Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1855 Page 3
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* v w N J \ G STAR. Lor A L I V I E L L Id i: SC E. Y K C AsbociATioN?Aoustst. bt Kev, Da. Ccwikgs.?The regular monthly meet ing of the Yourp M*n'? Christian Association of this efty w?* held last M -ndav eight at the Trinity Church The meeting wa? called to order by the Pres dsnt. Mr 0 C. Wight, ?nd was opened with reading from the Scriptures and prayer by I>r Camming*. After a statement by the President of the state of the Association. ihe cbaage of its man agement to that of a boird of managers, in ate?i of the old way <>f a standing committee, and the socoess attending the change. toe Sec retary read the new Uy-Lawj. As the objec's and plans of the Association a?e well de*cribcd ia these By Laws, wo givo an ab.-tract of them : The first srtio'e p escribes the order of busi ness The seeood and third articles we give entire: Arttrl? II ?Sec. 1. The varioui interests and otjeets of the association shall bo divided, as be eafter specified, into fif'een depart ments. each of which shall be entrusted to aome one tnem'-er of the Beard, who alona ?ball be responsible to that body for the luan agement of sail depigment, snd who shall report vsrbally at each regular meeting. See. 2 fcach tuembur shall nominate to tha Board four ranaibrra of the Mso:iation (of whom two at least shall be active member.-) takenirom bis ov. n division, who, together with himself as chairman. shall, if app.ovcd, constitute the eommittee upon the department ia hU charge. Sec 3 Toe President of the association shall be ti officio a member of each of these n-gular committee* and! be notified of all meetings theiecf. See. 4 The regular committees shall bo as follows, (the* functions auj duties of any of which maj, if tecs' ary, bo fixed by the tear 1 in a;pe-ial rocoloii-n:) 1. Oa le^ure* and sermons, corresponding :<?cr^arr, chair man tr ojhc.o. 2 Oa mcotiagr, secretary, do 3. On ways and means, t:ca? urer. do. 4 On the library, libra?ian, do fi. Ou statistics, roister, do. rt. On ro:ms 7. On periodicals. S. Oa prictia,? and pub lication 9. On veiling the ticfc 10. On mission Sun Jay schools II Oa bible cias es 12 Oa the city prison. 13 On the ajylum 14 On employment 15. Oa boaruinjc homes A-tic/e 111 ?Section 1 The city of Wash ington shull bo divided isti fifteen dittrtc* ea-:b one ot which shall be committed tooae member of the board, whoso duty it sLall be io make himself acquainted with i-e condition, ai-d report to thj toard for rctenrwj?or to the .-hairman of the proper coauiiiteo him self?any field or ot portunity for doing good which may legitimately be occupied by the association. See 2 So far as conveni ent, the diviaion cf members as provided in Art. Ill, S 3. G of the constitution. shall be sash that the mem bers of each otiicer j <Jivi?i Vii shall nl?o be residents of the district oomciitted to his eha'ge, that they may a;si?t Lira in carryirg out the provisions of the preceding section. The President then introduced tha ora:or of the occasion, llev l>'. Camming?. After a few br 1 ?-f introductory remark*, he asked "To what clasr of sccie'y does vije ad dress i;g?lf most? To whom is it most attrac tive? Not to the old?not totbe c:i idle agul,? bet to the young man. W ho fill iho hiu?es'of debauchery?the biunts of dirsioation < It is the young man. Who Pli early 'graves ? The young inen. And if there is aught cm t.? done to rescua this ola^s from the tmpoalitg destruction that seems to await tuecj. to en f ?ge in tjj's wcrk is tho nolleit prorog?tive of umac nature. There is no city where s:> xr.uah vLa awaits tha >oung man as U ashing >3. Many cotre here to obtaih empluymen*; and tind it, toe? I almoft said, u:>fji tunattly liero he is fep aratid from the pure i s ' ci.i.ior.s of hiuu no mother, no sister, brother, cr father tor round him; the iifl^cnce of friends in tt e distance cannot reach him ; L&re he is alonw. His ill furnished ro? m pretcais no isvitation t?> remain when he returns tired with the toils of the day. lie has a loTe for society, aud he goes forth to seek it llero is the turnin* point in his lii-toty. Should ho enter any of those bau&t? if the vici.M.s |;ooi whence is?ue the round ct masia and the rok-e of rcrg. be Will m^t with pe.-ects ready to receive h m with <>pen arms ?od to iL^iate him t>Mp hy step i>ito a vicious course, until he is us bad as tbem-eives. But should tha you^g ttan be met by a member of y ur association, aha will invite htm to your cdcerful and cjmt.rtibie raeding rooms, and tb^ro isitroduM Lim to Christies young men who will receive him as a companion in their labor*, and iatroduoe him into the churches ar.i iorietie-, be will there find the company he desires, and ouu (uim, perhaps, to th?.ir habits. sou have beguu is this good oauso, I atn glad to say; but you have ouly begun Be member what you can do, nnd the eoeounl you will bo called on to render as to bow you use ycur opportunities; da not hold back; attend all your mee.icgs, and in all tbiugs work together. (iod has devolved a great responsibility on young men The pulpit, the bar?all the pro fessions?are filled for the most part with young men. The mo?t brilliant men the world has ever seen were jcung. Napoleon was young in tho height of'his fume; dalle rand was a young man when he conducted the diplomacy of Napoleon ; u> was Pitt; Wejr lington was a young man at the fie.'dof Water loo Voung men b?\o to besr the burden of the day, aud should qualify themselves for it. But by this do not understand me to wich to thiust aside the old msu; we do nnt wish them to retire; w? ask of them advioe; we value their wisdom; wc will be guided by their wif Jom and be thankful f?r th? |r prayer' We will tell them that the work devolves on the mote vigorous?that the duty of the old men is to counsel, while the young men carry on the war. But bet ore I take my seat I will speak of coe way in which the young men cau dc much, acd have already accomplished, even in this city, c great dual Within the sound cf the l-cil ct this Church aro children who are old iu crime, who have never entered a church. Wbowiil bring them to the sanc tuary ' The church dee* not attend to thorn ; they do cot come within its influence Your Clergymen pro; are elabofate discourses, and preach eliaucnt seimors to those who a.tend 0d their mtnis'.ry, but they d j Let go out to the bighway3 and beJges and bring in these outcast children?those a ho have most need oi instruction, never come within the sound of their voices The young men cf I?;nd')n seeing this, bnugbttbtoe poor children into the institutioca they cfiled B*e?Fd 4choob; aud accomplished ia that way b:uoh good, 'ihe young men of yepr Christisn Association have done uiu:h is the same way by the establiihment o! m r. eke schools in tbiscity. They heve gathered in childreu who never before attcoled any religious ?ervioe, and are training them, by the help of good teachers, whem they hava inducei to tak* bold of this work. Pastors f?el tbat the day is too ihirt f>r them to accomplish the work they see before them, they look around Ux assistateeend they find it in these y-u-g meu and it glai^ns their hearts and at;?t gth?ns their Lands to receive such assistai.ce Young men ia Wellington. I entjoii you to |>e diligent, seLt' denyicg. and assiduous in this good work, and oa your death bids you will be gladd czcd by tho meuiayies of the I widow s hearts you have caused to sing for Joy by having rescued choir sons t r -n. wrotanod ness and misery ! May the ti .d of ail gtaco prj*sper you in your enterp;i*e ! Mr. Langdon, the Suparioanient of tho Mission Schn.1, 'hen gave an account of its success, lie s^id they had established a Sun day school oa O street. bo:*e*n Fifth aud Sizib; they bad en thoir rolls about 1>0 names and from 30 to luO s-.-holaxs were in leguiar atten dance. IJe also said tb at tLcy c -uld not extend their rchool, for the ro>m they occupied would h <1J bo mare. They had not collected the scholars; the childreu had come voluntarily, and they were well supplied with teschcrs They wished to extend the benefire of the school, but oould not for want of room, lie then asked that the friends and members of (be as?oc:etion would unite in procuring funds for the erec tion or rental ot a suitable rojm for tbs sobool, and pledged hinu>-it (o fill it with scholars who would not probably attend any o'.ber re ligious exerc;se. ike cot re ponding socrelary of the Aaier* | lean Confederation of Young Men's Christian A'soctaTlcnt than rend a let er from the ?ea e Ury of the European associ kti jdp, g'.vioe no tice that, during the month of Jul y next, a contrition of these associations was callei to meet in Paris, and inviting delegates to be present from the Uni'ed Sta'es He then prosented the following resolution, which was passed: Resolved That the Young Men's Christian Association of Washington City , D C., have 'With deep gratification learned of the pro posed Ecumenical Convention of similar asso ciations, to be held in Paris, France, during the coming July ; that their sympathies and prayers will accompany its session; and that the society will gladly avail itself of any op portunity of being represented on this occa sion The meeting then adjourned after prayer by Rev. Dr. Butler Qrbat Attraction at run National The atre.? Mr. James E Murdoch, supported by tha entire srength of the talented Museum company of Baltimore, under the manage sent of Ilenrv C. Jarrett, Esq., will appear as H.imle*, in Shakspeero's celebrated play of (hat name. at the National theatre tomor row evening. Mr. Murdoch is too we!l kuown to the citisens of Washington to need any en* aornium at our hands He has loug been nn ornament to the American stage, and is looked upon as one of tho best porsnna'ors of the very difficult part of Ham'.ot. now on the stage ia Europe or America. J >s Jeffarson, grand son of old Tom Jefferson, who, in his timr, was the pride of the American *tai;e and one of the bast comedians that ever trod the boards will appear in two of hia most amusing c'aai nc.ors, ana will also chaunt 44 The doleful, dieuial, and werry uncomfortable history of Wilkins an 1 his Dinah," as sung by him with immense applansa, in Baltimore, for thirty cvnsee?tive nights. Mr. Jefferson is an actor of rare parts, whose perfo rnunces will add greatly to the enjoyment of tho evening As this company can perform lut one night in Washington, wa believe that the National Theatru will be crowded to witness the repre sentations of so elegant a combination ot American talent. Th? KIra.ip Ball Last Night?Tin ball at Browns' last ni^ht, probably the last irraod affair of the kind of the season, was cij>yed by ?? ma five hundred ladies and gentlemen, aj though determined that ibeir last magnifi cont entertainment of the winter should be remembered as tho happiest of them all. The ladies i icing ro^m of the establishment. deco ratod in ta~?te was thrown opon for dancing shortly after 9 o'clock; when |he jrue-iR who hai previously assembled in ths mi?gr:ifloent parlors and on tho promeu.ide oi the house 11 obed into the ball room at tho first burst of the mu3i3 of one of the popular ard accomplished co:illon bandi of our city. Unfortunately the room was crowded, thus interfering wiih tho comfort of the dancers. ?h': nevertheless seemed to erj>y tbem?elvcs vastly, as on all such occasions. Nearly nil the distinguished public men now in Wath ingtoa were there, aj well as most of the ladies known as loaders in fashionable fcociety of ihe Federal Metropolis, liaif the Senate and impress Court, anl quite a number of Hon* orable llepresentativc-d formed a portion of the company, a3 well as many o3i :ers of the Army and Navy, atao.g them being gentlemen with, emphatically, Injuria! naiuos. The ladies dressed very richly and with excellent Uste. Indeed, we know not where, out of Paris such entertainments are more distinguished than thoso given i;? Washington, for the exquisite tkii! und riohne a with which the fair sex at tending them dress. Diamonds flashed a'l ur^und us, a.most cs brightly as at time* the luitroui eyes of scores of ihe beau'uul j?nr?j girls who mingled in the daroe. Costly bro cades and Ucej, too, were very luu.-h the ? mode' of tho evening, serving to render the scene vfcry d exiling, indeed. The liup^er came oQ? in the gentlemen's dining room, wheie two tables were spread ovi r its whole huge length Mr. John Millar, the fashionable confectioner, seemed to ha7e charge of this *o essential part of the enter tainment, which reflected all possible credit uj,on has skill as an aiti't in his line of buti ncas. The following is tho bill . f fare : Two centar vases. with Coweis beautifully arranged by M.s Yisser; four Urge f.-uit pyramids; four smaller Iruit pyramids; fiur large ornamenta! harps, formed of c -nfections; two la-ge pyramidal c ?k & ; four frcit baskets Cll.d ^ith pine apple erf^uij fot;r va t:, v;itU u.ffere^it kinds c? ice cream; ten fancy uiihej of Madeira, and ten of claret ielly; twenty four dl.'hcc of Cbnrlotte ruse ; eighteen dishes of b?atc mange; be cream in the form of dove.-; eighties cream pyramids; four watar ice pyramids; Un f uit cakes, beau ifully orna men'.e l; six toned turkeys; eight large roast* d turkey*; fcur rounds'of bee! ; four ham4*, ono Saddle ol very fine taqtton; do of v?rtis >n, tfcp largest ever seen in Wushtngton; a profusion ol partridges, and pheasants, aal roasted chickens, chicken salad, oyster? ia d.flerent etjios, bail tonguss, terrapins, and a lar^aa 3ortment of side dishie. All g:raised the skill of that Indispensable gentleman on su-'h ocoasions. Andrew Mi;ca, the cook of the establishment, who was essen tially blessed if wo may ludge from the rapid ity with which the good tni'-gs from under his hands disappeared, ihe neatness and ele gance <>f the table furniture of the bouse ('he capper service being from the celebrated man ufac ory of D*ily Jk llaughwout, of New Yoik ) attracted the attention cf all, it being very ri.'hlv and tastefully omt-ellished? pieje, tutf, oeartng tbe names of tne worthy proprie tors in gilt oi black letieia Mr. Marshal Brown, the host, distinguished himself by his urbanity and kindness to all hit many guo.i'8 oi the occasion, who lingered around his mag nificent halls, a Urge number of them, until the near approach of daylight sent them h int to dream over the ftscinatioos and excitement of this last grand ball of the season in Wash ington society. Tnx Military.?To-morrow being the an niversary cl the birih day of the immortal Washiagton, many of our citiz9n soldiers in tend to mark their patriotism by celebrating tbe event In a p trade. Tbe following are thb names of sometj the companies that we learn will appenr ou this occasion: National Uuard, Capt Tate; German Yeagera, Capt. Swarts man; American ltifles Capt. Smith; Mott gomcry Guards, Capt. Key; tieorge Washing ton Bites. Capt Chase, a new company jast form<d, which will make ttcir first parade on that day. and will be accompanied by the Boon Hi fl'S, Capt. Bright, wh > will act as an escort them; Union lnf mtry, Capt L a sella. Several meetings of the military will be hel?ii this evening which may augment tho number, it was the intention of tiie M?rion Hi flee, Capt. Shekel', to have mado a jett display on the o'casion, but owin^ to tl;e:r net reviving their caps from Philadelphia they have postponed making their parade until the 10th of March, when the National tire}a Intend to act as a convcy to them. CnAtfcUKX ot CouuiTTKEa ?Ihe following is tho list of chairmen of tbo ipecial commit tees of the \V iihin^ton City Yonog Man'l Chris'ian Association : Com lilies on lectures and re mor s? Rev. S II Kynck Oa ineetinge?Jca. H U -adley, Jr. ? n way tvi means?Chaa. W. Schreincr. On titac library ? J A Johnson. O.i statistici?F. L Moore. (ja rooms?Dr. L A iMw^rda Ou jericdicalj?Wm J. Rhees tJn printing and mblicatlon?T. P. M >rgan t?a visiticg tbe sick?Wm C Largd?n On Qa.aton Sunday schoola ? Kev. J 0. Cut ler. On kible ola ses?11. J Kershaw. On tie city prison ? If 11. Kideaour. On the asylum?M II. Miller. On amploymonl?T. J Mi?g'uder. Cn Hoarding houses?S 11. Young. LKSr ?To day will begin the aeason an nnally observe 1 by a large portion of the Christian world, as a season of especial re ligion* services before the oelebration of Good Friday, whieh e3min?morates the Savior's Death., and Easter, tho Festival of his Resur rection Tho Episcopal and lloinin Catholic ChuroheJ of this city wera opened for worship this mor ing. There were special aermona for the day in ba'h denomination*. A Militarv Compant, accompanied by a flue band of muaic, from Richmond, Va., eu rout* f?r Baltimore, pasasd through oar city early his morning. Ttf* UminLY Almawc* ?The lecture of Mr. Dix on tbii subject to ni*ht will no doubt draw a full b?,u*e. To giro oar readers no i lea of the subject Mr Liz proposos to dia ong.-.. wa give the f allowing extract from a letter of bis addressed to a committee of gen tleman who requested him Is lecture at Newark, J.'ew Jersev: As regards the War in the Esst, which now er gropsos lue attention of mankind, far greater interests are ooooerned than the balance of power, or the ascendancy of nation. The tinnr of your note tun res me that the people of Newark will hear with candor my reasons for thinking that that the 4, and integrity of the Ottoman Empire" ought not to be Idtoger smtained; but, that Christian Sovereignty, with guarantee* to resident* lrotn Christian lands of either hemisphere, should be at onee restored to the d m4in of the fi;*ct Christian Empire, and to the places made pre cioos be the most holy memories of he Chris tian Faith. All Christian people of whatever name or organisation, must feel the fame raptureus interest in the recoverycf Jermalern from the unholy and ignominious usurpation, under which it has languished so leng. Evan now, when ths air U filled with the sullen *l;i?p>vs of the coming tornado, it becomes Christen dom to rcjoit-e ra'her than to be terrified at whatever means the will of God may appoint to break forover the force of Islam, to restore to C iristisn rule the of Faith, to mafce the city 1 f Conatantiie ths joy of the East, and the oity of David the light of the world. Thi Ball Game.?Yej'erday, two sharpers we e arrested by Officer Charlej Kimball, in 'he very act of showing "the elephant'' to a green 'un. Their instrument was a ball, a perfect curiosity, which excited the attention of all pre-eot in the Magistrate's office. It is made oi bras;, is beautifully polishod. and contains separate apartments irsido. Thty told the porson they had in h*nd that they were looking for the Patent Offiio for tie pur pose of having the ball, which they said nnn a bombshell, patented. There wore two charges against them ; upon one tb*y were hold to await a lequieilion from the Governor of Ma ryland, and on ihe other for trial at. the Crim inal Court. The names of these individuals a.e Stephen I vin and E A Howard, and they claim to bj from Baltimore. Macoallihtkr's Farswsll ?This Prince cf Magicians giva* bis farewell gobten enter taiotneut m Thursd ly. and then, quick preato, ha starts tor Kichm< nl Vpw.irds of $2000 ia gold watches, jewelry, is , have been girtn at these soi ees recently in the moat liberal a?jd fl'r>?ighilnrward manner, t> <ha sitisfac tion of all partie*. A bumper at parting will no doubt b? presented on this occasion when nearly $3C0 ia golden favors will again be presentt-d to tha audiene:. Tickets only &0 cent* and the farewell golden opportunity. Don't miss it. Fire.?Between sovon and eight o'clock last evening a fire broke out in the carpenter shop belonging to Mr II. Lyles, and occupied l>y Mr. Win. Thomas, on G near 6th street The building was destroyed, and the shop ad jciaing, bel ong.rgto Mr. llobinaon, very much injured The win! spread the flames so that the public school house, a noat an<i now housa soon caught and was injured so much that it will be necessary to erect a new one. Thero wet e Ore fire companies on the ground, and they are eutitlai to credit for their iudu-try. Pnosrani's Couskt Band ?It will be per ceived, by reference to our advertisement columns, that " Projperi'* Band'' has been re organized ander tfco charge of Frederick Projperi. It had disbanded from some disa greement among i's member?" but is believed to be ennal n ^ if not superior to its former vgan'u-ttion. it is l'rosperi's band indeed, f>r there are tlu** brothers of that same in the band now. Accident ?This morning aa the 6 o'clock train was arriving from Biliimore, thi hag {age wagon from tho ite.,inbo?t was entering .ho depot, tolas bystander* called to 1 ho driver hat tho cara were very bun. When the driver turned his head ho found the train :losa upon him, and a.tempted to turn the ticrses off, but to? late Tbe car struck the aorses and knocked them over, crippling one badly. The driver escaped by leaping from bis seat. Pr:?id=nt's M vn%ti> Guards.?TbDcom ^auy Lbld a moating lust evening at their Armory, when the following election took (dace: Sergeant liami 1 to?, of the Barracks, instructor to thecoicomy, uud V?'m. Haywurd, orderly Se-gcan" after which the members were drilled and exercised by their newly elected Sergeant. Thbatrb.?As this i? postivaly the last time die ;?? >ral drama of "True Southern Life" can so [ 3:. jrmed in this city, we would alvise our Htiisns to visit the theatro this evening and ivitneuthe beautiful aotin? of littlo Louisa barker, in the Quarter cf Eva. Watch Uecrss.?Wuj Stephens. John M'il iams, Philip Schmidt, Wm Howard, Andrew Sonny, and James llishrds. all vagrants, dis nissod on condition of leaving the city or go ng to work ; Hiram Allen, krunk in the narket, fiue and eost; Patrick Callahan, pro 'acity, worWhtuse thirty days; Henry Smith, rag rant, do; Wm Miller, do., do. QKOKiXTOWS OOnnESfONDKHCK ihf I leather?Case of Destitution?Mr. CUiHtHtr's lecture?So/*inn \\' arnittg? Klectton?])fam<itic 1'erfurmance, ^e. Gkurjetuv?n, Feb 21, 18&5. The weather has again turned piercing 'old, which, together with tho water being (ft be eanal and navigation on the river not yet esumed, oauses business to wear rather a dull upect This relaxation, however, will only lervo to give our merchants an opportunity to nake all necessary preparations for the eneu ng spring trade, which will doubtlesa be very leavy. We believe there ia as little jcal sufleriug itnoi if the poor iq ui,r oity as any other of itu ;ize in the liniou. Still there aro sime cases ituong m >deit retiring person really distressi ng A oafecaiae to our knowledge yesterday It was that of a- pjor widow, with several imall children, who was ompolled to take tl.e [jillows irom the bed upon which she lay sick ind send them to a store and offer them for iale to procure some bread for her suffering Opting We weie pleased to learn however, bat the benevolent storekeeper sent back t'^e pillows, and he and sou;e (rieud* iun>e>li<ttely relieved tbuir present want3. If any of the !Jaritable wish to know where to find the family, they can do eo by oalliag on Mr. Jo?^o Ifip a^mb. or tho eidos. carrier of the Star in ? eorgetown From tho almost universal anxiety to bear he Hon. Mr. Chandler to morrow evc?nn;ji b'orre-t l(all ?r;ll d<>nb?loss be orowded to )veri^>wiog. The hall will be comfortably nated, well warmed, and everv attention will L.e pud by the gentlemanly officers and mir. igers of the Young Cath dies' Friend Society :# the oomfort of the ladies and all QthtrJ Tho following solemn warning to young men who a?e iotdined to dissipation, appears written in a very excellent hand upon the l>a?k of a $2 note, which came into our pos session yosierdav morning : " This is the ls>t jf a fortune of 5=20,000 left me by a widowed mother. All /oue?^11 dlidpated away. Com. i mended on champaign* and ending on vile wbi:ky. If thia nota should come into the hunJs of a young man who will read Ibis, let him be warned of my fate?a drunkard's loom." Our municipal election s ill causes but very little interest among onr eitixeu*. Tbcr? seanas to be in moot Quarters a very general indit Ferencj in relation to tbe result, ^iome (eel dispensed to turn tho mattor into a sort of ridi cule by the publication of bogus tioketj, in? tended evidently for the purpose of puking fun at eaoh other AH, however, seem to rel ish the joke, and take it as intended merely for a species of pleasantry. Our own tmpres* sion is that regular tiekets for Counoil cf both parties is yet bohind the bush, and will not make their appearance until the morning of the election. Tomorrow will b? oelebrated by the Philo demic 9'joiety in the ohspel of tha college, at 3 0'cloak. Washington's Farewell Address will bo read by Scott B Smith, and an oration will be delivered by A. H Loughborough. Yesterday, Schiller's great play of the Bob bers, and the amusing faroeof the Waniering Minstrel, ware performed by tfae Dramatic Association of George'o to Otllege, b?t'or? a very largo uadience. lh? young gentlemen played their several farts with much credit Mr Douxherly, as Jiui ??gg>, kept the audi ence in a roir. 1 here are two bin-if of terenudeis ia the college, called the -'ilarmoneeca ' and the ??Bonor.iic*"?the former composed of large boys, and the latter of nna!l onea?b"th of whom give a concert, last evening in differ ent pnria of the building. The tinging muM \ and oonumdriinf wero very good The fol lowing was received wlthfreat applause t '?Why are the atodenta of Qeo;getown Col lege like astronomers' "Because they go cut at five o'clock to look for the Evening Star!" 'J he floor an I grain markets remain steady at ocr last quotations. Spectator. [r-^?HuHT AND SWKKT, r*in! It while j?n may, "?' Time fliort ? I know you o unot atar; Hi.t if jnor hair M enf ai whit* a* lao*. UII. UMAX'S DYK ?lll will mak* it it ack ??? rrow, Aitbnrti or browu, a? tou r<u; Jesirt ? Ti'l in I u ia t - - time la all't * ill :?|iilie. For raie, wlHilMtit tuil r?-ttll, l?v M.91?Jt 7.. D. OII.MAX.Pa. av.'uue. THE POETRY OF PHYSIC.?AVER'S rIMe U-?' rnt:?r ?'io I, over tbe ;>ilat?, '">t their altlun; i wrajUH-.l IIJ>, I* there, a?>l tell* w'iIi giant for.-* . ti fie very f.iuuU lo?a of tiUeaae. Tu^re are iliormiuls of * n d.rc r, wli-i ?<m il not wear tliclr .lin.'a.p*":* if t .?? jr knew lltey hi- euro I f r *?". irnU. Trv Ayar'a an I you wl'l kf.nw It. Purify the Wo xl iiu.l ?IUe??* will l>? at?r\e.t out. C Hio itjrsiein from lui;?m i\..jj xnl you are i ure.1 at read jr. Ta*<* th1? lie?t rf all Pnr^ntlvei. anil SrrnfuU, Iu4lK*"tlcti, TVe*k naMH, lit ?Ja.hs, Baekarlip, Hi i.? Arlia, Janiollce. Itli.-u mati-m, ilrra' getiient* of 1<? Liver, KiJuijs, an * Howe!*, ail iler.tntcenientii an.I all .linjaatM nlilrit a pnik'.Uv reme<ly can rent-It. Hf Wfore them like <lar;tip?n befnrr the Sun. R^a.l r, if you are xufferiuc from any of Ui<- uilloeronn romiilaiuUi they core?sutler no in >re?the rente ly Im* l>*eii I rovi.le I or y n. and it |i rrliuliial to neglect it. Tint Ayr's Cherry iv. t. ral 1^ the l?-?t luo-lh lue f..r a Onu h, I- known t i the Khole wjrlil. nu.l that Ayr.V I'l'li are ihj bert of all Pills, is known t > those v he lia/e us-.d tli.-ni, Pi?-j'ar?sl lijr UK. J. 0. AYER, I-owell, Mass., ?AtJ sold hy Z. D. 61LM AV, Washington. O. M. I.I N 111ICI M, (jiwrjutown. Ja<. CnoK Jt CO., Pr?1tTlok?l?ur(f, and by all Dmsilstf | STsry wb^re. fob 17 iiiiTm Y~7* rUKUIl'ilS AT THK KAIK-i.?WlilTKHt liSTS rt1!l In th i aao'Bilanec - The juries <.r each of the Ui ? fairs at II iltlui-tre, Kirhniocd, and N"#w York i*anle,l t irii highest |.r^f?iuins to J. M. W. for turfr sut^rloi ity of Ph.> toxrH|i'is, Sl> rit?ri:u|iM and l>agnerreot'.|H-M exhih.tod. Air. W. aliH. r?o-lve,l twj Hf li!- at tlie World's Pair, I?n don, an I a premium at Crystal Pslate, New Yuik. AI>o, t .e Hi *t award* of thu Marylau I Institute for litres years jmsI. Wliiteliiirci's tia 1<*ry In this c! } is on Pa. avenue. l>?*w. 1and Cth streets. f.b 17 IT"/** WUCHkf?Members of Con^ris* *nd oth?r? In want "t ? tlrst inte timekeeg<er would do ?e!l to make a selection .it one* (h^t liivir quality may !>?? tlioron^hiy test ed b?fore I-kviiis the cltv. >!. W. HALT A ItRU'S a<s< rt went w never s > r^-miilete as at fir?*seiit, embracing eveiy I deacrli>?i"it, ?ll warranted, aa I at in ii-es cerlain'y as low *.? similar art.cles ??an lo purchased for in any city iu this ounuti y. Al. W. GAI.T A HKO , Jiu-i?-<l'.f Pa. aveoue belaceii vWt aud lOti. sis ft?P- KUADY MARK CI.OTMIN'G TOR Ci;XTI KVfN *NO y Youtiia' w?.ir nisntlftctiired wUb elecuice by NQAH WALK.EU <* CO., under Rra?n>.' Hotel. Tlnirsto.L ?nil-ra.)e the Pslit itur Huitout Ovci eoat, Ovarsai ks. ?hat>ed ail-; uc. Is?s?; T.i1n?s?, bla. k and blue Clota Urues Coats, Krock Croats of all fuliloiiabie x-luit, Casstiuer, i:u?iuesc &uit*s, r.,ieh Velvet Vesta, Silks, Ac., bl?ck (Itirskiu Cas-iimer, tt^'ir* I Ca--imer, and plain Ca?s-.t".cr Pautaloons. For the [ youth?Jaekets, Pauls, Vests, Overcoats, Ac. As t!iey their "Wu iii.suuhetiirers they arr enabled and a ill tell at the very lowest prices. Shir;* of superior lit, Collars, Gloves, Tits, At., ol lale ?tyle* always ou hand. dot 3t (V-JP>K<?aaKO;<CUiTlH, Throat Diaeajes, UaeMi'g f:..c<h, ^?' a lJ the tll'J 'ls of Imprudent nss of Mercury, i 01(^1 lrfr.8 has ever te?n discovere'' v hlch has (lfe.-t>4 sucli cures as Carter's Spanish Miatuii. i Thi-o-t .llsesses produced i?y tsiivallea, llacVI' lt'' uih, Brnnrhi il Affe -tlons, btv*r D.-ieaje, Ksuraiir'u, aaU ltneu niatisua, h*vs ail Ueeu relieved nil .uies, u H w. ndsrful I maimer, by the jroat puriaar ol the blocd, Carter's anaulah Miitnrs. Th? case a' Mr. T. H. Ra nsey *l.>ne shotil'l satisfy any vkv doslik Call on the Ageul a.:d iinicuie a pamphlet, I cnutaln'nj 'nte?, wh'eh will a?:< i i! yyo. ' ?,,bee >.^*rtlstii?*ut. trjor. Si:i u.iUQTiix receives all the nsw Books and Kews paper* as fist as published. He Is exeat for Harper's .',dall the other Magazines, a". 1 our readers always rttid s l.i ;a >u J son I aacurtnieut ?f i>o.;^a sud SU'lonm j at Uls Eo?;k<'.nro. Od>k<ii Bulldnix, ? >r Pa. avenne and at. IK'eCL'. During the altcriMMU of yesterday, th ? '21th n -t., >|r. ISAAI' IIALTs, of llio linn ol'll i'l \ Hiolii j | in t!it S! !i \ car ?>!' liia .tgo. Tim* ii.i< ?i* partfil fr- m ??atl'i one of iiH'.ure's it lil -iik^n? ?4 man wlinsu g< !?? ruita heart w:n never ise<l t?i -lie it'ijx'a's of a fliend, or ilr; wants ?if a U"?'dy fellow being, luaac Hall was en-Jeare.l to liis funiiiy 1<I fiicntl^, hy llnite in.i.h; Hu:;lilfM of heaii and heart which fJod tlon^ned ho ehould hi. liir d?-ath ha.; h'fi a vacuum in a circle of true lri> iiiU which lime can scarcely fill: " Aii! it in >;.d when ono tin's liuk^i dcfi trt.;! When IVhMi, iIiju p-ighty ?everi;r nf lint: h< :'.tt>?. S',VCCi>a ;i<rnia|h thr lialU e<? lately 1<hi ! ia loiitb, Aii J louvoji pile sorrow weeping by tin- t:t n? li?.?? \\. II. II {J(7-Tli.' frii-nds of the decased and nf tin* f.imiiy tr?* r< t|ii Tl?'il lo nit. fid hi? fnne al on Tlinr day inornifi;: al 8 o'clock, frt<tn 'hi: r^Mil-nei* f'f hi"1 | hro.her, Baia It Hall, o;; 1" ?feu!, Uttweeu Grit a!i^ 7th streets. For fialo and Kent. f^RKAT HARGAIXS IV P.KAI. E.?T.\TE \M? X Slavits.- I havi- for sal:* sosno v<*ry valuaLIf lli iises .iu?l Lots?Click ami fr;'ni?', iti litis city. Al??. ?oin?t valuaiJc Slaves?Mi*b, Women. an>l Children. Great hargaiis lutv he i*pect?*d for cash. GEO. I. MAS.-JSV, Agei.t. feb 19?3t* ^JTOKI'. FOR RCMT? 1!^ ??I':?v C1JILIH\G ^3 on the <'orii? r of Pa. av?:nfi." and Foiirt?*?"it'ii >?., o ?|M)Mie \Vill.irdn' Hoti'l, a po??d location for n f.r I Ha s llo-'k and Sla:iou?*ry, Tailor, BikiI and s !ix?, Drue, or l'ancv Store. I'onft j ian can b ? bad iai inediatcly. V.iit^ n?-?-d apply but who can brins tin' hett of refennces. Apply nt \Vj|| <r?|?' Kola. .fcb 16? I w \imUO STCIUE FOR SAI>: IN (INK OF THE iiio?t desirable pn-iiious iti Washington, doing a fine sj. Wish it iberc ia a ino*t i *"< ll. nl and val'iable rt?da Water Appaniuu. v-a |i*r l.ii.-iiii-- is nn<* of the best ia \\ :i -hii.2t> n. \ I ilrw< "X W," Washnitfi'di. *rl? IJ -')\v If! >11 HF.M1' ??K EXCIfAXGE? F.?r f.Vnr^-iown . or I'liy rrojMTlv, a sine;; and well ciiliiv:?un! Farm in Fairfax county, Va. u|; corner of uridge and t 'ongress its., N'o. 87. fehC-tf ArOMMOUIOUS mVF.I.I TVC rOR RENT? The targe and ron?iii ?d:ows dwelling at ilic com' r of llth street and Pa. avenne, containing 17 Inr^e rooms, with a fine kitchen in the bi cment, having a Hue cellar and back vird, the who'** b- iw? in line repair, is now lor rent. He excellent I oca lion and fine acci:i?nto<|ations make it one of the m:is' de^irahle i,t a ?.?r n t.tije le-artiing bou or 1 ilw.-iiinK u; Washington. F'?r u*riu.4 apjev al i'ic 1 Star olBt-e. feb 8 tf OMRS F<iR Al.l..- BeauiifiiMy and healthily !.?? atetl Building I.<?u, 5i feet fmnt liy F.."U feet IL deep, on g:ade?| streets, can, tiMlil ?prji?{j, lie bi'ii'hl at tin; exceeding low price nf (uiyable per ni tilth Title intli titrable. Union Land ??tfice, 7th st., above < bid Fellows' HaiJ. jan 9?Cm JOHV F<?X, Secrwarf. STORAGE.?'i liu te !;tvi?2 Furniture, llry COvhN _ Grnee; it i? - , to be Ftorcd, will find ample ae. Ciinmi.Ml.iiiou< in ilie lar?e, airv. Hat; stone paved and l>.y llas> iucuts under ihe >tar i.flnje. eorm r l'? avenue and Eleventh si. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?If Wants. \\r 1NTEU-AN* Ac-ilVii VVDMW '10 liO W li#u.*ew>irk. One who under?tani!fl b?u-e Kcepuii; preferred. Goo J wages given and gu>.i re boinineuilations re.)iiir? d. Apply lo No, 334 r si., between 4'/^ and Ct.i it*. feb lit frr. > VkJ AVTF.n-RV A UFiMV.CTAI'.IsE YOUNG W M'r'? a Situ at 011 as Nurse, or to do gencrui bouseivs.rk. Go-id rccawUieii.iati.ins w ill li sivo.:. Apply on Mh si., between N and O, to Jno. Ly .eh. tv b^Ql?It* IV AVl'CD-IN A GKNTLF.MAX'S FAMILY f| m Good Dining ro.:;?i Scrvaui, A .-lave p <e ferret\. Vply ai tins otfue. icb *il 3t* TITAN TED?A YOUTH, OF 10 YEARS OF Yf ue, wlia ii a firat taie iieaaaa, would like to have a place as bo ikkveper or clerk in *"nie r J spcct :bie ntisiiicft The lie>i ol' rocoiniitendatj?.n glve.i. Address \ X," Evenieg f^tar clfi -e, t,r ^Henrv," through Goorgetowu post Office feb 21?3t * WANTEQ-DY A roMPCTENT PERSON, a pi .tee in ('five an omnibus,,wagon, ? dray. Best of character presented Address "D II;" through City I'osi otfice. leb90?.'h* YJLJ' AN I'Lii?A NURSE, SLAVE. ENUUIRE at 1). I'laeett'*, next door to corner of Nuiih struri an I Pennsylvania avenue. f.-b 1U-31 . Boarding. RUA11D1NU.?A having lakeu Ihe hand ?ouie Du elliuv, No 3, Union Row, on F street between ti'li and 7ib, can oticr line large nxmis It 1 families, cttlier lurnisbed or unfuiiiisbed Also, has j rooms for gen lemen uiuch larger than are generally appiop'ialed to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient [xr sous will be accoinni(NlateJ on the mo-t reasonable terms fi b til -'Jw 1 lOUKET and Uuarto (Junes for lbS5 lor sale ' y X; IR.VNCK TAYUOU. Auction pales T AUCTION I -A UCTIOM x P '?rilINO ?Coots, Pants, Vert?, Shirts, (M V Cravats, Uudershiris, Drawers, (.'niw, Jir and in fact everythin:: app< naming to wm'J ? W tar, at 111 Brick Stcr- ? ppoeite ihe market. bet 2hl..?2i.9jL*tre*u' ,,i, "*'?????'. ?.oc?a.rnoin* t n | THLtteDAY motwii^ at 9 o'clock, and con inui. g from day to ?lay, *nd iroai eveuiu s 10 even inc. u - Ul the ]?t iK' M uch. The* K'?kj? are nem and well made _feb2f-3t ki* 8. WXflGHT, Aacttouier Extensive and peremptory bale of Gp eerie#, ili Ihe M< re ot C. Pickerel. fc Co., VVdt?*r street?The tub^nlx r? intending to chan/e their business, will se;l, without rese ve, at their war* home, on Water ? on MONDAY n. xt tiie 3C'h instant, at IU nMi^k, then entire stock. m?stly hi wh'de packages, rnnsislinf f f llhds. and bbls. of N O. and P. R. Ciu-hed, Pulvef iae-l and Loaf Sug irs', and l.bls ?f MoIifo-i i^ulees, wry fine leas, Can ill s. Cordage Soap, Spi.-cs, Starch, Pipes, Baskets, Froomi Sa aratu-, wilting &nd wrapping Papers Brandies, Uin, V\ hukey, Wines, fc, 20 I 000 Ini|Hirted Segtrx, liae Clewing Tubtc? o Bt> s. and half bbls. Mackeral, bbls. Hcriiurs Pure CiJ. r Vinegar. Willi .1 large *s* rtnient of ;.>odr, too nuiner. us to I a ticularize in i;n advertuenicnt. Ternii hberal at;d at s?.le. F.. PICK t REEL fc CO. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, ' ? Airtimitfr. ?>" J MtUDlUK, Aiutl?n?ir. Auction bale ofsplcndi d gold Watches, fine Diamonds and Jewelry.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, February 2|at,at 4 oVIk at my Auction Rioms, I sha I M il, " nn< m Hserre. by order oi a New \otk 11 * -e t eiliuuig business, h choice collection, ci?<i!p.i-iii?? t ins |itlil lever, skeleton, detached, lepin*-. eiianicili-ii^aiid diamond back Watch* * L'ldie*' fin*' col,I d anni o] 1 hi> and Kinj-a Fine iiolii Cti-inl t and Chatelaines G >ld Biu? pin-, Stmts, Sleeve l)u'.Uns, &.c. Tii- al?.?ve goods are warranted, nnd |Nink?w wili titul this a ett iiice lor b ir^.tius setdo:u tsict wit j in tliii* city. Terms er.>h. , , ? C. .McGUIRE, f< l? -0 it Aiieijopecr. McGt'lHK, Aactlonctr. RUSTEK'S SALE OK VAUJATLE AND El. iaibiy miii.;|i il i in proved and I'l.miprovi-d l!tal Estate oil the I laud. - Rv \i;lue Mf a .1 ed of IrtiM bearing date on Un- 1st dnv of 18.^1. a: ?i recv.tdea in Lib. r J. A. S.. No. C^, Mio 31, Kc., the ?libM-riber will m ||, a public sale. <m THfKSI.AY, llie J2 I day of February, l(\i.ri. at-J o'clock p. m.. cn the premise., | ots No-. 1,2, a 4. 5 B. nn.1 40. m the unltdivi-MHi 1.1" .-quae So. 4Xt. tli?-w.;??!e I ranting 74 f.-ei on Ttfi i:.e, w?tt, 18) t'r;ei on E ihmi.'Ii, and I?1 te.-t 1 11 <-'li >lreet wist, w.tli tin im provfuieiib-, wliii-b <-ouri-to( a l.i'gr, wtfaai'^HMK, and substantial eoulde iHi'tig,; built liwine iit.u c stable, ainl oilier nut houses. Tic liica'ioii on the conn r of 7th nnd Ert-,and 8cb and E ^Jreels, 011 the I l.ui!, i^ lie^liliy mi?,| ,ie 1 a rapidly ini|?iovi..g of the city. 1 lie property ? i I be s .:,| a? a whole or in <ena rate lots as n;ay be di em? d dc-imble, and cfl'er* a fa\. t.i.,.o opportuiiily to j>? r oi.s desirotis if nur clia ing n lian l.-onic rtrkltiicc nr l>ui!UiR|! M?, or ma i. 1 nw iiivcrtliiieuu. I <e teriiit of sale wi ? , ?Itc iUirJ of pur eha>e iiimiey i?i c?<4i,;i?J tin1 bnianceiu six, it*?*lve, and eiehteet, months, for nvte. boacog inti-r?-1 rt.?m day of sale, mttuej bj di*ed of tia.? u:?)ii lb- or in erty. 1 r II the terras ol sale are not complied with in six <Uy? nfter the sale, the property will be resol 1 at the risk ami expense of the part baser uik-u oi.e week's notice. r Ail couvcyancin? at thi expense of purc'ta rr. CIIAS. S. WAELACII. Tru tee. , , , ? J AS. C. McGUIRE, Mi A uctioiit?r. Ky J C. Auctioneer. Q MALE ANI? DES1RAULE VIARKET FARM at n Public Auluu.i.?th? SATURDAY, Febntan ^?th, nt 1*4 o'clock. ?:i, iit my Auction Rooo's. I a ^"lall maikit finn, containing 34 acr.*, site..ted ?lio?t six inilci iti-tnnt from the ? 1 litre Murxe . nnd one ha'f mile from the Seve.ith -erect Pia:ik R;>:?d. :>nd iouu< diat>'ly op(?i-ite the p;;rin of !' P. Blair, F>o Tiic in.-pr venients coT,tfi?i of a small frame d'.ve|. tin;' house, |og st-ii?le, com crib, anU other toei i-s 1 ry ^nib'.iiliiin^s. Tiicre i- h s ?>d spiinw ?.i w tw on the place, aim.1, nonie cho.ce fruit Irecj in beaiiug condition. Sale perKniptory and tide p.-ifcct. I'trins : One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve lainihs. witliiiitere>t, secuieJb, a ti 11 ol Irust on ike premises. A.._ , JAMES C. McGUiHtf, icb IP- u Aactioiie?r. ?F C. PIc<?UlilK, Auctioneer. 'J'UUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE IMLVE I nnd Lot. ?P v viruie of a <1eed ot 'nnt from Win F. A us i:i am! ?vife, b aiiru dtie 011 the G: It day i?f, Jan'tary, li\il, nnd r"corded in l(ihrr J. A. s.. Vo. <0. t .!n"s 3 ti, , lUi, and .?4'l, lin: s?i*?-e itier u 1!! sc |, a- : i|-,|,e ;iie, i.n MONDAY, t'.e 5 b day oi M arel.. J In, at 4 ^ o'clock, p. in., on the nrun: se&, on Fir>t siieet ea:-t, b-twecn .V snd O streets ?-oiitli, pan i f Lot 5, in st^u ire ? nth of rqtiare 741. j tronti'ig o9 leet 11 irsrhi'i mi s?tel Fir-t stre< ', by 7"i 'eel derp, (Ml a feet v, togetlier With the I'liiid- I ma!-' and impmveme ts, which consist of n ui li and suietar:tially built two-ttory Iratae dwePitig-liovse. The terms of sale wilt be: One half? n?h, ami the i a'unce in eq .al payments at s,? and twelve m- uths tor notes bear:!*3 iutcr<-*t fro-n day of nr le. ?ccur<-d ' y deed in tru-l up).:, the p:o|n'rty. If the ten:is ? f >ale are not compiled widi in six days after the sal.: the property will be re;?lat tie risk and ex pen e of the purchaser, upon one we. k * HOti *e. Ail conveyancing ?t e\|>rU'e. id"pureha?cr. USIAS. S. WALI.At'll, TruiJee. J V-'. C. McCI IKE. feh 10?eofcds Aiiclmn^er. Uy J. C. nrtil'IKiC, Auc(lu?'?r. f 1 *RfTf*TEE'?* 5ALE ?>F HOUSE AND l.<iT.? 1. <'n TIIUU"DAV alii ri.i.i.n, March 1-t, l^u,ai 4 o'el.iek, 011 the p-rni>t*?, by virtue ?f a died Ol It ii-t ti tlie ?ubs ilber, It ar n- dale the 14th Way. IKVi, and i'iiIv r? curded in Lib-r J. A. S., .M ?. fo'i - 41(8, 4.'?9. :.nd 4HI. one of liie land r?eorJs-or Wa-hinst m county, I s|??l| -*?-!! the leKtb half ol li lt No P.I. ill Square 1 r? lit:nt; 'Si leet 4 incite* on I2:n . iri-ei west, between north (' and l(# -4r-*et-, run ms back ICO teel to a wide.diev, w.tli n ip.o\e m-'i:ts, con idling of a substantial buck iUdliit;| S:oiire. T rms: One third cash; the reedije in ?^ir and Ijivilve months, with interest, see??red by a d? c.i of trast on the premises, NICHOLAS U ALLAN. Trtisr-e. J AS. C. MeCl lRF^ f#b 12?CO&.J? Auctioneer. / i, PII.VER, STEEL & PL ATED BPEU vT TAI'LKS 10 sun evry as?e aml_ e <?. Rilling Specs, H. li. t.'lri-r-i's, Eye^ Pro>?*et?jfs, Gla-ws ot ull descrip li'Mis, binding Gof^les ; Xe., P ir:.linl i, Perifocal, C??nc ?ve, Convex, and Col >red Gl-eses put in fia.n-*s nt tlie shortest notice. Person* in want of jji.? ^cs umy be sure to jrii til ? t toliicii benClll .he eye a> II. FEMKEN'S, N<>. [i'30 Pa. avenue, btflw. yt.'i and lUth ?ts. jan 00 DISSOLUTION. rS flE partnership of Rarron It Onoe is this i?ay I dissolved by mutual consent. Al! accounts due the conct/n must be pani to II. Brirrt-n, he bein? au ilnn.sed to close the Utfiaeas ?.l the linn. HENRY BARRON, Pi biuur}* 3, 1?S"?. TilOS. ORME. T!:.' un.teisigned w.?u d re>jK?etfu!l / rcqueet all thot-r* indebted to the coure-n to come forward and | settle their bills hv the tith of March, as it is very i tant to tiita to Have t'.ie Ijusnie^s etcsed by Uiat time. At! accounts left on r at tint time will be put into the h.njsofati officer for c<.||ec:ion. A!! ac Ciiit>,!i du>? by tlie eolicarn will p!ea.-e l?e prtsvnt. J for payment as soi.n as jieas blc, as f am ready at any time to meet toe saute. IIENRV RAKRON. P. ft.?Tlie it!idcrsign?d would respertfupy hay to | all tlie custom.-r* of llie late tirsu, and the public "??nvfally, thai there will alw ays be k< pi a tjock ol Wo d and Coal at th>! ol I Ftand, Qreun strett, and solicits a share of ptildie pitrottage. Relieving it to b be t for boih I u>er and seller, he has determined t) n.ake the t?iu? cash, or on shoit time to punctual c:isioiuers. " T1IOS. ORME, Agent. feb 5 -1 iu 7 SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty nssoit nent of Silver Coffee SeW, Pitclters, IJohlets, t'np , Creams, and all kuwu of 8p.Mjus and Forks, ami a variety of Faucy Silver ware, suitable for present*, vig: Soup a ml ? >y?tct Ladles, Crumb Scrajar<, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cieani and Su^ar Siwoiis, etc., is offered at low ptt ces, and warranteu sterling. II. SF.MKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and loth s.i. jnn IS Taw partnership. SUPRRMEfOURT OFTIIEUN'ITED STATES. ROCERF J- WALKKR and LOUIS JANIN have tormed a c i^irtiiership under the name ol '?Wa'keraud Janin," for the argument of cases 111 the Supreme t 'otwt of tlie United States, at Wa.-h in^ton city, wlieic l?oili will atteud throughout the | uriire fessioiis ol that court. They may tie addrewed at Wasbington, N. York, | or New Orleans. jnn IS)?etJui* SIR. BUSIINELL'S SCU00L, A'o. 4 41 Thirteenth *ircM, between F cud G 1It F| IIE next quarter will commence ou the lilh iu J slant. ~ Circulars may he had at the principal bookstores anil at the Sclwoi to uu. f?" ^ coa?* TELEOKAPH Ki, rryly f0f ^sjhfly K^Kift Airivalof the Steamer Baltic .hil'u ,Yc" F,k ,l-r* U8?ui h#r, >t tw9 o,c|^k . L *T**1 dMw of the 10th b?" of wil. ' ?? F" ,J*?l ) !? Uluur o; *?, . ?uiuW L;t Aberdeen. Ui1 TbeKailol Clarendon is Miu!r? Fo ?ign Affurs ; Sdney He,fc,rt of Ccloa?al A. f?irt; Sir Oeorje O ??, 0f th. Etcbequer W W <Jladrtfcn?. Fi?t; Lord of tho Admiralty ? Sir Jem t Graham, thiVollor, Lord Ulan ?or h, Prvsiicnt of the Cooncil; Earl Uran ? l ?, Keeper of It* Pri?y Seal; D?ke of at Syle, Minister of tho Peblio WorVi; ?ir W Mola wo-ih, President Board Control; Fir Cha-los Wood, I'cttinltter; Lord Cosuiog w.thout officc, Marquis of L&njdowne Toe abnve form the oew Cabinet. L,rJ K.rt of Xt9fu,, W J<*o Ku.,.1 jo out. mm, ic od Hit bal.oc* r? tha iim u tk* lut aiiJ ittry. Th?? if my Hi tie other news hi wtfl# ha, l ean apiomt.J Fren3h mioiaor of finato,, a Ikucher, minister or agriculture. Failing ef the Atlantic Nrw Vusk, Feb. 21 -The Am,,nan n a?I steamer, Atlantic failed at soon to dee eith paasengett, including GrW and Mario, wl o b ?verc urnsJ much diataiirfiad nith their pro fe: iota! -visit to this country. This nearer takes out $1 S3 >.6. 0 iu <peeie. Baltimore Market*. Bittiioii, Feb. 21.?The announcement or the arrival of the RaPla h?u e .nddera ,ly ohocked operation; to-day. II ward rtreet ie hold!y at U 30; City Mills ti 23 far oa.L: rye flour *ib7i; wheat $I.9? a |2.#5; ccm, u*u? 1 h.i a SI; nbite 6i a W; yellow 87 a <*c. leik Stock Market Nan- \ or* F?b 21.?'Stocks ere firm anl money it abundant. Sales at first boar J of KHe Railroad at 45f; Cleveland A Toledo Kai.'roa* at r,0'; Reading Railroad T6; New \oik Central 1/31; Pennsylvania Coal Com pany 100;; New Jersey Railroad 1231. Few Ycrk Market. haw ^o*a, Feb 21.?Cotton it ?BcbaageJ, with & limited buslnats at previous rktes! Flour has adracoeJ from 6} to 121c. per Lar rcl-silej o: 5.210 barrels, good Ohi-j at $8.81 ?5^12}; Socthtm ecntiouee fiim Corn is ft m, ?ilh sales of yellow at Mo Pork ii lirm tales of 1,000 Larrels eld lae.t av fl2 81 P" barrel. Reef is firm and unchanged. Lard is unchanged, with a moderst* dema^j at rates. Whisky-Ohio it <jUiet; silea at 33aS4ie per gallon. Tflort t) remtva Jutge Lorinf. Losto*. Feb. 2u ?Ihe b?ariog of the re tit.?oera ^or the removal cf Judge Lotiog was hold befure the Legislative ooaimit'ee this or leruooa Ii wts ooctendod by the 1 r JL WeLb jf- Phiiitpj and C. Bl. LI its that it vm neoeasary cn ler tue cutis untion, to allege uiueoBdus*. in ofliee ns acaare fjr removal, but they only arrufd uotltnefli for cfSje upon the demand of publis opinion and the ioterc/ti> of the oommuaitv Lorini,- disregard nj; the rules of ev den^e in the Burns care, and tne mauner of eonduotmc the trial, by prfjed^.g it ??j informing the oUim-ntsoi hu interded deci.ion before ai. 1 , ?* 11 pi!bl,e'. ?ak# hlca "Qfit for the oAee of J"dgo The dislike of oming in eontaet wi?h Mr. Lonnjf rffi'ially was elsoeUimad as snfii. cient ground lor removal, as ths sentiment* of tho most eminent j-insti of the State, as ex pre.-a.3d in the conven*ion cf 1830 TLere was a great cr?wd in attendance, who It limfc#, app!audo.l the sentiBent* of tho e;>uakeri, notwith* andirgelforts topreren. i*. No one *pp?4rel lor the remonstrant, ani tho further hearing was po<tponod for one week ir NEW FANCY STORE. ' It IIIV8G.V U. MlWBli lnv? fot sal# at their lieu Ktoro, itf-xt i!??or to Wahif lliip?-r a Cn., I'a. nv. nui', between 9di anJ lt'ili ~i..ft--, every deCTtplMMi ?e'Fancy G.toJa, Ft rfuin. ry, lloji.cry, tiiuveK, I'oric Moiuiaicr, Card C'lw*. J?kc| Batw, fcc, * ^ A!-., Mi-ixtlic ait?l P.i(ti?T Marli? one and ?}' Cl?k?, MautH < ?rii ut.- nt-, i*c., t v. UKi wli.i ;t lar-f amrtsttst ot' Stirii \V?Mk. tU<- .4 ki-Sacii wi'l b?- f<M?i at ihf lawnl Nch Yurk uricn. IIIITCIIINSON K Mi:MM, , . . 310 I'a- l^tw.yUi Jfl.t I0th ik M. 15 - lw (< .'t|) t V. WAUKiNKH, W A T C II M A K I R , NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, BcIwpch Ninth and Tfi^y bti* ?tp9 WASHIKUTOX, d. c. feb 14? dtXov4* BANXtNtt H0U8K cFpaIRO * MOURat f'"it/..! !"Jt7N.'o?ury. auu otlMlf M'rUIIUit i/iirchzs^J II anJ ><?ld. Intfr >t at tke rr.t^ r.fy,\ frf-r r?-nt per aniiiim al l.iw.'d Ui MliCH ftrrt I??r .'?) day? OJ loliv?r ia.i 'J4? Cim P PROTEOTfON 1 ROM FIUE, AMI .SM VlNii Of (!AH. AI'LIR SliH(l<*s< sri" u<. j Ojg i^it 3 . |,?,r' ? lime without I??-in!? l.nrn.-J, 4i,j f(|<-n are ti?' U??"l'y OCCasiufct'd by I llfOI i lln Hi' i*! .* ? If???etna |y pi>? ventt-l i,y a newiii^aiiM. UV? .T > ' 5 :'ATi:.N'T UCH.Fi TINi; MIAIIKl'KtlTKf'li'H. cannot !*>? :et on litr ?Jia| are w< J iiiauu theu. Tliey reflect ir^re li^iu do?n on th- tnble. v? itb halt"ibe c<M?s.itti(t;i.Mi w fu-. F.>r :.Ve at the >l<?n.?e rurni.-hhit Store ui C. W BOTEI.ER. No. 11 M In n Hall. 5 Al>t> SUaSrt, Ca< K'utarrr, nud Lamrx c.f <iaat? 19? *ol? \ ''1 l| ? Wlicrun John K<NtT and t'arolme X1 Korrt", hi.- u tie. Ii?*e nji ?rt, under a de-*<| of f? arattoi, tlie pub ie are len hy warned not to trust tl?e >a?d <'nroline on account of tl.t* wlmtlMt, who h not r<--(x>n-it>li' H.r any di tu cot'traete.! |i\ h^r and will not ray the saate. JOHN K^'kl^K. leb '?~ law3w* NOT IC iTio DEBTORS. A I.I. the ae.-oiiui- <j! tKe bMe lirm oi afCBO. W. t: \ RKK'I T a C<*., u'id ?d the nrm of TIUlM AS &. DYES, ia ll*e lianatcc bii??i-?? in ikm ci;y. iiaw been placed in my hitn.v, with m?trwcitou* r?* have the kame ?*t*l- d <?r ^riin'il forllawith. All per^inx in^any ?nr ladrhtul to the firm? ab>vu iiu ntiouc.l wi?l i-len-e Mien J at ?nce, and save exjieiiK'. H'M. II. WARI), Attorney, * ?ifa. e over TodJ a Co.'* Hat 8u>re. feb 13 ? eiiiw DHAUGIiT~AIX THE undeseifacd rofpecnully announce that they have obtained tli? bOU: Ajgeucy ot th?> lH?lri. r lor the sale ?f liun* k Nen a Vera Drsufbi Ate, and have uia<l? arransement* ?oa?in have it con *i:tutly on haa.!, so that all who may favoi Hun w till their cubImii will b?- t?nn< in.tlly ?erve<t. A? u-.ial, a -uj/|>! v of Purtt r. Ale, Cider and Mm ?tal VVuiei oonsUnil) on hand. t'rdi ri by mail, or given to onr dnv<n will meet With Strict attention. , . Terms ca?h. AR.VY k .?IITHflf. A firxl rate ffajw, but little used, lor sale Apply asah)Ve,to AKNY k KIIINN, I'nion Boti!l??t Depot, feb 8?eolin Georgetown II. SEMKEN, JEWELER, So. 33U Pa. ai*nut, Lchten 9tk and lUtA trt4U., Ofleis t?>r ?ale a ma^uifteent aiworUuenl o( diamond jkwkluy, Gold Ilrare eU, Hrea*t|-o*. Earruty^, Seal Rxnf Weddiug Itinc. Fob und Vest Chain*, Hcala, Lock eu, PcnciW, Tlmnbleti, Tnukeu, etc All ar?K-le? are warranted a? repreMuted and aoM unuitualJy low. Jan 19 ILE?' REGISTER POt AMERICAN STATE Papers.?A enmpl te wt of Nile*' letter, 7n volt, nr any other Bnoka will be riven ia rKhasft f??r tlie ?' American Sute Papers" and ** American Arcliiv. a," or they will hi- purchased at a libeial price. TAYLOR k MAURY'8 feb 14 Bookttore, near Ninth auttV

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