Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOHDAT AFTERHOOU February 26. Offices For Rent.?A number of ad mirable offices and unfurnished rooms, suitable for gentlemen's lodging rooms, are for rent in the commodious house on the fouthwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street. Possession given immediately. For terms, apply at the office of the Evening Star. Storage.?Storage will be taken in the tine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. THE WEEKLY STAB. We advise all who want a good weekly family and newi journal to take thia paper. It con tain* a weekly history of what is going on In Washington and throughout the world, besidei much interesting miscellaneous matter. It ooats but $1 2b a year. SPIRIT OF THE MORHING PRESS The Intelligencer rejoices over the passage of the Diplomatic and Consular Keform bill and the C< urt of C laims bill, and urges the appro priation for the Washington Waterworks, the Metropolitan Railroad, and the enactment of other bills of great importance to the District of Columbia, as well as the bill for the con struction of the proposed seven new steam sloops of war. The Inton also rejoices over the enactment of Mr. Perkin s Consular and Diplomatic bill, draws a lessen from the debate in the Senate on Friday on slavery, and publishes a letter from Washington to the general committee of the Baptist Church of Virginia, wherein the father of his country eloquently inculcates the equality of the rights of all religious de nominations of citizens of the United States. The Richest Thing Out-James Gordon Ben nett bringing a Suit for Libal. The richest thing we have yet seen is the article in the Herald of yesterday, expressing the determination of James Gordon Dennett to bring suits for libel against Horace Greeley of the Tribune, and the Messrs. Crooks of the Express. Dennett says: In these trials we shall prove a character utterly beyond reproach, beginning in the lo2u. and coming down to the present time?a period of thirty.five years." # * " In it will also be brought up, in order, all the cammnies that onr enemies have been ceating upon us, and it will be proved that our character has been through all this time without th# fclightddt reproach." Is not this rich > The man who has sian dered the dead and maligned the living with fiend-like venom, sparing neither age, sex, nor condition, whose deformed pereon is scarred from head to heel with the stripes in flicted by the lash of the men he has libelled threatens to bring an action against those who have paid him off in his own coin, and showed the creature to the world as he is. It is like the pole-cat bringing suit against the civet, or the incendiary asking for the arrest of the man whose house he has burned. If Bennett, by any accident, should recover damages for libel, or any jory be S3 lost to decency as to him one cent, there may be some chanoe for the "Evil One'' recovering damages from all the preachers in Christendom for the dis. respectful maaner in which they speak of him from their respective pulpits Bennett's an nouncement of Oia determination to bring suits for libel will be reoeived with ahouu of de rision by every man who reads a newspaper. Bennett himself ?vidently does not expeet to reoover a farthing. It is only a ruse to help sell the Herald, which .constantly needs humbugery to keep up its circulation, as the following frwm the Herald will show : "The evidence adduced will comprehend the history of the New York pre?s since eighteen hundred and twenty, with all the ehtnees plots, combinations wid conspiracies which have happened durinjj that eventful period " "uxiwg The Diplomatic ard Consular Bill. The diplomatic and consular bill which hai just passed Congren, proposes to give the fol lowing salaries, with no outfits : J"-0*0** Extraordinary and Ministers! Plenipotentiary: To Great Britain, $17 000* ferin' Austria and i v?,? W ' i5Wllxer,Mxi! Rome Naples I Sardinia, Belgium, Holland, Portugal Den mark, and Sweden, $7,500; Turkey i'J 00ft ? Cb.u, ?15 0<?; Bruit, a?ws" jSra th?' MO; Chili *,,000; K?? F'"'lor v.?U,"'?? j?ul? Md, $7 SCO; H.xivo, ||1, ?o,n*Cr*tV'ef. leS*lion are to be paid as tfS?12 ^rRnLs.TAurtriaUW pE?u Bolivia t^rnllne KePab"?> Granada, ifW Ch? aViT ?t?rp?Ur * thB mittion to to Turkey, $2 500 * dxa?omai1 to the mission Consuls arc to have fixed salari^ anA siajr *ilowed to 9uing9 in ?>???cri2 of ?re to receive com pensation until thev shall have reached their respective poets and entered upon their official "*** SUt" "?D? "> Not So.?It has been asserted that Pat [James) McUuire has been appointed special ?a*1 agent by the Post Office Department we are authorised to atate that there is no iruth in this statement. &~rht legislature of Masswhuwtts has in s true tea of its Committees to -report a bill to prevent Catholics from holding an offioe under the government of the State of Massachusetts " * v B^Cattle are said to be djing 0f station in part, of Ohio, in consequence of the) drought last summer, which cut eff the usual supplies necessary for their sustenance. fan he N Y. Express, heretofore a leading Whig paper, says ?"The Whig party of New York, has broken up?gone to the winds and waves." CyThe Baltimore ana axe Ulking about running a railroad through Baltimore street. It is too narrow, and will never answer suqh a purpose Putnam s Monthly," for March, has been sent us by Frank Taylor It is a capital pomber, and well worth the prioe asked for it! WABHUTOTON HEWS AJID eOSSIF. The Attempt to take Forcible Possession of the Booka, Affair*, Property, &c , of the WuhingtcaMonuaient Aasoeiatioo.?On Fri day last ve announced tho result of the effort to turn cot tho gentlemen who have bo long and faithfully managed the ooncerna of :he W aahington National Monument Asaooia tion. On the next day (Saturday lut) a meet ing of the Board waa called, to convene at halt-paat nine a. in., in their chamber at the J City IIall; and at that hour Col. Peter Force, Walter Lenox, J. Carroll Brent, and othera of the Board went there and found J. M. McCal la, F. S. Evana, and, we believe, one or two others claiming to be mombers of the new management, purporting to have been elected on the preceding Thursday. The Board a clerk, T. W Eckloff. waa alao p^aeat. boon afterwards many other membera of tho Board came in, among them being Col. Soaton, Gen. Walter Jones. Capt. Thomas Carberry, P. It. tend ail, Esq , Gen. Henderson, and J. II. B Smith, Esq.; while others, claiming to have been elected on the preceding Thursday, -&g we have beiore explained, alao came in, a uong them being VeapaaUn Ellia, Esq ; and a crowd of some seventy or eighty persons, with highly excited countenances, assembled around and about the door, who, by their conversation and behavior, gave evidence that tbej had gone there to "back" the so-called ??new board" in whatever thq latter should do. The trouble commenjed when Messrs. Lenox and Fendall demanded the journal of the proceedings of the previous meeting of the Board, to look it over. The olerk. T. JK: Eckloff, who, it will be remembered, was instrument used to publish the illegal call for an election, refused to permit those gentlemen to look at the book, handing them instead a letter from Veepasian Ellis, (who claims to have been elected first vice president,) forbidding him to permit the Board to see or touch their books until after the pretended new Board hai determined at their meeting, which was to have been held to-morrow, whether they would grant to those gentlemen that privilege or not. So, Messrs. Lenox and Fendall quietly took the book, (journal,) and, together with General Walter Jones and other members Of the board, made the examination they proposed to make, under threats of personal violence uttered with great vohemenoe by John M. McCalla, and the earnest appeals of F. S. Evans, that they would quietly resign what they (those gentle men) claimed to be their rights, in order to ward off the scenes of personal violence which he (Mr. Evans) felt certain his friends sur rounding the door would engage in, if those gentlemen should persist in netting at defiance the determination of those persons to take pos session of the association's affiirs At one period during this altercation, Messrs. Jones, Fendall, Force, Saaton, Leuox and their col leagues, were peremptorily crdered out of the room by McCalla, with the threat that if they did not quietly withdraw, violence would be instantly used to eject them; so that the pre tended board might hold a meeting, take for mal possession of tho books, and afterwards lock and bar the board out of the premises ! However, finding that such gentlemen as they were dealing with were not to he intimidated by threats of mob violence, no forcible effort waa made to prevent the examination of the journal,, wherein they discovered an entry which General Jones pronounced a fraud. That is. the clerk had ontered therein, that (at the last previous meeting) the board had been notified of the election for which he ^Ur. Eckloff) then designed illegally issuing a call. No such notification whatever had been given, though the elerk, before the board met, said to one of them something ia a confused manner about aome election or other, however, he aaid nothing cn that tccaaion conveying the idea that he designed usurping authority to issue a eall for a new board of managers and other officers 6i the association, one year before the term prescribed by the constitution Thia entry Mr. Fendall or General Jone? ex pungad. The Board (lid not claim tho right to take poaaession of the books, inasmuch as a conflict of jurisdiction had arisen; but that they should have the right {9 inspect thorn in the presence of their legal custodian, the Board s?lerk, until the Circuit Court should decile the question In issue, while their oppo nents claimed that the election of tho pre ceJiLg Thursday had vested in themselves alone, ail the rights and duties 01 tfce Beard of Managers and otdcers of the Monument As sociation. They eren ignored tho right of the Board to maka a statement of thoir twenty years' stewardship of the Association'* affairs ?to take au inventory of the property they would leave in tLe hands of those claiming to be elected their aucccscora?to require a re ceipt therefor, Ac. That is, they denied the right of those gentlemen to the use of the booka to eaable them so to do. In the coarse of the morning that gentle, man a friends (MoCaiia, Evans, et a/,) sent for Mr. Joseph II. Bradley, their oolleague who, on reaching the chamber, very properly ad vised them that the viewi of Messrs. Lenox, Fendall, and tkar colleagues, as to tho proper disposition of the booka until the Court could deoide, was the legal and correct one. Sa no further oppoaition was made to this disposition of them. When Mr. Vr. Ellis came into the room, he explained that his note to the Clerk, which involved an imputation on the integrity of the Board, to which we have referred above, was not so intended by Lim; and that he had ordered the Clerk not to permit tho Board to examine their books, because there was a rumor out of doors that they intended to carry tuem off, or to forcibly take them from within the reach of those claiming to have been new ly eleciel. e have to say that as lor the existence of such a rumor, except among persons who were oonscious that they themselves were engaged io the perpetration of a fraud requiring in stant and emphatic treatment at the hands of firm and responsible gentlemen to prevent ita saoceae, it ia the aheereat gammon conceivable. The Board were without a reason for desiring surreptitiously to take possession of their archives. Their instant production might be necessary for their own vindioation until after receipts for disbusements and property had been passed They had had possession them for twenty years without removing , t^cm from their place of deposit, and, in all thai4 time, the breath of alander had not dared to blV* on the personal or official integrity and h<gh bearing of any one of those gentle men, ihan whom our oountry really contains no wh#re else, engaged in any other auch public enterprise, an equal number whoae minds, character, and invariable conduct have won for them more respect and oanfidenee from their fellow oitisens, or higher famo in their aevffal walks In life The affair waa settled temporarily by the a(ce^ance4of the claimants, under the advioe I! L ef Mr. J. JU. Bradley, of the original propo sition of the Board, vis . that the clerk (Eck loflf) should hold the custody of the locks until tho Circuit Court may determine the rigbte of the claimants, who, by-the-by, hare already elected Eckloff to be their clerk, in c*se they triumph. We have to say, further, that this affair was arranged out of Washington Indeed, it was schemed at the Knew Nothing National Council held some months ago in Cincinnati, letters from that point, from Carlisle. Pa., and from New Jersey having for some time been in \\ ashington, mentioning the fact that it had been so ordered, then and there. The most important result of this tffort to prosti 'Ul? a great national patriotic chaiity or trib ute, to party politios, is the certain defeat of the bill now before Congress to appropriate $-'00,000 for the continuance of the work on the monument. It was certain to havo been passed by a nanjority of five to one in both Houses. Now, not one in every ten members of either House would vote for it. The pres ent Board aro for the most part theso whe have had the management of the work since its inception, and have labored strictly to carry out the pledge on which thoy have ob tained the money thoy have expended in raising the monument to its present height ol 154 feet?more than half finished. That pledge is stated in the Association's constitution t? be, that it should bo the result of voluntat j contributions from the people of the United States, without distino'ion or discrimination as to their politics, religion, or the country ol their birth. Under this pledge, so sacredlj given, and up to this time so nobly redeemed by the gentlemen who compose the Board, persons of all parties, crecds, and nativities have given an aggregate of hundreds of thou sands of dollars to the enterprise; and an effort by a secret movement to place the work in th? hands of a political party, and to pro. scribe citizens of the I nited States in connec tion with its affairs on account of their reli gion or nativity, is a palpable and ehameful fraud upon those whose mesns have gone to raise it to its present height. Subjoined, we present in parallel columns the names of the present Board, and those of the individuals whom it has pleased the irre sponsible council in Cincinnati to cause to be attempted to be substituted for them. We need draw no comparison between them, in order to enforce upon the minds of our telle w citixens of Washington and its vicinity, the I danger and impropriety of entering into secret ' pledges to give up to an irresponsible, un. known and far distant cabal, their own right to think and to choose for themselves, as be tween men whom they know. The parallel lists in question will speak notes of warning, such as types otherwise arranged cannot en force. To our readers at a distanoe, we have to say?If jou desire to understand to what results the taking of secret oaths to be gov. erned by unknown por^na in all your actions in connection with public affairs?to deprive those who worship God in a manner dinerent fiom yours, of their rights of entire co-equality in all the privileges under the constitution and laws of your country?and Lj seek to deceive those with whom you hold daily intercourse? just ask any intelligent citizen of Washington, who has fairly oamed character by a life of well known probity, to comparo these two lists for you, taking up tho history of those com posing them, s'riafm; and you will then realize what Know Nothingism is likely to effect for the future of society, i; the solor second thought of tho people Coes not shortly come to the rescue. We sincerely believe that a vast majority of those who do far have been caught in the trap, are honest and patriotic victims of tho art? of the spocious and bad men into whose hands they na*e fallfn So believing, we trust ?hat they may soon hate before thom, for their sober rsfiection, more j such examples, as the effort to substitute fer the list ou the right Land, as the managers of tho Washington Monument Society, the per sons who compose the lists of claimants of the sevenl positions of the others. Theie lists aie ie foliows, vis : % I Vespasian Elli?, IV. F. \. ,le, ders.jn, Ut V. I* len. II. Plant 3il V. I*. Thomas f'arbetrv. oil V.J' jClia*. ? . Tuck, r, s.-c'y. j. rarroll Mrent,' H.-cV. John M. M J r< i-. ^ i, 1). II Smith, Trciu'r. M ANAOKRf) . '?tin'I Wmfield Scott, 4 en'l v. Towson, dee'd, l>ettt l William W. Seaton William Hradlej'j l\ illiam \V. <'??rooran, Philip K. Kendall, Mil ha Whittles*}-, John W. Maury, dee'd, 'Jen'i Walli r Jtines, Thomas Mag-Jen, Walter I.cium, M F. Maury, Judge T. II. t 'ravviurd, Itenj. (tgl*i Tavloe. Jte The Condition of the Albany Oil Sailing fiom Boston on her fatal Cruise.?The fol lowing h a oopy of a letter addressed by Commandor Gerry, late commander of the Albany, to Commodore Gregory, commanding the Boston Yard. The Albany was fitted out at Boston when Gerry first took conxnand, and this letter was writton after her arrival from Boston at Pensacola. It will be read with great melancholy interest by thousand* : U. S. Snip Albant, } Pensacola, Dec. 15, 1852. ) Mv Dbar Commodobe : I thought it might be inteiedting to hear a little of the detail of our cruise, afier being put into commiesir.n a&d recoiving on board our cffi:ers and crew at '2 30 p. m. or.o day, and sailing at i 30 p. m. the following day directly for our destina tion without dropping an anchor!?tho first iuetacce of the kind, to my knowlege, in our navy, and a 'bright leather in your cap," most certainly. Llad we been detained twenty minutes longer at the yard, or unattended by a steamer, we should have lost the tide; for as it was she Htirred up the mud and scraped liglrly on the sand just where the pilot ex pected, though without any injury. At six p. in we discharged the pilot and made sail with a strong breexe, and at eight a. in. next morn ing were past Georgo s Bank, 110 miles from Boston Light, sailiLg ten, eloy i, twelve, and, for one hour, thirteen knots, under topgallant sails and foretopmast steering sails, when 1 took in the stoering 'ail and got twelve knots out of her lor some hours, and noon observa tions showed that she had been under-logged and had overrun her reckoning several knots I am perfectly charmed with this ship; the sails very fast, without being too much pressed; rolls as easy as a cradle, though rather deep - works very well, has great stability, and bears her canvas wonderfully well, and in all her in jtion* is as lively and graceful as a young lady. I nder fore and tnnin topgallant over Hlnglo reefed topaails an l courses taught bow line, with considerable sea, I have seen her take eleven knots fair log. and for hours ten and tea and a half! I have a first rate Bet of officers and the very best orew I have ever seen on board ship?not a man, for the whole passage, requiring a harsh word fiom any officer on board. I tried very hard to make the passage in sixteen days, agreeably to your order, but lost two days by calms and light airs ahead. We experienced no northeast trades, but had the wind very far to the southward, which de termined me to run through the Cayccs Pass age for fear of light southerly winds in the Mona Passage, and down tit. Domingo. At y ? NXULRK. Samuel ft. i'rench S. fcvan.', Henry Addition, Charles It. Heir, Joseph i|. bridiey, J. X. Crai*, Thomas It Snndv, Sarnii-J C Huse\j James A- flordou H<?'?er? T. knight, S .inuel E. ! 'seph l.ibby, Sen r, Thomas A. Hrookc. 9 30 a. in we made the Caycos Inlands, and at 9 p ra were through the Parage, sailing the whole day at an average of eleven knot* per hour, one poiat free. so you cao judge if she required canvas to make good the sixteen days' passage. We have found the ship so admirably fitted out that we have had no little difficulty in finding jabs of work for our blue jaokets ; but it afforded me a gocd opportunity of drilling the crcw at quarters when otherwise they mist have Leon employed at the rigging ***** Very truly and respectfully. Jambs T. Gerry. Com Francis Gregory, Comdt. U. S. Naval Station, Boston, Mass J'ecember 18th, 8 a. m ?I was off the Bar and about coming to an anchor on the nightof the J5tb, when it came on to blow a hard gals from the southward and oast ward, and obliged m? to haul off and lay to under a close reeled and maintopsil for thirty six hours, when a northward set in, but by carrying sail we wore off the Bar and t> >k our pilot at 7 3d a m. This ship has proved herself to be a first rale vessel in every respect and lays to beauti fully. The Cyane had sixteen and a half days from New Yoik off the Bar, and is now in liavant. where she has beeu about one month. lu haste, jours very truly and respectfully, (Signed; James T. Gerry. The Crowd in the fcenate ?There was the largest array of beauty, fashion, and distinc tion in and around the Senate to-day, during the ceremonies on the occasion of the delivery of the sword of Jackson to Congress, that has graced the chamber during this session. The remarks of General Cass and the Hon John Boll ware exceedingly eloquent and well timed, and were received with that delight w'jich an intelleotual end refined aadien e should honor such oratorial effcrtF. Steamship Sutqaehanna ?The Navy De partment have advices saying that the Sus quehanna arrived at Valparaiso on January 1st, in nineteen days and four hours from Aca pulco, the shortest passage ever made between the two port?. She left Valparaiso for the United States on January 15th. All well. She is expected to reach the I'nited States in the course of two months. Wh^n They Meet.?The Board of Surgeons for the examination of candidates for admis sion into the Navy as Assistant Surgeons meet at Philadelphia on Monday, March 12th next So, ail interested will please take due notice An Army Officer Dead.?Information has reached the War Department of the recent death of Major Harding, of the Ordnance De partment, U. S. A., at St. Loi*U, Mo. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department ?On Saturday, the 24th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $40,j64 s6 For paying Treasury debts 62,080 12 For the Customs 4,415 90 For the War Department 10,686 99 For repaying in the War Depart- * ment 662 87 For the Interior DeparUc^nt .... 76,674 00 ?0*OKE*?IONAI.. In the Senate, on Saturday, after we went to pree:^, tha civil and diplomatic appropria tion bill of Mr reikis?, of Louisana, was dis oussed by Messrs. Mason, Sew*rd, Brown, Benjamin, Clay and Dodge; and it was then passed. Bids granting additional powers to the Cor poration of Washington, and to authorise the corporate authorities ot Georgetown to impose additional taxes (in aid of the cenatruotioa of the Metropolitan Railroad) were then paeeed A large number of Internal improvement bill:; were next considered and passed, each making an appropriation for a separate work. The District of Columbia judioiary reform bill was then taken up, and the amendments thereto from their Judiciary Committee were discussed by Messrs. Toombs and Pettit against them, and Messrs Butler, Geyer, and Clay ton n their favor, ere the Senate adjourned without bnauy di*posing of the said bill. In the House, the civil and diptomaWo ap propriation bill, with Mr. Letcher's amend ment thereto, was passed; the vote on agree ing to that amendment being?yeas 120, nays 82. Shortly afterwards they went into Committee on the naval appropriation bill, (Mr. Millson in the chair,) whicu was debated on amend ments until the committee rose and the House adjourned. Precfidiuci of To-Day. In the Senate, to day, Mr. Mallory called up the n?./a' reform bill, as amended by the liouta Mr. Pratt proposed to anneal it by adding a clause placing surgeons on a footing in th* bill with The othor oiilcefrj. i'he sard bill was then debated by Messrs Bayard aud Morton against the House amend ments authorizing officers nt^er certain cir cumstances to be stricken from the service rolls, and by Mr. Mallory in its favor?by Mr Pratt, iu favor of his amendment, and then by Mr. Morton against the enaotment of the bill The hour fixed for the presentation of Jack son's sword to Congress arrived, when Mr. Cass, presenting the sword, read an address explaining its history and the eiroumstances under which be was called on to present it to Congress. Mr. Bell then taking the floor, addressed the Senate at Itogth in a eulogy upon the character and public services of Jaokson. In the Honse, the bill granting the rigbt of way through the public lands for the oonstruo t'on of the Wyandotte and Pawnee Railroad, with an amendment granting to all railroads, plankrcads, turnpikes, Ac., the right of way though the public lands Mr. D^ney reported back, from the public lards ooinoiittee, the bill granting two years longer time to those holding lands by entry in the Virginia military district, made prior to January 1, 1862, in whioh to have them pat ented ; passed. Mr. Di?ncy also reported back frein the same committee the bill granting alternate sections of tho public lands in aid of the construction (f the Oakland and Ottowa Railroad, the Grand Rapids and Straits of Mockinaok Rail road. aad for other railroads in Michigan, with , au amendment, excluding all the roads em braced in the bill from the benefits thereof except tha Pontiac and Lake Superior, and theGrard Rapids and Straits of Mackinack Railroads. After soveral members had asked leave to ( moro amendments to this bill, proposing to include appropriations of lands for other rail- < roads Mr. Clingman moved to lay it on thp (able; laid on the table?yeas 98, nays 72. Mr. Disney also reported back from the Pub lic Lands Committee, the bill granting lands { to Florida in aid of the oonstruction of oertain railroads. Mr. Dickinson moved to lay it on the table. PEB80NAL. .... The Demooratie papers of Virginia are not pleased with the cocf? of Hon. Wm. Smith, who, it is said, opp?wthe election of Hon. Henry A. Wise on t$ftAvenue and in the Capitol of this city. It ? boldly asserted by inauy that he is a Know Nothing. The * Richmond Enquirer, in rei'iolithing a letter " recently appearing in the col urnns of the Alex andria Sentinel, say a : j - " At the request of Gov Smith, we annex his exposition of his relations to the Staunton ( Convention. That they are equivooal enough none will deny. His letter may satisfy his partisans, but will satisfy nobody else. His explanation amounts to this, that he would gladly have accepted the nomination of the convention, but was unwilling to pledge him self to acquiesce in a result unfavorable to his personal fortunes. He would hazard no stake himself, but was eager enough to take the ' purse. ThU letter will hardly relieve the Governor from bis unpleasant position before the Democracy of Virginia He may attempt to save himself by nice dibtinetions and tren tal reservation*; but the Demooracy of the Stato understand that he wad an aspirant for the candidacy of the party, and a nominee before th? convention, and they will not ac quit him of his obligitions on this insufficient plea " While the DtmocMtic papers oppose Mr Smith, the Whig press which have denounced him in strong terms, defend him. Mr i?milh is a candidate for re election to Congress It is said that Edgar Snowden will probably be the Whig candidate, if so. the latter gentle man will probably succeed .... In opposition to Isaiah Kynders pub lished card to the contrary, the Richmond Penny Post insists that he s about to canvass Virginia for Wise. .... They are forming k4 Uayner and Stock ton Clubs" for 1856. in Philadelphia. Eleven wards have already formed associations of this kind. .... The Pennsylvanian of b'aturday lart contains a letter from the Hon Simon Came ron to Mr. Kirkpatrick, a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature, in which be ray* he is opposed to the Nebraska bill, would, if elected to the 1'. S. Senate, vote for its repeal, for the repeal of the fu/itive slave law, to legislate slavery out of all new territories, to oppose the extension of sltvery, in favor of the North against the South, for a high pro tective tariff, for the improvement of rivers and harbors, and to extend the term of natu ralization to twenty-one years Thus ac knowledging himself, among other things, to be an Abolitionist of the ultra school. .... The Dubcque Tribune, hoifts the name cf Hon. Wm. II Seward, for the Presidency. ....Hon. Joshua Main, Assomblymaa from Lyme. Jefferson county, N. V , a partisan o* Wm. A Seward, was recently burned in effi/y at Cape Vincent. On Saturday Mr. ManJa* gave notice in the A*semb<y that he shouio shortly introduce a bill declaring effigy burn ing arson, and punishable as suoh. ....Tucker, the Brooklin murderer, hat been pronounced insane, and cent to the New York luna'ic asylum. .... The owner of Anthony liurns?the fugitive slave, who was carried from Boston tn Virginia in a United States vessel, bas agreed to sell him for $1 300, and the money is now being raised in Boston, for bis redemption. fr-^?^METROPOLI TAV MECHANIC:** IN STITUTE.? By order of the Bu:rd ?i .Management, lite net proceeds ot the Fair ?-ri Thursday nrit, M .n il 1st, will bp appiopnated for the benefit of the poor nf the citv. And also that r.o depositor be admitted during t.n day and night, without a pay ticket. Member* and other* entitled t ? free admission, are requested not to use their privilege on that day By order: IV M. PEARSON, Rcc. Sec. ^i^MKT MECH. INSTITUTE EXHIBl DOS^TIOV?\OTlCE TO DEPOSITORS ? All those persons who have goods in ca^s deposit*! for competition or exhibition, will |.lea?? leave th? keys r.l tbey ? ases with Mr. T. J. Magruder, at tin Exhibition (toon., so the judges may be able t? examine their roods. Early attention to this 1* requested, or a may Le their gi>ods will not be examined By order: P. M PEARSON, Rec. Sec feb 26 - 3t (Intel | ,THE FAIR.?NoTH'K TO JUDGES.? A preliminary meeting of tlie Committee of Judge* on <'lass\iis. of the arne|?** deposited to competition at the Metropolitan Mechanic*' Exhibi tion, Will be held at the residence ri ilr. J \V. Si monton,4tt8 Sixth street, next to the Unitarian (Church, on TUESDAY MORNING, the 27th ink I ai J wclock, Ci*?? 'J- embrat es mbmcal. pluloKf.tsli ical and surgical in*truk.>.,ts. Memi^rniil tl-eUow mittee are earnestly ret,ue-tej punctual at the hour stated. . feb2G-lt* fc?^x,THl* AUTOMATON BIRD. ItV Sl'E pv.'yt cml request, having been sent to Philadel phia, <-ti cih'bition tor a few dav, it will not be ot. exhibition at our a;.;il Thursday, tf?e 1st of March. IlfLBuS fc. HIT/, feb 24?fit ^NOTICE.?THERE WILL BE A meet ing of the Standing Committee of the Fianklin Fire Company on )[UK ??A V EVENING, the '26th in-tint. Tf>e ofi.ceis of the engine and hose division are requested to be present. Bv o'der of ROB'T E. DOYLE. Pres. feb 24? SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION LEC TURES. Oijver P. Baldwin, l>q., of Richmond, Va. wil deliver a lecture on M"NI*AY EVENING, the 26tl instant. Georuz Washington Park;: Ci'srts, E.-q.. will leciure on WEDNESDAY EVENING, bef>re the I'll *ed States Agricultural Society. feb24-?t A NE'.V lUILVlNG ASSOCIATION i> _____ now beiiiir t ?rmej, which will be orear ized as soon as 2,000 shares shall Le ?ubscrib<d wue.i due notice will be gi\? n. Pen* ns wi<hine t? avail them-elve* of th*1 opportunity n<?w afforded will find book's of subscription op.'tied at E C. DY ER'S Store, 850 Pa. avenue between 12:h aof* luJi streets, and at T. M. II ANSON'S Office, 518 Seventh at., oppose lnt< lli?> ncer Office, feb 23 ?"k* LOST?On Friday evening, thy lfith ii>tiut, in going to or from the Mechanics' Inst tute (from 7tb, atld "vj; lrtth street Bridges,) a lar?i GOLI ? >1111 a. . >? ? .. ? j w T BREASTPIN, represent!'!;; a grape vine, with ?* Lunch of leaves and grapes. The tinder will be euitauiy regarded .... lerrin; it at J. G. SMITH'S Lumber Yard, Ctb st-e'-t. teb 2G?ot* GEO. F. KID WELL. Lost.-?? ?vextbbntii street, ce tween Perm*, avenue and I stre? t, on Saturda> eveiiing last, a child's black and white spotted lur Vn-toriue. The fir.d-r by the niine at X*. 481# Seventeen h street will receive a liberal re ward. f !i i6-lt* NOTICE.?This is u> certify that John La|uu< was not arrested by ofticer Keest*, and was rot tor insulting ladies in the strvet. He was arrest. d by officer Thomas for tighting. Officers should be careful how they publish lies. NICHOLAS J. PORTER. feb 96?It* Jj? I / V 11EW A UD.?For the apprehension and *u) 1 wconviction of the person cr persoi s w io, on Thursday night, 23d inst nt, cut up a >d desttoyed a cushion and removed the prop and lead b.<n belong ing to our omnibus, at the stable on Capitol H:il, VV.uhington D. C. A fellow (not the prnprieto.) xvas heard tu boast that his omnibus made $1.'0 by it. It is pre^umaldt he knows something about it. feb 26?3t LATHAM it COOK. ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a line Koeewood PARLoK ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the liietrop <litan Meehatii-1,' Fair. They are from !k- sir nutactoiy of IIEN'RY ERBF.N of New York. For terms, &c . apply jo Prof. St. HEEL, ?>n 14th atreet, north of F. HENRY LRU EN. teb - eotf 40,000 WASHINGTON CLUBSE JARS. 1AM happy to inform my numerous etutomets that, on Thursday, March 1st, I shall rereive 40,000 of those very superior Washington dull" SEGARS?Opera*, Tiahucoo, I.ondret, t ilindrr.d< e, and Ir usados Members of Congress and ot!.er uon-residen's who wish to supply themselvi s leavintr V\'ajh ington with ftre Segars ;.t tLir pilees, are requested to call and examiiiK these ^oOi's on und alter that day. i hsve also on hand a choice lot of Liquors, B:an iies. Wines, (?ins, die. EDWARD C. DYER, Pa. avenue, betw. 12Ui and 13th sts. f?b 2G?Ct (Intel) NOTICE. THE undersigned, having associated in business, under the name of JO|INSO\, (iUV fit CO, aill keep constantly on hand, at the old Ktand ot Wood wad 8i Guy, 1'a. avenue, between 10th and I lib streets, a asscrtm nt of HARDWARE. :oti"isting of BL'ILD(N(i MATERIALS. CUT LERY; STOVES, GRATES, Sic.j to whii'h they '?Bpectfully invite the auction ol 1 run r patrons ind the public generally, wuh an 3u*uran<e that ?very exeition ?t!l be maile to please. WM. J. SIBLEY, R. ('. JOHNSON, feb 36?3t ' B. F. GUY. THE MUTUAL FIBE IR8UBA1TCK C )HPA KY OF THE i ISTE1CT OF COLUMBIA, CU1ARTERED by t'engress, offer* to ih pro^ny ; owners oC-the Distiict safer and cheaper means >f insurance than any other Company ULYSSES WARD. Pies:dent. CHAS. WILSON, S?cret*rv. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. maMaokks. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswlek 1'bomaa Biagden P.W.Browning P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKelden. Office, Columbia 11a. e, rorner Louisiana avenue ind 7ib street. Office hours from 3 to 6 oYlock p m. feb 06?eotf Amusements "" NATIONAL 1UKATRE. I lift iLcet'ttc* of the Aa*iiun 1 ra**aia.r , MR 8. MURDOCH. ?MONDAY JbVKXiaO, Fib. 96, Kiiowlu'!) rfltbmlti plsf nt THiC WIPK. Julian St. Pienc Mr. 8. Murdoch. To coiK-lndc with the <ipetalK' Bur'.etta of JtLAKl LIID. Jinny I.inJ (with wMf?) Mr?. John Weaver raicti or spwissiow. Private Boxes jr4; Dress Circle and Parquette 5?J ce ik; Ticket* admitting a lad) ami ?eiiUemau ?i cent.; k ecoud and Third IVr and C lor-d Gallery 2S CtRls. feb2(, QTOLKKVA perfectly black DOC.ol the New 0 Fonndland treed, called "SmcIw.'' wu taken from my house at tb?' junction ol the New t"ut and Ilrov. rV Rest R ad, on or t b<?ut the l<t February. A liberal reaarJ will i? paid to any one who will bring him to Uic MiLacnber oi th< ^p*-pond>nt of the Star in Georgetown. U.xi HODGt."*. leb 21?3t Salt-halt j-?.> ? and ground aium Hal:, in moJ order. I" sfflp and for sale low |>? WILI.Jni M t'RirfS. 61 La. avmiie, betw. Ctn and Tib ?(,, feb ?4-3t 1 A n/Wt JACKS FINK * COARSE ljv i U. UUU EKP<?OI. SALT, filled ten to the ion, in ?tore and t ?r sale at very low price* by FoWl.E fc to, IVb8# ?<11 *' Alexandria. Va. SALT, ftc. 1-200 sacks G. A. Fait 500 sacks J' lFry and Darry do., tine 301 do A*~hton do Co 200 bid* 1, 2, 3 and 4 Marker* I ].r>0 do Herring SO do Shad For -ale by P. II. MOWARD, mnhwwt cor. High and Water St., Ceot'n. feb 23 ?fit BOYS' CLOTHING. IX order t" *ell off o r present strtok of Boy?' anj Youth*' Winter Clothing we have determined to .?nW our larj?e and tun aa*oi talent, consisting ol e\ ? ry desirnrble >t)le and quality o: fsshi"*abje Ready male (JaritKiv. hUittble t>r drer- and s.hool wear, at greatly re.luceu priced. WALL k STEPHEN*. 325 Pa. ave., new to Iron Hall feb 'J I (-t ??|it*r?elJk\eW>) FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST on tlie Steamboat ntwiinr [jetweeu A^uia Creek rn<J Washington City, a Puree, contain ing the following 'fillied drat .-, fcc.: line drat: tcr $I?0ft, |?*vahle to Ru\l k Vanuiem; Ktiox vil.e. Tenn. lij do -.HO, em!or*< d by Horace May nard Do do endowed by C. Wallace and Mcpherson D.i do $500, endorsed bv the same. Ilo do endorsed by Lea l-o do $4?, endor?ed by Rev. G. W. But ler. Any per on f.udmg liie -ante and returning them to I< yl fc Vanuxem. Vo. 'dO North Fourth -treet, Plulad* Ipbia. will reoive the als>ve reward and all expose* paid. The draft* will l?- ?>f no me to the finder, as nay ment ha? l???en stoptieJ. feb W IOST?A L \R?F. VF.VV BRASS KEY. THE j finder will be liberally rewarded by leavine u at thi4 lA(C. feb 23 FRKSCH aillKT bO?ON8.-A larfe and complete av?ori:ueni cf French Shirt Bo? oms tin* day opened a? iiTllVEiiafl !>il?,?rocH.. feb 23^-3t Ifrowns' flot> i. f^(?R THE SPRIm; 'I RAH P., (JF.NT'S Ho ' SIF.RV AXii I XDF.RGARMKX P?.-STE VKXS, III. ww' Hotel, i* now o|>eriing a frekh and large variety ol t.eot'a I'ni^Ti-hnta and l?rawer?. Also, a I tr?ea -ortiiH-nt ol silk and cottoa Half ilo-e, (Jan: and tancy. STEVF.XS'S Sa:#?r?K?m, ft Ii 23 -3t Brow ns1 Hotel. C" owckhtTj?a*7 Two of the above tine In-'ni'iient^ tor sale low at the Mu-ie He pot cf HII.P.CS & IIIT7. feb 23 rnHi1;? Pa. ?veri"? *?rid ll?H ???. IL SEMKKN, JEWELER." Amo. 330 Pa. oienue, te;?rern at/1 and ior.'. tired*-, <?fters for ?ale a Miaqniticent sswortiuent of H1AMONH JEWELBV, Oold Bracelets;, Brea-tpin<, Earrings, S?al Ring* Wedding Rmp*. Fob and \Y-i Cliaia*, Seal*, Lock utf, Pencil*, TliimhW, 'I'rirneis, ctc All article* are warrauteil rept- ,^r.:ed rjid ih?IJ nmwuHlU low*. j?ti i9 ?* r|HJ MEMBERS OP < OXCIRESS Si OTHERS. 1 Sil.VER RPtMJNS, FORKS, br.-M. W. 'SALT it ni!?>. invi e special aucnuun tw Ui. .. -took of puie Silver Table. |>e^*ert, and 'J>:. Spoon* oid Fork.-, Ladle*, Buiter Knive*, and all other ai ticles of pure Silver W'?r?. whieii i< larger and more varied than ever offered to therr m*t<>uier*. M. W. <;.\LT J*. RRO., 3514 Pa. av nue betw. 9th and luih et?. feb -23?ti FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, ^c. HITTCHINSON Si Ml'NRO are wow Mllu.g at then new store, 310 Pa. avenue, between 9.U and lOih t:reet*, next door we*t of .VIesar* Wal ter liarjier it I ??'?, tlie Cnest and '-'te -????.-1 stcefc of eoo?N in the above line ?? er c?T? r^d la Jii. .?it>, and they ci rdially mvite tiio*e aoout pn. c bai* to coll and examine their g<? d* and le^rn their prie?? befiire buyia? elsewhere. Tteir good* are th : t.r-t quuliiy, j.:u! w>-><: b< u^lii lor ra.-h at ","0 j;er cent di c uut and j..u b? j ,.d i.iucli jvw... UL'Tt'rllNSoX 6c 3RMTL, " feb23?6t 3^0 Pa. aveuuv* ALL KTllABkCSb UK visi iug the City Should *(?'? Hunter'- Cat alsj. I'it Inscription ?-t Powell1* treat Picture alo^ue ol Uiy" 9Hfi'JW^?-r of (be Patent cflice. feb 23? 1111* ? UUCLAll AND POWUIlU-PKOOP ^CCKS. A LI. wli? are interested ih secure Lock* are in vited to < x.iniitie the one* exhibited by the subscriber ;;l tlie Hall oi the Sunihsoman Im-titu tio<i (under the management of the Metropolitan Meclnni s' Institute) eint iaeing ?* Jone?' Patent combination Lrek" ai:J "llxll'a Patent Anii-tiun. powder Lock" (tii- key no larger than a tootfc pick.) ? 1 ,000 was placed in ticr.inK's a^ie, ?ec?i,.a with the atwve Lock*, when on exhibition at th? W rld*s Fair. I.en 'on, in I80I. and otiered a* a re ward to any one who could pick the lock* or open the rate with the keys, but no one wa? lound skill ful enough in the art of lock picking to ob ain the money. The jury awarded separate Medal* for Herring's Safe and Hall's Lock; a* also at ibe Woild'* Exhibition in New York, in lho3-4, which can be seen with the Sale* at the al??ve exhibition. SILAS UERRING, Patentee and Manufacturer. New York. FITZIIUGII C0YLE, No. ftIV Seventh elrett, Washington, |l. C , Acent. leb 23?lw* STEWAHX fi DACUEniiEAN BOOMS OVER Ca t's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, i'tc ture* taken in all weathers and at reduced pri ces from 23 cent* upward*. We invite tlie public to call. Satislactn n always given. feb 21 ?lw* Account* with the llouae of BepretenUtivM Clark's (Irncc. February 1C, 16.r>5. PERSONS having bi!lt> or othtr account* agaiust the lii'ine of Represeutativea,>p? rifully requested io presi .it'L'ni prior to the 2(Sth in>iai.t, so as to allow tuite for fiction Jy ?l;e Cuauauiec un Account* before the -djournuier.t. J. W. FORNEY, Clerk House ol Re;w. I'nited States, feb 17 - ?il2f h BAI7ETR0 E0USK 0V PA1B0 ft K0UB8K, Ojjfttiie Ur.itrd SiaUt Treasury. BONDS, Stocks anl otlu^r - ?'curiUes purchased ami -4ild. Interest at the rate of sit per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when (ft for 30 Jay* or longer, jau 24?b?o FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. STIie undersigned has a s,?lendid*U;ck ofM* all the standard Fruit Trees, large, vi^or 2C on* and tlirifty, via : Feach Trees of very superior quality, all the lead inc kind* Pears. Apples, Pluui*, Cherries, Apricots, Crape Vine*, #tr. SO 000 Lanca^hiic Gooseberries tlie large show kind- fine and ?UOrg 20,000Cnirants, Victoria, Red and'White Dutch, Red and White Cra|e?, Black Naples, tic 10,000 Ras|.b ?rrie<, FastoStf, Red and White Ant werp. he. 10 o Rhubarb Ro<it-, Prince Albert, Victoria < tiam. |..utne, kc. Shade Trees or be?t quality, such, as Silver and Su gar Maples, Euroo*'an and American Lindens, t.umpeaii Ash, Mountain Asli, k.c. Evergreens in great variety an4 rare^ kinds vis A r IRf A?l. v- k?:? j mrntwm lAIfK Iklll Ar.inearias, Arbor Vitie, Cedius ?les da-a, C. Lib;'ni, Futitbral Cypress, Crypt- nuria Ja potuca, '1 m Roya Patagonia, Libroc-edius Chilensis, Pinces Clunbra, P. excelsa, P. tier aruiana, Picca V\\bUanm, P. pmdrous, P. Puhia Metirienii A. Mor.nda, Irish and Engli It Yews, wkti many other beautiful Ev e'grectis, all at uioderatv prices. JOHN SAUL, Se^d Store cornet Tth and II st?. Washington, feb 23 eot;? frHF. NEW CITY DIRECTORY.?Waahlnfion JL and lie.<rgetown Directory just published, con taining the Congressional Directory lor the Second Session of the Tinny thud Crnfress. TAYLOR k MAURY'S feb'^d Bookstore, near 0th st.

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