Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1855 Page 3
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KV''NING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. - - - CaiJtACTBKisTics or Til Ajokicui Pbo fl? ?0. P Baldwin, E <|., delivered * lecture on thit subject on Maaday evening at the Smithtonian Institution. Ht oommeooed by No twt people have so little idea of eaoh other as theee of the North and South The popular idea entertained by Southerners re S"fiF#:h? Y'nke? *?? Physically, ha it ? ^ faced, long. lank, and okinny* ha i> prone to talk a great deal, and that through I hu no*: ha is very fond of cod fish, onioft pork and molastet, new mm. and bad eijrars he it temperate, became be is too economical ?jSSe of k" a th* c&n??ntr?M es*enoe of selfiehness, he does not hata others, he only lores himself more. il# fd in old times from religious persecution, to tha rocky shores of Plymouth, and there ereetad an wUh 1Lb#rty' *n<1 conteernted it with tha blood of akinny witohet and haratieal quakert. The part* of the Bibla he lovet mott, treat of tha sharp dealings of Jacob with Laban. and he laughs as ha reads of the good bargain he made wl:h Esan, and than goes South to find some Esau to plaj Jacob with himself. His love of money predominate! overevery thing aita; ha has no poatieal sensieilitlec; all faaling in him is utilitarian ; if ha had tha remodeling of ereation. tha clouds would lose :aeir fantastic shapes and colors, and cease to rove la tha heavens, except as they want straight to that tract of country that naadad a shower, and than Usoharge their contents with the precision of a water-pot; tha shells would all ba of ona oolor, and of tha best a -sal ity for tha manufacture of lime; tha moun tains would ba levelled, and the valleys filled UP.t^e earth would ba ona vast plain, which he would oover with two story brick nouses, all of ona site krd pattern, and their inmates weald ba forced on pain of death fo subscribe fjr tha New York Tribune He cou.d aboct at soon compase an epic poem as eould a staaaa ecgiaa. Ha can deliver a pane gyric on the Star Spangled Banner, and then tall you bow much it e?*t a yard. He it verv en^oaisttic, bat there ij a method ia Lis mad ness Ba would send an immense army to hnrope to inculcate free principles at the point of the bayonet, as he would have a en ansa to sapply the armt, ammunition, and clothes of the army. Nona were more enconr aging to koasuth than be ; yet when the sim pie man **nted "material aid," they st<H>d aloof, and all he got from them was 40,000 old mutkets which never "went tT' till they left tbe I ni ted States |Langh'er] The Yankee is raeard;d as very inquisitive about everybody't busineci bat bit own Ha is a walking interrogation point. Hit valor never gets the batter of hU diecretioo, and he don t gat into a row without knowing that he opponent in a foot raee. He Ij fa" of isms especially abolitionism, and would be glad to see the cotton fields which tupply his factories destroyed, their owners massacred in cold blood and the South turned into a desert, in order that his pot hatred slavery?might no lecger exist. He eloeed this part ef the lecture by an ex tract from a Somb Carolina novel, in wbiob the hero told himself to the devil, bat ceuld obtain hi* release by substituting twenty-five others in hia place He advertises for substi tntas. and two hundred Yankees make their f0",6*!"? ?ak?d???h?'t terms they will part with their souls, the spokesman expatiates on the ines'imable worth of the ???!. and won t take lets than $lu ia specie. [Great laugh cr ] llis purchases are loTkcd up, and in lets man an hour each of the twenty-five bss made about $10 by "swappinr'' jicketa. The devil, on hit appearance, won't release the puirhsser, for he claims each of the \ ankees at his own property, and analyses their souls and shows them to be compounds of cunning, cowardice, knavery, and tha reel the quintessence of codfish and new ram [Laughter j He now rated that though thit wit the way in which a Yankee was regarded intne South the caricature was sa bad that it bore no re ITT t0. V *nk#a There wat no people who did not love money, and who always minded their own business. The Yankee U good at a bargain, for bis country is so bleak and sterile that he is constantly at war with nature, in order to eke out a liviag. with the strictest economy and indastry; to that he beeame ?sharp practitioner natarallj. There are ab.htiomsts and spirit-rappers amonz them; but there is alte a cititan soldiery who will present their bayonets at the Lreastt of their own ccantrymen when called on by the Government, aJ did the twelve hundred at the renditioa of Burns; and to tay that this citi *en soldiery diaapprovei of his return, is but f# v-**p t#,b ?n for their course Ir >iew England ban produced a Theodore Parker, she hat alao produced a Webster, the echo of whote name will drown the feeble ranting of the fanatic. He denied the alleged penuriousness and coward tee of New Englandert. The idea has bwn Jorivoi from the conduct of trifcliog elock pedlars, who are co more representatives of New England spirit than MurreJl and hit gang are rapresentaMvet ef tho South Ihe North it not a fertile country?all that u accumulated, it gained by hard labor, and they know the worth of their money But they are not by any meant st:agy ; they give with great liberality to all benevolent inati tutions of tha day. both public and private This may be called enlightened self-interest,' but it would ba nbtter for the South if she shared it The Yankees have been ealled cowards, because they do not hold to the to called oode of honor; but neither did the Bo mans nor Greeks, and they were not called eowards. Be it educated to contider dueling at murder, and reeort to that meant of settling a quarrel, aa feolish as it is wrong But be thev what they may, they ease of good stock, and from the eld roandhaads of the stsrn Cromwell, whose motto wit, "Trust in God and keep your powder dry '? If they have inherited tlie grim and unlovely traits of the Puritan character, it cannot be denied that they have also inherited his stern valor He now reviewed Uie oonduet of the Yankees through the old Precoh and Indisn wars that of tba Revolution, and that of 181J, '15' and the Mexioan war, and satisfactorily cleared them of that charge He did not believe that New England wat nurtured by the Pederal Government, bat that, like a plant on the bare surface of a reck, it hat throve by iu own native energy, agaiLSt tha policy cf the Government; her eons had covered the seas with their commerce and when action of the Government almoet ruined them, they did not gire up the gravet and battle-fitldt of their forefathers?no, their energy forced out cew channels ; thev turced their attention to mannfsotures and toon the J and resounded with the rattle of the shuttle and tha clang of tbe haciiner. Prosperity returned, and their energy was rewarded/ The character ol the donlherner waj as much mistaken at tha Norih at that of tha Yankes at the South. Ho is regarded at effeminate and imbecile; iu hie money mat ure extravagant, very arittceraUe, a->d can traoe hie genealogy back to tbe time of Wil liam the Conqueror, and it one of the ?' P. F. i V.'t " No one belong! to a 3econd-rat? family in \ irginja, hut the Yankee don't know who hie gvaadfather. In hit eradle, the young Virginian it amuaed with a smtll cowhide, with which he la<hee bit tawny nurse, and a miniature revolver, with which he ctiforoet hit demands for nourishment on the materntl breaet. On the slightest provocation, he whipe his slavec to death, and nangs up their skele tons in tbe field to awe the feathered and un? leathered erowt. In order to keep hit aim true, that he may kill hit man in a duel, he occasion ally tries his hand on a Yankee school master ; and he mutt have killed eeveral in order to ba eligible to Cengreet. He regu larly attends the raoe-eourte and eock pit, end earet nothing fer religious exerci-ee He hat no profee*iou but polities, and hit business is to lay on his baok, with a cigar in one hand and a mint julep is the other, and think cf hit great forefathers, read the resolutions of and sell his niggers [Great laughter ) Ha it verv proud of his birth, and very sorry for thoee who bad the misfortune to be born owt of the State. He it very magnanimous, too, in not boasting of hit birth; merely tpeakt of it, end leca the feet, like a patent of nobility, take ante of iiaalf. He it at deHeate in tpeaking ef birth before e Yankee, aa be It of speaking ef e rope before a friend, whote WlhUve tool a /tut tint for the other world, stood onnothing aad kicked at the United ^ lough ter] Virginia woman are regarded aa onlw fit company for "Know Nothings," do-nothing ??d good for-nothings. The State is thouSt to be behind the tiies, ud tU laidt?*L worn oat bj negro l5o,.. lMd t0 ?v TI!V i* thaM idea* as in .rL.fwftr. tt' *??! character of the South Srr'Jnf^ I naad notdieouss; ?2i Wi!L"7 **?* *? PO?M. tha moat in tense patriotism, that ho is unselfish, and haa , ? tni* raapaot at hoart for woman. Tha lot of bis servants ia easy and comfortable, aad bo baa a high raapaot for all religions ob servancee. As to tha daughters of Virginia, I am not competen/ to attampt thalr vindica tion. Thair livas are their boat oology. [Ap plause | As to slavery, tha people of the South have given more to emancipate alavea than all Sog land did for the emancipation of bar West India negroes, and than all that the North and East has given toward benevolent objects In regard to the love of Virginians for their great anoestors, be reviewed many of the reasons that caused that love, oiting man v of those men. and1 saying that it was the exalted character of the women of Virginia that brought forth snob men as Washington, Jeffer son. Henry, and Marshall. I*' d?t!"i?9 alIe?,d degeneracy of Vir ginia; if her State was not properly improved, it was because she had been so much concerned in federal polities. She had sent her great men to Congress, whilo the North hadTiept herj at home to attend to State affairs, v/r ginia is no# waking up; bar internal imnaove meats are progressing, her sons are looking at home, so that now there oan be no doubt that her future wUl be as glorioas as her past, and that she will prove worthy of her founders He taid the great hope for the preservation of the I nion, In spite of the dark clouds that lowered ever it, was that the people of North and South should learn to know each other batter. He closed by jcpreoating such an event in the most eloquent language, and said "If the country is faithful to itself, that dark day i? far in the distance If we bat do oar duty, the last sunset of creation will see our tlag still flying, and the morning stars shall ??*>K together on the morning of the milleniurc forj>y." Air Baldwin is a speaker of great ability, and has a vein of sparkling wit us wali as over whelming eloquence Dbstritctive Fiuc ?The residence of Hon. Thomas H. Benton, situated on C street, be tween 3d and 4i, was destroyed by fire'yes terday afternoon, together with nearly all of the furniture, the library, and, most unfortu nite cf all, the manuscript papers of Mr | Benton If the reservoirs had contained water enough the front building might have been uved bat the water gave out, and when the engines were taken to the canal, it was found to be covered with ioe beneath which than was not enough water to cover the sucking pipes of the apparatus. While seeking for water the firemen were defeated in their kind labors by the freezing of the hose, making it impos sible to force water. At twelve oWk last night a large crowd of citisens and firemen were doing what they could to prevent further detraction. The adjoining houses were in imminent danger; and wa learn that the fur niture of Rev Wm. MoLain was seriouslv ic. jured by removal. The Intelligencer of this morning says "Mr. Ben'on arrived from the Capitofin a brief time, and at once asked respecting his books and papers One of his daughters/who had taken retuge at Col Fremont's, one of the adjacent dwellings, replied, 'We have saved nothing.Jother, but ourselves; jour papers are l>st 'Tben let the house burn on,' said Mr. Benton, in an apparently calm manner; and Cor a time he continued to look on the ,cena mth more concern for the men who were at work, encased in icy armor, than for any in teresihe might be supposed to possess in the perishing property." The following card from Mr. Benton tells his own itory: A Card ?Mr. Benton returns his thanks to his neighbors, the fire companies, and the | numerous citisens who came to the Mlief of his house when on fire yesterday, who did all that could be done to arre?t the flames, and to save took*, papers and furniture: but tho mischief was done before it was known to have begun. It is now ascertained that the fire had boon going on for days and arose fr m a defective ehimnev in a new part of the I.J?'^wyed the oontents of theoffice before it was discovered. On Sun day Mr B.'s youngest daughter, whose room was above his own. told him that her room was sometimes filled with smoke which came from no fireplace; but it did not occar to him that some wooden work oommunicating with the chimney might be in a smothered state of bur D~n*' , ltott hi* bouse at 11 o'clock yesterday (Tuesday) to go to the House of Represeuta l tives. carefully putting out the fire as he al j ways did. An hour-after his eldest daughter was in his office, and was astonished at the warmth of his room, seing that the fire was eLtirely out, and the day was uncommonly cold, bat left it, closing the door. | The first discovery of the fire was from seeing the smoke issuing from the orevices of the ??8?'MP4td tbe adjoining It. His ? f*1 * opened the door but firelna smoke filled both rooms, and they found the oontents in a state of combustion | They had to retire to save their own lives, and .ome kind persons who attempted to save the w#r? ?o>rched and almost suffocated [The great mischief was already done, the house could not be saved, bat it is a coa-olation that the adjoining homes of tbe neighbors and that r f.? V?mo.nt preserved In the name of bu whole family, Mr. Benton returns bit thank* to bis kind neighbors for their offers of | rooms and shelter, and for comfortable lodg ings hospitably tendered to him elose by the smoking ruins. Asotukr Firk.?This morning tho com panies were again called to the ruiaa of tbe dwelling of Cot Beaton. While at work there a fire broke out In the frame building at tbe I corner of Eighth and D streets, used as ba*ber and eooper shops The bailding was soon do I stroyed, without doing much injury to the ad joining property. The firemen tried to bo serviceable; but it was a long time before I voter oould be obtained, ana when obtained the hose were spoiled by its being forced through them, they being frosen. We have not learned what the loss will amount to We notioe that the hose carriaAh and en gine of a company from Alexandria passed through our streets towards the neighborhood | cf the fire, at too late an hour, though, to ren ?er any assistance Wo anticipate they will ave a warm and generous reception from our 1 firemen and oitixetfgenerally, this sfternoon. / Mstbopolitas Fair ?Yesterday afternoon the Fair was visited by a large number of ju veuiles, from tho Third district first prima y school, St. Peter s Sunday school, aad the Preebyteiian school. They appeared to enjjy tberv.zxi tmmm m ,1!C 4 . I sires greatly in different ways, some by playing on the pianos and singing, ctbera by stroJhng through the hail, and viewing the viewing the several novelties In the evening I there was another largo crowd who prome naded to tho excellent music of tho band. Aiipal CosvBRBRca.?Tho Annual Confer oooo of tbo Methodist Protestant Church will I convene In a few days, and we presume that tho Rev. 1). K. Reese, who has teen so popu lar since bis residence in this city, will be re moved to some other station. Though tbe members of the society bore would bo pleaimd to retain him, they will conform to the laws of their charch, which requires the ministers to be itinerant A Haxdsokb Sara ?Wo gave a description of some of McFarlaad's safe the otber dty, deposited at tho Fair. Our attention baisince bean called to one, of his manufacture, whieh had pasted our vigilant eve |t is a splendid pieee of workmanship, and presenta aa elegant appearance. It is marbleiaed, has iron pan e'.a, aad is silver mounted. It is perfectly fire and damp proof; aad is suitable for trade or family use. ?? ANKwMiuTanrCoM#a*r.?We understand that soma of oar enterprising young men have formed themselves into a military company, under the name of the "Washington Grenadier Guards. It will be oomposed entirely of peMOM of and over six feet ia height, and will no doubt prove a great aoqaisitioa to our cltiseu soldiery, ? access to thea, say we. OaOtOATlOW ?Tfc? Rev M. D. Coo'/fay will be ordained jaator ovor the Pint Unitarian Chur^tkie avowing A plaee will be pro. vtdod for tko olorgy of tko oitj, who areea peeially invited to be present The public are respectfully invited. The sorviow will ooMmenee at 7* o'clock, p m , andwUl be ? follow* : Invocation and prater bv tha R*? John W?iM. of N.. B^iort M^Lhu^U pr?j?r bj |h. Rer J. p, Moor., of oiro "wn; r^ing of the Scriptim by tba Rot ran ?LPhilTadi!lphJk5 Hr bob by the Rot. John WeJis; ordination ^ f , Dr. Fumoss; charge to the pastor by the Rev Dr. Barnap, of-$alti niore; right hand of fellowship by tba Rer ?gn! Brwk'JB? New York; ad dre* to the society by the Kit. Dr Furness Conway th* pMtor' th* R?r- M L>. Escapb op Pbisombbs ?Yesterday, two porsons armed ia thia city from Baltimore *9^EffMe: jrssrssi for the arrest or possession of Irwin and Hew jVn.i V gtm? plajers, who were arretted I I.?? ' J1;1 fiDM- After eoobrity had been obtained for their appearance at the next term ot the criminal oourt, they were do Iivered iato the hands of the offioers, who carried them from the prison. A number of our oounty officers want to the depot toaoe them off There ihey aaw the offioora but no prisoners; and whan they asked for the pris oners they wero told that they had broke loose and outran the eftoers The gentleman who gave us this information says that the, Baltimore papers wero issued on tba oath of an offioer named Smith, and the secarity was 1 entered in the name of two of oaf county officers, Kimball and Mulloy. A fit Words op Coobsbl?While words of regrot for the loss of Mr Banton's Taloable papers are falling from the lips of every iD. .telli;ent; person in this community, and per haps in this oountry, we trust that wa may be pardoned for making a practical and not un prcfltable remark suggested by this occur rence For one or two hundrod dollars mar be purchased a beautiful article of furni ure from which valuables esnnot be abstracted by Oiieres and in which papers cannot bs burnt ? W? allude ta Iierriog'a Safes, of which such;] admirable specimens may now be seen in the Exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution Not only evsry store and plase of business' but every spacious dwelling should contain one of these aocure depositories of the records and other valuable papers and precious things of every establishment. The reader is re ferred to an advertisement in another oolumn hi'tlhgnneer. . ^ Madiqak k Bartow's Cibccs Compart On to-morrow evening, this admirable coml P.^y tb#ir P?rf^m?nces in this 01t.y tw" NJat,?n%1 Th**tr? Among than will be found the very best equostriaD talent Rose Madigan, a beautiful girl, not more than fourteen yean old, is decidedly the most graoe ful female rider we hare ever seen, being able to go through a greater variety of positions on horseback than almost any one els? Master Madigan is a wonderful rider, astonishina every one by bis daring acts. The perform ances of the four clowns, Myers, Long; and the elder and young Carlos, should alone suffice to draw crowded houses. Managers or the Washington National Monument Association ?We learn that the , old, and we think only legitimate Board of Managers, of the Washington Rational Monu ment Associatson, at their last meetin* held yesterday, decided to hold on to their position as managers, and propose to submit Kie whole matter to the decision of th* Ci-cuit Court it being the opinioa of some of our ablest jurist that the court Rill sustain the old board. Stealing Clotiies ?This morning a war wd b.J Ju?ti0? c,?rk to the arreet, of Charles Martin, chargad with stealing a ooat,pants and shoes, from along boat, leaving bis own instead. - 8 n?-ITfc,Lr? ?T"KRS-The 0r**n hoP?? that I now the river is open, the oysters will flock in. Lively oysters they have there. R*TCRN8 ""Last night there were throe lodgers in the guardhouse?discharged Curtis Rathbon. vagrant; workhouse 60 days. ALEXANDRIA CORRR3POHDX2TCX. WentA*r and Navigation ? Anutrnunti? Jfr f ^ft'? lh'aire?Dtx'a L'rture? Ladtet Fair?Strmon?Council Meeting. Alexandria, February 28, 1855. Another fine bracing day greets us this morning, and the long cold spoil has almost blocked up the Potomac. However, the Georga Page has not intorrupUd her trips on th? ferry route between Alexandria and the District. Seldom has Alexandria been able to offer to the sojourner a greater variety of agreeable entertainments than were presented last even ing. All our public halls were occupied, and places^110* ID"etings ho,J in ^"ious other The spacious saloon of Liberty Hall, which for some days past has been metamorphosed a 'UtFerb u"P|e of uiagio, gathered a large audience within it- walls, all of whom came there bent on finding out by what mar velloua means Heller could woik these strange sleight-of-hand tricks and wonderful transfor mations. After the Professor had made the audience disbelieve their own eyos, and hav ing satisfied them that the pleasure, doubt "P1' *n b*ing cheated as the cheat itself, concluded the entertainment by dis. tributin^ the gifts which he had announced for the occasion. ?i! W"h'D?ton Hall Theatre a fine audienoe witnessed the play of tho Honeymoon, and the SK ? ?oril Wi?k? The comicalities ot John Weaver brought down the house L^c#Tm.Ut!! Pentad * scattered au dience, Mr. J. A. Dix lecturing on tha Spanish dominions in America. The leoture is highly oomm ended. J Sarepta Hall is nightly thronged by belles ladiuB 0f the M?thodiat Epis copal church South holding a festival there everything cseful or ornamenUl is displared in the moi. tempting style The usual semi-weekly lenten leotures are continued at St. Mary's ohurch. *** littlJhMl fath?r" >n Council, but did little bn.'iness worthy of note. Ami. ff~7*PAlNTa AND oils. " 4 !?>?? Wki:? 1000 $?Jton? I.iu****'! oil *? fouy!u ss&sr suar- J*p'n 2?^? POUD'l* Lltli tr;? ?i,1 K?.l Ud 1 AwO poiiuli UrouuU ColorM <?0 b?*r. Wladow flku, all cwlor* t b?rr?U Qlne f-I!? WUI ^ ?0,', ,ow tor rwh. Xty UILMAV. ft f* rSEMIL'Ald AT THE KA.1US ? WHITKlilTDdT-a ? tuxraph*, 6t^r?oarn|>?? auJ D?xu?rr?o?rpe? exliiUtoil * *1*0 "?'?Ivo'l two M*iaia at tli* Workl'a i , Ai?"t * ?' Pry?l?l P.laca. N?w Turk. TW?SM? *W ?f tL* M*ryU-1 tuMlimu hr thraa ogVats' a" '??'* *AD* OLOTBIMO PUB OajfTLBMEN AND NOAHWALKMA ?i*1UUlat.tUrr1 wlU> ****** ?-U?-?Qr. br * v" n . ^ ' Browao* HoUl. Their atock ?brao tlyi PaUlot or S?ru>ol Ovarcoat, Ortriaclu aliapad ^TT*,iWmciJ *u4 hlu* Dra?? OoaU, 'aaUiouabla colore Pt*"'m~r " ? nth Y^^-*f,-*n> 0 y???ln?ar Panlalooua. Por tba . yonth Jackata, Fiata, Vaa?a, Ovarcoau, Sc. A. th.r art t air ??i ?aatfcetoia thajr ara enablatl and will aalt >i lowaat prloaa. KUtru of aupariar St. Uullari ||hm ltas, Ac., u# lata njlaa al waj I oq Iiu4. 4wc k Maculae Ooafli, ipradaat ata of M?r?*ry, feo Bad Idna haa a*a? kM> Slaoo*arad which haa aCwtad aach oaraa a* Cariar'a gptmih Mixtara. Throat dtaaaaw ptwUecad by aallvallo*, Uaoklof Ooajfb, RromctiUI Affactloua, Llvtr Ulaaaaa, Naaralfta, aad Ehau ?atUm, hava all b*?u raltavad and carad Ta a wondarfhl attun?r, by tba (raat puriBor o( tba Mood, Oartar'a HpanUh Blxtara. Tha aa?e at Mr. T. B. Eaaaay aloaa aha aid Mtlafy any wlio d '?M. Call ob tba Afaat aad procara a paatpblat, coutaiulu^ cur??, which win aftoaad yoa * Mm kdrarUaamaDt. arrti SatLunaToa raoairaa aU tba aaw Book* and Row* fopara aa faat aa pabllabad. Ba 1? a?aat for Harpar'a aad all tha othar Macaataaa, and oar raadara will alway* Bad a Urga aad coo l ataortmaat of Blank Books aad BUtloaary at hla Bookxuira, Odaaa Sattdlac. oor Pa. avaaaa aad ot. LAW PARTNERSHIP. SLTRR.MECOUBT OFTHE UNITED 8TATB8. EOQGBT j. WALKER and LOPIB JANIH have farmed a e partnership under the name oi "Walker aad Jaain,"tt>r the^rgameat of case* la Ike Supreme Court ?f the Uafked Bute*, at Wa*b inftoocur, wheie both will a^end throughout the future whioh of that coart. They may he addreaaed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleaaa. jau 1? Wants. WANTED-AT THE MANSION HOUSE in Alexandria, Va, a Head Waiter. To om | well qualified good wafts will be given. Ieb3??4f A Q. NEWTON. WANTED?TWO YOUNG MEN TO ASSIST in a dairy. Thoaa who understand milking, and are capable of taking charge of a Hone and Wagon. Good reference! required as regards hon esty and sobriety Address "O P," City Post Office, post paid. fdb WANTED?A NURSE FOR A CHILD ONE month old. A Middle aged white woman de sired. Apply at Mil Thirteenth street, comer of B ^.-entrance on B. feb 98?2t* A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN WANTS animation as plain Cook,or would have no objection to take a chamber maid's place, or to do washing and iru-ing in a respectable family. Can be seen at second door to John Foy's Hotel, New Jersey avenue. feb 87- 9t* WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND ironer. Apply immediately at 5It M street between 9th and lOtb. feb 96?3;* WANTED-TO HIRE A SLAVE, WHO IS A good cook, wa.?her and ironer. Address Doi 174 Washington City Post Office. f.b?-3t* Tor Bale and Kent. Furnished rooms for rent. E.iquire at MRS. LAMB'S, No. 903 Pa. avenue, next to cor. 15th st. feb S?-3f Furnished house for rent?That com rations House, No. ^9Q II street] containing eleven rooms, with bath room, gas fixtures, kc., completely furnished in every particular, is for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th street. feb 93?tf Furnished house for rent?The mb acriber will rent hi* house with the Fur .i urc, and the stable, to a careful and punctual tenant No. 405 Thirteenth street, Letween Gand II. It may be examined a?.d the terras ascertained at the house. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. feb29-tf CIIAS. HUMMER. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry G^ods Groceries, Itc , to*be stored, will find ample ac commodation* in the large, airy, ting stone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star oifice. corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. * jan 31?tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a kin all and well cultivated . Farm in Fairfax couuty, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, ] corner of Rridge and Congress sts., No. 8 7. feb 6?tf HOMES FUR ALL.?lleautifulty aud beaiUuiy located Building Lots, 24 feet f>ont by 130 feet deep, orj graded streets, can, ipitll spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $7.>, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellow*' Hall. jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. X AND FOR SALE?I will sell at nutyic cale, at I ^ Mr. Thomas Grime.*' 8u?re, in Spalding's dis trict, on the 10th day of Maech next. ensuins, one bund! ed acres of land, more or less, 30 acres cleared and a portion in grain, the balance well timbered. This lot adjoins the lands of Thom?j Grimes, Dr. I*. H. Heirkell. and Dr. Gnnton, highly estimable neigh bors. There is a portion of meadow land very de^i , rable, finely wnterod?the distauce from Alexandria is about three and from Washington six or | seven. There are good situations f.-r gardening. The f-ale to commence at 19 ?'clo< k. Mr. Grimes will show the Int. or the subscriber. WILLIAM TOLSON. Prinee George County, Maryland. feb 12? IjWI tfarie [The Weekly Sun, Ra|t., will copy once a week until 10th March, and forward one cony each wenk to Mount Welby Po?t Office, Prince George consity, | Md, and fo'ward the account to the iubseriber.] FOR RKVT OR SAL1 ON REASONABLE TERMS? A two sto y frame House, with bhdjc building, containing six rooms, on 13J^ street, between B and C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-etory Frame, wiili basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sto. west. A three-*tory Frame, v.-itli Lsok building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th rts. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME? W BARKER, on II rreet north, between 12tli and 13th sts. west Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON fc KING, feb 7?eotf George.own. Boarding. M RS. IIKWKTT, No. 473 Sixth street, between D and E, has three or four fine rooms' wiik.ii she will rent with or without board, on rea sonable terms. feb 96? 3t* BO AUDI NO.?A lady having taken the h::nd some Dwelling, No 3, Union l(ow,on F street, between 6ih and 7ib, can offer fine lsrge rooms for families, either lurnished or unfurnished Also, has rooms for gen Iciueu much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms feb 21?2w SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL be Raffled fur as *oon as the requisite number of Chances have been taken, the fol lowing spiend d and costly article:-, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold l'a(>er VVeigiit. coi.tarong an Automaton Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, uio->t beautifully decor&icd and adorned with enamelled Paintings .$1,600 2-1 Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, .icbly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel... i\t> 3d Prize. Oue Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painting i n Enamel.. 120 4th Pnze. One Uents Full Je?eled Patent Lever (with Compensator) coll Hunting Watch J0j | 5th Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased 00 Total value .. $2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffle will take place at llilbus k. Hitz' Mu sic Depot, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and lltli ttroet, where Tickets car be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of possessing tome of the mo?t superb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, have ] now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such at an extremely low price. Call and examine for yourselves at the Music A pot of HILBUS fc HITZ, Star Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. hi. and C p. in. feb 7-tr PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PKOSPERI bo*- leave to in form his friends aud forme.- patrons that band has been fully re organized and is now under hit* direction, and he is filly prepared a band of the most Scientific Musician* in ih? city, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, flic., at the slinrttkt notice possible, by ap plving to FREDERICK PROSPER!, Leader,C11A& PROSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS St HITZ'S Mu , sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'B, opposite the Cariisop, Garrison street, Navy Yard. feb 12 ?3m* FOR THE MECHANICS1 FAIR AT WASHINGTON. THE THOMAS COLLYER WILL make regular trips to the above Fair ] commencing on Tuesday, February 2lHh. Boats fare I2j{ cents tacit way. Coaches will tnke persons from and to the boat. | Fare 6 cents. Leave Alcxandiia at 6^ p. in. Leave Washington 10* p. in. SAM'L GEDKEY, Captain. Alexandria, Va., feb 20?d Nile?' register for american state Papers.?A compl te set of Nilea' Register, 76 vols, or any other Books will ^e given in exchange for the '< American State Papers" and *' American Archives," or they will be purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR It MAURY'S feb 14 Bookstore, near Ninth street. DISSOLUTION. rpiIE partnership of Barron fc Onne is thie day X dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts dne the concern must be paid to H. Barron, be being au thorised to close the business ol the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3,1B5S. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request all those indebted to the concern to oome forward and settle their bills by the 6th of March, an it is very important to him to bave the business closed by thai time. All aceouuU left over at that time will be pdt into the hands of aa officer for collection. Alt ac counts due by the concern will please be presented for payment an noon as poss We, aa 1 aa ready i any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. 8.?Tbe undersigned would rospectftil'y say tn all the customers of the late firm, and the public i generally, that there will alwajrs be kept a stock of Wo A and Coal at the old stand, Ureen street, and solicits n share of public patronage. Believing M to bi best for both buyer and snUer, be ban determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual customers. THOS. ORME, Agent feb 5-lm A MERICAN TEAR BOOK OP FACTS nnd An J\_ nual of Scientific Discovery for 1855,1 volume fer$*'*190' PRANCK TAYLOR. Auction Bal? By J. o. HcariRB, ammOmmmm* SUPERIOR GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. Am Gold Vest, Fob, awl Guard Chains, kc - ' On this (Wednesday) nfternooa, Feb. 38U?. at 4^ 1 o'clock, at my Auctioa Room*. I shall Mil a large and choice collection of superior Gold uU Silver Welches or the most celebrated oaken. Alao, e beautiful iwmUimH of Aae Gold of various atjrlea tad *~JAME8 cTMcGUIRR, feh 88?It Auctioneer.. By K. H. JCWEMK * Co.j Aaetl. ft** nnn WORTH of WATCHES ami nPv.V'V/v/Jewelry at Auction.?Peremptory ai d ?a,e of W ate be* and Jewelry ?<Ja SAT UKDAY mominc **<1 evening, Feb. 94th, instant, and etery other day and evening until tb? enure 2? JSi ' at our Auctlcn Bon? a splendid * lection of Watches and Jewelry , consist iagof in part, via: Gold 1'ngli.ti Patent Lever Watches Do ia H anting Cases Do Open Dial Do Iietacbed Lever* Cylinder E>capemeats Prices from $25 to Gold Guard Chain* of various style* Do Fob and Vest Chain* Do Keys, Seals, and Ring* Do Breast pin*, Ear-drop-, ko. "aSf 01 ?" k'"K prices frotu |C to This splendid stock will be open every day fcr ex htbition, aad any perron wishing to purchase at nri vate sale caa do so. a a< pn R. H. JEWELLE R f 0? m a . . Auctioneers. P. 8. The above named stock is to be wild with out reserve to cover advances. feb 98?it By 4. C. ??GDIRB, Aaetlaattr. TRUSTER'S SALE OF HOUSE A*D LOT.? On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855. at 4 o'clock, ou the p eiaises, by virtue t f a deed of lJ \h1 h date the 14th May, i^f2' d^y ? Liber J. A. 8., No. 40, folios 438, 439, and 440, one of the land record* for yVashmet.n county, I shall sell the north baffot Lot No 19, in ^qunre 893, fronting 23 feet 4 inch** on 12th Mreet we*t. between north C and D *tn>ef, running lack KO feel to a wide alley, with improve ments, 4o<i.-i?iiag of a substantial brick dwcJIin* houre. " 1 Tins : One third ca*h ; the res'doe in six and tw? Ive mouth*, wnli interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. NICHOLAS C 4LLAN, Trustee. , , u _ JAS. C. McGUlRE, f*b U eokds m Auctioneer. Th* 'bov sa'e la pas noatd until WEDNESDAY, March 7ih. same h< u r , NICHOLAS rALLAN, Tra*w>?. fAS. C. Mcmimfc. Auct'r. By J. o. HcQVlRE, AaeUessar. PAIROFCARRMGE horses. BUGGY AND Harness at Auction ?Ou FRIDAY afternoon, f*rc|j *?'? at * O'clock, in iroi. of the Aut tion room I shall sell a pair oi black Carriage Horse-, eifht years old, and warrai ted sound and kind in all re spects; a handsome Northern built Buggv. with the shaft* an J pole, nearly r,ew, and a >et of' line sm*I. llaruC/S. in good order, the property ?-f a? ntlem n leaving the city and having no further use for theui. Term* ca%h. JAi. C. McGUlRE, fcbg?d Auctioarer By J C. McGUIRK, Asttlsaatr " Excellent furniture * household EflVct- at Public Auction.?On MONDAY iiiormn.', March 5th, at 10 o'clock, at the btftldirit ou the ..outii side of F street, near 9th, (occupied l y a nun bor of Senator-) I shall *e|| all their fxcel lent Fyrruture and EffWu, comprising Suite of handsomely carved Walnut Parlor Furiii tire, consisting of pair of French Sofas, pJir ot l^rge Arm Chain and 6 parlor Cha rs Rose won 1 marble top Rea;>fei D?i do Centre Table Larre French plale Mirror, Table and S'ab Six ru-h seat Re ej tion Chairs Easy Chair Walnut Card Tabl-s ' ' Mahogany Centre Tables Exc*Lent Parlor a <1 Chamber Carpets Venitian Stair and Ha'l Carp?!:s, fiilcloth Mahrgany Hat rack, Ball Table and Chai s Five Huites of Walnut Cliauil?er Furniture, compii *ine marb e top Dressing Bureau, m <rbie top ?V itfhstamJs, Cottage Bed?l?ads. Cane-seat Chairs, and Towel Rack Best curled hair Mattresses, husk do. Superior Bol*t?rs and Pillows Marseilles Quilts, fine Blanket*, Comforts f 'tipnnj seat Lounges, TsUes Seivants' Bedsteads, M.iUregpeji and Beddin" Superior Walnut Eitension Diniuc Table Walnut Sideboard, Si.le Table* Dir ill- Chairs, Clock, Fire Irons Excellent R?-friferator, round dining Table Silver plated Castors, Spoom and Forks Superior Table Cutlery, Waiiers French and Stone China Dinner, Tea and CoflVe 8ervice Cat glass Decanter?, Wine*, Champagnes, Tumb lere, Lemonades, kc. Fine Damask Table and B -d Linen Clialing Dishes, Meat Sale Superior Cook Stove and Fixtures Together with a large assortment of excellent kitch en Utensils T< rm? : *30 and under cash; over that sum a credit oi 6 ' and 9j days, for notes satisfactorily en i dorsed, hearing imerct-t. 1 , . _ , J AS. C. McGUlRE. feb-27?U Auctioneer. By K. S. WRIGHT, Avetloxaeer. Oaorgttewa. DRY GtJODS AT AU ;tion -THE SALE of Dry Goods nt Store No. Ill0 Bridge street, Georgetown, having been |.os'pni ed on account oi Uie inclt-ment weather,ill be re?umed ou MON DAY next, 5th March, at 10 o'clock a m., (if fair; it not, ibe next lair ay) and tlic whole stock closed out without re>crve, conaisting of Dress Goods of all kinJ.^, Hosiery Laces, Swi?* Elsines and Inserting* Cambrics, French Worked Collars Iriali Linens, Kid Gloves Bombazine?-, Alpacas, Dress Silks, dotted Swiss Mminis, ic. I'laukets, Cloths, Summer Wear Ribbons and Gtnghaiur. Shawls, Hdkf?, he. The attention of the ladies ir particularly n quest ed, as tlie S004I* will be told in lots to *uit, and everv aiticlc sold without legard to cost. Terms at sale. M. L- WILLIAMS. f , o-, . E- 8- W RIUHT, feb 2, ?d Aucuone r. ?y GRKKM 4k SCOTT. Aaetlsaacrs. IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTIGN.?ON WfcDNESUAY, the StBth instant, we ihall sell, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , part Lot No. 3, in Square 450, with the improvements, which are a good two story frame House, coulautuig fire good room*. The xhoMpleecribed prrpcrty fronts 13 feet6U incnes on tlf? north side ot New Yo<k avenue, be twe n Siith and Seveutli street* west, House No. <Q3. Also, at 5 o'clock, same evening, we shall sell, iu I rout of the premises, Lot No. I. in Square 413, at the coiner of G street soufh, and 8th uree; west, containing 3,054 f?. t. It is a desirable comer !?*, well get with shrubbery, young fruit trees, tie. w itb the improvements, which are a gooj Frame House, con ainini four rooms. Title ii disputable. Terms: One third caJi; balance in twelve and eijrhieeti -nonth*, the purchaser to give notes fur ilie defeired | aymenl*, bearing interest from the day ol the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. * GREEN Si SCO I T, ^3 Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. 'pRL'Sl EE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE I and L v?- -By virtue of a deed of'rust irom Wm FT Au* is and wife, b^aung date ou tlte 6th dsy ol, January, 854, aud recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. | 70, folios XS, 3^7, 338, 333, and 340, the sultsc.ibrr will se I, at nubile rale, on MONDAY, the 5ili day of March. 1855, at 4.4 o'clock, p. m., on the i>reiu> ses, ou Fir>l sireet ea^t, between N and O Htreets south, |?:?' t of Lot ft, iu square s uth of square 741, fronting CJ feet 11 iiiches ou s*i?l Fir?t Street, by 75 feel d:*i |i, on a CO I'eet alley, logrtlier with tlie build ings and i uprovenie is, wbich cou?ist of a well and substantially built lwo->tory Irame dwelling-house. Tlie term* of sale will be: One half cash, and the balance in equal payments at six and twelve month* for notes Iteariug interest from day of sale, secured by deed in lru?t upon the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with la six days after the sale the property will be msoU, at the risk and expen e of the purchaser, apaa one week s notice. Alt conveyancing at expense of purchaser. CHAS. .< WALLACH.Thas JAS. C. McGUlRE, feb 10 -rofcds STLYKR PLATED WARS. /COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castotn,Cake and FW ^ Baskets, Waiters on white saetal, Table, Dtw sert, aad Tea Spoons aad Forks, doable aad titj^s plated on Albaia, tlie bestsabstitate Car silver, 1 anted ami ">W by H. SEMKEN. No. 330 Pa. aveaue, between Mi aad lttis ate. Ian 19 BOOK! OF HO USX OF EXFBXSXITArlTU. Libsabv Hocse < r RcracsiM rsrtvas. A LARGE number of Books beloaging to the Library <4 t ie House of Representatives have been drawn by at'-mber* aad by their orders, aad stand charged to their aeeoants oa the books or this cfiics. It is important few Ute preservation of the files that ibey should be returned before the close ol the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian of the House of Representative*, feb? 8 HEW ART'S DAGUK&ESUr E00KS VER Ga t's Jewelry Store, Pa. avaoae p*. ? tams taken ia all weather**n.t at reducad nri ces from 25 cents upwards. We iavlte the aulriie to call. Satisfaction always given. P feb SI?lw* B o i TELEGRAPHIC. Kipre??l' br'UM Htlf (Will l'?< Non-iiriral cf the Otfli, fee Haluax. Feb 2a ?The Caaard itnair Caaada, DOW overdue. hu not yet beea ra ported. Tho wuhir fa feteaeely ooM, with ? rtroog northwest wiad Departure of lk? AiU Boston, Feb. 2A.?The Cvur4 steamer ?ait sailed (Li* morning at 1? o'cloek. with U petMBgers foi Liverpool, ud tt far Halifax Sha look oat $511,000 in specie. low Tork Mirtat Nrw VoAK., Fob. lb.?'Tho oottoa market la aaokaaged, with a moderate buiiness Flour U unchanged with a Moderate deaaand; aalaa of 40*) bbla. Boatbira 98 75a$? *7* Wheat is tasctive. Com ia downward, Bad poloes aro a trifla lower. Bale* of 2S.0B0 bushels of Waatarv mixed at UMN. Pork la dowaward aad dull Baaf ia apward ud ftrta ; a abb try meat at $9 a 911 M. Lard If dowaward and dall. Sal at of 400 bbls vkiik*; at tl all# eta. par gallea. Baltimore Markets Bajltibobb, Fob. 28 ? Nothiag dolag ia dour this morning; bolder a aak 9b U( for Howard atreet, bat parekaaera are keepiag aloof far the steamer's aewa. Reeetptsef graia are light; bo aalea; we qaote at yestardey's prieea. liuytrs ead aellera holding cf for aewa from Europe. Vow Tork Itatk Market New York, Feb. 28?Stocks have in pro red aiaeo yesteidsy, aad mosey ia abaadaatTXerl ? i ig easy. Erie Railroad, 46J; Roadiag Rail road, 76j; Mew York Central Railroad, W4 ; Pennsylvania Coal Compaay, 100|. Feaaaylvaata Senatcr'al Election. IIabbirbcbo. Feb 27 ?The third ballot to day resulted?Cameroa Li ; Baekalow 23, aad the balaace Mattering. A motion was then made to adjuara autil to morrow at 11 o'clock. Lost?yeaa 65, aaya 66. A motion was then made to adjourn to the ftrst Tueeday in October, whiek was agreed to?yeaa 66, Bays 65. This action of the Legialetaroiarlrtaally aa indefinite postponement of thoaeaatorial eieo t^m, aad gives Got. Pollock the power of ep pointing e Senator to act natil aa elootioa ia had by the next Legislature. Few Hampshire Folitioo Makcbbstbb, Feb. 27 ?The democrat* held a maaa meeting ia thia plaeo to-day, the attondanse being very large. Speeohea de nouncing the know nothinga, and predicting the aeeceaa of the Democratic party ia the eomiag eleetioo were made. Bx-Goveroor Steele presided, aad great oa>kaaiaaai was manifested. From tfataaa. CHaBLaaroB. Feb 27.?Private letters from llavaoa to the 19th, represent that Uie whole island was in a state of the most intense ex* citement Many of the moat oj ulent plsatera and merchant, aod men of wealth, were work ing secretly against the Government, aad giv ing rnbatan'ial aid to the diaaffeeted A revolution waa ooafideatly looked for soon. The authorities were in great alarm; con cerning the approach of filibusters from the United States It waa felly bettered that tbcusitxida were on their way 1 be govern men t authorities had sieaed all the railroads, and were traasportiag troops to various parts ot the islaad. The eity of Ha vana is atider biockade. aad guarded by aa immense Bumber of volunteers. Almwt every kind of businees waa a upended. The Gov General baa aeeret agents in all oaartera, aad and alleges that he has undefiiable proofs that large arrived forces of filtibasters are en roata to attack the island and produce revolutioa. Many Amerioans are leaving Mew Jeroey Legislature Taairon, N. J , Feb 27.?A letter from a considerable number of the members of oar Legislature baa been addreeaed to George Law, of New York, urging up>n kirn the ee. oeptanee of the Presidency as the Know No thing oandidate The Soath Jersey Air-liae Railroad bill was ordered to a third reading in the Boaae to-day. The temperance mea have ordered a State ooBvention for the 7th of March, to take mea sures ia regard to the defeat of tke prohibit ory law. Mexico.?A letter from Acapulco, February Sdi, to the New York Ilerald, aaya that Al varez. the revolutionary chief, had beea hju ored with a triumphant entry into Acapulco, the road from the garita to the plana, a dis tance of oae league, beiog lined with soldiera, and adorned with a robes bee'ityg aach ia? aoriptiaos as '-Liberty and Juatioe. Tho write adda that in a few days Alvarea intended to leave fir the eapital, ij command of an army cf 5,000 iqob, with Comoafort and the two Morenoc as Brigadiera. Francis B. Moreno is the General who reoeq^ly, with his whole bri gade cf nine regimenta, 1,000 sob, of Goveia msnt troopa, pronounced againat Santa Abbb. When the army reachea Chilpancingo it la to he reinforce! by the addition of 7,600 troopa from Ike State of Miehoaeaa On arriving within a few leagues of the eipital they are to prootaim Alvarea Proaideatof the Ropal lie, pro tern - Pi BIT AMD NBW ClOTBBB ?NOW elotheS make some prople very pioaa For a whole month after a certain Miss obtained e new mnaiilla, she appeared ia ehareh three times a Sand aj IdP'lhree aeweboys were arrested in Phila delphia last Sasday, for oryiag newspapers about the eity. Pious city, that. BUHGLAR AND POWUkB-PHOOP LOCKS. ALL who art inKrairJ m secure Lorka are ia vited to examine the one* exhibited by uif subarritier at the Hall of the Saiitbeoaian Inatitw ti<m (under Uie management of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insutute) embracing Patent combination Lock" and " Hail a Patent Anti-Gun powder Lock" (the key no larger than a tooth pick.) $1,000 waa placed in Hermit'* ?ec?rud with the above Locka, when ou ezbibitioe at ika W>-rid*a Pair. London, in 1861, aad uffered aa a re ward to any one wUo could pick tbe locks er opew tbe aefe witb the keya, but ao oae waa found akttl fUI eaeagh in tbe art of lock-paekiai to ob am tbe money. Tbe jury awarded ae pa rate Medals for Herrtng'a Safe and Hall'a Lock; aa alao at Out World'* Exhibition in New York, ia 1853-4, wbacb can be aeen with tbe Safes at the above erhlbHiaa. SILAS C. HERRING, Patentee and Mauafacturer, New Tork* FITZIIUGH COYLB.No. BIB Seventh eueet, WaahingV*n, P. C.t Agent. f*b S3?lw* v=?KAI1WHA, Ta., Bask Iotas IJ3 bought and acid by A. M. RNYDRB k CO., Broker*, corner 15th atreet and Pa avenoe. 4W 'I ran -Alleghany, Va., Noeea bought aad eold by A. M. BNYDER k CO. ftp* Belden, WKhera k Co?a Exchange Bank Moles bought and aold by A. M. SNYDER k CO. feb 8- e. la ORGANS FOR SALE. ASUPEKIOB toned CBAPEL ORGAN; end a Hue Uoeewooa PARLOB ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan MethaaiM Pau They are from the menuietorynf MENR\ ERBF.N ^fc'w^C . apply to Prof. FCHEEL, oa 14lh ^h'orV henry krben. tebat-eotf ? THE NEW rtTT^fBECTOBY.-?Wa^agow I ?Uwvl8fy JwH pUW IM)Cd} CO# ? laiatUj the Coewreeekmal Directory for tbe Baeoad ScMion of the Thirty tbird Congreea. TAYLOR It MAURY'B MBi fookmare, aear MB a*, m

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