Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1855 Page 4
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[commi id fbom trrrir|?| <H13 Fr?m 'Variant a, by .di idle uldf?, Oak Hi'T MctXm nh, tad Doabb CaMcs, toQriflk . 39 mile* >db?ck. 030*b rnL l^aveCov nucrta iond?yat5am Arrive it'irirtla fum ay by 8 p m ueayeGrunn ?Ve* ay a; t u \Triae t C vlajtoj mi" aayj by 8pm 0414 Framlv ..on a ny ?lat tao k, to White Hou ? i-Wm l? *ud ba k <ano? a week Leaa- l<jt: >i ?riday at 7am Ar.-V? it- >% it* H USB name day by 12 ? L ay* ?L u ^"ure Friday at 1 p m Arnwa' '.yth'-uui ams day by 6pm en *T m L.tb nia to ? otklrHffa, ? ratle* an,l ? ??* |Ml4| 1 ?vk 1-eaTfl Lyt .,r ta i irs ay at 7 a m Ar.ive h Keckbrldfa -ame days by 9 a in. ?** ?Koekbradg* i tuir*. ?y at 10 a m krraare a' Lylh- .i* same days "oy IS ttk ?410 FromHt n?> Mo -nt in. by Yellcrw River and j?we*.t lV*ter to Lawr*ic< yille, *) mil** ana ba< k, si- time a w-( k Le.are Ft?.e i-wiBtaln^taBy, except 8aaday, at. a t Ainv? at L*wrer cvil'? ramv days by 11 a m ?: Im tr * c *v 111 daily, except 8nnday,at 1* to. ?- ?. ? 4r.iT* a. : . jne MeaBtain satno <|Ays by 4 pp. tJ117 >r oi?.?>n< *lountiin, fc? Hnekt-eyTille, u War-a., 13 mil*- ana back, oar* a are?k I*are Mountain -".itarfay at 1 p m Arriraai H'arsaw ?*jie day by 7 pm. L u*? ?'ar?^w fiat irtay att>?m ^ Arrive *t *>n-i ?'osLaiiain ->*?>? day by 12 m MIS *rom 1 **tux, by I ntkertyiUe, Tucket* lVia, a : "?tOi-^bri Jfr, o MeDomaffe, v* m W aii: kk?)i, oqw i week Lmt? Da* j;ur Friday ?t 8 a m mnjK at Mct'onoogii ?\v\* dky by C p b fsarc cIn? ou.b c*et>iniay at 9 a m Arrive *t Ianatur same day ay 0pm G4.9 Kmni h, fcy Spring, to ?andy Ridge 10 mite, aad buck. i>tc* a we??k. I*?'r -H-. ? uwsgkisUar ay at 8 a nt AjTiTe a*, f a- dy fnia day by Ham Leaa'e ra.-y Ki ?re S; tur ay at 12 m. k: n < e at .c K-uou^U sauie day by 3 p m. - triB jl 'Ji i, b to JotiMb ro', 14 m W>i aiw! bav k, - ix lim*" a are.** L ave v.rUn ?u^a -ail/, xj;ept ^uaday. a: f> a iu Arrive a >ro * rat dayr by 12 m !>-.*? Ju . to d- ly, axcept 1 n l Arrivrat % cu noo^h n o??*diy by5p ui >r. ni ijj b; i?a?bur<, It'tersbur (.aluo !?, & C , and J n< o, to AH ?' -tl ' M o m l-js nit*? k, t*V'i *e ? L par V? ; gtc. l'u-sd _ f and SaturJav a; ?' f ? Ha ? Arr.Vrt ?t ' b"i )<? r IT ?p.; ?lnys br 9 p j ? ? i C i: M?md?y a-d Jfrtuay at S am . A i. ?at V. a blrgi. ? r;tm day* by 6 p m i r-'i'? s >r I .lv a. r?i e ar? >BT)teI, With ~ V ?* t-.c !_>.?* Vie *r?;t N'or kern and South vru a. t a.p ed ufntt 1 t? than 5 ei U u . 9411 Ft ?- > by Malory!T?fl>, vain * u liiii, t> i-.lbkT.ui*, 31 stiK-: ci ? l>v:k, oi!^- a <??.ek VVn ' ? n". ii Krida/ at 9 a m rrt?-?: fcii'-rt- u b bm day f.y tt p n> f?av? rllb rtou f'a'.i-rday a . 9 a ra Ar.?.e m ? L. ^t.'a * m> day by 8 p ia bJJJ Kr.nii "i ^-.Ing, ?> G' ntrcv.ll?, mi au b?<-k, oave a ">? fek. l.-avw W'k hic^toa Krrday at 1 p m a. C- jtr.-fille siut dav by 5 r ni Le.a; Ccatr yriiKy ,t 8am Arr:a^ a.': 4-ji .n?uo'm J <y l>y 12 n 6!M Fr iu U-sjr i1!. by 1eat.ira.lle t'Lin~ol 1 ? in >< *nd back, t^i'e a w^k Lra' ?. j. ue-diy ?nd S.iumbr, at li am -ra. c .ti L. n: n ^ma day- by 3 pm . i 1/ r li.tja Tu- d^y an l Tr,ui -d;y at ( am A.'nta:t y nil ? **.ni= da-a by 10 a m "Wa Fr ??.J by f ?i .; eU?-, UrjaJ S t? ? ! /-rr- r. iraiunv. . ?>ij Wa>r. >lo jbaaid^o ' > r '* ? ? 'iwk Mill*, and Mouuta>? 1 e **? " ' ier.->-'u 'J 1, tij m le t j?td ba ft i \ ? k ,J* -ve l?\. n Tu- iy a-^d Friday a'. 1 a m *? r v t : tb ii?>n ?.im^ ilnys by k p m a-d Saturday at ( a m ? r a?j *t And? n ? 11 p,oie day.T by 9 p bi. ? A :, t ...c 11 ii;e day and Friday al < am liriv^slK" .^n d?y < by 9 p m ' ?? ."???.? I f 1 y i ,J ?, ffia^y atfcao V ri ? ?. I- ; . B anit t-y; . ?? m 6<-' 1 1 t I. v ? ,;t >u ' !>? pot ; u? t-r a-i-? f a k. '.Trlve i ur^ :\ at 1. ' ? h l. x ?_? i : ? v. x.. , ? ? r ?r. a :i i m ad I j ? A'r.wjl bva, it lay by *1 an a'i-1 p l *t' l ??-'?"? '^r? ' ? > :*. Sunday ai V tii Muup i , %r 1T? .t . . r>ti -;n y l > a IB anc t p UI t>4 < Fr. m \*U n . b ? ,< es brl, -l*-1 > ny .Irore ?Uy.4.i il-.I'pa-pr ??, iluh.x ? i; wj.u. t.), 61 mile . iid 'uek i*r? ^ t^ 1- at? A1 enj y a 6 a ni Arr.a i a Ular.. *i 1 . *xt day by (5 p in Le v C; r ' ' i lbur dav at 9 n m A riat! -t K fc neit .lay'b^ ttp m Fr m ? . r.. hy Jfffi.vo a, fr.nd Fork and >i-nr : ! )* 40 mi;?a and back h-e? ' ir*e? a "Tr*-* J* u * "tf -*>-iay, ^^urs ity and 5?tur .?> r..9 l'u Arr iJ * ik'.'t day* by ^p ia " ? J| j "aduy, Vndufs-iay ?nd Fri ?ky ?l 9 a a ani ^ a ? asoby b/4yB Fr na '? by ;Vce,Ti..? a?id Madieot -f-r u|f ,*, n-ovrl.c, cis mile, and tack fhre? t:n.o a w k T v I l4' 1 ?i'y? ~ ?xraJar an! ?atur ?iay at 6 a *rr.v. at . r ti e raaie ?! j* Ly 7 p m ?r ' ' e '' ? l^y Ttrdaetiay and Fr a_< at m >a ?\rr ve -t \i >i -n ? b ? ?a* d iy !<y T r. m fAJO I M A t. y 4- aot^rN ULd, to Fori t-ci^r. o mile -: d a vo?k im ? u u. >> lay a 8 > m ?..ri-ea- W r- Um,rr-m 'Jay by6pTi l?j jt. Fotl Vt d erd?yat8 a m ^nia- ai A:n ?? * aic? ^av by 6 p a fclii F.-aj. M i.n pr.n..i, by Frvnklin Spring*, Hit ? ..n.rt# ?eU?/'3Stora ?'?. ia;ii*;v b ij k, cii?.r a ?era. i.-aae . i y.,o.: Tu?? dty at 9 am *rr ' * ?!' j n it' r- t.?in?"ay by 8 p m LwRer > ^-ft. .* eiu^J.y Bt 4 a m At.t ? at . _? '.jfr* -nu.edayby3 pm fi3' ? h/:ic ,tt ?u?hdlla, V ,i' 1 -?i H in," "'rth, t.. Allen ?1 a,4tii. and back oir a ?ai, 1?j ? ae .iiurjuy m.1 (i m A.iiaas.. A. ..IbJc nei a by i p m !*j?e Ai<ef.l?'e >'rii?y-t i| pm A in *? H y-viiU u it dav b. 1pm MSI 1: m ?: . . vi.:-. by w,. HEl, GilUrliie. Hi Is n -i U1M, to Oernwille, 38 n'teikid i ick on ?a i*. k h ,iu. 1 I ? Fr d ./ at 6 a ra .arr>T* >vt .^?i . ?ii'^ <V\t by ft p ? r.rrji- i'l Satur 1 ?y >t o ? u >.-ia a ai ?. Tle.-m? day by 6 p m ' * ? * ^ -.i <??. i .> ? . ??.?? iiri 1^? aa i Auraria, ; It it ? , . .* mis tnd back, three timet V% ?? L '? '' ^*?nd-y, V."tl e<iay and r n.l y ?1 i t u ?.^?i< iaun; .J^y ? by J p m L- .'e f ab. i Pu.-.d y, and Pat Ultb* >11.2) A ?? t k*. ii>w>iuh): auif dajS by 8 pm 6-i.ii Fi?b ?? v.le. by Crr-asaril'e, Siaithri'la, Harivit M?/h T. r?r, fo rj Tree. ' 11 ' 1 ; ; t?a# "Xton, Canton, Focter ?? II ,ai :Li . ff iai, i> tttrrai, b2 miiea and ?aca urt-iKwk I>-?vb n>>teo-Ti| ^ 'ay r.* i p m \ nw,? rii, , ii, h.xt -lay b> 7 a m l.*?a> K'i;? ^ ?y a*. 6 a m \*r * * a' '? .::a v." ? 4 x' d y by 12 m Vit *r,mf. r ?? V.byDu-ue teel, to Clarke . ' 1,0 . ; ,, J f" r. e-imeea week u???....<i ^ ! rj ?;*y, XbufMlay and Sat n. vl.? a' 3 . ca a -re. .v*, t rame day* by 11 p m I U'i'i iTj Thiir.ilay snd 8ai or 'ay ai t> c ua 'Tt rrW. ^ay hr 1 p m t'l ; ^ "111 'i i.? -.1 ! , by Arjo to i o.**Tille, 18 mn*- 1 tl d el, o^c? a a, eV. 1^-are G ???. .a ills F ii?yatl p m rriTe at fniksaille rtDl# by 7 p m i. aae P l^svi 'e triilaj a* <5 a in Arrite a' fl i v^Title samedaa by 12m i ^ FrtmC r. ?illc. r? Ha d spring and ItraatB* r. .1 ff rtt-,. .-<o itiiHjiaii i tMfk, one*- a week Leaar t., rut a .!?t? *nrd"y t 5 ? m Ar-'.re t; Viler 3 .-tm? d*y b; li ( m a> ' lei' j I* iday at 8 a m \,r'T" r ?* ? vi'le -"ar d?y bv b p m t*..j F, m M.,? ; (i5t -e W.ltun*# Ff rd and b e''., cc? a ek Iijddw.i. w;l; . t ljv j ?a0re and prtpoaa a -? ? JuV. rifUi. h U ' *>vC ojo.'.OajfcCsdlia^wis ^ snfi?u. Hot H B.s, Hi L ' '' r ^ r ?1an' Uru*h Crwk ? 1 " a-. ? ! ,V "d 1 *rk^? U?. 10 Benton, 83 f* * - ? i * 1 -i v our ? & vHrk Uav- Dii' 'Mi ;?"Iu rflnv at oi ui ?irite ai B?. to. ? : 1'S?T y by 12 m ly?a e 'hi.irti.y a. 1 ), m Arrir- at ! Ii ?..>?** 4>at t^tcr^a* Lt ?\ ~ M4i "itui l?*bl a 1 > i; ul ! h U ll miltr aui ' . I'i, OBf a r,.? k l^^ee r,a tur-'ay at 1 pm Arrive -.t ... ot IliU ifn^dmy by 5 p m L ut? n'U i l id a rday ar 8 a m Arr r a' ??>M L?ft* . <u- Jay by V m 61.. I . .1 ; :t',i . 1 y \ i- Ma Cat?>o?a,Prince * c*y, flirty, Tail> fi*ek, and " at to priD/ ?'ac#, ti mil a aid b>ek, o jc a artwk I-are '<?e?a ?* elrefi'ay at Sam Ar-' t "Brill*, p| -c ntx.. ay by ^ p tn L.aa ^pr.ii^l^i sj ci0y at 61m a rue -t Dia'cf^a n?it .iay by 6 p m ? ; . r?*** From Cen Vjd ,tjv'> si; Groi'rd. lUrnag?yil!a. and Jono. to rtWIon^*, 4') iallj ?nd back, r>DC i W ti Leave Canto : turday it?l &m Arrive at Dahlcn-gi f?me day by 0 p re I*a?e Pahlocegi rid ay a' 9 a m rrive attatos earn* d*y 6pm ^ Fr:m Jeffers n, by Jw^n '"a d- lpVs ar.d Cain", to Cummlog ana bi-k one* a ?Mk BidJera will ,tate th- dbtan^e tad vropow a tctmdnl* 9448 From ?"'pmg Place. by Oedar micro f* T>altou, 12 miles and b"-k, three tfrars a week Leave Spr ng Place M Weineaiey, a- d and Fr;day' at 3 a m Arrive ae Watt' n same <Liys by 19 m M tfllHltrn Monday, Wed.ipprfay and Friday at 1 p m Arrive ?t Spring PJaca same days by 4 p m '6446 From Blajr-ville !y Choeetoe, Louisville, And 1 lttwat Ketreat. "to I abl^n^a, iU r?l!-?s and back, onca a week Lea?* Blairsvile Monday *t. 8am Arrive at l*blon-(ri same day *y 6 p n L??v? Dibl net* i'u?edvy at 6 ? m Arrive h* Bbtlrari'de *Hin- dty bf (i ; m 644* F. cm Blair<=vill?, ?y Young 0*ne, to Morgan tOB, fO mVas ami bae*;, twto * we?k Le ye l'air*T;lle 1 ??4ay ru t f rVlay at 6 a m Arriv? at Morgan o-i fame days by i2 m L are M rg tnton Moa ay and Fodsy at 1 p is Arrive a' B.airsvil * 'stih d.iyj by T p vn 6419 Pr m Clsyt n tc Plafirs\ iife, *0 and ' ac.k once a >-*>k l*av?* May on TFcdn* day atfl.a rn Arriv* At R1 lirsv.ile saia- day by 7 p m Ileava B airfv 1 ?? Ii4ur?i y a? ii;? m Arr va at Clay to earn* day by 7 p rn 6149 FiUtn tfergantown t:> Murn' y, H.C.atdWk once a week Bdders will stated ?ta '.-e rr.d },ropo'a a reh?d a! a 6460 From Dal! (*?*ctin ? to L ^c<! KtA, onrc a We*k Bkllrrs will 9ta*.? the dhtArc- an l i.ron^se a sch#ddle 1 1 6451 Froa M lyanton, by FlceRid^e,' White Pat^, KiVjly, Talkirg, I armouit and Pine L g> to Ca "TiUe, 50 ini!e? a.d back, twicc a weex L-?v* M rganV u Tuesday at.d Friday at 1 p m -1 rrive a- 1 astivilli' n xt duj^ by " p ui L ave Ctt-fcV.U-t Monday *t * j hart-Jay at 6 * in Arrive \t Mor^u'cc test <.aye by l'j'm 6452 From T nng Can-*, by Skei?;ab, Stork H I', Te^vnetiy, and Cartxay, to lal iug iici-*-, 4J iai es a&U^sck, f n :? a week L?av? r(>un< Can.- W d- ?>-iay -t T a. :n Arrive a* T.ik'ng Rof k s .ii-. d*\ by 8 p m L-avo Talk aj Ko k rnefilay at 5 a ui Arriv at Yo^ng Ci.u?? f-nin: ip.v by C p m 6453 krcm J s(> r v> Ca.?v lle ai.d buos, ot.ce a * werk Bi<ld^r? vr 1! pfat? the d'st^nce a^d profo-e a (H b-du'e 6464 Frjni L^^receevili#, by Ci-Ia's and ITrgMrun tain, to (Jainatriile, i mites and back, three ? irae.;aw?k Ls\t? iAvtfeneevill* Monday, W rdr?!av and Friday atm f Arrive \*(i ice;Tille 'am * days by 8 p m G .ine^ile iue?.a , .hur <'ay ?: d Si.t ur lay *?. a a m Ar.ive it L wrmr rH'e ?> rn" days bv 11 a m 6455 Fro:* Iaw ctcevi.l., by Chinquepin (Jr ve Aaborn, viclherry :?rd 1 aim- Jeffcrecn, 1 30 n.ilf an 1 ba k. cnce a week Leav? Law-eoMTilie Friday at 8 * m Amy? at J IfTfoa rame dry by 6pm I.eava Jeff rson Saturday at San Arrive at Lawre- c?viile saxe ;lay by C p m 645e Fr m Laarenctv.lie, by Sawannee, Siellosi \ille, i ava^ Creek, Camming, *nd J^wiB*<m. ;o HigU lower, 36 miles aud bvk, twie* a wek to SLeit 'DVilie, anl cnc.j a weei; lh<> r? - "" idue L*>ave LawrnecTiile Tue-day a >d Fr day ?t ti a iu ? Anive ?. djwUtowUe ttaina aay- by 11 am Lea<? rth 1 onvilte Xnecday *rd Sa'.urJav tt 1* p m ( Arrive a U vwosvillc muo uay1 by C p in L?tve i bekOi.T . ' Friday at I'J ca , Arri -.e at lligfc Tow r uim d .y by 7 f m l eave Ili^h Tower .-a urday at 5 ?. m Arrive at ^?elto ,vil:eaime _?v by '*.! iu 6157 d< unt t eo fkiUV Mour.tain, ard Polkvil'e, to fr p ar i"pricjj, 25 miles .vnd ^ back, on e > week L??ve M ia t Y nih Saturday at 5 ^ m Arrive at ! o lar ^prin^ same d.iy by I p in , Leave ? 0(J r Spring 8 .tuidayati p ui Arr.ra at Mou t Yon .h Km? day by 'J p in 615* Fr.m '.tU t<,l. Uit y;kaJd, <ro, Campl^ l j t*?i. t'ark J'. uer \ ^la ? icu, aid 'Ilckorv i.evel, to arr 11. n, 60 mUej an 1 Uv k, tbre"? j a week. Lrave AilifiUt M nday, V.'cdntalay, .iivt, t'riday , at 12 m Arriv ?t Carroilton r?xt dn\e bs t p m , Lrave Cariollt, n Monday, VV>dnesd?y, and Fri day ct 9 a m Arrire at At art* ccxt days by 2 p m 1 ropos?la to iuu by Flint UiUa. d^and Hill, j unit ing Uick. r> L,- ?e!.a e iaiyited. 6469 From X'<ri-.t,t4, by Uc?w?*ll, Leb tnon, Farm hou e. Big rre k, Cuv ciing, Ct ai M<>uuU u, C:o.<?t1U- anl Aa ana, Vt Wjlo^e^a, 04 r milt & nd, tnree ticiu/ a week. La-v Marietta Monday, VVelnenda / ?nd Fri day at 9 a m at Cummiug sama days by 7 p n Le umrning lu pd*y. Thurxiay and ?otur aay at 7 a m Arr ve at Dthlcneirt fane day* by 3 p m ? Laava Daulotie^n M>r.d?y, W-jJnecday, and Fri > d%y at U a x Arriv# at <J i ? i i a ice dayt by 6 p m Lear a Cam t?, '? "d-y,. hur?d.} .and Satur day at 6 < m Arr-TeatM r a .r < ujrby vj p m ? 9450 F om ^ati f? a ;.j and Woodstock, to Uiv>n I. .u'??? si. lack,tb oe timet'a wnk. ' leave Mnrfett i*ui > hu'wlar and iaiur ? diy at 7 a m Arr ve at 0? i -:i ? me d ?** by 1 p rn Laave CanTon Mon Jay, Wcdue da/, acd Fr.'day ct 7 a m ^ Arrive at Marie'ta fame by 1 p m 6461 Fiom Marietta, by Powder < pri-":#, t1 Fait sprin2 , 17 mil^ a d b twice a v?ek. t L?aye Marietta Tueaday and Friday at 7 jn arrive at St Ittnue d?}'8 b? 12 id Leave .>alt Hpnngi Tuesday acd'Frida st 1 p m Arrive at Marietta sam ; days by 6 p m 6462 Fr m Ma.ietta, b, 1^. Mountain, V, r< 'a*. 18 milrB :nd bic\, . nee a wee t. L*ave Marietta W>dnead<y at 1 j> id > Ar. iv a D 1 aj ^am* day b. 7 ]* li ? Loave Uallae Wednesday at 7 a m Arrife at Marietta *?nje day by p m 64?3 From Cai lersvi'le, bySti ?abor ?',t?> V?n Wert, 5i8 mil b ^n l back, twice a v.?*k. Leave CarteraHlie Tue?i iy snd Friday at 'J a m ' Arrive-t Van Wert nrre day* by ?! p m Le*ve \an Wert Monday aad Thurftlav atOarn Ariive at Cartersvi!!- sime diyc bv 6 p m 6464 Frcm Caaaville. by L'ttle fr ari*," ^ouorM, Hed b :d Free Kridge and f'fdly creek, fo .^prirg Pi: ce, S'.l miles and back,o?.f>f a wt-ek. L-ave Ca?:vi le 8atur?lay at <1* rn Arri at *-prio? hire f ;io?i 'I*y Iiy6 j* li Leave Spring I lace Friday 'tti i m" Arri ye at Ca" yille .? unf day by 6pm 6466 From Kingston to Rome, 18 S-5 miles and back, fix times a week. Leave Kingston daily, -x?ept Jnndav, *t 8 a m Arrive at Home same dj;j.? l.y a ut Leave KomM lai y, except Sun-'ay at f. a m Arrive *t Kingstoa .> ?ia**d iyb? 7j a ni P456 Froia Uesac.*. by 8u-^ar Val>V Vi l iucu. I.a fay.?tte, ar.d I'ond Spring, to "FH. k*. Gap, D9 mil?M and ba-k, once a week. Lrave hesara Friday ui W a m Arrive at Frick'a Qau siioeda' by 7pm I-oaya Fkce's Gap ri .fur Jay at 6 a m Arrive at Kacaca aai.ieday b_, 7 p ai 6467 From bingiold, by Wood o tati<>n, to I afay etta, 24 mi ea and ba*k, tw Ce a w*?k. L^aya bicggold Monday pnd Thursday at 1 pra Arrive at La aj ft <? name daya by 8p m Leave Lafayette .Monday ;;Ld Tliurf day at 5 a m Arrive at i. ng^oJd same dayby 12 m 6468 From Cbattau o<?.Tenn b It visville.Oa , to Frirk'a Gap, *6 iai es atd t aek. onve a weei; I^ava Chattanooga WeJuea?la} attiatn Arrive at Fucks 'iap >a j'e day y 6 pin Lea?e Frisk's iiap i u*siay a if a m ArriveatChnttaiK-ogaa-^meday b/ 6pm 6460 From Chatt^uooga Je-n. t> iieai nf Mcle more'a Cave; Ga.. and ba k, onoe % wi-ek. Bkljera will at^te ti>? distance, and propose a eebed J.f 6170 irom L*iayetteby Fo:k Spring and Snow Hi 1 to RoeevilU , 22 railea and back, once a week Leave Lafaytte Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Ko?^vi le *am- day by I'J m Leave KowvilleToeadsy at 1 p m A "rive at Labyette ??me day by < p m 6471 F om Laliyttie by Ch^tnu; F aU to Gordon's Springs, 9 w>i>?a anl b<?-k, once a w#?k L*ive Lafayette Fafurday at 6 a m ArriTa at Gordon's Sp-ing- satni- day by 9 a n L a vr Gordc-'aHpriu^s 8a*ur ay at 1j a in Arrite at Lafiayette aanie day by 1 p m 6472 Fr-m Rr>m?-by Anha-'bce, Dir*tiwn, Motni Hicki ry, Pnium- v'!!- end Tri n * ^ctory to Lafayette 41 u.iie- ai'd bacV, twi<*e n twk L ave Home Mond?y ar.d l bni.-dav at 6 a m Arrive at Lafayvtte * am desys by p m lea?e Lafayette Wedn ? id.ny an l Frdav a' 5 r m Arrive at Kom* sam- rays by" pra 6474 Rouae by Vanii'a Valley and Like Creek to Cedar tow ii, *iu a?l<a and bjik, tLree times a week L*ave R< lae Monday, WedL.fday and Friday at 3 ? m Arrive at O*dartown ? unit dava b, 10 p m L av# Cedartown Monday, Weine diy and Fri day at 5 a m _ Arrive at Rome ram day : by 12 til 6174 From Rome by Tb<?maaV Mills, Cedar Ciaek. Oreola, Al? ,and Qtwdi'i Ores*' Bo,da to C<-i - tre, 40 o. les and lack, on e a week Lee*e R m i riday at o a m Arrive at Centre a<?iur day by 7 p m '*ave Centre Hatutday a? 5 * ui A-rive at Rom* same lay by 7 p m ol > From Cedartown to I'nmpkinkdi, 8 miles and b*ck, oaee a ?" ek ^**7* 0?4*r-rown Friday at 2 p m i -lt F*>?. ki -p'ti earn? day by f> p m Leave Punukmpill Fr day at 10 a'm '"T* *t Cedartown >anf day by 1 i m 6*76 F om r'alm't"* by Conoty Line and<Ceda Brko-rh to (t'Ter Town, Z) hMm aQd b?nkr t oa ? a v?ek Leave Palme to Friday at t> ? m a rrive a? Klvvr Town ume day by 12 m . L-are Hirer Town Friday at 1 9 9 Arrive at Palmetto same day by T p m 6477 'rABi Newnan by Soluda to Ktdron, It mPen ?n4bMk,t*)p?o??ek iMtlhlfrnw Wednesday and Fatordiy at 11 Arrive at Kidron ?ame days by 5 p m Leave Kidton 'foluendsy aiid Saturday it T am *^oAyiT? 4t re*D*n 01 ine daya by 10am 647S From Newnan ly Lodl. BntierJbrrf, Bowen rill-? and Tall Pins toCa*r>?tton, V mihi and b ,ck, oir* * a w*>*k ! *v*Ner*an Pvurd?y^t 8a m ' Arrive at Carn. llcon sMae da v bv 6 to m ? L-avj Carp tonFi*<Ky? 8'a? Art ve*kt Nefcn iVftVtfle day by 6 p ml 6179 Fiona N-wcoh by Willow Ororn aal Corinth to m'des a*d b-<% twice a we?k L**ve Newn n Tae-d y at d Friday at 6 aift at Anbury same -liy* fcy 11 m L a-e Asbary Tuesday and Friday at l*p m Arr:ve at N?*b%n s*n? dmjn by 7 p m 6i8u Froja Neman by R'.o aud knon Grove to Frank'in, 21 ui:'**' a id bark, once a ir tk I ave iVeauta Wedne-ilajr at 6 a mj Arrif-t at f rtnkltn 6*ale day by 12 m l/j ti Fr.iukltn W da fd?y *t 1 pju Arriffat Ncwu'ii **ra-tdsj by 7 p*u #181 From Ni ~*nn >v I'ar s, i. CAt on and Hat nle.n t.? Kri?, :.?? nii es and b?rk. one* a woek 1? ave Newnan 'a *jVlny at ? am Arrive *1 Kriu s^iii day by 6 p in heave i rin Friday A'riveat Ne? una s .'.m day by 5 p m 64*2 rroai h? W range by (FNral'a Mil;*, Otehran'e Cr.ff Kondrt. naiui'to ai.d G'a tula to C<>lum b h, 45 mil-M and ha k.dtiiv L-av l.a (1 ne da ly at V * a m Arriveai Co!uin'*us s?!o d ?ys by 9J p m L-av* C< lutnbua d?ilv a? 8 a m Arri; e at L? (ina)(- * m^rfavnby 8 p ui W-3 Krom LiUraagj t-y Vernon. ?ct och, Wrh*d k?", Al?.. H ek Mi l;?; d Kosn ke to W*h? we*. & mile antl i ark oeciawwk,, L are La Til* d:iy at 1 p ra A rriTtf ;?f WefdnWf i e* t d?y by 6 p in La ve We??do*e- Thursd y at 8 a m Arr; e at Li net' day by 11 a m 6181 Fr-.m L-Orange by U u'toa to Fracklin, 21 ? mil?3 end hack, twice a *e?*k h'arr L-U:a -n-} 'u ndh.v and^atuidayot 1pm A r ve i'.tFr?nklin days by 7 p m L-?ay? Frjukhu l'u a.ay ai;d .^eturday at6 a ni Arri v? at Lo .IruniT? aaine d;?ys b/ 12 m 64S5 Fr*u Yill* Rica r-<> Van W rt, il m k?j and hack, o .ce a wc?*k L are Vil a Kic: Sa' ur luy at 6 a ui Arrive at Vai nVrr dry by 12 111 Lra .'n Van Wer' S aturday at 1 5 m Arrive at Villa Sici same day by 7pm tfl'Sd Fr m V>La I lea, by i uupkin Viae and Oil* 1 i", to Ila ttiTiiliij Uiilr; and back, oocc a vrtu k. Lua?e Vi la Kica Monday at 6 a m Arr ve f.t IKiut-vi'l- famt day by '2 m L ave lluntarilie *'ondiy at 1pm Aw.- ct Villi !c ? eame d iy l>y 7 p m 64H7 Froiu VilU Ki.a, by Burnt t'tard, Copp?T 'H I, Tallapoosa, ak L rel, Ala , and JUbh t Town, t^ J tks nva e, GO miles and back, 0 ce a week. L?nve Villa K;ca WeJnerday at 8 a m at Jack'onv llr nut d?y by 6 p m Le v* Jack ouvil!' Kr day at 8 1 m Arrl*e af Villi ^i-a rext d^y by 6 p m 61 8 F-nm Villa Ki a by L.??jg' Le.f and E'.na, to CeJartowr, 3i mi'es and fca k, one< a we k Lc re Villa J'icH 31otda)' at 7 a m Arrive at CV larfown ? a me day by 6 p m L-av * OJartowu 1'ue day a' 7 a m Ari ive a Villa i^fca am day by 6 p m 4*9 From Villa Kk>no Flint H lI.Gmil^at.dlack, once a wtelc Leave Vilin i.ica Wedn 'Hl^y at 10 a m Arr v? at Flint Hill ,am- ti y by 12m Leave FliLt llill WeJnes^y a* 7 a m Arrive fit VUl * ' i ,a 3 me d?y hy? a m '31'iO y 0.1 C, ro It'n, by L.?urel 1'ill and Union Mills, to t r iakl 11 6! :u.h .s and bic.ii, once a we k L av - Carr. 11 r u'Atdne-^iy at 6 a m Arrive at Fraukiiu 3?ia? d?y by 6 p m Li*?v Kr-vnhlie Ih-r^d iy at fi a m Arriv- at u? rolli n sa'Ot' day ly 6pm 6401 From lir-envtlla. ly Fai ; er>. V h 'n Sulphur .Spring, Kiuv's tiay, nd tloodm n'g Cross K'^Ads. tj Co.'li'sa' sjr f:, J fnnl.-, 24 m>lu end ba*;., tvr r- a -.?? k L? r ? Ur^iivili-* W'dne:- ti?y and Saturday at 5 a m Ai ivaat Cochran'a Cr^rs R->ad? ?:e daye hv 12 m . Leave Jo 2i;<ia'? Crv " Hoal^ Wednesday and Saturday aM |- m Arr.v ?> &t Or?e.iV)lie fame days hy R p m 6.92 From OrwjuviHe to ^arin rpi n^u, 12 milee and lM?-k. taijc t wu?U ?rs July, *nd Au?u-t aud onsea we-k iJjo teridae of .he year. From ls( June to ?1*{ Anjust. Leav>* iV; le Wedae.?d?y and 8a'urd?v at 11J a m Arrive at Wa rn grin's <ama days by 2 p m L?ave Warm 4prin^? Wrdnwlav and Saturday at 8 a m Ar;iv<? at Cree^ville ewme day a by 11 a m P> tsm !#>. September to 3lit May. U*^e Orenvllle ^jtcniay >t8am Arriv- a* W rm sp-Jr.R same d?y by 11 a m L nvi Warm rpringt f-iiurrt ya-11| a m A rive at Uremvi'Ie s?ai - day by 2 p m 6403 Fr*ra Orienrille. by W--odbury and M?gda l?oa, tv Flra a;;t ill, 27 mil t ?nd hack, 1 nee a week Lea*rwe vill Fiilaynt8am Arr rea; '1-^hni t ttj l amo Jay b - 5 p m L a -e Flea??ijt Hil Saturday at 8 a m Arriv* nt Grttnv?l e ^^:lu ^ da* Ly 6 p m 641M "r <m JtQ?e'? Mill", by ocky Mount,<0 Folly, 1 s m:l -a a>id ha -k ou ea w-^'r L-avcJonef'? >1 1 eSa.urdaya' 8am A-rive -i Hoily t me la - by 12 m 1^^t? lioll. . uT aj* a1 1 p m Arrive at Joi es't M I a eume day by 5 p m 610t From Vl?a*aiit l-MU, by B?*!l-vue, Bluff >p ing?", W-*ve"ly Hall, a'd Kllemville, lo Columbu-, ?10 m ha k i*e a w^k L-iVe I'l asant Mill VW iueeday and Saturday a t 7 a 111 Arriv? at Oliun'- u? **in< day? ly 6 p rn h' arn Columb<?x T'je'dnjr au 1 Friday ht 7 a m Arrive al li a^.'nt fil i gam* diys 5 pm 64% Fr -m Kro^vitle by Ilotevrli, to l'la s-fiville, 12 bi'l frad btck, inc?? -? week L^a *e Krovvi |e . atur 'ay at 8 a to Arrive r.t n?-#*Mv'M?- tarae day bv 19 m Lfivi* Kn=*?-11 rillf '-i+tM. 'Ihv at 2p ui Arrive at Kii"?:v:lV nniednyby 6pm 6497 From Kr.ox il'fs *0 Hammock'- Gr~ve, Cu'lo d?n, un 5 Waynm-nnv 1 e. to Thi>ma<*ton, kiH mile- ?nd h ck. t *lcea we- k L<'??? Knoiv'lle Mrnday r nd Friday at9a in Arr've f t T1 wm v ru -atn^diyr hy 6 p m I^tv^ TliOnia? on Tuesday and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Klin ,il> ?ai?!e d">>fi by 1 p m tl* Freni Knoxvilln, bv IlJokory Cn?*e, Hoot?ng vtll*,Ctrsoii^vill?, : 1 at abuiv, aid Centre, to TulboUon, .'17 miles and b >rk cncea wtek Ij-nvt- K' < *-:ll?- \V di emla' a* G a at Arriv-j at Tel ott ti fame day l.yTpin I^ave X&lbot <.n Thursday at 0 ? u, Arrivsat Kif>ir?lh tame Jay by 7 p ra 611* ' roii C? 1 tmluf., hy C tU?e VSII Jawes'own, Da ui i'is . hee, up pkin.f uthburt. andt'ot ton Hill, to F< rr (ia n :e, 7y utiles and back, three tiui-M a w-^-k Leave OhiTuio iuesJay, Ti nraday and S%tui^ day, at 4am Arr ive at F. rt tla'n'"' same days by 12 night L-ave^<>rt(Jaicos '."'oaday, Wedceeday and Fri day, at 4 a m Arrive at Coluuabua tame dav? by 12 night 6r?UU From Col mbir, l>y Piedmont, Mulberry C*v<?vh. Mountain lii 1, ar<i V* hltetville, to \7e:t Mnt, 38 mi es a d ha k t?i:e a woek L- v?? 8c>lum ^u^ T11 rday and Fi id^T, at 6am Arrive nt '.Ve t I'oint f aaie d^ya by G p.m I. nve W ?t :'o nt We 'n 'S-iay anl Saturday at 6 a m Arrive t r<d mhim ,-a >ie d tyg by 6pm 6501 Kro?n Fort Haine*;, by 151 kclv l'ine ltid|(e, ht-am Mil', and Ariyle, to Ghatt<booc>vee, Fb, 7S mil*n au I bn k. t'ice a week Leave Fort Ga'ii'f) Welne"d?y aud FaturJay at 1 p m Arrivvat Ch itt-hooch*e next d <ys by 8 p m I.rave ChatfahoocLee Tne day and Fn lay at 6 am Airive at Fort Gaines n^xt days hy 12 m For hit qf pottm-.t ert in G*iryiti aulftoriz'd to c*r ttfy l'> the i n.-y <f guarantor!, tet u Instruc tions unr,'? 1. FLORIDA. Bidders arc /Vf ixi'cd to t-aminc ctrefu'ly the in structi fns, /orins of propoiat tfc.t attached to Uu adr~.ri.ue netit. 6801 From Charlastaa, 9. i\ by Jackrooville, Flk' M .ndar.o, ^*H?nolii; Mills, M!d ?le >**rii, Pi~o lata, ai d Gran c Mills, to Platla LOO mile* and bs-k, twick nek Lea*e Chai hutou Tue//*y and Saturday at 8 pm Arrive J ic<s irv h n?it davs hj 12 m I^ava J\.ksouville Wednesday and tunday at 12 ai Arrive ?t Piiatts uext la>t by 6 a ta L uve >iatk^ M >r.??i,y and Tharaday at 8 an Ar-toe st J v?4>Ob?illenext d?ya by 3 a m LeaveJ.ick^.i)Vill? Tuo-dajr and Friday at 4 a m Arrive stCha ebion uv t days by 10 am Bid< toeT'eal to 'A"ei}.k* dre in?it? d 6^02 From Jnebwuvil'v, by FailerV, Allijrator, Lttl? iv-r, Min*iai Springe. C'lnmbua, Mulison, Srody Ford, a-<l Monticalk), to T llaUa?se?, I9i miiea aud lack, twioe a w-ek. laavr- da'-k-jor.ville und-y anl Weduefdayat 7 rm Arriv at Tal'aha* oe Hi 4" hours, by 7 p m I^eav.< Tall harecs Sncday ard V tdn?:dry at 3 6 m Anitaat J?rk?onv?llaid 48 houra, by 8 a n 6803 Frew 8t Augu tine to PleMlta, IS m?l?i and gt Auguafioe Sunday aad Witw*y at 8am i?4 11b Arrive it ptrrfa'a wm day fcy 1 p * u< 5 ?? !*?? Hrihilt Mos4iy Md Tharaday ?*. e ? ?i?ndl2a? Arrive at At Angu'tiae noi 1>JI by 11 a B and6 pm 6801 Fttm Pis at k a, by Or mag* Pprlnga, Ofaafa I*ke, MItct Kp-iof, Ocala, Gamp Yiari, An Crta, Pbreevill'. Meiendea, im Poit.lay* Tm,F*? ?!!?? iW bteky-twin I Lmt* PHatka Monl&y and Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Tamp* n*xt Wednesday and Satur Leave Tamp i Monday ml Thnnsday t{ 2 a a Arrive at Pi a*kaafxf Wednesday tad JktoP''1 ' "* day by 10 p m Proposals to omit Silv. r 9p4ikg will be c*a a'derej. ? , ? , 88Q5 From Fr&t&a, by Welaka, Vo'-acie, and Kg terpr re,to JC'IIodtIII* 130 mllea and back, ?nee a week. la steamboat L?ave Pile ka Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Mtllonvl.le i.eit day by 11 a n Leave Mei Ion villa Tuesday at 1 p m Arri*e at Pllatka next day by 3pm BiJs to commence at Welakaere Invltad 6800 Frooi Kntmpriae to New 8mj rua, 90 milt* and ba"k, "Or* a week Leave Kntep.lee Tu eda* at e a & Arrive * >ew S;ajra? Mm* day by 6 p m Leave New Smjrni Monday ?t 6 a m Arrive at Hot rpi-e tern* day by 6 p aa C 07 Fn.m \'*w hm> ru.? to Indian feiver, 190 mile* and back, twice a mon'h L*?Vc Xew Smyrna on the In* and 3d Wedre*. da-a ot <"?rh m nth Arrive at Indian Kiv-r in 8 daya I<nv<) lidim Kh?r in tb? %l aud 4th Satur days of ?h?*Ji lu n h Arrive a? New 8mvrna in si* Java 6803 Krjm *<l??a Rival. by Jup ter to Mia al, l&i ml'es mi l back, o re a m >u(li lj~ave Inliau Uiver og the st Frllay < f each ui?iilh A irive a*. M am la C dt.ys L?ave ll'ami no th.'i-1 Friday of each month Arrive at I nil <n River in 6 daya 6809 From K-y Weet to Miami,20J milea and back, once a m >nh L^ave Key West on the 8th of each month *t Miami by the ISth Leave Miami on the l?th of each month Arrive at Key W^t by theSUh 6810 Frcm N?-wnanaville by F.?rt Clark, Waea hotlo, Mlranopy, Flemlngtcn. and Newton, la O ala, 67 mil*"' and ba-'k, twloe aaerk, aopiil;in< Wacahootie only on the return (r''?n Friday, aul ouil'.tiug Micanopy on that trip Leive Newnanville Wedne-day and Funday at 7 am Arriv at 0:ala next d<tya by 10 a m 0 cm la Thur.-div and Monday at 2 p m Arrive at J ewuan?v.jie next daya by 8 p m 6811 From Ncwnai vile, by Kill*villi and Provl to Alligator, 40 mliee And back, tw;c% a rve?k Iifla e Newnanaville TBuraJav and Saturday at *? 9 am Arrive r t Viligator t am*daya by 8 p ra I-eave A ler at.r Tu*?day and F.lley at 6 a m Arrlve.-?? Newnan*vil:e same daya by 6 p m 6912 Frcm N?wnancville. by Ft Lruls, to New River. > i miles and bfi, onre a w?ek l/?ave N3wn\n<V!ll# ThursJay at 1 p m Arrive at New Kixe- ram* day by 8 p m Leave f ew River Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at Newnansv lie astne d*y by 13 m 6813 Fr"-m Newnan?vilie. by Tu-tteaug^e, San a F?, Cl?y Lm-lin/, Hiejaaa, aad Loir I'o vi. to A'^sna Otl?*, 119 mllea aad back, orce a week ^ Leave M?wian?vil!a Wednesday at 7 am Arrive at ^tfenaOtie n^xt Saturday by 8 m 1 eave At en% 'Jt.? Saturday at 11 a n Arrive ?t Ne* nansvil e next Tu*?day by 8 p m 6514 Fr m Newnsn v|!le. by Fort fla-lee, to Mid diebnrg, 60 miles aud rwk, once a we.*k Leave Newoatiati.le W#jn??day at *S m Arrive at Mlid.aburg m-Xt day by 6pm Lave Midd'ebu'g fueeJayat6am Arrire at NewnansvtlH n- xt day by II a ra Bids f>r eemi waekly aervic? will be et a sidered 6*15 From New Rivnr to Middlebnrg, 90 milet and ba^k, ooo? a week Utv? New ttiv-r Wednesday at 7 a a Ariiv- at Ml dlebur; same day by 7 p a l-o >v? Ml ldleburg Thursday at 7 a m Arriv* at New Kiver same day b; 7 p m C816 From ar^'s Fcr.y to Fort Har'ea and berk, onae a weak Pi jdera *1:1 ?ta'e the diit-ncr and pr-p^ee a robrdul* ofd- p^rtnras an! arrlvn'a 6817 Trom Alligator, by Durham and OIu?*ee, to N.-tv Kiv?r, 46 inile* aud back, once a week li?vr Alligatcr Friday at 6am Arrive at New Kiver same oav by 10 p ra Leave Nev River Patnrday a' 6 a m Arrive at AlligaV.r same day by 10 p m 6818 Frcm Alligator, by Suwannee Shoals, to litou-.t'* rerry, 3? miles and back, once a week Leave AlUgitor Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Blntin 'a Ferry itme day by 6 p m Le*v<* Blount's Ferry Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at All ga'or sare oay oy 6 p m 6819 From Al igatvr, by White ^pno<ikL Jn^per, B'llevil.e JeLoiaga, Ch rry Lake, mu?bur.*. and Clifton, to MoaUe-llo, 96 milee an fcac?. ocoe a week L' ave AMgat^r Mond ay at 2 p m Atrive at Moatic?llo next Wednesday by 9 p m Leave M n'ice'lo lhur. day at 6 a m Arrive at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bids ft r ^eml weekly service ?ill be considered 6820 From Orange Springs, by MorrisoaTj Mills and Fort Uiaue, to Micanopy, M mUei and tatk, twioe a week Lfave Urange Springe Tue?iay a'sd Friday at 1 a m at Micanopy rame days by I p m Laave Miran pv Tuey?'ay a.:a Friday at 2pm Arrive at '?r*nge fpricg* Mae days by 10 p m 6821 FrouiO ala by Lddj .'"amp, to A am^ville, 30 mile* and ba k. onre a week Leave 'jes^a 'a'ur'Uy at 6a m Arrive at AlauiavtUi >ame day by 6 p m I^tave Adam vdle Friday at 6 a in at Ocala sauiu lay iy 6 p m 632 { Fr. ni A Jain .viite. by Pins Bor< u?h ami Lake ' GriCln, 'o F.rt Biit'.er 60 miles aid ba k, once a week lieave A-Jam viiie Friday at 3 p in at For. But er nezr day by 7 p m Leave Fort Butler Thur-'day at 8 a m ? Arrive at Adanuviile n-it day by U m 68'i.l From Aug- rta o il< ni fa-'ea, 13 mile) and back, twice a week Leave Angu** ta Welae*iay and ?Haturd^ at 8 a m Arrive at IlomosiMa j hum daya t-y 19 m l^av.r ilcuK^a^a W?d? eedaj aud ir'a.urday at it t> w Arrive Augua'a fame days by C p tn WM From Mei?ndea, by C?dar Tr?e, to F?rt Dade, 21 mllea au l lack, or ce a weeK. Leave Meleudet eatorday at 1 p in ? *' Arrive at Fort Dade eame day by K p tn ~ L ave Fort Daie riaiurday at & a in Arrive at >1< lender, same day by IV in 083$ From I'ierceviLe, by Spiibgheld, to Bay Port, 16 miiea and ba<-k. once a w ek. L- av? Pierreville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Por^ ?ame day by 12 ni l.eave Bay Port Satu day at 1 pm Arr.vj at aame day by7 p m 6826 From Homo-asaa, by cryataJ Kiver. to Long Pond, 40 milea and back, once a weak Leave liomo?as a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at L <ng Po d near day by 6 p m Leave Long Pond T bun day at 6 a m Arrire at Il'-raota-pa rext day by 12 m Bids o extend to Clay lAodiog will bs coniid ered ('>827 From Tampa to Manatee, 42 miles and back, ontv a we: k L-ave Tain) a Thu-iiday at 64 m Arrive at M*natev next day oj 13 m Leave Manatee Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Tamp* ne*. day by Op m ?i828 Fr< ia Tampa to Old Tampa Ba^, 00 milee and ba> k, once a veek Leave Tampa Monday at 6a m Arrive at Old Tampa Bay came day by 0 p j& Leave Old Tampa Bay Tueedav at 6 ? m Arrive at Tampa safne day by 6 p m 68i& From Tampa, by Kenuedy'a Store, t? Tch* piu Kcxfaasa, 30 miles and la-ck. once a week L*avs ?amp% Tourtdav at7 a in Arrive at lch"hu< ke^assa a?me day by 6 p m Leavelehepucke a aa Weune day at 7 am Arrive at Tame a someday ty 6 p m 6830 From lchepucke*a?to t? J rn'g a, 12 milea dud back, once a week. Leave i. h puck ?a?SH Fr'day at 61 m Arrive at J^rol^an next day by 12 m L?ave Jar Irar. Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at I< h> puctes-esa next day by 6 p m 6831 From MtMoxvil!e to Jerniean. 93 mil-a and i nek one:a week. Leave M*ll >nvilla Tuea 'ay at 12 m Arrive atJ^roigan .-cm'd^y by 8 p m Le?'e Jernivaa V> ednesday ?t 7 a m Arrive at M- lioav ill. 'a,mi> day by 4 p m 6838 >rom Tallaha a**, ? y : ?w^ort to 8t Marka, 33 nill?a and bick, thrte im?r a weak. Leave Tal.ahare a Monday, Wednaaday. and Friday til am Arrive at 8t Marka same daya by 1 p m Leave ct Marks Tce;da?, 'I huraday, and Bator day at 7 a re Arrive at TallahMaee aam* days by 1 p m 6898 From Tallahaacee. by ? iooenkK to Bnakar'a Hill, Mali and ? ack, twic ? a weak. Leave 1 allabaseee Monday aid VCedne. day at ? ?am - Arrive at Buuk'i'a mil rame dayr by 6 p m L**ve Ujn^er e Uill Tuesday *,nd Thura av at 6 am- * Arri.-e at Tallahasee* a* me day* by 6 pm ?884 Fr m ialWha-ae- to H'auk<enxb. 18 milea and back. twice a ne^k, Leave TalUhatace Mood.y aad Wedneeday at ? am Arrive at Waukeenah same daya by 12 m Lekra Waukserah Monday icd Wc-Jn .cd y 1 p ID Arnve at Tallahaeeee tame daya by 7 p ra I oM6 Froa TaIlth *ae?-e, by lee had' a. Shall Wit, !* /???%?<* Arrive it Walk* Mrt Iit bf lta ? L*eve Walker Tharaday *4 If ? Arrhra at a art day by ? p a 08* l oo T.iUha^aaa. bj M?m aa Telegea rivet, to Udby vilk, ul Wot,? a waat. Bidden will atate the Muh aad yftpuw a ?8 IT From ftUMfaa to Flaboltoway, M miim mm back, onoea week Lava Sttl'epfan M ?4-y itiia Arrive at Flnho'lowey ?a? day by It i I I Leave Finbol oway Mood*} at I a a Arrive at ftTl*p%a ??? ?yV*?? 8*C8 Prom Mediaon. by Charlee Mi ls "bertee Per v, aad If## BoeV*, to Ctoy fading, 80 alltt , aad ba-k, onee a Week L-ave Nadb? Monday at 7 a a Arrive at Clay La. dine out Welnaaday by 6 pn L av* Clay Lending Tbureday at 7 a a Arrive at Madiwu aext Saturday by 8 a a 8888 Proa Vatllna, by Hinbi'i and CBftoa, to ttrorervvilU", Gi., 38 ailee an' bark, once a week Leave Madlaon Mond?y at 8 a a Arrive at UrovenvMe da* by S p Ml Leave Gtoveeevflla Te^U; at 8 a a Arrive at Media ? nne day by ? p a WO Froa Wauke*aeh by Vvaa'ey, Moee'y Ball and St Uep'ea to Maiiaoo, Si a'.le? a*t bark, o c* a we k l#eve Waukeenah Tbureday at 6 a a Arrive at Madteoa aan.e day by 8pa LMve Ma 51a n Friday att a m Arr v? at Waukeenan name day by 8 p a 8*41 Prom Qaiuey f> Cba"ahoocbee, SI Bailee and be He, tnrea tun'* a? rk Leave Qilnej Monday, Wedneeday and Pridav T*.l 8m Arrive at Ob&ttaboocbe nuae day* by IS m l*>ave Tur'dajf, Tbureday and ^atarday at 7 a m Arrive at Q ilocy rame day* ty 1*2 m Hid* to commence at Tallahaaeeare invlte>l. 8812 Pr >tn Ha nbrl tge. (la , by Chattab< (eke PI .a , ^rheaee, Weat Viatoo Ri Jlry viUe, R ek<.e'? "nff, tola a=d Port Gad* leu to Ap*larhi<o la, 208 mile* and bark, three t'aea a wa<ek f om the Octob-r to llth Jane nf re-) year, aod twic-? a areek t>?e raaidue, la 8r t clae* at earnhoata, arttitbe privilege of ox n? teo bt>r e eoacbee from B.Mn-ri fge to Chatta, hooch a when the river la toe low tor aavira tton. From HUA October to 1VA June. I/eave Ba nb; id g* Tuesday, 1 hurray and Set u day at Sp m Arr ve a'. Apalachleolt neat Wedneeday an<l Friday a'. 4 pm, aid Monday at II a aa I/eave A-alaehiola, Tneday and Thar* : ay at 6 a m Arrive at B?lnbri-ige next days by 8 a m From 1VA Jwm to 15fA *\?obrr. t^a^ B-inbridg- Tvoaday and Saturday at ) Arrive at Apalach'eola next daya by 4 p m. L ave ApalaeSioola Moa.'ay at 10 8 m, and Wedn-nr'ay at 18 p m Arriva at Bainbridge nrzt Tueeday by 11 a in, and Thureity by 10 p m 884) Prom Ch^ttahcoshee, by Marlanna, Crowell. Campbellton. G-n-va, Ala. Aadefoa'a Mill. PI*.. OenUville, Alaireato, Milton, and fl?t id ?town, to Proaeoola, 200 raLl-e and back. twi-<? a week Leave Chatta'ioo-hae Tuesday and Satnrday at 8pm Arr ve at Pena<ooU nest Friday and Tneaday by 4 p m L^ave f enaarola Ta? aday and Friday at 8 a in Arrive ct Cb ttahoochee aaxt Tb?rad?y and 8anday by 6 p m 8844 Prom Apato h cn|\, by Chattab'oebea, to Oo 'utnl-as, 0%. and bark, oaoe a week. Bildera will eta'e tke dtrt%no*, nam* intense diet? office a, and prp tm a n-hedale 0R15 From Md-lanna by Orange Hill, Tt-raon, Po^g anville, and Knot Uchee Anna. 84 mil?a and bac^t, once a week L av- Mariansa Thareday at 6a a Arrive at Ucbee Anna next <Uy by 8 p a Leave L'ahae Anns. Tneaday et 6 a a Arrive a* Marianne next day by 7 p a " da 'or aeml aeekly a?rvW will be eoaat lerad. 8818 Prom Weat Winton, by Aapen Grove, to At* Spring, 22 ailee anl back, on?e a week Leave ffnt W1 ton Monday at 8 a a Arrive at Aba 8: ritg came day by IS a L ave Abe Spring Mood y at I pa jfrriy at W?it VVinton ? -me dey by 8 p a 8847 Pr.ia Vernoit toSt Andrew'* Bay, 46 miie* and back, onee a weak Leave Vernon Pri lay at 8 a m ? Arrive -\t St Andrew'a Bay a*me day by S p m Leave St Andrew'a Bay Saturdayat 8 a a Arrive at Vernon eaae day by 8 p a Mt8 From Mil oa, by Coon HiU, Matbaoeville. A'a , ard Poit v'iawKrd, to f pa (a, 70 mil end back, onee a leek I/*>ave Milton Wednraday at 6 a m Ar, ive at Spar a next day by 8 p a Laa*' Sparta Friday at 6am Arrive at Mil'on next day by 8 p a 8849 From Mi fc>n, by Ea?t Ktoer aai Alaqua, to Uetie Anna. 89 irllea and back, oooe a waak I>*ave Milton Wednesday atfiaa Arrive at Uch?e Anna oaxt Friday by 10 pa Leave Ucbee Acna Saturday at 8 a a Ar. ive at Mi'ton next Monday by Op a Bida f?r tern! weekly aervice will be ron?idered 8^50 From fen?aeola by Blak?ly, Ala., te Mobile, 57 mile* an 1 back, daily L- ave P? naacola <iai,y at 13 m Arrive at M< b la naxt day by 8 a a Leave Mobile daily at 7 a m Arrive at Pcnaamla n-xt daya by 2^ a m 6^51 Prom reBa?c:l? tc Warrii gto i, y cil^eand back dai y I.-av - Peoa'.oo'a dally at 3^ a in at Warriiigtoe name day byA^iui Leave W-rrinf o?i dully at 7 a m Arrive at H'a? arU aarae day by 10 a m 6a52 Prom Nvar Or ea ia La, by P*-naac la, Pla , Ai-p 11a hi-rla, t<t Marka, Gelar Key., Tarn pt atd Vianetie, to Key Weat, l,C?o nlee and bavk, wire a mon'b, in ateamboata Leave V?w Or eat a on the lOtb a"d 24ibof each month Arr wat K-y Wear ou 'ba 90th and 4th Leave Key Weat cn tke 10th a: d 81'b of eacl. month Arrive at New Orleans on the 30th and 4th Fur list ?/post-nastrrtm Florida autiorird to tertt Jjf t? the mfficuncy of guarantort, tee " In.true* lu4u" ann>x d I N>T RUCTIONS Fhrn of a pr opted wk?rt no changt from aHertue ment u conUmptatsd ly tk* tnddr. I. . Of , county of , State nl ?? K P?*a to oonvey the mail* from Ju y 1. I8ii. to June 30,18a9. on route No . tr aa . to , agreeally to the adver fsrment of the Poetmaeter Uen?r?l, (atod January 1?, 1868, aud by the frllowing m d<? of eon v yauee, vlt: tor the annua] aum of doilnra. Thia prop ??1 U male with full knowledge of the Jiiien -e o ih- rou e, the wt ight of the mail t> be earned, aud aii ether particular* Id raferanee to the route and aervtre, and n\tO after full eiaaioa n n of the inatra-tioiig and requirenwata attached tt the adTertierm nt. Datod [ Signed] Form qf a Guaranty. The anderrigntnl. real ling at , State of , u dert?ke that, if th foregoing b?d ?or carrying th maila on route Mo. be a cap el by the t'o?tui a ter Oeat-ral, the bidder ehail, prior t? the l*t day of Jnly, l^W, or aa aoon tt ervaf ?r aa may b*, enter into the requir d oblifation to |>erfjrm the aervice propoard, with giod and aafllcie-it mret ea. Thia we d > with a ful know led#e of the obliga tions ani liabilit e* aaimmed by guarantor* und-r th* 27th aaotwn of tae act of uoigreaa of Julr 2 1838 D*tad i Signed by two guarantor* ] f\nrm of ( trtifioaU. Tba und raiened, po<tma?ter ot , Maie of , certifiea und-r hia mth o* office, that ha ia acquainted with the ab ve guarantore, and kuowa tham to be men cf property, and able to make gtod thd r guaranty | Signed.] The sufficiency of guaean'eri on proposal* nav be certified by a ju<*g4 o ac >urt ot ranori,and by poat aarttre at the loliow ng p> t oftoaa, aad no otktrt ? In the State of VItUfiMA, poataaatara cf ofBcaa at the o iurt house or county neat of each raani*: a id at Ay >atto, Berkaly Spring*, berryvUle, h?th nay, Big 14. k, Brdgey^rt, Browa<btirg. Backban non, Cbrtatlanaburg, CUrkaville, Colombia, ?*an vi-le, Kas ville Cm<>ry, Fairmounf|F#lmonih,Para viiirt, Fmieri kaburg, Front Rojal, Oorionarllk Oreigrville, Onn do ta, Harjer'a P.rry, il.rrtocn ^,<1 "owaidavLle, Kanawha SaltLe, Lexington aliddtebur^, Lynchburg, Morg.ntma, N?wbrrn, New Market, N'cwtoTn, tttepu*nabnrg North Moun tain,?'ak Cr^re, "id I'oint Coaf ri, Puttotature, Peterabeij?, lam. Scottevll e. fhe^berdat wi, Cni n, Uurver- Py or V;rgiDl*, Vpj^rvi le, Waraaw, Watarfcid, Way leabeiv', M'e/tcn. Whit* Sulpl or Springa Alao, Baltlacre, Cnaberland. F ederick, and lla Ei.'stown, Md.; Unlontcwu and Washington. Pa., I'un'iville. Tenn^ Waabin^ton and Georgetown, D. 0. In the SUte of NORTU CAROL NA, pe^aaibfi ? f . ffi j*a at the court hon*? or c uat eeet of aa-b county; aad at Chapel Mill, OavilaoaOt liege, ka Aa'd 'ay-ttavdls PrnaClinton, Gaatno Gcldeboro' Greenab n', Hendareon, Kenaaa lila, Milton, Mor freeatwro,' Oxlord, Salen, Pe tland Neck, Wll'inaa ton. Yaneayvil e In the St?te of SOtTTH CAROLINA, poe^aaetera ofoWcrsat thec<nr -hou^e or <eat ofjjuiee of ?ach diatriet, and et Aiken Becnett vi le, Ri'hopvi >e BlaekaviUe, Cheraw, tX keabury, Ooawayl>oro', Due Weat Corner G.~aham$v:l e, Granltevllle, Haabnre Mar'a Bluff, Pendlston. Society Hill, Stau-Lura -umtetville, Walurb ro' Winabora'.To .>2! (inoxvi K I?n 4 Clayton. Qa. * In h?3t*t9?faB ?OrA poefaWer? ^ at tbe court house or coanty-aaat el a.cb rennti ? ani at Adairrille, Albany, Atlanta, anraria, harni TllK(kUNi, 0?f'?rirllK rri>Uli|VNt Ma**, l?rt ?, lidlaa Oxford. . *? He Bnu Vllt II t, WiTirij, V?t Point, Wrtghubam-. fttoo Chat to a, Tni; Cantr*, Otwk, Vnt? Is the State? PUMUDA. postmasters ef it the pearl Mm w rant7**at if *i * at Afpalasfctstla, Mtoan py, BeUrttia, Camp o*>, JV+m, Jsnaiaa*. MtaWta, Me?ly 1*0, Wswaort. Ne% .?nvjma, Pka!aa. Tampa Ccb* Asm, Heala, PftkUfi, Ualucy, Warrlagton. .f , ? b* t>wirrt< ^ A< cmMA ?* fV| Or Dfartmmt may proper. 1. Sevea miuuira ar? allowed to each iuWrm^di at* oSw, when not ??th*rwtor specified, fcr assorting Um B*r.i; but as railroad fUuibaat roatoa there to ta he ao more delay than la raMnt for aa nehur or the mail haTB. t On roatea ahanthi aodtof "wwy>a? admit* af it, tb* special v?u oT lb* Di|i if at. aian port offlor UuU, mail htn, lock* ami keya, or* t* be conwy?i without ttm charge 3 Ob railroad and Weaia'cat lla*?, British a?| Cats'la Dt))L WbeO ofrr*| i?l*-c-" ? r*d rot addition I pay; si9r, the route a?. -t* <# (fee Do partment, lor wboee use ?!<? o travelliag with tbe it?ils, ? mbboAoi ear. ?? p*rtm<r.t la tbo centra of a aar, proper i> lighted, ?mN, aad furnished, ard adapted to tb*e.<aeeaieataaanrtmeat and due nernrity of tbe mails !? 'o be provided by tbe coatractoc, under the dlrectioa of tbe D?parV 1 7 4. No pay will be mode for trip* aot earh of for earh of rack wlawinat not ati*Mnri; Claod three Ubm tbe poo o* t'te trip :"?? bo ortni. For arrival* *o for behind time as to break o>anexloa wlthdepeu<Png<l not sufficiently ?mod, one fourth of tbe roa|<rnMtk? for tbe trip U *utgect to forfeiture Deduction may also he or dersd for a grade of performance Inferior to that apeolfied In tbe contract. For repeated delii apseU M In (be contractf or repeated aeitmjueBrfse of tbe kind herein specified, enlarged raaalties. pro portioned to the nature Uiwirf and tbo lawUx portion M of the oiaih B?ay be _ ft For leaving behind throwing o? the mailt or iBj portion of ihem for Ati4isi*^f|n of or for being concerned in setting up or vanning an express conveying atamerclal intelligence the mail, a quarter** pay may be Murtfd 6. riiMa will ha Imposed. a a tee* the delinqaenry be promptly and satisfactorily expiaiaed by certifi cate* Oi p>-tm*rtera, or the *fhdavitsof other cred it*hie percent, for fall! air U> arrive in coateact time, for neglecting to tnk* the mail frt.m. or deJver K in'..', ? poet ..tfl r. Buffering It (owing either to the utuultablrnes* af the plane or manner of carrying it) to be tajnred, de?tr ?yed r^.bbed, or loat; and for r*fasin<.aft*rdemaad. to ooaaoy tbe mail a* ft? 4 neatly a* the noatrartor ran*, or I* ??aad la running, a roaoh, car. or *teap?hoat on a m*t>. 7. Tbe .P<jruta?tHf Oonkfaltaay abnul the contort *or rvfieatrc failure* to Kin aft.eval !y to f-">ntrv<; for dithering the poet ?iH'? iaaa, or the inMree tioas of the Department; f<>r refu-.r.r to d.aebarga a carrier when required by the D*partin*?i to dan; for a**inning the xmtraet without the aeeent of the Poet matter Geweral; f >r ruumngan *xjreaaa? afore ?aid; or f>w transporting peraona or package* ooa reying mallahla matter rxit of the mall 8. The Pw.4tioakter General m*y ?rder aa lacreaa* cf aerrice on * route ?.y aHowinn therefor * pro rata Innvane on the contrast pay. H* may chaaga the achedule of arrival* aad departnra*, without increaa* of pay, provided be doe* aot curtail tbe amount of running time, lie mar alao order aa incraaee of *pe?d, br allowing, wltLin the ired to tionaof the law. a pro rata inrreaae of pay for tbe additional atock or carrier*. If any. Tin- coatractor may, howerer. In the ra<?-of |n< reaae of e|?ed, r? llnqui*h the contrart hy <lTin? prompt notace to tbe Department that he prefer* doing ao to carrying the Order into effort. The I'oetmaater General may alao ? artail or discontinue tbe aervtoe, at pro rata l> "reaae -f pay, allowing one m utL'a extra cowa f ensatlon on the amount .li^plareil with, wh^aareh n bi* opinion the public Int. rceta do not r~q. 1-e tb* ?nine, or In caae he deairea to *upor**dc it by a differ ent grade of traneportatVm 9. Payment* will be mad* for the aerriea by ooliao lion* from, or drafka on poatma?tora, or otherwiae, after tbe expiration of **rh quarter?Bay In Febru ary May, AiuturUaod Norember. 10 The dicta tea* are given aooord'.ng to the bat Information, oat no Inereaaed pay will be allowed should they be greater than advertised. If the prints to be aupplled be correctly ataled. Bi-bler* mu*t in form tbemaelvea on thi* point. 11. The Postmaster General i* prohibited by law from knowingly making n centra~t tor lb* tran'por ta Uon of the mail* with any person who aball have entered into, or propoerd to mter into, any combina tion to prevent th* making of auv hid for a matl contract by any other perron or or a ho ?ball have made any a^ixemeat, or ahall have givra or perform^, or promised to give or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to induce any other persna or p?r*on* not to be! for a mail coatrai-t. Particular attention i* called to th* 28tt wtion of the act of 1S3G, prohibiting combination* to prevent bidding. 12. A bid received after time, via; 3 pm of the 10th April, 1KU, or whliout ths guaranty required by law, or that nwnhine* several routea in one sum <4 W'in pen sat ion, cannot be r nndered ia competition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 13. Bidders ahould. In all cases. fir*t propose for aerrloe strictly ancording to the advertisement, end then, If they desire. upar ji?Ig for different ssiaiu ; and if^he rrgvlmr tad be the lowest offered for tbe advertised service, tbe other bid* may be considered; If the alteration* proposed ara rm ranmra l ii by the po?tma*terK and nitixen* interested, or if they shall appear manifestly right and proper. 11 There should be but one rout* bid for in a proposal. lft. The routs, the service, the yearly pay, tha name and residence of the bidder, and those of each member of a firm, where a company offer*, aboald be 'listiactly *tatad, alao the mode of <Mn?*yaaea, if a higher mode than horseback be intended. Th* words "with due celerV). certainty, and security," in-erted to iuditate the mode ef couveyanca, will oon?titute a " ttar bid." 10 Bidd rs arc n-quertel to u* *, a* for a* prarti oable. tte p-in ej f tb cf psal furni?b-i ry be dapaKinent. to wiite out in fa 1 the turn if heir bad*, a-.d to re aln co|>te? of tham. No a'<er-Ml Ud? oao be ronsid -red, and nc bid* once mi ml'ted raa t e withdrawn. Kach b d uiuet l>e (uarant?ed b* f?o responsibis p?- >^na Oeneral goa anteea <-annt ite telni red 17. The bid aboald be sealed: superscribed " Mall Proposals, ."tat* of ." ad-lreeswd to the fec ond Assistant PosUaa?Ur Oenaral, 'ion ra t < ifllee, and sent hy ma>L, not by, or to, an aynt. and po t master* will ntt rnclo-p [ i npnaais (or letters of any kind) is their quarterly ra<urns It. The contract* are to be executed and returned to ths Department by or before tbe 1st of;'aly, 1K6S. but the service no t a - e mmsacedon tbe nlail day neg* afier ghv date, ? betb-r be ? atra'-ta be ege. cutel or not No p opimtion tor tranters w.ll ha ooa?iJe<ed u*>til tbe ?-oatra< 'a ara rgerut-d In dae firm and reeved at tbe d'lartiuent; and bea no traaafora sill ba a Hewed unlaas good and aufbetont raasori* therefor are given, to be determined by th* department. 19. Postmasters at ofltaea on or aaarrailroads, but mure than eighty rod* from a station, will imme diately after tbe 10th of April next, report their exact distance from the nearest etation. and hew they are otherwise supplied with the mail, tr, enable the Postmaster ileneral to direct a mail messenger supply from tbe lat ef July n< xt. *0. Section 18 of an art of Congress, approved March 3, IMft, provide* that contract* for the trans portation of the mail ahaII be let, " in every casr to tha lowest l*tdder tendering suflb'isnt guarantiee for faithful performance, althout other reference to the mode of such transportation than may be bki* aary to provide for the due <ielenty. certainty, and aecuritjr^f aurb tra nuportatk.n "* Under this la ption of bide baa been received. It does aot specify a mode of aoavayaane, bat engrg** to take the entire mail each trip with oeierity, certain ty, and security, using the tenue ?t the law. These bids are styled, from the manner in which they ara designated on the books of tha Deiartuieat, " tier Mt,n aad thev will be construed a* providing for tha "Otlre mail. Jiowner (arye, and wAui/-tve b.?? (m Ow m ?i' uj cuaireyan'y tBSOBMry to iiumts it? 44 O-irntg, o^-foaafy, anJ in-urU^" In all cases where the lowest grade of service ia balWed to be nuflb lent, the lower* bid will he ac.?p tad, If duly guarantied, in pr<-tejeboe t? a " star'' v r. *pe?-lflr bi l. When the lowaat hid is not a star bid. and s^eciioa either no mode or an iu*itLr-fuaJ' aa-deof conveyance. It will uot be accepted, but set aside for a specific bid proposing the na ?< .waty service When th* bid does not specify a mode of con vayance. al?o, when It proposes to rarry "according to tha advertisement." but wltbowtamoh specification it will ba conai-'srrd a* a prop>>*al for horse bark ser St. A landiftraMon of a bid, la any of |ta eweotlal terms, Is tantamount to a new Ma. aod cannot ba rwneived. so as to Intsrfore with regular co iu petit ma, after tbe ls*t hour set for raceiv>ag bid*. ?&. Postmaster* are to b? careful not to certify the auAciency of guarantor* or ru.euse without knowing that they are persoua of (ufl< Uot respon sibility ; and all Uddm, and sureties ara distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for the servira proposed for in the accepted bid* their legal liabilities will be en forced against tham -I The eoatrnflte will be sutstfaaf *liy in the forms heretofore used ia thi* Department, except in the respect* parti ularly mentioned In th**e iustrwr tions; and on all railroad and ?tncU?! routes the contrart.>rs will be required to dsltver the mails into tbe post offices at the eieia of ths notes and iato all sA - n_ ?- ? POtolB.^es, not more than ei.-bty rods from the rauroad or ianding^^^^^^^^^H 24. Present coatraelora and peraoo* known at ths Department, mutt, equally with uthrri. procure gu rantors and certifirates of their ruffi< ienry *ub ntanttally ia the forms above prrrrlbed. The c*r HVate* of sa ?rtency mast M <>taed by a postma^^ t?r, at one of the plasee bet re aamed, or a jadgv of a court of record. i'ostaaaster* at the eada of routes Tabiej k* think tha pressut mode of couvei^ aad tii will vei.h tha mail each trip for aix su.*.. , _ on weakly routes, and three week* on other rrutra, ariareport tbe restflt by lOtkAprl. 1^>&. jAts campbki u Ja: JO?tltw Postmaster General. i jaoge oi it ?V e**nlaa'

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