Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. [mil tat ?IAR. A rOBTBAJT I* VBE3I ?I H- CL1I mi"1 ? >h: wjuM I might < onunan.l al wiil The Pot t's tire, ttic Artist's skill. 1V> paint Ui words of living light The isn."C <?f a maiden bright. T: ose twfrt eyes first b??uied on me As tuuliikl ou a -torui v sea! J will n??t call licr -Au^el fair," i ?r dome bright bi itig of the air; i ir-h words bt'rame Hie fliltYrv* tongue, \V in?s^ . I- i_ ?t as ioou .ls >-unj>; !ttl" mine. wbi li flows deup from the soul, ^Itall l.\c ontd thi h^art zrowacold ! i- not sprung from 11< av'nly binli. . ?r >??t loigo-I 10 tivr on earth: bnou^l! <?! a?z 1 in Uer ? ul To epoklo ;iiro;)?h the earthly mould? Mif leave* us no too far Im Ii ml i'.ut *till claims kindred with her kind. I! t t?f ii* art and chirnUof mini. M i f? i a'l Hubdueff, irfined; jV s?>ni to t el another's woe. To kmd<ie*? quirk?to arger alow; Perception char, and judgment strong, I, ?od sens: to know liie right from wn>n*; a will, d.t r?lined in it-. might T<> pIiMii the wrong and do the right; y*nl more tl.^n lhi?-tn crown the ?b>'lc? And Iwljft de p, P-iigioiu soul. i ?!i! !???' m: are gm* \vtK>?<? dinrm< impMrt Sorli I \ -?y traits f? Ansa's heart, AikI |k i-.t iter fill a pen? of earlli ? Ideal b >;lit ??? ?"jNimi\ mrtk IIo: i'.r.i ? Al . At::.- An atrocious mur der and hou?e-t timing took place on We<i:.csliv last, within eight mile;. of Paton, Ca^e (iirardcau county, Missouri: A young man by the name o( Buck ner, sometime aince married a widow v?l.o hid a daughter marly grown. Not lorg after they wire married, Buckner seduced the young lady, or, as some say. ravished her, since which time, Buckner, the old lady and the girl have been quar relling and lighting. On \7edacsday night last Buckncr re turned home, hfur an absence of some tw?> month:;, when hi ; wife caught him anJ 1-elJ him, while her daughter killed Liui with an axe ! To hide all traces oi their work, they then set ti: c to the Luuse, consuming the body of Bucknei in the 11 vines. What led to a discover)' of the uiurder was, the circumstance c1 ]?uc!tmr b?ing absent so long, and some r f t!i.? ne'ghbor.. seeing hhn coaie honu c.i Wednesday ?veningr. They saw nc more tf him. >o they vent to isiiing and searching a^on:' the coals and ashes c the burnt Lou.-c- und luund some bones which excited fctful suspicion*. Ar r;q?u-;t v.aj luld on Friday, ana the} vtie declared t> be hut nan bones. Al ?Kt. p .r.ics one.rued have been arrestee (IKS ' the youn* woman. Mrs. Back Las madj a fjil confession. Mil. EMKNTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS jVk. nc. iVtit lor Days. Ai.1 '.i ...Bo-t ?!> J,in 2 An..-lie l.'Y.'rp'**!....New Yim?...Jan.'i ? 'i?v *1 i>?- -r. .?.??! r^?"?l .. l lii'lrtelot j:? l-? H 1 ?*. 1^ IIIV-: New Vo.-k...tVli. 1 .f ". .'t ? iiii??j? leave Nea? Voik o ?>i?- -*.:h j.11.' i of ?? \e.'j tuoiitli. At wiil W.Li AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS * - '. ?i-?ilo ?a. a St j o. w;larc. J f y. W < Ktiip, Pa W J *va rm, do J Fer.t- ii, do 1) S A; ^-tto-i. d > A '' Moore, XV \v 't J.w.vil, I' ? N I) Yi>uit{,i:o J ? 1 ft ialy, jlu * I irk, N'l J V. iit Sfi i.Y ; H ii RlaiK ha J. d ? l.r U ' >1 : a ? *V H \V I; * iudi<*Sj XI r ; !. 'u J?, Mass *-V Holii-ter. i!o >:j - VI S La.nh. il"? M Braymr.n. I'l l.t - I' I) i.i. rt",. Nil XV T Irstu^#, Va K ?'v Mv.iai do }fa?tT K li jii'-a, do * .ip*. >?e?. 4? J l*SA C iluiliaer, dC n i iv,r<i, ii*. i >: r. i^; * IV K. Mi)") Va Hot*!?i d. willard. AM I" -Z r> *? *' " K Cban-ller, Va ;? \t ?*:.i ?iil!. Xi: J Ti'ora, ("hrr Nation T>- K IJ S'i:s:t. V'.I I? ?;? Kr.reuiiiii, ?to I" VV S,: *?r? a lady, XV J i? O' lidmau, Va iiir?r3 I, I Jo li M t ?>i< luall. (So J ii;z> r, iio T J Wvrui.hnkcr, do A H i-trrntw, ko J V sf Alvey, do I. H I. z!i?. i. ? H XT <Jnrr,- i,d, do Si. - ? r.'l.iy. do 1; r T Jl(,r & lady, XY J T S'.Vi rt. ,'o >1 II iS~eio, ilo !? R ii ???I.#..-. A V ieniieaL \|o V 11 ? e a.-. XII C' ISrown, Pa M Jt-weil, L't S Jl.<i?lltto:i. do ?? .? i i a :;ii'i?n, Va A J Powell, V| ?' I' \ .-'r . *.I?- t I. T: Wt.ii,Coicitaiai J?Krtj?ee. Natnn .i 'I *>.i ?.;jtA'n", S> V S Pol-wim. do ? > . ? ii? i A Wb'-a; mi, XV .? !! t.a :-n?, ;*1 li M. ( or,.r, r? > F ??. ?? ? A Va ' ' ". M! >Jr t nniiiiishnm, I M r 5c iidv, !M M/? (.''innin^lttiii. do ? f-rlsai'i. >f.i-s I*r Vn.r, \ a .!. ? ? n, Mr t'nttrr. >1 ?: . l a K Major, X V "tt. !d A L Packer Sc Uly, ?' i i fliii Ij Mfs ,\| 17 Pa- ker. iio ? 1 Miv t \V Pa- Kit. do J IS !.-? i.v". M.I l"a;>t l*-?ni, <!?? ?>. li i n i, \ r II J Dt u;i \Y ') t.;. i r r. I'.t t; P I ipjM r, ? 'I ? ? s '? IH W Aim... ' ? ? (. i' r - ii, I a p. l> i< IJii'f! \ "a-f", *,T jf li 1' i. \L , c > f r rj n** -T. /. & It. : , JT*. M O I-mr:\ 3?d C A ( la k, I I V. ,1 . :iii, til R i'Rmtll fj, V^ - ?'1' r> *1? T Uiavo a iau-Uicr-, i; I* .\fnl?-r-on, lia ? J I* VV >*? i. *1. 2* j Mi*! I arai-h II. (}ii XV Ii VValki r, NY F.'.in ?io N II Curlu, \ i J I! l?-a?. a J T Patton. do A 1 i ? i. i G <</ ii Itoiwu an I d -.Hje Ii Waxr. a, NO *? ?, i.o J K i? . iPa J li M w lerf, M l I. II ?j? r on, do K I'le-nd > 1 Mitt. ?> i rj, Md C. VV II run*, do '< VV i\? i: ou, Me e' D \Vi!lia::i?, ? il>. IS iu', '11 A lime, t't P. S i :.:i r, Kv J l*?d ly, >J.? i: r> I'.: .i l.-. M l J c Myn, i*o D F t'-..:k. Pi J J Riru*t','Jii . '?? j A ? u'i H llurli, Ky M , i ? r phel,,;. M.I i: Ml:. ... V I j N M.r^j, p? *V .VJ ..1, j Melh .io. rto I- * -i'? : d. Pa II ri Ailou, Pa "? .1 -luad, u>? P Lomj, do *!; !' 'it .VC VV UUworUi a lady, NY }'}- > " . , Va J !. C. !b -t, do 'A' .-l. ?? lit n <* f ewis a laJy, Va J i V. .-.kM, St " '1 K Wliilr. MJ ' ? t/' i'4u|i*l .Mil, J V'V .ikaiiod Hows* -j, u. a a. miKKv.nui?, M f*on. !I a hdy NY .Mr Banerfield aad lady, J lnml?y, ild XV S rari*i t.-r, Pa J li trhnmbri* a UJy I* y. I? i! I', Ma ? ' ? iluut- r, XV J llobin-. n, NO 'I i:. oediet a laly Va li Fritinl pa M I > al I ?. 1.4 iy, do W T HaiiiiUoii, jr, Ma>s J liasMerj, Co J P Hmw.i, NJ M tall, do W Taatcher, Del C.ijitJ.Ani >u, L'JN * i.tit l *? a<ii?i-?.i. uaiOIIT. M; -t w rTUad, NY M ? M Fa:long, Va *' " K Oregon vV 11 Cat, Pa I. I. f.rilS: >f,| Vr J tTUM, do I M >'eiN * r Kmndt, NC , 11 vl iruu. NJ ?rV- Xl >* T b Viu' Ktrnan, NY - ni t, a Ixly, XY VV D Shutz, MJ I iwr' Vd r "**?cm,i" SVh,'r' ?'? j K liih?:r a lady, Va Hanalon IUai?( Alexandria, Va. a. mawton, r^oraicioa. v a4 Fa i: M ?"*?!??^?rg, laJy a A A . \ ?| ccrvjiiif v \/ . r M4 wTJ^Jv, J W Melluan. T. Va II R1(.s tn ' Mi Mjco,d.i T B Ir.grihain. d-i 4 11 lluiitoii, ?'o J 3 Hunton, do 'i P I? ooke, do C F Brown. Mt| J. 'J Uk-wii. MJ J H Hunt.>it, Va J I A isll, \a Mai Z Turner, do J li *?l.y rand, do A Pltiuan, do I. 15 Jacobs, do Mw< C e?."ru, do Mi - F Jn-oV, do F I. Marsliail, d.j Mi"* A lacobti, do' S T A^bhy, i'o Mr- H^>ugli, chdd OCSa^r, Ml a enr't, do J K Marshall, Va Vi?s MaarCelJ, jo Til Bo*weil, d > J'. llHU>b->roo?ii. no j| p dliurlitcr, do J C Man^fi. 14. Va VV W II. rbert, do J F 4li-r, do jjo? \\ c Riv.:*, do I- I- IValron, >to ^ J H liu.-k a ?? Max, do It K VViilt.'ii, M J J Ku er, do K llall, do T B P Ill-rail int. do IV Jolw?, DC * ' PROPOSALS FOtl MAIL BA08 PiMII OrtlCC DePAIM MI*T, Jauuary 12, 1<J35. SLALE.D PliOFOJALS \vU! be lecaived at thu Depaittuent uuul 3 o .Jot k a m.. ot th* 23d of April neil. Tot turn shin; tor lnar yrsrt Iioim the 1st day ot July ntlt, in such quantities ami nt sueh times .u? tiiay bo required *u<t ordorrd lor the mail service, maiI ba?i ot tlie lollowmg description, l<? wit: ( ALul bag*. t?ize No. 1, (43 incl?e? in length, and 02 iuciu s in circumference,) to l?c mailo of cotton ennvas*, wci' hina !."? ounces to the yard of 27 incites width; the yarn-of the fabric to bo doubled and twisted and live to'-l . , . . . 8ize W?.2, (41 inch s in length, and IS mclics in circumference,) to he made nt cotton canvass, w ci 'lunl H ouuees t'? the yard ot 27 inches width, Mid the <jloth to be woven in every respect like that of the liiirt siae ot bag. . Size J^o. 3, (32 inches in length and 36 inches in circumference,) to be made of eotton canvass, w?i?bin| 10 ounce* to the yatd of 22 incite;* width, and th ? Cloth to he woven as above described. The cmvaaa hags of sixes .\'os. I and 2 are to be mad*? wit h a suthciei t number of eyelet h<des, and provided with stron? cord to secure their mouths. Ail a'e Ito be well and distinctly marked " 17. S. ,V?ri'," ;ilid to l??- numbered according to the sizes above spt'cified. tsuih'r an I Ctuvnsn Pontile*. 9i*e No. 1. 1J in. in lensMi, and b1 in. circumference Site Nn.,2. 41 do do 4* d? Sir.e Noj 3. 3li do do H do Site iN>yl. ilii u do do Size No. 5. 2b do do 26 do The U?dy of the leather pouchr? U to !>'? made of 4"??il an?| i-ii!>! baa-leather, well tanned, weigh ing lor ito* | and 2 not |.;ss than b ounces, and fir tljc smaller >-7.cs not less tli tn 7 ounces to the s?|. i'o.>t v life bottom and flap to be of good skirling leather, Iwell tauned, and liic ?amc lobe well and ?lrr> i?iy' secured with the bf *t iron 'nvc s, well tinni >1. Tlie canvas; pt?u? lies are to be made of d?'ii dy woven cauva-s, s a ? t-> re>i.?t water, oral W-a-i e<j4rd t > th l of v. Inch the pauvhes now in the service 4 re made. beat he f oft C<?'.v t?> Horse-mail Bags, (in r.;JJ:c bdgi form.) Sue A'j. 1. I'.od. 4? incites long, and 12 inches in circumfjrencc at ihe widest parts ; ends or bottoms <?f* me. 11 by 2?? inches Si/.e Ho. 2. Body It ?nt hc< long, and 36 iii'-hes in circumference ?t the widest pain; ends or bottom df snm-I H *>? 24 inch* s jJi7.?' So U i!o !y 42 mi lies I 'ii2, and 32 incites in ircunittrcnce at ib>- '.e-t pa.ts; ends or bottom* ?1 same itO by 20 inches The It*.ttii?r horse e.a'.l big- are to Ik; made of ^o<m! a.4 Mi'iHiiiti-J i> i b-ather, well tairml, and weighing not I- >-s than 7 mince* to tie; sijuare foot, uid the seam - to te an-! <ti'?iieiy sewed ; ? r, if livetted, l?t be >? done as n;>t t? chafe the hort-c ft rider. Tiie tanva s lior ?* rtiail hag* are to be made of il.c r- mil: f|U.iiiiy o! fabric as tit-,' pouches above de icrib'-tlJ 'j-iuviuss ci: ul Is ith r Drop litter Pouches, (with til* pocket?.) ~i/.e No. 4. 30 in. in lei oh,mi 3fl i.i ri?ze N?|. 5 26 do do 2b do C~mriM A'ci' ;>i vrr M til x?ugt. Size Ko. I, (48 inches .'n'lenglh and 02 inches in irctniili-renee,) to b* nndu of cotton canvass, w ijihiq^ "?i It: 11"> '.::icc. to Ihe yard of 22 inch' wi 'th ; ihe vain of the f" !'iie to be iloubled and twi ted an lfiv'- fold, ai d the bngtoberoconstnteu J is to bn lock'.d and to have a handle at e?cii end. Sire Ko. 2, (41 inches I ing an 1 43 inches in c!i 'iiinl io V of c.e sann* n: iterial and man no? of q.instruction w.Jh siz" No. 1. Prnp 'sn's 'or iniprnv n it- !m the construction t.f tny ot tlie above deaeri ? -J miil-bngs, or in the ma terials Ui'-ieof, ire iuv:tet; an 1 the relative val md adaptation to the s ervice w? !l a-< price ? ? -uch iniprorein^nt wi; be considered in dc:erm:u it* tiie llowest and bert bidder. No proposals will 1" cnn. idered if r.<it ar con: (Allied with santjtles of e*ich article bid for, show n.^ the couKtntcli nt ijuahty ot Materials,an-! workinan >lilp proposed, and a'fo with evidence of the com jiefjnci an 1 jbility ot the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The rprcimens m?:-t be delivered ,?i the Ii put ?nent on or before the 23.1 day? f April in vt. a>i'i a ill, in cnuu si'U; witu ihe pro(?osals torin the b".. :* ?f the toutraeis. 3p: -iut?*!is ji-po-:*cd l.-y Iddtb. n ?vbich may with snf tv an 11 onveni'-nce be i.i the inlil service *ui l.e paid tor at tiie rate* pro posed by them. A d 'cision on 'It- bi > will b-1 ma le on or lier""e the tirsl day of May n ? t. and tiie bidder <>r bid b r ch"s? n will be r q'lirc.t to enter into contract on * T uefore the loth uay of i-.*iie next, with bond aud 'itflicit.iit ??ureiies for a faitli.til pert'ormancc ?>f ih ?il>!igatiJiis ai e.t.erci oito. All tile articl- s com ?c rd for are to be deliver*-.! at the fontractor's ex,? "f. at Ronton, Ma-?a? l;' .etts; NtfW York and lii.fTa'o. N. Y.; I'Mladelph:? and Pittsburgh, I'a.; lh.liiiuoti., Md.: Wa-dnncttm, n. t;.; Charleston H.l.'.; ?-'jC:i.: Vtorrgotnt iv, Ma.; N w Orleans, l.a ; Na>lintl ? Tei.n ; l.oa.? /ill; Ky ; t incinnati, Oliio; a id rft. l^ouis, *-;o., in eieh quantities and at such tunes as the l?e<?ai mentmv it?piir**; anil tlicy are to be rigidly in speeted t:?'for.-dedverv..Hi-* ici. ar. lobe r< ceived wh ehsa.::! be lutcrioi t> the .-pe?.iiueii' or stand ird b f.;. To ?'c I. ' 1'T.* to c-'ini ;t-i the i.U'tilter of the liflerciit tiind? of utaii b wlti-h i I probably be c (ji.jr?j |, tiny are iutormcd that l.'ietc were fur ihlitil f?r t!!'! u?e of t!ic Dqadiiient during tie year nhicli d 3U h June* last. 2 135 hv!h r |touch?f^; 3 973 canvass; l.'X) leather hor-e nail b.n.' ; f.0."j canvass hocmail b-:;^; and r>;l It' ea. va-M- in ir! hags. Thej.rop a-s 1>; ea l-irs.-d " Vro^'td* frr Vuil 11 ii " and J.ij add,i'---'d to tiie '? Po*(ni<i?^r Qenrr.iV' J \ M1'.H t'AMPRBI.l., jan l|>?lavi 12w l'o-tuiast< r (leneral. QJVJaoitATiKGCOUI)IAL i rliEXOMKWJX in r>'Einci-;t:. MS alt n n :3Toniii> a>id li?z I.i 1ukn<itus\*i:d, by dk wors: n i:itiqorat::.o K(i!)!K 03 OJ'i').AU -At ii?t th^ rn'T** _e?*tti-;botei t^ Pi . HL02ZX3 [KVlGOkAXlNO cf vn?J -nb !? Tin? | U''.I? oft?i I.ccjl-it.-l fc'ujc tf:.* sioiji!' r. 1 tr_?! a aaaaun>^d bv tfc* J?.~: :7?^r ? f? if.-, u' 1 f 'mt* i.'lo?t3? I 7 r.ili C-:#;* oi i e bigli?3t <-U? cnj 3hAT.?.-.ter, ?r?? row tilunpii nx Ofdr r"i ??- l.NOrtlCULll'Y OYK11 ril.ijtl ?' t* t ? ft ?I ic j jrfectly 'ri*;e'. ib??. T'?* "ji? n r ? s, lu ?'! rrer.iln d^krabl* 'ri.s ctjlliig Jrcii t t. ..?.?* of th-* var.c.U' rrsni Vhi-h ;. l\srro'J-"faI uectin*called i>3. 1 rre.^ri- {'? i^il sv- r rrezf d- l!c*t^ tan; t-ii o-tf.i/x'ei villi t .-.I tajfterlrua cotftpcund tgeur ji u'.Lt .? - r- . .? rii?'t, ii?cw*r7 fe ?)>? re pre? \j /iUi-i I'fi. To VMs^na r? tnaru :anr4tar, ?.rd?:. i?nt ia vit..l i -.-stci, It ii r*rntn 3<?ai?i ift.: ?/uiy ol conic nokatiog tint -r.cray V fei' b w r..--; iy to tii- j: -yt r??J .yint?ut ;i alt tte U3tv-.-.l -t1-**.", fci wt:l *z the higher aKuUl^ttrUn'' ? l.?bi.::sf; 1*2 tFc jut-nciion ids-J to i ?? i??<r h*i ?{ ? *'\y iijo. 'iii!? iVctU ?ii?. :ne ?:li|i^ vi'?>, r.?? i.rt;?v..?. fjoevat.-l^ oy?; tpt.r. ci oubla.T, tbc Tittle t.f n?>^vjU4 ?!? ibe indirti'.ii1 uaff ritg r?f,.a pfE-r^l .?i.i. 7, s;S frc.j i'. s r, ..'aces* of a^lc- organ, wili *il Ln * j* ! i?err'i.t?,..t rslief Wota the jsaoft-iL- inc r.* -r~.. l-trrt valr.r. 'in these who tut* a flreuL*;. ?.rn t3 ,-i.djiu; it w.ll prove a rdI uiitailU ;^uaid afjeinst ih-.ttcrri b!i ctaliaiy. Thera ?.;a ^laay, pftrhaps, who hire >;o tr":5?d a.'r. lb*ir a.aatiti.-icnr, th*t tliry thi^k It i ru.ct c.r t&edicina. Let n>A v?n t' l9u?.fp?Ir. 'in" LtiXirdsaJs with dtsaMSoa itrxisw, ??:nbout referenda to cfcrase, aud will not ouly r?r,? tv? th? dlt! >rdcr Lu.: EKBQIL0 i Uti H.tOt iN COM3TIT JfiON Tnoaaraa^asienraoftaesjBtea, Isaaing to ner ? ou^ iisii'.e?r, ?aii the 'cfn2 of r.ervoca diacc't! !:? ?elf, ars n.jT>cro3a t.mtit noul 1 require a cctuiLi t??au^? 6-' tsaiaiic? for vaich thi? pie;;?ri*? ruUon ii (iSpteihc. A Irw, however, uay beenuzatv rikiad, vis: naaralgia, tij 'l^l?reacx,h?a'acha.incip i ct pa-alyr'3, hvtlsria, faipltitioc oftlic hra:t, l-j .* nt- ailccU^n-, nin:-culi--daltilny, u.<. ? piii '.ia^ sensation la th* m tmpi<f Ity otib tiv<r, mental ve.kacas cf ti ? will, ..ties t* mrve, Muttons tlUr c5etctt-?, broken an 1 teir:l;'sn^ dr?-.i>i.\, init>iliir u> r; tnaiu la olte *leca r p<. Itira, vea^a-ia c: tlis pi 3r?fctirs wiu. itoonip-U*ac7, irtjlasafcc^, moDCL2Ai?u?. L\ oi aibvu, - uklsg it tl.# atonuob, !*? mcis irr#^al*rith9, a chr.aic tendancy to tahvt r rlv;c, ??uiaciaticn, and i>Il occjpJ?Iiti jTowla? out ot a tr<w indttl. ence of tb? piktj; iLad all buiiacw I jta c&i prosaad irvu or^_*iic cuuo ueycai tha retch ftf tr*'Vieiue. Wl'?aevt-r t>-e orgai>a to ba tz'e] up or, are frci from uat.iul rini?Lion oriUiaturtld^s&Ma ;tiaavan^ that tioiiysra iNFijOSating elixrr will rspiaae weatcoa?s * '.th ?ir. n<th. Incapacity w.ta etlci-i^-y, Irregularity rlth unilcrm and natuial *?> tlvity, and tLi? not anl? wM'oout tmiard cf rc?ctl> bat with a.bnp(,y ?T* > on th? gemnra! or^anis .U^ .. ##-be?r in mi*idthat at: rakladWv,? htnm thj be(ln,/(nM^ *!tb the b?r??na ajiUn, nnd U.At to* parahiatk-n of u.s n?r. or m-'.iir . id sensation ii Bhyneal d4atb. Baavi lUui! ?' ?' ?t fox ??very kind of a*rvon4 th, k.:|?/>? Co ftlal U tb* only raliabt ?pt? par ati >a kk wtt. CAl'TIOft. Da. M.lU'j Iavta -?\TiM J (X :-!*t ha? bean cous teifeltal by oaprlnv!i(.kJ p*rso?is. In fatnrs. all tbs gn ulus Cordial will hare the Iropristor'a fae simile pastadovrr tb* -ork ol cttls. and '2is toIl9*in( wjrIt bUwn In tbs f)a-? Dr.| If oiaa'a lavicoratiaf Cordial, ti. II. IMMti* Projprlator, *.* Tbs Corllal la rat op bilLiycontentraUd io pint buttlan, Prlas,? {1 psr bottle; two Ibr $8; six fcr $12. 0. H. EIN0, Propriatcr, 1W Broadway, New York. United Btates, ? AQKHTT. Waihln^tCD?Z. D GILt"4M. BaltlSi iro ?B. 8. U4M?. Rkha ^Dd-B*iiN?TT M nnana, stfttei r<?teiitOfflfe, | W J*n. 3?, 18M. ? ON lb* petition ?? Chakiis UfTfcNF fci aaj At,. BtST HfJB-ii.3 IT is-port >l\sei:h'2?trt9 pnjicgtcr th ejutiuien ci a i?trct giant*>d to thtm ca the 4th cl Ala/, IStt, for Improvement m t&? Biannm cf conplruet'i g i a h, nd . anist?t so ?? to esie the Literal motion of th* b-di s thereof, for ?-??o year* from th* expiration of raid p-tent which ta*?s pla-son th? 4'h .1** of Mar eu-h;?*?a hundred and fif.y-flve (18i5.) It is ordered, that the mu4 petition he h<??rd at tbe Patent Ofltce #a Mondiy, the ?Sd <>*y of April, next, at 12 o'clock, ami aTI persons are netifi-d to find iAUR^,if any th*y ht?o, why said petition ought not to he wanted. Persons opj ostrg the extension *re required to ?!# In th? l'?t?*n' Ollicn their objections, ^pi ciaUy pet I forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day ' of iMiHriiiK; all testimony filed by either party to he j w?e 1 at the said heaiinjr inu*t be tsken aod trsnp mi>te<l in aceoi-Jm-e with the rules of thi* Of&cc. which will be furnished on application. The testimony in tho cn?? will be closed on the 13th April; depositions and other papers relied up on as testimony nsu?t b? tiled la the oflloe on or be fore the morning of thst day; the arguments, iJ any within tea days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this nnti.w be pnblishod in th? Union, f ntelligeneer and KvtmianijUr, Was Linton. D. C., I'eansvlvaiiiAn, Phila^t !;>hia, Pa., fvientific \mcri'*n. Nt? York: and thi Po-t. p? t n. Mar-a. mre a w-ok for three sucwpslve wee' a pre.iou to the 2 SI of Ap. il next, the dtv of beano.;. CIMKLKR MASON, f ommissioaer ot I'iUent*. T. P.?JMib rt-of the above paper* ?? ill pie*?? c. py <nd .o^nd their hilla to the Patent OfRce, with a pv p<>r eontaininz this noti.-e. feb 1?T3w [\o 5 01 RfthePrcildtutoniullutlrdStatcr. !S | craoiticeof law I, tV AVKLIV PTB;;CE. I i?j ident of th* llnHed i-"L ?*??? ot Am-r:?a, d-> Lo:< by sectare anl m?ke *nn ->n t>>a* a pub i sil* wiil bt be d at Ihn l*n J ht All) H in ibn Sf*te r' ?fisai.-sin'i, rem re i ins i i f> n liy.'b-(wniy /Li i't'J "f l/iy next, 1" i tfew il i i e l th it p rt;cij I >f .h ? a?ct:ona an t p .rt o *?;?*?>?? ->f land be .rin.; o<i'l mm .-era ?-i\ m'l?e of the li.te of h ? Muu ll ami Ol iO KIVB1 raiUflOAD, iu tU Stats?f AL\ AMA Rill ifj'-il H Pl'I Fubj-; t to th~ l uvl> mia uiuni pr-ceof' vr.) d'l ars *r>o fi.'ly e^TitE par aero, ?b pr v d"d by ihe a^-t rt TO h veyeui1>er, l?.'(?,anl\ript d fr-a KT.iluH!i->3 'opr c* bj the ait ->f 4t*? A-isih., J8S4. w ii;* word a v ri^e j to b' r.n>rt'l f r a*l? m p o I.ui :t:on ^ o 4i.ej, b?;ir iaz dat<s 'Sll May, 185'5, hot aubae3nen'>ly witl ? draw "i UT!i' far.b?r r.ot c t'-f ib? pr .po-ifd '.i l-rn! ?rr.m Bra- don to Mont*' roer/ by pull c n ? i e N'o. ll?i, beaiinR ilite Id h \w?aat, 19E3; an.lth? not be ng Ful-j ct to | r vita entry at the d.'eot e?il withdiawal, wcr? c< tec an ct'y not f'-tor d t? n?ar fe-t by cmrral notice 4n.'. f?i. daied Lth ^ep'ein'oer, 1 *51, aituatei in the underiatnticnel :o?u-Lii>?, owit: Xcrtk if Hit b:t< lint fait of thi Choc', iw m;ri dian Town^M? Jour, of rnu^e tfci t^n Townat ips lk:ee,, and iis, of range four teen T.??n hipa 'hiee, four, six anl scrc.i of ra'gefiit^ea To w n>-hij'f? (href. B^r, -nd seven, f.r?n.e I sixteen ToWiithlj.s /lif . is, aai s c^i, of range inves ts* n T"W?-ahip ser'n, of in- g??-:gi t- en. y .Ace I- aim I erthjiuypti tVat all 111? land* vt ui'.?' oatsi !e of ib^ ilirn.iti on w^ch Je ot fie abore r^B 1 *ihJr>?wn a*, d co'. aisiC- res - r^d to private ^ntry h- ab ve state}. wbi< li will !>? ru'i j?it to enir* at o^e do'la" nid tw?ai>-flv? ce t? per eitp, f r (il :or actual aettl<?(T<?ut a id pre ?in;v ?on) at ihe p -low otea ribej by the graduation a"t of 4th A(j;a-t, 1854 in the toll ?w'??-n;.me 1 d striets a i4 towofihi, a in the Sntea of Mi?s a=irpi >ul Ala banoa, wi.l bj subj^et to entry pnd btcition ou and after Monday tLe nine tenth J.:y of Marc'i nast, to wit: Ta the iM/.rict oflandj so'ject tofea'.o it Ai ?l?ta, MisJtSslppi: Wn th if the bint lint ar f ra*i f i.'e CitvXi-.w n-.ti didn. Ti wn hi^s Vry,/ou".Jtvc,t'xAV<l H?ren,cfrirge tweiv i lown-liirs thr?e, four, fire, s'x, a^d cf rar.j;e thirteen Townships thr{*jf<> t '.Jirt,Six. arda vta,o< racge fijorteon 'i'.iwnrtii'.j> sn*n, of r<u?e firt??n Towcthisfl thr.y, four, aal five, cf rar ge sixteen Towo'hlpi th. se, four, Jiat, sir, an l S- >? -n. of ra^jge rdT<?nt?ea Towc-bips thre*, f>.i:r, fite, t' x, and srvn, et racge e j btecn. In th.. dl-it.-ici rf lani: subj ct to a'e at Er.JCC?-> L's Alabama: -Vyfti g; til but tin aid is-.sC f t'.f pti.\cip il iw , riii tn. Tovti Lip- t: i:t?- n. f> rlr't-n, Cri.*"-n, F'l'.C'.'a ani Eeren'ie i,"! r*n.-e t>u Towtdh p: tfcir.e^a f.<Lir e a, fi tie^, *.'a/e-n aud Strrn'.ten t.f lj ;te To> uthip< ii,i. . f urt ensix't n anJ I fere:.tit o. ? f a , fjur T >wn*hip? ?k!it-en :icd fourt^n, of ran/e f*. e l>-e town hi; . di hS.n>ated ia r ir?c e (ere ?r^ whMly vithin tliC !;u it? of fix ?..r I fi.*"<??n e r* 3?cst'v. ly on c>:ch '5d-*of >a I r-a I. ocd tJi'ce ia t'a'.vj a:e pir'.ly wi h?n ? U jiimt'. h<? ?l^t.i^ukt-d on the .!i..-rcm3 wli h will 1.^ furnish-1 to lie ie P i ti?> d'ririct by the Coram.i?i 'i>?r of t' e Ga i a d <i':^e. Tho lat:-?a wiii i v foI* tii'j'd to i A - ???>/<< of u?iy gnntet b? th9 ?-rt o. iiO.h .-ept? in ?r to He ~ti** a *f-ichij for a~i<i t^itroaf. no* ???iipg on* J.untlr<<( fitl < n e<. b si ?? ih>r>v f, and t' ?:ef>r'- t're pa t <>r r.i t ri i~.n ' ?< hi;h i';?-lude tbaroad tti ! r -M i-a c n: ?'n'"!? <4Uuji:.tie? r i'jOwd by the rfri a* p!at3. Thit swlpir *":'I V . If-red i.t til paVlc aale in tcc . rlcr in *h c!i th y ?re a-)ver!lsedj th" fa'e 1 will !j3 If^j t rpen f >* a Kufiiiie^.t tiiaf- to ; dealt cf ? fr ritg all th- l??i-ls, 1 ut n t exci-p:inK t# ? w*ek.s; h- d h p iiVuor.t I nsk!*-. p ivitt rn'.iles< ft>r taide flVr-I a" pub'u-- '^1" under thi.^ p-rclaar.'i"*? vill nft bo r? l ived uitil rf,?r the cl< s? cf the two *(e'F. | ''I. >r my f ??*)ht .h?- rity 'f Wa-?15ngton, Jlhia?f ven?h ?I>; 'f K.-litairy, Anio PfCilai or.e lh>u ? huaired ni;J f'vAMv.IN PI8RCE. Tj t e rr? {lei < : Jous VriLsoff, Cmtji'i fv'xj i Gen< Land Cfli.-e, NoTrC.J TO PP.SSMPIIOX Of.tlVf AXSJ. UOder I h- r.:l t f Coa>i c -; a;>; xc vv! G! of March, erti.l-l '-An ect *ot\(end pre nroptit c ri?hfF to cert .id re.:.l?r? therein m?nti ?hsJ.'t .e p.e e^ip tio i la?a were f\'er-(]td rTer ? bn ni?n'iT,e<I ait rr.ate aid nut b :<d ?fc i:ii witl in s v uui4;?i n f!*.ch s'J? oi f-.e route of the r< a t wh>re tb. i^'tlle i f ?.t an 1 liproTrmo .t wrr ? ui .d- pri r t Jt-.eda'e ot all tjvn', i' rti rrn op ai.d pei i f.r at the ia".? o't# ?coltar.i *t?d littycnt- j.-r h< re, b*'i re the Uy fix.-d for tne pul lic fji; an l by the s?.:t up pro* 11'.7th V*-i h, l?M, etitklol ?Aa h t for th? f.-'iei rf ,mij. rs i n Ir->;rred for railroad pin* jo ? i' person* w!i ~^t!l * 1 hi d iiaproTe-1 the ab, v? ucf e I M -tinn p or to tkk dale of wiiidratozl ?i 1 b'c-.'i ! <1 to p;?eiiip'-icu6 at fL^ordtna.-y minimum i ?? < ? if ,h? | ?b ic laiid?,or at the r l?; of ?-n? dolltr ?ind iw rii.ts p*-r aire, >f jrc ven up e.r.d P-i I W? tL? <ih| li\ -d (b? ifce p^ble nil : ? Tb: re'ore, ee?ry proa entitled !o lb: ii, tof pr*. ? m, ti ii |.'i uuy ?i the aliern?t? c?.d uunih^rtd fit. t o i? al*i va ueat'cnswi bin ^ x miti ao? ti e r0-.t, o. lie roid, u-.d-r lbe?ctof3d Mtr h, 1<?{3, Hb *t, rei i. : to, en m tt'em.ntrt m d -piior to tlie 4th ci t. bru.iry, ljbjj (iLe date ol a io'Licct) c r uaitr 'ke a;-tcl i> ti M&ich. 1(554, on r,-iil-uin-es n$>do prior to ta" d^i ? ff th ? f.ngirai wi hiraw^l ?,f (J,, i?:i]s iioai ui rk. *, li ewi ? ev< ry pi r on f^t t'"d to a e ? uip-:on under tie tct < 1 V7ih Match, 1854, in #ny ot t'ue aids ou. of thr. iix mile l;m t^ .JIre t? d t > b<? io^tor-d to >n r/cn t! e ITth day of Mr.., h n*xt is r."iuiiui ti es kLI k. toe wme to tVe mu felon of be xo ist s." auirece-iv'r of the prcpo* 'a <i oft*r-, ^nd tnn^- i-Kiuent thM~efor kt th>; pr c? fx*d l?y* iaw -it set! os j /a<;'icao!c tfidr fe-jin-' thi* notice, %? d le>f .re the d-y ?ppcinUd for the \ ull c faie t r re-tiiiatioii 'o inak**t of the 1 ?tn.'s uu,bra. in/ the traot tlrnu 1; ttharwiji cuch <*l*i a will b ? forfeited J =)!?:; \uL?av, CoBtm'i^ioter of Jtcetkl L&lu ffic. i b Id - law t?J* 13 A PER MOISTEN Kit ?A New hiv- iitioc l ?i I moiatenins the leave# of a Copying book, Po i ! age Stamps, Envelope.:, and molten th<; tin^iia ! when couutiiig I auk bills. Also, useful for v.iiius other put t>oaea. It will be found an indu |>cnaib'e artiric for t ver dtv<k. It ii p,-rfi ctly snfipit; and chenp, :?:ii un.< conic into g?:ni:;al use. , TAYLOR & M\UBY, ion IK Ak.-ii:# tor lV?4iiii2tnii. WIitr.i Wli ?IN 135T), r;^n volume I) d'> 1'iriiaineutary Cauipanion for I baa, 1 pocket volume KritHli Ar.ny Li t lor 18a3 I ritisli Navy I.i -t ?|? The I'Unetary \V?ridj, tiieir Topography and T? le-H-'opie Appearances, by J. Hreer, I' linbridje Obatrvatory, 1 rot Ulackwood'a Almanac !or 1855 Impoited by taiit atcainer Lv tel. 'J I'RANOK TAV LOU T. U. PHILUPS' COACH FACIOHY, 47 7 PjirhtL pt,adj'iaing hain*>'< Livery ^tab eo OWl.vil to ihe increased trM* wl.|.:h a <es?.oiis putjli bar, bettoa ed upon m >, I have las -I. couj pellel to erect a nee and firmer building tor the e-rrying on of ray butdaeaa. II re I shall b* en abled to xecute all orders enttustad t* di^ wiA. creabTlAC 1 tied aud diapa'th, and I would rcaotct fuk> a font-nuance oTthe publi 'spat cnag Cairug a au-i Wkgcna, of thi u: st incxt rn style, built ot 'beb'j.t ra:ter.ulji, and wa.rlhUd to satistactijn. i.tpsiri?o2 every l-<scr'p".lou pinctnall; atteaie. to. Po: i-i'.*, ^Leap, a secoatl-Laal Clarence Carriage, neariv ne w . e.? '16 ? r j KOi?A I'F. VRIE-* VVALTZ, CompoM'il t>y Hau K'tiininailn-r. Our Polka, di uicaied to Mian Bnima J. lUiian, bv the Mime cou;|M?*er, puldinbed ami tor Mile at the 31umc lb-pot of HILUUd fit IIITZ. C'eb 5 travflvr.v i ifmrruKY. LA IUA.U'a LI:ik- OF v i". Ifc^v Atexandru at 4, 7-'<, 2nd Sfc i sn. Vyt and J5( p m. W UIttafcg^# Juve Waahmetoa at 6,11. and 12 a ?w i a aT m., 3)j and 7 pm. Seats can be secured at the Office, Fairfax ft., and New-inn'* Mansion Home ; in Washington, at Hall's Segar Store an1 Kirk wood House. This Line riin< regularly winter and summer lor Um accommodation of the I'ulrlic. Pn^cnper* called lor and taken to their residences it not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cent*; all other regular trips 25 com*. Tninkaextra. LATHAM & COOK. j?m 8?If C It(*92 WKI/L'H BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE * BOSTON, WILL dijpntch a bteamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week ftoin Boston to B iki.'iiorr ar.d Baltimore to Boston. Tins lino afford* unequalled facilities to the husi nets* men of ?Le District of ('oiumbia. The Agent* at either point will r??e<>|ve freight and givn a through bill ol Inline to VVa-hiiirton at the lowest ratea ot IrfijtSt an.I no commisoioiM charged. Applications lor freight promptly attended to by the tidlowing a^ent*: A. V. HALL, 5>> Exchange Pl-ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, C? rnor Washington and Albany ?N.. N. Y. J Nil. VV. SCHAXK, j'1'111 -(lrm Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE \\ EST AND SOOTII. BA I.TI MORE ANt> OHIO RAlkRUAt). IMPROVED ARRAN ihMRNTS FOR TKAVfcL! /MP'7i{r.tAr t hasgks or-S(;ni:D:'i>Ki! ' ^'?&?* lat< completion of 'the* ict -^ ntrtl Ohio K nil road b*t*eeii Whe Jin* m^I Coiu ml us, unitir^ r* it uc*s by ro short mi a 1'ir, th^ Biliiroore Had Oh'o >?ailr a 11 with all p^rtionc of the West (and Ncrtft *ni S.-rot'iwea;,) gives this route grcal'y iner.-ascd advantages to tiirongh travelers in tint direction. On end -t or MONDAY, November i7, 1S64. the trains Wi!1 Ij* r?io hs folloira: FOR Til ROUGH PASSENGERS. ??. ?c S?1 tr*i:i* daily will run in ea?i d-rection a he MAIL fllAlN, leaving Cusden station *t i a. n . instead ot 9 o'clock ss heretofore, (exoept no Snndav,) an 1 arriving at WhaeliEg at 2 40 a. m. I 8coond?Tbu KXPRE38 TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , tnstead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Whi-d In about 17 hum, r?-a.-hii.g ther- at 10 25 a. m. Thia train will st* p at Waah ingtou Junction, Syketrllle, Mouocacy, User's f rry. 'tar'insburu, "ir John's Kua. Cumb-.'and, tkdtao&r, Koale-sburg, Newbur;?, Fetteraiaa, Pa-ia ixigton, Cameron sad Mnn?krill? on'y. for wool | am writer anl mula. Both tt?fe tj-aica make prompt arid regular ovnncction wi h th? cars of the Ce^'ral Oh:o :or C<iinbriu^', Z'in'BTi:!", New ar;. C-luuiVu*, CiQrinnisti, LoalssiU'1, I'ajton, ^, Detroit. Indianapolis, Cfcisairo, st L uis,e;c. P.i?ongfiB Irving liultimore by the Man Trs-n; wi I r.MC" ( ircinnat! fa,r dinner next any, T7hil? by ths Krprefs Tra^n th?y srr'T^ there ?t Pi the next night, b-ing kept but one niijht on tb* routs Ly e|th?r tca'n Paasangern for the Ncr'hweit TUCleTe'aad and a i ;?ruifdihtf poiita cm m^ke a direct i-onLeo tton ibe tralr.a upon th? 0 evoland scd Pitt* hcr,f lta lrorl at all times whei tlit- Ohio is Earlr* b!r fy- sVanjr? between Wheeling ard W?llr.Tilla, by leaving Baltimore in thp Ma'l Train at 7 a. m. R^'t Trpiim Wave Wb^eliofir as follewr: The EXPRK2 j at 4 30 p ra., r*"icbine Pal tiicore atw.50 a. m. Tke MAIL TRAIN at 11 Ab f. m . fachirg it vtiaioic at 7 p. m ti-jieti f.y b at fron Wheeling fbr Claci nail, M -d's >:?. I. u JTille, 8t. T,ruia and other Riv-'r Clf'B, ? iM b ? k>'<! at al times wben the stag* C2 w itt r will al.xi*'. x_fThro.uib 'ink. ta between Baltimore and WiUDin^too, aifl ail the linporiant cities kni towns in tha WVs', pre ficla at tbd Ticket Offic?a of the G vjpaDy. FOR IVAY PAFSEN'TETIS TJ/E MAIIj TK41X, !>afinzOamden ftatioi will taki? T?5s??ii2?-rj f,.r eM th>? u~utti stopping plao^s on th* Ro?ii Rrfurnirg, Ibis train luarnri Wheeling at 11.45 miln'^bt. Cumbt rland at 10.15 a. n., and arrives ?t Bi;Uiaiure at 7 p. m. THE FR&;>lilUCS ACCOMMODATION THATN, for Frederick Hid iiit*rm9dl ite places, will s'art at 4 p m, 'iai'.y (except Bun ayf) ar.iT'ng in Freder ics at 7.40 Returning ?ill leave Frederick at 9 a ta ariiTi-;g at Baltimore nt 12.U0. nor,n THE ELLIO-rrTM MILLS ACCOM MOD AVION will be raa d*iiy, (txc-pt Sua-ayg.) as follows: L?ave C iflid -u SuiU at 6 a ic and 2 p. m L> ire uil colt's Mills at 7.30 a. ia. and 6.30 p. n. WASHINGTON RRANCHRAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: I FA /K daily, ey.^ipt Sunday, at 6 and a. n. J ft d 3 and tp u. On Sun tay at 6 a ci end fc p ra. L?no Baltltn-ro at and 9m; ?nl 6 and 8 P On Eurday ci ?? ,Y s iii a ad 5 p a. ITie ervr-iti,n* wiifc ?iHli!more A Ohio Railroad nr tb# W'.-ctt vi by tr^ius learif^ at 0 a in and U pus. For r.V aw-'r!'ia iti New Yo;k ai. 6, aul gv and o p iu. ^ fyr A.iuapoiis at 8>? a in and Spa. Fv>* Iw*aCliL ixi Z p ill. _ . T. II. PAR80N8, Ageut w .Jen ar ftttcaJaa Is called to ths Ru'o r^quir* log a ri~!pon?i6!e roacb^r for any pertx>n of oolcr who u" y wi h to pasj ot>t the road. dtc 12?tlif 0EANQ2 A2ID ALEXANDRIA RAILB0AD. On ar.d 1>Hi4 C.ira i^eve Alexandria dH^iy for Gordon* riiie and interiB-di^te ftati- us at 7* o'chck, a. tn., oi tue arrival ol the b- at fn-rn Wa^Llnetcr. g nnif uaioie tid-j for bre*kfaet on board. Cta n-^etinr a? Blunairaa Jun-y.n with a triis f?r Ptrag. i?urg, at Hairtnton Ju tion w;tM a train for War r,1 *5^ at ^^rd'-nPTiUe -with tha trains en the Uremia Central Railroad W1U imocd^'harloifa *il.e, :ind Staunton. The cars icave Gordoai>vii?e daily for Aiextt:dr'a arj mterniodUte PtaUoDS, at \i before 12, a. w., on the anival of tlio trains oi the Vi'<?itiia Centra) rail ioal from Uicbmosd, C'larlotU-Bviiie, and SUuntoa THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warr^nton $2 00 " OorJotisTiHe 3 60 " Ch?ioU?s?ilIa 4 25 8:aunt-Jn 5 SO u " Btraabnrg 3 50 a u L^nebborg ? 76 ? Wincbeater 3 60 M Jtu?T 4 25 New Market 6 0t> ? Middleburg 2 25 ri rf ;.:'nni,bnrg' ~Bn#cti08 with tbe atagas at Uttrli.t.Mriile, on Mondays, Wednealcy*, and Fri JfcVri , ^L?ny,aB'1 N"#w,2lMk^ ?? with the urTiy U r>cper?on Tuesday3,TLuradajcJ, and 8at at^iLwnt #'t#r d*117' connectin? ^ sing's at^e PliMbUrg d*i,y' connectlES with the atagaa nov"-Sfr: W- B- BR0CKKTT, Agent FOR MOUNT VERNON. ;"*V On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ^ahfagaro roaad trip Si; from Al?x Wm-M < oen^i?The THOM AS COLLYElt leaves r^ V: ?.E 9,r*J AlT"n lr*a 9!^ o'clock. * ? Co^h'ti'A. ?o7eX;.CaplU'1 f0r thebCat at ** 0*clk T^*Jk7fwU1 lo#Te tLelr resi liBlr^iL.ueutt on the beat < ? M SAM'I. Gtr^VV ,w "1"? *??" * LIVERPOOL rdSfc UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS" L^in*:?IF8 C0UPRI3INa T3M UNI ARB ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALI10, Capt. Cotnstock, _ ADRIATIC, Capt. Gralton. Th*ae ahips bavo been bailt by contract, exprear ly for Government service; every care hau baeu ttken in their contraction, as in tbe Engiuea to insure strength aui apeej, and their a*xminoda and i>?brta9BeBger* une<lualled for e'eg*tce Inc? of paasage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin r 1'.^ Seo ?d Cab n 70 Mxclusiv- qw ui extiM situ atata rooms 300 ?iom Liverpool New York ?30 and ?20. An axpetienced aurgron attached to each ihlp. No berth can be secir-i until p^id for. For freight or pa*?ve apply to *LWA11D K. COLLINS k CO., B.Atl>.T Btreet, Nee York. BROW if, SHIPLEY A CO, E. G. ROBERTS A CO., LiT*rpooL 18 Ring'a Arma yard, London. JOHN MUNROE * CO. 36 Ru? Notre Dame des Ylctcires. Paris ^ GEO U. DRAPER, Uarre. Tha owners of fhe?e cbipa wilt act be accountable for gold, ailver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious ?tcnea or meUIn, unleaa bllU c.f lading an signed n-T Ifl *dlj^6 T*!ue therein expreia^d. yECOlBnAND PIANOS FOR SALE OU RE^?'?We have in store four Pianos, two of Chickefli.i and two of Andre Kleins, which w? offer l.?w fir ca'hj-or good notes, or will rent on mod-rate terms. New Mu-ic ejpected to-morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, Jan 4 300 Pa. PAPTPR'Q SPANISH MIXTURE. Tb? Gxeat Patlfitt of th| Blood ! JEot ft Pftrtida of Xoreorj In It! Ad iBEtiUBLl Rhict for Hrofula, Kirgs Krll, Rhr L'm?tiK"J, O^titnte Cutanoooa Braplicna, Piciiles or ru?*ulf? ?d lb* fccv Rloteh't, BniU, Cbrool-! Pore Eyes, bin* Worm rr Tattrr, 8c*ld Ileal. KfeUrmaent anl Fain of the C^dm utd Join:*. Siabbora Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago. Spina) Oon*lant*, ml ail the di#r?aea arisicg from an Inju.licioa.. im of Mercury, 1m prad -nee ia i lie, or Imparit y of the Blood. 31ITT3 valaatle Medicine, nbkh haa become eel? br*t<d tor the Dimwr cf xtra rd'nary cur?a. rcted throughItf ageary, tt< IndooM the profrri sto*a, at the urg* nt r.-qaait of their frt*uda, to "f?r it to the public which ih -jr do with tb# almost ccn fidetvoa in ita virtu tud ?oa lerlal cuatiw prop ertl ? The following certiflat>a, f elected !rt>?a a large number, are, however. atieaff*r terlmoot thaa the mart woed of the proprietor >; ar J are all ftoa gentlemen wall known to th-lr localities, ani of the highest respectability, man J of th m reeding In the city of Itichmoc d. Va. I. EOYDiN, K*-!,, of the Ki-hance Hotel. Riot moid, known everywhere say r hs has seen 'he Med icine ea'lad Caarnt'9 *PAW!iii >?. xtuei admin-slee t la over a hundred cases, in ner.y ell the dtieA?e< for vLicli it 1j recomiseaded, with the nest aston ishingly g jod result* lie says It ii the moot traemnary medkice he has ever seen. AO UK AND FSVIR?0!;F\r CURE.?I hereby eertity that for three years 1 haJ Agae and P?t?i of the can<t violent d<?CTip-?->n. T h-d several PhT ii.imCj took l?rg? quantities of Qulniaa, Verca-y and T Sel era all the T< nlc? advertised, fcutail ehh out permanent relief. At laH I tried Cartr^ 8pan<ah Mixta e, two bottlee o:" *Ii!cb t Actually cured me, and I ara happy to b-c/ 1 ha.-e hid cettbor shills or tever* eiace. I consider it the bo? t Took In this worll, and the only tredba* that ?v<r reached my case. JOHN' LONGIuN. BiAVi.ii UTtii, near Ilicbm nd, V*. C. B. l.rCl, fcij., now In the city of Siehncc t and for many yesrs <n the Post 0?k5?, hm such confidence ia the aaiouisLIrg eCica:y cf Cart.r's SpHnish Mixtur e that ht t m bou ht upwards of &? bottlva, which be Las (rirtn away to 'he affl eted.? Mr. Luok Bays he has never known it to fall *het< takbn aoc'rdiag to directions. Pt. VINOE. a jTactlvn^ Physi<.isn, *n1 fnrnor'> < f the City Hotel, iu the city of Ri hia ni, ?*y? he wftneMed ia a anrob*r id merun '-ost .? ef7 cte 01 (Jar'er'e ^p\n?*h Mixtare, which were in-*" truly ?nrprLing. He says lit a ow?<* cf Ocniuiartiro, de penirnt oa the hirer, th" sood *Sh:'h v?ri wcq darfid it-deed. S.lMULL M. Btf INKEH, of the firm of Brinkfr k liocria, aichiaiod, w?.a mirei currd of Liver Com plaint of three v etr? ^tuuding. ty the ua?* pf tw? 'o ttlu cf Carter': I'^rui h Mixture. GESATCUHE 0/ dU.'XFL'LA ?The tdit .rs of the Riabuoc 1 ilrpnKlcar. it d a e^ivsnt employed i?? tv ir prt^sa room, ot riol?nt Scr.?iula. cojj b ned With Kheumeiim, wh!ch en i<vlv him l'rcm work. Two b&ttl a cf Cutest fpari sh Mixture made a p?rf<;! v.rr of Lira, and the > 1> tor* in a p jbli'* notice, ?.? the/ * choerfu'ly r-1 u\ mend it to ali who a.e i*iiou?Ct with acy o? the blooJ " H'H LT. ANOTIiRI t T:RK OF flOROFULA.?! 1. .J a rery Tf.'.ua'ole boy cured of Scrofula by C*rVr> i?pani*h Xii^iur- I ooDnil-r it truly a valuable mir'Liai. J.4ME3 AI. TW Conduct or on the B. T. and P. K. K. Co, KI:hmon!, Vn fALT U!ICU5i OF TTK'.TT YKAILS ETAICDIKO CU 11> Mr. JOHV THOMPSON, re??^ut la the dty o| Bichicoad, tt?9 car? I by three bottlee of Carter's Kpaaish Klx'me, cf ?*lt l>heum. which he had icr nMrly t -anty years and which all the vhya.oiani of the c*3 eauld uoi euro Mr. Tn' tuc-on ia a wrll hJ?a MkOta^ant ir. the city ct Bkhciondf and hie ia mf A ViKarkahte. WLi. A.KATTH2IT8. t.f !'< l:Q?-.d Lad a Fervxut eared ad WiLi'il, in the worat form, l>y Ca ter1* Fpan'A Mixture. 1I? fx>s h? ch erfupy rccrm mtnda It, and oon*ide?3 it a rtry luimiuable m<- d da*. EDWIN BURTON, c n>noi?d<?ner ot the riT?nui*. eays he hu ^<-en the g<> >d effe 'j of Carter's >pt nisb Mixta:* in h numb?r of jyphi*'tt? caws^ and it is a pe*i-?t e?-re f r that L' rr:,b!e dis-aja-. WM. G. IfAItWOJD, 9f Bi.'liiuood, owred cf <>ld 8or?aa?ii Ulcere, wh oh di'all^dhi-a fraui walking. Took a few 1-jttlcj of s parish Mix'ure, *ud waa enrtd-d to walk without a cratch, in a .'hort tirae p iSian uily cu . I. j Priori pal itopcld at M WARD, CLOSE k rc? Nc. j 68 Maiden I.rnA. N'< ? York. T. VV DYOIT A 8O.1No. 18-NcrtS Second Ph'ladelphia UBN^ETT A CKEE3. No. 125 Vain Kreet, Eich BX> ^d, Ya. And for aa!e by CI(4<)LKi STOIT, Washington, D. C ; I1KNHY P?ELt Al^xinuiia, ar.d b/ P'ruggistc e*?ryHh^"-e. Prica $: per bottle, or six bottled f r A">; aep 21?ly 1>SNliliYN ANDlKuN MAM 1 sLr? vl^y be f??c h be?utifut a^^rtmeut of thes> f-h-ap and da table article-, at th?=cirn*rrf Ppa:>ay!r*CiiaaT-nue anlT?th street, ever ?Le Waabi*?tft*?n Fa?:ngf Bank. RALPH UASK1NP, no* H -*P PIANOS!?L* I AN US ! T*7"K 00? loav? so cali t!??; attention ol ti?c public j \f ti? our nock 01 Pianos now ou a j hand, coi:-:-;i ;V.ip< tb tim-lo < 6^ mi ! G ??ctave r?>?*\vood ca.-c ii. I from tlic worl.l renew n-d J ? 1( J * 1 maimfactoriea of fl llet. Davis &. ('??., Boston, ai'd j Knabc, (i vhlc !k t >. MaftiTiinr.*, c-oinpri-niz 1:1 all ti?e larpi -t. most reliable and s>-l-ct a??crUnt'i?t < vcr otTwd in tins ci;y. Also, Covers, Kc. Old Piativs taken in exchange. \Ve will make rcaioiiulHe di count-for ca-h, or I sell on time. JOHN' P. lit.LIS, ' No. 300 Pa. avenue, T,earT< ntli sir ? t. jnn .11 TL1E ART UNION OF LONDON. . I'l.AN FOll Tilt. CUllllKST YhUlR. IFT15IK list ia now i pcn, and ?Mtry <uiwcriL? r ol I X jjf5..ri0 will be c t tied to ? I. A11 imp.t'.-Moy ot' a Plate, by J. T. WilSn;ore, A. 15. A.,from the ori;-i-i?l picture by J. J. C'ha I.mi, K. A., "A Water Party " II. A Volume contain in: thirty WooJ Engraving* illualrating atibjecu Iroai Lord Ryrou'a Poem ?d 'M.'Uilde lla.oluc." And ill. T1i<j chauce of obtaining; one >it the piizes to l>.-! d at th- general incotijj{ iu April, which will include? Too r ght n select forhimsi If a va'uahle work ot art from one ot Uic public exhibition-. Htatutte* in bronze of her M ij?:?>iy 011 ll> rscback, by T. 'I ti< r neyciott. Copies in liroi>te, from an or uiii*1 Mode! 111 r< lief by II. Jefferson, of ,4 The Ei.try of the I>uke of Weliington into Madrid Staiuttes 111 jxircclam or parian. Prt-of Impressions of a laree Lii!io,rn|>h, byT. II. Mngtiire, alter the original nicturc by \V P. Frith, 1?. ^.. '-The Three Ih ws," from Mo liere't. " B ?ur4c>is (ienidu >Mnie.*' Honorary Secretaries for IVnihington, .Vwsrs. TAVLOB & MAUlty, P'M?k-ellers jnn Jl | No. 5Qf.] NOTICE OF THE IH*CONTIXU ?NCE O/lhc L'nit<d Stales laud Jjfuc nt JrJ'citanviilf, fin ccttiics cud irinriMiK, It.-Jiana. 1 ITNDEK the prov.sioms of the seeimd section of j J the act of Consrei-s, approved Juu>' 12. 18-10, which declares "tlr t w in never the quantity ol pub lie la< ds remaining unsold iu any land district shall be reduced to a number of acres less than one hun dred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to di-coutiuue the land office for such disltiel; and it' any lai.d in au> such dt.-trict hu'.I nuaa.n unsold at Uic tune of the ducoiitinuauci! of a laud offic", tiie same shall be subject to sale at s(>mu one of the existing laml of (ices most convenient to the di<tn<*t 111 which the land oifice shall have Im-cii tfiacoiitinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;*' and irasinuch as the 7th section ol the at t approved 1 4ih Sept nit?er, 811, amh >rizi-s the Secret ry <d'| the Tn aaury lo co .tinue any land district iu w inch is situated th- seat <>f goverument ?l" any oue of the Stales, notwithstanding th - quantity of laud tiu^tdd in such district may not atnouut to more than one hundred thousaud acre*, when in Ins opinion su?-li eoiititutance maybe required by puMic eunvemenee or in ord*-r to close the land system iu such State at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1810, and iins tuiuh as the duty al>ore required haj -'^"cn demit ed | Ufionthe Secretary of the Interior by uthe at to cs j taf lith the Home Department,'' apprnved 3: March, 1819: Notice i* accordingly hereby given that, it. view ot reports trom ill-* tan I otlieers at JtrriiKsuxMLlE Viaekkm p, and \Vis*mac, that the vacant Lin-I in each ot said di.strii-ts is reduced below 0110 hundred thousan i acres, the Secretory ot the Intciior, uith the a]ifioh.ttion of the Prnidi-id. Ins directed that the land otheesai Jerrtaso* vim k, Visicts-KEii ;iru| V\ iNiHAC) in the fc*Uitj ol Indiana, be tli.-contiuued, and the lan is remaining untold at the time ?tf the discontinuance be made tutij* ct to j-a!e at the land office at Indianapolis, the seat of goveu uiem ol said State. Lands remaining.untold, and unpprcpriated by law, and subject to pr vale entry wuhin toe Ihu.tls ! of the disUiois now diacouti..ued, wi I c.^aie to be ? - - ?- ? iiuuttm, wi 1 c>1 v.e to l>e subject to entry as heretofore a! those cftices, from the date of the receipt or |lti?< notice l-v the rcg Mers and receivers thereof, and lite ofl'icer* at Isiu aNaPolis will give public notice of the ?tay on which they will be pr?par;>d to receive application* for entries of any such land- at their office. JOHN v'.ILSOV, Commissioner cf (<ci etal Land Ofliee. Iancarv *28, 1855. jan ^9?2aw6\v " NEW STORE, NKW ST0IUST ~ Lvvisi.Hi ave*ne CTVrSiU the Uml of WashingUHk MB. THOMAS DELKANT respcc'Jully tcTit< th*? attention ot ths fubllc t > examine hit stock of 000D3, whi b he Laa cp?nec' on Lou^iat r atenue bt|*een Fixth aud ?ereLth ktitet ,opi catti tha Bauk ot Wasbin|,ton. ec.osisting of ali de?erip tionaof Teaa. An Tir???Ui * - ?... wumuaj pi an a?-ertp tiona of Teaa, Ac , Ixp^rial. 0unpo*d?r, and Black Tea ; Win ? anl Lhtnora, of all rorta, which be cm ?all at the lowest prica for cish or approved p*|tr. Beeidas all the r.-cDBSarUs for Oro ery budueaa, fix: Br onia, fcuoketa, C?1 r Tola, Malohsa, he, Ae- PUom oall aai for yonnalfM. PHUnglPHi* *DVEftTISEMlNTS. Win?8 a I PHILADELPHIA. toiV. F 3 IDXIl, Dealer In W\a*a, at tfc* M firmer (M ?r?bii?b*4 ifcn SUri of J ACQS XTTTDHL Jr. No Ti Walnnt *r?*t, tewr toon to lew Feurtn rtmt. ?#.?:? otmtm*wn will W MffM with 1TL1SAJ and LIQUORS o* th? most iniiHa dating tftni. . . JACOB IMIDIH, Jf.4ptl? pcrtatioc of rOMKJOS ni.vtcs, omm *?.?? Wot ?at str*ot, PhlUd^pbla, a her* b* to prwiril t* recaiv* "rder* for the special Importation of Wlnea. Ac., ffcooi various hou*** la t urppe, la o*j ?ntitl** of a atnrl? dcaes tr4 upwards; and alao solicits fhr hi* Son, JOHN VAVGIIAN SNIDKft, th* patronag* of his friends and lomn customer*. %? All Wine* ordered for * aabington will to l? liver ad by Kxpreta/res AufeW. j? ??lj LtOC TOIt VOIHSKLr. THE POCKET JBCULAPIU8: OK, BT12f OM Old OWSf PUrUOLAK. Th* Fiftieth RUtton. with On* hundred Hfriilf? showing Wwmh ud Mkl formations of th* Bum> System la wiry at ape aai torn Ts which to mM a Treatise ojlUm Dtwaaao of ' Female*, Mtygjfth* hlrh i ?*t Inpor+aAVtc marrle J people, rr thoee catena plating c air lag-. Bp WM. YOUNG, M. D. Lit lather W MftMUl to p:??Bt a (ojy of the JMCCLAPTUS to hi* ?b04 . It may ?t? bim tram aa arlv pt*<. I/t no T' cag man or wovaa taw la to u?* awrret ob'.lgatb n* of married lib witboal r?ndln5 th* TCCKCT E^'CLAPICS. Let a* cm duff^riac from a L*?'kui<*d Oou?rto? Palo to th* tSd*. rustless ai/L'*, nervrv* feelings, end .he wbcJe train A SyapepTic it jratiore, and given op by ttolr phy tfci&n, la aaMV.n meant, w.tbout rontulting tn* *hOCtJlFlCiJ. if*" the married, rr Ho* about to >*? lie-1 fcny'r ^?-l.ment, read this ttuly ?oo? ?ui book, ?? 5t has beau ths BWWM o? saving taowa tivt* of ouftr.ui.ala creatures frcm tbe v*ry jaw* *i ____ 04r Aav p?rr?- a LfinJIng iwiaiT-flll CENTO <iwliHi Ui a i'lter, win recafre one copy of tbli w^rk Vy bj/1, cr fiTe ccple* wlii be seat foe Oae Dai KmBi Ad4r?M, (pet DR. WM.Tf.UMO, Ko. ifr- ?praoe ?tre t, I blladelpblfe if 1J?If SALTilMI 2. "kiT'i. (CjUi d lam* n Lr, g:?l!T.?i A ro., MmcVtnmi *?i l T? DetKr* in ALCOHOL.CAUPTIIftlL KTlilfc. HAL OIL. Ar. be. C4 8. CALTKRT 5TMUT, 0^ vM'e Wat-r Btrret, BALTIMOKR, Sid m?r SI?Ir uia s ructoft, H ? SPFJ5CUI C?Ie*? hie rro> -*<?-?! ter^lrer ti Ibe eftleeae of Bal* ascrt. J rii * all fc'adf cfCucr*?take them rat wltboat [tin, or tfce oee cf any kuK*. 1 ??a ?ar?> all kind* of Site aci fcpaana. Rheumatic Palaa, C^o?uicpiio*i. Lr<^p?y. iJjfvn*'*! Wlea, Fal?y, or ?ny otLer *i'rr.-i.t the htuaan 'an.Uy are tuhJect to. [le rtc et?.p from tfce LtiBK* or Rove, at? li?tacce *ron- tfc* rat ?t.t. by kneaief the patienf? aum*. I, *m bori; blind, anS haa studied tev*r?! ftarh under en T&4**.c Ccetcr who wu anoa? tba eQd Ico>*n' tbirteet> yeara. UR. tl'KNCCH bae rexcvTed from Sir. Buok'.ey** Boarding Boupe, to No. 84, HANOVER ?TR**T, *-ie- 11?t' I ????^??? AN APPEAL TJ COMMON SKN.SK. IETTHK S;rK UK** TUF TBC1 H. C*rT*:?i P.knjamix.? li'-revrr known h<4 t?-*ti ni ?ny will lir r tnrtaeiv *. IJut l?>t Ukw wlw do nol know the C:ijrta;ti ?-!?? ?n!?l ^reptical. Or. Uia ?on h ltr<>., i oiliereof tn? b A known and moat itifllly lesfteciaWr citiatnf of K^ei<<n, tnd??rr< ln? woudcrial curt; by nAKPTONS VK?ETAHT.K TINCTm*. tA.TOM, Oil. 4, ItSC Afcv?r< M'jrtitntn M'>v>-rc.\f : Ueullein* ii? I ;e*-I it my duty to you end lh?- pub lic to ct;nify to ti?e t tTecu oi' lUinptonV Veg uhle Tinetat. I w.i- for bi tr** ill i: five year* 'aboriu^ under a iii rare of I 'lnwic k'icumati?ni, and tlu: errat pirt of that ti^o* I was si KHptei* that I tiad t.i be he;|?t.'d froio my t>?-d and dressed in my cloth? s I btrcam-' n'dtici d to a sk.-l?*ion. All tlie nu d icin>'< I to V. iWuie ui*! ho p?il, ttnd I coniinu*-d to prow I tjearJ of IIam,iiuuV Tincture end lboti;hi S would give it a trial. At liiia timt- I dol n.?t ? xj?ect u? liv? otM* ?lay after another. I did n??t take it (the Tinctun-) 1<?r I he plicwnaUmi, but in a short I'mc I w. II ? f :lnr dieea-*. From the effect a of your 1 in?:ture the help of 1?<m1 I am new* griii:<? in h al:h. I wi*ti all the allhcled to try IltBptoa'i Vt-frtible Tiacturc, a* I have >1 ?? e, wit'i the uac tffect that it hd9 on Your jLi: u nt set \ ant, Isaac Bk9Jam:ii. We are acquainted with I>aac Benjamin; Fold him Mini*' ui llatiptoiiV Vegetable Tincture, and be ih?\e the ktmve at iteiuetit correct. ItAWeoN It Ban. I"rom our Knowlcd;? of Cnptair. Ilei,j,iniin we are conAdetit that the above statement h true and tin exager?.?.ed. J. A. Joukmox, CnAXLCa Robikxox. C?ll anf grt pr,mi>hietK cnua, and we cure* of Cough, IJronchi:.*, Riieumaiiim, Nrwaltu, Hye [?epsia, Nervooaoee^ and General tVeak lie?a. A* a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequa!1<d. 8<?!d ly KORTIMBK & MOWBRAY, 140 RalU more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. X. York Chab. fsTOTr fc Co., J. B. Moore, D B. Ci.aRkk, Clarmk U. Bowuno, VV. Elliot,and II. MePiica box, lYasiiington; al-o, by R. S. F. Cibskl, C?-oree town, and C. C. Blrky, Alexandria, and by Drug giets everywhere. jaa 8?Ir COUGHS, COIjDS, ElOARSENESS, ltei:eftn rive Nlnuut. TYZF.k S COMIVTSD (JI'M ARABIC SYRUP. TliK hMMriht crciaad tor thia iaoet pi^asaat, salt:, ar.i eQea -i^u^ remedy f^r all pulmonary diiRait*, Lu eu.U*-i the pro;rirtor to reduce tba p'io ao t?> p.^ce it ?itLL< the reocb ot all claesee. lta en {priority over most similar preparattoas Is at I twed vy rana> eminent phjsicians who have ^eeB eye vltOt^MB of ita eJbcarr when the usual reme dies have taiied; al;o by tbovand of oar most re apectible ciu*can ? ho have c??-d it In their 'amllle* both as preT-.ntivi, and cure with naver failing auc* ~*a* t r 'he !u( twenty yeara, during vhtch period with Trry llctif cid from aivertialiig. Ae., it ha rri-lualiy epread rrputa i?.n ever the whole Union. In c**e? of recent tUds Coughs, Hcartenesa, dr , It gi?es .mmedlxte relief, and ;.*n rally cume in a day or two, without iutmaring with diet <>r buainwa, or re^de.iu^ the sys^m more Fu^ceptible ot Colds, in chronic c.iSas, Ai'.Kua, Wficop ng Cough. Crxmp, ftrvruhttU. AjfuU<.ui of Uu I.ungt, and Contump tioti, tt i? al* 273 very b ne?dal and beldcm fail a, when eommsnee. ?u rims to r^rta:t a cora. Frha i-> and .-0 ?ru a hcttla. 8old ?hula-1- e by Fatterson A Nairn, Stott A Cr., KiJgely A Cc Alsaaodria by Foal A Stevana. In Geor^at^wn br ^Ir. Ci.?el A#- TTLMSTS CJIMA&A EIC CASDTDROPS, a similar oompcaition to tha above, but in a milder and mere per labia form ; they act like a charm on a tronble*:i- C.>ugh, aud clear the throat and voice; they e.-.^l?tn to injarious drag, ara particu larly reooiumer.?l?c for children, trequentcr* of pub He asseiublioi, public speak^ra, aingert, Ac Frir* 12aud 25 casts par box. For eaV at most Drug and Candy 6toraa. Oct 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPIWITK TliK MARKKT CX FKMNSYLVA N1A AYPNUK 4 do-jrs b?d.>w Ninth street, h1 a NKW CLGTHlii'G STOiE lor Men and Boya, opened tide day. DfcCKLR.cne of the cheapest Clothing Mi tch>ft'? in X'-rlh. haa determine! to tli-rto th; iitiaens tf 'Vashington and vicinity, hijexC'H-tit Cli:hinj; ? the leweat Northern prices, tot caah only. Ihere the POOR MAN will find juct rorb a Clothi- ^ Mora as haa long been wanted iu WHsbingtna. Ilia motto ic cheap for ca-h, aLd ?Ni. raicc only. A g kkI aubeLantial wiollen coat he will sell for t'i 75: and h-ary siahr pauti1, well lined, for gl tk, andtice coats, c-rerooits, rnd vests, io proportion. Good wool acn cvton un itr.Llrta, h>iery, glovea, Ao., chtS' er thin tbe cbetpe*t. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Gltstes. 255 OFa'l slic^ snl qual :y, lienab or German plate, Kaney or p!atn F >rtrajt and F ctur* Fram. s, Gilt or F*ncy Odcred. ALo, Gilt Roam Moulding, Marble top Bracket* and Tablu* C >rnic- v to order. Also, al; k nds of old ?c;k ra^ldad with h and on ?>aaonab!e I : ms Ly ? J WAQWRR, ?55 Pa. avcaua, opp. Klrkwood II. uae. dec 29?tf FOlt POOR AND IJJSORING IUCN. S4 Ai.L BUILDING LOW of 10 feet or More, ta va?l ?us fart* ol tfce City, aal Geo cat own. at l? ? price*, ku i terme tc suit. LLOYD A 00. ? tllDIKO IfOIB, For sale, detirsrable at th* Canal, or WhaiTM la WaaoiugUrc.. Georgetown, or Alexandria. - LLOYD A 00. HIL s'.r*et, opp. Treasury Deoartaaant. ly a~le CUAULKli 1IABK1N8, Architect. (Pa. avenue, keiwrtn Tenth and kJev*nlh %trce*<,) wasminoton, u. c. WILL continue to lurnuh Plans, detail winking IhawiiigB, and ai^ciflcauons of buildings ?4 every de; cription, and al -o to superintend then erec lion. lebl-cu

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