Newspaper of Evening Star, March 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 2, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: FttlPAT ATTMOOJ ?"?luth f.i iFnLiT o? m iouiio pun. Tbe Union jokes over the philanthropy of Mr. Charles Sumner, M manifested by a sort: of Harriot Boocbor Stow* speculation of that honorable gentleme- ia a ending to Boston daguerreotypee of a t -gro girl named Mary? a aeoond Ida May, Mr. S. deelans?purchased In \ irginia to bo sent to Boston, with money raised ia the city of notions. the same paper commends an aooount of Central Amerio^ and the Shepherd and Halej grant, written ky Mr. P. H Boone, with a riew to gal vanise the defunct Kinney expedition. Of this paper we have to aay that its statements are nearly all in palpable contradiction to all that distinguished geographers and histo rians say of tbo country. So far as Boone's aooonnt of the Shepherd and Haley grant is eonoerned, it is directly in the teeth of the deoisions of the Nicer ago an, Costa Eican, JEnglLh, and American Governments upon the questions involved, all of them baring di rectly or indireotly protested against the idea that it is worth a pinch of snoff in law or in fact The InteUignreer adopts the views ef the Journal of Cummere? upon thesabjeet of the eurrent effort to deprive J udge Loring, of Mas sachusetts, ef his bffioe, because he has faith fully executed the fugitive slave law, saying "The question before the Massachusetts Legislature, whether Judge Loring ehall be removed from his judgeship for adjudicating, as United States Commissioner, upon a case arising under a law of the United States which the Supreme Court of Massachusetts have unanimously decided to be constitutional, is not disposed of. ' Should this outrage be com mitted (says the Journal of Commerce) ? it would be a blow aimed at a faithful public officer. but it would fall, not principally upon him, but upon the independence of the judi ciary. If our j dges are to be swayed by every popular current under penalty of re moval from office, they will no longer deserve the name of judges ; and the citisen seeking justice might about as well meet the popular current itself, or the natural expression of it? a mob?as to fall into tbo hands of such a judge.'" 1 his effort to punish Judge Loring for the stern integrity with which he discharges his duty, is in fair keeping with other antics which the new party have "cut up" in Massa chusetts, where they control the Legislature, having not more than balf a doseto votes against them out of three or four hundred. It is also in faithful accord with the views and posi tions of the Honorable Senator.Wilson, who has been sent here by the new party afore said. Verily, if, in view of such faets as these, the voters of Virginia permit the wool to bo pulled over tbeir eyes, they deeerve to be "cut for the simples." Illie lecture of Gen. Houston, in Balti more, last night, was well received. His sub ject was Texa*, and he rapidly glanced at tbe history of the country from its first sett einent by Aujtiu down to the present time; bat when he came to the part of its history in whieh he was personally interested, be fired with bis subject, and "fought his battles o'er again" with all the vigor and quaint eloquence for which he is so justly celebrated. In speaking of tbe annexation, he said Texas had annexed herself not to the North or to the South, but to the Union. That sentiment brought down the house. At the close of the lecture he was escorted home by msny members of the City Council and moat or the military of the city. The General se?med to be laboring under a bad cold, but it did not prevent.him from being in his seat to^iay in the Senate. By-the-way, while be was on his lecturing tour he did not neglect the country's interest In nearly every question that came up some one, opposed in sentiment to him, announced that he had " paired off " with the General. iyThe Naval appropriation BiH appropri ates tbe following sums for the Navy Yards at the places indicated: Portsmouth. $58,258; Boston, $255 322, New York, $344,322; Phila delphia, $36,700; Washington, $192,385; Nor folk, $321 317; Pensacola, $104 870; San Fran CM00> $230,000; for tbe continuation cf Basin and railway at San Francisco, $400 000. We have received from Joe Shillington. of the Odeon, Harper's Magazine for March It is, as usual, filled with interesting and in stinctive reading ^ PKRHONAIi. . ...Win Loyd Garrison lectured ia the Broadway Tabernacle last Tuesday night.; He wss received with great applause, and his abuse of Gen Houston and the K. N's bring ing down the house, and often convulsing the audience with laughter. ....Hon Pierre Soule, late Minister to Spain, arrived here this morning, and is atop at Willarda'. He is locking well, end nii rooms are crowded with visitors. ....Anthony Burns has arrived in Boston Tboee officers who were most earnest in en . foroement of tbe fugitive slave law in Burns's j case, have given most toward purchasing bis freedom. ....The Massachusetts Legislature has late ly received a remonstrance from the "sold men of Boston" and tbe State generally, against removing Judge Loring. It is headed by such names as Edward Everett and Abbot Lawrence. ....The New York Herald calls on those opposed to Henry A. Wise in Virginia to bring out iheir candidate for Governor, and aaka '? V. by not nominate William C. Hives, i one of tbe very first and most experienced | atatesmen >n 'be ecuntry " One reason for not doing so is thia: Mr. Kives is not a Know Nothing, and will, it is taid, in all probability vote for Mr. Wise. ....S. Sherman, of Cumberland, Md., was robbed on Wednesday night of nearly $2,000. while standing at the Baltimore railroad de pot. $1,500 was in three $500 bills on the Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Bank, North era Liberties, Philadelphia. ....It is aaid at Darruburg that the Know Nothings at Harriaburg, Pa., have received a letter two columns long. In answer to their letter to blm relative to the Presidency. The reply was addressed to Henry K Strong. Speaker of the House, and many other mem bera of tbe new party in both houses They bave bad a reading of it in caucus, and a tre mendous excitement was tbe result ....Senator Mason, of Virginia, in a pub liahed letter of his says : " Notwithstanding tbe atrong impression aoneht to be mace, that the new lights from the North, under tractive recommendation of a party tha: ' Knows Nothing,' would disaffoet to defeat the Democracy of the Old Dominion; it is beoom ing already so elear, by the recent elections there, that it is but the Abolition party, witb , a new hive for converts, that I cannot fear the result of the election " .... Mrs. Hayne (formerly Miaa Julia Dean,) | is drawing crowded housea at the St Charles theatre, New Orleans. She is ably supported by Mr. C.Pope, formerly of tbe Broadway! theatre, New York. Some of the Southern critics are cf the opinion that Mrs Hayne will not meet with the leniency on the part of the | press, that was shown her previous to hfr jnarriege. WASHINGTON FEW 8 AWD GO883 P. Tht Kinney Expedition ? Finding that the Union is igiio inclined to return to the work ofAol*fFLDJ ^eJUanej expedition, we feave to assure the publio that they mast receive its publicationi on the subject without holding the Government here responsible for the least sympathy with them, it being notorious to ell In Washington who take the trouble of in quiring, that their (the Administration's) views of the character of the scheme are direetly the reverse of thoea appearing in the organ, whose course apon it evidently greatly annoys those who sre held responsible for it by the publio, notwithstanding that journal's dis c'aimer in saying, tome time since, that it speaks only the sentiments of its individual conductors. In addition to republishing the paper at ??? ? Boone, concerning Central Amer ioa and the Shepherd and lialey grant, to which we refer in another column as being a bogus affair designed to injeot life into the dead filibustering scheme, the Union says: "The reader will find, in our paper, to dav an interesting letter of Mr. Boone, formerly commercial agent to Nicaragua, in regard to the country which Col. Kinney proposes to colonise. We avail ourself of this ocoasion to state, upon the authority of Col. Kinney, that the various rumors in circulation, here and in Cuba, which in any way eonneet him or his enterprise with any design* upon Cuba, are utterly groundless. Jlis expedition has no other destination or object than a peaceful settlement of the lands claimed by the com pany he represents." Now, in eontradiction?palpable and di rect?of this statement, put forth to put to ?leap the vigilanoe of the Government, we present the Star's readers with a letter from the Secretary of the speculation, addressed to a party who, proposing to become interested in it, wrote to Col. Kinney for information concerning it, on which he could properly ba?e bis action. That letter is as follows, vis : TDH XIRNRY EXPEDITION?AXOTHER EXPLAW ? TORT LETTER. The following letter from the Secretary of the Kinney Expedition wss written to a ten tleman in St.- Louis: Washington City, Jan. 20, 1855. Gen. H. L. Kinney, Governor General and Commander-in Chief of the Central American Company, received yours ot tbe 15th, and, in reply, would say the expedition to Central America is for the purpose of colonizing and settliog the territory owned by the Central American Company, (in and about the site of the State of Dennessee.) and of establishing a republic thereon Gen. Kinney has absolute power to grant lands, mike titles, 4c., over said territory. The Central American Company own theso lands under a valid grant and most undoubted title. As to the nature of tho country, Gen Kinney would refer you to any of the numbers of Californians who are constantly crossing the territory, or to thos? who have resided there. The universal tes timony of those is that there is not a finer country in the world, or ono more abounding in agricultural, mineral, and other resources Emigrants may go there as they would oome to this country, or go to any other; steamers "ail from New York every fortnight lor Sac Juan del Norte or Greytown, which is in the territory, and which will be the place of de birkation. As a rpecial inducement to colonization and for the defence of the territory, grants of land will be made to ail those who organize into companies for the purpose of becoming a mil itary organization when they arrive in the country, or to all others who will engage to serve in a military capacity, should the gov eminent require it. None will be required to make this engagement for a psriod longer than twelve months from the time of such engage ment. For this oach man will receive a grant of land of 640 Ares, each commissioned offi cer under the rank of Major, 1,280 acre?, and officers of a superior grade, more in propor ion to their raDk. During tbe time of service each man will receive $25 a month, and offi cers tbe same pay as officers in the United States service. Any efficient gen'.iemen who can raise com panies of from twenty to forty men, and who are capable of commanding, and who will conduct them at their co?t, with equipments and provisions, to San Juan or Greytown, will be entitled to a captain s commission, witb tbe above compensation. General Kinney will leave the United State* for San Juan about the 1st of February. There will be a regiment going from New Orleans about the 20th of February. No civil appointment can be made until the government be established, and thon the most capable and meritorious will be appointed. W. B. Phillips, Secretary. The pretence that the hostile character of the proposed expedition has been abandoned, is the sheerest gammon that was ever esjayed with the view of throwing dust in the eyes of officers of the law. The expedition proposes to go there in violation of the orders of the Governments (Costa Rica and Nicaragua) in whom, the United States contends, the sov ereignty of the territory exists While thej are denying to the Government its filibuster ing eharacter, they have been recruiting under the terms and statements ol the letter from their secretary, which we present above. ? The Washington Monument ?The Organ newspaper incites us to a controversy ovei the dispute concerning the future manage ment of the affairs ef tbe Washington Mona ment Society. We kave as little rpace as in. olination for iqui?bblicg ever facta which should be settled by a court of law, if all par ties to the difficulty are honest in their de claration that they seek only right and jus tice. The old Board have frankly offered to submit the question of thnr right to tho Dis trict Court, and we understand that tba new Board virtually refuse to aooede to that propo sition We know that General Walter Jones, P. R. Feniall, Esq , and all tbe other well informed, experienced, prudent, and considor ate gentlemen who compose tbe old Board, are satisfied that the claim of the pretended new Board has no legal foundation. The opin ion of these gentlemen, never lightly accorded ia so grave a question, together with the re fusel of the pretended new Board to cubmii their claim to le;al adjudication, will be suf fieient to convince all right-minded men tba. the oonspirators who contrived the plot to place the affairs of the Washington Monument in the hands of such persons as now claim to be its effieers and managers, are reljing on their secret arrangements to perpetrate fraud*, in order to get the control of the work, rather than on their legal rights. We admit the in. ability of the real Board to raise means at this tipae to carry on the work. That inability, however, is the result of tbe fraud by which they were discredited. That is, the attempt to turn them out of their positions surreptitious ly, has had the effect of preventing Congress from donating $200,dCO in aid of the work, as tbiy were about to do; and ha> also so emba - raised them as to insure that it wiii belong hctice before, in any issue to tbe present con troversy, they could raise a sufficient sum cf money from voluntary contributions to again undertake active operations on the monument We confess that *e would sooner see the Washington Monument remain forever unfin ished, than have it completed through the eon trfcationa of a political party?than have it t-tnsbed as the testimoniel of * party?in pal pable violation of the pledge of the society given to those who have contributed the ?*0,uQ0 already expended upon It. Tba pledge on which that $230,000 was oh tain el wu, that it thoald be built by contributions of American ci'iiens, without regard to dif it should be a monument of the heart fell gratitude of all orders, classes, and sorts of people la oar country for the pablie services of George Washington We prefer to tee it stand forever in its present oondition, rather than that it should rise higher as a monument not to Washington, but of the sudden lapee of his country men from devotion to the principle of a ooequality of civil rights and privileges nnder this Government, on the part of the professors of all religious ereeis. for whioh Washington fought in the revolutionary war the head of patriot armies, composed indis criminately of natives and the foreign borr, Catholics and Protectants, all ef whom worth* ily suffered and battled in the cause of a com mon country and humanity, though bow, for sooth, the monument to their oommander is ?ought to be turned into a plot to aid in giving the lie to the truth of the great doctrine of equality under our institutions and govern ment, so solemnly pledged in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. We expect soon to lay before the country the facts involved in this oontro versy, as set forth by a committee of the real board of management. Frontier Protection. ? We fear that the eagerness of interested parties to feather their own nests, in connection with schemes of all sorts, will have the effect of preventing final aotion on the bill of Senator Qwin for a horse express across the plains. It is nominaUy an additional mail project. We do not advocate it as such, but rather as the oheapest possible method, as well as the surest possible method of according protection to the great overland emigration to New Mexico, California, and Utah, Washington, and Oregon Territories. The scheme to make an additional close con tract with the parties now carrying the mails in ccean steamers between New York and San Francisoo for a weekly rather than a semi monthly mail, if successful of course defeats the overland express. It is the more mon. *trou9 from the fact that they notoriously run the slowest route?the steamers by the Nic aragua route invariably beating them from one to four days every trip. It is a mere pre tence got up to give some twa or three hun dred thousand dollars from the National Treasury to the individuals owning the stock of those lines. The public interest would be much bettar ?erred if an additional mail service is to be put on ocean wise, by offering it to the lowest bidder to carry it in the shortest time in which it is notorious that the distance be tween New \ ork and San Francisco can be traversed with the mails; the servioe to be performed wholly under the rules and regula tions governing ordinary inland mail contracts This is virtually the recommendation of tho Postmaster General in his last annual report. Uowever. we trust that nothing will be per mitted to interfere with the great objact of indireot'y establishing settlements every twen ty or thirty miles across the plains, by which the deration to the Pacific side will surely be amply protected, with a saving of nine out of every ten dollars that must otherwise be expended in the military defence of that line. With such settlements, the emigration most in crease ten.fold in three years. Without it wo question whether it will increase ten per cent, in that time The Court of Claims ?Gen. Jno. R Daniel, of North Carolina, so long the chairman of the House committee on claims, is now in this city. It is understood that his friends are urging him for one cf the judges of tha pro posed claims court. This news, if there is a probability of his success, of which we know nothing at present, will prove exceedingly gratifying to all who served in Congress for ten or twelve years immediately preceding the commencement of the last session. On claims cases, hi* approval was regarded as settling the qaestion of their enactment, owing to the fidelity with which he investi gated every subject he had ocoaeion to aj. proach. He is a man of nerve, energy, saga city, integrity, industry, fine attainments, and bigh personal character. If appointed as one of these judges, will be a positive and satis factory assurance to the country that there "ill bo neither Gardnerisms nor Galphiniama in its discharge of the dutiea devolved upen it. Important Action o! the Senate this Mora, ing ?lhe \ irgicia military land scrip regu lating bill was laid on the table. This will be a great disappointment to thou sands in Virginia, if we may judge from the wtivity and earneatness of a large number of well known \ irginia claim agents around the balla in behalf of tkia measure for the last few days. Next, they agreed to all the House amend menta of the Brodhead bounty land bill, which will probably be a law by sundown to day. Thp Proposed Additional Brigadier Gen eralship in the United States Army.?It seems to be understood that the Senate will promptly oonfirm the action of the House laat night, in insorting in the Army appropriation j bill a clauso establishing an additional Brig adier Generalship in the army of the United States; and, further, that the gallant, patriotie General J*ines Shielda, cf Illinois, will fill it ere the Speaker's hammer raps out the life of the present Congress at 12 m of Sunday next. J am Houston?General Houston returned to \\ asbington this morning, and appeared in h?a seat to-day, looking exceedingly well, and as though highly pleased with the universal attentions accorded to him during his recent Northern tour. Tha Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, tha 1st of March, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department For the redemption of stock $22,817 14 For paying Treasury debts 11^525 46 ror tho Customs.11 487 95 For the Wnr Department.! *. 9,509 98 For the Navy Department 1,702 12 For the Intei lor Department 761 64 For repaying in the Interior De partment 7ftl M COXCRBCUSMUVAI*. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the tariff-reducing amendment ^of the House) to the civil and diplomatic appropria tion bill was disoussed on a motion by Mr. Olayton to 'tribe it out; and also on an amendment to that propoeltlon, offered by Mr. Badger, to substitute for the said Letcher amendment the original proposition of Mr. Edf-artoa making dye stuffs, wool, ani iron debate on these propositions wa. betwen Messrs Clayton, SewM, Pearoe, Bayard, and Benjamin, in favor ol&e aotion of Mr. Clayton, and by Mr. Huufr g^gaiast it; and by Messrs Badger and James in favor cf Mr. Badger'a notion, and Mwen. Brodhaad and Cooper against it. At 6 o'clock the Senata ^ tariff question was oondnued by Mem. Hum tar, Benjamin, Seward, Waia, Wilson, Brown, Joaae of Tana.. Bright* Bayard, Owio, Brod head, Walls, Clay ta?, Bo tier, Mason, and others until naar midnight, whan Mr Clay ton's proportion to strike ont was rqaotad In the Houie, they want into the Committee of tha Whale on tha state of the Union on regiments _ regalars, and by Mr Faalknar in its favor? tha argument of Mr. P being for voluntaars ; also bv Mr Benton in favor of rangers instead of aither volunteers or regulars At 6 p., m tha committee took a races?, and aoming together Again at 71 p. ?., tha dahuta on tha ran* bill was continued by Mann. Phelps, Richardson. Beaton, Bliss, Penning ton, lftbbard, Walsh, Orr, Barry, Oraenw6oa, Lyon, Oliver af Mo., Lana of Orag m, MeDou gal, and Skelton, whan tha Sanata'f amend ment (for four new regular regiments) was agraad to, as amended by Mr. Riohardsoo, providing for an additional Brigadier General, ship in tha Unitad States army. Tha othar San ate amendments wore then disposed of, and the bill being raported back to tha House, they adjournal at 10; p. m. Precre4ia?a ef Ta-Day. In tha Senate, to-day, tha bill regulating tha issue of Virginia land sotip was laid on tha table, after remarks against it from Messrs. Stuart and Cooper. Mr. Brodhead called np his bounty land bill, and after ha had explained the amend ments of the House thereto they ware all agreed to. In tho House, Mr. Olds raported from the Pest Office Committee the annual post routes bill, wjich was passsd without amendment The Uousa then resumed the consideration of the report from the Committee of tha Whola on the Senate's amendments to tha Army ap propriation bill. Tha amendment extending tha time for the sitting of the board on tha claims arising out of the campaigning -f Lieut. Col. John C Fremont in California in 1846-7, and $40 648 to carry out the expected awards of this bjard in its proposed extended session, was rejected ?yeas 63, najs 101. The question was next put on agreeing to the Senate's amendment appropriating $30,000 for the purohase of camels and dromedaries, to be used by way of experiment in army trans portation on the plains of tha Great Weut; which was rejected-?yeas 50, nays 90. eXO&GXTOW* COBHStrOKDSlCl. Sabbath School?Installation of Mayor and Councils. OKOKaBTown, March 2,1855. Wa learn that on next Sabbath morning, at 9 o'clock, a Sabbath-school will be opanad ia tha neat little Presbyterian ehapal on Market ?treat. We aro pleased to see thia movement, and have no doubt it will result in much good. On Monday evening next our Mayor and Common Council will be installed. Much business of importance will come before them, which, we doubt not, will be satisfactorily ad | justed for the best interests of our town. We take pleasure in calling the attention of our citizens generally, and tne ladies in par ticular, to the auction sale of Mr. M L Wil liams, on Monday next. The sale will con tinue until every article of his large usso. t ment ia disposed of. Tha offerings of beef cattle at Drovers' ltest for the week has amounted to 130 head?110 of which were purchased by District butchers at $3 a $6 on the hoof, equal to $6 a $12 net, and 20 leftover. Sheep 4 a 5i cts. per lb. No hogs offered. Roll butter from wagons is vefy scarce, and soiling at $28 per 100 Ite. The last steamer's uews has had no affect whatever on the flour and grain market. The stock on hand is very light, and none arriving, consequently there is no probability of any deoline of moment in the prion until the sup ply beoomea more abundant. Spkctatob. New York FrainsT ?Poole ia considered out of danger. Linn hia baan arrested and bald to bail In tha pitiful sum of $1,000, and Baker has not yet baan fonnd. Tha Times publishes a letter from Tom Hyar contradicting the rumor that Morriaay want to his rooma the j night of the attack. We are glad to sea that Mayor Wood has taken tha matter in hand ; but we fear that the great influence these men j can bring to bear, will allow them to go un punished, with the exception of pitiful flnea. The New 1'ork Sun appears again in an enlarged form, which it says is an evidence of tha increase of the business prosperity of tha I Empireoity. 'Under authority of the Legislature of Virginia, the paopla of Loudon are about to build a bridge across the Potomac river at Ber lin, a short diatanoe below Harper's Ferry. The company have advertised proposals for oontracta. 17Some fears appear to ba entertained in New Orleana, that when the spring rains be gin to descend, the immense quantity of anow which haa fallen on the uppar Mississippi and its numbarleas tributaries shall have maltad, the city will be in danger of an overflow. rv-t?dr hoofi.axd'S celebrated oermak bit TKKS There are few thing! which afford u? greater pleasure than sittlug '. *-n to write a nut. ? of the celebrate! Hoof land German Ktltera, became we are fully conscious veare conferring a public benefit, and our heart tell* ua that by our *otlree many have been Itducel to take these Bitten, aud been rescued from death by dysrapsla, liver complaint, Ac., for tha cure of which It is certain. It le prepared end ?old only by Dr. C. M. JACESON, at the Orruan Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. ries advertisement. mar % 1m ff^NEl HALGIA.?This formidable disease, which seem* ' seems to baffl* the skill of physicians, yields like magic to CARTKRS SPANISH MIXTLht Mr. P. Boyden, formerly of the Aitor H?u*e, New York, and late proprietor of tbe Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va , la one of the huudred* wl.o have been cured cf severe Neu ralgla. by CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTt'KE Since hie cure he baa recouim?ud?d it to numbers of oth rr*. who were suffering w ith ne*rly every fui m of disease. Wi ll the I lost wonderful success. . He says It Is the moat eitraordtnary medicine he hs? ever seen used, and the best purifier know u. ?,*?eeadvertisement in another column. 1)1KU. On the 28ih ultimo, after thirty-six hours' illness, CATHARINE MASON, daughter of Rachael and the late David Jones, a_;*-d 3'J years, ltrqulescat in pace. J?- Her friends and relatives are invited to at tend, at 2 o'clock, Saturday, March 3d- * ???? ,PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Av EXAMINA lion of applicants f?r the office or Teacher in the Public Schools *ill be held in the Aldermen's Koom, City Hall, on SATURDAY next, at o'clk p. m. G J. ABBOT, Secretary, mar 2 - 3t .METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN STITUTE EXHIBITION?The Corn m it lee of Judges on articles of food, such a* breaJ, cake, lie., will meet in the Exhibition Room on TUESDAY next, at 10 o'clock, t? examine all such art cles an may be presented for competition at that time. CHA3. F. WOOD, Sup mar 2?8t WE ARE YOUNG, LET YOUTH then plead our cause."?A Lecture for the benefit of the Scott Guards will be delivered by Prot. ALkxasock Odd Fellow*' Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING,March7ih,at T^u'clk The proceeds of the above Lectuie will be appro priated towards aiding lite corps in purchasing their arms. Subject?1"The arts of Statuary and Architecture, in Athena-" Tickets 85 cents. mar fl? Si* .^NOTICE.?A MEETING OP ALL THE HK_9k Signers to a paper for opening a M 'Cban irs' Exchange are requested to a tend a mee.lng in the room over Geo. and Thos. Parker's Store, on FRIDAY EVENING, March 2J, at 7 o'clock p Jh. lo floct officers for the ^nwuing year, and other bus inese ihst will come before the meeting. By orderat THE COS|||ITTBE. mar 1??t ,THE MECHANICS RXCI1ANGE.?AI a meeting of ths wen ben of toe Mechan ic's Exchange, held at the room* on C street, near Bank of Washington, on laat evening, th? follow m^Damod on^etpen^^f^gleyted offlcu? ? __ WM. McLSAfi.fim Vice FreMdtai JOB ANGERS, Second do do WM.GUNN ELL .Third do do THOS. LEWIS, Fourth do do ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Treasurer. WM. J. McCOLLAM, Secretary The Room* will be open daily, from 8Jg o'clock , m. to 4 p. Thursday of each wt>ek is set apart aa a day of general meeting, at which, it ia understood, all the members of the Ezehanga will be present between the hoar* of 11# o'clock a. m. aad 2 pm. By order: WM. J. McCOLLAM, mar 9? Secretary. A CARD?The member* of the Franklin _ _ . _ Fire Company return their sincere thank* to Phillip Bartm Kit, E q., Ceo. Piazza,aud others for the bouuiiftil supply of refreshments fur nished by them on the occa-ion ol the fire which occurred at the house of the Hon. Hioma* H Ben ?n?, on the 27th ultimo; nnd we respeetftitly be; leav* to assure theiu that their kindness shall never " ffmifumn. R. E DOYLE, mar 9? It . ? . ' Fred lent. PRESIDENT'S mountedguabd, at flL teation?You are hereby ordered to meet, /fWSi with *abr*??, for drill, at the armory at -t f Tl o'clock, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON March 1st. You are also ordered to attend the regular month ly meeting on TUESDAY, March 6th, at 7 o'clock, in full uniform. By order of Capt. Perk: JNO. If. McCITTCHEN, Secretory mar 1?ThSTu* XH1BITI0N OF METROPOLITAN Mechanics' In?'itute.?T C Connolly Esq , having resigned the office of Superintendent ot the Exhibition, his place ha* b*en filled by the ela - tion of CHARLES F. WOOD, E*q. All communications relating to the exhibition should be hereafter addn>ssed to him. By order of Exhibition Com. feb9??3t II. AMIDON, Sec. ,THE PERSONS HAVING CHANCES in the Raffle of Furniture wdl lake not? e tnat H take* place at my store on FRIDAY nen, the 3d March, at 4# o'clock p m. A few more chancgp for sale. feb 28 3t? JOSEPH GAWI.ER. SPECIAL TRAVELING NOTICE. BY RAILRUAU TO THE WES L! \ Conneoting Train* leave Washington at 6 a. m. and 3 p. m MEMBF.RS OF CONGKESS and others goin? West at the close of the session, will find it to their advmtace to procure THROUGH TICKETS aud BAGGAGE CHECKS in Wvhiii|!oii ?#-THE AMPLEST FACILITIES are now af forded for the accommodation of weatw ard traveler* by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and it* connrc tiotit, leading to all portions of the West, North wet t. and SouUiwest!!! MSf But cne change of Cars (at Wa?hlngt n junr li?n) between Washinzton and the Ohio River' Fare, by Through Ticket fiom Washington, 1 is: To Wheeline, 65; To Zauesville, fl'J 15; Te Newark. $12 6.'?; To Columbu*, $13 65; To Dayton, $15 50; To Cincinnati, $16 00; To Louisville?b\ bo,it from Cincinnati, $18 00, by railroad, via Jeffer souville, $18 50 ; To Toledo, $15 80; To In.1ianap olis, $17 50, To Chicago, $yi 65. Q^-Tickets to lie had at the Ticket office of the Washington Branch of tlie BaMuuoie and Oliio Rail road, Wa-hington. ? ?? (K7-SPKCIAL NU I'ICE.-An Extra Tra.n will leave Washington Station at half past 3 p m . on SUNDAY^March 4tli. for ilie Special Accunio dation of Pasoeugers to the \\ est. This Train will counect at the Wat hingion ) unction with the Spm Wheeling Express Train tr<?m Baltimore, and otl'eis peculiar mducemets to Westward Traveiors at th> br?hkinK up of Congn s?. Passengers by til a Train will reach Ciaciunati on .Monday alter noon for din ner. {'RJ- For furt ler inf-Miriaiion, Tieket?, fce., ap ply to THOM AS H. PARSONS; Agent at the Washington Station. JOHN II. DONE, Master Transportation Ball. & Ohio Railroad, RaJumore. mar 2? 2t (Intcl&Uuionli) STEAMER ?GEO. page; ORANGE 4 ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. "HE undersigned having become proprietor* ? the large and commodious Steamer GEORGE PAGE, intend, by their efforts, to accommodate the community travelling between Washin.ton and Alexandria, and the facilities which they offer Tot the transpor.ation of freight and the employment of none but courteous an t g? officer- and obliging servants, to merit a share of the public pa tronage, and would respectful y call the attention ?.l merchants and other citizens of both places to the following schedule of prices at which their Boat will hereafter be run: Passengers 5 cents ; Buggy wagon and one horse, 12#; Buggy wagon ami 2 iiwr-es, 25; Horse and ri der, 12J4 ; Market wagon and 1 horse, 25 ; Market wagon round trip 37^: Market wagon and 2 hors-?. 25; Market wagon round tr?p37#; Dray* 25; Drs>? round trip 37#; Hacks 25; Hacks round trip 3^ \ Flour per barrel 5 cents. And all other freight in p oportion. In connection with this t>oai are Latliam k Cook line of Oicnib-tses. JOHN VAN R1SWICK,)P . RICfl'D WALLACH. / rroP mar 2-3c K A. RYTHER, Cipuiw. FANCY GOODS, PEEFU1IEBY, *c. Hutchinson at munro, are now opening mi tiier i<ore, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid assortment of GOODS, in the above line, enuir" rating in part as follows, via: fine Cabas, Dressing Cases, Po te>, Card Cases, Jewell Boxe?. Shells, 8hell Boxes, Jet Omamenu, Lubins', PiverV and other choice Extracts, Pomades, t-uperirr Ba) Water. Con,l>- aud lini"hes in gr> at variety, and In short everything m be inually found in a first cla?> Fancy Hto?e, aud they cordially invite their friend' aud the public to jnve them a call. Their Store is the first door west of Messrs. Har per & Co.'s, between Ninth and Tenth sts. mar 2?tf A CARD TO FAMILIES. Brown, Loaf, and Pulverized Sugars from 6!? to 10 cents. Rio, Laguyrs, Maraca l< > and Java CotTee.12# to 16 cents Hyson, Imperial, Gunpowder asd U!ack Teo 37# to $1. And all other articles usually kept in a family gro cery, at corresponding low rates. A. N. MOUNTZ, Masonic Hall, corncr 10th and E sts. mar 2?3t* JUST RECEIVED, p?r brig Ann Elizabeth, a prime lot ot Blue and White Mercer POTA TOES. 100 barrels prime Baldwin Apples All will be told low to close consignment by M. ELIiRIDGE, mar 2-lw Union Wharf, Alexandria. FOR MOUNT VERNON. Extra Trip on SATURDAY. March 3d ?N 0 TI C E.?At the request of strangers and others in Y\ a-lnnpton. the THOMAS COLLYER will make a trip to Moui.t Vernon, leaving Wa^hin^ton at 9if a m. There are many persona here th it w uh to visit tbe Tomti ot Washington. IK-re is a chance foi them !>n net fail to go. mar 3?It _ SAM'L CEDNEY, Capt. Notice.?a throughout blooded Brood Mare, of a very fine form, dark sorrel, for tale at th-* Livery Stable of thel Franklin Hotel, 8tU street, by i , . mar 2? 3i* jno. R. SU 1*1 oV. POTATOES AT AUCTION ?20J b ukeU supe rior German Potatoes will he offered for sale on TUESDAY, March 6th, at 12 o'clock, in freut ol the steamer George Page, Alexandiia, Va. mar 2? 3t C. OW'fcN. ?. W. OWM. ??. OWEN ft &OIV. MIL1TAUY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, PENMSTLVANI4 AVKNIZ, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, WASHINGTON CITY, D C Naval and Military Uniforms executed in the neatest s yle. mar 2?eolm SIGN0R SEVER0 STRINI HAS the pleasnre of announcing to the citizens of Washington that he can take one more pu pil on the Vocal Instruction for the spring season Terms $40 per quarter, twenty-iour les on?. Twn lessnna per week. Avply at Mr. DAVIS'S Muaj Store. (Intel) mar -J? lw LKOLIK'8 LADIKB'OAZKTTE OK Fiuhion for ^R&roli, containing all the latest Paris, London and New York sprint; fasbiona, a; SHILLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE. H irper's Magazine for March BlackM-o d'a do., for February Household Words for March Graham's Magazine for March Godey's Lady's Book do North and South, by the author of Mary Barton My Novel, or Va teties ol E.-gtsh Life, hy Bui wer," new edition The Prairie Bird, aew edition Chamber's Journal for March The Heiress of Bellefont hy Enteraon Bennett Everything hi the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGHON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner it end Pa. ivi. t-k mar AmiiMmtoti. CARUSI'S SALOON. ??al or jvwrmv TBI BOON CHILDREN. Ttimc celebrated children. thrw In number, AIRA MABKLLA, *-ORA ????ggi?i* mo*. Will ?.?... "",n,1,J.3ggs/.a SALOON. SATURDAY, HAROfl S, (? the afternoon et SU o'clock, end la Mm < Ml iHUMT, la whtck thev will appear ia ?oo? of their c he teeter*. i 20 cento?child >ea half price. After nooe half prior. Doeri open at 7. MU 1 NATIONAL THEATRE. ? MTSK8 * MA DIG AS Respectfully announce to the utizens of Warfuaf ton and it* vicinity that they will opee for a short season, on THUKRDAT K VKIIlt, Harek 1, With their Splendid Circa? Company, The beat now performing ia America, and eeeipoa d entirely nt S TAR ArriHTFi Of the kl|bn? celebrity and reaowe. Aawaf the 4i ttnpithH artistes in thu troepe i <*tfce eete toated Female Eqvefthin, M'LLE ROSA, in tly termed the P. ide of the Circle, wboae ar> equalled and beau iful ndin? I aa created tke high er enthu ia>m and admiration wherever >he ku performed. A iplradtd PanUHN' RED GNOXE; or Spirit of ue Spirit ....... Red Gnome.. . Qrj- See tills ?ti the da v. hti Sheet will b. opcu-d on Ttiurvday wh? re seeta can Le secured three nifhto ia advance w<tho?t extra charg?. Kb [OST-f>n I street, between SOih and 21a?. on j Monday evening, the S6th ult., a brown Pl'R TIPPET. A tttitablr reward will be given to any one who will leave it at the Star office. mar 1? St* LOST?On Tuesday mommr. the 97th e'u, at or near the Capitol, it larg piaiina MmEASTPIN, with a female head iti the centre. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at SOS G M. mar 1?3t* IIECKER'S FARINA, PREPAREIJ eiprMly for Families. a delicate and appropriate food for all Seasons, and one of the mo t economical, nutritious, and wholesome preparation* ever bruwht to the table, emuM-ialy combining the gratification ot the palate, with am pis and healthful sustenance of the body. Strictly 'peaking, HECK ECS' FARINA to neither f trine- nt nor laxative, but restorative ; ir? the d'ct -uv e and absorb* nt avatea. la dered bow I-, Diarrhea, Dysentery, aud even ia caa.s of Cholera, when food is deemed admiaaible by the physician, Deckers' Farina cannot fail to be aalutary. and wlterever known ? extensively used in Hospitals anil private practice. The preset vauon of health, or tlie prevention of sickness, is at least aa import-nt is the curing of dtseaae. People in hea th should therefore u e Heckers' Farina freely aa common food, to preserve the laesfunable hi. *-, ainj. 1 or rale by Grocer* and Dragnet* general ly. wholes-le by the manufacturer, HECKER A RRO.. at the Croton MiH?,C0l Ch*rr? street, New Tort, or by CHARLES F. PITT, 13 Commerce street. Paln aasre. 49- IIECKERS' FARINA JELLY ic doubk koi? er.*, which render burning or torching impossible ii? now exhibited daily at the Fair of the MeUopoh'. tan Mechanics' Institute, m Washington. mar 1?3t* MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONES' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now commonly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOl K, ?ifWf key or key-hole, ia the Lock tliat fecund tlie outer-door* of the Herring Safe th? contained $1 ,000 at the VVorl.1V Fair, London, 1851 it being necessary to unlock this before other lecka' hi the sale coulil be unlock'-d. All parbsa interested are rrferred to the tolh.w-mg notice: THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. HOTIC*. ass.ML"'!! day *?ld 10 Mea?". STEARNS A MARVIN, Maniit .cttiren: of WILDER'S Patent Salamander SAFES, New York, the Patent right of my ? ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCE, . Com mo i |y called "JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK *? or "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCIL" ' thZl ?'?-acquired in cou^,ueoce of this Lock in a Safe at the World's iair, with 91,000 in tb*> Safe, to be the reward ot any person who could opwi the door The gold reniHiued tber*n for a period of fom five days, whilst the vi iu;rs ft* tired of tarnoi/ ? . dl#.", wit.i ?uch poor pro-petT* *ccrm ber of changes being 24^00 000. ^*5. 9 Hank, m, Jeweleiv, and Merclianto who deaf a hive these Locks upon tluir doora, can have Uk ?PP'ynf to Stearns 4 Mar via,Ne. 1*6 Water street, who have the exclusive right to mauulacture said L.tcks lu the United Stales. ..... HENRY C. JONES. Newark, X. J., January 20th, 1853. STEARNS fc MARVIN, 8cc< cssoa* TO Rich A Co , Top nwt V M ? Watrf ??? >>. Vy Iappq K K OF SALAMANDER SvtS ' mbining WILDER'S and RICH PAT ENTS 8. H. HOWELL, Agent, 1?it Georgetown, D. C. PALMKR'S PATENT LEG. fT*HIS AMERICAN INVENTION X stand, unrivalled both in ;hi?couuUy end in Karope. Itu worn by 1,000 p rsons, and \*nh moat a>t<>iuahing success In competition with 30 other substitutes of n!L^.tre?Ch' Enp,l!,h' a:,d manufacture,it received the award of the oseatmioal at the Woiid s Exhibi Tto* ik London, as the best artificial limb known. In ? his country it has been J'.?' ?imV exiub,led> competition with all others, at the anuual Fairs in the princ ipal cities, and f as, in every inatance, received the award ot the highest or first pieinium. And as a crowning honor, bv the MnannMMa approval of an interna. tiooal council, the "First Preauum''- ^ only Silver MeJal given for Limbs? wasTsTlTdTd the inventor, at the New York Cry stal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent rratia 10 ""> ?Wlic..t B. FKANK V>ALMe? f?b 3R?-m 3,5 Cl"?"" *??. rStfxfclfkU. INTERESTING NEWS. WE have just received a larre iM?nms?i, r BjKJTo and 8HOES for ladle.', mu**,*^ child reL's wear, whir h we offer very low | Ladies' Gaiters from f 1 to *3 * ^?^1 Mwees' Boots of every kind in proportion fCi Of cliildren'a Shoes we have every color ?ind atyle, from 25 centa, up Tlie inquiry generally u, Where can we find a good assoninent ot 8hoe? tor children' We ran JUTS a ir" qUtmU 10 Ulr,r ^u-actioa If they We would also state that we are pre oared to man. ufactuie eiery style of Ikxh or sb?.e usuTllv 1^* gentlemen, ladies, B iases or ch ldren Call and examine for yourselves before MH.k^ mg elsewhere, a, ae are^et" m.^o SiW W.38-3, ?- C. M'LL? t CO., 4?6 Seventh st. G. B. VARNELL fc J. W. MANRINR, Ilouae, II|b aw?t OrntutBtal pala(. . , art, Ne>r?*tana arfn"'- *"+? ~tAUl , TNext door east of the Vsmuoi Buildi>r HE subscribers have associated together to ear INtlNG f l,^U.SE' 8,GN' R ornamenxal ^INTING m alt its van us branches, and w,ll vors m tiu .r ithe rrU,lit- and ltM>ir rr"-nds for all fa nan 11 1, business, determining on their ga to use every , xertion to ^ive general ?atidke e#tA.I! W ^83EinS P?<nUng promptly ?uend mar {^ ^ra!' pnCeS Give us a trial. STEAMER GEORGE PAQB lo connection with the Orenra Rnilroed leaves v^?.SK2?t? ? - hreakfa ;t on the boat. mar l-3r ^ A' RVTHER, t'apt. EXCELSIOR is ODR MOTTO. Vir l JAo * frprt ** <* PRUNES, of J i?b?.Vs LEMO*s. ?"? *'?>? ? Give ii.Y?.!i 1' ^ up ,0 *?per"H stvto IW. r^JL L , Jud?' for yourselves odXte" ni> ? '4##?w? mo!, 5^JS,'iiPart^"',nd supplied oe the C1L**? CLOCKII?If you h TSotiSs^ f#h w pa- ***?! oppo. Browns' Hotol,

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