Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. St. VAL**TI!tES> Dat.? ?? To- morrow ia t?ami Valentine's .VI in I he mooting hrtipw; \mf I a maid al my window , To s?ee my Valentine.?(hh Son?. This is Skint Valentine's day. From what we it? around u? we conolade that it ia not observed as it has bean in days that have paa<ed A n exchange paper says; '? Tbe legend that the celebration of St Val Ma?xv t r aessaJS tended their researches into antiquitf. But there have been manj dissenters from this tsfsit .ftT thit v7 U' TW7 o?'tain it is that the custom of heaping Valentine's JV ,s *ei7 old. Valentyie was a Christian priest, and Buffered martyrdom in tha jaar of our Lord 291, at Borne, under Claudius Cwiar 11 lfcera n a show of reason in the sugras !L0Br S llle kopwcalia was the prototype of the festival of which this day is oommonly received as tha anniversary. In tha first place tha oustom* of tha two are somewhat aimilar. th*P*?? holiday, the name? of tha girls were placed in a vase, and rnT*v*DC,!.dr47n forth b* lh* J?n?8 ^cosing "sweethearts and wires is said to have been followed, under the countenance and consent of tha pastors of wficV Thinit,#nKFbarcb' from motiTes of policy. They sought to eradicate every trace ??f,er8llUon' *nd in this, as in other i fr,*e a Chri8ti" taint's name !?. ?*?a7' a vllow#d lh# Meiant custom to an ? W 0#nt?ri*- il h?? been kep' !K'k k know, it ba? never yet reached although apparently rapidly approaching de suetude, at least in this country.'' There is an old proverb that birds mate on St \ alentine s Day. Cold wooing, one would think, in northern climes, at least Cowper wro'e a \ alentine to a youna laJv in be pleasantly used this legend, and 'the moral he drew from whihh was this: " tlie tale iliat I relate This moral jeen to carry , Lho?>?e noi alone a proper mate, Bit proper time to niarrv." ' Wb?lev Chapel Coscanr ?Wesley Chapel was crowded last evening?both the body of tbe church and the galleries being literally jamed Tbe mus o performed on the occasion though announced in the programme as sacred bad a sufficiency of secular pieces to give va riety and relieve the monotony that generally attaches to a "trictly .aored music concert ??,Df 0irl' sun? b7 th? old favorite of Washington, but now of Baltimore, Mr J Tabler, was performed with much taste and pathos, and. at tha urgent request of the au dience, was repaated The piece entitled ,UDg hj Mn hotter, with obligato Ante accompaniment by Mr J W Alby. was charming, and we were at a loss watch to admire most?the beauty of the com position itself, or the artistic manner in which it was rendered by Mrs. R Mr. Alby is the author of the music, and we congratulate him upon its complete success. The ?? White bquall,' snog by Mr Jojeph F Hodgson was finely given?the andante movement being ex ecuted in a most admirable manner. Mr. Robt. Ball, Miss Reed, and tbe young lady who sang "My happy home," deserve credit also for the manner in which they performed their ?everal parts. Among the chorus we ncticed Messrs Brown, Riggg, Farkhurst, * ? Ticker, H. vi llaon. of Georgetown, and a number of o'hers connected with the various choirs, and Prof. Foertach and Messrs. Clubb and Bingham as the orchestral part. Mr. Charles Steiff, of Baltimore, presided at the piano with much ability, and Mr J H. Daniel conducted the whole in his usual felicitous manner. The audience departed well pleased with their evening's entertainment, and the {erformers were invited to the house of Mr ' J Magmder, where that gentleman and his estimable lady entertained iacm in a sumptu oua hospitable manner. Tbe Ball Last Night?Notwithstanding the very inclement weather, the annual ball of the Journeymen Stone Cutters, which took place last evening at the Assembly Rooms *?" attended Indeed, there were just enough gay folk preaent to make everybody comfortable and happy. The hosts of the oc casion, the Journeymen Stone Cutter* of Wash - ington, were there in full force, and presented an appearance of which our city may well be proud. A more intelligent, vigorous, and re spectable collection of young men we never aaw. There were lota of the lair sex on hand, too?beauiiful girls, a great many of them, all modestly and gracefully attired, and as happy apparently as a-ball is apt to make a joyous young lady Mrs Collius furnished a sub*tan ?al-?ail<1T>we',1 JPrer?red supper, and Fleet's Cotillon Band discoursed the music, to which the company tripped it on the light fantastic toe until near daylight. The " Trtth j?oi? est Ihvbhtvs?On Monday last, the ei itor of the ?' Truth" made a complaint before one of our magistrates for an assault committed on him at the National Hotel, by a genUeman a this city. The Squire appointed a hearing at five oolock that day. At the fixed time the cffice was crowded with some of our most respectable oitiiens, amongst whom we noticed the oracle of Truth Prior to the case being called up, he obeerved to the magistra'e that his counsel not having arrived, he would go and fetch him. Ha ac cordingly left, but up to the present time, himself or his adviser have not been seen cr heard from We truat that he ha* not committed any ra-h act on himself, for by so doing he has deprived jurisprudence of a moat valuable subject. Some of our maris tratee would be without business if it were not for the oases brought before them bv the ??Truth,' for which the United States have to pay 1 ORTRA1T Or Rav. ByroH SthdeRLARD ?A re<wt excellent and truly life like portrait of Rev. Mr. Kunderland has just been published by Mr C U Brainard, of Boston. Tha draw ing ia by Uroslier, an eminent French artiat, from a daguerre Jtype by Vannarson, of this city, and ia a beautiful specimen of tbe litho graphic art. We are of opinion that it has never been excelled in thia country. The nu merous fiienda of Mr Sunderland will be glad to pcesete themselves of this line picture, which may be had at the prinoipal bookstore?, or of Mr Brainard, at Wbitehurst'f gallery. Mr Brainard ia extensively esgaged in tne publication of portraita of the " men of the time," and baa displayed many of hispioturea at tbe Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics In stitute. Water for Washirgtor.?In the Senate, yesterday, a petition waa presented by Mr. Brown, from A Co., practical engi neera. submitting a plan for introducing water into tbe eitv ef Washington, at leas cost and more expeditiously than bv any plan yet pro posed. Messrs. Lanman k Co., are reliable men. and fully able to perform all they may agree to do. We learn that their proposition to complete the work, which they warrant for five years, will not cost ovar $1,000,000. It waa referred to the Committee on the Diatriot of Columbia. Mkri hants' Protection Societt.?A meet ing has been called together for this eveniog of the merchants of our city, to take place at tha store of Claggett, Dodson A Co., for the purpoee, as we understand, cf enforoing the cash system hereafter in tha transaction of all kinds of trade. We deem this is a very judi cious moTe, and we hope it may be carried out. The only parsons that it will moat affect will ba our magistrates and police officers, whose principal revenues are derivad from this uahealthy system. Tbb Boor Childbbr ?These three wonder, ful children, Anna Isabella, Lora Gordon, aad Mordaunt Boon, aire an entertainment to-morrow evening at Iron Hall. Wa sincerely trust that a full house will great them. They are remarkably talented, quite poor, and they daeerve, as wail as aaad, support. Thoee who vieit them will notonly eaoourage early geaius, and ba gratified by a remarkable duplay of youthful talent, but alao help tboea who need and merit it. Scenes will be presented from the Lady of Lyona, Hoaev Moon, Sohool for ka4 fotttv ?a4 JiUvt. Avails or the Highlanders' Ball ?I have received of the Washington Highlander*, io pert of (he trails of their ball for the benefit of the poor of this city, seven hundred dol lais, whioh will be distributed through the following gentlemen, who hare been appointed by said company oommittees in the several wards, viz; ? First Ward?Dr. W B. Magruder and Win. T. Dove, Esq. Seoond Ward?Wm. F Bayly and Gregory Ennis, K?is. Third Ward?Capt G. A. Schwanman and Valentine Harbaugb, E?q Fourth Ward?John P. Fepper and Fatriok O'Donohoo erqs Filth Ward?John P Ingle, Esq , andCept. James A. Tait. Sixth Ward-George R. Fulwer, Esq., end Dr. A W Miller. Seventh Ward?Samuel Purophrey, Esq., and Dr Morgan. The gentlemen above named will please to meet me at my office, in the Capitol, at 12 o'clock, noon, on Thursday next. B B FrAb, Treasurer, i We learn that the Highlanders have to thank our fellow citizen. W. W. Corcoran, Esq , for a donation of $20. and the Hon Mr. nice, delegate in Congress from Minnesota, for a similar one of $50, for the benefit of the noble charity they have in hand. These are still some four hundred tickets unaocounted for, which are in the hands of gentlemen who undertook to dispose of them. We are re quested to urge them to eome forward and make the necessary settlement without delay. Light Ikfantrt Ball.?This Affair comes I eff this evening at the Assembly Rooms. When it is remembered that this is the oldest mill I tary eompany in this city, and that it is com posed of some of our best oitixens, our readers may be assured that it will be equal to any ball yet given this season. An excellent band I has been provided, and the arrangements for I the oomfort of the guests are in the hands of practioal and experienced gentlemen. | Heller's Last Night in Washington.? I This wonderful necromancer closes his en gagement in this city to night and let it be borne in mind that as no other neoromanoer performs his great feats, this will be the last I opportunity to witness that greatest of modern I mysteries. "Second Sight." with numerous I other startling wonders. We notice that five I hundred splendid present* are prepared for I the ladies and juveniles. This will, no doubt, I induce families to give their ehildren an op I portunity to see the performance of the Mrgic King. Advantage or bung Pretty ?Curious how it works. On Sunday, four pretty girls slipped and fell down in our streets, and scores of gallants rallied to their aid, but eleven homely creatures who were thus unfortunate, neither received a d or sympathy. Girls who tumble down should always be pretty. Another Shower or Gold.?Gold and magic are to be again showered upon us, at Macallister's last soiree at Odd Fellows' Hall, to morrow evening, Thursday. The value of the gifts this time reaohej the handsome sum of $400? the number is increased to fiftj?in cluding six elegant watches. Hundreds, it appears, were shut out the last soiree, so all we oen say is, purchase tickets in time, or you will lose ibis last golden opportunity. The mode of presentation has afforded universal approbation. Comflimestart Ball ?The graud compli mentary ball to Professor H W. Munder, takef (lace to night, at Carusi's Saloon. Judgiog from the character and ability of the gentlemen who have the management of it, we can promise those who attend a very nice time. Miller furnishes the supper. Sbillington's Stoce or Valentines, lace and embossed envelopes, for next Valentine's day, (Wednesday, 14th instant,) are certainly the most superb we have ever seen, and we would advise those of our readers who wish to purchase Valentines to give friend Shilling ton an early call Remember?Odeon Build ing, corner of street and Pennsylvania avenue. Municipal Election at Georgetown ?On next Monday week, an election for Mayor and Couneilmen comes off in Georgetown. The present energetic and gentlemanly Mayor, it is conceded, will be re elected. It may, how* ever, be well for his friends to be on the qui vtve. ''Sam" is around and may steal amaroh on him. - Can it be so'?Joseph Walsh, of the Navy Yard, publishes a card io the Union of this morning, stating that N. B. Northrup, ?' Fi nancial Agent of the Aid Society of the Dis trict or Columbia," is a bogus agent, and that tbe Society has no visible existence Can this be so ? Crntre Market Lodging House ? We have only the name of one unruly person to record as having taken up his abode here last evening. lie was registered on the captain's book as a German, by name Martin Anthony Pierce. We were told that he bad used very profane language, and that he was a very dangerous person to he at large, lie would frequently take up a billet of wood, and threaten any one within his reach. To pre vent his doing mischief to any one, and on ac count of his innocence, the captain has kindly furnished him with employment for thirty days in the workhouse BALTIMORE C0BBE6P0VDEKCE Valentin*'.i Day?City Appointments?The Disappointed " Old Hunters'" preparing Jor Wat?Col. J S. (iittwgs?Ground and Lof ty Tumbling?A iAmh of the Law ? 'The Weather?Hatbor?Shipping, \e.? The Man roith the Shawl?An LUitor van flushing Robbers ? Ship Spirit of th' Timet?Business?Momy Affairs. Baltimore, February 13, 1855. To morrow will be St. Valentine's day Lots of love missiles have already gone, en route to their destination. The oustom, how ever, of sending valentines on this anniver sary, has fallen off greatly. Some years ago our post office was completely loaded with them, but thus far this season, comparatively few have been despatched. The praetice in itself is innocent, but one subjeot to great abuse. It encourages the system of anony mous corresponding and opens a field for the exercise of impudeooe and imposition of vul garity upon modesty and virtue It is one of the things which oosts considerable trouble and money without resulting in any substan tial good. I therefore oppose it. The 4 green bag," or "budget" of Mayor Hinks, has at last been opened, and its con tents, in tae shape of appointments, are before the public. As a matter of course, there hai been muoh bitter disappointment. Many of theold hunker' war-horses" of Know Nothing ism?men who fought shoulder to shoulder in the ranks, and were instrumental in elevating his honor to tbe high dignity of Chief Muni cipal Magistrate, are not only overslaughed, but actually snubbed?disregarded. John G Wilmot, chief among them all, has got noth ing ?not even a crumb, and Monsieur Codet only gets the judgeship of the Seoond Ward election polls, with eome ten dollars per annum. This is rather "smaH potatoes" for one who found ed the secret order in Baltimore and Mary land. Mr. Kennard, another distinguished original of the new party, is also in the same oategory. More of the same sort might be named These leaders of this potent organic cation, I am told, have already held an out side oaucus, and determined to spread devas tation throughoat the ranks. Their petitions, suggestions, admonitions, Ac., were unheeded. Due respect was not paid to them, and Her cules like, holding, as they do, a power behind the throae greater than the throne itself, they have set their faces against the reigning dy nasty with full determination to crush It. Every pillar of the structure is to be torn down, toe ramparts of the citadel torn down, and the gatee of outer and inner walls?Samp, son like?carried off. The allies before Se bastopol are weak, oompared with the oon olave?vengeance is theirs, and they will have it. Joking aside, it does really seem hard that those who made the greatest sacrifices? men who worked shoulder to shoulder in building up an infant oauee, should be stung' by the worm they had warmed into life. The appointments, all things considered, so far as 1 know them, are good and unobjec tionable John W Richardson; City Collec ts, U tfc* OftfefttJ, is, 91 WM, A denoor.t, and brother to B H. Riehardson, oditor af ih. Argm He is a most excellent J?d ffjSLir11 mftJ h* that *? U too , V^aDd OMuipeetiog. Mr. Her riof, Chief ofPolioe, is also en excellent *p S?,j"h ?S?.S0,,r,u ???*E r but he declined. John ? aim our,?Pul?nt townsman, Colonel John S Gittings, left borne to-daj on e visit ^enV?DT%mJ?hi,}bea,,tb' whioh h" recentlj oln^ hfrn TKHU wif# *>C0? .?:&?'? ',id ,o "? ?" <* &wZtt3Srii&tfgl2? t-wSl^SU" ?jr? SSL'S* ic^ Ac int^?[ab,e ?la8h of and, water, snow, I?? ? few triPP?d op from the ?Mih' *Dd fel1 ?Pntwltag. Among a talia nlf ?j? J0.00*1"**?1, wrapped ia * Hif P?de?tala suddenly gave way, rolling in the mnd, presenting a < iu,t WM brou?ht to a close y himself being nearly non-suited. Several ladies also performed evolutions not in the programme. The ioe is melting rapidly. We have qmte a mild atmosphere, with rain, and !^'?0*ne*rIJ gooe. The bay and waters ESS? f*??' but a tr*?k u D0W op?n tor the ??Im.?niiN#,)*rtupa of VM8elr ?? Norfolk n!*"?* 'I'1 r??anae their regalar trips to k!?J 7' mTu8 J??xt lbin8 w" ?k*1* probably hear of will be floods and inandations. w. ki m!D W1 the "h?w>< * am told, left for Washington yesterday. He is probably now ?uartfr*d your National Hotel. It ?"ing g * terrIb,e f*U on the ioe before ' ?^itor of the German Corres at hlJeoun^/ t6"i{>1? ?no?ntre with robbers i few iiJhffI S6at>utwo miles from Baltimore, i?? ? van<lal8hed the whole party by discharging a ''blunderbuss." Timi?? t0 ?J8ht, that the ship Spirit of the of^onii1:0m. V*lp?aii0 with $300,000 worth of copper aboard, is not ashore in the bay as reported, but safely anchored. 7' hft\be*n ?aoh interrupted by the Hon tk W*a and "sponsion of naviga Wlh't ^ "ceipta of all kinds of prodfoe o i 7 at auoti?n of 300 hhds. lOO Ibs engM al M avera?* of ^-35 per eafi^HHf/ *l* d"JiDing Money is muoh r and "toofcs gradually improving. - Roderick. ^f Br".rZ*?? "i, of Consr*" ,u< others :in ? Mlac'lon at onPa ti r .tilm' per wonl'' <lo well to make trhr.o^^^VHr?,^Tbvxnlh^^ l4Q 20?dtf s? M.. W. OALT 4 BKO , Jan JO?dtf P?.^v?na? b?t^??n 9th and nth If Mr. WHITXHCB8T owtd uut Mr. W. received from the World's Fair I ??.r. i:fsi?, iri'fasssi'yics fes*5 rjvsssr si-s- ?2? sahsiz ?v&RSS!^^assi^*a' ^ofVe^i,* PtcrroRAL.-iror (h. r.P!1 cn? r?. .. . ? *"?? Hoar?eiie?e, Broncbltla. Whnor lu.-. tha^K?. "i" C?n#BniP<l<'o, l? unlvtriallV known >s r Bar aryr-is: ^,*3 rlorltr ow ?vei j oth?r raedJclue of lu klod u too aonarant to otMrvatlon, aud lU -1 r t n ra . r. k public D? iong.i liealtate what autldote to employ Tor !h! duira?*iiig and d?ngafroa? a(T?ctfuns of the puim^nar* or gang which ar? lucMent to ?ur climate By tt? tlin?lyn?? n,?v u*y a I moat .u attack, of di.ens, u^t, tb?? uL. o'r i.-T *,rofUI ?u'1 "l>'? ?re aaved many\hoMa",Hi ery y?rar froui a pi entatui? * v? j,'o lanillv alionM h? <?-k? out it, end tlio^e who do ur^Uct to prorlde thfm?^lvM with ?Iinf which w#r<l? off thla dau^ei oua < lfl?< 0f (fluea,.. th? . i ri*US'?? It ia too late. Proofa of the aurprlaliig efficacy of the Cherry Pectoral nM m M *i?eu to the American people?they hare livin? f ^ e?ery nel?hi>..rb?od. But thoae who wtah to w/d th^atat^ toTuliiu'gr?ti?for*evrry'on?t'> * ^'?,"^^'*?^l>aaUto bFrep.r.4 b7 DB. J. C. aVeB, Lowall, , _Ao(1 ^,d Z D OILMAN, WathlnjtoB O. M. LINTHIC1II, OeertfetowB. arer7wWeK * ?? ' Ff"d*r,^?b?'ri, ??<! b,^1 Dro?f.W nee 17?eo2xn aaOKCHITIS, Throat IMaeaeea, Hacking Cun*1> , and the eft ecu of Imprudent n.e of Marco ryno^fd' hw arer bean dlacor.rad which haV affaAed caret aa Garters Spanlab Mlitura. 'h Throat diaeaaea produced by aallTatloa Barkin> r...i. Bronchial A Section t, Ll?.r Dlaa7aaN.^'.irt.i^ matlsm, ha*a all been relieved an<{ eorad^n a won?.rfni 2" o're b7 lh* l,nrl?*r ?'lU' "P-nUh _Jh!iC*K?",^l.r, T H eiona alwuld aa?,fy ho donbt. Call on the Azeot and procure a panichlet containlof cnree, which will atteuud yon l?aJnphlet( ?.'see adrartiaemant. W Joe SmLLiMTOif recotrea all the new Bookt and Kawa paper* aa fast aa published. He It acent for Harner'a and7ii lha other Magazluea, and our reader. wHl alTay.' "oVa Urge and good Hseortm-ntjf Blank Booka and Sutlonery a^ fc^? Rookttcre, Odeon balfiflug, cor Pa. avenue and at aarkikd. On the 13th instant bviheRer. Mr. H-?dce'?.JA8 ?u:^* ',,,d >,,b* "? M. SOUI'IIOrSn! alloi OIBD. <? tV? J!UL-^a^7!?:rV"s' Ht 15minutes past 'J o'clock CIIARLLS (VILLI \M f'RAILEY", elder aon of Charles H. and Caroline M. B. I'milpy, in the 15th I year ofof liti agr. 09- The friends of the family are respectfully in vittd to tiie funeral whice will take place on Tliur^ diy next, at 2 o'clock p. ni. P ?nr,a?1STROPOL1TA? KAIR ?g?J^ T0 CITIZE1IS AUD 8TBAJTOERS. 'pHE entire stock ot Dry Ooo-l^ of the lati> firm of .L Wagruder & Calvert will be closed out et ver? reuucod priot'd. \Vc name m part Kich striped and plaid Silks Brecadc tfilk?. cost .?1, toi b'Jk cents Changeable Silkd, e7>^, for 30c. White Crape 6hawla at hall price Colored do do Linen Sheeting, wort SI for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 75c for 50 Pillow case Cotton, worth l?c, for 11 ? 12-4 cotton Sheeting, worth 50c, fur 35 fine French Ginghams, worth 25, for 16y. U hue and colored Brilliants, very cheap A!*o, a large lot of Dornesticd of the beat class which will he sold very low. ' Call early and secure great bargains, at No. 10 opp. Centre Market, between 8th and 9th sts. ' teb 9?eo2w fif?KANAMriM, V?? Bank Mai., 1X5 l>ought and sold by A. M. SNYDER h CO Broken-, torncr 15th street and Ta avenue by^M. SNVDEf k%oa'' bou?ht and ?oM ft?" ?elden, VViihcrs k Co'? Eichanee Rank fJb% cfh^"*1 ??'d hy A' M' tiNVDLH ?t to W SPLENDID RAFFLE. ILL be Raffled for as koon as the requisite number of Chances have been taken the f.,i lowing xplend d and cosily arUcleaT vii: ' * 1st Prize. One splendid gold Paper Weieht containmg an Automaton Singing fiird and t-day Chronometer, mo^t beautifully ftaag.."* ~m?t wiih 2d Pnre. One Lady's Gold VVatch, richiy'set ' ?u ?WI Diamonda and Painting on Enamel l't? Jd Pnze. One Lady's Gold Watch, nchu! JeV . ? ^r'1" Diamonds, and Painting on Enamel 100 4th Pn??. One G^nts Full Jeweled Patent Watch(WlUl Comp?,,Mtor) *o|l Hunting ^ dilhy chMed^^'1 HU"ting ^ *tch,* s pi en" Total value %7nJwI dS!Z\ZS1 *? TW0 Hundred (^V;;fi^ The raffle will take place at Hilbus k Hit*' Mn nc Depot, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and i!.i' w',ere Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. U)e Persons desirous of possessing some of the most superb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such at an extremely low price. " Call and examine for yourselves at the Music D? pot of HILBUS k HITZ, Star Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. in. and 6 p. in. 160 7?tf NOTIUE. THAv?fhL FH0M IT MAT COWCERM. THAVE this dav received and opened a meat vart 1 ?y of CLOCKS, WATCHES.'aiid JE^VELR? ,ro.I.u *lj? to ?IS, all warranted one hety w wt ai VIVer ^atche* ia ire*t va ui V. .er W*tch?w from #tt to ft35 ; cold lever of,ewe.rvr?JI aa?^ 4 great aaaortmeal ,wh,ch wil1 ^ *?w cheaper thao goods ?>| sa ne quality out be bought in this cut Sri "" ?" c,oc" ?? ?*? ?? EmDOrtlm or' f?' ?>?<?'?, Mth. Clock k WtK? tmponum or J. ROBINSON, ju i?-ta "??'rf<M1, i JU0 60 **or Bala and Rant. F^intRonN&^HF 8T0RE ROOM k DVVEL nue west side, and In IS'l 'rJew '^r <^m w* lVe" Off the avenue this is nmK ki Centre Market. me,, JU ,n wiVnS^W^! ?1ft ?** b?9 rent will be made low. Aniiir i! t*??nt the No. 455 Eighth meet, or the tmkilcribcr Si Maine' avenue, few door* went of the Foundry ' Mame feb 14~3t* _JHCH'D G. BRISCOE. A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN 0\E OFTHF most desirable positions in Waahincton d,?in? a nne business. it there is a n,o?ncl n Ter hn" ,able 8oda W*'Cr A^,P?r!,,u,? The soda w(. ter busmen is one of ihc hest in Wa<.hinct<>n \,t dres* "X W," Washington. Tb 1312w POR KENT-A BRICK HOU*E,CONTAINING 1 eight rooms, on Sixth, between G and II street* The house is in good order, having been recently re' P*r,,rn,ar? enquire oh the premises A COMMODIOUS dwelling for RENT.I The large and commodious dwelling at Hie corner of llth street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a tine kitchen in the basement having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now torrent. Its excellent loca tion and fine accommodations make it one of the niost durable places for a large bearding house or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb 6-if FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE-For Georgetown ?r City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME corner of Bridge and Congress its., No. 8T. ' feb 6?tf F9fERRM?Z~"R 8ALE ?N KEAS?^BLE A two wo-y frame House, with back building containing six rooms, on 13)^ street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sts. west. A three story Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4ih <ind 5th st*. west. aMlL"U,efllwo mentioned to JAMES W. HAKKLR, on H street north, between 12th and 13th 8(8* Also a two-story Frame, with back biylding, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. , . , , DICKSON h. KING, feb 7 eotf George.own. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, &c., to be stored, will find ample ac coininedations In the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?tf H0!?^ |Fh Rt .ALL--Bc?utl<ully and healthily located Building LoU, 24 feet front by 130 feet aeep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. ^an 6m jOHN FOX, Secretary. Wanta. AfRENCH LAD, 17 years old, wishes to travel with a single gentleman,or family, as traveling I c,.; pq- oa,T Lou' WANTED?A NEAT AND CLEANLY WO man^ to do the work of a small family of four P^rsen*. Enquire at this office. None need apply without a recommendation. feb '4?-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AT THE HOS pital for the insane, one cook, two washer fl'b i4!?3tOI,e cLan,berma,d- Good wages given. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A 3ITUA tion waiter in a private family. Anv on# wanting a person will please leave their address at lab 14?lt? AN ERRAND 30Y.?THE SUBSCRIBER wish es to hire a small colored errand Bov, at 48 S oevrnth street. P . rfrpvV fr b 12?3t LLR. WAN ! ED?$3,500 on good tangible security. Address, with name, terms, &c. st?ting wii're the party ran I* seen at oiTce, to "lfaarioii * Washington city P. O. ' feb 12?2t" WA.f^RrA/i^UD CHAMBERMAID. Ap J'y at No. I 39 f street west. feb 10?-ft Boarding. B f? "ly hav'?? taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on F street. Mtween 6th and 7th, can offer One large rooms for families, either furnished or unfurnished. Also, has rooms for gentlemen much larger than are geneially appropriated to single persons. ?Jr^,b,?ard*rb ,ndJ P?ri,,ar>rnt or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable jan 29?2w* i valentines; valentines :.? HfTCHI80N k. MUNRO have iust received a beautiful assortment ot choice VALENTINES which they will close out pt very reasonable prices.' Also, constantly on hand, an asso.tmcut of Letter ds'aFnvf,?Pf:8' hc > ? tlteir new ?7nn r ,0 Harper k Co.'s, No. J10 la. avenue, between ftin'h and Tenth sts. . l u tlt HUTCHINSON k. MUNRO. feb 8-tot [Intel] NEWS FUR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER & PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery establish ment. No. 409 .Seventh street, opposite Odd Ft I lows llall, where they will be must happy to receive their tiiend< and the public generally. We will keep consta -tly on hand a choice relec Uon of all kind < of CONFECTIONERY. all Ikinds'C#ler8 1,1 lore,8" a,,d d?M:estic FRUITS, of We hope by a strict attention to busmen to win !i L PP, a.U?" 01 our ,rit?ds, and merit a liberal ware ol uaironagc generally. N. B. Balls Parti, s, and Families supplied on the * h*!0 ,c h ,d ^"factory terms, at Uie ehort *eb6?if RVDER k PLANT. dissolution. THE partnership of Barron fc Orme is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the concern must be paid to 11. Barron, he being au thoriscd to close the business of the firm. w . , io? HENRY BARRON, February 3, le5o. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request ?!! tno^e indebted to the concern to come forward and settle their bills by the 6th of March, a* it is vers important to him to have the business closed by that time All accounts left over at that time will be nui into the hands of an officer for collection. All ac counts due by the concern will please be presented tor payment as soon as possible, as I am ready at any tune to meet the same. y HENRY BARRON. .iiP.h*'~*T?e underi,'gne<i would respectfully say to all the customers of the late firm, and the public V*'" alway,i be kept a stock of Wood and Coal at the old stand, Oreen street, and solicits a share of public patronage. Believing it to tn .ffH.b"5"?r and belkr>,,e determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual CUfJb"!~"' Tnos. ORME, Agent. , VALENTINES^ WE have this morning received tlic largest and most varied assortment of Valentines ever Detore offered ui this city, consisting of every st\le, finish and pi?ffLlo suit >11 kinds < f people of all ages sexes and coff^ioty, aj| ol which we will run off at such prices as Wnt the times. ? JOHN F. ELLIS, JUOla avenue, near corner Tenth streets, feb to ?tf HOriCE or COPABTJf ER8HIP. WAfHXHO rOH HALL RE8TAUBANT, Corner Ptmuylvanui avemit and 6th it., >0uth itde. 0^ S~\ PETER M. DUBANT, ' K?\^a#begs leave to say to his friends and former gustom ers that he has disposed of^^^^H J1.1? ^' .r? luJerest in his late c&iabluhnent, under i 'lotel, and to inform them that he hereafter be found at die above-named Rea taurant, which will be conducted under the joint management of BENTER & DUBANT. The firm beg to assure tlicir friends and tho pub lic generally that no exertions will be spared by them to deserve a continuance of the favor and pa tronage they have heretofore received, and that their establishment, for order, cleanliness, and at tention to the wants of their visitors, shall be unsar or any other city. .n?wf'*ril,.4jways be supplied with the . Viands, Luxuries, and Delicacies thai "jarkct can afford ; and tlieir Bar well atockad with beverages of the most favorite kiuds and best ^oibfio?el^8r ? choice lot of Cigars of su . ? ... - WILLIAM F. RENTER, Jan Jl?eotot PETER M. DUBANT. MUTUAL Kill IirsURAlICI OOKfilT. OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. ' Chartered by (Jontress* ^FFERS to the ciuaehs ol the District the safest Vy? aud cheapest means of insurance against less by Ore on all descriptions of property, as may be *n "aminauon of the charter and by laws. !b.r 1??urance can be made to the un am>ef ,?h f i? ??oe' Columbia Place, Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, where copies of the cnaritr and by-lawa may be procured. _ ULYSSES WARD, President. Manager*?Thomas Blagdcn, UlyMes Ward. Dr. f "'a c- luifert, Auction Bales. A By R, H. JKWKLLI * Ot.| A acta. FOR A eMALL INVEST t&fii* sran;: IwViJI? ?*Jct??n rooms, a Targe slxe draught " *"J "* ??' siiTv rfiv? ?n?C !'*lfca*bir*,c Nrfaiice in thirty and ?'&??? ?' """?" rjFwK&F *T^! b"n" *? *? WRIGHT, Adctltnttr. C^rlNC^J,0^KA"^^,NG OUT HALE |Vv y Goo<*s? withont reserve.?On WEO.VES w?Ih.iV?n,,,gnrw,,,l,e 14,11 ,n?5tan,? ? 10 "'C'k. Tf M I Sfr* lhV*lf * Dr> 4l the -tore Swn ? lV,'l,am;- No ?*? Rndge^treet, Ceorg* m unsold ^m Thp0f""n *'"i" cho?c*t*cl? 1. ** c,U9ed ?*1 *'thout reserve, j," . 1^"c * UrF dSs?rtmeni of ^^V?85 e,,k'-Frfnth Mfnn*. White Goods' > ^Rwn*, and Calicoes Gloven ' rg* aHpor,,nen' of Hooiery and EfflbroideriM, Rich Satin and other Vt+u??. Silk and Linen Hdkfs ?*unga Pantaloon Stuff, Shawls IF&SX'Zsx? I Timings and Fancy Goodt. I cle.Jd St* W"1 bC COnU"Ued uaui th* wholestock .. | Terms as at former sole. feb 12-31 EDWARD 8^ WrIght,*8" Auctioneer. ?r J. c.Mcghre, Amumm*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE L and Lot.? By virtue of a deed of trust from Win Janunrv*1fl!u hearm? daM: on 6th day of 70 folSs 31^????^ Liber J- A. 8., No u, toiioe JJ6, 337, 338, 338, and 340, the subscriber ofM?oha|,tJI>V Cr'e,on M?NDAY, the 6th dat fc?LMoChK,^ at .* ?'c,"c^. P- m., on the premi 'ft itretl east, between N an,I O -treet, south, part of Lot 5, in square sruth of ?quare 744. fe? d^ln ? ^ rnC',e,OU Mld ^r'? "'reft, by 75 m? Inrf ,mllr! * V' to?eU,?r Wlth Hie build in*? and improvements, which consist of a well and "S?S!""V ??'yhoi" * 01 ?*lc H I" be: 0|M> half cash, and the ESt",ymenu dt ?'*??<1 twelve monthr bw notes bearing interest from day of wle secured if Vu 111 tru*1 UP?? the propert v. davs^fter ihT^fi^.K are BOt tw,,,Pl,ed w"?i ?n six r.Vk ?? h I e JhI: "y w<" hc ro??lrf. "t the notice C Purchaser, upon one week t All convincing at expense of purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACII. Trustee. JASU-McGr,^? By J. C. McGClftlfi, Auctloa?er. T*iS.BTUKDwS'iLE ()l AMI LOT.? 4 o'cVor J in HdDAV af?c"?oon, March 1st, 18M, at tn?? ?? LC p'rm w' bjr v,r,ue of n deed of lfH.a S ?ubbC,,b7? faring data the I4ih May. looJ, and duly recorded in Litor J. A. 8 \o 40 vc*h y 439, ftn,J 440? ?ne of lhe ,Jod re^?fdrf *? nSg!'in C??l,,T' ^ ?h?" pe" the north halfoi on ' if tqunr.f ^ ,roil,'n8 23 feer 4 inches fctrtet we^t, between north C and Fi atreets, running back 100 feel to a wide alley, with improre SSf. con??ting of a substantial bnck dwelling J Terms: One third ca^h ; the residue in six and twelvemonths, with interest, secured by a deed o? trim on the premises. 7 ? NICHOLAS C^LLAN. Trustee. f . JAS. C. McGUfRE, ftb 12?eo&ds Auctioneer. SILVERWARE. A \! .Ry Pre''V "-"ort.uent of Silver Coffee Heta, ofHmi.'.n ?,r*( r?b.leu' L"UP'? '-'reauir, and all kinds of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for prcsenU, v,x-Souped (S, r^?U2'b 8c?t"Per*i pie and rake Km v. g. 15 Sugar Spoons, ctc., is offered at low mi ces, ana warranted sterling. ?T _.B .. H. SEMKEN. i.? to' 330 1 a- * ven?e, bet. 9th and 10th sla. jan i j THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. T?afias " uP toK lv 4U0 (-"AM'-E81 miZR NO. 1 "t??. Thomas of Vill mueva, giving Alms to the I Poor, a copy of Murillo, by one of Ins pupils and touched by that "real artist- suid to be cnnal to the original, ?ost $4,0u0. 1 Inc PRIZE ? ?' Thr adoration of the Wise Men of the Last," a genu ne Murdlo ; coat $3,000. PRIZE 3. " Ilea l of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost $1,000. , . pRiza 4. $ 1IW ?f lbe B,Ca^d Vir?in?" bv Carreggroi cos. Mr. S. A. MATLAt'K is authorized to recelvt subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets msv o* oblained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR & MAURY. All money received on account of the Raffle win be deposited in Bank until tha drawing takes place which will be duly announced. ' From the National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed wc have observed in several distant papers, contained in their \Yach ington correspondence. We arc glad to see that ? membw of the family ,s will,,* todispW^ . ^ of Uie rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade who during Ins long residence in Spain, had oppor' tumtics, which his opulence enabled him to mdul*e for selecting many of the finest paintings in Spaln that treasure house of pictonal riches. The di^ m,rif?le?tne country at the time, moreover, I made it fa\oraMe for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa From the Boston Chronicle. A?",,0?*"01 Art?-Several cKet rfWrre. of Murillo, Correggio, and other mast rs, whi?h were tOT, e ?OIiv d"ru'* 'cvelutionary time- l.v the late R. W Meade, have elicited the admiration o connoisseurs during Uie pest weekui the Rot-mdo | ?P ^ Jliey,are lo be disced of for th? v.l.t .?. * daughter of Mr. Meade, residing in Nr? ?f] 9 r 8,1 (>PP?*"tuiiity lias been given lo thr public for an txaiuination. feb 6?if . BOYS' CLOTHING. WALL & STEPHENS, Wholesale and Retail Clothing and furui-bing Merchants, Pa. ave nue, next door to Iron Hall, have on band one oi the largest and most varied a-sortments of READY-MADE BOYS' CLOTHING in the country, which ia made up ui every style, and calculated to 5Uit all tastes. Their Goods are made of the best materia'* and by the best w orkmen, and | will be disposed o! at rates that cannot fail to please Tlit public ate respectiully invited to call nnd ex amine the stock. feb 2?tf DRAUGHT ALE7~ THE undersigned re-pectfully announce that the> have obtained the sole Agency of llie District fortlie sale ol Kurtz h. Nes's York Draught Ale, and have made arrangements so as to have it con stantly on hand, so that all who may favor them with their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a cuppiy of Porur. Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or gtveu to our drivers will meet j with strict attention. Terms cash. ARNY & SHINN. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale. Apply j as above, to AKNY fc. SHINN, Uuion Bottling Depot, feb 8?eolin Georgetown HANGS FOR SALE AND RENT. >HE subscriber has always on hand a assort I meut of German and American ANOS, from the very best manufacturers^^^^^R which he offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased ui the District of Columbia, I and ui the most accommodating tenns. All Pianos | purchased from me are warranted to gri-e satisfac tion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. RElSd, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth strceu. feb 6?3m* LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREME COU RT OF THE UNITED STATES. I ROBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JAN1N have formed a copartnership under the name of "Walker and Jauin,"for the argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United Slates, at Wash ingtoncity, whete both will attend throughout the future sessions of that court. Theyinay be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan 19?eo3m* GREAT BARGAINS. ISHING to reduce my stock ef Boots and | Shoes in order to make room for spnng sup plies. I shall commence this day to tell off ni) heavy j Goods at greatly reduced prices. All in want of a superior quality of 8hoes at very low prices, cau find them at D. R. Wall's Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. ?? Market Spree, be tween 7th and 8th streets. D. R. WALL, feb 1?eo2w BAixnre hotjsz of faibo * ioukIx Opposite United States Treasury. TkONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased D end sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed ou deposits when left for 90 days or lonver jan '24?6m ^ PIANOS FOR BALB Oft RtMT w at, between 1 ___ _ ^ tfld Pbnoe taken in exchange. Tuning also attended to. .. 14_ f. a BXICOTXBAOH i't^ Plane m tM M ?n I-** ' ? I I TELEGRAPHIC. Eiprsa/j for Um 9*1 If EmUtg iUi Arrival of th? Asia. Halifax. Feb. 14?The Canard steamer Ail*, from Liverpool, arrived hero, en rairfs for Boitoo, thii noreiB| THE MARKETS. Liverpool?Milligan reperts tha yalaf of cotton for tha week at 37,Ot? bales at prioas easier, bat not q notably louer Naw Orleans fair at 5|d ; New Orleans Middling nt hid ; uplands fair at ?|d.; aplands middling at M Salae to speculators 1,300 balae. sales to ex porter! 4,400 baler El oar and wheat are ia a mall epaealati?? demand, Wester a Canal at 43s ; Good Ohio 46a. Cora market is doll, hariag deeliaad la; white 44i, jellow 43s par qaartar Lard i? firm and anohanged. Mabcbestbb.?The prioac of provisions are unchanged. Carolina Rioe is anchangad, with a moder ate demand ENGLAND. There bee bean no ehanga ia ooasols. I nited State* etoekf hare advanood Tee Ministry hare resigned Lord Darby has failed to ferm a new oabinet. Anxiety prevails about the army in tha Crimea. Sebastepol effaira are unchanged New oomplieatiena have arieaa ia tha Oar. manio relations Psnnsylrania State Senator Pbiladeltbia, Feb. 14.?Pratt, tha Whig and K N. candidate for Philadelphia aoaatj was elected at tha ipeeial election yesterday, by 2,300 majority, ihis giras tha Whlga aad Know Nothing* a majority of ona ia the State Senate. Arriral of tha Creeeant City Naw Yoac, Feb. 14 ?The Craeoant City haa arrired, with flarana da tea of tha 6th. She reporta the British eerew itaamer Cotoasas of 80 gnna, and the failing ship Boaoowea, of 70 gans, at Harana. An Lngliah sloop of war entered tha harbor on tha day tha Crss oant City left. Flood in Aaltimore. BALrivoaa, Feb. 14?We arfpariaasad a heary rain all laat night, aad it la still cloudy end heary. The rain prodncad a freehet la the Falla, and many oellare along the stream are filled with water, which haa done ooasid arable damage In the Fish Market Spaoo thia morning the water waa two and three feet deep, bat it ia now subsiding arery where Large maaaea of ioe were carried dawn by tha 3ood, and much of tha ioe haa been carried out of the harbor. Tha Waather at Tanoas Folate Pbiladelpbia, Eeb. 14.?Tha raia oom mencadat 11 o'clock, at Wheeling, yesterday] At Pittfbarg, at 2 p a., aad hara at 4 this morning. The snow has almost entirely dis appeared, and fears areeetsrtaiaed that a se rious freehet in the riren will be the rasnlt. The western line of telegraph is down ba> yend Harrisbarg. Baltimore Marksts Baltimore. Feb. 14.?Floar is d?li. wits * downward tendency; salea of Hor *?ie?t at $8 37i yesterday eraning; City Mn'> ">t% offered thia morning nt S8 12f. ft a nothing is doing to note. 6mall eai?? ?l jel low Corn at 92 oonts. Haw York Markets Naw Yore, Feb. 14.?The eottoa market is anchangad with a limited buaiaeee. Flour is downward, aad tha market is dall; sales of 1,000 bbls ; Southern is unohangad. Wheat is a!ao unchanged Corn ia downward aad dall. Porhia alao downward and doll. Beef ia un charged Lari is unohanged. Whishy?Ohio at 34c. The markets generally are innotiva Contest for V- i.' Senator ?Unsusbsasfal BaUffKngi Harris suae, Feb. 13.?Tha two Hoi met ia convention at noon. Ona hundred and thirty membe* present Mr. Mediator, ef the Senate, and Wm M Clapp, of the noaaa, being absent. Neceeeary to a oboiea, 66. The first ballot resulted aa follows : Gen Cameron 58 C. R Backalew 28 J. Pringie Joaea 11 D. Wilmot.... 9 Thomaa Williams 8 James Vaeck T Tbomaa H. Baird 2 Smith Fuller 1 George Chambers 1 John C Kunkel 1 J 6 Black 1 O H Tiffany 1 No one having received a majority, Mr. Chamberlain moved that tha eonrention ad journ to this day three weeks Lost?yeas 61, naye 69. After some debate on rules of order, aaother ballot was taken with naarlr the same rasalt. General Cameron received b9 rotes, Mr. bal lade, of Berks, going orer to Caaaaroa The balance of the rote waa substaatially tha same as before. Mr. Taggert more to adjoarn to meat this day two weahs; agreed to?yeas 67, nays 64 Ihe eonrention than adjourned till Taesday. tha 27th instant. _____ Fennsylraaia State Senatorial Klaetioo. Philadelphia, Feb. 13 ?The special elec tion to dar for State Senator ia the oouaty of Philadelphia, to fill the vaeaney eaaaad by tha death of Mr. Foulrod, (Dem ) haa baan ooa ducted very quietly. Bat a alim vote waa polled aad from tha retaras thus far raoeived it ia believed that Mr. Pratt (Knew Nothing and Whig) is Oleet ed. * Sunbury aad Iria Bail Kaad. PatLAOBLpaiA, Fab. 13 ? Ex-Gjr Bitter ha* been unaniaaoasly elected Prasidaat of tha Saabury and Erie Railroad Iha Charleston Cbarlbstoh, Fab, 12 ?The great raoe be. tween Wagner and Magrath for $2,000, failed to 00me off UMiay?the latter paying $606 far* ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received twe of the above uaequalled la struuwrnts direct from the Man a factory ia Dresden, Germany. Piano* having both, after a lone leaf^Hn and land voyage, arrived ia perfect^ ? ? ? ? tune, afford another guarantee of the* aupertont v in keeping intone. Their beauty aad power M lone aicits the highest tnconiuEis from all the great musical critics of Europe. M ^ _ UILBU8 k HITZ, MuSc Depot, eor. Pa. av. 11th aad O ?a. aa 8?a WATCHES! IF YOU wish a timekeeper, at a priee, jrou are invti and examine my eelected atock* of fine English aad Geneva Watches for InAea and ? u. mm No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and lOlima. SILVER PLATED WARE COMPLETE Coffee Beta, Custom,Cake nad Pruk V-' Ba?ket?, Waiters on white metal, Tabte, Dee aert. and Ten Spoons and Porks, don We aad triple substitute ~ plated on Album, the best substitute for silver taated aad aotd by ?. lEMKtlt. 1 No, ?99 Pa, areaas, bstwesa Mi aad Wrq sea. ?n . j

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