Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1855 Page 4
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evening star. THX CEADLE 80*0 OP THE POO*. llu?h! 1 cannot bear to eee die* Stretch thv tiny hande '* ? ? I hare tot ob bread to give thee, v<*ning, child, to eaae thy pant When God aent thee first to bteaa me. Croud, and thankful too, was I; Now. m> darling, I, thy mother, Almost long to aee thee die. Sleep, my darling, thou art weary; God ta good, but Ufa ia dreary. I have watched thy beauty fading, And thy strength rink day by day: Soon. 1 know, will want and fcver Take thy little life away. Famine make* thy father reckless, Hope has left both him and me, We could suffer all, my baby, Had we but a crust lor ther. ~ Sleep, my darting, thou art weary: God ia good, but life is dreary. Better thou shouldat perish early. Starve ao sooa, my darling one, Than live to want, to sin. to struggle Vainly still, as I have done. Better that thv angel spirit, With my peace, my joy were flown, Ere thy heart grew cold and carele*s, Reckless, hopel?as. like my own. Sleep, my darling, thou art weary; God is good, hut life is dreary. I air wasted, dear, with hunger, And my brain is all opprest; I have scarcely strength to pre** thee, Wan and leeble, to my breast. Patience, baby, God will help us, lieath will come to thee and me; ; He will take us to his Heaven, Where no want or pain can be. Sleep, my dailing, thou art weary; God is good,4>ut lift) is dreary. Such the plaint, that late and early, Did we listen. wc might hear, Close beside us?but the thunder Of a city drowns our ear. Every heart, like God's bright Angel K Can bid one such sorrow cease; ^ ? > God has glory when bis children Bring bis poor ones joy and peace Lis en, nearer while she sings Sounds the fluttering of wings! 1ST The following picture of Mr. Wilcoo, the sew K. N Senator from Massachusetts, ia drawn bj the pencil of the limner of the Na tional Era: ' Mr Wilaon if an oppenent of Slavery, as enemj to the Compromises of I860, an agitatoi of the Slavery Question. He has been accus tomed to denounce slaYeholders and pro slavery men in bis speeches, and to stigmatis< the pro-slavery sentiment of the South ai "1 war law fanatieism " From the yeai 1848 to the year 1854. he stood in the froni rank of those who held that the hope of the slave, the triampb of the cause of Humac Kights, the preservation of the Union, and the promotion of the best interests of the country, lay in the organisation and consist ent action of a Party of Freedom, pledged to agitate tbe Question of Slavery, pledged to resist the aggressions of Slavery, pledged, openly, unequivocally, without compromise, evasion, or postponement, to root Slavery ont from the Federal Jurisdiction, and place tbe Federal Government on tbe side of Human Liberty, so as to promote, without interference with State sovereignty, the extinction of Sla very within the States. "Mr. Wilson has long been understood to occupy a prominent position among those de signated distinctively as Free Soilers He bolted tbe nomination of General Taylor, be cause be was non-committal on tbe slavery question ; be voted for Martin Van Bnren, be cause be acceptea the Buffalo platform; he presided over the convention at Pittsburg that nominated John P. Hale; be was known sub sequently as a thorough, uncompromising ad vocate of dis'inct political action against slavery, in tbe rank* of the Independent or Free Democratic party." BTAn Irishman who was overpaid flOO about a year ago by one of the Indiana Banks, a few days ago called at tbe Bank on his re turn from "out West,1' and returned tbe iden tical $100 which be had kept sowed up in hie pantaloons for a whole year. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Name. Leave For Dmyt. As? Boston Liverpool....Feb. 28 St. Loots Havaa New York...Feb. 14 Canada Liverj>ool.. B?stoa Feb. 17 Pacific..... Liverpool..New York...Feb. 24 Hermann Southampton..New York.. Feb. 29 The California ?team?rs leave New York on the 5th and 9(Hb of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlllards' II9 at?a a kic. wiiuu. Col Smiley, Ct F Thornton. Me J Thome. NY Dr W H Ro-sell, NJ J H Barton, Pa A Sharpies*, do B O'Connor, Cuba A Yaiiente, do 11 O Ticknor, Ma*s LLincoln, do Gibson H Deville, >1 >1 Jackmen, ill G Pludkett, Del T M Stetson, Mas W J Mauiiew* St lad v W H Mem t, NY Mrs Spencer, Md Dr McCormwk, ISA M E Price, Va W F Burden, NY J F Burnett, Md E Higgin-. do O S Lombard, Me W J Dale, pa G W Pelier 81 ladMass Mrs W S Baicb, do L P Griffith, Md J P Levy, Pa J J Ring, NY O D Lot 1 bard, Mo I. D WellOiielle, Pa D Baldwin NJ A L Maginnis, Md A M Pennock, USN <? II Tillinghait, do Trowbridge O S M Wilaon, Va ,do J A Gray, do A R Pa?e, do Mrs D J Jones, NY E E Gifford, Vt T Mi ler, do J Smith, jr, do E Phelps, do Biowbi' lletei p. & u. ttowi. A Waterman. Ill J H Taylor, NY II Midd!eton. MJ J 9 Craft, Pa M A Wallace, NJ R D Sell man. Md E Walton, do G Everaon k lady, NY A G Gaw, Pa II Sedgewick, do J G Stewart, Va J D How land. O Miss Howland, NY Mr Parreu. do J H Can, Va J P Cook, do J L Selden k lady, do Mise Gnswo'd, do J A Nelr, Pa N Cutter, NY Caut P Bennet, do L P Townsend. Md J Wills, Mi K H Bradley k lady, Ga J N Sneed S W PreiMtiiian, Va P A Wood, Ala P Wartelle. La M Glaze, do W H Clarkson, Va D J Barner, do J M Broadus, do S J Tebbe, do H Derille, Mass R A Wall, Md Ilr A Manadier, do Dr W H Keener do Miss 7. P Zollitmffer.Tenn W 8 Marsh, NC C H Alexander, La I) W Siler, Ala E J Armstrong, Va P Burnhani, HI C Moore, NY Mrs Piuckney k ladies, Pa W M Murphv, Ky S J Mu-tin. Pa Miss M F Rinego. Ark A Neeley, Md J Johnson, Pa J Birdsall, Ana R II Carter, Va G W Hillary, Md J A Kirkpatrick, Va W B Dale, do S H Woodson, Mo Mrs M L Benhain, Ky KlrkVAod Haass?j. h. k a. miwooi. S R Streeter, Mass F Gallagher, Md E Walton, do L C Forayth, DC S K Bo>d, NY VV Richmond, Va W F Ri< htuonJ, do T T Crothus, Pa C F Thomas, N Y G Heers, do E Faron, <lo J. Gilbert. Mass 8 L Liakins, La A M McCormirk, Va t'siltod Statu T L* wis, NY C H Elgin, Tex W G Deal k lady, Md W Bonifant, do T B Early, do C S Frink, Va J W Moms, do W Stewart, Pa II Powell, do J Waddeil, eo L B Washiagton, Va W J W.ison, Pa C Minor, La Baailen House, a. row-Ton, F Wartelle, La M Glaze, do B M Prescott, do D Fitzbugb, Va M H Effinger. do E A Bbaud, do C B Duvall, do J W Etthlson, DC O W Turner, Va Hon J S Pendleton and servant, do G W Sutherland, Ala R Hlnkley, do R Morns, Md J King, jr, do J C Grea-on, d>> E Thompson, do Mr J.iiifH, do J M Ha'l, do II R Worthington, NY J'idge Drummond, III Col Peyton, do S Carrinjrton, Va R Ma?s?y, do Hotel-a. a. Biciin, s .ratitb, Md W p? nnuigton. Tenn J Tb<>nipson. Ga S G Stn'th, Mick H S Williams, Va G S?ynK?ur, ky N H Robinaon and lady do J Kehniy, NJ T 11 Brown, NH J W Fuller, t|o T Craig, Ya W W Livingston, O Alexandria, Va. raoraixTol. T J Crotbers. Pa L Mawson, NY J Schwartz- DC J A MarshpJI, Va ' A Gordon,-do C F Gamett, do J M Harrison, do W E VVorddy, Md J R Murray, do W P Hilleary. Cal FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. Thd ond?rtifn?d has a tf'tndld stock of^ itft It) V standard Tmit Tik^Iiii*, vttnr <m and thrifty, *?.; * Feacli Trate oTwcry superior quality, all (lie lead _ Uig Hinds ',ew'ufPP^es, Plum-, Cherries, Apricots, Grape Vines, lift. >0 006 Cuglrsli Lancashire Gooseberries, the large stfow kinds fine and strong i >40,000 Currants, Victoria, Red and White Dutch, Red and White Grape, Black Naples, fcc 1?,000 Rnpt>t?rne?, F**u>lfl\ Red and White Ant werp. lie. 1,000 Rhubarb Hoots, Prince Albert, Victoria Cham paigne, kc. 8hade Trees of best quality, such, as Silver and Su- ( car Maples, European and American Lindens,: Lurapean Ash, Mountain Ash, kc. Evergreens in great variety an4 rarest kinds vix' Araacarias, Arbor Vilir, Cedrus den data, C.! Lib ni, Funebral Cypiess, Cryptomcria Ja ponica, Titz Hoy a Patagonia, Librocedrus Clnlensis. Places Chahra, P. excelsa, P. Ger ardiana, Picea Webhtana, P. piudruus, P. Pickia Abies Menziemi A. Morinda, Irish and Engli h Yews, with many other beautiful Ev ergreens, all at moderate prices. JOHN SAUL. Seed Store corner 7th and H sts. Washington. frb *2-ea9r I No. SB.] NOTICE OF TtiE DISCONTINU 1NCE Of the United Stain land office at Jeffersoncille, VI* crones and f Vina mac, Indiana. UNDER the provisions of tlie second section of the actot Congress, approved June 12, 1840, | waich declares "that whenever the quantity of pub lic lands remaining unsold iu any land district shall be reduced to a number of acres less than one hun dred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec . tetary of the Treasury to discontinue the land office for such district; and if any land in any such district shall remain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land office, the same shall be subject to sale at some one of the existing land of flees most convenient to the district in which the land office shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice and inasmuch as the 7th section of the act approved 4th September, J&41, authorizes the Secret ry of the Treasury to continue any land district in which Is situated the seat of government >f lny one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold in such district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion such continuance may be required by public convenience or in order to close the land system in s'ich aftate at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on Uiat subject approved June 12, 1840, and ina*~ 'much at the duty above required hat been devolved upon the Secretary of the Interior ly 44the act to es allith the Home Department," approved 31 March, 1?49: Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view of reports from the Ian! officers at JerrERsoNvn.t.1, Vinckhnes, and Wixamac, that the vacant land in each of said districts is reduced b'-low one hundred thousand acres, the Secretary of the Interior, with the approbation of the President. has directed thai the land offices at JcrriRsoNviLi-B, Vincknnib and Wika*ac; in the State of Indiana, be discontinued, and the Ian fa remaining unsold at the time of the disconunnance l?e made subject to sale at the land office at, theseat of government of said State. Lands remaining 'unsold, and uappropriated by law, and subject to private entry within tne limit* | of the districts now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those office*, from the date of the receipt of this notice bv the reg sters and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Indi anapolis will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepared to receive applications for entries of any such lands at their office. JOHN V.I I. SON. Commissioner of General Land Office. Jan?art 25, 1855. jan 29?2aw6w GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. JOIlff ?Al'L begs toannonnce that he Ins jn?t completed his supply ol" the above, all ca efuily aelected from the ?tocks i f the be?t nrowers in En gland and the Continent, viz: Prince Albert and other early Peas,early short-top Radi.-h, Early York, Large York, London Market, eaily IJattersea. Shil lings Queen, FlatDutch, Drumhead and other choice Callages, Purple Cape Brocole, Cauliflowers, Let tuces. Onions, Beets. Hearts, Carrots, Parsnips, Coles' Crystal White Celery, Savoy's Leek, Turnips, Cucumbers, Melons, Tomat<?s, Herbs, 8tc., with ull other vegetable seeds in great variety, oin^rising the well tested standard kinds with the choice new varieties, superior in quality and economical in price, to which he respectfully calls the attention of those who require a reaMy genuine article. Ilis lone experience in the seed irade fully justifies him in sating that his seeds cannot tail to give great satis I faction. Flower seeds of the rarest and choicest kinds, se lected with great care and what are specially suited to this climate, are offered in single packets or col . Lections, at very low rat-js. Market Gardeners nnd other3 are respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds and scale of prices. Catalogues can be had on application. Seed Store, corner Seventh and 11 streets, feb 22?eo6t* f No. 531.] Notice of the temporary continuance of the Land Office at Vincennes, Indiana. IN compliance with the act of Congress approved Feb.uary 13,1*55, which provides "that the of fices of register and receiver shall be continued at Yincennes, Indiana, until after a final report shall have been made by the commissioners, pursuant to the act of Congress approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty four," entitled "An act ! to ascertain and adjust the titles to certain lands in the State of Indiana," notice is hereby given that the order ^No. 528) dated January 25,1855, directing the discontinuance of certain land office* in Indiana, is suspended in iu application to the office at Yin cennes "until the services required by the act of 27ih July, 1854. of the commissioners shall have been fully performed," of which due notice will be given. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this 17th dav of February, 18-*?S. JOHN WILSON, Commissioner General Land Office, feb 19?lawtiw THTE MUTUAL FI&E INSURANCE C0HPA HY OF TfllC l ISIRICT OF COLUMBIA, CIIARTEBED by Congress, offers to the property owner* <Jf the District saf^r and Cheaper means of insurance than any other Company ULYSSBS WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MAT11EW G. EMERY, Treasurer. managers. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Matliew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiaua avenue ant 7ih street. Office hours froin 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. feb 26 ? eotf TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. THE attention of those fond of good Bl' TTER is called to the fact that I have just received 149 k-gs of prime fresh BUTTER, which is offered at the lowest possible prices, either w-holrsale mr re tail. I am constantly receiving fresh Roll Butter, which can he found at rny stalls either in the Cen tre or Northern Liberties Market, and my Store, at cor. 9th and L sts. W. C. JOHNSON, feb 24?eolin* YDbKANAWIIA, V*>, Bank Notsi 11^3 bought and s? 1J by A. M. SNYDER U CO., Brokers, comer 15th street and Pa avenue. 49* 'Fran -AUeghany, Va., Notes bought and ?old by A. M. SNYDER fc CO. {jPQ^ Selden, Withers Ik Go's Exchange Bank Notes bought and sold by A. M. SNYDER <*. < O. feb 8? e< Im LAW PARTNERS 11IP. SUPREME COURT OF THEIfNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKBR and LOUIS JAN1N have formed a c 'partnership under the name oi "Walker and Janm,'' for the argument of cases in tlie Supreme Court of the United States, at Wash ingtonciiy, wheie both will attend throughout the future se.^ions of that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, Or New Orieau*. j;ui 19?eo3iu* Institute polka" JUST published the above Polka, compo?ed and dvdn'ated to the Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, t,y pr'k Kley; embellished with the most beautiful and correct view of the Smithsonian Institute as yet issued. The trade furnished at 'he verv lowest northern rates. III LRUs & HIT/, Music PuUishers, Star Buildings, <Corner Pa. avenue, Eleventh and D streets. feb 17 PREMIUM PIANOS.?We have on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute lonr migniftcviit Pianos, made vxpres?ly to our order for this fair. 1 Tbewe Pianos we oirer for sale at low rates and up m exceedinfly reasonable terms. Also, a superb rosewood Guitar, Tilton's patent, which we are engaged in tting up a raffle for. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenus, between 9th tnd 10th sts. feb JO READY-MADE CLOTHING A T REDUCED PRICES.?As the season is ad vanced we have determined to sell otT the re maining portion of our winter stock at ereatly re duced pnees; thereiore gentlemen wishing to con salt economy in purchasing fine overcoats, Talma* Dress, Track, and Busi less Ceats; Black and Fan .?} Lash mere Pants ; Velvet, Silk, Satin and Merino Vests; I nderstnrts and Drawers, and all oilier ready made garments ef fine quality, will find out varieijr to be as well assorted as in the be of the season, wi'fi th? advantage of much lower prices. WALL fc STEPHENS, , . 351* avenue, next to Iron Mall feb 22 (SentinelliNews; INVIGO*IATJ?KG CORD] A h A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. TTJEALTn restored and lifi n LINGTUMNKD, It DR. MORS 1*8 INYIGORATIITG KLIX1H OR OOKDIAL.?At first the proper* ties attributed to Prof. MORSB'8 INVIGORATING ILIXIR OB OOKDIAL vtn dnistilMaloni. Ths public oftsn deoelve\, could not Mmm the simple ud sublime trutha innonuon] by the 4!sooverer.? Btii facta, unlsnifactd attested bj witi mSM of ths highest class anl character, ere now triumph lag over all doubtt. INCRXDULITY 18 OVER THROWN by e taam cf tfjtlDiory which Is perfectly lrr statable. The KliXia reiusdfes, In nl! cace% the deplorable ??lis arising from amiiraseor share ?f the various I organs which mate up the *7c nd<-.*ful machine called aa. It restores to Mill rigor every delicate func tion connected with tliat mysterious compound agency of matter <>a>l mind, n?oeef?rv to the repro duction of human life. To perrons of feeble E2areo lar frame, or deficient in vital porer, It Is recom mended as the only means cf communicating that energy which Is necessary to the proper enjoyment ?f all the natural appetUes, .vs well as the higher mental attributes. Its bene?<4al effects arc not con flaed to either eex or to any i?.;e. Ths Ibeble girl, the ailing wife, the listlt*.\ emevated youth, the overworn man ot business, the victiia of nervous de pression, the individual suffering from general de bility, or from tho weakness of a aingls organ, will all find immediate and permanent relief from the ose of this incomparable renovator. To those who have a predisposition to paralysis It will prove a oom) lste and unfailing safeguard igalnst that torri ble malady. There are many, perhaps, who have so trifled with their constitutions, that tuey think thsms<-lrej bsyond the rea.h of medicine. L*t not even these despair. The f.lirir deals with disvasa as It exists, without refp'en->? to -joms, and will not ?nly remove the disorder itself, bat REBUILD TilK BROKBM IXW8HTUTION The derangements of the system, leading to ner ? ons Jd^saeea. and the forms of nervous disease it *lf, are so numerous that it would requires column lo enamerate th? maladies for which this prepara tion is a specific. A few, however, nay beenumo -atei, vis: neuralgia, tic lol?;re?ui.ha>Jiruhe.Incip ient paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of ths heart, spi at' affections, muscular debility, tree its, flatulence, a pricking sensation in the flesh, nombne&j, torpid Ity ot tb liver, mental depression, weakness of the will, indisposition tfc move, ta!ntness after exerMse, broken sleep an i terrifying iroam.', inability to re main in one place -1 pcMiiion, weakness of the pro. .-reative orgasm, sesnii., melansholy, monomania. fiuor albu?, nkiug at the stomach, fe male irregslarltlss, a ehrouic tendency to miscar riage, emaciation, e.i.d all ooiupUiati growing out 3t a free indulgence of the paesious, aud all barrenness that does n?t prceeed from organic causes beyond ths reach of medicine. Whenever the organs to !-? icted upon are free from malformation or stricture' disease* It is averred that MORBID IKYIGORATING SLIXSR will replace weakness with strength, incapacity with efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural ac tivity, and this not only v^tneut bksard of reaction, but with a happy sffcot on the general organisation. ?^"Bear in mind that all maladies, wherever they jegin, f.mth with the rervous ?yatam, and that the p*raliiation of the nerves or motion and sensation is physical death. Bear In mind also, that for every kind of nervous disease th? KHkm Ocrd'a! is this ouly reliable preparation known. CAUTIOH. Ds. Moan's InviookATTira Cordial Lea beec eoaa terteite-i by some unprincipled persons. In fctare, all the genuine Covaial will here the proprietor's fa^ simile parted over the ccrk of eaab bottle, and the foilo-tin^ words blown in the /lass Or , Kf orsi'i Inr^oratlsgCordlal, C, II. lfinG, l*roprl?tor, tf.T. ?i"* The Qotdla! !? put up highly concentrated, !a pint titles. p?r bottle; for $5; six for $12, 0. II. RING, Proprietor, 192 Btowlway. New Tosk. fljld by Dra^iats throughout the L?h:Wd atatss, OantMiad, and west It J>5. AfllsNTT. Washington?Z. V GItn?. ttaltlm re?8. P HANCt atehmord?PXNNKT L URS3*. TJ*J Si'l RSV. J?)HN LAXAI1AN, PASTOR OF TUB EXETEK STREET, .M E. CHURCH?A ."?irong desire to l?^netit tli?* afflicted indncen tisni iIhh to cer if/. We clul enee any otljer nif?iiciin: t>? prefi-ut such a riia^s of testimony from gentlcinen anil ladies of high standing of our own we.l-known ritixens. who testify of cure* of COUGH, 1JRON CHITiS, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, &c. Rai.timorf, January 24th, Mcstri- Mortimer 4" Mowbray: I take pleasure in sa> in? to you that I have used your ''Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. Prom a sefious t.iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I com menced to use ??Hampton's Tincture." I found its eflects upo.i my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up und?r its use. I have several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as far as I have been in formed, they have use it wiih success. * Yours truly, John Laxaha*,Pastor Of Exeter St., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Ralf.ioh, X. C., Feb. 8, 1&55. MciSti. Mortimer 4' Mowbray : 1 do here y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a.-ev>-re hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try I>r. Hampton's Vegetable Tineture I procured one boitle, and after taking which, I ww satisfied that I wa- much better ; and tint, faking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, ami now I enjoy as good health as ever I did in iny life. I can, and do,with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture t ) all peisons atthcted in my way. Youre, Gko. VV. Weakley. CURE FITS?READ! More to the Sick than Gold.?From one of the mo=t respectable Druggists in South Carolina. ChaBLIcston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. Mortimer 6t Mowbray:?The sale ?f your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every buttle sold recommends this valuable medicine lo the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different eases with aston islting success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest rem-dy tor rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure ha* been performed on a n?-gro boy, buffering from Fits. I will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wish theni I am, gentlemen, yours, VV. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cure# of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, I?ys pepsia, Nervoosness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we bolieve it umnualled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 3i>4 Broadway, N. Yor* Chas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, I). B. Clarke, Clarke Sh Bowling, W. Elliot, and H MtPher sos, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci sel, Geo>ce town; and (J. C. I'erry, Alexandria, and by Dru|? gif?id everywhere. feb 21?tr T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTOBY, 47 7 Eighth st, adjoining Kain*y's Livery &tal/es OWING to the increased trnd? wbicb a neaerous publl baa bestowed upon m",l have com oeilei to erect a new and larger building for the c rrving on of my business. Here I shall be en abled to xecute all orde s et trusted t* an wift grwsUr tacilities sal dispa'uh, .tnd I would resorct futy solicit a continuance o. tin public's (jstrocsge. Carri'g'S an ? Wagcns, of th? most mo-i?rn style, ba^ic ot <h?bwt materials, and warranted to ^iva sstisfaclicn, ..epairsoi ev^ry lweription paactualiy attended to. For s?le, cheap, a second-hani Clarence Caf rls^e, nearly new. cec'iT ?tj 'pilF. TRUTH AND LIFE, a volume of Ser J. muns, by Hi^hop Mcllvaiiie, ot Ohio. We can assure our readers that there is a fresh ness and power pervading the whole work, which is most delightful to limi in this age of flimsy m< nt, or idealistic abstractions, which are ?.o often substituted tor the Gospt I oi Christ. Morning with Jesus, a series of Devotional Read ing<, for ihe cleset and the family, prepared from notes Sermons preached by the l.tte Rev. VVm. Jay, of Bath The New Pastoral, by Tlios. B. Ih ed Woltcrt's R^iosh ans oilier Paper#, by Washington Irving Harper's Story Books, Bruno, Willie, and Strait Gate. Cstaloguei of Books of the Messrs Cart, r, Carl ton & Pinllips, Gould h. Lincoln, American Tract Society, Sunday School Union, and thePreibjterian Board furbished on application, and all tlieir Bcoks sold at the catalogue pricm by Ib27-Jt GRAY Si BALLANTYNE, 7tli NILE^' REGISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE Papers.?A complete .set of Niles' Register, 76 vols, or any other Books will be given in exchange for the ?' American Stite 1'apern" and " American Archives," or they will be purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR ft. MAURY'S feb I I Bookstore, near Ninth street. BOYS' CLOTHINgT IN order to sell offo?ir present stock of Boys' and Youths' Winter Clothing we have determined to offer our large and fine assortment, consisting of ev ery desirable style and quality ot fashionable Ready made Garments, xuitable for dress and school wear, at greatly reduccd prices. WALL & STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall feb 21 (SentinelfcNews) COSTCKRTINAS. Two of the above fine Instrument* for sale low at the Music Depot of UILBUS fc HITZ. feb -XJ corner Pa. avenue and 11th ats. TRAYfcHuRff l IHRtrruKY. LATHAM'S LIKE OF USaiBCSBi will le.?v? Aitiantiiis at 4, 7V, ^ and 9* adi, ltfaiid3* pm. vVhiAAMBB# leave Washington at 6, 11, and 18 a1 m., 3% and 7 p in. Seats can I* secured at the Office. Fairfax *U, and Newton'* Mansion Home ; la Washington, at Hall's Segar 8 tore and Kirk wood House. This Line run* regularly winter and rammer for the accommodation of the Public. Passengers called tor and taken to their residence* if not ton far. FARE? For the fii>t trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trips 95 cents. Trunk* eitra. LATHAM k COOK. jan S?tf CRnMWBLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE A BOSTON, JE59BS3? T?T1LL dispatch a rfteamer daily from Raltimore Tf and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to B.tltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the bud ni'ss men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ut freight and no commissions charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to by the following agent* : A. U. HALL, 58 Exchange Phce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N.-Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jjn 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR TIIE WEST AND SOUTI1. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAIbtiOAD. IMPROVED ARRAN JKMKNT8 FOR TiUVILI IMPORTANT CHANGES OFSCHKDUDKI! rrrr T1 lhe !&:? completion of th? Central Ohio Railroad between Whe?ling and Columbus, uniting, a* it does, by ?o short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railr a 1 with all portions of the W?*t (anl North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantage* to through travelers in that direction. On and af*er MONDAY, November ST, 1&64, the trains wilt be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSING ERA. Two fatt train* daily will run in each direction Firct?The MA1L.TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m , instendqjft < 'clock as heretofore, (exoept on Sunday,) and a^Trlnc *?t Wheeling at 2 46 a. m. Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5p m , lastiacl of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Wbee'lng In about 17 hcura, reaching there at 10 25 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, 9ykesvllle, Monocacy, Harper's F-rry, Martlnsburg, *ir?John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg, fetterman, Farm iogton, Cameron and Moundrnlle only, for wood and water and meals. Both tleee trains make prompt and regular connoetion with the cars of the Central Ohio Koad for Cambridge, Zan?sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Sandusky, Toledo, Letroit, Indianapolis. Chtaago, St Louin,ete. Passengers leaving Raltimore by the Mall Tr?'n; will reac% Cincinnati fer dinner next day, while by the Express Train they arrive there at 1J the next ntght. being kept but one night on the route by either train. , Passengers for the Northwest via develop and all intermediate points can make a direct onneo tion with he trains upon the Cleveland and Pitts burg Railrorl at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble fcr steamers between Wheeling and Wellsvllie, by leaving Baltimore In the Mail Train at 7 a. a. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling as follews: The EXPRES3 TRAIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. m , reachlag Baltimore at 7 p m 43~Throuqh tickets by boat from Wheeling for Cloci >natl, Madison. Louisville, St Louis and other Rirer ' 1Mes, > i'l be sold at a 1 times when the stag* of w*t? r will aliuit. Through ? ii-k-ts let ween Baltl more and Wasoington, sad all the important cities and towns in the West, are sold at .the Ticket OfEces of th* Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. TI'E MAIL TKAIV, Wrin^ Camden Station will tak? pkssengers for all the usual stopping places on the Road Returning,'his train leaves Wheeling at 11.45 mi3night, Cumberlard at 10.16 a. m., aoi arrives st iT^ltimore at 7 n. ni THE FREDERICK ACO .MMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and iut-rmediate places, will start at 4 p. m., daily (?x?ept Sun-lay:.) arriving in Freder ick (>t 7.43 Recurring ?ill leave Frederick at 0 a. m , arriving at Baltimore at 12.50, noon TiiE KLLIOOVrS MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be ran d?Il7, (exempt Sundays.) as follows: Leave Caml-n Station at 8 a. m. and 3 p. m. Leave ElLcull** Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 0.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAVE daily, except Sunday, at 6 and a. m. and 3 and ipm, On Sunday at 0 i in r nd 6 pm. I.n?tf* Batticrr* at 4>4 and (au; aud 6 and 8 p m. On Sunday at ia and 5 pm. The connections with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the Weet aie by trains leaving at 0 a m and 3 pm. For Philadelphia and New York at 6, and %% a m and 6 pm. For Ann* poll* at 8'^ am and 5 p in. For Norioik at S p m. T. H. T'ARSONS, Agent Particu'ar attention Is called to the Rule requlr ing a responsible voucher for any person ef color who m*v wi-h to pass ov.r the road. dec IS?dtf ORANGE AHD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD, On ayul after Tuesday, Wov. 7, 1854, T1IR Cars leave Alexandria daily for Gordons ville and intermediate stations at 7j{ o'clock, a m., o-i the arrival ot the ho&t from Washington, giving amtle tiin* fur l>reakfwit on board. Con necting ft Mans'iias Junction with a train for Strafr burg, at Warrentou Ju ction with a train for War renton, and at GonlousrUle with thutmins on the Virginia Central RaHroad (or Ri -bmond,Charlottes ville, and dtaunton. The ears teare Gordons?lLe dally for Alexandria and iuterme<!iftte stations, at l>efore 12, a. m?, on the arrival of the trains or the Virginia Central rail road from liichmoad. Charlottesville, and Stauntcn T'lKODGU TICKETS. Fron Alexandria to Warrentm $2 00 " M GordonsTille 3 60 " " ChariotteSTille ......... 4 26 (< " Bianntoo^....^. 6 90 u M Suraeburg 3 60 " " Lynchburg 6 76 " M Winchester 3 60 " M Luray 4 26 " " New Market 6 00 " " Mldileburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with th* stagas at Ohirlottesville, on Munusys, Weduesduyr, and Fri days For Luray &ud New M^'ket, connecting with the s agea at Culpsper, on Tu*%days, Thursdays, and Sat urday. For Wlnchutsr daily, connecting with the ttag's at Piedmont F.;r MiMlcLarg daily, connecling wiLh the stage:' tb? I'thii.'B. I'er order: W. B. CROCKETT, Ageut ncv 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip $1; from Alex andiU 76 cents?The THOMAS COLLYER leave* Washington at 0 and Alexandria at 0^4 o'clock. Coachoi leave the Capitol for tteboat at 8# o'clk. Coach fire >0 cents. Person i wUhing the Coaches will leave their resi d* :ce with Geo. A Thos. Parker. Refreshments on the boa'.. 0 t 2^?dtf GEDNFY, Capt TIIE SEW YORK A LIVERPOOL UNI'rED STATES MAIL STEAMERS7 IyJlK ^HIPH COMPRISING THIS LIN1 AR1 THE? ATLANTIC, Cai>t. Wert. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Comstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These bhipa have been built by contract, expresr ly for Government serf ice; every car* has been taken in their construction, a:- in the Engiues to insare strength and sp***1!, and thoir acccmmcda* tloos for pasoengers are unequalled for *l?ganc* and comfort. Pri< e of passage froa? New York to IJverpool, in first cabin $1-J0 Second Oabin ? 70 Exclusive use ot extra aise state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each t>hip. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., ?0 Wall street, New York. BROWN, 8HIPLEY A CO, LiverpooL E. G. ROBERTS k CO., 13 Ring's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROB A CO, 90 Rue Notre Dame des Yktoirea, Pari*. GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of the*e ships will not be aceonntablfd for gold, diver, bullion, specie, iewelry, precious) ?tone* or metals, unless bills ef lading are signed < therefor, anl the value thereof therein expressed, nor 10?dly L cents. A NOUVELLE HELOI3E, edition iilustroe par I Johannot, Baron, etc., in pamphlet?nrice 50 in pamphlet?price 50 Lei Confessions de Rousseau, in pamphlet, with many illustrations, 60 cent3 Physiologic du Gout, par Brillat Savarin, in pam pbiet, with many illustrations, price 50 cent*. Imported from Paris by (eb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. [No. ISO ] KOT1CB OF RESTO&ATIOS I And Withdraw! of eortain Lands in iKs Cairo and Fulton Railroad Grant m Mis souri. | J^oricl II HMIBY GIVEN. that la rooM . _ iiTl? of th* reprwetetleee of pa rt of tha delegation la CoagrtM froa tha Stats oi Miaaoart 0f * estefial ehangs la tba auppoaed roaU of the Cairo ud fultoa railroad In Mid State, heretofore aajamed to withdrawing land* from aarktt for the craat to i*id road and ?a their teqaeat that oer ula of said land* aioald bo release, aad other* substituted la Ilea thereof, conformably to mM amoadod rout* which i* direct aad situat-d oowW erably reuth oI th* rll roato; th? PrsdJrat, by hla order bearing date the let Febraary inataat, baa directed tbat the lands altaated la tha tswnahlpa hereinafter anom<*ra'?d, whteh were withdrawn from market by his crJer of the l*tb of May, l|w. aad their reservation continued by public ao'.i.*a No 497, beating date 23d January. 1854, for thaCa iro and Fulton railrad gieut in the State <f Mi* aourt, shall be restored to n ark?t, and that certain other Unds situated in town?hi?? nam d beiow (locladng a portion of the old rrUlntl re?*r?atiou) aitua'el within the prcba la limit* of the grant ac cording to the ronte of mid r >*d as am^nd d shall be sub'ti'-nUd and racarved from aale or eatrj tpr > ? mpbon claims not exe?pted) antil fjr her notice. Therefi re. all the vacant laaJs ct to a?U at JacUos, Miaaouai. whi*h were ?oij^ct to frivate entry at tha daf* ot withdrawal, and which bite not since b en pre eaapt m) in tha Allowing town ship*, will %?aia be saVieet t? pri<ra.e entry on aad aTer tha nineteenth day of March arse, to wit: Nwth of the bat< line a*.d rati of the fifth principal mtruiuiv. Townships 21, 22. 23 21,26. aad 26. of raag* 3 I Townahipe 22, 2A, 21, 2a, 26, 27, an i 28, r f range 14. Townshipa 22, 23, 21, 25, 26, 27, an 1 30, of range 6. Townshipa 26, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31, of rang* 6 Townships 25, 96, 27, 28 , 29, 3), 31, and 32, of range 7, Townahipe 26, 27, 28 , 29 , 30, 31, 32, aid 23, ot range ?>. Townahips 26, 17, 29, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of range 9. Towaahips 27, 28, 29, 30 3 , 32; and 35, cf tan g* 10. Townships 21, 29. 30 31. 32, and 33. of rang* 11 Townships 28, 'ft 80, Si, 32, and 3-1, of ran?*- 11 Townships 29, 30, 81, 32, and 33, oi rsng* 13 Townships 29 30, 81, 32, and 34, ot range 11 Town hips 29, 31, and 32, of ringe 15 ALSO, I Thtt all 'he lands si:ua.ed in the bam* di..tuct | within the following named town>h!rs will te re served from sale rr entrv (not excepting prermp ik>na) f >r tha pnrpoee atove sp-e.fid until further orders. Tit: Xarth of the base line and rati of the Hflh principal WlfHtiMfl Towaahips 22*, 21*, an i 84*, of raag? 6 Townships 22*, 2-J? and -24*. of rang-7 Townshipe 21* 22*. 23* 21*. an i 25* of range 8 Townships 20, 21, 22 23, 24. *nd 26\ ot ranee 9 Townships 20, 21,22, 2-t, 24, 26, and 26*, of raage 10 ^Townshipa 21, 22, 23, ai 26, 23, aad 27*, of range Towmhlps 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,at<! 27*, o'range 12 Townshipa 22, 23. 24, 26, 26*, 27*, and 98* of range 13 Townahipe %2, 23, 24, tt\ 16* 27*, and 28* of range 14 Townahipe 23, 24*, 2i*, te*, 27*, and 28*, of ranCe Townships 23, 24* 26*. CC*, 27*. and 28*, cf ran3e T <wabhipa 24?. 25*, 2S*,27*, ard 28*, cY range 17 TowmMps i4*, 26*, 26*, and 27*. ot r*B?e 18. All the townshipe marked tl. us * * en? included In the original rea?ivjti< n ot lsil Preemption claimants eatiUed to any cf tie ab .v* seotloned l*c?N 'o r?*s rr?*d to m irket cn th- nineteenth day cf March n*xt oa s?tt'ern?*nt> al resdy iu.dd, or which n>?y hmiftsr t>e m-<le, and al-o th<->?? claiming;a ai.y ot the abov* town ships withdrawn or con in>i**d to be r?serTedcn s-t tlemxnta m?d^ p ior to th* d?te c>f t; * present wl hdrawal, will make prcof and p*y fjr the same, at the pries fixed by I <w, * ithiu tw-lv<? in ntlix al t*r th? date of tha r respective setc:?-m-n's; other wise their ci&^aie wl'l I* fDrfeit-d. It is suaffestei th?t pre-emp Isn claiinanta to lands within the townships to b? r?*st re<l to private entry ihoui 1 giv?? n >tice < f their cl ?ims and tie the pro fs with the lan ? offl ?rn before tlie daj a^p^int ed for the restoration of the 1 nis, fo at1 pro ec? their claims fr >m private entry cn a^d tf rr thst day, and preT?nt much d:r?lculty aad <H?y. Qirea u ?d?-r mv Laad, at tht- city of Wtshi :?t. n, thia sixth day of Krbrutry, Asm Cosinl o.e th>>u aand, risht hund cd snl fi ty five Fy order of the 1 resident: JOHN WllfOX, Conmis-'icnrr cf Uta^ral Land o9ca feb 8?law6w PKNRHYN AND LRON MANTtLj?May be a^s a bemtiful aaaortment cf thea? h?ap and du rabla article*, at thecorn^rof Peuusylvauia av?-nu? and Tenth atraet, ovar tta Wathioiton Pavingt Bank. EA1.PI! UA8KIN6 ii(t> 18?artf PIANOS!?PIANOS! WE beg l#*av?* to call the attention ol th. public to our stock of Pianos now haml, constating ot superb fini:-he 1 7,||n^uU|r^V e^and 6 ??rtave iw^wood case strunifats from the world-renowned I " V VI ? manufactories of II llet, Davis St Cn., Boston, and Knabe. Gaehle ta. Co., Baltimore, comprising in ail the largest, mo^t reliable and select a^aamnent ev? r offered in this city. Alao, Htools. Covers, 4ic. ' Old Pianos taken in exch;uige. We will make r>a.4onable di-counts for ca->h, or I ???! on time. JOHN F. KLI.18, I No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street, jan 31 "TUB~ART UNION OF LONDON. I'LAS FOR Tilt. CURRENT YEAR. I rriHE list IS now open, and erery s-ubsenber of | A $?> .50 will l?e il< d to? I. An impression of a Plite, by J. T. Will more, A. U. A.,from tbe original picture by J. J. L'ba lon, R. A., " A Water Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood Engravinps illustrating subjects from Lord Byron'a Poem of " Cbilde Harolde." And III. The chance of obtaining one ef the prizes to be allotted at the ceneral meeting in April, which will include? The right to select for himself a valuable work < f | art from one of the public exhibitions, dtntuttcs in bronze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tlu.r neycroft. Copies iii, fr un an nnuinal M.m!< I in relief by K. Jefferson, of ?' The Ei.try of the Dnke of Wellington into Madrid Statuttes in porcelain or pari;ji. Proof Impressions of a large Litfio^vih, by T. H. Maguire, after tlie original picture bViV. P. Frith, K. A.. " The Three lt? ws," from Mo liere's " It turgeois Geniilli>>uuin .'' Honorary Secretaries for Willing ton, Me^rs. TAYLOU & MAUKY, Bookrtllcre. jan21 PROPOSALS FOE IUEHISHINO PAPER FOE TBE PUBLIC PE1VII1IQ Orrica SorfcRiwTEKDEKr Pcblic Printing, Washington, January *J5,16T>5. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitle I, "An act to provide for executing the pu lie printing," he., approved August *26, le\52, *< a'ed proposa.s will be received at this office, in thu Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 26Ci day of March next, at 12 o'clock in., for furnishing the following quan tities and deserintions of writing paper, to wit : 8,500 reams, weighing 28 |>ounda par reaui, and mea suring 19 by 26 in lies 3,100 reams, weighing 26 pounds per ream, cud mea suring It) by 25 inches 100 reams, weiuhing 24 pounds per ream, andmea Miring 18 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, an J mea suring 18 by 18 inche 400 reams, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the be<t materials, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for tup plying the qaantities stated, at such times as the public service may require but the privilege is re ceived ot ordering a greater quantity of either kind, should a greau r qaaiuity be required, at such times | 9id in such quantities as may be deemed ne< essary. Hamplett of each kind of paper must accompany each bid, and all proposals and samples tuu.t be transmitted to this office, free of |?ot>iage or ot.ier esiH-nse Each proposal must be signed by the individual or fi in making it, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per reain (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the j?aper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Warhiiutnn city; hi good ormr, tree of all and every extra charge or ex-1 pense, and subject to the inspection, count, weight | and measurement of the tJujieiintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to psrsons applying for them ; and none will be taken iuto consideration utiless substantially agreeing therewith. 1 Bonds with approved securities will be required; and the supplyuig of an inferior article, or a fadme to supply the quantity required at any time will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with his propo- ; aals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute a, | and any propo^a' unaccompanied with such ew 1 dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addreraed to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the United States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper.'' A C. PEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing. Jan 29?eotd OSA DE VRIES WALTZ, Compose* by Hsim K rum mac her. Oar Polka, dedicated to Misa Emma J. Brc?a by the aame compoarr, published and rale at tba Marie Depot oi HILBUH It HIT*. ICQ 9 - 1 JJ ?! 1 ?? ?> fHkAOtlPNIA ADVtRTlS?MLNT& 8HTDEH B WnVEB AT PHILADELPHIA. f Oil* V. IXIDCH, Dealer la kluLii tbe J Jbrner oM eetabltobed Wm? Mm M J A COM 8JTTD KM. /r? No Tl Vib? etraet, mr Auors b? low Fourte street, ?Wrt SCTTB will be sap* l<ed ?M VZJttVand L. V COM3 ob tbe MM ? tell tH knw, JACOB II1DKR, Jr., Agent tor he 1? portsttoc of rVMMJON ijyKS, 0?ce No. Ti We* ?it atreet, Philadelphia, where ho It prepared to reteiTe orders tor tbe sprta) Importation of Wtoea, Be., from varlooa Leases In Burope, to qaaatltiea of ? single do son ud upwards; mad liwmWti tor hue Boa, JOHN TAUGUAN gMPBB, the patroaage a: bis (hatJi aod former customers %? All Wines ordered for Washiagtoa will be do ilvered by SxproM/Vw ^ fr*jkL )e I?ly DOCTOR TOl'RIBLr. THE POCKET JCSCULAPIU8: OB, BVBRY OVI nia OWN PHYSICIAN. The rLW Edition, with On* bac<L?d Bngrevtoga ?bowing Diaeaeti ud Mai tormatioaa cf tbo Baaoa I7MB la every shape and tom. To which to ad tot a Treatiae on the Dtoeeaee of Females,bafuof the high est importance to married people, or thoee eoatom plating earri?f?. By WM. ICCNU, M. D. Let no fcrber to teh?I Co p-wet a of tti JttCCLAPICS to bto chili M ? It at; tan Ua tree aa Mrly grave. Let no joong mao or woman *atoria to tot *eeret obligation* of married Uto wttb&tri reedl if th? POC KtCT XSCCLAPR'a. Let no oas ftbrlDj from a ba-kaled Cootb, Pain la tbo M<*o, ratlee? nights, nervous tooling, end tb? whole traia of Byspeptte sensation*. end riven up by their pby aldan, be another moment, vitbcnt rcaualUng tbo JC80ULAPIC8. Here the married- or thoas about to bo marriod aaj impediment, read this truly aee ful book, aa it b*? beea th? n? iu ci eating tboao ends of unfortunate cmtsra boa tbo Tory Java of *4TAbt person tending TWBNTY-IITB CENT 4 ?tic'.oood ia a lottor, will recalls oao copy of tblt work by mail, or fire copies will U eent for Oao Dai la/. Address, (port paid) DB. WM. TOO*9. No. IfS Bpraoo atro >t. PhiladalphJt. ?P 1?-1P I11TIH1I HlllTliililTi UCBABD ?. SXITB. (MMI D. CI D. aniTKl 4b CO., MuslirtBTUi sal T, Doaloro in ALOOBOL, CAMP1UCNB, KlHb btai. OIL. Ao. No S4 &. CALVUT 8TU1T, op pootto Wotor atroot, BALTIMOU, Md. ?rP-U riOlAR DOCTOE. I K G bPSNCIK . ?*r?blf Pr* >m!wB%1 aat 1 lw to tbo dtiaoao of Ea) -nor*. I e*T) enf al! k.oda ofOaacro?takotbooa ?it wit Vat p-.!n or tb* ao? of aav bnlto. I oaa ur? >11 Hd.If ct >it? and Sparaio, Kbraraatk Ptoao, Tooauirptkn, Iixp^y, r Ma, Pilot, Patoy, or toy otb^r al'm^ot to* bauaa 'tatty in aatyoct ta Uo oar atop Kl?#njijur frnai tbo Lsnfa or Ncoa. aa; ItaUnr* from tLe latioot, by knowing tb? t attatt'i o*ni?. I vm lota blind, ard bat atuilod oaroral rrara noder ia Indian Doctor who waa a?| tbo ?iid It Jlan* thutfon yoa.v. DK. tl'INCCR boa rumored from Mr. Bockloy** Boarding Houm, to No. 84, HANOTK& FT KBIT, a ox 11-tf ialtimore, Md AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LET TIIK Kirn HEaR THI MTK. Captain Benjamin.? Wtiwvef imown bit tentl mony will be conolu^iTe. But I ft ibo>-?- who do not know the < aj>t <iti c!n>uld be scrptical, Or. Dtw mtn k Bra., with other*of tb? known tntl mo* highly re?p?^-t*blr ciliKM of Eastun, pntlnr* iiio wonderful cur*1 by Hampton's vbqktablb tincttuk. Lakton, UtL 4, 1834. Mean. Mortimer 4" Mou+rizy : Gentlemen?I t'eel it my duty to yrrn snd t'?e pnb lie to certify to the efTecU of liampton'a VeftiaUe Tinciure. I for in??re than five years labonnf under .1 di>ease of Chronic Klu uiuatiMii. and the great part of that'Ume I wu ao hel|>:ei? that I ha.1 t ? l>e helped froui my bed and dres-ed in my clotheo 1 beeaac reduced to a mere skeleton. AH the m?sd ictnes I took done ine no food, nnd I continued to ^rovr worse I hearl of Hampton's Tincture and tboocht I would five it a trial. At this Uiae I did not expect to livi- one day after another. I dtu i?<* take it (the Tmctare) h?r the Hheumatism, but 111 a short time I wrs well ?.f that disease. From tli? effects of your I iitcture and the help of God I nn< n<iw frititif in sood health. 1 wi^li all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, as I have d me. with the same effect that it ha* on Voor obedient servant, Isaac BemjaMin. We are acquainted with I^aac Benjamin; sold him -ome of flamptonN Vegetable Tincture, and deve the ?b<?ve stateiu< lit correct. Dawson b Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident Dial the above auuement is trite and ub ?*xag'-1 ated. J. A. Johnson, Charles R a:aara. Call and g<t (<amphlet5 ^atts. and aef-'rwa Cough, Bronchiiis, Klicumati?m. \rui,.iria, I'vs liepeia, Nervousness and (Jeneral l\ eakne^s. Asa female nx-tiicine or for delicate ctuldien we it lievc it unequalled. *>ld by MORTIMCB b MOWBRAY, IW B?.iti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadwrv. N. Yotk Chas. FtotT & Co., J. R. Moore, D. B. Clarke Clarke a Bowlino, W. Elliot, and II. McPbeb son, Washington ; also, by R. 8. 1'. Cissel, George town, and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and hy Drug gists everywhere. jan ?? u COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, lieMef I n b'ive Sllnvtaa. TYLER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC ST HTTP. THE injrr^ d xnani for this tar+t pieanant, ?afo, anl efSca-iooa remedy for all pulmoaaty diNta?^?, L:.s enable.! tbo proprietor to redone tba price so as to pla~e it vilhln the rfacb of all eU?aea. It^ aa|?riority over noct similar preparations ia at teatod 4>y many eraicrnt vbyaiciatla who bate Ntn ey? witoefaea cf its efficacy whan the usual rema diea have fkiii-d; aUo by thoa?andof oar moat r? speo'abie citizen- th^ W .t* used it in tbeir amlliM both asprsTeniiTtf anl cur? with never tailing rac oeefi f->r th? la^t twecty yaars, dctlng vbicb pa no J with very iittle aid lrcui a^vertis'^^. Ac., It b? gradually ifrctii repcta ion ever the vbd? I'n.oa In oases of recent 0<ldt (bagtti, OcmrsentM, 4cit gives Lmmt-ai<i!e reliet. aod gen raily ourei? in a day or two, without inteiferinx with diet or basino**, or readerin^ the systeo more su^eptiUe ot ColAs, la chroolc ? aaes, Asth:na, Whcyp tig QcugK twup, Bronchu 1;, Ajfectioni cf tV Lungt, and Ccntumy tion, it is always v-ry b ti?fioial and sel ^m IaIim, wuea ooc.manoe^l ia time to perfect a cure. Price aad lu cc-ia a bottie. 8old wholesale by Pattaraon A Nairn. 8U>tt k Co^ &iigcty A Co. Alexandria by t'ee! A btevenc. la Georgetoan by Mr. CM. TI LER'S 01 'M ARABIC CJWDF DROJ J* a similar eomi>csitiou to tba above, bat Ib a milder anl cur* portabie form; they act like a charm oa a trcubUuoiae Cough, aud clear the throat vo'.cs; th?y contain no injurious drag, are parti"w larly recommended lot children. fre^aeLtera of pob llc aejeublies, public sp?ak>rs inngert, Ao Price and Sc cents per boz. Par sale at ciO?t Drug and Candy Stores. oct 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. Opposite tiik market on pknkstlta NIA AVENUE 4 doors below Niath street, is a NEW CLOTHING STORE for M?n end Boya, 0|eni.i thit day. DbCKER, <ne ct the cbesper. Clothing in the N< r*h. >"? determined to (fftrto the ritli. na of vfafchiarton and vicinity, his excellent Cl^thiugbt the loweet Ncrtbern prieea, for caah i?i?ly. Ih^re the POOH MAN will fini Jn-t buo'i t ClotbUg Sto.e asbaa l"n^ been wanted iu Washin^.t^n. 11 is motto is cheap tot oa-h, aod om Pki.scvLT. A good anbetaa'ia! woollen ooat be will rail tor ti 76; end li.-i.vy winter pants, well lined, tor |tu?b, and fice cf nt-J,verrOAts, and vests, in pre portion. Good wool an<l oitton unierkhlru, hoeiery, glovea, Ao., ch?e; er th m the cheapeet. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Gi?BS68, 255 OF all sixes aai quality, Ftencb or German plate, Kancy or plain Poitrsit and P cture Pramfa, | Gilt or fi-ncy Colore.;. Al-o, Gilt Room M.uldlag, Marbla top Brackato and Tables. Oralc^ miule to order. Alee, all kinda of eld ?or^ re^ilded with diaoatch and on reasonable t rms by a*an J. TTAGNBR, ? Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkaood U?nsa. die 29?tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMAIX BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more. In verk/os parts ol tbe City, aad Georgatowa, at ?a* prices, and teraa to aait. LLOYD A 00. BUILDING 8TONB, For tale, deferable at the Canal, ct Wbarrea to Wsa^ngtOB, Georgetown, ct Alexandria. Ll-OTD A 00c |v -t, opp. Pieaaury Departmeav CHARLK> llABlLIMB^ Architect. fn. ltt*:eti Tenth and EJnxutk Ureefa.) a ashinoton, a. c. ILL centime to furnUhPlaas, detail working lhawtngs and speaHKgya ol t.uiidmgs o( every de*ri/&i>n, and aleoVWpflFRttBd tketr eee? tWto fob I?dl( W

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