Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1855 Page 2
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K\ KMNCi ST A vT^TuiNbTON OUT. BATTJADAY AFT*ii!")JS....?ehman 17. (HT*The Urge andoonvenient dwelling on the ooraer of Pennsylvania avenue and Flerenth street fa for rent. Poenss sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star offiee. THE WUUT 8TAB This paper continues to increase in popular ity. Every matt adds mw subscribers to ita U,l Tk# paper for to-day ia a oaplui mm. ^ ** brimful of tales, poetry, foreign news, wtf from ali parts of tiio country, and interesting Washington new*. All at a distance, who want a good family paper, which, whila It will keep thorn por ed aboot everything wortff knowing that occurs ia Washington, will contain amusing and in. st motive litoratnra for their children, should Wee. Prion $i.|$ a yw im Utun SPIRIT OJ TH* MJ&HIJVq PKS8 All tha oity papera of tha morning contain ? latter from tha Kay Charles Henry Ston. ?tree', of Georgetown Collage, tha Provincial of the society of Jesus, wherein that loomed and pious man daoiaa emphatically that the a is a word or lioo of troth in tha so called Jesuits oath, whleh ia being extensively ?"?published in American nowapapera at ihia time. Mr 8. quotes from authoritslive wntiogs (laws ard rnlaa) of tha Society cf Jo. *'Ji to shot/ that nn entire abstinence from in termeddling with politico, is one of tha funda. mental roles of his order. The Intflligfuetr replies to the stricture., of the Urnion upon ita admission of the "Cer ro Gordo ? article concerning tha course cf tha C/tio*, Senator Douglass, et ml, with refer ?aee toGen. 8hielda' re-eleotion. The editor of the Intelligencer says "While aoconnting to our raadera for ihi> ad?u?o? of th. Z, ? braceJ the oocaaion to express onr rejrret at til Ltl0,f<3#D- ShieIdi from th#SeniiT Asj S^a ? ?r^Lr?e?r#d bj ?'??D<iof rJen iw perposa was friendlv to that distinguished gontiemao, and remarked that ooortesy tu him no less than to the miter clmmed a place for the production Wo ncv er dreamed that in expressing that regret our mo ire eould be misunderstood. The Uu.on SlLsmTbu? SV ,h"articlB whi?& <*o i?ot KITH, ?f there be any unfriend y bear iBg on the oolleagues of Gen Shields it w*s -t p.'c.ptibl.tous, and in apoloririi for yving it a place, we never dreamed of ? en ?2?5T.?J. rr" w,riD? ?" mTlliiP , 6 to any sooh officious *?i. ?? fo'Md No sensible person can doubt the sincerity of these remarks of the conductor of the <*Vsgtoesr. Yet when it was known that John Wentworth, of Chicago, was the w.itcr of the offensive article, it will be apparent fo all that its purpose was sinister, and of cob so diaang-nuous ; written, not because he lores General shield*, but because he hates Senator Douglas. Wentworth never did a straight forward thing in his Ufa, it being ? agin the natur of tha beast. " The Union urges the House to pass .he Sonata bill for the establishment of a court for the preliminary adjudication of claims. ?nd also tha bill of the Sonata increasing the salaries of the judges of the Supreme C .urt of the t nited States The Union also argues that as the legislatures of Now York. Massa chusetts. Peunsjlvania, Illinois and other Northern States are in the hands of these elected by and as Know Nothinga, their elec tion of ultra Abolitionists to the U. S. Senate and other offioers, proves that the instincts of I the new party are anti slavery. A P?"ob Who rejoices in the name of Freidenwald, in an advertisement in one of the afternocn papers of yesterday, is person, ally abusive of one of the c ditors of this paper on acsount of an unfortunate paragraph,' written by one of our reporters, in which the 7,7 WM im')roPer,y ???<* Proving lf a11 hu Persuasion were like him, they would perhaps, deserve the stigma which the tyrant and the bigot would oast upon them Among those who profees the Jewish rsli fcion we have many warm f iends whom we love and esteem-men of big hearts, enlarged pews, and cultivated minds; and we would be the last to eommit an act, knowingly, that would reflect unfavorably upon them or their ?reed Fnquently has our pen defended the Jew when ha has been maligoed and insu'ted by his persecutor; and when the occasion offers we will do it again. We not only know the Jews, as a class, to be among our best citisens, but also to compare favorably with W* *?'*<"? deprecate .no blundering of our reporter, wh eh would h?ve been ooticed properly, as promised, had not a press of busineaa for the time being kevo driven it from our mind. We war act against creed or country. We oppose bo man on account of bis religion or place ot birth ; but, on the contrary, a*e willing to' meet all, native and adoptad American eiti ?ens, opon the broid platform of equality ?> long as they act like true men We oom menced by teaching this doctrine, and shall continue to do so to the end. Tb. joDior ot p,p.r ??troT?v wllh M, Fri?l.n??|di but would reoiind him that the least he savs about Baltimore and Philadelphia, tha bettor it may be for him The reoords of the pa?t may not show him up in a very enviable light If the Jews needed a defender, it would be no difficult matter to secure one who would reflect as much credit on them, at |?art, as Mr. Friedenwaid does Col. Meredith P. Gentry U said to bs Te*a?*OW K*ki* ?mlHiie ^r Governor of .... William Hope, the rich banker of Am sterdam. died recently at Paris, where he has long resided The State of Maine newspaper thinks that Gov Gardner would want to ?U down after being tatamding member of the temperance awootatian lor fourteen years .... Charles A. Maraton, of Mt. Vernon, Me, kas been sentenced to gSOO in line, and tkree months in jail at Augusta, for fraud in obtaining land warrants A writer in the Portland Advertfeer states that shortly before kis death, Mr. Web. eter wrote to Mr. Fillmore, then President, manfully taking upon himself all fee blame of tha Loboe Island affair, out of whioh hss grown Mr A G Benaon'a guano claim against the government A State Democratic Contention, held at Iowa City 24'.h ultimo, passed resolutions "tully endorsing the administration of Presi dent Pierce,7' and approving the action of the Democratic delegation to Congress from tnat State, and ef the Dentooratic members of the ?tate Legislature in reference to the choice oi I; S Seoator WASHINGTON HEWS AHD 008817. lh* Veto of thi frneh Spoliation BUI WM r*?*i*ed bj the Hobm this morning before w* went to prees. It was not read, however, M, before that could b* done, the barinw before the House?the ocean nail steamer bill?*m required to be disposed of. The Rap* of tho Seal.?It will bo rofol> lected that, on tho day befora yesterday, we mentioned (hot ifcc story that oopies of the revolutionary manifestoes of Mr. George Saun ders had been circulated over the oontinont under the frank or postal teal of the United State* Legation in London, had beea rife In foreign diplomatic oirclee here for months past, and thai It was thought to bare given th% Government no little aanoyanOe. We hare since obtained farther information upon the sutyect from a gentleman who Tory recently o*me from London, where among Amerloans tie afeiaif wae a su ject of ooastent converse tton. It was taid there, and, we take it for grant, ?d, with truth, that as so^n ee the matter wae brought to .he uotioe of Mr. Buohanan by official lettera from thi> point announcing that it bad been made the subject of complaint by the French Minister, he at onoo oauaed an inquiry t? be act on foot to ascertain who it waa, entitled to the privileges of the Legation, if It waa any auoh person, who had committed the offence against the comity of the Legation's position at a foreign court involved in the act. In the oourse of this iureetigation, it waa made manifest that the presumed violation of confi. dence?the alleged improper uae of the Lege lion's postal seel-could not possibly have oc ! ?urr*d daring offioe hours; as in that time the sUmp was always either under the eyas of the Secretary of Legation, Mr?Sickles, or (he United States dispatch agent, who alone were privileged to uae it Both those gentlemen, in written commtmisation* to the Minister, do clared that the only privilege in eonnec'.ion with the dispatch bags of the Legat on ac corded to Mr. Saunders, was while he was United States Consul at London, to allow him to send to the State Department in this Jty bis uffioial co imunieations. Nothing was dis covered, going in any manner to fix on Mr. Saunders tbe imputation of being himself privy to the surreptitious use of the Legation's seal. It was made clear that it was either se oretly used in tbe dispatclr agent'soffiee when that functionary was absent, end out of office hours, or that some one who had obtained an impression in wex of the stamp, had caused a fae tinule to be forged for the purpose of being uaad to circulate those and other similar doc uments counterband of the post, under the law everywhere on the continent Tbe latter impression was adopted in Lon don as tbe correct one, it being known that the Young Europe party-Kossuth, Maiiini, Ledru Rollin A Co?oonsider any oonceivable means to carry their ends, justifiable, as agaiwt their antagonists. The very strong probability therefore ia, that the oopies of the Saunters manifestoes which were discovered in the mails in France, Switaerland and elsewhere, apparently bearing the Amerioan Legation's postal ae*l to proteot them from the ordinary sorutiny of all mail matter not so shielded, were sealed with a eounterteit seal manufactured for tbe occasion, by parties who never were inside tbe prem ees of the American Legation et London, or those of our despatch agent there. Indian Orator* -There are three or four delegations from comparatively savage tribes of Indiana now In daily ettenddnce at the bu rau of Indian Affairs in thisoity, engaged in holdingoonferences with the Commissioner with refeience to sales of lands to the United Sates, and other matters of importance to their respective nations. Among them era two eel ebre'ed orators, Hole-in-the day, a young Chippewa, and Little Hill, a Winnebago The former in a oouncil at the bureau on tfce nigh, before last, is said to have astonhhed all present by bis oratieal ability as then and there displayed The latter is said to be tbe acutest reaaoner at this time olaimingiden ti?y with any Indian tribe. Tbe preeence of these delegations throws great additional labors, of course, on Mr. Com missioner Manypeany Baltimore Feat Office, *c?We notice that the City Councils of Baltimore are considering the expediency of uniting with the General Government in the erection of a suitable build ing for the purpoee of the eity government and also for the accommodations of tbe Post Offioe and Federal Courts. Doubtless the Councils are not aware, that, in sneh oese, the city would have to cede its interest to the United Stat as and abandon jurisdiction over the pro party. This is required by law of Congress before the public money can be appropriated. The State of Maryland would also have to cede jurisdiction to the United States on such property. Simon Cameron ?It is taken for granted in this city if General Cameron did write the letter making anti-slavery aad anti-foreigner pledges to which we alluded yesterday, he is perfectly willing, if not anxious, that it shall be made public; inasmuch as in the present contest he seeks only Know Nothing and anti Slavery--not Democratic party?support. Tho General is a bold and energetic man, and is one of the last men in the world to be afraid to avow his positions on public question. The Current Operation* of tho Treasury Department. On yesterday, the 16th of Feb., ere were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department For the redemption of stock $2,535 tl For paying Treasury debt* 13 3** 07 For fee Inteiior Department Stto 1J For the Customs???.. .TT... 20 S2 U For the War Department 87'?8J 64 For repaying in the War Depart ment " ? 04., m For repaying in the Navy Depart* ?ant ?... 1 toj oa For covering in to the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 131 49 Cuba. -The impression at this point among those who are usually best informed where such mature are ooncerned, is that the cur. rent almost unexampled excitement in Cuba about a renewal of efforts ia this country to gat up a filibustering expedition the Ulaad i* entirely uncalled for; and that at no previous time within the last three or four years has lacs been doing in the United Stale* in that way than at present. It is believed that Gen Quitman ha* eutiroly wached hi* bands of such affairs Ihe law Custom House at Belfast, Mr? ? onderstand that the Secretary of the Trea concluded to take for a tit* for tho Cut?a Mom to bo boilt w Bolfut, Ho., . M?*U" *' ?> b florsof .. UM botwooi Frookiio ud Moio itroou at ti.irj.wU., wiu, churob Krool I? (MmU Immediately up- n a fire point space made by the junction thara of the three itnati abofv ?Mad and ii in tha heart of tha city or t? Ifce CoUini Una Queetion ? Before wa got to praM to day, tha final question on giving tha notice to tha Collin* line Was taken. Tha least majority against giving tha notice, was seventeen. So tha Collins lina qaaation la bow settled far tha balanoe of tha contract. coitttlftftaaioifAL.. In tha 8enate, yesterday, after wa want to J prees, tha following bills ware severally con sidered and passed: BUI for tha relief of Fran4fsoo Lopa Urriia; Bill diraotingtha payment of arrears of pen. sion due Simon Smith, deceased, lata a pan sionar of tha United States, to his heirs-at law; 0 Bill to oontinna half pay to Mrs. Lcwright Browning for a farther term of five year*; Bill to extend a patent heretofore granted to John Haly, of the State of Georgia; <% I Bill for the roller of Whitemarsh B. Sea brook, Joseph Whaley. and others, offloers and members of the Eduto Island Company, of Sooth Carolina; ] Joint resolution explanatory of an act en titled 'An act for the relief of Abigail Stafford; Bill for the relief of Overton Lore and John | Quart, of the Chiokasaw nation; Bill for the relief of Charles Stearns. The following were rejeoted : Bills for the relief of Capt P F. Vorhees, U. S. N.; Sophia Kirley; Joseph Rook; to confirm the olaim of John Envin to a eertain tract of land in the Bastrop grant; for the relief of Margaret A Copley, of Louisiana; and of L E L. A. Law son, sole sarring heiress of.Gen. Eleaser W. Ripley, deceased. ?The biirto establish tha offioe of Surveyor General of Utah was then passed. After which they adjourned. In the Home, the debate on the CoUini' | line notioe ques-ioh was continued in Com mittee of the Whole on the state of the Union. (Mr. Edgerton In the chair,) between Messrs. Breckinridge, Jones of Tenn., Yaks, Disnej, Orr, Barry, and Smith of Va., for giving the noUce, and Messrs. Kerr, Washburn of Me.. Chandler, Lyon, and Catting against it?when the amendment of Mr. Olds, striking out the clause of the ocean mail steamer appropria tion bill, directing the gotioe to be given was a8I?ed to?ayes 86, noes not counted. I The committee then rose, and under the operation of the previous question the main question was ordered on agreeing to the amendment reported from the Committee of | the Whore when they adjourned. PreceraMnxa of Tw-Dny. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Cass gave notioe that on Monday he proposed to make a per sonal explanation in refarenoe fo his oontro | versy with Lord Clarendon. After a few private bills were disposed of Mr Jones, of Tennessee, introduced a pre amble and resolutions declaring that the Con stitution con forred no power on Congress to regulate the naturalisation laws, but reserved that power to the States. The preamble and resolutions were laid oyer for one day under | their rules. In the louse, after committing and order ing to be printed sundry reports of bills, Ac., made by leave. ' Mr. Jones, of Tenn , moved to reoonaider the vote by which the House, yesterday, ordered the main question to be put en agreeing to the amendments to the ocean mail steamer bill reported from the Committee of the Whole on '^estate of the Union ; not reconsidered. The question was then put on ordering the main question to be put, and it was so order | ed?yeas 100, nays 83 Abolitionism at Harva d College. It appears that abolilionism is triumphant I at Old Harvard College, in Massachusetts. Ju ige Loring, it will be seen, has been immo lated by Old Harvard, for the unpardonable sin he was guilty of, in executing?in the famous Burns ease?that provision of the Fed eral Constitution whioh enjoins the surrender of "fugitives from labor." The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has pronounced the Fugitive Slave Law Constitu. tional, yet the Judge who faithfully and fear lessly oarries out its requirements, is deliber ately sacrificed on the altar of Sectionalism I and Abolitionism. The New York Express says : 4tThe follow I ing despatch tells the story. It comes from a rabbid free soil source,?but we give it,?jubi I lations and all,?just to see how frantically joyous Free Soilism i?, over this new'stab to the Constitution and the Union." Bosto*, Feb. 16 ?At a meeting of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College, in the Sen ate Chamber, the namination, by the Corpo ration, of Edward Greeley Loring (of Burns memory) as Law Lecturer, was rejected oiith. out discussion by a vote of twenty nays to | ten yeaa. * * The following named gentlemen voted in favor of Mr. JLorinx : R. A Chapman, Rev Dr. Gannett. Dr. Walker, President of the College, Mr. Andrews, Treasurer, R. C. Win throp John H Clifford, S. D Bradford Dr Blayden, fhos. Worcester, and Emory Wash burn. * Governor Gardner ha* voted against Mr Loring. I Thus kidnapping has been rebuked in con servative Harvard! | There is great rejoicing in the city, and 2u guns are to be fired on the Common to-morrow About three bushels of petitions have been presented to the Legislature in favor of Judge Loring s removal as Judge of Probate 1 "Off with his head! So mueh for Buokingham." BALTIMORE COft&ESPOVDEICK Tku Spoliation Bill?The Building for the Baltimore Post Office and U 8. Court-Calvin Will Case Motels- Lent Parties- Amusements?Bust nets?Money Affairs. Baltimore, February 1?, 1855. I learn that the ice has disappeared from our harbor, and nueh of it from the bay, so that navigation will soon be resumed and business commenced. Quite a number of ships, hay crafts, Ac , which were detained below are coming up. A regular fleet of oyster boats is announced and we shall again have the wonted supply of these bivalves, whioh waa cut off by recent freesing. It is many winters since we were comparatively hemmed in by frigidity. The Norfolk steamers have again resumed their regular trips ; also those to Riohmond and Fredericksburg. -telegraphic advices irona the West repre sent the weather as greatly moderated there, and the Ohio river rising rapidly, with indi cations of a destructive freshet. Travel is commencing, aad I notioe to-day quite anum ,? .,tr*nfl#ri town. Merchants are oomiitf in from various quarters in anticipa tion of the spring trade, whioh will soon open briskly. j Th? Pr?mature announcement that Presi dent Pierce had vetoed the French Spoliation bill oaused quite an excitement here amongst those directly interested Subsequent dis covery, however, that the deed had not bean done, again gave then hope that it will not be done. The bill whioh allows, or provides for the erection of a suitable building In Baltimore by the Government, for a post ofiloe and United States oourt-room, haa met with decided ap proval, and many thanks are due to our rep resentatives for the energetic part they took in oarryiag it throagh. The Merchants' Ex change, in which the custom house and post offlse are now kept, seems to me admirably suited to the required purpose. A large por tion of it is already owned by the Government, and nothing is required but to purchase the whole, provided those now owning it will sell. Economy, convenience, and every other con sideration, deoidedly favor this proposition. The poet-officc ii already completely arranged, and tke (zptoN of fltttng ap ? M?rt-i?oa w?m!4 be trifling. TheOoWin will but reeaalnt Theta la nraek aneertaloty aa to tie raault. TBe ne# hotel at tbeoorfeer of Cbart Hove Lane end Monafeent Square la alowly ap proaehtng toward. oonpfetion It U not yet known who will be the proprietor. Ai aoon aa it opena, and offera any formidable oppoai tion to Bam ana be in tenia to renovate and bnub up hie eatabliabmeat, by taking down tbe p;eaent pie bald aoaly front, and tnb*ti tilting It wt.h bandaotae brown alone. He also purpogaa making other important end ex **?***? iaprovoBoeata which are needed. The aeaaon of "lent" ia near at hand, and, aa van at prior to in ad rent, a large nam bar of partiea ere taking place Tbeoity is quite All the theatres and Muaentn a^e doing well Mra Fiaher ia playing, a aeai-atar en gagement Owena drawa orowda at bia neat, oosy little Cbarlea street Buaineaa ia looking np. In reference to flnenoial affairs the Patriot'* money article ?aya: "Money ?? now readily obtained for legifcmate business purposes, at easy and fair rate*; anj i> bouily seekiug investments goodsecaritie*in large sums. * The brokers heve now numerous and I arte orders to buy sound stacks and bouds at greatly improved rates. <>ur city stock is especially active. This fact is the more gratifying as it entirely relieves th* i aJtimore and Ohio Railroad from any embarras* ment in meeting its current liabilities. The roadie now anticipating its April notes, and is beyond con tingency in it* finances The long continued pressure has been, in its searching seventy, almost without a parallel in tbe history of our country ; but iu ?.fleets on the *ene ral welfare cannot be nihur tha i salutary It Ita* opened the eyes of the communi y to its own ex h?8r* *? Visionary spe nletioas i T- e*beusted their force end can go no farther. Individual extravagance must also yield to the * pi nousi law of necessity. We sjall have fcr year 1855 a greatly reduced import?pcrlirps not much exceeding one half of 1855. The falling off in the imports of Railroad iron ammom" VSffWC4,,not be ,e? than sua* f15,000 000 Thu ch ck to the farther extensi n oi the Railroad system was absolutely nec?<sary ?nd wh'lesome. It waj tbe leading cause of our finan. rn uSSST* an ,U ar*fst " lhe flr,t towards react,on We h ive now, we think ? *ra<1u&1 rwovsry may n.?w be looked to with confidence. Another crop, combined with a year of induMrv economy and prudence, will again evoke the char acterMic energies of our people, and place the couutry in a condition of rational prosperity and progress. We are still rich?rich in all the subetan tialI elements of real wealth?let us use them wisely and the result cannot be questionable. We learn that the bank? are quite easy, and di? counting all legitimate substantial papei offered. Tiio?e who are found upon the street, wiili second Jj,fine accommodations pretty readily at 9 to .0 ami 12 percent, discount. Money on call can be hail with easr at 6 per cent The demand is gr.ulual.y decrees ng, and funds are actively seek ing investment. This condition of affairs we are pleased to say fives cheering prospects. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, (D C.,) M?*"8- "ITORS: A SSSS^'K,, the title of "The Jesuits' foth," has been circulating in the papers of the country, it is >aid, extensively. On reading it myself; the imposition seemed so glaring, so like Sterne's curse, made t?. hand, for the Pope, tha: it seemed to me no one Friends, h wever, assure me that the oath is real by many with long facta. Despite, then, an extreme repugnance to appear in the public journals, I request a small place in your columns fir the positive and unqualified denial of the use or even existence, now or ever before, (and 1 **er thoughtfully and with full knowledra, ot ?afh lhe Je-'rit*. If summoned to court they may take oath* aa ot .er citizens, but as Jesuits they take no oatli at all. I am I umiliated, as a Mary lander, at being caled JJ* bonders of my native State, t.? make tiie above di< laimer, and thus repel the chart; o: more than latent treason! Tlie western shilre of Mar>land, the bomeof my childhood, has ever be?ir ch';"a',cd 'O tuy heart with patriotic pride. There are the remains of my grandfather, a revolutionary soldier, and there, in an adjo Snl eouiitv, u the landing (dace of " the pilgrim^ of S\ Mary s, whose brightest scenes and b-si memo.i s are imp riahably connected with tbe Jesuits' name. Such antecedents, though not ashamed of, I c i tainly should not have advened to had not an at tempt been made, by a fabricated oath and iu e - ceteras, to cast an unjust and deadly odimu upon a . ' Iff0"! order, of whi h I am, it present, Superior in Mar> land. I cannot help seeing in this an eff rt to rsnder me and my brethren in religion aliens a home and t.trainers by our own fire side. We are cruelly misrepresented by the fra.oers of the above i ^?re We mnc the caricature made of us, I feel convinced that they w..u,| |,ke us better than> thev do. Assimilation would b>get affection 8till, while, with a very little heait ache, I torgo their affection, a due respect for the opinions <>( men of good will moves me to make a bn'f de - larauon of our tenets as Jesuits. For this ournose I will use the highest official authority, and einp'ov ? feiUHt.e?fr0m an,"icyciical letter of his rectived a few days since: The Society of Jesus beme a religious order, has no other doctrine, no other n-le !h'^ uf the C^""c Chun h i! as publicly decla ed by my predecessor iu 1847. tH? m?< i??> ,he ara, ami declare themselves, entirely unconnected with any p> liucal party, be what it may. Always and everywhere by their tewhlna and by their aon fnS U.nt? CeW ,he things th?t are U. sar's and to Ood the things that are God's * (Mark lil 17 ) Such are the principles which the Society of Jvu has always held, asd from which it will n.ver de This Is the defimuon of the Supenor Gonerrl and his deelarstion alone is of authority for iht whole I may yet refer to a still higher authority - the constitutions of our society. These incapacitate a a member Irom holding any office of di*nitv or truM in it who intermeddles in any politicsj affaus ?t business of Suite (See Institute, vol 8, p 380 ) There we see the constitutions of the Jesuits ex fatitehaT"' fr?m ^ P0'11*0*1 are:,a the legis flre fo,??UrChe!! mI,duthe l b*ny 10 d? ?Uf fcifhf i h*' ' wh*t?ver our enemies may say, faithful butory snd gratefWI hearu do, and will ytt witness in our lavor. y ' Respecifully. CHARLES HENRY STONESTREET, 8 J., ^ Provincial of Maryland. LECTURE FOR TIIE HEVE fit ot the Young Catholics' Friend Society r.^E?WfP ^ dellVercd b> Hon. Joseph K. 1?Pennsylvania, at Foirest Hall G?<M'n o' lock^ ^^^^ EVE^IVG, February 82d, at 7^ ^Subject: ?4 Washington's character as an exaiu Tickets 25 cents?to be had at the took and druc stores, and at the door of the hall. teb 13?TuThSTuWT DRV GOODS !* THE FIRST WARD?THE subsenbers having refitted tbeir store since the nre, beg leave to call the attention of their custom ers and friends to the fact that they bad now re opened, and having on hand a part of their stock a pat many winter goods, they will sell them off as fcTin7-3f T* VV' JOUNaON * CO. 1 ffsisss Ljf found a large and beautiful collection of Faney Notions, together with a general asfortumnt of Toys for tne children. ffb ]7_3| INSTITUTE POLKA. JUST'published the above Polka,composed and dedicated to the Officers and Members of the metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, by Fr'k Kiev ? embellished with tbe inoet beautiiul and correct view of tbe Smithsonian Institute as yet issued I Tbe trade liirniahtd at the very lowon not them *' u HILBUS k. HITZ, Music Pablishers, Star Buildings, feb n0rUer aveuue? Eleventh and D streeu. CARUSI^S SALOON. GALAXY OF JUVENILE GENIUS TU BOON CHILDREN """in L>OHA GOROOB, and WJ? *OEDAOBT BOOB. Will give an entertainment at SATURDAY KVB^IINof In which they will appesr in some, of their favorite _ . characters, Tenth scene fW>m Brulua Castas Lora Gordon Boon Anaa Isabella Booa ?aobbtb "i^?toV.r.r.r: Yii 'r4-* ?? hoiiv moo* ^ eorto* *?" a0!S?nf,D '^ICT, . . ?CMOMls FOR K/ABDAL. And eonclnde with the Song of the LOW BACKED CAR, And a genuine Irish Jig. Emission 50 oents.?Children half puce. l>oor? open at 7?commence at 9 o'clock. feb 17 W f, JVatAmgf**, t> ' fl*e"EvnHlBeSTaB," T. ^ fo*-A*t .?rtWH. ./ fW OfW? Lav>?i hdngmmmraper ^ft*< til larteMetmt Imtwn ?<?**?% irtwr jpUJtaferf& (resAtacto. ? Ssc. 5. 4m i? O fwikcr ??mnM, TImu the Ju< oi letter* remaining uncalled for |N any 0^rr |to any city, town, or villaee, where nrwiptptn .hall be printed, shall, hereafter, be puhtiahed nnre onI> in the Beervpjper which, being lasued weekly, or oftener,?A*U knt* tie large* circulation within the range of the delivery of said ??tfice.ta he decided hi the pontiuaater it such oirr.J for letters la Us Ml*wtng I let. ?n piNH w; ibay era ttTurau. lainm ura. Andersou, lira W I ?rook, Mr* Jalla Brown, Mlaa Helen II Browa, Mat7, oolorerf Brooks, Mra Marr Java Bl?ra, Hiaa Elisabeth ?trk, Mlaa Jaua B Boa A. Mra Mary ? Bloyre, Mlaa Xur?r Browa. Mra Aaa 1 Baraa. Mra ian Brlero, Mra Mary Bewer, Mra Aagailae Batlar, Mlaa Mary T Batlar, Mlaa Mary Bo wee, Mlaa B Blllapa. Mra Lacy Batlar. BUaaheth Clark, Mra Vlrglale Cook, Mlaa Mary A Craig, Mr* M B Chaaar, Mlaa Rlaabaah CI am aula Mlaa Laataa Oartar, Mra Joha Craeen, Mlaa Ana Col liar, Mlaa E Olllo*. Mlaa Atetta Campbell, Mlaa M E Da ridge, Mlaa Aaaa M. Doalan, Mlaa Elisabeth Deaohoe, Mary Dawau, Mra B M Dedsey. Mlaa Johsna Da*la, Mra Boea A i Davta, Mra Eltaabetb 8 g-- Ellaa L ? ... j|mry g Fo*, Mra Aaa Feawtck, Mlaa E Falrfcr, Mra Che* Oay, Mra Catharine Oibba. Mlaa ? t ttrata, Mra Itrik Green, Mr* Haartatu Hartford, Mlaa Barrta, Mra Rebecca Harrla Sarah Harr1agt>>n. Mlaa Maria Mealey, Mlaa Mergrei Holllngaworth, Mr* K A Blckay, Mlaa Barak Jaabtaa, Mra Bllaahatli Jaaaee, Mr* Bltaa Kaatk, Mra Bat* BIB*. Mr* MaUM* Birth, Mlaa Sally Lee. Mlaa Paaay Um, Mia* M Loatee Lea a, Mra John Maaon, Mra Ann aaa Marad. Baakallar Marphy, Mrs Joaaph Mate, Mra Magralgfc. Mary Mr Danlal, Mia* Loaiaa McSoaald, Mary Mewmaa/kaehal Parry, Mr* Harriet Bally, ? Aaa Baaua, Mlaa Bahaao B Biain. Mlaa Sarah Bollln*. Mra DaUna Smith. Mr* Jaae Smith, Mra Martha A Smith. Mr* Matt Ma B Stewart, Mlaa Martha Slblao, Mlaa Mary B (Mbart. Mlaa Mary Sheredon, Mlaa Mary bberwrwl, Mlaa Margaret Stewart, Mlaa Mary Th maa, Mr* J oh a Whit*. Mlaa Mary Wla. Maa Leara Wood, Mr* Hartei I Ward, Mlaa Elisabeth Ward. Mahala A Walloek, Lliy Williamaon. Mr* Calk Wnrthlngton, Mra B Wlgalt, Mr* Sarah J OBNTLBMBITS LIST. Artoa, Perd Ha|>ar. Tboa AlvorU, B 8 Bant, Tboa Arney, A L Harrla, Thoa L 1 Bingham. LI J D Mart, Saml S Brother ton, LI D H Hamilton, Rabt Brooks Wm B* I ford, W T Barrett, Wm Baah, Wm Bowwr, Tbo Bayltaa, Thoa A Branaon, T B Broanan, Tho* Rraunan, Saml Barry, Nalbaalel Bottom, Mlrhaal Bran, Mlkell Bllllagharet, Mr ! Braaa, Mr Ban, L Brows, L Barbour, L Bannatt. J M Brora, John Bailor, Jo* Barr, Joha Brook*, Jama* Brook*, G H Barkmaa, Oebhd Braao, Fred Baana, F T, Jr I Barry, Capt E Bapbara, Patrick Henry, P L Harry. P P Hodlay, P HitrliM, 0 C Harpar, Mr Hartman, Marti a Hobha, Jaa 1 Bafllcgto*. Oapt *C ? Rowland, Jethro Heart, Jadj? Hawtay, Jao W Hur J, Joha Haoaalkack, Hd[a Hand, Oao E Hamilton, Oa? B Harnek.Bdw t Harrt*. Edward Hall, D B Howard, Doaglaa Haaaon, David Hill. Chaa C Hoffman A Clear? _ , Haniiinr>ea, Ool CL Btardan,B Borl.i..rl Phil 11 pa, 0 L Paaaar, R Plaroa, B P Paraoa. A TC Badla*. Wm B Bachaar, Wm Bamaay, S P Rallly, Phillip Rath bona, N Rlrhardaon. J H Ratllay, Jam* Ryon, Jaremlah Robbtaa, Jux Roark, Jera Boy, Joha Ruaaall, <>ao Rlr?, H W RoMaaoa, H H Bheaa, H H Rlabold. Hafrr Rhodaa, if, jr t Bay, Bar Beo H Rnaarll, Col DC.' Rallly, O*o Rlacgold,Fred?t <? k RaadalL, F Roochhaa, Dannu Rllay. DP ra, Lt C G ? Hull, C C Hall, A Bwkalay, Edmaaa Hunter, Alfrad Brown, Edward Bro<lb?>ad, Daniel Boa'alle, C O Burnea, 0 R I Boody, A Baumaaa. Aafaat Carr, Lt Mlltoa J Collin*. W A Ooraa, W W Clark, Wm O Church-W L Chaaa, Wm (Voka, W H Cook, W A Croalne, Wm H Colfax, 8 Corcoran, 8 C Cook, K Chaaa, Major Clxaa, Martin C~cka, Llttletou Corbatt, Joha Chapman, J M Carrathera, Joha 8 Ooamman, J a* Chapman, Jao B Clayton, J B Collin*. J Henry t Cbrlamea, Jamee Caadrlck, Haury Co*, Oao P 1 Carder, Oao W Cain, Oaatava* Oerpnater, FBI CI of born. Rev E B Ormlck, EBP Clemsnu, B Chaplain, C L Caunarford, C C Caldwell, C Camoilaf, A Davia, Lt B P Drammoud, W W Drak, W DancerOeld. W H Dam r ell, W 8 Day, T C Da via, Thoa B Davta, Saml Dillon, Richard Delia, Pa,er Devi*. Lt M L Daeor, Lewis Da*al, Oen J P ) Darnaa, Joha I Dobaou, J Dtaney, J K 1 Dlsoa, Jaa ! Daau, Oao O ! Dougherty. E<1w Draper, O A | Dnboll, C L Donehaa, Cbaa Dow, A L Dormaa, Dr A Eroiuln, Mr Elll*, Stephea Elite, Richard Erraa, Martin Kwald, John Elll*, D C Evan*, B F Evan#, Hen A Froat, P 8 Fairbanks, L, jr 2 Floyd, Me) J O Fallen, Jao P Ferenaon, J R Fowler, Ja* Fairbanks, J no I Fisher, Isaiah Puhar, Jeceb Poeter, H D Fuller, H M I Flint, Ll P P Pallarton, Dr Geo Frederick, Geo Probel, B W Foote, Com A H ? Forman, Alfred Fairfax, Lt A B Ollmaa Dr W A Oalphln, W B 1 Orovea, W H Godwin. LlWKJ Oaafarnrlmba, 8 Oiifll'h, Bev s B Olll, Robt Oraaaan, Patrick Ooeu, Morlta Gilbert, Jao 8 Gtlltn, J M Oreeatrau, P Golden, Prad Green, Pred'k Gibbons, H A Godlag. Dr P Green, R B Gr it.n*ll, B Glandlnc, David Oarrtaoa, C E GeUler, Charlie 6 ran (ar, Amoa P Galea A O* Hancock, Lt D P Ha*aalback, Wm S Hlnka, Wm, Jr 3 Harrieoa, Tho* ? 17 Hackett. Alei E Hevey, B H Baden. A D Herbert, J Gottllb Hempeteed. Oor S . Irrlac. Waahla?ton Slbray, Mr Irwin, W Wallace Smith, Wm, col Johnaom, W B SemoeU, Wm Jonea. R CUreadon Stewart, Wm Bchott, Wm Ramaay, Alex Rlckardaoa, Capt J B t Sel(fHed. K J Saaeeri. Ll Abn>r Smead. Lt Jao k Sboelt, W B Smith, W H ?t Jay, P A Jonea, Mr Joaee, J B Jackson, Joa Jonea, J D Johneon, Jadfe Jonea, Geo BOS Johnaoa, Geo W Jrin*on, Be a J S Johaeea, A C Jackaoa, A B Kid well, T A * Bro 8mltK'8 P Blue, B H M.w.rt, B T Eauftman A Gobi Salllvaa. Wm Scherfer, Wtii Strong, Tho* J Sa> der, T Saadford, T Shallcroa*. T P ' Saagvter. Cap; a Tboa 5 Scott, Tfioe M Sdo t, f S Eluls, Frederick Eaau, Ooraella* Kramer, Oao W Latham, W B LaagduB, L W Laaaiter, Thoa I/ettch A Roes Le*. USD Lawleaa, Mr Leigh, Major Lacey, Jcronta Lull, Joa Lawreaa, J H Loncky, John Lombard, H P Lonfdcn,Oao Latiirop, Geo H Lntart, P Lanadale, Pleteb Lebermender. E I.owl* D B Lane, D C Lyklaa, Rev David Lee, Oapt Leroax, Antheay Mercer, W P Marah. W W Murray, W M Mather, Thoe W Mlltoa, 8 B 1 MarabAll, 8 8 Miller, Bobart Maagua. B W Mathratt, Prof Morgaa, N G J Tlarphy, Jamaa Mullen J 8 Morton. J H Mallouey, John Morrleon, J B D Myara, H Mana, Horace Marphy, Henry Mag raw, H 8 Morrison, Geo W Matting, O W Morrleon, Gee F I Magruder, E J Mao lay, P W Morrow. D J Marsh. D D Morgan, Lt M B Mailing. Lt Jao Marry. CM Morrison, Chaa Muoaey, BeuJ Murrey, Lt A Satton, R Sleektoa, 0?tl, Seymoar. Pr?ei Steel. P J Blatter, Keo> Schabert, Mr Sullivan, Mauri. , Staatori. M B Joa ^ulllran. Jn|.A ?jtaart Jallaa W Htael. J W Stokele. Jcmi Jpratt, J?b,? t Smith, Johu Step, John Bon rain Jno Smith, J no p Bntlth laaiah F 5 ?adera. J?4, h th, H T 8ne|||ng, |_ jAndera, Oe. k Smith, Ollbert SpiUer, Oe. w Smith, Oeo Bti aaka, Geo O ?tea*on, Penwi. A S^,r- * Simm*, t p Salomon, B Soara, D B Smart, David Seymoar, DI.S Baarl. D Btmoada, D Salllvaa, CariioJ , ^?kinl, Conrad Smith, c w Slaaton, B Severson, B Smith, BertkoTe ? Tyler, Tl,e Taleatl, B Lin.. -J ^?mawy.iuyn,- ..d Jnoraington, J w Tbompaon, Jacob Tonrtellvi. J a Tl.omas, G?a J x Thrt?opt O J'l'Pett, R D ? Tylar. Chae W rssa; wil'.w%r 1 ? K'VV McKinnay, Ool B H Warner, B McKllndon, Henry Wtlliama, Dr W W McBertn, John McOrann, Mr McKeen, Thoa H McCansland, Tboa MrCallam, W J McSbaaa. Wm McCleary, Lt J Kewman, W R J Morris, SCI Nicholson, N O Wallace. W H Woodhouae, W W Ward, VR| Wirt, Tally R 2 Washington A N".i - b White, Robert Wllklaaon. M S Wheeler. Mr Welles. L Wafhey, J H Kleholaoa, Jno T 8 Woodworth, J H Newton, C A Wllleon, Jaoob Oakaa, Ool Chaa O'Ooaaor, Lt B Poaa, Aatonlo B Plummar, Wm ? Pierce, Dr W 8 Proctor, Wm Pawer, Tboa Porter, Tboa 0 Parker, Thoa J Paullnettl. B Parry, Joaapha* Pattlt, Jao W Poleltl, Joa 1 rettit, Jaa A Parley, Joha Pope, Jaaea Porter, Ollchrl** Pack, Oao W Peaaa, B M Poole, B Poetoa, C D Perry, Capt llbar, J TO Wbaeler, Jno B Waltber, Williams, Joha Wright, H B Wstcrhoase A Co W right, Lt Jatwrs Williams, B F Waldron, B Wllaou, Gea B V a Wbtttag, G W C Wallace, Gea Weldmana, O Wllaou, Ell Wye*, MsJ P O Waierbary, Mr Waleon, DLl WAldan, C C Walaon, Chaa White, Caieh Wateoa, C B Walhridge. D S Wilson, Geo W JAMBS ?. BBBBBT. P. M. Accounts with thB House of BcprctmUtiTcc. Cleer's OrnCE, February 16, IU& PER8UN8 hnving bills or other sccounis nfainat the Houae of Repreneatuives, sre regpectftilly requested to present them prior to the 38th instant, au as to allow time for action by the Committee oa Accounts before the adjournment. J. W. fOHNEY, Clerk (louse of Beps. United Mates, feb 17 - duMih A NOUVELL.E HELOISK, ediuoa tilasime p*r Johanaot, Baron, etc., in pamphlet?prict 50 cent*. Le? C nlesstons de Kouseeau, in paaphiet wiib many illustrniiona, 50 cen's Pbystoiogie du Gout, par Brlllat Ravnnn, in pam phlet, with many illustrations, price 50 cento. Imported trom Paris by frb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. TAKE NOTICE. VI8ITOR8 aid otliera attending the Merropoli .an Fair. - I have juat broagbt on Ironi H. York a large assortment of aplcndid lliamonda, and a great variety of new style* ot rich Jew? Iry. Also, some very >uperior Watches, which for true time cannot he iurpa?sed. 1 have just flniahed a magnificent Silver Tea 8*1, that will eompa-e favorably with anything of the kind at lbs Fair or in America. It i? now ready for inspection, free of charge to all, at my Store, 418 Pa. avenue, between 4>? and 6th atreeta. feb 17 H. O. HOOD. NOTICE. T RE8PEC TECLLY call the auentioa of custom 1 en and others to my large atocA of WINDOW SHADES, 8H40E T*l*lillN08, kc., of every va nety and price, which 1 have ju-t received and w.ll Mil at greatly red need prices. Among them are I gold and other parlor shade* of the latest patterns Mid ft nasi quality, M> which ( partiealarly Invite at 1 . . L. F. CLARK. Upholsterer and Paper-banger, No. Pa. av., bet. 18lh aad 13tn su feb 17?:*? tenucn. A AN YEAR BOOK or FACTdand An nnal of dctenufte Discovery for 186&, 1 volume ? ? FKANCK TAYLOR. 80. A JONAS CHICK ERING SECOND-HaND PI ANO FORTE tor aale on iea-Mnable term* a* ilte Music Depot of HILBU8 h HII L, Star HutU . fvb 17 NATION/L THEATRE. A ....Mr I 4 Arttaf ft Stac* . Joh? } MR KEE^AN Beg* Vaeve to announce to,~;gad Gaafe; of Washington. lH?U he ha*, Mirf greet comptn**i r?w.-y, and i* b^w eh-wed K> pKw 4uee. m mi till cent stvie, the celebra "ni'-ral d ines I c Drama, rklltN ? TRUE SOUTHERN LIFE; O I , UWCL E T O m A 8 HI IP! Thia Urrct Moral Oriwi, with in ?IX TIML1AI X AND THIRTY SCENES' ( <aftflv4lli| Willi ihf ALLBGOBICAL AtM ENT OP EVA, Wilt be peeaented tar the Ar? liM, SATfJ KDA1 KVKKIRO, Ptk. ITtfcJ TM ck?nciM mt EVA, the Flow*. >?f tkt So?h, M LITTLE LOUISA PARKER. {On** ?*' m of Mils benu'itui c The rndiliMi of Mil* cktrwlrr by ? so roan*. k? gmin.-d ib?- mpxiimi of nil the of Baltimore and Philadelphia, and woa for % 5 of tide of ikf HfAiT PIOPWT. Th* Hut Depngtmeat will be under tbe '?*??<(? s ate direction oi ___ \ ? ?t. J HO. WKATBRi 1 late Mioirr of Rdrnnn'i Mrnwn and Welchf National Theatre, Philadelphia. rticif or Private Rosea ? ????I' Ml Press Circle and Parqaette Ticket* admitting a lady and geatieman.;.. Orchestra Beat*. Keeond ??'I Til Id Tier : Colored Gtll^ry .???????? ?????? ??????????????????e ? ? ? ? ? w * *| [>oora open at 7?in rnennroc at 7| oHbtck. feb 15-lw ANOTHER GOLDEN SHOWER ! Hundred* being Mill unable to procure admiaatoa M the Golden Butteea of U?e great M ACALLISTER Another atill greater in value will be given at Off FHIowa' Hall SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. I7tl?. Gold Jewels, Mi *ptand?d W?Mlw?, Rmga, Brace, leu, Ac ? vain. $499 ; A5 splendid gifta altogether will be given a * ay free. Ftlll no inrrtaae in Ifce |eve af ticket*. Tickct* onlt 50 cent*??o be had at Gait A Bra *a Jewelry Store", Pa avenue, wb?-ee the present* may hese?n;ut KirfcwooJ Honae, and odd FHlowa* Hall day and ereninf. Tickct* limited to the r of tbe bail. Buy in time or you will agai.* be sliat oat. feb 16?at* DIRfrOLUTIOM OF COPARTIER* J ? HII*.? WOODWARD A GUY, by mutual .W couaeut have thia day dtawdved copartnership. AU V person* indebted to, or creditor* of th ? late Arm, will plrwae rati at tbe old aland without de*a\. and a ttle their acomnta. feb 16? * NOTICK.?We bet leave to *?me that we bkv? thia day purchased the entire stork of gooda of the late firm of Woodward k flay. enema i| Hardware, (Move*, Gr.?te?, kc., and will ?? tbe . uauiea* at the nl I at -nd of th' lata Arm. JOHNSON, CI Y A t O Pa. avruar, between lOtb and 11th at*, leb 16?9t N0T1CK*?C. WOODWARD having aold oat hia atock to J< hnena Gu- A Co take* thta o|i portaatty of thankinc tu>- fnends and th*- puMic gen] erally for tbeir paM patronafe, and rcspeatfally ao Ucita a oontiauanoe of the aama to tin aew Arm. feb 16?Jt POTATOES AND APPLES. JUi*T re-eired and t*x sale? |0(Xi t uidiels White M rrer Potatoaa Snuu d<> Kantcra Mrrr?r? 100 do do I ink Eyea I St bhla aawtrted ApHea 300 box* a Messina Oranfea 11*0 do do Lrm<m? 800 ||>. Go h? n Riitfr. a vert aapertor article By T. H. F.VA1V8 k C*)-, Old Depot. 93)1 Pa. av., Washington, feh 16?3t lOgaa) 90IKEE DANSANTR, AT C A R U 8 i ' 8 SALOON. MON8 COCIIFi; t.e** leaee inlnrm tie I a tut (>-nt ienn nl thia city that ta < on?*q*eace of the iiM-h-UHwy ?? Hie wraths bis m-iw that wa? to Im | ?st Mondav will iak< ptare nett Monday the lVtli instant M<>nr. C. take* Hit* opportunity to announce In the parent* wishing to havr their chtidren laufhi in the tru?- art of Dancing and Waltzing, that bia laat ae-*ion for the season i* )n-t r?*iin?*ncerf, would be happy to rrcetve a conunuation of thrtr kind patronag* fab 16 A* Cm W AKRIIBK, WATCHMAKER, NO S30 PA. AVENirE, BHween Ninth and Tentli nfft',*. p. r_ leb 14?dtMov4* CIDER, POTATOES, Ac. irond, 31 JU^T received fnmi New Yor^, pei railroad. ? frw barrel a of < larified t'bam|wi|ne t*i?ter wbi I have for sale on draught at M) ? ? "?a p?-t gallon. AI*o. a loi of pri ue Marcer Potatuea at |l 75 per btudi'-l. Prime Baltimore cured llama at 12)( centa per lb. together with a general aasnrtmrwt m fresh family Groc* riea, wbic.i I am conatanily receiving at my ?tore, No. ?0?, Odd FeUowa' Hall. ?th -t feb 16?3t GEO. W. E. KENNEDY. GREAT ATTRACTION. *HE artist for the purpose of uiintdncuig hia DAGl'El X atyle of Crayon Da6L'EBBEoTYPE^, will lor one month ae'l Uie above ?ty1e ot utMniUble pirtwea for the low p?ice ol ONE DOLLAR. Knowing that every likeue** he makea ia a lasting advertiaeinent. VANNER80N'!? Daguerreaa Gallery, No. Penna. aveoue, near corner IU st. feb 16?3t* tiitW A HP ? 8tra>ed from tbe pretni VpxJ of Jamea E Johnaon, on 4J( at son lb uirea COWS, on* white BoBalo, one black, horned, and one r> d apecfcled cow barned _ Tbe above reward will be paid for any information ao that I can g? t them agaid frbl6-9t?. higb~~^ Wither^ k.r 810 TRins'i DEPO I TOKai OF 8ELDEN, WITII CO.?Tha nnderairned wdl nay the rice for Two Thnnsand Dollar* of Belden, Co'a Certihcates of Deposit*-. HAMILTON G. PANT, Banker. feb 16?3t 4?A Pa av>we A LARGE LOT OF FLAX riEED juat r.ceired and for aale by SAM'L BACON A CO, feb 15 Comer Heventh at. and Pa. ava. REWARD,?Lout, between Washing too and Alexandria, a small aquarr HAIR UNK. Tbe abava reward will be paid to u()r pvreon wbo will leave tt at BENTEt*W, comer 6<& atreet and Pa. avenue. feb 15 3t* NEW FANCY STORE. TTUTCHINSON a MUNBO bav for aale at al their Btw atore. next door to Moesr*. Waller Harper A Co., Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOtb ' atreeu, every deaenpuon of Fancy Gooda, Perfnm* ry, Hosiery, Glove*, Porte Monnaiea, Card Ci Jewel Boxea, Ac. .Mao, Metallic and Papier Mache ? day Clock*, Mantel Ornament*, Ae., together a large aaamtwent at ilbell Work tbe whtr which win be aold at the lowest New York pneta HUTCHINSON A MVNRo, 310 Pa. ave., betw. Wh and 10th air. feb 15 lw (Organ 3t) mtVCH LAHGUAOE AVO DRAWUT0 FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a gradual' of (bo v Umveraity of Pana, is desiruua tu give LEB SONri in bia native inagne, and DRAWING to < A' school*, clasiwa, ? r private pnpUa in thia city .. *- ? vicinity. He is alao willing to give complete instmc uon in the above branch** in compnnaauon of board a respectable tamily of ihia city. 1 be advemaer "* nndoruk " ~ feels confident tn undoruke the follwwing ment, via : If after a course of 4? lesson* hia^puui' . has not acquired the fkcility of speaking and under ' ataading well the French, be will continue to grve inatructien free from charge. The highest teatfmo mala of character aai anccesa in taacbing will ka *hi\i-tw-0" "F V,,, W UlM ?*c' TSt&SSS?*'AL,ATA ?*s TA *J&2^?rZZ ->i? ?f ??mli'y ALRATA 'nftXX!}*' TEA ttET?? CA" ?48" EETd, CABTORB, Ac- whack will be found tba bwt aubsutute for real stiver evar dmcovaand. M. W. GALT A BRO., .. ? 114 Pa. nee, betw. 8th and 1 ?tb eta. 6* (Newa) SILVER PLATED WARE. ' ., pOM PLETE Coffee Seta, C astora, Cnkw and FnUl v Bnakeus Wnum on white metal. Table, Dna aert, and Tea Spoona and Fnrka. eoub>? and nM* plated on Aibtta, tbe beat anb?Utnte tar at leer, jfnr nm*?*?L'2i*f H. BEN KEN. \ No. 330 P*. avenue, balwtta bib and 1M 5.1 )an 1> A SLAVE MAN FOR HIKE.-Enquire itr^ No. M, Brat boor of the General Pom Often Building. tab U-4t?

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