Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, I). 0., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1855. NO. 661. thK j-'yf->,|vo star puri.: -''t? ft rrr?'T"AfT?(WTvn? ; trctM 9*ryDAvt> ' At fAs ft tiAyi, corner '? ? *?.i ^'mwwfA ?"*#!, * ? ? ?.????# * IIOPI, ?* l? ?MMrnhrr? ? i?ir ct?*a ttl W'aat. 4l?'ian<lria ?i>tin?.M> a*g Phil*. ?M ?" * ?"N uwiRTna ccarra, p.*. Ve ??--li. *> u?r Ajvbc To bmN aukaeribcn Um MhMTifNM* ???? ? TURK* DOLLAR* AND rirrr ?;rwt? ? ymt ,a ?*eeWi TWo LARS rw MX WQWTHH, and oNB DOLLAR ?or TMRRR tfOVTflS. C.M?. o.. cm. GRATIS! joarr PUBLIBIiB?^IC'J?w discovery in ^A* IUt">n?? Treatment, with J^iu?d,c.,',e? <* Spermatorrhea, V*0*' VJeaknese, Nervou* DeWTi ijr, kow npiriu, Latitude, Weak aeea of the Unht and Back, Indutpo , sgvS sr ftrr sattr&msaa FyW TH? PRJtWCH OF DR. B. DE I.ANEY. laSi"!^ ?at l,h"*r aU""'"f complaints sxifje 1-V5 ?VJ w,tLoul *?"??* ?.? th.. 222 L^TMiy 7 and the ent.rely ul ami,If .y.*UrC,e"fui Anient, aa adopted by ?v by mean* of which ev ery one u enabled to cure himself perfectly, and .at theleast (MM?*tbl?* cost, avoiding thereby all the ad* Tfrtwd nostrum* ot tli*f day. r~r?'.." nE nm??1?01 T0 TU16 SWR* and well known skill of Rci.u?wci la a sufficient ruarantv to Mm . POMt*"t?y OMd ia hi* practlea lor the th? ,u-ui* b7 their effeet* the valuable luaMie* attribute J to them and Kwrj^to be the t>-st Medicine* ever offered to th# I. lb. MtCAmtock's Putmal Syrup. An iav^uable remedy tor Brunchitia. <\>n-ump tJoa, and all chronic diMaeea of the throat and lung*. Id all deep seated e,m plaint* of the Pulmo naty organs it baa proved the mut sale, oertalD, ^J*i"/?^f ?*?*?? ?!???* ?n theeat-naiTi preetke of Dr, McClintock for any of th*M forms ,^>w0,u? thea?*.le? M Tough, Tickling of the Throat, 8-^ae of T*.ghtnpw in th* Throat, Rpttttng ol B1 ood. Difficulty of lireatsing. Hoarae mm or Umh of Vuiea, and Meetie Paeer, it* um will k* the happiwt re*u!ta, while it in pJeaaaat lo ih? palate and (trengtheDing to th* wkole<y?t?u. It contains no 1 iciaaura or or ium to any shtps. PrW % per 9\mt hattte. * II. /Jr. AI(Cli$iiock't CdiJ atui Couch Mix tur*. . our* for repeat Oeugba, Tickling of tu* TmroaU I ox 3r*atbinf, 0*oup In ChiJ ??n, 4a It ^ataiiu no preparation of oUtuc. rrtoe 1? 3+uU per bottle. III. Ur. MiCUntock's Asthma and Hoop ing Cough Rtintily. Am alm^t in^u^taneou* rali-f ft?r theae dlstma (^*X ooapialu'a Tli:a ir the fru;t of an imtsenm ax> ?nl U aatoniKuuig ia ita -Cfectc. No per Boo u< ^ 4uSfer a day from Ajthma ur Tfoopia * Otagb *i. * UM u frrice W centa per bottle. J P. Ift. \*Cl*niock's Diarrkma Cordial uAa,'L. ^fc'/ra Preventim. A pr3u<>t*aJ aarti ^ n" ">r Dhrrhaaa, Dya.?a-, *?ry. ani Qholm Morbi. **?' m'! A ?ara pre ?antie? et C^hoiera ao tra*<l?r or tainiiy ?-e wi l?ou* b ^ ^ ?ad M f?afci Mr buttU. ^ l> ' AJtCHntcdk's Ttrnu Microtia Syrup, For pir. rln - the ! The to po^e, *ai ?-*? ! Hftar avar iU oT.r^l. V .r ?:j Raiofulom dL a^-a, nhLf^f"4,* eTUpti? ;?? Rryaip 'la?, ujoera, aorr Le^a. ?n.j a], aa i Syphi. ?nc I oompUmtn, M~. it a a ut.^t ?-d ?i,t 3Lriu< m ?li 2T* |wrr5tIy ?*,4U*b}?. for children or V ?aaiaa. TrK-e^pint Dottle#) $1. V{;J>r- McClintock's DysjHvlic FAixir. sW*l Z to"**:?* dift?atioa* ciay b? .-ailed tte National Utaeaee of Vra-nca ltd iymptocc are ?~c.l"V uwvou <ue*; low spirits; dim ET. "llu m<>t? ?r 'peeks before th- -ye?; Itehia/ of the oo^tr.lis dal!a-.-a of heariag aa J riog *** '?."*? **?** li^-i^reeabJe ta^t^ in the mouth; 2? ."T* or w,i-?ht ?bout the chest; ditttcuUy of Draat.iiag; a ca? of iato'?ti? :u lying <1o7q. or is 'Uire; ?*l^iUtioaa. or uneasy * the hea^t; lrrMgul?r or d-?Sdent appetite; aanaa ofatak ug at ta-i etuoiaotu ?ciii"."y; n^artbur pain or^ of toe a'oijnifl. , coitiTHnw. ? 0oma of thM,* ayicp;.>ms aiwayb^r in I?y prt- ! ?U; and aomaUm-e ttte a?m- p.tieut ou m.nyofj then at th* k?n? tim% or at diiTeraat ti>ii???. Krr k attacking the? Pr?t?an iym^tums in their a.ut ai.d } ?puree, ria;deraa?;*Jeoitditwn of th9dig**8tiTefuT]<y i atioaa, the I>yav?-ptie Kii? ir r?Bi.lrw all the equable 1 redieat- *h? .h the Veg-Ubie Riugioku afVrdt ' ia ?mn?ctiou eith tha V.^uSI. Pur/a tire \ PWIb, la owiea vferre there ia mue>a eo#tiTen^:?, or I with the Antl- itilloua whera the tunetiuaa ot | Ue lif ar are irre^ulariy dioou^Kei, it wU! ho round ! ? moet effoituil r-uieiy Prk- (ia pict fcotlie?.)$l. I VII. Dr. A1<CUnlock't lihsumatic Mix- ? tun. ?0r lateraal ue; a por-l> TegeUble Ccrabiaatfon i tor tiie curs of tihenoiati. r.i, O.^ut, and nil N;.aral gie and *heafaat:t Ln.-*?ea Tbie t>u^ly^mi i with the a*. ji.?*t coafi l?a;e. It ha- U?en usea most' ?jtafceiToly, i?iiJ is *? e illo for ltheum?tio ' DlMMse u ths * >11.! I? i???ji io?a Ptioe per Ut* ' 41# M oente ? Vlll ' Of' f-lcClirJock's RAiWiUUit hiili' rutfUy Au ifaliiMe oataarl application fcr tia relief cf aV. rheaa??ti3 t neural^ paia^ epr-t-aa,ce?lllagr, ?ttf ae^k, iUffuaja of th join's, pair.a iu ths alioul* dara, biek. or tiaa*v. If a?j?da lamailet* r-li?f fkoa jbjlte *al piia-' in the stomach aau -b-i ,m?n. Aaae ant?, imUaLHU itmlaia * la ail tm**j whera kj -it jra*. Jtiouliat U aeeiai. Piic? (t<-r hjttio) 1/3 cesia. JJ[. /''? iliuinuo^h 4 Mixture, Or Paia- Kxtra-l^r.u:adinteraali ' aal ez-er i?!Jy fcr tha U'4autn>l?afi.f all pain*, Tootua^he il.?ad ache, Oo?U-:, .?ga? ia t'u? fc?ace cauLla.c.,, S. ;r;J gla, Ik^ut or Jra.el, Aj., li Ho nr.i;: nre-1 1m tn dnrel a lUJdiaat by a y lectin who vlll os^ tlja inrai&.bta Auo'jc?. Pise* W eea^ per bo;ule. X. I>?. MiClmtotk'> Fsiur and Akrut Specific. TUia :?aj beau fcaei aa iufWlLLla apMiuo for th^ ol uav ajua'J'iaa, .si Ur Intarmittent flr*ara. Nj trarelter or Miikit ia any a^ue dia trlot aaouli toil to nroridd ih'^ulTee wwk ;Uiaauie praeautira Pruefi per hotde. XI. If*. McCli:%io.i s VcgcUiild Puri'ii* ito* Pills, ' Put tUe relief ot UMiat'paUua aal itr 7a Inful re MlU, ?u<a ei Headache, UaxLi.**, Sici i':oai?ch, FaLaa, ?<td all the ayiaptomj enutanraled uader the ^VjrapeitUt lUair." Ysm ii caats per box. III. Dr. M&Clintock's Pills, - Far Lirer Complaint*, ail loria.; ^i?ea9e? anetud rr>m Ueran^em-nt of the li?er, with aymp feame aaah ak bit(lu*at, UwJvat, ;Lt^!o2 in th* kiarsyellow furred ioc<u-,p?uu ia tCeri^fjtalcalde', Hi" of fullnefct or pain ia the rifUtaide. diaorder* j atomaflb or Viwela, deflji.^it aatlon of thj kkLieys, olar-otor-1 *tx>!a, Ac. The e kMlUt, if takea in the tnaipleat atagee of lilliotu and Yet'.ocr or othv fevert, w II generally eari off the atiaek. Price if o?ta ) ar box. The ate re Melidia^t nixj bs pro :urri of all the arinoipai lirug<lKi? and Ap^theoarieH iu f J? Die trv-t, aal of J.L. Hujuiw, Agai.t, >Vaih:i:*u>n. aea I" "_ BEAUTIFUL WIIITE TEETH. XJBALTHY QUM*, AND A SWEET BREATH. I~fl All who are dmriMU of obtaining th??e bene aionid aec ZEKMAPfH CELEBRATED TOOTH-WA^fl. Tliia dclicioua article coiabinea eo many iuerit?riou* qnaltuee, that it has now be come a standard favante with the ctot. us of New York, Piii'ad**lphia and Ba.tiiuore. Deiiu?u prt: aahbe it in their practice moet aucceaefully, and froai every source the unx<i rtaUcniic laudau<>im are awarded it. IaAained aud bleeding geins arc immediately hen eitted by its use; tu action upon them is nuld, aoothing and effective, ft cleanaea tile teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl in ' wlulenesa, and diffusea through the mouth, such a delight!ui treshneaa, that the breath is rendered ex quisstely aweet. It disinfect* all those impurities wtuch lend to produce decay and as a consequence, thaee are removed, u?e te<-th must always re It is need and recommended by all the eminent Dentist* in New York, PhUadelphia, Baltia.ore, and other ciuee where u has be u introduced* All I |ivf u ^ 1/14,. ?red only by FRANCIS /.ERMA.N, Drug^t 1 Caeun?t, Ninth and Caihariii" street*, Phila delphia, and sold by all Drii'^uta ev?-r? where, at Qi eeata per bottie. W. If. GILLMAN, jan 17?3? Agent (>r W.tslnuaion City. MATHEMATICAL IISIRUMBNTd. Man a. ANl>KRK)>i ha* rajeived aiarge a- d complete aasortiaejt of M?:h 'ms'ie^l loatru Drawing Materia * of ajurlor quality tfath matieal la*:ruianit-< a.*e .hiefly of 8** i.w mtaaf .et >-v in *a?- s, 4a wall as I > *.'nacat ? (laeee; Water e?lots aud oil cdora. i?fs *.'u^ ?'s et ?v my ??*?Hy ?Ai-s), Miadtaa in Drawing anl Painting. 6m M?u HT 6 Pann. an 0 UNDERTAKERS. Jbc. CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, ZHBunderfllgn-d would respectfully Infrrm M' Mead*. acquaintances, and ?h? public *?uerailj I he still eoi.'tinuee to sxeeute *11 orders in hi line ofbulBNi la the beat iaiaL,lr?j at ths ih&ri ?: aettoe. KBPA1IURU Dtttlxuk] prositlT ufmttd rUIRUALS attanl/d to at ? , the shorter* cot>>, and la the Vat MNflV manner 3>Iw frejrrrvf v? ?Ae ?Mt< prrf'at mm nor, am m <V t/nrrmu* -tether. ..nankf*! ft?T 9%pt fnTor?, he weal J reepectfcil? ?tte<t, and will en ieevur to merit a ooctiaunc^e tr ibe sams. ANTTJONY nUCIILV, Pa. are , s. ride, between 9th and 10th ?ta. Residence: *-ir. Martin's, No. 8M. D street, t Ird floaee t?ft of 7th street mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD respectfully return my tha-As to the dttxen? of waehiaftoa and it* rleinity fcr their put petroaags, anJ my that ow<ag to the frequent alls in the Undertaking branoh of try baatnew,) hare been Indaoel to diasonticne the manulbctare at Parnlture, and tarn niy stt*at!oa folly to the UNDKRTASTHQ. I ha*e tp&red no palna to have erery thin? t'at la rfjnlett* to ay bnRin?<s, and I em therefore fully prepaaed t<i xc^et auy order after ? few r>f>*->*ntrt notice. ant! I ae.-are thoee who may tfveae a - all that I will spare no paiae U oarry t-a he<r ordure to their ephre s*tvfs.ction. J AM St? P.ITARVBY. K? 410, fth et. betwe?n 9 and H. S. B.--Oa* ? le *t all h-?nie "f tH? ai>bi iB*r * ?ly COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR N'e*? York, Trxv, California, New Jersev, Loubian, Mieeouri, P ncjylTsoia, Alab- ma. Kentucky, Marylanl, G-orgia, Mi^biimn, Maine, tViee/>u?io, Ohio, and viim-eot*. Florid*, other States. 0EOBOE 0 THOMAS. AT'WRJVSY FOK CLAIMS, AND NOTMIY PUBLIC, W^ikitutton Ptncr. nmur OHd-Prltovt*' Holly abYKN^H fcTRieyr WttiarmroN. D.*U -A- 'II ? F. H. DAYIDGE, Attorney axd r3??;?'.lor-fct-Law, Lf.i COMMISSION hit Oir DEEDS TOP. TH? RATE? OH Virginia New Yor% Maine tteutuok.', New lttrnv Illinois Loaieiaaa, Mlss'sat ~c! Connecticut Jie^^aeh?ctta Yarylaid V^nnayiTania Florida T ron??o;? AiaSaas. loaa C e' rg?s California Ar^aai-*t 8 O&rolloa iv OonTtyanelng in all br^n^hes nrompt!y an I aoci ratsly sxe^ulei. CMHce, Couuiaua ir-nu*, upp. Plfth street. ?u-t M - illy PROF SCUOytiXBERQ, TiSA^HEB A WD TIUW8LATOa OP Moderu La?gua|(ee and Lltaraturat SO 4->T PMSSilTiil i AVXittTI. oot tl?ti" R.H.GILLE'[\ C o ? n 1111 o r ac Caw. rVllee acd r?>i teeoe in Praoklia Row. cotnar ol K ?n^ ?i..,-l,"t<?>-ri?h ?tr-?t <*?? ?>*< _;ir Mm. SCIIONENBKRU, Yeaehar ?f Clano and Sliiflitg, Jidf rc?vsYtff<*fA ivawa. i./?f in. H. MUttlCM* A 11 o r h ? y ai Lew, NO. ^ 8 l/)C aiiSA AVVSUE. Will 'n Ib?*' tfopje"'" *-"ourt '.f the United Stat.-* em.' 'he Codrls 1> iiriat of JolumtlA d>?r <?i- ??>*_? 1 lV*NTiG ?M.iSS.fc.'1 IN I.ANbT'A'iKt} ?PHOP. Ti 30H0 V L** ? K K'l ?ii' ODutm^itreT.^wiu ?? a~*e? in e.Te-. ft. M^n-l-ay^ 3t?th u^ober, at hie reetdrtsre. Jf-'i i'n O'y'.ricU arepo* Private Medical Xroatiea C.I 1*?tl i-liVHIOUKJf'JAL Y?V:a- O? MAR1U1UC. u SI. U. I.AXHUU. H. !>,. ALBA Si - .V Y i2n0 IH^ea an-i 13?"> Hue Piv*? mid C*Porei l.ith<v i^rapha ^ad pjat?!S. 4V Price oaljr 54S Cents 'if j^^-Srr.t U?t of postage to ill pari# iff the Uuioii"%* CllKAPE'-T ROOK KVWI PUHI.IsIIKr , *rd auUluing n?-?rly d ub'e tbe g?untity ol r?a iin^ matier in that of the i ipty o.;<r? oa i?)llak PUBLIC \T10.Nft Jt treat ? n tlif i llYiVOL'* OY OF MARUIAGfc.aul the secret i fi'in;U-.?aud diecrder cf y-'utb artd msturi^y, re sulting frwui which destroy t he ph> steal and men tal pow??ra, with obvrratiou)) ai tfimiki{x, its iiuti" *u 1 dii?<juali?Lc*tifHtte. and their remediw.; wnii ll!ho?rapbe, llluitrattn^ th? mcUb' and piiywi d.-gy, ai?d iiineat?: of the rej.rr> 4oetir* organs of their atru"'tarr. iibrt and fknrtuns A po^ and <5ompreh?n?*p trea t'.se on ?0 datie? na l capu^'4' > \f eiugl- and mar *i?d lif^?happy and fruA*.:u! iVia-*, mode cf ???? euring thcTU- infe1.' - .'"A. rit* tlw oui l?tfcfii Dbvidtior. Eiil r.'i> L'i' t3 to thc.-r ?)aUmp<iUiag aij.u*^iy. at wiiJ ov.,r<,yi<j'* ob jactioiiS to it j sojj fi^wf.r. thoolJ tak.t this *13 pcrta-.t e'ep w**uye- ."ret oouuuitiog its pt^es? vmm??ijnin os-1' medical tr?atmei;t it tea*!.* ' oci iPiAn- y to old * -e, each c?*e itrwph bally illuetreL i by U^utiful lithographic plaUs? tiereoa!) d<?b!l ty, in euuxr^ Hnd ctire, hy a prrtctnf at once ao mkivm. tf? and ?f'Vltai.! tlie.t failure is .-ap<>?-iible?ru'tw li.r laliy m.ti!?<nij:!Ut?aa ess*y on 3p^-nnatorrhce* with pru'ii al oiXitrTstioiJi on a 8*1.-r. tnd more iao?le of ir*atn?ect? pre eentir>nary hmu ui Uie ovils resulting frou empiri cal pr.*>t$e?!??iu eatuy on ail iiMHiM uriaia; from luliberation, with pl?in auJ nimble ruLs by which all pervcoi can enre tliiaa? iveH vrithout m?roury? rsiuediea lor those <elf in Ifieted ?ai?-ri?? aud disap poiat^l hopes ao nnfcriau<tl*iy pr. ealent in the younj It h a tmt'iful adviser to itie married and those contemplating marriage. iLi p?rival is par c -u'arly reuouuiend^d to p^r^ouj entertaining w sret doubt* of th-ir pky^al condition, and who ere 3ju*cioua of hielug hutrl'vl the health, happiu^aa and DriTileee- to which eyory hurnnD ti>ing is en titled to. Pries 28 ceiitd p?r aopf, or live copied tor one dol lar. Maii*. of p?<:age to any pait of Iho Uui I tad 8t>t' 6. N. r.? T?.': v ?h.-> 7-ra'er may occrullDr LaCbois upoTi e,f v.'.eiii^.it 'j ap)n whisb hl.-i Look tre&ts sitl'.pr '?rrt^.u*S!y or oy u*il 3fc<?iiaine ?eat to any part ^f the Uniou ? to it'rec^snui, safel> paes?l anl earefaltf soi-ur^d f'Oa all obserratioB. A Ur*! Dr. M. H La O'tOIX, No i\ MaiLia Lane or Ko3?. 0S1-* Box 579, Al'mny if. Y. ?e* Odlce opm dally from LabSipu, md cu Sundny frosa 'J uatil & p u. u^lv-e Ueinoved fr^u No iti Bcavsr at., to 31 Kaldee Laae, Albany, N. T. 4<eT "dentistry. Oil. i,!L';:^oN reaj.bCtfuil> cal a public att*,f.tlon to hia a?*, patuiit, ?nd QP.XATLY IMPBOV jCD ^jt:.od of?ettin=' Artificial Te-rtb. with Oon'.iuuou6 !luu-tha rerr * PKHP -t'JTIOW or i' ?J? AET- This 6tjl9 jf Teeth haJ the fui'.car t-irj rt .f?s t^r ail Otaorfc rU: Gttilif S'iuKN'OTR, CLBANLIMthti, 0 >M POAT, aiii lifcLUTY. *ie;ns? with Nature in the'e rr^ieui. ac. 1 ts>!"e o'h-w nxo?lll?g. -fhiblic iu?.j>ec U<>n U t**?ectful!y ^oli^ltt; 1. Pie:i? cai! aud eat nr- iaieca. CAUTION.?Ko other LtatUt !a thr District of Ooiaaibia his a rigUt to make styla of Teatfc. H. 3 ? t'eeth onatitutioaU'y beaituy, plugged ini war rant yl for life. OH ;? aa I hoiv it No. 2M B -<U'?vt, a**ar the oor aer of p9n*i>yie?^iA uveuue and Uu> ?u>ct. ao f 13 ? ??' "S*KAN*5-ALLB0IIANY BANK AND 3BLDBN ? W.ther-4 A Oo.'s Not?e pu:ohas<>d at the highest rates. Umrirvnt Mooey, l^ad Warranto, aui Virginia lie ip boogfc: itxl sold. Drafu all th* priac pal ctaee sold to su-t pur cluLwri. .... iSr+>pj a a d'-tane ? s??u li t a- Ttwae i Ueghany n-tea or l>aud W^riute, ma* rely ufnin receinn, tb? b?*j-t rat??, ?n I remittances ta ?d - b, dr^ft u any ^ty lo the Uii -n HAvlI:-T JN O. PANT, BaakeX, dec 9?3u No M2 H?naa a?e?ae /^OOO NEWS FKOM HOMB? J?W KK i J o'tvi'd 100 copii-H i>f the *?>ov ??"P al tU MiMe l). u<a til' ' BIL?I'** UITX, i'?tfi??:r i'cuua. a*mie aial UUi ?uw?L jaalJ?tf - OFFICIAL TtSAirtr Dkpartvext, Jan. 3. 1855. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fo| lowing described HU>cks of the United Slates, thai this department is prepared to purchaje, ai any time j between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to #1,900,000, in thf manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will l>e given in the order I in which said stocks may lie offered The certificate, duly fewtgaed to the Unite,! States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must b?- transmitted tn this department; u[ion the receipt whereuf; a price will be paid compounded of the fallowing particulars: 1. The par value or amoant specified in each certificate 2. A premium on th'c stock of the loan authorised by the act of July, 1846. redeemable November 12, 1856 of -2% per cunt.; on the stoek of the loan an thoriaed hv the act. f 1844, redeemable 31 st Decern b?, 1864, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans suthorized by the arts of 18-17 and ltM8, and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 p-r cent<; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1H50, and redeemable on the 31 December, 1864 (commonly ca.led Um Texan indemnitf) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the Nl of January, 1855, to the due ol receipt and set t'ement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the tnon^y to reach the owner) of one da>'s Interest in "ddition. rr.yn.ent lot said ftoek, will be mad* in d aft, of the Treasurer of the United States, o? Hit- distant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as (he parties may direct. But no c> ruticate will be entitled to the beneiit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bet we Uie said 1st day of March next. , . . JAMES UUi'llKIE, jan 4 dt Marl Secretary of Treasury. PROPOSALS I0E iURKlSHIEG PAFEB FOR TIjE PUBLIC PBINilKG OrncE .^UPKRi.VTKwnKir Prauc, U ashnigton, January V5, lKiii. IN pursuance of Hie provisions of ths act entitU.1 "Aa .net to lor execution the pi; he printing, approved Aii?Mi-t 46, 1654, ??led proposes wid t?e received a this office, in the c ai itol, unnl V\ ednesday, the 28ih day of .March n< xt at 14 o'clock in., for iumishiug Mte following u?)an titie- au.l descriptions of wruing paper, to wit ? 8,500 reams, weighing 48 pound* per ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 inches 3,100 rentu-, weighing 46 p..mid- |>erruam, and mea suring 18 tiy 45 ili< lies ItW .earns, we.shing9l pounds per ream, and m^a su-ing 18 by 44 inches 340 reams, weighing 4-2 pounds per ream, and mea siiring 18 by 18 inch* 10,1 reams, wefelting 14 pounds per reatu, and mea suring 12 by Its inches All these papers to be m:lde ?r u?. lK..t 1(,:(^r;a, and tini-bed m the best manner and iree from adul teration A contract will lie entered into lor sup pling lb- q taiilun* staled, at such limes as Uie public service may require, hut the privilege j* re served of ordering a iter quantity >f either kin I, should a gr-at. r i|uu:i!i;y b,- r qcire.i, ?**n. |. o*id in such quantities as mav In- denied ne essarv. s?j:ir le? 1.1 each k:isd of p iper must accompany eat h hi', ana ali proposals and samples miut be transmitted to tins office, free of postage or other expense Each propo*aJ must be sigu.-d by t)?e individual or ti m inr.king it, and mu?t sjiecify the pri<e per pound, ajiTI the consequent price p, r reaua 'and but one price) of each description of paper. .Ai) the paper must be delivered at Mich place or places a? may be design ted in Waslnn ton eitv in good or... r, fr.-e o! all and every extra cba-ge or ex penMi, and subject t? th.- inspection, count, weight and measurement o* n.e Supuiutendent, and be in all respects sain factory. Blank torius for proposnl* will be fumi-iied at this offjee to persons applying for ilieni ; and none will tie taken into consideration unless sub.tnntially agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be n -quired* and the supplym* of an inferior art tele, or a ladiite to supply the i|iiantity required at any liui will he considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to tit lush with his pmpo sal# saliftat: lory eviilenee of his ability to exccuit- it and any prnpofa! unaccompanied with micIi evi dence Will be rej.-cted. Proposals will b< addressed to the Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Gapitol id ti.e United States, Washington, and endorsed ''Proposals lor Supplying Paper. ' A G HEX MAX, Superintendent of the Puldic Printing. Jan 49?cold H E A H TI1E WITNESS! EI0HTE0U8 VEBLICr! RHEUMATISM, COfJGII, PAIN IN SIDE, Ac. WOh'l?EUIIT|4 cure after :ix year's suflerinx ol one ... tii.' iiiom highly respcciabfc tiuzens of M^jyland. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before the unity cuim made by' Hampton's Vest-table Tine tun*. K?Ki)4LL'j Gaovn, ijimlgmiit ry To., Md , I December 2. 1854. j Alesrrs. Moti'inn"4" Mowbray: Gentleman?In 1844 I lia.t wliatirv doctors called a violent and combined uilack of Chronic KJ.eunia tism and Gout, Irom which I was conlined to my b' d !<?r three monthI had tiiverv best physi . ctans, who Died otiier vaiiou.-. remedies, none of] winch gave me any permanent reln-l. Not hhving eas- Irom pain day or aight, I became murh . maci ated ; my wiiole system a mass of disease, literally speaking, tjr..m the crown of my lie. d to tlie sole ol my feet. I had to hobble aboiu?most of the uu.e conlined to the ho?,-?; at times so helpless that I h id to be assisted to my bed. i was also afflicted with a dreadtul cough, great aiiartness of breath, sore tliroat, {.alpitauou oJ the heart, r.ntl pain in my side so bad 1 could not lay r-n it. My aepetiie eie tirely.failed me. I b;ivenp a!! hopes oi being restored to health ag&in. I continued ;hus to inilfcr on from lb44 to I860, a penod of si* y. ;.r^. At thir tune my diuaatcr ?aw at her graudmoihi-rVa painrffilet, witii numerous certificates of curc<> mad;; by Dr. lli?ini? ton's Vegetable Tincture. 1 kuew some of those who ceriiiied to cures r.< r formed on themselves and lnends. I was re,< lV. ,1 to give it a trial. 1 iutorm. d my docmr of it He objected; but my sullerings w.-re so great hat i oro enred one t?otue, ;.ud, heiwre 1 ha.1 taken the Whole ol it, I ie.t much reliet, winch eueou.aged nit* to persevey;. Afier taking- the sin-ond Ikn?U- I was better than l<?r I lie past six yitiiu, niv appetite re lurii' d cou^b, pain in ilie side, ? h<>rui^ss of U'eaih 7J nearly all ?one. I eontinued using this won derful me until 1 ^ikeu seven l.oiile-* ac emdiug to the directioiH; ami I am happv i?,' llauipton ? 4 iacture, and Hint alone restored me to perfect health, which b ?s conunued up to ihts nine ?a peuod o: three yt-ar j. I am in tin.- t?5t.i \ .:ar of my uH-j. 1 ?.veigl.t-4 *vn. rduy 438 lbs., and 1 never ie!t o-'tier in my life. One oi my nei^lilxirs was al so aiTcctor., like mysolf, with Ulieuiuaiisiu,' Ste. He has also been r. #torcd by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but 1 am satisfied tii,.- Tincture* if tried, will speak for ibMeif. .My only obj. ct in 'de scribing to you my sufferings and the wav I obtained relit!, is to hi tuee thi; affln t d to try this Tincture which has, under the tdessings oi G^l done so tuueh for me. Yours, resp. rtlntiy, UENKY CJAITHBtt. t a!> and get {Miuiphlets graus, and see cures of Lough, BroneUius, khaumatuiu, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia. S'ervoiiMit ss sud Geueral VVcaknc?s. As a female iu or for dchcat ? cliildren we believe It unt qualbM. Sold by MORTIMRR * Mt>WB1IAY, 140 Haiti more sUeet, ll-ittimore, nitd ;<>i4 Broadway, N. York Ciias. Stott k t'o., J. II. Jflooae, V>. ??l-i.iift i [. a r k ?: & How Lisa, IV. Elliot, and II McPuua son, WasluugUm; also, by It. 8. f t , -KL, Geoige town ; and G. G. Utcasv, Al. x nidria, and by l>ru? W?t? < very.v here. jau 5?ir UNION aCADLMY. Oarner *f fkmrUent% tLaUMw ft. k A 141 r^* pupiii usn bs re.toivsd to make up i a. r'.w limi'ed number. A^p ica:1;q must he iu-u s-> a. Uw Mjciplitie, fncltu ticu. an t i:>eans Mii.iUiMl'H *rr soeh Iu.->nrs t ati?faet..r* pro gTea i, tj"H. .nj.ila wh- me pxj.-t'iai, n-viJaraud Olnlipir. Glrruinr.i at the BcoketoiMS dee W?Z. JUCUAilW, Priccipai. BALLS, Ac. THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF TUB 6EHGI urn [in ? WILL b? given at FORREST HALL, George^ town, on THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 15. The *ienil>crs of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense will be spared to make it one of the moet pleasant BalU of the -eoson Scott's Cotillon Ciind ha? been engaged for the I ocea-ion. Refreshments will be served up hvan experienced | caterer. 1 No lints or cap* will be admitted in the room, ex cept those worn bv the respective club*. Tickets ONE DOLLAR- admitting a gentleman aud ladies - to bo had of any of the member* of the club. Committee of Arrangement*. Thos Dow ling, Thomas Serrin, Samuel Howard, J L Li| acomb. I George W Graves, A W Ward. Managers. Jno II ar1, Jno Thorns*, A J Cji-mfnt*, 'foiwanl Tippctt, Charles Crime*, J no Cost. J R Res, L Pr>w?, Floor Mirnnger*. \ Geo W Graves, J ii Thomas, J R lies. 1 feb 12 lb FIRST GRAND COTILLON PARTY or THE TEHPS.CHORE CLUB. rpilE members of the Terpsichore most resptft JL fully announce to their friends and the pu!d:c in generally that their First Grand Cotillon Tatty will begiven on HON"AY RVKRiNO.Ftb. lihh. 1855 at COLUMBIA II \LL Capitol Hill The ?.Inb pledg' themselves that no paiim or ex pense sltail be spared on their paij to make it the Cotillon Prrty of the season. Siil*erior Cotillon Mu.-ic has lucn engaged for the occasion. positively no hats or caps will be allowed in tl e room ex 'ept those wo n by Clubs. II. ficshments will be furnished by an cx^eiienci d caterer. Tickets .$1?admitting a geutlcuian and ladies, to be had of the managers ai:d at the d' or. MANAGERS. Mareel'tn Marcaron, Stephen McNauict-. Philip J Ennis, Juo W Smoot, Jas R llobhyn, Ceo A Barr. I'oht E Thompson, Wm II Howe, Win E Tucker, Francis Gartland. Thomas Goldsmith. Committee of Reception. Juo Smoo*, Win E Tueker, Stephen McNamee. " Geo A Baa. feb 3,15,17,&l?-4t GRAND BIRTHNIGHT BALL. 'I "-IIE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully | inform (he citizens of Alexandria and tin- vicin Uy that they will give a Mi LIT AST, FI^EKEK'o AHD CIVIC BALL on TIIU U ? U \ Y K V K N 1 N U, February ?>, lf"."?5. at S A KEPT \ HA'.L. The company |>lrdgc to u-c every exertion to give the nuiiast satisfaction lo those who may ho:.or the corp.-. with th-ir ptescti. e. Refre hmcuts wili be fi.rnislied for ladio and gen tlemen. The uiUitarv and firemen are requested to appear iu uniform. i.' icks will be in attenda>.co to convey ladies to an I from the lull. Tickets .yJ, to Ik had of the Committe and at the dot r oil the night o: (lie ball. Committee of Inritatitn and Jletejition. ? Opt J VV Ari>by, H?-nrj Ulonhaem, Lt W II Smi'h, A F Skidwre. Lt C D Itudd, Jno L Smith, jr Lt C Javeits, Juo Bretn, Sat W W Allen, Jas II "*:tnpsois, Sgt C W Neale, Geo Lylcs. feb ?J -co&db L^KOSl P^ItlS?Oeuvrcs conipbtis de Vol I. tr.irc, ?."> vol--, octavo, in line binding, A.V? He I'hoii; Hi-toirc Umvcrsylle. II volini..- ,, b .und, .*?? Rcgnani; oeiivres cotnideies. 4 vol-, u- t.iv?, uound. f?o Oeuvrm d-. D'Aicmh<*it, 5 vo!s, octavo, Is-un I.?:? Coinlillac; o-uvres com; letes, 16 vol-, octavo, tii.c calf. ilibliotheqiKr II is tor in ue, 13 vol , octavo, h. If bound $5 50 Duual ; oeurres completes, 9 \o!s, octavo, liftlf Ikiiiii.I, 54 50 Mcmoires du Due de Rnvigo, 8 vols, oe-.uvo, half bound, $t> 50 o?inski: Nenioires Snr la Cologne, 1 vols, octavo, half 1 aif, $3 Boua>tict; llisloire dei: Van tions des Kglisr^ Prot estant, 4 vols, octavo, half morocco ?'1 Lnvatt r; PhysliHioiiiic, 10, full calf, numeroiis illustrations, $?1 Annates du Parleiiieui Frain*ais. 8 folio, vols, hall calf, $14 Reimpre?sio:i de PAncien Moniirnr 17v9 to 1T1W, JK vols, tolio, iu fine liiinliii!;, )Mi5 Viui many others at the same range of prices, uii poited direct iroin Paris, by feb 10 ?RANTK TAYLOR. A R N Y ~ ATo. H4 ItrLIge *<r-'et, Gporge</xe?i, IS nreparcd to furnish Hams. |ii\vm>, So'rm Weddixo<?, he., with ever>tnnig ia die Cor.'ec tionary line, in any part of the District, at the shoil est notice, and on the most reasonable terms, jan Itt?tf Wllf'S Wll'i IN lriJV5, I Docket volume 1) d'i Parliamentgry c.iin;iaiiion for lt*5??. 1 pock?*t volmns Hrilish Ar.wy Li t for ? riti>h Navy Li-t d ? The Planetary Worlds, their Topography and Telescopic Appearances, Uy 4 Brver, Cambridge Observatory, I \ol Blackwood's Almanac lor 1*n>5 Iiiipirtifd bv la>t steamer bv febS FRANCK TAVLOK. CHARLES WALliRTS~ GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO. 55 4 SEVENTH ST. orposiTK rKHiRs market. OSice hours from 'J to 1*2 a. m., and from '2 to5 p m. jan 17- I in* tV JNG U ESS ION A L I >1 RECTOR Y. y The Geograpical and Couuiiercial Gazette?a monthly publication devoted to physical,com marcial, aud ]Mditical Geography, edited by an iHsociation of practical and Scientific gen tlemen. Stibrcription $2 pet aiiuuin, single lilimbrr 35 cents. Disturacil's Kluiway Guide for Juitnary? 25 cents, with map jan 13 FRANCK. TAYLOR. ROSA HE VRIES WALTZ, Composed by liana K-ntumacb<tr.' Our Pulka, dedicated to Miss Euiaia J. Blown, by tlio saiui; coni(>oser, published and hir sale ?t the Mu?icDrpotnf Illi.BUS k IllTZ. feb 5 <?& Mott Bedell's Line. KKIV YORK, JII.EJCJINURIJI, W-ISMKUTOX CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PjtCKKTS. 'I HIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY JL fro iu pi r 14 Ea-t River, New York,and ofiener if necessary, &ud are composed of the lollowin^ first class vessels: >ew sclir. Jt. V. He>'elt, Bedell, master. New sehr. Mott BidcU, A. V. Tredwcll. Sclir. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, master. Sell''. I'olunt. L. A. Smith, master. Sclir. ComtMuJer in-Chief, Wogl ui, master. Sehr. Green troy, Wilson, master. - These vessels are all fast sailers, and the master* men of experience in the trade,*: 111 the only regu lar line of Washington City packets. MOTT BE ELL, Wall street, N. Y. *. 8. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, Va. TtlOM \S RILEY, feb 1?t?m to ashuigton aud D. C. TO INVENTORS I'UI otto* of "The Investors* Pwtwflu Hartoaal Union" M 00 1th atroet, opposite the Salt Pot 100 of the P*t?nt (XBoa, and t> nov ready lo attead jo the buaiuoas of IU memb.-rt, namrlv: la naklag ?xamtaaUon< and aolieitlag patents, M. Invantora ar* Invited to oail aad get a oopy of ttt y>n?'l'.uUoc end By lav t, and vbm aay Is forma toe will be gtvea r?#ai Uim tha Unioa. All letter* 1 n buarUu mast S* direct ad to el Ve, whore attention will be <lv?n immediately. A meiie' "hop Is in connection with the oiB^e etere jod*L can be cede to order at the dwitm notice. T. 0. CLAYTON, up If?If PreeWeatL F. I. V. evening star. TH* MORMoi's Will fEitract irotn ? Priv it* L?u?r to a L*Jv J mn? ? /. -V*?1 rae to give a little incident ia the cars that occurred aswe were crowing the AI leghanies, of which I brielly spole when we met. I coujd not hall ufi Vou the story now, after the vividness with which it impressed me has no nearly passed away and if I could, it would not pro duce the effect it did upon me. I heard it after weeks of anxietv had wetkerted ' "J?,? ,0I)S *nd weari some journey had left me but the strue ^?5? a. child, tn^ my restless and ex Cited m;nd seized upon it in all its reali ty without the melioration always lent to ij subject by our own indifference to, and personal disconnection with it. A wrong done to another bceomus an out rage when practised upon ourselves. I had. through watching and fasting, b?. come so etherialized as to lose sight of this selfish dhferencc, and to sec mv< neighbor as myself. I felt that a'l wo"-1 mankind had been insulted and saori iiced in the person of 'Margaret.' ft was my duty, not less than hers, to avenge I it. I could have sent the aggressor turn bhng into the gorge of one of those moun tain torrents, and considered it but re tributive justice. 4 rhe.Mormon elder came into our car near the foot of the mountains, and sat pear us. He would have been good-look ing if he had looked good, lie had a pe culiar manner-it indicated such perfect satisfaction with himself and the world f heard h;m say he ha J gone to Salt Fake City before the first furrow had been turned in the ground. I listened, for who is not curious concerning that won-1 derful exodus ? I heard him tell of their ' great terple, Mid how it went on stone by stone, and with each the power of the devil grew less and less. How new pro*-1 e ytcs came pouring in to swell the host that was waiting -to receive the Christ when he should come to reign a thousand }ears upon the eaith.' He was a man of knowledge was (like Mr. Gradgnnd s) confined to 'hct*,' but he had a natural gift for conversation and gave a rapid and skilful outline of hi s subject in a way that interested you at once. When the night grew dark he came and sat behind us. lJe had fallen into the liands of a gentleman whose dexterity in questioning led him on to speak freely of himself, and so gradually they came to the 'peculiar institution, lie said the women seldom cared to mar ry men of their own age, that their au c tions inclined towards the priests and elders. This convinced inc tint if the men are all hypocrites, the worn n are not wholly so, but that they do this fur tin exaltation of their souls. A y law yer (for so I shall cal the questioner) asked me whether the women w. re not jealous of each other, esp^iully the younger ones. Tke Saint auswered 'No. i i>?ne fc'-s, he continued were a little' difficult, it was mostly couiiued to the young. To be sure, his wife felt it a lit tle when he married a second time: the re<t had never cared.' -Did she care so ; veiy much? continued the lawyer. 'Oh yes, I thought at first it would have! killed her. You see when 1 became a' convert, I did not undersiand that part of it, because my wife and I had been ' so happy together. We married eulv, ' and had scarcely been a day apart. When I I wanted to go to ^alt Lake, she did not i incline to go, because she did not see to j clearly as ) the truths of our great reli- ? gion but the idea of uiy marry inwas i no hindrance. It did not occur to her ' as possible, and it was not for a Io- i time after 1 #>t there that 1 thought of n j myself.' " Margaret did not mix with the peo ple. She retained her old eastern ways, and wu.^ always at home. I had nevtr let her do much work, (her hands we* too small fur thai j She was stately in her form, and she liaJ a <|ueer way if twisting her long hair round her head, so it locked like a crown The folks said she was proud, and one or two who had daughters, asktd me why 1 did not take a wife, and if I were not afraid ? So it came upon me gradually, while upon her, you see, it fell like a stroke." " Vou must have found it difficult to break such a thing to her. "' " Yes, it was hard to do. But at last I said I will do it on Thursday, and on Thursday evening when I came home idle was standing in the gaideii, aud 1 went and put my arm around her, and told her how it had been revealed to me that I must marry again." 44 What did she say ?" "Nothing. Not one word. She just gave oue scream. I declare I shall never k,et that screaiu out of my ears. 1 be lieve I should hear it if I wefe on tin Andes. 1 thought I heard it a minute ago ' 44 The sleet rattled against the win dows of our-car, and the bleak midnight wind swept t!own the mountains, and I thought I heard it too." 44 The Mormon proceeded?' And then she fell like one dead. 1 thought she was dead, but she came to after a while, and, would you believe it, she never mentioned the subject to inc. 1 oould not fiud it in my heart to say a thing about it again for more than five months Meautime she had taken a cold, and did not get strong again. saw she was wearing the thought of it around her like a mourning weed, and so, when hhe seem ed a little better, I talked to her about the great principles of our faith, and how those to whom the spirit revealed itself must follow its dictates, or be cast into Hell. And I told her she need not fear my affection for her would be divi ded, for I had had a vision, in which it was told me that I should love her forev er, and that we should never die. but live together and s< e the tbousaud years of Christ's reign upon earth, and be by him rewarded for our obedience and willimg ness now to cast aside our selfish human will, and sacrifice to lain." THK WEEKLY STAR. ffeu N?il; ui RtmJMii ia? ? p?.i?r , ?( lBW?eU?f ??* k r'n*'" - w***Prr>- b? ffmnrnv -*?*, uRiuau a 4Hi* ?? ?fpcr> ran ?. ??MM} gl | U?t !??*?: v' U'? Ifru-*?*?*?? curt k'Ttai Wt>? (tt a* tfrkU W?ll K k6f ?? *<Miww><? ?f rr> uiy pet * ? ?? Margaret wm always a true believer. Rut I had always been wandering ?n search of a rock o4 Faith, until I ancfiot ed liere. I had heard from pulpit to pul pit. such conflicting doctrine, I could lay my hand on nothing that seemed secor?, and I think she was unwilling to set m?> adrift again, and fo she consented. My |>arting lroiu her was a dreadful one, for she moaned and weptliVe one in despair, and?1 was fool enough to cry too." " I don't wonder ,* said his interlocu tor. " It is hard wholly to sibdue n* ture even at the call of duly;" and In gave a low laugh. 44 When 1'CAjne back." continued the Mormon, "it had been just so all the time. She had never eaten, and never slept, but only walked up arid down, al ways. hour alter hour." " 4 Well, how did she get used to it l" "?She retimed the house I had first I built, of course It was large, and we i hid no children, and she was very ! 1 mely, for ! was necessarily rau"h away ' frotn h<T. I went as often as T could. ; h it t married in quick success >u two 0 litis, a id so we wtre much separated. ? and she fietled in my absence. At"1a t j it wan this, or she saw the lolly of re sisting Iter f.tte; she got quiet in hei : miud?us'd to it in fa-t. l't ?p!e do ?*'r | used to any thing you know. When the iron force of circumstances prcs es them on every side, and they do not kn< w where or to resist, they at last grow quiet. She took it into her head, after | a while, that she would not live v?ry Ion,;, and sha said that ii was not wonh while to be separated so much the little time she was lure, and if 1 pleased. the ?families might all comcand livet get her. 1 told her she was sensible, a .d getting used to things, ltut she only saiJ some thing to hew If about the collapsing sidtS o' aa iron shroud pre. sing out h?r life. It sounded like poetry. She always had a way ot picking up such odd thiugs out of books ' * " 4 l)i 1 she g<.t well.' 44 4 i o, not yet. lndee?l her cough i: rather worse, and she is tuore feeble, bu she seems happy enough. She i? very kind to every one. e-p^rislly th;? two l;i ? tie childnu, and .-he will grt better w h< u the spring comes. I know she will. b? - ca?.>c i? has i*.en revealed to me that she is lo live aod dwell with me a thousand years whvu C'tiust shall reign aud judge the \roi!d.1 Win Will it End EfMftai few question-- m ?re frequently askul than tue following: 44 What will it end in?" Th6 query was propounded to a Scotch man. who was trying to keep on the safe side ot a mad hull. He replied, "Wait tdi ilie tail bitiaks, and ye'il ken all av*cut it." The answer is very correct an l ot universal application. When you Fee a matt of small means dealing in extrava gant expenditures* don't l?e inpatient, a id you will Know all about the mys t ry 44 * hen the tail breaks"?that is, wh-jn his creditors become alarmed, and insist on an early a quaintance with his ca*h book. When Uus takes place, it will be discovered tl at your iriend was a shaver, and that he had been atriving for hall a lifetime to keep on tlie saft side of a bull, known as the court of bank ruptcy. Mr. Van Splurge is teller in a Wall sirett tanking im>luntn.a. Van Splurge i:Tv? fast, and taiie* on air*. Van Splurge gambles in stocks and g'-es ir . length on raiiioad speculations and oihei excitements. Van Splurge gets aion well enough until "the tail breaks." li will then be discovered that ha has Wn dealing in fcl m.- eniiies, an I lias jnat ac quired a sudden taste f r visiting Eu rope. VV HKEl.IKU MaNUFACTLVKS ?Thcit hie 4 railroad car manufactures i.? Wheeling, employing 'HiO hands, yielding an ar nuul product of fcl 822,000; lour r.a 1 factories, Gf?0 hands, product *1 ii; foar ulass factories, 338 hams, pr.idti i $406,000: Ntven paper f.ictorn s, 1;I2 hands, | rodu t *$262.(100: five iua*>ufae lories of cart-, wagons, and carriage^, 200 iiar>ds, (?roduct S-10,000: eight iron (ounderies, 210 hands, product o??0: four sLeam saw miils, 2<1 hand.- produ *t S75,1H.iO: two f/oat yards, 40 itamis. pto duct ^H0,<)UU: five machine ami engine shops, GO hands, product ah?5 thtr ty-five caqKilters' a?*d joiners establish lucnts, 2?>U hamlb, prc?duct t210,<xk'. thirty-five blacksmith sh p?, 110 hands, product four plariing-mills, :;?i iiatuos, product ^80,C^K?; five hog killinj und smoking establishments, 1 hand>, product 520U,0?K); besides other manu lactones to an amount usually found in citic-s of the si/.e of Wheeling. 4 The erigin of 44 God Save the King,' the national air of England, is claimed to be French by a professor of St. Cyr. iu this wNe: 44 Ma*lame de Main tenon sigrnti?d hei wish ta have a fine canticle to sung by the young ladies of St. 1-yr, when the King, Lcuis XlV., entered the ehljiel of that institution. The canticle pro viuul at once, and lland I happened to hear it, accompanied by a select oichvs tra at V'ersaillvs. lie obtained peimi. sion to copy LulU's music, and on his return to England pressented ittoUeor^e I. The *4uiHjtiStic straiu" became popu lar and nation. The words of the origi nal canticle were there: (?rami l?uu. muivr Ic rw * . ?i?1 ?t?-u l?' iui \ iv. If rut! ? Ami to i.tiiii^gliNicux' L<4ii< vn i<imciii ' Ym >*?. i nemn T?ujoui> xmniial 5!7"A bi?y is very miscellaneous in his habits. We empted Master Smith's pockets the other day, and found the contents lo consist of the Allowing arti cles :?Sixteen marbles?ene top?an oyster shell?two pieces of brick?one dou^h nut?a piece of ci rrycomb-a bruUi?th?ee wax ends?a handful of cork*?a ciii*el- two knives, both broken?a skate Ktr?p?three buckles, and a dog-eare4 primer.

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