Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1855 Page 4
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V .MN'fi STAR. THB IlJiESIDE Wli?u i<Hi ?n??w softly rimlc < ?n the da-kened WllWHW pine, \' <l tie nijr'it winds moan and murmur 1 i a wild and fittul .-tram! ?>li! Imw welcome * the eheerfnl, Rrighrty burring, ruddy li*ht, Clon-inc irom the evening fireside, Clawing, sparkling. ? arm and bright! II ?w the mellow beam? are dancing < ' i ihf reilmij and the floor, T'? n within the h< dark corncrs, With a gentle glance tiiey fall. Ar.l in the clear nnd pleasant radiance, A* ui ihe wav>!? of ?>j) i it plays, >1.11- tlie ?oul that's fiib'd with sadness, Li^ht* the eye with raJiant ray. Loved ones meet around the fireside, Thrfwgb the dr< ary wirier eye, Whil-t the storm without is wildest, .* of other days to weave, S? i:js Mi it to the In-art are diare?t, p.n athe ?(??n the b*ll<>w?*d mr, Voice* ?ty in mirth are mingled, ??llou-eli Id w?r.b?" are sweetest there. ||ow the ay d and th** weary |.uok tack t ? liie h::|?py ftearth, U> wliiv nn'rry ! gai iht-y sported, I". they tl-ted ail?*l hrtt liurth. f h'Xtfli th?* glow tias long bees tailed, Bnght r than oi yore h burns, \V!"*n the j i'lt. w.?rit w th wandering, To that < heri-hrd TUmw turns. Til n whil* falling ir^Mr-fUke* rustle On th' da.kened window pine, l.r to gather round the fin side, lli-i'dless of the jiijt'it wind's reign. And when life's c>ld w lilt* r com< th, r VI id tin' darkness and the storm, We'll nnin in tnemtrv's chamber M' >-t around tin- tireside warm. Cr. Gextlkmen at Home.?There are few families, we imagine, anywhere, in which love is not abused as furnishing a license f-?r impoliteness. A husband, father or brother will p-ieak harsh words to thor:? whom he loves the best, and 4Lose who love hint the- best, simply be cause the sTuritv cf love and family pride keep? htm ;r.m getting his head broken. it is a shame that a man will sj>e?k more impolite at times to his wife or sister tiwn he would dare to any fe male. except a low an 1 vicious one. It is thus that the hoiiest affections of man's nature prove to be a weaker protection to woman in the family circle than the restraints of society, and that a woman usually is indebted for the kindest po liteness of life to those not belonging to her own household. Things ought not ;o t-? be. The man who, bccause it will not he resented, ii .lictj his spleen and had temper upon those of his hearth stone. is ;i small coward and very mean man. Kind word are the circulating medium between tioe gentlemen and true ladies at home, and no polish cx hihiitd in s ociety can atone for the harsh language and disre>pe< rful treatment too often indulged in between those bound together by <iod's own ties of blood and the more racred bor.da of. conjugal love. Spi ingftcll Republican. It beats all h~w the squeeze of a pretty hand will make some folks feel. Our li iend Checker!>erry the other day got hoi 1 of velvet-like cigits of the pont ic and susceptible Miss Jenkins, and felt as though he was up to his chin in June ro- ts. K >man punch, Ii.tlian sunset and Cranhct ry jeily. .) l-men, Jenkins, the pai red t i lor and Checker berry the happy, went out. Mr. Jenk itil iti mil pposcd to non sense of all sort.i. .let)kins the female isn't. Mi> VELUENT3 OF fJf L \N STEAM FRS. Same. Lett- For Dmy*. r" ? . . . V??' Y;>,k. ..L'verptioi.^Feb. 21 Uaion liavr* Xew York Jan. 17 Am* r a i.ivitr^oo!...Corton Jan. 2i? Atlantic i^;v?rpi'Ol. ...NVw York l*n. 27 ?'iiy VI ?:!? iMMtf. J.ivei^.'....Philadelphia Feb 14 f<t. L<>iii? li ivre. .New York...Feb. 14 {Zj- I ? t \.ut i t-.? . !< nv Vevr York on the ot.'i and 2<?iii o. e.idi i. a. AC1UVALS AT PIwu>.l1PAL UOTELS. ' ?' dj.ei-i. i k j c. ffiiuit. F B EUii.t'. \Y C.?|>t (Jullum, U^A i. VV< !???. do ii T I'owell, 'I H6?iihM?,r A MP II Nwtl RT ruEei IB :? n a. Mr,do VV II v\ ud. a.. I?r I X McCay, Ga P Satton W H Cool l?r Antber, Vri A ? > iiiitti-r, XY \V W >lar*h Xi H L Curtis, do J Mi:;. NV H K U^nwan, L'al i \ ?. > H Hm|L >iu \V R-d?*rtJ, jr. Va Mrs I?<; Uaiiin, XY J KuWlxu a i. I Li^ell, do h 1. \\ iliiiii.i*, I i J .v.u.lan, L*S \ IV Kilt' .1, d? ? :0-?. u-. il k. D. WILHID, J W Fl i ii> r 'V (' nison. Msss F 1. I! oi i.e, t' ? it ( iiiirioij, pa i* li (ntll.irh* r, -Jo j ila -iiigs, do ir ??-iii .ii. .\ ii. i. rt Calhoun, do < -t >iu?ii. . i 'u.'i ",A" Hopkins, do ? ? W t'am! r, XY Di Li>tor, Md J I'rirce. uo I i.| ? ane, do i: I* B..ri*?r, 1 a >'i t'l-ndl*ion. do ?; \V l.eir, . . >id K . i :.nws, > Y r J Un lit, it ? 1 ]. I ritUiideii, Ky A ll? rbert, k i J K ia tolirr, do I* Ibmaid, u.? X Munaege, Mm U J Kfi t, MJ A A fiite, do It l? U I.H' tub. Va II \f. i U* t<>n, Md F l.xiub. V. I i, a t!vans, do J B-ootr. ill' t" lli<IMlyf do J 1. \\ ilimn, In*l ii K t'liapiuan, Va .1 l' Si ii' i'iy, ?? W 1' I'.ociM k, do li B Wlir-I'l., Aid \ |V|(!.-!I, I lid I. L'i??Vi-, >i.< %lr I.;.itirop, |y i daugh Capt I SX t? r ]ir A!??-?, i:? I M X.w by, fia II nss, Si A Iii iiards, MY JMr- A U ??! a, ?!o K 'fr-rr d, XI A ?>, l>' 1 ?' >1 Wi.ite * lady, Hali ?V W i'i' iiil, I'i lax A II I!.uuil;- n X ladle j, P y White, Pa XV T Maiiolopk, do * ? ? ??'??-.. c 4 e. % m. tissrii ?. *5 l>av T< * VV A Hriwn,(i'i Jt'W t.itw. I , NV J T .-;<-ddert, Md J ?" Kims i, A!i SMitbk laily. Pa II U'krurf, itii ' l* Fairbanks, Vt P li N.l-Ii. do i . I* Fjiibnuks, do P IN rrins, il?? it ii ?i I ind Pa K Small, > i II e >-. ult. >1,1 J Tl?omp- mi. Mi J S "^iiit, do J Pimi'e, l a i? lloihnin', do S V Willi, ite J S CastiM, I'a A F ? .irt-*r. IM' f I' tli'hawuy, Mass J I' J It Snit'ler, Tet T lladdix>k. Pi ?' Borland. O PA Wood, ? Pnr|,v.M.I Mr- G:lT"rd Si < lold, Va S It l.<>ury. Mm I. In l:in<!. t.o ? W Irwin, do II \ Mi ldlet .n. M l l> I. Fallen, ?|u A A Mi-alr, \'\ A Whur, do M SSairih* r. tii C?!?virr, do Mrx Wvumii, \ 1 l..n l*aiti:ivon. O J J.din-on, Nf V II f?yer, Md I. !! K'i I . I t W i 'leinin*'?n, JJ C Altb->t. NY J Vil!?. XV J ii?n* -ler a. lady, 1'a J Ti'v.n H la 'y. \ i J M Mitiard, Va I". U ;il-li. !?< i J T biu-on, SIT W !? Hi Nf>M. Tr* S J I.each, Ala I" Jotin^nn, pa ? " '? UraM i. lifts. (ir(wuo>. P Cau in. DC V." R Cib-on, O V.'.V''- u H ?? i" k >on, l*i J \\ l*~b>nn. Mil iV E li.rd, XV J W Iiavis X -i t-r, \\ Hoim.-s, M.i? ?? ^ In.I . M a.-imnels, |'a Pollork, do a l?,;ni?^aa do W II Fit*, Fj J B IU do 4i T Pick? P.?? k ti^mphiii Cal II Phillips, Va J V-pl. >;ini, Va A Boyd, do *i i'liidip^ J Xewman. do J b.- ?u:c]J, \y a r Wa" i. v JlanatoM ilouit, A !e t nitUr la, Va. A. NEWTON, raOi'Ri D>?. J C Matw 1 a la.Iy, XC P 7. Tecker, XY Mi>? M Child-, V.i II Sbarftdiord, Va M E, do i \V Griflin. do J FiUim.' M'-> Prior ft ?er\*ant, do K II Flint, P* Mr- F' wita.n do \V r. I.. i*i . .1? R W Vt:?r-hsM,do |)r Archer, \ X P foltiim, do p C rom.i.'. M ! L' >? .i^ball, do C W C.^ n, to T.ADIBS, TRY Or. DUPOHCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY FILLS, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY f'?r the nir,. of nil Pamlul Obstructions and Frnwlf Lrt polarities <trti*iu? from whatever riusf. tM4 t| ?U Dr 114,1 jM ?t It p*r ?">*. ?n< wilt be Mnl rontl tenliklly by mall, ?n ?nclo?tin $1 to "Dr. A. J. RAN WOLD, Waxhlnttom, D. 0-,"Oaaar*l A*?nt, bjr wktm kit order* will be AH ad ml til* proprietor's prtrss. The* Pill* are the result ol OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in lli? treatment of the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Uuponco with the most happy effect*, they are now published to the world, so that-all Females suffering iroiu the diseases peculiar to their sex, may have The oppor tumty ol giving them a trial. Tlieae pills have only been advertised to a limited extent for a little more than a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, a large proportion of which has been sent by mail to ladies in different parts ol the country; and letters are being received daily containing the warmest expressions ol gratitude for the benefits which have been derived from theu use. The following is an extmet from a letter of a lady of l#gh standing who has authorized her naiue to be cufiuittiiicated confidentially to other ladies wishing To make ii#)iin>--< respecting the moilu. Oprratuh of the pills : "My now *gel 17, ?'?? for three }???!? painfully A "flirted villi obatrBctiouafrom wlilcli, at times, alie sufTerivl ?e??raly. Wa expanded a Urge ?uni In p1iy?lclaie>' f'ea, but with vary trifling ami temporary relief. Her complexion be "*Oie with a Mallow grc?ni*h line, ani ber whole xys tesu an mnrh )1ia?aae<l that she ?u priniontictxl to be rapid ly colpg Into consumption. At Uila a We 1 ?>v your adver ii-eraWu In a New York paper. My failli *?? very weak, bat m t'lwt rasoi t 1 sent for a box. It care so much relief that a aacond aud third were need, and 1 uow hava tlie ureal pleaanre of informing yop thai my dauKliter'a health i- com pletely restored ; liei aallow complexion Id replaced by the roay glow of haaltb ; her K'.oemy n^lan'-holy. t y that cheer ful buoyancy of tplrits, which la nanal in girls of her age; and If the pllla had coat teu tlmea aa ranch, it would b? no oomparlaon with th? hAppiuc.* resulting from Uielr use." N. B.?The ingredients of these pills are perfect ly harmless in their medicinal operation 011 the most delicate fwnale constitutions, yel as prepared 'and combined by I?r. Duponco, their specific action is such that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their Use is 1101 at all indicated during pregnancy. For tlie same reason, as every physician Knows, medicines which act in this way are the very liest that can be used for re storing the natural, healthy tone and functions of the system when so much impaired and deranged as to resnit in barrenness. For further particulars see di rections, &e. sent with each box, and circulars to be had at the Druggist*. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, X. Y. Sold in Washing 011 by Kidwei.l I.aprkjick, Stott &.C0., W. *1. Gilman, S. It. Syi.vj stk?., J. B. Moor it. First Ward; O. Boswell, Islind ; J. F., I II Stojce, Seventh st.; II li McPherso* Capitol iltll; F Walsh, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by O. M. Linthicuin, J. I<. Kidwell. In Alexandria by Cook &. Co., Peel Si Stevens, Fountain U Co., and by Druggists generally. jan 16?lm* PROPOSALS FOtt. MAIL BAGS. Posj Ofeick Departm i^t, January 12, 18">5. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Department until 9 o'clock a m., of ill* 23d of April next, for I'urn shing for four years from the 1st day of July next, in such qtiarftitie* ajnl a: siieh times as may be required and ordered lor the mail service, mail hag-: of the following description, to wit: (Jattvas Mai/ Hi'?*. Size No. 1, (43 inches 111 length, ;?n ' <*J inch' s in circumference,) to be nride of eoitou canvw, weighing 15 ounces to the yar<l 01 u't inches widih; the yarn ol the fabric to be doubled uid iwi ted ami live-fold. Size No.*2, (41 inches tu length, und 48 inohi - in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven 111 every rcspect like that of the fust size of bag*. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length anJ 3s inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces to the yatd ol 22 inches width, and til.- cloth lo lie woven as almv*- described. The canvass hags of sizes Nos. 1 arid 2 are to be made with a sufficient niitnber of eyelet h?lcs, and provided with strong cord to seem?: thnr mouths. All are to lie well and distil, tlv markeJ "U. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to tie* ? alnive specified. Ijfatfisr an'I (J'Uivuis I'o 'en . Size No. 13VI111. in length, and tit; in. circuiiiiernr e Size No. 2. 41 do dn 4*' tl? Size No. 3.'if! do do 41 <lo Size No. 4. 3t> ?!o do ;*> do Size No. 5. 26 do do 2(5 no The body of the leather pouc.iet- to |?.? mude ?.f good and substantial bag-leather, well: t ui-. w< il-Ii nig for Nos. 1 and 2 not less than X ounces, a.;d 1. r the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounc< s to the s?|. foot; the bottom and flap to be of good skirli/t_' leather, well tanned, and (lie same to"be well ami stro gly secured with the l??-?t iron rive s, well titiiied. The canvass pntKht s are in be made ol densely woven cais\a?s, s as to re?i-d water, or at Wa^t equal to that if whe-h 'tic |ihu< Iicm now 11 service are made. Leather ami Cinva^s llorsc-mail ii tg\. ,in saddle bags form.; Size No. 1. liody lo mi oe - lot-g, am! inches jit circumference at tin ?id^.-t |?iri> , ends or bottom* of s me, 14 by 2>i 111 lies Size No. 2. Body ii inchfce long, and 3U inch' - in circumference at the wide t parts ; > nd> or bottom of same, 12 by 24 it.obes Size No. 3. BoJy 42 jit<_vi1 ii.-, 11 ,! iBdM circuuiterence at th? widest pait< ; einW or bottom of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bag; are to be made ol good and substantial bug leather, well tanned, . .id weighing not less than 7 ounce? to the square i.s?t, and the seams to be well ami strongiy ?ewed ; or, il rivetted, to be so don?asnot lo chafe thehorteor rider. The canva** hor-e mail bags are to be made of the same quality ol fabric ;i- the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and Ltath r Drop-IttUr Pouches, (with side pocketu.) Size No. 4. ^<1 in. in length,and :i6 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do oh Cunvass Xewsfiaj i-r 'tail Size No. 1, (4<? inches in length an 11?2 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton eanva-?, weighing at least la ounces to the yard of 22 mehe width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-fold, and the bit.' to be sm constructed as to b< locked and to havu a handle at e tc end. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 43 inches 111 cir cumference,) to be of the sam. material ami man ner of construction with size No. I. Proposals lor improvements 111 the^coiistruction of any of the above-described mail hags, or in the ma terials thereof, dre invited; and the relative vtlue and adaptation to the service as well as price of such improvement will be considoied in determin ing the lowest and U;st bidder. No pro[>osiaU will be considered if not accom panied w|ih i-artiiies of each article hid lor, showing the coa0irucUotf*)iialtty of materials, and workman aid p proposed, and a'so with evidence of the com petency and ability of the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The specimens mast be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the 23d day < f April next, ami will, in connexion with the pro|.o?als form the basis of the contracLs. Specimens deposited by biddvrs which may with safety and convunience lie used in tlie mail service Mill be paid for at the rates pro posed by them. A decision on the bids will be made on or belore the first day of May next, and the bidder or bidders ch>?seii will be r quired to enter into contract on or before the 15tti day of Icne next, with bond and sufficient sureties for a faithful performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles contracted for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, at Boston, Manachu ?em; New York and Buffalo, N. Y.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Mil.: Washington, D C.; Charleston. 8.C.; AugtistauLa.; Montgomery, Ala.; New Orleans, La; NasiiUlhj, Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio ; an I lit. Loins, Mo., 111 such quantities and at Mich times m the Depart ment mar require; and they are to b>- rigidly in spected before denvery, and none ?e to be received which shall be inferior to the specimens or maud ard b?gs. To enable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of mail bags winch will probably In required, they are informed thai there were fur nished lor the u?e of the Department dtirin<> the year which ended 30.h June#la<t 2 135 leather pouches; 3,978 canvass pouches; 4^0 leather horse mail bags; Cli canvass horse mail bags ; and 17,1 in mail bags. Tlie proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for Mail Bags," and be addressed to ilie " Postmaster General." JA.Vfl'.S t'AMPBKLL, jan 15?lawl2w piKstm ister (?eneral. NEW STOKE, NEW STORE. Lvuinana avenue, oppotti* the Bank 0/ WjuHini tcH MR. THOMAS LKLKANY resp?clfuUy invitsi the attention ot the public to examine bit stock of GOODS, which he haa < p*ne<i on Lou'i*n? avenue between Sixth and t-eventh stree-r,opposite tl e Rank ot Washington, consisting ot all d<*crip ti >ns of Teas, Ac., Imperial. Ounposrder, and Black Tea; Wiins and Lhjuors, of sail =c,rU:. which he cas ael] at the lowest pries f ?r eash or approved paper. Besides all the n*ceaaaries lor 0r<? ery busineas, via: Br-s?ni?, Lu -k^ts, Odir Tubs, Matches, 4ic., Ac. Plaase eall and aee for your, elvea. dot 2A 'ha SBCORD HAND P1AAOS FOR SALE OR RENT.?We have in store four Pianos, two of Chickenng and two of Andre Stems, which we offer low for cath, or good notes, or will rent on moderate terms. New Music expected to-morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, jan 4 30fl Pa. avenue. ( HARLKN IIAKK1SS, Architect. (Pa. arenue, Iteiween Tenth aiul Eiei entJi streets,) Washington, d. c. WILL contiuue to furnish Plans, detail working Drawings, ami ?|iecilications of boi'dmgs ol every descripiioir, nu i aLo tomperintvn.l their eree Uou. fib 1-dlT ll_J ggHHggBS [So. 519.] HOTICK OF HBHTORATIOK And Withdrawal of certain Lutuls in the CWo miid Fulton ItailrnaA Grant in Mis souri NOTICK 13 MKKLB* GIYKN. that i-i con*e qa-n'-e of tfc? rei rental ions of part or the delegation io Congress from the of Uisaouri of* tnufna! change in the supposed roite of the Cvro ar-d Fulton railroad In Faid State, heretofore assumed in withdrawing land* from market ft r the grant to s*id road and on their request that oer ts?>? of B*id land* a.iould he r?lra?<l, and others Fubj.itcte. iu Heu thereof, conformably to said amended rou e which i< direct and Fitnat-d cnn?id erabiy k?u:h of On clJ route; lh? Vr*iidfnt, by his order bearing date the 1st Pebrnary instant, hu dir-cted that the landii situated !n the U-wnshipa hereinafter enumerated, which ??m withdrawn from market bf his ord-r of the 13th of May; 1853, and their reservation ciutiouwd fcy public notice No 497, bearing date '23d January, 1854, f?r the Ca iro and Km ton rail r ad giant ia the State of Mis souri, ?h*:i be '?gor?d tJ v ark*t, and th?t certain other l>nd < fit listed it?- town-hips u..m'd be ow (ioelod'nga portion of the oil rrwinal rc/ervationj situated within the prcba le limits of the grant ac cor iiug to the rou'eof suit! r >?d as aiu-nd d rhall be Rub'ii^iit-d titlrn orved f'ou; sab; or entrj ipr ? empMon clnuas tct excepted) un il f-Jr h-r notice. Th'-'-ef-.r.* all the vacant lanis su^jfci to s?l* at Jackscx, Visbocsi wbi:h were ?nLj*ct to private entry at the 'tie <jt withdrawal, vnd *Mrhhive not since b er> pre i-nipt*d in the fcll'.witg town ships. w ii sain he ft i' ject t*> priva e entry o i tnd after ti.e nineteenth iUy of Mar ah tuxl. lo wit: North of L\r oat' lint ar.d rax' of theffih prneipri meridian. Townships 21, 22, '23 2?, 25, an 1 2d. of 3 Townships 22, li, 21, 25, 26, 27, an i *2? ? f r?uge 4. Townthipe 22, 23, 24, 2\ 26, 27, 28, ?<?, ma 30, of ran*e 5. Townships 25, 26, -7, 28, 29, 30, and 31, of range 6 Townshipb 25, 2d, 27, 28 , 29, 30, 31, an 1 Si, Of ranee 7, Townships 'Ji, 27, 2*, 5.9, 30, 31, 32, ard 33, of ranie-s. Towpshir>.'2<5, 17, 'M, 29, 30, 31, 32, ard 33, of ran* e 9. Tonnhips 27, 28, 29, 30, 3 , 32 ?nd 33, of ran jre 10 Toansb'p 2*. 29,30 3i, "i, snJ 33. of rongr! U Tow . hip<> 2S, 29 20, 31, 32, end 33, of rva;*e 11 T *ir'V;s '2 ?. 30, 31, 32, ard 33, cl rang-o 1* T., va?h:p.: 29 30, 31, 32, and 34, oi r?nge 14 Tu-yn hips "29, 31, and 32, of range 15 AL-'O, Th it all a d^.ii'uaicJ in the 8ami diktrict within th-f ;ioWiyg riam?'d !ow?i?hips will be re serte.1 ffou? jila. r entiy (n^t ?x^ ig pre^rap linosj 1 ? tli-i purpose abofa fpvcifii'd until 'urther ordo- J. xia: Noitu oft!., I.,rsr l\n* and fast of the fifh pir.ri]*il meridian. TownnV.ijji 2 2 ?*, an i 2.*, of rang ? 6 T< w ii.^ ij-y 2J*, 2".* and 21*. of rHns?1*? 1o*.i?hi,H 2!?, 22* 23*, 24% a J 1 '2:.*, of rnn<e 8 T wc-h i2ti, 21, 22,1^1, 21, umI 25*, of rau^e 9 TiA b h p3'20,21, 22, 2?, 21,25, and 23*, of raii^o 10 . Township? 21, 22, 23, 24 i5, 23, and 27*, of rarge 11 Town, hips 21, 22. 23, 24,25, 20, and 27*, of range 12 TownsliJpft 22, 28, 24, 25, 28*, 27*, and 23* of range 13 TnwnshijM 22, 23, 24, 25*, 2C*, 27", ani 28*, of ran?" 1S l owisblps 2'i '24*, 2 .*, if?*,27*, and 2^*, c.f ranire 15 T :,i . 2 i. -225* 10*. 27*, and 'i??, f run^e tc T wnrhipe '24*, 2;'.*. 2,>*,2I*, aud 2S*, of rm.g? 17 /?*, 25*, 20*, uud ?7*, ol ratire IS. Ail tft t >v> n hii ? miirfe^d thus * *ert? n<*lu4*d in the ori^inn) r ??f>'Vti n of 1*>51 I'reeinpti u cli:mint'< e.ititle-1 t > ary of the ab v reo'-ticri ft l.n<l - to hi? re?'.ored to in?r-otou the nm'tcvfli day r f March next on ^ett'emeut* ai r?-ady in d" t vhich rasy hereafter t?e a<de, and al o th; fecUiain< within any ot tbe town fhipf 'Hh?lr.*wn or oou in icl fo b.; reserv^l on s-t tlem d- p i:.r to the i.t" 'f tr* present wi 1 ,r.-. ti! will make prcof ai.d pay for the nam?, at tb pr-C' flvt-J by I iw, v.itbin t*' lvo m^ntb? af t i !i- data of fttnuptiiiTSftttlwiWl ?tht-r wi their cia'mf will lx: fcr.'eile.l 1' ;i t-upt*eele 1 th><t pre-Miiption claij.snts to t;in ?illntj tL?j townships t? r?t.-t <rtdto private entry ^ho.ili > ive u >t!c< t f th ir claims ?nd tie the ' ? t? witti the 1 -n 1 itan More the 69 a;]> iat rd t >: tht? re-torat!cn of :lie liu.e, to a t;. provct th?ir rln-n: fr m private entry 11 anJ t iter th*t djy. .fit re vent ^iu^h ditficulry aud d-1 iy. O'.t.'^ v d*r un- b.'trii. at the city 01" Wr.ii iiiir.'n, this s \tr lay 1 F- tirutry, Attn ftonlai 04.e thoa sati i, < i^'iit hiiiid ?d mil fi ty live. Hy ,rd:r rf !he I 1 :ij. ;.t J)i?N WILSON, C >ii;iaiS5ioaer (f 0?-n?raI Land Qfftze f??b ?law0v? IN VF-. J 0KATCSG CORDIAL A IX D1CI NX, I'Til A.L 1 11 AND UVfc ^. 1; ?1*1 ^ iJL 3? - ? 1 v> j ;?;. '.o:.?'3!;;v'asa LTi "" ' J i COitRT^U--At Pr '? i*?- pro^r .:r ito- . L- it ATI Kl IX .1 uB Oill AL *??'?? domed .ti Ac pii"i"o . a i1 ?=:"?!, ;ovll r+tl laiittc ihe ?.ni? .^lifie irr t'M ?.. lou'i ^l br t^i? d5sc-jvef?r.? liu. * itkZU r.!testt?;i by wit: eeS-w of ti e :hr-'o.a> h.i ! cliaractT, are ucw til raph ing jver <U :?cbta. INCilKDULlTY !8 v?\ SR TU"'J;t N by - i^'-e j! toL'.^arny w?i:h it y?rl9ctl? The Kuiih r-nieviiis, in all case;, tl>.e ltpl^rable eTiis tti ung iroui aiaijuse or abure A tbe raricuit orge.ns wl.i ;b c.a*e up theTond'"''iI i2?ch!neeaiie(i jiuti. It restores to fall vigor every 4> Hcate luno ti'?Ti cornerte-1 with ibat rHye'irioua compound a< ??:. y wf w*Ut ?ti i mind, n?o?-wiary to the re pro dnehot m Rl life To r-.r-- 'W uf feeble rauncu lar :rr.iia, cr t i.-ut 1 u vital power, it Is recom meui^-d ?.:< t?_?- oiiiy me lis of eornmunleating tliat eu * :ui. is t, <v; ? :-y to the pr< ^>er enjoyment ol il the l 'art' app?'.:iea, a.- weil as thi" Id/her - ?.Its brtie?-/?al etT?,"t." arenot oon flU*j ?< or tr sny a^e. Ti?? ftcMt tfirl, the liiing vi ? be UsUmp / >uth.tLe ore'v. .it ii.-.>? ot f.;j"!nea3, fhe vletiT. <>fnervals de {?:?? 1 it* u.dtvicJEi F'iBiring from general 'le bili y, or iron* *i.e weu)?n?-s-ol 1, ric^le .?,-^aa -aill h:l . . im, h^I perar.i'dc rellcT ftrn the a- ; ii ir :Jiiii " eM-;?r.r> r. To <no?e wLo htHH pi -a 1o per^lyjhi it will pirve s coinp'ete and j"failing Kategnard tt^ainrt that torrl bie malu lv. There nr? perhKp", w!?o tave so tririej with tiiiir cor.stitntioae, that thev think Uuftas Ives beyond the reach of medicine. k>t not eren th-sederpalr. The Klixlrdeu?# with d?p?aB?as it ?. ; , ?'ii j. at ref, rence to caunes, and will not only rauic-the lii?ord6rihieif. but KiBui . ra? norim comrudxioh. The iera.ugeiB'Uta of the aystaxu; to iier Venn iiseasea, tnithsforuui of nervous disease it* self, tte so numtroui" that it w^nld require a coluiun to enupjTute the T.iulaole# for which thi" prepari* ra'ion is af>-w, hc..*ever, may beenutue iftte l, rir : oearKlila, tic dolereaux, headache, incip ient paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi na' auctions, muscular debility, tremors, flatulence, a pne in? sensation in the 0<>(ih, n :mbnb?, torpid ity olth liver, mental depression, weakness of the will, inabpo .-tiou t- move, taintnese nfter exercise, broKt^a cloep h terrifying droans, inability to ra mkinin one place . position, wrakoesa of the pro* creatire otgaan, ^esuai incompetency, melanchalv, monomania. 3.lor albus, nking at the stomach, fe mjle irr?^*ilar:ti*s, a chronic tendency to miscar ria/a, emaciation, and all complaint* ^rowin/ out of a tree induU'en<^e of the passions, ard all barrenness thi?: does net pro<??ed troia organic cauaM beyond the r?ach of medicine Whenever the organs u> be aoted upon are fTea from ualformotion or strictural dueasee it is averrad that * M(?a?E'8 INVIOoHATINO Kf.IXK3 - will replac e weakntM's with strength, incapacity with sfttnenry, irregularity with uniform and uatmal ao tlvity, *nd ibis u?t only mat bout hitiard of reaction, bu'. with a h*npy effoct on tlie general or?;aniiati.-'n. *<r- ?ar in mind that ali maladies, wherever they be^in. fctuh with the Dervous system, and that the p&ra'uzation of th? nerves or niotiou an l ".ensatioii in phy."iea! death. Kmrinmind also, that for every kind 01 nervous Jisease th* Klixer Cordial is the only r-Hal.te ^repar^Hoo known CAUTIOM. Th. tnvt00a\TiN0 OoaoiaL hae l-eec cona* terfeit?-i by acme nuprincipled persons. In fatu e, all the '^euuine OaJial will hare the proprietor'- fac simile pisr*d ovtr the oork 01 each bo'ile, and th* fcl'o?in!! wcrus blown in the ^!ass t>r., H orn'i lbvlaforatlai; Cnriilfilj *>? H KINfl, Prftprlitai, W.V ?ir* The o^rlfal 16 put np bi^hly eonceutraied, in pint bjtM' ? Pn i',?J'J !!?; !wo irr i ,n- -ol I H1N?, Propriftor, '02 Bro;: New Vvrk. S;U ny D-*ne,<j??u ;^r;>m:h? a* tis" 'JniW '"tatee, Oaos's-. ,r' ? ''o-i lrtdies. .V.DNTl . ? i ? Z. 1> i"lllV4>. QalturJoro?8. h. HANv.''. Ricl:m&r!?!?M^aKXTr "i B?r I EXPJECiED N?W YKAE PRH6E5 'S. OK all the b.*au^hP8 of bueine-s oonduct-'d in this city. Wi o-rw, perhaps, of ail others afford the uualtcet pr. Sta, un l should h*/e the pr-fmeace lor eiiSh. a'td no or.e in ibat bus nuss e,?a continue if his cu'tonirH i,re urt promp'. in settleuiei.'. by rhort notes cr c iah. De. irous 01 eloeiug up for the past, 1 ? jnMHtly reques; all who are indebted to cell a?.d ?nttle wi boat delay. , 1 will tartLer give n>^e t'uat all fj*ure bills whkh may be ccntmote.r with m? must b.< ln^de wi'h ter P n?!e to, uuu with tbe diamine: understund in; that 'h y are to be cloned inortb'y, by eaf h or n at ^iU days, whirh I have prepared for the pur pose, <?Tf-pt f ueh of ray old customera who I14V- 1 ways l?#n prompt. Z M .P. i?l:4>J. d jC 27??? TATIIAN'!* MNR OV t will le?ve Ate* hmUm at 4, T\, i m, I'X and .ij| p m. Will ifsve Washington at 6,11, and 12 a ui., 3* and 7 p m. tSeais can Ik; secured at the Ofllee, Fairfax at., and NewtutiV Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Begar Store nn-i Kirkwood House. 1 Thin Line rum regularly winter arid tttrnmrr ft* the accommodation ot the Public. Paiseneer* called tor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For tfie first trip np and last trip down, 50 cent* ; all omer regular tri^m 25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK, jan S?tf * CROMWELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEVV YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, ?ESdBS WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to B iltimore and Balumore to Boston. This line affords nnequalled facilities to the brn-i ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents al either point will receive freight and five a through Will of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications fur freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. (!. HALL, 5H Exchange Pl*ce, Baltimore. II. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington ami Albany sts., N. Y> JNO. W. SCHANE, j;tn 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Bo?ton. FOR TIuTw EST AND SOUTU. HALT! MURE AN if OHIO KAIIiROAD Mi PROVED AKRAN^KMkNTS FOR TiAVKL! IMPORTANT LHANGUS OFSCHEDV1M! I completion the ?-ril Oentral Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Columbus. uniting as it doss, by k> short and direct a lins, tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (anl North and Southwest,) gives this r:ute greatly increased a Wantages to through travelers In tbat direction On and if er MONDAY, November 27, ISM. the trains ?wiV be run as follow*: FOR THROUGH PA83KNOKR8. Two fast trains dsilv wil' tun In each d'reetion First?The MAIL TRAIN. leaving Camden Static at 7 a. m , instead of 8 . 'clock as heretofore, (except on Sunday.) and a^lvlng *t u heeling at 2 40 a. m fr cond?The KXPRK8S.TRAIN, leaving at 5p m , instead ot at 7 p. n?., as heretofore, and running through to Wheeling in about 17 hcurs, reaching there at 10 25 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, Sykesvllle, Monocaey, Harper's F-'rry, Martinsbnrg, "ir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Kowle"bur?. N-wburg, Fettermsn, Farm tagtan, Cameron and Moundsrl'l* only, for wocl and water atfd tceals. Both these trains make prompt snd regular conncction wi h th? c*rs ot tbe Ce:itr?' Ohio Roai for Cambridg ?, Zin-sviile, New ark, Oolutn'iu", Cincinnati, Louisville', Psyton, H.-ndusky, Toleli, Letr-it. Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis,etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Train; will resc Cincinnati far dinner next day, while by ths KxprerS Train they arr've there at 12 tbe next night, being kept but one night on the route by eith-r train Passsngsrs for the Northwest via Cleveland and a1) intermediate poiufa can make a direct connec tion with 'he traiun upon th? C'eveland and Pitts burr Railrord at all times whei the Ohio is naviga ble for steamers b?*twe'n Wlveling acd Wwllsvllle, by leaving Baltimore in ill** Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Trains li/ave Wheeling as follews; The EXPRfSS TKWN at 4 30 p m., reaching Pal ti'aore atP.5G a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 f. m reaching Baltimore at 7 p ra 4?*,Thr.?u ;h tickets by beat from Wheeling for Ci"sciinati, Mtdism. Louisville, St. Lruis and other Rirer Cities, ? i'l be sold at a 1 times when thes'age of water will adzni*. Thr-ugh tickets Letaeen Baltimore and W&snington, and all the important cities and towns in the West, are sold at ths ficle*. OMf* of the Cviupeny. FOR WAY PA8SKN1ER3 TUB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden i?tatioi w-ill take passengers f..r aUtbe usual stopping place-" on the Road Re'uruing, <his train leavos Wheeling at 11.45 mi l night. Cumberland at 10.15 a. m., ani arrives i?t Baltimore at 7 p. m. TIIK PR^DK^lCtt ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick snd ii>t*rmedi*te places, will s'.art at 4 p. m, daily (escp' ?un?avt) ar.iv'ng in Freder ' ici st 7.40 Re'nrning will leave Frederick at 9 a. m , a-rivi'ig at Baltimore at 12 30. noon j THE RLLIC)!T'S MILLS ACCOMMODATION ?M b;? run dtjly, (:-xo-pt Sunda>s.) as follows: ! I.4avv Csjnd-n EUtif u at 6 a m. and 3 p. m. I Leare EH'cott'a Mil's at 7.33 a. ni and C^0 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN A8 FOLLOWS: I BAY'S daily, except fi-nday, at 6 and a. m. j ard S and 5 p in. On Suuisy at 6 a m a:i!l 5 pm. T. are Baitia r? at 4^ aui Dam; and S and 8 y m. | On Sunday r.t i}{-% :n tnJ 5 ;> m. Ths Connecticut with Baltimore A Ohio ILdlroad 1 fo?- the W?'8t are Ly lea?ieg at 8 a ia aud 3 1 r a. For Philadelphia '-ad Nei York at 6, aud Q',4 ? m 6 }' m. For Aunapolls at t. m aud 5 p is. For Nomdk ut A p ci. T. n. PABWNS, Agent Furticu ar attention is ciilled to the lluie retjui^ ing a responsible v?uchrr for any pereon of color who m v wi-h to pi^:s ov r the road. drc 13?.itf i 0KANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. j On and after Tuesday, b'ou. 7, 185^ Cars 'Have Alexandria daily for QorJccfr , i villa and int?'-m?diiite ta'.ions at 7 ^ o"cl?<ik, a. or., or. the arrive! ot the boat from Washington, ' givli.z amp'e timo- for bre^kfafit on board. I'on ; neciinu' at Mana*>a^ Junut:?u with a train for 8tras I bur^. at Warrenlon Ju <-iiou wi^ a train for W*r r<?nton, and at Gordcusvill" with the trains on the Yhviria Central Raitroal for Richmond, Charlottes ville, and Staunton The fc?rs icave Oordcr.sril'.e d.iily for Alexandria and iut.?rriediata ntetions, at before 12. a. mon the arrival of tbe trains o' the Virginia Central rail teal from Richmond, Charlottesville, aud Staunton THROUGH TlCUKTS. i'roui Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 u " Gor^onsville............. 3 50 u " Charlottesville 4 'Xb 44 " Staunton 5 90 " " Strasburg :i 50 * ? i.yncbburg...s 8 75 " ? Win h?ster - 3 50 44 " I.uray 4 25 u 44 NVw Market 5 00 ?? ** Middleburg 2 25 For Lynchburg, connecting with the stages at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri davs For Luray and New Market, connecting with th# s ages at CuJpeper, ou Juesdays,Thursdays, and Sat urday For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Mlddioburg daily, connccting with the stages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BR00KKTT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Par^round trip $1; from Alex andria 75 cents?Tw THOMAS OOI.LTKR leaves , Wauhingtou at 9 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for tbe boat at o'clk. Coach fore '0 5entc. Person? wishing the Coaches will leavs their resi dence with Qeo. A Thos. Parker Refreshments on the boa'. oct 28?dtf SAM'L OKDN?Y. Capt Til K MEW VOIIK A L1V KKPOOL UNITED S TA TES MAIL STEAMERS. rrUK SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINI ARB 1 TUK? ATI.A VTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Comstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. Thsbips have been built by contract, expr?sf* ly for Government service; every care has been takeu iu thmr con-tracllon, an In the Engines to iti.-ui* !;tr?ngth aud cpred, iud their acocmmoda tions to- pasaengTs are unequa'.led for ?>ganc? and oomTort. Pri e of passage fr< ? NVw York to Liverp'ol, in firsicaliiu $l'J0 I Second Cabin 70 Kxcluidve use of extra size state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York JP0 and ?20. An : x:-eririic<*A turgeon attached to each ? hip. No berth can be e-cured until paid for. F-nr freight or parage apply to fcDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 66 Wall street, Ne v York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, LiverpooL K. C. ROBERTS A CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROM A CO, 26 Rue Notre Dame deg Tiftoires, Paris. GEO II. DRAPER, Havre. Tbe owners of 'he?e ships will not be accountable for gold, slivf r, bullion, Fp?cie, jewelry, precious stones or met.-ls, naleu bills ef lading are signed thsref anl ibc valun thereof th?rein expressed, nev 16?dly FlPER MOISTE\Kit.?A New Inve,?,OB fo, moisu;iiin? the leaves of a Copying Book, Post age Mani[?s, Lnvelopw, and luoitton the fingers when counting bank bills. Also. u?eful lor various oilier pui poses. It will be lound an in<li-pensib!e article for evere dewk. It in perf. ctly sufiple and cheap nnd must come into general us?. TAYLOR St MAI'RY, jan 10 v A^i nts for Washington. mtiwi irnmnrc. ?iciakp a. awrra mmmmma ?. tun. SI D? ??1TB 4A CO . Msnafactorsra u< r , DmUn la ALCOHOL, CAMPHPNB, ITH ? AL OIL. *e No. 34 ft. CALTBRT STMBT, or fodt* Water street. BAkTIMORB. M4 - ?t g?ly | It DIAM DOCTOB. B. e 6PCNCKK Ohnhb Pr*fc??o?al w Um to tfe? d?<s*at ?f Bab b*ore. -'I mb ears all kind* ofOaneea?t*k?t eat iritboat pain, or ths ase of aay ka'% I ?u Is of Fits aad gpuai, IhMuaatle I'Hh cnW ill kind* 0. ? ?? ? ? r i ? ? O^nnmptfcm, DrtW, Dy^?|?to, Pilot, Palsy, _ any ether allmsat the homan taaiily ?" subject to, He oaa atop Blooding from tbo Lvngs or Row. an* lWnw twm tbo pattest, by kaowiag tbo rotlootS dusk I vai bora Vlnd,Hr4 baa rtodled several year* under aa Indian Doctor *b? ww* aaooi the wild Indian- thirteen tmrr. DR. UPBNCKR ha> r*?o?a4 from Mr. Bwk'lj'i Botrd'Hf House, to *o. M, HANOVER STRKftT, tnr 11 K _ p?'Htrr?f. OODQHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, KtlUf la FIt? Nlaatti> TTLEM 3 COMPOCXD GTM ARABIC STRUr rJMI K increasing demand for this moot p Vacant, I safe, and efltea-ious remedy tor all p<tli?onary dietasee, has ?nable-t the yr*~ ? rlsior U? reduoe the print so as to piano It within th.- rraoL 01 al' dtsnee Ita eaperii ritj o?? moat sun I la' preparations it at teetad hy many eminent i bysician? whe have :?een ??a vtttM*see ot it* efBcarry when the usual reme die* have failed; alao br thca-aod of oar mnat r? spectabte eitisens who kave ua*d it In ?beir "ataiHe* both as preventive and care with sever failing aac rmm f?r tbo laet twenty year*. during which period With very llttla aid from advertising. Ac , it ha ^rtdually pprsad reputaicn ever the whole Unicn Vacant Oidt Coufht, ll?artr'*st, <?r . It fi*es immediate relief. a? d gen rally cores in a da; or two, without interfering with diat or business Of rendering tha system mora soeoeptlbJe ct O-ida, in chronle eusea, JtOuna, Whoop ng Ccugh. Onntp, BromMtm, Affections of the Lttmgt, and Centum? Hon, it is always vt-ry b neflolsl an J seldom fai'a when commenced in time to perfect a ear*. Price ii> and GO cents a hottla. t*old wholesale by PaUaraoo A Na'rn. Htott A Co. Riicoty A Oo. Atoxaadrla by I'aal A 8tcifu Ia Oaortfotoan by Mr. Oiaaai 49" TTLEfCS GUM A RABIC CJITTDTDROPX m similar minooaition to tha aV<Te, bat ia a milder aal roar'- i>ortab!e forr ; they act like a rbuta on a tmablaaona (Viagh, and dear the throat ?ao ro'oa; they contain no injurious drug art- particu larly rr?rtnmande<l for children, fraqceulerii t f pa^> lie aasembliaa, ),ublic tpcak'-ra aingrra, Ac PrW anJ ?y rente par box. Fr.r ??ia at u?oet I>rug an<i *'andy Btorea. oet I??tf I SOMETHING NEW. OPPOeiTK T11K MARKKT ON PKNNSYLVA NIA AVKN'UIC 4 <lo->ra h*hw Ninth rtraet la a NBW CLOTHING 8TO IE for M^n ami Boya. open-i-i thi< day. UrPKKK. -n?? of the oheap^at Olc tLinif Mtrchama in tha Nor h haa determino>: to offer to th>* ' Uit^n* of Wai^hiiitftoa and ritiiilty, hie esoelleut CWUiug the luw<Mt Scrttiar ; (>rk?a tot caah only. lh< re th^ roou MAN will flod juat etich a Clothinx Sto.e a- fca< I-a< borb wanted iu W'Kflbingt^n. Ilia laottn in (heap toi ca-^h, and (-w* rntct omr. - A good xuhetantial w<oilen coat he will t-e'l fm %'i 75; and heavy winter pauta, w>-|l tined li>r |1 U.V an-1 flee coat*, an<l T-?.ta, in )ir<>portiou Oood w?*>I and o-iMoo under hirbi. li ?iery, ijlorea Ac., chear er ?h ?n HaAafMl. n? v It?tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OK all rites an J qualny, V enoh or G'-rman plate Kaccy or plain Portrait and P;ctura ViaiD'H, Gilt or Paiiry ?'?ilorwd. Al'o, Gilt Room Moulding, Marl l? t??p !'.. aj^i* an 1 '.ablea. Comic** nnule f? or.ler. Alae, all k:uda of old ?ork tr^i! Jr.! with iia^tch and on rt aaooable t rmn by J W AON BR, '455 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkt,t?,.i ll*aaa. lee 2d?tf_ T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY, 47 T Ki^hth st, acjj ining haiuey'g Lirery St?b>a OWING to the in,%naa-d tr?d- whi.;h a ^.ena-cu* publl- ba? lie.?tf>w??l u;r>u m?,t have l>? n e<.m pelit-d to errci a d< ? ar.l lar/er buil'iug lor the c rrying on of mv h tetuesa. It re ' s^aII b? en abled to .-xerute all cnl*1* aiitriHteJ t" u?- trift. jrienti r ;*r litie-t and dispa oli. and i w< aid I???,.? ct rufcy solicit a coat'uiHure o.* th * fuhli 'a i>at ca,j<* Catri>-g?a an i W- graft, ot th? moet inol'rn sty e, bailt ot ibe buni ju usr fcli, ?od wai ranted to <-ive aauafaction. >-rpairaol every l-ccr.p'.ii.n pur.r'uilly attended to. 1 Kot *ile, cheap, a second-haul Clarenre Catr:are, | ne?.r:v nrtw ? <ec-Jrt ?tt PIANOS!?PIANOS7~ WK br? leave tu call the atteution ?.(' the pul?!i< to itur Ktock of I'laiiim u>.w oil haiidfcoiisL^t|tig ol t-iip- rh tinishe J GV^aiid 6 i?vtave ro-cwood ca^e in Mtrniacnbi from th<- world mKMrnetl maniifiu'tories of II llet, IlavN A Co., ttoelon, and Kn ile . Gaehle Si Co., Italtimore, ciMnpriung in all the largest, iu ?st reliable and adept as-sorUnent ever o4r*c4iatlna oty. Cover*, fcc. t>ld 1'ianna taken in exchange. We will make reaaonahle di<rounta for caalt, or sell on lime. JOHN K. HLLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth mrn t. jan J1 ? THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR Tilt. CUMMMKT Vh-Vi. rpilK list is now open, and every ^uhvcriber ol 1. jjj.50 will he out tied i0 ? I. An impresfiioM of n IMate, bv J. T. Williimre, A. U. A.,from the origirtrvl pieture by J. J. Cha In, B. A., " A Mfab r I'ariv " II. A Volume containirig thirty Wc^td Engravings illustrating subject* Iroiu l.iird Uyron'a l'<H-m ol'"Chllde lln.-oldc.'1 And III. T\r c|iwrc of oliUitning one af the prizes to tie allotted %t the gcnerii meeting in April, which will Include? Tl?e r glit to select for himself a valuable work ol an from one of the pablic exhibition*. SntutN-s in bronze of her .Majesty on IhirsclMck, by T. TBor neycroft. Copies in bronze, fn>tu i?n orieinnl M<hIcI in relief hy R. Jefferson, of ?* The Entry ol the I Mike of Wellington into .Madrid Statuttea in porcelain or parian. Pmof Impressions ot"a large Lithograph, by'P. II. Maguire, alter the original picture by W P. Frith, R. A., '? Tlie TUrtf B< ws," liom Mo liert-'a It nirgeois (*entilliouiuie.M Honorary Secretaries for Washington. Messrs. TAYLOR A MAURY, Bookseller.. jan i)4 FOR POOR AND LABORIN(i MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 t?*t er nor<, in ?ark>si> parte ot the City, M.J Qeo getown, a> low prices, and terms to auit LLOYI) A 00. BUILDING STOP! K ( For sale, deliverable at the (!^ual, or Wharvae Ir Waehlngton, Georgetown, or Alexstiiiia. LLOYD A CO. !Bth afreet, opp. Traaeurj D-vartmeot, Jy w-iv INo. atw j NOTICE <iF THE DISCONTINUANCE Of Ike lrmUed Stain land ojf'ue ot JejfimQiiiille, I "in ? ruuet und H'iaiitauc, It^iiaau. TTNDER the provision* of the second section ol U the act ol Congress, approved June 18, 1840. Which declare* '-gat be never tlie quantity ot pub lie lands remainjjMftfcdd in any land disuict ?ball be reduced to a ABFof acres less than one hun dred tliousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to di coutmue the laud office for such district; and if any land in auy such dtstnet shall remain unsold fct the ti*u' ol the discontinuance of a Und oBk-e, the same shall be subject to salt: at aouie one of the existing land of ficea moat convenient to the district in wbidi the laud office shall have been di?<-ontinued, of which tlJe Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;" and inasmuch Mike 7th wctHm ol the act approved 4th Sept<mUer, tHil, authorize* t|ie Secret ry of the Treasury to co-tuuue auy land district iu which la aituated tin- seat of government if auy one ol liar States, iKitwiUistaiidini; the quantity ol land uus^dd in such district may not amount to more than oue hundred thousand acres, when in lua opinion audi continuance may b<^ei|Uired by public convenience or in order to ctiwe Hie land ajatem in a?ich Btate at a convenient point under the provisions of the *ct on thai subject approval June P2, H^i), anJ ma* tnurk at the duty above required 4ec? JuvUttJ ujion tke Se<retury of the fill trior Ly "the art to et taldi\h the Home Depuihumt,'' approved 3.1 March, 1049: Notice is accordingly hereby given tbat, in view of reports from llie Ian 1 officer* at JsmtaaoN vili.e, Viicirri, ami WiitAX\c', that the vacant land in each Qf said districts ia reduced below one hundred thousand acres, the Secretary of the Interior, with the ujijnohation of the Pretulrnt. has directed that the laud offices at Je?/ersonvim.k, N'iscraaKs ami Winamac; in the Stat" of Indiana, b<- diaoontinued, and the Ian la remaining nn*old at the tune of the discontinuance be made subjeet to jwlc at the land office at IxniAMAroLta, the seat of governm?-ut ul said State. Lands remaining jumold, and tmppropnated by law, and subject to pr vate entry witluu the limits of the dietriats now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry aa heretofore at llmse offices, from the date of the fecelpt of thi* notice by the rcg *ters and roceivera thereof, and the land officers at I ant am a will give |iuMic notice ot the day on L which they will be |?rw|Mred to receive ap|>licauoiis ' for entries of any tueli lands at their office. JOHN ?. II.StiN. Commissioner General Land office. JamdaIV US, 1856. jan 90? itawCw IVY WALTZ. COMPOSRM and dedicated to Mias M. J. Tabla , by I'lol. A. P. Little, just unldisbed and hw sal* 10? ""-bus i urrza Prtct 12* cents. & q [wnuroipww iimiiTimtwwbj BWIDEK8 Win ?8 . AT PHILADELPHIA. OBI W* ??IDEM, Daatar to VIm. at the _ Ibrmer oM wtitihlii Mm 1m ^TijCOM sjrwjUL A., iv*. :? v?mt itrMt, * law Poarffc ?m<, wbm mmmi wtM _ with WTtfKfwmA LIQUOMAtm IbiMti J JACOB BHD! <4 FOMLMfGM ant Philadelphia ?4m far the tpeetal 1 TtfioM bOWM la Baropa, IB a ataxia de Ban taiopvtrtt; ikitoM ^B^JOHTf ? AUG HA* SNIDER, fee V All Wlnee ordered tat ? aat>ta*U>j will to Co ?*?atnd bj Rxprw?/ew & frmfkl y* %?lj DOC TO B TOlEIBLr. TQK POOUT J6SGULAP1U8: oft, imi onb his own pwteicub. Om hundred eho wing Dtwa ? . 141 knuttoM of ? <? ~? la ever ? 41 t*a lUvkkLliaMili TimHi MOW Oa-eaee of female* f&reftkehWb ? aet I- p- TluVNf m*rrkl peorle, or ItnM aii*a PLkt!u# BtrrUf*. By WV YOUNU, M. D. Ut M (klhtt U to B"teat ? (?H ?? Uk? - B8C0LAP1U. to hie chIM \ ? it MT ?w Ma tr obi m wit grave. Los m youc km or vonu win ia to the Mortt (bliftbou of Mrrlol 1 ft ?Mkm reading tbt POCClT JMCTTLAPIUH Ut ae an? tnfferiaf from a hacknied Cough, Palo la the rettleag Bights, aerroas flsattngt. tad tha tW# tnii of Pyrpeptte aenaattaaa, aad gi vea ay by their phy tWw. to another r>oB?-ot, without cu*ulting th? SNtLAfrUB. Btrt th? atfritl, or thooe ebou to be married any Impediment, read .ui* traly aee fui book, aa It kaa boon the m< aaa at tav'.ag then* ani cf aifortutla iratttra ft om the eery Jan *f death. BVAbt peraoa eeadlax TWElfT tf-IlVB CBNTS eacloeed la a letter, ?Ui noatn oaa copy of thl. work by mall, or Art eeptas will to ami for Oat Dc tar. ' Urtaa, (pott paid) DR. Wk. TOUHQ, Ho. IftX Bpraoa ttrt U Philadelphia V ???ly AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LST TUB iICK Hk?l TMI T?tmi. rrntm vviien ver known bit teen ni >ny tiU be cuudwuv. But I eel Ito' tfho ?1<> ????I liuow ti??r Captain thould be eceptical. l?r. I?aw f .n &. Km., With others e?t he heel known and m?vi liichtv re~pectahle cititen* of K*?l"ii, i-tdiim wonderful cure by Hampton's vegetable tincture. Kttrnil, IM. 4, 1H54 Nf *trt Mortimer 4" Moirfrraj, ? Ontiean*?I f?fl it toy ?l"ty ?*? P* ?ad the pah lie t" certify to the effects of Hampton'a \rpuW? Tincture. I wa* tor won- than five veara Imwhij under a dir-ea*- ?M~ Chronic Uheumatiani. and llie gre ?t part of tliat time I wa* *n b'-lple?i Ibat I bad to lr lielpfil fr<Hii Biy Ih-4 and dr?"!?ed in ihv ?? I reduced to a mere *kHeiot?. All tbe in?*ii icinct I to. k done me no pwd, and I cuat?nue?l t.< npuv wor*o- I h^ar.l of H:nn[4*?n * Tiftctur** # Thourbt I would give it a trial. At tliw tiia*. I dm not ct|iect to liv*' one day aticr amrtb?-r. I did not take it itli?' Tincture) for tbe |(ln'titnati<'ai. but n? j a ?noit time I wa* well ? f dif a**- Pr?mi tli< . fi.-,-t? of your 1 incture and the hei|t ot t?"d I ??* u< w Kctting in jninl health. I wi-h all t?ie :iftlict?*d to try Hampton V \ cf^ti^ Tincture, 3t? I have d ?i e, wttb the ?.aio? effect Uu?t it liax on Voar id?r.iient servant, laaar Bk^ijamih. iVe. are a? qa unt'-d with l:aac B<'njamin ; *oW Mm -ome of llMap?MiV Vrgcubie Tincture, and be deve the ?bove Htalemi'lit tuffft. Dawwon ft Bao. Kjoni our knowledge or Captain Benjamin we ar. i roiiidcnt that the al>ove statement i? true and ur. r) iterated. J- JoHllaOa. Cttiiu> Koamtoxi. 1 11 and set pamphlet* ftatln. and m-* cure* ot Couph, BiunHiitw, Klieuin:iti-m, N'euralria, IK# pe| ^ia, W111 miaai im ami (?eiu ril Weakne"ii. A? a t)'in:il?- nie<licia? tor delicate < Itildren wr believe II iiHctiualh d. .^..IJ by MOUTIMKK S. MoWTBttAY, 14t? (felt. more str?H?t, Baltimore; ami JIM Broadwav. N. York ('Hii. Srorr k Co., i. B. Moork, U. B. ( i tim. Cuttt k lltwuxo, VY. 1, ami II. McPusa son, Wanhuifftoii; alto, by K. S. F. ( it>ti , Ueorre tuun, and C. C. IIcrrv, Aletaudrta, and by Drug cverywhe e. Jan f?ir n iPTtUHJ SPANISH MIXTURE. Tlia Graat Pvrlflcr or tha Blao?l I Sot a F?rtiel?of Mercury It It! An T*2k<LUHL? Rsmkct for Scrofula, Klog*a Pril, Rhea Jiat.s n. OSitinU Cutaneoot Krupii >m>, ' I' u>l?< or Pti*u!? on thr f<*ce, BIoUsKm, Koll?. 1 'roui: ?*>re m-o, -ling Worm <r Tattrr, Sc?P) ;? at, KritTgtMMt t?nd Pain of the Uonaaaaff JninU, 8tabi?-in lM<*r?, S/;hititic Ih^r<Urx l.anba^o Spinal C mpla4ata, an 1 all tW dlMw-a nMif from au iojudtcfoua uaaof Maanary, Ita f t a l iif? in I ife. or Impurity ot tb? Blood. 1M1H ralaaM* M dlttaa, which hat torotoa t*lm 'jritfd for th" numtor of extraordinary eurea. I fit ??t'l 'hri/OKh itaafeaey, ha< induce J tt proprl fu - st tbt urg nt requett of th*ir to otf<r It t. Uid pubUr, vL'ch they do with tb? uiiu.?t Oob tilt oc? in ita \irfu*? and wonderful curative prop wti t TI-? f l'owing otrtlfl-atea, from aV Uit.e cctulvr, ?re, however, anon(j-r t^dmonv ^ tl an the la ?r? w jvd of tbe proprietor* ; aud are at; | fto a tftuMenitm wot I known la th- ir loco'iiiee, ani - ot the hightt rMporlability, many ol in-ta roHSlti-e in the city f R-eumord, Yn. >' dOYU^N, of the Rxchangt Hotel, ftich nit: d, kno?n ev#rvwb#re aaytha ha?aeea ?he Med< Hue ra'lud CAfc..a'h ? i ixuh MixTuaa,adimuiat?re>l i't -ror a haudrtd Jtftea, in nearlr all the dlaa*ne? fcr .Mchit U r?-c-?u ineuied, with the icott aetou iebi gly g>^>J re*ulta He tayt It it the m<-?t ex tra ? r i uuy tueuidoe be haa ever atan. AilUit ARB fKVBft?ORKAT CDQli.-I hereby | Cttrtily that lu: thiae year# 1 hal ^gue aud kever of tk.? U4"?-t at daerriatiou. I hvl teveral Pbr Mentis, t<vk luiji ^uuntltiea of Quinlat, Mercury, au?l I >1 rva all tha Tcaict advertised, but all with oul .?c.-Uiiafn relief. At laat I tried Carter** HpA.rikh MixtU'e, two bottlee of Wtocu ?9r<tnal|y cu' ?t l nt. and 1 aiu happy to aay I have had n?itl>or I chit it or fcrera Jiuoe. I consider U the boat Toul. ia tain aorll, aud the cniy at edit, n- that ?*?* reached my oa?r JOHN LuNUDBM. l<k*7ZR DiTCU, near Richmond, Va. C. n troa, k^j., now In the city af Richmond - aaa for many yeare la the Pott OBct, hat tucb eontJrtoe in the a^tonlahlng ef&aacy of Carlerli Spvnith Mixture, that he baa bought upward* ot be bottlea, which ha haa given away to the tffl>ctel.? Mr Luck aaya he haa never knswn it to fail wben Ui<'3 aovordic^; to directions. Dr. MINQB, a fractiaiag Tbyaldaa, and formerly ( f Lhi City Hotel, in the city cf Richmond, aayt l> li??* ituea-? d ia a numb>r of inetnaoea tbe eflecUi ? - t!ar er'j ^paalth Mixture, which ware moat trnU curprlalcj;. He r.*ys ia a aaa<* uf Ooatutaptlon, de l<n I nt on the l.i\er, the ^>od effecte were von i>riu! indeed. S^vtUhL M. DRINK Kli, ol the firm ol Drinker A fdev-v, Richmond, waa cured rared ot Uver Coin piaiLt of three * eara alanaing, by the uae of tw< U of Cart?'? S;^aai.-h Mixture. ai'.KkTOUUit OP HCROkULA ?The Kditor* of thr Itichmond Re^ubliraa h da a vant employ**! In tUr preaa room, eur?d of vk>Wnt Scrofula. ooru b noi with Kheumatiam, which entirely dlaoVied bim from work. Two bottlea cf Cartwr * B^aniato Mixture made a perfect ewt of him, and the kdt tor* in a publi? notice, i.a\ tliey '?cheerf'jllv m>in 1 I# In mil wV.% - ? tl 1 ?/ * , tueui It to all who ar? afBicied with any dieeate ot the blood ? . STILL ASOTHhR CURH Of BOROPVTLA ? I Iv r a voiy valuable boy sured of Scrofula by Cartet Hpaiil-b Mixture. 1 c a.-ider it. truly a ValuaU medicine. JAMKri M. TAVl^S, Condutior on lb ft. P. an 1 P It. K. Co , lUohm >nd, Ta ?ALT KliLUM Ot TVa.NTY YKARS &TAN1>1X4 00 aO Mr. JOHN TUOMPHON, raaldia* la the city ot Richmond, was curei by three bottlea of Oai-terN Ppaniah Uixtara, ?f Salt liheum, which he had lor a?a: ly taaaty vtart ani which all the phyalcian* of the a^f aaald not cure Mr. Thrmpeou ia a wel! katta xatahaat in the city of Uiwhmoudt and hU b motft * farkable. WM. A MATTHEWS, of Rioh?at>d had a ?rv?tt eared af ^Ti-hi-it, In tha wo ret fenn, by Carter't fpauieh mixture. U? tw>a he eh^rfully roonm m< nda it, and Ooamdart it a vary invaluable metl ctoa HDWIN BURTON, ooudiMontt ot the revenue, I eays b? haa neen the for<d effect* of Carter'* rpaabih Mixta;e la a number of SyphWtic caaea, and aayt it it a perfect ?-ure fcr that bornbie di WM WM. ?. llAkWO >b, ?: Richmond. - ared (f old 8or?aaaA Uleara, wh eh diaabledhla f.-m walking. T?r k ahw bottlae of Carter't Spaniah Mixture, and wm *aaM?d to walk without a evauk, la a tkxt tin t permaoen'ly earad. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE k Co? Ko ?8 Mailan lane. Mew York. T. W DYOTT * SONS, No. 181 North SeeonJ tt., PhUadrlpbia j BENNETT A BEKftS, No. 12& Main atraet. Rich ?Old, Va. And for ante by CH AMLBB 8T0TT. Waahlngton, D. C; II EN kY PRE I, Alexandria, and by Draggltte everywhere. Vri<-? fi per bottle, or aix bottlae far |X MP 21?ly PHNRHYN AND IRON MANTBL?? May be aarr ^ a beautiful aaa rtiaeut of tlnee rb ap and du rahle article*, at theoora*rof Peni?tvlva?ia av>*na< and Teath atraet, over tha WaaOingtou Saviagi ? 1 Daok ^ ^ ftALPli MASE.INC, j

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