Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SCNDAYj At th Budding. torrur Pennsylvania ai*nu4 and Eleventh strtet, By W ALLACli A HOPS, Will be eerved to ?ubacribera in the of Wash jifton. Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*. To mail tubecribera the ?ob*criptioa price in THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ia rf.av?,TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. 0^Bi*olk corns 0*1 r?*x. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1855, NO. 665. THE-WEEKLY STAR. ThU excellent Family u< Newt Joamai?con taining a greater variety of tataraattng reading thai can be found in any other -it published on Saturdty mil. ?ingle aopv, per annam................ %' #5 TO CLITM. Five copies ... .. & Ten 4o. ? J? {5^C**m, twvikiiti t in *?nirt. {&- Single copies (is wrapper*) can be procured at the counter, immediately after the Maue of the paper. Price?t**ii ct*T?. Po?txa*tbm who act an agent* w01 be allowed a communion of twenty par cent. GRATIS ! JI'ST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! 4 FEW words on the Rational Treatment, wllh ^/V nut Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or l^xal Weaklier, Nervous Debili ty, Low riplriu, Latitude, Weak ness of the Limhe and Back. Indispo-/ srtion and Incapacity for Study and1 Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss ol' >Iemo<y. av?rsi?>n lu Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sett Distrust, Diaainsss, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of th-. Eyes, Punple* on the Face, 6*xtiaF and other mfirmitie* from THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that tb.?*e alannitigcomplainte mnv easily bs rcmovifl without Medicine is, in th<9 | ?mail tract, dearly demon-crated; and the entirely; new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by mean* ot which ev *rv one u enabled to cure himself perfectly, anil at ihr least possible cost, aroidiug thereby all the ad vertised nostrum? of the day. !*ent to any a.ldres-s, rratia, and po?t free in a sealed envelope, by remitnnt (poet paid_> two po*t ???niamp* to Dr. R. DEI.\NEY, No. 1? Li*penard street, New Tot*. jan IT?3in IMPORTANT TO Til* SICK. 1WU rfreat experience and wsll-knoan skill ot Pre! McCurroci ii a sufllaect guaranty to th* Iobllc that tkr following ll?t uf Medic-nss, sa'h as ?ve been oon?tact!y used in his practice tor the last thirty yearn, wil! fully sustain by their effect# the valuable qualities attributed to them, and prove to be the beet Medicines ever offer** to the pablic. v I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. Ac Invaluable remedy frr Bronchitis, Consump tion, and all chronic di-?"Aaes of the throat and lun?s. In ah d^p seated oxaplaioU of the Puljpe Btty oryxc# it hao rrevsd the mr>st sat?, eertun. and rapid remelv ever employed in the eit?n*iv practie* of Dr. JleOlintock For any ot the* tormk | of disea-e, sfcowli:* thera?!vea as Cough, Tickling or the Throat. Bess* of Tightness in th* Throat,) 8pitting ot Blood, Difficulty ot BreatMng, Ho ^se nses or Loss of Voice, and Hectic fever, its um will be attended with the happiest results, while it is pleasant to tbs palate and strengthening to tb* whclesystem. It contains no > i?dat<um or opium In aay shape. Price $1 per pit t fcKtie. II. Dr. MiClintock's CJd end Cough Mixture. An lal*ll'.^!e e ore for re^er t OMgh*, Tickling of j the Ti-fiui, Tightness of B;<athlng, C,rOTtp in CLii dren, *o. It contain* no piopar.ti a of opium Fries 11 c^lU per bottle. III. Dr. ZkClintocVs Asthma: and Hocp~ ing Cough Remedy. An aluost uJtantananas rsl'.?l for the?* iiptrea lag com plaints. This is tbe fruit of \.a iinmemv eip^rien^, aui is aatonisb'Dg 'o it* electa. No per son nwi suffer a day tron A"thoia or floopicf 0oc;3 aho will ncj It. Prloe ?0 cents j,ac bottl*. IV. Dr. McClintcck's LcidiaJ. and Cholera PreirrJivt. A -tompt aad cert J'*: car* for .-?? Dy> -t ttm, and Choiera Morlc? in all A mre yr* vectivscf A.*-aiic Chc'ers, Tbich t) travels* o: fami:y -hoild be with'nt. Prkj ?b xi d W cenb per boule. V. Dr. MiClititoch't Uttritivr Syruf, Fo* pCilMng th* bJiX^l. 'it* m??t p->sr -fa1 v rider e?sr iisc^.rered. Jor ?".l tkx: tr.. u-? Bkin i-s?a&--, Lruptioiis, Eoll?, Pun^a-i, Prywp?. Clofrs, Sore Legs, t-nu all BSmobiUc au i Zjphiiitic 0Mipi?inu, Ae. It is a moet exceae-t spring ic- L dne, perfectly palatable, ani sate for chilai-u or te males. Price (pint Bottles) |1. VI. Dr. McCtintock's Drfspez'ic Eliiif l>vsp*psia, or dlso-dered ioa," Liay be ca!'ej the Nauonal ln>^e ot An.;i Itsijaptoiasai* h.<?ia:he; ^tdiinees; n*r7c*a?naa:: low xpi.-ita; dim n- st ox, with mot-3 or sperkstcf ?re tbe eyes; Itchia; cfti*e nostrils; dnllrej# of snd ru s ing in the oars; i-n^re-.-eb s taste in the ^V'Uth; coaltriction or weight ?.bcut th^ chest; difficulty ol j hreaunn^ a-aae of sul '^aticn in lyic,? down, or in aseen ' n? stairs; palpU^ti^ns, or uk***j foehof# abo-it th- heart, irregular or defin-nt appetir?. MUfs ot s?nk a3 at tb- st>m*:b; e -idi'.?: heartburn: cam or tullne3c of the abuuras j, *ui ostivenose. Bome of the3e syaiploaas always appear in Dy?VP sia; an<i soa*tia*s the racu patient h-ts ta -c* o*. them at the Mat dSM, or at different um-o Tor attacking th*je t*rote?u k/uipV m-j iu their t*ut end uurr*. ria: Xerani(.*lco??itk>n of thed - 9t:T?luac tioas, the Dyspeptic lflivir combine all iae valuable ingredients whlcn the V>jg? Kiu-'lom affor ia. Tak?r in eonn^cioa with th* V?v U^ie Purgative Pdis, i* caees wc?r* ther* is much coetieeaese, or with Uk AnU-Bilious Pills vh?? the functions ol the liver cr* lrr*golarly diucbvrgM, .1 will be f?,und a aoJt eff^.tu^l remfij. Pike (In pictbo:aet.)$l. VII. Dr. MiCLiniock't llhtuuuilU Mix ture. lor interna' n?; a purely vegetable conlinatlon fbr the cure of Kbsumatlna, G ut, end i>!l Neural gic and Itheuaatic l/Lv-awa. Tb'. renitdy ia olf-icd with tbe utaio^t ^nbleace. It uii b"*n CJti must ezt-><ulvely, and u as near a j fbr Rheumatic Dijeas '* u the world ha^ever 3ecu. I rLe p?r bot tle s-j eeaLa. VIII. Dr. bliCVmtocx't Wi:vn?Ju Lit* vurat. An I j fallible ontwaid application fer the relief of all rhaasaauc or aeuralg'lc pains ec rains, s-veilings, stiff neck, stitfne^ cf theioint?, pains in tha shouk* derelhack,or lliabr. It aficras iaiasdiate r- lief fr?a cholic and pains in the stomach and abdomen. As a counter irritant, It is Invaluable In all c<ums where an axtsraai stimulant U ne*ded. Frio* (jer botU*) SO onh. IX. Dr. AkCiintotk's Anodyru llixturt, Or Pain- Mxtractor, ujsI interaally au^ externally, for th? instant relief of all pains, Toothache, llead a"be, Obohc, iguo in the race, Chilblains, Neural gta, 6 tone or travel, ki. No pain need be en duxed a moment by aiy person who will c ethis lnvalnabls Aacdyu*. Prioe to cants per botttie. X. Dr. HcClintock's Fever Agxu Specific. TTils bos been fooa Tan Infallible specific for this Kcor^i ot Uf* oountriea, and fjt lntoraittent lev?ri. N.k travellar or resident in any ague 'dis trict s^onU fail to pi wide th?ra<ie.v6S with thlBitre pte?eatir*- Hrioefl per bottle. 11. Dr. irhClvruock's FtgetaLU Purga tive PiLLs, Tor the relief of Court?pation and Its painful re sults, each as llejda:he, Diuine**, 8:ck Stomach, Pains, all tbe symptoms enumerate 1 uudsr the ^Oyipeptle Mlitir." Price 26 cants p?' box. XII. Dr. akCiinioJis Pilis, Por Live? Complaints, and all forms ot diauoas arising from deran^iaent ol the liver, with sytap toasoachas DisxinesH, Ueaiache, Ringin.; !a the fcUr-i, yellow fnrrwJ tongue,pain In tbe riibt -howl i sr. sense A Iullnee* or pain in tbe right akie, di?ordar*a s'.?m<-h or bowels, i-flcieat astiun of the kidneys, clayc- ;ored stools, ka. Theaa Pills, if taken m the lastplent eta<-s of Bilious acd Yellow or other Fevers, w'U generally ward off ihe attack. Price Ha ?nts | er bit. The ab> re Maliciae) may be prcmrad of all the principal Druggist aod Apctbecari?s ia this Dis trvK, aad of J. L. ila.tiiuv, Agent, Wsahington. e*p It??n BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. HE \LTHY GV Vld, AND A SWEET BREATH. All who arc desirous of" obtaining these bene tin, s >4,11.1 ,!-?* ZER.MAN'.S CELEBRATED TOOT If-WASH. Tlii* delicioua article combine* so laany nerilsrwv qualities, that it has now be come a standard tav??n(e with the citizens of New Ywra, Piii'adriphia and Baltimore. Dentiso pre ecribr it iu tii^ir practice mo?t su^ce?fully, and troni evrry -xtti-e the n? ?-i fl itt'-mit laudation^ k/e awarded it. Inflamed and b!?-edin? fmn- are immediately ben etiit?-J by its u*e; It-* action U(ion them is mild, soothing and ??ffe?-tive. It rleauses the teetli so thcr tidily, that they an- made to rival pearl in whit'-ness, and diiTus*1* through the mouth such a ifaHishtful freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely swe?-t. It di*;nte.-t9 all those impurities wrueh lend to produer decay, and as a consequence, when these are removel, the te?-th uiuet always re main sound. Itisus*-d and reeummended bv all the eminent I*uti?t:? in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities where u has be.n uitioduced. All should five it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS 7.BRMAN, Dnijan-t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila del (Una, aod sold by all Drnu.isu- evi r>wlMire, at 25 oenu per buttle. W. H. UILLMAN, jan 17?dm A*ent fur Washington City. WATCHES! WATCHES! IF YOU wieh a warmmetl timekeeper, at a reasonable price, you are invuod to callj and examine my selected stock' of fine Rncllsb and Geneva Watche* for lathe* and r?u. H BEMKEN No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th <u. . |an 18?eoOlarl ovnaui TiiAtrtT Difaktkbmt, Jan. 3,1855. Notice in hereby given to the holder* <rf the fei lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to f 1.900,000, in the manner and on the terras hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order of turn: in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the following particular!*: 1. The par vaJne or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1816, redeemable November 12, 1&.*6 of 2VS per cent.; on the stoek of the loan an thorized bv the act of 1942, redeemable 31st Decern her, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the lain? b^horizrd by the acti of 1847 and 1918, and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act ot 1950, and redeemable on the 31st December, 18C4, (commonly cabled the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of cach certificate from the 1st of January, 1835, to the dale of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment lot said stock* will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, a* the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitle ! to the benefit of thi# notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bet the said 1st day of March next. ? * ^ ? JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4 otMarl Secretary of Treasury. proposals roa ruERisHirG pafee FOR T1:E PDELIC PEIK1IJRG Ofrice ScpFRtsTFNrsxT Ppbmc Privtiko, Washington, January ^'5, la'?5. IN piir^iian^e of the provisions of tiie act entitled An nei ta provide for executing the pu |iC printing,' ate., approved August l-H, 1852, sealed ? will be received ar this office, in the Ca,-> itol, un:?l Wednesday, the 28th day ot March next at i io clock in., for furnishing the following qoan tuies and <U ?cnj,uons ot writing paper, to u it ? 8rV)0 reaiiis weighing? pounds i>er ream, ami mea suring IS by 26 inches 3,160 ri',w, weighing26 pound-- per ream, and ine;* surr.:g 18 by ii:? incn? a 1"? wt-i^ning 24 pounds per ream, and mea suruig In by i?2 inches 3.0 renin-*, weighing ?'2 pounds perrram, and rnea ?*tiiin< 1" by l.s inclie. ??jre .ni-. wri?h,ng 13 poundsper ream, and cea f Bring 12 by IB inche s All these papers to Le made of the b.^t material* and tini lic.t in the U >t manner and tree mini ter-.tioa A he enteral into f..r sup plying the qvintiti.-s stated, ?t mi..], times a? the public service may r??|iiir?*. t,llt the privilem* i* re served of ordering a zreate.- quantity of either j | should a greairr quantity 1* required, at such tirm I and m ?uch quantities a- may be deemed ne> essarv JrfT k'nd ?f paprr D,"?' acccmpany each bij, and all proposals and simple.- mn.t !.e train-nutted to this otlice, free of postage or ot ler expense 6 Each proposal must Iw signed bv the Individual or h m making it, and must specify the price r?er pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered at such place or places a, may be designated in VVa.-hiruton city! in good or.^r, tree ot uil and every extra charge or ?* pen.e, anu subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the aupenntandent, and be :n all re?p? cts nati?factory. Blank fi.rnu for propyl? will l>e furni-hed at tin,, office to persons applying for them ; und none will lie taken consideration unices substantiate agreeing therewith. ' Bonds with approved securing will be remifred: end toe supplying ot an interior article, or a faduie to supply tue quantity required at any time will be centajered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furni-h with his profTo saN satisfactory evidence of his a nlity to e*eriite ,t and any propwal unaccompanied with such ew denee will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent ot the I'utdic Printing, f'ap,to| of tne United Hiatrjs " aslinigtou, and endorsed "Proposals for Mupplying Paper. ' r A. G. SEAMAN, Superintendent ol the Public Printing, jan 29?eotd K HEAR THE WITNESS! RIGHTEOUS TRRDICI! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, he. ITTONDERFUL cure after ru year's suffering of f f one ot the most highly respectable citizens of Jl<ay!feiid. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before the CUrea muJc Hamptou's Vegetable Tinc KjunaLL's Gaovt, Montgomerj- Co., Md , > ? ? .. December 2, 1854. | Mew*. Afoi tuner Mowhray : Geouemen?In 1844 1 had whatnr.y doctors called a *ioleut and coiuUned attack ol Chronic Rheuma turn aMI Gout, from which I was confined to my bed for three monUis. I had the verv best nliysi cians, who tried other various remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ea* from pain day or night, I became much eniaci ated ; my whole system a mass of disease, literally s(leaking, from the crown of iny he ?d to the nole ot my feet. I had to hobble about?roost of the time confined to the house; at times so helmet.* that I had to be assisted to my bed. 1 was also afflicted with a dreadiul cough, great Bhoruie** of breath sore throat, palpitation ol uie heart, and pain in my side so bad I could not lay on ?t. My appetite en tireiy failed me. I gave up ail hoped of b*ing restored to health again. 1 continued thus to suffer on from 1844 to I860, a period of six years. At this time my daughter saw at her grandmother'sa pamphlet, with nnmerous certificates of cures made by Dr. lian.o ton's Vegetable Tincture. I knew some of tlios? who certified to run-.s p?>r tormed on themselves and fnends. I was resolved to give it a trial. 1 informed uiy doctor ol" it. He Ejected; but my sufferings were so great that I prr> cured one bottle, and, before 1 had taken the wnole ul it, 1 felt much relief, which encourage,! me to persevere. After taking the second bottle I was setter than for the past six years, my app?tile re turned?cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath ~C'" nearly all gone. I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and 1 am happy to say Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restored nie to perfect health, which has continued up to this time ?a period of three years. 1 am in the 65t!i year of ***? 1 weighed yesterday 336 lbs., and I never j*tler,,n. my l,fe? nof ol my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, fcc. He has alio been restored by the Tincture. I heard ?| other cases; but 1 am satisfied this Tincture, tried, will speak for itself. My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and the way I obtained "it w l? i*,e afflicted to trv this Tincnire, which has, under the blessing, of God done so much Tor me, Your*, respectfully, HENRY GAITliER. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cur. s of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, I?v? Cia, Nervousness and General Weakne.s. As a tie medicine or for delicate children we bolieve it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER h MOWBUAY, 140 Balti more stteet, Baltimore, and Hot Broadway, .V. York Ch*s. Stott U Co., J. B. Moork, lo. B. Clark*, Clarke & Bowlin*, VV. Elliot, and 1! McPhfr son, Washington ; aiso, by R. S. F. Ci skl, Geoice town ; and C. C. baaar, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. jan 5?tr UNION ACADEMY. ?f tt. and Acta l'ork avnue. ?v If,or? be received to mak* up . " ?l?number. Application must In of'ii'iu^t n,i ?Ibclpllne, instruction and means w ?uc? as to Insure -atirtketory pre SMf-5?pUj Mho P?a?tttal, rsfmlsi and gj^wattheBooketoeee. ?-3m z. WOHARDS, PrtaHaal. QNOEHTARERS. Ac. OABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER. THE aader signed von Id respectfully Inform his friends. acquaintances, and the public generally :hat he Btfll oontinsee to execute ail orders in Lie ins of basinets in the best owur tod it the short wt notJoe. RSP4IH1SG neati7and prompt'y executed. FUFfKTlAIrfS attended to at ??Tf :he shortc* notioe, and ?b the beat' aanaer. Bodui prttcmtd in t\e most ptrftct er, eten in iA? warmest weaMsr. ?.aeskful for past favor*, h? woe Id respectfully tolloic, awJ will endeavor to merit a coatihnanoe of the same. ANTIIONT BUOHLY, Pa. a*?., a. Ride, between 8th and 10th sta. EeaWencs: Mr. Mnrtln's, No. 894, D afreet, t'rlrd ?use eaat o* Tth street car IT?ly UNDERTAKER. IWOTJLD reeneetfully return my thanks to the eKlsenaof Washington and its vicinity for their jairt p?tron?tre, and i u7 that owing to the frequent wil'i >a the Undertaking branch of my bnriness, I lave b?-r. inda-ol to discortinu* the manufactare jf Furcitrre, and turn my attention fnlly to the ?JNDR P.J" A a IN GJ. J hare spared no pa'ni? to ha*e (??.rythjng tsxt is requisite to ray b^d^ess, and I ?m ther?4ov fs'.ty preptrei to meet ary ordar after ? few cot" se. aid I arsrire thoce who ms.y (item- * ?-??!! I xrnl spare no pitina t? ca^ry cat h'ir tn i-jra to tL'*r ?~Mre ,'at?3?*ctioTi. JAMK3 P. HARV1Y, Ho. <:0. Tth at., b?tvten 0 and H. W. 3.?C*V i to at all bouia oi the night, mar 2?Iv COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Ve<? Y.~rk. Teya", Ca'.iforaia, S?? JtrMT, L?uis<*ns, Missouri, ?^rmsy-v-a;*, Alabama, Kentucky, Ua.-vUr.a, U'orgiij Michigan, Viaio*, Wisconsin, Ohio, and ^Innewta, Florida, other State*. 0EO2QE 0 TE3XAS, ATTOKffKY POK CLAIMS, AND NOTARY PUBl.'t:, Washington p(ar?, near Odd-F*Uows' Hall, gWVK.VII "TaKET. W.biictgtom. D."0. t*i- ?r ?. u. DAVID33, iLttorzty trrd C?*iB3;llar?tt"Le?r, COM 7>i IS 3 TO T*B R OF DEEDS POR 711S BTAl'JS CJ . . ^IrahJa jco;r fork .M?L:e NwJtr.-y Eli acta LouL.' -'uij fA,.< i?si ip. C-'i-iaect?cui M*s.V".tti!cVvj yso-i '? rvunnyivanla ?lor; !? 1 #.'H'?oa ' h*j G err V Csilf^nij Irbr.uns g .*? Orur-yaia^'-.,7 i_ e 1 I r-uLea nr. r.ptiy aai i3:t.T?irely ei ea'.od. 0?lc?. LcjlL-u-.* aveace, opp. fiiVa c-t <>et ?'i'y rv*t. P.T//' PCBONKVnERO, TZACS3K AND TRANSLATOR CP 9l0^3cru t niifenn^e* ??nd Ll(tratnr?| J*5 *75" HZTJPCTl VATfT/l AVK*V?. ook. y\? tf K. H. GILLBT, ?"ovajtllor at (. ? w ? ???!? ?'"?1 r-?IV. - In IVa-.i-s i Ko*.r. <? ??Ti'T 0/K tn1 Thif,>f,<,li i-.i-wf ???? o9-- iiv :u-j. scuoivlnefjigT" Tsaciitr of ?"?Jano aid N*>. 5*5 7 r?TT"Tl 7/ KI\ A\ !NI i. oct at?rf WM. SL MKRBICS, A f t o r m e y tk t L a \r i NJ. 3*1 I n.g!?NA AVTTV. Will prxitice .u ihe s'r.jirexo ' ourt of the United fltatei an 1 tht> CjTirfa of tii?? D uir.jt of Joluobia. d'V* 26 ??* EV.--V -.,'i ; ;N L VNGUa'+ES ?PKOP. 8CUON t*;B S RQ wii' common.-9 reviewing ?-lau?n in ^an<frua^?() on Moni.-.y: 30tfc October, at re idea se, 267 P^no^yivanie avenue <v C3 -t' Privato Madical Traatiea 0^ TH2 PUT^IOLOaiOlL Vi *2 V O? MARRIAGE, ST M. B. L A CslOIX, M. D,, alb Ayr. y v. -*fiO Pa^'9 &ad 1?3 l-ie Plain r-r.d Colorel L!th> gr?iph3 *oJ ^late*. ?i* Fries omy S5 Cants. ?^-3<nt ft e? of postage t^ !1 p?r h of the Uniou-^Pt sS?^ CUEAPE T FOO? ETER jf _ rB'i'uIallKl-, tpd coutiiiiiihi; n^'ly ?1 able the ^Udntity oi *' * i!-S its that of the r'^ rk^^-Jy Fiti-y or ihjllaa 0Y 09 MARRIAOK,ar.d the ?sn, >> tfo-J rffj fcn'T^t 1 ? Prr?;i(!e? and dl*ord- r cf ? uth tfi'l maturity, r* X *uH:ng inn ox^cf, ^?h;oh d .stray tb?ph',. ica1 t?cd ram *- *w_ bSif t*l powers, w i ll ob^rvatiOTie 33 marriage, its dutieH and di^jualiflc&iions, ard their rem'dies; vr-th 11 bograi h?, illuj-traung the anatomy and piiysiolcgy. and uiaea;?3of the veprr Jac ivo organs cf both 6exes, theif 8tructui>, and functions. A poraiar and oomprehtnqire tx?a tise on lii* Jii'lw hd<1 oaflUM. "'. . t single and mar ried life?happy and Iruttiiil aJ'.aii-ee, mod? cf ??. saricg them iafel'atcvj; j*.a 'rft.-tll# ones?their obviation and rea crsti-'i3;?ort^r;t hioto to tho * 8on0?mplating ta?Vir.rny th*t will ov?reosie ob jectiou!) to it; non, coe-t-.-cr. should take this im portant s ep w'rhout -tet consulting its pageu? 9omji?ntarifS o.^ tb. ai^oases&iil ined ?al treatment 3f fem^ir-e flow ^anry to old aee, ?!ioh cose ic*lly illustrate ? by beautiful lithographic ptates? aervoas d?<bil ty, its caus*s and cure, by a process at ooc<* ro idmple, safe and effoctanl that tailare i* impoeMb'e?rnln for daily management?an eue?y an Sp 'l matorrhuta with practlonl oiibervktiono on a ?afer, and mere sacceuslui ia<At> of tr?atment?pre cautionary hints on the evilu resulting from empin aai pr?ouce?an essay on all dfc*>asee arising trom IndUcietlvn, with plain and simple rulea by which all perrons can cure themH?ilves without mercary remedies for those "elf InHlcted miseries and di.-ap pointed hopes ro unfortunately prevalent in the foung. It is s trutnful advi or to the married and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal U par ticularly recomm^nlrd to p>-r?.oc3 rnterUining se srst douftts of th?ir phrsieal rondition, and who are of hnvhig hoarded tUe health, happiness and pr;vii?-^ei to ?h! jh every human beinn is en titled to. Prio; '25 cents per oopv, or five oopiea for one dol lar. Mail&l iite of portage to any p*^t ol tL? Uni ted 8tst?fl. N. 0.? Thi^d *bo piefer m*y eotwnHJfr LaOboiz opon any o: the ai^ea-^s upon which hij bock treato either :ors >ua!ly or by mad. Medicine sent to ai.y pirt ff tho U'liou according to directious, saf?U p?wt?-l ajd car*tn!ly P.^eureu l'rcni all ob^erration. Addnws l>r. M. ??. L\ OKOI A, No. SI Maideu Lane or Post Otu :e Boi ?79, Albauy. N. Y. 4ar Offlr? 'taiiy from i a u? to 0 > m, and oa Sunday froia - until [> p m. 4^" OUc# HiLJovsd f.f'ti No.'6 Iiearcr st. U> 31 Matiten Laut, Albany, N. Y. dec T MATflEMATICAL ISSrr.UMENTi^ AC'id- O. ANOKlisU.V has reraised a large and lli completen3^artmint of M^ihemadeal Instru m> uts .*nd Drawing Materia s of superior quality The Math'inatteal Instruments ar?* chiefly of 8wlii8 mancf.ct<ry in <~a;???#?,?? w?ll as in separate pieces; Water eolorj and oii colors. Drawing papers of ev ery quality. A1 o. Studies in Drawing and Pa'nting. ^?tf 8Tfl Penn. avenue. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NKW and seeood hand PlANt. 8, of my own and several oth^r fn'-tori-o, are always to>e223^* be had at mv Piano Wareroom, on Kiev sn?h st., between Pa. aveoae and K St. Hd Pianos taken in exchange. Tuning also attended to. F. 0. RETCHKNBACH P. 8 ?A few very low preed second-hand Piano* r f -d f<>r sale. dee 1?Am DENTISTRY. DR. MUN^ON re^rectfady cal s public attention to Ms new, patent, and GREATLY IMPR )Y&D rjethod of setting Artihcia!/ reeth. with Oontiououa Jam?the very PfcRPKOTIGN Olf i' KAHT. ThiB?tyls >f Teeth ku the follow advantages over all rthere fU: GtU\T 8THKNQTH, CLKANLINE88, C ?M fORT, asl BEAUTY, vising with Nature in these respfcts, aid some others excelling, i'uhlie insp?? aou ie respectfully solicited. Please caii and see speefcnena. CAUi'iON.?No other Dentijt in the District of >>la jbia his * right to make tnia style of Teeth. M. 8 ? r^eth constitutional y health?. Biassed and warranted for lift. Offloe and houae at No. 3881 street, near the oor *** *' aveaae and 14th street. BALLS, 8c c. GRAND BIRTHNIGHT BALL. THE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully inlorm the citizens of Alexandria and tlie vicin ity that they will give a MILITARY, riREKER'i ABO CIVIC BALL on THCH>D%T GVER1RO, February ??, 1S55, at SAHEPTA HALL. The company pledge to use every exertion to give the utmost satisfaction to those who may honor the corps with their presence. Refreshments will be furnished for ladle* and gen tlemen. The military and firemen are requested to appear in uniform. Harks will be in attendance to convey ladtea to and from the ball. Tickets $9; to b? had of the Comtnitte and at the door on the night ot the ball. Committee of Imitation ami Reception. Cspt J VV Ash by, Henry Blonhaem, Lt W II Smith, A F Skidmore, I.t C D Budvl, JnoL Smith, jr l.t (' Jnvens. Jno Breen, Stf VV VV Allen, Jas II Simpeon, Set C W Neale, fieo Lyles. feb 'J?eoStdb THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. riio BE RAFFLED FOR IN 800 CHANCES J. AT f?5 JiAClI. TRIZK HO. 1 "St. Thoma* of Vill <nneva, giving Alms to Hie Poor." a copy of Munllo, by one of bis pupil.- and touched by that RT-'at ait;>t- +:ud to be equal to ibe original, vo-d $4,000. PRIZE '1. 4* The adoration of the W ise Mrn of the Hast," a KOTiUine Milrillo ; $3,000. prize 3. ?? Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost *1 ,'<00. PR17E 4. <? iie^d ofihe Blessed Virgin," by Carregsio; cost $1,000. Mr. 3. A. MATLACK i* authorized to retire subscriptions m this city, ot' whom ticket* may je obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR Si MAURY. All money received on account of the Raffle will be deposited in Rank until the drawing takes place, which will bo duly announced. From the National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several dust ml papers, contained in their Wash ington corn spondenee. We are glttd to see timt a member of the family is willing to dispose ol a pHri of the rare collection of the I ite Richard VV. Meade, who, duriti; bis long residence in Spam, had oppor t unities, wbicb bis opulence enabled lnni to indulge for selecting r ii!iy ot the finest paintings in Spain? thM treasure house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country at the tune, moreover, made it fav.-ii.ibl;; for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchata ble. /Vr :n tt.c Boston Chronicle. Cmr n'ii?\Kt ??r Art.?Several chef tVu.rvrei ot'M irillo, Cwrrecjm, and Other inast ts, which were Iror.t Spain during revolutionary times '?> the hire P.. VV Mea le, haw elicited ibe admiration of connoisseurs during the past week in the Kotundo of the Capitol. They are to bn di>|to*ed of lor t.V benefit of a d m liter of Mr. Meade, ret-idmg in N"< ? York, aft -r an opportunity has been piven to the public for an examination. leb 6- tl A "8"?0TC OF OiiE&T VALUE ft IHTTEHEST ( iVCL >Pr'.MA OF MISSIONS, by lle\. II i;v. y ( / Xcffi ? .li.ti. l tol., large octavo, double eoluim.s, 7t4 p'iges .;?:?. Embracing a eoiii|ireheiuive view lit' a I tit-. Missionary operations in the World, With pe iiiaj.iiit al descriptions, condition of the in ev nj.-Iiz<?;!. Kc., together with the religious move ment* of the age, under ait alphabetic*! arranu?* inehr, illustrated wi;h ihirtv-two Missionary Map*. 1 The Cyclopedia of Mission*, by Rev. Harvey N'ewconih, I repaid as a wo k of great permanent value. 11 contain; wiihin a moderate comp <s-, a'id i.i a convenient form, a lar?e amount of jnei the kind of information, historical, statistical, f.nd iilu-? trative on the subject ol Missions, which every Min ister, and every christian lavmm needs to pisws, and which could be cained only by lalsirious re search in Itooks and documents, many ol which are not ta^ilv accessible. Geo. VV'. Woon, Sec. A. B. V. F. M." Agents for tlic District: GRAY & BALLANTYNF, feb 14 498 Seventh st. t7*KOM PAllIS.?Oeuvres completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, in fine binding, $55 Dc Tliofi; Histf ire Universale, 11 volumes, quarto, bound, **3 Regnard; oeuvreg compleies. 4 vols, octavo, Imund, $;t ;m) Ocuvres de D'Alembert, 5 vols, octavo, hound Condiliac; oeuvres com. letes, 10 voloctavo, line calf, .jJU Bibliolheque HUtorique, 13 vols, octavo, h?lfbound M Duu*l ; oeuvr.-s completes, 9 vols, octavo, half bound. $4 50 Memoires dil Due de Rovigo, e vol*, oe'avo, half bound, V> 50 Ogiii?ki; Neuu.ires Snr la Pologne, 4 vols, octavo, half calf. $3 BoH-riiet; Histoire des Varislions de? Fplisrs Prot esiaut,4 vols, octavo, half morocco $4 Lavater; Physlonomie, 10 vols, full enlf, numerous illustration^, $*23 Annalcs du Parlemcni Francais, 8 folio, vols, hall calf, $14 R -impressioii Je I'Ancien Moniteur 17f*9 to 1.90, 32 vols, loho, in fine binding, $95 And nianv others at the same range of prices, im ported direct from Pari", by r feb 10 PRANCK TAYLOR. A R N Y , No. 81 Bruise *treet, Georgettirn, 18 pre|?ared to furnish Balls, Dinners, So*rzss VVeddin?s, &.C., with everything in the Confec | tionary line, in any part of the District, al the shoct est notice, and on the most reasonable terms, jan 19?if Y0CNG LADIES' CLASSICAL INSIIIUIE, A'o. 0 In.liana avenue. TUK second term of the present scholastic year has just commenced. A few more botkrding and day pupils can tic accommodated. STEPHEN H. MIRICK, A. M., ?2w* Principal. Mott Bedell's Line. SF.Ii' YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA p^q Cfc }?TS. This line of packets sails weekly trcina pier 14 Kast River, New Vork, and ofiener if necessary, and are composed of the following lirst class vessels: rtew sclir. A. r. Heltll, Bedell, master. New <clir. Mott Btdell, A. V. Tredwell. Sclir. Ann I)., Win. uliver, master. Sclr. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. (^oininuvilrr in-Chief, VVoiilain, master. Sclir. (ireenway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in tfie trade, and the only regu lar line oi Washington City packets. M< ?TT BEDELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS & SONS, Alexandria, Va. i THOMAS RILEY, f,.j, i Cm War-hington and D. C. * TO INVENTORS. Till offloe of "The Inventors' Protection Natinotl Union" is on 7th street, opposite the Ka?t Per* tico of the Patent Office, and ia now ready to attend to the business of Its members, namelv: in making culmination* anl acliddnn patents, Ac. Inventors are invited to c?li and get a copy of the OonatlLuiion and By-Urns, and where any intonnfr ?ion will be givsn respecting the Union. All letter* oo busineea muat be directed to this ot Ice, wh^re attention will be given immediately. A* modei shop is in connection with the offl k where models cau be made to order at the shortest JotW *? 0. CLJfTON, ip 10?ly President I. P. N. U. LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPRF.MECOURT OFTHEUNITED STATES. RuBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JANIN have formed a c partnership under the name of '?Walker and Janin," for the argument of ea?es in die Supreme Court of the United States, at With ington city, whete both will attend throughout the future sessions ol that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. xork, or New < irleans. jtn 19?eo3nt* rLE7rRE?ISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE Pa|?e(B.?A eompl te set of Nile*' Register, 76 vols or any other Books will be given in exchange for the ?' American Bute Papers" and 14 American Archives." or they will he purchased at a liberal Jjp". * TAYLOR h. MAURY'S |4 Bookstore, near Ninth street. IVY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to Miss M. J. Tablet, bv Prof. A. F. Little, Just published and tor sale M HILBIT3 k HITZ'S Music D?poi. Price 13cenu. I?b ' EVENING STAR. From the Cleveland (O.iio) Hera'd. AH8WKB TO A WANT. WANTED?A yong man wiahM to obtain board in a re.peoUble private family whara hia moral deportment and example would ba oonsidarad an equivalent. Refer ences raqnired Address B . drawer 63 P. 0. Dear Mr. Editor : I find the above modest advertisement in this morning's Leader, and as it meets mj most urgent want, save one, (a husband,) permit me to respond to the young man s 44 want'' through your columns. I am a widow, 44 fat, fair," and not 44 forty," sole guardian of two daughters, unsophisticated beings, bora and nui tured in the "piney woods'' of Maine. My family is 44 respectable," none of its members having been sent to State prison or Congress : and 44 private," none of my family having held office, though a dis tant one did run for assessor. My graud parcnts sought this country at an early age, actuated, like Mr. Partington, by a desire to 4' worship God and cheat the Indians after the dictates of their own conrcienccs and the customs of the tirae3." My daughters are artless beings, as yet uncontaminatcd by Western reckless and dissipation, and to them the compan ionship of a young man of 44 moral de portment and example," would certainly be "equivalent" to what he might "hoist in" in the way of board. Most happy shall I be to welcome this young man to the 44 comforts of a home," on condition that, always preserving his 44 moral deportment and example," he shall attend my innocents to lectures, fairs, and prayer meetings, crack the but ternuts, and hold the silk for winding teach Matilda, Jane graceful yet44 moral deportment," and aid llennah Ilemausin mastering 44 Love Not." Should occa sion require, he will be expected to wipe the chiua (white with gold band*,) and polish the door knobs. In addition to ordiuary board, he may expect sausages for breakfast on Sunday morning-, and fried potatoes on Wednes days. Truly yours and his, Marie Antoinette Carltox, Widow, *.<?> Herkimer st. P. S. This young man will not be tol erated in '* Caking the spoons." M. A. C. Coi.. Uentox ?>\ Tempera n?b ?Col. Benton has been presented with a silver piteh'T r>nd salver, as a testimonial good will by the Mercantile l ibrary As sociation of New York, lor Lis generosity in lecturing 'or them. Col. lien ton sends a very happy acknowledgment to the as ftociation. in which he gives his valuable experience of water drinking, in prefer ence to any other beverage, lie says : 44 Whcu I was young, i became what Dr. Franklin was?my only point of re semblance to that illustrious man?when he worked at his early cali.rg in Lon don, an aquatic?the term which hif comrades applied to designate him as a water-drinker. I also drank water, and nothing stronger, in the early part of my life?the first half of it; and to that ab stinence from all vinous spirituous aud fermented fluids, I attribute the good health and geneial vigor which I now enjoy. As this allusion touches a point at which a word might be useful to othci young men desirous to advance them selves in life, and to have good health in old age, I will go on to say that, at that time, and in the South, it was the cus tcm in every house to otTer something to drink to all visitors?even boys; and that excuses were no defence for tho*c who would refuse. Pressure, importu nity, custom, broke down all excuscs. and it became necessary to oppose will where reason was unavailing; so 1 made a law for myself that I would drink noth ing until I should be in the decline of life, and might need it; and resolutely pleading that law, I afterwards escaped importunity. It was the tirst stand, "solitary and alone," that 1 ever made; but not the last. I was young enough, and silly enough, at that time, to sup pose that this decline would come upon me at thirty; and so fixed that age as the limit for my law. When thirty came, I did not feci the decline, and extended the time, and eventually relaxed into tem perance, and have remained at that point ever since. Thus, the first half of my life was abstinent?the second half tem perate; and to these conditions I attribute whatever of mental and bodily vigor I may now have, and whatever of business application I have ever shown. The Beard.?A curious festival was held in honor of the beard, and in sup port of the movement in favor of wearing it, at Chicago, a few days ago. It is be lieved to be the tirst festival ever held in honor of the hirsute appendage. It was called the "Bearded ball," and no gen tleman was admitted without some hairy honor to his f:ice. Of course, the move ment is too rccent to require every man to wear the whole beard?hence some had the moustache alone; some the lower beard alone: some sported the dark, glossy whisker, with an otherwise smooth face?a whisker the very polish of whose hairs told the perfection of the dye; while oihers appeared wbose whole faces were covered with the incipient ef forts of a new beard, in their white sprink lings of bristies where the chin and the cheek had hitherto been kept well shorn, so that altogether it looked like a stub ble Held, or a hemlock swamp after a fire, the charred stumps only being visible. IIow the ladies approved of the effort does not appeared. Many of them have already declared that they 44 shall set their faces against any such innovation." At the supper table many toasts were given, and speeches made denunciatory oPshaving. Among the rest waa the following: Man?Full-grown, bearded, Nature'? great master work; too noble to be bare* The entertainment closed with ?? The Bearded Quadrille/' ft dance made (or the occasion. How opinions change oc the subject of the beard ! In Cicero's thne, to share or trim the beard was a sign of dandy ism. In describing the followers of Cati line, the orator hits off the exquisites of the day who had joined him as beardless, or with beards well trimmed. Among our Gothic ancestors on the shores of the Baltic, a young man could not hare the privilege of being shared until he could fhow the head of an enemy, killed by his own prowess. Extraordinary Indtranck.?O. H. Lay communicates to the Portland State of Maine the particulars of a case of ex traordinary endurance, which we con dense. On the 31st ult., Nathaniel Copp, a young man residing near the Glen House. White Mountains, commenced hunting deer, and was out four succes sive days. On the tifth day he left again for a deer killed the day previously about eight miles from home. He dragged the deer (weighing 230 pounds) home through the snow, and at 1 o'clock, p. m., start ed for anether one discovered near the place where the former wss killed, which he followed until he lost the track, about dark. He then iound that he had lost own way. With the thermometer ranging from 32 to 35 degrees below rero, to remain quiet was certain death, and accoidingly he commenced walking. He soon heard a deer, and pursuing him by moonlight, overtook him, leaped upon his back and cut his throat. He then dressed him, and taking out the heart placed it in his pockct for a trophy. He continued walk in; twenty-one hours, and the next day at about lrt a. m., he came cut at or near Wild Biver, in Gilead, Me., having walked on snow-shoes the unparalleled distance of forty milts, without rest, a part of the time through an intricate growth of underbrush. His friends becoming alarmed at his prolonged absence, started in pursuit of him. Four men follcmed the tracks in the snow, and after being out twenty-six hours, he was found. The deer which young Copp had killed and dressed, was also found. Copp seems not to have realized the great danger he had passed through, and although his medical ad visers say that he cannot entirely re cover the use of his limbs for from uiree to six months, talks with perfect cool ness of taking part in hunts wliich lie had planned for the next weak. How to Begin* Btsivkss.?One of the wi althiest merchants of New York city tells us how he commenced business: I entered a store and askid if a clerk was not wanted. ??No," in a rough tone, was the answer, all being too busy to bother with me? when I reflected that if they did not want a clerk, they might want a laborer: but I was dressed too fine for that. I went to my lodgings, put on a rough garb, and the next day went into the same store and demanded if they did not want a porter, and again, "No, sir," was the response?wben I exclaim ed, in despair almost, "A laborer? Sir, I will work at any wages. Wips is not my object I must have employment, and [ waut to be useful in business."1 These last words attracted their attention: and in the end I was hired as a laborer in the basement and subcellar at a very low pay, scarcely enough to keep body and soul together. In the basement and sub cellar i soon attracted the attention of the counting-house and chief clerk. I saved enough for my employers in little tilings wasted to pay my wages ten times over, and they soon found it cut. I did not let anybody about commit petj lar cenies, without remonstrance and threats of exposure, and real exposure if remon strance would not do. If wanted at 3 a. m., I never growl ed, but told every body to go home, "and 11 will see every thi?g /ight." I loaded off at day-break packages for the morn ing boats, or carried them myself. In short, I soon became indis]>ensable to my employers, and I rose, and rose, until I became head of the house, with money enough, as you see, to give me any luxu ry or any position a mercantile man may desire for himself and children in ehis great city. "Dinna Gaxg thkSamk Wat."?The Rev. Dr. Witherspoon, formerly Presi dent of Princeton College, was once on board a packet ship, where, among other passengers, was a professed Atheist. The unhappy man was very fond of troubling every one with his peculiar belief, and broaching the subject as often as he could get anybody to listen to him. He did not believe in a God and a future state not he ! By and by, there came on a terrible storm, aBd the prospect was that all would be drowned. There was much consternation on board, but no one was so much frightened as the professed Athe ist. In this extremity he soi^ht out -the clergyman, and found him in the cabin, calm and collected, and in the midst of danger, and thus addressed him: " O, I>r. Witherspoon! Dr. Witherspoon! we re all going; we have but a short time to stay. O, how the yessel rocks ! We're all going; don't you think we are ?" The Doctor turned to him with a solemn look, and replied in broad Scotch ; " Nae doubt, nae doubt, mon; we're a' ganging; but you and I dinna gang the same way.,r Tho poor man was speechless; and the doctor, who had not said much before, then took the opportunity of setting before him ths guilt and follow of his conduct. Q^A genius out West was invtfed to take a game el poker, but be refused say ing: "No, I thankee, I played poker all one summer, and had to wear pants all the next winter. I have had no taste for that amusement since,"

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