Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING star. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY AFTXRffDJlf March 3 Storaok.? Storage will be takerTTn the fine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. TEE WEEKLY STAB. It is admitted on all band* that the Weakly 8tai is one of the very best papers published in the country. While it is filled with the latest and m03V interesting news and literary articles, it cos's only oth dollar and a quarter a year. As a Washington newspaper, this journal never had its equal. Persons at a dis tance, who desire to keep ported about mat ters here, should by all means take this paper. ? -t SFIB1T OF THE MOBMLNO PRESS. The Intelligencer corrects a popular misap prehension rolative to the connection of the late firm of Corcoran A Riggs cf this city with he Ga diner clsim, s-jying, in the course cf its remarks on the subject. When ru^picicn- were arou?eJ as t* the fraudulent nature < f the claim, >lr. Core ran was tUe first togi>e information to th?J Got ?rrtcst that he held in hip fire proof safe, tor aaie keeping, the-e stocks belonging to Gardi ner, aad also stated where the $140 000 were deposited in New \ork. It was on the inf >r ?a'ion thus piven that Mr. Corwin, then the Secretary o: tha I rea.=nry. immediately attach ed boih the stocks in Waohmgton and the mo ney in New \oik Sine; then Corcoran and Kiggs have always held these stocks ready for delivery s> toon a a re-ular order if the Court could . e obaincd therefor by which reIea cd froni Per?'>n^l respon fibility for handing them over to the Govern ment, or rather to the Treasury of tbe United fctate'. who h.\s been appointed by the Court admini-tra'or cf ihe estate of O^rdiner; and it is these itre-ks that delivered under suah an order which have been the sabject of the re cent newspaper remarks. The whole amount actually received by (Jar. diner for his three fourths of the claim was about $320,WO. end it i? principally, if not enurely, owing to the prompt infoiin ition given by Mr Corcoran that the Government has been ablo io regain so large n portion <f it as this $yo t)00 of stoolts and the $110.000 in l*ew York. The Comnr.ttee cf Investigation appointed oy the House cn the ubject of Uardiuer's cla m m their report say : ?r .?L9.a hc ?fa~'J to I "chase one-fourth or the claim Mr Corcoran s'ates that biev tertiined1 no suepicion of its fairness bnt de ciined the proposition because it was not in character with his occupation as a bar ker to oect iuj interested in matters betore the board of o, mmissioners Hut as soon as it became known Jia.. the claim wad ficti ious <md fraudu lent, and the p.mies indited for the crime, Mr. Corcoran, adv.jcd the correspondent ol bis huu*e is London to sop thec.edit pre viously given to Dr Gardiner. ?nd communl v.ij !ha Government information ?hieh 5? ?i*?k T "Nl"1 *d4 ,ave wore ^an $200, ?00 of th? fun J thea in the hands of his own aouse and in an institution in Sew York " ihe T-mon -pccuiates over the latest rewi from Lurope and argues that if the retaliatory duties cn Sfmish vessels in our ports, be abolished, onr Culaa Cf-mraerre will be vasih increased Few Government Buildings in Baltimore. Tbe Baltimo-e Argu> cf yesterlay says ? We notice a statement in this morning) American, which we are fatisfied is erroneous Capt Bowhas is sot acthokubij to pie iJit" 8lLIC,T A SIT* the public build r.?...*? ,T"8n * ?Qthor*ed to examine and HE?. . V P"a,,j?at We iotend no disre spect to Capt. Bowman when we say that su ?? VrdT^^4 tha, of lbe fost Office, ac l tne peoplj tf tje city, are quite aa to nC,J<> that P0'01 48 he trBa.t 1-^ *r ^"iwnjan has no power to treat, or r?f,ts9 to treai with ary *arty and cation sa* th4t lb? present Jo ?f the offi;e is much mere contrai and convenient to the business community 2" *? 'i'J lot or th. ChZhli i. 7 the America??e- d in thisopio an ovlrVZ .Certa,D We 8haI1 b" by the cit^ 1Cg ?f the bueiQe? tton cl lh# txV*nie ofcor.formirg the thebuildmg to the views of Capt. Bowman of ^tltaW ".J1101 tB r' bUt ?f tbW W0 CiD 8P"k positively ?he comfort and convenience pf the preeent tuiiding is unsurpdssed by afcy nmular establuhme^that w3 km.w ?.f, and tttu thZ 7 T*ry few hr"y bod>' that the great mass of the business of tbe citv he Post < there would be to ftubject th?l K[h0tha0oifiC ?l??.ajunit7. most to do with the Office to heavy loss of time and rreat jy""1"" W., ? indepeoJeat. dSSI" csted parties, do not heslta'e to speak the con ie sarfcI0,U Dlind Up?? ,h? 4aes;ion. And munhV^h fiTif' ?cialIj the oom T- J !?',?bo?I(J b? consulted in this mnttor Mith? L ? not be left to one having t/, ^ . ?,De8s nor ict*re8t?? our community to select a location for us * ' l'kKso>.t l.. .... iloa. Pierre Soule and lion. Mr Bar ringer, late Minister to Spain, and r*en Quit mca are in this city. .... Among others. Chariei F Mayer, of Baltimore is named as a candidate for a seal in the new bcari of claims. .... In view of the severity of the weather, a card Las been i*?uei by the lie? P. Kede becretary of th* K tan Ca^holio Diocese of Buffalo, allowing those laboring oc the public wcrsstne use of meat without restriction dur? ing Lent, except on Fridays. .... Den Kicc is about to g > Nor* h with his Circus .... Mr Zimmerman, a member of the City Council, cf Baltimore, has been appointed Auditor in opposition to the law probioiting a member of the City Council from tiding of. fiee during tbe term for wbioh bojlsieeted. There is much talk about this violation of law among Baltimoreans .... The New York Sun hoists the name of Sam Houston for the Presidency in I86fi. saying: "It is the general theme of conversation? and we may as well acknowledge the fact? that Gen. bam Houston, if his life is spared, will be the next Presidect of tbe United States/' iVoiM Vtrroni. .... We are pained to learn that the Hoc. R E Fenton, of New York, has been confined to his room for several days from a severe in. disposition . ?.. Tbe case of Mrs. Gaines is still on trial at New Orleans and from the evidence it ap> Cars th*t ?h? pietty clearly established the jt that Daniel Clark her father, did at least intend to make her his sole heir to his im mense estate ....Honorable John Covode has given to the poor of Pittsburg, Pa. 18 000 bushels of coal, which the Pennsylvania Kai road Com pany agree to transport to the oity free of charge Such laudable acts aa these deserve to be remembered .... Grant Thorbun has settled himself ap Kiatly for his life in the town of Winsted, hfield county, Ct., and amuses himself by' writing letters to tbe '* Mountain County Her. aid," pablished in that town "It is estimated that there are forty to oomotive manufacturing establishments in the United States, which turn out, in busy timee, 130 locomotives per year and employ 9,0001 bands WA8BIWGT0* 5EW8 AHD GOSSIP. Of Immediate Interest to Members of Cor greet.?We hive precured, for the information of the Star's readers, the following synopsis of the quantity cf public lands which will be necessarily contained under the bill thai patsed yesterday, to satisfy those who have already received land wat rants of a lesi de nomination than 160 aores, to wit: Under the act of 1847, there were issued 7,372 warrants of 40 acres, and there mutt be 7;370 warrants of 120 acres issued, or, in all, 884,640 acres. Under the aot ot 1850, there were 103,000 43 acre warrants, and 57,059 80-acre warrants ijsued. To bring all those of both classes up to the 160 acre standard will require an ex penditure of 16,924,720 acree. I'ader the act of 1852 there we 9,000 40 acre warrants issued, and 1,650 80-acre warrants; and to bring them, of both classes, up to the 160-acre standard will require 10,650 acres In all, an expenditure of an aggregate oi 19,021,360 acre* of the publio domain will b? required to aititfy the ola mt of those whe have already received land warrants under late bounty land acts. Up to this time, no warrant has been issuer for service of a lees period th in thirty day Tee law just passed, however, gran's one hue dred and sixty acres for fourteen days' Ear vice. In addition to these 19,621,360 acres t< be so used up. it is estimated at the Land Offic< that at least 100.000,000 of aores will be re quired to cover tbe demands to arise undei tbe new law, from classes of individuals whost service has not heretofore been thus provided for by Congress. The man who shouldered bin fowling piece, and watched the shore in the neighborhood of Pisca'.away, and within a mile ct bit own door, will, under the new Ian get aj much land as him who underwent th< horrors ct all the Canada campaigns of tb< ,war oi 1612 ! ; he Claims Court?The probable compu. aitioo ?f this tribunal was, yesterday, a subjeci of general conversation among the public mci ol all putties in tbe Capitol and around th< hotels. We heard as many a* half-a-dotei slates" canvassed, each one being backet by very eirnost and certain gentlemen Indeed, it teemed as though every body wa? certiin that some particular person hac actually bcea nominated, othar than thoe< nhooi everybody else insisted had received appointments, ibe doctors all thus disagree icg. we are cnablo to decide. Our slato ij Luren P. Waldo, of Conn , no* Commissioner of Pensions; Cavo Johnson, of Tenn , and John R J. Daniel, of N. C. We have heard twenty other gentlemen named as certain to share ia these appointments, among them being Judge Luring, of Mats ; him whom the Know Nothing! of that S ato are about to bring to tho block be:?u6e he insists upon faithfully c^ecutin^ tho fugitive slave 14.w; Chancellor Walworth of X. Y., and the lion. Mr. Lum. kin. of Ga formerly of Congress, bat more recently r. Georgia state Court Judge Our experience hero has admonished us cf the necesrity o: having not only upright and learned u.en it these positions, but gentlemen well versed ii ail the quirks md turns of those who art famed in Washington for habitually getting up claims against the Government. Now, m really know of no other three gentlemen t< admirably qualifiei tor the discharge of th< high, re?ponrib!e. and arduous trusts of thes< jadgeehipe, at those we name above as com prising our 'slate.' We adopt them simpl; as "sr choice, cot as that of the President, a we do not know who he thinks of appointing We presume that at least one hundred person have been urged on him for these positions many wholly upon political considerations and others ud the derilieh-good fellow princi p'.c neither cf which, we trust ar.d believe ni l be allowed to determine bis selections fo< those positions of more importance to the fu turo ot tbe country, than any others he wil have within his gift during the balance ol hi Presidential term. Captain Eyiders?"Caps m town ant around.' lie looks as keen as a briar, and a tough rs a hickory nut, as usual; eomewha subdued, however, in appearance, since beicj united in tho silken bond? of wedlock with i beiutiful and meek little quakeres?, whirl happy event, it will be recollected, took plac< not long tince That is, tbe gallant captaii wears more of tbe dignified air of the man o family, than when so lately the gay bacheloi leader of all the "fast men"' in the Unitet States. He grows indignant whenever tb< roorback about his rumored visit to the "Oh Dominion,'' to regulate her polilios, is al iuded to; protesting that if he it famous fo anything, it is for minding his own business and that, therefore, he never entertained th< idi i of turniog Virginia politician imputed t< bim He insists that the story is merely i blind put forward by tbe opponents of Wise to attract public attention from the active la bors cf noted citixecs of ether States to ooropas, the defeat of Wise. We have long known Wn tor a shrewd man of strong practical sense. From first to Ian we have placed not thi sligktest confidence in tbe rumors connecting bis came with the cui rent canvass of Virginia The Ofllceis of the four New Regiments Mr. shields reported to tho Senate thi* morn, ing from the Conference Committee on th< Army appropriation bill, a provision girio| tbe President power to all the officer* of tbe four new regiment* of regulars uodet tbe grade of field officers during the coming reoest. ? Virginia Scrip Sill.?Many thousands, we leirn on good authority. are interested in thii bill, and, of course, Its failure will be heavily felt. We trust that time may yet be found to pass it through the Senate. Alexandria : ?On motion of Senator Seward, the fcenate, this morning, put into the oivil and diplomatic appropriation bill a clause ap propriating for new custom houses at various points, among them being Alexandria, Va. An Extra Session.?We saw strocg signs this morniog of a determination to defeat the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill, in or der to get an extra session. At 2 p. m. it seemed likely to suooeed The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, the 2d of Maroh, there were of Treasury Warrants entered en the books of the Department ? For the Treasury Department.... $22,259 18 Por the Custom* .. 69,480 11 For the War Department 86,540 00 For the interior Department 1,755 33 tor repaying in the Interior De partment 1,755 33 For the N ary Department 59 828 00 Covered into the Treasury frem 260 14 Another Veto!?The President gent in a I veto of the mail steamer appropriation bill j?at as we go to press. This is bis fourth veto : alnce his installation. The objectionable point ' in thin case if the Collins line amendment. ?!OftUIC8l99IONAL.. In the Senate, ye-terday, alter we went to press, tho I).strict judiciary reform bill wp? pissed, with amendment* proposed thereto by their Jadiciary Committeo. Ihe civil and diplomaiio appropriation bill was then again taken up, ana the Leteher amentment therete was discussed by Messrs. Cooper, Case, Bell, Stuart, and James against it; when the motion of Mr. Dougl ?s to recon 1 sider the Tote by whioh that proposition had been agreed to prevailed?yeas 23, nays 19. The question was then put on Mr. Clayton's motion to strike ou* the said Letcher amend 1 ment; which was agreed to?yeas 24, nays 21 Mr Hunter then proposed various amend , meats to the said civil and diplomatio appro priation bill, which occupied the attention of the Senate until the recess took ptaoe, at 6 f p. m. , Oq again coming together, the annual forti fication bill was passed, and the civil and ' diplomatio appropriation bill being agair > taken up, various proposed amendments theret( were disposed of. Among those agreed to wai . one appropriating $29,300 for the completiot of the works of the United States (Wilkes' exploring expedition. <)oe appropriating $260,000 for continuing . tbe work on the Washington Aqueduct One adding 20 per centum to the annua! > pay of th* officer* and employees in the peni J tentiarj of the District of Columbia, to date ftoin 1853. r One according thirty additional clcrks tc oirrv out the provisions of the new bounty * land act. I On motion of Mr Brown, the bill to provid< I accumulations for the U S. Courts at Jack *on, Midi , was taken up and passed. In th* House, after they had dispose^! o; 1 al. iht amendments to tho army appropriatioi , bill, reported back from the Committee of th< . Whole, agreeing to the Senate's amendment! aiding four regiments of regulars to the U ' S. army. among others, they adopted Mr. Orr'i report from tho Conference Committee on the Indian appropriation bill, and passed tb< West Point Academy appropriation bill. The ppst-ofiice appropriation bill being nexl i tnken up (in Committoe of the Whole on th< . state of the Union,) was discussed on amend' merits until they took a recess, at 6 p m. On agiin coming together, the consideratioi t of the same bill was continued until thej rose. An amendment appropriating $120 000 t< m*ke the mail between San Franjisco anc i Washington and Oregon territories semi-month > ly. (tee contract to be let to tbe lowest bidder, adopted. the House then concnrred in all the Senate'i iiuendmeuts to tho omigrant passenger bill. 1'he bill for the relief of Mrs. Madalina Vai N s', wilow of Cornelius Van Ness, was nex passed?yeas 83, nays 44. And. then, after disposing of one or tw< oth~r btlis, they adjourned at twenty minutei o midnight , I I*rocrediu#* of Tc-Dny. I In the Senato, to-day, the civil and diplo 1 initio appropriation bill received many amend I m?nt.-. Among them was one offered by Mr I Sebastian appropriating $5,000 for ihe em I pioyment of additional clerks in the Indiar ' I Otireau. Mr. Seward proposed an appropriation foi t I now custom-houses at Pensacola, Via ; Alex I andria. Va ; Barnstable Mass, ; Plattsburg ' I N. Y.; and Bri&tcl, R I.: agreed to. 11 Also, an amendment increasing the salarle j I >f certain clerical employee, the details o , I whic'i we did not learn In the House. Mr Upham reported fron I ?l.e i ivestiga'ing committee on theSmitheooiai ' | In* itute; report ordered te be printed e I The question was shortly afterwards put oi e I tLo pending motion cf Mr. Bailey, of Georgia I o take up the bill for the removal of ihe ob I s ructions in the Savannah river below the f I city of that name, placed there as a means o I iofecce during the revolutionary war; whicl I otiug agreed to. tho said bill was duly passed B&LTIMO&E COaKEbPOHDEHCE ) I . I I'nt New Pott Office and U. iS. Court Build ivc?'l'he Localijn?Favoritism for th I iM'rck mt.% Exchange?Braittz Mnyir The Weutft'r?The l{arbor?Anxiety liusiness?Money Affairs. Baltimore, March 2, 1855. I I The location of the new post office snd U IS Court building, has become a subjeot o I uuch interest with our citixen* Some are o I opinion, as Uncle Sam has promised to do th I j >b, it U only fair to make him bleed freely ' I Ihs back, say they, ii broad, and his purs * I i .ep; therefore as he had put his foot into ii ^ I bs oiust be skinned before getting out?some I what upon the principle of a poor devil get I rog into purgatory. We have hungry mouth s I h-re and brawling politicians all of whoc ( I .t int action. For these reasons they thin] r I' nete Sam should begin at the foundation . I Mir his own structures, and divide bis surplu I a liberal hand The city, too, the; e I argue, requires ornamenting, and therefore ai j I entirely new building ought to be erccted. A general sentiment, however, prevail * I among the buE>inei>s and more substantial por I I ti m of the ooiumunity in favor o 1 retaining thi I post office where it now is, aed fur purchasing ' I the Merchants' Exchange, part cf which cai I easily be prepared for the accommodation c 0 I the United States Court. The rumor that th< a I lot now occupied by the First Presby teriai I C.lurch, corner of North and Fayette s reets ' I h id been favorably rcccuimandol is without I any foundation in tru h Thi* location is lesi s I out al and 1?hs convenient to business thai t the Exchange, and to build on it would oos I M ra by o:.e nait tbau the Exchange Company I would ask for their entlro property. Eoonumj *- [ is wisdom, as well in governmental as in indi t I v dual afl'iiis To secure the present localitj I of the post*office, contiguous as it is to tbe I custom-house and other public buildings, is, I iri my judgment, Unole Sam's policy. Tht I Argus of to?day has a sensible article on th< , I subject We are looking now with much anxiety t( ' I Congress for tho fate of the river and harboi ! I appropriation bill still before the House. Thi: 1 I is a measure of great public moment, notalont , I to the city, but the c(untry at large, and should be promptly aeted upon ! I learn that the architect in reconstruct ins St Paul's Church, North Charlej street whieh was burnt, about a year ago, has made quits I a mistake. He built two ponderous walls II upon pillars or oolumns of free stone. These 11 proved insufficient, and have been gradually ' I giving wsy under the immense pressure. It , became neoessary to supplant them with 6trong iron oolumns. This being done, the building I is now thoroughly secure. It was, however, I an inexcusable oversight in not testing the capacity of the stone before rearing walls I upon it Branti Mayer, Esq , one of the agents to I reside in New Orleans, for tbe McDonougb estate, has not yet left He expeots to depart I About the 7tb of this month. He was delayed by indisposition. The weather has slightly moderated, though I we have passed through almost a severe win ter. There is still much ice in onr harbor, I and navigation bas been considerably inter rupted This to some extent checked business, eausing very light reoeipts and supplies of I produce Breads tuffs are firm at about the I same prices current before the late European I news. The money market is easy It is coasolatory I to know that, notwithstanding tbe large ex ports of ooin in the last twelve months, we are still Immense gainers cf tbe precious metals. The last ten years cannot have added less I then one hundred and fifty millions of dol I tars to our permanent oapital oi ooin. This aecassion has fortunately gono into the hands of the people, and is performing the legitimate functions of domestic currency It is a wos derful improvement on the old bogus system of paper system. It does not expand in warm I weather or at pleasure. It gives stability to I values of every kind, and greatly mitigates the forcejand inflaenoeof a preesure whan it oomes It confine* the effect to the eitias, and mtm the country skj clear and oalm I am gratified at being able to notice con* tinned ease and increasing confidence in finan cial affairs generally. The demand for mon Sr is daily decreasing, and only a oompara rely final! amonnt ef paper it offering on the street. That denominated "first class" is readily taken at 9al0 per oent discount, and money on call is abundant at 6a7 per oent. The bisk? continue to disomnt, liberally all good paper offered We observe that fie im ports of gold from California ure greater thar the exports and are likely to continue so Kodrrick ,THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET ing ol the Columbia Typographic! Socie ty will be held this 'Saturday) eireninf. at 73* n?cl? THE MEMBERS OF GEORGE V\ ASH ington Tent, No. 2, Junior Order of Rech abites, will give an entertainment in the bas< me n of the Sixih Frahbyt* rtan < hurch, earner of Mary land avenue and Sixth street, Island,on WEDNES DAY EVENING, March 7th, ou which occasion they will present an original moral Temperance Drama, written expressly (or them, entitled, JON A DAB, HON OP BRCHAR; or Wellington City in 1855. Tickeu 23 ccnu?Children under ten years half price. THE COMM.TTEE. mar 3?3t NOTICE?THE MARKET ST. PRES. bvterian Chapel, G?*>rgetown, will be opened to morrow (Sabbath) morning, at 9 o'clock, with a Sabbath School, and preaching at 11 o'cl'k, by Rev. Dr Stanton. The publie am respectfully invited to attend, mar 3?It* NOTICE?THE WESTERN IIOSK No 1.?1 lie member" of the Cainpsnv are hereby requested to n.iet at the Library Room TO MORROW, (Sunday,) at 2 o'clock, p. m., to att tid tli* tuneral ot their late member, Edward Long, ny ordei of the conunilte? : F. N. HOLTZMAN, E. H. HANDLEY. mar 3?It* J.T.MAY. \TTEXT10N HIGHLANDERS ?The regn l*r monthly meeting of the Corn* will be held on MONDAY EVENING, March 5th, at < o'clock. A full attendance is expected as business of th? tiunost imparlance will he laid before the company. By order of the Captain : n?ar3-2t WM. J. FORSYTH, S"c. TII^ PUBLIC ARK INVITED TO MORROW (Sunday) EVENING to a frei Leetu e, by Dr. Bartlett, on subjects taken Iron ihw Sacred Scriptures as appropriate to the present times, at Temperance Hall E street, bet*een 9 1> and lOtli, at 7J^ o'cl??ck. mar 3?It* ,PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?A v EXAMINA tion of applicants for the office of Teacher in the Public Schools will be held in the Aldermen V K'Kiid, Citv ilali, on SATURDAY next, at 3% o'elk p. in. G J. ABBOT, Secretary, mar 2 -it -JMETKOPOLI PAN MECHANIL'S' IN ZJOSTsTITUTE EXHIBITION?The t orn liuttee of Judges on aitiele* of food, such as bread cake. Sic., will meet in the. Exhibition Room on TUESDAY next, at 10 o'clock, ts examine all such art cles as may be presented for competition at that time. CHAd. F. WOOD, Sup mar 2?it ?-^^"WE ARE young^lkt YOUT1I then plead our cause."?A Lecture forth" benefit of the Scott Guards will l?e delivered b\ Prof. Alkxanpkr Odd Fellows' Ilall, or WEDNESDAY EVENING.March 7th,at 7^o'clk The proceeds of the above Lectuie will be appro printed towards aiding the corps in purchasing thej; arms. subject?"The arts of Statuary and Architecture, in Athens '' Tickets 25 cents. mar 2?5t* "sTjk P ir^TDENfTSM ()U NT E D GCA R l>7aT svi tention.?You are hereby ordered to meet, /*3C7) with sabre*, for drill, at the armorv at 1 r VV o'clock, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON Marco l?t. Vi u are also ordered to attend the regular month ly meeting on TUESDAY. Warch 6th, at 7 o'clock, in lull uniform. By order of Capt. Peek: J NO. II. McCUTCHEM, Secretary, mar I?ThSTti* OST.?YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, at th j Mechanic's Fair, a small Gold Chain, with Cross attached. The finder, ou leaving the same at 3 79 Thirteenth street, b; tweru G and II, will re ceive the thanks of the owner, and a #irtat>l* re ward if desired. mar 3 3s* G' _ to return to their Homes, are respectfully i ? formed by "he undersigned that the MEDICATED VAPOR APPARATUS, invented by him. has be? n rendered still more convenient by his studies conse quent upnn protracted illness. mar 3-3t BOYD REILLV. MAP of THE ISLAND OF CUBA, compiled from the most reliable Spanish authorities .vith Geographical, Chronological, and Statistical Notes, mounted on rollers, mar 3 FRANCK TAYLOR. O.) rx RKW AR D.?The undersigned will p .j $25 for the apprehension of Negro Woman MARGARET CHASE, purchased by the late Or u Norfolk, at sale of Thomas and Richard Harvey, executors of Thomas Harvey. F or the last eighteen months <a d woman was iu Geoigetown, she is now believed to be in Alexandria. She is about sixty years of age; is black, and about five feet four inches high. Th<vabove reward will ha paid on delivery to th< subscriber, at Upper Marlboro', Prince George's co., .Mil. JNO. C. MULLIKIN, mar 3?3\v Administrator of Owen Norfolk. F ASHtONABLE mTLUNERY. MRS. M. I- DAVISON, MJJSg\o. 30 3 Pa. avenue, between 9!IiBlSS and lOth sis . respectfully auiiouncesM^P ^""*to her customers aiul the ladies of Washington that she has received her first Spring Fashions with a large and splendid assortment of French Flowers, Ribbons, Headdresses, S'raw Bon nets and Frames. M. L. D. mar 3?3t* FOR MOUNT VERNOnT MONDAY AND TUESDAY NEXT, March 5th and 6th The THO.MAS t oLLYEK will leave Washington at 9j4 a. in, and Alexandria at 10 a. in. Fare round trip .$1. ? Strangers will liave a good opportunity to visit the Tomb of Washington. mar 3-11 SAM'L GEDNKY, Capt. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. fPHE undersigned have this day formed a copart ( nership under the nam* and style of Hyde .V Davidson, and will continue at the old stand of E. 1'ickrell it Co., Nos. 91 and 60 Water st. George town, D. C. WM. SMI I'll HYDE. JOHN B DAVIDSON. Georgetown, March 1, 185.'. Id 14 their late business, an-1 as Packet Agents, we will keep constantly ou hand a cood supply ot Flour, Ship Stores, Ship Chandlery, Sic. mar 3?3t* HYDE k. PlVIDSQN. NEW MUSIC. E are this day in receipt of a larce assortment ft ol NEW MUSIC from the principal publi-h mg houxi in the country, consisting of Songs, Dueets, Tnos, Marches, Rondo.., Gal ops, Quadrilles, Polkas, Mdzourkas, Sclioltisches, Gems from the Operas, Sic. Also, Music Books, Poitfolios, Music Paper, In struction Books, Music for Brands, arranged in cheap style; Rows, Pegs Rosin, and every article pertaining to the music trade always on band at the Piaeo and Music Establishment of JOHN P. ELLIS, mar 3 306 Pa.: venue, near Tenth ?t. HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE^COM PANY OF NEW \ORK. II. C. PPALDING, of Washington, Agent. rpiIE Howard Lu'e Insurance Company, possess X ing an ample capital, and every facility for ex tending its operations upon the most secure bssi<, makes every uuurrnce ag tiust Life Risks upon the most ftvorable terms. Parties insunng upon the mutual plan are euti tied to a proportionate share of the profit* ; or upon the joint stock plan by which they pay a lower rate of premium, but do not share profits. Policies are granted either for life, or for a limited period. The Howard commends itself to persons in all stations, but especially to every li'-ad of a family. Military or Naval Officers off cr on duty may be iusured in lime of peace. Psirons insured in this Company have the privi lege of crossing the Atlantic, to ports in Europe, at all reasons of the year without extra premium.? Special permits for California, Australia, or the Sandwick Islands, at a reduced rate of premium. Office No. 338 North D street, one door east of Tenth mar 3 - eolni A CARD TO rANlLIBS. Brown, Loaf, and Pulverised Sugars from 6^ lo 10 cents. Rio, Lagujrrs, Maraca.b) and Java Coffee 12J{ to 16 cents Hyson, Imperial, Gunpowder aad Black Tees 37 % to 91. And nil other articles usually kept in a family gro cery , at cot responding low rates A. N. MOUNTZ, Masonic Ilail, corner 10th and E su. mar 9?3t* "VTOTICE.?A THEGUoiioUT BLOODED 1.1 Hrood Mare, of a very fine form, dark sorrel, for sale at tha Livery Stable of thef Franklin Hotel, 0tb street, by mar *-3i* JNO. R. 81 1 LIKT or LITTIBS Remaining in the Pott Office. Washington, D. V-, * March 3, 1855. [ Oritredto ft adoortwJ in the" Ertnino Stab," igretaUe to the foliotring tectum of the Pott- Of*e Lm? it being the mmpmpti haring U? largest ciras UtionoJanyiaUvpfeT pnUuWtn W?gAi*gfo?i: Sic. 5. JM be U further enacted, That the lift of letten remaining uncalled for in any po?i oftcf in any city, town, or Tillage, where new*paper* ?hall be printed, ahall,hereafter, bepablidnd oaee only in the newspaper which, being iwued weekly, or of\ener,s*a/i kare the target circulation within the range of the delivery of Raid office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] | SWTeraona applying for letters la the following list, wll pImm a>; they are abtkbtisss. LAMBS' LIST. Harrtooa, Mlae Sallle Alreee. Mies TlraluU Amery, Mr* Ann \ flame, Mlaa Ummj Iteall. Una Margaret Ann J Brook, lira Jalla VC Rail, Kiisabeth Brown, Mrs Lncey Healrs, Mra E M Bradford, Mlaa Battle Rtirk, Mtaa Kite* Beard, Mra MatU4a B Brlcht, Mtaa Sarah Beard, Mra Matilda ft Blake. Mlaa Jolla Bournes, Mlaa Bradley, Mlaa Kate A Baylor, Mra C Gotha Barnard, Mra Jennett Oouta, Mlaa Bardett* Chew, Mra Aageilco Cook, Mlaa Bits* A Croaa, Miee Sarah Hark. Joeephane Compton, Mlaa Koala t. CarmRbaal. Mlaa Rarah L Oady, Mra Beh*o* Campbell, Mra Lew la Craton, Mra Ar?srta 1 Colline, Miaa Ann B Cleraiuona, Mlaa Sueaa Cleley, Mlaa Buaan Cbeley, Mra Cataren Conner. Mlaa Mary B Cranford. MreFrancaa Cleeeon. Agnee Crarkenton, Mary Daan, Mlaa Cathrtoo Dirk, Mra Ellsar E Da via, Mlaa lArabarco Liar ton. Mtaa Anna Dou-len, Mra Klennorab Doughty, Mlaa K Dnnliam, Mra H I>e?neut. Mtaa Laa Uonohoe, Mary Erl. Mra Moniea Ktfhlaon, Mlaa Marab 3 ?.Uei?n. Mra Sidney Kllwooil, Mra B M Eddy, Mra Mary Ford, Mra Floretta Fowler, Mra J A Fletcher Mlaa Bettla Flelrher. hmly (jautt, Mi*a Kmme Oaaklna, Ml" Catharine Geafard, Mra Margaret M <;? od, Mlaa Adllue Hurley, Miaa CCA Hughee. Mra Luclnde Mall. Ml?e Mary H-juae. Miaa \uu V Hall, Mr* Vtrrltila Hall, Mtaa F W H Halr.ea. Mra B T 1 Hamilton. Mra Henry * H<>pkiua, Margateta Haakina, Mtaa Bate J Hartner, Miaa Charity E Hanson, Mia W Maria Hawkins, Miaa Ann Haycock, Miaa Margrette Uaffman. Mra Maty Hoitua. Miaa Ma.y Hurler, Mra HerrUt A Harrta, Mlaa Ann Huntar, Mra lliartaa W Hntclileoii, Mra Martha Kaydoa. Mra Bllsabatb Hyatt, MrsJaae Hanhan. Ann Joy. Mlaa M A Jones. Mra Sarah C Jacaaa, Mra Wm L Jonaa, Mtaa Sarah Jackemi, Mtaa Sallle H Jamlaon, Mra John Jack eon, Larinda Johaaon, Mra K M Jlnklna, Mra Elisabeth Jobnann, M1aa Sarah Beya. Mra Martha Knott, Mlaa Jan* Keaf, Mlaa Mai y kerby, Mary Keller, Mra Mary K Karecneagti. Mlaa Ooraalla Llghtfoot. Mlaa Mary Lathae, Mlaa Fanny Lewcy, Mlaa Bebec. a Morse. Mtaa MCA Maiwall, Mlaa Sally Molrany, Martha Maxwell, Miaa >aley Mllliugton, Mtaa Agneea Magae, Mlaa Joaephlna Moulding. Mra Mary B Marry, Mra Sarah Miller, Mlaa Faanaa E Miller Monebon. Mtaa Annie C Mayer, Mlaa Mary E Mahon, Miaa Oerrollna McOuire, Mra TC MeLlan, Mra K Noble, Mra Tereaa A Ferkine. Mra Mary K 1 rhltlpa, Ml?a Annla Ferry, Miaa E W Falue, Mlaa Suaan, col'd Fumphry. M aa Mary E J Bnfl, Mra Dollle A Z Blaty, Mra Anna Bialy, Mlaa Jane Btrharda. Mra Harriet S Hodg>-r?. Miaa J C *mlth. Mtaa laabel Stahbtna. Mlaa Fanny J stialfant, Miaa Kiiaa ^kliiner. Mra Nan?-eT bi.ramera. Mlaa Looita Sinclara, Marta V Todd, Mtaa Etti* A Tenney, Miaa Mary B 4 Taylor. Mra Ann S Thome*, Mlaa Mary Ana Ternou, Miae Jnllan Waltera. MIm E Mary Wood. MleaT Walal , Mlaa Mary Walab, Mra Whlulock, Mlaa Mary t> Wtlllama, Mlaa Frndeara Woodland, Mra Clary WlUlaaiaon. Mra Alaatra Wllltama. Mra Anna Wllaon. Mra Mary Warder, Mlee Sarah A Warren. Mlaa Kllen Yulae, Mra B E UEBTLEMB5S' I.IST Amea. Samuel Alliaon, s P AaliWuod, Mi Anatiu, M Arnold. Maj L O Ataiiah, Jno Arnold, Iaaac Adama. Joa A.Idieon, H S Adilaina, (? H Anderaon, DrtW Aubotl. K B Alvor<l, K B Allen, E S lira lahaw, Wm Hat ley, W K Kelclior. W It 2 Ileal!, W B Brook*, W F Barou, W W Blanvliard. W I. Buah, Wm, Wm Hai Iiaford, Waah liethell, Thoa F llrowii, Tboa llolau, Tli<>a !t?nt?u. Theopilua Karon. Tboa H Brewater, Murgls Brady, Sliaa Beaalry, H lllag, Robert Butcher, Hubert Hurrhil, p J lirodhoait, Oliver Mu'.lard, L Uowllu. J B l?r yd, Joa B liurkalew, Jaiuea Butler, Jno A Bon I, Job C Hrwlly, J H. of la Krooka, Capt J F Bruwn, J R Br?.wn, J no T Reason, J I. Bi adahaw, Jno Uowte, Jno Barker, Jame* Bradford A Hoard Bradford, Heniy Baldwin, H H Barnett, Geo J Bo <? le, G eo W Bernard. F Henue^ Frauklin Blnmer Frederick k. swell, K H Bra|>bart<>n, David Borlaud, Cbaa Burb, CUas B Brtntcn, Caleb Burltngaime, A 2 Buel, A W B< ?|e, A t* I Cooper, W m B I Clark, w s ; Cark, Wm For<t, J L Flelehler. Joa Fowler, F Fiaeher, Fred Frendi, C H Fergtt?'?n, M J Fuller, A Faraswnrth, E Fitch, O N GrifBn, (Jen J T Galilger, W H Giliam. W H Oloyd, W A Gatnou W S Great. Thoa Petty, W Pealty, Tboa Parmella, T N Peck, Tboa PeidelL, Gan Thoa Parka, Robert Peera, P C Powell, Mr Patne, Capt Jao S Perkina, Jno Perklna. Juo N Preatuu, Jno W Paten, Hon J A Pratt, Gen Geo W Perk, Geo W S Gallagher, Bichaid Petton. G R Godaru, Mr Griffith*, Jno W Go?dyear, Jos ??uthrte, .1 B Gregory, Jno M Griffin, H?rmon I i.'ff, Geo Green leaf, Geo Gardner, G<vi Gravee. CCI Grigsb}, M C Garden, A Harris, W A Hudeon, W H Halated, Wm Heffner, Tboa H Hnnter, T Harris, T I. Haml-lon, Th-o llai \ er, saml, Jr llaakell, H E Herrhlehlt, Rnl.t 2 Parker, Granville Putler, Geo T Pettlt. Chaa, Jr Firkard. Araoa Robertaou. W B Re- knur, Wm Itamaay, Re\ Sam 2 Ri'biaon. Mr Hay. J D Rerdon. Jam** Held, John Reaptde. Jno Revnolda, H D Rohbtna. H K Robbing, Dr Geo R Rogera< n, Geo K Bagio Gtobatlsta RafTellll, G Dominic Roaa, K P Roat, Euile Roach, Reward Runnlon, David HujUee. JadgeRott Becavarran.D Mas Hare, Dr Robt ael Harrison, Puracr Ruat A 2 Harrison, >' B Ruasall, C W Haydan, Capt S Backett. W A Hopktna, M n A Co Stewart, Col Wm M Holbrooke, M A Runt, Lt LC 2 Hickman, Jobu ' Hamea, Jaba Harbaau, J R Heeion, Joa Hawley, J W Hall, Jacob Harmon, H B Hayes. H Heaaelhach, H Henntrg, Geo F Honk, Geo W Hilton Geo Hail. Kellft Hall, K Harrlmau, D B Hageman, T> Hamilton, C O Hopkins. B y Herr, B G Hajea, Bernard Boilers. Wm Sealy, S J Slaughter, Rent-en M 2 Smith. B P stelle, F R stanton, Col P Skinner, 0 C Nherrard. Jos H Shelld, Jdo T Smith, Rev J How ard shanonn, J Herat* Sharpatain, Jno R Sharp, Jacob Smith, Jno btephena, Jatces E Sybtjr, J H Swalu, Jno A Smith, Jaa Smith, Jos H Swayue, Janiea Jones, Capt JACK Smith, Henry Jaokaon, Wm J< nea. Marlon Cititaudeu, Col T L Janntn, Louie | Coxliiiau, T T Campt^eli, Tin a Clower?l, Tli"a Chenowith, T B Casey, Saiui D Couklfn, Cspi S ! Crowley, Saml I Onrad, P I ? imcb, Nicholas ('??uuolly, Martin nark, Michael CklMsa, Jaa H Crane, Jaa A ('??Uange. John Clawson, Isaiah D Chaatney, Jaa Carter, Jaa lYoae, Jos H X Coleman, Jaa Clark John Connor, J T Caldwell, J M Clayton, Jas B Judge. John Irc^raoll, J R J->linea. (,e> W Jones, Geo R S Jouea, Franklin J- hunoc, D H Kendall, WW* Kopman, Sidney King, H B Kimball. Moaea Knox, John O Katon, John K allay, F L KamMa, C G KaufTmau. A i Katon, Michael Latcliford, Wm Laioprey, I'rl & Lothrop, T K Lefiei ta, Marshall LooiBer, Mr I., gan, Jno A Smith, Geo W 2 smith, Geo R smith. K K Mieffey, Daniel Swackann-r.Conrad st?|ilaa. Cliaa Snelghder, C G Sweiaer, Cliaa ftewart, C H Schail. A >tanabury, A J shepar-l, A H Sc?>tt, Thoa M Ta*T, Thomas Taylor, Thoa R Taylor, Col Tboa Teaedala, Sidney Thomaa, S S Talmadga. N F Tallman, Jno C Thompaon, Jno L Thomaa. J Addiaoa Thomaa, Geo H Tnrpin, Geo H Taaaett, K Crittenden, Joalah D Lange, J P Lindsley, Rev JohnThompaon. E c B I Callaway, Dr Jas Cromar, J T C -Ula, H A 2 Campbell, Henry Clark, G A 2 I C x, Geo F | ("allaghau, Ki ancle Caae, Cmanuel [ Carty, Danma C ay, Casstus M turaa, John Loe, Huuting'on I.ea?, K C L-iwera, B C Mott, Chaa A Mackay, W R J Maloya, Wm Mcn<1ay, Tni T Mattock. Thoa Maher, Timothy c-awli.rd, Cliaa A 2 Mendenhail, S C ? Campbell, B H ''umiulng. Col Alf Cumniiugs, A J Carroll, Andrew j Coiupt- n, A W Carlln. Andrew I'b kinaon, W B Dclaney, T B Dunn. Thoa Davis, Thoa K Duval, P S Durliolz, Mr Dabb A Co | Demeut, Juo E Duvall,Gen Jno F Dasta, Jno S Devenport, laaac Davie, Ocii Geo B Driskel, Daniel Davidson, Dr Deuulaon, C F K-tatou, Thos Kugllsli, Thos K-re, s Kastfin. Rev Jno 8 E ton, Jona'n H Eckhadt A Bro kslln, George Emmons, Lt Geo F Evani, Dr J fcddy. D C Katon, Alexander I Frank, Mr Foreman, W U Forbes, R B march 2 Miner, Bobert Todd. Col C B 2 Taylor, E B Taylor, Burgees Flu ent, Frederick Vantyne, Cbas Vance, Geo VernilloD, A F Vickera, B M Wain wrlght, Joebaa W right, W 8 White, Wm Wetmora, W 8 carl Mooday,Rutherford Weldon, Mr Morrison, R J Moras, Peter H 2 Myer, Isaac C 2 Mullan, Lt J Murpli}, Juo Miller, John Miller, Jaa Mor'on, James M-ire John Moor, Jack Mattceon, H R Madigan, H B Moore, Com E W Malord, Chaa ? Millar, Dr A H " pauuut wt a Ward, wm T * Webb. Walter W Wabb, Wirt Waters, W H Wade. Willie G Wooda, Major B 2 Wrenn, BlcherJ C5 Welle, Morrta S White, M M Wallace, John Wllaon, A eat Sorg'n Joaeph WalleraTon, Jaa 0 Webeter, Joebua Waver, John McLaughlin, Chaa2 Warder, Dr J A Mclnt ah Joe Wllaon, Jao L McMlcken, Ma' J S Whitney, Gen J K. M -Lean, Jaa B Wllaon, Jacob llacKey, Maj laaa'S Wai ran, Joe H McGlen, James Wilson, Henry McNeir, Jsmes Wlls--u, H V McGee, Chas War lwell. G F M'Kennon, Robert Wunch, kC McCormlck, B J Williamson, B M Mi Carty, Thoa Wa'erman, B R McNamaia, Patrick Ward, B B Netlor k Wll llama Walab, Darl4 Nelson, Mr Wataon, D L O'Neal, Frank Whitney, C 9 Oler, A Weller, Chaa O'Bryan, Henry Young. Jamea M O'Meille, J J JAMBS O. BBBBBT. F. M. JUaT KECL1VED, per bnc Ann eiiBBbetli. a prime lot ot Blue and White Mercer POTA TOES. 100 barrels prime BalJwiu Apples All will be sold low to close consignment by M. ELUR1DGE, mar '2-lw T'nion Wharf, Alex and ria. PO rATOES AI' AUCTION ?800 baekcu supe rior Ueruan Potatoea will be offered lor aale on TUESDAY, March 6th, at 19 o'clock, in front of the at earner George Page, Alexandria. Va. mar 2?3t SIGN OR SEVERO STRINI HAS th? pleasure of announcing to the citixens of Washingttin that he can take one more pu pil <>n the Vocal Instruction for the spring aeasoa. Terms ^40 per quarter, twenty-loyr lea one. Twu lessons per weeB. Apply at Mr. DAVIS^ Music Store. (Intel) mar 2?lw LKMLIK'S LAOICrOAZKYTE Of Pathiou for March, containing all the latest Paris, London and New York spring fashiona. at SHILLINOTON'S BOOKSTORE. Harper's Magazine for March Blackwood's do., for February Household Words f? March Uraham'a Magazine for Marcb Godey's Lady's Book do North and South, by the author of Maty Barton My Ffovel. or Va ietiet of EngU?h Life, by Bui wer. new edition Tne Prairie Bird, aew edition Chamber's Journel for March The Helreaa of Bellefont by Emerscn Beni eu Everything lu the Stationery linr All the new books published received Immediate ly aflarwards and for aale at SHILLINGTOtf'S Bookstore, < )deoa Building, corner at. and Pa. art, mar 8?3l national tueatrII "" THIRD MGiiT OF ? ??sits. BVCHS * ? ADIG AS*S Splendid Circus Company. ?THIS APTKBROOl A Grand Exhibition for Families and ladies ; Cbil dren only half price SATURDAY BVKRIVO. Harck 1. A grand display of bpw and beautifW BQUEHTBI AN FEATS. Drilliint Horseman-hip, Acrabatic Sport*, Aerial Equilibrium*, lie , 'n winch all tliia Star C-wnpsnv perform, includHir THREE f AMOi'g CLOWNS, mm or Pr.\ate Bon*# 54; Dress Cuc4e and Parquette 50 I cen - , Ticket* admitting a lady and gentleman 75 I c? nt?; > econd and Third Her and C lored Galtery 25 cent*. mar B OARUSI'S SALOON. GALAXY OF JUVENILE GKKIUH, THE BOON CHILDREN. These celehrated cliiJdren, three iu number, A9SA !?? A BKLLA, LUKA OOROOR, and ? OBDAVAT BOOM Will rive two entertainments nt CAKUSrS 8 A LOO X. SATURDAY. MARCH I In the afternoon at 2\4 o'clock, and in the evening at 8 o'clock, lu whick they will appear in tome of their (avonta charact er?. Admission 50 cenu? cluidien half price. After* no >n half price. Doors open at 7. mar 1 "grand vocal concert PHILBARMOliC SOCIETY. AT CABUirS 8 A LiOOIV, On lUESDAY LVEHI50. Hatch 6'h. When they will prcs?*n a ?pi?n<itd irocrsntme of CHOICE MUSIC. >1RS. FRANK LIN, and MRS. BURNS, ol New York, hare k m'ly olf. H ih?ir wnricf*. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; to be had at all the B'ok anl Stationery Stores, and at tiie door on ihe even ing ol the Concert. f?-b 27?4( f Org n insert felt 27, mh 3,5,6?4t J SPECIAL TRAVELING NOTICE. BY RAlLRUAu TO THE tVtST! Conn Wing Trains leave Washington at 6 a. m and 3pm MEMBERS OF CONGRESS and others eolng Wrut at the dour of thf session. wiH find it to ilieir advantage to pr'-cure THROUGH TICKETS and BAGG M.E CHECKS in Wathinglon a#-'I'llK AMPLEST FACILITIES are now af ??>rd? d for the accommodation of westward travelers i>v the Baltimore avd Ohio Railroad and it< ronMr ? timi. leading to all portion* of the Wort, Northwest, and Southwest mr Rut rne change of Car* (at Washington June ti n) between Washington and the Ohio River! Fare, by Through Ticket f nm Wa?h.ngion. via : To Wheeling, 6.'i; To ZaofMillf.iJia 15; To Newark. #12 65; ToCnlumbu*, $13 65; To Dayton, 515 50; To Cincinnati, ?16 00; To Louisville?by l*>at from Cineiniiai,$l8 00, by lailroad. via Jeffer souville. $18 50 ; To Toledo, ?15 K); To Indianap iilm, $17 50, T? t'hicay. $21 6.">. Q^Ticketn to Ik bad at ihe Ticket office of the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohm Bail* road, Warhingtou. (y-SPKCIAL NOTICE.?An Extra Tram wil. leave Washington Station at hall past 3 p m , on SUNDAY, March 4th. for ih?- Special Ac cm10 .'ation of l'aii.-?og<-r? to tlie West. This Train will connect at the Washington Irtnction with the 5 p m ? heeling Express Train from Baltimore, and offer* .?cculiar inducements to Westward Traveler* nt th? '?r^hkine up of Congreaa. Passengers by th * Train sill reach Cincinnati on M<mda> afternoon for din ner. QV- F or furt icr information, Tickets, fce.. ap^ ply to Tll< >MAS II PARSONS; Agent at the Washington Station. JOHN II- IHiNE, Mrister Transportation bait. A Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. mar 2?3t (IiitclAUnioull) FAHCY 00:D8, PEBFUMKEYr*e7~ Hutchinson a munko, are bow >ij??:nuig at tbe r More, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid .i*sortm< nt of GOODS, in the above line, snurne ' tting in part as follows, viz: fine Culms, Dressing l'ase*, Po te Monnaie*. t ard Case?. Jewell Boies, Shells, Shell Boivs, Jet Ornaments, Lubin*', Fiver's and other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, Con b* and Brushes in gr? at vanety, and In siiort everything to be usual!;' found in a first class I ancy Store, and tliey cordially invite th?;ir friends Hiid the public to cive them a call. Their Srore is the first door west of Me?are. Har l?er A Co.'s. bet wen Ninth and Tenth *ts. mar 2?tr STEAMER ?GEO. PAG ORASGK 4 .1LEX.1SDRL1 RAILROAD. I 'HP undersigne 1 having become proprietor* of the large and coinm xliou? Steamer GEORGE "AGE, intend, by their efforts, vo accommodate the community travelling between Washington and Xlexandrta, and the frc lities ? hich they offer tor tli?- transp??raiion ot freight and the employment of none but courteous hii.i g^ntleniar-like officeri> and < servants, to nnt^t a share of the public j?a tr<<nap , and would respnAftil y call the atteniion 01 ui-rcliar.ts nnd other cttiseos of both places to the following schedule of prices at which their U<?a! w ill iierviifter be run: Passengers 5 cents ; Buggy wag*>n and one hors?, Buggy w agon and '2 horses, ?5; Horse and ri der, 12^ i Market wag; n and 1 horse, 25 ; Market w agon round trip 37J4; Market wagon and 2 horses. 25; Market wagon round trip 37llrays 25; Dra\? round trip 37)^; Hacks 25; Hacks round trip 37% ; Flour per barrel 5 cenu. And all other freight in ptoportion. In connection with thia boat are Latham A Cook line of Oicnibuses. JOHN VAN RISVYICK,) - . RICH 'D WALLACII. J rroP^ nnr 2 2w K. A. RVTHER. Captain. IOhT?On Tuesday morn inc. the 27ih u t., at r j near the Capitol, a larg plauna BREASTPIN, with a female luad in the centre. The finder will ? be suit?^ly rewarded by leaving it at SOS G ?t. mar 1?3t* IlECKER'S FARINA, ' PREPARED expressly for Fauiln-*. a delicate . and appropnate food for all Seasons, and one of ihe mo-t economical, nutritious, and whole*)*"' preparations ever brought to the table, eminently combining th* gratification 01 the palate, with au. pie and hea'tbful suxten nice of the bodv. Strictly speaking, HECKERS' FAR1 V.A .? nenher 'tnngeut nor laxative, but restorative; strengthvii ir.g the digestive and absorbent system. In disor dered bowels, Diarrhea, Dysentery, and even w - cases of t'hoiera, when food is deemed admies;l>l> t>y the physician, Uecker*' Farina cannot fail I" >Nliitary, and wherever known is extensively us?d in Hospitals and private practice. The pre**rvau >n of health, or the prevention of sickness, 1* at least as important as the curing of disease. People in l.??a'th should therefore u e Keekers' Parma freely h* common lood, to preserve the inestimable bles sing. For rale by Grocers and Druggists generally, wholes le hy the manufacturer, HECKER a UKO., at the Crotnn Mill*,C01 Ch?rrv street, Kew York, or by CIIARLE8 F. PITT, 12 Commerce street. Haiti more. 4VHECKER8'FARINA JELLY IB doubk boil er?, which render birning or scorching impossrile, 4 is now exhibited daily at the Fair of the Metropo^ tan Mechanics' Institute, m Washington. mar l-3t? MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONES' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now commonly called the WORLD'S PAIR LOCK. rtlAtul key ot key-hole, is the Lock that s?pured the outer doors of the Herring Sate eouiained $1,000 at the World's Fair, London. 1851, it being necesrary to unlock this before other lock* 111 tha safe could be unlocked. All parties interested aie referred to the following notice: ? THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. KOTICK. I have this day sold to Messr*. STEARNS A MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'S latent Salamander SAFES, N.-w York, the Patent right of my ROTATINO PERMITATION PLATE LOCK. Commonly calbwl "JONES' ANTI GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S PAIR LOCK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of tins Lock being placed in a Sale at the World'a Pair, with $1,000 in the Safe, to be the reward of any person who could open the door. The gold remained therein for a re nod of fort) five days, whilst the visitors got tired of turning the dial*, with r uch poor prospect of success, the niin ber of changes being 24,300 000. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants who desire to have these Locks upon their doors, can have them by applying to Stearns A Marvin, No. 14S Water street, who have the exclusive right to manufacture Said Locks in the United States. Ur.NRY C. JONES. ^ Newark, N. J., lanuary WKh. 1853. STEARNS A MARVIN Srcctssoas to Rich A Co , . 144 A 146 Wat. r N Y ^ THE ONLY MAKERS OP SALAMANDER ? SAFES, combining W ILDER'S and RICH PAT ENTS. 8. H HOWKLL, 1?lm Georgetown, D. C.

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