Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. LUTX8 AHD XH ?T I1IXIU1 ELLIOTT. Drop, drop into the grave Old Leaf, ^ Drop, drop into the (rave; Tby acorn* frown, thy adorns nwn lirop. drop iato ihe (rave. , . Duceraoer's tern past* rave Old Lear, Above the forest grave Old Leaf; Drop, drop into the grave. The birda in spring will sweetly ting, That Death alone is sad; fhf riM will grow, the nnmroae show. That Death alone is sad; Lament above the graze Old Leaf; For what has Life to do with Grief*1 Tia Death alone that's sad. Woat then ?.We both have lived th tough The sunahiae and the rain; And bless'd be He, to me and thee Who sent His sun and rain: We've had our sun and rain, Old Leaf: And God will ?ei?d again, Old Leaf, The sunshine and the rain. Race after race t?f leaves aud men Bloom, wither, and are gone; As winds and waters nse and fall, Bo life and death roll on; And long as ocean heaves, Old Leaf, And bud and fade the leaves, Old Leaf. Will life and death roll on. How like am I to thee, Old Leaf: ? . We'll drop together down; How like art thou to me, Old Leal ! We'll drop together down. I'm grey and thou art brown, Old Leal, We'll drop together down, Old Leaf, Well drop together down. Drop, d.op Into the grave, Old Leaf. Drop, drop into the grave; Tby acorn* grown, thy aconu ?*n Drnp, drop into the grave; December's tempests rave, Old Leaf. Above the forest pave, Old Leaf ; ' Drop, drop into thy grave ! Mcnchacsknism ? A friend ol Jack Downing recently called upon us, and narrated his experience of Western trav el. "Why, on the Niagara road," said he, "we went one hundred miles in one hundred and seventeen minutes?the last car?well 'twas off the the track half the time, and if the passengers did net lean in on going around a curve, smash went their heads right through the windows. The last car brings up just like a snap ping whip! But on our return we went quicker than that. A fellow undertook to cross the track; the engineer whistled when we were a half a mile off, but the fellow didn't mind it, and we knocked his cart and horses all into mince. The fellow picked himself up, and was jest asking why we hadn't whistled when the sound of the whistle came along. The fact was, the train was running a leetle ahead of the sound, and so the collision was unavoidable anyhow."?Chelsea Tel tgrapk. Tea Dominican Rrpcbli?.?President Santana is a white man, as well as his Secretaries. Cuba is by no means pre ferable to the island of bt. Domingo. On the contrary, the latter is much richer than the former, having silver, gold, coal, copper and quicksilver mines; different kinds of wood, suitable for vessels besides being the country of the mahogany, and several other precious woods. If Cuba is the key of the Mexican gulf, the bay of ?amana, in the Dominican Republic, is no doubt the key of the Carribbean Sea. Soldiers in Europe.?The number of men bearing arms of war at this time in Europe may be set down thus: England, 230,000; Turkey, 447,000; Prussia. 580, 000; Austria, 593,000; France, 566,000; Russia. 1,540,000; the German States, with the exception of Austria and Prus sia, 1,383,000, making the whole nuifiber of soldiers now under arms in Europe, 5,464,000. No wonder the people emi grate to other countries. Anti-Know Nothing Victory.?At an election held in Burlington, Iowa, on the 5th instant, Silas A. Hudson was elected Mayor, over L. D. Stockton, Know Noth ing. by 119 majority. Eight aldermen, and the recorder, treasurer, and marsha1, opposed to Know Nothingism, were also elected. {?7* The English papers state that at the late election at Oxford University, the Rev. nr. Pusey, the leader of the Ro manizing party, was elected on the Gov erning Board by a very large vote. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. .Vohu. Lecut For Dmyt. A*1* -Bo?Uui Liverpool....Feb. 2C at. Louis Havre New York...Feb. 14 'J* Liverpool.. Boston Feb^ 17 raclnc v. ..Liverpool..Xew York...Feb.24 Hermann Southampton.. New York.. Feb. ft?-The California steamers leave New Yorfc on the 5th and 20th of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlliardi' llo.?l?u-a & j c. wnuu. A T W Carter k lady, Mass * ~ do J L Aspinwall and lailv, V N Waddell.Jr, NC NY J N White, Va -J Ryle, Nl T S H amble ton, M.I M N talis, Md TTsnnant, do H Fow er, Maw A J Donelson, USA Miss Woodorid^e, do J M Gregory, Va R Johnson, jr. Md Hon Bunn, do C II hairweaitirr, do D? R Holland J Howard, do R Tyler, Pa H D Owen. Pa T W Shipley, NY C A Fuller, Kv W II Burn*, USA Brow**' r.ha. >aowv. Mi M 8 Plmnmer, Md V Talmie, NY Dr Hod?ei, do B P Stall worth, Ala W G Alexander and ady, F Park, do pu " W G Eubank, do J Bond k Jady, do * A Dodg-, NY Mr Wyau, NY J Van Schaik, do >1 Taylor, do t . Mr Gould k family, NJ i.1Pw??nck'J1>do ALElwyn, Pa *? VV B ?*? J M (aOfcg;n, do || Delana, N Y m **?kyns, s M s???cer k lady, do Mis. Robinson, do F W Carter k ladyf Ma?s Miss Haskins, do P C Tharman, Pa A B JarreU, Md Mrs Shamner, do I M Waddell, Jr. NC Miss Thompson, do W W Harper, Va G W Cuyler?NY J *acrle> AG llano way k lady, do C J Broadus k lady, do M Young, Va IfcH Coleman, Tenn C F Motemau, Ci R BallatWIe, Va RT Merrick, Md J Scott, NY J G Oldner, NY Hswc?j. a. k a. kibk wooa ? o Md G H Tarietoa k lady, Mo R Raymond, do TP Harden, NY W Huater k lady O H S Masoo, do C S Lockwood, NJ J A Boyd, Md ? p do * P ' ausm, DC i'.L w k VH W J Rjs,. N V Capt Merchant, US A Btataa Iiotal? a. a. BscaaaT. J Hoaglaad, NJ j Gars. He WJ DPW1I. Ill J Wi^p, HH HuiilV'i B b Rt,d,BO"i G* H n Hurst, ?? R Ragt&nj TV* A B Hoi brook, Te* Dr W F Barr Va 8 Batcher, Va Dr C P RgdefW do M Hume, NY H A Ainelung^ do C P Fader k lady, Va L Otes, do Miss Druh, do J W Niaon, do Mm Gore, do H Jacob*, do E Drish, do W J Young k lady, NY Im Honaa, Alexandria, Va. a. wawros, raopniToa. C C Wharton, Va T B In graham, Va B D Spalding k lady, Md A Mom, do Mm J E Moore, do A Mills, do . A J Wic*liffe, Va J E Waller, do A A Little, do W Wallet, do J W Kendnck and lady, R H Dulanty, do do C H PaJrwether. Md Mtaa Kendnck, do G H Burraws, NY E C MarabaJl, do G B Manly, Va II O Clagfstt, do R W Dowaman an J lady, J T Klnaiey, do Va T J Massie, DC P P Dickerson k lady, NY Hawkins, Md FR0P0A1L8 FOK MAIL BAGS Peer Orrici DiriiTxiiT. 8KDS3k*PE0P08AL8 O I>i paftineat until 9 o'clock a. m., of the 83d of da^Tof'jnk. ru"u,Ulln* f<* fw ye*" from the 1st .J[ *"??'**'1 in "uch quantities and at such "men as nij be required and ordered for the mail ??rocej maii bag* of the following description, to ? Canvas Mail Bags. Fize No. 1, (4a inches in length, and 62 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and fire-fa:.'. Sine No. 8, (41 inches in length, and 48 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton can van. weighing U ounces to tbe*jrard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first sise of bags. 8i*e No. 3, (38 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass weighing 1? ounces to the yard of 92 inches width! and th ? cloth to be woven as above described The canvass bag* of sixes Nos. 1 and 8 are'to b< made with a sufficient number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths, w -i*?? ^ 1. B,", marked U. S. xm accort",?10 ??=? an<* Canvass Pouches. ?? no. k 2 l" 'T"'1%'ta Size No, 3. 36 dp do 4** Hn Sixe No. 4.36 do do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do ' ? To lh1 ,nllhcr P?U^1'^ to lie made of good and substantial hag leather, well tanned, weigh ing tor Nos. 1 and 2 not less than 8 ouncvs, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounces to the so. foot; the bottom and flap to be of good skirting leather, w#ll tanned, and the same to be well and ^ y ?LCUred WiUl U,e bew 'ron "ye *, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made ol densely woven canvass, sj as to resist water, or at least equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-mail Ba^s. (In saddle bags form.) Sixe No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 42 inches in clrcumfrrrtice at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms ofs iiie. U by 26 inches Sixe No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 3G inches in circuintereiice at the widest parts ; cuds or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Sixe No 3. Boiy 42 inches long, and 32 inches in circumference at th* widest parts; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather hor-e mail iia^s are to be made of good and substantial ba? leather, well tannod, and weighing not thnn * ounces to the snuurc Twit, and the seams to be well and strongly sewed ; i>r il rivetted, to be so don? as not to chafe the horse'm rtder. canvass liorsc mail bags ;ir<! to be made 01 the same quality ol fabric as the itouches above de scribed. . Canvass and Leather Drop-Utter Pouches (with side pockets.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length,and 3U 1:1 circumference bize No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Ciinvats A'cmpayer Mail Bast. 8ixe No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass weighing at least 15 ounces to the yard of 22 inched width; the yarn of the l^bnc to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and Hie ha-; to be so constructed as to b? locked, and to have a handle at each end. Sixe No. 8, (41 inches long and 48 inches in cir cumference,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Propyls for improvements in the construction of any of the above-described m^il bags, or in the ma terials thereof, are invite 1; aid the relative value and adaptation to the service as well as price ol such improvement will be considered in deteratin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied wuh sauries of each article bid lor, showin the construction^ 1 ality ot materials, and workman alnp proposed, and also with evidence of the com petency and ability ot the bidder 10 .-seciue the work according to contract. The sptcuuens must be delivered at Ui? Depart ment on or before the 13d day of April next, ami will, in connexion with the peo, orals i.kb the ba*u, of the contract, Hpecfmoas depoai'cd by biddsrs winch may with safety and con rem once be used in the mail service w ill to peM for at tfca rate* pro posed by them. A decision on the bi !* be made on or beiore the hrst day of May nert, i*d the bidder or bidders Chosen Will be required 10 ecter into contract 011 o* before the 15th day of Jooa next, with bond and sufficient sureties fur a faakfttl ;t*fer^?r>ce of th. obligations as entere#ia^?. All thu articles cootrac:od fcr are tc be delivered atUie contractor's expense, at BfMton, Mas-acini setts; New York and Buffalo, N. Y., Philadelphia and iittsburgh, Pa.; Baituaorr, Md.: Washington, n. C.; Chariest*, 8. C.; Aiigu^Ca.; Momguuiery Ala.; New Orleans La ; Term ; Louis ville, hy ; Cincinnati, Ohio; anJT<t. Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at micIi tiirfes as the Depar* ment inav require ; anl they arc to be ri?idl> in speeted before deuve'j, aud none are to be "received which shall be inferior to the rputiineus or sund aru bfgs. To enable bidders to o n mate the number of the different kinds of mail bags which will probably be required, they are intornied that there w. re fur nished for the u_.e of the Department, durinc the year which ended 30 h June last. 2,135 leather pouches; J,976 canvas pouches; 450 leather horse mad bags; 605 can/ass horse mail bags ; and 17.110 cai vass mail haz*. s ' The proposals should be endorsed " Proposal* Jot Mail Bag." and Le addressed to the ? PottmaUer G*nrr*l " JAMES CAMPBELL, jan 15-lawl2w Postmaster General. INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE RE810MD AND UFE UNOTHl.'ISb. by ?T^rtJ'a??M0Raie'8 ^'TiaORATINO BLIXIB 0B 00KD1AL?At hrst the -roivr euVSoT-QHwi 5'0C?*S vO&LiAL wers deemedfabolcon Tfc. ^ km"11 dec?T?J? ioi*inX btiine tLe siapif and sublims truths aanoancM br the dlKeor-r-r - ^5W by wltr Vr.i the hibhest clan and character, are new tiiuran; 0f tK^ony which iz psriecUj aU deplorable e ua xri^n^ frcji iC^ti^or ar;^ 0f lb9 Laa-hine called ^aa. It restores to foil vigor evrry fuuy tlen oonneeted with th*t 3iy3t?i1c>aB exmpoued agsnoy of m&Lter tni mini, nexcsRr7 to Uir rei>r^ ?.v , Bt ,n Tiul ^w"f. It Is r*y>m mended as theion-y laaaas of eommu nice ting that energy which is n^cesaary to the proper enjoyment ? well as the higher . bane'da' are not coa fined to either sex or to any Me. The feeble girL W . ?rneT*t?l youth,%b* IZIZZ J?*? ?J, ba1sln?^. the victim of nervoai do ?TMrtaa, the intfvidual suffering from general do weakness of a tingle organ. wfU * *Uu, ^rmAn :at wltof frota the at# of'his lnsoaparable renorator. To these whe hare % predisposition to paralysis it will trove a CkUin8 "W tfstait that terrl Thrfr f w^o h*re no Wiled with their eoastit itioa-, that they think themselves beyond the reach ol niedidne. L*t not ,Th* KUxird^s with disease as It exists, wlthoat reference to oausos, and will not ettlT remove the disorderlUeif. bat BKBDII.D TH* BUOiii V CO.SiTITCr?,IGN The derangements of tte leading to" nor *oas diseases, and the forms ci cervcus 'I'ttsht it Mil, are so numerous that it wocldr-quireacolnim to enumerate the maladies for whwh this prepare ration is aspecita. A few, however, may be enume rate!, vis: aeiualgla, tic d< irreau*,h?iache.lnclp. ? ' P*JpluUon of the heart, $bl wti affecUons, muscular d^ility, trein-rs, flatulence h*eh. numbness, torpid wf]l i- ' ? "l1**" depression, weakneee of the will, iadisp 1 i.tioa te move, f&intness after exercise broken sleop an 1 terrifying dreama, inability to r? maia in one plaee c r portion, w^aki^ ot 2,. PS oreative organs, sexuai iaaompotency. melaMfcoW monomania, floor aibus,, liking at tLeTmaS?& maie lrregalMritiee, a chronic tendency to miicar Ti%*2"t*11 <?mplaints growing out ot a free ladalgeaoe of the passions, and all barrenness that dose net proeeed from organic causes bevond the reach of medicine. S be7?nd IFheoever the organs to be aeted upon are free frmn malformation or itrietaral diseases it is averred HOME'S INVIOOEATmO 1LIX1B will replace weaknees with strength, incapacity with irregularity with umf .r? and natnfal ao 22^ii.'af i"- 1-^oot hwd of reaction, ??80t ?* the general organisation, v "Madthat all maiadiee, wherever they Begin, with the nervous system, and that the para.iaatlon of the nerves or motion and sensation U physical death. Bear in mini also, that for every ? 0^Inf1^T0u,, lije^,e the KJixer Cordial is the ??ly reliable preparation known. _ M T CAOTIOI. . I*?i^aiTuifiyoawai Us ben oona terfeite. by some nnprinciplM persons, nrr^.ganaine Co.oial wUl have the propnotov*s tee simile pasted jver the oork of each bottle, nd the felloe ing words blowa in the glass ' Vm* I"w|f Cortl&i, c? II. ftlfto, Proprlator, *.Y. fhfSomTs00*41*1 u pDt op hl*bl7 oeaoeatrated, la ^ 15W1?i two fbr %&; six Iter $12. 0. H. BINQ, Proprietor, rv .. 1M Broadway, New Tork Cto2iiifsSdB(R2tUI^l*hOQt ^ States, Washington?I^p'^nwjyi Baltimore?g. g hancSl ' Wehmoad-BINNKT A KlIU fKc. 5S0J By the Pi eel dent of tH? United States bSfSSJ wS^M' SSfK .? 11 Ac,if?'A,in tlMSUUcr d^TIui STfw'Sf ^ Mcn,d^?,he tvnty-jlrit cf^?Sr?SS 01 2o't> ^Ptember, th? ? ? pra Nation as to price by toh!?ff^# ""IV864' whicb *?*? aivertisei Inn, * ,n P-wUmttion No 498, bwr drawn 18i3? but "ubsequently witl fmm R, ] 5 .V Bot>'tor th? propoeed railroad 4Pi I* ? *?otie|n*rf by public notice No. not ?th ?Au?u8t'1863: ^ th* ????? withd?i/i- private entry at the data of said Tit k ' . ??nseia?tly not restored to mar 1W4 riff,!?!? ?oU,c" *? 622, dated 6th feptember, tow{t- undermentioned townchlps, Sorlh of the base line and rast of tht ChocUw meri _ dian. Township /our, of range thi t-en t^^ownsbipa three, four Jive, ami iia, of range four rJn"?? """' b"' ?" "J ""?? <?' fi xTf? three,four, five, ?ix, end pe van. of range ^Townehipe five, ti?, end tereit, of rsmge reven Township seven, of range eighteen Notice is nlao hereby?krn that all ;hs land!" sit th I ?nt^iJeff ?? nils on each aide of the above road wnhcttwn and oot siac- restored to private -ntry as above state i, which will be rub J6ct to entry At od? dolur mi\l twenty-fivt c?uu per acre, or (!f for actual settlexent aad are emp "?,7.Et.,he P???rf8 ?lbM hy th* frailuation act of 4th August, 1864. in the foil ?wing-named districts and townships in the Stite* of Mns ssippi and Ala bama, wi.l be subject to entry and location on and after Monday the nine'eettfh day of March next, to MiISi,t?pnUtri4t ?fItadJ 8aVject to8*le ?4 Arcrari, North of the Ins*, line and east <f t\t Cfo^aw mn dian. tinlx ******* l''ru,f?u'",-fipe? *nd *ren, ofracga ?I? ?h??hr"'/mr-6"' '*? "-J """? ?< fou^t^enb''>, ^ree,four .fite sue, and seven,ofrange Township setrn, of r*n*e fifteen Townships three, four, an 1 five, of rarge s;xteen i ownshlp* three, four, five, six, an t seven, of range seventeen 1 rB^7e?hv.nAr"' M''' Md *! . Jn*th" d!,tT5or ct lAD l< 'Ul.jrct to ?a!e at Ii*op.v lis, Alabama : AorU o/ tht base I in: ami wegt of the principil me riiiai. Town hips thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and sa^nteen, of range two Townsh',* tbirceen. four'een, fi tfen, sixteen and ?WN/ffl, of raoge three Townahips th-rteen, fourtr?n,fifteen, sixtein and ?e*?mteen, of raogo four Townships thirteen and fourteen, of range Ave The townships dtsignated in r;mia letersare wholly within tbe limits of six and fifWn miles re spect, vely on each ride of aaid read, and thosa in UaUct are partly wiiLin limits, aa deaignatnl d^g?m.9 lh,"h wiil furnished to "be re retire district offlc-rs by the Commissioner of the General Land office. The lands will be sol?, subject to the rioht of way granted by the act of 20th teptein *T, 1850, to tfce 1 for said r*',road. not , speeding one hundre.1 fee. on each side thereof, and therefor** the paitica'ar iracti of lan : nhich include theioad will P\??U~ini?g,tht> laantltiee r.spenlTely shown by the ofiis al pt*t?. The sections will be eff^red at the mb!Ic sale la nfv wr ^ *hlcj1 lbty a-v?;ised; the pale w.J 1 De sept open for a sufficient time to admit of off?riDg ail the lands, but n_>t exceeding two w*ek"; atd app;ii?tiona to makp p-^vate entries cf the laadh ofTered at public sal^ und r thU prccl?m?tiou wiil not be r? eifed until af,?r the cics? cf the two W0? Ut OiTan under my bend, at the city of Washington, thiscevenih diy cf February. Anno D-mini oco thousaud eight hundred end fifty r v. Ey the Prwilent: "W J0II5 WlL-OM, Comm seioier Gsncral Land Offi*. NOTICE TO PRE EMMIOX CLAIMANHJ. ,0V?der *^"ct.of Congiws apprcved 3J of Mar^h. i 1853, entiilel <4AiKpct to extend pre emption riphts to oertdin wtticrp thtrcm ri^Dti-nel " tho pre ?uji> Uoa la*s were ex-eoded? Ter the ab^Te menHoc-d alternate odd numbered Mction? within a:x miUh , u each side of the route of the road, where the h ttle m?Dt and unprortmest were mad* pricr f> the date ofallotnent, if proren up and paid for ?t tie :ate o. two dollara and fitty c?nt* per acre, before the day fixed .or the public sal*; and by ibe ac* hd proved iTth March, 1<?4. entitled "Aa ^ IS-'the reiiefof settlers cnlanJ^reaerTtd for railrt^d r.Lr po^ea, persons who settled ard ImproTed the ah- Ve name.1 -ection^ pnor t*. the date of toitndraujl wi'l be enti'lt-d to pi,, emptiocs at theord.nary minimum price of the public land-, or at the r?te of one do'iar f^^r tv0*^8 ?"r tcr"' lf P?** ?P and paid for b?f-re the dayfix-dfor the pub ic sale ? Therefoie, every person ^ntitM to the iig' tof pr<-- I emption in any cf th* alt-mate o<d numbered wv tionsabove ment one wl.hins x mileao! the route I J? und-r the act of Sd Mar.h, 18?3, nbove referred to, on s*-ttlemtntg nude prior to th<s 4th of date of a.lo^ment) cr under .he \ f?fC ? ?n B,*ttleruent9 rnsde prior to the d?t^ i f the original wilhdrawal of the letds j from market, Ute*i?e ?r^rv person entitled to p'e emptjon under the act cf 27th March, 1864, in any ol the lands outnde of the six mile limits directed 11 be restored to en ry on the 17th day of March next is required to es:?blisl. the eame to the Ratif-cUn of he re neter and receiver of the pro^r la d office, and malie payment the-efor at the pric-< f.X'd by * w,2nv<u practicable after e^vinc this notice and befoi* the d< y api)oint?d for the publ c hale or restoration to market of th- lands embracing thi tract claimed; ctberwise such <dsi a ?iiib^ forfeited JOHN WILSON, f-b 10- lawl? 10"r of renertl Uc<* Cfflce. Rev. joii.v lanaiian, pastor of the EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH ?A stront; desire to benefit the afflicted induces linn tliu-i to ceruf/. We challenge any other inedicino to present nuch a maff of testimony from gentlemen and ladiex of high standing of our own wed-known citizens, w ho testify of cure* of COUGH, RRON CHIT1B, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, &C. Raltimore, January 24th. 18.r?5. Jlfcfsrs. Mortimer 4' Mowbray: 1 take pleasure in saying to you that 1 have used your '-Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. From a serious t.iroat affection, my general health had bccoiuu very much impaired, when I com menced to use '-Hampton's Tincture." I found its efircis upo'i my health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. 1 have several times recommended it to my friends, uud in every case, an far as 1 have been in fiTined, they have use it with success. Vours uuly, John LANAitAN,P?ts(or Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Raleigh, N. C., Feb 8, 1S55 Meurs- Mortimer 4 Mowfrray: I do here >y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hamilton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one bottle, and after taking which, ( was satisfied that I was much better; and that, af er taking the f? urth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good health as ever I did in my life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to all persons afflicted in my way. Vours, Geo. W. Wxaki-et. CURE FITS?READ! More to the Hick than Gold.?From one ol the most resectable Drunrists in South Carolina. Charleston, 8. C. Sept. 21,1S53. Messrs. Mortimer &. Moubrat:?The sale ef your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottli: sold recommends thjs valuable medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different casea with aston ishing success, and are getting it hy half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest temedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cuie ha< been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I will furnish >ou with a number of certificatea if you wbh them I am, gentlemen, yours, \\\ G. Trott. A Call and g<-t pamphlets gratis, and see cures Counh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys- ] pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a | female niedicinc or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Ba'ti tnore stiect, Baltimore, and .'1)4 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarke, Clarke fit Bowlisu, W. Elliot, and H. McPhkr aox, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. Ct sel, George town ; and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and bv Drug gists everywhere. feh 21? tr T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY. 47 T Eighth st, adjoining Rainoy'a Livery Stables OWINQ to the increased trade which a generous publi - has bestowed upon m?,l have be?n com* pel led to erect a new and larger building for the carrying on of my business. Hera I shall be en abled to execute all orders entrusted t*> m* wiA greater facilities aad dlspa'q^i, and I would respect fully solicit a continuance of the publics pat*onag?. Carriages and Wagons, of th? most mod-rn style, built of the best materials, and warranted to hive lallsftifftiou. nepairs ot every lssorlption punatually attended t3. % . for sale, cheap, ? second-hanl Clarence Carriage, nearly new. cec 26 - tl . i. - " ? ... u :?i-LJJi TRAVELERS' * lKElTURY. LATHAM'S LIKE OF OHfllBUSBI will lfti? Alexandria at 4, 7V, and 9h * m, ljtf and J * p in. Wfll leave Washington at 6,11. and IS a m., 3X and 7 pm. fWuctn be secured at the Office, Fairfax M-, and Newton's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Segar Store and Kirk wood Home. This Line runs regularly winter and summer for the accommodation or the Public. Passengers called tor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents; all other regular tripe 95 cent*. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. Jan 8?tf CEOHWBLL'R BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to B Utiuiore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ness m?*n of the District of Columbia. The Agents at cither point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates of freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 5W Exchange Pl-?ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. J NO. W. 8CHANK, 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. "for the west and south. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIIiROAD: IMPROVED ARRAN 4RMKNT8 FOR TRAVILI I IMPORTANT CHANGES 0P-8CHKD'TDKI! The lata com pietic j of the ^Central Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, as it does, by ro short and direot a Hue, the Baltimore ana Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North ml Southwest,) gives this raute great'y increased advantages to through travelers in tbat direction, i On and afar MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the trains wil' be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSF.NGRRS. Two fast trains daily will run In each direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at Tin., instead o: 8 o'clock as heretofore, (except on Sunday,) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The KX PRESS TRAIV, leaving at 5 p. m , instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Whee'ing in about 17 hours, reaching then at 10 25 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, Sykesvllle, Monocacy, Harper's P-rrr, Marilnsburg, fir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg. Ketterman,F*rm ingtoo, Cameron and McundsvUle only, fcr wool ant water and meals. Both tfcese trains make prompt and regular conncction with the c?rs of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zsn'sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, sandasky, Tole-1 >, Letroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis, etc. Passengers leaving Caltlicore by the Mall Tr.'n: will reaob Cincinnati f->r dinner next day, while by the Express Train they arrive there at 12 the next night, being kept but one night on the route by either train Passangera for tfce Ncrlhwest via Cleveland and all intermediate points can make a direct ronneo tion with 'he trains upon thi Cleveland and Pitts burg Railrord at all times when the Ohio Is navigir ble for steamers between Wheeling acd Wellrville, by leaving Baltimore In the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Retnrring, the Trains leave Wheeling as follows: The EXPRkSS TRAIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. ra . reechlog Baltimore at 7 p. m 49"Through tickets by beat from Wheeling for Cincinnati, Midis >n. Lou-sville, St. Lcuis and other River Cities, ?iU be so'd at ?1 times when the stage of witter will admit. Mir Through tickets between Baltimore and Wasnington, and all the important cities and towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take ?,en?*era f^r all the u*uul stopping placae on the 'load Returning, this train leaves Wheeling at 11.45 midnight, _ jmberla&d at 10.16 ^ m., and arrives at Baltimore at 7 p m. ' THE FRKDE'iICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for F>"ederick and intermediate riaces, will s'art at 4 p. in., daily (except Sundays) arriving in Freder ics at 7.49 Ro'urnliig will leave Frederick at 9 a. m, arriving at Baltimore st 12 30. noon THE ELL1CJIT'S MCLL8 ACCOMMODATION will be ran dilly, (exc?pt Sundavs,) aa follows: Iy-eve Camden Station at 6 a m. and 3 p. m. L*are Kllcott's Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN A8 FOLLOWS: r !iaV 8 daily, exWpt Sunday, at t> and 8# a. m. XJ aad 3 and I p m. Co Suuiay at 6 a m and 5 pm. L-ave Baltimore al 4*? and 9 a m; and 6 and 8 pm. On Sunda7 at 4Jtf a m and 5 pm. The connections with Baltimore k Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leavlBg at 0 a si and 3 ' tor Philadelphia anl New York at 0, auJ 8^ am ecd 5 pm. For Auu' poil? at 8^ a in and 5 p m. For Noriolk at 3 p la. T. H. PARSONS, Agent Particu ar attention U called to the Rule requir ing a responsible voucher for any persou ef color who imy wi-h to pus ov.r the road. dec 13?dtf 0BANQE A5D ALBXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday/, Nov. 7, 1854, rpUE Cars l^ave Alexandria dally for Gordons X vilie and intermnliite stations at 7 if o'clock, a. m., oc the arrival ct the boat from Washington, g'Ting ample time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manasxas Junction with a train lor Stras &ur,r, at Wbrrenton Ja rticn with a train for War ronton, and at Gordonsville with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for RLhmond,Charlottes ville, anl Staunton The cars iaave Gordonsville daily for Alexandria and intermediate stations, at before 12, a. na., on the arrival of the trains o' the Virginia Central rail road from Uichmovd, CL<ur!cttesvi!le, and Staunton TMROCOII TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warren ton $2 00 " " Qordonsville 3 50 " " Chbxlotteavllle 4 25 " M Staunton 6 90 " " Sti-asburg 3 50 44 44 Lynchburg 6 76 44 44 Winohester 3 60 44 44 I uray 4 26 44 ?? New Market 5 00 " 44 Midileburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting wiLn the stages at CharlotteeTills, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the s ages at Culpeper, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat urday. Fcr Wlnekestsr dally, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Mlddlaburg daily, connecting with the stages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKRTT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. . On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. |Faw round trip $1; from Alex aulria 76 cents?The THOMA8 COLLYKR leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at o'clock. f'nachos leave the Capitol for the boat at 8J( o'clk. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the Oc&shes will leave thtlr resi de ice wit^ Geo. A Then. Parker. lUfrefdimenta on the boat. 0U 2m?dtf SAM'L GEDNWY. Capt TJI1C HEW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rpiIR SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINI AR1 1 THE? ATLANTIC. Capt. West PACIFIC, Capt Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Com stock, ADRIATIC, Capt Grafton. These ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every care has been taken In their construction, as in the Engines to ins are strength and speed, and their acocmaoda* tlons for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin 4130 road Cabin 70 elusive use of extra rice state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached io each ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or pa?ca*e apply to KDWARD k. COLLINS k CO., 60 Wall street Nee York. BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO, Liverpool. E. O. ROBERTS * CO., 18 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE kCO, 26 Hue Notre Dame des Tlctoires. Paris GEO. n. DRAPKR, Havre. The owners of iheee ships will aot be aoeountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atones or netals, unless bills of lading are sirned therefor, an] the value thereof therein expressed, nov 16?dly SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR 8AI P OR RENT.?Wo have In store "ur Piano. ,^ of Chlckfttog and two of Andre Steins, whicii we SnCsa9h' ?f *** n?lM' <* ^ o? ? New Music expected to-morrow morning XOHN. F. ELLIS, jan 4 90S Pa. u I [No. Mfc] lOTlOB OF KBITOftAIlOS And Withdrawal of certain Land* ?? Cairo and Fulton Kail road Grant %n Mt* tonri. Nonet IS HRSBT QIVIN. that la (MM qtMM of Um rtprwaUUMt of part of the delegation la Con grot* from tha State of MiMonri of* maUtftal ehtag* I* tb? supposed roots of the Cairo sod Fultom railroad la Mid State, heretofore uiuntd in withdrawing Unda from Birkit frr Um grant to uM rood and on their request that o> r tsln of eald lands aaouid ba released, aai others substituted in llan thereof, conformably to AM amend ad rcn a which i? direct and aituat-d ooni ld erabiy tenth of the cii routa; th? President, by hia order bearing date tha lat I.bmary instast, has directed that tha land* situated It tha tewuahipa hereinafter enumerated, which wcra withdrawn from market be hie order of tba 11th of ilaj, 18?3, acd thair reservation continued by public No 497, bearing date 23d Janua-y, 1854, for the Ca iro and Fulton rail read grant la the dtete cf Mis aonri, shell ba reitored 11 market, aad that certain other lends situated in towu-hlpa nam d below (Including a portion of the old rrlcioU icserration) situated within tha proba -ia limit* of tha grant ae oorllog to the rouieof s.dd road as amend d 'hall be eub<tl*-nted and r*erred f-om sale or entry ipr ? rmptton claima not evesptsd) unMl far her notice. Therefore all tha vacant lasts (abject to e?l? at JacitoN, Muaocu. which ware antyect to private entry at tha da'e ot withdrawal, end which hire cot alnce b eo pre exnt>t?d la tha following tcwu ?hipa, w.ll ?gaia be s abject t? priveie entry on and after the nineteenth day of Marr\ next. to wit: North of th* bate lint ard east of thefflh pr.ncipai m ridtan. Townahipa 21, 22,23 24,26, and 26. of raage 8 Towmhlpa 22 2J, 21, 25, 26, *7, an J 28, cf range 4. Towmhipa 22, 23, 24, 2?, 26, 27, 2?, S3, and 30, ol ranga 6. Townahipe 26, 26, 27, 58, 29, 80, and 31, of rang' 6 Townehipe 25, 2-5, 27, 2?, 29, 80, 8l,anlS2, ol rangaT, Township* 26, ?7, 89, ?9, 30, 81, 32, and 33, o( range s. Townships 36, IT, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, acd 33, of rawe 9. Townthipa 27,28,29, 30. 3', 32, and 33, of ran ge 110. Townahtp* 2*, 29, 30 31, 3*2, and 33. cf rang* 11 Town* hips 28, 29 80. 31. 3J, and 33, of range 1J s 2?, 30, 81, 32, aod -'<3 (t r?nj? 12 Town.hips 29. 30, 81, 32, and 24, ot range 14 Towmhipa 29, 31, and 32. of range 16 ALSO, Thit all he ]ands alt re ted in the saiii di<*tcict within the following coined townships will be rr ?wrTad from tale cr entrv (net ncrptlog pre enip dona) fjr the purpose atova t ptc'fisd until further Orders, via: North of the base lw' and east of the ff h principal Meridian TowoBbipa 21*, 21*, an 1 2t*, of ra?g<( 6 Townships 22*, 23* and 2t*. of rang--7 Townships 21*, 22*. 23', 24*, aol 25*. rf teBie 8 Tcwn?hii s 2i>, 21, 22. ?1, 24, end 26', oi range 9 Townships'i0, 21, 22, 21, 21,26, a:.d 2o*, of range 10 Townships 21, 22, 23, 24 25, 23, aad 27*, of rarg* 11 Town hiis 21, 22, 23, '24, 26, 26, aad 27*, o'racg 12 Tovnfhips22, 23, 24, 23, 26*, 27*, and Si* of range 18 Townships 22, 23, 24, 16", 2b* 27*, and 28*, o? range It Townships 23, 24*, 26*, 20*, 27*, and 28*, of rarge Townships 23, 24*, 25*, 2?i*, 27*, and 23*, cf range 16 Townahipe 24*. 2.'?*, 20*, 27*, ard 28*, of range 17 Townships 24*, 25*,*26?, and *?7*, of ranz? 19. All the townships marked thus * were included in the original reaerv*ti< n of ISoi Preemption claimant* entitled t> any of the ah ve caeotloned lands ?o he rtuicrrd to market on the mnetemth day if March next on settlements al ready made, cr which m\y hereaf'ter be m?di?, and al-so tho?e claiming within any of the ab^ve town ships withdrawn or coa ia ;ed to be r?*->*rved cn s t tlem^nts m*de p isr to ih? d^to rf tr.e prefes withdrawal will make pr<-of and p?v f>r the ram at the prici fixe! by 1 >w, within tw-lve months at ter th' date of the r respective ssttlem- n:s; ether wii*e their cla'ms wi<l be forfeit* 1. It Iff ?uggejtel that pre-emp ion elaimrrtr tr> lands within the tr.wnehi)-s to be reet red to priv?te enlrvahotill give notice it th-ir claims and tie th> pror-fi with the lan < ofa^er- before the day a( p tint ed for the restoration ot the linla, so a? to pro>ct th>ir claims fr m private ??ntry cn a?-d tfrer thit day. and prevent much difficulty and d- l?y. Girea u?>der m v haad, at the city of W*shingtci), thisa'.xth day of Ftbruiry, Ann < Domini one thou sand, eight hnnd-ed and h ty five. By order of the I'r -tident: JOHN WILFON, Comm'a/ioner cf G<n?ral Land uffi:e f?>b 8?law6w PKMK11YN ANOIHU.N JtAM t Kb:?May a beautiful aas rtnei.t i f thesa <*hmp and do table f.rticle*, at theesm*rcf Pnuneyiraaia aresn* and Tan th street, over ts# Washinp-ton Faring* Bank. RALPH UASKINP, lint 1*???f PIANOS!?PIANOS! WE beg leave to call the attention ot tha public to our stock of Ptnn?? now on hand, consisting of superb t"uu*h?'.< 6J4 and 6 i?ctave roae?r(K(d case stroments from the world renowned I " W M ? manufactori^a-of II llet, Davie Jk Co., Boeton, anu Knabe. <>a?-hle \ Co., Italtiinore, compri>-iug in ali the largest, inoet reliable and select ass-trtnient ever offered in this city. Alao, Htools. Cover", kc. Old Pianos taken in exchanre. W'e will make rea*onahV di-?counts for ca^h, or sell on lime. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street, jnn 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR TUP. CURRENT YMR. THE list is now open, and eiery subscriber ol $-5.50 will b- e:it tied to? I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T. Willniorc, A. R. A.,from the crigiual picturc by J. J. Cha lon, H. A., " A Water Party." II. \ Voluni< containing Unity Wood Eiicaviii*; illustrating subjects fiom Lord Byron's Poeci of " Childe Harolde." And III. The chance of GbtaHiniK one ?f the prizes t>? he allotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? The r gilt to select for himself a valuable work ??? art from one of the public exhibitions. J?tatutt>*s in bronze of her Majvsty on IL.rseback, by T. Tln>r neycroti. L'<?p?e.- in iir.n.ze, from au orizinal Mod? I in relief by R. Jefferson, of ?' Tin- Cutry of the Duke of Wellington into Mauud Staiuttes in porcelain or parian. Proof lni;;i -^ion* of a large Lithograph, byT. II. Magulre, ;itt? r the original picture by \V P. Frith. R. A., " The Three B< ws," from Mo liere's 44 B mrgeois G?-ntilhomm?." Honorary Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR S. MAURY, Booksellers. jan 24 I No. 588.1 NOTICE OF THE DISCONTINIHNCE Oftht United States land office at Jejfersonvdle, fin rennet and H'inamac, Indiana. UNDEH the provisions of the second section of the act of Congresa, approved June 12, 1840, which declares "thuV-whenever the quantity ot pub lie la<ids remaining unsold in any land district ?hall be reduced to a number of acres less than one hun dred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to discontinue the land office for such district; and if any land in any such dtstrict shall remain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land office, the same shall le fcubject to sale at some one of tlu- existing land of fic? s m<?*t convenient to the dtstrict in which the land office shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;" and inasmuch as the 7lli section ol the act approved 4th Sept mber, j?U, authorizes the Secret ry ot the Treasury to cot.unue any land district in w hich Is situated the seat of government if my one ol the States, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold in sucli district may not amount to more than oue hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion such continuance may be required by public convenience or in order to close the land system in such State at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, lb40, end inaa ?? uch as the duty ahove required has been devolved upon the Secretary of the Interior hy (ttAe act to e* ablish the Home Department," approved 31 March. 1849: Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view cf reports from the land officer* at Jef? ersosvillk, VisctHsrs, and Winamac, that the vacant land in each of ?aid districts is reduced below one hundred thousan-i acrea, the Secretary of Ike Interior, u ttb the approbation of the Prendent. has directed that the land offices at JErrcjtsoNviLLi, Vincenxes and WinaMap; in the Sim- of Indiana, be discontinued, and the Innda remaining unsold at the time of the disconuntiance be made subject to sale at the land office at iMniAMaFOLia, the seat of eovenmieut ol aaid State. Lands remaining 'unsold, and uapprcpriated by law, and subject to pr vaio entry within ttic limite of the distriots now discontinued, wi.I cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices, from the date ol the receipt of thi? notice by the n g ?tt-rs and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Indi an a poli a will give public notice of the day on wh;ch they will be prepared to receive applications for entries of any such land* at their office. JOHN V. ILSON. Commissioner of General Land Office. Jandaey 25, 1855. jan 29?2aw6w NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale at HILBUS k HITZ' Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob Hilbua, Esq., by J. E*p?a, embellished with a beantiliil and roct likenesj of the veteran tuner. w Price 25 cents. Tue trade supplied on very liberal terms. feb 6 tf ALA"RpE LOTOP FLAX SEED JustTeceivei and for sale by x SAM'L BACON fc CO., (hbl5?lot Oorner Seventh at. and Pa. ive. PNUDflfHSA A0ViRIISEVENT8> BNIDEB8 WIBBB AT PHILADELPHIA* TORI V.IIIDBR,IM(rtBinMfcittM Q former old eotablbhed ITW AUr, oDaCOB MlflDMJL Jr^ Mo. 71 Walaat street, tow low Founh street, whore wm?iiti wtU be ismIM with WT*MB?A LIQUORS om the sort i i mmt datf ag Unu JACOB IIIDKE, Jr., A?*at for ho lB rorutiM of FQMMJGN ?Iff KM, OSee No. Tf Wot aut street, Philadelphia. where bo to prepared to OB of WtlM rweolve orders for the ?p? ciol IaportoUoa Ac, from varictu houses In Europe, to oaaatlttee oI o slagl* do (on and upwards; at 4 aloo solicit* for h.4 Bo^JOUl* VAUGHAN PMIER, tbs i and for ?o* All Wlnee ordered for WoAiagtoa will bo Ao Boarad by Mxpnmfrm frm?kt. Jo I?ly DOCTOR TOl'ESKLFt Till POCKJFT ASGULAPIUS: OR, START ONI HIS OWN PHTHOLAV. The Fiftieth IMa,wNI One hudnd Btrorly showing DUkki Bad lUi [>TD?tjDM of the HtaM System in every thtM tad form. To which l> odlod o Treatioe on tbe Dteeaaee of ftnalw. tn&f of tbo hkb e*t tmportaa-* tc aarritj p?o??le, or 'booa ontaxa plating b ar r l?f.. By WM. YOUNvJ, M. D. Lot bo fathar b* ufoaol to proeont b oo\j ot tha R8CULAPIO0 to his oh04 It Bay ?t? him tna >? rly grave. Lot ?o young nua or vcaai eater la to ta? secret obi 2?*.)oc/> of married Ifo wttRoal read! ik tbo POCKET ^SCTLAPIC* Lot ao om saflertng from a hackalod 0ou*h, PbIb la tha old*, raetlees rights, nrmtu fOelluga, Bad tbo wbolo train ot Dyspeptic eeneatiens, aod (d^aa ay by their phy tic*, an , be another Bwit, withorst Kcvalta^ tho 1WUUPIT8. Dora tbo married, or thooa about to be BBirlod bdj impediment, raod tbla traly ne? fol book, os It boa been the m< Baa oi eat )ng Tha a a and# ef unfortunate creatorm from tho vary iowa mi imth. ' Any p*noa sending TWENTY-FIVE OKHTA enclosed la a lotto?, will reooivo oao oopy of thto work by mail, or Ave copiea will ba aoat for Oao DoV itfo Addrem, Cyoat paid) DR. WM. TOUVA, No. Its Bpraoe stxo *. Philadelphia op H-ly saliiiiei ABJiifislilinr cioaACD ?. ixtti. OBjaaa d. inn D? SMITH A CO., Manufacturers aod T. Dealers ia AI.OOUGL. CA.MP1IKNR, KT1 IE RIAL OIL, Ac. No. 34 t?. CALV1KT 87K1RT. c? podto Wntor s^aot, FALTIMORS, til. [IDIA* DOCTOR. K. 8. 5PKXCE& OCtr* LU PrcfaslooBl serrlooi to tha dtiaoaa of "al ftaor*. I obd raxt all kind* ofOancrra takathaa ?nt without fB:.n. or tba a/? of any knife. I eaa w all kindf ?( fit* acd Spwcii, Rboumatie Palna. Wnmp toB, Drcp'y. t yrv*fO\?, PO??s PaWy, or *ny other alimoDt tho Loman family aro nqjwt tax Be can atop Bleadinjr frrta tha Lcnge or Km, aa? Jictanoa from the ratio at, by knowing tho patirafa aamo. I was born blind, and Laa ataJW i aororal f*n nn^or an Indian Doctor wbo vaa amoac tbi olid Indi_n<> tbirtovn yeara. DR. Fl'KNCiCR ha? r^morod from Mr. Backloy'a Boarding Coaw, to No. M, HANOTER PTRR1T, btu 11- tf haltimoro, Md AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. I.BTTHt HICK 111' aB THI 1 BCTH. Captaim Bemakiw.?Whrrrver known bis t??ti mony will be coi.cluaivo. Rut lest Ui<?se wbo do not know the Captain aliould be ecrptical, I?r. Daw. son k Bro., wiUi otbcni of thu b?*st known and idimC highly readable citizen* of Ba.?iMt, endorse bia wonderful curt by Hampton's vkgetabu tincture. .. Kaotos, Oct. 4, leM. Mrsrrs. Mortnr\er \ Mou-brc-,: Gtnt>ni( u? I lid it my outv lo >ou and the pub lie to certify to the effect* of (lamptou 'a Ve^i tattle 1 incture. I was lor more tluu five yeara laboring under a di^a^e ot Chronic Rb? umaiism, and the great part of that time i was so hH(?)<?*- t^at I b?d to be helped from i.iy l:rd end dressed in my cioCtea I becdiii?j reduced to a nivre ?kr|eton. All the med icinea i took done iix; no ir??od, and I eonunued to grow worse. I heard of Hampton's Tinctura and thought I would give it n trial. At tins time I did not expect to live one day after another. I did not take it (tiie ^ incture) for the hheurnsti*ui, but in ? -boa time C wan well ?.f that diaea?e. From Cw effects of your I met ore and Uie he!p of Uvd I am nnw getting in good hvaltli. I wwb all Uie affbeted to try Hamilton'a Ve?etaUo Tinetu.e, as f have d >ce. witii the taine effect it has on Your obedient t-crvant, Isaac Bkxjabib. We are acquainted uith I-aac Benjamin; told bun some of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and b^ deve the ?bove statement correct. Dawsok k Bao. Froni our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we aro confident that the above ^lateinent u true and un exagerated. J. a. Jornmiii, n i, . CltABLSa RoBiJiaoH. Lali anu get pamphlet* gr.itls, and ace curea of t-ough. Bronchitis, Rheumatism, N'euralcia, I?va pepsla, Nervousnesa and Geaeral WeaknAa. As a U urn*'" W f?r drhcaU: c^^eu we believe 8old by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Ralu more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. N. Vork Cn*s. Stott Co., J. 15. Moobb, I?. B. Clabbb Clabkk h Bowlimo, W. Eluot. and II. McPuaa f?"; \as,'V'ng^,n.i al"?' by R 8 F" ClM(Li George town, anI C.C. Berr/, Alexandria, and by Drug g'81" ^erywboe. janV-J* OOUGIIS, COLDS, nOARSKNESS, err,D.lll,,,f'? Wlwa Nlnutoa. TTZKRS COMPOUND GUM ARABIC STMUP. rriHE Ucrov.;ug demand for thia moat ptenant, ,f *"?? and afflcacioua remedy tor all pu.nion*rr dw? as?so, um ei;abl?d tho pro>ri?tor U< redooo tho pnee so as to plaee it * ithin the reach of all etow a. * .l?*?not"7 ot": 10^*lt "hnilar proparattona 1* at tested fc> usny ?ii?inont pbyaicLana who have bera ?ya WKaey.^a of ita ??c^cy whan tho usual mm*. HTe f\;:ed; ?J*0 fcy 1 boa-and of onr moot rw ?^oetabls ei-iaana a ho kava used it in tkeir ?amiliea *n?car" *ith **rn ***** one. r th^.1%ft 1ftntr daring which ported a:thvery Ilttla aid from advrtieing. Ac., It ha gradually reread rrppta'lon cvor the whole Cnioa. la cases of r*eent OcUit Coughs, //oarm<a ^l. .? 2' , 7 j ^out lr '?Wgg with diet or bwhaaa ot roKderin? ths system mors ausceptibie cf Colds. L, ^roticccaesy^^a, ^ ng c^jKoH^ Jircnchtfu, Afftdwnt of the Lvnot, and ''nnram ? ^on, it is always very b nefloial. aad eol loa fai.a ln to r?rfiaet a earo. o?? ? *?d M "St* a battle. _ 8uld whcl?*(e by I'a.trriia * Nairn. Stott A Oou SiiS&iSk, Kj!S!!Sfb; r"! 1 ?? a r^!T' T-* ~ ?*5, CjSSDJ DROtM a competition tc the above, but in a niu.r rortablj fcm; ?i el#ar a> throw ud vol a, they conka.u r.o injurioaa dni2 ara n*rtt<*> larly reec-r^uiended fcr children frauMfl/7r T* 1 in? 13^ and 36 cents per bci. SS-U Bi5dt Drog C?B^7 Stereo. SOMETHING NEwT ,CN P<jx*8YLTA iANKW CLOTHIKQ ?SSa Ninth at:ae's tas^rS!T! iSSR?i?SSSL^ , ?tn a i ? a POUR IUAJV I.n^ JU?-Bueb * C^tUsg Sto:e aabas loai been Jib^AtaEtea. rfi. oiS U 2L cash, and o.ti raic* osit. . 12^tlV WooUtn ?*t he will tell for In. ?r! 7 wict#r PW?ti?, well lined, for tl 2i; SKftLrt woreoat#, and resta, in proportion Ooodwool tndofton under hirU, hofcierv gl-veo. ** > ch?rW thaa the a77lf-^r ,Lookine Glaaaea, 255 O VL *** an qu*i,ly' P,enob or Oerman plate, ..ItJiS? K",C1 ??bl. top Or.mic-1 m-tde t) order. o.d ntDdBd wi,h dec ?JJ?5 V* RTfnu*' opp^irkiwd^liaoo. C?ALL^r?n^D LAB0RING MEN? S vartu- ?IN? LOrS of 10 or more, la r ??ll?DlBIO STO 1 E int. -f ? _ LLOYD A 00. I? 28-W ^ cpp. Troooary DepaxtaeaL ^HARLEI itAliilS, Arthltocl. ( 0r^*' TenU and LUvenXK W WasHiNeroH, ?. c. feb l-?if

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