Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1855 Page 1
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T THK KVKNLMS 8TAK BLlS^tD EVERT ArTtRNOOW, (?unrt tHWDAi,) At tk4 Stmr r?iuuil9*H\m ?w/.. t ?N.i &/#*-??/A JlT **t, 9 y to,i,Ain * norm, Wir ??* w. a?it>acr;k"T? to tH- c?tt*? Ha?b O- o*j-??-??? j,, Alrtafldrta. CaKnnorr *oJ Pt.^ ^p?i\ %t rtll AND 4 QUAHtll UMTS, p?j* M? w<***ly to Uie Affiita. To mJI MbacriWa ih price Is +HRD DOLLAF8 AMD FIFTY CENTS a jraw to TWO DOL LARS for BIX ?ONTH8, and ONE DOLLAR tor THRU ROKTilfl. corm oh VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1855. NO. 663. *??hi ia < ? wiaM"* CM kr ? -to* HMK^taM) Wtrr i*r Mr at lb? ?*Frf- n'M-ftei otrr*. fo?rt*rr?a* an ?,a fc# a?ow? a dHMMm ?i iw? ?<; pr-r i UNDERTAKERS, te. CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER. mil ?9<*mlgaad woald rarpeettlly inform hv 1 (Head*. Migwpt and the Mb generally ?**? t? ?Ot) rrtirii to ekMtate ail order*In b." l.itMI hMki li thl b?lMB9?tnl It th?s!n?rt IPAIRIffO nntlj to4yrtafttl;<xrptt4 fOlCEALt ?ttiD?1^ to at to ehorteat notlm. acd to the beat' to Lht mutter fed Mr, swsa m (V w"n m >d ***dAir. ?a?akfHlfor p**t furor*, be would mpeatfclly ?otWt,-ttd wPl ?gdnTnr to writ ? mbUsmbw of ANTHONY BOCHJjT, . i. ?!de, between Ki acd19th iti. Mr. Marin's, No. 8M, D ?ta?< t Ird boas* >Mt o1 7th ?? 1T?-ly UNDERTAKER. J WOULD mtntfill; ntora my thubtn ttn iof Washington ac-I its vl-intty for thoi? fait patronage, and my that owing to the freq nent Ml Li in the Unisrtaidng branch of 197 bnsir.aro, I have Van totaled to discontinue the macufbctrre of Pernltar*. an 1 tarn my atUnt*oo fully to the UNDIRTAK1N0. I bar* ?par?d bo pales to baro own thing tbat la requiaite to ay baainoaa, ixi I ua taerefore filly pr-?pared to meet any crder aflat % few moment* n"tir?, and I acure thoee who may ^ae a sail that I will spare bo pains to earn n?* order* to khdr entire Mtuhotioi. JAMB F. HARV1Y, Ho. 410. Tth at, between Q and H. I. ?-?OaH 1 attended to at all koan of the aigbi mu%-\y Commissioner of deeds for Wow Trrk, Texas, California, Iff* Jerwev, Louisiana, Mieeosri, 9fwmy\rtn\\, Alab-.ran., Kentucky, Harytor.d, inV% Michigan, Maine, tacnnna, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other Stalest eiOBOS C THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND ROTARY PUBLIC, Washington Plot*, n*<tr Odd- Fd'otmi' Hmil, gXVBNTH ST R Err, Waaarwroii. D-^O. ??? ?? -1* r. H. DAVTDGE, AUoraiy and Co?ai?llor-at*LaV| a?r? COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR THI 8TATS9 OV Tlrriala New York Maiao Kentucky, Mow Jereer Illinois LoaMana. Mieeiae* :pi Ooonectfcnt Maorftehseotta Maryland PencsylTania Florida 1 inne*aee Alabama Iowa ? aotfia California 8 Carolina A*, ti Oonerra^Irjr in el! iff braneboo promptly an J tidy executed. Clio*. Lonwaaa av*noe, 'pp. Fifth street, oct Id?dly PROF. SCBOJigSB&flG, T1ACHSR AND TRANSLATOR OF lodirn Laagaafti And LiUratara, wo 357 rumnTA?ii atkmva. oct 23?tf R. h. gillet, Caiaiallor at Law, OflW ani rKii-leif* in franklin Row, wnir 0.' K ani TWrt??itl* ?tn??t /?*? 3S?dlv ~Mm. 9CHONENBERG, Ttackar of Ptaao and BinffinK, no. 1ST rsassTLTaifu atejiuu. ?rt t?? tf WM. M. MIKRlCK, Attorney at L. a w , WO. 38 LOG-HI A 54 ATXXC*. Will ptaatio* th the tfopreme i'-ourt of the United Btatee and the Coarta of the b^crict of Colombia dee M -otf IJVKNIMU IN LAN<iUA?K?? PROP. 3 8C HON !'?' B K RG wiii wwan^ reriewing etaaoo* to Ui?i?m or. M??'>.iy*80th O^tobsr, at hh ra^denoe, 2S7 PemxsjlTaai* areaae ort TX?tf Private Medical Treatiee 0* TRB FRYSIOLOOIOiL YI?W Of MARR1IQB, BT W B. I.AiROIX, ?. D? ALBANY, X Y. 1*0 Pafea and 130 Plain and Oi?T? 1 Litho graph* and Hlatee tW Prtea oaly il Casta. *%iB 4^fr?nt cf postage to all parta of the Dniou'^V COIAPB'T POOR ETU PUHLU1IKL, and cnnfaining BMriy d ?b!e tbo quantity of reanag matter ia the? of rb? PIPTY CRNT9 OR TOULAH PUBLIC *TIONR. Ittiaat^OB >he PIIYS'OLO I OV OP MARRIAO*, and the KTOtUfirmitieeand dierrdrr I of ?rutb and maturi-y, re rulting from exco*e a, which deatroy tnepbraical acd men tal powera, with observation* -ag-, iu Unties aad dieqnalifliatk nr. and th?nr rem-'iee; with lithograph*, lllartraung the anatomy acd physiology, and diaea;*e of the repro daetira org ana of both aazea, their fTucturr, tj*pk aad fanetioaa. A popular and oompreh* nel\e tre* tiee oa Uie duties and earaAi*l>w f tingle and mar fied life?happy and *ro?*'^I -^lai.^as. mo-i? tf it earing them lnfei,oit-?>a 'nfo.-tlle cnee- thair otrrlaXlon and mwxm'.? ?jij>orf^Bt bintj to thoo eootaaplating B#*3r?".fay ilut will overdone ob lections tn it; noij bo?rffrt. should take this im portant ? ep ar^ioct Ctat consulting iu pegea? oomoeatartas o i the .ilwaaeaand matiiraJ treatment ?f fomvlea froti i?<an~y to old ace, each case graph ically ill net rate 1 by beaatlfol litbograpbic platea? nerroai iebtl'ty, iU caaa?s and e<ir9. by a prooese at oncf *>aa?ie, -ale and efl-v^ual that failure is Impwribte?rul*a for <l*Jly management?an eeaay ea Pp-wmatorrlKea with practical ohoarrationa on a safor, and o?-?r? ru<xeasfal Rode of treatment?pte ranticnary h'B'? ot the rrila reanltiag from am "'in c?l piastioa ?w ???ay on all Uiaaaam tnm Indiaoreti-ni, with nlata and rimcle rule* by whtoh at' paranne ean rare theaMelvea without mercury? r?nMKi f;-r thw self miacriaa aad diaap pciatel h->r>?* so acfor-nnatoly pretatoat in th? vonug It ?a a truth fa I advisor to tha mtffribd aad thiae <*^ateapl%tiRg marriage. I la parcaal ia par tfonlarty r*romaeod''d to peraona eBtertotoing so frat donnta of thair phyaioal roadltiaa, aad who are eouaefooa of baring ba&ard*d the beaUh, happ'neat aad aririiega* to which evary human baicg is tn tilled to. Pri-e as e*nts per oopy, or flve eopiaa for one dol lar. Mail*; fc?? o' postage to any part af tha Uni ted States. M. 1.?Tboeo who pre'er may onaaaltDr LACBOa ap^n mj of the 1| caa^s np>a wbklx Bi< book treat* wither -r*>nai:y or b? mail, ti -Jteine seat to any part a# the C ju-.u a< nor ling to dlre:do?ia, safety pack?I a id ear-f ltlj Mcar-1 fvosa all obonraticn. A Mr. .? i>r M. H L \ (J ;OiX, No n Hatd*n Laaa or Post a Box S79, Al?anT N. Y. A#" 1MIW open dally *rom ? lutiSpn, ?td on Saaday froic 3 natil 6pm Ofl:? UaiaoTad froa No M Bearer ft., to 31 laldaa Laaa, Albany, !f. I. tee: DENTISTRY. f vR. MHS^iN ra'p*tUuily eal-s public attention I / to hia new, paUat, ani GREATLY IHPRJFFO met od of eortfng Artifkia'J Teeth, witb Oputtnuoua dam- the rerr * Ft?ri?7P!0N0/T ?K ART. Thlastyla cf Teeth bar the follow advantage* orsr all othw? rl?: 0RIAT ^Tf.KNGTH, CLRANLIN3V8, CJM FORT, and BFAUTY, -laiutf with Matara in tha<a reap? ??*, &ad "ora* Chare ei'*lll*g. Public Inspec tira ie respectfully solicited. Piaaaa oall and sea specimen*. CAUTION -t?o other Den'ist in tha District Coli ahia b ?* a .i^ht to iaa*e this stylo of T?e h. N. tt ? Tieih ?.ustitanoa^l'y healthy, plugged aad warranted for lifo. an i b*w? a* No. tfW K atr^at, near the cor arr af areaue aad 14th afreet. aow t3?tf 1 IIAN^ALLBJ 1 ANY HAM* AN* Wither* A Ool'b Notea piuelias*d at th? highest at* Uacarrrut Money. Laa-i War;ant* and VL*/ia a Scrip bought aaJ sold. PraPa oa all U>< priadpal sitici sold to suit pur* i*w? ?? Pwraona a' a dle'ane- sen M r f w?* Trans Alleghanj B"t?? or Land WarroaU, ma/ raiy upon raoetrin^ the M ?n! remlttanoaa mad) b, draft 01 aay city ia the UjI n J Vv.I JON Q P?.VT, Banker, dee# s-n N? d.' k*?aa aveiaa. f0 j*Q LADLES* C&A8SJCAL IfsrilUlB, .Vtf. 0 Itvhutia acruue. THE rcood term of the present scholawtir year haa ju-?t c?fnmenced- A f*w tk^rr ard Jay p?unla can be accrrrmodau-d. srtPH&> H MIR1CK, A. M., <eb ??iw* Principal. OFFICIAL TbbaH'by DsranTacirr, Jan. 3,1656. Notice is hereby given to the holder* of the fo! lowmp described Btocfes of the United State*, thai thia department is prepared to purchase, at any tune between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portiJB* of those stock*, amounting in the aggre gate to $1,960,000, in the manner and on the term/ hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In caaa of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given ia the order of uine in which said *tocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties Who are to receive- the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price wiM be paid compounded of the following particular*: 1. The par value or amount specified i* each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1846, re4eemal4e?tfaiapl"bef ttt, 1856 of 9^ P?r csnt.; on the sioek of the loan, an thonzed bv the act f I6ti, redeemable Slat rieccra b?r, 1 sea, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the act* of 1S47 and 1648, and redeem able, the former on the "1st December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1 68, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan i ithorixed by the act of I860, and redeemable on ilie 31*4 December, 1"?64, (commonly called the Texan indemnity) 4m per cent 6. Interest oti the par of each certificate, from the 1st of January, 1635, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasuryt with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) lit one day's ftitrrest in addition. Paynent lor said stocks will be mads in d? aft* of the Treasurer of ths United Slates, on the UM^ni treasurer al Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties inay direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not he actually received at the Treasury on or befire the said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHKIE. jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. ( PK0P0SALS FOB FUBNI8HI5G PAPER FOB TPS PUBLIC PBUfTUfO I Ovricit ??cPxmtaTiuiDBJ?T Public Printer. tVa>hington, January U6^ 1KB. IN pursuance of tlie iirovhions of the act entitled, "An n't to provide lor executing ilia pu lie printing/' ko., approved August 'J6, 18H, scaled proposal wi!l be received at this office, iu th* Cap itol, utuil Wednesday, the 2?ih day of Marfh next, at 1J o'clock iu , for fnrnishiug the followum quan tities and desertion* of writing paper, to wft : 8,500 reams, weighing C8 pounds par ream, Mid mea suring 19 by J6 inches 3,100 reams, weighing 96 pound-per ream, and uu a surnig 16 by 25 Inches 100 reams, weighing 34 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 22 inches 340 r?-am?, weighing 92 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inclie 403 ream*, weighing It pounds per renin, wd mea suring 19 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the ben material*, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will he entered into for mp piling the qaantitie* slated, at such limes a? (he public service may require but the privilege is re served ?.'ordering a freater quantity of either kin !, should a greater quantity be required, at such times and in such quantities as may be deemed ne esfeary. Simple* of each kind of paper mmt accompany each bi i, and all proposals a<id samples mu.t be ,^..^?^.1 lo i|jW office, free of poeuige or other e*E&cli proposal must be signed by the tnflivi.lual or ft m making it, and must specify the price ner pound, and Ibe consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered at such place or places as may Ik designated in Watbinctoa city; in ??ood or .< r, f ree of all aud every extra charge or ex pense, and subject to ilie inspection, coiinf, weight and measurement of the Superintendent, aad be m all rcapect* satisfactory. Blank form* for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will be takwi iuto consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. Bomtr- with approved set untie* will be required; and the supplying of an inferior artiele, or a faduie lo supply the quantity required at any tim will be cniKiCcred a violation of the coulracl Each bidden* required to furnish with his propo sals satisiaclory evidence of his a'ulity to ejecuf It, and any proposa' unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Propo?als will be addressed to the "Superintend ent ol the Public Printing, Capitol <>l ilie United Stat**, Washington, and endorsed "Prop-fals for ? , A c 8EAMAN> Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 99?eotd HEAR THE WITNESS! RIGHTEOUS TEBDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SII?E, kc. (1 r ONUCKFUL cure after fix year's suffering wl Yf cne of the most highly rcapectable ciuzens ol Maryland. Preaudi':?* and skepticism cant stand before the many cure* made by Hampton** Vegetable Tinc ture. KsnnaLk'a Gaova, Montgomery Co.. Md ,) December 9, 1854. ) Mem*. Mortimer 4" Mou^rmy: Gentlemen?In 1644 I had whstiry docp rs called a violent and combined atuck of Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from which I wu confined to my bed for three month*. 1 had the very best plijsi can*, who tried other varum* reined**, uonc of which gave mc any permanent relief. Not having ease from |?in day or nifcht, 1 became much < niau ?ted ; my whole system a mass of disease, literally speaking from the crown of my he d to the sole ol my fuel. 1 had to hobble about?roost of the time i conflnoil to the house ; at times so helpless that I hail to be assisted to mv bed. I waa also afflicted with a dreadful cough, great shortness of breath, ; sore throat, palpitation of the heart, and pain in ray Ad' 00 l ad I conl i not lay on iu My anfieUte tirely failed me. I pave up allbopesol being restored to hCahh min. I continued thus to aufler on from 1644 ?? 1*M?, a period of *ix year*. At thi* time my dtughtei ?*w at Itrr grandmother'Ba pamphlet, with uiun> r -us cenific ites of cure* made by Ur. liamp ton'. Vegetable Tincturc. 1 knew eoicc uflh?we who certified to cure* per formed on ihrmsclvei and friends. 1 was resolved to give it a trial. I iuformcd my doctor of it. He objected ; but my aufferings wre *n great hat I pro cured <?ae bottle, and, before I had taken the whole of it, I felt much relief,- which encouraged me to Crsevere. After taking" ihe sccond bottle I wa? tter than for ihe pa.*t six years, my appetite re turned?couch, pain ia the side, shortness of b:ra?li lie., nearly all gone. 1 continued using this won derful medicine until 1 had taken seven bottle*, ac cording to the direction*; and I am happy to say Hampton's Tincture, and ttiat alone restored me to perfect health, which ha* continued up to this time ?a per*>d of thr^e years. 1 am in the 65tJi year ot my age. 1 weighed yesterday 936 lbs. and I never Celt better In my hie. One ot my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rhenmatisin. kc. He has also been restored ?y the Tincture. 1 heard ol other cases; but 1 am sabnAed this Tincture, U tried, will speak for itself. My only object in de scribing to you ray sufferiags and the way I obtained relief, is to induce the afltcicd lo try thi* Tiacure, which has, tinder tbf Nestings of G**J d<uit so much for mc. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAITHEB. Call and ge* pamphlets gratis, and see cures <4 CUuch, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicat: children we b> lievr 11 <Sif"y MOETIMER k MOWBKAY, 140"Baiti more st.eet, Baltimore, and Jk>4 Broadway N. York Cau.thoTTkCo., J. B. Moona, P. n. Cla??. Clabcb k Bowtisu, W. Elliot, and H McPhbb son, Washington; also, by R. S. P. Cl bbl. Ge.?. ce town; and C. C. daaai, Alexandria, and b> Drug gists everywhere. ; J** * UNION ACADEMY. Corner of #bit. *>.<1 *>'* ??*?*?*? A PEW m re P'ii-11* oan be re mvaf to na?? up the limited number. A.pheatjon must r? ma te soou. The dleetpUna, Inatru-tion, anl cf Ulaatratton are cueh aa to ia*ure?atia?aet?rj pro gres In thoee i upi's vb? me punetuwl, -egnlar nod ilillnl Otreular* at th? teoksWee. . . B AliLS, Ac. UNPRECED *JVTED ATTRACTION. GRAND FANCY DRESS BALL or T|<E ISLAM) SOCIAL CLUB. THE members of the Clnb respectlu ly announce to their friend# and the public generally ihnt their Second Grand Ball of the season will Wke place at the Washington Assembly Room*. MON? DAY, Feb 19th. All necMMry arrangements hare been made so u? to insure to ail who may honor them with tloir presence an evening of exqui ite pleasure. Apart fmm the novelty of this bull (which wilt be the Brat Fancy Drew Ball given in Waahmgton for many years) they would inform their friends and the public that the proceeds of the ball wHI be devoted to their new Library, which w already progK-M,jr# iaely. Celebrated Cotillon Music has been engaged ft* the occasion. Refreshments will be tarnished by an experienced caterer. ? There will be no marts allowed in the ball rooui Tickets 91?nduiit'ing a gentleman and ladies, to be had of the Manager-* and at the doof on the eve ning of the ball. Managers on pari of the Citism*. Hon F P Stanton. Tenn Walter Lenox. E-q Hon R H Stanton, Ky Rich'd WalUfcli, E?q Hon T B Flor> nee, Pa Col Barrett 'apt Tyler ?)r Plake B B French, Esq Jas A Brown, Esq Managers on p<irt of the Cluh. Richard Evans. G W Krt II S Litchfield, Harry Dudley. J Smithlei, O F Adams, F Guest, Wm II Da I ton, Jos B Walling, Win Williams, L Anderson, Daniel Driscol. feb 3,7,14 *17 FIRST GRAND COTILLON PARTY or mi TERPS CHORE CLUB. THE number* of the Terpsichore most respect fully announce to their friend* and the public in generally that iheir First Grand Cotillon Party will beiriven on HOJUiAY EVK.1ISO, Feb. 19th, 1855, at COLUMBIA II *LL, Capitol Hill. The l.'lub pledg. themselves that no pains or ex pense shall be spared on their part to make it tl.e Cotillon P.rty of the se.asou. Superior Cotillon Sliuiclus been engaged tor the occasion. PositiTely no hats or caps will be allowed in tl.e room ex-ept those worn by Club*. Refreshments will be furnished by hi cxieiifncd caterer. Tickets ?admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had rf the managers and at the door. MANAGERS Marct-I'u? Mirceron, Stephen McNatnee, Philip J Etini?, Jno W SmOit, Ja* R Dobbyn, Geo A Barr. i Kobt E Thompson, Wm If Howe, W in E Tuekrr, Francis Gartler.d. Thoiua* Goldsmith. Committee of Reception. . Jno Siaoo', Wut E Tucker, Stephen MoNiiuiee, Goo A Barr. ftb 3,15,17,ltl9-4t GRAND B1RT1INIGUT BALL. " j THE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully i ttifonn the ? it *ev of Alexandria and the vicni I ity that they will sire n MILITARY, TINMEN'S AITD CltUO BAIL oil THUH-D w KVeXIKU. February 2?, 1855, at SARETTA HALL. The company t>(ed<e to n?e ererv exenion to ?ive th- utmost satisfaction to thoee whu may honor the corps with th?ir presence. Refreshments will be furnished for ladies and *en- ? tbmen. The military and flremeti are requested l<f appeal in uti'form. Hack? will be in attendance to convey ladies to and from the ball. Tickets ?2; to he had of the Conunittc and at the door on the night o' the hall. Committee of Invitation ami Reception. Capt J W Ashby, Henry Blonhaem, Ll W H Smith, A F Skidmore, Lt C D Ruild, Jno L Smith, jr j Lt C Javens, Jno Brein, Sgt W W Allen, Jas H Simpson, Hat L W Neale, Geo Lyles. I ftb 3?eo&dh Inflow P *HIR ? Oeuvre* completes de Vol . Uure. 75 vols, octavo, in fine binding, $55 I De Thoti; HisWire Universale, ll volumes, quarto, b >un<l, jj9 Regnant; oeuvres compleics. 4 vol?, octavo, bound, j $3 50 J Oeuvre? d;. D'Alemhert, 5 vols, octavo, b-'niff " Condiliac; ?? uviee com; letes, 16 voL, octa-o, tine ' cult, Bibl:ottieque HisUrique, 13 vol-, octavo, h If bound .*5 50 Duual ; oeuvre* completes, 9 vols, octavo half boun t, $4 5'J Memoircs du Due dc Rovigo, 8 vols, octavo, half bound, fS 50 Oginski; Neinoire# Snr la Pojogne, 4 vols, octavo. baU<-aif,?3 BomsmuI; Histoire de* Variations de.- P.glis?s Prot estant^ vols, octavo, lialj' morocco $4 Lavatei; Pliy-Ionomie, 10 vols, full call, uuinerous lllUstr i tin us, J$r23 ' Ananlec ,hi P.trleinem Fraucais, 8 folio, vols, hall ea t . *14 Reini|>r< -h? > de l'An?ien Moniteur 1789 to 1799, 32 V'Js, !<?Jio, in fine biudiug, ' And ui.itiy i'IIn-m mi the some range of priors, nn portcJ direct troni Paris, by ft* 10 fRANCK TAVLOR. ABNY, No. S # Hri l-^f i'r*et. Geor*etnrn, rS prepared to furni-li IUli^, Dinhsra, SoTKra J. WcnntKos, kc., with evervthing t;? the Cor.Vc tioifarv line, in any part of the district, at the flimt ?st noiiee, and on the most reasonable terms, jan 19?tf t WHO'S Wfl ? IV 1865, I (Kicttel volume D d;s Parliamentary Companion tt?r 1M?, 1 pock-t volume British Army LiU for 1856 I riiuh Navy Li-<t <l > Tlw Planttary Worlds, their Topography and Otaerratory^f ro?ra"C^^ J- Cambridge BlackwooJi's Almanac tor 1855 linpirtrd by la^t steamer bv feb2 FRANCK TAVLOR. CHARLES WALTER'S GENERAL AGENCY ANI) INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO 5B? SEVENTH ST. ^ oeeosrpa cawTan HAaatT. Office hours from 9 to 19 a. m., and from 1 to 5 P n> jan 17? lin* R?** VRIES WALTZ, Composed by Hana K uminachcr. Our Polka, dedirated to Miss Emma J. Brown, by the game composer, published and ft?r sale at the Music Depot of HILBUS k H1TZ. feb 5 Mott Bedell's Line. NEW 1 ORK,ALEXANDRIA WASHINGTON CITY, A)tD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS 3n*HIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY L from pier 14 East River, New York, and oftener neecasary, and are composed of the following fir^t claas vessels: * ?'"w athr. A. V. Betidl, Bedell, master. New sclir. Mott BtAeU, A. V. Tredwett. Schr. Ann D.t Wm. Oiiyer, mast* r. S<Ji'. I'otant, L. A. Sinlih, master. Schr. Comman&er-in-Chief, Wogl .m, master. Senr. Greetiway, Wilson, master. These vea*el* are all fast sailers, aod the masters men of experience in the trade, &n>i the only regu lar line of Wasliincton City packets. MOTT BEuELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MA01KRS *. SONS, Alexandria, Vs. TIIOMAS RILEY, feb 1?ftin W aaliiiigton and D. (3. TO INVENTORS ? pHI o?re of "The Xorentors* Prctefttou NaUoaal 1 OnlPB*' is on 7th atreet, r.j posjts tke Ra?t Pot .ko of IV Oftte, sod i? an** mdy to attend to the bustti?s? ?*f its aj?jn'>sri. oem.tlr i tn tnaktnc sxMa>a&Ufta* ?ul so!Ktrin< . hri ine*.nt?rs ,t?? %i> 4o-i ? copy ft tir JoMitution 1 c* umd Mi; intorcat ?Jou will t>e jiteii Ui'lon. A'l io'ivta *? Voait?r? mdrt V directed u this vl ??% attaatk a vlll be <i?e3 ;rc^ed?ately. - A larJ*1 4h?->o '? l?> eoitneetica attf th? ?ker9^?d-!i at the shorter. " T S. OLAffKW, FtMi4euiI.MI.1L EV-N1NH STAK. TO THEE. BT ADA Cl.AtB. Thou can'st^t liiirm the heart that'll broken, Ah! never, neVar more to thee, My ey?m in ttan?* ar>*M gnw no more, Thy hand fie linked wnfi dther* on?y, Wiiile I, all mid, ami pale, and looelyf , Yean towiriU iht.e from a distant i>n<>rr. Still shall thy vole* gush forth in moair, And riae with i a uwn rapturous thrill; Otners may hear lliai music gladly, Wfyila I grofM toward* it fcimly, madly, And finding not, alti.d weepiug Mil. Oh ! earth that had the power to wonnd iuc, Tiiuu haat no pow. r to wound again; ' died when that ' no more" waa ?p?.ken, Thou can'at not ha m the heart that'* broken, The a?*ns?'te<a *o?l U freed f om pa a. Come wi?h thy storms in all their fury, Pour them upoa iny drooping head, Kiae darkest waves around me dashing ! Lightning* Ktart lo th with fierce.-t Hashing! A '.-ail in vain the *? ul that'a dead! 0 ' >li fa e! com* with thy direst woes, Heap evejy atigui h on my soul, Cling Hie most d* pperate depirinj,? My heart trend* over iheni wuh daring. And acorns the waves that round it roll. Ah ! never, never ino-e to see thee! Than no oth r woes for me, For wliil* thiue eye* are froiu ni? turning, i'y h?; rt in a ?l >w h*il is t*urnin?, No Mher bell can ever be. Eternity weep* on thy way! I bate no other deaiha to di >, Ah Dvn h! e'e thy siern \rtce U failing, To move in union with my wailing, Harmonious with my soul'3 low ery. No more!?the world roll* in o night, The veiy eun> in darknea* a^ar, My heart it" awful vigil* k< eping, Alone, while all its i* sweeping, Pcath ward ia tho-e word* no more ! LECriTEE Oil THE CHINESE BLVOLU TlO.f. A lecture upon this subject was deliv ered by Rer. C. A. Washburn, on Wed nesday evening last, at the Smithsonian Institution, an abstract of which we give below. By some accident the gas ! could not be lighted, and it was feared that the lecture would have to be post poned. By the aid of candies, however, j the forces of darkness were held in I check, and the orator proceeded. By the time the lecture was half finished, the hosts of darkness were put to Hight, j and the house was thoroughly lighted. The lecture was a fine one, equal to that 1 of the eloquent .Fletcher on Brazil. I In commencing, he rapidly ran over I much of the history of China, showing < that this nation haa remained entirelv ] isolated froiy all intercourse with foreign I Powers till 1245, when they were con- I quered by the Tartars; but they were I soon driven out, and the Ming dynasty i ascended the throne. < But they, in turn, were displaced by < the Mantchoux, the E^stftb '1 artars, who < have held the throne tver since. Among t the Emperors of that race, several have i been renowned for much energy and sa gacity, and one, if their history is true, was equal to Charlemrgne. On con quering the kingdom, the Mantchoux r inflicted upon the people insults that to this day are looked upon as most igno- t miniuus; and now, though they have t accustomed themselves to their burden, j they hate the conquerors with all their [ former virulence. In fact, the people t have never been subdued thoroughly, and effort* have often been made to throw off j the yoke that so much galls them. Se- f cret societies have been known to exist g for a long time, whose sole objtct has been to concert measures against their * rulers ; and though many of tiitir chiefs i have been punished, they still cojtinued 1 to plot. The whole country has con- 1 tained the smouldering sparks of rebel- i lion only waiting an opportunity and a t leader, when the merest breeze would \ fan t hese sparks into a flame. The leader, ] opportunity, and exciting circumstances j has been found, and we see the result. i He now described the leader of this ( revolution as having been born of poor i parents. When young, he was a good ? student; and as he grew older his dispo- i sition became morbid. At twenty-four ] years old he was afflicted bv a long sick- < ucss, during which time he conceived i that he had received orders to extirpate < certain demons, and in his delirium he I was constantly battling with them. On ( recovering, his former madness returned i and continued until until he was thirty- l three, when he met with some books left 1 by an American Missionary. Upon read- i ing these he asserted that he had obtained < the key to his visions?the demou he waa commanded to cast out was idolatry, and i the person commanding him Divinity, j Shortly after, he professed Christianity, i baptized himself, and commenced preach- i ing. Ere long he had gathered around i him a large number of followers, and < then, like Mahomed, he conceived the i idea of attempting political revolution, i Like Mahomed, he received fresh re vela- i tiou as to the course he should pursue, i and Foon, like him again, was at the head of a large army. , The means employed by him to raise this immense force was his wire working on the two moat powerful elements of the character of any people?patriotism and religious enthusiasm. He asserted that he was the lineal de scendant of the last of the Ming dynasty: also that he was the Son of God, sent by them to deliver China from the Mant- < choux rule. This auuouncement called forth all the ardor in Chinese organism; the Mings were the last of their own sovereigns, and they, too, firmly believed their Emperor the Son of Heaven and the brother of the Suu. Thus the cunning man, while ha was preaching a new faith and overthrowing the idols they had so long worshipped, interwove with this new faiih all their prejudices and intense patriotism. The old Uuth?Buddhism? they care nothing fur; it has last ?us char acteristic ftaturts, and has sunk to the lowest buiijouery, and they would glad ly exchange it for a tangible faith that they can respect. The rebellion took its rise in the South western part of the Empire, where rocks and precipices render it almost inace&si *?**? Here thcJ "ere first attacked by tin troops of the ?ov wi*? *"erc ^Pa'^cd. u were all other forces they met in skirmish. ? timu- lhe 00,111 W* lht r!S,n? lh" of m fe* mountain robbers, but when the edict of outlawrv pronounced against them bf the Vieen'v KliT-^ * 601(1 Proclamationto the part of rai-png-trang, of his right to lhe unpens! the Journal has stu jWly avoided all menUon of the con | From the time the forccs of Ling weie jdefeated, success has attended the arms i of the patriots; wherever they hare met ! he imperia.iats they hare conquered tin,? heI? ??r forcci ra.?d !o 50,000 men, led by fire chiefs, well dis ciplined an-] organized, and supported by qsite a Nafy, marched straight U r Canton and took it, and then carried | Nankin by assault: then they returned and secured the country through which they had marched. As yet, Pekin is ui - touched, and the Mnperor is safe, but he is despoiled of the best part of his no* ??ions. One great element of their success is the corps of preachers in their service, whose duty it is to excite the people to a crusade against idolatry and the M.??t choux, by rehearsing to them the wrongs they suffer from them, and setting before ihein the glory thatairaits the liberator* of the country. Thus multitudes of re ligious and political enthusiasts join the army. I Tai-ping-wang is a man of great sa gacity and cunning, He knows the points by which he can best secure andi hold the affections of the people, and he avail* himself of it. The idea used by the subtle Louis Napoleon, when he a/ turned the grey ovcrcoat and cocked hat ofhi8 illustrious uncle, is carried oct much more fully by this pretender, tit has so costumed his army, assumed such j ceremonials, and so regulated his staff that the men of letters say it is an exact copy of the appearance of the Court of the last King fcmp<*ror. The people are thus reminded of their departed power, and more easily excited to attempt to re' gain it Mr. W. concluded by reviewing the probible success of the revolution anil the benefits which would accrue to the! world should it triumph. He thought I the late edict agaiust "foreign devils'" would not have been issued had not the English and Americans in that countn laid themselves liable to the suspicion of favoring the imperial cause. The libtr U principle which started with this movement will not be entirely lest?but will act like leaven, till they are felt from me end of the nation to the other. The :ountry will be aroused from its apathy, ind innovations meet with a more favo rable reception than ever before THS FAITHFUL FA8TOB II? must prrach c'w? Go.pcl in family circl<? m nariy tannine* wiii nt v?-r b* ar it. It is a great mistake (says a writer in he Vermont Chronicle) that a good pas or will not be likely to be an able' ?reacher. True, his sermons may not I je learned essays, as is true of much hat is called "able preaching," but if udged by the gospel standard of able preaching they will so. This accounts or their signal success. God blesses | inch men. A faithful pastor hai a powor over his) >eoplc that can never I* gained by preach ? ng only, no matter how able it may be. Ie is known in every family and beloved. The poor, the sick, the children of eor ?ow, the widow and fatherless know his I read and voice. Both are music to hearts that know little of cheer besides. Ie knows tke name of every boy and i jirl in the range cf h?? labors. If there 5 an anxious sinner, he finds it out, and | inds many he would never have known, f he had not gone to them. Those who cannot go to church, he comforts and ittends the aged down to their graves. Many that otherwise would never have entered his fine meeting bonse, or hare regarded the minister as too proud to some and sec them in their humble cot tages, or farm homes, have their preju iices removed, and become his warmest! Friends, and are brought to Christ. But r?r that visit he might have preached all the able sermons he could have written, rod they would have been none tlie bet-1 ter for them. The fact is, the gospel must be carried, in the living voice of a minister, to many a house, or the families will never have I it. Multitudes in all our towns will never be reached by the pulpit. In sight of our church, they will no more come to the gospel than the heathen n.v Lions will, and will as certainly perish if the cup of salvation is not carried to them. Even then, many of both will dash it from them, but not all. A man who is now a worthy member of the Congregational chureh of has frequently said to his pastor, 44 If you had not come to my house, and con versed with uie there, you might have preached till I was dead, but I should never have gone to hear you. I supposed you wtre a proud man till you came to see me. J hated ministers and church members, for they never took any notice of me When you took so much pains to come to my house, and was so familiar, I thought you cared for me, and 'every woM went to my heart. You are tbe first mininster that ever cam# to my house. I had no idea that a wretch lilu me could ever become a Christian, lor years ago I had abandoned myself to despair, and was going, with all my fcmily, to hell, and I knew it. My hone was a hell every dsy. But when you encouraged me, that so vile a man as I might eome to Christ, I felt a resolution moving in my breast to try. three weeks my sins crushed me down. At JastI gave all trp- and east myself ou Christ as undone, and he spoke peace t? 7 soul. From that moment the power my habits was broken, and 1 have been in a new world. All this I owe, under (9od, to your visit. Thanks to God for such a minister?" '1 his man lired far hack in the moun tains, four miles frtxo the Tillage. Two iargs churches, tor nearly half a cantury hid existed in the town : able ministers had settled there: and yet this man, torn in the town, the father of ten chil dren, at this time nearly sixty Y*ar? of age, had nercr beard a sermon, had never read the Bible, h t children bad nercr been led to the Sabbath s^kk>I. and ha-dly knew of such a think as the Ssbbnh; he hfd been a miserable drunk ard from his youth?poor, profane, de graded, dishonest, and despised. This man and his wife became praying people, erccted the family aliar. learned like children the words of God, taught thair little ones to kneel with them, to say their prayer*, ?nd ftar God: hs immedi ately clothed hirase f and family, took a pew in the church, and himself and wifs are now among the most esteemed mem bers. Ecropbax Emigration.?The Emper or Napoleon has just issued a decree reg ulating the system of emigration to and from French ports. Its prorisions are cnlishUncd and liberal. Every facility is afforded to German and other foreign emigrants passing through France to transatlantic ports, by the exemption of Ibeir hsggaec from examination at the frontier, and certain modifications are made in tbeir favor in the passport sys tem,- which will relieve them from a Et deal of annoyance and difficulty. grant vessels are placed by it under severe regulations, as regards space, clean liness. ventila'ion. quality and sufficien cy of provis:ons, and the number of pas sengers allowed to be tak?n on board. Gubocb Statistics ?It has been cal culated that the cost of washing linen that tnr.'ht just as well be worn fwodtjs loogtr, amounts to enough in this coun try te more tbau defray the expenses of the American board of Foreign missions. The expanses of buttons worn on the backs of our coats where they are of no earthly use, is fully equal to the support of our Orphan Asylums. The value of tails to dress coats, (of no value in reality fir warmth or conveni ence ) is actually greater than the coats of our exccllt-nt system of common schools. 5^T*A Havana letter states that the new battalion of Catadores are armed with Minnie rifles, in the use of which, it is staled, they have made great progress. They are preparing for the ??filibusteros.'* Gen Monrano is enlisting in the country all the fiee negroes whom be cm induce to enroll themselves among the "brave defnders of Cuba." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMZRS. Sum*. Lt cv? Fwr Dmy> itianttc v, w V' rk...l-i*>inool,.|Vh ?l t'nion Ilav.e New York J?n 17 tames ...sW 4Usui!i- LiverpoolYork. ..Jan. *7 "<ty h St. l,out? Ilavr? New Y?*fc...Feh 14 (Xf-T-k" UiMiua ????*? leave New York on 'lie &th anJ iN*tt ?r?idi watli. \RR1VALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlliarda' * ?a-* a ? c. ?ikui?. \ S Rii'n, NY J T S'iii h. Md J M F R J II <lo K L'? )J, tf.di) F X ky, M mi J VV 11. -t<-n r II Morr f K, do J l.ippcrcmi. Ta T li MU Mi , t'S4 llatloaal Natal?a. >. I !?n?d*r. Ta i i* Harboor, }r, V\ sM" do A L I* a^er, d-t VV U Cktrffy. MJ Mi* *\uv, vV II II Ko:r-f?|rt M n H*rp r, Jo A Lil:y s J > H * Nelwit, do Mr* \ l? sia miens >!??? J II llooi*r. MJ IV n"??ne. NY Mra Jordan, UaviUnd S*' Mi* riipkntr. il1* C I r? iitJcra, Ky E ?' fd'ihu v, NV 1* A Hrnwix r, Md II Puce, NJ R niflKlW, f ll Winn, |*a II U ?'{?-< II. Va I' Mi Murn i?>, rto L* J?TIi.h**?. NY M MrMirha-I, do I KM>, Kl K?.ill a lady.O K J li, MJ *1 Strong a lUcrbtrr, * Y Mdj McKay, t'?l ?' J* aunioti, do 1 I tow, Va ??B <;?nS^r, Md A Gall, d'J <? l* Ka-ie, 4o IIII Kiact'-wv. NT Mi.? Hojk, do J B H r l?r\ .d? W H A',b-wi anJ Ia1> I J !,>..<??, Miu NY I Run all. I'a F. *. fl'?ward, D>' R E Randall, do U Fee? a lady, N Y H M Jotin?u*t, cO WE Heiieh. fa F T ?aw:'l, t-*l J Middafh. do Or 4 f Va T Peter, Md W G VVngnl, IM (.'(?wilt' ii?i?(?1. r.aa J F Pit-iKHV, Va H A C *!?', KT F Crawley, >ld ) r, jr, A PreM. Jiaai a R W Kit?f?Sory, NC i g|o?ii, Tewa J B l.<ii?>bur>, 4? J II Keui, l a ?' A I rice, Fla J P Prpprr, NY I ?? Bemd. P* J B Tw ma#. Md J G Sfaart, Va JNS d? W D Warwick, An li C ^ oil, do ? B Wootaon Md G I yan, d?? J B Ho?.ver. NY i G l.ynu, ?lo A E ' arter, D'" J J MiC' a? i, d ? ?' H Will-, Md I Po *ell. do R J Pent, do J li Tbau^MB, do J W \lr< (rouid, do \V liamift' n. dn I L Gmy, ??o M W Irwia. Mm Mi? E 'ilM<i:i|K<m, do J A Huggl<*, C * Wias d i J A Pennington. NI I I. Buniro.i and t-mHy, M B Mcl,<wr*-itn. NY Va Dr An leraorf, Pj Mr- J H CortfT a da ifU Mr Malor, \a ter. NY i T Jhi.ita, Md J H t?tewait. Md W G Li lard Tean F So t, So Mr Paadin, Fianea C It NT F G?rardm, do Klrkauou Haas*?'. a * iiatw-a*. 0 Rom, lad ? VV Harper. Md L K<-*lmcby, NY VV H G t aar,Ga . W Tl"'iiip^' ". ?'? G C Brow it do O A Pari e a lady. MJ W E Jf, Md Mt?? rarke:, '.o W L M?miafur, jr, So ?V M IKmIk , III W P Bciry, do '? W bcniieu slaily, Md J R Dickbaia, Pa J Peach, jr, a la.i), do Unliad Seal as Hatai?a. a. ?*nwt. W II \Va HiasUMS Va Rr V Baker, Va <? Hsrner, Ti x RT Brown, do T Tlf ueaier, Ga I'K Kal, WY W'Oln u?.M, Va B u G.-a> , da Q Mass IWS fkawf, Va Hamalaa Hoaaa, Alaa*?<rfa, %a a. hiwtoh, raoraia.oa II Z Hhachflt id. Ya ? *V Md P Grejorr, ^o ?ZT2??1 /r.i.v,- i-Vr rr* art A A Li Be, do L M G?J* o*a?? o J A War in 1 (ton, do J 1 T?4>l?-, 4 ? VV L P?weJi, Uo K r?<wuioet v?> I* Arc|??-r, do M a ?at r. <*0 J L ^trtiif*. .I? w a My, T du ?*? T W Bail. Mj I* ?* M4 k ? A ? .1*., it ? J VV 1 oil a son. do Wri hrcei., Va W A Mania a lady, Va Mm A La*a,oc

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