Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNiNfi STAR. LOCAL IN TE L LIGENCE. Cockck. Pb3C**di5QS.?Board of Ald*r. msn ?On motion, tbe reading of the tainutes were dispensed with Mr. Pepper submitted a petition from Myers A Madigan in regard to tbeatriosri lioense; which ?u referred to tbe oommittee on police. A menage was received f on the Major transmitting the report of the Are inspector in regard to fire apparatus, who recommended the keeping of hot stove* in the engine houses in order that the eoginei mijht not he frozen up, u was the case at Cre? during the late cold weather lhe Franklin engine needs re pair. Referred to committee on fire depart ment. Also, another menage announcing the sign ing of various bills. Mx. Houston submitted the followiog : Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council. That the thanks of the eiusens of Washington are da* to the Congreu of the (Jni'ed States, which has just terminated its session, for its liberality in making appropr ation* for supplying the city with water, and for otherwise improving those portions of it so peculiar ly under its eare. After some discussion. Mr Magruder offered the following substitute for the above, which waa accepted by Mr. Houston, and paned by the Board unanimously: Resolved, \e , That the tbanks of this Cor poration, aid of the eitiaens generally, are due to the Executive of the United States and the Congress that has ju*t terminated its be* gion, for the liberal and enlightened policy in making appropriations for supplying the city with water, and for other improvements tend ing to make it worthy of the uame it bears. liesolvd, That the thanks of the Corpora tion and cttiien* are due to the two committees on the District of Columbia for their friendli ness to the intern's of the city, and the zeal and earneetnefi with whi^h they so success fully advocated the passage of the liberal measure! adopted in behalf of the metropolis of the nation. Mr. Pepper, from the committee on im provements, reported a bill for the lelief of Jos T. Ferry; parsed. This bill gives to Mr. F. $62 57 from the funds cf the Fourth Ward. Mr. Msgruder, from ccmmitto on finance, reported a bill for the relief of W . R Reilly. refunding to bio certain taxes paid for what now appears to bo the property of the United States. Mr. Clarke submitted a resolution in refer ence the the grade cf Ninth street east; agreed to. Mr. i"i?zp.ifriok offcre 1 a resolution grist ing the u.o of the chambers of the Board of Aldermen to tfce Grand Jury for the residue of the preeent term; agreed to Mr Bayly reported from the onmi'tee cn olaius a bill for the relief cf Win. Shorter, (colored.) refunding to him a fine which now ap pears to have been illegally exacted ; passed Also, an act for the relief of John Gatterson, remitting a fine ; parsed. Also, an act for the reliof of Catherine White, remitting a dee for selling lienor with ? oat a license; paned. Mr. Bayly submitted the petition of James Watson, asking to be relieved from a fine ; re. (erred to the committee on claims. On notion by Mr. Bayly the Board took op a bill for the relitf of G. V?nderwe:ken ; which wae passed by a vote of 8 to 4. Acts?in relation to lamps and lam -posts , to gravel Fourth street, from D toE; in refer- j enoe to the repair of the reservoir on Sixth | street?were parsed. Mr. Bajly in. rod need a bill for the relief cf Mrs. E F. timm'. oxecitrix of Alexis Simms, ] refunding mooey paid for a license ; passed. The Board then adjourned. Common Council ?Board met at the usual hour, the President in the Chair. Mr. Smoot preaentad the petition cf W. Qua:l and H K Wright; referred. Mr. Clements presented the petition of F. llutehins; referred. Also, the petition of Jno. Fletcher; referred. Aleo, the petition of Jas D. Davis, asking the use of the Council chamber to hold a meet ing to organise a llcok and Ladder Company; use granted once a week for tour weeks Mr Smoot, from the committee ef ways and neans, reported a bill from the upper board to correct oertain assessment*; laid over. Mr A McD Dsri? introduced a bill for the relief of J. Ten Eyck ; referred. Mr. Stewart, from the committee on im provements, reported (and asked to be dis chargcd) bill from the upper board for a gravel foot walk on Sixth street; granted. Mr Kilmon introduced a bill to paj Han son Brown $J0; referred Mr. Gill, Ir is the committee on olaims, re ported a bill for tho relief of Robert Devering and Pat McOuire; rejected. Mr Ruff, from the special committee. re ported a bill for the relief of Richard A. Bov man; passed. Mr. Clements presented a communication from the ifbeers of the Northern Liberties Fire Company; referred. Also, a resolu'i n permitting Mr Brainard to remove the portrait of W. W Se?ton, ex o*, from the chamber for the purpose of taking a copy; granted. A communication was reoeived frcm the Mayor notifying the Board that nehad signed certain bills Also, a communication from James Robert son, editor of the Truth; laid on the table. Also, one from Z. Richards, President of the Teacner's Association; referred A joint resulut'on from the Board of Alder men. permittirg Myer? A Madigan to perfjrm at the National Tneatie by paying $20 per week license, was taken up. when Mr. Clements moved to lay the resolution on the table; rejected The question recurring on the third reading of the bill, it was decided in the fearmative, as follows : Yeas? Messrs Newman Smoot, Dour, J W. Davis.. Ball, Kilmon, McCauley, Steaart, Smith, and Gill?10. Nays?Messrs. Ba:r, Walker, Clements, Busey, Cress, Ruff, Baiuborger, and the l'resi dent?8 The joint resolution was pasted, but by a rule of tbe Board which requires that to pass a joint reso.u ion it mu:t receive a two third vole, and uncn a call of the yeas end nays it was found tnat ten voted for it and eight against it?it was lost A joint resolution of thanks for^ha liberal appropriations made by Congrcssfor the Board of Aldermen being taken up? Mr. A. McD Davis offeree the followirg as a substitute: KeaoLeno* or Thanks for tlie rrctnt tiL.ral ap propriations made by Congre**. Be it enacted, \c , That tbe thank* of this Corporation are eminently due and are hereby tendered to all those, both in and cut of Con gren, who havo labored so assiduously and sue* cenfuily hi behalf of the interests of this city, resulting in the very liberal appropriations of the pa?t Congress. W hich was parsed, when the board adjourned. A Waaaiso ?Thofollowing should prove a warning: Yesterday afternoon a black fellow was employed by a lady residing in the northeastern part of the city to put away wood and ooal During the .exnporary ab sence of the lady, the fellow slipped into tbe hoaee, and disturbed the furniture so much as to induce her to make a search on her re. turn She found tbe r aacal secreted in a closet in the third story, and eourngeonrly seising hin by the collar, and dragging him forth, beat him from the hoc?e. lie has not been arreted. Persons should be careful who they ?nploy about their premises Mbtbopuutax Fair. ? Ladies, beware of vtur hearts ifcis evening, for we learn the Preeident s Mounted Guards, which is com pesed of some fioe looking ycung men. ia'end to pay a visit in their batniiome uniforms at the Fair to-night. Th?y will be accompanied by Prosperi's full band, and parade through the hall to some new tnudc composed by the laader expressly for this oeeasion We expost te see there an immense assemblage of the fair fax, and we cannot tell the oouteqaeooe to then of looking on so bewitching a scene, lilm they well guari their effections. Tax Tbiatbe is nightly crowded with the hsei'j and fashion of the city, to witness the iainitable perfernanees of Myers and Madi can's equestrian eorpe, in which they give iO0. T** Ami or tit NiW Euimiiti ?The President tni W ar DiptrtBMnt tnsiisg every endeavor to am the new regiment* ia the test and most effective manner A few weeks ago a trial was made of the United States musket?, Rfoovod and sighted after tha manner of tha Minnie rifl*. by which it wu found that Hart ley a invention would make oar old muskets equal te the arm need by tha Husrians and Freneh with so maeh aoooen. Yesterday the eelebrated "Sharp braaeh loading and self priming rifle" was triad at the arsenal in tba presence of the President, his private secre tary, tnd many of the Ordnance Bureau and officers of the line, including aome of the ook mand of the new regiments. The piece u*?d was the short cavalry carbine At tha dis tance of 530 yards it hit the bull's eye every trial. The facility of ita rapid firing was fully abown?some twenty thots being fired to the mil ate. All present expressed unqualified sa'iifaetion at the re:ult* shown It will be remembered that the House would n ?t so :ept the amendment whioh provided for prescribing the arms which should be used by the frontier troops on the ground that the War Department was bast qualified to decide that matter. We now see the wisdom and alio the solicitude manifested by the Govern ment for the best ditoharge of that duty It i* our opinion that they will decide In favor of the Sharp rifle, or that if they do not, it will be because a still better arm will be brought forward, of which, as yet, we " don't know." _ JCDICIAL RbFORM IJf THE DISTRICT OT Cc lumbia.?Though this bill wj?c lost, one clauca relating to the codification of the laws was paued, and will, ws doubt not, be of much benefit to the District. It provides t iat the President ahall appoint two suitable persona to revise, simplify, digest and codify the laws of the District, and also the rules and princi ples of pleading, practice, evidence, and con veyancing ; also, to add such of the laws of Maryland as may be found applicable to the circumstances of the District. The language of the code is to be made as simple and con cise as potable, and is to be prepared undor the supervision of the Attorney General. The co*p.j?alion of Washington mayalect five, that of Georgetown two, and the levy court of W ashington oouDty one competent person, who sho'l form a bosrl to CDDS'der the provisions of the code as toey are preparul aud the e-tfe t .ey approve shall became the law of the Dlf. tiiif, if at the eleo ion following it sball be the will of the citixens, and thon receive thr sanction cf the P.esdent and of Cotgrcji j aid ahall remain the law until alteiei ly Congresj The code ij to be reporod to Con gress the first Monday in December, 1857. Fiust Amosg the Cuke.?On Friday last, when the coke was thrown out at the gas house the usual scramble came off for the bext pieces and the most of them. A fight en sued, in finch eleven grown persons were en gaged; three Peppers, fonr D^wnies, a lipgbs. 4 Brownell, and two oo'.ored persons. The riot began among the white rnes, but they hap pened to tread on the toes of the colored ones and they took part in the fight. Una of the combatants obtained a warrant for the others, and when the case waa laid before Capt. Birch be held all to bail to keep the peace. Ilia Marion Riklbs.?'lhis elegant uni formed corps <Capt. Shekell a) were out last evening in full numbers, accompanied by mar tial mufio. jLhey paraded through our prin cipal streets, and displayed a precision in military regulations, such as could not have been obtained without the strictes: discipline. On Monday next they will m?ke their first grand parade, on which cccasion the National Greys (Capt. Lem. Towers) have kindly vol ultic red to act a* a convey to them For this occasion they have engaged Prosperl's band, which, if the weather be fair, an interesting spectacle may be looked for. Csst pes Cemt ? Selden, Withers <L Co. havo published a statement in regard to their indebtedness to Virginia Ihay are not able to give the exajt amount; but they assertthat in time they will paj it ill, cent for cent, and dollar for dollar, principal and interest. Tfcey think they might be aocommodatad with a little time, as they advanced to Virginia at one time upwards of $2,000 000, at a time, too when they mwht have sold Its bonds, but which they held at par instead of claiming a premium. Criminal Cocbt-P. B. Key, E*q., rroM cuting attorney ?No trials were had yester day, but two or tbreo persons who had been indicted pleaded mo'q conte/idre, and W6re disposed of as follows: John Eagehton, f>r an assault on Lewis Devees. was sentenced to pay a fine of $o and costs. Epfcraim Barnes, for an assault on Margaret W beatley, and Michael Burns for an assault on Hoalna B)linger, revived the eamc "sen tence - ^ te alarm about nine o'clock last night was caused by the burning of seme cur tains in a house in Marble Alley, between and Sixth streets. That at about ha'f past eleven was caused by the burning of a frame whool house and dwelling on the corner -f Third street acd -New \ ork avenue. The property burned down for want of water and other houses were torn down to prevent the fire from spresding The property destroyed belonged to Mrs. Dr." Dawes, and was not insured Col. James Robertso*, the editor of the Truth, is a very p?pular man in this comaiu nity. We are constantly receiving communi cations respecting his sayings and doiogs and though, perhaps, it is due the publio to be kept posted in regard (o this remarkable man* movements, vet we cannot consent to so out rage his well-known madesty as to publish them without his express consent. We cannot lubheh the "Last of Iruth's Lyrics," te-dav for want of room. " Rich Beggars?Yesterday, officer Allen arrested two young girls, Christina and Mar tna Peport for begging in the sfree s contrary to law. Ihey were takea before a polioe ma gis?rafe, who ordered them to pav the costs aud give security that they Will not be found i?V8.lCg !? ,h" Btreet8 aK*in UP?n inquiry a to the circumstances of the family, we leaVned that tue father owns property in this eitv valaed at near $10,000 and near as much i^ girb ar0 good lo(*ing, and ono of them grown Vi^r FlR* -Vesteiday the Vigilant iire Company of Georgetown received their now ? machioe" from Philadelphia. Attired in glaring uniform, and accompanied by a brass band, they escorted tbeir engine home n triumph, while all the fire bells innounoed neir acquisition, and gave notice that they notiae ?UDd ?V6r re4dy 10 UB? it0Q a moment'? , Y<rc*a America-This dancing club give a nl?7 tTCSa ?-Dd ?l?ball at ^dd Fellows' ?ii\ y ^?d, on Thursday evening next, as Will be seen by reference to our advertising columns. Judging from the arrangements h^?K 7 avd jh* int,rMt manifested ?.? *ko dM1M t0 ?ttend, a most del'gbtfal time may he expected. Inx Coiicbrtok the Philharmonics comes off to-night at Carugi i Saloon, and we have no doubt that a large and fashionable audience treat. Th.* f??? * tha rich vo?*l treat. The society is composed of a large number of the best vocalists in Washington and they have been well trained for this par' titular oocasion. Go early and s ocure teats A* ArrBRSoo* Peri*obmascb?Messrs Myers aud Madigan on to-morrow, Wednes day. afternoon, will give one of their almira ble and equestrian performances at the Na tional Iheatro A fine bill U offered; familial, ladies and children will now have an eicel lent opportunity to see this admirable com pany. Assault wit* IstehttoKill ?Yesterday evening, a person nsmed Wm S. Msgraw, who hails from Pennsylvania, was arrested and taken to the guard house for an assault with intect to kill Msgraw was held to bail by Capt. Birch for his appearance at the criminal court. ? Thb Merchants' Exchange Rooms, in the '?o"d story of the Star Buildings, were lighted up for the first time last night. They make a very fii.e appearance with their fiae furniture. The exoellent and contral location they have chosen will add mueh to tho attendance of regular meetingi Coi*tu> lii AwoniU'tad buj of oar roodon who dally resorted to tho Capitol to hoar tho wit aod fan so freely flying about, feel that thoy hare lojt a aovreo of groat en j 'jment But we are glad to inform thorn that a n?w source of enjoyment is open to them Charley Botoler recommences the auction bu fiGO? to-day, and as hia boaioeu quali ies are co well known hero he will bo eauatamly e?ployed. 8) wo oan bo oortain of hearing ?)tnc. of the mott sptrkliof wit, and tho most f mny romarka about town or eltowhere, wher ever wo attend the lalca We cordially com mend him to the baaine?> oommunity. A Desparado ?We loan that Wm. S Ma graw, who early last evening made a mar oeroui a saal: upon the junior editor of the Star, attaoked Charles Brady, E.?q , at the Nutioaal Hotel as he was abovt lighting hia candle to retire for the night, breaking a cane OTOr Brady's arm, and drawing a bowie knife and revolver. Wo are told that Mr. Brady Save no prevooation for this hni'al attack ach men rkould be taken care of that the lives of oar peaoeable citisens may not be en dangered. ' 1'ropeshor DintTRV, of Louisiana, will loc> tcro at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Wednesday, March 7th. for the benefit of tho Soott Qnards, Capt. Jamison It is thought he will repeat the lecture delivered before the Young Cath olios1 Friend Society, of Georgetown. T~y? BKADY MADE CLOT1IINO FOR GSNTLKVKM AND ^ Youths' wm: uiAiiuUrtared with unteaud elegance by NOAH WALK KB 0 CO., under Brcwni' Hotel. TliMr ?t tnbriM the Palltot or Surtoat O'trootl, Uvtruck*, nhaped end ; Talmas, bl.tck and blo? Cloth Dreae C?>?u, Frock Co*U of all fashionable color*, Caselmer, UuHlneee Bailee, tfcli Vrl vol TmU, silk*. Ac., black duaakiu Ca*slnier, Ignred Caasiuier, aud plain C ma liner Pantaloon*. P.?r tlic youth?Jackets, Panto, V?U, OvtrcotK, ir. An they *re their owu manufacturers thf j are enabled and will sell at the very lowest prion. Shirt* of superlar lit. Collar*. Olovm, Tin, Ac., of late etyl?s always on U?a<t, dec ZO? wJo* SaiLUBtfToH receives all the new Pookiand Newt tapers as fast an published. He la ageat fur Harper's aud all the other Magailnea, and oar reader* will ?lway* 8nl ? lar(? an 1 t ?d assortment of Blank Bowks and Stationery at his Boc*?toie Odaon HbIMIik. cor Pa. avenue and i at ,"r-7?A CARD TO THK L VDIES.?GOOD XKWS FOR Tiff. J-ICK. UK. Pt'POSOO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PIM*, the best sod most Infallible remedy ever discovered lor re liev Id( and curias all |>?inful, dial r*?s lag, and dlffi-alt meu slruation, aud removing all periodical i ha* ructions, ai.d tr iffahrit'es ?r'?l?xfrcm vtaterrr tiwf. Tbe?e P IP sic * complete TKIUXPH IK HKPICAL SCIKXCK. Tlif.v are prepared by a process which concentrate* the ingredients lu.o a tuiall bulk, thua rendering It unnecessary for dctii-ate frliliks t> take largo dot*s of nauseous dru,j". Dr. Pit'* are tl.e r?suit of over THIRTY YKAKS' KXPKRI KSUK In the treatwnt of Hie diseases of females.? They Intii been adve U?ed for a little over one year, y t SKVEKAL THOUSAND have already l-een aold, and th* demand for tliew rapidly In creaecs where'?r they bwmc Irnown. Th?-y bate l*-en thoroughly tried iu Washington, and found 1? art like a ds arm. Hold by nil Druggist* iu Washington, Vvirgrluwu ?wl \l ssandria, V*. mar I? ?oJib* rr~7?DR. HOOKLAND'ti CKLKURATKD Gi.aX.tX BI71 IKBa. TUeru are few things which sSord us grea'er p!sa?nrr than slttlug down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof lan4Uermaii Rittera, because wears fully couseiou* we are conferrlug a public bencut, and onr heart tella us tliat by our notice* many ha\e been Irduced to U>ke ib'-se Htttera, and been rescued from death by dysrepsla, liver cumplalut, Ac., for the cure of which It is certain Ilia prepared aud sold only by Dr. C. M. JACK30N, at the German Hedbinc More, Nj. i"W Arch atrect, PhiUdelphla. hce ?>ircrt>*eniaut. mar 3?3 f>^T?NKCnALOl A.?TWa formidable illseaas, wlib-li seem* U?' *?nins to baflis the skill of physiciau*, yield* like in*|ir to CAR IKK rj SPANISH MlXTtl'.K. Mr. K Boyden, formerly of this A*tor Honae, New York, aud UK' proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, * ??, i* one of the hundreds who have been cured of jevere Ncu ralgla, by CARTKR'S SPANISH MIXTI RK iilao* hi* cure be baa recommended it to number* of oth ! ?rs who were autlering with nearly every form of di-oaec, with the moat woudcrfal iuccets. He say* It I* the most extraordinary rae tbin- he b** ever seen used, a tad the beat purtner know n. ? eadvertisement la another column. ry-p- PUEMICMS -AT THK T AIRS.?W H ITEHli KST*S etlll iu the ascendance?The farles of each of the Uts fairs at Baltimore, Kb bu.ond, anil New York awanle'l their hl?hest jireiriuni* t?> J. H. W. f>r their *U|*riorlty of Plo> to<r*ph*. Htei eowopea and Daguerre<.tv|>es exhlblt*l. Mr. W. *1*'? received tvo Medal* at the WorlU'r Kair, T/on don, and * preainm at Crystal Palace, New York. Al*o, the Hist awards of the Maryland lucCllutt to.' tbtee year* WhlUiiiirst's Ga'.leiy Iu tiu* cl'J 1* on Pa. avenue, l>etw. [ and ith i-t.ccta. fab 17 UIKII. * ?n t'ic ev. nine Uio itli in-tn.t, SARAH ANN, 11OUM>rt ol'Naili.m Lewi*, in the :r< li year or her lli r friend* and acqnaiu aact-? and Ihe I'nenda t?i liie laiiiilv .ire m|Uei<te<l t?? a trnd hor (Sin rni lo iii' rrow (Wednesday) at'tcrn on. mi a o'clock, lreni her late re*i?l?*nco ni?ar ihe Nav> Yard. GRAND FANCY DRESS AN1> CIVIC B A L J, . TMIE YOUNG AMERICA DANCING CLUB re ?|Nu*tfully iafi rms the citizens of VVa?hin.ton and vicinity that they will give a FANCY DRES3 AM) CIVIC I1ALL THURSDAY* WAllCII Bih, 1835, j^r ODD rELLPH S' 11ALL, SJ1VY YARD. \ The fervicti!' of Pmf. H. VV. Rice'^ talci.ted band have been engaged tiir the occasion, and will treat | the company to a variet. of choice coiilloiii". The Club have decided to i>Mie no ticket* of in vitation, bat take ihis opporlumiy to ex:en 1 a cor dial invi'ation to ladit * who way be inclined to honor thcin with their presence. COMMITTEES. Manager* on Ihr part of citizens. L? ni Caddis, Capt, Win Sanderson, C Cawo mI, Frank OUer, J Venahle, Jno Itrandt, VV Dobbins, t.'h is Miller, jr Pratt 8ieven?, VaMJonner, B Morse'I. Of Alexandria. E Shinn, H Pluminer, C KuJd, J Fieldi. f)V THE PART <>P CLUBS. Pritn^ihip Cluh?I Dudley, I. Jone#. Soetc/ Club.? Mr. E?en?, II Dttdley, . (? trrtt U'aihin^ton Cluh. ?Thos Dnwlin", Albert \V Ward. Arlington Clnh ?R C EeklofT, VV II tton. Terpii< kore Club.? M Marceron, P J Emu*. AinerLui Chih.?S P Robertson, E K?ans. Ordnance Club ? I H Willaon, VV J Kurjfer on. Eag!e Club.?U Harrison, Archi'd Cunninghani. Mount fernon Club.? W I! II Powers, (* S Dorm. Amicus Club.?J S SessforJ, L F Alexaader. Of Arrangements. C X S&u Itrsou u Keilholtz F Rawlina" C Griffin J ('raiue S Mc>BRiee I) Davis S 1111t'ii J Clephane A H Norton II Spirawk VV Bradley RJMnldleton N Hilbern R M irshall FTriay P Sail* E Poul: 0 Waad rsoit Z Bru?h G Hunt J Smnot R Jurdan F Sloffer 1 McNalley T GoldsUiith J Armstrong T Talbert T Miller J McLoud K fc White L SJ tz E Eoaex W H La Fever E H&nag T Clark J Erie J Kutz.- M Murray. J J V\ hue Ticket)* *1?aduiittin; one gentleman and ladies , to be hud oi the Committee ot Arrangement.', at the piincipal hotels, or at the door on the evening oftbe U.'.ll. No mask* or blackcd faces allowed in the Pall mow Mar 1 3 Q.A8* VANCf Q00D8, PEBFTJMKBy, Ac. HL'TCIIINSON & MUNKO, are now opening at the r More, No. 310 Pa- avenue, a eplendid aseorUiieut of GOODS, in the above line, ?nutne> rating in part as follows, viz: tine Cabax, Drei?u)g Cases, Po le Monnaies, I ard Ca-es, Jewell Boxes, Shells, Sliell Boies, Jet f)rnaments, Lubiris', Piver'a at.d other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, Combi and Brushes in gr? at variety, and in ehort everything to he u aally found in a first class Fancy Stoie, aud they cordially invite th .ir friends and the public to jrlve them a call. Their S ore is the first door west of Mcaorr. Har per &. t'o.'s, between Ninth aud Tenth sts. mar 2?tt JU^T RECEIVED, p?r brie Ann Fl'zaltetb, a prime lot ot Blue and White Mercer POTA TOES. lOU barrel* prime Baldwin Apples All will be told low to close consignment by M. ELDEID'JE, mar 9? Itv Uiiien Wharf, Alexandria. Vbl. HTUAhtia RM vi-i i?>g the City Should we Hunter's Cat also. Lis Description of Powell's great Picture alogue of the curiosities of the Pateut office. feb '2*1?301* STEAMER GEO. PAGE* ORANGE 4- ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. ' i I1E undersigns J havhig become propriiiors of I the large and coniniiMitous Steamer GEORGE !'AGE, ill*c ud, by their efforts, to accoiuutodate the cointnuuity travelling b-rween VVashintton aud Mcxandria, and the f c lities vt Inch they offer for the trausi' jr a'ion of freight aud tlie employ ment of none bu; oi,rt**<,us auJ gentlemanlike officers and oli'iging servants, to merit ? share of the public p?i ironagc, a li would respe.-ttnl y call the attention of nier.hai t- and other citizens of both places lo the fohowin; -chedule of {trices at which their Boat will hereafter be run: Pa sengers 5 eeuts ; Buggy wagon ami one bor*e, 12>?; Buggy we?>n and 2 horses, ; Horse and ri der, | Market wag u and 1 horse, 25 ; Market nagoo round trip 37>4; Market wagon and 9 horses, ilS; Market wason round trip 37Drays 25; Dtbjts round trip 37X; Hacks 20; Hacks round trip 31^ ; Flour per barrel 5 cents. And a'l other freight in p opoition. In connection with this boat are Latham fc Cook line of Ou tubuses. JOHN VAN RlSWlCK.lp^. , RICB'D WALLACH, marl 8w B A. KYT11EK,Captain. Foe Bale and Fent - For rent-that convenient modern. built, two story and attic brick Il"u*e, comer of Vermont avenue anil North N street- Tlie home cot taiiu 9 rooms iud a kitdhw; is nwtr'y new, hav ing been occupied but a niiort time. A pump of ex cellent water witWLi few fte\ of the door. To a good tenant Uie tent will be moderate. For terns app?f to E. B. IRONSIDE, No 359 Ninth street, or R^om No. 11 General Land Often. ? mar ft?tf A RARE CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE IN vestmen! ? For sale, a two-story frame House, with attic, containing eight room*, exclusive o? cel lar kitchen, ?ituat?d ml between Ninth and Tenth street* north, a pleasant location, near to mrrket an<l all the Departments. For firther particulars apdv li WM. P. SI1EDD, Fancy tioo^a and Millinery, 303 Eleventh st. mar 6?eu2w ' FOR SALE-A FAIR OF FINE YOUNG North ern Bob tail Horses, perfcct'y gentl- ia sing le or double harness. 1 will sell theru vw I. w and upon Uom! Ifdeslrel. GEO 8 MASriEY, mar 6 -3t* Ae? n', No. ?'i8 Tiiirteenth ?i. HOUSE FOR RENT AND FIXTURES F< ?H rale, suitable for a Confectioner and Cakr Ba kery, or any other busings* on Pa avenue, between 19;h and 2 th street. Apply on the premises, mar 6?5i* For sale or rent?a small brick Hou^e, with Furniture anrt Piano 363 I ?t, Dear Thirteenth mar6?TuFM* For rent.-pour new and convent ent Brick Houses, brown front*, con tainiug parlor? with mar! le mantel-,dining loom, kitchen, servant s room, and five chambers each, and MtuatiM on Tiiirteenth street, lslaad. near the public giounds, convenient to P|. avmue and the Department* Rout very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE S ? flice, corner of Sixth direct aid Eoui*i;>na aveuue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Pri< St ire, Eleventh Mreet, Island. mar 6?votf For rent - a new brick house on 13th street- near M, containing ciaht rooms and a [ Kitchen Rent *li per month. In<|<iirc at 448 M street, between 13cli and Nth st*., ol' I mar 5?6t* LKOAUKOV. F" OR RENT?A LAMB PLEASANT ROOM on second floor, Ni. 311 south sile Pennsyl vania avenue, 4 door? w? Ft of Ninth st. mar 6-3t* For rent two paklom. each con H'H ted with bednom. tiow occuujed by mem ber* of Congress. Each room is well tarnished and desirab'c and comfortable for the spring and miiii mer reason. T'Tin* modeiat^. App'y on the prem ises, op osile WiUards'Hotel, lVnnn avenue No. ?413. ' TIL FRlElfUS. mar 3?3l* Furnished house kor rent?Tbat,c?w niDdii?i? nou-e, N'o. 450 !l street; containing eleven r<Mim?, with bitii room, S.n fixinre-v kc . complete) v furnished in every particular, is (cf re lit. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR. Furniture Des'fcr, Txh street. feh ?-?> - tf FOR RENT or EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small ami well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of fridge and Congress sti., No. 8 7. feh 6 -tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry G.iods (Jpneriw, 8tc., to be stored, \% i*l timi ample ac coinmodatiou* in the large, airy, tlac stone paved, and I>rv Basements under the Su>r office. ? oruer Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply al lIm Si*r office, jan 31?If HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautiful'." and healthily located Buildiuc Lots, 94 I'etl front by ISO feet deep, o:i graded streets, can, ua>til spring, be bought at the exeeediug low prioe of ?*.}, payable $3 per moiilii Title indisputable. Union I.and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' H.ill. jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary, Want#. W.\NTEI>?TWENTY F1VEG< >< ?D VEST and p i? t Makers. None n.rd apply except those who ary competent hands. Constant work given. WALL fc. STEPHENS, P.?. avenue. Ik tween Dili and lQtli sts. niar 6?6t A COOK W ANTED?A GERMAN \^() M A N Apply at 443 Thirteenth street. mar 6 it* WANTED-A YOUNG MAN OF IN DI'ST Kl o'us and moral habits, to learu the Apotheca ry business. One who has some know ledge of the business preferred. AIbi, lor tale, two Soda Fountains, and Draw Pipe iuperfeetord r. For further information ap ply jo No. 3 1 T Seven ,li street. nnr 6- 3t * WA N T E D-TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED dollars for kix m tuths cr one year. ,1 will give a good interest tV r it, and 1 will sive the best real e?tnte for security in Wasliineton. For fuiiht i particulars enquire of Mr. N. Callau, 1' st., l.etwei n 14pami loth, ?r a'dress, through the Post < iffice, to' E W," with rtal name, where an iuteitriew e?:u be ha'. m^r 6 - It* \XT ANTED -A STEADY CAPABLE MAN TO Y? take care of and drive horses. ALo, a man to utiik utid work it a dairy, and a man who undervtands general farm work. Such ay can !>?' well recommended may apply at the I,ocuAt Hill Farm, on ?.li street road, u^ar iir.-l tell gate, mar 4 -3t* WANTED.?WANTED TO BOR tJJ> 1. row tifteen or sixteen hundred dollars to b<; ?ecured by a deed of tru.-t on rea' estate worth ?1,0^0, the intcri s*. to be pai<i quarteily. Apply to RICHARD P. JACKSON, No. 153 Bridge ?ue?t CJeorgr'own. mar 3 3t* Boarding. I>OARD1SO.?MRS. CARTFR, Capitol H.ll } will be prepared to accommodate b iarJers? perinanent or transient?immediately after the ad journuieiit of Congress and the Supreme Court. Residence No. ?, near North IJ.?tc of Capitol. mar2-et2** BOAHDINO.?A laly having taken the hand Fome Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6'h and 7ih, can offer fine large rootn* ttrr fbmilies, either lurnished or unfurnished Abo, luu rooms for gen'lemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reatoDalde terms feb 21?2w MORE ABOUT LOCKS. TONES'ROTATING PERMUI" XTION PLATE LOCK, now enmm' iily called the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. uilKout key or key Me, is the? Lock that secured the outer-doors of the Herring Sateth*t contained $1 000 at the World's Fair, London, 1S51, it being necessary to unlock this before other locks in tha *afe could be uuloe ke I. All parties interested are referred to the lollowiriK notice: THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. notic it. I have this day sold to Me?.-r~- STEARNS MARVIN, Manufacturars of WILDER'S l atent Salamander SAFES, New Yotk, the Patent right ot my ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The title was acquired in consequence of this Lock heme placed in a Safe at the World's Fair, Willi $1,000 in tltc Sale, ?o be the reward of any peroon who could opim the door. The gold therein for a period of tort) - five day*, whilst the visitors got tired of turning tlie dials, with tuch pnor prospect of success, the num ber of chr.nges being 24,300 000. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants who desire to have these Locks upon their doors, can have them by applying to Stearns & Marvin, No. 140 Water street, who have the exclusive n^hl to manufacture stiU Locks in the United States. HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 20th. l&>3. STF.ARNS & MARVIN, 6u<;c*sgofc> to Rt< u & Co , t44 it lf6 Water st., N. Y., Til E ONLY MAK - RS OF S A I. A M A M D E R S.ii'ES, combining .VILDER'S and RICH PAT ENTS. S. tl. HOWKLL, Ageat, ii.arl- 1 in Georgetown, D. C. PALMER S PATENT LEG. ? THIS AMERICAN IN VENTION ^?>, stands unrivalled both in this country \ > and in Ednpe. It is worn by 1,000 ptrs?>n?, W and with iiost ast<>iu?hing success. In t coni|)elitir>n with 30 other substitutes of I the best 1 rcnch, English, and German Vi / manutacuire,it received the award of the v, ( OUAT NKDAI. 8t the WORLD S ExillBl rtoN in Londom, r* the best artificial a. limb known. In his country it has been 1 \ thirty times exhibited, in compet.uon L j with all others, at the annual Fairs it the V I |iriuei|ial citirs, and has, in fve>y instance, 1 I received the award of tlie highest or first I picmiuni. And as a crowning honor, by J I the unanimous apfirnval of an inti rna tional council, the " First ?Premium" - ^ only Siletr Medal given for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crymal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent cratis to ever)-applicant. B. FRANK PALMER. 3TA Cbesnut street, Philldelphia. feb 28?3m nOHCKRTlHAI. V/ Two of the above floe Instrument* lor sale low ?t the Muaie Depot of HILBUti It HITZ. Cib 93 comef Pa. itwu? a ad Uth eta. Auction Sal?. ?y C. W. ?OTCLM, A.etli P!X,Foj,,5 8ALE OF WINK# LIQl'OR* i ^rww: 0 c.ock ?. m., his entire nock of Utoc^Im Winr? and Liquors, Store fixture*, k.c., consisting id pe t New Orleans, Porto Mfce, Crushed sad Pulverise. Sufars Very superior old Government Tava Coffee Fin - Teas, Candles, Candle, Snaps, Spices Starh, Pepper, 8aleratu?, Bukct*. Km >ms Imported C??ar*, Tnb*cc?> a;>d Snuff Hardin*-#, Sauce-. American and Enp:??.h Pickles Br tidies, Gin, Wbrskey, Jamaica Run, Win** Buckets Tnba, kc. Store Fittnres, su~h m Counters. SliHv. s, Kins counter and pi at form Scales, Store Truck. I c T'if???th?T with a large as*nrttu<nt of goods usu*lv sold -by Grocers, which i> deemed unnece - ary i i particu!a< i*e. Special mention is rilN to the Chateau, Ber Bfandies * * k<;? ; ''?do" I)ock NruJ *>?* Imperial Alsr. superior f lj Whiskey, Valeria Wn?es> ke. _ |V**e l.lqnor* are uns >rp*s?ed in qualms and Worthy the mtentwn of. com*. um ?,? !T .,r^T? "id families will And this vale worthy of Ui4 preten e. T< r.m" :??.' I30M *?<! under cash, over *:?j 60 "*M * ?f*2szs?, ootes mtereet. vi*M. LINTON r ... c. W. BOTEl.EE. t,lar6-!l Auction 'er. Br J. C. McailUIt, Awetlnme.,. I^X TENSiVE SALE OF EXCKLLBNT FUR A" e 1,,,, *'OUj*kee|Mn|; Effect*.- O., THt'K> iiAt morn, it, the Nh Marc.. at lOoVtock. at th. l.nCfc '? " **be,b*ch? ??m Pc, imivant* 1 avenue, between 21st and 2&I street*. I than mII without remve, a!i Fumitnr- -ml Effect-, r<?i | prising? ^ Pair of hamlsMii? mahogany ja,f,s O ic doieu mahogany i-priug ? at Ctiair.' Marble ami waliogimy top ceutrc and sof? Tables Gi t and ninltnganv trained French piate Mirror Handsome mantel C>otks, G randolcs Damask and lace < urtHiiis, Cornice and Fixture* \ e?i ian Rliiii'?,TiaatpiireM Shades Pictu.e', Cltnn.tliers, Ga.- Fiit?rt? Mali.>j*iiy dining an.) ? ei?tr?: Tat.lea Spring tt al Louuges, cane >c;.t I'hairs iiaiuU* me 11'Usm Is pail -r a d Ma r Ci pe s Tnrec-iJy and irigiaio < arpi-ts, thicioili Rm??, M ttwitr. .S.air Rnd^. i'rasli | Enmuell :<\ C tta-^ S?;{ Mdhcxany and VValnat lVn?. Ii Bed?n;<id. Dreoiii; arid | lam l?ur< nil-. VV i-h^'amlt Eic? Unit double ami ?iu \Vardr<>bet Secretary and IkN.kcase, K<>ckerx Siineri r i'ohM and ^inglr Feather I' d? Hh>1 haix and hu k M?ttrcsees llolnturb and Pillow? Blankets,t.'"un'o.p;mr | Fire I(Ous, T?il< t IIiiiiImuik GUmo front China i Ket.iseratnr, Sidi Ixwrd, ? ,|t I'rcnch and Stone t'nina l)iitnar ??id Tea \V.*re <J!a?tiware, Table t*utl?r>. <'a?tort> ' 'ookmg Kauee, miwII i \n?k Store ?'artor and chamber Slove.-. \ \t iou> Myle E?ccllenl coj?p? r aod tin t '?x?k ng I'teiisil* Tojetlici with a lar-c avortmeut of Kuchau Re 4J rlivi l> I criu.- : oiid ondrr carli ; over that gtim a credit ol Ml ai d '.10 days, lor ruti.-fa luhly cndoi -td titles. Iwari t? intert -t. . J -? AS. c Mc<;rikE, ? " Aooueiieer. By .1. c. HeUVlRK, iUeilaam" f tllOlt'E <> WfMvS, ElUl'ORS, STtlCK k Vi.'.V.,|rr.ot 11 ' v,'',v' t onerv PatthltFliimnt, kc. i rJ?M>A\ morning, March !hli, at 10 o'clock, ; t the fint.ctionary store of J. II. Eberbach, on Peua sylvai.iri avente, bctwetrnyist and ?d *ts . I ?hall n II? ?;:a?s C. res, Counter*, Drawers Sttelv.iig, Bar Counters, Uplcr lioxes Candy Jars, Bottles, et.ali s ^nd Weights, k.c. Al.WtJ, A ttl'ANTITY t?F Madeira. Slurry anl Khine Wines, ot very sdpoiio, (piality, which lias been in battles some ten yMf. ALSO - A siiia'l lot of Cat'J- s,, U.ii ins, Olive Oil 1 1'iekies, J'f-wrven \uts, kv. 1'urnn: $-<j0 ;iud under cash; over that '?tn ^ ir.dit of Co and 9oda\s, lor satistactorily etidore.l notes, Iwaii: g interest. c J AS. C. McGUlRK, f> 11 ^ Aiictioeeer By tKkKR * St ti'i r, Auetloasars. \rALL'ABLE TWOSTfUtV FRAME HOUSE and Lm at Auction.- O.i M<>NI>\V, th< 12th ai o dVI'H'k p in., nc 'ball wll, in trori? o* Uie pr. iins^s, lots \o ;,l and 3S: iu the vubdivifMHt ot.Square -Itio, improved by a two fctory frame hou^e with back binldins, wood house, k.c atiacftcd. Tin- altove de-crila-d property is situated ?.n tb? Island, between 6th and 7tli str?s?t* west, aud D and i K streets s?utli, on a wiJc street tlitouKh the suul | squsre. Title indisputable. I erms : One third ia*b ; the balance iu t> and 12 | mouths, on notes beariue iuterevt. A deed given and a deed ot tru?t taken . , GREEN k SCOTT, i"a' A'jc joneer? By J. o. MeUVIRlfi, Anctloastr. Mt U 8 TE E'S SALE OK COUVTERS AND 7 ^ aners.? On THURSDAY uioaiuif, Marcli etli, ai 10 o'clock, by order of the Tru.-tec, I shall s^il, a', the nt .r Huildiuss, a number of Counter* and Drawers, in lo:s to run purchost re. Terms ca k, in cur.cut funds RICHARD WAI.LACII. Pru>u e. J AS. C. McULTKE, mar 5?d Auctioneer. My OKLK5! & SCOTT, Auctioneers. G1 ROCE UES, STORE FIXTURES, kc at Auc I" lioj. tin TUUIISDAY. the 8th inttan', wc -sli^ll sell, at 10 o'clot k a m , at the -tore of Messrs. Ilor. er k. Taylor, corner of L street north, and Ihh sire^t '.vest, ati exctlicut assortiiKiit of Groceries, kc., via: Tea, Sugar, Coffee and Spice? Oil. M.dafses,Flour, LarJ and llains t.'ilfar* and Tobacco, Soap ami C nd'.cs Nsils, Hrot nu. Brushes, Crockery and Woedw are Mackerel and Heriiugs, Sund Casks Large Platform sn1 Ci unter Balance 3 ales W ilia many < ther articles which we deem untie | ccssary to enumerate. Terms: I n .er ca.-li; over y25 a credit o( 60 and W i'a) s, for iiot? s sa:is'a''tofily e-, dorsed. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 5 - d Auctiouvrs. By OH K W.N dt SCOTT. A?ctl*a?tis. 'PRIJS FEE'S SALE OF STORE FIXTURES, X kc.?On TUESDAY, the 6tli instant, ( shell ?e I, by virtue o?'a deed of tru-t, at the store lat? ly occupied Lv Mr. .'olri lii^c'es, on 7th. near corner of Ii >tri ets, at 4 o'clock p m, all the hxturc? of th?? establi Lriii nt, viz : 4 Counters. 1 Ciittins Board 1 French plate M>rr. r. 1 Wire Frame 1 Sfovc, lot Gas Fixtures, 1 G'ass Ca-e 1 Desk and Shelving, 1 Awning. Teima cash J? R. I ALE, Tru-tce. Also, immediately alter liie sale of the above, we Miall about two hundred dollars n ortli ot >1< reliant Tailcr's <j >ud;. Terms ca-h. GREEN k SCOTT, ">ar ?*?Auctioneers. T By J. C. MeGUIItlC, Auctioneer. I'RUfTEE S SALEOFSTOCK k FIXTURES i ot'a Merchant '1'nilor.?On MONUAV, March I 12th, at 10 o'duck, at the store on 'he cast side of | 4% 'trei t, two doors licith of Pa. avenue, I shall i se I, by virtu*' of a deed of trust dated February 7, lh5."i, and duly recorded among the land records of I Washington comity, all the stuck in trade and Ax tures, cotrpnsiog ? Blue, black, olive, green, and browu Cloths Double and siug'e milled plain and taucv Cassi meres I Silk, satin, cloth, Marseilles and Ca- imere Vest- j ings Scwinu Silk, Thread, B'Htons, Cord, Bindings Satin faced lining Silk, Btowu Hoi.and l'dddir" Canton Flannel, Canvass, Cotton Silesia, Wadding, kc. ALSO? One large French |>lale Mino', rizc of j late 72 by j oO iuchcs Two French p'alc Pier Glasses tlulling and Show Counters, Side Counters Shelves and Drawers, Shaw Racks Ciock, stove. Chairs, Tables, lie. * Terms: $30 aud uuder cash; over that sum a cr< dit of 'M, 60, aud 9ti cays, for notes satisfactorily ejidornrd, bei.iing interest. JNO. C. KENNEDY,Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 2?d Auctioneer. By J. ft. UsQUIRR, A uctlonrc. HAND OME t?IL PAINTINGS at r?0ihc Auc lion,?On TUESDAY afternoon. March 6, at 4 o'clock, at my Auction Uooms, I shall sell, with out reserve, twenty four baud-oute Oil Painiinfs, iu fl..e gilt frames. Terms ca*h. JA3. C. McGUIRE, mar 3?J Auctioneer. FOR TI1E MECIIANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. THE THOMAS COLLYER WILL make regular tripe to the above Fair | counueuciu; on Tuesday, February 20th. Boats fare 12K cente each way. Coaches will take persons from and to the boat, t Fare 6 cents. Leave Alexandria at 6V< p. m. Leave Washington 10U p. m. SAM'L GEDNEY. Captain. Alexandria, Va., feb 20?d CLOC Kl, CLOCKS, CLOCK! I?If yon want a good Clock, warrant* d to keep tim< call at the ttore of j. ROBINSON, _ M P*. *W., oppo. Browns' Hotel, lea 28?ala TELEGRAPHIC. Exprml; ftr Bail; iNala* War. Trial il Kiotat s -If lib?ntai ll>*? Bmras bosts/r. Mareh 6?la tha U 6 Cltaoit Court to daj, the NMt agwL?st Weadall Pkil lipe, Theodore Parker tad others. alleged par tieipa'ort la the Burnt r.ot, were teVao tp and assigned for tbe third day of April. The liberated slat* Buret will he piMtfil at tha reception meeting in Fremont Temple, ?* * odneeday evnnltg and cn Friday mail | will attend a public mootiag in New York. A aaiata of oaa bund rod gaai vai ttd cc the Common to-day In honor of PreeidiBt Piarca a inauguration lie* yt<tr* Tornado ia Ekmira, I?? Tark. ELuiaa, March 6.?A regular West ladia while squall swept over tbii | taea last aight, sod in ita ecurrt prostrated almeetevwf ythicg before i:, hoaaaa traaa. Aa. Tha ear bona* of the Williamsport aad El mire railroad waa blown down destroying three eaglaes and much other property, Boxes. algae, As , we a MAtie:ei. HcCoy's Hotel, near the depot tcok fire du.iag t'.<e night, retultigg in cjb tiderable damage alleged I triad!? by a Custom Home* Officer New Yoaa, March 6. ?A Caitoa Hoaee of fistreamed CastiJy, bat bean arrested for makia^ false entriea in the paea hook of the 'rving Savings Institution, ta the aaount ot abont $1.006 The Pcole Affair. Nr.w Yi'UK, March 6.?It la aaid that Bake-, tbe ex p >1 ice man who lad the murderous at sjult upon Bill Poole, at Staawia Hall, hat been diocarcrel ia Albany. II ctioa ia Detroit Naw York. Mareh 6?l'he retarat tbow that Ledyard, the lHmooratic oaadidate for M??yor. hat rectived a majority of dOO rotai Bew Ytrk ttock Market. New Yoaa, March 6 ? Stocks are qt,ist, ar,d 45<r,ey continue* easy Sales at tha fir?l Hoard of trie Railroad 462; Cleveland aad Toledo RaProid 75; Camber land *4}; Kaadisg 7'J;; Canton 14 J; New York Central t4J; Vir ginia o* itj,; Indiana at 81; Peaasylvatila Coal Company, 101; U. S 6's of '??- 8, 116). Baltimore Marketa Baltimore, Mareh rt?Flour is Tory Arm; a'esof Howard street at $8 62, City Mills at fS25. Wheat?10,G0U bushels were offered, and btuinett it eery brisk aad firm ; aalea or white at $2?$2 10, red at $l.V7a$S ?5 Cor ? lleeaip's 70,600 bushels, the largest ar?r known, about one half of which was sold ; sales of mixed at 82aS3c , white at 85a86c , yellow at86i87c. Rye? Silet at $1 18. Hew York Markets. New York, Mar -h 0 ?Cottoa ia unchanged wi h a liu-iiei L usinan at previous rates PI >ur?price* ate a trifle higher ; salet of 5,000. good Ohio at ftf 25a$?.62i ; Sou there is buoyant, with talet of 1,600 bbls at $tt 37a $9 50. Wheat?talee of Southern white at *2 35. Corn ia upward end firm; ealea of 50,000 bushels at former rates Pork ia up ward and firm; tales of aid meea at $13 7}, n<iw at tl>15 12, with a moJera e demand. UrJ 1> downward and dall. Whisky is lower; ealet of Ohio at 31 J. U 8. Brig Bain bridge Disabled NoacoLK. March 5 ? The United States Bri?; Bsinbridgc hn? pat in here in distress, having ojt the 21 at of February, in a gale beeu mueh disabled. The ttorm wet to furious tfcat Larguos had to be thrown overboard. Ihraatsaing to Seaiga Kiw Yoaa, Mareh 5.?Mayor Wood has written a letter to the Lieut. Governor of the State on the tubjeot of tbe poliee hill before the Legislature, giving notioe that ha will re aigu hit office if the bill Mayoralty of Bew Bedford Ntw Bedford, March 5 ?Gaoxge Howlend know nothing, kat been choseo mayor by a tremendous majority. Iht Barns Biot Cases Bos-roa, March 5.?In the U. 8. Cireuit Cowi t to-day the catea againat Wendell Phillip* Theodore Parker, and others, for alleged par* licipatloQ in the Ba'Ct riot, were taken up and a signed for tbe third of April. Burnt, the emancipated slave, will be pret out on Wednesday evening at tbe reoeptiuo meeting to be given him at Tremont Temp ? On Friday evening bo will attend a public taeoting at New York. U. II. VABNCLL a J. W. MANKIND, llouae, SJgu aad Oreamental Palat* ?re, f^'nnitina avemw, bet. Cfh and 7th til . \?-u 0<>.r ta-t of the Varuuu Buil.?iajr?. 'J'llE rub??i-rib^i> h*ve a-x<CMi?*d uiftHher u? ear | rv on Uih HOUSE, SIGN' a ORNAMENT*I. PAINTING in all it* varuu brancbwa, an?l will 'hi? Uiuukful to tlie public and UHrir fnriMta for all fa vor* in their liue oi butitnw, d< u-rminins on ih<>ir i>a t to UM every eicrtinn to jrive ft-ueral aati^fac iiOM All j'tUli.iif at slazln^ or iMiiuuic promptly att> tid ed t<> at moderate pric> g. Giv? u* a trial. oinr 1?5t* PROSPERI'S CORNET B\ND NO. 1. MR. VREDEKICK PROdPERI be^ l?-aw to II - toriu bir IneatU and t?riuer palntoa that tbia band ha.- beeu fully n organized and ia i:ow undrr hi* direc ion, and he i* fully prepared w th a bai d of tbe Biost Scietitiflc Mumcuiu* in tbr citv, to lur ? ii.ill iiiumc for BnII.4, I'arlit*, Parade*, Pic Xica, Ei i-urslom, he , at the phone*! notice prwiMr, by ap rJviinto FKEfiEKICK PK<iSPERI,Lea<t?r.CHA?. l'RuSPERI. Conductor; IIILBUS a HfTZ'8 Mu iic Liepot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, oppo-ira the (i'?rni?iii, Varrtaou ctrnol, Navy Vartf. tea it?3?* DBAFSICgft CIKI?D.-Tk following ia take* fYom Scott'* Weekly: HKAFNKS8.?We under* ud that the puci*m? which ha> followed the ute ot SCARPA'S ACOCS TIC OIL, lu caaea of Deafne^e, haa beeu a?tonnh nit, thouaauda of peraon* i aving beau cured, wh??? cji-ea were considered hopele.-K. The call* for thi* iiiedicine are froui all | an> ul the country, it beinf, we belies, tbe only artic'e l>elure the public tor the curc nf that di^treaaing diac-ase. He particular and buy of I?. Gil.M AW, Wa?ta iiiSUm, I). C., and S S. IIANCE, Balumore, Md , aa there ia a counterfeit article in the market. feb 5fc<? -riu II SIONOR SEVERO STRINI 'AS The pteaaure of anBouncinc to tbe ciuietia ?it VVaahiiiftnu that he can uhe one more pu pil on th" Vocal Iu^trucuou fur tbe apring aeeaun. Term* #40 per quart*-r, iwenty-lour lea una. Ta o I'Moni per week. An?ly at Mr. DAVIS'S Mine Store. (Iwiel) iaar a? Iw COME LEARN YOUR FATE. A I Kh a <OKOK late of Cnglaud, w,*0ea to XfJL ii.birui Uie ladte? and gentle men of Waabinr ton and'ieorgenm n that abe can be aeen and con au ted on the paat. |>r?>?ent and tUiure events, at tbe l.-ite reaideiiee, No ?4 K-atrrct, between flat and Hii atrerta, Kin* Ward, oppoaae tbe Obaer>a:ory. Her na-ue ia on the door. Hour? n m I j ui to b o'clock p in. Lad let Gutlemen 50 ew> fab >6? lm* TO TUB L4DIB& SPLENDID RAYVLBD. $1 500 WURTH OF EL,oA^rr chan tilly, Bruaaela, Alawcon, Tt and roint Lacna will be raffled m aaon aa tbe re quired number of rtmacea will heve be?? taken. There are l,OW numbers, of *asch4li0 <mly remain to be purchased. Tbe chance* are |1 ?Kh. Thea* cosily artic'e* are at Madame DiLAIBW, far ei luUtton, where the Ucketa can be abogflt*d Mmr Detarwe would alao ?oitrUthe a tenuon of the ladiea Im a maeniflcent aiwastwiat of fine Esn I'roideriea and Lncea, con*Mtng ?<Collara, ?e?m, Roohelfa, Vetla, Set*, Handkerchtefa, ftkewSa, he. All ef th# above article* will be opened aad reedy for aale on tbeSBth instant. ?St Pa. avenue, bet. Utt aad U" feb ?

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