Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1855 Page 3
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|K \ -. N I N i * ^ 1 A K. l<X.4L 1X2 ELL1GENCE Chcbch Dedication ?The Sixth Presby lerian Church was dedicated yesterday morn ing. Kev Mason Nubia, the pastor. cfficiatiog. ?'?i?ted by Kev Mr. HascaH end Kev Mr. MeLain. After the invocation, the choir sang the tyiDL? '' Urrit King of Glory, come And with ibv favor crown Thi* temple as thy deme, Tbw pie as thine own; l!vn?ath tbu n<of?oh! deign to >|iow How God can dwell with men below." Kev. Mr. liaseail then real a portion of scripture, endtff?red up a fervent and appro priate prayer, after which the choir sang an anthem?" Rejoice in the Lord " Kev Mason Noble then announced the text ?Hebrews X 25?'-Not forsaking 4he assem bling of otirseives together as the manner of some is," which he expounded in an able mm Imf, the effort being a fine display of pulpit j eloquence 1 he following synopsis we give our readers, which, though brief, will convey a sufficient idea of his leading remarks : _ In one of those cities on which Jerusalem ^*?*s built stood tho temple of Solomon Its roof shining like molton silver; its walls of alternate rows of fine cedars and polished marble ; its msgnificent portals with loft} pil 'larson either side; its whole interior? floor, yl's. and roof?OTerlaid with pure gold, and l^fCterspersed with carved figures of cherubim B^and palm trees There it stood in all its f glory, constituting an objeet not mo. e illut trious for its architectural beauty, than it was symbolic of the perfection of Jehovah. The Kev speaker, after describing the msg niticent ceremonies of the Jewish worship, ? tbea proceeded, at considerable length, to' ? answer the question. " What is true worship? ' When the Messiah cam*, this material splen er? the visible glory, the outward pomp aod circumstance of religious wonhip?were des tined to pass away, and give place to the spiritual realities of the new dispensation. There never has been an autbotised tomple. f_ or altar, cr sacrifice, or priesthood since No J worship c?n be acceptable but tho wo.dhip of I (iod in spirit and in truth. Public wnrihip m consist. 1st. in a public declaration of faith f in Christ, 2d, inci ing other Christiana to love ? acd good works; anl 3d, the worship of God | in connection with Christ s disciple? The-* I p )ints wera elaborated and discussed in their A their practical bearings upon the subject L The importance and duty of public worship I? Were then dwelt upon. Alter the resurrection 1 and ascension of Christ, the disciples absent J bled regularly cn the first day of the week, to /I celebrcte the giories of Christ in prayers, ex. % hortatiocs. and in hymns of j y. Ihe ?pi?tle from which the text is taken shows that the Hebrews were in danger of apostacy from Chrijt from their beginning to neglect these public assemblies Hence the it junction of the apostle to them. While all men are marked by strorg indi viduality. yet they are eminently social being*. i~ How stupid would be the play, how dull the | concert, and bow vapid the debate or harangue were but one man the solitary audi*or. A r^^iord of exquisite sensibility extcrds froc I ^^.n to mas, and reaches to innumerable mul ls .itudw. lienjs, lot any c^u_mun;ty be brought ^.;nte an intelligent and true subjection to the ^ Divine law. and thev present a ?pevt*?le of ? order, good -"eighboruooti, of intelngenoe and *' Christian virtue, most beautiful to look upon. 1 Here, heart heats responsive t<* heart, a&d tho 'jk social principle liods fullest play and the t uio?t perfect development; while this bap'iy | direction was given to it iy the instructions, . the prayers, and s.nijs of thanksgiving in the public service The history of the past is one continued illcatratiu? ot the power of living teaching trotu l.riug b.u. It u Uio uecrej of God." I ahe religieos idea, and character of every age have been lormed in the great "segregation. It is so every ?here, and most i ustrlously so i In ottr native land. Thesantime * p.oclaiu.ed ? from the pu'pit form the prev;t.' ^fsaUments ? of the people wherever they % together, at tne conclusion oi tue fvrmon tho aedicaiioa was pronounced, letting apart the building for the worship of God, when tne Kev. Mr Mo Lain uade the concluding jrayef. The psitor tuea cUitsd that tha I f fb'.ipient steps ?a the wrmatioo ox the froagregatiou h*d beec taken about two ye?rs l^tiLoe, the* founders meeting in the base t # ment of Island Hall. Tho comer stone was . l;.d on the 10th of Angus:, lti63, and the l^lectvre room completed on the 2?'th January [ of last year. 1 he total cost of the building is 1,910 5o0. and ii.odO have be<?n subscribed lie himself is personally responsible for $l,COJ, 1 -which he called upon the oongregation todis I charge as ?000 as poeaible, being himself des I t't??t?! of the rr.eani for its liquidation. The ' a~j*uDi. wUe.tad anu s-baoiibed reached ^26 15. .?*???? - '? The church was built by Mr Win. Thcmp fop Tha interior is very plain, and scrypu 1 ju? 1 ^ neat. 4n air n seeu.4 lo pe; Vde the pUce. more esaeotial by fa? than ^^Dor^ceu? aecorations aad elab ^raiefy furnished ^Fpows The erection of this beautiful bnildicg. < and the interest manifested by the congrega tion, affords substantial evidence of the tn ??????? MMMnrilV r?f ikiat mrtinn (if M Q I ? A -- - ?? *? V * A??aorR'aT:o!is kc. tv% District?Tuc feceral appropriation bilt which patted the louse of Representatives on Saturday last contains the following items, which possess a special interest for the people of tbij city, and amount in the aggregate to $1 4^7.950: (To enable the treasury Department to pro tide a suitable protection from the weather J f jt fuel consumed in taid building, and to v ?aie?Bse, repair, and loraiah iwecty sia rooms r ii the third sUry, when they shall be vacated ^Jby the General Lund Office. $7,000. For repairs and improvements of the build P fBi ecrmer of ]? and Seventeenth street?, ? $10,263 40. For repairs of the Gene:al Post Office build for ctiije fvsiisrs, painting, whitewashing, Ac, j>4 000. For the support, clothing, and medical treat ment of the tasane of the District of Columbia aad of the army ?n<i navy at the Asylum in 1 said District, %*e ;J0u. Fof the support, care, and medical treat 1 ment of eigh ecn trausient p.upvrs ucdioal ^ and surreal patients in Washington Infir mary, $3 000. For purchase of trees and tree boxes, to re placa where necessary such as have beeu planted by the Unitel States, and repair of .pavement* in front of the public grounds, [$5,000 For annual repairs of the Capitol and i*i rounds. iS.O'r _ for annual repair ci the President's house ^nd improvement of i's grounds. A? . $?> 000. For public reservation number two and ih^Lafaystte square $'5,000 ^^W|or enclo-ir g the oircle at tl.e intersection . ? -/rsunsylvani* avenue with Mew ILmpahire \avenue and K. and Twcn'y.tuird streets, and {iimprovieg the space Within said circle, $3,000. For enclosing the liiicgulir space upon 1 Vvh'sh the lectern marLat house recvntly stood, gj with an iron fence, and improving the same, ? $0,000. For repairs of Pennsylvania avc?u<, $1, ?J>000 ^ For taking eare of the grounds s >oth of the r President s House, and continuing the improv L laents Of the same, $2 000 f For the completion of ths east wing of tho Patent Offl:e building, and the improvements connected therewith, *10,7u0. To eoiup'^ta tne furnishing of the room* of ^tha new wing of the Pa' Oth:e building, w<with furniture, and providlrg the saloon ther. [ ia with ca^ee for models, $!i 00o. For lighting and ventil. tiog the upper sto ry of the Treesury buildieg. and far giving additional security to treasary vault, $24,640. Toward the completion end furnishing of the asylum for the insane of the army, navy, and District of Columbia aad the improvements '? of the grounds, $>*54,532. '? For removing fences and grading streets pre ft wfeatory to extaadiag the Capital Square, $16 I For removing thft itona wall which forms V the somthern boundary ofthe park attached to President's Hom?e, $15,000 and for remo F vine the old engine house of th 5 IwiHw Fire I CMBPMj, tor enoloeing the on which it I ^Mds with an iron fe^ce an J f-r improving ? same, 30 000 For removing the present dome over tna - * r% : . -1 J For rwvnn| r central portion of tho Capitol abd for eon one of onst iron, 00 the plan devised by Thomas U. Walter, the architect of the Cap ital extension, $100,000 For completing and revising the grades of the city of Washington, and for determining the plan for drainage and sewerage thereof, per act of August 21, 1862, $6,000. Toward (he enlargement of the Poet Office Department build ng, $600,000; aad A similar sum toward the oontlnnation ol the Treasury building in order to afford ac comodations for the State Department. Tsi Proms Mission Suidat School.?At the invitation of the Washington City Young Men's Christian Association, we visited this sehool yesterday It is held in a private honse, (which they are allowed to use rent free by i;s owner, Mrs Evans.) on O street, between Fifth and Sixth, lhe hause is a small wooden tenement of two stories, the lower part being divided into two rooms by folding doors, and the second story contain ngseveral bed room*, Ac. Ia this building. the association have a school numbering one hundred and fifty schol are. and about twenty teachers. It is the only one in the neighborhood, and the ohildren so much prefer this to going down into tho city that they crowd the school, and require no seeking after. Yesterday, we found the school in full operation?one hundred and ten scholars were present, crowded in the lpwer rooms, and in the largest rooms op-stairs, and a full corps of teachers present. The rooms were furnish ed with rude benches, stools and chairs plaoed wherever a place could be found for them, leaving no room for aisles. After the time for teaching had expired, the school was collected in the lower part of the house ; to seat them the visitors and teachers gave up their seats After calling of the roll, they sang several pieces with an accuracy that would shatce some rebools. Then followed a prayer to whioh the children gave duo atten tion, all reverently kneeling, after which they retired in good order. Tho Rev. Mr. Winnans, the Indian preacher, addressed the parents of the scholars at 4 o'clock We understand that they have preaching there eve y afternoon. This school is strictly an union, and is con ducted under the auspices of the association. In order that this may be seen, we appeud a list of the officers and teachers : W. C. Larg don. Superintendent, Trinity, Episcopal; W. J libers. Librarian, 1st Baptist; A. J. Stars bury. Lutheran; T. L Mo-iro, 1st Pre'byte rian; Sain. 11. Young, Foundry, Metbodist; J. Johnson, Methodist Protestant; Henr> Beard, S street Baptist; J. H iJadley. Trini ty. and nice ladies Irotn different churches. Tor Ki< hmond Light Blues ?This fine corps, numbering upwaras of fifty-three men. accompanied by a splendid band, arrived in this city, on their way home, on Saturday eveniog last. They were received at the depot by the Washington Light Infantry, Lieutenant J. F. Tucker, and tho Mr.atgomery Guards, Captain P. Barton Key, Col. W. W. Seaton welcoming them in a neat speech They were escorted to the armory of tne Light Infantry, where they deposited their arm*, and from thence they marohed to the Fair at the Smithsonian After passing through tb? building they again formed in line auu marched to the Empire House, where a supper had boea provided for them. The Land accompanying the Blues per formed some fine musio while in the city, among which was a medley qoickstep whioh has set all the boys to whistling and singing since their departure. Tha iiluca were so oompauied to tnis city by a number of Balti more military effioers. some of whom are still in the city. We learn that the Blues left for borne, in the mail boat, yesterday morning. S t lamasper Safes ?This is verily a mosi appropriate name to be given to McFarland's fire and burglar proof safes. ai they have fre quently been subjected to fires of intense hea , and invariably have stood the tect. and their contcvts *cuna t-ninjurea. Mr McF. has tbr'ae i now on exhibition at our Fair. One is a jew eller's safe, another a bank vault, and the ' last a counting room safe They are splendid specimens of the skill of American art, and have been admired by many. One peculiar advantage theso safes pofsess?thoj arg fre? I from all d'Kpnets. Ai en bvidenre of the ctimutioa in which they are held. Mr. McF. obtained the premium for tbem at ths last Fair of the Maryland Institqte. i|is ;nanut*ctory is in Baltimore. Intolerance.?We have heard of a cise of iatv!crance, which, for the creditof our specie?, we trust is not true A lady called at ou? office on Saturday morning, and infor^od us that on Friday ni^nt sneoahedon a physician, who lives on the island not one hundred yards from her door, to attend a sick child, when he refused to do so, bocau3e she did not belong to the same church he was attached to, and wa< not a countrywoman of his ' Ther. must b* some ursta^e ?bout thu statement, rcr no man having mind onough to secure a large practice as a physician could be guilty of such unnatural, bigoted f I'.y. X.?e Nat,o*<-L InEAxRi ?We learn that Messrs Madigan & Barton of the American Equestrian Company, are endeavoring to se cure the National Theatre for eqcedrian and show performances We tru=a tney may suc ceed, it U cur citizens may have the privilege of witnessing the performances of one of tho Dest compamcEof the kind that ever appeared before an American audience. urgans por Sale ?The magnificent parlor organ, of most exquisite tone, and the oase o. jigbly polished rosewood, together with the <*hapel crgnn, both deposited by Mr. Henry Erben of New York, and now on exhibition | at the Fair, are offered Jot sale They are very superior instruments, and Proi iicbeol will be in attendance at the Fair in the after noon and evening, for the purpose of testing the different stops for those who may wish to examine them. '? ? Icish KiXKiCESo*.?Dr. Heather, a cele brated Irish orator, will give a free lecture this evening in the F street Presbyterian Church. It is said that Dr Heather is one of the most eloquent men of the day. We prom ise those whe go to hear the Doctor an intel lectual treat. ?? FitiHTisa.?Yesterdayj a little battle*teok place in the Fifth Ward, in which no one was severely hurt, though some were knocked about considerable, liard words, hard blows and hard boys, ware ail engaged; but no offi cers were in the neighboihood at the time. Fisbermes.?We notice that a large num* be: of able bodied men have arrived in this city, looking for employment on the shores. We think that none of the proprietors ot the landings will be short of hands during the coming season. ? Pcehentition.?The Washington Highland ers, Captain Reese, aro getting up a subscrip tion to purchase a bass tubar to pre?eut to James F Tucker, the efficient attent, and cna of the members of the National Braes Band. Watch Ueturns ?The only case for trial in the guard house this morning, was John Clark, who was found drunk in the street, and carried to prison in a wheelbarrow. Clark appeared te take his case very coolly; argued that it was his fate to get drunk, and if he went to the workhouse he would abide his fate. He was ui>miaaed with the assurance that if brought back he would be sent down. Articles at the Metropolitan ICeehanies' Institute. It isocr intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition Throughout the Fair this inventive genius of Amer'.oan art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail to interest the reader. i'ire-Prunf have a Urge va riety of these important artieles, from the moat celebrated makers in the Union, exhibit ed in the Fair. Amongst them we nodce two from the well known bouse of Silas C Herring Water street, New York. It is hardly neees aary to say anything in favor of the reputation of these safes, they having been awarded the prise medals at the World's Fair In London, i lSil. and New York, lt?53 They are alsc Impenetrable to burglars, having attaohed tc ; them Hall's patent powder proof look, under which, at the World's Fair in London, the i proprietor plaoed $1,000 in gold, and invited all the piek looks in the world to opea ths safe, with or without the keys, aad take tha moo ay a* a reward for Uiair ingenuity Al though operate! upon bj many skilled in the ?rt. not one could pick the look or open the I cafe Planing Macain* ?In our notice ol thii uwful article, we emitted to state that they ware manufactured la South Boetoa. Mia, by Ur&yitnd Woods. ir.OZtTTOWTi CORBE8TOXDKS CI. City CouneUt?Election, fyc. Gaomarrow*. Feb. 26.1855. At the called meeting of our City Couneila, on Saturday night, an act authorizing the altering of the grade of Water and Green ftreeti to correrpjad with the elevation of the K street bridge, provided said alterations were made at the expense of the Corporation of Washington, and that said Corporation hold thenuelves responsible for any damage whioh might ba done to property caused by the al teration of the grade of the above named streets, was passed. The Board of Aldermen reconsidered their vote, on the night before, upon the bill in fa vor cf John Agnew, of Philadelphia, and passed the same, with an amendment providing that no such tax shall hereafter be imposed upon the Corporation. They al?o pas ed a bill providing that all votes whioh may be rejected by the Judges of Uleotions to-day, shall be reserved, and the reasons for suoh rejections carefully noted. A fire oocurred last night in the basement of a house at the eastern toiminus of West street, ocoupied by a butcher, named Kesler. It was fortunately extinguished, however, by the inmates and neighbors, before any great damage was done. It is insured in the Poto mao Company, to whioh the loss will be very trifling. Up to tho time of closing this letter, our election is moving on very quietly. Agreea bly to our surmises a few days since neitner of the regular tickets for Council made their ?p pearanoe until this morning. Each of them is oomposed chiefly ?f persevering business men, and the affairs of the corporation, in the hands of either, will doubtless bo well attended to. l'ke following are the two tickets : For Mayor?II. Addison. For Con:mtiu Council?Wm. II. Edes, John Dittin^er, John A. Grimes, John T Bangs, A. H Pickrejl, 1>. MoCann, J L Semmes, W. Wm Osborn, Chas Aljers, John Cameron, and C D Welch. For Mayor?K. P. Dodge. For Common Council?David English, Wm. King. J. Orme, D. W. Oyster, Wm M Osborn, T. A Newman, Petor Berry, W. F. Seymour, A. 11. Piokrell, H. M. Sweny, and Richard Jones. From a notice under the head of obituaries, it will be seen that Mr. Walter Smoot, long, and well known in this District aud elsewhere, as having besn at one time one of our on batn^-y Bight No change in the Sour or grain market since our report of Saturday. Spkctator Baltimore As?ual Coioterkxcr ? This re ligious body, composed of more than three hundred preachers cf the Methodist Churoh, will meet in Baltimore on Wednesday. March 7th. This body represents nearly all the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and portions of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Bish op Wangh, assisted by other Bishops, will preside. By the late foro??u uews we leart tLai a ut* navin^ boon enacted in Sar dinia for thd sale of the estates of Convent* and churches, it being arranged that the lat ter shall be supported by tho State, the Pope haj published an allocation, delivered before the Cardinals against ti.e mea^ura He de nounces the .Sardinian Government, and de clares the enaatment to be of no eflact. Piums roMixo The expectation of largy arrivals from the West next week, has already brought pown the prices of some ar ticloi, which had reached the "famine point " and we are told that fl >ur has dcuiineu with in a day or two, to %3 a barrel.?iY. O i.-reieent, W/t. (V-^PAIKTS and oils. * tons White I^-ad 1W0 gallon* Llua<-ed oil N 1#0 do Varnlali, coach, furnlttr* -t..i 2uOO pot?od4 Putty, li- bl^.,. rs aui bulk 2uo? pound-: I.l.l.ern* en i Be! Lav! ponnd^ Orui.D.I Cclurt *ft box.-* Wiud..w Ulas*, ail color* i barrel* Olu* All orw Uir|, w ill be g.u v,.r? low for ca*h Ly febje-it ? u OILMAN. THE f-OKVKY GP PHY8IC.?AYKH'S riLI.*, (lid* sugar shod, over the palate, tut their energy, altbouch wrapp^l >?p, Ik there, and tell* with giant force cu the very fonii UtloUN of<tU?a*e. There are thonaands of sufferers, ? ha Wf-ul.l not wear the'r dlstnoaper* if tbey knew they ct.uld b? cured f r as rent*. Try Ayers 1*111* and you will ktow It. Purify the blood and disease will be stirved out. Clrwiae the ey^tem from iruptruleti and yon are curel al ready. Take this b?-tt of all Purgative*. and Scrofula, Indication, weaknee*. Head v lie, Backa< he, 8id<? Ua-u?.ite ttben matl-m, of tie Li - i, l>ldue>s, and B..w?l*, til -'.erRu; ji; < nts ar, i all uleeaa.'B wt.lch a purgative remedy reach, lly I efore then, like ?. I r kJiL-'j before the Kuu, He?d*r, if >Ou ar? *ulTeriri{ front any of the numerous complaints they cure?suITer uy more?the rt*nie4y ha* been prowled for yoi;, and It U criminal to neglect !t. Aifr - D'^i ry Pectoral la tlie b^?t nj??<tlclne for a Cough, i? known to thu whole world, aud that Ayer'i Fill* uie tha U l of kII Filla, U knowu lo thuae whe bare uaed Uiem. Prepared liy DR. J. C. AYEE, Lowell, Maae.. ? f^Z ?old Z. D. OILMA v, O. U. UN1IIRTM, Omrt-etowi'. JAM. CO<Ji A CO., KredencaatMirif, and by all Drn.4;iitU every wben. Ub 17?eu2ta rry PBIiMIl'MS at Tllfc k'AiikS.?WHiTKHl'UsrH *uu ??> Hie asctndauce.?T!"? iflriea of eacb o( the lata fairs at Balllibore, Elcl^moad, aud Xew York awarded tholr l.igheat premiums to J. M. W for their eEpejU.rHy of Pho tog raphe, Stereos- ones and Uaj;uei r<otyj*e .xl.lblted. Mi . W. alao ra. eiVwl two Uadala at the World's Pair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal PaLacw, New York. Alto, tbe List awards of the Marylaul Institute for tlirwa years pant. Whltehnrst's OaMery In tlil* city la on Pa. avenue, l>etw. * aud ttli street*. j-i, tT 'r r~ WATCHK?.?M*?t.era of Congreaa aud other* In "* want of a tirat rate trtaskeoper would do well to make a selection at oarc that thair qaality u.ay be tb?rou<bly MCt id Mfore leaving the rlty. M. W. Qil/f A BHO'S Maori lneut waa neve." a ? cotuplete as at pr?M^nt, taibraclu^ every desenpiion, all warfaaWd, an t at prices cortalnly as low aa similar ar.tUea can be purclia't'l fof li. any city lu tills roantry. M. W. UALT A UBO., jnu SO?du Pa. avenue between 9th and loth eta fry KEADY MADE CLOTUINU ?UB UEV1LXVEN AND ' Youths' wear manufactured with taeteaiid tlegauce by NOAH W A I.KKK A CO., uuder Browns' Hotel. Tl;s,; a,uek embrace the Palitot or bu.-tout Overcoat, U. ersacks, shaped and ne?l?<fe*. Tolmas, o.ack aud blue Olotk Drees Coats, Frock Cuats of all faal'iona^la coicrj, Caaslmifr, bualu^sa Suites, tjch Velvet Veets, Silks, Ac., black doajaklu Casallter, floured Cassltner, aud plaiu Caairimer Pautaloon*. Pur the youth?Jacket#, Pants, Vesta, O vet coats, Ac. Ait Ibay ar* their own luaiiitfai lu.-er* they are enebled and will aell at the very lowest price* S'ult ts of superUr Ot, Collar*, Olove*, Ties, Ac., of late *:> les always on baud. dec SO? [V-T?POR BBONCH1T1S, Throat Diseases, Hacking Couth, and tbe eUecta of loiprad*nt use or Mercury, no med loiue ba* ever been discovered which baa effected such core* aa Carter's ttpauleb Mlttare. Thrott dI..ease* produced by ^ailvatios, Hacking Cough, Bronchial iffastious, llvw Disease. Neuralgia, and Ulieu- j matlim, have all been relieved rrnt rnred in a wonderfal manner, by tbe great purifier olUie blood, Carter'* ^paulsb Mister*. Tha case ef Mr. X. U. k?m;vy ^lub* .ao-id aaUsfy any who ljubt. Cifll ou In* Agent and procure a pamphlet, containing caret, which will astouad you. ? .?See advertisement. STJ*i SaiuuawTO* receive* ;ll li,, >.??? Ao^ka *64 Wawt Era aa feat aa pi^UnLvH- is* U ageat for Harper's and ail iUlC'~ Majfaainea, and our readeis will alway* flud a ' l aa 1 gxj 1 a*aorUnaut of Blank Book* and Stationery at I bis Bookstore, Odeoa Balldlug, cor Pa. avenue and ? n at JIABRIAGfl. Oft the WUth instant, bv the Hev. Mr. i(**nry, Mr. kOBEET F. LATHAM and Mim 8t'JAN S. DE NEIL. OEATHN. <?n iI??"2ijJi instant, ol cuii*anipuun, JOANNA M< 'RARITY, in the 3UJ year other age. {? Hev friends are retpectl'uliy invited 10 attend thetuneral thit (M imlay) n tt-rnoon, at 3 o'clock, from the rexidence of'.. K cliard^on, No. 4^ M ?t, I between 13th and I.MU atree;?. * Onthe^il inxiAiit ni ottronic croup, NINIAN lit!ALL, ?on uf Ueo. W. and Eliza J ffopkin.*, aged 5 year* an.I 1 uiontb. In Georgetown, on the 9!th instant, after a se ver* illneaf, in the GOth year of His age, Mr. WAL TER 8 MQu'f. The friends of the family are invited to at-1 tend bin funeral Irout Otirist Church, thi* (Monday) afternoon at 4 o'clock. On the 34.h uuuni, after a lingering illness, which she bore with christian fortitude, Mra. 8A? RAH SlKOIf, relict of the laje Thoa. Sinon, aged 58 tears. Her fiiend* aud acquaintances ait regpectfu'ly in vited to attend her funeral, fr? m Uie residence of b(f w?ter, Mr*. Hughes, corner dd and Q streets, this (Monday) evening, at4o'clock. '? At Alexandria, Va., on the mstauit, Mrs JU LIA ACKEN, iu Ihe 65th year of her age, wife of Wiq D Acken, o( this city. Wants. "1TJTAN TED?A COOD COOK, WASHER AND Tf ironer. Apply immediately At 516 *1 itrael between 9ih and 10th. feb 86?3t* WANTED -TO HIRE A SLAVE, WHO 18 A fonrf rook, w*?her and Ironer. Address Box 174 Washington City Post Office. feb 86?Ct? WANTED?TO HIRE A SERVANT, TO DO the eeneral housework of a *nnll family, about IV* mile* from the city?a slave preferred. Address "F II," WuMagtoa Post Office, feb S3?3t* For Bale and Rent. Furnished house for rent?That;com modioli* Hou#e, No. 450 II street; containing eleven rooms, with bath room, (fas fixtures, kc., completely furnished in every particular, is for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th street. feb 23?tf Furnished house for rent.-The rub scriber will rent hi* bouse with the Fur..iture, and thes'ahle, to'a cnreful and punctual tenant No. 409 Thirteenth Ftreet, letween (J and H. It may be examiaed and the terms ascertained at ihc house. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. feb 22?tf CHAS. DUMMER. A DRUG STORE FOR dALE IN ONE OF THE most desirable positions in Washington, dome a fin*? business. With it there is a hum excellent and valuable SiKla Wafer Apparatus. The soda w?. ter business is one of the 'jest in Washington. Ad dress "X W," Washington. feb 13?2w OR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE] TERMS? A two sto.y frame House, with back building, containing six room?, on 13?^ street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTV, next door. A thrce-etory Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th wid 5'h sts. west. A thrce-ttory Frauie. with back building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th st-;. west. Apply for the two la*t mentioned to JAMES W BARKER, on II street north, between 12th and 13th sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with bark building, on Montgomery street, G.'orsetown. DICKSON &. KING, feb 7?coif George.own. COMMODIOUS DUELLING FOR RENT.? The lar^e and commodious dwelling at the comer of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a line kitchen in the bssement, having a Hue cellar and back yard, the whole being in fine repair, is now lor reut. Its excellent lora turn ami fine accommodations make it one of the most desirable places for a large beauling house or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb 8 - tf LAND FOR SALE ?I will sell at public sale, at Mr. Thomas Grime*7 Store, in Spalding's dis trict, on the 10th Jay of Maecli next ensuing, one hundred acros of land, more or lew, CO acres cleared and a portion in grain, the balauee well timbered. This lot ail joins the lands ol Thoma i Crimes, Dr. I\ II. Heiskell, an>l Dr. Gunton, highly estimable neigh bora. There is a portion of meadow land very desi- ( rable, finely wntered?the distance froin Ale*".bdria is about three mile-*, and from W--.;,ingtnn ?i* seven. There are gogtfsi'tkatioiu fo. ~rf.(ln;ri,*" "r 1 Tiie sal- - co.nmrtnee ? Vclock Mr. Grimes will ine tot. or the subscriber. WILLIAM TOI.SON. Prince George County, Maryland. feb 12?l..wt *arl6 [The Weekly Sun, Bait., will copy a week until lOih March, and forward one copy each week to M"Uat Weloy Post Office, Prince George counrv, Md., and iVward the account to the subscriber.] STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods | Groceries, fce., to be stored, will find ample ac commodation* in the large, airy, tlas none (?aved and Dry Basements under the Sur olliee. corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?tf * FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax coui.ty, Va. Enquire of J. ORME,, comer ol Rudge and Congress at-?. No. WW. feb 6?tf it ALL.? Beautifully and healthily uildins Lots, 24 fen tV?.nt by 130 feet deep, on graded street-!, ran, until sprit.g, b^ bought at the e\re?ulinz low price of $7.?, payable $3 per month Title indi-*p:ttat>le. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' li^il. jan 9? fiiu JQHtf fcO\. Secretary. If CM 1.8 ?'Oi tl located Pu Boarding. MR*. IIKWBTT, No. 473 Sixth street, between D and E, has three or f ?nr fine rooms which she will rent with o. without board, on rea-| eon ible term*. feb 26?3t* BOAHl>l:.Ci. A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6'h and ?ih, can otfer fine large rooms for finuiiei, tuber lurmsbed or unfurnished AI?o, ha* room* tor gen lemru much larger than are generally apptopiiated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient p r <f>ns will be accommodated on the mo?t ren-<ouablc terina fepw,l?2w PA08PERIS COKN&T BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI be** l^ave to In-1 lorm his friends and former patrons that this band has been fully re organised an-1 is now undei hi* direction, and he ts tally prepared a band j of the most Scientific Musicians in the citv, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursinns, Sic., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader.CIIAS. PROSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS fli HITZ'S Mu , ?ic Depot, or at PETER TALTAYTL'S, opposite | the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb 19?3ui* FOR THE MECUANWS' VA1R~ 4?- W4&HINQTON. |TI1E THOM AS COLI.YER WILL |inake regular trip- to tiie above Fa;i _ rn i_ *?? ? ? ? ? ? - o r ? commencing on Tuesday, February 'JOth. Boats fare I2j< cents each way. Coaches will take persons from and to the boat. Fare 6 cents. Leave Alexandria at 6*^ p. u,. Leave \\ asluegton lv <, p. n?. FAM'L CEIAEY, Captain. Alexandria, Va.,feb 20-^-d DKAUUHT ALE. 'pilE undersigned respectfully announce that tbe> I have obtained the sole Agency of Om District for the sale ol Kuitz fit Nes's Vork Draught Ale, aud have made arrangements so as to have a con stanuy on baud, so that all who may favor them with their custom will be punctually 6erved. As usual, a supply of Porter. Ale, Cider and Min era) Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or giv^\*. tv??Jt diivers will meet with strict attention. Ter?.s cash. AUNY &. SUJNN. A first rate WagOn, but li'tUe u >ed, fur sale Apply as above, to AftNY & S1IINN, Uuiou Bottling Depot, labtt?eolin Georgetown vpkANAtirHA, Va, Bank AoUi ]3 bought and Stjid by A. M. SNYDER k CO., Brokers, corner 15t1? street aud Pa &veuu?. Tran - Alleghany, Va., vou^htand sold, by A. M SNYDER & CO. 0^ Selien, Witliers &. Co's Exchange Bank Nf^rs bought and ?old by A. M. SN YDER & CO. feb 8- erlm LAW PARTNERSHIP.. SUPREM KCOURT OF THE UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. VVALKKR and LOUIS J A NT N have tormed a c partner*hip under the name ol "Walker and Janin,"lor the argument of oases in the Court of the United St .tes, at Wa<h ingtoncity, wheie both w.ii attend Juougliont the future Kc**icr.s of tnat court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Ojlean*. ' j-in 19?eo3m? .. ? UCGl^TEH FOR AMERICAN STATE . Pajiera.?A oomph te set of Niles' Reenter. 76 \0l;, or any otber Books will l>e given in e'xehaage for the ?' American State Papers" and " American Archives," or they will be pyrrUas^ at a liberal price. TAYLOR fc MAURY'S feb H Bookstore, near Ninth street. DISSOLUTION. 1MIE partnership of Barrou 4c Ur^u u kbit day . dissolved by mu\ui\; All accounts due tbe concert^ i^i^t oe paid to II. Barron, he being au UWi?ed to close the buiinew ot the tirin. HENRY BARRON, February 3. 1855. THQ8. ORME, The undersigned would :as?s!ctfuliy request all those indebted tQ tb?i concern to come forward and ?ejtle their bills by tbe $th of March, as it is verj important to him to have the business closed by that time. All accounts left over a; that tirpe will be pui into the hands of ax* ofiiccr fpr coUection. All ac counts dt^e t?y copcern will please be presented for payment as soon as poes blc, as 1 am ready at any time to me?t the same. UENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would respectfully say to all the customers of the late firm, me public generally, that there u.ll aiways lie kept a stock ol Wu >d ana Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a share of public patronage, believing it to ba l?en for both buyer and seller, he ha^ determined to make the terms cash, or oi| sbiui ti;ue to punctual customer*. TflOS. ORME, Agent. BEAT IUDCOKHENTS. CANWELD. BROTHER & CO . 099 Baltimore ttreet, Baltimore, Md., Offer to buyers previous to taking their annaal ac count of stock, a large stock of recently imported ?ood*, such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, ^Mafa and Plated Gjodt, Clockt, Bronte*. V?*ett Musical Boxes Dresden China, rffc. AT PRI CES TO SUIT TI<E TIMES, whtlduT RF OJtRD TO COST- jan 31?tr * Auction Sales. By R. H. JKWKILK * ?>?., Avetr dfcx nnn wo*? of watches AMD ^K/,UUl/Jeireiry?i Aucti*n.-Peremptory and anrvseiTedsalrof Watches and Jewelry?On PAT URl'AY morning *nd evenin|,Feb. -Mxh, immant, an i every o?b?r da> and eveninf until the entire ?tot k i? koW. we ahall sell at our Auction Room* a splendid *1. ciion or Watchee and Jewelry, consist ing of in part, viz : '.old English Talent Lever Watcbe* Do ' in Hunting Caws Do Open Dial Do Detached Leverj Do Cylinder llacapements Prices from $$5 ;0 $2^0 Cold Guard Chains of variotH styles !>?? Fob and Vrat Chains Da Keys, .Seal?, and Rings Do Hr< ast pins, Ear dwp?, Sir. Silver Watches of all kuiis, prices frot,i fO to $30 Tins splendid stock will be open every day for ex hibition. and anv person wishing to purchase at pri va:e i?ale can do so. R. H. J F.WELLE 8i CO., Auctloneera. P. S. The al ove named atock ia to be sold with out reserve to tnver advance*. felt 26?it By J? C. HcQUlRE, Aa?tloa?ar. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS.?On WHO PsESDAY afternoon, Feb. ftkb, at 4 o'clock, on the i.orth side of G, between 6ih an i 7?h street*. I shall sell all the met* rial saved from Uir tire at the Washington City Bern vol en t Society Budding con sisting of Flooring, Joi. ta, Sash, Fencing, Sned, lot of Brick, Tin Root, lie. Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRF, frh 36? at Auctioneer. By J. C. McOlJIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR GODD AND MLVER WATCHES, fine Gold Vest, rob, and Guard Chains kc.?On MONDAY and TUESDAY afternoon, Feb. 96th and 27th, at o'clock, at tny Auction Rooms, I shall sell a large and choice collection of superior Gold and Silver Watches of the moat celebrated makera. Alan, a beautiful assortment of fine Gold Chains of various stvlea and pattern, Term* cash. JAMES C. MrGUIRE, feb 24?3t Auctioneer. By CUKKK & SCOTT. Auctleaaan. IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUtrriGN.?ON WEDNESDAY, the 28th instant, we thall sell, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , part Lot No. 3, in Squat it 4SQ, with the improvements,#wliicli are a good two story frame Houn-, containing five good rooms. The shove described property fronts 13 feet 6 ^ indies on the north side of New Yo?k avenue, bc tw?< ii Siith and Seventh streets west, Houav \o. 463. Also, at 5 o'clock, same evening, we shall sell, iu tront of the premises, Lot No. I. in Square 413, at the corner of Q strotr south, and 8th btree. west, containing 3,051 feet. It is a desirable corner lot, well set with shrubbery, young fruit trees, fcc. \i?ib the improvements, winch are a g<;oJ F^ytje Uow*** con aming four room*. TiUe in?lisput?h' (Ji r term?.. onC lUracMi; balance in twelve and '^ignieeii nrinths, the purchaser to give notes for the defeired payment*, bearing interest from the day ol the saie. A deed given and a deed cf trust taken. GBEEN& WJUTT,. feb 23 Auctioueerr. Dy J. C. McGCIRK, Auctioneer. ['RUSTLE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE and Lo>?Uy \irtue of a deed oftru.-t from Wm F. Aus'io and wife, burning <wte on tlie 6th dav of January, ltl54, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 70, folios 3 26, 337, 338, 339, and 340, the sub-other will se I, at nublic sale, on MONDAY, the 5th day of March, 1855, at 4 o'clock, p. in., on th* premi ses, on fir?t street east, between N s>ik1 O streets south, pan <if Lot 5, in square s nth of >quare 744, fronting 6H feet II inenes on said Fir?t street, by 75 feet deep, on a Ou feel alley, together with the build ings and tt?i|ir>-vetiiepb*, which eonsi?t of a well and substantially built two-storv frame dwelling-house. The terms of sale Will be: One half rash, and the balaiK'e hi equal payment* ai sii and twelve montlis for notes bearing interest Iio:ii day of sele, secured by deed in trust upon llie property. If the tt-rms of aale are not c?i?pmed withineix days alter 'lie sate the property will lie resold, i.t the risk and evpen e cf liie purchaser, u(?on one week a notice, .Ml cont?yancing ateip?-n*e of purchaser. ( HAS. S. WALLM'lLTruatec. .1 \H. ?\ YfcGL'IKE, feb lit? okds Auctioneer. By J. C. NeOUlRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? On TIlimSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855, at 4 o'clock, on the p-euuses, by virtue of a deed o. trust Ij the autaciiber, b? anng dale tin- 14lh May. 18.12, arnl duly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 4??, fullo? 43f, 4^9, and 440. one of the land records Mr Washington county, 1 shall Ml the norUi balfol Lot No 19, hi fqu.ov 21)3,^ At feet 4 inches on 12:h street west, lie\y^eu liortii C and D 5-tr^els, running hack lOu t?*el to a wide alley, with iiniirore m?nts, consisting of a substantial brick dwWIiny houfe. Terms: One third cash; the residue in sit anJ twelvemonths, with tnteres-t, wcured by a deed of trust on ilie premises, NfOHOF^S P\LLAV. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, fub 1-2?eokda Auctir-neer. I A NOUVELLE IIELOISE, edition ill^uee pat j Johannot, Baron, etc., in pamtihiet?piice ? cents. Le? C'nlessions do Iious-?ju, m pamphlet, with many illustrations, tocuits Physiob^i^du t^iiii. par Prill at Pavarin, in pam phlet, w ?th maay liluatiatktns, price 50 cents. Imported troin Paris by feb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. American year hook of facts ?nd An uuai of Scientific Di.-Covetv hif iaa5. 1 volume 304 pages, ?Jl -20. J'*ANCk TAYLOR, feb 16 . PROTECTION FROM l-IRfi, AND SA V1NG or GAS. PAPER Shades are used upon Gas b t a ibori time without sarin d, and fire^ are fre quently <icc*i*oned by them ; thes? casualties arc effectually prevented by a new invention, DYOTT'S PATENT RErLECTING SHADE PROTECTOR. Shades cannot be ; ct on life shat are ustd u|ion tiiem. Tlicy rcflect more light do*n on table, with half the cor, umption of gas. For sa!o at the lioyse Furnishing Store of C. W BOTELEK, No. Sid Iron HaU A so ^aper Shades, Gas Fixtures, nud Lamps ol every description. (luti feb 19?eol w NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL the accounts of tl?e Ute firm of of GEO. W G \ BRETT A CO., and of the firm of TI10M* AS & DYEK, in the lumber bui>mt:?s Uiia city, have beeu placed irr my hnudy, wtUi uistructioua tc have the same nettl d vf recured forthwith. All persott'j >u any wise indebted to the firnit above mentioned will please attend at *uce, and I save expense. WM. H. WARD. Attorney, Office over "t'udd ? Co.'a Ilat Stoic, j feb 13 ? e<ia?y | MUTUAL EIRE INSURANCE CO MP AIT, OF THE DISTFICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered by Con^im, OFFERS to the ciuzeiu of ihe Di.Uict the ?afeat and cheapest means of insurance agaiu?i loss by t\re on debcriptions of property, as iu*> be M-eu l?y an examination of the chartc; and by lawa. | Applications for insurance can be made to the un dersigned nr al the oQcc, Columbia Place, Seventh atreet and Louisiana avenue, where c?pie? of the charter kud by laws may be prwuied. ULYSSES WARD, Preside^ Manager* -Thnma* Blng.len, Ulysi^^ Ward, Dr F. Howard, J. C. McKeldeu, Jub? Van Riswick, P. W. Browning and M. Q. aJtuery. an 31?to I in, SILVER ELATED WARE. COMPLETE Toffee Sola, CaaK>?a,Cak? and Fiui Baskets, Waiters fen white metal, Table, Dea sert, and 'I ?>a Spoons and Forks, double and trip'e piaii^d on Albata, the best substitute for silver, wai ranted and "old by H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 0th and 10to ats ' jaw 19 SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW for iana ary, 1855. Content* : The North and ?he South Rlun era of Hallam Power? of me Uenerai Government The liuman Family ionatnution of the Uniied St ites "Chemistry of Common Life P iny Leaders Recent Social Theories Critical Notices. Subscription price !|5 per annum, feb 19 FRANCK TAYLOR. S~ ALT A MERCKR. POTATOES. 1,000 sack* G. A. Salt rwo aacks fine Salt daily expected 2,uOQ busliew prime Mercer Potatoes juft arrived per schooner J. W. Dodge, and for sale by 1 p. F. BERRY * SON, leb i3 ? eo3t Water st-, Gecrgetown. B00K8OF HOUSE OT REFBESSITATIYIS LinnaBT Horss ? r RcmnsiMf ativks. A LARGE number of Books bekMiging to the Library cf the House of Kepreseuiaiives have been drawn by member j and by their orders, and stand chtrred to their accounts on the bouka of thu office. It is Important for the preservation ol il* files thU they tliuuld be r. turned before. Um? d<M> the aea4ou MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian of the HouM of Reprrsnniaiivea. feb 'X?d4w TELEGRAPHIC. _ Kipwaly ftr tin Billy gntla) lUr a?v Orlaaat V rketr Na-f OiUiMi, Pfb u irj 24 ?Cotta, ?tlw oa >"r day amounted to 8,000 balea at former ratei for oil quilit-V Sa!ea for the week w?r i TC 000 balea; (lock on hand 153 000 baJ? The receipt* at this pert are lers than deriag last year by 10 009 bales. Sugara?Fair at 3{aSJ. Coflee-Rto sales for tho week 12 000 bagt, stock oa haad 44.00? Prim* at 02al0 easts. SiroVD DBSPATCI. Cotton ia firm; talea of 7,000 balea Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Fab 26.?6rale it active, the receipts are large, and prices are aaekanged. Floor?Salea of 1,100 barrel* Howard atreet at 18.40. N?w York Stock Market. Niw York, Feb. 28.?Stocks are better and money continues easy. krie Railroad 47; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 00; Readirg Railroad. Hi; ^'ew York Central Railroad M|; New Jersey Railroad 124 ; Cleveland, Columbua and Cincinnati Railroad 101 *tw Yerk Market New \ oic, Feb. X ?Tie eottou market ia unchanged, with a limited demand at previous ratee. Floar?pricea are higher; aalea of 4 25o barrels good Ohio at *0a$9 37 8outhera (a buoyant?aalea of 1,500 barrela at$8.75a|? 37. Wheat ia upward and firm, and briak. Cora is upw-rd and firm ; sale* of 37,000 buahelg Western mixed at 95a96. Pork ia upward and firm. Beef ia unchanged, with a moderate de mand. Lard ia downward and dail. Whiaky ?Ohio is quoted nominally at 30c. Shooting of Bill P^iol New York, Feb. 25 -.^h *Poole the note nous p -gillat was fatally ahot, in the atreet, last tight, in ,s\a city Baker and Turner, imp u-ate<* lb the attack on Tom ^7" eoaae time ^Mca, are implicated in the affair. Ter -as baen arrested. Poole reeelved aix * alls in his body. Gen Hotuton in Boston ?stos, Feb. 24.?Yesterday, Gen. Sam. Houston, visited the City Hall, and waa in troduced to the municipal authorities, and tha numerous cititena present In the afteraoon he viri ted several of the public institutions, accompanied by the mayor and other mem bers of the city government. In the evening the Qonaral delivered a leotare on Tezaa, at the Tremont Temple, to a very largeaodiaaae. the price cf admission being 24 oenta. Be was listened to with great attention. Prohibitory Law Defeated Trbntok, (N. J.,) Feb. 25.?The prohlbito. ry liquor bill was defeated in the Senate yes* terdajr by a vote of 9 to 1U. The bank bills were ordered to a third read* ing in the House to day. Pemnaylvaiua Politioe. Pittsburgh, Feb. 24?The ooaaty indigna tion meeting held here last aighl oa the sub ject of the United States Senatorthip, was a faroe and a failure Three hundred peraons in all, principally whigs and Native Ameri cans, a?s?mbloJ Rtajlutions favoring a Western candidate, but naming none, were read but not aoted oa Mr. Smith, a representative in the Lariala tu'e roso amidat loud calls arJ defended him selt lustily for supporting Mr. Cameron Da ring the speech, ho was frequently greet* d with hisses atppUnse, taunts, Ac. Subsequently, Mr. Foater. the editor of the Despatch, offered resolutions similar In tenor to the pledges of Mr. Cameron, to Mr. Ktrk patriek; but reeemmeadiag a new was an* tainted wit! politics. These resolutions w era ndopted and the meeting adjourned. NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MEMHRS. KYDER It PLANT have ulm the old and well known confectionery eft a aug ment, No. 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel lows' Hall, where they wit! be most happy to revive their friends and the* public generally. We witrkf?-p cansraiily on hand a choice vah-o uon of all kiads of CONFECTIONERY. Afc*?, df aler? in foreign and domestic FRUITS, Of al.l kini'>\ We hope by a strict attention to basines? to win the approbation of our friends, ?nd merit a liberal 6hate ot patronage generally. N. B. Bill*, Parties, and Families supplied on tha most reasonably and satisfactory leiuis, at the ?liorV eat notice. . RYDER fc. PLANT. frt ?-lm t C. WAURIHKR, WATCHMAKER, NO. 330 PA. AVENUE. C.-tween Ninth and Tenth btr?ers, WaSHISUTOK, d. c. feb 14?dtNov4* INSTITUTE POLKA. JUST published the above Polka. couipoM-d and d'.diculud to the Ofbcir* and Members nf the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, by Fr'k KJey ; i-uib^'Ui.-ht'd with the mo.-t Iw auuiul and correct view ol the Smithsonian Im-titute a* yet i?*ued. The trade furnished at the very lovecot nortlrfMn rate*. I1ILBUH a HIT/., Music Publishers, Htar Buildings, Corner Pa. avenue, Eleventh and D streets fe'u 17 Gold, silveu, si eel it plTnteii tiPBtT TACLEH tu ??iit every age eye, K;dtnj 8peos, R. R. Clares, Eye^^^B^^ Protuctors, E}e Ula^ses of all descrip tions, Rt-adinji Glasses, Utiles; kc., ParalKila, Perifocal, Concave, Couvex, and Colored GUsses put in the Uiorteri notice. Penoas tn want ot' glds(?s may tra sure to get those which beuefit :lie eye at U. (^EMKCN'8, No. 330 Pa- aveuua, hetw. Utt and MMi sia. Jan 80 PREMIUM PIANlliJ.?We have on eihibiUCMr at the Metropolian M< chaiucs' Institute Itxin uuguilicent Piauo?, made siftressiy to our order lor this lair. These Pianos wc offVr for sale at low rates aad u;x.n exceedmsly reasonable terms. Also, a superb rosewood GuiUr, Tilton s palcatt which we are engaged in grttiug up a rmffi* fur. JOHN F ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, between <kh and lutn st? feb 'JO A KEADY-MADE CLOTHING T REDUCED PRICES ? As the season is arf vanced we h<ive determined to sell off the n mmi'ng portion of our wintev stock at rreatiy in duced prices; llierHore g*-ntl?*inen wishing to eoiv suit ecimoni> in purrhasiil* fine Overcoats, Tsln??? Krt us, Fr ck, and Bnsi h-ss Caats; Black und Fan cy Cashmere Pants ; Velvet, Siilr, Satin and Meritu Vest-*; Undershiru and Drawers, an* all other ready ma le garments *1 6n?- quality, will lind our present variety to he as well aiaortcd as in the be ginning of the season. ?l h the advantac* of mucU lower price-. WALL It BIEPHEN9, 3*43 Pa aveuue. next to Iron Mall feb 99 (SentinelkNews; IYY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to Mias M. J. TaWer, by P.of. A. F. Little, juM published aad tor sale at IIILBCS a HITZ'fl Music D.poc Price MX cents. MI ROSEN KRAN Z PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled ia stnuneut* dirroi frian the Manu facntry in Dtesuca, Germany. I'bese^^^^SHH Pianos having both, after a lor.g tea^^^nni and land vo>ag?-, arrived in perfect* ? V W ? tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune. 1 beir beauty and power of tone eliciU tbe higbe t encoh.uma from nil dae great musical critics of Europe. UlLBUa a HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th aad I? ate. an 8-tf SILVERWARE. VERY prettv assortment of Silver Coffee Seta, . Pitchers, Goblets, Cop:, Creams, aad all kinAs ptKJns ahd Forks, and a variety of Fancy Stleer ware, suitable for preiwnt*. vis: Soup andlOysitr Ladles, Cnffnh Scrapors, fish, pi* cake Knives, Cream Sugar Spoons, etc., ia oCered at low pit M|U|?ml?U|. B. BCXKEN, No. IIO Pa. avenar, hft. 9Ui and Uhh m. Jan 19 A p?s JS*Taad Quarto Dtarvw?sr 1B6& lor sale *1 )aa8?tf IRAHOK TAYLOR,

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