Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1855 Page 2
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KV KtVING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: | THTJESTAV AFTiiBNOON... February 22 (?7* The large and convenient dwelling on tbe corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. SPIULII OF THX MOUSING PRESS. Tbe Union republishes from tbe Morgan town (Va.) Telegraph, documents emanating from Know Nothing lodges in that region, designed, avowedly, to secure tbe return of a Know Nothing to Congress in place of Hon. Mr. kidwett. The editor waxes indign^ut over the disitgenuous course thefc papers direct tbe Know Nothings to pursue. The Union also has an article on the Texas debt^ hill, wherein it argues that the United States will be the gainer by its enactment yesterday. The Infitigmcer says: " Mr. Mallory has made to the Senate, frrm tbe Committte on Naval Affairs, an able repor* en the nature and v.tlue of Lieut Maury 's sen ices to navigation by his labors and scientific investigations inte the winds and currents of the ocean. We are glad to see that the committee, with an honorable liber ality, propose aome reward to the Lieutenant for his important labors. '' In this ws hearily coincide. The same! paper also says : ] " An eminent member of the bar In one of tbe old States makes a suggest h'j in regard to tbe organisation of the courts of the United btatea which tome professional friends con sider weli worthy oi oeing placed before those who have the subject undor legislative coo peration i, Zi follows : " 4 increase- tbe judges of the Supreme Court to thirteen lhe chief justice and sit asso tialtt on/y fhail hold tbe Supreme 'Jour'; the other six associates shall hold the circuit ?ourti. The seoond year three of the latter ehall sit in the Supreme Court, and three other associ i'es take theii places in the circuit courts; atd so on e ;ch year there shall be a change of thr-ie o: the judge? from the Su ?prune Court :>> tiie circuit courts, and vice xrrsa. By thi< plan after the first year each of the aes<ciates will be employed two years ia succession in the circuit courts and two years in the bupreme Court. As tho entire time of six juu^es would be appropriated to the holding of the circuit c:urt?, tiiire would probably be no need of any change in the ex iting eystein of ih; circuit and dirrict courts. Jt is not proposed that the ohief jus i;e thai! be required to si: in :he circuit court* ; yet, jl Heed bo. he and th*5 a associates whose duty it shall to for the iiu:e to hold the Supreme Court might be allswed to hold the circuit courts in tome *f the nearer circuits.' " The new Know Nothing paper just Star ed in New York City, is edited by August Duganne. It is called the Timts, and in typography a perfcct fac simile of its London aamc'alEe. WASHINGTON NKWS AND GOSSIP. The Great Measure of Peace?We have Xiow ev*ry reason to believe that, ere the ter mination of tho session, the bill of Senator liwin for the establishment of ? weekly ex-j Jtrees acroc.? tbe ''Great Plains'' will become a law; and we congratulate not only the suffer ing inhabitants of the frontier on tbe prospect {f atsurlEt, pe-ce to >o many of them, which I involved i . the tuictmscl of the bill in uesucn, but iae hu_idr*d3 of thousands on 'both sides of the llocby Mountains who are interested in having the great route of travel {overland) between the Mississippi valley and the shores of tne P*ciho once more sale lrom the ravages of hostile Indians. Those mem bers of Congress, too. who are advocates for economy ia tho public expenditures, may fair ly be congratulated en this bill's prospeot of triumphing Inasmuch, as, for a ccmpara tive'y tailing expenditure, millions annually in military expenses, otherwise absolutely ne cessary. wiil be saved to the National Treatury. Whiio we -re advocates for the protection cf the frontier by expenii/o military means, when that courso is tho only way in whioh due protection can be accorded to it, we trust we shall always be advocates for dispensing with expenditures o. that tort, wbeu they can be prudently avoided. The great point or line requiring instant protection, is that so much travelled overland route to California and Oregon and Washington territories l'er haj s a thousand livfe of American citizens, and millions of American property have been zacnficed upon it within the last twelve months, until the flood of emigration ovor it has net oniy been checked, but its volume has actually been diminished. All these occur rences are must deplorable, working, as they de, incalculable mischief to the publio inter ?st. A stop must be put to them, or tbe blush of shame will j^antle the cheeks of the mem bers of the present C< ogress; that body being responsible foartieir longer oontimance, be cause they, ami they alone, are clothed with the power and duty of putting a >top to them. There are but two means or metheds by which it is possible to eCect that so universally desired ?nd: one is by apentfiog from two to five mil lions annually to keep and supply numerous de tachments of troops along the parti:ular line; and the other is the project ol Senator Gwin, to legalise the establishment of a horse ex press to run the route weekly, which will com pel those who may undertake it, to have sta tions every twenty or thirty miles along the route. Now, there is no difficulty?none in the world?in inducing settlers to group around theee stable stations They have, so far, failed to "rquat" along that route, only for the want of sjme organised enterprise like this, which will operate to tccord to such settlements the protection of frequent intercourse and hourly protection from tbe setUed country at either ?nd of lhe route. The grand inducement for inch settlements is the business of cutting and caring prairie grass, or hay to supply the many thousands of animals of the emi grants which are already annually passing over that routo, and the raising aad herding of ?applies of f.,od for the emigrants themselves In the last three years full half tbe cattle that have been attempted to be taken over tbe route hare perished or have fallen into the hands of the savages, for want of such supplies and sueh protection to those carrying them over it, as the bill of Senator Gwin, if enacted, will en sure, though the War Department has in vain notoriously devoted to the proteotion of the emigrant every man aad every dollar that Congress has enabled it to dedicate to that servioe. W e repeat, this measure of thesaga eious California Senator embraces the plan by which the great overland route to the Pacific can, at once, and at but comparatively nomi nal cost, be saved for all time from molesta lion by hoetile Indians The Emigrant Passenger Ship Question ? The oommerotal interest of the Atlantic cities owes deep gratitude, indeed, to the Hon Mr. fuller, of Maine, for the handsome manner in whioh he yesterday earned through the House his to important bill to cure the defects ia the existing law regulating the transportation of passengers on the ocean to and from this oountry The lion. Mr. Whoelor, too, deservoa no small ahare of credit for hia exertions in obtaining voted for Mr. Fuller's propoiition. We witnessed hia effoxtc, and know that hia representations and earnest appeals to hia fellow.members were of material importance to its success. This ia the meaaare to which we referred on the daj before yesterday, when writing or the dangerous effects of what ia known in Wash ington as "Senatorial comity." It is the bill framed bj an unanimous vote of the Commerce committees of both Douses of Congress under the advioe of tlae Secretary of the Treasury, which bi* also been frankly and fully aocepted by the great sht p*> wning interest of the northern cities, as embracing the rules and regulations under which emigrant paseengers shall here after bo brouprbt over. The oxisting law is notoriously full of defects, amounting, in fact, to neither more nor less than the means of murdering thousands ot emigrants on tho high seas ; aa the due enforcement of ita provisions generates ship fever, Ac., on board emigrant ships, by which, as ail the world know, the emigration has been nearly decimated on the ocean, since the defective act went into opera tion. A bill to the same end, its counterpart, in deed, was reported to the Senate before the departure of Senator Fish; but in his absence, under the requirements of " Senatorial comi ty," it so far lies snogly ensconced in that distinguished gentleman's drawer, the key thereof being as snugly stowed away in his breaches jockeC, in Havana, by this time This action of Mr. Fuller, the Honse Com merce committee, acd of the House on yester day, placos it within the power of a majority of the Senate to do away with the injurious effect on tho public interest otherwise certain to re*alt from the mal-apropos, though so far R3 that gentleman's health is concerned, ne cessary absence from Washington of Senator Fish. We trust and believe that a majority cf the body will lose no time in passing this so necessary measure, and thus pat a atop, at once, to the crying evils growing out of the existing passenger ship law, which must other wife annoy and perplex tho of&cors of the Treasury Department, ruin hundrod of ship owrers, and murder thousands of emigrants between this time and the'opening of the next session of Congress. Look Oat!?Within the last twenty-four hours, we havo hoard of facts going to prove that the state of things now existing in Cuba has suddenly stirred up the filibusters from Mnine to Texas, acd that within the last week they hare been holding seoret meetings ia all directions, and have again commenced to en roll and p cpare for sailing from the United S ates. '1 his is in cccordance with the appre hensions expressed in our two last articles published on-the subject, though we oonfess ourselves to have been in error in judg ng their diebandmtnt under the effect of the soiauro of the steamer Massachusetts, the Louisiana prosecutions, Jcc., to hare been mot* general than it turns out to have been. It behooves ail lni:ed States offi;ers and good citisens to be on the alert, at ihL> time, to put down any and all efforts to involve the American Gov ernment in difficulties with distant nations by violations of our neutrality laws. Though confessing our anxiety to see Cuba free, and, in timi, annexed to this country, we shall al vrays condemn the plana of the filibusters. Were the people of the island themselves in a state of active revolution, we should bid God speed to such individual Americans as might choose to expatriate themselves to go to the assistance of the islanders in a manner not in volving a violation of the American neutrality laws Tin Business before the Supreme Court.? 1 be California cages of Cel. Fremont and its colleague, which have, for the most part, oc cupied the attention of the Supreme Court for tho last month, are more important in their consequences to the fature of the country, than any and all business which has boen be fore Congress in the fame time; involving, too, mteh more treasure than has beon legis latcd away at this session. Indeed, the Fre mont claim alone involves incalculable mil lions, as well as political consideration:} which may in time change the whole character of tho Government of the United States. That case is full of extraordinary features, none of them being more marvelous in our estimation, than the appearanoe of Mr. Geo. M Bibb among the counsel against the Government Mr. Bibb, up to about three weeks since, was the Chief Clerk cf the law department of the Government, and must necessarily have thus confidentially obtained an inside view cf the Government'! case Shortly before his resignation, his brief in the case the United States, whose sworn (>fi.:er he was, made its appearance in print; thus proving, that while employed as a law officer of the United States he was probably oounsel for Fremont also. The magnitude of the interests (pecuniary and politioal) involved in this cause, brings to our mind forcibly Col. Benton's invariable protestations of so disin terested public spirit in all he does as a public man; inasmuch as it is notorious to all who hive Ixad experience in the details of publie affairs for the last fifteen years that he has struggled harder than any one else to quarte* his own immediate cirole on the Government, and that they have made more money, directly and indireetly, out of their connection with tho public service, than alfother persons oom bined who have been employed in parallel publie positions. ? ? I Mr. Boole ?We have a private letter from Paris by tae steamer, whose newa we publiah this morning, bearing date on the 6th instant, and saying that three or four days before that date Mr. Soule took official leave of the au thorities in Madrid, and was then (on theBtb,) hourly expected in Paris on his return to the United States. We may therefore expect to hear of his arrival in the United States very shortly. A Hew Light House Inspector ?Lieuten ant C has Managault Morris, U. S. N., has been ordered to duty as Inspector of the Sixth Light House District. ^ The Allied A raj ia the Crimea?We are permitted to publish the following extract of a letter to George N. Saunders from one of the most distinguished French exiles now in Louden : '?'! he army cf tbe al lies is looked upon as en tirely lost Destitution and cold provoke 4e set lions. Ln^li S and French go over to the Kussun*. The >pe of an approaching ca tastrophe has not abandoned us. Let but the J?* break up in the Crimea, and you will hfar I Ike ctack elsewhere." The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On yosterday, the 21st of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrant* entered on the boo 1m of the Department? For the redemption of stock $2 337 57 For paying Treasury debts W ? Pot the Customs 10 if? 03 For covering into ihe Troasury from custom* k 225 J0 For the War De^r' nent 158,183 17 For repaying in tbe jV&r Depart ment j jj For tho Nayy Department.!*.108,82* 35 ?or the Intelior Department 1.811 67 ror repaying in the Interior De partment 5M 34 CONGRKSSIOIVAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after wo went to press, on motion of Mr. Clay, the bill granting to rsilrord companies three years in which to pay the duties cn iron, was taken up, and was debated at great length by Messrs. Clay, Pratt, Cooper, Brodhead, Benjamin, Mallory, | Bayard, Pearce, Wilson, and others, and was not disposed of when they adjourned. In the House, the report of the conference committee on the disagreeing rotes of the two Uouses on the Texas debt bill was concurred in -yeas 123, nays 77. Mr. Cobb, from the Committee on Public Lands, reported a bill granting to the State of Alabama alternate sections of the pubiio lands in aid of the construction of certain rail roads. Mr. C. moving to put this bill on its passage addres?ed the Douse in its favor. Bat they went into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, Mr. Hibbard in the chair, wherein the Civil and Diplomatic bill was taken up and discussed. Tbe oommittee rose without disposing of this bill; and then, after the transaction of unim portant business, they adjourned. PrcmdiBK* ef Te-Daf. In the Senate, to-day, on motion of Mr. Evans, the bill was taken up granting the half pay to revolutionary offiaeis and their widows, promised by resolution of early Congress, de ducting what each may have received in the way of commutation; and after a few remarks in it- f i?or from Mr. K, its author, and Messrs. Reward and Shields, it was duly passed?yeas 20 nays 15. Afterwards tbe Invalid Pension appropria tion bill, with House amendments, came up, and Mr. Hamlin was opposing those amend ments as we went to press. In the House, Mr. Washbnrne, of Illinois, reported from the conforence committee on the disagreeing votes upon the bill for the relief of locators and purchasers of swamp lands: which wid report was concurred in. Mr. Middleswarth desired to move to take up the bill granting additional lands to the officers and soldiers of the war of 1812. But, afier icf^rmal conversation, he announced his intention of making that motion on Tuesday next. ' The bill for the organization of the Distrist of Columbia insane asylum, was then taken up and passed. Mr Houston moved to go into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union : not agroed to. Ihe regular order of business being called for, the bill granting lands to Alabama in aid of the construction of certain railroads, came up. Mr. Btheridge moved to lay it on the table. Agreed to?yeaa 91, nays 78. Mr. Jones, of Pa., asked leaye to report from the claims oommittee the bill to establish a court for the examination of claims Additional Foreign NeWs. BY THE BALTIC. \ catcrday we announced tho arrival of the lialtic with one week's later news from En rope, since which we have received our ?les of foreign papers, from which we extract the following: MISCELLANEOUS WAR ITEMS. L.ght Australian merchant ships which ar rived together at Galats, were fired into with uiueketry by the Russians, apparently urfder I tho mutako that they were a hostile force, ice plot of one of the ships was killed ' Austria has demanded explanations The Earl of Luean is recalled from com mln.d Bnt?b cavalry in the Crimea. The Piodmontese Genoral Riverel had ar rived at Constantinople to make arrangements for the transport of the Sardinianarmy to the eeat of war. 3 1 The Saltan Intends to raise a national vol untary loan. The Ciar has issued a new supply of paper I S?he7waerPajrable thr?* "P&tion | 'ihe Russians in their sorties from Sebasto r-o l make use ol the lasso to capture prisoners. exchange at Constantinople has risen to 141 piastres to pound sterling, causing-as prices Have men accordingly?considerable distress. A s.iarp shock of an earthquake was experi-1 encea at Constantinople on tho 23d ult., but no damage was occasioned. ' 1 Admiral Bruat, on 21st January, communi cated to the French fleet the vote of thanks from the British Parliament The blockade of the Russian ports of the B.ack sea has been fo-mally notified by French and Lsglish ships of war to the ports interoit CU. Ab del Kadir has begged the Sultan to give the?Cnmea"1' ? * of tb? African* serving in A letter from Constantinople, Jan 25 savs .% oo'o?."<if,'r0' b"'" i? oJ. lava 67 htYe comm#DC?d th? railway at Balak Meh?mat Bey, eldest son of Redsobid Pasha is earned Turkish Ambassador to Frsnce, in I Brcmssa P*cha, appointed Governor ofj L'xiolsioi* or Missionaries ruou Pola.ii> Tbe English Missionaries to the Jews in riti?J ^?ordered to leave the Rassian terri a ss; i Crar Boatkoff is aPP?inted Secretary to the j The Tdrks Desire Peace.?The question of pence or continued war, is now the ch'efl eul ject of in terest at Constantinople, and the ofPeaoe ^ 8??mi 10 ** carQe,t,J ? &"or THE DANUBE. Rkportbd Battle amd DarieAT or the 1 fltated' 0mar p"b* bas withdrawn hu resignarion. Full apolo*y was made to him by the Turkish Government Isinael Pacha and the army of Roumelia are placed under his orders. Aocounts respecting the movements ot the Russians are contradic tory. On the one hand, it is said, that they oonunue to ravage the Dobrudsoha, under the ?ery eyes of the Austrians; on the other that Gen Coronini has received orders to prevent the incursions of the Russians. j Ihe Paris Moniteur copies from a Constan tinople paper a letter giving an account of an action fought on the Danube, but the aooount requires confirmation. It states that (no date) Russian corps having attempted to cross the river into the Dobrudscha was repulsed with groat loss after a conflict of several hocrs, by the rear guard of Yaya Pacha; and that tho Utter had already crossed the Danube at Tultscba and Ismael. MlSTkRlODS MoVEUEKTOr tie Russians. Ihe J^rhn Prussian Gaxette, in a dispatch from \Varsaw, dated February 5, states that an on er h*d been received that all the Rus ?n the vicinity of Cracow and of the Austrian frontier should retreat with all dispatch into the interior of theoountry. FRANCE. Changes in the French Ministry? The Army 1 of the Rhine?'I'he Canadian Vote. M. Magne is appointed Minister of Finanoe, and M. Rouher Minister of Agriculture, Com 00eroe and Public Wozks in alace of M Magne r There are rumors current that the Emperor will himself take command of an army toi operate 00 the Rhine, and that M do Morny will act aa Lieutenant of the Empire in the Emperor s absence; farther that General Can robert is to be recalled and will be succeeded by General Pelietier. Theee tales probably merit no belief, ' Tho Austrian General, GreueviUo, has had' personal consultations with the Emperor Na poleon in reference to the military dispositions of Austria and France Prince Napoleon has arrived in Paris. Most of the public oAoers paid their res pec t? to him with all appearance of oordialitj. The Moniteur announoes that the Bmperor will not tend any apeoial envoy to the sonfer enceat Vienna. Baring entire oonldenee in M. de Bourqueney, the present representative of France. Lord Cowlej, the British Minister at Paris, has made known to the Frenoh Government the munificent Canadian contribution, twentj thousand pounds, in aid of widows and or phans of the war; and atates that he la pre 8ared to hand over to the Frenoh Government le sum of 250,900 franos, which belong to Franoe The Moniteur publishes Lord Cow ley's letter And the Canadian add rota . LATEST INTELLIGENCE. Saturday, Feb. 19, 1865. Queen Victoria baa issued a proclamation against British aubjeets at home or abroad aidiog the enemj, especially against supply ing him with arma, ainunition, stores, ships, and ateam machinery. The report of a regiment of Zonaves having mutinied, is repeated. s The battle between the Turks and Ruaaians on the Danube is likewise repeated, bat with out additional detail*. The Spanish Minister of Finance has pro posed to the Cortes to sell the Church landa and State " oommonalties." The proposition is favorably received. The Moniteur announces that the Germanic Diet, on the 8th inatant, resolved that the prineipal contingents to be pnt upon a war footing is to be ready on fourteen days' no tice. A letter from Kiel, of the 5th, speaks of the of 1410 baJ being open in ten days. The I'iedmonteae Chamber of Deputies have tormalir sanctioned the treaty of allianoe. Oma# Pasha has written a letter to Lord liaglan, reoommending the promotion of Major Boul, Lieut. Glvn, and the Prinoe of Leinin gen, English officers. In the House of Commons last night, Mr. Crawford asked whether Admiral Sir Charles Napier had been censured and diamiased from his command, and whethor his instructions had fettered hi* operations against the enemy 7 Admiral Berkeley replied that he regretted that an old and gallant friend should have acted ao indiscreetly as Sir Charles Napier was reported to have done in his apeech at the Minaion House. It was, however, his duty to inform the House that Admiral Napier had not been censured?had not been dismissed from oommand?had not been goaded to at tack any fortress?had not been reatricted in any way Irom attacking those fortressea if he had thought proper; but that he was informed by the Admiralty that the country expected ho should perform everything be oould with the fleet. He (Berkeley) again regretted Na pier s indiscretion?it was a bad example to his (ffioers ; and was it worthy ef a commander serving with the allied fleet of the French? The government have undergone severe questioning respecting the mismanagement of the war, and especially respecting the state ment that the British army is wasting away at the rate of 1.000 men a week. In reply the Chancellor of the Exchequer, backed by Sir W illiain Moleswortb and other members of the government, asserted that, at the pres ent moment, the British foroe of the Crimea, including tho navy in the Black Sea, numbers ?>0,000. LONDON MONEY MARKET Baltic J Lokdow, Feb.??5 P. M The busmesa in the Colonial and Foreign Produse markets during the week has been limited Sugar firm and rather dearer. Breadtftufls dull. Money in good demand, * ithout pressure. Consola leave off 91 a y 1 ] f>r money, and ?U a91 i for theaocount. New Dollars?The price of the last ariivals ia not yetfixed. Bar Silver 5s. lj. South American Doubloons 86s. 3d. American Stocks?Having been firmly held thia week, and little of thoae which have an established reputation hore are offered for J?1?. JT^er0 ar0 baJ?w *ncl no sellers of Inited States Bonds, 1868, at 106; of Massa chusetts Sterling 5's at 103; of Peansylvania Inscriptions at 75; and of Kentucky 6's at 89. In small amounts Pennsylvania Bonds aro offered at 80; Maryland 5's Sterling at id irPmia 5'8 Sterling at 92}, and 6's Dol lar Bonds or the same Slate at 88; Canada 6 a Bonds offered at 108. Nor sellers of New Orleans Consolidated Bonds at 80. The laat issue to Railroads offered at 78. No more Pennsylvania Central Railroad Bonds for sale n??7 't n? 2d Mor,??ge Sterling offered at 'JO. Illinois Central 7's Off. New York and Erie lat Mortgage lOOalOl; do. 3d Mortgage 77a 78; do. Convertible HSa70. BARING, BROTHERS A CO. HUMORAL. .... Governor "Winston has announced him 8C!f *?andi<|ate {or re-election in Alabama, and the Hon. M P. Gentry has signified hia willingness to reoeive the Democratic nomina tion for the Governorship of Tennessee. Col J. Stokes is spoken of as likely to be the Whie nominee in Tennessee. .... President Pieroe refers to a fact of ??nn\f?w^Thich 110 Pr??dent from icoo to 1855 haa ever reeommended the French spoliation claims to the favorable considera tion of Congress Nothing oould show in a stronger light their want o? character. .... The Philadelphia Sun, the Native or gan, continues to fight the battles of Hon S Cameron. .... It is stated that Strakosch and Ole Bull SiQir?-' th# American tenor, now in Italy, an offer to oommenoe an engagement in New York, which, if aooepted, will bring Squires home in the fall. .... Mr. Merle, the foreign editor of Galig nani's Messenger, died recently in Paris, after an illness of three or four days. He was the Nestor of English journalists in Paris. For more than a quarter of a oentury he had been attached to Galignani, and during the same period ho was the Paris correapondent of the London Globe Hia mind waa a porfeot mu seum of anecdote, and he waa ever the beat authority on the subject of the "latest news." Among hia personal friends were Lord Pal meraton and General Sir De Lacy Evans, both of whom sought interviewa with him when they were lately in Paris .... The oourt, in the case of Fry va. Ben JhiSES?!? V?wirial. ^e ground that the judge at niai priua wrongly admitted the deposition of Strakosch, an absent witness .... Paul R. George, cosmopolite, and an oid habitue of Washington when any thimr of thi!^ * "'""log up," is figuring largely at Ha^P?hire. A New York r0(0rnn8to th? f*ct of George s instrumentality In procuring Maine law pledges from the Know Nothing gubernatorial e, inouires whether he is not the same nominee, * \ i uo ? not me same individual who haa, for years, been engaged ilnlSIU^L7 exemplifying American pjfa. otples by the extensive manufacture of Heid sich champagne in the city of New York. A hogshead of such principles is often made by an expert before breakfast. - CHOIR ASSOCIATION ?THE m?nU,|y rehearsal will he field in KVfM vp 8,i'eeo?.?apt",t Church on MONDAY L '.Uw/a?ih ,nBl? M o'clock. J ne Board of Managers will meet at the pame ^PUBLIC MEETING ?A MEETING OP C laimants against the General Govern ment will be held at CarusiV Saloon, THIS (Thur* day) EVENING, the 22d of February/at 7 o'clock p. in , to take Into consideration tins course pun?u?'d by Congress m regard to the ju?t claims of citi *ens against the United States, and for otbfr nnrno T.bS2-u- MAiy _ OTE.^URE ON THE Mr. IV. G. DIX will lecture at Carusi*a Saloon On FRIDAY EVENING, Feb 23, on Russia and Constantinople. Tickets 25 cents?for ?alft ai the door. febai?3t* (Cnion&lmH j at-^LECTUBE-F. McNEHlIANY,~ESQ~, . Wl,l deliver a lecture ai Columbia llall Capitol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING the ?id Instant, at 8 o'clock. "Th? Uum> aBd Dignity ol Mechanical /ebiSlb,1C mviled w alt*nd- Lcciure free. .THIRD LECTURE FOR THE BENE At of the Young Catholics' Friend Society of Georgetown will be delivered by Hon. Jos cm R. I'llANDLaa.of Pennsylvania, at Forrest Hall, Uoxhi on THURSDAY EVENING, February 2id, at 7Sf o'clock. Subject: " Washington's character a* an exam pie." Tickets 19 cents?to be had at the book and drug ?tores, and at the duor of the ball. res, aiK _ feb 13?TuTbSTu WT FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. The undersigned ha? a splendid stock of j all the standard Fruit Trees, large, vigor ous and thrifty, vix: Feach Trees of very superior quality, all Ihe lead ing kinds Pears, Apples, Plums, Cherries, Apricots, Grape Vines, he. 30.000 English Lancashire Gooseberries, the large show kinds fine and strong 20,000 Currants, Victoria, Red and White Dutch, Red and White Grape, Black Naples, fcc 10,000 Raspberries, Fastolff, Red and White Ant werp, lie. 1,000 Rhubarb Roots, Prince Albert, Victoria Cham paigne, he. Shale Trees of best quality, such, as Silver and 8u Eir Maples, European and American Lindens, uropean Ash, Mountain Ash, Ik. Evergreens in great variety and rarest kinds vix Arincarias, Arbor Vitr, Cedrus des daia, C. Libani, Funebrnl Cypress, Cryptomeria Ja Kica, Tiu Koya Patagonia, Libracedrua lensis, Pinces Chmbra, P. excelsa, P. Ger ardiana, Picea Wcbhiana, P. pindrous, P. Piehta Abies SIeniienii A. Morinda, Irish and Engli.h Yewa, with many other beauuful Ev ergreens, all at moderate priees. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store corner 7th and U sts~ Washington, feb 22 ?eoft* ~SPURS?SPURS?SPURS. A VALUABLE I N V E N TI ? N, an improved SPUR, is now offered for sale, either in State or County Right*. Enquire of JOHN F. CLARK. Sole Agent for William Everdell, Jr., Assigns, corner of E and Eighth street*. feb 22 - eo5t* FOR 30 DATS, F0S CASH OFLyT EMBROIDERIES, Ribands, Dress Tr minings: and Fancy Goods at cost, less than cost, half j price, almost giving away Goods. MAXWELL k BRO. commence to day to make room for spring supplies by offering their choicest Goods at half pnee and we have some old and indifTerent stock accu inulatcd on our hands that we almost give away.? This will be a rare opportunity to secure great bar gain.", as we are determined to reduce our present stock, if we have to dispose of every class of Goods at half price. We cannot enumerate articles and priees, but in vitc the ladies to come and see the quantrnes of Go- ds that we have placed upon our counter* and marked down at prices that will certainly sell them. MAXWELL fc BRO., Hie original Riband and Trimming Store, No. 398 Pa. avenue, between (Kb and 10th st. feb 22?eo3t BOOLKR'i H Y PERIOH FLUID, Prof. Wool's Hair Restorative, Barry's Trico pbtrous, kc., just received. W. B. BUTT, Druggist, corner Pa. avenue and Twelfth street, feb 23?3t opposite Kirkwood House. WOOD AND COAL YARD. THE subscriber wonld respectfully inform the pub lie that be has purchased the entire Wood and Coal Vard Intel> owned and carried on by A. Ours moii, Esq., on Fifth street, between H and I streets, where he intends to keep a large supply of Oak, Hickory, and Pine WOOD of the best quality, to gether with the best Red and White At-h COAL that can be ob aiutd; all of which he will sell on the most reasonable terms for cash ; and earnestly so licits a continuance of the patronage so liberally be stowed upon Ins predecessor, and hopes, by strict attention to Ins business, and his constant desire to please all that may call upon him, to merit and ob tain a litx-ral support from bis friends and the pub lie generally. WILLIAM 8. CLARY, feb 22?eo3t NATIONAL THEATRE. LH Mr. J. A. Itenu Acting k Stag*Manager. John Weaver. ppear a i MIL W. C. DUNNAVAN1* h MR. JAS. SHERIFF. FRIDAY EVKIISO,P?b.?3, Will be presented Phakspeare's Tragedy of OTHELLO. Othcllii Mr. W. C. Dunnavant lafo Mr. Jas. Sheriff Amelia Mrs. John Weaver To conclude with FORT Y WINKS. Tobias Hornlriower John Weaver raicis or admission. Private Boxes #4 00 Dress Circle and Parquette 50 Tickcts admitting a lady and gentleman 75 Orchestra Seats 75 i econd and Third I ier 25 C'jlored Gallery 25 Doors open at 7?commence at 7)f o'clock. feb 23 GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. J OHM aAl'L begs to announce that be has just completed his supply of the above, all caefully selected from the stocks if the best growers in En glmd and the Continent, vix: Prince Albert and oilier early Peas,early short-top Radish, Early York. Large York, London Market, early Battersea. Shil lings Queen, FlaiDuieh, Drumhead and other choice Cabbages, Purple Cape Brocole, Cauliflowers, Let tuces. Onions, Beets. B?ans, Carrots, Parsnips, C?4es' Crystal White Celery, 8avoy'e Leek, Turnips, Cucumbers, Melons, Tomatos, Herbs, he,, with all other vegetable t-eeds in great variety, cMiiprisirg the well tested standard kinds with the choice new varieties, superior in quality and economical in price, to which he respectfully calls the attention of those who require a really genuine article. His long experience in the seed trade fnlly justifies him in *a>ing that his seeds cannot fail to give great satis taction. Flower seeds of the rarest and choicest kinds, se lectcd with great care and what are specially suited to this climate, are offered in single packets or col lections, at very low rates. Maiket Gardeners and others are respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds and scale of prices. Catalogues can be bad on application. Heed Store, comer Seventh an* II streets, feb 22?eo6t* READY-MADE CLOTHING AT REDUCED PRICES-As the season is ad vanced we have determined to sell off the re maining portion of oor winter stock at greatly re duced prices; therefore gentlemen wishing to con sult economy in purchasing fine Overcoats, Talmas Dress, Frnck, and Uusiiees Csats] Black and Fan cy Cashmere Pants ; Velvet, Silk, Satin and Merino Vest*; Undershirts and Drawers, and all other ready male garments mf fine quality, will find our present variety to l?e as well assorted as in the h - ginning of the season, wi?h the advantage of much lower prices. WALL k SJEPHENi? 349 Pa avenue, next to Iron Ifall feb 22 (SentmelkNews) WASHINGTON *GBORGBTOWR Directory, compiled and published by Capt. Ten Eyck, and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE. All the world is reading the Life and Heaiiues of Fanny Fern. It presents vivid life like pictures of Uie charming and brilliant author of Ruth Hall, at her own fireside, in the street, at church and every where. Godey's Lady's Book for March ; engraving* and fashion plates beautiful. Ladies National Magazine for March Stranger's Guide to the Capitol and the Executive Offices. Congressional Directory. Everything iu the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner st. and Pa. are. fib 22-31 DISSOLUTION. TM1E firm of J. L- Rider k Co. is this day dis salved by mutual consent. J. L. Rids* is au thorized to receive all debts kc. due said rtrui, and will pay all claimi against the Arm of J. L Rider It Co. ISAAC PAUL, CHA8. H. BROWN, J L. RIDER. Wasdington, February 21,1855. J* RIDRR would respectfully announce to the customers of the late firm of J. L. Rider k Co that he will conduct .the Grocery business hereaf ter on his own account, at the same place, and they may depend en being supplied with every article of the beet kind usually kep'. ii a well regulated Gro eery, as cheap as can be had elsewhere, and re spectfully solicits a com'nuance of theii patronage. Goods delivered free of charge. J. L. RIDER, Corner Pa. avenue and 23th street, feb 22?2l" (Organ) I'HE NEW CITY DIRECTORY.-Washington and Georgetown Directory Just published, con taining the Congressional Directory lor the Second Session of the Thiity third Congress. TAYLOR k MAURY'I feb 22 Bookstore, near 9th st. NATIONAL THEATRE. Annivtrtary Birthday of tkt /wirtlf Wmtkimgton. The ciusena of Washington, Qeorywtowa tai Ale*. t C1USCM Of Washington, flf OHNOOl lad A andria are rsepcctfuli> informed that, it ac cordance with ? reqaem mnrfe l~ many mearbera of bo* tbo Horn** of Confrcw, Mr. 3. B. Murdoch, The Distinguished Tragediaa, will have Uk b< ^?^a'.TohV osr/r^ at Tir NATIONAL THBAT&E, (Brin? hi? Aral aHwnnct on uy Mt|t, kM I re tor* fro* California,) on whieb occadoa be will appenr >? bis cetetsaud ChV4(1?r of HAMLET, Universally acknowled to be one of the morn beaa ulul tad chaale representation! oa the American Stage. TUUEIDAT KVMII0, F??. M, Shakspeare's Tragedy of HAMT.3DT! Hamlet, Prince al Denmark.........!. E. MURDOCH Supported by tbe following Array of TaleaW Ar tiats, selected from tbe Corpa Dramattqae ot Bal tnnore, who will make their firm ace in Washington, embracing a cast of character* rare ly equalled: Mr. Jamea Monroe, Mr. Dam* a, Mr. Wm. El tin, Mr. 1. Andrew*, Mr Wm. H. Brigfa, Mr. L. E. Fletcher, Mr. J. 0. Barnrtt, Ma. G Bowers, Mr. J. Jefferaon, Miss Mary Anne Graham Mr. J. E Philips, Mrs. J. S. Silsbee, Mr. T. II. Cline, Mrm. J. R. Phillip, Mr. J. Wallace, Mr*. Ellis. After which Mr. Jefferson. the popalar Comrdiaa, will Uhaunt the doleful, dismal, patheoe, aad werry uncomfortable history of VTLLIKINS AND H?S DINAH, Aa otigi natty rang by him, with Immense Applause, in Baltimore, for 30 Consecutive Nights. The Entertainments will conclude with the moat laughable Farce of the age, entitled THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM. IHchnry Mr. Jefferaon Aid winkle .....Mr Eltta l.avima %. Mua Graham. aDHiaaioa. Private Boxes W Orchestra Seat* 100 Dress Circle and Parquet M Family Circle and Upper Boxes ? 95 Tickct* can be had at the vanoua Hotels and at the door on tbe evening of the performance. Jinx Sheet open on Thursday from 10 a. m. to 4 p m. No extra charge for reserved seats. Doors open at 6. Overture commence* at 7. Cat tain rises at 7Jf o'clock precisely. feb 31??t POSITIVELY THE LAST NIGHT '? Be it remembered that MACALLISTER'8 l.a?t and Greatest Golden Soiree takes (4aoe on THURSDAY, February 22d, at <>dd Fellows' Hall a- tbe great Magician appears at Richmond on Moat ay next, again as a jrrand finale the au?*ienc? will receive 55 elegant Gins, includ ng six splendid Watelm, vaiae |4i6. Secure tickets in lima?it m v? ur last chance ino?t pesiuvely ol ob.aimng a gold Watch for 50 cents. leb 21?St 1>EV. JOHN LAN All AN, PASTOR OF THE L EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH ?A st'ong desire to benefit the afflicted tadacea him tlias to cePify. We chaHenee aay other medicine to present sach a n.ass of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own we<l-knnwn citizens. who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON CHITIS, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, lie. Ha:tibori, January 44th. 1955. Mauri. Mortimer 4 Mowbray : I take pleasure in sating to you that f have used your "Hampton's Tincture"' witli very great profit. From a i?erioua t.iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when ( com mence! to u*e '' HamptonSt Tincture.'- 1 found its effects upon my genenl health most salutary.? My nervou* system and digentive organs soon right eil up undar its u*?. 1 have several times recommended it to my friends, and in even ens*, a? far a* I have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, John Lakarak.Pastor Of Exeter St., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Ralkiok, N. C., Feb 8, 1655. Mcsrrl. Mortimer 4' Mowbray: I do hereby certify that about twelve moaths ago I was taken with a sevrre hemorrhage of the Lung* and had four attacks of it I waa advised lo try Dr. Uampton'a Vegetable Tincture I procured one boitie, and after taking wbich, I was satisfied ihat I was much better; and that, after takiag the fourth bottle, I waa entirely well, and now I enjoy as good Iwalth as ee? I did in my life. I can. and do, with out the least hesitation, r?*e<*nimend the Tincture to all persons afflicted ia my way. Yours, Geo. W. Weakift. CURE FITS?READ! More to the Sick than QolA.?Prom one of the mot t re?|?cctablc Druggists in South Carolina. Ciiarlestoii, S. c. Sept 21,1853. Messra. Mortibkr k Mow brat Tbe sale mf jrour Hampton's Vegetable Tiactiire ia increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends this valua' le medicine to tbe afflicted. Several of our platers have tried it in different cases with a?toa istiing succeaa, and are getting it by half dosens. It ha? beep found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful core ha< been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I will ftrnish you with a number of certificates if you wish them 1 am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and aoe cur<? of Couj;h, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakaeaa. Aa a female medicine or fur delicate children we believe it un*qualle<:. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Balli more meet, Baltimore, and 3)4 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarek, Clark* k Bowuae, W. Elliot, and H. MiPhii aoa, Washington ; also, by R. 8. P. Ci sbl, Georce town ; and C. C. Birrt, Alexandria, and b* Drug jisis everywhere. feb SI?u O' STEWA&T'B DAOTTXEKSAX KOOKf. IVI,K Gat's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue. Pic _' tares takea ia all weathers aad at reduced pri ces from 25 cents upwards. We invite the public to call. Satisfaction alwaya given. feb 21?1W INDIA RUBBER PUFF, Tack, Dressing Side, Neck, and Children'a Long Combs at feb 21?3t LAMMOND'S, 7th at. Account* with tha Hou?? of Beprweatativ*. Clerk's Ornca. February 16,1655. PERSONS having bills or other accounts against the House of Repreaeutatives, are respectfully requested to preaeat them prior to the 28th instant, so as to allow time for action by the Committee on Accounts before the adjournment. J. W. FORNEY, Clerk House of Rep*. United States. feb 17?dtfrkh The person who lost his trunk on Saturday night last, can have it by calling to WM. COLLINS, on F street, between txcond and Third streets, Eugtish Hill. feb 20?3t* LA NOUVELLE HELOISE, edition illuatree par J oh an not, Baron, etc., in pamphlet?prict 50 cents. Lea Confessions de Rousseau, in pamphlet, with many illustrations, 60 cents Physioiogie du Gout, par Srillat Savarin, ia pam phlet, with many illu-trauon?, price 50 cenu. Imported trom Pahs by feb 17 F8ANK,*AYLOR. American year rook of facts and An tiual of Scientific Discovery for 1855, 1 volume 304 pages, $1 20. FRANCE TAYLOR feb 16 ^JONAS CHECKERING SECOND-HAND P! _ ANO FORTE for aale oa reasonable tenna at the Music Depot of HILBU3 k 1IITZ, Star Kuild ings. leb 17 PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. Mr. FREDERICK PROSPERl begs leave to in. form his friends and farmer patrons that this band has been fully re organised and is now under his direction, and be is fully prepared with a band of the moat Scientific Musicians m the city, to tar nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pie Nics, Ex carsions, ke., at the shortest notice possible, by ap King to FREDERICK PROSPERl. Leader,CH AP. OSPERI, Conductor ; IIILBUS k HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVULMJ, opposus the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb 19?3m* TAKE NOTICE. TTIS1TORS aid other* attending the Metropoli f lan Fair.?I have just brought on from N. York a large asHortment of splendid diamonds, aad a great variety of new style* ol rich Jewelry. Also, aome eery superior Watches, which for irae time cannot be ?urpassed. I have jnsi finished a magnific*nt SHrer Tea Bet, that will < ompare favorably with aBytbing of the kind at tlie Fair or in America. It ia nr-w ready fi* inspection, free of charge to all, at my Store, 416 Pa. avenue, between 4W *nd 6th streeu. feb 17?lw H. O. HOOP T>OCKET and Uuarto Dianes lor 1H&5 lot m* hy I jaa 8?4f V RANCK TAFLOR.

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