Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1855 Page 3
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kvkning star. LOCAL /AT E LLIGENCE. Wasmib?to!Tb Birthday ?This being the natal day of the ( til Patherof our Republic, our streets were early crowded by well-drensed end pleasant looking people to observe the pageantry of oar handsome military, who pa raded on thi? occasion. The morning opened bright end glorious, end reminded as more of ? balmj spring day than that of winter. The dsy wu ushered in by the firing of national sal ales at the Navy Yard, end whioh wu re pealed at mid day, and will be continued at 1 o'clock, the first company we of the George Washington Rifles, Cept. Chase, a new oorps, jast formed, who were proceeding on their march to the Presi J}"?1?11 10 P?7 their r??P??t3 to the Chief Magistrate. They numbered twenty three muskets, and are a fine-looking body of young man. The National Guards, Captain ?l. ' ' force, numbering no less than fifty men. They were aocompanied by F. A. Proeperi's new band, which discoursed most excellent music. At the hour of going to press we had not oome across any other ?orpa, but understood that the Montgomery Guards, as well as the Asaerican Kifles, were out en parade. Many other companies are celebrating the day in banquets, where fall honors will be done to the immortal Washing ion. The Scott Guards, by invitation, have gone to Georgetown College. Thus, it will be sees, there is no lack of patriotism on the part of our eitiaen soldiers to do reTerenoe to the father of our common country. Hahlet To-Nigbt?From present appear ances the National Theatre will be filled to night by an intelligent and fashionable audi tory to witness Mr. Murdoch's personation of Hamlet. We look upon this as his best char acter. I m partial critics say he has no superior in this part. With Mmrdcch in tragedy and Jefferson in comedy, we will have an enter tainment such as has seldom been presented to a Washington audienoe. Tib Faib last evening was crowded to its utmost capacity. The music printing estab lishment of Messrs. Uilbus A Hiti, the sewing machine of Mr. Jewelle, the organ accompa niment of Prof. Scheel to the glee singing by a number of male voices, and the piano play lng of Profs. J. C. Fotrtsch and B. F. Denni* attracting general attention. Many persons ?ttracted to a peculiarly made spur, the handiwork of Mr. H. Semken, and deposited Mr. John F. Clark. The advantage whioh this spur has over all others is its complete adap tation to any sised boot heel, its security against loss, and the entire avoidance of pain aad inconvenience attend*nt upon fastening the common spar. We refer to our advertise ing columns for a full description cf this valu able and important improvement. Th? Cotillon Partt ?A few nights sinoe. a number of our yeung friends had a cotillon party in a school house in the northern part of the city. No care was taken to have a door keeper, and the consequence waa, hats, caps, coats, 4c., were missed in the morning Most of the eoats have been returned to tbe owners, ba; who returned them is not known. Last night, a lad named Stoops, was arrested by officer Barnaclo, as one of tbe parties who took the goods, and taken to the guard house He will be tried this morning; but it is thought nothing will be done with him, as the entire act appeared to be more with a desire to tease the young men, than to rob them of their clothing. Sttbdt Bsgoars ?-We believe there is a law regulating commitments to the workhouse that reauires " persons found begging or urank in or about the streets, shall, on information before any police justioe of the peace, upon the oath or affirmation of a creditr ble eitiaen. be required to enter into security for their good behavior for tbe space of six calendar months, and to indemnify the Corporation against any charge for their support." We hive been requested several times lately to call the attention of the police to a number of sturdy beggars who are hanging about the markets and other public places, reaxing per sons for money who are no better able to work for it than themselves. The police can do nothing without information given to them under oath. foor Eacb.?Yesterday, an exciting race, from Seventh to Tenth street, took place be tween officers Coze, Kimball, Burr, Allen, Weeterfleld, and Reese, after a colored man named Wm. Prindle, who had knocked down a woman by striking her with a stone, hurting her badly. It was se exciting a race that bets were about being made, when Reese left the list and took to his horae; be soon arrested him on Louisana avenue, near Tenth street Prindle was taken before Justice Do an. who sent him to jail for oourt. Chinese Block. ? The managers of the Washington National Monument Society hav ing received a letter from New York, inform ing them that the ship Panama has arrived at that port, bringing a block ef granite from Shanghai, five feet in length, two and a half feet in breadth, and ten inches in thickness to be deposited in the Washington National Monument It bears an inscription in Chi nees characters, and is a contribution from the American missionaries in that far-off coun try. Now is thb Time !?The automaton singing bird, now at the ilusic depot of Messrs Ililbus A Hits, can be seen and heard by all desiring to po<pfss themselves of this truly magnifioent and wonderful work of art. Its value is set down at $1,600, and four superior geld, dia amond ornamented watches, are also to be plaoed in the raffle, making five prises and en!y two hundred chanees. The high standing in the oommumty of Messrs HUbus A Hitais aisufficient guarantee cf the fairness whioh will characterise the proceedings. ?J?"Wr A, P"1**? -Edward A. Harris, late cf Maryland, late a compositor on the Washington Sentinel, died yesterday afternoon of a disease of the heart, after a week a ill ness. Us was a man of much amiability of character, industrious, and intelligent The craft has loat one of its most worthy members, i and his wife a fond husband, and his child a devoted father. A Crowded Citt ?Washington, just at this tiaae, is truly a orowded city Ml who are in ?ny way interested in all manner of claims before Congress, are now here in full force. Our boarding houses and hotels are full, some of them ae much so that those applying for board and lodging have been turned away, in 'en days from thia time, many of the places igi & * rted ?QW ?ro*dod will be comparatively Guard Fabct Dress Ball ?A number of I joung men, residing in the eastern section of the city, have associated themselves into a club called "Young America. ' Thsy propose firing at Odd Fellows' Hall, near the Navy lord, on the evening of the 8th of March a Cand fancy dress bsJl. Though this club' is its infancy, from toe go-ahead prosperity of "Yoong America," they promise their under taking shall not be wanting in anything to make every one enjoy themselves. Locejaw ? We regret to learn that Mr. McCatherran, who was hurt a short time since by an aocident in the Navy Yard, is lying in a very critical situation. It has been found necessary by the phyMcians to remove the in jured finger; sinoe which operation, it is said, lockjaw has ensued. Well Dose ?Theprooeeds of the lastootil l?n P?rty ef the Terpaicjore Club have been appropriated to the purohaac of two handsome ehandebers for the library of the Columbia Fire Company. They wilf be in place by the nant lecture evening. ~~F. J^whanv, Esq., will deli ver a lecture at Columbia Hall, Capitol Ilill this evening, at eight o'clock, on the ? Utility and di^ruty of mechanical labor." Mr McN is a spirited writer and elcquent speaker H* wiU do full justioe to his soject. Paibfcl Accidbbt - Yesterday Mr James Barker, a ship carpenter at work on the steam frigate building at the navy yard, was ?rci < dentally knocked from the sc?fluid, and fell a distance of thirty-two feet, injuring him so badly that it is !eared he will not recover. Mr. Barker, we believe, is a eitiscn of Balti more. Natioial Movckut AsseciATioa?To lh? great pwprise of the unitiated, an exoitiog election came off this morning for ofioera or the abo/e-named association. We are inform ed that a large number of votes were polled, most aI the voters being new member*. It ia Mid bat the following ticket baa been elected, whici presents quite a new arraj of namea: Vtspasian Ellis, First Viee Preaident. 6. Plant, Third Vice Preaident. C. C. Tacker, Secretary. <*en. McCalla, Treasurer Managers?S 8 Brigga. V- S Evans, Mayer Addison, of Georgetown, C. Belt, J. H Brad ley, J W. Craif, T D. Sandy, S C. Busey, J. A. Gordon, R T. Knight, Sam Douglaa, J. Libby, and J A. Brooke. It is aaid that the election ia entirely politi cal in ita nature. 44 Sam'' wai about. Alaux or Fms?Last night, about ten I o'elook, the alarm bella were rang, which! brought out aome of the oompaniee with their apparatus. What caused the alarm, or whether there waa any oause for it, we have not been | able to learn. Worxxxx Discharged.?There were 62 ahip I carpenters discharged from the Nary Yard on Tuesday, from a lack of timber and other ma terials; which leaves 125 ship carpenters at J work on the new United States ahip. [comnnncATZD. TnvriiAHcn axoko ran Colored Jp- I vbhilbs ?Messrs. Editors: Suffer me to drop yon these flaw lines to inform you of a beautiful temperance meeting of the colored juveniles of the First Ward, held in Union Bethel Church, on last Sabbath. We learn that the society is named 14 Union Juvenile ] Sons of Temperance," and is under the man agement of A. L. Brown, Preaident; Joeeph C. Smith, Viee Preaident; Jamea H. Farguaon, j Secretary; J. W. Downa, Assistant Secretary; and Charles Twine, Treasurer. A capital | discourse was delivered by the 'Rev. N. H. Turpin, after which the President made a ] preparatory address, and then the meeting was addressed by Joeeph C. Smith and James H Farguaon, and twenty-six oame up and signed I their namea to the temperance pledge; after which the meeting adjourned with the bene diction. We wiah suocess in this cause to our I colored youtha. A. Washington, Feb. 21. Watch Rbtubhs.?Patrick Dulaney, alias] Kelly, drunk and disorderly ; Hugh Harris, drunk and lying in the atreet, dismissed There were several lodgers in, who were dis- j missed this morning. Article* at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. It is our intention, under this heading, from I day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneoua and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout) the Fair this inventive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli-1 ncation thereof cannot fail to interest the ] reader. Millin?ry, tye ?London and Paris hashith-1 er to monopolised the merit in this department, but more especially in respeol to ladies' hats | and head dresses. But we question if either . of those great cities could surpass the rich and new style of bonnets and bead dresaes, whioh Mrs. M. L. Davidson, 303 Pennsylvania! avenue, has now on exhibition at the if air. Oar Washington ladies are supposed to bel some judges in this matter, and as an evidence of this, we are given to understand that the whole of the articles in the case have already been purchased by residents in this city. They | may truly be oalled home manufacture, hav ing entirely been made on Mrs. D.'s premises. Ladies atudying taste and economy will de-1 rive pleasure from making a call there. Messrs. Editors: Observing the notice in yesterday'a Star, of the speoimens of oard and I ornamental writing at the exhibition rooms of | the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute bv Mr. Riehardson, I am reminded of the finely ar-1 tistic samples of penmanahip deposited there by Prof. J. Dillon liogan, librarian of the Treasury Department, and wov.Id call the at tention of visitors to hia pen drawing of the | Asoenaion, placed near the northern entranoe. As an amateur oard writer, Prof. H. has few equaia, either in the variety of atylea er neat- j neas of execution. It is exceedingly gratify ing to his numerous friends, and all admirers I of genius resident among us, to see with what oredit his work eustains itself in that trulyj creditable exhibition. t riT14 The Mormon" is the name of a new paper started in New York. It goes in for Jo Smith and Polygamy. Until flour falls, we think the latter doctrine will be an 44 up-hill ] preach." fcjr ine incense burning in the Chinese ictol temples is said to cost annually, ?90,040,000, or more than a dollar for every man woman and child iu the whole empire. ??TA stupendous projaet has been started in Australia, vis:?A railroad with a double track of seven hundred miles, and a single track of three hundred, to oonnect with Syd ney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The costis es timated at one hundred millions of dollars. The sohemo seeks for the protection of home | government. ' The late Arkansas Legislature paved a law to prohibit the circulation in that State of bank notes of a less denomination than $5. It is to go into effect on the 1st of January next. A man driving four yoke of oxen passed through Watertown, Wiaoonain, drawing his cottage containing his family of yotlng chil dren and his wife oooking their food at a good fire. He 41 was going out west," alowly, like the anail, carrying hia ahell on runnera. Til Ma is a Law in Mai kb?The editor cf the N. Y. Tribune has reoently paid a visit to Maine, and is delighted with the result of the liquor law there. Hesaya: "The pretence that as much liquor is Bold now in Maine u in former yeara, ia Impudent ly false. We apent three daya in travelling through the State, without aeeing a glass of it, or a* individual who appeared to be under its influence." BP*Council BlufTa, Iowa, a few yeara ago waa the undisturbed habitation of bears, wolves, and other wild animala, now, the Chronotype says, it contains a population of between 2,000 or 3,000, consisting of Buokeyes, Suckers, Wolverines. Pukes, Badgers, Hoos iers, Ac., together with all the adjunots of civ ilisation. Rboclab Turks ?Brigbam Young is build log two large and beautiful houses adjoining that whioh he now oocupiesin Salt Lake City, to accommodate his increasing family. He now rejoioes in between fifty and aixty wives, and from forty five to fifty children. Elder Kimball, one of the Mormon Apostles, has be tween sixty and seventy eonsortb.?Chicago Tnbtns. 6 Distressing Affair-Three PersonsFro ze*.?We learn from the St. Louis News, that during the reoent severe winter, in Illinois, a mother and two children were frosen to death under the following distressing circumstanoer. A man was driving between Chicago and Ga lena with an ox team ia which were his wife and two small children. At night the storm oame upon them with its snow, wind and cold They oould not build a fire, because the ground being covered with snow, there was no wood to be seen, and their distanoe from any habi tation prevented them from reaching a hospi table shelter Before morning the wife was frosen stiff, and, as a desperate attempt to save | the lives of his children, the man killed both his ox?n, out them open, took out the viscera, itlaced his treesing ohildren in the cavitiea. but their death was only delayed by thia. as they frose to death also. The man, leaving the dead bodies of his wife and children on the lone prairie, succeeded in reaching n house, white he waa kindly oared for. r>?7-BHOBT AJU> 8WMT, tMd u white m TTmr to ?hort?I know yon cannot stay; But if your h?lr to gray, as whiM as now, OII.LMANS DTK will will ukt it black si crow, Aubnrn or brown, u you nt; desire? Tea mlnnt? time Is *11 'twill r?qilr?. For sals, wholasale and rtteU, by ?bil-M t. D. OILMAN, Fa. svsnns. r?"7? THK POETHT OF PHTBIC.?ATKB'S FILLS, gHde over the palate, bat their ?Mny, although wrapped up, to there, and 1*11 ? with (tout force en tin vary foundation* of <lie?ee?. Tbsrn are tboaaaadi of sufferers, who wonld not wear tbe^r distempers If tb?y knew they could ba rured for M cant*. Try Ayer's Fllto and yon will know It. Purify the blood aad disease will ba starved out. Cleanse tba system from Imparities and 70b ara ctrad al ready Take thto baet of all Purgatives, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weakness, Hea<leelis, Backache, 9lda Achat Jaundice, Rheu matism, dtrangemsnts of ths Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels, all dsrangsmsnu and all diseases which s purgstlr. remedy can reach, fly before than Ilka darkneae before the Sun. Reader, if you are suffering fram any of tka nnmsrous complslnto they rnra?suffer no mora?the remedy has been provided for you, and It to criminal to nsflact It. That Ayar's Cherry Pectoral Is the best medicine for * Cough, to known to tha whole world, and that Ayar's Pills are tha bast of *11 Pills, to known to those wha bare used tliem. Prepared hy DR. J. 0. AYBR, Lowell, Mail., ?And sold by Z. D. OILMANWsshlngtoa. O. M. LI NTH I CUM, Gaargatown. _ JAB. OOOK A OO., Fredericksburg, and by *11 Druexists srsry where. fcb 17?aotm rr-^ PRRMims at thk faihb.-whitbhubsts still In the ascendance ?The Juries of each of the lata faira at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premiums to J. M. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoecopee and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fslr, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, Haw York. Also, the first awards of tba Maryland Institute for thrss years psst. Wbitahurst's Gallery la thto ctty to on Pa. avenue, batw. *H and 6tU strsats. fob IT WATCH KB? Msmbers of Congress and ethers la want of a first rata timekeeper would do well to make ? selection at once that their quality may be thoroughly test ed before leaving the city. M. W. OALT * BRO'8 assort ment was never eo complete as at preeeut, embracing every description, all warranted, and at prices certainly as low as similar articles can be parch seed for In any city in thto coantry. M. W. OALT k BBO, Jan 30?dtf Fa. aveaae between Hh aad 1Mb Mi fY~y* BBADT MADB CLOTHING FOR ORMTLBMIN AND ' Youths' wear mannfoctarad with taste and elegance by NOAH WALKRR k CO., under Browns' Hotel. Their stoek embrace the Palitot or Surtout Overcoat, Oversacks, shaped and ueclagee; Talmas, black and blae Cloth Dross Coats, Frock Coats of all fashionable colors, Cass 1 mer, Baslnsss Suites, tleb Velvet Vests, 8Uks, Ac., black doeakln Ceseiaer, figured Oassimsr, and plain Casatmer Pantaloons. For ths yoath?Jackets, Pants, Vesta, Overcoats, Ac. As*they are their own manufacturers they sre enabled and will eell at the vary lowest prices. Shirts of saperier fit, Coll sre, Olovea, Ties, Ac., of late styles always on hand. dec M [>?^FORBRONCHITIS, Throat Diseaiss, Hacking Cough, aad the efiecta of imprudent aaa of Msrcary, no mad Isins baa aver bean discovered which has affected sacb cares as Carter's Spanish Mixture. Throat diseases prod a cad by salivation, Hacking Cough, Bronchial A fractions, Llvsr Disease, Nearalgla, aad Rheu matism, have all been relieved and cured In a wonderful manner, by ths great purifier of the blood, Garter's Spanish Mlxtars. The case af Mr. T. H. Ramsey aloae should satisfy aay who doubt. Call oa the Agent aad procare a pamphlet, containing enree, which will astound yoa. ?.?See advertisement. WJsi 8stu?eToi receives all the new Books aad Haws papers as fast as pabllsbed. Ha to ageat for Harper's and all ths other Magaslnee, and oar readers will always find s I ergs and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at kla Bookstore, Odeon Building, oor Pa. a venae aad M. ?ARE1KO. On the 20tb instant. Miss MARY B. McPHER SON to Mr. CHARLES F. PERRIE, botli of this city. DUO. On the 21st instant, Mr. EDWARD S. HARRIS, printer, a native of Maryland. On the 21st instant, at "The Cottage " the resi dence of his sister, Miss Ann Carroll, WM. CAR ROLL, in the 79d year of his age. On Wednesday, the 21st instant, HARRIET H. THOMPSON, aged 5 years and 6 months, the only child of Joseph R. and Hamet H. Thompson. The love that for years had shielded Her from every breath of harm, Could not suffice to stay death's Unrelenting hand, for earth too good Perhaps, and loved too much. Heaven saw and marked her For its own. She wu a child most innocent And pure, and thus in c.uly life she passed away. A gem of rarest value lost to earth. She was as pure as a snow-flake Half way down from heaven Wbat could a parent's prayer in all its wildest Extacy of hope ask for its darling like the bliss of Heaven. The ?ift of heaven?a precious boon, Recalled to heaven?alas! too soon. A Frjkxp. &J- The friends of the family are respectfully in vited to attend her funeral to morrow (FridajJ^tt 1 o'clock p. m., from the residence of her pdRnts, Missouri avenue, without further notice. ? Wants. TO DRUGGISTS?AN EFFICIENT DRUG gist wishes an engagement to take charge of a retail establishment or otherwise. Address "P T," Washington Post Office. fcb 28?3i* WANTED?TO BE BOUND, AN AMERICAN < >rphan Boy, 13 years of age, to a mechanical trade, far a period of M?tn years. Addre-* "Ap pt*?ntlce Boy," Post Office, Washington. fsb 22?3t* ?^flO-ANY PERS01* HAVING FOUR OR tJp?JWvJ Five Hundred Dollars to loan for a limit ed period, on good security, will please address "A B" at the office of this paper. feb29?3l* WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT AND IN dnstnou* youth of 16 yaara of age, who writea an excellent hand, and has same knowledge ot bus iness and accounts, wahts a situation in some Gro cery or Dry Goods House. A moderate compensa t'on will suffice, as his object is to improve himself in business and make hiinsslf useful. First rate ref erence given. Address John C.. through Post Office. fcb 22-21* WANTS?A LOAN OF FROM $1500 to $2000 wanted for one year. The person desiring this loan will give a deed of trust, unincumbered, on real estate on 7th street, worth three time* the amount, for the payment of the same, Address, throngh the City Po?t Office, "8 H J." feb 21?3t ANTED-AN ACTIVE WOMAN TO DO housework. One who understands house keeping preferred. Good wages given uid good re boinmendations required. Apply to No. 3SA C st., between <\4 and 6th sts. feb 21?31 WANTED?IN A GENTLF.MAN'8 FAMILY a Good Dining room Servant. A slave pre ferred. Apply at this office. feb 91?3t* W WANTED?A YOUTH, OF 16 YEARS OF age, who is a firfct rate penman, would like to have a place as bookkeeper or clerk in some re] spectable business. The best of recommendations given. Address 4,Z Y X," Evening Star office, 01 "Henry," through Georgetown Poet Office. feb 21?31 WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PERSON, a place to drive an omnibus, wagon, *r dray. Best of character presented. Address "D H;" through City Post Office. feb 90-?t* MISS Mi. B. BIRCKHKAD has several large and pleasant rooms now vacant, which sbu offers with board. Apply at No. 4 4H stree t. feb 22?3t* BOARDING.?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6th and 7th, can offer fine large rooms lor families, either lurnished or unfurnished- Also, has rooms for gentlemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms feb 91?2w BOOKS or H0TJ8X OF RKFBXSXBTAriVES. Libaary Horse or Rbpbbsbntatives. A LARGE number of Books belonging to the Library of tie House of Representatives have been drawn by members and by their orders, and stand charged to their acconnts on the books of this office. It is important lor the preservation of the files that they should be returned before the close ol the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian of the House of Representatives. feb 90?d9w FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. r sT*wT1IK THOMAS COLLYER WILL ?I^B^HBaimake regular tripe to the above Fair commencing on Tuesday, February 90th. Boats fare 19? ceuts each way. Coaches will take persons from and to the boat. Fare 6 cents. Le^ve Alexandria at p. m. Leave Washington 10U p. m. 8 AM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Alexandria, Va., feb 20?d PREMIUM PIANOS.?We have on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute four magnificent Pianos, made expressly to our order for this fair. These Pianos we offer for sale at low rates and upon exceedingly reasonable terms. Also, bsuperb rosewood Guitar, Tilton's patent, which we are engaged in getting up a raffle for. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. frb 90 CIGARS'?TOBACCO! JAMES E. POWERS, Columbia Place, corner of Seventh street and Louisisna avenue, has just derived thf most extensive and varied assortment ol Cigars to be iound in this city, aad invites all who desire anything in his line to call on him. All the favorite brands of Cigars, besides several sew ones, can be fnand in his stock. A large supply ot " Rough and Ready " Tobacco also received. let) 16?bo** , s Tor Bate ana Hut r LET?THE LARGE HOUSE ADJOINING Dr. Thomas Miller, Pa. avenue, three doors from corner of I41h atreet, with exton-ive back building, three rooma deep on first floor, rable, *c. Powe<rto? given immediately. feb 28?3t Furnished house foe rent.-The >ub acriber will rent his bouse with the Fur.iitore, and the stable, to a enrefbl and panctnal tenant No. 405 Thirteenth street, letween G and H. It may be examined and UM trmi ascertained at the hoaae. For sale, a Horae and Carriage. feb 82?tf CHAS. DUMMER. NOTICE?A MERCHANT ENGAGED IN THE Grocery and ,Liquor Business, who ha* other views, wishea to sell at private aale his entire Stock, Fixtures, lie. The stock U a aelect one, well assorted, and waa purchased upon the best terms. The location is a very eligible one, upon one of the best business streets in the city, with a good custom, and to a per aon wishing to engage in the business offers induce ment* rarely to be met with. A line addressed to " Business," with real name of the person wishing to purchase, will meet prompt attention. fteb 22?3t | TORE FOR RENT?IN BRICK BUILDING . J on the corner of Pa. avenflc and Fourteenth st.,, opposite Willards' Hotel, a good location for a fir?t class Book and Stationery, Tailor, Boot and Shoe, Drug, or Fancy Store. Possession can be had im mediately. None need apply but those who can bring the best of references. Apply at Willards1 Hotel. feb 16?Iw A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN OhE OF THE most desirable positions in Washington, doing a fine business. With it there is a most excellent and valuable Soda Water Apparatus. The soda wa ter business is one of the best hi Washington. Ad dress MX W,w Washington. feb 13?2w FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated j Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. OKME, corner of Bridge and Congress st*., No. 87. feb 6?tf . A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR KENT.?I The large and commodious dwelling at the corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a fine kitchen in the basement, having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now lor rent. Its excellent loea tion and fine accommodations mike it one of the mom desirable places for a large bearding house or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Staroftce. feb 8?tf ? ? ? . ? i ? . FOR* RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE I TERMS? A two-story frame Honse. with hack building, containing six rooms, on 13>? struct, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A ihree-story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th Ms. west. A three-story Frame, with hack building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th sis. west. Applv for the two last mentioned to JAMES W. BARKER, on H street north, between 12th and 13th sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICK80N fc KING, feb 7?coif Georgetown. HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feit lYont by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per j month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, Stc.. to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Baswnenu under the Mar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. Jan 31??tf SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castors, Cake and Fintt Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, Des sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and triple plated on Albata, the best substitute for silver, wai ranted and sold by H. SEMKEN, ? No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. jan 19 INSTITUTE POLKA. JUST published the above Polka, composed and dedicated to the Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, by Fr'k Kley ; embellished with the most benutiful and correct view of the Smithsonian Institute a? yet issued. The trade furnished at the very lowest northern rates. illLBUS & IIITZ. Music Publishers, Star Buildings, Comer Pa. avenue, Eleventh and D rests. fob 17 PIANOS FOR SALE ANb RENT. fpME subscriber has always on li.ind a assoit X ment of German and American PI ANOS, from the very best mannfacturersPr^f'^W v hi"h be offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and on the morn accommodating terms. All Pianos purchased from me are warranted to give satisfac tion. Old Pianoa taken in excbangc. B. REISS, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, feb 6?3m* IVY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to Miss M. J. Tabler, by Prof. A. F. Little, just published and (or sale at -> HILBUS fc HITZ'S Music Depot. Price 12 eentt. tefc 6 ? iiHequaum in S&TTT5 ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the abovs unequalled in siruments direot from the Manu factory in Dresden, Germany. Tha-e Pianos having botli, after a lorg seal and land voyage, arrived in perfect* tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune. Their beauty and power o| tone elicits the highett eiicontums from all the | great musical critics of Europe. HILBUS &. IIITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D cu. an 8?tl SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment of Silver Coffee Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup?, Creams, and all kinds of Spoons ana Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup and Oyster | Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is offered at low pi ces, and warranted sterling. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sis. jan 19 LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREMECOURT OFTHK UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKICR aud LOUIS JANIN have formed a copartnership under the name ul "Walker and Janin,"for the argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, at Wash ington city, wheie both will attend throughout the | future sessions of that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, | i or New Orleans. jan 19?eo3m* MR. BUSHNELL'S SCHOOL, No. *41 Thirteenth tbrett, between F and G sts. HE next quarter will eoinmencc on the 12th in sunt. . Circulars may be had at the principal bookstores, and at the School rooms. feb 10 eo2w' CLOTH IMG MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER than ever.?In ojder to run off the remainder of our large stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vest ings, we will at this season take measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality 20 per cent, cheaper than our usually low prices. WALL fc STEPHENS, 334 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, feb 19 (SehtinelfcNews) SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW for Janu ary, lh56. Contents : The North and the South Blunders of Hallam Powers of the General Government The Human Family Consutuuou of the United States Chemistry of Common Life Party Leaders Recent Social Theories Critical Notices. Subscription price $5 per annum.' feb 19 FRANCK TAYLOR. History of the great secession from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the year 1845, by Rev. Chas. Elliot, D D Annual of Scientific Discovery; or Ytar Book of Facta in Science and Art for 1865, by D. A. Wells The School of Christ, or Christianity in iU leading Aspects, by Rev. A. L. R. Foote Man and His Dwelling Place Historical collections of Louisiana, embracing trans lations of many rare and valuable documents relating to the Natural, Civil, and Poliucal history of that 8taie, by B. F. French?price #1 25 Lacon ; or, Many Things in Few Words; addressed to those who ibmk, by the Rev. C. C. Colton New Book, by the author ot the Morning and Night Watches, Footsteps of Si. Paul A very Isrge and fine assortment of Family and Pocket Bibles just received. GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, feb 80?3t 498 Seventh st. manKAIiWHA, Va;, Bank Hates UsS bought and Wild by A. M. SNYDER k CO., Brokers, comer 15th street and Pa. avenue. Trans-Alleghany, Va., Notes bought and sold j by A. M.SNYDER fc CO. 09? Selden, Withers k Go's Exchange Bank Notes bought aad told by A. M. SNYDER * CO. i fikl-wla Auction BalML AUCTION t?AUCTION 1 CT.OTU1NO.-Cmu, Pant*, Vests, Shirts. Col lars, Cravats, Undershirts, Drawer*. Cap, kc , and in feet everything appertaining to Gentlemen's Wear, at the Brick Store opposite the market, ket 8th and 9th streets, Pa. avenne, commencing on THURSDAY morning, at 9 o'clock, and continuing from day to day, and trom evening to evening, un til the 1st of March. Tha?s pood* are new and well made. feb 31?3t K. I. WRIGHT, Aaatlaasar. unoaenowN Extensive and peremptory sale op Groceries, at the store ol E. Pickerell k Co., Water street.?The subscribers intending to change their business, will sell, without reserve, at their warehouse, oit Water street, on MONDAY neit, the 96th instant, at 10 o'clock, their entire stock, rosstly in whole packages, consisting of? Hhds. and bbls. of NO. and P. R. Crushed, Pulver ised and Loaf Sugars Hhds. and bbls. of Molasses Coffees, very tine Teas. Candles. Cordage : onp, Spices, Starch, Pipes, Baskets, Brooms Salaratus, writing and wrapping Papers Brandies, Gin, Whiskey, Wines, 4c 200,000 Imported Segars, tine Chewing Tobacco Bbls. and half bbls. Mackcral, bbls. Herrings Pure Cider Vinegar. With a large assortment of goods, too numerous to particularise hi an advertisement Terms liberal and at sale. - E. PICKERELL k CO. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 21? Auctioneer. Br J. O. HeOUIRK, Aactlsnssr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE AND EL igibly situated Improved and Unimproved Real Estate on the Island.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the 1st day of December, 1853, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 66, folio 31, kc., the subscriber will sell, a?. public sale, on THURSDAY, the 22d day of February, 1855, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, Lots No*. 1, 3, 3. 4, 5, 6, 39, and 40, in the subdivision of Sqna:e No. 435, tbe whole fronting 74 feet on 7th street w<wt, 180 l%et on E ft. south, and 122 feet on 8th street west, with the im prove menu, which consist of a large, commodious, and substantial double cottage built frame House, stable, and other out houses. The location on the corner of 7th and E cts., and 8th and E streets, on the Island, it healthy and de |> rahle, in a rapidly improving part of the city. The property will be sold as a whole or in sepa rate lots as may be deemed desirable, and offers a favorable opportunity to persons desirous of pur chasing a handsome residence or building lots, or making investments. The terms of sale will be : One-third of the pur chase money in cash, and tbe balance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes (tearing interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust upon the prop erty. lithe terms of sale are not complied with in Ai days after the sale, the property will be retold, at the nsk and eipense of the purchaser upon one week's notice. AH convcyancing at the expense of purchaser. CHA8. S. WALLACH, Trustee. JA8. C. McGUIRK, feb I?3tawkds Auctioneer. Bjr J. C. HeOUIRK. Auctloascr. SMALL AND DESIRABLE MARKET FARM at Public Auction.?On SATURDAY, February 24th, at 12 o'clock, in., at my Auction Rootns, I shall sell a small markvt farm, containing 24 acres, situated about six miles distant from the Centre Market, and one half mile from the Seventh street Plank Road, and immediately opposite the Farm of F. P. Blair, Fsq The improvements consist of a small frame dwel ling house, log stable, corn crib, and other necessa ry outbuildings. There is a good spring of water on the place, also, some choice fruit trees in beating condition. Sale peremptory and title perfect. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAMES C. McGUIRE, feb 16?d Auctioneer. Gold, silver, steel k plated $pec TACLES to suit every age and eye, Riding Specs, R. R. ?lasses, Eye! Protectors, Eye Glasses of all descrip-' tions, Reading Glasses, Goggles; kc.,' Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored Glasses put in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye at H. SEMKEN'8, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. jan 20 DISSOLUTION. THE partnership of Barron k Orme is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the conccrn must be paid to H. Barron, he being au thorised to close the business of the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3,1855. TllOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request all those indebted to the concern to come forward and settle their bills by the 6th of March, as it is very important to him to have the business closed by thai time. All accounts left over at that time will be put into the hands of an officer for collection. Al! ac counts due by the concern will please be presented for payment as soon as possible, as I am ready at tiny time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would respectfully say to all the customers of the late firm, and the puMic generally, that ther# will always be kept a stock of Wojd and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a share of public patronage. Believiuc it to b-i be?t for both buyer and seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to puuetual customers. TnOS. ORME, Agent, feb 5? lm NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER k PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery establish ment, No. 409 .Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel lows' Hall, where they will be most happy to receive their friend* and the public generally. We will keep consta illy on band a choice selec tion of all kinds of CONFECTIONERY. Also, dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of all kinds. We hope by a strict attention to business to win the approbation of our friends, and merit a liberal share of patronage generally. N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at tbe short eat notice. RYDER k PLANT, feb 6?lm MUTUAL KIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered by Congress, OFFERS to the citizens of the Distriqi the safest and cheapest means of insurance against loss by fire on all descriptions of property, as may be seen by an examination of the charter and by laws. Applications for insurance can be made to the un dersigned or at llie office, Columbia Place, Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, where capies oi the charter and by-laws mav be procured. ULYSSES WARD, President. Manager*?Thomas Blagden, Ulysses Ward, Dr. F. Howard, J. C. MeKelden, John Van Riswick, P. W. Browning and M. G. Emery. an 31?eolm Great iidvcchbits. CANFIELD, BROTHER k CO . SAO Baltimoie street, Baltimore, Md., Offer to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of slock, a large stock of recently imported goods, such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE. Albata and Plated Goods, Clock*, Bronxet, Votes Musical Boxes, Dresden China, dc.? AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT REr GJiRD TO COST. jan31-tr A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED just received and for sale by SAM'L BACON k CO., fcblS? Im Corner Seventh st. and Pa. avc. NEW FANCY STORE. Hutchinson k munro have for sale at their new store, next door to Messrs. Waltm Harper k Co., Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, every description of Fancy Goods, Perfume ry, Hosiery, Gloves, Porte Monnaies, Card Cases, Jewel Boxes, kc. Also, Metallic and Papier Mache one and eifbt day Clocks, Mantel Ornaments, kc., together with a large assortment of Shell Work, the whole ol which will be sold at the lowest New York prices. HUTCHINSON k MUNR6, 310 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th sts. feb 15?lw (Organ 3t) C. WARR1MBR, WATCHMAKER, NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tentl^^trceu, WASHINGTON, D. fab 14?dtNov4* KAixnre house or faiko 4 ioukbk, Opposite United States Treasury. BONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased i and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when (ft for 30 days or longer. jan 24?6m DRAUGHT ALE. rilHE undersigned respectfully announce that they 1. have obtained the sole Agency of the District for the sale of Kurtz k Nea's York Draught Ale, and have made arrangements so as to have it con stantly no hand, so that all who may fevor them with their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a supply of Porter. Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or giveu to our driven will meet with strict attention. Terms cash. ARNY k SHINN. I A first rati: Wagon, oat littie used, for sale Apply as above, to ARNY k SHINN, , . a , Union Bottling Depot, feb aolm Georgetown | TELEGRAPHIC. giprwJr for Hi (illy lraiu Mat Tto Aani vonary ia Baltmob*, Feb, 22?Thieday fc km, to * ooasideraMe iitwt, aa a MMij. The itnci an throoged with kMitj aal fashion, flags wavtag hi every street, u4 the enlivening strains ef martial muste from different oom panics oa parade greet the ear en every tarn Bribery at Harriabnrg. (imciAL ms raven.) PniLantLPBiA, Fab. 22 -DUpetokta fma Harrisburg state that iriiww ef bribery against Cameron and Jayae are really steh eniog Ship of War. Phtladblpbi a, Feb 22 ?The rioop-of Jamestown, which was to hare sailed for Nor folk at aoon to-day, got agroand at the nary yard pier, and would not ha got off aatll the riae of the tide She will probably be got off and Mil thie afternoon. The Jameetown la deetiaod far the African sqaadion. Baltimore Markets Baltivobb, Feb. 22.~?FIoar baa a down ward tendency, oaoaed by the roooipt of thw Baltic's bows City Mills deoliaed lis frees yesterday'a qaotatione, being offered at |8 12* Grain tranaaetioaa were light, and at lower prioea. Wheat, red, 90a9So.; white, Mot2 Cora, S4aSic ; yellow, 87a88e ; mixed, S2a?)e Vow York Stock Harhot N?w if oar, Feb. 22.?Stooka are flnoar aad money ia easy. Erie Railroad at 46 i; Clove land and Toledo railroad 69; Reading Bail* road 75; New Tork Central , Miehigaa Southern Railroad at 92; U. 8. ( a, 1867, $1.16*; Ohio ?'a, 1.03. Mew Tork Karkoa Nbw Yobk, Feb. 21?The oottoa market io a im ban god, with a limited baeiaeas at prevtowe rates Floor is aaehaagod, with a moderate demand ; Southern ia ftrm. Wheat ia upward, and prioes trifle higher; white Miehigaa $2 46. Cora ia downward and dall; ealee et 10,600 bushela. Pork ia apward aad ftrm, aalea of old meea at $13. Beef ia unchanged, with a moderate demand at previona rates. Lard ia firm. Whiaky haa declined, aalea of Ohio at 32o. per gallon. ^ Death of the Governor of Zanzibar Pbotidbbcb, Feb. 20 ?Advioes hare bean reoeived here from Zaniibar, announcing the death of the Gorernor of that plane. He waa the eldest son of the Governor of Maeoat Baa* ineaa waa anapended for Are days ia ooaoo qaenoe of his death. Hoary fine of Lottery Managers Allsxtowh, Pa , Feb. 21.?The trial of the managers of the Ceataeauaua lottery waa ooa eluded to day. Nathan Frederio waa flaed $6,000 and oorts, and Wm Groea waa flood $3,000 and ooata. Both to stand oonricted till the fine ia paid. Elootion ia Chautaaqao Oouaty. WasrriBLD. Feb 21.?Both the reproeont ativea in the Legislature from Chautauque eo. hare been sustained by the people All the towns except three in the county hare given large American majorities. The Maine Low. Albabt, Feb 20.? All the Teaaporanee bill aa reported by the select ooaamittae, haa been ordered to a third reading in the Hoaee of aa sembly. Yeas 66, Naya, 28. A Good Ambhdmbbt.?While the Sabbath bill waa under consideration, lately In the Iowa Houaeof Representatives. the following amend ment waa offered ?"It ahall be regarded aa a violation of the Sabbath, forelergymen of any denomination to preach political eenaeas oa the Sabbath day," The amendment rooeived fourteen votes Yaltarlb Kbcipb.?A Vermont t the following ia a aure method of elarif j maple sugar?Filter all your sap before iog, through a hopper or box of sand, whioh, he is satisfied, will take oat, aot only all the stains derived from leavea, tuba, erambs of bark, and all other oolering matters that pjevent the sugar from being pure white. Up pob asttbho ? Citiaens of the laited i States, or "Amerioana," aa they are ealled in South America, appear to be dabbliag in ev ery thing in those Southern Repabliee, whe ther pushing adventures into the interior countries, or aiding insurrection to aoeempiiah rexolutions. At the recent diaturbanoe ia Pe ru, one hundred and fifty Americans.' dis appointed gold-seekers on the Amaoon, joined Castilla, and through their extreme exertions suooeeded in obtaining a victory ovar the Government One of their namber, it ia aaid, by the name of Johnson, got p oasserica of a regimental chest, belonging to Eohaniqae's force, with $70,000.ia it, which he divided with his comrades Mr. John Butte, of Charles* tawn, Maes, who left that city for Perm, time since, for the purpose of patting ap _ machinery for the Peruvian Government a Colonel in the oenqueriug army of Caatilla The Americans have rather a filibuster repu tation in Peru, especially since the Califorai ans made a desoent upon Ecuador with Flores, in 1652. PROTECTION FROM FIRE, AND SAVING OF GAS. PAPER 8hade? are used upon Gas bat a short ume without bein* burned, aad Area are fse quently occasioned by them ; these casualties are effectually prevented by a new invenooo, DYOTT'8 PATENT reflecting SHADE PROTECTOR. Shades cannot be set on fire shat are used upon Ikes. Tboy reflect more light down on the table, with half the consumption of gas. For sale at the House Furnishing Store of C. W BOTELKR, No. 3 18 Iron Hall. Also Paper Shades, Gas Fixtures, and Lamps of every description. (lat) feb 19?eoiw N'OTICIC.?Whereas John KorfT and Caroline Korff, lus wife, live apart, aader a deed of sep aration, the public are hereby warned not to trust the said Caroline on account of the subecnaer, whe is not responsible for any debts contracted by her and will not pay the same- JOHN KORFP feb 3~law3w? NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL the accounts of the late firm of of GEO. W. GARRETT A CO., and of the Ann of THOM AS A. DYER, in the lumber business in this ctaj. have been placed in my hands, with instructions to have the same settled or secured forthwith. All persons in any wise indebted to the Areas above mentioned will please attend at once, aad rave expense. WlfT H. WARD, Attorney, Office over Todd n Co.'s Hat State. feb 13?< H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, A'o. 330 Pa otemue, Mses 9U mmd 10U . Offers for sale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Bracelets, Breastpins, fThriiM Seal Rinra Wedding Rinca, Fob and Veei Chufee, Seals, Loch eta, Pencils, Thimble*. Tnnketa, etc All articles are warranted aa ii|iiwiwlsI aad asM unusually low. ju V Land for sale?i win sell * Mr. Thomas Grimes' Store, la i uict, on the 10th day of Maech aert hundred acres of land, more or less, 30 and a portion in grain, the balance This lot adjoins the lands of 7~ H. Heiskell, and Dr. Ganton, I bora. There is a portion of i ruble, finely watered?the AL _ .. . 1? about three mile-, and from Washington aix or ssven. There are good situaixwlbrn-**-?* The sole to commence at IS o'aocl Blr Grimes will show the lot. or the i Mr trnmes w?i - WILLIAM TOLSON. Prince George County, Maryland. feb TO? I*wtWurl6 [The Weekly Sua, Bait., will copy once a' until 10th March, aad forward one copy eech to Mount Welby Poet OMce, Prince Geoegecownty, Md-, and forward the account to the Mtbemmcr-J

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