Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1855 Page 4
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1. V ? A1N G STAK. H'Dl THr.a AWAY! ? BY AH* rini- . ? ? ihftn. <Mi Itiith* in all aiWT? J'u cap. Ms liUle trick, - Au i nu' iioai out my Killing * flit A <>n rurlln: lo^k; . Ah. once it waved upm In < braw^ Ye Willi c u.e axittw? Leave ikk gn dear a token Iit*? Ve know not what ye d<>. l.ast nieht the inoow earn* in my room Ao?l oil itiv I ltd ?.i J tie ; I woke, ?*?<?! in th? -i;\ t light T thought I h< :irJ Mm err; I li med iiwu'ls Ui?* hulc erlt>, Th curtains drew a*:>!e, B*'or?. hilf f?*fpm?. I bethought >lc tiia; u?y b \ lin I ,iieU. T.^ke t' "Ti aw. ! T cannot look On air .? that hrentbi s of him ! ?j!> ???.?*> th-?> i? fcit'i? ??[>? l av loiH'.ini its ln>!i?; T ? ?.! ?rmr ! :?! fro:!! off" the wait - "i. v. r. .itiic i ?iil? withf red flower; TV.- rt I 4 Icati-s do whimper rae i ?f al! !???? ton 1 ? i.our?. 'I*!:? i it * . wi' i it-4 m^io hi'll-? i m ! r'o v.'Jt let them ?o*iiui ! ti ?j. I.r ; tli-1 <1 tiieui ouee ' - c . ~n- th- erountf; : !i m:.n v :: on ih.- lawn * Th- .i.'li a'l nij f . r-i I s-e;., 1M; it aTay, r >?1 i: awa<\ it n an ir?ny. II :< -;.v? arc in the curtn r, MursM;? il iii'l ? ic- i ito Ui'irr AVi!! ;. '!*r like !li" liillir.j rain !"?; ' ' ?? ri.l the floor. V ' twr:i lint pinnrf to ?hr wall - lii? I v moiirni'ul eye !s piercu-; t??"?i?h my vciy heart? 1 ?re htm ?ii*> ? ?li a* ^u:?h! How h ? m/.'H on m?; \\'a h v-.ntr.! out !ii? !>.. ath! I wr r. rf.T r knew before Ujw t midc wa* death. *Ty hov?my o't;j?my "nly one? A** ;h; 'i i ?>%??!*ione? i ?.! 11< p me to hare the ttroke Ti ;it I a. -? Mi- ail a! ?ac. V? hen the devil has any odd job to do, he alvrays looks about for some i,ile irtn *o lo it: and whenever any great crimo ! is b 'n perpetrated, the police? :T.t -.??Iviis fe'{-)ws!-:nvariably look among iie i !u' and di.>soluUi to tin J the criminal, i . tv..: \vb > are il ways U3C fully employed . 'c n.vor Ircubkd by tbe man wi'Ji the b: <? : tick, and have no occasion to whistle to k op t r courage up, when passing a U'-v. } ?.rrl. A v- od con=cicnifc is a ^afe ?:i.. L.w ijt a'.l ihc msf hi nations of the tkvil. ^~7"Ai\ Ortgoa wiu r? thas,writes her ti rierc- d i iirr htr soj ;urn on the Pa c ricc att:?? t are indeed been most ? >i" :rtuna'.e: bo ?? o? my arms am slight pal r.ul, eic'.i uf w.y legs have be n brok tn, ny h' ??,h is generally bad, I has L .1 t^ur 1. ^ 'J-.4M ' i in my Lime, but they .u;. . , poor things; and i had i ur ' ke of vx. u, and the cussed Indiana tloie at;d eat th*? T^An acadcmy miss deeming 'eat* u v j vulvar ibr refined ears, defines ik tit 'To insert nutritious pabulum in u* t litioulatrd orifice below the nasal I o ;:bcra:ico, ^h'c'i. being masticated, x j :r ?.ls throngh t!ie cartilaginous cav ,;i^s of i e larynx, and is finally do it* i ? tite rtecptacie for diifesiiUc articie.-?." :' )\ i: * c_;tj. a. teamkr.< ' ?m />.. ? ???? ? . . it "? Yuik...'.'v?*r|V.*fl. ,Ft'b. Ji ! Mmm Mtw Tack Jtm. 11 ' r, >o,... 1;?, toi. *i<l ? ???!.. N^-.v V>irk...Jan. mS, ' ' ' ? ? > ?' i'!i:'.-????!pbiu.F?-l? II vw Vo.k...r>i>. m CU ' ' "" ' l''"" *. !'!? !'? vt- N' ?* \ Ijlk <>i. t-5%.i at .1 ?v>:ij t. j rUKlVAI^ Ai :?VII>AL HOTELS. wlllaKU1 tio ?: !i ?- \ Ta-.i y V r r. I7tr yt, \ 4 \v ?' U Russrll. N V TA Rt.?t . .!?? J .*? ' KC'lVxSjjr, Li I'll J il I - i MB, I'.i R II J 11 in Itun a lid hi<l}t J ^ in j e .Vri 'I j H !J k ..! A A U.ium w*H, fal W f J A ' ; ? r.i Til IHM ? M ? k ? Mm I T P? W I-ll K?".in-nlv, V;i ?? II IV Viau & !?*y, Kl SK J ? ^wi". :l \ ire. win *16. ? v Ct ?' Pr t' I ! \V. <i. NY 'I'll?y*r . do* t i.l; do * ? I ? . i?*i% , d > tV:?.t"n?-v Mi-. ri-?i. f. *i i ? :???*? ? > i>-, I : \ W \ kit, ?!?? I* . '-m . r \ If l;-\ Kntloaal li v i* ? ? i.w.r. \v \V M Vlvaru-, <!o A K t,"ai?? r, \ i ? T ti \ i?o >. ur. 1.1 i. /.I'. .il.iulM', . J t .Mr f \ \ Mr- i?r..:V?n, ti. W V ?, do *;; ? ^nutb, V?; T IV Walker, M,u - U I' T-Shi, i' i i - J .VI IjH :nit. Mu I' 31 .rly, ti.? H !5j! J* !ii, Ala A l.tixiard. Mj-? ?"o! ?; P K^ne, I l.oder, XV A 1' ltrr?*eiiig, SU t N M?-aie. Va \ 1'uiier, Mi.< tV W V\ . W?. NV W li (??nil li, >ld S It;. .. ii. IN I 1? J- in -i, Md ? i 4 /.t\\ :iZrtV. P.iris t' t'udu !?, V.| ?tal?a. c. wttLAaa. W l>eck'T ^ lady. \V K Ct-nKliu, O J S Il.i riMin, do \V II Cmlur, Pa w Klliou, rt<; Kim KUiott. i!" \v iJ<:ldry, AM '? ?? Svlll^j. il l J kV i'lckiii. \"a i: Klliott, Aid ? VVKMIcr, NV 1> li l.ol d<*l|, do A S Whit , Hid H K iwrctiee, \Y > A Ucrrin,;, do M Kol>* rts, i o fi> F tlerimr, I'a J Strvker, lUme 'I K l.athr>ip, T A dt ?Viral, NY O M L'htibruugh k ludy, do ? Y S Tn<?ma?, NY K C Crawiotd, Tcnn J A Camp, O arownt r. H. a rrow/, f M.c.f. NY "* fliinr, d ? ?: >1 :?:r ? r r,s, Pa *r Hut r. \V y, l. Tiliinfha-t, do \ ^ri ? f i'.irp i y, *da ?' !! IV i Jer, do T Walker, do J I ? B;det. KY ' -p? H ?>'Neii:, Va M. t.raitna, NY vlr, I ?. aft- hi . do H" S II .i.iptou, Va W I) ll.tiiijituD do J I' T.nlor, d ? t V 1' ??"OfS'lMfli, Mo 11 C Utr.ia. NY '' M Cb.1.1 St family, NY J P Ritti r, do \V f li:ictiiiiaii; do I. '' S!ii-|iharrt, Tenn II W Pa*f?r<oii, do W Mill! & lady. NY J L'<i >. 8t laily, do K t'? Skinner P <; Ko.g, La J Mackay, t itn A A Rniwu, NY J t' Huntil, tvi} J H Smith k lady, pa ?| 1' rpiMoo, MU I" C lluu<-e, Ct ti ?' Carman, Ind J K Carman, do HI rhtiQcil IIcure? j. d. & a. imwoot. \V Kiiode^. Va ^ li MuUImw* >1J J T c>iat?-r, K F Purler, do > K L'.?wry. .Mm 11 lj F'liMt-r. do J t; VYhitmi II, NY T ti Everett, Va il jr, ny R M Raymond, O <."ul\?>r, Min W \V Irw in, i_'o t it li ?<t Stat t| J F ' i*o*wav, Va It P. e. . Ill \\ K Mardta'l, Md ?? A'.'lrew*, NJ T If Av? ret*, V* \V V llilita y, f ?i S Ti i*?*r?, Ala TRT rowers, do N A Davi?, Nil ? R Alhn. jr. a lady, NJ 1>T ftuitli, Mil li 11 Jtevtus, Ma* K M Vorvtil a In Iv, Va S Wintou, Pa t II M ?lh V. do A yul.t r, Ma?ft 1? \<i liyrue, Ca W Robert.'*, Va I. <itb*in, Mil tJ R Miller, SC li Morris, Md li A Ejen, do Hotal?a. a. backmit. R Raven k la<ly, NY Brown. Va K Hemer, Aid K L .Merrill family, Va A S lilenn, Ala J M lMvHi? n. Teiill J C riojd, NY K II W .er ?111 p N? land. Va W H L:unuin){, |)t-l t' Armor. |,-? flanalou llouaa, Alexandria, Va A. NBMTO.H, I korkltiiiK. I. Kvaaa. AM i W C Whitia?. DC J A l .-ntoM. do A T Biadle>, d?/ ; ! Ht iieia. V i Pa 'cev.: r h ; " ii k*-' Il ?! il I If. ? >iev i!"> ? > OU. ll<^ ? l? IliO, k.?l r KTvler. Va 1. 14 do W M l.anedati. do \V 1 *ie l?, \\ V (j f #.?iv. \ a !. \l "ii.uiin^, J ? P Trfvott I.h J 'A P/-?-:r30.i. d-J K li irri.'j Hah."'* '.V ii Fiirliu^h jr. Vr \t I Mai-ball. Md '? VA't 'ram, do t<A"DiES, Tr.y w. trs tmvTM hostbt y pills, VSOVLUKlGN Rr.Mf.bV for the "curfc of nil . P..i.., J ('UbuclNMN F**Mmle Irrejjotinii??v tlli-IIT, iiu.H vvna'evi-r <-aue.. ? * * Ho!4 ly all O* n< ;">t? ..t tt |ie* l>u* %>.il wili ?>? *???! dt.rtUltjr by u el \..^ng |l n?'i?i?. A?J. R ? N WOU>. i?. C ."General Ayt'rti.t.y wb la ?'l ? ???lere will boHIKi| at tii? |i,npr1?tiir'ii |irfr??. Thcs;- V:!"-, are the result ol ' VI IXC Till 'Vi ? YBifR*? FXPERIENCjS in tiio mamieM ?f tV '!tkivw of F entities. At the i o!iciU.ti<>n < t' many intellSgi nl Ladies f<>r wtiota Uicy wer pi '-rrlbed by Dr. Duponro wi'.ti tli>; rj. -? ii pp. ideer*. ibcy ?re now published to the ?.orl:i, mi il nt all IVrnales suff<t"fng liooi the toeaser p t. u iar to litcir s.'7,ijny have ihe oppor tunity ol civiog ihem a trial. TJ ? *r pi'ts nave oui> Seen adviitisct to a limited i t Jsl.iUc mote ?'thnu a v. ar. jet 8ttVKtiAL THOUSAND Uo.XF.S have already bct-u 50! J, a large propo.tiou ..I wbitli been pent by mail to I i'i diilVreiii j irts nl ihe co'intry; and letters are bein,j icctivi .1 tfutlv containing this warm rt ctj;: e^ion* of rr.itituds for the b .ni-nu which hatre U11 derived fro.a their uwe. '1'lie following is an ? jtra<; from a Mter ol a lady nf higlinlamting who has ai'thoiizcd In? name |o be coii!mii:?cn:e.t cnnlidentiaMy to l-.tdim ivi-lun- 11 Make iiviuiru- 11 rpilhm th<! m?Jh "IIj d.tatlilef, com !7, v.k* f. r lhre? yrzrr pal?fnlly 4111'itil Willi obvtnu iloiMlr. uj viiirlitiiliR c?. site lufl'.-i'ed i-vureiy. W e ti|iwiit(| a Ur; e nnu in jiliy lci.aiV fcM, liut With T?-ry trirtin.: auiItvaii'i/r*!y relicl, lin rui*i|ilexir>n b.> Came I Willi n alio". 1 tnMi li i*, a I li> i whole Kra to much (!;'mb8?1 !Im'_ <ii? w ?? pni:u>:mrftl to be r4* i?! ly goiiig lit> concumptiuu. t thin I ???v y?iur ?'!vcr- * lii a S")v \ fik t'Ap^I:y f ijib wr*? very we,-.k, tat m a l*et rascrt I mm for a Ik i. I; ^ave i>o mucli relief th.rt a escorirl an-1 !' ir 1 \r?u<? n<i I, an i I now have the Krt-at :rleanare orinfur'ainn yo 1 1h.1t my fUu^Mer'a 1ie?lUt in <-.?111 fielely restoi .1; In-;" itallow c?ai;>'*xicu !i r'l'tace I by the *o?y (|low ot ii. vU:. ; g'.ooray nMUinckoly, t>y thnt >'iiefr tal buoy.inry or?j . ? iN, nritlch !? n?u il m jlrlit of her nge ; ?u I if the pUIk lia I ' osl te.i times a^ much, It would be 110 corn; *ri?on with the liafpiuesf r4?nltiu; from tlittr npc." N. D.?The nt^rt-dients of thue pill? .ire perftct !v ii\rmikk!> hi th' ir medicinal operation rm ih< cio-t delicate female con.titntionrf, yet as prepared ar.d cotuLiiicd l-y l?r. Uuponco^ their tpr?<*ilie :\o;!<ni such that m irru;! ladies should tut i'kiu with proper precaution. Indeed, their u<o is net nt all ?a-hcated (!*irin^? pregnancy. For the same rrason, i* every physician know, medicines which act in Usis way are the very test that can b-3 used for re storing the natural, healthy tone an<! functions of th?; ^yrtora when so notch isnpairrd and deranged as to rrsuit in barrennesi'. For further particulars s? c di rections, &<v gent with each box, and circulars to be had at the Dnntgis's. J. DL'PONCO, M. D , Proprietor, X. Y. Sold in Wiu-iiing'on by Kidwkll & Lai renck Stoti" Si Co.. W. h. Oilman, H- U. Stlvester, J. B. Mu^rk, Fir?: Ward; U. Uouwell, Island ; J. F. Callan, I 11 I?" ross, Seventh ?t.; U II McPiieksan Capitol Hill;F Wai sii, Navv Yar.l. In Georgetown by O. M. LiiHlucuin, J. L. KiJw> ll. In Alexandria by Took & Co., Peel Stevens, Fountain Si Co., and by Diaggists gent rally. ? jan 16?lm* UNITED STATES MAIL. PROPOSALS lor c^rryi s? ihe mailcofthe (Jniti d States from the 1 t :iny 01 September, 1855, to Uie 1-t dtiy -I' luiy, 18.^8, in the Terrirorics of UKK 0 >\ and NK\V >1CXICO, will be received at the i^-'ntract Office of the Post trSee Department, in tiie City of \Va*h:n:toii^ until D a tn of tli^ day 'f June, 1855, (10 ho d?xidcd by tbe next day,) on ibe rcutes and in the tiaiej herein specified, %i7 : OREGON TERRITORY. 127-15 From M! a ay, by Iturliagton and Thur.'t 11, to VVili;yuclte l otk-, oO utiles and back, once u week Leave Albany every Thursday aiiia m Arrive at Willamette Forks next days by 12 111 Leit e VVi!laiu?ac For kit every Friday at 2 p m Arrirt; at A bany next days by 8pm ^ Proposals to couitnence at Syracuse will be cons den I. lQTifl frroni Oregon Cily, b, llariNon \Yric!:t's, Pi chard MdlerV, and S. Allen's, to Salem fcO miles and Lack, once a week Leave Or? ^ >n Cii> every Monday atb a 111 \rrivc at fc> ?<! in nr \i t aj by 10 m Leave Salt-m every Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at < ?r? ? it ? ly next ?!ay by li in Front Linion, by Tu iletin Plains aiid Ifarri loit s Mill, t, r >-' si iir tW tuilo and back one'- a week Leave Linton e.ti_. Wi onesday at (i a m Arriv at Fun- ! C.mvv sain'- ilav I C5 {> in " l.e;?vf F?n< -i <;roveev rv Tue>day t ii a m Vir.e ut Lin..itt snnr' da\. bj .'1 ji m Itid- to cull tat ne** :ti k'?. linen, omiitin^ Liu 1 o. vill Ii.? eon- i.!,-ri-il. t . ?in (.?!< :;? n ? ry, by L- banon '. j Snlijimiiyt 4m itnU .. .ind i' t?"!?, wiV'h ?? tv < k. I, -.iv: *Mi^j".|i City 1 ,crj Mon iay at'i a la \ i Vt- ;i| Sn ilitniiy - uin>* ?|jys liy 7 p iri I.- tv Sublimity i ?ery Saturil.iv at li a 111 Ait.% ? at t.'ii- ?!. 1 1 1 \ -am" ...its b> 7 |> in lj7*J.I 1 1 ? hi i' iiltii ', iiv Miimi->Iv.i 111.1, 'I :ii!ui': I , r'^ '? ' ' ' ' ?? ' ba'ain liiiji, It'iger and 'llil Fiviii Is ^ii 1 1 ?1;<|, 1,1. ',ii iiiil?--i ami ba?-k, ortcn .1 ,t L?-ave l'<'Mlautl evi iy M nJ t\ u G a in Anive ai - al. iii in-xt <1 b. 1 j> m l.eav. -altiu > I ti.l 1. .-tO a lit \rt 1. Pirti.oid 11: \tila>- '.y 1 pm 1*7 M I'ioiii S'ib-iii, <'in-tiinuM I'iWiN, :t;i I I i.iI las, io i'iiiaiti?* 1.;. 70 iniii.- and b.o-.k, 011 ee a week 7. ave s ileqi ?:\>- y Til d t\ at C.l in Ariiveat i'trl-fifi >k iii-tl dai's b\ (> p m L?avr 1'illaiiiONik every Sifiudiv ai lia in \jrivi .1 > il. ni n.-vi ij.f. - by li |i in Hid-1.. iiiii on!) be twee.1 I* tilas an<l Tillamook .re 1 ? vil?*d. I-7 M 1 rotii S il* id I** I*. 11. Kaiidiiirs, in l.iun Co., hitd btek, iiiht .1 net it Ltd .t 1 - to -i.i'u i'> i.i * 111 ? 11 M'li''d!ftl*- ol :?rri vals and ilt paituii-4 1-^7J ? F tu Sa" 111. lo I ru ikii i 15'iie and luck, on?-< a v.i - k s lo t:<ti ib .an- ? an 1 s^lii dale 1 -?-*: Ft >.n Sniihmity, b; S.ini>uin i' i.!:-, lo !'l-a, ?i:i H1I1, li") utiles .1:11 bii<- , o.iee a tv?-?-iv T.f\Sulni'ii.ty ev r, Tuesday ai C a in \rrivi* ;;i Pb a-.nni Hi I n \i Thursday by 4 p in Leave Ptea^an' Ilili 1 v? iy H.iltirdav ol (i t i? Arrive ?:? Sui/iuiity n? \i M mdaj by 4 p m 127>1 From \Y.t bi'i^toi. It .te lo O.-a^a Mill, in Linn e iihiy. t>0 liitli*.- !, 1 111 -K, Miiei; a week L?ave \Va- . i:?gt?/ii I:>|!?* every Wtdiies.]ay at (i a ni A m :.t <;ra.--? Ilill . i in '?aine day l.'M/e Hill ev ? ttnrday at ?? a in Aim aiU a-hinjt ? it. by l-> n same day. NKVV M. \|cn. 1-*WJ From Albinpieripi- . by /.mi. to VYoodVille, I" ?Ii.orm i, and l;nck} 'nice n \v?^*k Bid ers to *iat?' di.-ianee ami ?clfdule '01 turi vais and departures 1^9el From Ta >? t > bonna Anna and back, once a w? ek Bidders to st tie distance and st hedule. INSTRUCTIONS. Fot'ut oj a i?royOtul uk re iio chaise f rom adceiti^e fit a/ i< 1 out <1 l>j the huldcr. 1, , of , county of , Stale of? , IjropoM: to convey tiie mails front Sep tember 1, lsi5, to Jul, I, lKi4 on routr No. . froiu 10 , agreeably to the adver tiseinentof the Puetiaasur General, dated January JO, l?j^>.. and by tiie io11o<mm? mode ol" conveyance, viz: lor liie an:iu:d sum of dollars This projto.-a! 1.- made Willi 1 lull knnwledge 01' the distance ct lie! route, tin: wcigVl ol the mail to be carri d, and ..! oih^i p irticulars in r? lerenee to the route and, ai.d also after full ix-niina tioii of the instrii -tions and requirements attached lo tiie advertisement. Dated (Signed.) Fur a t 0/ u Ga zri-ilce. The undersigned, resnlii.g at , State of , undertake that, if the fori ? .11:1; bid 'or cur iviitK the mail on route N'??. be accepted by the Postmaster General, the bid ler shall, prior to the 1st d iv ol Sept< in tier, 'tuo, or as soyn thereafter as may be, entered into the required obligation to p< r forin the service proposed, with goo 1 and suOieient sureties. Tins we do with u full knowledge of the obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the tilth section of the act >f Congress of July *2, 1HJ6. Dated (Signed by 1 wo guarantors.) Form of a Certifirutc. The undersigned, postmaster ei , State of certifies, 11 tier his oath of office, that he is acquainted with the above guarantors,and knows them to be men of property, and able to make jrood their guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of euarantors on proposals may be cerufted by a jud;e of a court of r? con?, anil by (.ost masters at the following offices,and ho other*: lii Ofcgitn Territory by the postma>i< r< of tlregon City, Astoria, Salem, Liuloii, SnWiiini>, Ponland, Albany, WiliainlMie F<?rks, Dali t, Cineiunati, Tu alitin I'I 1111- and Corvaliis. In New Mexico by the p vtina-ters t?f Santa Fe, Donna Anna, Taos, and Albuquerque. Coiiiiiti+Hi to b* 1 i<Oije)rr:l?*>' in the fuulruit^ t-o the rihiit t\r Depaitmenl Muy deemyrttyer. 1. jS^ven minute* are allowed to each 111 ermedi ate offii-v, v? lien iK>l otlu rwise speeitied, l'?*r stssort ittg tin taails; but 011 ami steiuiiiioat routes Ibere is |o be 110 more d< lu> lfcui.11 i? suffichriit lor an i v-hang of mail I'Mks. 2. (in routes where the iie?d?- of ?imveyanee ail mils of il, t!.e ipeciul ag* ul???f ibc d< pailuieiit. al-< post t.rtiee blHtik.-. mail baa^, !??? ks and key. are it* I.. -oiiveyt d witliout t'llnt chariic. il No pay will in made lot trip not ]?erfoimedi and i<ir ?la? li of tii b ini-^ioiis u<>t iiufacUmh'<*t IiImou d, tlilee times llle |>:i\ <>l Ihe Ir p m?) be lie ?lii^irj i- .( mnvtb *0 fat b.luiil lime as 1.1 break ? l.ti" . I 1 ..nil I. ;ili? III oi- ,. ltd not feillfti* 1 elil ?> ?? ? r.i ? n. 1. iii:Ii 1 imp 1 .ntj.. ? *fcitaii i.v tbel ii p . ^ ? 1 1 lot', tur DdJu^' .Jii u..l "!so I c ! ^ :"'1 r- *^ -d. oi" r-t r- Miiaae ;id"er- r f> Ui*". f ipeeifi: i in *.1 ? cJtitrtci Trfrrpcatei ?J"l!*?cnen r',|K I" . !? 'p . in'.i. t '.iir.". pfllUi'ci, it -t:- 1 j., iht . hi, .? i|Ur. 1. a..! lii' import an. ? <? in- mail, o?a> kr mate. ' '? ' '?* I'osluiaalei Geni ml lunittl the con I nacttoi repcaiml failings to in it a^reeablv tt) contract,' I tor di-^eying tir- I'o.-t offipulaw, or tlie instruc tion* (M lUc ?1< lariin' i<t; lor refusing lo d*?eiiarge-n cnniT nhi-n lequired by 1H1? department to do so; lot a* igi nig Ilia coatinct witlKuii the assent of the PuHmu -lei G.*neiaf; T r ruuiting an express as af jrc ?ai?l; <>r tor trait*;girting per.-mi* or package* t'bn vcyw'K mailable matter out oi' U<" ma I. 3. 'J lie ro?|ni?Jt?r Ceufciai may ord?w an iucrvxc ?>f eeivioe on a r.mte by aliening ilp-refor a j/ro ratu lucre a e on the iji.tiaei jmy. lie may change the -eh-du! ul ar i/ats and departures, without in crcav of ptr, piovide.T lie does rot curtail the omoUtit id' lUiJuiig lm?u. I if may also order an in rcr> aiv of ,speed. lie adoivuig, within the Metric lion* ?I tin* law, u to ru/a increane of pay Jo* U>? add! ii >ual \toek ?-r carrier*, if any. The contractor to <y. ? uowever, in tht- ca>c of itcrta^ ot - peed, relinquish I ti.? contract l>y giviuy piompt notice to tile depart inuiit that ho i?r<> m .1 nn?"* to earn ing the order into tltect. The i'?> tn?:t?1*;r Hon rai mnv also cur tail or dl.-covtitrj U.e *< .vice, at yto rvia decn ase of pr>y, aliuvving one in uih\; extra compensation on i the ntmetn'dispensed with, whenrvi-r, in In* opin ion. the public it;tdo not require the siine, or in ? a--? Ik" desirtt to jupureede it by a different grade of imu-portatinn. f? Piym-iits will Ii-' made lor the .?emco4>y col lection* fr?m, or dralts on. postmasters, or other wise, alii r tb ? ?-xniration ot each qaater?say in Pel :iiary, May, Align t, and November. 7. 'I'll"' distance.* are given according to the liest iiitormation ; but no inercase d pay will be allowed liouid tin y he greater than adveitisol, if the points to be supplied !??? correctly : t.Vetl. Bidders must in form iht-ins'-lv! s on this p'tint. 8- bidders should, in all eases, first propose i"oi service strictly a^cordin^ to the ndv rtisement, and then, if they tie-ire, sej ?tralcly for different service; and 11 the vgvlar bid he the lowest offered for the n 'verti e.l service. ihc other bids may be considered, if the a teratinn* proposed ar* Totoinn ended by the |MHtnia>ters and ci izeis* interested, or if ihey shall appear manifestly rijhl and proper. y. There shou'd be but one route bid for in a pro posal. * ' 10. The route, the terviee, the yearly pay. the name and resilience of the bidder, and those of each member of a firm, when a company offers, should be distinctly stn'ed; also, the mode of conveyance, of a higher m 'de than horseback be intended. The words "with dut celerity, certainty, and security," inserted to indicate the mode of conveyance, will constitute a "sfcxr IW," which binds contractors to take ail the mail offered, but allows them lo select the mode of conveyance. 11. niddMkt are requested to use, as (ar as practi cable, tiie^wiiUed iorm of jiruitosal furnished by the deportment, lo write out in full the turn of the ir bids, and lo (t rain copies ol them. No alt' red b t's can be considered, and no bids oncc submitted can be withdrawn. Cacti bid must be guarantied by two responsible persons. Gem nil guarantee* cannot be admitted. 1J. The bid should be scaled ; supercsilied " Mail Proposals, Ttrrilory of addressed "Second A<si-tant Postmaster General," Contract Office, and jent by i.iaiZ, not by, or lo, an agent, and postmas ters will not cnclose proposals (or letters of any kiatl) in llicu1 quarteriy returns. 13/i'he contracts are to be executed and returned to the department by or before the I t day of Sep tember, 185o, but the servicc mint be commenc d on the mail d ty next alter that date, whether the 1 contiacts b; executed or not. No proposition for t an-f< rs will !?? considered until the contra' ts are executed m dtM form and received at the depart ment ; -'in! then no transfeis will be allowed unless joo I and - .tficient reasons ther?;for arc given, to he deterniiarii! by the depnr ment. 14. A mollification of a bid, in any id its essential ?rrim, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be r eeived. so as to interfere with regular competi tion, nfler tht; last hour set fo receiving bids. 15. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify the sutfici*1: cy of guarantors or sureties without know ing tlicy arc persons of sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarnn.ors, and sureties are distinct ly notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for i!ie service promised lor in the ac cepted bids, their legal liabilit es will be enft>rced Vi list them. 16. Present contrac on?, and per*ons known at t!j.' department, in'ist, eqeally with ot'i"ri?. p.ocuie iiimnfors a'id cei'ificales ol tlicir s'tffi.- em-y sub staatially in tbe fbnns ah .ve prwerib !. Tl e cer lifieates of sufficiency must be i-i ::i' d by a post na ter at one of th ? p!aeej before name.I,' r a judge <.H a t ourt of r< cord. For further oa to condition* of bid diiii, see a'vt iti-euie'.t i'ir c mails in I'aii fornia ai d \\ a-hin^ien Terri'oiv. dated January 11?, lei.. J.\.Mi:s i- \ >lpP.I'M., Postmaster General. Post Ofru e Dfp%rt*kst, 1-Vbrmry ?.?. lafrt. fe!'5 M*r ? DA. K 0 ft 8 S ' R IN VIGOR ATmaCOiiDTAL A f !I/''N0MEt'<>N /.V MgDKUHF.. Health r^tokud a lid life ? URQTtlClII by l -i. iioJUKc ;:;!tArjrrn KLi'Clu oil Cc'iCL'i^ li. At ar.<t t*ie pr'-trr ?".iba> t>; Pro'. M' l'.rV 15 IVVlCOHATi'.'Q : .? vfR v i \.\'Ki>l .'.L \.ej il s i drc-iVoJ, c.Vr *.!j? :i I *ubiici? lrotb-? eiipouot-.i by thd d!K -vci.;..? i'.ui fiats, u. bi-.ta i y *Jt.e?8ed .is hlgh*-t rUP-* *na are botj tiiampb tm over *k! Joubui. INv'UfebULlTY It: ufXil ij ? maid or te.i?|jicny wbi'.'h i3 pci'f .tly 'rri ditifttl''. Tbd ^'-.'Sta rrtce-itee, id sll csae'jth^ d-p!orable f?;;s ari^iii^ from an <cn.e >?* of fark?ui jr??ei w!ii' b t."a^?t u; the7i Td^.'fol LtvhioncaiKd U. It re I i lloltl! . g( r (tin c-iicate fune '.l3?i e^eiir ird *lth t ist uyfftedans ecmpound \.w.j - f ma?ttr m?i riiid, nec-f-Ary to the reyro In- ti n. / huin&n it/' 'i'r> pe'>>. na of t><ebl* tni?'-' u ar *, or ilrfcien*. in vital y. xtrr, It i?? rf^" m iart?lJ?t kg the jVlj of Cf UDUIi! tb^ii ?c=r;^y v?L" b I" urcti. jry to tb- proper flisjoyniflnt )fdlthlutetdat mil n? tBO k|^t*t '.-i. i?.'.ibu'^s. It'btfU-siiclol t:*t tr arcs not toa to ^'boTt-ai or k nuy 'Pi* tflde girl, tb ? tiling wit?, V\* 1 j: Ue.-ts, erne.-t:i j^ath, the Kio oi t. iu+?:, t>i? rictiui cf i-.Mrco.' iie ?r< >iou. th<* Kidlviius! taff-*rSeg from d? lility, or i"n ia wf.i>t ts' of ^ rir^le ot^?n, will *11 fln<! i '.ffi-dlfl.* pera!?n'',.i t-.-lief frou tat .* * r! tliis incoiupuhble r?nwa'or. Vo t^ore who ^ p.'flia.v.gitIon to p<ir*ly>ie it will prcva ? uo l nntiliDg iiaieguu.i s^iDst that terrl )' ^ t' . ly. There ma^y. }eii.ap-',wbo hare ro '.ri"f i tLe'r eeu?tite;ic?-a, tbat th'7 thinU !.?rac?!c*ycr.i ta". rea-.-bof ia?iicite. Let net re a the?e tesj iir. Tbe Kitxh df U with as It exists, T-Ithout reference to cause?, and vri'i not oniv reinrre the disot??rit?i''. but REBUILD Till BHOSKM CO.X-' ITCTION. Tne'IerangemePt* of the r^^tec, leading to ntr ?oils dlfl and the feru? of ne:?ous disease it sMt, are so numerous tbat it ?ouid re^uireacoluint t) enumerate the mal?kii?t for wiilrh this prepar*. ration It a specific. A few, however, ma,' be enume rate 1, Tix: n?urolxia, tic dolereoux, bo 'aebe,lacip* leut paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of tl.e b?art, ?pi n*' affections, nuicilar Jebilily, irem< rt-, Cr.tulenee, ? pricWiag .".eo/atlon in '.'ji fle.-ii, n mbnees, torpid Ity olth liver, mental Jepr-i>e ii, weuinees ot 'be *iU, indiepo .ition t. m^T?, faintTi*fis atler exer-'ize, Sicken sleep an i terrifj In? dream.-., iuabiiity Ho re gain in one place i por.itioa, wt-a^ner^ oi the pro? ?fatlve oigans, sexa... inoompetetcy, cae^ai, oiit !y, aiononisnia.Luor nibu', uking '.t Ibi* etcmich, f niale irrogn'ariti.e, a ctronio er.dcnry to n'J'cax riiige, etna Sation, and all complaix ts pro-rios out ol a free in^ul-.unce of the p losion-, a^ l ail barrenness hat doe* est i--o?*?d tiom cigacic caucec bt^yend he reach of n.<lieine. Wl.eusv-r tLe or^uos to be a5tel upnsi ?ra f-ee ?ioic laalfornation or rtiicturalui3ei3e? it is iverr?d tbat MOf.EB S IMVia 3RATING klixkr will replace tess with air n^;Lh, incapacity with ?Llrieo y, irregularity with uniform uad natural ao inty, ?ud inls not crly witoout h-?awd of reaction, bat with a happy effaet oa th* peaer*! or,vnii?ti. n. ?^3-ar in miadthxt all n??tladics, wherever tL?y be^iri) faith with the nerrcas system, and that the paralix&Uon of the uerves or motion and sensation li physical death. Dear in mind also, tbat for ewry tied of r.errous disea^o tha Kiixer Cordial 13 tba inly reliable preparation known. C ACTIO*. Df MoKtfc's Iwtioc*A?iHo CORniit fcas been coun terfeited by pome unprincipled persons. In future, all the genuine Cordial will hire the Kotrietcr's facsimile pvitsd C7or the eotfe of each tile, and :L i folio* ln^ words blown in tbe glass nr., Xorao'.) Inrif(or6(lNg Cordial, C. II. iiJis'C, Fi-oprlator, If.If. 49* The Cardial le put up highly concentrated, is j'.nt bottle. Prlc*,?$9 per botUs; two ft>r $R; six for $19. 0. Li. BINQ, Proprietor, 132 iiroalway, New York. Bold by Druggets throughout the United State*, Oanadas, and West Indirs. AUKN?r% Washington-Z D Ull.UUkll. Baltimore?8. H. HAN(At. Blchmond?t K.XII KTT t oar 30?aotf EXPECTED NEW YEA.B PEEPLN78. OK all the branches of buniue s eonduct^d in this city, (ir.~<v;rie\ perhaps, of all others afford the ?'.nallrst profile, an 1 should have th" preference for imh, and no one In that business cm continue if his customers are not preaipt in ?eUl-iaent t>y fhort notes vr c if la. Devious of eltcir.;t up tor the pi^t, 1 earuestiy request all r. ho are in 1 bted to call and settle wi'hout delav. I will turtl>?r rfiTa notice that all future bills which iu*y be contracted wtb ine must t* m^dt. ?ith reft r-nce to, and with the dis iaei understar.d iD< that thiry are to be eloasd moath'y, by caeit c-r n .ites at -k> days, a Li h 1 ha*e prepared for the par po- eie pt cui'h of Uiy old caeton.e.s wLo lia/e tl *av ?? tern prompt. ' M.I*. KTN'J. dec '^7?fl' r>\Pr.H .MOi ' lT A N >v l.v lor I *| n- i|.?i :?.?>-?ihe loavfc- of s Opvtne U i* P,.*i Si i'n;" L'nv' lj-,--. ^n I mai<tsn" *!'" finrc-^ c'n'.i'* tii'T- a't" vi*"ioT: - etlwr BiiipMCfc It I e ft: ir. iai:s7?:jihV r.?:s-!c f*?? even di*-!t. fl is p *rf . fiv !?> ar..i ef.-np, ;>r, \ mnsi i'j.'IiC into il'C. TAVI.OK x WAUBY, Jau It; Agents lor Waaliiiigiou. TRAVELER^ DllCKOTOKY. I' ATHAJt'i MNki ur Uiai?C?*> j wil! le.?ve Alexandria a( 4, 73?, and 'Jk n. in. \\ j and 3* p in. W ill( leave Washington at f?, 11, ami 12 a 1 ra-, y>; and 7 ;i in. Heat* raw be secured at the Office. Fairfax at., and Newton's Manoluii House ; in \\ asl.ingtou, at Hall's fe'egar Store an1 Kirk wood House. Line turn regularly winter and summer for tlic accommodation of the Public. Paeqonf^ra callcd lor and taken to their residences if not too Jar. * - PARK?For the lira trip up and last trip down, 50 renin ; all other regular trips 95 cent*. Trunk'extra. LATHAM fc COOK. jan 8?if CUOPI WKLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN' NEW VORK HA' TIVORE Ml &? BOSTON, 553> WILL riispn'ch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Boston to B iltimorc and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the buri ne*s me of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and five a through lull of lading to Washington at the lowest rates of freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. U. HALL, 58 Exchange PPcc, Baltimore H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, _ jau 14?d3in Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAILHOAV. IMPROVED ARRAN JEMKNT8 FOR TRAVEL! <? IMPORTANT CHANGES OFSCBEDVDKH fj. -mwgai 'ate completion of the ?HiCentral Ohio Railroad betw?wn Whe-ling and Columbus, uniting, as It does, by ro short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Oh o Itailr ad with all portions of the West (ani North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. On and ater M jNDAY, November 27, 181-4, the trains will be ri'i as fallows: 'FOR THROUGH PA8SENGKR?. Two fast trains daily wiii run in each direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Ftatlon at 7 a. m., instetd ol 8 o'clock as heretofore, (except on Sunday.) and arriving at Wheeling at 1 40 a. m. ?<*ooni?The KXPRK8S TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , Instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Wheeling In about 17 hours, reach'rg there at 10 25 a. ra. This train will stop at Wash ington Juration, Sykerville, Monocacy, Ilarpes's f'rry, Mrirtinsrvirg, sir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Ro* lejburg, N?wburg, Fetterman, Farm ingteo, Oar:,too and Mouadaville only, for wool and water and mea's. Beth there traitr make prompt and fsgular connection wih thac?r>> of the Central Ohio Road ror Cambridge Zan'svi*l<*, New ark, G'Inmbuj, Cincinnati, Lonisvill-% Payton, Fsndnaky, Toiel">, Letr -it, Indianapolis, Chicego, Si Louis, etc. P?3-^ng?rs leaving Haltl"*ore by the Mail Train; will reacl> Cincinnati frr dinnrr n?xt day, while by the Expre?s Train they arr've there at l'i the next nigh*, b-ing kept but one night on the route clth-r train. Passsngers for the Northwest via Cleveland and a'l intermediate joints can make a direct 'Ornee tfon with 'he trains upon th< Cleveland *rd Pitts bur* Ra lrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble f>r s^eara?rs between Wheeling aid Weliz-rilla, by leaving-Baltimore In the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Train' Uave Wheeling as tollews: The LXPRK8S TRaIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Bal timore at9.50 a. a. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 f. la . reaching Baltimore at* p q ^?Through ticket* by brat from Wheeling for Cioci naM, Madison. Louisville, St. Louis a:id otfc?r River Cities, ?iU be sold at a 1 times when the stage of w<ter will alsiit. Through tickets between Baltimore and W&auing'.on, and all the important cities and towns in the Hit?/, aie sold at the Ticket OCces of ?he Company. FOR <?AY PA88KN1FR8. THE MA I?? TRAIN, leavir*^ C*rudeu PUtioi will tafce passengers f r a'l Ihe uual stopping pln*e* on the l.oad Returning, ihis train laivs Wheeling at 11.4 j midnight, Currtberiacd at 10 15 a. in anl arrives ai il&Itimrre et 7 p. n. THE KRa'DK'lCK ACCOMMODATION T"ATN, for Piederiek aa<l Intermediat*.' tlans, will s'ait at 4 p. n< , daily. (?*xcepl g'tn^n? ) arriving in Frxler ;c)t ?< 7.40 Returning ?ili Fre-ieri.k ut 0 a. in , anl- '?** at Paltltnore at 12 "0. r<x-n Ts'lU KLLIOTTP *TILL*? ACC*>MilODAT'ON iriil be ru.i dVfly, ( r.e-pt Svuva e.) ar follow 1, ?ve C^uil'li 8ui!i u tit <? a l:. aud 2 p. m Lmt? K'I'i ? tt's IfWl| if 7, t m. an I Mt r- ?n. \Y/\SIIINUTON m\NCLL RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN A3 FOLL3WP: IKAVK dailf, eje- rt fu^Iay, rt 6 ani w ui. I ? t. i ac<1 C v bi ? 0*J Sariay st 0 a lit :*.nd G p *a. Lr.sve Paltianre at 4'4 i-.l 'J a n>; ani L aud 8 p m. On Sunday at 4>4' a i?i i .- UpK. The (onne:tr. :1 Sriiiiiitr;. A Ohio lta!Ir a-1 fjr the Yi'eei ure tv Ir.-k.^ Ic*.viiig at d a w an l U pi?. Koe Pbl!a'le!plii? and Net? York at t, an-1 B'/i a m a oil 6 p ui. For Atiu.polK at tnitu?Iip a?. Pot Ii~r>clk at l> i? ni. T. II. PARDONS, Ageut. Partlcu'ar attention i? called to the Ru!e lag t rtspcr^ible vond!?r for auy persou of color nhu miy ri-h to j a.-r r v r'htioid. dtc 13?'.tf 0BAWGE \7ffy ALEXANDRIA KAILB'JAD. I'-i a* ym^r ^sgama <r d after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, rj'iH.8; C&r.i Vave Alexeudria tLvly for Qor.cns X vilie ani int?iia'diate rta'ious at 7 X o'clock, a m., 0 j tl.a evr^ral ol the boat trom Wa*hin?tcn, g'riB/amv> tiaa?* f*>r bre*k??3t 0:1 loard. Ccn neetingct na_^b Tunctl?a *ith atr?!afor Strar> burg, at W&rrenton Ju ctlou with a tr^ln fcr War rrntcn.anJ at Gordcn6T':ll? wit'j th< tr.'ns on the Virginia Ontj-^i Roilrcai L-rlii bmoi.d,Charlottes ville, and Staunton. Tbe cars i> Qord nfTiPe daily for Alexandria and iutermeUbte ttalions, a: \i he'ore 12. c. 12., on the arrival of the trains o; the Viiglni&C,iiiL'tl rtxll road from Uiclimord, CtiarloC?*sTille, ar.J St\uufn T'-ROUOU TIOKKT8. Froa Alexandria to Warreut<-n $2 00 u " GorJonsvllie 3 L0 " (( Charlottesville 4 25 ** " Staunton h 90 " '* Straebnr* 3 50 M u Lynchburg 6 76 ? M Win?ii*6ter 3 5fi " H , Lnray 4 25 M ** Ne * Market 5 00 M ? M Midilebnrg 2 25 For Lynchburg, crnnecting the ste~"' *?' Hivrlot'etTille, on Mondays, Wedneslay.*, and hr dayj Fvi Lursy and New Market, connecting with the s a^cs at Culp*per, on Tu*6dp.js,Thnrfdaye, anJ Sit ntday. F^r Wlnches'ter daily, connecting with the rtsjes at Pie-linoot Fcr MiddUhurg daily, connecting with the slage? at the Plains. Per order: V. B. BRGCKXTT, Agent n;>v 7?dtf ?or mount vfrnon ?Ai)n TU?6J)ays and FRIDAYS. 33*v?2!33sfiFftr? rour.d trip f 1; from A'ax andria 75 otnts?The THOMAS COLLY PR leaves Washington at 0 and Alaimdm at ???/$ o'clock. Ceacha* leave the Capitol for ttebocc at 8)a o'clk. fare 10 cents. Per?n.? wishing the Co>r.c.uefl will leave thrir resi de ice with Qeo. X Ihoa. rark?r. Itefreahra ? on the toi*. 0 t 29-dtr SAji'L e?PNCY. Ca>?t TI1K 1>EW YORK A LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rpiIP. SUIPd COMPRISING T-ilS LIN* ARB 1 THK? ATLANTIC, Capt. WebL PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALTIC Capt. Comstock, ADRIATIC, Gra.'ton. These rblp^ have b?en built L7 contract, expresf ly for GoTerumtnt service; every care bso been taken in their construe ion, as in the Engines to insure strength and e^ed, and their acecmmoda* tions for pstoengers are unv.(|'iallel f -r e'eg^tce and enmfort. Price of passage froai New York to Liverpool, in first cabin |130 Seccnd Cabin 70 Kxclu*Ux use of extra si*e utate rocmi" 800 From Liverpool to New York and itJO. An experienced surgeon attached to e^oh *L;p. Nc berth t^n te secured until p?iJ Jor. For freight or passage apply to RL'vVARD K. COLLINS A CO., 60 W?.!| - N- Y rk. BROWN, SIIIPLL'Y A CO, LhrsraoeL E. O. ROBPRTS A CO., 13 King's Arcs Yard, Loaion. JOHN MUNROB A CO, 26 Roe Notre Pame de? Yictcires, Paris GEO. H. I'KAPKH) Havre. The owners of the?e eh?ps will net be aeccnntable fjr gold, silver, bullion, fpeeie, je-relry, pmious stones or metals, unles? bills cf lading are fcigned th?rr?f.?r,ani the vain- ti.eie'.i ihvrein exureovd. niv Id -dly c?1 ^ Tr^c^. aw - 1 ir 1 ? 1 ? 1 StRCUTnUANU PiAT-TOS FOR 3ALE > OK ELN r?Y\ t I;gv - !n .=trre fn-. r two cf Cfcic:^rtr.j nr.d :r.o ofiWrc tr'-'ch w? c3rr icr," f*r cirh# c Trf't rr^t e** modi-ral? tfnn?. " * ?y.?V M'' ?o expected to-ni oi-)*, marnHtf. JOHN F. ELL1H, jau 4 300 Pa. avettue, | CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Th? Or*U PirftCtr af tha Blood | Hot a Partial# of Iinuj In It! An I.iiiUjBLi Roust for fcrrofula, King's Krll, Rheumatlsa, Obstinate CnUotou Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules cb the fae?, Blo'ehe*, Boil*, OkrooS - 8ore Eyas, Ping Worn or Tetter, BcaM Bwd, Enlargement ud Pitta of the Bones and Joints, Stmbborm U Jeers, Syphilitic Disc.rdere. Lumbago Spinal Ocmplantu, and all tka dkeMaa arising from ao injudicious u* of Htnnn, Im prud snce in 1 ifr, or Imparity of the Blood. T*HIS valuable Mi dicing ahlch has brow oel?> 1. brated for the number of ?xtraordinary eurea Affected through it* agency, tai induced the propri etors, at tha nrg' nt request c' their friends, to rlf.r it to the public, which they do with the utmost con fidenoe in iU virtu** and wonderful curative prop erti s The following oartlAmtea, selected from a large number, are, nowaver, atrosgar testimony than the mere woti of the proprietors and are all from gentlemen we'l known in th'ir localities, and of the highest respectability, many of th?m res dinf in tha city of Richmord, Va. P. BOTDKN, Esq,, of the Exchange Hotel. Rich motd, known everywhere says he has seen 'he Med* iclne called Caxtsr's f PAtnsH Mixrvxi, administered io over a hundred nses, in newly all the disaasrr for wbichit Is recommended, with ths moat a?ton irhiogly good results. He aaye it it the moat ex traerdinary medicine he haa ever aeen. AG UK AND FEVBB?GREAT CURB.?I hereby certify that for three yean I had A true and Pevex of the ra-vt violent dnscription. I had several Phv sieians, took Urge quantltiee of Quinine, Mercury, and I believe all the Tcnice advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottlee of which effectually cured me, and I am happy to aay I hare had neither chills or fevers since. I consider It the best Tonic In this world, and the only medi'ine that ever reached my case JOHN LONG I)IN. Pairs* Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LCCK, Bsq., now in the city of Richmond and for many years in the Poet Ofi-?, has such confidence in the astonishing efficacy of CarterV Spanish Mil.are, that he has bought upwards of hi bottles, which he has given away to the afil :ted.? Mr. Lu.-.k says ha has never known It to fail when taken aec>raing to directions. Dr. MINOR, a practhdn^ Physician, and formerly cf the City Hotel, in the eity of Kichmcnd, aaye h* I as witnessed in a number ot instances the effects o1 Uar>r*3 Spanish Mixture, which were most truly snrprising. He styo in a casa of Oonxumptk>n, d? pendant on the Livar, the good effacta were woo norfal indoed. SAMCKL M. rUINKER, ofthe firm of Drinker k LJocris, Richmond, va* cured cur?d of Liver Com Elaint of three j eers standing, by the use of tw. ettles of Carter's Spanih Mixture. GRKAT CUR* OF 8CR0PULA.?The Editors c! the Richmond Republican hid a servant einptcj'ed in tkeir press mora, cured of violent Scrofula, com b ned with KheciuatUm, which en'irely disabled hira from work. Two betties cf Carter's Ppanisb Mixture mad* a perfect cure of hia, and the Mi ter* in a public notice, say they "cheerfully reo m mcnl it to all who are aiSicted with any disease ot the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURB OF SCROFULA ? I had a very ?sal'iable boy cured of Scrofula by CarferV Spanish Mixture. I cmsid-r it truly a valuable mclicine. J 1M KS M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the R. F. and P. K. K. Co , Richmond, Va. 8ALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YKAPJS STANDING CUtkED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reading in tbe dty of , Richmond, w?s cured, by three bottles of CarUrV 11 panioh Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he htd lor aeailj traaty years, and which all the physician; I of tha could not cure. Mr. Thompson ia a well ' keoi? nwnhant in tha city of Elchmondf and Li* ti ir.usS ^t?arkahle. WH. A MATTHEWS, cf Pichmond had a servant cured w Pwphilia, in tha worst form, by Carter's i Fpan^h Mixture. He says he cheerfully recom i wends it, and cc daiders it a very invaluable me ii ! cine. F.D'VIX BURTON, cjmmisflocer ot th*; rerenue, ra>9 it* has teen tbe good effect* of Carter's Spenisb M'.Ttu tin nutnb*r of Syphilitic caw, and says it id m r^rf'-et eu?e ft rthit horrible disease. Vi M. G. HAS WOOD, ef Riciimoud, cared (f old Sorc-snad Uioers, ah ch disabled bin frein w.lkicc Toe k a fa# lottles cf Carter's 8panirh Mixture, ?u J wae to walk without a crutch, in a short t?ne pern:!?neD ly cured. I I rinripal Depots at M?WARP, CLOSE k Co., No. ? fS Mai Jan Lane. New York. T. W DYOIT A SuNS, No. 182 North Second at.. Ph ladelphia I5BNNKTT k BEERS, No. 126 Main street, PJch mo:d, Va. { And for eale by OII4RLE8 8TOTT, Washington. D. C; IltNKY PKEL, A!exariUiia, ard by Drujgict* ?v*ryal?ere. P.-iee $1 per bottle, or six bottlee for ii ! _ wp ly | | ) UNRIIYN AND IRON MANTfcL??May be rem ; I a beautiful as^or.icent of three cheap and dn* ! r>ibte article*, at thi?corn"rof Pt onsylvania avrnu* | and Tenth ttrset, crer t?e Washington Savingf Dank. RALPH HAf?KlNP. ocr 1* eotf PIANOS!?PIANOS! WF. l>tg leave ?o call the attention ot Hie public to our stock of Piano? now on I and, consisting ot superb fini?het 7 tf'-^and 6 octave ro.sefrood ca?c strumortts from the -a-orld renownudV ? Jl w ? nianulactimcs of II llet, Ilavis & Co., Boston, and Kii-ibe, (iai'lile fit t'o., lialtnnore, coinj rifin^ iti alt the large*?, most reliable and s*-tect assortment evt r ? itT-'rcd m this city. Al^?. Kuxde. Covers, etc. tH.l Pianos uken in exchange. We will make reasonable discounts for cn.-h, or sell on lime. JOHN F. ELLIH, No. 3l>tf Pa. avi nue, neai l'?n*li street. jaii ';i TUB ART UNION OF LONDON. rr.>\ run tiif. currest ye.ii:. fjpiiL list is now open, and crery cubscrtber ol A will b-: em ilr-U to? I. An impresfioa of a Plate, by I. T. Wilfmorr, A. it. A.,from tlie ori -i ial picture by J. J. Clia lon, R. A., " A VVa'er Party." II. A Volume confining thirty Wood Engravings illnstrming subjects from l.ord Byron's Potm of ?* t 'li.lje Harolde." And III. 'Hi!' chance of ottiaininr ^nc oi the pritrt to b ? r. llet ted at the gen ral meeting in April, which will iucluje? Ti.c right to sclect f.>r himself a va'naMe work of | art lroin one of the pnMic exhibition^. ^Mtuttt-a in bronze ?>f her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tlior ncycroft. t'ojwe., in bronze, fr<?in an original Mo-fel in relief by R. Jefferson, of " The Entry of the Duke of Wellington into Madrid tjiaiuttes in porcelain or parian. Prcof Impressions <>f a large Lit'io nio'i, byT. H. Magnire, after the original picture by 'v. P. Frith, U. A., '? The Three ll? ws," tiem Mo lierc's '? R vargcoia t*entilh<>iume." ili'iiorary Hecr-itirie^ f^r VY;i?hingioii, Messrs. PAT LOB St MAURY, BaukecMen* jan 24 i No. mi NOTICE OF T11F. DISoOVTINUANCK Of the L nitrd Sides land office ut JejfrrtonnHc. Hh < ctuies will It'inamar, Indiana. UNI)E*{ the provision-' of tl.e second section ol the act of Congress, appioved June 12, 1840, which declares "lii t whenever *he quantity ot pub lie lai d> remaitimg u.-.?oUl in any land district shaii be reduced to a number of acres le>s than one linn dud tlmusiind, it s-hall be the duty of the Sec retary nt the Treasury to dhcoutinue tha land office for such district; and if any land in any such dt.-trict shall remain unsold at the time of t';e discontinuance of a land ortic ?, the ?aine shall be subject to sale at some one of the eiiatoig land of fices nn st convenient to the district in which the laud ofiice shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;?? and ii asmuch as the 7th section of the act approved 4'h Sept'mher, 'Wl, authorizes tl.e Secret ry ol the Tn asury to co .tinue any land district iu whieh is situated th ? seat of ;*overr iii^nt >f any one of the Stales, notwiili>.*an'Jinjr tlf> quantity oflahd unsold in such district may not amount to uior< th-.n one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion c-uch continuance may be required by public coavenu or ia order to close the land system iu such a?tate at a convenient point under the provision* of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1^40, and inu? MitnA as the duty aho>e required has been dctvdecd upon the Secretary oj the Interi-yr by "the (ret fo et taUuh the Home JJcjtarluuntapproved March, Notice is accordingly herrljy given that iu view oi reports f-om the Ian t officers at JErrKasowviLLK Vincknsks, and Wihamac, that the vacant land in each oi said districts is reduced below one hundrt d thousand acres, tin- Secretury of the Interior, u-iih the approbation of Hie President, has directed that the land othcesat JitrrsRsoNviLt k, Vikckhnks wkI * the Stat? of Indiana, be iliscontinued, and the lands remaining untold at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to sale at the land office at Ikikamapolis, the seat of government of said State. ? Landsi remaining 'unsold, and uappropriated by law, and subjcct to private entry within the limits of the distriais now discontinued, wi'l cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices, from tiie date of the receipt of this notice bv the reg sters and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Iani aNapolis will give public notice of the day on wl; ch thej| will be prepared to receive applications for eutries of any such lands at their office. JOHN ttlLSON. (.'ommKsioaer ot General Land Uflicc. January 25,1855. jan 29?2awt)w NEW STORE, NEW STOREL Lviisian* avtr ue, opposite the Bunk of Wathimctmm MK. TH0MA8 DBLK.ANY n-spectfully invit^ th- sttenti^n ot the public to examine his stoaa of GOODS, which he Lu opened on Lmuiai* kT?rno Kat raar. ^ wl V xu J11 Oi||i titi'jfafa 7 CrT nor tol-dsi M Iot tc. PHILADELPHIA ADVER1 ISEVl NTS, bhideh b wires AT PHILADELPHIA. JOB' V? MIDKK, IMn la Wba,il tk Jfcrwr oM wltU?hH Wim Avr * JACOB BlTTDMJt, ftn Wo. Ti Wi'a?t street, font < low Four-h rtmt wb*rs ? asamnil vfT be atth WJSKS Md LIQUORS oa the i dating terms. JACOB RRIDKR, Jr., Amt fcr he |? portattoa <4 rORXJVN *lJfEA, An ?*. TI WaJ ? a* ? I Bkn.j.i-Li. k. . . . rtieet, Philadelphia, thw he Is prfMTfd U orders for the special Importatloa of Wlaea, *c-i nitoM bouM ta luvpe, ta ftiitltiw of a single do km tod upward*; iW alsoaoiwt# for bto Doc.. JOHN VAUOfI AS INIDKK, the mtdbm* a/ his friends aad former i %? All Wines ordeevd fer Waehmgtca vlll ba d? llrered by Mxpnmfret if freifkL )e |_ly OOCTOR TOI-RIILF. TDK POCK IT JCSCULAPITTS : 0*. HT1RT ONI HIP 0TTN rHTMClAW. The PiftWh M tttoa, vKfe On* hcrd-ed Is gravis** showing Weea? a and Mai frraattoaa of tkf Uma 8yst?n '.a every rlapt and i>rm To whir b U added a Treatise < Treatise QtiV.i D'mi oi fema^M^SS'tbe high est lmpor'i tfyio married p?orle, or th-we plattr g r arr lage. By WM. TOCNtf, M. D. Let do fatfcsr to 1 * ? _?W * ^ ascvLArnjfl to bk ( It nay nan Mb Iroa ? early grays. Let ao voag au or tcdu eater la te the secret cMtestkms of married 1 lb withoat wading tte POCUST LTLAPIU8. Lot no suffer n? from a barbate* Oougb, Paia la the rreiload nights, n?rrou# feelings, aad the whole 1 of Syepeptlo seasatiroe, aad riv?o up by thetr pby 'iciaa, be another moment, W<tboet ecaealting tba .SftCULAPTUS. liar* tba married. or tboaa a beat to ba mirJ*d any IrapMimer*, road tkis traly as? *u! book, u It he* km thaauiii ai rartac tha? and- ct cafortacata creatures from tha vary Java af death. _ ITAiJ p?*or sending TWlim-fTTJ 0HTTI enclosed la a latter, ailf reeslve aaa eopy of thta work by mail, or frre copiaa will bo east fcr Oaa XM> lar. AddiMr, (post paid) D*. VPfcf. YOUNG, Mo. US Bprace rtra t? 1 ap 13?ly lUTIimi IfifEBTISEIim. AICBABD B. SMITH. ?B'JRCS D. SKITS* GD. IBITII CO., Manufacturers and ? Dealers io ALCOHOL. CAMri'KNB, PTHB RIAL OIL, A;. No. U P. CALT1FT BTR**t. oa> poolta Water rtr-ot, LALTIMORB, Md. mar 21?ly DIAI DOCTOR. R 9 6PKNCCK OflTerabtc Prrfeaeiraa! serrloe* to the dtia^nf of Bah Imora. J ?n rare ?1< kiadu ofCacrrra?takatbam ?at aithont pain, or tba nae of trj ioifa. I aaa *ura all kind* of F1U aad fipasa-v, r>h-um?('c Paiae, Oownapaoa, lTcp<T, Dytprpma, Pllaa, Palay, or key ether ailaabt tte hurar family ara iub;*?t to. <*a at'-y L're?li?ir frcm the Ltcga or Mom, any iS'zc- from the pattfnt, by kn< tba pat'.ecra oaae. 1 *m bora blia-', ari> ^a? >tud;ed aaratal r*ara ender an Indian D<vrtor aLo was a%oa|t tha alld Iadiai.i thirteen yearn. DR. fcl'EXCKi; ba" irraarad tzon Mr. lackkT'i Bcard'ag IJoase, to g Ko. 84, HANOTSa P7RMT, aaa 11?1< TuiMgu re. MA AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSI. LET TU( SICK It B AR TUt TRC! It. Cait*i* r.rwjA'ii!*.?Wherever knr>wn lua teeti ranay will Ik? conc! jsive. But l?'?t iho?ie ?bo do not know th? C.:ptaia shonlj be ec< ptical. Dr. I>aw wn k Bro., with oilier - of ?h?s beet kitowii and mo?t bifbly rospeetabte ciuzons of E tal?<n, ?ndonw lit a v.onderful curt- by Hampton's teoktablk tikcthk. Eaaroa, ?Krt. I, laM. 'Tortimn- .V Motvkrn .* Gent'.fn.s n? I ftt l i: iny doty to vau and ttie n?b lic tu certify to the eff ete of iUn>'{<ton,a Vejr tabic Tincture. I was tor i.ore Unit five ycara nnder a disease of Chronic Rheii'naimn, and tbc ere at part of that tiuie | waa ao bflj?!e~<i that I had t'? be h'-tprd from my k i-4 and dre^-ed in n?v (Hothea I b-same reduced to a nn-re ake?eton. All'the mo<i i -tiii'i I tOi k done me im jfiod, and I continued to grow worse. I heard of Hamp'.on'a Tm<.iui- and thought 1 would give it a Uial. At t!n? time I did not txp^ct to !i% ? o,i(. dny after another. I did not take it (the T;;icirir*-) lor the f.hcn:n-*Uiiii. i,ut ia a short time 1 was w II ?4" tha' di.-rase. From the effectaof your 1 inctar?- and the help of G>d lam uow eetting ;n ?ou?i htalllt. I wt-h all Uie afflicted to try Ilaniptou'c V< actable Tincture, as I bare d.? e, with the toaw effect that it has ou Yonr abedient aervaut, I?AAC Br''AMlt. VVe are a:(j;;"i'nt'-?l wiJi I.-aac Benjamin; mid him some of ltaoipii.a,i Vege:ablc Tincture, and be deve the ?bore statement correct. DiVRoa K Baa. From our knowledge of Optain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is true and ua ixagerateu. J. a. Jobmsmn, _ .. J Ch*ri*b RoEiPtor. Call and get pamphlet? gratis and ae? < urea of Cough, Bioi>ciiiu?, Kheumntism. N'ruralru, f>v* pepsia, h'ervou?neae nnd G?-ii?t.:I VVeakneV. A* a femnlt ni?>dicuie or tor delicate cl^iidren we behevc if URt-qu.iMf d. f- >ld l y MORTIMER h MOWBBAV. 1*) Balu ^ mor- l!i?t, B tltiiuore; and 3tM Broadwav. York " CiiAB. Ktoit fii Co., J. B. Mooar, l> B Ci.aaar, Luk? A Bowling, \V. ErxioT.and II. M< Trlr I om, \i a. LiriTou; al*o, by R. 8. F. Cixrci..G?wae towa, and C. C. Bcaav, Alexandria, aad hy Drug <?'"ta ? verywhe.c. jan ir OOUfaiLS, COLDS^ HOARSENE.^ ,tt Flvt Minutes. . COMpO(T^D GUM ARABIC FYRVF. pUK io~ a*: x d-aatd for this most p eaaaat. *. wii c*fl?4 %iou^ ri lort)! )>?' wlis? a?s?, has enab'^d t".:? prc;-rie*cr to rr-lu^e th"? price s-i as to pla-^- it wi.hia the reads of all riaro?s. If? aep?ricrity o-.r m-*t aloUar preparatrma Is al> tested by many eialu. nt j hyficUn? who hare tee* sya witneieee of its f ul-acr whan tb? naaal rate dies have failed; also by thoa?aad of onr most ra specials c.usees dho have ueed it la their 'amilias both as pr-ventlve and care^mith aever failloe sue cess fvr the laat twenty yraJf, drring ahich period With very little aid from advertising 4 c, it ha gradually fpreai repnU Ion crer tb? whole Uaion. In caee# of recent Cblds Cought, Jl artt^u, 4c It gires immediate relief, and gen-rally cures ia a dav or two, without ii'terferinz with diet or bitsimw. or r-?derinc the sys'am more stmrep;iy? e? Oolla ta * chrocic casae, JtJtT.a, Whoop no Couch, Ormc. A^cetion* ?{ V" at* tion. It U alwaya very b aeficial aad seldom hdla. when ooamenoed in time to perfect a core Prise 26 and ?0 cea^a a bottle. Eold ahrResale by Patterson A Nairn, Ptott A Co Ri Jgely A Oo. Alexandria by Prsl A fct eena la Qeors;etown by Mr. Oissel f*T. rP^A&5 GUM ARABIC CJSSDTDROPA a similar composition to the abort, bat ia a milder ani mer* portable form; they act like a charm on a trcub.etcme Ccngh, aad clear the throat aad roica; iii?y eoetaln no injuriens dru*. ara Dartirw la?ly reoaimenlel fcr children, freaaentsrs ofmb lie aw^mbUes, public speakers, sinjers, Ac Price 1^>^ sad S5 cents p?r bo*. ao6t Dnx* fandy Stores. CCt ii?u SOMETHING NEW. OPWBITK THK MARKET ON PRNN8YLVA vMAMNCE 4 doors below Nin'.h street, U a y^JJLOllUSa STORE for M^n and Boys! openei this day. DICKER, me of ths cieapi-t CiMl.Sag M>*rchart* jn tfc^ North, has determtnad to cJe4 to the citisen^ of Washington end rielnity. h? excellent Clothing at the lowest Northern prio^ foe cash only. There the v _ , POOH MAN will find ;u?t such i Stor^ Mhts wan tot in WasLingtrn. His motio is cheaa fcr ca'h, and oaa ratct oslt. """ Agood aubstanttal woollen eoat he will aell fcr r<2 <6; snd heavy winter pant/, well lined fcr 11 ?Zbi and fine erats, overaoatf, an 1 veus, lo proportfci! Good wool andootton under birts. howerr ?low?? Ac. cheaper than the cbeapctt. no7lf_tf^ 255 Looking Glasses 255 ( )^nai:e3and^u?y, P.encb or Ge'rm.n plTu and^laldes! K??m Monldic?' M^ls top Brackets Onnrieet made to order. and on ^1.?^;^^ ^ ^ ?"?-* dec 2?^tf * Pl opr-^irkaood^li' u?e. CwfrLRvnrt? LABORING MEnT 13 MALL BLILDI.XO of lw fawt tr more la le a t^"#^ty, and Oeorgwtowa^ at pr ^e> snl terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. _ ?UlLDlRo S To ? k t^nal, or Whores la Washington,^n, or alsxaadria % . _ LLOYD A 00. - ly ? -It ^ opp' TfeM? / thfvtaeati ? mcrtuu,* TtnU aml Ku^.ua UrmOtA , WAeataaroa,??. c. ' VV f*Uh r:n"? ^rklnj 7* tt,ui s|*^'?ncau na<M njiidinei ?*; y deacnptioir^raad alo aujieniueiMl ibrireut* wo I?lit1

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