Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Şubat 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Şubat 1855 Page 2
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evening star. WASHINGTON gITY: WEDKE6DA2 AFTKR*0j5f. .Febraary 21 {?7* The large and convenient dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue ani Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the StarofRjt. SPIRIT OF TH* MORS ISO PRESS. Ihe L'tttut/ defends, cot the doctiines of th? veto, ? gainst which. it will be remembered that journal early tool ground, bat tbe Presi dent s right and duty to so dispose if any measure which bis judgment tells bim rheuld But become a law. Xhe editor settle* tbe question as to tbe original design of the veto power, as exemplified by Waahiugtcn's use ol it, as followa: ? Whea Congress, in 1797, passed a bill to discharge trom tbe military establishment a few dragoons, without providing for them such compensation as President Washington deem cd adequae, be vetoed the bill; and the men of that day readily acquiesced in it as the legitimate txercbe of an undoubted constitu tional power. Although bis reasons mere not deemed conch'sive by some, yet none were then capable of outraging decency atd pro priety by denouncing tbe act as 'audaciou? and wicked,' nor by cbarac:erlxing tbe vero power as -the autocratic privilege of the Pres ident ' It was referred for a later day to wit nasi tbe speotaoleof a President being assailed with such epithets for the eonsjivntious du charge of bis duties, and of seeing the consti tution denounced a? conferring an autccracic privilege on the President." Our copy of the Intelligencer f*i!cd to come to band tais momlcg. Anthracite coal has fallen from twenty five to fifty cents a ton in Philadelphia. 1 he general impretsion among dealers tbero ii, that the ma;kotwill open at still lower prices TuePottsville Miners Journal is preparing C;sl operators f*r such a revolt It says that ecal and freight can and ought to bo reduced fall twen'y per cont. from the average r itc of last season, and with prudence and a regular trade, i? will be stfii;untly rcruioerativo to ail engaged in it. 13? A new ul ered note has j appeared, which is :j xci: calculated to dec:i70, that It has gained sa fxtenfire circulation in t in einnati. It is a twenty dollar ro o altered from a small der.cmlr&tion on the Hampshire Manufacturers'Branch, a.t Wire, Massacau setts Yignite, viiioge of Ware, with an lu di la it the, and the word Txven'y at the lelt. V&' Joe ;hi:l?2^ton has receive 1 the '? Life and lieauties of Fanny Fern.'' It ij renb reiding. ar.d b^nJ to create a serration. PKRhONll.. .... A Pari* letter writer sav?:?The engage ment with Mile. Rcchel to \fcit the Unit-. States has been Figo?-d ly ail parties. Sn?j will be pail 1 2!0.u?'0 franc3 for two hundiod represent*'.iot s. to >hj given wuerever may i,u "laeuiovi proper; that is to say, six thouaaa.l liaacs, ti,20i) l' r each representation. S'.x e l.udred tocn=and will be depesitoi at her backer's iu Paris before her departure, which la case ?.i fcer being bhipwre^cd reverts to ber family. u Mile Kach??;l die* daring th?course of tbo t?o hundred repre.entatiors since tbe li'.erally belongs body and soul t j ihe entrfprrumrx, they have a right to tz yo*e h*rcott* from city to city, to whoe' er may dwi.'B to see it And this property netd uot be ita jered ur.tii i; tLall have procureri the tho hundred rooeipta specified bv the -x^n tract. Eis'a Agra's sister La? retire 1 to a eon rent. ....A leiUr fcora Paris, Ky , sij?:?"C?d. Schoular. cwi'or cf tbe Cibciuos'i Oaxctle U M. Lorwia, if'*biw. John W. I ionell. of Cov ington, &nd otbsr politicians h^ve be?n he:; rioce Sa n;day, on a vfslt to lion. ixariett i-'avis It i? ruppevd that 'Saai' was in the erew./, ani v.uio know nothing wiu.vsoiking goiag on. bit. L'aus'a friends arc daily ii, xtceii t of lafrers from all parts tf tbe Tni-.a. ?Tg,0? l isclaiu-s, and they claim to have the mort p<wi ive a.saranees tbat be will rccei *c i tao Jiitj* iNoiLi.j^fi-ni.; nation for lueiidcn?.'' ...,lx-iiov. Mtrton, ofAIa.s wss r2oc|rtd t - ih'5 co^Lr-^i jn ( f tho tpiacopal ohurcu. in iau^Ltn, (.-.a on tfce 4.h icsr.-the ?ajrR. mint Was'tertu ly Lis son ia Ian*. ruLip Leo, of Iowa. ....A new b^m daa^Lttr of the Ccnwcss of ^re^jni, -uascfcfistcncd on the 9th of Jaroarr rt Naples, *vi*h tie brief name of Maria Iho Ferd.ratd* Imujalrniete Ctnoep ii.. ?^o?Ma i/oci* m% Pbilounia. Ino Queen of tLe tao Ltciiiee was her cpoLSor .... 'ihe laeioLanU of 2s"ew Yoik axe de uumeiu^ Mr. Fish, one of ;be Unilcd b'lu e> ? en?to.s, ?or, fcr his ''immigrant Pas* lci ?er ?"l> which the? ?j.y i? -'pre*e tor<?ts arU unpr.icticahla," atd not t?ha* *tha m?r ebants of Kcw Yo:k wasted; that the bill that Uey bad prepared, and whioh ilr. I ,sh new oppotej, w^a not oljccted to Ly hiu when rub nutted to Lis ccnc:dera'ion. 'ihey rrqucctiir. Reward to tike their bill in charge. .... 2'z. ^ewc<?mer,cf Nakhc^, 3iiss. with a ilfls Livlsj ar ia?fr'jTcm?nt of hfs own in \entioc, at the ui-'tanco ?>f 220 yards, placeJ fi\e ^eeeibe halls within tbe circle cf which the radiu? was less than un inch. .... In tbe Mi^ouxi legislature, cn lLa 7th, S r l/'<?iphan prctcntel a memorial prayii.r iltit tho putliettion oi aboliticu ?entimccts to maue a penitentiary iffence. .... ^innatou papers are denouncing tLe fhc.ifl *.f Ik^msay county for ehnrging $300 for hanging an Indian. .... A female Lai betOi delected at St Lonb in feiging .he name cf Eishop Kenriik as cb. dcr?er tf preciscry notes for $2401 .... Occ. hsn. llosstr.r, on JTcndav even ing, delivered & lec ne Lef^ra a cro*d?d audience at KibJo's, New York. At tho ter mination of tbo lec'iOre ?gentleman in the thiid l:er proposed?' Three cheers 1 or 4*Sam " the next President of tho United State*'," whiea was ioudiy rtspoaticd to. It a wte had been had, ? Sam ' no d.ulf wonli bave loen clcctei?in that asjcmoly, at any rate. .... There is a romrr in llcv York, that the I' S. Government i?negotia.lrg wHh Mr. garter for the pnrcha-ie of lii theatre in (. hauler; street. f>r thepu i>o ot atieaera! I ost ouce It ji alio ruu red tbat iir. Bur Ztfr-?* tU ^ Wcuopc'itin .... A eolomn req^emmsw was celebrated on the 11 h ? t int in St J/un's Charch, 5!id erably FaUier fcradv, Ute castor t.t st Patrick s Cathedral, in Hartford, Ct The teaUUfiil church in Middletown was densely crowaad on the ^n, jxl-I m<iny of the Hertford people w??re present, to do hoeor to iJu memory of their deceasod pastor. From a mmf tefiy h%tr of the morning up u? b ilf pMt M?, ttu> several clergy mcu th it came iffered *jp ia tv^esflcn t^o holy sacrid;a cf the mass ?a both ultras of the ehsreh. ....IhcPhiUe^lpijiaSan of j cater day bai a strong editorial in taroj of ^im^n Cameron for a seat in tbe V S Senate. Politics makee strecga bed fellows. It is said that 4? windy Josh' and "the Chief of the Winuepsgoes, ' now steep together. ....The City Councils of Baltimore have reacted fome of Msyor 11 ink's principal nom i aetioos for office If Joe Lhilliogton has sent as Uodey's L dy s Book Mireh. WASHITfOTOH ITBWi AMD OOHIF. Ibj Texas Bond Faying Bill.?Hitor4 w#nt to press to day, It became evident in the House hall tuat they would, in the coursc of the morning, adopt the report ot the conference committee on the bill to ray the Texas bondr. This report recommends the appropriation of $7,750,000 to that end, instead ct"the $8,500,000 originally in the bill a> it came from the Senate, or $(>,500,000, the mm named in the intendment of Mr. Jones of Tennessee, which prevailed some time since in the liou3%. F. S ?The report was adopted by 4G ma jority. ? General Cass ?The galleries and lobbies of the Senate chamber were, yesterday, crowded by a highly intelligent auditory, of both sexos, foT an hour before the day's session opened, it being understood that General Cess would eartainly deliver bid expected comments on Lord Clarendon's denial, concerning the far off purposes of the Anglo Fionch alliance. The General, always learned in the diplomacy ot the oentury in all the civilised world, en- I chained the attention of all present for per- I haps an hoar; demonstrating, we think, that, I the United State? permitting, it is the purpose of those allies to check our national expansion I in this hemisphere, if hut as a moans cf chcck- I ing our commercial expansion tu?i world over. I It is a favorite theory with the Ame?i:an ad-1 mirers of European institutisns that the Gov-| erniaents of the Old Woild may be relied on to I encourage our progrcs to cve^hadowing na- I tional power, notwithstanding the history oi t?l of them tells that they hesitate at nothing I t> cairy points as against each. other, wherein I their immediate interests are concerned. Wc I cannot bcccme relatively groat, unlots Eng- I land, more especially, becomes relatively iin- I portant. The great increase of our foreign I commerce must be cotcmT>oranccu3 with ihc I decrease of her.-; aud that is equivalent to the | decline of hor p^wer abroad and of the pros- I pcrity of her people at hcuo. General Cass I demons'rated, past question, that she will run I any reasonable risk to ward oil such an even- I tuali'y, and is doing her loei. to induce France I to becomo a party to her to th-t (tc I her) 30 desirable end. The Veto?The adweates of the French I Spolttion bill in this city, who aio inimical to I the present ch'cf magistrate, already evince I chagrin over the fact that the attempt to make I political capital out of it bids fair to prove a I lamontib'o failaro. On all hands tbo p-e.e I seun to lerard their ciuso of no particular iu? I portauce, inasmuch aa not one r.ewrpaptr in I twenty, devotes more than ha'f a dctei lire! I to cnxua-ents on the action upen the bill which I the President h-a deemed it his duty to take. I This is a woeful disappointment indeed, tc I these who being ia mediately interested, had I lljiostmade cp their minds that the veto would I genera'e irjch a sterol of discontent, as almost I to induco the l'rts:dent f.rhwi h to rcrigu. I 'J h3 yarine 2a? d.?An caoeitdinent will be I offered, we bea.~, to one of the general appro I priation bills, to p'.vc siluo increased coa jjea- I satioc to tie beed cf the Marine Corps. Ike I application is said 10 be baaed on thef^ct that I Tor the j Uaturs of Coflgrc;s, and the a^ooin- I modatlcn of otaer < flioers of the Quvermuent, I :hey are rtquired to perform duties not l'jg;t- I imale.y aj pertaining to the labor required ol I tbem under the tonus upon which they on- I tered the service cf the Govertment. These I extra duties, consist for the m>st part cf I their concert3 given in the ground* surround I ir.g th.3 Executive mareioa and the Capitol lor I wjtp than :ix uion hi in the year, >?nd at th* I iianiii>n aai elrowhere on all public occa?icnr. I Ihey thui greatly add to the happiness <1 I coei?ty ia W ashington, and do it, too, wi*iuut I h irr.rninr azaiust tho orders unler which I they perform this extra labor, fir which there I is at present no lund out of vrh'oh to c: ta- I!e tbetn It remains for Congress to I dia wi'h thsm sc with thrir own anl olher I public servants, rearly all pf whom at this I point Lava had their pay increajed wrhou' I ary su.'h e-pcciel increase cf their dntie3 c* I his been exacted of these worthy uun, nany I cf whom, by tho Ly, have families settled I aroani the marine barracks. A Novel D. mund on the Rational Treasury; I Tho Sctct.Imf.sttr cot 'Abtoad' throughout I all ?ew York ?Yesterday morning tho fol I lowing unique epistle reached the Treasury I Department ptist niaratd ''Kingston, N. Y. I Fob. 17, ccntilniDg enclosed a draft on Seore- I tary Guthrie. for fcl.OCO. as follows : Kim; hi on, February 17, 1855. lion. James Uuthiie, Txexiurer: 1 le.?s pay Tobias II. Van Steonlu g, Esq , I or order one thousand dollars, aud this will I be your rcceipt. Youri, aich santiments cf the highest re I gard. Tobias UnnttTaariaancnr. I F. S. 2io sews here?tho lironson men i* I all cava in. Kings Tox Felerry the 11 1855 Derfc Ser in CIcse i ?eni yen A check the I munt you villi p!e-?e to commit to mo forth I with for rallapolittecal tervices perform And I uiacnarg b> me lhe last caxp^in in dvfetting I /\rcu Adgt-utor groeaae broynsen mysenis a I was thai Air-nni the reau'.t in tho State will I fully show And to witch rcfornco being had I will more fully l?.rg Appere youi eo siLceiy in deinccxercy I'tAUS JI VANSTl'^ELBGHT lhe audits) of this prcciou3 document is as I fellows, viz: lion J units gjlherrcrty the beo'terUrry cf the I Ticshcxry washing town D C ia the care of present pice Mr. Qcorgs H 8aTtndsra, Ex L'nited States Consul at London, ia iu Waiting ton. and is or I ?cur?e a lion among us lie has hosts of per-1 son <1 friends hero, than whom no man de- I se.vm moro, for geniality is at the foundation I of his character a3 n man. They welome him I with a heartito^s which it it pleasant iudeed I J to witness lleoomes back to us in fine health and spirits, with much cf "Young Earopo" in his general personal appearance; as though hu intimate iuterccuree with Kossuth A Co bad inocalatcl him, involuntarily on his pat t. wirth much of the air and manner worn by tboee celebrated gentlemen, and for which they are Mli&ist &2 fonoes as for their fiery onslaught-" on paper on the existing state of I things in Europe This air and manner is a modest and in ellec'ual one as displayed in general society, however inolined to " emesh >t> things generally" they may be. It bo coses Mr. Saunders not a little. Th* Steamship Massachusetts ?Wo appre hend that the Government are in possession of at leant circumstantial proof sufficient to satisfy any ueprrjwdieed jury in the oountry that the owner* or ehartorers of the ship Massachusetts, seised in the waters of New York bay some week since, contemplated a virtual violation of cur neutrality laws, if not to the extent of actually conveying a large battalion of filibusters from American shores. She wu found to be filled with cocking appa ratus sufficient to supply eoff?e for ct least eight hundred men, an I was supplied with ten thousand gallons of water, as well as a large quantity ol ten's sod tent poles. At we remarked on the diy before yesterday, her seixure, under tho circutxs'acces, probably aided in scattering to their respective h uses the inen to have been shipped on her, atd in disconcerting generally tho plans of tho plot, ters engage! ia tfoa:octlng ccheeie3 for the violation of the American neutrality law3. The Chinese Plants.?Oqni, the Chinese horticulturist, employed by Commodore Perry to attend to the exotica brought home by the Bait Indies squadron, has arrived in this oity with hii charge in fine condition. We hear that permanent employment on the publie grounds beautifying our city Kill be aocorded to him, that he may introduce into this coun try the style of ornamental horticulture (trim ming) for which China is so renowned, and at which he is laid to be an adept. The New St* em frigate Merrimack, will be launched at the Eoston, M?s , Navy Yard, about the 1st of Juno. Thus, sho bids fair to be finished rcuoh earlier than any of the other vessels of the same clus3 now being construct ed under the law of the last session of Con gress. The Perry?The United States brig of-war Perry Las been ordered to be put immediately into commission. She ii to join the African coast squadron \?Itb aa little drlay as possible. At present, cho is Irjing at the Norfolk (Va ) Navy Yard. Tha Current Operation* c' tha Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 20th of Fab., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the bocks of tha Department ? For paying Treasury deb ia ....I* 17,903 43 for tha Cuatoms. 20,673 17 For covering iuto tbe Treasu.*y from mtsceliancou-i sources....* 9,155 51 Covered into tho Treasury from Lands 115,276 62 Fi>rcovenng into tbeTreasury from cmtou;* 5 035 60 For the War Department .... 26 903 37 For repaying in the War Depart ment 1,252 59 For thslnteiior Department 28,641 3'J For rcpayio,; in tbe Interior De partment v... 2 463 21 For entering an appropriation for the Interior Department 6,256 00 In tha t8L&?o, yesterday, after ro went to press, at tho conclusion of the personal ex planation cf <lcn. Cass, concerning his con troversy with L^rd Clarendon with to the Monion doctrine, ?tc , Mr. Mason also ldJrcssed tbe Senate on the siine eubject. con tending tha: ell American statesmen. when in power, maintained the doctrico in question. J he railroad iron bill of Senator Jones, cf Tenn., was tfcen taken up, and, after a brief dissuasion, wss postponed until to-day. In the Hons*, thu eonsiduration of amend ments to th? crvil end diplomatic appropriu tioa bill was continued in the Committee of Wh' 1? on the elate of ths I'niou, (llr Illb bard in tLe chair ) Among those aioptud ww one appropriating $.>00,000 for toe extension f tbe Treasury Department buildine. to PtTird suitable accommodations for tho htate Dep.*rt ment; and another appropriating a like amount for an extension of the PojtOffisa Department buildic;' O* ri-?i'fi'iliuK? Te-Dny. Ii the i'dnate, tc-day, a resolution was paised changing tteir hour of mcotirg for tho balance of tbe session to 11 a. tn. Mr. Allen pre?rntcd resolutions of the P.hoJo Uland I<?{jts'.a'uTe a;?a!n#l the a-imi'sion of uauper and criminal emigration iaio the United S:?U*; Inid on tho table Mr Hangar uiov?d to take up tha rcc'ution to repeal, for itxe bal&nco of tue prcc^nt ses sion, the rr.le requiring tbe devotion of Iri Isiys to tbe concir'eratron of private business, which l.etny a<?rc-eJ to, after diieusaion, tbe said resolution was pasted?yeas 23, noys 21. Ii the Ilcuif, Mr. Ful!e". by leave, re ported from tho eommeraa comnrttoe a bill to regulate vc:sela ot-gage i in tho tracrp irtation of passengers; read twice. Mr. F. thea mo\el to pot this bill on its pars.ijre. an 1 addressed tbe IIouso at lergtb *n explanation cf its provisions, urging that she necessities cf commerce required i*s im me'ute enactment in accordance kith the ?..r : t request of the Treasury Dtparluiont; bill pa^s^d Mr. kreckinridge reported from the confer ?>rco cornmiitte on tho disagreeing votes of the two houses on the Texas bond bill, a roc ominendati n to p>uy $7,750 000 to the Texas bondholders instrti cf $3,500,000 as original ly proposed by tie Senate, or Sf?,500.000 as proposed in the nmendmeut of tbo House to the same end. The question boing on agreeing to this re port, it wa< advocated by Mis-rs Hreckioridge sad iiowe froiu the said conferenoe committer. Mr. llumilton moved-that it be laid on ihr table?not agreed to?yeas 48. nays 129 The yeas and nays were then ordered on igrooibg to t'uo said report, and wore boing taken ca wo weat to press. BAlII3tf->22 C0i.'.SZiP0*DKSC2. Hon Jovhftd Vantxnt?JuHict to kivi?Col. J H. (Jilting*?Col. Jacob (r. Davits? Tue City A/yto in tins his?Business. DaltiuoRB, February 20- 1S55. I had not thought cf wri:ing you to-day, but a seeming dereliction of duty and a desire to reader justice to my much esteemed friend, lion Jorhua Yansadt, bids me indito another letter. In my last I copied a paragraph from yesterday's Patriot in veiorenoa to the lion Ilonry May, and tha eQiaient part be took re gardia^ tbo harbor appropriation bill. The 3&U.3 paper of today has the following j*sst remarks in reference to Mr. Vansant: Thi liar.rob Aitkuprutigx.?In referring yesterday, to tuo Harbor appicnriatioa, we unintentionally omitted to mention tbe nam^ r f our worthy Representative, lion. Joshua Vansant. W e learn with pleasure, that Mr V. haj also taken an acti/e and efficient part part la the matter, and will oontinuc his efforts untill tbe bill tball have been disposed of in the House Mr Vaosant is a working mem ber, and when ho puts his "shoulder to the wheel." seldom fa'.Uin accomplishing his pur poses " I have always looked unon Mr. V-nsant as cno of tbe moet tffectlva and valuable mo n. h*rs cf Congreu^. is a thorough business man?emphatically a worker?a younj ller culas. who, wbeu in action, stops not short of a good result. U? U cue of the men who drives a strong taam and when the herses have net pewer enough, willingly puts his own shoulder to the wheel. My faith, and the faiib of our community in him is great. I say therefore, go it Joshua! Home days I informed you that our mu^h esteemed and opulent townsman, John 8 Sit tings, brq . had, by advice of bis physician, left this city to go to Uavana for the henelt of his healtn, which bad been recency much impaired, lie left hare for Charleston, there to take the steainor for Uavana. I bare the plmsa'e of stating that adriee* have been re oeived of h>s safe arrival in Charleston, and that he had already muob Improved in health lie is one among our most useful and prorni aent ciuzeus, and I hope that we shall gee him return in the spring entirely rostored in health. Col. (1 Is the president tf the Ches apeake Pank and also a director tn the Ba!t*> more and?Oblo Railroad Company. In the latter eonpanv he w^schalrmauofthe Finance Committee of Directors, and 1 understand that during bis abceLce John Johnson, E-q , onaof the State directors, has been appointed by the president of tbe company to fill bis place as .chairman. i was glad, to day, to mp)t our excellent postmuter, Col. Pavics. on the street, quit* recovered from a severe spell of sickness. lie l?xks well, and i* in excellent spirits?able to do justice to a good uinner, or any other good thing iu vogue. The convention of the City Council is now in session upon tlie recent nominations, to con firm or reject them There are many who stand upon a precarious foundation, and will, doubtless, be rejeotcd John W Khhardsen, the city collector, will, beyond all doubt, ba confirmed. H ainess continues to improve. Flour active at $3.59 for Howard street; City Mills $4 2a a $8 SO. Uruu unchanged. rro?i?iona are firm. Kodiiick. The Kaickeibocker oa the Veto. The A (banj Knickerbocker, an outspoken Whig Journal, in its issue of Monday sajr "The Washington correspondent of the Tri bune utlora the following boeh wilh regard to the veto cf the French Spoliation Bill; '?Many of the leading Democratic Senators and Representatives are greatly incensed, and express tbe opinion that there will be a burst of iBdigoation throughout the oountry, almost equal to that produoed by the passage of the Nebraska bill and which may end in a Con rout-ion of the Sutea for th> purpose of ex panging tbe kingly veio power from tbe Cob* tliiution." -? '?The writer of the above, greatly overrate; tbe power of those who would put a five mil lion leak in i he Treasury. With the people the veto power is constantly growing in pop uUrity. It saves us annually, twenty millions of dollars Should any man undertake to strike it oat of the Constitution, the honest men of the Kspnblia would ehase him out of the country with dead cats'and broken oyster sho'lj Tbe indignation of the Tribune's cor respondent, we fear, conns not from his heart, but Lis pockot book. We have heard that he "wentiu" cn a "five per cent, lay.' If that be so, wo sball feel more charitably towards him than we otherwise would." irticlii at the Metropolitan Kcckanici' Institute. It iscur intention, under this heading, from Jay to day, as space will permit, to give a description cf the many useful, inger.eons and cxccllcnt crticlcs on exhibition. Throughout tie Fair this inventive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail to interest the reader. Card Wr-tir.g, fye.?There is no branch of | the fine art* that has made such progreas dur ing tbe last few years, and one tbat is equally u'fful to tbe community as penmanship, end T?e knotr few who can excel Mr A Richard son in thi? particular. He executes with the common pencil, nil kinds of ornamentnl aa well P3 plain wilting, with a rapidity truly astnnuhing: and for beauty of style and ex (?elioncy. it will compare favorably with any pteel or coppar engraving. No lady or gc-n tlrmen thould be without a package of bis satin eard<, with their names inscribed therecn, it being ono of the cjwentiala to tbe ?*ire to l*fhioiable Socioty. Tkoso who vi?it tho fair should not fail to exaxine tbe handsome spe cimens he has on view. ' Tobacco, iSegurs, <V<". ?We have frequently beard people complain of the difficulty of pr< ruiing these article! to their ta-te Hut if the specimen of those exhibited by (I. F. MeLlfresh, be an index of what may be foand in bi< store, under the National Hotel, and which, to some extent, we can vouch fcfr, tbe luxury in not obtaining a good segar horeafier, will be their own lault. DlFPICCLTI*S IX KlBSAt TSUBITOBY.?We observe by the late Kanaa3 exchanges that very serions difficulties have arisen in the ter ritory between the Lawrenco Association ard Immigration Ail Societies, and tho oiiglnal Squatters' Association. Meetings have been railed and held by both sides, and mush abu sive recrimination indulged in. Tho chief booo of e intention cpp?ar? to be that the Law renco Association is charged with attempting to monopjHw the appropriation of the pub lic domvn. The Squatters are very sevage agains'. such a course. Resolutions have packed, ai.d speeches made by both side*, of such an inflammatory character, that they promise anything but a peaceful settlement of tho ne.v country. Goon EfFRors of tub Liquor Law.?A woman in Connec tiout, whoso husband has been reclaimed from drunkenne-s, through the instrumentality of the Maine law, said to a physician, a thnrt time since, "I have been married twsn'y years, but it seem3 aa if my husband and ( had just began to lire together Talk about hard times! I never had such c-'isy Utuoi ! Tea, sugar, flour in abundatce, two pi/8 in the barrel, and twonty-five due my husbttid when he has finished a jib of work. Fo: marly, when he had butchered his pork, he could do nothing but drink and earouse the remainder of the day This year he got up his team and brought home b load of wood!" MEETING ?A MEETING OF ? almanu ag^uu>l the General Govern ment will be held at Carusi's Saloon. at 7 o'clock . p. in , to lake into consideration the course punutd^ by Congress iu regard to tbe just clanus of be citi zens against the United States, and for oth*-r purpo ses MANY CLAIMANTS. fell 21?It* ^-?-^SF.COND LECTURE ON THE UNHO LY ALLIANCE. Mr. IV. G. DIX will lectnre at Carusi's Saloon, On FBIDAY EVENING, Feb 23, on Russia and Constantinople. Tickets 2* cents?for sole at tbe door. f. b=}l? St* (Union*Intel] i a WA3tII*GTO* LIGHT INFANTRY !?A A Awppi meeting of the corps will be held oil VT "THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, toe 31st io*t. A fl. at "X o'clock. You are requested, to be pr?.!.|ii hi your attendance as butiness of import ance will be brought forward for y. ur considers lion B. F. BEERS. Secretary. fcb21?It -^WASHINGTON NATIONAL MONU uieut.?'Tbe anuual meeting of tbe Wash ington Nati nal Monument Society will be h Id at tiieir oltice, iu tlie City Hall, on THURSDAY, the instant, at 10 o'clock a. in. An election for first and tlijrd Vice Presidents. Secretary, Treasurer, and tt^rteen members of tbe liiur<l of Manage?. Will b? heid in accordance with article 2J, of the (Joasutuuon of the Society. T. W. ECKLOFF, fob 21 Clerk .W. N. M. Society n^-^^LKLTURE?F.' McNERHANY, ESQ., will deliver a lecture at Columbia llnll, C:p;t I Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, tbe2Jd in", at 8 o'clock. Subject: "The Uulity nnd Dignity of Mi chanical Lab ?r." Tbe I'U'Jic are inyitejJ to attend. Lecture free. Teb 2<J - U u N ATIONAL ? M are b(.rebv n< H fjlTHURSDAY U a s;4 o'clook, I NATIONAL GL'AR ?, ATTENTION,?You y notified to meet at your armory on iAY MUBVrXCJ, the 22d instiiit, at :k, iu full uiiiiorm, for pai&Jc. Ily orih*r rif Cant. J. A. Tail : fob20 21* C. R. BISHOP, O. S. ??LECTURES ON THE UNHOLY ALLI DCSr^ANCE. Mr. vV. G. DIX proposes" to give four Lectures at CARUSI'S SALOON, on the unholy alliance to preserve THE OTTOMAN EMTlkE. Mr. Dix vill maintain thai England anil Franrc are tn n <i?Ue po?i(iun, hi?lorlcal, political, and re liiioii , in uptiolding, by ihrf resources of CtiiUtian fiviiiK aioa, tbe ?,over> ign power of tbe Sublime Porte. Lecture IU.?On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb. 21. The past and p*e::enl ielntion< of tbe the Christian Power* towardu the Mahometan Su pre uacy over (.'Uiisiian Dominions. Lecture 2J.?On SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. 2lib. Russian expansion to the Mediterranean The time of tbe reiuaiuing lectures bertafter an nounced. Tickcts 2'i cents each, for sale at the door. Lecture to begin at 7^ o'clock. feb 19?3t* (UnionMntel) ?rt^THfHD LECTURE FOR TI1E BENB fit of ihe Young Catholics' Friend Society of Georgetown will be delivered by Hob. Jocipb R. Pennsylvania, at fprreet Hall, Geot'n on THURSDAY EVENING, February tiid, at7V( o'doek. j Subject: 14 "Washington's character as an exam ple." Tickets -25 cents?to be had at the Look and drug it >re?, and at the door of the hall. lcb 13?TuThSTuVVT ,A KUHBEROF COLORFD PERSONS intending to give a Flipper for the benefit of their Church, 11 Oeorgptow w, to cotne off on Thiirid*) mtlit iirxt, the 'SMi in?t. Oattig in winr disagreement fnu < rum: the nation of thr tickets, in not hiving alt the manager* nam ? nun e-l on thtitflT r whi> b iliejr hiam* HENRY IHJR iEY, they^^termincd at a meeting they had lat night to turn iiim out; for which he Kinbc* to re turn them bis uncro thanks f??r the :avor th< v have done bun, as it will h ? five dollar* *avcd to Kim, to p.iy lu? lionet **d jnst debts with ; and i? a band thai be dul n -t *i-h to *-rv? with a: a I, Imi agrc?-i< to bave bu ntune put dowu as he is gem rail) ku"wr, and thought they ought to havf ?ome one at the he:iu ol Ute 1*1 n U*i knew bow such thing* ought u< U conducted. Although he return* thsnks mr b*tng turned cut of lii< r?y men v. a1le position, bo mM; iKipe* the cupper will b?weil a-ten ted, aiwl that they nay have good ??nier U*r>ugbo?t the evening under the managein"?t of tli.>*e remaining. ( wi'l fierea ler wash my Innd* of being mavngi r at sup pers gotten up h?re nr in Georgetown by colored people. I bave beep living in the District lor twent} odd years, but have nev-r bet-n in s-uch a ines* a- I wa* in la t night at the meeting ofmanager*. Thete are fire in parti ealar wUo I shall nut forget ??n. I alwaya go in lor making peace, an ? not a di-turb ance. f want them to understand that when they woke me up, they woke up the wronj pas*?ii~.*r. I hope the five, who | b ive my ey? upon, will to lo the mourner'? bench bef re they go to the iiXMim aion table. fob 81?It HMOMru^MGRY GUARDS.?The m-M.brr? of the Coinjiary are requested to wt hie ai Harmony It .11 (rear of Finhmnn'* IIuiH) o.. WEDNESDAY EVEN I NO, ttie "M n,rt. Punctual atxidanee ik necessary as bun c-s ot importance will be tranrwti d. By order of Captain Key : feb 20-91* V\ %l. O. SUI.LIVAN. Sec. Flowery i Etxo, a dea- i .us ua,k te\, <1 per pound. Superior C Id Hyron a 75 r nts. HALL &. IinVMX.:, feb 21?It Vj. BIO Seventh st. SrKVVlKl'd DAGU?P.&KAK kOOHS. OVER Oa t's Jewelry (Store, Pa. avenue P.c lure* -alien i-i ail weather* and at rcniu-**.! |?ri cv* from 25 cent* ?pw ards. \Ve invRe the paU I lo rail. ?aUri!aclH?n ahvayj yivt u. feb 21?1 w* C1ITY BtfllXT CI>PKk:Kliit.l, i5, .(, t 18, aiul 2J cenu, a*i(I gruunti at .-liur. not c? . without additional chnrg*. Ci'to-1 Itiack and Crecn Teas irow 3?}^ c? n'x up The attention <il dea'er* is invited to our i?<ock oi Tead. HALL *. f?EVVIXG, Set 310 Seve.'.tb Ft., 3 <i?or* below feb SI-It Odd FuMow?'lla I. NDIA nunnhll riTVF, Tuck, Dr^ict Side, Neck, and ChilJien's Line ?>?nite* at tell ?1?at LAMiiOXD'S, 7ih *t rOKU EST HALL, GEORGKTOVf.Y. TWO MIGHTS ONLY I I HAMILTON'S eoutho.n Eorenadcrs. Yr. IIAMILION would ra'?t re?p>-cll?tUy an nounce to ihn i itizena of Oeort eu>w.i a id tidki'i that hi* rT>!fHdirt inwp.', numberinj nine !a'cnt< t. and verra:ile vooal and in?trutuei.ul perioru?er?. anifjiig which are Mr. I> POIM ER, tho world ri - nowned llune P!nyer and Djlineator of F.thio|Han Oomiralitie*, late of the Vitgima Mmetr^lr, an ar list of nine yeari> exi*!iienc< on the nag?\ Mr. H. THOMSON, the celebrated Pane?, Hornj ip?'. Jij, and Reel Onncer, hile of the Hiriuoio on*. Ma-t> i | DUVALf.,the Ct.a npiou Jij ilancer ot lus ate, late of (laiulv> H?-ren-tder?, nn't one ot' i!ie b"rt U'larti I Companies u-.w eztaat, will give twoOra;<d Soire * Etliiopic, on FKIUAV aud ?? AT UJtL> A \ KV a.alN Of* Fehru *ry 5i^,| and i4<h, o i u hul o.-casion thev w <11 pruJbee ?;?lei:did bi!U of aitrn tion. HAM L LEWI^, Ag.-at. feb 21?WFS31* | NATIONAL THEATRE. Anniversary birthday of th* Immortal Washington. The ri:i7i-n? ot" VVa-lun^ton, Genrp-iov. a and Alra andrii are re*pcrttul y infouned that, m ac ( Ordaitce with a request n:a-!e by many m> inSers ui both the IIoiim's ot t'oiifron, Mr. J. E. Murdoch, ; The Di. liiiguifched Trasetii n. will have the hoccr ol appearing before thrin for m ?;t p<>>it?vrly O* mi Mci.l 1' OAi.1 ! 4T TIIC IV A TIONA L THE A TR E, (Being liia fimt appe traiieu on any nt*g", since hit return Iroin t.'alitormi;:,) on which ?M-ca ion be will uppear in hL? celeb aled character of UAMLET, * I Universally ackuowled to Le (ijie ??f iln* most beau tiiul ami elia-te reprceentatioiii on the Ameriean Ktaje. THURSDAY hVAftlSO, Feb. ail, FhaV^peareV Tragedy of IXAMXiET ! HimJ. t, Prinej of tien.oirk I. E. MUKDOCH Supported by the b'Uowii g Array of T.ileiiti d Ar list', aeleeieil from Uie Corpi Orautit que of Pal tinniie, abu will make the r tlr>t appejira ice in W'tshiiigtnn, t mbracittf a ca^t ol'cbarjett n rare ly equalled: Mr. Jame< Monroe, i'r liams n. Mr. Win. Eiin, ftlr. K. Andi^wn, Mr Wm Il llti^S ', Mr. L. E. Fb teli. r, Mr. I. (J. Uu'ioti, .Mr. IJ. Bower*, Mr J. irflt rpon, Mi a Mary Anne Graham Mr. J. E I'Niliun, Mrs. J 8 Hi^bci*, Mr. T. 11. Cline, Mrs. J. K. Phillip*, Mr. J. Wallace, Mm EII.s After which Mr. Jefferson, the popu! ir (Vmtdian. will Chauat the doleful, di-m U, p.ahetie, and werry itnconifoitable history of YILLIKINS AND IIS DINAII, | As o.iginally sun* by him, with linn-ntie Ap| lau e, in Biiitiniore, for 3"J CDnaecntive Ni?hts. The Enteitaiiiment!) will conclule with thr mo-t laughable farce of the a^e, entitled THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM. 1 he korj . ............ M r. ied**i^un Aid* Inkle... Mr El'is Lavinia Mi?a Urihaiu ADMISSION Private Boxea ..,,.$5 fO Orchestra S ats I yo Oretis Circle and Patquet 50 Family Cinle ami U|?j-?r Itotaa.^ tgf> Tickets can be had at the vaii<ui? Hotels and at the do..r on the evenins ol the performance. B jx Sheet open on Thuisdaj from 10 a. in. to 4 i> ui. No extra charge iV?r reserved seats. Doors ope i nt 8 Overture commence* at 7. Cur tain ri?es at 7,% o'clock precis* ly. feh 21?2: Rev. joiin lanaiiav, pastor of tiif 'KB SI'UKEr, M E. CHURCH?A strong d??re to herein the aiii<*t< d induces luui [ llius t'j cur if/. We chad i n?e any oiber iue0icin< to f?rei<eiit swell a u.txs oj te.-uniony fr-im gentb me?? and ladies of high ?w.dipg o|" our o? n we |-kn<m n citizens. wl?o testily of ouren of CO I JO if. RKON CHITIS, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, kc Pai.'iuorf, January 24tb, lfe5j. Messrs Moiitrncr Mo*Uray: 1 take pleasure in sating to you that i have used your HI.tin plow's Tincture" with very great | rofit From a seiious t iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, .when I com menced to use ?? II iiiiptoriV Tincture." J found iw eff. cts upg.i my gener I health most >alutaiy._ My nervou* system and dtgmive or.ans aoon ri-ht ed up under its u?e. 1 have scleral times recommended )t to my friends, an i in every case, ax tar as I haye be? n in b rined, tlifjr have use it wi.h success, j Yours uulv, John La^inak, Pastor Of Lx ter JJ. E Church, BalrhMge. CLEEOING OF THE LUNCS. RALEtan, N. C., Feb 8, 1855. Messrg. Moifimcr 4" Hatch ray: I do here > certify tint about IvtJve months ngo I was taken with a revere hriuorrhare ot ibe Lwng? and hid four attacks of it I was advised to try 1) . l!.'im| ton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured' one hoolCj and after taking which, 1 was nato tied that I wa* much better \ and tint, at er taking the fuuitii bottle, 1 was entirely \ve|i, aud now I erjoy as good hialth a? ever 1 did in my life. I can, aud do. with out tbeh-a-t lie?Hathin, recotniuead '.lie Tincture to all pet sons tffl cted iu my way. Yours, Cm. W. Wcaklcv. CURE FITS?RE ID! More to the Su k tkun Gold.?From one ol the mosi res'x-ttable Ixu^ist* in South Carolina. C*Aai.rrroN, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. M ikTiura ii MowakavThe ?ale at your Hampton's Vegetable Tiu< l >re in increasing every day, and every bottle wifd rccomau n.l* tbi* valua Is medicine to the ai.1 cted. Se veral of our pi^aters bave tried it in (titf?*rent cases with a,ton islung auccess a-id are getuag it by ball doxeus. It baa l>ee.i> raund !o l>e thr gr. aie^t .em. dy rh?u matie afftseiiomi, a ad a wonderful erne ba* been per^rtaerfou * ho , differing from F.t^ l will tu tu*h jou with a number ol certificates il \ou taem 9 1 am, fentleme<i yours. W. G. Ta^rr. CaB and get pamp'tlets gratis, and see cair* of Coaifli, Hnmchitis, RteumatuiM, Nearalm, toys pep?M, Nervousness a ad Oeuarai VVeakne.s. Ai ? female medicine or fur j children we holie*. it un< quailed. "??s w? miiti S^d by MORTLMEB k MOIVBRAY, 140 Ba'tl ckai. Stun It Co., J. B. Mooae, IS. II. Clakeb S? k .B?wuso, W. Ei.uot, and II McPhii' ???, Waslunguw ; also, by R. 8. P. Ci scl Oeo,ee LJh- *r' A,<"**n?'ria) and bv Drug I everywhere. 91?tr Amc?nmrta NATIONAL THEATRE. Lmki Mr I A Aetiagk IUf? Manager.. Join turn VKriUUAT Feb 41, LAST MIGHT TRUE SOUTHERN LIFE; OR, l! N U L E TO < r S HI It! (JncU l ow Mr. J. hmrr, Gumption Mr. John Weaver Evn, lhr flnwer ofUke Soi lb.. .L tile Lotura Pa kcr met* or iHimiOH. Private Item .. ?) Dffw Circle ami Parquette 51 Ticket* admitting a lad) and gentleman "?'? J S^s.........?? ?*.? Second and Tti rJ Tier ii Cotorol Galle. y ... ??.? ? . ? ..??. ? Door* open at 7?to coimmm at 7| oMuek. feb 21? POSITIVELY THE LA*T NICIIT ! Be it remembered that M A C A L L I 8 I E R ? 8 Last and Greatest G c?im S-uree takes iLteni TrtURai'AY, P?knar? *?J. at Ood F.llo?i' HaK i< in* prat Mam ad app- a ? at R i hatoad om Monday Next ?i 4nwa iiud fiult the a H*r? will receive 56 linnal Om*, im lad ng an ?pleadi.i Watch**, va'nr l}42', S>\ ure U> kctf ta ii?*?It ? your la>t chance mo?i p ?Kiv-1> el ob aiamg a p4?l Wait h lor M cent*. teb 21 ~2i Account* with tha Honae ot lipnmtatiria. 1'i.iU'f Ornci, Febiuary l(, 18W, PERSONS having hi U or i-ther accounts ag~imt the li?Hii'e at Representatives, are respectful! r requested t? present then prior to the SBtli Marfan*., ?w as to al *>m inne (>-t action Wy Ik Committee on Acemiiti b -fore the adjournment. J. W. FORNEY, Ci. <k House of Repe. United 8uirv fell 17 ?h TIIC PP.IL-OX WIIO LOST HIS TRINK ON Saturday l.?st, can have i? by caMme in WM. oh F street, between ilwnitd rnH T!iiM ?-ire?*t-, En*ii?h hill. frb Si-3t* I A KOL'YEIJ.E HEI.OISG, edition tllustree i?ar j Johaaaot, Barou, etc., *n pamphlet?price ?0 cents. Le? (' nfts-i?m? de It urem, in pamphlet aiih mt'iv iliwsti at mis. 5o ecu a Piiyerdogie du G..ut. par Bhilai Puvarin, in pam phlet, wiili many ilia nations, price 50 cents. Imported truin I'l i- by fel. 17 FRANK TAYLOR. AMERICAN YEAR ROOK OF FACT* and An nual ?f A'ii niilic l>ts%.-Overy 'or ItfLS. 1 volume ?KM p?f.v,*l 20. FEANCK TAYLOE feb 16 AJO\ SS CHICKERING SECOND HAND P! ANiO FO UK Nir aale on rea unak> let in? at the Mu ic Depot o: HILBl'8 It III I Z, Star (Mill 1 i.i-. feb 17 CORDS OF PINE AND OAK DEL1V ' ered i i any pari at the city. Pme ? 1 ~~ ion Oak $fi.75 Order- I ft nub Vr. McCllESNEY, Feed Ftore, Seventh meet, opposite Mr. Summers', Saddler. teb 19?:n {}|A Hr.WARU.-SuppiMd to have been ?Pit' M.dea, btit may have ran off, from the North'rn Libert e* Market, on Saturday night, a IliwwinJ Wagon. The c*-lor of the H'Hieaa* ?rey au.i ha.I a -'.on tail, and ?a*< kbout eevea y?-ara old 1 will give the above >eward if lafnrnMUna ?s left with tueiiear the Congrts. ional Riiml Gnxinil, m 1 can ret them. CORSIf K ALI>. fob 19?31* PROSPER! S CORNET BAND NO. I. \1R. rilMfi k PKO^l'EKl lef I- av. um .11 I <rm bia r esds nnj |'?hk; (iatri.ii< that thu uand !.a> ktu lully re-orx^bixrd and u i ow und<>r Mm dtrec Ion, aud ?-e i> 1 jlly prrpkied w th a Us d jf the nior.t Scientitic Maiiicuns in the cite, to fur nub ioumi- for Hall-, I'jrU?**, Parades, Pic Nici>, Li cursi?.us, kc., a: the shortest notiee pii*it4e, by ap dying to FKCUEKM K PKO^I'KRl, I^ader.CIIA'. FROfsPi'.RI. Cotidu?Mnr ; HILHtVli lllTZIi Mu ?de !>e|iot, ck at PEl'ER TAI.TAVUL*, o? po-ne (he CarridtM, t.aruMiu ftr^el, Navy Yard. ? Mi 19?.1?u* TAKE NOTICE. VISITORS aid others att< ndinj the M*trot>oli ?an Fair.- I hire |?j-t bronrht on from N. York i Irvre a-<ort.'i?*iit of splendid 1'iamonds, and a pe;it var.ely of new style* ol rich Jew?-lry. Al*n, son e very npt rn^ Watches, which Ibr tn?e tiiO" (&nnot b -'nirpasiwd. I have just fi ii-lied a uiavnif.cent Silver Tea H i, tint uiii io?n|>3'e favorably with waytbmg ef (he km.I at the Fair or in America. It ia now readv l<*r inspection, fr< e of ebarre to all, at my Store, 418 Pj. avenue, between 4>? and CtK streets. feb 17-1 w H. O. IIOOD. {'HE PEdSON PERSON tYIIOTOOK A bl.'k I'eaver C'oth J-umttt, f?e?d wilti vHv>i aod blue rilk sleeve lacing?, on th* i.ijrhi of ib<- Wh in stant, from the Soiree i?t MomroaV, mill pl?a<e l<*ave the name zt Wall k S;? pin na', Pa. nv< ku<'. between 9 li and loth ?U. If ikk done ihiiu< iImI< Iv ...r p< r >-t? ps \v II t>? taken lof I's recov> r? . a- h?* is known. ' ? h*b 2u 2?* IOnn-A LALIES' WATCH AND CHAIN, j plain white fore. v.uh ??MaUord k Wendell, Allany,"' a< tuakerc, lii-ole. A liberal tewaid mill le >aid lor iu return to Secretary Mu.r,'*. Vewrni ave ne. frh 'Jtl? dt BOOKS0FH0U8KOf BEFBEtERTAlIYIB Library Horse t r RarurM * tativi ?. ALARCE I nMber ol Book? U l<Migilil lo tt?e Library i f t e House ut k? |vre^niative> h >v?? Ik*< ii drawn by members ami by tlieir order*, and su>>d rlr reed to their accounts oa the books of this < iTu-e. Ii in .iu| or tbe pre>eivation ol tl.e files that they *liould Im- r> turned bef.** the close ot the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN. L'hraiian of Uh- House ol Repre?eni:ilives. f? I. Ri?ifiw F()R THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. THE THOMAS COLLYER WILL .make regular trips to the above Fair i'om u< n< iii? mi Tuesda>, Febra;.r> 20th. Ibta's fare 12)^ cents each way. f '??ache* wdi take j>? r?onf from and to the b ?at. Faie G rents. Leave Ah xindiia at CV^ p. in. Leave tYa?hingtou 10 a p. m SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt.nn. Alexandria, Va.,feb 20?J PREU1I M PIANOS.?We have on erhibition at the Metropolitan Mer baniCk' |m>l>tute l<?ur mafnitici nt Pua.??, made mprei^jf to our order lor this fair. Tln*e Pianos we offer far aale at tow rates ani upon exceedingly reasonsWr terms. AI*o, asupeib roeewo'd linitir, Til ion's paten!, win 'h we are engaged in gi time up a istile lor. JOHN F ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenne, between 9th ind !0?h sis. feb 2J > ISTORV OFTIIEGREAT SErEdSION ilie Meihodist Episcopal Chun in flie year 1>M5. by ki v Clias. Elliot, D D 11 Aunual of Scientific Dueovery; or Y'|f Boo|{ ?/ Facia iu Scicncc and Art for 18bj?, by li. A. Wells The Seleml of Chri-t, or Chriftian'ty iu iu leading Aspects, by Rev. A L R. Foote Mau and His dwelling Place llistotical collectM'i.s of Loui?iana, embracing trans latum* of rnaiiv rare and valuable documents retauug to the Natnral, Civil, and Political ln>|ory of that Stale, by B. F. French - price. $1 25 ri I...icon j o.. Many Thing* in Few Words; a<J.'res<cj to iiiij?e who ilit k, by tpe U? v- C. C. Col|on New Ib-ok. by the ?uib>ir of tbe Morning ^ad Nijht Watch' s, Pooutep* of Si. Paul A verv luge and fine a~-orimeui of Family and Pocki t Cibles iu t teceived. ORAV k BALLAVTYNR, fe? 20?3t 4?R Seventh r. _ 1MIE LIFE AND BEAUTIES OF FANNY Firn, and for ... c at fclllLLINUTON'S BOOKSTORE. Stanhope lluilei?h, or the Je uits ia q?tr l|omes The Virgio Uue<n, by tbe author of Minnie Gref, Gws llowar.t. Sianlield llall. and \?fy I<nwrvnce llariier's Su-ry Book No. 3, February, the Stra t Gate New York I lustratcd Journal tor March ? Chamner's iouruU lor februvy London lllu>imted News by this I art cuaai*T? Until Hall, tVtkolT* C urubip, AUmij The Initiab, Ilea uuase K*erv h ng in the Stationery line All the new hooks published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale nt SHILLING TON'8 Odeon Building, corner 4J{ aC a^d Pa. ave. Mi 19?3i CLOTH 1 Mi MADE TO ORDER C1IEAI F.K llinu ever.?In oider to run off ik? remainder ot our large stock of troths, Cvnan-ren, and Vest ings, we will at this rea?(M take measuie and make to order Gentlemen^ GarmenU of first qualit) ?1 p r ci ut. chcap r than our nsuailv low prn-es. WALL k STEPHRNf. ? 3RSI Pa. av >nue, next door M Iron llall. fob 19 (Sehtiaef RNew?) SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW lor Jaun \ ary, I0SS. Contents t < The North and the South Rlun ers of Uallam Powrrs of the General The nuntan Family Constitution of the Ut Cbcmiary of Common I.Mr Pirty Leaders R-eenl Social 1 heorna t*ruical Notice*. Subscription price ?6 per annum. feb 19 FRANCK TAVLOE. f

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