Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNfNG STAR. LOCAL IXTE LLWENCE. Tuc Criminal Cocrt commenced its March term this morning. Tne following is lie list o jaroie: Lrrani Jurors?W. W S*at"?B, foreman; Wm. (Jun'oD, Leonid** Coyle. B 0. Tayl?>e, Nicb. Celiac. C W. Pairo, W F Bayley, 0. L. Coltmei, Kobt White, Sutuel l>rur<\ A. 11 Young, Samuel Pumpbrey. G C. Gran - m*r Harvey CrutUnden. Wm II. Ed*s, M ct. Shanks, Jaa. N. Fearson. Jea Walsh, B Semmes. Pjter II. Hooe. D B. Johnson, C 11. tit-11. Kicb Jones, Geo Mattingly. Petit Jurors ?Wlltard Drake, Charlec F. Cummim, Wm. P. Drury, Elii*b Edmonaton, Aikanab VV Denbam, Wm B. Downing. Au gustus Davis, Tbo. J. Crane, Jos. Abbott, R. Moofa Wm. Wise, Thoa A. Tolaon, The*. o?en. II O Whitmori, Cha3 Monro**, Tbca. Scrivner, W. T. Uppermm, William Dawson, Paul Stevens, Abram Butlsr, Juso Plowman, Richard d. Owens, Jo*. Barnard, Stephen llennon. H. G. Murray, A P Waugh. Jo?. I. Fen wick. Jere Simmons, Walter Stewart Wm Planner. Sohetbikg Handsome?Among the many works of taste and ingenuity lrom the fair bands of the gen Jer sex, and in a poaition aa unoctentatioa* and retiring as the depositor, in the weft end of tbe first fl x>r ?f tae Inaii tute, north aide, will be found an exceedingly Mat and elegant specimen cf plaited paper ?ork It ia a lady's bonnet of chaste yet at tractive appearance, durable structure and manifesting a skill and genius in the make' deserving more attention than the obscurity of its position will be likely to reoeive. i hi bonnet, with a very complete piece tf em broidery, in the upper room, representing a monument and weeping willow, is from tbe har.da of Mrs Peter F. Marceron, Capitol llill, who (we are informed) is prepared to give instructions in such fancy and ornamen tal work on vary reasonable terms It ia but jjstice to unobtrusive merit. to call attention to tho?e wjrks, and as the bonnet in paitic jlar is likely to escape ordinary inspection we re commend it to lady vi itors a? worthy their notice, and its retiring fabricator us deserving their patronage. hcP.BXRY?On Saturday evening last a ttranger was met coming oat if the boarding bocse of Mis E T l'avall, on Pennsylvania avenue, and being asked what ho wanted re turned an ovaaive reply. Suspicions being ex cited that all wai not tight, Mrs. Duval! was informed of the fact; but on looking thrcugb the rooms nothing was found to be disturbed On Sunday morning, however. Mr. Je*e!le, of the firm of R. II. Jewelle 1 Co., who boards in tbe hou3e, found that his pocket book had been robbed of about $io?one $10 note of the Bank of the Valley ot Virginia, and the bal ance in gold Tue pocketbeok was in the drawer of a dreeing bureau which was locked and the key kept in a small drawer on the top of the bureau. Very fortune ely Mr J. tad paid out a large amount of money just before night el-e the r< ?ue would have fared better tbaa he did Our boarding hoiue keepers would do well tr base a sharpe>e about tbetn. as our city at the present time is infested with a gang of men who make their living in tho A'))ve way "Thais np ? CniLirix the war bk should go." Ac ?Th:s ps^pt is attempted to be car ried ont by the senior order of Ke^habites in the institution of the junior order, in instilling into the minds of the your.g moral and tem perance principles, and so far the senior order uave had lo cause to regret i:a v;ork On Wednecday night, any one who may duubt the gcod this order ia doing will have an op portunity < f seeing how the bvys are ai-ning :o do their duty, and with what sue 'Cel. in giving le.-sonato many of their seniors in years, but, perhaps, not in fortitude. The characters in " Jot a iab ' will entirely be rendered by boys ranging from the ages of fourteen top to eigh teen At the coaclcsion of this piece, in con tinuation of the exhibition, there vri!l be some beautiful singing by girls and boys. Mechanics' Exchange?An institution bearing this name has just been established in this city. It is r'milar to that which exists Baltimore I s object is to facilitate the ope rations of tiad?. Every member composing it has a box with a name affixed thereto, and any one desirous of communicating wi'h the other has only to deposit a let er tnerein, wkiob will reach him mnch earlier th-n by the present system. It u also especially use ful to strangers visiting here, who, by Koitg to thecffL-e. which is located in tLo building of the Washington Bank, can at once inform themselves of the party they are in search cf. A meeting of tie directors will take plaje this evening at their rooms. Pbilhabmonic Society's Concert To-mor row Night.?We would again c-il tho atter tion of our readers to the laudablo exortions of this Society, and whLh <ere so fully set forth in the lutelligcn er a few days ago. Their efforts for the poor, ai^o, tbe past win:er, entitle them to the tied Consideration of our citisers. and we are lu.l v assured their efforts will to morrow night be cheered by an over flowing boufce The iaut c they offer is of tho highest character?the standard productions of the masters?aLd wi'l be performed in a manner alike creditable to themselves and satisfactory to our music-loving citizen?. Let all remember, then?to moriuw evening at Carasis Saloon. Gold i* the District ok Colchuia ? Atneng the multifarious articles on exhibition at the Mechanics' Institute Fair that u particularly lLteie. ui g, is a c?< ef minerals Jepo*ited by Mr J. Bits, jr , of this city. The arrangement certainly reflect* great ciedi*. upon hi* knowl edge of metallariry and mineral. Among other specimens li gold ia mii ute scales, ob tained from tbe bei of flimi'.t run. rie^r the Little FaLs. The soil in tha: vicinity, it is said, haa every incication of containing gold but none had been discovered until about two yeara ago when Mr. Ilr.x made a geological survey of tbe lccali'y. Is the caae is a pan lull of eoil from the above tract, very appro priately headed " All is not gold that glit ters " There ia alao a number of very pretty garnets, and iron pyrites from the same vicini ty arc alto ukiliMi Sconkjt Death ? Mr. Nathan Whi ely, of New Ytjik tho inventor of tbe "perfumed eryttala'' which excite so inuub a'tcntion a' the 1 air. died on last Saturday, an ill n^as of a few days. The Committee on Visiting the Sick, of the Yourg Mtn&' Chriat an A**ociatioB. did all in their power to amooth the pillow of tbe dying stranger, and have issued a call for the mem bers of the association to a:tand the funeral thia afternoon at 4 o'oloek. staring from the Ltese where Mr. W died, oi. Le corner of 6th and II strets. We but scldvin *ee the good works of thia association, the modesty tf i*? members, buta light upon a hill cannot be hid. ' Who wants to b? Caj-tajs7?A splendid opportunity is now offered to any one, who is ambitious of military renown, of beoomiog captain to the oldest company in this eity. It is the Wasbicgton Light In nntry, and is com posed of some of our beet citisens. At present tlse ofiL'e is vacant, but ws hope soe>n to an nounce that the members have chosen one who pcasee?ea all the elements requisite for the post, who, by strict diseij lice and ecergy, will make thia company as in days past, the pride of Washington. A Bbai'TIvtl Bav ? Suoh was the exprea aion in tbe moatha of every one we met yea terday. It was indeed a fine day, and in all reapect* worthy to initiate the sign of sprirg and warm wea'h:r. Tbe day w?s positively swmmerlike in its loveliness and agreeable warmth. Oar streets presented none but hap py faoes, indicating gra'ificatioo, weniing their way to their re--pec'ive rburrhes to ren der thanks and prai?e? to the Giver of all good for all hit mercies. To-iay ia, if any thing, more beautiful than ycatcidaj. Fightisg a.vd ?Last night, and the night previous, our streets were in the pos session of rowdy youngsters, mostly from other oitiee. Active as are the aaxiliary guard in the performance of dety, they had as much as thev oculd attend to. Birch's hotel was about as fall as it could ba, to ma?? the work of the guards easy at that poet M?T?oroLrTAw Pur-ThU ii the la* week 11 i ' M w* Bnd?rstand. A more arree bh!?n? r*.10 Wihl}6 *V7 M boEr or *??. com. ?oipg in*truc?ion and imasfrntoL could not po.?bly b, pre3.n,?l L? ,JtrJ on'.C.?X^ TP"'0?!'/. mwbtiuc that sr.^rc*tteir . A* a*veterate Writes?There if a eer ?IB individual, who bat been in this eity for some time who mut pes-ess a most extensive correspondence, for whatever hour we wiait Brown ? Hotel, we invariably Aid him with pen in hand. We have been told that he has been famished by tho gentlemanly clerks of 'Q3t establishment with as many as twenty sheets of paper in ona day, thereby exhibit ing two moat important accomplishments, that of industry and economy. A Mistake. ?The story that the small poi prevails in the Washington jail ia a mistake Somatime laat week a oaae of varioloid of a mild type manifested itself there and was im mediately removed to the city peat bonse Since then there ha? been no other ease there nor anything like it The jail physician rr portg the sanitarj condition of the jail to be excellent at thif time Fiuieke's Fuheral-Yesterday, John Ling, who was untortunately killed by being oaught between two cars at the railroad depot, was buried by the We?tern Hose Company, of * ^ a naeuiber. Thd member* of the Perseverence Fire Company accompanied them ia their mournf 1 duty. The two com. panieg made a fine appearance. Chuck Cohfectioner* axd Seuars ?A new store has just been opened at the oorner of D and Eighth street*, with an elegant a* wrtment of these articles They have bean selected from tho first importing houses ia New lcrk. at J may be relied on cs being of toe best quality. s The Llock Game ?Yesterday a p>sso of ? ? P?Ilc? mad? a descent upon a hou re m the Seventh ward, where they arrested a number of colored persons gambling Thev were confinad in the guard ?hou e. and this morning had to pay the oorp:,ration 15 e and . ? . ? * ^'t3rer?ac? betw een tho bkff polioe and the block game of the Fires ?About 2 o'clock on Sun.liy morn lag. a fire was discovered in a frame sUble fce longitig Mr. Webster, on Washington strce', between Fourtn anJ Fifth A few frame shell *e e destroyed, and a horse and cow bail? bnrned. The dwellings adj>iningjwere s^ved . _ ., ? ? mjrning was caused y the burning of a chimney in the centre of tne city. ?_ Steal1 so Wise ?A few nights since a half ? rtJ l*? of wine were stolen from the pre in>sea ef Mr. Danney. The thief was tracked a long distance by officer Fan ning. J* o arrest has been made as vet. though there :s some grounds for suspicion. The Boose Ritles.?This well drilled and handeomo corps, under the oommand of Capt bright, and accompanied by Prospers b band, passed through the city this mcrninr u 2S5S.- Alei"'d'i*" "u'? e> U..OD Military Visitors to the Fair ?It ? ;h? intention of the President's Mounted Guard Cap.ain Pock, to visit the Metropdi an Me* chanic s fair on to-morrow in full d e s ncd accon panied by a full band of music. ' Atmospheric Telegraph ?It is exrertr.l thftt Mr. Kiehardson will lecture on this ma chine and exhibit the model on Wednesday even'ng at Carusi's saloon. o?a*7 Watch Retcres-Jno. McXamee, disor t' tn.?,.,WTirK his re>08 fine and oosts ? Je?ee W.l iam, do., do ; Wm Poid profanU < . i.' j j? MJ 0re do 'do > John Robinson drunk and disorderly, dismi-sed; Arthur Bra S 'J *??bhng. fine and ct?U; Aaron Bruce, do., do : Benj. Ringgold, do., do ; H B)wie, do, do; sam Island, do, do; Wm White, disorderly, do ; Cha?. Matthews d?' X. is? Jno,wCUrk do ?fln" coJi; d^' r? r ' frbf1nitJ> d0 ; Thoa I)>nn . do do , Li. Bowles, do , workhouse; Wm. Burke gambling, fine aad cost; Caleb B?rton do do. ; Aquiila Barton, do , do. Beridee the' ii,? C'M*,h,ro we" CSOS92TOWH COESESFOIDXJCI. Spring Day?Lecture?Bad Pavement, tire Company, ifc. Georgetown, March 5,1855' \es.erJay was really a spring day. From early morn until night we were favored with a clear sky, a bright, warm sun. and a gentle, balmy atmosphere, which rendered it pecu liarly pleasant after such a long continu-nce of piercing c >ld. At an early hour cor people we.-e seea swarming out like bet. from their hives , and nearly all day and early in the evening many of our streeta were dive with n 'Dd reta^?Kfrom the various th? rff.5/ gI0U1 wor,hiP' all Of whica the attendance was very large A Iccture will be delivered in the Methodic Cuurch on to morrow (Tuesday) eveniog ccn mancing at 7J o'clock, by iho Kev B F Brooae, before the Young Men's Chriet'an At ica We have been somewhat aurpriacd that the lectures beftre this a>sociation (they being lr?h m * fu?- ueen .morc num?rons y attended r ? efcEl ?*iDg to the laiecefd S IK a n?uif atwbich ,b*y commenced This d;fc.ulty, however, will be obviated to-mor row evening by the lecture commencing half an hoar earlier than heretofore Therefore we hope that as the causa in whijh the a-socia thm ",0;i0 tLflt 6hoa,J command thatth of every lover of morality, meD cJou'PrisinK U will be en couraged by a crowded auditory. We will vouch lor the lecture as highly intereating J'6 h""0f many ecmplaints among cur citixenaof the micorabie, Ovndi of maBy of cur footways. We ho e that our new COucCil. which comes into power this evening, will act upon the real go a head ireUif faukVn'Jh 5nd ,f ^o.e who are a. fault in the matter and will not mind tbeir ways themselves, that they will take ti e matter in hand and do it for the,J The foot ways ?n some portions andother?UeeU which we could name, a?ecertainly a disgra.-e to the property before wti-h they arc fituited The \ igiUnt kire Compunv intends givimr their suction, which has jLt been epairid in Philadelphia by Mr. Agniw, a trialX,"f or noon at 4 o'clock, for The purpVae of teeing 4***lttics since its re-builing g vI.FV 18 aKain ?Dt>rely clear of ice Markets remain unchanged. ??atqr . ^TEKs",,0n-ANn* c*LEnRATEn OEItllAN BIT a.IWat!;^,h ? ^?*!Tor\ n* frplruttr'' Ui>4 U?riu.n B?Hr? ,t,h* c?'*lr?tea Urn;. euulei i ir.g ? public benefit fo?clow wi nr. ?nr uoIIcm m?,r h?v? lUu ,"U ?"'? ^ *e fr.r U? car. of ?b?ch it 1. co-?P??tnt. ?old on y by l?r. C. M JAL'K.SOV . .. V.? ni..| Sa. iu Arch .trcrt, PhU^u^ U*rm*a ?Jrertisrinect. - ^ ?*r S?Sm jT^y"N*El EALUIA.?inu f?rmlljbU ?'tnui. wbirb ... ca ,lew' ?04 l.t* proprietor <.f"th/Ei^nM'HowrT^im'b<1T'v *' U ou. or the hna<lr*4? wk? here bien enr^l of Zl Kan raJci., by UaUTEK a SPANISH MIXTURE. ? r?'hU C,lr* 'i" '** it U number* of olh '"?"h(1 w,,h M,rl-V ??^ry f.rm a diM*?e wrh the moet wonderful racceea. **"? JL'S 'k' ??*' ?JUeordiaary me lidite be ba? ever "J1."*; ?kd "?? b>et poriaer kauwu. ? atfetdvwtllfanfLt lu JMother Co!!USB. c, is ??T*?KYi*'. *n l 0*?tt? exhibited *W4r<U vt IUr*Ual hr tbn? ? mU.""*" m u " IH 17 yy* k*aot *AOf cr.oTBTito fot *in? *?* Toutli*' wfir iuau?f*-tur?4 wlUi taataaud aicfanraby NOAH WALKKB M CO., andar Browaa* Hot*!. Tkalr itork ambrac* tha Palltot or Bar lout O??rro?t, Urtrttckt, shaped and oa.-l?#r??; TalaM. black and bloa Cloth Dr?? Oats "" II faanlinabla eolora, Casalmsr, RnnlntM au?Js SeUVtTvM VaaU,8UUs,Ac., Mack do?afciu' CaMlincr. Lure^ ??<> Pu,n Ctaasitaar Pantaloon*. For tha ?ntb?Jackets, Pacta, Vests, OvarooaU, As. At thay are their o*M im^uafa.tuiera the; ai a emUed aad will sail at Oia very K> ?"?' prlcea. Btirw of suparlar fit, CUlara, Giovna, naa, Ac., ol lata atylea alwaya oa bond. ?VJas 8*ii.jj?otg* reoalvaa all Uiauaw Book* and Maw* japara aa fast aa publlabad. lie la *? eat for Uarpar'a and all Jta otbar Ma*a*lnaa, aad oar raadsrs will alwaya Bad a arc* and soo.l aaaortmaut of Blank Book* and Stationary at ita Book* lor a. Odaon Halldtoc. onr Pa. avmaa and <H at MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONE*' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now cotninnly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOl'K. without key or key-hole is the Lock hat recur ?l ilia- outer-doors of the Herring Sale th?i contained $1 COO at the World'* Fair, London, 1851, it being necessary to unlock this before other lock* m the ?afe could be unlocked- All parti"* interested we referred tn the following notice: THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICK. I have this dny mid to Messrs. STEARNS & MARVIN, Manuf cturers of WILDER'S Patent **l tiuaiidor SAFE"*, New York, the Pat?it right of I my uOTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called ?JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, ?'THE WORLIi'S FAIR LOCK." ' 1 The latter title was acquired in consequence ol this Lock lining placed in a So* at the Worlds j Fair, with $1,000 in the Safe, to be the reward ol any person who could open the door. The. gtdd n nwiieij therein for fl reriod of fortj firo data, whilst the vb-itors got tired of turning the Itals, with such poor pro<peet of success, the nunu Im" of change being 24,300 000. ilaiiker?, Jewelers, Mid Merchants wha desire to hive these Locks upon th' ir doors, can hare thrm by applying to Stearns fc Marvin, Na. 146 Water -tn-ei, who have t!ie exclusive right to manufacture sdil Lock* iu the United States. HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 90th 1853. STEARNS & MA1V1N. Srt:<'j*soEji to Rich fc Co , ? 44 Si 146 Water st., N. Y., THE ONLY MAK RS OF SALAMANDER SAXES, oomhining tYILDER'S and RICH PAT EN rs. S. U. HOWELL. Agent, . ar . - Jin Georgetown, D. C. PALMER S PATENT LEG. ~ 1'IIIS AMERICAN INVENTION I stand* unrivalled both iu thiseoui>try ai.din F.nrof e. Iii-wornhyl.OOOpjrsons, old with most astonishing success. In c?nu|ietition with 30 other substitutes of the best ? rench, English, ami German manufacture, it received the award of the | (MEAT mbdal at the World's Exhibi tion in London. as the best artificial limb known. In (hid country it has been thirty liines exhibited, in competition vt Ith all others, at ihe annual Fairs in the p.inci|ini cities,and lias, in tvery instance, r> eeived the award of the lushest or first p einium. And as a crowning honor, by tse unanimous approval of an interna. uonal ouncil, the "First Premium"? i only Silver Mrdcl given for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New Vr.rk Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent gratis to every applicant. It. FRANK PALMER, 373 Chesnut street, Philadelphia. feb 23?3iii (1LOCK8, CLOCK S. CLOCK'S 1?If you j wint a good Clock, wuriant>d to keep time, call at the store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb 28?ill in FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. |TIIE THOMAS COLLYER WILL intake regular trip* to the tihove Fair c'mi-U* ueiiig on Tuesday, Frbruarv 20th. Boa's fare I2>< cents iach way. Coaches w dl take pcrsoae from and to the l<oat. Fare G cents. Leave Ah xandri t at p. m. Leave Washington 10'.<; p. m. 8AM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Alexandra, Va., feb 2U?J DfcA?r?SuS?K rlllED?The following is j taken from S?.ott'a Weekly: DEAFNESS?We uwierst nd that the puceess | whi -li ha- followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, iu ca-es of Dt&fnc*#, ha? bem a?tonirh 1114, thousands of j?ersons 1 avhig h.;cn cured, whose ca?i < were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine nre from ull parts <,l ihe country, it being, we ijelieve. the only article he.ore the fuhlic lor the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular an*! buy of D. GfLMAN, Wash ingion, D. C., and S S. IIANCE, Baltimore, Md.,as | tin re is a counterfeit article in the market. f< b 38? 'iu PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI beg* leave to in form his friends and former patrons that this hand has been fully re organized and is row under los direction, and he is fully prepared w ih a ha>id ol the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parages, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, kc., at the shortest notice possible, bv ap plyingto FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader,CflAH. PROSPERI, Conductor; II1LBUS h. IIITZ'S Mu sic Dejiot, or at PET ER TALTAVITL'S, opjiorfte | the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb l'J-3in* WA TCIISSS AM) JKWKbKY.-I have on hand a food supply of fine WATCH KS :uid JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to suit th' times. (^>ld L? vir Watches as low as warranted to" k-ep g??>J time. Call and see tor yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., opp?>. Browns' Hotel, feb 2^?dim COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MILS ?rlCOB.Gl?,late of England, wishes to ] inform the ladn s and genth men of Wa?hinc to:i and Georgetown she can be seen and coi -1 suited on the past, promt and lusure events, at the I.tie residence, No 84 F strict, between 21.-1 fnd 2il streets, First Ward, opposite the Ol?servaiory. Her name is on the door. llours fn m 9 a in to 8 o'clock p ui. Laaics 23? men iiO cents feb 28?lm* !A OFFICE No. 51/8 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall. SPECTACLES and GLASSES suited to? very sl;!it, on a true and sci- . entitle princu le See circulars, to he had at the | olfice. feb 28?lm* G. II. VARNELL St. J. W. MANKINS, Hou?e, 8lgn and Orasntental Paint ? rs, Ijntitiana m enu.*, bet. (ith and 7thiti., Next d> T ea>t cf the Varnuni BmU ngs. raUIE ?Titiibrra have associated together to car-1 | rv on the HOUBR, MM * (JRN AMENTAL PAINTING in all its van us brnucbes, and will be thankful to the pul He and their friends for all fa vors in their line of business, determinins on their part to use i very exertion to .give general satisfac tion I All j ibbing at glazing or (tainting promptly attend- | ed to at moderate prices. Give us a trial. mar 1? 5t* EXCELsToR 13 OUR iMOTTO. WE have just recti veil a fre?li lot of PRUNES, FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, ?tc. Also, a caw of SARDINES, put up in superior style. Give u< a call and judge for yourselves " Don't forget t:ie Nj , 400 Seventh street, oppo. OJd Fellows' lla'l. < N. B. Balli, Parties, and Fatntliei supplied on the | tn ist reasonable and ealisfactury terms,at the short est notice. RYDER k PLANT, mar I?lm SILVERWARE. A VERY pretty an*ort nent of Silver Coflee Sels, I Pitchers. Gobleis, Cupf, Creams, and all kinds of Hpoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver- , ware, suitable for pre*ents, viz: Soup and Oyster | Ladles, Crumb Scrap* m, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoon*, etc., is offered at low |?n ces, and warranted sterling. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 1'a. avenue, b<4. 9th and 10th sis. Jan 19 n. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, heiicetn iUh and DMA Ureet?.t Offers for sale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Go d Bracelets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rings Wadding Run-, Fob and Vest Chains, Seals, Lock en, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All ancles are warritnted as rsprescutcd and sold unusually low. jan 19 Gold, silver, steel it plated spec TACLES to suit every age and< eye, R ding ^pecs, R. R. Glasses, Eye' Protectors, Eye Glares of all descrip ' tions, liending Glasses, Goggles; kc., ? ? Parabola, Peitfocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored G1 uses put in fraiuss at the shortest notice. Person* in want of glasses may be sure to get Uum which bcueftt Uie eye at ?,???? "? PBMKEN'9, No. 33*0 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th stB. jan 90 A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED just received and for sale by SAM'L BACON fc CO ff jlJ-lai Corner Seventh K. Bad Pa* in, Tor Bala and Bant R OOM01 F?R RENT?ON T STREET, 2 door a , frni.. Seventh, No. 404 north side. ir S 1 it mar 5?It* K??L*?*T~AmEW B1ULK HOUSE on 13th ?T. k "F* t? n53I,-* containing eight rooms and a kitchcn Rent j?L> por month Ian aire At 448 M street, between 13th and 14th sta., oi iuar 5?Si* L. RICHARDSON. For rent?a large pleasant room on second floor, N). 311 south aile Paiuiavl vama avenue, 4 doors west of Ninth at. mar 6?St* F Building lots for sale.-a variett ol Building Lou in the vicinity of the City Hail. Also. in ;dl Oiher parti of the city, on a-commodat irg terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boardiug Hi use, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be scen from 8 to 9 a in. or 3 to 4 p m. Abo, an addreaa through the Pout Office will reieive attention. mar 5-eo2'?> DAVID MYERLE FOR RENT TWO PARLO?, EACH CON m-cted with beife-ooin, i.ow occupied by mem ber* of Congress. Each room is Well furnish) d and desimb'e and comfortable for the spring and sum mer season. T. nna mode rate. Apply on the prem ises, op4 osite Willard*' Hotel, Puma nvenue No * ??? TH. FRIEBUS. mar 3?3t* Furnished house por rent?Thatcnm inodious Houi>e, No. 450 H street; containing eleven rooms, with bath room, r? fixtures, he., completely furnished in every particular, i? for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th ?treet. feh 23 ? tf OR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown __ or City Property, a-smiill and well cultivated Farm iu Fairfax county, Vn. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of ?ridg?: and Congress sis., No. ST. feb 6?tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry G.-ttds Groceries, fcc., to be stored, wiil hud ample ac conimo'lHtiona in the large, airy, flag s'oi.e paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office. corner Ta av-,,,,,. m,-W Eleventh st. Apply at the Star offi-e. jan 31?tf F'OR SALE-A FARM IN MONTGOMERY ? Md. 1 his land adioins the propertv w'!,,c'' Peugh lately bought of the heirs of w*ii. Gaither, a. d tV land- of Mm. Heale and Dr Duvall. It is about four miles from the Seventh sr. plank road, and betw en nine tt-n miles fr V\ ashlngtou. 1 his land is moMly covered with wood, the soil is very kind and high susceptible o' improvement. It is well watered with several streams of never-failing water, and contains a larce amount of land capable of being converted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred and seventy-two acre*. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, con* a in ij'g f< or rooms : and lour thou-^nd new Chestnut Rid* ready for f, ncing I will *11 the whole tract or eighty acres ot it wiO> the house. The terais ol rale are one fourth cash ; the bal aiice in one, two and three vears, secured by a deed nU,t- ? . LOU18 MACKALL, Jr. Ge rgetown, March 2?2awtf For rent the dwelling and store on 1' th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north fide, adjoining FarahamV Bookuore. An;,!i to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar eotf ^ corner liih bim! sts. I f /"n? ALL.-Beautifully and healthily IX lo ated Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on gri,:*d streets, can, until sprint, he bourht at the exceeding low price ot .<.75, payable #3 pei month I itle iiidis|>utible. Union Land Office, 7iii st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9-6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Want*. WANTED-A STEADY CAPABLE MAN TO tike cue of and drive hor> #*??. Aim, a man to milk and work in a dairy, an I a man who understands general faun work. Such as can be weil recomin. n.led may ajjplv at the Locust Hill I arm, on idi utrcet road, n< ar first ull gate. mar4--3i* 6 $lf*00 wanted?wanted to BOR qp ivuv row fifteen or sixteen hundred doUats b> a ^ of tru,it "" r,al estate worth ?4.U.iO, the iuteri s' to he pai I quarterly. Aprdy to RICHARD P. JACKSON, \o. 153 Bridge siren, Georgetown. mar 3 3t* Boarding. B? >OAK?ING.?MRS. CAI.TEK, Capitol ||.ll 9 will be prepared to accommodate boarders? j eriiiaiiefil or transient?immediately after the ad joiiruiiieiitoi Congress and the Supreme Court. RMtart No. 4, near North G Ue ot Capital. BOAIl OINO.? \ la iv liavir? taken the hmiJ some Dwelling, No .3, I'nior Row, on F street, Between O'li and ?Ui, cah offer tine Urge roon.s tor fauiihes, eitlicr lurnished or unfuMiished A'so ha room- for gen-lemer, much larfer than are generally appropriated to single person*. 7 1 able hoarders and permanent or transient per sons will he accommodated on the most rea-onatdc ten,la ' feb 21-'Jw TO THE LADIES SPLENDID it at FLED. 5^1 ^nn WORTH OF ELEGANT CHAN i 2 ? , u,,y' Bru-^!?? Altncon, Valeuceiuies, and Point Laces will be raflhd a- soon as the re 1'tired number of chances will have ben uken I here arc 1,^001 numbers, oi which oi 0 onlv nntain lo he purchased. i he chances are a| each The-e ciwijy articles are a^fadame DEL \RUE S, fori v hit ition, where the tickets can h -. brained Mine. Delaine would also Mdicit the aiteutioti of the ladies to a masnifieent asuortrmt of tine Em l.roideries and Lace*, consisting .ft olUrs, Sleeves. * ? V< ,ls' bct^ Dandknrchn fs, Sliawls. &c. All of the above artich ? will be o;k ued a <1 re^dy for sale on i!ie'.8th instant feb ?h-81w? aVCnUe* lath iaJ streets. TO MEMBERS OP fONfJRESH 07 IIKRK and Forks, Ladles, BuUer Knives, all othSTr v?!r^?tiP.Ure whieh is largcrand more variud than ever offered to thi?ir ct>tnitipry. ? M vv- GAI.T & BRO., .. m Pa- ?vjnue betw. Sfch and lOih its. fob 23?tf SPECIAL NOTICE. THE subscriber, as adniintftrator of Ihe estate i t tlie .ate John D. Brown, offers for sale the ex Hnnoo'!>""'? I?-?11 of F?ri.,ture an.; House Furnishing Gooils, in whole in lots, at an praibcincnt prices, for cash or undoubted pai Jr. bear ng interest; also the lease of the I uilding in which it is eoutained, known as "Apollo Ilall." To (iersons desiring bi engage in business this af fords a fine opjwrtunity, as the rent of the buildiiiL is moderate and the run of custom very g >od. N. B.?All persons in.l.Jt ed lo the estate are earn es ly requested to mnke immediate settlement, by cash ?r notes, otherwise their accounts will be -placed in the hands of counsel for pettli m^nt e JAS. C. McOUIRE.' feb 27 co6t Administrator ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rocewood PARLOR OROAN, now on exhioition at the M. trop litan Meehanlt-s' Fair They are from the nirnufactory oi HENRY ERUHN of New York. For terms, fcc . apply to Prof. SC1IEEL, on 14th aueet. north of F. HENRY ERUEN. teb tf - eotf _ _ 1ROSI hall BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK establishment. Just received and r'ceiy. IKI ing a large supply of b<> t T quality Traveling 1'RUN K8 ^?CARPET B AGS, tc. which will be sold low. I shall s* II iny stock of Winter BOOTS k SHOES on hand, which embrace even article, at reduced prices ; and 4U my stor-k is large, my customers and tlie public are requested to call and examine. To those who know themselves indebted to me I would nay (list I desire prompt ?etlle!u**nt. For tlie future I snail render my accounts monthly thi< nt. tem havinc beci me necessary because ol the chanse of the credit system at the North. ? ,lno 0 . .. . S. P. HOOVER, feb 28?poJt Iron Hall, Penm?)lvania avenue. SPECIAL NOTICE. WE earnestly request all pers ?ns indebted to u? on account" rendered 1st January, to come forward and close ihe same without further delay, as it is a 1 ini|K>riaiit that the business of ihe late firm should be settled up. This we reasonably ex pect, and iuu*t iu?ist upon without further notice. a COLLEY ft SEARS, 593 Seventh st.,3 doors above Pu. ave. feb 27?c<,Bt SPRING BTYi.K OF GRNTI Orcaa Hats for 18to will this day be introduced, A winch for beauty, style, and finish are uiisur- jb passed. AI?o, the^pateuud eorrugatud-brim Hat, at the Temple of Fashion. BUTT 8t HOl'KINS S, Corner Sixth st. and Pa avenue, Between Brawns' and Nat oual Hotels, mar 1 ? eo w FKK.HCI1 MORSISU GOWKS, Cash mete, \elvet, Merino, just op< ned this day at BUTT k HOPKINS'S, Corne r 6th st. and Pa. aveuue, i B^twefn Browns' aad Nauoaal Hotel#. Mf 1 MVW Auction Sal?, By J, c. MeOClRIC, A?c(U?nr. R lie TEE'S SALKOP-COUNTBM AND I Draweia.?On THURSDAY morninc, March Sih, It 10 o'clock, by ordn of the Trustee, i thill ssJI, at the Star bu:W:ng>, a number of Cooat?r> and Drawers, in lou to tun purchasers. Terms cask, in current fa/.ds EICUAKM WALLACF1. Trust, e. JAS. C. McGUUE, mar i?4 AmUumt ?*y Q IEKI * SCOTT, Auctioneer*. Groceries,store fixtuhes, ke. at a?c. tion.-On THURSJAY, the 8tli instaa*. wn slihU sell, at 1? o'clock a m , at the store ol Me*w? llor .?r k Taylor, corner of L street north, aM VJi street writ, an excellent assortment ol Groceries, kc., tie : Tea, Sugar, Coffee and Spices Oil, Muliwfi,P(oar, Lard and liana* and Tobacco, Hoap and Candles >?< ila. Urn ma, Hru-hes, Crockery and Woodware .Mackerel and Herrings, Stand Caaka L^Pl^funu and Counter Balance S ales With many ether articles which we deem enae cessary to enumerate. : CJn ler ?* cash; over $35 a credt| or? and 90 da)s, lor mar* f au?ta<-t.>riiy e.dorted. _ , GREEN k SCOTT, mar .i-d Auctioneer*. ajr GHKK3I * SCOTT. Aastlansars I wo two^ttory frame houses a\i 1 LOTS at Auc'ion -On FRIDAY, the 9 h ins we shall se I, in 'rotit of the pe ui-e,, at 4U o*efc>rl p. ni.. two kooJ two-tory Frome Sou es, With l-rwk <>~*eiiicnls, containing biz conveniently arranr* room* each. and It e lot* on which th v ?taml be ing part of Lot NV 19, in Square 1? Oue h?i i routs 1 i an J the 19 feet on n'irth IC. hetwemi 17il m l 16th street* west, back 113 feet lo a 10 feet alloy, w i:h a loui feet alley b twccu the houses f >r ?he convcniencc of tacli. Title indisputable. leriu-: OiiC third ca>h; ihe bul in iii am. twelve mouths, for notes bearing tut. r?-?t A deed given anJ a dcc I?I tr i*t taken. GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 5 ?eo h<l.i Auction er? tty O I1KKN ICOTT A ttctlonc?r a 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF SToDE FIXTURES, kc.?On TUESl'AY, (tie Gt i in.-tant, J tlinl <e.l, by virtue of a deed of uu.-t, at tue store Iat< I occupiid by Mr. John Rigglea, ou Till, near corm ? oi D cU'-'-u, at 4 o'clock p iu, all 'he- bxtuics ol tin e^tatdi iiRi- iit, viz: 4 Counters, 1 Cutting Board 1 Fr- nch piaie Mirnr. I Wire Frame 1 Stove, lot G*a Fixtures, 1 G a>? Ca-u 1 I'ult aud shelving, 1 Awning. Terms c'sl. J. R. i ALE, Tru tee. Also, immediately aiter the sale of the ?t*?ve. w *ba<S aUrn two hundred dollars wortii of Merrh.ii Tail.r*s G v,d*. Terms ?a>h. GREENk SCOTT, mar J?d Auctioneers By C HtOl'IRK, Auctioneer. FfXTENSIVESALE OP GENUINE IMPORT jed Havana Cigars of ciedceanil variou*ll nnd> On TUr.SDAY morning, March fth, at 10 oYl.tcfc. on thetieond floor of tuy Auction Room-, I ?h J sel , with >ut reserve, atw.ut 80,000 choice tlatau.i Cigars, conipdriag the ro!lowmg brands: l'i E pain "a i'i iodmdo* Repi'iias, Nelutga^ Fi?Juo'.-i, K"(tauoUs 1.1 VeiKciHiia, Nicntinas I 'lieras, Klf?r de Cabanaa '.<<??, choice Kmuum ipad.'s, i c. hi i-o.-t fr.iui $16 to $t) > per M. and will be *ol.| ih to arccniiiKKlaic tha iraiie.a^ well a* fa private use ; they will be .ound in ti.e U-^t condi tion. Siui| le? may be had r.n the m< ridug ol sulr. Term-: $30 ami under c.i>h ; over that *u-?? cre<tit o! CO and 90 da\ s, f??r notes ?au>lacu,rii\ ei, | dors?.|, bearing iutert>t JAMES C. McCUIRE, n'* f ^ ?d Auctioneer. By J. C. MtGl'lUK, Auctioneer. I^RUeTEE'S SA!.EOF STOCK k FIXTURTS L o: ;> Merehaut Tailor.?On MONDAY, Mart I lili, at 10 o'cloclt, Kt Ike n'fire on he ea*t aide u. >treat, two rlor.r* ncitli of Pa. avcuue, I se:|. by virtue of a d?*tl of tru.-t dated February 7. 1855. and duly recorded among the land records ol lVa*hingtt>n county, all the sioe k iu trade and f.x Hire*, comprising ? Il!iie. black, olive, grei it, ami hrown Cloths Dotilile and tingle milled plain and fancy Cas-i meres Silk, saiui, clotli, MHrsei.le^ and Ca*fiincre Xest iogs Sewing S.Ik, Thread, Butt ms. Cor?, Bindings faced lining Silk, Ui<>ivnliol.i>ed P.uldips Canton Flxnoel, l anvat-s, < '?.ttui Silt sia, Alpaca, Wadtlim;. .v.-. ALSO? One large French plate Minor, nze ot i late 72 I y 50 inches Two French prate Pi?r Glasses Cubing and Sli iw Counter*, ><ide Counters Shelves and Drawers, Sh- w Racks Clock, stove. Chairs, Tables, kc. Terms: and under cash; over that suiu u cr dit ol 30, tto, and 90 cays, for note* satisfactorily eulorsed, bearin,.' interest. J NO. C. KF.NNEDV . Tmstee JAS. C. McGUIRE. mar -?d AuttH>4?e t r. By J. C. McOUIIlK, Anctlonte**. HAND-OME OIL PAINTINGS at Public Auc tion.?Ou TUESDAY afternoon, March 0. at I o'clock, at my Auction ICoouis, I shall aell, w nil out reserve, twenty four handxiaic Oil Paintings, in fittc gilt Haines. Terms ca.-h. JAS. C. McGUlUE, mar 2?1 Auctioneer. By J> C. NcltUlRF, Auctioneer. IMU'SFEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IIOU.-E aud Lot.?By virtue of a deed ol iruM lr'?ni VVui F. Aus:ii ami wile, beauus date on the 6tb day <h January, 1804, hu>| r- coritcd hi Lil?cr J. A. S., No. To, loli<>t> J H, 3-17, .06, duil, and 34*1, the suh?e tber will sc I, at I uMic tale, on MONDAY , the 5th da> ot March. I85.'?, at 4 4 o'clock, p. in., on tbe pn mi se', <u Firtt ifre?t < a-t. betweeo N and O si ret-t south, p.vt ?>t Lot.% i ? square s nth of >quare 744. fro.nine 69 feet 11 iiu lies ou s?id Fir?t street, by 7.", feet deep, on a W) fet t alley, together wiiii tin-i '.Hid ing- ami improveme: u, wUn li coiitid of a well and sulntauualiy built two-rtory Irani*? dwelling-hou?e. The terms of sale will Imt One half ?aUi, aa.l ihe ba'anee in equal payments at six ami twelve month? for note# bearing intereit from dav cf .-ale, secured by deed in trust up^n the property. If the terms of ->ale are not c win plied wi )i in ?x days rif'ier the sale the property will be ren.l ?, ;.t Ur rtsk nil e.\|>cn c ef the purchaser, upon one tveckV notice. All conveyancing a" expeo-c of purchaser. CHAS. H. WALL \'"H, Tnute ;. JAS. C. McGUIitE, feb 10?iiokda Auotn peer. By J. C. McGl'lllKi Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ? Ou THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, I8.r?5, at 4 o'eleek, on the p einttes, by virtue ?.f a deed ol trust to th-; tubs liber, b ar n; date the 14th May 1852, and duly recorded ui Lib -r J. A. S., No. 40. folio. 4I2S, 439, aud 14d, one ot the land t^ cord." fb: Washington county, I shall sell the north hulfoi Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 feet 4 inches en 12th street west, heiween north C and D street* running back 100 fe-el to a wide nlle), with improve imnts, cou.i tiug of a ftib-tai.tial brick dweilin; house. Ttriiis: Oue third cash; the residue ic six and twelve nnriths, with mterc.-t, secured by a deed o.' trust on the premises. NICIIOHS C \LL A N. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, feb 1-?eokd3 Aoetioneer. The above aa'e le postponed until W ED.VESDAY, March 7.h, same hour. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Tru?tee. f< h * JAS. C. McGUIRE, Aucrr. HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW YORK. II. C. SPALD19IO| of Washington, Agent. 1 MlE Howard Life Insurance Company, potass ittg an ample cap.tal, aud every facility l?*r ex , tending its op. rations upon the most secure basi?, makes evrry insaraiice agiiu*t Life Ri>ks upon the most favorable terms. Panies insuring up..n ihe mutual plan are enti tied to e proportionate share of the profit* ; or upon the Joint sto^k plan by which they pay a lower rate of premium, but do not share profits. Policies are granted either for life, or for a limi'e.l period. The Howard commends itself to person* in all htatious. but especially to every head of ? family. Military or Naval Officers off cr on duty may be iasured iu time o" peace. Per o<u insured in this Company have the privi lege of cnitoiug the Atlantic, to port* in Europe, at all seas ins of the year without extra iremiuai - , Special permits for California, Australia, or the SandwieV Islam's, at a reduced rale of premium. Office No. 938 Nuith D street, one door ea^t of Tenth mar 3-eolui Bargain in K us hoi new, Ac.?A TATE, N.i. 314 Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11 til rtreets, is now luruiiur off the remain der of his Fall and Waiter slock of EmbroiHenes, Ribai.d*, Laces, Ca|M aud Fancy Notion* al very reduced prices, the stock cousi>tini( of many desira blc goods, all of which will be sold eery cheap, pre* vious to la>tng in the .spring dock. K ar 1?eoGt SILVER PLATED WAKE. CIOMPLKTE tV?ffee S?u, Castors, Cak? and Fiui" f Baaket-i, Waiters oa white metal, T.ibl- , lies eert, and Tea Spoon* and Forks, douWejuid tih 't plated on Albata, tit* beat substitute lor nlver, wai ranted and ?o?d by U. SEMKEN N*. 380 Pa. avenue, between ttth and KM* m* Jan 19 UTNAM'S MAGAZINE for March. ?.?Ct TAT1.0S. I telegraphic. Kxprewlj tott* Niiy RhiIm tut later frcxn Havana?Arrival of tha Black Wtrrier. Naw Tea*, Manh $.-&? Black Warrior left Uinni on tb? rrteigg of the T7ik ol February, and arrivad hare about nine o'clock t ji? morning. The blockade of all the Cuban porti wv [ sill in torce. Lut the American iteiLtrt are rot molesti <1 No new irmti have been mad* Gre.t military preparations are still going on Tfie British frig at* Vestal *M Mill is port whan the Black Warrior laft A grand review aad mock battle kad takes place neir Fort Piiooipe, ia preeeaos of the Captain General. Numerous volunteer vara cnderg in; rigorou* drilliag. A report that all foreigners would shortly be required to take a.-mj or leave the Inland, wta itt circulation. Arrival of Sardiaiaa Frigate. K?* York. ICareh i ?The Sardtaniau fri gate D.a Geneyt, from Genr-a, arrived and a no bored at tbe quarantine thia forenoon Baltimore Karketa Baltimore, March i ? Ploar?SaUaof How ard airaet at $3.02* for April, aad alro for preaent deliver y. Waeateeeroe aad wanted, and thd market ia a trifle better; aalea of wbite at $2?$2.10 >el at $1.9Sa$3 0.1 Corn Receipts 24,000 baakela; sale* of wbite at 85a83e.; yellow at SSaBVe. Kye?S?l*a of Pencaylvania at $1 18. Hew Tcrk Stoek Karfct Naw York, March 6.?Stock* are better and money continuaa eaay. balaa at the ftr>t board of Erie Railroad 4?i; Cleveland and Toledo Kailrotd 75; Cumberland 34J; Kvadiog 70?; Canton 24J; New York Central V4|, Vir ginia fts 9ai; Indiana 5a 81c. lev Yerk Markets Naw York, Marsh 6 ?Cotton ia doaawa d and dull Flour ia upward, rtoea are a trifle h'gber; salo* of 3,500 bbla. of good Ohio at Tor 19 25a9 i>%; ?oi tiera is better, with aalea of 1,500 bVIs at $8 87iif9.5#. Wheat ia up* w ird and firm. Corn? Salos of 60,000 la>hels Weetorn mixed at 94a95c. Pork ia unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous rates, Beef ia upward and firm. Lard ia downward aai dull. Whiaky is lower; aalea of Ohio at 32h. Strike of Railroad Lahore: a Toledo, March 3.?There haa been a atrike amongst tbe laborera on tba Air Line Railroad, and the police were called oat to quell tba riot. Work on tbe viaduct waa auapeaJed yesterday, bu; waa reaumei to day. < Des true ion of a Chtucli by lire. Bostox, March 3.?The Bapiirt Church at Maiden waa deatioyad bj Are thia morning. Loaa about $12 000. Tha baggage car on the Dedham train waa thrown from the track thia morning, and Wm. Richardaon, a brakeman. waa instantly killed. A man named John Driscoll. when return* ing from a gunning eieurvion laat evaniog, was run over by a train on the Old Colony read sni killed. Anti<>Know Nothing Nomination Aukurx, March 3.?Daniel llewaon waa nom inated fur Major laat eveniug, by a meeting ol c riaena opposed to secret political oog*ni ra tion/. The meeting waa largely attended. Trial of tha St>am 1 -re Engine. Bostox. March 3.?The first trial of tbe " Milea Greenwood1' steam fire engine took plaoe here this afternoon, ia preeenoe of thon< sands, and resulted very saiefactorily. En gine companies Naa. 2, 7, and 12 were on the ground, and though they equalled in height, the Milea Greenwood beat them ia the volume of water thrown. The angine waa loudly cheered. Exported 1 iiliboit* ring Expedition. Columbia. March 4 ?The Southern mail brings New Orleana papers of Tuesday last. Briixoa advioes state that the Merchants of Brown* val ley have subscribed $00 <>00 to ?t out a filibustering expedition against Mexi co. Toe report reqairea confirmation. fyracuae Municipal Election. Syracuse, March 3.?A Fusion ticket for municipal officers, composed of Democrats, Wcigs, and Republicans, in opposition to the Know Nothings, was agreed upon yesterday. Lyman Steveue (soft) is the nominee for May or. Trotting oa the Ice. OGDKXSBuno, March 3 ?A match for $500 between C thinner a TU J human, ot Roch ester and John E Perkin's Bell* of Ogaent ? burgh, took plaoe on the ioe to day Til lltvuLiH took tbe pur.*e ia threa strait beats. Time, 2 26?2.30?2.26. Much intereat waa taken in the sport. Lively News from Harriikn g?George Law's Letter Received with Enthusiasm Harrisi>t,uo, Pa , March 3 ?I have pro. cured a copy of George Law's glorioaa latter to the American party members of our Legis lature. It haa excited a great aenaation and great enthusiasm A number of members of the new party, whose namea were not attached to the letter to Law, are now deeirous of being added to the list of subscriber*. Several meat \ng& have bean held here upon thesubjeet. and it is as good as resolved that the Amerioaa party throughout the State shall be rallied upon Garge Law's lira oak platform The/ say it is tight and rquare, and long enough, strong enough, broad enough, and high enough for the keystone of the arch and for the whole Union. ' 1 also ucdorstand that sines the judicious overthrow of that old fogy, Simon Cameron, the Kcow Kothingsintend to run Jaoob Broom for Senator at the next aeaaion. Be ia now a member of the new Congreaa. e vary popular and altogether a living and not a dead man. Thus, you sea, the Herald ia right The great work goes on For rent or pale on reasonabi.h TERM 4? A twaeto.) frame House, witli bark biuUinf, containing fix rooms', on 18>fc finet, betw?*en#li ai??! C ftreeu aouth. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A ll?r?*e-Btory Frame, with baemat, oa N. York avenue, between 4lh and 5tk *tf. went. A Wuee-*tory Frame, witn back building, oa I m, norih. between 4Ut and 5lh el*. we?t. Auplv for the two last ?t uuooed to JAMES W. BARKER, on H aireet uonb, between 13th aad 13th Hi*. W?et. AUo a two-rtory Frame, with back buildlag, on Mou:g<>iuery aUeet, G.orietown. DICKSON k KING, feb 7?eotf Geoegatowa. *OR BALE?A VERY FIXE SADDLE AMD _ Bnfgj HuRBE. The i?on* ia rout g-ntle ai d ?mnd, and of fine ttock ; wot? make ? itiirra very floe carnage liorwe, or a very p!i-a-ant riding noree. Alen, for e*)e an excellent work horse, perfaefy eouiiJ. ApjWy to No. 43 Dui.banon >L, mar I?lawif ATI, HAT*, H ATS I?We b.vs hi* f ? ATS |?We bare just * '?r<? fa-hionabJ* aaMrtwewt of JTil . Hau and r*pr, wbicb we offer Car ???e. nt ex.raiacly low pnce>, at the Temple of FU?mi,. # stri? a Uopniii#*,^ * Corner 6th at aad Pa. avenue, Between Browna' and National Hiatal a. STKWART'd BKTLIGHT DAGUERREAN Rmimf, over Ga!t*i Jewelry Btore, Pa. aveaa^, ia where tbe public caa have apleitdid Picture* taken at mori' reasonable prtcaa than at aay other reoai ia tbe city. Call early, ttatiafacuon alwaya given, fcbi M

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