Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1855 Page 3
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.EVENING STAR. LOC^AL INTELLIGENCE. Tw? Balls Last Nigbt were, neither of then, crowded, owing to tho inclemency of tk* went her ; vet eeeh wu attended by n oom pany sufficiently large to make n moet agree nhln party. At the ootertainaont at Cnrusi's S^on, oomplimentary to Profeeoor Mundor, among the company worn ninety of bin schol nrn. nearly alt of them being yonng Indies nnd gentle*en. the former the beantifal daughtera of tome of onr moat ?abttaotial oit itens. the latter being front among onr moat active. enterprising, nnd well known business men It wu the moet elegant rabwripfen bM 1 ?! *? Ur I1?' u>d gaviun alloyed retraction to the three or foux hun dred guests present. The daughter d? fro mmor M under, a child of four years of ace called forth UBiTennl praise by her danci?: Cf, *'??? <>? ????. ofmJI tkTSEt ion able and intnoaU dancea of the day with MMjpeee, and aoepraey astoniahing to all. 7iL*TV company of la. dies and geatleaan, or a oompany of better na^teur dan:en in a ball room; whioh lnat mentioned fact telle well for Mr. Munder'a peafeeaional labora in Washington. John Miller, confectioner, was the caterer i >r the occesion. So the rapper was a capital one. of eouree, and got np in his best style. It consisted of a large centre pyrnmid of can dies; two orange pyramids with fancy basee; nuguot baskets of confections; twenty dishes of charlotte russe; ten dishes of madeira Jel Mas; ten dishes of claret jellies; eight large pyramids of vanilla iee cream, two of lemon cream one of orange and one of lemon water ioe; two mammoth cakes; foor blanc mange pyramids; four hams; eight fiae turkeys; a beef a la mode; a huge saddle of mntton, of capital flavor, indeed ; twelve teef tongues ; thirty dishes of chicken salad; and a profu sion cf the best oyaters which the Baltimore maiket could afford The guests did ample juftioe, indeed, to these substantial! of life, whioh were terved in oapital style. The dancing wns kept up until a late hour, when nil retired in fine spirits. Lke Ball of the Light Infantry duly came off also, at the Assembly Booms, on Louisiana Avenue. The corps were there in full foroe, while they were honored with tho presence of many of tbeir fellow citisen?soldiers of othtr corps, among whom were Captain Towers and Mr F Mtguire, of the Greyr; Lieut Kenton and Serg Hunt, of the Washington Bifles; Pioneer Plant, Sergt. Williams, and Me^ri Jno Green and Jas Allen, of the American Hides; Mr Samuel P Bobertsun, of the Ma rioQ Bides; Mr. Jas S. Croggio. cf the Conti. nentala; Mr J. Peddioord. of the President's Mounted Guard; Cept Jamison. Lieut. W'al lingtford and Master Willis and Stcops of the Soon Guards; and Lieut Chesuey. Surgt Maher and Master Sengs ta.k, of the Union 1 u/antry. The attendanceof ladies was unite large for the state of the weather, many of them being noted beauties and belles of such popular entertainments This bail was kept up until oear day li^ht, when all retired as happy as happy could be. Aw Importer.?One evening last week, a C ?rson dressed as a military offiaer recorded is name at Willard's Hotel as Le Chevalier M. do Ma*i and stated that he wished to have a room The proprietors hid already refused several applications that day, ewing to their house being full; whereupon he stated he had tho rtcommen<iaiion of the Astor House, N. Y., to them, but whioh he omitted to produce, 'ihe Messrs. Willard being well known for their hospitality, aLd desirous to accommodate a stranger thus commended to them, secured him a room at Mrs Cochran'a, where be stayed a couple of days, living in tho best style, or dering his wines, Ac. The day after he ar rived bete, he called upon Mr. Anderson, a boot end shoemaker on the Avenue, and tried on a pair of boots, which he kept, and order*l a pair of gaiters and opera boots to be brought to his toom that evening, when be Wuuid pay foe the whole. Mr A. accordingly went there at the hour appointed, when, after having tried them on, and expressed him?elt pleased, bo asked Mr A. if he could change a $50 bili, to which he replied he conld not, but wou!d go and get change, but no bill was ever shown He then said he would go down and two if be could ebtain change, tut returned without any lie then told Mr A to eall en Monday morning, when he would p*y him, but Mr A suspected all was notr ght; he took op the gaiter shoeb and pumps, ani said he would bring them with him on that day ; ho oould not got possession of the boots, as the Chevalier had them on hit feet Eirly on Sunday morning, whilst all were asleep, bo aroee, broke open the front door, and loft He loft a letter on his table addressed to the lady of the bonee, regretting that he could not have n personal interview with her before leaving, but that he was unexpectedly called away to join a ship lying at Boston. The following is a description of this swindler : height &bout 6 foot 11 inohes, age 25, had cn a military eloak. gold epaulet on hia right shoulder, a star en his breast, a black silk band over his loft oyo, his waist encircled with a military sash, such as is usually worn by officers of the Froneh army Tnu Fain hut night was well filled, not withstanding the unpropitious state of the weather The gas teemed inclined to with bold its assistance in bringing out the beauties of the exhibition, but the energy of the em* pioyees forced it to perform its office, after a delay of some twenty minutes. The gentle manly Superintendent, Mr. Thos. C. Connolly, was indefatigable in bis endeavors to make visitors cheerful and comfortable ; music, both vocal and instrumental, lent its charms to Us varying scene, and the gay laugh, flashing eyes, and joyous faces of the >ouog of both ecxee. tola of many happy hearts now enjoy ing tho heyday of youth. Ihe Boon children were present, and favored the company with ? couple of songs. A party of gentlemen, also, wfco we wore informed were members of the Philharmonic Society, sang several glees, which were received with applause Professor beheel accompanied tbem on the fine parlor oegan deposited by ?rben, of New York. At 10 ?'ctook the band struck up the closing patriotie air, the beys wheeled into line, keeping time with noisy tread to tho martial strains, and in n short time the vast audience had departed; bait the merry laugh wns wafted backed by the wind, and seemed to linger around the turrets and towers of the noble building. TnuaraiCAL.?The Union of tnis mornitg saya : -We do not know whether tho fault i* in the theatrical world, or in the world of Washington, bnt we do know that, after adver tising tor a stock company for the National Theatre in one of the New York papers for several days, the looked?for response c ime not. With one exception, the four theatres in Baltimore are indifferently supported, and it is n matter of notoriety that the theatrical bu?ine?s is overdone in New Yorlfc Philade ? pbia, nnd Boston It teems strange that with a surfeited market in these cities, the failure already noticed should have taxen pace; for Washington can and would afford a remunerac tive support to a properly oendacted theatre. Tnx Cnippnwa Ijklkoatios ? This noble looking body of Bed Men arrived in our city lest evening, in ebarge of Major D B. Hern man, their agent, and took loagings at Baker's Hotel. C street, between 4j and 6ih. Tbeir nemee are Pah-gc-way-ghe-Zbik. or Hole in the l>ay, the great war chief of the nation; Crossing-Sky, Bad-Boy, Swift-Sailor, Crow Feather, and Dying-Echo. This delegation is hero to oonler about disposing of n lsrge body of land that immediately surrounds the bead waters of tho Mississippi. PoLica Bbtlkms ?The docket in tho offloe of Chief of Police statee the number of oases reported by the effioers dui ing the month of Jansary at 416 This numter includes the United Statee cases as well as the Corporation oases Ihe monthly returns show the Corpo ration cases, sod the weekly the United States or Criminal Court ei Lbctvbb ExrBAORDiBAiBB-?On Monday oveuiog next, at the Marsh Market, Profea-or Bobertson will read "Jack, the Client Killer, outside the city at five paoee,'"before the Look Bridge Association of Wharf Ksts Tfie Presi _4(?t of the Bfaiensbnrg ' aide on tho ifTls f'Tt lJ dience s| nil hit oreditorslavo taken tlokets. IXDtMVftBXT OtDBfc W RsCSABITftS -Til District Tent of this temperance organixation. i (which hu jari?diction over the Diatriet of I Columbia, a portion of the Btatea of Virginia and Maryland,) hold it* quarterly aeaaion lMt evening in this citv The meeting, we bear, wit largely attended. Tht reporta received fro in the Primary Tent* represent the Order to be in a healthy condition After the trans action of busiaess usual to inch assemblages. ?k? .. ... . w r ut? the following gaptlsmen were elected offioers Sro ?Urm ?*on* 7*->r: John R El vans. P. T ? i*?1 J Hmli *<*>*?. D C R ; Dr 8 McKim, DDR; George 0. Hennlag, D R. 8.; Joseph D. Free, D. F. S : Geerge F Kidwell, D. T.; John I. Langley. D. L.; Reeve Uewia, D. Q ; Samuel S Brigga. D. Chaplain. William R. M Lean fu elected Repreaenta* tire to the High Tent. Sbillinstox's Stock or VALBaTiSBS?. I ace and embofsad envelopes, for next Valentine's day, (Wednesday, 14th instant) are certainly the meet aaperb we have ever aeen, and we would adviae those of onr read era who wiah to pnrehaae Valentinea to glee friend Shilling ton an early oall. Remember?OJeon Buila ing, corner of 4i street and Pennsylvania avenue St. Joaspa's Ohpbax Astlum ?We under a'.and that the Trnateea of St. Joseph s Male Orphan Asylum, recently incorporated by Con Sr??-bave organised, adopted their by-laws. ? We hope our fellow oitisena will come forth tobly, and ooatribut# towarda thia chari. ty ?Tbia inatitotion cannot fail to aucceed in the handa of the offisers who have the man agement of ita affairs. Graxo ScsacaiPTio* Ball ?We learn that | on I uesday evening next, a grand aubaorip Honi ball will be given by the geaUemen gaeats, at Willarda' Hotel. But a limited number of J tiehets will be iaaued. The liat ia nearly com plete. Ths Boom Childrxt?We hope our readers will not forget that thoae wonderful little per formers give an entertainment this evening at Caruai'abaloon. All who go will be delighted,, aa the pieoss selected are excellent. * Forrest Hall ?To-night tba first annual ball of the George Washington Club will be given in Forrest Hell. Georgetown. It will be attended by thoae who are fonJ of plfaaure and amusement ?? Woe? for ths SacoMD Ward Poor ?We are requested to state that the wood for the poor ot the Second Ward will be diatriouted from the store of Mr W. F Bayly, Pennsyl vania avenue, bet wean Eleventh and Twelfth streets S*b to it.?A friend oomplains that the body of a dead dog haa been lying on E be t ween 12th and 13th streets in an advanced state of decoinpo*ition, emitting an odor, un pleasant to the entire neighborhood. We hope the proper a authority will oblige the good citiiens by having the naisanoe removed. Witcb Rkturns?Henry Penny, colored, drank, Iving in the street, workhouse 30 day?; George Kaglin, resisting officer*, jail; Frank Bias, out after hours, workhouse 30 dava The officer* picked up Peony from a puddle of mu I and water, where there waa little chance of hia lire lasting over an hour. ArticUt at ths Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. It inour intention, nnder thia heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition Throughout the Fair thia inventive geuins of Ameriaan art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof oannot fail to interest tho reader. Carriages.?Wm P. Hook has on exhibi-, tion a beautiful phaeton, whioh in point of woikiuanship, will fairly challenge comparison with any manufac urer in the United States There is no extravagance about it, but is both neat and elegant, and i< admirably adapted to the use of a gentleman of fortuno It uiusl be understood that this carriage was not got un especially for display at the Fair, since it is only one.of a large number that he bos man ufactured during the past year, and which is plaeod there as a sample of the style of work that he produces. Hia show room, on 1) street between ?:h and 10tb,is well wortty a visit, lhere will be found a large stock and the ? greateit variety cf carriages, of the moat sn I P? structure, all of which have been built on hia extensive premises. J ?Mr Joseph F Hodgson makes i a fine display of tin ware and stoves, both of| his own and northern manufacture Tie superior excellence of his own handiwork is aPPttrent, a superficial examination of the I diflereni articles being sufficient to convince one of that fact. He has beautiful coffee and tea pota, tbe surface figurod with various de \ icm, which, as far as weight and appearmice go, will readily pass for silver. A very unique article, which he styles a Yankee nutmeg grater, attracted the particular attention of I the lady visitors, sereral declaring they must purchase it. We noticed, also, that while tbe depositora generally have their wares labeled ?Hands Off." Mr H has placed cards around his p.ace with the inscription "Hands On!" an invitation to criticise as olisely as one pleases Magnetic Soap, hrfccts, Hair OH, \e ? On the left hand entranoe into the Hall, there ia^ a moat attractive atand, which is surrounded nightly by the ladies. It belongs to E M> Clain, of Philadelphia. His newly invented extracts surpass any tfcing of the kind yet produoed, and cannot fail to beeome popular His magnetic soap is so universally fa use, it having received the premium so often at the different fairs, that it is unnecessary to dilate upon it And his vegetable hair oil and com pound for tbe teeth are articles that uo ladies toilette is oomplete without. ? ? ? ?? f * Pabib Aucaxxxsta tbis Wixtbr ?Paris is not as gay as usual thia winter?ao writ# ] American friends there?but neverthalaaa it is notaombre. 1 he English Ambassador, Lord Crowley, lately oj ened part of his great rooms I to an infant party, when the Frenoh, English and Ameriean children were gathered together to the number of some four or five hundred. Ibe ball oommenced at eight o'elock and con tinued until oneo'olookin the morning The quadrilles were arranged acoording to the height of the children, each quadrille oonsiat ting of 50 couples. The little fairies in their exquuite liliputian toilette* reflected all the colors of the prism, and really looked like a splendid bouquet of the most charming flowers At 12 o'clock the supper rooyj waa flung open, and such a Ichor us of fun and lautfh er was never heard. There were two little girl*, about six or seven years old, of the Duchesa de Bsseano, that ware the theme of universal admiration Lord Crowley through out identified himaelf with hia little guesta and arranged quadiillea, and diatributed bon bons in sach a manner as muat have won all their hearts.? iY. Y Express. Jar an as* Pbbsk.nt* roa Tax U. 8 Gov krnmbut?Thesloreship Supply, whioh |> rived in New Kork on Monday brought home some Japanese presents, for our government. They consist of rice.and coal Tbe coal is said to be of a bituminous nature, and burns rap idly. It gives a brilliant flame, and the heat is intense The riee is of a dark color, and very good quality The captain also brought some ooal from the mines of Formo sa, an Island situated between China and Ja prn. . AL8IASDR1A CO RRESFOl DX8CX a Valentines ? Council ? Theatricals ? Cj tu rn* snorters? tienting? Ryndrr\i Visit? Bank tirjtort? Weather Alxxandria, February 14, 1855 St. Valentine'a clients are celebrating the anniversary of their patron aaint with fervid devotion. Sighing awaiaa and bluahing maid ena are in a state of tioklish sxpeeUncy, and | with mirth and senti sent, grotesque eharac ten and tasteful billet doux, tbe memory o! j the old aaint is universally venerated. Oar City Councils met last night - fine attend, anee in each board?to diacuss buaineaa of lit tfrgeaerat interest. fro fb#faat three evenings tbe fine draxaa! of Uncle fonTa-CH4Wn has met with extensive1 ao?o?m at Waakiaffceu Hall TkMtrr Mr. turn, m GaatpUon Cmta. and Mn Tyrrell, aa Aunt Orphelia. f uaiTtnal faro ri tut; Miss Walla, th? inimitable Topaey, eomu in for ? thtn of tha public praise; and little Eva, Loaitm Parker, i* is reality an iu fant prodigy Mr. Kuanan deserves the thaoka of every lover of the drama or temperanee in Alexandria for the admirable manner io which be has presented " The Drunkard The flab wharf baa been rented f r next aeaeon to Mesara Cochran ft Bradahenr for Messrs. George L. Deetor, Henry Manafred and Henry L. Simpaon. have been appointed Cemmiaaionera for the apecial eleoion in the Second Ward on the SOtn ioat TheGaaette speaks of the visit of Captain Rvnders to Virginia, and promiaea that he will have a hard road to travel. Comparative Statement of tke Bank of the Oid Da ? minion, Dee. 31, 1&>3, and Dec. 31,1854. 1853. 1854* Bills receivable *.'M9,H68 86 $27P.013 50 Virginia State and giiaran anteed bond* 302,540 00 342,540 00 Premium on State stocks... 7,193 81 5,993 81 Coupons Chesapeake and Ohio (.'anal Company 15 00 Banking house 11,100 11 11,185 76 Current expense# 3,408 77 3,6?i 64 Interest to be collectcd on Siate securities 13,049 34 12.810 00 Due by banks and banker*... 18,717 27 8,383 84 Notes of and checks oo banks incorporated by the Sta'e . 34,479 75 21,154 75 Notes ot bmUm elsewhere... 2.920 00 815 00 Profit and Ijw 1,183 48 Coin 67,864 99 30,335 83 Permanent Expense acc't... 1.846 87 1,162 16 a $874,148 25 #708.887 29 Capital Stock $372,800 00 380,800 00 Due to banka and bankers.. 44,111 29 17,494 4S Individual deposits 88,312 09 140,243 85 Discount and interest acc t.. 21,618 39 18,955 88 Exchange account 805 48 1 ,:t53 40 Premium on sales bank stck 456 00 Profit and loss 8o0 00 1.585 20 Coutngent fund 7,480 25 11,978 *5 Unpaid dividends 819 75 581 25 Notes in circulation 330,695 00 1 -?,535 00 $874,148 25 $708,887 29 The weather ia diaagreeable, the anow yielda to the driving rain, and the thermometer baa an upward tendenoy. Ami. WATCHW.?Members of Congree* and others tn ' want of a drat rate timekeeper would to well to make ? (election at once that tlietr quality may be thoroughly test, ed befcre leaving the cltjr. M W. GAI.T * BltO'S aaaort ment waa never *o complete a* at present, embracing every description, *11 warrautwl, and at price* certainly aa low aa similar article* can be purchased for In any city In this eonntry. M. W. UAl.T * BKO., ]*a SO?dlf Pa. tTtnit between 9th and IStli Sta ev* A MOTHS* r a I? I u ?.?Mr. WHITEHt'lWT has besn swardod another premium for hit anpsrlor D ague rreoty pee exhibited at the World'* fair, New Yerk. It Witt he reinent be red that Mr. W. received from the World's Pair, tendon, two Ittedsla far hla nnriv*lle<t daguerreotypes of President Plllmore and Oabiuet, and P*ntl*copee of Niagara Fall*, te 1 ?? ?? - at all the fairs at which he has exhibited for flMaepesastams i ? ? ?. uw dauiuimu ivr ?any yssrs past. This apeak? volumes to favor of hl? gal lo ries. Call and bave yosr likenesses taken st WhlUharst's Satis; ry, ussr Poor and a-half street, Pennajrlvanl* avenue. sop li?tf n~~t? BRADY MADK CLOTHING PO* (iKNTt.KVKN AND ?*?' Touthe' wear rnauufactnred with taste an4 elegauce by WOAH WALKKR k CO.. under frown*' Hotel. Their ?toek embrace the Palitot or Hurtqul Overcoat, Oversack*, shaped and uetflagee; Talmas, black and blue Cloth Urea* Coat*. Frock C?ata of all faahlonable colors, Oaftsimer, Buainras Suites, ?lcli Velvet Veats, Silk*, Ac., black dneekin Ca**ini<-r, QSUred Qsaslmsr, and plain Caaetmer Pantatoona. Km the yoath?Jackets, Pants, Veau, Overcoats, *c. As ttiey are their own manufacturer* they are enabled and will sell at the very lowest prices. Shirts of super! ?r fit. Collar*. Uloves, riea, 4c., of late styles always oo hand. dec ad? A YKK'S CHRKKY PBCTOKAI..?For tlio rapid cors L*"-' of Ceughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, A?thma anil Consumption, la uoiveisally known a* the boat remedy over yet discovered for every variety of Pulmonary dlnease. So wide t* the Held of Its u*efulneaa, and so numerous the cases of it* cures, that almost every section of the country abounds lu person* publicly known, who have been restored from alarming aud even desperat* diabases oj til- Inng* by Its u?e. When once tried its anpe rtorlty over avo > other ujeiiclue of Its kind I* too apparent to ee-ape observation, and where Its vlrtuea sre known, Ihe public no longer hesitate what autldote to employ for the dl?tre?*lng and dangeroua alfectious of the pultuouary or gana which are Incident to enr climate. By Its timely use, many, nay almost all attacks of dl*ea?e upon the I.Biig?>.r throat, are arreate<l and thos are saved many thoas<iida ev ery year from a prematuie grave. No family Miosld be with out It, and those who do neglect to provide thouiaelve* with s remedy which wards off this dangorou* claa* of dlseaxra Will Ikave cause to deplore It when it ie too late. Proofs ol the ?urprtslug efficacy of the Ctierry Pectoral need not be given to the American people?they have living prool* in every neighborhood. Hut those who wish to read the rtale menta of Uioee whose whole health has l-een restored and whose lives have been saved by Its u*e, will Mrtd them lu my American Almanac which the ageuts below named ha* to furnish g. all* for every one, Prepared l.y bit. J. V- CK I ow?ll Mass., ?And s> Id ?>r Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. O. U. LINrHIL'l'M, tleergetown. JAM. COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, sod by sit Drnggtata ovsry where. dec 17?wlm rv-J=-FOR BHONCHITlS, Throat Diseases, Hacking Const., ' aud the effects of luiprudeut o-e ,>f Mercury, no med telne haa ever been discovered which has ette- ted such enree a* Carter'* Hpanlsh Mixture. Throat dlaeaaea produced by Mallvatloif, Hacktog Cough, Bronchial Affectlous, Liver D>sea*e, Neuralgia, aud Uheu ma'.nm, have *11 beeu relieved and csreil lu a wonderful manner, by the grewt purifier of the blocd. Carter's Spniiiib Mixture. The ease of Mr. T. H. K* i.ney alone ahould aatisfy any who d iubt. Call on the Ag?ut sud procure ? pswplitet, contalulug euro*, wh'ch will aitouod yoi, ? .'See adverti?einsut. *TJ?t Smilmmotom receives ell the uew Book* and New* paper* a* fast a* pnbiished. He I* agent for Harper'a and ill the other Magastue*, and onr reader* will alway* llud a targe and good aaeortment of Blank Book* and .Stationery at hi* Bookstore, Odeon Balldlng, cor P*. avnune uud 4% st UIICl*. Tlim niorniiif, the 15ili inn ant, at 3!-? o'clock, FKHDKKICK, mmi of Thomas and Mury ^IteoiUf, if) the 4tli J'eUr of his age. Mcjr Tin- lnpnds qf the fami|y are inyileJ to at tend ttie funeral to morrow (Krida}) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. * I Philadelphia papers ple.tre copy ) nKTROPOLlTAN PAIK NOTICE TO CItIZEH8 AUD STRANGLES 'IMIE entire Mock ol Dry t.oods of the tat* firm ??l X Magruder St. Calvert will he closed out at very reduced piiaes. We nauu* in (tart Rich striped and plaid Silks Brocade Silks, cost .f 1, fo. G2 >4 cents Changeable Siltn, 87}^, for 50e. V\ ||i(e Crape Shawls at hall price Colored 40 do Lineu Sheeiiug, wort ft I for Pi.low Linen, worth 75c tor 50 Pi| yw case Cotton, worth 15c, for lljj 12-1 cotton Sheeting, worth 50c, f?r .'<5 Fine French tiinglMins, worth 25, f<>r Iti^ White and colored lirillhnt*, very cheap Also, a large lot of IfcHiiestic* of the l?est cioas, which will he sold very low. Call early ami secure great bargains, at No. 10, opp Centre Market, between 8th and 9ih su. fob 9? eiciw .yaiKASAWHt, Va., Uaak Notss U3 bought and s Id by A. M. SNYDF.R fc CO., Brokers, corner 15th street and I'd avenue. Air 'l'ran -Alle^haiiy. Va., N'ote.- bought and sold by A- *J. SNVUSR I CU QO- Seidell, Withers fc Co's G|chfciige H^u|f Notes bought and aold by A< M. SNYDFH It CO. feb8-eilm "splendid raffle. WILL be Raffled for as soon as the requisite number of Chances have been taken, the fol lowing sptend d and costly articles, via: 1st Prize. One splendid gold I'a^er Weight, co .tan,ing an Automaiou Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, mo-t beautifully doccrgifd and adorned with euainelled Pointings..: f 1,600 2d Prize. One Lady's Uold Watch, richly set witii Diamond* attJ Painting on EiiHiiiel . i\U 3d Prize. Oue Lady's Gold Watch, richly s< 1 with Diamonds, and Painting on K auiel. I jU fth Prze. One Oents Full Je eled I'ateM Lever (with Compensator) g?>l I Huntiug Watch 100 5th Prise. Lad)'s Gold Hunting! Wuich, splen didly cha*ed t>0 Total value 92,000 There will he Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The rntlle will take place at llilbu* &. Hits' Mu sic Depot, Star Building*, corner 4*11. avenue and lltli ?ireet, where Ticket* can be procured aud the articles are on exhibition. P? rsons desirow of pows.dng some of the mo-t tupeib articles ot workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them o. idnmning *udi at an ex;ietnely n?w price. fall aud examine f-?r yourselves at tlie Mutie De pot of HIL0ITS fc. HIT/., Star Building*, b-'tween the hour-1 of 9 o'clock a- in- aud 0 p. id. feb 7? If VALENTINES. ALARtiE and spl- ndid aseortment of VALKM TINKS for sa.e at low prices, at Mrs. y. ANDERSON'S, feb 12 - 4t* No. * 7 G Pa. avenue. SKI.DEN, WITHERS fc Co. RANK NOTES will be taken at cash rates for Paper, Blunk Books, Paucy Good*, Envelopes, and tdl otlier kinds of Stationery, b) V\ M. F. BAY^Y, No 3TS Ha. avenue, bet. Ilth aud i'itli sis. feb W? T0U10 LADIKS' CLASSiCAL INSrHUrE, No. 9 Indiana avenue. Til E recond term of the present scholastic y? ut has just commenced. A few more boiuwing aud day pupils can be acc? nutioduied. STEPHEN H. MIR1CK, A. M , frb 6?2w* Principal. POt'K.K I' and Quarto Diaries tor ltS55 tor aale tf ]an 6-ii t R.vNCK TA VbOM. For Bala and Pent. For RRirr-THfc store room * dwbl ling on Eighth street, three dnon fmo the m nue side, and in full view of Centre Market. Off the avenue litis i? probildr one of he be?t hue mew stand* in Washington. To a good tenant the rent will he made low. Apply n Mr. J. G Stock No. AS 9 El >lnh street, or Hi* sn^ecrifcer, on Maine avenue. few door* west of the Foundry. feb 14?at* RICH'D G. BRiaCQE A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN ONE OF THE most desirable positions in Washington, doing a fine business. With it there is a mom excellent and valuable Soda Water Apparatus. The soda wa ter bu< ne^s is one of the be?t in Washington. Ad dree-j "X W," Washington. feb 13??w LAM) FOR SALE ?I will sell at public sale, at Mr. Thoma* Grime.' Store, in Spalding** dis trict, on the 10th day of Maech next ensuing, one hund'ed acr.-s of land, more or leas, 30 acres cleared and a portion in grain, the halsnee well timbered. This lot adjoins the lands of Thomas Grimes, Dr. P. H. Heiskell. and Dr. Gunton, highly estimable neigh bors. There is a portion of meadow land very de*i rable, finely wntered?the di-tanc- from Alexandria is about three mile-, and from Washington six or ?even. There are good situations for gardening. The sale to commence at 19 ?'clock. Mr. Grime* will show the lot or the subscriber. WILLIAM TOLBON. Prince George County, Maryland, feh 12? l..wt*!arl6 [The Weekly Su*', Bait., will copv onco a week until 10th March, and forward one copy each week to Mount Welhy Post Office, Prince George county, Md-,and fo'ward the account to the subscriber.) A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT? The large and commodious dwelling at the corner of 1 lib street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a line kitchen in the btseuient, having a fine cellar and hack yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now for rent.' Its excellent loca turn and fine accommodations make it one of the mos- desirable places for a large bearding honse or dw >lling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb 8 - tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, V*. Enquire of J. ORME. | corner of "ridg? and Cuniri M sts , No. 87. 1 feb 6?tf pOR RENT OR SALE ON I.EASONARLE * TERMS? \m m A two s'o y frame House, with back building. I containinc six rooms, on 13'/? street, between H and <7 streets south Apply to 1 C. A. D JI'GHERTV, next door. A three-story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4tli and 5:h sts. west. A three-, tory Fiaine, with back building on I st. nonh, between 4th aid 5th st*. wist. Applv for the two last mentioned to JAME' W BARKER, on II street north, between 12th and !3<h | sts. w?-st. AIso a two t>tory Frame, with back building, on Mon'gimiery street, G oree own. DICKSON h. KING, feb 7?eotf > George own. 1 STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Go >?l> Groceries, fcc , to be stored, will find ample ac coiiimodatinn* iu the large, airy, flag stone paved and Dry Bats ments under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Applv at the Star office, jan 31?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily lo'ated Building Lots, 24 fe? t front by IHtl feet deep, on graded *treet>, can, until spring, b- Isiqghl at the exceeding low price ol $75, put able %;i per month Title indisputable. Ifuion Land Office, 7th st., altove O.ld Fellows' Hall, jan S-6in JOHN FOX, Secretary. 9 . Wants. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUA twhi hs waiter in a private tainily. Any one | wanting a (????-<>n will ptea>e leave tin ir address at ihip ?.rti?-T-. teb 15?It* WANTED-A WOX GBOWM BOY TO learn the Pioiune bu-iues*. Apply to the I subscriber, Pa avenue, between Tenth and * lev enth greets. W. II. MOOKE. ii-li IS? X* 11.* ANTED A HITIIATIOl BY A KE?PE<T Tf able yoiin^ VVoinaii as Seamstress? l^a- no I objection todo cltiinberwork. Please cal at *4 14 F street, between 14ih and 15th s reels. leb lu? It* 11 r AN Pl.D- A NE\T AND CLEANLY ttn ff man. io do ihe wo k o: a small fatuily of lour persons. Enqime al this ?>ffiee. None need apply without a recommendation. feb 4?2t* 1RTANTED IMMEDIATE!.V AT THE IH?S flr pital for the insane, one eook, two watfcer womeii and urn* chambermaid. (aietd Mages give*, leb 14?3t \1 ANTED?A GOOD t'lIAMBEKMAlt*. Ap Vt Ply at No. l39 F street we?t. leb 10-^ 4t M NEWS FOR TUE MILLION. ESSKS. RYDER fc PLANT lave taken the old and well Known confectionery estalilish ment, No. 4U0 Seventh street, opposite ? Md Fel lows' llall, where they will lie nnH hnppy to receive their 11lend- and the public generally. We wilt keep consia 11v on hand a choice selec tion oi'a'I kind ol CONFECPIONEK Y. Al-o, dealers in foreign and do.teslio FRI'ITS, <d' | all kinds. VYe hope b/ a strict attention to business to win lb approbati hi of our friends, and merit a liberal I share of patronage generally. N. B. Balls, Pari ? s, and Families supplied on the most leasonablc and -alisfactory terms,at the sli:>rt I e-t ii.>iice. KYPEK it PI.ANT. feb C ?tf VALENTINES. I1TE have tin.-; turning receiv -d the I irgcst and Yt UHMt vmicd arso.-tuient of Valentine. ?.v?r before offered i?i thi- cjty. consisti- g Qf every style, fini*h and pr d?jo suit ?! kinds f people cf &l| aa<s sexes and eoflfums, all of which we will inn off at such (irices a* tint the times. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa avenue, near corner Tenth streets, leh G -tf MUTUAL EI/iE 1N8UKAVCE COMPABY, OF THE DISTI ICT OF COLUMBIA, X.ltarlereil hy Con^rer*, FFERS to the ciuzen? of ihe District ihe satesi ^ and cheapest inr.n.s of insurance against loss by tire on all descriptions of pro|(i'rte, as may be seen by an examination oi the cliarter and by laws. Application* for in urance can be uiiplc to the un der?i^i|i d or at the office, Columbia Place, Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, where capies of the charier auddiv laws mav be pr?* urej. ULYSSES WARD, President. Ma'iu^ert -'l'lioina- Bl. gd :u, |T|y*s?e8 Ward, Dr F. Howard, J C. M?Keld>'ii, John Yan Kiswick. P. W. Browning; and M.G. Emery. an 31?eulm TO! ICK.- Wherea? John Korfi and 1'nroliiie _S Korff, his wife, live ap ?rt, under a deed of sep aratio-i, the public are heieby warned not to truM the ?aid Caroline on account of the subscriber, who is not responsible f?.r any debts contracted by her and will not ray the same. JOHN KORt*F. l eb 3 -law3w* o N r|MIE FOREIGN OFFICE LIST, (Britwh) eof I reeled to Auipist 16.|4, this day received iron. Load >n. FRANClt TAYLOR, jan 15 NOTICE. TO ML WHOM It MAT C0HCERH. 1HAVE this day rece ved ai d opened a great van ety of CLOCKS. WATCHES, and JE?VELKV. Good Clocks from ^1 50 to $15, all warranted one year. AI<*o, gold and silver Watches ia great va riety, silver WatcliM from to ; gold lever Watch** from $25 to $1 50 and a great assortment of Jewelry, all ol v Inch will be sold cheaper than goods of ?ai)je oiialitv can be bought iu this city. Those wishing to get good Clocks would do well to buy from uie, as I put all my Clocks in order be fore selling the u. (.'all an i see lor yourselves, at the ("lock &. Wau-b Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 349 opposite Browns' Hotel, jau 10? Im (Intel i ? G10LD. SILVER, SI EEL 8t PLATEII SPEC f TACLES to bUit every age and^ e>e, Kding Sjm*cs, K. R. Glasses, Eye' Protec'ois, Eye Classes of all descrip " Uons Heading O^asnns, Goggles; lie., ,, Parabola, I'eruocal, Cone ive, Convex, and Colored Glasses put ia Iraines at the kluKtest notice. per*on* iri want of glasses may be sure to get tho e which lieuefit ihe eye at II. SEMKEN'S, N >. 33U Pa. avenue, bvtw. 4tn and 10th ???. jan 20 ? NOTICE. 'I |JE underpinned respe< ttully annouuees io th? I pnpiic ftiat lie |s ready now tokellhis PATENT REPEATING HdTOLC^ir to take contract-* tor making lie amc. 'Poos- winning io see me, can have an interview be. ween hie hours of 3 and 7 p. hi. A full expl nation will lie given by me or by my legal agem, A B. Stioughtou. Please addies- I J. ?V. Brown, U. S. Hotel, VVashinitim, l> C. J W. URIIMN. | [ The Register of New llaven, Conn., will pleni?c copy.J feb 2?2w* r mrT BUSUNKLL'S SCHOOL, tfo. 441 TthiertUk ttrrrt, between F and G rfi ft IIE next quarter will commence on tliy l-ili in J slant. Circulars may be had at the principal hook*tr?ref, and a^lie Sahord io tin. feb 10 eo2?* ROSINSOV3 PRACTICE?The Practice ia .Courts ot Justice in England and the United States, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, Vs.; vol 1?pi ice ??. ju>t published '< leb tf FRANCE TAYLOR. Mr C. ??OOTRB, w. Trusteed sale or valuable awd el igibly situated Improved ud Unimproved Real Estate on Ihe l.-lanrl.- By virtue of a 4 ?i of trust bearing dale on the 1st day of premier, 1?5J, urf recnwl?< in LiWf J. A. 8., No. 68, folio 3l, kt the subscriber will Mil, a- public mI?, on THURSDAY, Uic 2M day of February, 1(65. at 4 o'clock p. i* the premises, l-ots his?. 1, 9. 3. 4. 4. 6, 3W, and 40, in thf subdivision of 8qaair No. 435, Ike whole fronting 74 fr?t on 7th street WM, 180 feet on E st. ?oath, and 139 feet on 8th street we*t, with the in? provement4, which co?isi?t of a large, < and substantial doable ro.tace built fi ii- ? - -? - - - I! U>' ?table, and other out hoaw*. The location on the corner of 7th and E ?t? , 8th and E streets, on the l-laa-4, is healthy and J* i ruble, in a rapidly improving pari of the city. The property will be aold a* a whole or in rcpa Me lot* as may be deemed de-irable, and oflVre a favorable opportunity to person* de*?rou? of pur chasing a handsome residence or building lot , or making investments. The tern* of aaie wMI be : (fee-third of the pur chase money in cash, and the balance iu six, twelve, and eighteen months, for note* hearuig iutrr- si fr? m day of sale, secured by deed of trust upon the prop erty. If the terms of aalearenot complied Willi in si* days after the aale, the pro^fcty will be Vaol.l, .1 the risk and expense of the purchaser up u> orir week's notice. All conveyancinr at th? expense of purchaser. CHAff. S. WALLACH, Tni-tee. J AS. C. McCUIRE. feb 1?Stawltds ' Auctioneer. by J- C. HrGUIRV, AnctisBiari I-RL'STEEI* SALE OF VALUABLE ROUSE and Lou?By vinue of a deed of'rurt from Wm i F. Aus i*< and wife, beating date on the 6'h day >4\ January, IBM, and r-corded iu Liber J. A. 8., *'o 70, folios 3 <6, 3^7, 308, 339. and 340, the sub~c ibe| wHI se I, at public sale, on M(>N|)A>, the &h day of M arch, 18M, at 4 <, o'clock, p. in., on the i?et,ii. >?es, en Fir?l street east, between N and O street, south, pn>t of Lot 5, in squ ire s mil gf ?quare 744.1 fronting Rl feet 11 inches on s?id Fir-t street, by 711 feet deep, on a 60 feel alley, tofether with Iheliui'a'* ings and impnvemc ts, winch consist of a well and sul>-tat>tl*Mr built two-?iory triune dwelling-bouse. The term* of sal** will be: half ' a-h, and re balance in eqaal p lymcnts at six and twelve mouth for notes, bearing interest Irom day of stle, secured ?y deed in trii*t upoo the property. If the terms of >-ale are not eumplii'd wi h in six days after the sale the property will be pvol , ?t ?he risk snd ex pen e ol ll-c purchaser, upon one wt? k. ? notice. Alt conve\ar.cing at expeu-e iW purchxecr. CHAS. S. WALL M*H, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUlRE, , feb 10? nfcds Auctioneer. ? , ? By J. C. ?t6uiRK, Auellontar. 1 RUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND f.OIV-, I On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, I&V5, at 4 o'clock, on the p-cmiae*, by virtue ? f a 'deed of trust t? th** subs-iiber, b ar ng date the !4th Vay. 18.V2, and ?iuly recorded in Liber I. A. S., No. 40, fotio> 4."'8, 4 IU, an ) 440, one of the land record-* :of Washing! >n county, I >h?ll sell the mirth lnM" r.i | Lot No 1W, ip Square '2kl3, fioniing 93 feet 4 indie on I'Jtb siree- west, between north t' and D >treit , running back 1C0 feel 10 a wide alley, with io?prow ui> ins. cons-istmf of a riib<tanti*l brick dwetlmg house. T< rms : One third <-a?h J ihe res due in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a dee?l of trust on the premises. NICHOLAS C M,LA*, Tru-t.-e. J AS. C. MciSITIRE, r?l> U-eokih Auctioneer. SILVERWARE. AVERY pieiiy aasortment of Silver C^ii-e rV*#,.| I'ltchers, fiotdei<?, Tuji . I 'reams, and ail ktiuls o|'S|m,oiis rind F'orks. and a vjrieiy of Fanc> ."?iUer ware, -m able lor pre-eut^ ?a: Soup an?l Oy>**t Ladles, l'rnmb Scr=?per?. li*h, pie iiid cake Kuiv>s. Cream and Su^ar Spoons e*c., is oCeicd ai l<?w pii ccs, and wurratiled sierlmg. II SEtlKKN. ? No 33U I'a. avenue, lie;. H1I1 n|.| lo;h jnn l? T11E LATE MR. MEA. E'S PICTLRhS. ?pfi BE RAFFI FII IN *UO fllXN-'lS 1 AT #43 EAi'H no 1 "St. Thomas of V ill nu<-va, pivm^ Alio to #>e l'o?ir." a copy ?>f Munllo, by imsiif his pni'd- an?l touched ti> >;real aitl>l--?aid to be e^'ial 10 the, cost ^4.0 HI. ei 1 /.k *2. ' 1 '? Tli- ad< r?ti'in of the U ine Men of tin- East.** ? genu ue .Motill<>; CvKl .^3.00j. prizi. 3 liea.l ol our Saviour," by ("oriej^io; co?t %! ,000 PltlZ* V " llerd U till' l?i?-s?ed Vjfjin," hj t^arreg^io; e wl |l.lKNi. Mr. S. A. MATLACK i?- auihonte I to sve ire subsetiptMiii? in ilii? city, ol' whom tickets way e obtained, or ot M. s-rs. TAYLOR &. MAI'&Y. All money received on account of ih? Ratlle will b>- de(totaled m H<nk until the drawing takes pi .ce, wlueii will be duly announced. From the StUioital fr.lelligrwer. Articles similar to the annexed we have ol>?ei yed in several dntxnt papers, contained in itieir H ,?-t. iiiaton corn spoiideuce. W e are dad to ?ee lli,|l a iiieinbvT of the family ix will-nt; to ihspose Ol i\ ,iart of Ihe rare collection of the I te liichard VV. WeaJe, who, diinri<; his< Ioiik resideooe in S|i;un, ha > oppor tiiiiitlv's, vylucb pis opulence enabled hiiujuindulge, j for M-i.-cting many ol llie lines! paintings, in Spa:u? tli it treasure house of pcttirial riches.- 'i'lie dis turbed stale of the country at the tune, moreover, made it favorable tor oblhiiueg miany veni? ot art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. Froin Ike Bo Jon Chronicle. , Cu-r D*oorvRFE of A?t ? Several chef J'^rrrn j of Munllo, Correggio, and other t;iast rs, which were broug!;l from Sn^'p during rev> lutionary ttiiie ? In the late IS. VV Sl. a le, have ?lk-ited llie adinir.i ion of connoisseur* dining llie past wan-kin th< Rotan o of the Capitol. They are to be <ii.<|K-.M<;i *?t let :!ie benefit of a dau liter of Mr Meade, raiding '?? New Y"rk, after mi opj oruniuy has be? 11 given to the public for au examination. feb 6- U DISSOLUTION. 'j IIF. partnersdi p of Barron fc Ormc is this ?"ay I dissolved by inutunl consent. Alt account> <lue the concern must be paid t > II. Uarton, he being an thorised lo close the Inmd'i^ ot ihe firm. IIENRY KAIiRON. F? bruary 3, 18y>. TIIQ8. OR?H.. Tbe undersigned W ???!?! r?vpe< tlully reqqol ah those in ltbU::l tu the conce n to come forward and seti|e their bills- by the Mil of .Vlarcli, a* it is vcij important to hint 10 have tlie business closed by thm time. Ali accounts left over a: that tnuc will be put into the h tnds of an cAcer for collection. AI! ac count- due by the concern will pl> a.?e be presented for payment a4 soon as post* ble, as I am ready al [ any time 10 meet the Mime.. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned tvouM respeclfnl'y fav tn all the cusUimcrs of the late (inn, and the public generally, that there will always be kept a stock ol VYo ?1 and Coal at the old stand, Ureeii sire. 1, and solicits a share of public patronage. Believiag it (o b be.-t tor both buur and seller, he Iim dnierniined' to make llie term* casl>, or on short time to punctual ciiMtouun i. THOS. ORMt^, Agent, frb 4 - ~lJOYS' CLOTHING. WALL ^ dTEPHEVS, Wholesale and Ibiail Clothing and lurui 11111/ Merchanu, Pa. ave nue, next d<>or to Iron liall, have 011 bae.d oue ol the large?t and morl varied a sortme ts ol READY MADE BOYS' CL .TIIINO in the country, which :s ma le up in ?very style, and calculated 10 suit ali Meter. Their G.hkI- are m.i.ic of the best matciials an-1 by th<- best wntkmen, and will be disposed ol at rates . tint cannot fail to ;4ease. Tli- public are res-p?ctiully invnel to call and tx amioe the spick. feb 9^-ll D8AUGHT au;. THE undersinned re*p?x'tfully announce tha^ they haveTtbtamed the tuile Agency 01 th ? iR-trn t for the sale ol Kurtz & Ncs's \ ork Druu^h* Ale, and Inive made arraiigcmeuU mi a- in have it con stantly on hand, so that all u bo max f:\vor tin 111 Willi their cu^un will Ix^ punctuall. served As ll-ual, a -upply of Forur, Ale, Cid**r an I x!m eral VYaier constantly on uand. ng ere by mail, or given to our diiv- r* will m< el with ict aileution. Terms ca?l|. Al^xY fc SIIINN. A lirsji r >^e VVa^.)ii, l|iit little * sed, lor sale Ap|dy a<ab??e, to t;\'Y & SIIINN, Union Itotilj x l?cp<>t, Ieb8?ertlm tJeorgfiMWii h , GIUEAT IXDIICICIIIICST*. r i:\NFlF.LD BROTHER & ro . 949 bull outrr \treet, Bulli*ute, hi<l , OH. r to buyers, |trevmu>- to takioi; ibeir annual -'C c< mil of sliM'k, a laige tt-rk id rer* nl v iiii.<iri<-d ipmmIs. >uch us WATl'IIES. ?E>* El.BY, SILVER VV A R r:, jMmU x ???/ Hljtcl Ho.As, h'uuzn, V'? i?, tfunwal China, , A"' PRI CES TO HlilT THE TIMES, WITHOUT RF QJtRD TO COST. jan 31 tr U. SEMKKN, JEWELER. No. 330 Ha. arrnue, heltoeen Mh 1 ml 1IV A tblHt., Offers fur sale a magmlieeni a??u>rtiitet:l <?f DIAMOND JkWCURY, Cold Brace'ets, Breasiptu*, Eatrmn^, Seal Ring* VVudding Ming", Fob and Vol I ban s, Seals, Ijock ets, Fencils. Thimblen, Trinkets, etc All ancle* are warranted as repn billed and sold unusually low. j <n 1? . PIANOS rOR SALE OR RENT. NKW and Baaood hand FIAHOB, of my m and ssvetal othtr Cactortaa. ars always be had nt mv Wano Water*' u, on Uofffni Mth at, hatwaan Fa avueue snd k ac IVIJ Pianos uk*i In nobd^t Tuning al*o attandad to. . P.U.ARCHo. P. 8 -A h* vary low pi .-*1 itc.ui u*-i f sua torn pt bit sal*. M I- Mb TELEGRAPH I( tot**) lu to I).Ill tiimi )le, Latest tnm lixiei ??w OiLiu,,rrt 11 -Tba Orisaba from V?r? Cm, bu errtTod with Miimid date., of U? 5th. Oonraar t trooj. km bnn dofaated " K*h?**lo oeptured Serorel of the Nb*? ba*e boan allot t7\ ;i# w 7 J^d *? of^? ,n ** <*-?ead of Matamoro* I Tfc. UoTernaaont pap.rsr.port th.t 1 000 laaurgenta bad baao put to flight in ZakoMan 8borka of aartbqu akoe were esperieiiead at Vere Cmi on tba l?t. and at the City o( Mat ioo, at tba latter pUee tba pub!ic works ware much 'lua|td Tbo Froneb ateaiaar Abcaon had arrived at Vera Crnl to taka bona Count Boulboni re maining follower:'. *>r< is New York?Great Doetreetiou of Floor New Yo?k, Fab. 15.?A Cre broke out this morning i0 No 78 Pearl Hreot oeupi d by W. II Niwnafi A Go Upward? of 4 <H?U Lble. of Flour wt-re deatroyed besides much other property. Tta beildiog waa totally deprived The ice> l< estimated ,t 0?(>r .oJ was in*uraJ for $42 0<?u. The bulldiag a t j dulng and in tba rear wero tadly d u. .^eja Md odd considerably to ,ha low i ha C,e la ?uppvtad to bo tba work of an inccn ti .ry ' nteroating fiom Cola Nkw Ooloanm, Feb 14-Tbo Km p Ira City with Havana datea of tbo ?(b has arrived. She toporln tbat it wai romnrad in H.r,na that an attempt bad boan made upon tba life of (;nncba at nlgbt. Ike palaoe wan Illumi nated, nhen tba gaa waa suddenly turned oti It i* supposed tbot tba oaMpiratora bar* ben discovered and eighty arrea eJ, including Pon La's Secretary and two Ana He an 0??rirg Of tbo Ol io Rivo-r Cnn**y, Feb IS - TkoOfclaH no* ape. and ri^iuj. The rain* have fcaea rem k*b!y baavy Buji'.,*?t- t. doit. 'I La K**to 0 escbauge is ({Uit'.ai at Zi preni:am Baltimore Markers BAi.riJ.ono, Fob 15 ? But Ml* doing im breadstuff*. Small w+'tm of Howard ?I root II ur *t 18 :t7j Vkaat?MJ at n v?u$; f r go -4 to prim* ltd, .D l$l ?>.$ i OS for .o id to prims Hbita Coin, xt V2? ; write, j. < ?aia?\ iigitiix t^u >'e,i a* ^ ? .4. Wow York Markets K?w Yohk Kb 16 -Cotton is t'or.jwarl and .lull. Fioar? tba market is lull w.ib a declining tendency; >a'a, of 2 750 ?.W? r iCd Obio al t* 76ay 12i ; Southern ii I. we- ' t!ea nf 1 400 bblt at #8SI)a? 25 Wkoat !j up waid a nil firm , while M'chigtu a' {.' Ji2 40 Corn iaquoted a* n^ouaal'y ii I'jrk 14 unchanged with a Modero'o demand nt pro j T . u.ratea B>oi is ouc'jat^* .1 w.tb a liniite 1 deutaud. I.ard is apward aoJ Whiekry Ohio i< >.*avy at -tt ocn?? Ai ro?t of a ?o?t Otticd Cloi k .vS,I?LWP*b 14 ?A (iertaao r.l?rk in ' ?t Offi.-a here Las Lo-;u a.-re-ted 1 ,r T,. *;n? tbe letters passing thn.ufth bi; !:*t..1c of xovtral hundreds of dollars I oxcocratic Suto CoBo?.?tion. Havkn. Conn . Feh. 1* ,_Th? !?ajn. cratw Mate Couvan'ioi. ot C.>noto.k-at, ba? nouiir.atedSauiuel Inghan as ilJfcir c^nlidatn Icr uovertior, and passed roeilusioneder oono law Nothing *nd tbd M tin- Li4 J ?r Vaine Political Movoni?bt. PoKTbann, Mo . F?s. 14.?The Ab^Iiiion members of the iM^ine Legislature h&ve <-?Ile i a ooiiventieu of ibe people eppo?e<l to ?: ?ver ?* and in taror of the M ima Law t ,r the nomi' nation of a candidxte for (lovei?nr Anti^Robraeki Convention. N. II, Ffb 14 -The New 11 auifiilii re antfN'obr.ict. u Col v. n ion ha? a>m inatcd Mr. W Tap pan, tbo t ro.e Soil ,-aVdi da e. lor Uuvcrnor. New^ork Know Nothing state Cajteii. Si rapusk, If eb 13?The (Irat d C 'i'ncil 0!' tLa Know Nothings for the State of New Vor* is bj* in Se^aioa. in Corinthian 11 'AI .1,^, W. Barker, cf Now York is i.rr*?djc,, ,/Vfcr foujo 1,700 delegates Dani.l l limar, t) A b?rog?s, W. A. tlcudwit, ?n.t other no'ed naooibeia are pr ssot No.bioj relative to the proceeding* c<?n ba learned NEW POLKA. .I'M Hid larml-ai n. nil/* if wii^n me TUNCIf.4 POLKA, 1ved anj dedx a rrf m Jkm., 11.; ? f . by I. L-pua. ?'Mh?-Mt?lu-.| wuh a til ,1 r?.-t likrjt't ?>i iiit- vi dian tuii#*r. Prire cruu. /r'Vrai** ??n vnv liberal frL C tt KOSENKliANX PiANus JU8T r.r^iv.d l?o ot lU- ab.iv. in -ltiiui. ii;> ilir?-ct from th? u , factor* in Ur-'Mteti, tieraiany. Tlit^s.*?;^ PiatjQ- having afor a U. . ?,*bV I . |.K aula, ai,i:r a |,t, ^ { -h- y an.! lanJ voyag.-, arr.v d 1:1 |m rtix t i - i? J u tune, ail.iid anxtber suaranirr 04 tbeic s<i;?-i...r.ty in keeping in tunc. jb?r bi>,U|y a-i I uuvr ,u ton* r.iriu f.c M|tal fsawa, tr ft;) (h? gr.-ai iiiUK.caJ ?:r iue - or Ru(<i^'. . .. lilLBUS V HITZ. Msac b.pnt t,w. Pa. av. Iltii a?.i t? jt. Alt 15 tl WATOIIES! WATCH FS7 F YQt' hi>!i h wariaiiifrt ?? liiU* *??? :* r, ai a n*a?t<ai4*> ^E|\ j?^5' prnf, >iki ar?* iiiVituO !?> ? an** ciauiim* my -n ctt*u m??. t? of Ml:** l.n^ifli : iij ui'in'Vu tViU'li<'< f ?r l"<|. ait II. SUMKUN'. N<?. 3.1U fa av.. b iw,v? U.;? an J loiii ^jan le -?.t.M;:r4 SILVKH PLATRD \Y \RE. C P'.K'i i;!'oi". r H^t*. ('.??*??(-,('alt-.m l r' v. Kf \v*in-r? on ?i*f- m< til, T..I.I.- I), aerl, ami T?i n?.l I'n'ii,, ?i<xi!it<- ?u,?l tiji i? 1 in Alblla, Mm U'-l-ii!ititn??- r.t -i|-,r w j,r raalt-Oaud '^U by H. N?. S:io Pa. av>MiU", kutwi^s .Ci .i..t luia sti. jaii 14 PIANOS FOR SALE ANL? KKNT. ? IIE MiW.iUi h m alway* on h M( a I M**Ht Ot UffSltR Mint A Ulrica n p| _ AMOS. II.MH tbo %r,y Ik-m -? v: '% wlM<-n i?? i4^?l<in?p at bt.vwr jMi. i - * * ' " ?ban . an br , urckawa 10 t!?. 1 01 i .J.imUa, ati-J 11 ili. 01.m o. ?tm?n?o4aUi,t. 1 mi*. All p.a .o, |Min'b;i?*-?l lr> in hi. ai?*,.mi.M to y. ? ,1, lion. ?MJ Plan 1.- t-tkea m rtcb ii^.-. ^ ? ?;? *tKlS?t, ?.fif 1,1 ,\j , t_. - Pill.-??illit rt*. frb n ?3m* Slaw pahtneksuip. IIPRP.MK. ?M)K rOFTNCrNITMl STATC. KtJHKKI* J. WAI.KbK auil M*l'l# J?MS hav^ liiriurit a ?? i?*riii<-<stii|i uiubi tnc umii.- ?.i "Walk** ami Janin," i<?. ih?- ar(NMHii m ?m~*h m tb?- Hu|irfiiif t otiri ut'iiir l'iui?*<l I'm", ai W'a^ti iiijtt.ui iiiy, Mbei?* bott 1 will i?l ibi.ia^bum (It. fn'iirt- ot that < Th?*y Miav Ik- iiUirMnl al Wa^hinirio.i. N. Vork, 01 .\.'* (>rl<'aiix i?iN IM folbn* ? ?11X1*0 B0U3K OP PAlhO 4 K0UK<t, OypotUt G 4itrl St^ot Titu.u f BONDS, I>0>ck? an.loib.^ . m haaetf Ml aotd. Iwm ?t the rat" of *ii }??-? "'??? p r Hi.i.nm al '""a^^U-4^" '1 " ' il 01 * ***** w< u

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