Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNING STAR. ? x LOCAL IJ/TE_LLIGESCE. Celbbratioh or tib Twbbtt-Sbcobd ib Alexabdbia ?The service* of the day were commenced by an address by Mr Edgar Snow den lie discuMcd the true principles of the constitution as Washington understood them. He enumerated these in their order at con servative. showing that according to the terms of organic law he was favorable to the rights of the States and the Union of the Statea He then dwelt oa the polioy of Washington's administration, which, heoontended, wa< one of peace, public justice, non-intervention in the affaire of other nations, a scrupulous re. gard to the limitations of power, full exercise of the powers given, and care in the selection of the public officcra. He concluded by an realing to the people to always sustain true made a Tew appropriate remarks, after which the meeting formed itself itself into a proces sion with mum, at ita head, and marched to the Mansion Bouse. Hera they dispersed, the Mount \ ernon Guards to receive their Tonne friend?, the Washington Rifles, to whom they *%T* * ^D* dinner, but the msjoiity?includ ing ua?went into the Manaion House to par take of the grand dinner given by our friend Newton. We say grattd dinner, and to justify the language, annex the bill or rABB. Poups?Cheese, Oyster. Fish. ? Fresh Cod, boiled, oyster saucc; Baked Shad. Boiled.- Leg Mntton, c ipertauce; Beef Tongues ?harp sauce; Turkey, oyster saucc; Ham. Cold Di?hes.?Smtied Head, on i pedestal, ancicnt style. Mayonaisc of Oysters. in a form of jelly, ornamented; Monument of Bored Turkey, ornamented; Fillet of Chickens, Russian style; Chick'n Salad, ornamented; Pre**??(! Corned Beef, Boiili aui Jelly; Boacd Turkey, in foim of jelly; flani^, decorated. Entrees?Fillet of Beef, larded wi'h mushroons; Cot' tie de Mutton, en papellntte; Turkey Wings Htiitr, d, a la Jardaniere; Veal Sweetbreads, tomato eaace; Veal Fticandeau, whIi spinach; Croquettes of Chickens; Bo ied Duck*, with oliv-rs; Small Pat tie, wi-h fillet of chicken; Oysters, ?>c. loped in the shell; Kobbins. en erustarde; Terrapins Stewed; Sain.i of Wild Ducks. Roas, ?Reef; Domestic Ducks, with olive*; Tur key; Choker; Pif, Saddle of Mutton, currant jelly aauce. tiame.?Fbeamuii, Canvas.- Back Ducks, R.d Head Ducks. Partridges. Vegetables.? Boiled Potatoes. Va?hed do., Roast do., Slewed Tomatoes, Oyster Plant, Hominy, Cab bage, Parscips, Turnips, Spinach, Beets, Celery, Lettuce. Pastry^?Red Currant Tarts, Ripe Cherry Pie*. Peach Tarts, Quince PutTs Mince Pies, Plum Tarts, Lemon Pudding, Sweetmeat Puff*, Plum Pudding. Desgcrt. - Charlotte Ru<?e, flavored witli maras chino; Macedoine of Fruit, flavored with cham pagne; Swiss Merinru's, Vanilla Ice Cream, Ma deira Jelly, Orange Ice, Chn tahzed Orange*, Al mond Croquetrs, Kuiu Jelly, M.tcaroons, Iced Puff*. Fruit.?Apples, Rai-ius, Pies. Oianjres, Walnuts, Filberts, Almonds. Coffee. * After about one hundred had crowded around the table, Mr Wise, the Chairman, oalled on the Rev. Mr. Danforth, who said grace, and then the company fell to with a gusto. As usual, during the three first oourses a reatraint aeemed to hang over the festive board One said, when asked why he looked to grave, and was so silent: "Sir, I came here not to talk, but to eat!" But as the heavy dishes were rem >ved, the weight aeemed taken from the apiriia of the assemblage. Pop went the ehampagae corks, always hitting some body. Everybody was taking wine with some body, and the business of the well trained wa ters seemed to be to fly around from Mr. Smith to Mr. Brown, with Mr. Smi'h's compli ments to Mr. Brown, and would be take a glass of wine with him. But as the bottles were emptied, the directions to the waiter were not ao explicit aa might be, when one would wish to drink to hia frier.d. It would be?"John, do you see the man with green specson?" ?Ye3, sab!" "And the tenth man from him with the coat on ?" "Ye*, aah, I aees him." Well, John, that's my friend Snooka? fill hia glass, and bring me back the bottle." John says. "yea, aah !" flies off at a tangent, and fills the first glass he can find, and returns. Smith thinks it d?noed strange Snooks don't bow to him, and senda the waiter to aak the little man with the red wig what be meana by bobbing to much at him?he has not the honor of his acquaintance. But, now, the Chairman says: "Gentlemen, fill your glossesand he reads the RECILAR TOASTS. I. The Day ?May each recurrence ficd us mora devoted to the principles of him whoae birth we celebrate. 3. The Memory of W ashington.?The glory and bulwark of his country. (Drank stand iog ) 3 Our Country.?Jealoua of her own righta and honor, may ahe alwaya be juat to those of other nations 4. The Union ?Its perpetuity will be best secured by a rigid observance of the right* of its members. (Three cheers ) 5. The President of the United States ? (Drank standing?three cheers and a tiger.) 6 The Judiciary of the United States. 7. The Congress of the United States 8. The People, the true source of powsr ? Let them always appieoiate the uneatimable advantages for which they are chiefly indebted to the agency cf Washington, and it will be wall with them 9 Virginia ?Our first and best love ia hers. (Threa cheers and drank standing ) Hon. \\m. C. Rives was now loudlv called for. MB. RIVES 8 SPBKCH. In anawer to the repeated calls he said, that he was glad the toast had been proposed , be did not think that the other States had the same light to the fame of Washington that she had.?that they could only share in his fame as they acted in conformity to his principles. In visiting Alexandria, on private business, ha had not expected thus to mingle with so miD7 friends in celebrating the birthday of the Father of his Country. It was a pleasure as great as unexpected He felt, on visiting the city, the truth of the worda of the cele brated English writer, that no true patriot could visit tho plains of Marathon without feeling the love of country glow brighter in his bo?om?and applving it to our case?no true American could visit Alexandria, the home of W ashington, and stand where he bad stood, worship in the church where be had worshiped, and stand within sight of his grave witheut feeling the love of virtue, of country and of Union burn brighter on the altar of hia heart, lie then apoke of the apirit of section alism rampart in other parts of the country, and thought those parts could not claim a part in the name of Washington, as they had re nounced allegiance to his counsel. The only name under heaven or among men whereby the country could be saved from those evils was the name of Washington, and the only power that could effect it was that of the prin eiples contained in his farewell address. We might well be proud of the honor of his birth, and the great privilege of returning within her bosom his aehea; and Alexandria could glory in being hia home in hia old age Lamartine had said that all the world needed was a second Washington, but ttAi boon the world oould not enjoy again He closed with the following sentiment: The Fame of Washirgton?The cherished birthright of Virginia?the crowning glory of America 10 The Army and Navy?Patriotic, gallant, and invincible II. Southern Rights too often degraded and violated?There is a point beyond which pa tienee ceases to be a virtue They will be maintained at all haxard and to the last ex tremity 12 The Improvements ef Virginia?They must be carried on to their completion. Our State mast not b? allowed to fall behind in the great race. 13 The sages and heroes of the Revolution. MB. CCST1?'S SPEECH The cry was then for Custis! Costis! and the venerable man arose and responded He Mid that ha had seen this country in pros perity and in adversity but that he had never reen it dishonored. * The impulse of the coun try was onwaid, and the spirit traveled even fester than steam itself, and so had the spirit progressed, that he believed ere long America would be the monster of the world. (In oon sequence oX the loud applause that greeted almost every sentence, we loat much of the speech, though we sat near him.) lie had saen her progress to tho present day, and now, 94i4 he, if the has attained suoh a position before the has reached her prime, take an old American a word for it, she will surpass all other .nations when aha reaches maturity The old nations have taken hundreds of years to reaoh this position wo have jemped into in almost a day, and my old heart leips with on thutiasm as I see what wo now are. I tell you what it is that has given as this eminence: it is that whioh other nations stigmatise as the Yankee spirit (Great applause) They may call as Yankees, bat for my part I glory in it; it is more glorious now to be called a Yankee than it was in old times to be oalled a Roman. Though it may be given in eon tempt, I regard It as the most complimtntefv title that cau be bestowed on onr nation. Fan was now flying fast and furioas. Some young gentleman, feeling the great need of music between the toasts, exercised his ioven tive genius, whieh was stimulated by frequent moistenings, and brought iorth an Instrument composed of a piece of psper and a comb, upon which he executed various appropriate pieces of music, such as " Hail, Columbia!" when the " Union" was proposed ; "Ob, carry me back," when they drank to Virginia ; and the Rogue's March when the Chair annouroed 44 The United States Congress." Everybody was social with totrebody Even when we were " taking notes,'' a gentleman was press ing m to visit him the coming season nad shoot with him. " I'll fix you out/' said he; '? I've the best nosed gun and double barreled dog in the oountry." The Chairman then prooeeded to read the VOLUHTKER TOASTS. Fredericksburg?tier oitisens are ever wel come to Alexandria. "Li'tle" was now the cry, and in answer to the cill said, that ibough Alexandria oould Claim the manhood of Washington, Frederick* burg could claim bis youth; and though we now were within speaking distance of the grave of Washington, Fredericksburg oould boast of the grave of his mother, to wbom he ewed tho training that made htm the father of his coun try. lie concluded by giving? The Mother and Son?Though the monu ments to each are incomplete, naught but the heavens can cover their greatness The Chairman then read ihe following : The Clergy of the Revolution?Patriots who gave their prayers and their influence, and when needed were ready to shoulder their muskets In tbe cause of their country: may their successors always be &s patriotic, and imitate their example The Marquis de Lafayette?In America's darkest hoar, the Frenchman came to her resoue. Tbe Pros?'The safeguard of the people. Tbe Chairman also read the following toast: In the dark hours of our national existence, let our motto be: "Place none but Amerioans on guard to night." Mr. Snowden gave? Our worthy Major, Geo. P. Wise?Indefati gable and incorruptible; Alexandria needs such an officer. After many ealls, Mr Wise said he should noi be seduoed into making a speech, in re* ply to the compliments paid bis coarse as Mayor he said he endeavored to do his duty ; and while he held theoffice he should continue the same course to tho best of his ability. This was received with three cheers for the Major. Mr. Snowden was londly called for, and af ter many calls rose and said that he had said enough for one day; but s ill, when he looked around on the bounties provided for the coin Sany he could not help contrasting Albert [ewton's dinner with the fare of the soldiers at Valley Forge, where the soldiers were forced to eat the leather of their boots and their belts : and in place of the popping of corks and the flashing of the sparkling cham pagne that surrounded us, they eat their tough dinners to tho music of the popping of muskets and the flashing of bayonets; and now we. tboir degenerate sons, were sur rounded. in celebrating the birthday of their chief, by such sen:{mentalities, physicalities? yes, and dinner alitioti?us wore never known in *he inort luxurious days of the Romans. Lie concluded with the toast? Our Worthy Host ?May he live a thousand years and when he dies 09 preserved in Bar num's Museum, as a model of landlords. By tbid time near two hundred bottles of champagne had been erupted and t ha company was considerably exhilerated. Somebody said that the toast? In the dark hours of the Republic, let tho motto be. 'Place none but Americans on guard to night' was a K N. toast, and he had heard ithisfltd. Tha: started several gentlemen in search of the hissers, and wherever they went "a fuss was kicked up " But tbe Chairman, who, by the way, was his honor the Mayor, would ooax and persuade, and when that would'nt do, tbe disturber found himself walked off by Mr. Wise to have a private chat outside tbe crowd. Though all powerful, he could not bo every where present, so he called on some fine sing ers in the crowd for a song. "Yes" says one, lot s sing boys, ' ilu*ic hath charms to sooth the savage," 4 Boil a rock and split a cab bage," interpolates another. Soon ail were singing; the tune annouoood was the " Star Spangled Baaner," but among those immedi- I ately around u? we recognised Days of Ab sence, Old Hundred, Few Days, and Hear me, i Norma. That created harmony of feeling? oil was poured on tbe troubled waters?but oh ! what awful discord! Mr. Wise again intervened, and said that by special request two gentlemen, (naming thorn,) wcro requested to sing "Homo Again, and that no others but they should join except in chorus This was agreed to, and several pieces were sung very finely, only interrupted by the grunting ncise occasioned by some officious gent choking a vocalist who as pired to lend his aid During this tims the waiters had removed tbe cloth, and ooffee and cigars became the order of the day. Cigars brought back politics, and the fire-eaters were again examining not only to find tbe hissers, but also the giver of the Know Nothing toast But one cf these gentlemen " woke up tbe wrong pa'ienger." a few words passed, the lie was given, sposh! oame a blow in bis face, and down he oame Some cried u part 'em ! ' but the same Herculean arms th?t had so long kept the peace, swept back those who would '?part 'em," and declared there should be "a ling, fair play and no gouging " About this time the parties fUbtiug bad been pumeliing each other a In llyer on the floor, partially nnder tbe table, when we were all startled by the cry of ' 'nou:h ! nough ! take him off'r' which was done. Iho parties were washed, and soon repaired damages enough to refer the matter to their friends for settlement. All tbe injuries sustains i w*s tho loss of a few teeth, a broken nose, several bluck eyes, and tbe poor fellow who 44 hollered" had the end of his thumb bit off. We hear bis opponent has been bound over to keep the pttce We bad retired when the fight commenced, bat, on hearing tbe noise, ran back, and saw the most ftniit.g tableaux ever witnessed (Excuse us?didn't mean a pun ) About a dozen with their coats off, getting ready for a general fight; men with bottles elevated, ?thers with chairs raised, while some were anxiously inquiring whether tho fight was a free one; one was pocketing the almonds and another draining a champagne bottle, desiring to bo "counted as out." The waiters were gently disencumbering the combative guests Jot' their various weapons, and the worthy Mayor, in his energetic endeavors to prevent a row, was quietly upsetting every body who seemed disposed to fight. And so tne dinner broke up?some going to bed, tortuously navigating to that haven of rest; others being carried there, taken from under the table; while those who coald get out to the ball or the theater, went. All seemed to think that was the last dinner they would ever attend to celebrate the day. But a friend whispered in our ear that these guests bad msde tbe same resolve for four consecutive years, under precisely tbe same circumstances. ?? Cbl'Bch Dbdicatiows To Mobbow?The Sixth Presbyterian Chureh, erected under the auspices of its esteemed paster, Rev. Maaon Noble, will be dedicated to-morrow morning It is situated on Sixth street, near Maryland avenue, a portion of the eity which is grow ing with great rapidity The Rev Mr Sun derland is 10 participate n the dedication ceremonies End ihf occuiun is fxpwtcd to b? one of great interest. Fletcher Chapel (an offspring of the M. h. Church} recently ereeted on the corner cf New York aveaue and Fourth street, is to ts dedicated to-morrow. The Rev. R L. Dashiel will preach in the morning, at 11 o'olock; the Rev. Mr Brooke at 3 in the afternooa, ?nd I tho R?v. Fielder Israel at tight Merchants' Exchange ?The leading mer cbaau of Washington have formed thenBselrea into Merohants' Exchange Association. There Is soaroely a eitj of note in Um Union ! that has not its merohants' exohanga rooms, where those in bnsiness oan meet, disease the t business matters, rugge?t ideas for the benefit I Of the business of the oommanity in which they lire, ascertain who are worthy their con fidence, and become better acquainted with oaoh other. In no city of the Union is such an association needed more than in Washing ton. We are, therefore, pleased to find that our merchants havo at last seen the import - | afice of sueh a motemefit. At a meeting of the "Merohants' Exchange of Washington, D. C.," held February 2lst, the following officers were elected for tho en> suing year: 8. it icon. President; J. B. Dodsen, Vice President; John F. Ellis, Secretary; Win Wall, Treasurer Directors-John Clagett, Walter Harper, " M Shuster. George Bums, B F. Morsell, P.Franklin, C. W. Havener, F. A Tucker, Hudson Taylor, C. W. Boteler, jr , Edw Hall, J. C McQuire J The association have leased the large and baautifal suite of rooms on the second floor of the "Star Buildings," on the oirner of Elev ePl, *D(* Pennsylvania avenue, which will be handsomely furnished for meeting and reading rooms, where the leading commercial papers of the ooontry oan always be found. We anticipate that this movement Will give a new i mpetus to the business of our city. The aMoeiation already numbers near one hundred members, composed of all the loadiog mer | chants of the city, of all trades. Lbctuhe at Colombia Hal>, ?We omitted to notice in our paper of last evening, the lec Umuat th,B h*U' on ,h? 22d 'nstant. The lecture of F. McNerhany, E?q, at Co umbia Hall, Capitol Hill, on Thursday even ing?the -Utility and dignity of mechanical labor, notwithstanding tho many other sources, of intellectual enjoyment, pastime and amusement in this oity and Georgetown, was attended by a full and intelligent audi ence The suhjec', interesting inltsolf, was rendered highly attractive by the easy, fami har, vet energetic style of the lecturer, by the lucid and convincing manner, in which he Mjocated the real and intrinsic nobility of labor, -nd the substantial intelligence of our operatives in general. In the course of the address a very hoppy and appropriate allusion was made, to the day, as commemorative of the natal day of the Father of bis oountry, in which the ahalogy between the sword of Wash ington, and the implement of the mechanic was piotured, in language so brilliant, beautiful and graphio as to elicit the best evidence of the approval and satisfaction ef his hearers, by frequent and applause The entire leoture gave evidence of the refined taste of the lectarer, and his knowledge of his | subject, and has generated the hope with very iuony of his hearers that an opportunity may offer ere long of similar enjoyment. Malicious MiscHisr ?Last night, a num ber of young men of our city fell in oompany with a number of others from abroad, and after taking in a supply ?f "aqua ardiente they went on a "little beat ? The strangers became lively, and appeared to be pleased greatly at the tearing down of water>spouts attaahed to dwelling houses. One of them, Thomas Brown, was arrested and taken to the guard house, where he was made to pay $11 18 fine and costs. When policemen or others trom abroad come to Washington, they must loarn we have laws here, and men to enforce them. Tb? Richmond Blubs ?This fine corps, which have boen the guests of the Washing ton Grojrs, Philadelphia, for the last few day*, reached Baltimore last evening, where they *ere received by the Law Greys of that oity He understand that a meeting of tho Wash mgtsn Light Infantry was held last right when it was agreed ihat the company should parade to receive thetn on their arrival in tho city this evening, ped invite them to partake of a collation previous to their departure. They are accompanied by an excallent band. Cbhtrk Market ?This market was very well supplied this morning by oar friends from the neighboring States and the resident dealers. Prices do not appear to have much of a downward tendency from those we have before quoted. ?? Sbrsnadk.?Last night the citizens residing near 13th street were delighted by a fine serenade from an amateur band. It was in tended for a newly married couplo residing in that neighborhood, but was heard with pleasure by all in that vicinity. ltT" Lbctprk. 0. P. Baldwin will delight the habitues of the Smithsonian on Mondav night nith one of his brilliant lectures. Criminal Court?The march term of this court commences on Monday, Maroh 5, 1855. Watch Returns.?Thomas Brown, pulling down spouts, fine and costs; Isaac Johnson, out after hours, fine and oosts; Rich, ihomis, ' do., do ; Thog. Russell, do., do [?7?SB0BT and SWKKT. read It wh<l? yon may, Titne I* short ?I know you cannot stay ; But If your h?ir in gray, as white as allow, tilLLMAN S OYE will will make it b ack as crow. Auburn or brown, as you m ty desire ? Ton minute* timeiaall 'twill lequire.: For salt, wholesale an<l retail, by fehjl?St Z. D. OILMAN,Pa avenue. FBtMllJIS AT THE FAIRS ? tVHITKHl KSl'S still In the ascendance ?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and Nsw York awarded their blRheet premiums to J. H. W for their superiority of Pho tograpbs, Stereo?, ..pes and Daxnerreotypea exhibited Mr. W. aleo received two Medali at the World's Kalr, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Pelade. New York. Also, the first awarda of the Marylanl Institute for three year* past. Whlteliurst ? tla'lery In thla city I* on Pa. avenue, betw and 6th etreets. feb 17 ft j? WATCHES ?Member* of Congress and others In want of a drat rate timekeeper would do well to make a selection at once that their quality may he thoroughly test ed before leaving the city. M. W. 0ALT A BRO'S e**ort meut was never so complete as at present, embraclug every description, ail warreuted, and at prlcee certainly as low as similar articles can be pnrchaaed for in any city In thla country. M. W. OALT A BRO., Jan M?dtf I*a. avenue between 9th and loth at* rr~7- READY MADK CLOTHING FOR OENTLKVKN AND Youths' wear manufactured with taste and elegance by NOAH WALKER a CO., ander Browns' Hotel. Their stork embrace the Palltot or Snrtont Overcoat, Oversacks, sliaped and uerlagee; Talmas, black and bine Olotk Dines Coats Frock Coats of all fashionable colors, Cassimer, Business Hnltes, iJch Velvet Vest*. SUke, Ac., black doeskin Caaslmer, floured Cassiiner, aud plain Ceeaiuer Pantaloons. For the ynuth? Jackets, Pants, Vests, Overcoat*. Ac. As they are their own manufacturers they are euabled and will sell at tiie very prlcee. blilrts of snperier fit, Collars, Glovet Tie*, Ac., of late styles alw.-ty* on hand. dec M? (>?7?FilB URUN'CHlTM, Throat Diseases, Hacking Oongli, and the effect* of imprudent use of Mercnry, no med icine ha* ever beeu discovered which has effected such enrea as Carter's Spanish Mixture Throat dlseisea produced by sallvstlo*, Backing Conch, Bronchial Affectloue, Liver Disease. Neuralgia, and Bhea matism, have all beeu relieved and enrad In a wonderful manner, by the greet purlfler of the blood, Oarter's Spanish Mxture. The caee ef Mr T. H Ba-asey alone shoald aatisfy any who doubt. Call on the Agent and procure a pamphlet, containing curse, which wlU astound yon. ?.?See advertleem*ut. ?WJa* 8biu.iw?tox receive* all the new Books and Maw* papers a* faat as published. He la agent for Harper's and all the other Magaslnee, and ear readers will always Snd a Urge and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery et kla Bookstore, Odoon Building, cor Pa. aveaae and 4 If et. 31ARRIAGK8. On Tuesday evening, 90th instant, at the Church of the Ascension, by the K*v. Henry Stanley, Mr. CHARLES F. PERRIE to Mis* WARY B. Mc PHERSON, both o: tbis city. * Ou the aotli instant, by th? Rev Mr. OToole, Mr BKKNARO DONNELLY to Mini CATHERINE V. FREEMAN, both of this city. ? At St. Lkiinioick's Church, on the 24th instant, by Rev. Mr. Clarfcsuo, JAMBS DONOVAN, M. D., of St. Lainhy, Louisiana, to Mum MARY T. UODG KI NStlN, of tliis city. * Oo me 5fcil inatant, by 'he Rev Jame? A. Daiiran, Mr. JOHN D. HOFFMAN, to Mm MARY W. MITCHELL. On the 22J iiiuant. by the same, Mr. EDWARD HHDOES to Miss ALICE RYDER Ou the instant, by he Rev. Mr. 8am?on, PE TCK J. COLISOV to Mirt HELEN P. KIRSEY, all ot this city. DEATHS. This morning, the iMlh instant, at tlie rnndeuce of her son, Col. Janie* I. Randolph. Mrs. ANNE K., w-le of the late I'eyion Raiiito'pli, of Prince Edwurd county, V;t, in Um Tilth y^at oi her aje Her luneral will lake place to morrow (Sun ^?y?) at the Church ol ilu.- Asceinwn, corner of 9th an.i H sts , at 2 o'clock p. m. On the morning ttf the 2<d, DENJAMTN F. 31c CA rilRAN, aged il years anJ 6 months (jCf? Hi* iiteitds and iLiwe oi tlie family are re specllully inviie?t to attend lus funeral on Hun<lay afttrnoon, the ittth iu?taat,at J o'clock, trom his late residence, No. 513 E street, between Ninth and I T?nths * N' ? Wanta. ANTED-TO HIRE A SERVANT, TO DO the general housework of a email family, | about miles from the city?a slave preferred. Address "F H," Washington Pott UfBce. feb 83-3i? 10 DRUGGISTS ?AN EFFICIENT DRUG gist wishes an engagement to t ike charge of a retail establ ahmcnt or otherwise Address "P T," Washington Post Office feb 22?3l* WANTED?TO BE BOUND, AN AMERICAN Orphan Bov, 13 years of age, to a mecbaoicai trade, for a period of s?ven years. Address ?'Ap prentice Boy," Post Office, Washington. feb 23-3t* <fc%nn*^ANY PERSON HAVING FOUR OR /I * FiVe Hundred Dollars to loan f?>r a limit ed period, on good >-ccuri?y, wiM please address "A B" at the Alice of thin paper. feh22?3t* For 8 ale and fcent. Furnished house for rent?That,com niodiouK House, No. 450 H street; containing eleven n?oms, with bath room, gas fixture-:. kc#> coorpletely furnished in every particular, is for rent. Apply t#N. M. McGJIEGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7ih street. feb 33?if rpO LET?THE LARGE HOUSE ADJOINING I. Dr. Thomas Miller, Pa. avenue, three tfoors from corncr of I4lh street, with exten ive back building, three rooms deep on first floor, s'able, lie Possession g v>m immediately frb 92?3t I^URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-The sub . scribor will rent his house with the Fur .nure, and the s'able, to a careful and punctual tenant No. 40ft Thirteenth street, Letween G and H. It may be examined and the term* ascertained at the house. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. feb 22?tf CHA8. DI MMER. OTICE.?A MERCHANT ENGAGED IN THE Giocery and Liquor Business, who has other views, wishes to sell ac private sale his enure Stock, Fixtures,kc. The Block is a select ouc, well assorted, and was purchased upon the best terms The location is a very eligible or.?, upon one of the best business streets in the city, with a good custom, and to a per son wishing to engage in the business offers induce ments rare|^ to be met with. A line addressed to " Business," with real name ol the person wi lung to purchase, will meet prompt attention. feb -*2?31 A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN ONE OP THE most desirable positions in Washington, doing a fins business. With it there is a most excellent and valuable H:?da Water Apparatus. The soda wa ter business is one of the best in Washington. Ad dress 4<X W," Washington. feb 13?2w OR RENT OK SALE ON REASONABLE TERMS? A two sto y frame House, with back building, containing six rooms, on 13J4 street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sis. west. A three-story Frame, with hack building, on I st north, between Ith and Mb sts. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME* W BARKER, on H street north, between 12th and 13ih sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON fc KING, feb 7?eotf George.own. A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT The large and commodious dwelling at the corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a fine kitchen in the bisement, having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now tor rent, lis txcellsnt Iocs tion and fine accommodations make it one of the most desirable placcs for a large bearding house or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb 8 - tf STORAGE.?Thiwe having Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, kc., to be stored, will find ample ac commodattons in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Raiments under the *tar office, corner Pa avonue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jail 31?tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfa* county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Bridge and Congress sts., No. 8 7. feb 6?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fett front by l.'JO feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price ol $75, pajabie $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7ih st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. DRAUGHT ALE. THE undersigned respectfully announce that they have obtained the sole Agency of the District j for the sale of Kurtz k Nes's Vork Draught Ale,] and have made arrangement* so as to have it con stantly on hand, so that ail who may favor them with I their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a supply of Torter, Ale, Cider and Min ? ral Water constantly on band. Orders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet | with strict attenuon. Terms cash. ARNY k SHINN. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale Apply I as above, to aRNY k SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, feb 8?eolrn Georgetown [r?KARAWHA, Va, Bank Notn 'J3 bought and scld by A. M. SNYDER Si CO., Brokers, corner 15th street and Pa avenue. Tran -Alieghtnv, Va., Notes bought and sold I by A. M. SNYDER kCO. {fcy- Seldcn, Withers A Co's Exchange Bank Notes bought and told by A. M. 8NYDER k CO. feb 8- eclm LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPRRME:'OURT OFTHEUNITED STATES. | ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOUIS J ININ have formed a c partnership under the name ??! "Walker and Janin,"for the argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, at Wa?h ington city, wine both will attend throughout the I'mu s- sessions ol ihat court Tlfcyinay be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jnn I'J?eo3m* GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. JOHN ?A IT I. begs to announce that he has just completed his supply of the above, all ca clully selected from the stocks i f the best growers in En gl lid and the Continent, viz : Prince Albert and other early Peas,e:irly short-top Radi*h, Early York, | Large York, London Market, eaily Battersea, Shil lings Uueen, Flat Dutch, Drumhead and other choice Cabbages, Purple Cape Brocole, Cauliflowers, Let tuces. Onions, Beets B?ans. Carrots, Parsnips, Coles' Crystal White Celery, Savoy's Leek, Turnips, Cucumbers, Melons, Tomatos, Herbs, kc., with all other vegetable seeds in great variety, comprising I the well t< sted standard kinds with the choice new ' varieties, supeiior in quality a?d economical in price, to which he respectfully calls the attention of I those who require a really genuine article. His long [ experience in the seed trade fully justifies him in saying that his seeds cannot tail to give great satis taction. Flower seeds of the rarest and choicest kinds, se lected with great care and what are specially suited j to tins climate, are offered in single packets or col lections, at very low ratss. Market Gardeners slid others arc respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds nnd scale of prices. Catalogues can be had on application. Seed Store, corner Seventh am II streets, feb 22?ei?6l* WOOD AND COAL YARD. THE subscriber would respectfully inform the pub lie that he has purchased the entire Wood and Coal Ysr.l lately owned and carried on by A. Gi ad moh, Esij., on Fifth street, between II and 1 streets, where lie intends to ke?n a large t-upiily ol Oak, Hickory, and Pine WOOD of the best quality: to gether with the best Red and White A*h COAL that can be ob ain-'d; all of which he will sell on the most reasonable terms for cash ; and earnestly so licits a eoutinuance of the patronage so liberally be stowed upon his predecessor, and hopes, by strict attention to his business, and his constant desire to please all that may call upon him, to merit and ob tain a liberal support from his friends and ihe pub lie generally. WILLIAM 8. CLARY, feb 22 -eo3t 1LE3' REGISTER For AMERICAN STATE Papers.?A complete set of Niles- Register, 76 vols, or any other Books will be given in exchange for the ?' American State Papers" and " American Archives," or they will be purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR k MAURY'S feb 14 Bookstore, near Ninth ?trect. DISSOLUTION^ THE partnership of Barron k Ormc is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the couccrn must he paid to II. Barron, he being au thorised to close Ihe business of the firm. HENRY BARRON. February 3, 18&5. TIIOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request all those indebted to the concern to crane forward and settle their bills by the 6th of March, as it is very im-iortant to him to have the business closed by thai time. All account* left over at that time will be pin into the hands of an officer for collection. All ac counts due by Ihe couccrn wiii plea?e Im: pre-^nuv for payment <* soon .is [h.m'U. , a* I a << ready at any tune 10 meet the sauie. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would respectfully say i?? all the customers of the late firm, nnd the ptitilie generally, that there will always be kept a stock of Wn *d and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicit* a share of public patronage. Believing it to b - b?t for both buyer and seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short lime u> punctual customers. THOti. OKJiE, Agent, feb 5?lm Auction Pales ?F '? C. HeOUIRB, A?etUB(?r. ?LUZE^5?.?ODD AND p,LVEK watches, ) fine Gold Veat. fob, and Guard Chain* he.?On ONDAY and TUESDAY afternoon, Pe*. *tf? and 27th. at o'clock. at my Auction Rmmv I shall tell a large and chow* collection of superior Gold and Silver Watches of the moat celebrated maker*. AI?o, a Ix-autiful avurtrnmi or fine Gold Chain* of varioua style* and pattern, Term* cash. JAMES C. McGUIRE. feb 24?.It Auctioneer. By iiftKBI ? 8CUTT, A vetl*ne?ra. IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION?ON WEDNESDAY, the 28th instant, we rhail sell, in frcnt ol the premises. at 4 o'clock p. nt, pan L?h No. 3. m Square 450, with the imprm-ements, *hi< li art; a go<?| two story frame House, containing fivt good rooms. The above described properly fronts 13 fi t I 6'^ tneheson the north sid* o( New Yo.k avt iine, be iwf n Sixth ami Seventh streets nest, House No. K03. Also, al 5 o'clock, sainc evening, wc shall ??HI, in Iront of the premises, Lot No. |, in Sqwre 413, at the corner oft; mreei south, and 8th stree; w?si, containing 3,051 fe?t. It i? a desirable confer lot, well set with shrubbery, young fruit tree*, he with the improvements, which are a foot Frame House, containing four rooms. Title indisputable. Terms: One third ca?h; balance in twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day ol the sale. A deed given and a deed rf trust taken. GREEN h. SCOTT, feb 33 Auctioneers. B. t. WRIQKIT, Aactloaur GB0RGB1 OWN Extensive and peremptory sai.e op Groceries, at the store of E- Picken II fc Co., Water street.?The subscribers intending to change their business, will sell, without reserve, at their warehouse, on Water street, on MONDAY nrit, the 26th instant, at 10 o'clock, their entire stock mostly in whole puek.iges, consisting of? Hhds. and bbls. of N O. and P. R. Crushed, Pulver ized and Loaf Sugars Hhd?. and bbls of Molasses Coffees, very fine Teas, Candles, t 'ordage Soap, t<pices. Starch, Pipes, Baskets, brooms Salaratu*, writinc and wrapping Papt rs Brandies, Gin, W hiskey, Winw, he 200,000 Imported Segars, fine Chewing Tobacco Phis, and half hbls. Matkcral, bbls. Herrings Ture fid' r Vinegar. With a large at-sertinenf of goods, too num?r< us to ' particularize in an advertisement. Terms liberal and at sale. E. PICKER ELL & CO. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 21 ? Auctioneer. By J.C.McQl'lRK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE and Lo*..? By virtue of a deed of?ru*t from Wm F. Aus in and wife, beating date on the 6th day of January, 1854, and recorded in Liber J. A. S.,' No. .70, folio* 336, ?17, 338,339, and 340, the nub*cither will ae I, at public sale, on MONDAY , the 5'h day of March. 1855, at 4>$ o'clock, p. m.. on the preml aes, on First street east, between N and O streets south, part of Lot 5, in square a' nth ot tquare 741, fronting 69 feet II tnchea on said Fir.-t atreei, by 75 feet deep, on a 60 feet alley, together with the Iniild ings and improvements, which consist of a well and substantially built two story frame dwelling-house The terms of sale will he: One half cash, and the balance in equal payments at an and twelve months for notes bearing interest from day of aale, centred by deed in trust upon the property. II the terms of sale are not complied wr.h in six days after the sale the property will be resnl *, at the risk and expen e of the purchaser, upon one week ? notice. All conveyancing al expense of purchaser. til AS. S. W ALL ACH, Trustee. JA3. C. McGUIRE, feb 10-fokds Auctioneer. By J. C. StOUlEBi Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S RALE OF HOUSE AND LOT? On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855, at 4 o'clock, on the p einises, by virtue of n deed of trust to the subs- ifber, h-arm? date the 14th May, 1852, and duly lecorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 40, folios 438, 459, and 410, one of the land records for Washington county, I shall sill the north half ol Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 fe~i 4 inches on 12th street west, between north C and D streets, running bark 1P0 feel to a wide alley, with improve ments, consisting of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One third ca?li; the residue in six and twelvemonths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. NICHOLAS C ^LL AN. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, fab 12?eokds Auctioneer. TAKE NOTICE. VISITORS ai d others attending the Metr>toH tan Fair.?I have just brought on from N. York a large assortment of splendid Diamonds, and a great varitly of new st>les of rich Jewelry. Also, some very Miperior Watches, which for true time cannot In: tiirpasfed. I have just finished a magnificent Silver Tea Set, that will compare favorably with anything of the kind at the Fair or in America. It is now ready for inspection, free of charge to all, at my Store, 418 Pa. avenue, between 4^ and 6th streets. feb 17?lw H. O. HOOD. POCKET and Quano Diaries for 1855 for sale by jan 8?tt frIt A NICK TAYLOR. I A NOUYELLE HLLOISE, edition illustree pat j Joliannot, Baron, etc., in pamphlet? price 50 cents. Les C'ulesMOu* dc R'?u*te\u, in pamphlet with many illustrations, 50 cents Physiologic du Gont, par Knllat P.ivann, in pain }<hlct, with many illustration-, price 50 cents. Imported from Pans bv feb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. AMERIt .AN YEAR BOOK OF FAiTSar.d An nual of Scientific Di.-Covetv tor 185.), 1 volume 304 paees.fl 20. FRANCK TAYLOR feb 16 A JONAS CHICKEK1NG SECOND IIAM) P.* a\. ANO FOITE for sale on reasonable terms at the Music Depot of HILBUS h. Hll Z, Star HuiM ing*. feb 17 WASHING TOW & UKOllGBTOWN Directory, compiled and publish d by Capl. Ten E)ck. and lor sale at Sll ILLINGTOVS BOOKSTORE. All the world is reading the Life and Beauties of Fanny Fern. It presents vivid lifelike picture* of itie charming and brilliant author of Ruth Hall, at her own lire*ide, in the street, at church and every where. Godey's Lady's Book for March ; ? ngra\ nig* and fashion plates beautiful. Ladies National Magazine for March Strauger's Guide to the Capitol and the Executive Offices. Congressional Direct.-ry. Everything in the Stationery line All I he new bo iks published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odenn Building, c-trner 4 V at. and Pa. are. feb 22-31 PROTECTION FROM FIRE, AND SA V1HU OF GAS. I) A PER Shades arc used upon Gas h t a short time without being burned, and fires are fre quently occasioned by tnem ; these casualties are etTcctually prevented by a new invention. DYOTT'S PATENT REFLECTING SHADE PROTECTOR. Shades cannot be ^t on fire shal are us~d upon them. They reflect more light donn on the table, with halt the consumption ol ras. For sale at the House Furnishing Store of C. W BoTELER, No. 318 Iron Hall. AJ?o Paper Shades, Gas Fixtures, and Lamps ol every description. (Int) feb 19? ?olw NOT1CK.?Whereas John Korff and Caroline Korff, lu? wife, live apirt, under a deed of eep aratioi, the public are hereby warned not to tr??t the Mid Curoline on account of the subscriber, who is not responsible for any d^bta contracted l>y her and win not ray the same. JOHN KORFF. feb 3-law3w# NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL the accounts of the late firm of of GEO. W. G AR&ETT A CO., and of the firm of THOM AS k DYER, in the lumber businesa in this city, have been placcd in my hands, with instructions to have the same settl d or secured forthwith. All persons in any wist indebted to the trmi above mentioned will please attend at ?nce, and aive expense. WM. H. WARD, Attorney, Office over Todd & Co.'* Hat Store, feb 13 - e?2w . MUTUAL EIRE INSURANCE 00MPARTS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered &y Congtem, OFFERS lo the citizens of the District the safest and cheapest im an* of insurance agamst lo?* by fire on a!l descriptions of propcrtv, as may te seen by an txamination of the charter and by laws. Applications for insurance can be made to the tin dersigned or at the office, Columbia Place, Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, where c^piei of the charter and bv laws may lie pro- urel. IILYSSE-* W VR .Prxdent Afu/Ki?cr? -Th'taa' Rt-el -u IJI -> s Ami. In F. How nl, J C MoKeide , Li u Van Riswtca, P. VV. Browning au?i M.G. Eatery an 31?eolm SILVER PLATED WAKE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castors,Caka and Frtt Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, lies nerl, and Tea Spoon* and Forks, double aod tiip'e (dated on Albuta, tiie best substitute lor stiver, wa< ranted and sobl by II. S?MKEN. No. 330 Pa. aveuuc, between 9th and lOia a* jan 19 TELEGRAPHIC. Eipreolj for ?? tmJiy Imiii Itti af the Wart] Raw York, Fab. 94.?The WaAiagtaa. hence for Seuthaaptoa aad Bwu, aaUad thia morning with M paeeeagera taeladiag the Krr Q?erg* Roland, Father Alaxaadar. u4 Rev. Joeeph Mailer, all af Baltimore bha took out $129 500 la apaeie Tark Stack Mar kit Naw Yonu, Feb It?Stocks are batter aad money ia plentifa'. Eria Railroad 4?|. Clara land 4 Toledo Rallroid 70*; Heeding Rail road 124; Michigta Soethorn tail road 91; Galena A Chicago tfukroad B7, Ohio 6 a of '60, 104, ditto, '70, 106 Baltimore Markets Baltimore Fab 14?Floar baa declined, and the market is dull ?ealea of tOO harrrla Howard street at $S 271 Wheat?ia ua* ohanged, no galea reported Corn? raceipta of 35,000 bushel*; aales of wkita at 8?a%6e ; yellow, 87c. per briiel. New Tark Markets Naw Yoaa, Fab. 24 ?Cottea la aaehaaged with a United busine? Flour ti apwerd aad firm?aalea af 4 500 bbla; good Ohfte at |8 S7| a$9 25; Soatharn ia uncbaaged with a Mod crate demand. Wheel ia apward end Ira; Southern red at $2 14 Cora ia apward, aad pricea here risen a trifle?ealaa of 21 000 baah ? els ef Waatarn mixed at ?5c. Pork ia apward and firm?aalea of old mesa at 13 26 Beef ia unchanged with a moderate demand at pre ?ioaa rates Lard ia downward aad dull. Whiakj?Ohio 31c per gallon. Know lathing Convention Lociivillb, Feb 23 ?A Know Nothing Convention ia again beiog held here, the re ported objeot, the nomination of State ofte Tho Celebration ia Bootoa. Bostob. Feb. 22?The anniveraary of the birth of Washington wei observed to dej bp firing of eannon and ringiag of belle In the evening a levee end ball was bald at Faaeatl Uall, under the easpieea of the American party. Gen Houston, Got. Gardiner, Mayor Smith, and other diatinguiahed 'pereona were present The Hall waa beautifully deeoreted nod a large oompaay participated on the oc casion Ohio Stata Convent! >a Cibcibbati, Feb. 23.?The State Temper snoe Canvention met at Columbaa yesterday, delegate* from all |arta of the State being ta ettendenoe Rfaolutioaa were paaeed approa ing of the State liqaor law aa far aa it goes, but pledging temperance men not to reet satis fied until the legialatare enacts a prohibitory law. Boarding. MISS at. B. BIKCKHEAD lis* wtwiI large and pleasant room* now vacant, which "He ? ?ffer* with lx?rd. Apply at No 4 4X stre t. feb 22 Or BUAtinino.?A la<1v havingtaken the hand kiidc Dwelling. No 3, 1'nton Row, on F street, littwccn ti'li and 7ih, can offer fine larfc r<*>ni? fw families, either liinitrhed or unfurnished Also, has rooms for gen-lemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single p- r?on?. Table hoarder* and permanent or transient per t-ins wiil he accommodated on the n?o?t ree???able t-ruis frl? 21?2w FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. Th?: undesigned ha* a splendid strck of^ all th?- ?tandnrd Fruit Treee, large, vigor oils and thntty, via : Feaeh Tree* of very supeiior quality, all the lead ing kind* Tear*, Apple*, P1um?. Cherries, Apricots, Grape Vintt. kr. i9 000 English Lancashire Gooseberries, the large ahow kind* fine and strong 20.000 Currants, Victoria, R?*d and White Dutch, Red and White Grip*, Black Naples, Ac 10 000 Raspbeme*, Fa?tolff, K?d and While Ant werp, fcc. 1,030 Rhubarb Root*, Prtncc Albert, Victoria Cham paigns, Uc. Shade Trc? a o? beat quality, such, aa Silver and Su gar Mapi*-*, European and American Linden*, European A?h, Mountain A?h. 4c. Evergreen* in great variety a*? rare* kinds via Ar inrariav Arbor Viue, Cedrus rieariaia, C. Lib ni, Funehml Cypress, CryH^tiena Ja pomca. Tit* Roya Pstagonis, Libroc* rue t'Uilcn^i*, Pince* Chu bra, P. eicci-a, T Ger KTi iana, Picea P. pindroo?, p. Pichia Abie* Menci* nu A. Mor.nd*. Iriah and Engli h Yews, witn many other beautiful Ev e itreeu*. all at moderate prteea. JOHN HAI L, Seed .^tore <-orner 7th and II sts., Washington, feb 2i - e?4:? INSTITUTE POLKA. IU8T pub.i<he.l the above Polks, row posed and dedicated to the Officer* and Member* ??f the Metropolitan Mechanics' I? utitute, by Fr'k Kiey ; c.ubelledied with the mom beautiful and correct view of the Sinithnoniai I???titm?- a* yet i?*ued. The tiade furnished at the very lowi?rt north* rn rates. IIILBIT? k HITZ, Music PutJu^toers. Htar Buildina*. Corner Pa. avenue. Eleventh anO i> ne?t*. fsb 17 Gold, silver, si eel a plated spec TACLUS to Mill every age and, e^e. Riding Spec*, R. R. OlauB**, EyCj l*rotectors, F-y Gla??es of all deaenp rkm?, Reading Gla!??e?, G?ffte* ; fcc., I'.iratxila, Penfocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored n'asaes put in frames at the shortest nouc*. rersnns in w ant of gU*se? iu.iy he sure to get those which benefit the eye at H. SF.MKEN'S, No. ISO Pa avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. Jan 20 PREMIUM PIANOS?We have on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanic*' Institute tour laagnifivent Pwno?, made sxpre*ly to oar order for tin* tair. Thes?r Piano* we offer for sale at low rates and upon exceedingly reasonable term*. Also. a?uperb rosewo"d Guitar, Tilton's patent, which we arc < neaged in %? ttmg up a rattle tor. JOIIN F ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenu*, between 9ih and iOtn sts. feb 2i> ' MR. BUSHNELL'S SCHOOL, So. 441 Thirteenth street, between F ami G 1HE next quarter will commence on t?*? 12th in sunt. Circular* may be bad at the principal bookstore^, and at the Scli<?ol ro ini*. feb 10 eoiiw* READY-MADE CLOTHING AT REDUCED PRICES?As Uic season is ad vanced we have deleriuinad to sell off the re maining portion of our winter stock at great!) re duced price*; therefore gentlemen wiahing lo con ?-nit economy in purchasing fine Overcoat*, Talmas Dress, Frock, aud Bu?i tess Coats; Black and Fan cy Cashmere Pants ; Velvet, Silk, Saun and Merino Vert*; Uudcr*lurts aid Drawer*, an'1 all other ready male ganneuu ef fine quality, will find oni prenent variety to be a* well a**orted aa in the be ginning of the aeasou. wi'h the advantage of much lower prices- WALL A STEPHENS, 339 Pa aveiiu**, neit to Iron Uall feb 22 (SentinelfcNewa) IVY WALTZ. /COMPOSED and dedicated to Mis* M. J. Table', Kj by Prof. A. F. Little, Jn*t puNiabed aad tor sale at HILBUS a IIITZ'8 Musk Dvpot. Price ltX cent*. ? ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. IUBT received two o< the abort unequalled in *truments dire?*t from the Manu factory in Drenoen, Germany. Pianos having both, after a lorg sea^^^^^ and land vo>age. arrival in perfect's ? ? V a tune, afford another gairsntee of lliew anpwl?>ntv in keeping in tune. Ibeir beauty an-i power ?U tone elicits tt-e highest enconiums from ail ttos greai musical critic* of riuropc. HILBUS a HITZ. ai,.., ?i ?*. oa.i-4.av P*iar ? ** <*nS-li>? * H. "77" eaLVERWAHiw A VERY .I.rwa n*?rt v^nt ot Jlueer fr.cher*. GoetsUi.Op , Lrram? *n. - of Swons nnd Forks, and i vm.e, citable for pre^m?,^ .SUJVLTwT Ladles, ( rumb flcrspar*. fi'h. I** ?!* Cream md Sugar S|?oon?, et?., is offered at low pit c?, and ?r??l ? SE,KEN, Wo. sts Pa. avtaiae, bet. 90 aad lOUi a.s

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