md Unimproved Real E?tate on the Island?By virtue of a deed of trout bearing date on tbe 1st day of December. 1?53, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8.. No. 6#, folio 31. he., the subscriber will sell, a! public sale, on THURSDAY, the 2Sd day of February, 1855. at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, Lou No#. 1, a, 3. 4, 5. 6, 39, and 40, In the subdivision of Square No. 435, the wboi* fronting 74 feet on 7th street west, 180 feet on E st. ?outh, and 1*39 feet on 8th street west, with the Im provements, which consist of a large, commodious, and substantial double cottage built frame House, ?table, and other out houses. The loca'ion on the corner of 7th and E st*, and 8th and E street*, on the Mand, is healthy and de i rable, in a rapidly improving part of the city. The property will be sold as a whole or in sepa rate lota as may be deemed desirable, and offers a favorable opportunity to persons desirous of pur chafing a handsome residence or building lots, or making investments. The terms of sale will be : One-third of the pur chase mq^cy in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, and eithu^u months, for notes bearaig interest from day of tale, secured uy deed of trust upon the prop erty. II the terms of sale are not complied with in six days nftar the sale, the property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at tlie expense of purchaser. CU AS. H. WA1.LACH. Trustee. MS. C MrCUIRE, feb 1 3tawfcd* Auctioneer. ?? WRIGHT, Auction**!-. Q?0R0I10WN CONTINUATION AND CLOSING OUT SALE n! Dry Goods, without reserve.?On WEDNES DAY morning next, the 14tli instant, at 10 o'cl'k, we shall resume the sale of Dry Goods, at the store of M. L. Williams, No. 190 Bridge street, George town as a very large portion of this choice stock is yet unsold, and must be closed oat without reserve. We name a large assortment of Super Dregs Goods in Satin, Silks. French Mrrino, Ginghams, Delaines, Lawns, and Calicoes White Goods, a large assortment <X Hosiery and Gloves Embroideries, Rich Satin and other Ve?twg* Silk and Linen Hdkfs Pantaloon Stuff, Shawls I Flannels, Ticking*, Unde garment* Umbrellas, P.irasolets, Carpeting* Matting', Oilclotha, and a variety of goods suited for spring wear Trimmings and Fancy Goodf. The sa e will lie continued until the whole -took is cleaed out. Terms as at former sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 12?3t Auctioneer. SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment ol Silver Coffee Pets, Pitchers. Goblets, Cup<, ('reams, ami all kincto of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup and Oyster Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is offered at low pti cea, and warranted sterling. II. SEUKF.N, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th SiS. jan 19 TIuTlaTE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. 1U) BE RAFFLED FOR IN '400 CHANCES . AT $35 EACH. PRIZR NO.I '?St. Thoinas of Vill <nueva, giving Alms to the Poor," a copy of Murtllo, hy one of hi* pupils and touched by that great nrtist??aid to be equal to the original, cost .?4,000. prize 2. '? The adoration of the Wise Men of the Fast," a genu.lit- Miinlto ; coat >i,0i>i. PRIZE :t. *? Head of ourSavtnur,*' by Coireggio; co-t $1,000. prize 4. ?4 lleed of the Blessed Virgin," hy ( arreggio; co??t $1 0O0. Mi. S A. MATLACK is authorize.I to receive subscription* hi this city, of whom ticket* may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR 8i MAI'RY. All money received on account of the Ratlle will be deposited in Bank until tlie drawing takes place, which will Le duly announced. From the Natioiuit Intrtligencer. Articles Mtullar to the annexed we have observed in several distant papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We ate glad to see that a member of the family if w iilmg to dispose <>t a |>art of the rare collection of the late Richard VV. Meade, who, during Wis long residence in Spain, had oppor tunities, which his opulence enabled him to indulge, for selecting many of the finest painting* in Spain? that treasure house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed stale of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. From tke Boston Chronicle. Cuff d'civrke or Art.?Several chef rfWrret ofMunllo, Correggio. ntid other mast- rs, which were brought from Spain during revolutionary tunes hv the late R. YV M*ade, have elicited the admiration of connoisseurs during the past week in the Rotunrio of the Capitol. They are to Ik- ditp<i?ed ef tor the benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in New York, after an opportunity lias been given to the public for an examination. feb G-- tf BOYS' CLOTHINgT" WALL &. STEPHENS, Wholesale and Retail Clothing and furnishing Merchants, Pa. ave nue, next door to Iron Hall, have on hand one ol the largest and most varied a-sortmeets of READY-MADE BOYS' CLOTHING in the country, which is made up in every style, and calculated to suit all tastes. Their Goods aie made of the best materials ami by the best workmen, and will be disposed of at rates that cannot fail to please. Th* public are respectfully invited to call and ex amine the stock. feb 2?tf DRAUGHT ALE." THE undesigned respectfully announce that they have obtained the sole Agency of the district for the sale of Kurtz &. Nes's Vork Draught Ale, and have made arrangements so as to have it con stantly on hand, so that all who may favor them with their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a supply of Porter, Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet with strict attention. Terms cash. ARNY fc. SHINN. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale Apply as above, to ARNY & SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, feb 8?eolm Georgetown Having sold our lumber Yard to Messrs. John B. Ward &. Brother, we would solicit for them the patronage of our lormet customers. THOMAS DYER. HAVING PURCHASED OP MESSRS. THOM AS 4k DYER then entire slock, we shall continue the bu-itich* both at the corner of Sixth and B, and Twelfth and Canal street*. We have on hand large and well seasoned stock of Lumber, Mich as White Pine of all sixes, Yellow Pine. Joist, Floor ing, and Silling, Laths, Palings, and all kind* of cab met and coachinaker's Lumber. We respectfully solicit a share of public patron age from the public, being determined to sell on reasonable terms to prompt customers. feb ti??o3t JNO. B. WARD h BRO. SO TICS OF CO PA STI E&SlilP. WASHING rON HALL BEtTAUBANT, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 6th st., south side. PETER M. nCBANT, leave to say to his XliV friends and former cumoiu ens that lie ha> disposed of hi* entire interest hi his late establishment, under the St. Charles Hotel, and to inform them thai he will hereaiiei be lound at tlie above named Res taiirant, which will be conducted under the joint management ofBF.NTER & DUBANT. The firm beg to a?sute their friends and tho pub lic generally that no exertion^ will be spared by them to deserve a continuance of the favor and uonage they have heretofore received, atul that their establishment, lor order, cleanlinees, and at tention to the wants ol their visitors, shall In* unsur passed hi this or any other city. Their Larder will always be supplied with the most choice Viands, Luxuries, and Delicacies that the market can aflord ; and their Bar well stocked with beverages of the most favorite kinds and best qualities, together with a choice lot of Cigar* of su perior brands. WILLIAM F. BENTER, jan 31?eo6t PETER M. DUBANT. LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOI'IS JANIN have formed a c -"partnership under the name ol "Walker and Janin,"for the argument of cases ui the Supreme Court of the Cnited States, at Wash ington city, where both will attend throughout the future sessions of that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan .19?eo3ni* GREAT BARGAINS. WISHING to reduce my stock ef Boots and Shoes in order to make room for spring sup plies, I shall commence this day to sell off my heavy Goqds at greatly reduced prices. All m want of a superior quality of Shoes at very low prices, can find them at D. R. Wall's Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. 34 Market Spt ce, be tween 7th and 8th streets. D. R. WALL, feb 1?eo2w GHICAV lNDlIC?ni?NT?. CANFIELD, BROTHER fc CO . 990 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md., Offer to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a large stock of recently imported roods, such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, Albata and Plated Goods. Clock*, Bronte?, Pines, Musical Boxes, Dresden China, rfr , AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WtTHOUT RKr GARL) TO COST, jut31?U TELEGRAPHIC. fapwly Mi Hilj Iralif Kit Hoaiioatieaa tor a United ttatao iaaator Habbibbobo. Feb IS?in* proapoet a of a general row at Harrtaburg ut li Lest night, the Demoorata la sated Beckalew Bat twenty it. At the Whig uwu, bat eight __ war* promt, theee aomlaatod Thomas WU liana Tbo Know Nothing aecodere? thirty three atrong?oppoee tba alootlon of Camaroa, aad it ia jot aooortaio what ooarao will bo adopted by thorn A long olootioa atragglo it antici pated Tba Ponnijlvaaia Saaatorial Election Uarribbvbo, Fab. IS ?A reeolntioa baa paaaod both houaoa for tbo appoiatnaeut of a aoloct committee to inveatigate eortaia roporta that briborj and corruption bad boon oaod to ?fleet the olootioa of a U. S Senator Tbara waa only one negative rote ia both hoaaea Veoaol A band oaod Philadblpbia, Fob. IS ?Tbo captain aad crow of tbo Britlah barque BlighUwood? re ported yeaterday aahore at Weat Flake?aban doned the veaael on Saturday. Two of tbo maata bad gone by the board, and eight feat of water waa in the bold when laat hoard from. Tho veasel and cargo will be a total loea Bridge on Fire. Labcasybb, Fob. 12.?There ia a report bero that tho exteaaive bridge at Columbia, tho oroaaing of tbo York and WrlghUville Railroad, ia on fire. Tba bridge ia a mile aad a quarter long Latbb.?Tbo bridge waa aet on fire by tone boya, bat waa axtinguiahed without material damage. Bnrning a Speaker in Eflgy Albaht, Fob. 13 ?Speaker Littlejobn waa burned in ofli^y laat night, on a eroea in froat of the State Capitol. Dr. Thompaon'a eftgy waa treated in like manner in front of tba Journal offloe. Conaiderable axeitemont pre vailg bare. tailing of tba Africa. Boston, Fob. 13 ?Tbo Canard ateamer Af rioa will leave bore for Liverpool, ria Halifax# at 10 o'elook to-morrow. Her mmla will olooe at 8 a. m. Hew York Stock Market Nbw York, Feb 13?Stocka are advancing, and money ia becoming more plentiful trie railroad at 47* , Heading 77. Cleveland and Toledo KK, 70;; New York Central, 94i; Pennaylvauia Coal Co., 100;; Michigan Central, 81. Baltimore Marketa Baltimgbb, Feb. 13 ?Bat little buaineaa ia being done in breadatufia. Flour.?Salea of Howard atraet at $S,5w, and City Milla at $8,25. Wheat ?No tranaactiona to note. Cora?Small aalea of w&ite at 87afesc, yel low at 00c, but generally held at 02aS3o Hew York Marketa. Nbw York, Feb 13.?The oottoa market ia dull, with a declining tendency. Floar ia downward, and the market ia dull; aalea of 4.250 bbla. good Ohio at $8 75a$9.183; South ern ia unchanged, with a moderate .daaaatd Wheat ia upward and firm ; Southern white at $2 28. Corn ia inactive; aalea of white aad yellow at$1.02a$l.< 3 Pork ia downward aad dull. Beef ia unchanged, with a limited de mand; country meaa at $3 50a$ll. Lard ia dull. Whiakey?Ohio at 34c. Lake navigation?Capitol of Vabraaka. Oswego, Feb 12 ?The propeller St. Nich olaa arrived here thia morning with 3,000 bar rela of flaur, ahe encountered the ioe at the mouth of the Niagara river, but otherwiae the navigation waa aoobatruoted. From Omaha City, Nebraaka, advieea have been received t> the 30th ult. Both Houaea of the Assembly bad paaaed a bill locating tie capitol of Nebraska at Omaha, and the Gov ernor had aigned the bill. Beatractive Fire at Granada, Mies. New Oklbans. Feb. 11?Twenty-aix buai neaa houaea at Grenada, Miaaieaippi, were burnt on the 4th inat The loaa ia eatimated at$163,000, inaured for only $&4).000. Some three thousand balw of oottou were burnt at Troy, Miaauaippi, on the 8th. Treaty with tho Kink af Siam Nbw York. Feb. 12 ?The Singapore Free Press of December 1, received by the arrival of the atoreehip Supply, aaya that Mr. MoLane, the American Minister, waa about to leave for Bankok to negotiate a new commercial treaty with the King of Siam. From Mexico-Progreaa of tho Revolution Nbw Orleans, Feb 12th ?Tbo ateamer Orizaba, irom Vera Cruz with city of Mexioo datea to tho 5th arrived here jeaterday at Acapuloo with Alvarea at the head until tba arrival of Coballoa Gen baharnando, the'confidant ot Santa Anna, had been ahot by the rebela. Qen Luen will relieve Gen. Woll tho Com mander at Metamoraa. The revolutionist* of the lathmua of Tebaaa tepee have declared in favor of Alvarea. GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A SEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with* out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous labili ty, Low Stunts, Lasaitude, Weak ne*s oi the Limb* and B*. k. lndi?po| Bition and Incapacity for Study and' ? Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, amsiou to Society, Love ot Solitude. TiaUditr, Sell iLHnibt, Diaz in mm, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Atfecuou of the Eye., Piuipi?s on the Face, Seiual and other uifiratiUea in man. PROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fart that the.*e alarming complainw may easily be removed without Medicine w, id this small tract, clearly demouKtrated; and the entirely new and hlgb'y successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fuily explained, by meana of which ev ery one ih enabled to curs biiiiaeif perfectly, and at the least potwible cost, avoiding thereby aJ I the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to amy address, rraus, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LASEY, Vo. 17 Ltsponard street, New York. jan 17?3m NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT OOVCKKK. THAVE tins day received aad opeu?d a craat vaW I ety of CLOCKS, WATCHES, and JEWELRY, flood Clocks from $1 50 to $15, all warranted one (rear. Also, sold and silver Watches ia great va riety, silver Watches from ft) to $35 ; gold lever IV atche* from $35 to $1 50. aad a great assin?ia! A Jewelry, all of which wM be sold ebeaper than 5u?ds of same quality can be bought ia this at/. Those wishing to get goed Clocks would do weH to buy from me, as I put all my Clocks ia order be fore selling them. Call and see for yoorsefves, at the Cloak * Waack Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 840 opposite Browns' Hotel, jaa 10?lm (Intffl) PIANOS FOR SALE OR klNT. aad sseoad hand PIANOS, of my alwui m had at my Warssaom, osltovWf^R Btb sL, between Pa. aveaes aad M at. ' 11 Old Planos taksa La exokaage. Tuning also attended to. 4 ^ . I 0, RRIOBMRAOH P. A?A law vsry low prtoed om$M <kr aaie.

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