Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1855 Page 4
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TAR. ? ? from tbi aria. lueuo iEiiuri to thi memo&y or ZD6AB AtLAlf POX i I AmI iImmi Iim fled ????? #pbCTt (R*ehat renins oi li*hi. a , 1 Encircled wtth the brilliant crowu Uial beacon* ?a 1-3 ?? the flight ? ?* ikamc who beam the Soul of Song, Uon 4*#llow mortars pride, The ra pre red nns of mefotfy, who?c star* so petrlesa ft hie Along the unknown deep above, 1a fidf majestic A moment dream* litem into liic?n moui mi fwerix away! 1 L J . 1 S> v 2 A | Away from mu'ry f.nri and long thai moment fiUy drawn Tha stricken form of him who won a irtflon's wide applause; A aorrow tog wail from o'er tha land may murmur 'round the dead? ~ A *ea of lon^ pent,bittert?*ars in frequent ^upplfeuice Ml but late Komor.?<: shall never steal bu spirit back afatn, Nor t?ei on earth U.e thrilling buret*? the magic of hi* -train. Ti* not for unknown me to wake the attllneai'of the tomb, To future 'Ibre the valvar game the poets silent gloom, ' Th* craving* after fame Urnt breaflie* beyond the narrow grave, "3 Tiie chilling contact with a wodd he knows he can rot t>rave? A world that starves turn fr3m iu view, yet gladlv reaps the frnit Ofnr'ry fl iw'r that twines it* aru??t around hia laureled lute! Ah! who can latUotn all the woe tliat Jaaler* in a heait, That m not fa>ltionetl in the mould of nature'* sterner part? . Ai Go, eount the every bleaching l*>ne that decks* the hungry deep: Then, then Jurclmnce tliou caim define m< >ck * mtm * sleep; \ et through ihem a l Um ruing thought <* ever wont to cheer? la alter yea s my wrongs chall speak thelanguage of a tear! Such wa? thy brief, yet glorious span, thna gifted child of* earth. Such wv tiie varied atream tiiat drew itt fountain from thy birth; At once all fair and clirysnl like its waters 'gan la move, Anon its ripplw dimpled bright with sparkling ray? of lore. No la*hinf tempests marred the glee, the beauty of 11a dew. But on it peace and j r. ance .-miled iirone reflected glojv. Like, to a lad, who as he quad's the nectar of a | spnnf. Receives its Utters, it 'tis stirred by any falling thins; Thus Hid impending troubles unv ;*>H'ition with thy bliss? Thus did that dear,deceitful calai betray thee with its ki?; For 90 thy radian' balk of life a fairy hand pro pelled? Lo! uiadtienin^ billow* burst withti*? unruledglad ner* quelled. This could not last?their fury spent, behold the Di' iirktul wreck! How blasted were the torwlest hopeH?imhv bow'd the arching neck That proudly topped the grasping flood till nature could no 111 one, Then fell upon a heart that gushed it* life from every A curae : r? curse I! on pampered wealth, which fetters from their bound, The high, the lofty flight* of youth and grinds them to the ground ! Adieu! adieu!! ?weet Edgar Pje, throi ha*t not lived in vain ? Eacb brean thai tia? a tUrob w.ihia. shall own lliy Wf ird reign; Thy now reie-tant country weave* a eliajbu lor hjr thy brow, T!>y a*he* ?tia!l be treasured from thf as!l -encroach* ia^lough; Lone pilanais u* the stlf-<aaic road -Uall ccurt thy wizarj #p? II, \nd pray e'en a* they jorrney on, that Uioti mayst ?dumber well. \umu. Brsacti op Promise andSlandrr.?A $3,000 Verdict.?A suit to recover dam ages for breach of promise and slander, was tried in the Jefferson (Kentucky) Cir cuit Court, last week. The plaintiff. Miss Sarah Goodman, alleged that she was engaged to be maried to Julius Edil", and, pending the engagement, he spoke slanderous words of her, and then said tlat on account of the truthfulness of the words uttered he would not marry her. Miss Goodman further alleged that by reason of the slanderous and abusive lan guage u^ed, and the refusal on the part of Edil to inarry her, she had been in jured is the sum oi 83,000, lor which she asked judgement. Edi I made no answer. A jury was sworn to assess the damage. The speaking of the words by defend ant was proved: also it was known that ?laintitf was a woman of good character, 'he jury found for plaintiff in $3,000. Suicide at a Masquerade in Terre Harm, Ind.?A man named Fena, a Prussian by birth, who was a civil Engi neer on the Teire Haute and Alton Rail way, committed suicide at Terre Haute yesterday morning. He was in attend ance at a masquerade, and coolly re marked to a couple of ladies that he be lieved he would retire and shoot himself. One of the ladies jocularly replied, that he should do so. A report was soon heard, and in an adjoining room the un fortunate man was found weltering in his gore. It was at first supposed he had killed himself outright, but it proved that the ball, entering the roof of the mouth, turned up and lodged in the front part ol the head, destroying consciousness, but leaving him to linger for a day, or may be a week. No cause was assigned for the act.? Indianapolis Journal, tcb. 21. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. SaiM. Lean Vox ZW. Asia ~Ho*toi?......Liverpool. ...Feb. s?t. Louis tllav* New York...Feb. 14 Canada Liver|iooi.. Hoaton Feb. 17 Pacilie Liverpool.. New York. ..Feb 84 Hermann r?outhampt n..New York.. Feb. 5/y 09* The California aleamrrti leave New York on l'te 5th and 2iJlla of each monUi. ARRIVALS AT 1 RINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlllarda' ( t k j c. wiuoa, C A Mott, NY Gea Sou, USA A A Atoeba, do Cart J Mct'omiell, d> R Russell, Scotland i Utaisna, Md II IS EvereU, Ma-i lir Doty W Markay, do A R Walt lies and lady, S II C'arpeuter, Pa Ma?s W L Lathrop, NY W D*U, do F F. Rustin J H Jaiuaa h. lady, Md A Beck with, USA Misa Harper, do C Cnffin, do Miaa Horsey, do VV C Patterson, Pa Slim M Le?, da W R Judaon, NY J Mullan, USA S L Couverneur k. ladv, M P Osborne, Md Md Li. W WluaUer, do Mr* t Lynch. d> J B hunker, NY W Ball, Mais KlrkwooJ Iloaiae? j. n. a *. ciatwoos. LCJb~r*~<> E B Pretty man, Md W W Delabay, Aia II L Dm r, do A W Va 8 T luch,jr, do n Maxwell and Ri:uily, L de Ang ?!?*, N% \y C A Raticlewux, do b i; Vlnnijomer)', I'SCd Valtld Stat ea Ilotal--K. a. back-ikt. M Buab, ra H Bonne, NY J Hammond, do J 11 .Scon, M.t C M Otungtr, do A A Stonr, du J A Yard,NJ A Stockdall, Va Maaalon Ilouac, Alexandria, Va. a. *?wto!?, raoraixroa. L P Griffith, Md M P Placide, Md W Lenox, DC . G C K barton, Va E P Uploa-la A B Martin, do J & Preach, do Capt Eldridfe. do * Mi?a Scott, d ? W McLean, do H Shackellbrd, do J A Jonea, do J W Mellhaney, do J A Marshall, do J L Cojl, do B W Fa?rk?e, lady k J J MoKim, do clnUlrnn, Ga I' Marbur>, Md D Ullniitt, NY 0 U Plant, DC pruiy AND EVERGREEN TRBES. ha? a splendid stock dfs ^^5&M ihi standard Fimi Tree-, large, vl#1 r r JJ* hud thrifty, viz: F'ach Tree* at v?ry In* kinds 8, Ap TJ vary &ujtofia{ <jaauty, aU the load P?Mirs, Apples. Flams, Chetms, Apncots, Grape Vine-, kc. 5?.000 English Lancashire Gooselietrles, the large allow kinds fine ?nd stioiig 2fM*X) Cm ranis, Victoria, Red and White Duub, Red and White Crane, Black Nap?<*, fcc 10,000 Raspberries, FasUdfl, Red and White Anl 1,000 Rhukurbkoo*,Prihcc Albert, Victoria Chaoa paigne, fcc. ShaJe Trees of oert quality, auch, as Silver and Su gar Maplps. European and American Lindens, Luropean Ash, Mountain Ash, fee. Evergreens in great v.uriety and rare* kinds viz :? Artncanas, Arbor Vite, Cedrus de* d.ira, C. Lib ni, Funebral Cypreas, Cryptomeria Ja ponrca, Titz Roya Patagonia, Librocedrua Chilensis, ruices Climbra, P. excelsa, P. Ger ardiana. Picea W'ebbiana, P. pindroas, P. Pichia Abie.* Mcnztcnti A. Morinda, Irish and Engii li Yewi, with many other beautiful &? ergreciis, :.II at modcraw prices. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store corner Ttlrind U ?U., Washington. im? aa-eiiti* _ "* INo. SB8.1 NOTICE OP THE DISCONTINU \NCE Of ike ITnited States land office at JeffersonviUe, lln rennes and Wiiuimac, Indiana. NDEU the provisions of the second section of the Aot of Congress, approved June 12, 1840, ?which declares "that whenever the quantity of pub lic la?drf remaining unsold in any land district shall "be reduced to a number of acres less than one hun dred thousand, it shall be (lie duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury |o discontinue the land ?officu for such district; and if any land in any wuch dtnrict shall remain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land oflic, the same shall be subject to sale at some one of the existing land af (ices most convenient to the district in which Die land office shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;" and inasmuch as the 7th section ol the act approved 4th Sept mber, iWl, authorizes the Secretiry of the Treasury to continue any land district in which ' Is situated the seat of government if my one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold in such district mny not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinf4n such continuance maybe required by public convenience or in order to close the land system in such Jit ate at a convenient point under the provisions of tbe act on that subject approved June 12, 1840, tti id i?*?? n.-uck a* the duty a bore retpvred has been devolved uyon Ike Secretary of the Interior by "the art to es abliih the Home Department," approved 3d .March, 1849: Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view of reports from ill- lan t officers at JarreasONViLLE, VincENRK*, and WchaMac, that the vacant Innd in each of said districts is reduced below one hundred tiiousan l acres, the Secretary of the IMcrivr, with the approbation of the President, has directed that the land otficorai Jkvfersonvilli, VixrcxNts and Wisamac; in the Mate of Indiana, be discontinued, and the lands remaining unsold at the time of the di-contuiHance be made subject to sale at the land office nt I3o:a*apolis, the seat of government of said State. Lands remaining ^unsold, and uap^priatcd by law, and subject to'pnvaie entry within the limit* ^ of the di? trials now discontinued, will ceasa to be | subject to entry as heretofore at those offices, from tlie date of the receipt of this notice by the reg sters and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Isdi a*apoli9 will give public notice of tlie day mi' which they will be prepared to receive applications for entries of anv such lands at their office. JOHN ?? ILSO.V. Commissioner of General Land Oifiec. Janiahy 25, lefij. | jan 29?2aw6w GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS!" J OHM *AUL be?s to announce that he has just com deted his supply of the above, all ca efully ?elected from the stocks i f the beat growers in En glaud and the Continent, vis: Prince Albert aud other early Peas,early short-top Radish, Early York, Large York, London .Market, early Batter.-ea, Shil linz- Uueen, FiatUmcb, Drumhead ami other choice Cabbages, Purple Cape Btocole, Caulitlowers, Let tuce?. Onions, Beets. lUans, Carrots, Parsnips, Coles- Crystal White Celery, Savoy's L^k, Turnips. Cucunil>er?, Melons, Toniatos, Herbs, 8tc? with all other vegetable seeds in gr< ai variety, c mi prising tlie well tested standard kinds with tne clioice new varieties, sujieiior in quality ami economical in price, to which he respectfully calls Hi? attention of those who reqniri a reallv irenuine article. His long experience in the seed trade fully justifies him in saying that his seeds cannot fail to give gp at satis taction. Flower s? edo cif ihe rarest and choiccst kind-, se lected Willi great car' and what are specially suited to this climate, are offered in single packets or col lsclioiis, at vt ry low rata*. Market Gardeners and others are respectfully in vitcd to inspect the scds and scale of prkes. Catalozues can l?e had on application. Seed Store, corner Seventh am H streets, feb 22?co6t? [AO. Ul.] Notice of the- temporary continuance of tfis iMvd Office at- Vmcennes, Indiana. IN compliance with the act of Congress approved Feb. uary 13, lt?5, which provides "that the of fices of register and receiver shall be continued at Vinceunes, Indiana, until after a final report shall have been m*de by the commissioners, pursuiut to the act of Congress approved July twenty seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty four," entitled "All act to ascertain and adjust the titles to cert un lauds in the State of Indiana," notice is hereby ? v?n that the order (No. KWj dated January 25.1 sfki.directing the dfccontinit mjt of certain land otli til Indiana, is suspended in its application to the otli at Vin cenii";s "untii ihe services re<piired by the act of 27ih July, 1H54, of the comtui-sioner* siia'l l ave been fully performed," of due nctic ? will be given. Given under my band, at the city of Wu liington, this l~th dav of February. J?^5. JOHN WILSON, Commisrioner General Land Office, feb 19-1?w0w THE MUTUAL FIRi? ISSURANCS C0*P/. MY OF THK 1ISTR1CX OF COLUMBIA, fVIARTERET) by t'ongress, < Ifers to the pre.p? it> j owners of the Di-tiict safer and cheaper means of insurance than aay other Company ULYSSES WARD. Presirtent. CIIAS. WILSON, Secretary. M \TIIEW G. LrERY, Treasurer. MANAUKRS |J|y?e< Ward John Vaa Riswivk Thomas IJiajdeii P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathew G. Finery. J. C. MeKelden. tifti'-e, Columbia Place, corn< ? Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Offiee hours from li to G o'clock p.m. feb 2ti ? eotf TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. T^IIF attention of those fond of good ID I'FER i> called to the fact that I hav^just received 149 keg? of prime fresh BI'ri'FR, which is offered at the lowest p >-sible prieea, eittier ?ho|e<a|i- or le tail. I am constantly receiving fresh Roll Butler, which can be found at my vta ls either in the I.en trc or Northern Liberties .Market, and my Store, at cor. 9th and L at*. W. C. JOHNSON, feb 24?eolm* vspsKANAWilA? Vl.| Hank Notai l^? bougtit and ?jld by A. M. SN Y DLR St CO., Brokers, corner 15th street and Pa avenue. tff 'f'ran Alleghiny, Va., Notes bought and sold by A. M. SNYDER * CO. (X/- Selden, Withers & Co'g Exchange Rank Notes bought and aold by A. .M. SNYDER fit CO. feb 8? euliu "Ilaw partnership. SUPREME COURT OFTHE UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS J ^NIN hav? formed a c'tiartnership under the name t'l "Walker and Jp.nin," for the argument of cases in tli? Supreme Court of the United States, at Wa*h ingtou city, wheie both will attend throughout the future sessions oi that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan 19?eo3m* INSTITUTE POLKA. JUST published the above Polfca, composed and dedicated to the Officers and Memhersof the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, by Fr"k Kley ; embellished with the most beautiful and conect view of the Smithsonian Institute as yet issued. Tlie trade furnisht d at the very lowest northern rates. HILBUS & HITZ. Music Publishers, Star Buildings, Corner 1'a. avenue, Eleventh and D strests. feb 17 PREMIUM PIANOS.?We have on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute four magnificent Pianos, made axprcssdy to our order for this lair. These Pianos we offer for sale at low rates and upon exceedingly reasonable terms. Also, a superb rosewood Guitar. Tiltou's patent, which wc are engaged in getting up a raffle for. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ?t?. . feb 2d READY-MADE CLOTHING AT REDUCED PRICES ?As the season is ad vanced we have determined to sell off the re maining portion of oo^ winter stock at greatly re ducttd prices; therefore gentlemen wishing to con salt economy in purchasing fine Overcoats, Talmas Dress, Ifrsck, arid Busi tess Celts; Black and Fan* ey C**hj??re Pants; Velvet, Silk, Satin and Merino Vests; Underst.uts acd Drawers, nn-< all other ieady made gartnenta of fine quality, will find ? ur present variety to be as well assorted as in the be ginning of tb?t aea?<in, with the advantage of n>uch lower prices. WALL & 8 TKPIIRNH, 333 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall feb 22 (SentinelfcNews; A FH??SOM?XUX IN JLblVlClXZ. rjIALTH EJLSTORKD AND Utffc 11 LMNQTIISJfED, by -_ DP. MQicJTH PTTTGOIlATira XLlXLiI UJt COiti'IAl*.?At fire* Hu ntawjr tie* attributed th Prtf. ?J0R3i S lNVi^OlLiTWa XuXIS O& COIIU'UL w?r? fife?lcf(. Tbe pablfcoftafi dj"5?ir??S, ectiidmu bdict? the ebnpl* Mi ?aUua? trail* annoanoad bv the diato?er*r.? But facte, facta attested by witoe?e. cf tha highest ciaa* and character, are new trluinr.h iuc over aril fioaiti. IK OR Ml) U LIT Y IU OViiJU THROWN by a atca of testimony whiab to parfeiiUy Imditabta. . Th# Jtuxiawai^uie*. ia all cases, the deplorable evlia ariifag from a^aiauee or abuae of the various organs which t&ake up th vr >*vl-.*fal mscaic.3 called ^aan. It rettorea to fall vifor every d>-iio*le func tion oenneetcJ with that Qyaterious ?xi. pound agency ef audtoT J mind, rseoeeaary to the topr* duct tor. cJ human iift. To persona of feeble ia uacu lar frame, or decent in vital pewar, It 15 recom mended ?J the enly meana of copanualcaUng tbat energy whkTT Is u-.vesv.ry to the proper enjoyment of all the aataral appelates, a* ?ell at tha higher mental attributes. J t# L<u.e?ei*l offecu ire not con flned to eltht r ??* or I: &aj a^.-. Tha feeble girl, the 'ailteg wif*. the listless, erne7aU>d youth, the overworn man ot bu^uees, the victim of cervoua de pression, th? i.-.lTidiLal suK-rin* from gaaeral d? oUity, or from the weaknwt er * single organ, will all ?nl immediate and permanent relief trow t h? oae ot tbi* irsortparable renrxator. To thoae who have a pradiepoaitloa to paralysis it will prow a to mi late and unfailing safeguard i^pttnot that terri Me malaly. There are many, perhaps, who have so trifled with thatr constitutions, tuat tbev think themselves beyond (be refich of Mfleha Let net ?ren tlvw* despair. The Bliiir leals with disease at It exist?, without rhftrecce to enm, and will not inlv renaove the disc, der itself. bat RSUUir.DTK* UROiBM CONSTITUTION The dtrangtmeo.ts of th? system, leading to net 0U9 Jise -'B, anl the forma uf uervcus uuaase It ?lf, are po nomcrous that it would re iu!r?a column to enumerate the mala lies for which this pr?-para ration ia u specific. A few, howcrer, tray be-enurae 'fctel, rh: n*unlg% tic dolercanx, hea ??che. Incip ient paralysis, hysteria. palpitation cf the heart, sp aa- affections, muscular ability, tremsrs, flatulence. 4 pricking Bt analiou in the flesh, n^mb-i^s, t.-rrpid !ty of th liror, ueuUtl depr?*?ioo. atuhu?K8 of t'ie will, iudi.ip i itian t * mire, fniuluc^ wter txcrcise, broken t?leep an I tor.ifyinif dreams, inability to re ataln in one v'jwv i p? *ition, wealtnesa of the pro* creatije organs, serum incompetency, melancholy, Qonon^sUjSaor alhos,.. nkicg at thr etoca ;b, :e? nal* irrw/Jiantiw, a -hroni.' u-nlsuy to<iir rlaga, emuciu Jen. and all eompluints art win - cut oi a free indulgence of I be paoiSono, and all barrezneai tbat does tjt?ro???d troia organio ranee* b? yoad the reach of medicine. Whenever the or^a?:3 to b* actti upon are free from nalforo itten strict ara! uiae vw it is averred that JIOR^S'S IN VIGOR AnitG ET.IXRR will replaw weaitnsss with strength, icrsparitj- vlth ?Clciency, irrr^olarity with uniform and natural to drity, and tiJs not only without hazard of r(*actir>n, but with a happy ?ffect on the qt-caral crg.inaatL-n. 4ir"Iteur in ulcdthat a!! maladke, wbererer tha> begin, ,1nii\ with the c?rrous fj^teat, and that the paraliuticn of the nerre* cr mction and hensation Is physical d-.-ath. JJe^riarrind alw, thai for trery kind of nerr^us di-ra<?e th-.- Cordial is UM only roliahla preparation kcovn. ! CAUTION. Da. Kuia't Is v?aoai.ri5?i Cvadial La? i*x>i couc I terfeital Sj boma unj rlneipled j a.r : ue. In future, all the genuine Cordikl will liaTe tue I proprietor'^ f'tto eimii^ pasted .>tpt the corh of each I bottle, and the following word? b'own ia tUs ??'.ass I Dr., ? orta'i lavigoratiBg Cordiali G. 11. R1AG, Proprietor, S.Y. <69* The Cordial is pet up highly concur trated, la I pint bottlaa. Price,?f9 per bottle; two for $5; cis i ^2. 0. H. RING, Proprietor, 1W Broadway, New /ark. I Sold by L.-uggistP throaghoa't the United Ptetee, I Canada1, and Wast Indie*. A^KNTr. WasMrgtcn?7..U CIL1fi?J. Baltimore?S. H. DANCC. Xichmot d?B*NN 3. ZT A BZZZ.n. I mar jkv~a.-?? I i>Ev. j?)n \Ta\aii\n, i'Asri,K i??? tiii; I 1% EXKTJJU ai'REET, M B. CHUKCII ? A I strong d*:s;r>' to benetlt tt??* adiicit d ladnces tr.m I thus to cer if/. We clial ? uer any o?ht*r mciticino I to present each a iuas!< of testimony from gentlvinen I and ladies of high b inding of our ov. n w<i.l-kiMwn I citizens, who t*:?(ifv of rure;- of L'? BKON I G'lllTId, RUEUMATl^M, DYSi'EPSIA, it Bac.TiMiiRe, January 24th, 1^55. 1 Mcurs. M*rt> ?i<r 4' Mowtrruyt I 1 take (Measure in saving to you that ( i>nv<' used I your ('U.\mpion'* Tincture" with very treat profit. I From a seiioti* t irnat aflection, my general hmlili I had become very much impaired, when I i om I inenr?'l t" u^e *? Hampton's Tincture.1? I fouud I it' eff'-f'ts upo i my ?en< r' 1 health most >a'iit.iiv.? I M> uervotn ?yst' in rod digestive organs ^oon right I ed up under its U^e. I have several times recommemfcd it to my I friends, and in every esse, as tar a* i have been in I formed, tliey havt u?e it with success. Yours truly, Joiim L*?*i;A>i,P.?Btor f)f E.ietcr st., >1- E. <Jh%ah. Baltimore. BI.EEIUNO OF THE l.T?Nn?. R a Let an, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855. I Mrtvr:. Mortimer 4" Mowbray: I I do lu re y certify that about t-velve months ago I I was taken with a severe h< morrha??* of the Lungs I and had four attack of it 1 v. a; advised t?> try l>r. I llarnptoirs Vegetable Tftieture I pmcured one I boitle, and after takiug wliieh, I wai >:itis(ied that I I was much hotter; and th it, ;<f ?*r taking the f urtli I bottle, ! was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good I health as < ver I did in my life. I can, and do. with I out the lea.-t hesitation, recommend the Tincture I to all p "i on? .tiltcted in my w :iy. Yours, Gko. VV. VVkar.'.ky. ' riTRR FITS?READ! I More to the Sick th'in Coll.?Pnwu one nfthe mo t I respectable Drug^st-; in S<iuth Carolina. I 'naRLSStom, S. I'. Sept. 21,1853. Me -r". .M 4t Mowbkav:? The side of I your Hampton's VegeiaWe Tincture is increasing I everv day, and evi-ry bottle sold leromttienil* this I valuu lc inedieirie to the ntil ctcd. Several of otir | planters have tried it in dillfri-nl cases with aston I is ling riicccs.^, a-id aie getting it by half dozen ??. It I h*s bn< i> f)t|nd to l?e th;- greatest lenudy for iheu I matic aflTeetioni, ^rnj a wonderful cure ka: been 1 performed on a negro t?o>, K^flVnug from Fits. I I will fu-nish >ou with n nuiuLerof ct.rt.fieg;es >i you I wish them I I am, gentlemen yours, VV. G. Trutt. 1 Call snd get pamphlets ?rafi*, and ace cures of I Cough, KiOi.chiris, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Hvs I pep^ia, Nervousness aart Cenrrat VVrakne?s. As .i I female medicine or lor d'-iie.ite (^pidre;] W'e b>'lieve I it un< quailed. Sold by MORTIMER & MOVVBCAY, 1 i'? Ba'ti I more street, Baltimore, and 304 Rioadwuv, N. York CtlAS. S?T??TT it Co., J. H. Moork, 1). 15. Ct'ARKK, Ci.abkk &. Rowi.tso, \V. Cu.m\ and I! MePiikR son, Washington; also, by R. S. P. Ci bkl, George town ; and C. C. Ufctutv, Alexandria, and bv Drus jifts everyw h? re. feh 21 ?tr 1JR<)POSA L8 FOR "STAM PST Post t ffici t i:eAitrifxvT, F^hru^2y24, l&w?. PROPOSAL' wi'l hp received at th t departcent unt 1 ths 30th day cf !M?rch next, for fam'.sb iu^ stan:pa for the use of the poet f'flics in the Uni ted Mtat'S fcr four y??rs from the 1st d\y of Apiil next, wh*n ordered by tve department, of tha t*l? lowing d?fc^i^tirins, viz: t he name of the effire and State In circular fotm rut from a to id h'ock o' hardened ste?>, anl made 'n such manner ai t> nlmit of letters aad figure* to designato the month and day, wl'h a thumb r?*w to fee? such let*er? and figures in p'ace ? Such btirnp, ar:d th# letters c-mposi-g tbe B?me, to bj of the ram3eU> as tito^e now nianufactartd ar.d In us.v A turced mabegaty hsudle, cf tha 6ama liko riz', t"> be eecurely tas'rned to ;ha &tamp. Th? months cf 'he y?ar a'Jbrtviatcd so as to cootui l but thres 1? tt^ra ea;b, of tha tame size now in use, and to bi cut Irem solid bloctrs cf bardeael st?el. Ftg u-e8 fcr the days rf the mcnth, 1 to 31, laclu tire, to be male of ikehiudswCd mettl, and of the g?ze last alor-sai 1 Al-o. ?tanps with ths words "pill" and "free," o th- firm of tboie now iu u*i-, ai'.h turned han dles. Also, ft amps with figures denoting tie rates of postage, ami similar to those now ia use, wi b tura'd bandies. Also, *t*m? s fo- fcr.ign mails use I by the New York and Boston oGices. A1 of the above stamps to be iaadi of hardened staai. The propOfais must ali>o contain sep-irtto lids for the tircular s'amp, wirh tha mouths and t?gures A Is j, for each separate pkee, ccnainirg the m nth, aonsiatlng ot three letters A so, for each separate jihce lor the days of tha month. Alio, for c mplete sets of months and fisur^e. Also, frr each arpirate piec?, vitk the wotda '?paid" and '"free." Also, for eaah aepara'.e place, with the flgcres de noting th* r?t*s ot po?t g?. Themak'rgof the dif f?r. nt aets will no*, however, be given to diff-rent contrac^ra, bM the prorccal for the whole whic'a ia deemed noat favorable to the department will ba ac crpted. The dep?rtm?nt re?ervts to tta? If tbe right to r.ject all proposals if the price is deemed extrav agant, and aim th? ri*ht to t.'-c-'pt proposals frcm tbe name inilridnal cr firm for the circa)ar stamp with nemea of mootha and figures oT hardened ettel, a=d all the ether stamp? of othar material, If droned advisable. Proposals will be reeved snd cona'dared fcr all tbejftamps above n*m d to he ccmpoted o( ether mite ial thaa har>1?Mt?-d st*-el; and the itepartment r.gorTPS tha rlgM to arcapt <>u<'b piop.rals ifit shn I he detmod fcr tha lotervt of tha dapartm^ftt to do so. Specimens of the rarioas kinds of s'am-a required (on st?*l ean be Rta at the A(>poiutaent ( Aco of t!i< dapattment. JAMES CA?PBK1.(<, i mar 1?l?w4w Posttrastvr General. :!TRaTEfJERg DIRECTORY L MIlA.U's l.ixm Of ottMlUUSJfc* I j v\ ill lu?v a Alexandria at 4, 75?. a&d9X<tm, li?a&d:)j( pm. VvuM lesrve \Vashiurton at 6, IL. and 12 a' ?I.. 3# and 7 pm. beats can fee accural at the Office, Fairfax at-, and Newton's Mansion House ; ia Washington, at Hall* Befmt Store ?J Kirk wood Homse. Thia Liae man regularly winter and summer Sot thi accommodation 6f the Public. ' _ Passes eera c alhni lor and taken to their residence* if not too far. FA KB? For the tint trip up and last trip SO cents; all other regular trips as cants. Trunk* extra. LATHAM fc COOK. Jn B?tfT-, * , - CHOMUKM/S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN -111 JV NWV YORK BALTIMORE h BOSTON-, WILL ihspntch a Steaatr daily from Baltimore aud NewYork, and twice a week from Boston t<? B iltimore and Baltimore to Bo#ton Tins kne affords unequalled facilities to the busi np<s men of the District of t'oJumhia. The Agents at eitherpoint will receive freight aud give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following J'fW#; A. I'. HALL, W Exchange PI-re. Baltimore. fl. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany sts.. N. Y. JtfO. W. 9CHANK, jyi 14?i!3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAlhROAD. MIPROVED ARRAN3EMKNT9 FOR TRAVELI IMPORT ANT CHANGES OF-SCTIEDlrDE! I The late completion of the ntral Ohio Railroad between Whe-ling nod Columbus, uniting, as It does, by ro short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North and Southwest,) rives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. On and sfer MONDAY, November 27, 1854, the trains will be mn as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fast trains daily will run In each d'rection First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a.m., iusteid bhS o'clock as heretofore, (exoapt on Sunday,) ant arming at Wheeling at 2 40 a. ta. Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , Instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Wheeling in about 17 hours, reaching there at 10 26 a. m. This train will stap at Wash ington Junction, Sykesvllle, Monocaey. Haroer's Ferry, Martinsburg, ??lr John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg, Fetterman, Farm Ingten, Cameron and Mounisvilie only, for wood and wat<*r and meats. Both thee* train* make prompt and regular conncrtion wLh the cars ot the Central Ohio lloa? for Cambridge, Zan?f>vHle, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, LouisviHe, Pay ton, fandasky, Toledt, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis, etc. Paarengers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tr?'n; will r?acb Cincinnati fur dinner next day, while by the Kipress Train they arrive there at 12 the next nighty being kept but one night on the route by eith?r train. Pafttengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and all intermediate points can make a direct locnao tion with ihe trains upon th? Cleveland and Pitts burg Ralrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble for sieamers between Wheeling and Welirville, by leaving Baltimore in the MaH Train at 7 a. ta. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling a* iollawe: The EXPRL8S TRaIN at 4 DO p. m., reachinc Tal tinore-at 0.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. m . reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m MS"Through ticzeta by boat from Wheeling for Ci ici nati, Madison. Loulirllle, St. Louis and other Rirer Cities, ?ill be sold at a 1 times whea the stage | of w*ter will admit. 49" Through tickets between Baltimore and Wasnington, and all the important cities and towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the Company. FOB WAY PA8SKNTEP.8 THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Pt*Mo i will tak* passengers for all ttte! stopping place? on the Road Returning, this train leave* Wheeling at 11.45 midnight, Cumber lard at 10 lf> a. m., and arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. TITK FRKDRC1CK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Piederic'x and intermediate place*, will s'art at 4 p. m., daily, (except 8un-1ay?) arriving in Freder ick at 7.10 R?;urninc ?ill leave Frederick at 9 a. ta . arriving at Beltimore at 12.S0, noon TflK KLLIOTTi MILLS ACCOMMODATION will 1* ran d?Uy, (-xept ttunda\ s,) a* fallows: Iieave C?iad-n Station at 6 a. m. and 3 p. m L??7e K'liooll'a Mills at 7-JO a. m. and 0.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. ?IRA 1MB P.uw A3 JTOLLlWS: IKA\'? dally, except Suudsy, at C aud a. m. A fced 3 Mid 6 p ta. On ?un*%y at 6 a m and S p ro. Leave lUlthaoro al 4)4 and Oam; anJ ( and 8 p m. On Sunday at 4Jtf a m and 5 pm. The connections with Baltimore k Ohio Hidlroad for the are by trains leaving at 6 a m and II p m. For Philadelphia and New York at C, anl 8J j a m and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8}{ s ? an J i p m. For Noriolk at U r n. T. H. PARSO!iR, Ageut Partteu'r.r ftttentlon 13 called to the Rule r?*ju!r lug a rapossible vouch"r for any per: on ai color who m ? y wi?h to pa*s ov.r the road. dec 13?dtf ORANGE AHD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, I^IIE Cars leave Alexandria daily for Uonion6 ville and inU"T*fdi"t? stations at " if oVlcck, a. m , o.i the arrival ct th.? beat from Wfchln?ton, giving amole time tor hreaicf&st on board. Oon nectin-* at Manawuis .1 unctWn with a traic icr Stras borg, at Warrenton Ja r.tiou with a train for War renton, aud at Uordonav^lte with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroa.! fur Richmond, Chariot tea ?IIle, and Staunton. The cars ieave Gordnnstille daily for Alexindrin aud int?rm<xliale atatiops, at XA before 12, a. m., ru the arrival of tho tr&ins o* the Virginia Central rail road from RicLmot-d, Charlottes-rill*, en 1 i-tauntoa THRoUwii TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton f2 00 " ** Gordonsville 3 60 u " Cb?rlotLMvii;? 4 25 Staunton - L UO Strvburg .1 to Lynchburg..^. 6 76 ? " Winchester 3 ?.0 " w iz??z * 25 " M NewMarke* 5 00 " " Middleburg 2 25 For Lynchburg, connecting with the stages at Qharlottesrilie, on Mbndaye, Wedaeslayr, and Fri <i ?< ?< ? ci it da Yd Fo 'or Luray and Mj^ket, oonnectisg i?ith the s ages at Culpeper, on Tuesdays, iuarhds vu, and ilat urday. I'or Wlncl)eetev daify, conne Mng vtUh the stag s at Pla-irnoui For MlJdisburg d&.iy, w'Lu '?*c *tages at the Plains IVr order: W. B. BROCSE lT, Agfat nov 7?utf FOR MOUNT VERNON. H On TUESDAYS a&d FHIDAYS. la Fare round trip $1; from Alex andria 76 cent*?The THOMAS COLLYBK leaves Wuahinuton S ?*) ! Abxandria at Q'A o'cloeX. (Joachus l^avt fey tte boat at 8)< o'clk. Coach fare *0 ovoti. Persons wishing the v >.?ches will lea re their raal dtaoe with Geo. i TLoa. Parker. lUfreshmeate ou th? bo:.'_ e it fct-dt: hAM'L QEDNgY, Capt THE MEW YORK *. LITKHPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMBIIST MIKHUItd COMPRISING SliZA LJNS ARE T the? ATLANTIC, Cant. West. PACIFiO. Oast. i>'ye, " LLTIC, Capt. ' BALTIC, Oapt.r Cetratcakf ADRIATIC, Capt. Oral ton. These ships have been by contract, exprw? ly for Gorernment service; everj '4? Ivt been taken in their construction, ad in thu Engines to ins are strength anl speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance aud comfort. Price of passage froai New York ta Liverpool, In first cabin f 130 Second Cabin.* 70 BxduniTe use of extra elie state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and X20. An experience! surgeon attached to eaeh ?Up. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or parage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS k CO., M Wall street, Ne v York. BROWN, iHIPLBY k CO, Liverpool. E. Q. ROB*RT8 k CO., 18 King's Arm* Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE k OO, 26 Rue Notre Dame dea T) toires, Paris." 0 CO. H. DRAPER, Ilavye. The owners of tbeee ships will not be arecuntable for gold, silver, bullion, Fpede, jewelry, precious ?tones or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, anl the value thereof therein expressed, nov 16?dly L cents. A NOUVELLE IIELOISE, edition illuatree pax I Juhannot, Baron, etc., in pamplikt? Dric<; 50 in pampldct?pricc 60 I.e? CenteeaioiM do RmiMeau, In pamphlet, with many illuaUotions, 5Q cents . Phyafolofie da Gout, par Briilal Havariu, iO para phlet, with many illustration?, price a> cents. Imported trom Paris by _ feb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. [So bft.] MO TIC K OF KMTORATIOS And Withdrawal of efrtain Lands in th* Clair* and Fulton Railroad Grant M M** NOTICK 10 BIVIBT OTT*N. that in rM? quaaoe of tha r*rr?MoUtio>? of part ?frha iMMtUon to Cn|rMi tea tfct (Ub cf UiMMri of* Mtciti ohtng* la tfet wap|a?d roiU cf Um Cairo ud Fallon railroad la uM llati, hsr?tofore iHuatd in withdrawing land* from market frr the ?rant to mid road and oa thsir taqaect that o#* tain of said land* rSonld be ral<a?4, ant othera ?ub?itut*4 io lieu thereof, eonfjr?ab?y to mM amecdsd rout# wfcleb it diraet aad sitnat-d corn id ?rably M?utb of thvcld roato; th? Prwident. fcy b* ord* r hear ng date tb* 1* ternaryinatant, baa directed that tfee land* situated ia th? tew-rmhi^ h*reia&f>r enumerited, which frjm market by his older of tb? 13th of M?j, and their reservation continued by public p?*F* No 497, bearinr date 234 January, ISM, far thsiCw iro aad Pultoa railroad grant ia the 8tate ef MU souri, eh*U be raatorwl Ut warkat, aod that oerUin other ltnds tltuatsd in township* naia*d w"* (liclod'.nj a portion of the eld crUisil ic<irt?U9ii; situatad within the probt le limits of the grant iac cording to the route of sail road as am nfl d rnall be aub<titat?d atd rwarved from sale or -n'ry tpr ? ?caption claims not svespted) anrtl far b^r DOtlca. Therefore all the vacant lamia tufcjrc: to at Jttuox, Miaouu. vLi:h ware u^*tt to ptivata entry at the da'a ot withdrawal, and wbv"bbiTa not since b en preampt.d in tha fuU"?wiug town ships, w II ?aaia be sn^ieot t<? prieaie entiy oa and after the nmefrerUh day of March next, to wit: NorUi of the bsu* lint aud ratt of the fifth jnneiptl meridian. Township* 21, 22,23 21, *6, and 26. cf iaar? 9 Townships i*2 2i, 21, 2a, 2?, 27, and V8 ? f 'ange i Townships 22, 23, 21, 2*, 26, 27, 2% 13, an 1 30, of range 6. Township* 25, 56, 27, C8, 29, 80, and 31, f f tang 6 Townships 2S, 83, 27, 28, 29, i\ 31 aul S?, of range?, Townhhipa 2C, 27, 23, 29 , 30, 31, ZZ, at d 33, of ranjge ??. Townships 26, C7, 23, 2?, GO, 31, 32, ac J 03, of ranee 9. Townships 27, 88, 29, 30, 3', 32, and 31. ?f tan ge 10. Township* 2?. 29, 30 31, S3, and 33. cf rtr U Towaahips 88, 2# 50. 3 u 3 J, end 84,?I t ?i.<# 12 Townships X*, 30, 31, 32, a id 33. cf r?u?/ Townships 29 33, 31, 3^ and 34, oi rsug* 11 Town-hips 29, 35, ar.d 32, of r.nge IS ALSO, That all h" 'and3 situa.ed in the 8Av*? r?i 5ruct within the foilowiog named towt?fhlp# ?i'! be re served from rale <r entrr (act ??cipii f jre?-uip lions) fjr the purpose ntore i p-c.flid antil urther orders, vis: North of thf. base line and eatf o/ the fif.h p-inctyal WLfrtdxan Township* 2 J*, 2-T*, an: 2 ??, of raag 6 Tcwnsbipe 22*, Si!1 nod 21*. of rang*" Township; 21*. 22*. 23*. 24*, aa i 25*. of t -<age 8 Townrhips 20, 21, '22. Zl, 24. ???>d '-5', iiteje 9 Towiw hipf 20,8!, 22, 2', 11, 2j, aid 2 J*, c f rac^e 10 Townih'.^c 21, 22, 23, 84 25, 23, aad 27*, of rarge 11 Towuhips 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, LI*, o' rac^c* 12 Townthips 22, 23, 24, 25, 2G\ 27*, aad 2S? ?.f range 18 Townships 22, 23 , 84, 86?, 56* 27*, anl 23*, of range 14 TownsLips 23, 24*, 21*, S?*,27*, and"29*, of range 16 Townships 23, 24*, 25*, 26*, 27*, and 2a*,. f range 16 T >wnfhipa 24', 25*, 20*, 27*, ard 28?, of. ?>?*? 11 Town^^-fp* t?*. 25*. 26*, and 27*. of r*rit?? 11. All the tawn^hire marked thus* were-I* laded in the original reB?rv*t>'n of 185! Preemption claimants entitled to wpt of the ab' \v ue&tionMl Wad* 'o bt- r*aXMl to ui ? rVet on tlje mnetemlh day cf March next on e?tt.rui^nt>- al ready mid?, i r vhii-li me; hereafter b? tu de, aad al-H) thofe claiming within any of the ab v< .ovn ahipe ?^.h<lriwn or coa in'ied to be r ?e:Tt> l cn s.t tlementn mud- p lor to the date il' t> e jr??eot wi<hdraval will mnk? pre of und p-y f r tb? t-ame, at the pr e; f.ieJ by l?w, ?ithin tw. lv- in sitb af t?r ih^ date of the r respective ttttlein ???; ( ther wine their cIa'icj ai l be forfeited It Is soff^pstel th?t pre-emp ion e's' ierte to lands within the townships to be reft .r< d to private entry shoull give notice i f th"ir cUiiai Kcd tie the pro. fs with the tin ? ?fflc?-M before the d?w e;p Int ed for the re?torat<cn ot the Kn.'a, so a t privet th*lr clainui fr^>m ptieate entry in a^d tf er thut d-iy, bnd pre* ant much difficulty and d 1 ?" 6iven util' rm' hand, at the city of W? ihiopt- n, this s'xtb day cf Ft bratry. ^ rn j DoilIu! o e thou sand, eirht h< ird ed end 6 ty five Dy order oi the Frsrident: jotn wriioy, C cimu- iocyr i f J^nsrai Uul Offlje. fel> i>?lawovr PSMtnYN AND IilON MANTHL??V*y fce i a betntiful r.ssortoieat of thepe ch and du rable article-, at theoora?rof PennsylT?< i* aeena* and T<nth tr??t. oeer tb* Washlr?g;t^n 'Hving' Bast. RALl'H H^SIN8 nit, PIANOS!?PIANOS-! TT7 E bee leave to call the attention of the public V? to our stock of Pianos row on hand, coii^Mins oft>tiperb finished 7,J 6J4 and 6 octave rosewood ca?^e in-l struiiK'uu-iroin the world reao\vned'< maniit'actorics of H Uct. Iiavis &. Co., B ?*tr.n, aini Knalic, <ia*-hlc Si Co., Baltimore, continuing in all the largest, most reliaWe and select a.-s ?rtiuent ever oflTt-fd in this city. Also. Stools. Covers, a*c. Did Fiaimm taken in exchange. We w ill make reas< iikbl<> d^counts f??r ca^h, or soil on time. JOHN F. I^t.LI.S, No. 300 Ta. avenue, nearlVnUi ritrett. jan 31 "tub art union of london. FLAN FOR THE CURRENT YEJIII. TUB list is now open, and erery ru'^cnbtr oi $5.50 will be ent tied to? I. An imprestioa ol a i'lttie, lj>' J* T* ^ViMmore, A. U. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Cha lon, K. A., ** A Water PHrty." II. A V>>lume containing thirty WoodEogravings illii^usting t-uhjecui from Lord UyMii's Pucm of 41 ChUde Uarolde." And III Tlie chance ol obtaining one ef tlie prizes to be allotted at the general meeting hi April, which will include? The right to select for himself a va'uaWIe w >rk ot art from one of the public exhibitions. Statute s in bronze ol' her Majesty on Horseback, by 'P. Tlior ne#2rQ*t. Copies in bronxe, from an ot'.aiual Model in relief t>y h.. Jeherscn, q( ?' The Entry of the l>uke of Wellington into Madrid futilities in iM.rcelain or parian. Pr*>of Impressions of a laree f.iiho^ra|ib, by'P. II. Maguire, after the original picture by W P. Frith, U. A.. "The Three lt< ws," from Mo liete's " 0 >ar?eois C? ntilhonnne." Honorary Secretat?.*s for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR & MAUUV, Hook.,tilers. jan 84 PKOPOSALS FOB, FU&HISHIKO PAFEE ros TLE PUBLIC PEIHII^O OrrtcK SurcRiKTENDKXT Public PsiMTtno, \Va>hhigtun, January 18^>5. IN' ^?j;>uance of the provi^ons of the net? nulled, "An a.-t io p?o?i4<i fpr e^ecuung the pu lie printing,'' 8tc., approved August 2o, lH?i, seUcd proposax will be receivrd ai this office, In the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 28Ui day of March next, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the following quan Mttus ??;> descripUons of uriuug paper, to wit: 8,500 reams, weighing tstunds per ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 iaehe? 3,103 ream?, weighing 2G pounds per ream, and mea suring IB by 25 inches I0o re;,njs; weishine 24 pounds per ream, and iota suring 18 by tf2 inches 340 reams, weighing 82 pouuds per ream, an J mea suring lb by 18 inche* 400 reams, a ei^lung 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inches Ah the*# to he mads of the ben materials, and finished in the best btanucr er?d tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into fur sup plying the qaanuties stated, at such times as the jtaiultc service may require, but the privileg ? is re served of ordering a &reaiicr quanuty of either kin.!, should a great* r qatumty |^e re^ufr&d, at such times gjid in such GuanUties as may lie deeded ne<ess?ry. Bsinpie* ol' eaah kiod of paper mu-t accompany each bid, and all proposals and samples mu>t be uanstnttted to litis orfke, free of [R)H?i;e or otitcr cxuen?e l>ch proposal must be signed by the individual or li.-nt making it, and niusi spotily the pnee per pound, am! the cousequcm price i?er rrain (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper mu*t be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Wa.- bin.ion cily* in good orui r, Iree ot all and every extra charge or ex pense, anu subject to the inspttt:Uon, count, weight aud measurement of the flupeiintendt nt, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank form* for proj^wals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for ihem ; and none will be taken into consideration unloa subsUtntiaJly agreeing therewith. Comls with approved securities wil! he required; and the supplying of an inferior article, or a fu'luie to supply the quantity required at any titn) will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with his propo sals aauslactory evidence of his a'nlity to exacutu it, and any proposal uuacconipauied wiiii such evi dence will he rejected. Proposals will be addre>?ed to the "Superintend ent or the Public Printing, Capitol of itie United States, Washington, and endorsed "Propoeals for Supplying Paper.'' A. G. SEAMAN. Superintendent of ih? Public Priniinc. jan 29?eotd "IIUSA LB VUIES WALTZ, Composed by Mai XV Kruntataclter. Our Polka, dedicated to Mies Em.?a J. P.rcwn by- tint same composer, published and !* ?a> ?t the Maaic Depotof HlLiUS & HIT*, feb 5 i * I Ml fHI AOHMA ADV?&TI$?M?NTi - 6JDV1DBR8 WINES J Al PHILADELPHIA. JOU* f.?IU)SEtM?laV?lM1ii?i trrmtx oid WmMfrtrtJAlQM JUfUiMM. Jr* Ko. T? Walnut Bzaat, mi iton low fourth street, where ocaUBn will be mp; Bad with V7>X5wd UQCOMS on the Brat mck? datlii t?m?. JACOB IdlHER. Jr., Ag<et?t ?rr ha l? parttlton of rOMKIGI* ?IAT?,0?>i Ra. 74 Waft, rot street Philadelphia. ?h? ba to prepare l U receive oedera lor tba ep ?*?'[lBpartolbiB of Wim Aa^ toom earioaa Uouaea la Kurop^ la aaaat'.titaaf a Risrl^ dcwn ard ?**vdi; and alio solicits tor ha Boa. JOLN VAtGIlAN 2MI>KR, the patrorata of bto frtanle and lormer cwu wti %? All Win#* 0t J?r*4 for Washtogtoa wCT b? da> livereJ by Expraaa/res A^V*4* * t-lf DOCTOR TOtkLfKLr, TUB POCRIT JfiS0ULAPrC3 oa. KVBuT OS* nw OW* PBTSIC1AJ. The FtRtotb Om hoadred hr^vt ahowiag Mtwi ?- i I (al formations *t the ilui mm System ia trin ahape ?ai Lform. To abici to ad i?d a 1 Tr?atiw on the Wiimij ?C hatlM,Mcf?fU>? hib est iBportaBee't - war tod paovta, ar ?boaa o?ataa *taw!frxcu3SJ w td. Lat ao father be [ ac xauier '?* ??-? _ to p*ea*rt a te;y cl saa ? BaCUt.A."TCMo hU r iU4 i [ i H bit wt* bta troa as earfv giare. Let no wn? dm ?JLT!I*!"? '2^1 to thi secret obiigaitoi* of Barrtod Ufa with** read! ?? the POCKKT jESCULAPIUS. Lai ao *? suffering from a hackniad Oc ugh, P?ta Ilathe r ?* rastleaa nighta, aervraa feeling, and ll ?? of #y?p?ptt? tersatioaa, and girri rp by tteir r?J afciaa, be another ncowt, with oat "caaultiag *? *BGULAPIU8. Ua^a tbe aaarrW, octhoa- at Mi to bo marrlfl any impaJhaatst, read thtotruly -.*? ? ftal book, ae it baa beea tba ?'?bj <- i aaviag tb< aa- . ands of aafortuaats ateaiuraa &ob tha vary jaw i ac ?Alt p?recn mdloi TWKNTT-FIT1 CE? II aocloaad 1b a lattor, wilt rac^T* oaa yyyof work by Bail, or fiir? eepiea will ba aaBtlor Oae - w '*Ad?liwe. faoat aaLl) DL wM. TOuM, Aouiaat, Cf?? rbUalalpbiv ag IX?ly imiini lUiifiBiTsr biokabv *. iwrr* ?. ^ n. um ITII A CO., MaBBfaefarara ?M G. DaalaraiB AI-COHOL, CAMf ? IB E1AL OIL. Ae. No 54 8. CALTBiiT *T poeite Water atraat, BALT1M0E*, Ml mar 21?1 y pDiA? Docrom.^ a MCI| J-.Tf b # froTiMBoni.' aarrlcat ta ttoa eltlaaaa of Jla^ *. .1 rati rarf all biixto afOaaoera?takatt ?a >ul witbost pala, or tha a?a cf aay kaifa. I <BB ura all kiada of Flte acd ?i k*m?, Ebaoiuattr Fa aa, OcxfiinT-lcn. rrfB^y, T>yfpa^eto, Pl!*a, Falay, at any Cher ellm-nt bar aa fbBlty ara aaajact aa. Ha fan etop Maadinc ft' a tha Laaga ar Koaa, ay iiaUBe> froa tba rattoBt, Vy kaovtaf tha aati#-art aao? T *a* bom Mir t, as4 baa atBilad aat ?al yaara ni d?r ac ladiau lXx-ia* irha waa a?oa* tba will Insiaa* th!rt**a yaara. _ .. . DR. hPKNCtR bu remoTad frOB Sir. CucAi^H Boardiag lloaaa, to _ Wo. 84, HANOTM STltBlfT, 11- tf Kalttmara, ML AN APPEAL TO COMMON SKNS5. l.CT THf aic* IIBA* TBI TBKTH. CarT^ia Bknjami*.?VV bereaer known bi? ??-Bl mony will b?- conclusive. But !c?t rh?*e who do ri?l know t!ie Capt.iin should be aceptieal, f^r. I ?w aon y. Pro., with other* of the h?(?t known and i:iOB highly raapcrtabie cittzeaa of Eaalou, ?ad??n^ bta wonderful cute by nAMPTOS*'s TBOITABLB TIKCTTS.E. K*eTO*, <M. 4,185-L Mem- Mortimer 4' Mowbray : Cemleaia I t?*el a my duty to y*u Jind the r?*> lie to certify to ilie effects of ilamiiK.n'a Ve(,i I iMa Tincture. I was for ii???re Uiin flv- years iab<iriB| isnder n di-*a*e of Chronic RhcutnstJam. and U?e great part ot that time I waa ao b*4|>ie*a tbat I tad to t?e help<-<! from my bed and dreased in my flothea I reduced to a mere skeleton. All tlie nied icings I to k done me no rood, ami I continued w prow wor?-2. I heard of Hampton'* Tincture and thought I would give it a trial. At this time I did not cipect to Mva one day after another. I did uut take it (the Tincture) for the RheumatiMB. but ia a aho.'l note I was well i.f that diaeai?e. From the etlecu ?jI" your '1 incturr and the b^pat fi d I am now Krtiing in goo?l iiea'.th. I wl-U ail the afflicted tn try Hampton's VegetiWa Tincture, a." I havt. d we, w lib the same cffect ibat it has ou Your ol>edient servant, Isaac RtHumi. Wc are a"qu".intf d with laaac Renjawin; sold him somen? Hampton's Vegetable dove the .hove statement correct. Daw ana k Ba >. From our kiionl?-iige of Captain Renjaatia w< ara | confident that the at>ove statement is true and aa eiagsratcd. J- A. Johnmh, Cbarlks Ruima< a. Call an I ??t pamphlets and aeecunaof Cough, Bronchius, Rh< umati^m. Neunuria, IT* p?*psia, NwmuniM and General W'eakitf^. Aaa female m^-dfinc or lor delicate childien we bcl <jaa it une?;uall< d. Sold by Mi)RTIM?R b. MOWBRAV, 1W B dti more street, Baltimore; and i04 Broartwsv. N. \ orb Cha?. f*TOTT fit Co., J. R. Moor*. I). B. ('i?ki?, Ci.aR' e k Bowlinh, W. Ei.i.iot. and H. MePi.aa aon, Washinstoa; als<i, by R. S. F. Cissat^Ge* rge town, an.l t!. C. lirutT, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. b?tr OOUGUS, COLDS, U0AR8RNESS, Rtllrf ta Klve Mlnataa. TTLF.K X CuMroCSD GUM AH ABIC STM7F. ItilK Lcmdat drrnaad for this uiuat pioac rat, aa.t. aod -lous rcitiely to* all pulmorary dist ases, Ua? enabled tbe prayrirtor to radaor tha prioe ? ar ta plaee It within tho rea- b of all ela aaa. Its rapertoritj over ninat a'mi'.ar pr*pa*^tioaa i, sir teat ad t.y msay eiaineut pbyaiciaca a bo hare 1 at a eya witner?a? of ita ettc?^r whea tna aaaai r- aaa dif - ha re la'.ied: also by tboai<and of car mo?* ra> spoc'.abie (.ltuana who bare uwil it iu tbeir 'air. Uaa both ?s pra.-ea">a ard cyr? with civar failing ac* e?sa fn the 1 ?l taenly yeirs, dai 'p ~ vh'rb B' <od with very little aid from \ R ba gtwbally spr>-?d repuia i- n (v.r the %n-Me Ui tea. Ia cases uf re ev t CUdt Cc. fix. A,n it glT?? imaisdiate relief, and geo-raiiy turas in a lay or tao, withoa. ibtcrfrrin? witb cL?i ? r baa!na , or r?*d?riu,( cLc eyttem tBurs awecaptiue 04 Cwki , ia cbrorie JMmm, C.ugh, O ap, Aj'retieni 0^' the tiffl;!, nr.i Centum^ ti n, it is aiaaya vary b na??ial &:.d aeldom !?? whea anriwaarrd iu time t. pi uect a ma. Prica ae.d bb -est?> a botti j. EoU -4iu>'iea? e ly Paiuraoo + hi m J?aU4 3a, BiJgtiy A Op. Aie^anlria by l ed U dlevaas. la Geor.fltj?? a iir. OUsel. TTLgMra UUX ARILIC CAXL7 DRG a aiailxr uip^w... U. ti; ibrre but ia a b1 lar aal v"<r? porUbla term; tuey act hk? a eiarro oa a trouUukCnia Cough, and cl?ar tha throat iat voice; they contain uo injurious drug, ara par >ea larly re-ci^mtod^l for cblldrea. Ira^aaatara of i ab> lie aMeacbllaa, j' ppeak rs. aii???i t, Ac. Priiw lilS aaj tents par be*. for tale at ia**. Urc? ?ni Oaody Btcraa. act IT?U :iy>J SOMETHING NEW. /XVl'GfnU THK MARKET on pskkptlva I > MIA AVKNUK 4 doo?a bel^w Math atrwt, U a Xh.fl CWTai.vQ STORE lor Mva aad B -ye, rjeChi tLia day. liiCKKR, <? i>e ol tha abaa'-aat CiutLiu^ Ui-rthanta La tL? North baa datanni tad to ? far t/> the e|tljen< cf Washington Tidi ty, LU ascellent Q^thiBzat lovri't Northarn pr. aa foi oasb oaly. Th re the ' ' ' ' POOti MAIi will find just aooh a CUocLisz i^>'e as baa l^ag t sea wa?,'gd iu Washingtca. Ilia zdoSo ia eheap for caeb, aod OKI ratcc oiar. A n iod substantial w.iailen aoat ha will aali tor (3 76; and heavy winter punU, well liuad, for f. 3t^ *ui fl-t C(>at0i orcrcoats, and raaU, ia pre port m. Qooi wool andeorton nnder-hirts, briery, rlc aa, Ae., cbea er th?B tbe cheapest. aav 11??f 255 T^oking Glasses, 255 V all fitea aa 1 qual ty, P. ? ncb or Qemaci p' ata, Fancy or plain for ti alt and P etara Pra aaa, or Fancy Colored. ? Airo, Gilt Room Mrulllng, Matbla top Bny'tato and Tablej. C.irn'.c? s mada ti order. Alae, all kinds of old wot Is ragilded with diapctoh aad oa reaaoaable t rai> byw aaa a. J. WAQNRR, *?? *?? ?*?ua, ?pp. Kirkaood HetL-a. wc .9?tf a FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BOILPING LOT?i of 10 feet ar aor>, ta various paru oi tha City, aaa gatowu, al ?aw pr.caa, aad (araj to suit. LLurf A OJ. DVILDISQ ITOI1, for aala, daUrerable ?t tba Canal, or Mlurrai ta WaabtngtoB, eaorjetowa, ct Ale^anJrH. LI OTD A (XL liih straet. cpp. Tr?a?ar/ Dwpaxt^ab IT If ? CHARLKS II AFK.IIfn,- Arctk!taer? 'Pm. aaaiim tet vn TmtK aaJ Eterewt* tfrr, ta,) V - - w aawiaoTaa, a. ?, \r ILL contiuce to faraiab Iflaas, detail workiaa ?* I?Iawiugs and M?euRy:t!h?ii? 111 builaing-t ut every desenpoon, and aw to^upertntend their? m {torn. feb 1?wu

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