Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY; WXDH18D&Y AFTSEJOOJ! *?fch T \?j- Az>riBT!SKJ(XKT8 thould be handed m by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Stobage.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and cagy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. S7I&1I or TH1 MOUSING PILES8. The Union of this morning is quite an in teresting sheet. It contain! correspondence re lative te the Ostend conference, a column of ap pointment* recently made by the President and confirmed by the Senate, and an able editorial in reply to Mr. Hunt's strictures upon the President's vetoes In refeir'.ng to the Of tend correspondence, the Union says: uIt will be seen at once that the Cuba ques lion is the leading gabject of this correspon dence. Oar views on this question have been so fall j and frequently expressed, that if we had the time ana space we thould not deem it necessary to reiterate them. When Congress declined, at the close of its session in August last, to respond to the suggestions of the Presi dent in his special meisage communicated to that bed?, we could not but fear that the chances of acquiring Caba were greatly di minished We now see in the present condi* tion of the question a full realisation of oar fear. Cat the correspondence whioh we pub lish will enable the reader to form his own conclusions without further oomment from as The interest which naturally attaches to this rubjeot is greatly enhanced by the f resent ex cited state of things in Caba Whether the publication of the e -rreepondence will hare any effect upon the destiny of the island we shall not undertake to predict." In closing its remarks about the speech oi Mr. Hant, the same journal says : " The reader will have no difficulty in un derstanding why some gentlemen over the way were smiliog with self complacency?by the way, they were smiling visibly and audibly? the explosion had spent its fary, and nobody was harmed The veto power stood vindicated by the very feebleness of the assault, and its exercise by the President stood justified b> the prudent failure of Mr. Hunt to cintrovert the reasons contained in the message. Bat-me suspect that the smiling which attracted Mr. Hant's criticism was provoked by bis ludicrous appeal to ?? our revolutionary fathers." lie had denounced the veto as "the height of ty ranny," and yet the vei? power wa< inserted in the constitution by tnose same "revolut on ary fathers" to whose workmanship he ap. pealed wiih so much gravity. "They thought * they had extirpa'ed monarchy from our coun try. So they did think, and so has thought the whole world for more than half a century; bat oar revola ionary fathers" and all th? res: ot mankind have Leen mistaken, and Mr. Hunt has the honor of discovering and an nouacing the mistake Monarchy wa- planted and perpetuated in the constitution by "our revolutionary fathersand the f?ct is proved beo.use "this hrankiin fieies, who by acci dent is now President of the United States, is allowed to dicta'e to this free people," and to announce to them that be does noc conscien tiously Deiieve it is to their interest to repeal the six-month- -notice clause in ihe Collins contract, and taerefore thai he advises their representatives in CoLgross to reconsider ths subject! Mr Hunt's as-ault upon the veto ana the President furnishes another illustra tion of the folly of attacking Gibraltar with s pocket pistol " Tne infliignacer eschews editorials thu morning, letting the scissors and its well in. formed corresponded do the work cf iu editors. The S*ntmtl gives a list of the acts and resolutions pas?ed by th* !a?t Congress, and disensses at length the evil of appointing Chaplains to Congress ia which it editor says. " But the main considerations that impel us to oppose the appointment cf Chaplaics to the two Houses of CongTees. are as follows : Ministers, however good and pious, are but men, and the moment iLey bccome teiced with the ambiticn to get the CnapUincy, they, man? times, insensibly to themselves, become politician* They become elrctioneerers. They waut the oflice. and, as practical men, they adopt the means to secure it. It is need less to tell any who has lived in Wuh irgton, what iheic means are. Too often also, they ieud to the stifling of honest and pious' sentiments, to. base servility and?alas, that it should be true of ministers?disparagement of their comj oiing biother ministers it ^ n0t often thit ihei-s means are boldly andunblush ingly resorted to by the clerical aspirants themselves But their suggestions are made to friends and those triends do the disagreeable and unseemly woik. .Now what is it that these ciergeymen want? It is simply the vay from the Government and the distinction of being Chap.'ams to Congress. If they only wanted to pray for Cong tees they would do so privately and withuat pay. our humble opinion?perhaps we may express^ in language too groar?this whole system is a humbug; it is more than a hum bug it is corrupt and oorriptirg ??We wiU go further. \\ e belieie that the only consideration that induoes the two Houses cf Congress to elect Chaplains is the fear (hat their constituents will tnink them wanting in resnect for religion We will fraokiy tell such nembers tnai they would better mani f est their respect lor religion by not having than by having ChaplaiLs If we were inii dels, and desirtd to britg region into disre nute, we would be in favor of electing Chap lains to Congress 44 We do not believe in that fanctimonious air and tuo*e formal prayers that are p?id for, ini gold, by the Government Here we except Chaplains to the Navy, and the reasons for the exception are so manifest that it is need less to state them ..exclude by expressing the hope that no more Chaplains to Coagress will be u . ' should be eleoted, and they should belong to ihe saintly band-the three thousand and ami Nebraska parsons then, perhaps such an election would be more potent againsi the system than any argument ,,r, fu * WorJ' ?? would not have re.igion, and the mmistets of religion infected with the taint of politics We rfverl ?nee both too highly." C?* Owing to the great demand for our paper of yesterday, containing the bounty land aet recently passed by Congress, provi ding for the soldiers of 1812, and their heirs, We republish it in to day's Star. ^?n BaLTiiioaa Mkthodisy CcxrERixric ? The etergy?en of the Methodis*. Episcopal Church eompriai Lg the Baltimore Annual Con ftre&M, meet to day in Baltimore preparatory to the business of their annual session. This bedy of ministers is composed of some of the most learned ia biblical fore and distinguished in palpit eloquence cyin the past ten years nine sloops of twenty guns each, and four br;gs and two ' schooners of ten guns each, have by casualty or decay been removed from the effective force of the United States navy, not a tingle vtsael AAt kton buUt to reylac4 them. A Gaaxaa Kaow Notaixe.?Some of oar ? exchanges mention the fact ef a M Know | Hothing" having been turned oat of the 90 - 1 ciety of whiek he was a member, tor drinking 1 an Irish whisky puneh with a German silver 1 fpooa ia it. 1 I . . ^ m* s.s a ' * 1 * WAIHUWO* RWI AID OOMIP. Teftim<miil of Beipect to Hon. Wm C. E?wion.-A number of oitixeni of Washing ton, taiioaa to tender to this distinguished ftntleman acme testimonial of tbeir apprecia tion of his senatorial Ubora in behalf of the interest! of the District of Columbia, bad pre pared for that purpose a beautiful service of plate, consisting of a richly chased sliver plt oher, two highly ornamented and gold-lined silver goblets, and a solid silver salver?all manufactured in a style of exquisite workman ship \>y Messrs M W Gait A Bro , of th!s city. The oommittee en'rusted with the selec tion and presentation of this handsome gift oonskted of Major Towers, J. F Callan, and W. 8. Wood The oeremony of presentation took -place last evening, in one of the parlors of the National Hotel, and was witnessed by a number of cur most respectable citiiens, among whom we observed ex Mayor Seaton, Robert Farnham, Commodore Jones, Dr. C Boyle, Albert Greenleaf, and B. Baylis*. Col. Seaton made a fes remarks highly complimentary to the distinguished recipient as well as expressive of the friendly senti* men is of those among whom he bad so long ?njourhed; and conoluded by introducing Mayor Towers, who prosented the testimonial in the following neat and appropriate termi: Ma. Senator : ?I have been requested to present to you, In behalf of oitizens of Wash ington, this service of silver, as a small bat sincere and heartfelt tribute of thoir gratitude for your efforts in behalf of the interests of our city during your long service on the Com mittee,of the Dulrict of Columbia, and espe cially during the late session of Congrest whilst you acted as its chairinar. Your term of service having expired in the Senate, we have felt ourselves at liberty to g:*e this ex pression to U>e feelings of our hearts, previous to your departure for your home. It has been my duty for several 3 ears past to attend, in part, to the city's interest* before your Com mittee, and for a few months past to take charge of it; and I do you but justice to say. that on all occasions I buve confidently relied upon your generous support of all measures that were likely <0 advance the interests ol I our city, or would tead to advance the pro?. I perity and happiness of its people, and I have I never relied in vain. We have selected his service as -appropriate to that object *hich we I all looked to with so muoh hope and anxietj I an abundant supply of pure and wholes me I watei for the city ; and when it shall be jour I pleasure to apply it to its purpose in partaking I of the bright, sparkling, healthful beverage at home, you will have the gratification to I know that you have been gi eatly instrumental I iq placing that same beverage within the I reach of thous-inds of " friends you have lef bebiad you." Permit me to say, in conclusion. I " Well done, good and faithful servant " of the I people. Judge Dawson responded in his usual elc. quent manner. We give the substance of hii remarks : Mu. Mayor and Ubntlmkh: This uaex pelted mark of generous, and, I must b? per I milled to sajf, personal kindness, impresses me most sensibly Nothing that I have done as chairman of the Commitree for the Distrie< I of Columbia entitlea me to that service of sil verfrom the good people of this District: I have only performed my duty, and that ineffi J cieotly, I am sure. .i.h-V".?*1?1* 1 Mr. Mayor, th* uelicate allusion you hive made to my retire ment from the fcenate lnnesd, sir, I cat I scarcely suppress my feelings in expressing to you tne high pleasure it bns given me t.. kuow and to be thus so kindly informed that mj I departure from Washington has giveo the least concern to your city; but, sir, I thank fn? wMfth ?*c*ediuJ{ly appropriate manner I in which you have oommunicated the inforuia I tlOD. I Ihe several appropriations to which you I refer were the result of the investigations 01 II committee. It waa my fottunate lot tc I leoeive the instructions cf tho c >m uiitee re present them. I consHor cach of them en il titled to your approbation, and that it is ?n iatended by you; and intheirnamel again I thank you. 6 I Mr...Iy here spoke of the various improve j meets, 4fl., and concluded by saying I Mr. Mayor and Gentlemen?I beg vou to I f*?eiTe.mJ f?r the interest y.iu have I taken in this matter, and especially for the I . lflann*r *a wbich you have presented this token 01 the regard of the citiiens of this Dutriet for one so little enti'led to such a dis I "??tIlon- ^ "h pleaium I accept this service I of mher, and shall never forget that ?rcia I biiity of friendship which prompted it for ser vices so inadequate, and *beu I look at it M I Mayor, I shall not tnly think of the Vure I water which I trust yet to sec flowing through I e?ur *IfJ- ua!,of th" lnan3*. *?ry many, kind I friends I shall aoon leave behind, who have ever met tae with bland and kind greetings " "on!" 1"" the speeches, the company partook of I the bountiful hospitality of Senator Dawson, and retired at an early hour, delighted with I the incident! of the evening. i The pitcher bears the following inscription : 'Presented to Hon Wm. C. Dawson, of Georgia Chairman of the Committee on the Dhtrict of Columbia, Senate United States, by citizens of Washington, as a testimonial of their grati tude? March ?, A D. 1855." ? No Xxtra Session.?One of the Washington twadler? -h., hashes up things here for the New Wk Ilera.'4, in yesterday's issue of that sheet aayi: An extra section is freely spoken of as in evitable, although the President would wish with?, ? .^e cal1 b? could do to without oomprnmmmg the in teres:* of the country. M>.ny of the western members ol Congress express an intention to remain m the city lor the remainder of ttie week, believinz that mi President will determine the question in a few data, and thr.s save thttn the treuble of long and fattguirg journeys." This is all gammon. There is not a sane man here who thinks that tha President has the most remote idea of calling an exira sea sion cf Congre-,. Ihe western members have nearly all left fyr home, knowing full well that their services would not be needed here, and that no one thought of an extra session since tho passage of the appropriation bills. Heraldiim?"The ex Minister from Spain is in high spirits. IDs first day in Washing ton was permuted to pass without asingle call flZ t!7H \ 0n lh0 c^trery, from the hour of his anival until late in the evening, his rooms were crowded by members of both branches of Congress, ajad his fellow ei'izens generally, anxicus to extend to him ' f ?ympathlea This single fiu:t contains a volume 10 itbelf, showing conclusively that ? 'ery honorable feeling, and ail the manlv impulses are gathered in and around the man who b&s been made the h*trument, at J* eJtP?nw of national reputaUou, v,f the most unprincipled administration thus far known to the United States." The blear eyed of the "Satanic ' it lavish ing prtiee upon Mr. Sonle, who hta just re turned from Spain. The above extract is a wnall portion of the sickening do??. We say it is siekenlng becau?e it is in the memory of be "youngest inhabitant" that a few months 'inoe the columns of the ' Satanic" were loaded with abuse of tho same gentleman " om he now bespatters with commendation iid ^ ?a0 welIett> of ^onctt, as Benton w Jl1.bus. but [ko?l ?f ,b, L,V .f?"*'to ""t" U? llgbly MUon?l a?a 3u.b . u, _ni tnr nr. , to move a tread I .' ?r Ua<Uri0 *Mh greater and u heg fa at, of jw-iea4ieg all the vile aliM that has fitted bli column! from the moment he became a libel on the American press The miserable effort* of tbia monster to injare the Administration if u futile a* it it wicked. The great heart of the people will still cling to it, despite the raring* of disappointed politioal hucksters, or the b'ack and heartless rillany of the accursed of the H-.rald Eon I Glancy Jones ?We were pleased, in oar perambula'ions to day, to meet Hon. J. Glancy Jones, of Pennsylvania, who has been confined to his room for several days by a se re re spell of sickness. He is speedily recov ericg his usual health, and will, in a day or two, return to his home in " Alt Berks." List of Patents issued from tbe United States Patent Office for the week ending March 6, 1855? each bearing that date: Geo. D Allen, of Koy West, Florida.?For improvement in machines far cleaning sisal hemp and stripping seed from broom corn. Jno Allen, of New York, N. If.?For im provement in life boats. J.J. Andersor, of Bearer, Ps.?For improve ment in coon stoves Harmon W. Ballard, of Barjington, Vt ? *oo improved arrangement of the springs oi wagons Wm Ballanf and Fred. Wurth, of Cincin nati, 0 ?For improvement in guards for dooi locks. E. C Benyaurd, of Philadelphia, Pa.?Foi sale catch for breast-pins, Ac. Nebemiah 0 Chase and Chaoncey W. Saun. ders, of Wilkinsonville, Mass.?For improv went in hand cultivators. Charles Cram, of Hudson, N. Y ?For im provement in processes for making bread. Bene Charles Demolon and George Alex. Charles Tburmeyssen, of Paris, France-For improvement is treating fish for manure and oil Julias C. Diokey, of Saratoga Springs, N Y ?For improvement in harness saddle trees, F. A. Gleason, of Rome, N. Y.?For Machine for cutting mitre and other joints. Kobt. B. Gorsuch. of New York, N. Y?Foi direct doable acting hydraulic steam pamp. Guy H. Hubbard, of Shelbarne Falls, Mass For improved auger handle fastening. Marcus F. Hyde, of Burlington, N. J.?Foi improvement in soda water apparatos. Geo Marti,of Pottsville, Pa.?For impio7et coalscreen. Sam. W. Powell, of Tuicarora V alloy, Pa ? For improved mill for grinding and bolting samae. Jssse Reed, of Marshfield, Mass.?For im pruvements in steering apparatus. Newton D. Robins, of Kdmburg, Ind?Fo: improvement in the comtffhation of an ai chamber water cooler and foroe pump in soda fountains. Edward Ki:e, cf Canandaigua, N. Y.?Fo: improvement in railroad car coupling. John W. Smith and John S Gallaher, Jr if Washington, D. C ?For improved fire place John Stainthorp, cf Buffilo, N Y ?Fo improvement in machines for making can , dies. L:mu* S-owart, of Washington, D C.?Fo improvement in mode of constructing saw plate* and setting teeth therein William L Whittaker, of Cumberland, Md For improvement in machines for stuffiaj horse collars. John Williams, of Dunkirk, N. Y?For im proved arrange of exhaust pipes in locomotiv engines Wm. W. Willis, cf Orange, Mass.?For iui proved mode of extracting stumps. Virgjl Woodcock, of Stvanzej, N. U.?Fo, ?mprovement in tbe arrangement of desks i school room?, 1 Dexter H. Chamberlain, of West Roxbury , Mass., assignor to Henry Woodward, of Ba3 son. Mass ?For improvement in apparatus fo ' purifying illuminating gis. Jno. H Manny, of Rir kford. Ill , and Hen ry Marcellus, of Amsterdom, N. Y.?For im provemoat in grain and j?ra?s harvesters. KF.ISSU*. | Jno. H. Manny, of Rockford, 111.?For im provement in grain and gt ass harvesters. Pal > anted Oct. 17, 1854; ante-dated June 15,1851 The Current Operations of tao Treaaur i Ccpartment.?On yesterday, the 6th cfMarct there were of Treasury Warrants entered oi ho books of the Department? , For paying Trcaru.j debts $12,012 9 ?*or the Cu?tu2u^????????. *??...?? 392 5 Corerel in'.o the Treasury from - Customs 1,834,17? 9 i for tbe War Department*. 12 318 7 For the Navy Department 76 351 7 For repaying in the Navy Dej art* ment 76,351 7 For the inteiior Department 5,073 5 .... The iiarrisburg Union, heretofore i ?'guerrilla 'Democratic *heet in the interes f Simon Cameron, oontains a strong articl< in favor of a reform in the administration o the naturalisaii n. .... The trial of Wendell Phillips, Theo dore Parker, and others charged with parti oipation in tbe Burns riot, in Boston, in Ma] last, is to oommeuec in the Circuit Court oi .he 3d cf next month. .... Hon. N. P. Banks has been admittet is an attorney to practice before the Supremi Court of the United States. .... Geo. H. Boker, Esq., the author of sev eral successful plays, is ill in Boston, and hi * physician has ordered him to desist from writing. .... Mr. Bakewell, assistant editor of th< St Louis Intell'geocer, has retired from tha paper bccauic of iU Know Nothing proolivi ties. .... Iho Boston Transcript says: The President has nominated and tbe Sen ate has col firm 3d tbe nomination of the Hon John J Gilchrist, of New Hazcpuhire. as on of ihe three iidges of the new Court of Claimi established by a recent a:t of Congress. Thi? selection is regarded aj one of the best thai could be made from tbe ranks of the demo, oratic party in the North. Judge Giiobrist ii at present Chief Justice of the Superior Couri of Now Hampshire, and stands in the public confi ience as an able lawyer and clear head d jurist. If his two associates occupy as high ribk in their respective sections of the coun try, tho new oourt will be entitled to the full est confidenoc. .... The following rallying cry flies at the head cf the Petersburg Intelligenoer : ?'The Union" (not only) "of the Whig;," but of all patriotic cititans for tbe purpose ot reventing the eleotion to the Gubernatorial hair of Henry A. Wise. ? .... Fanny Cerito, the danscese, was offer ed "prodigious terms" by M Strakosch, it is ?aid, but she oould not be induoed to cross tbe Atlantie. .... It is rumcred that a commission de tu? natiro inquirmdo has been tent to this coun try by the family of Miss Ceutts, who is said to love Mario " not wisely but too well." .... The speech delivered by C. W. Carri gan. Esq , a; Alexandria, before the Demo cratio meeting held on Monday evening last, is ipuken of in the highest terms. Our i-itc? liqeut informant says his defence of tbe Presi dent against the attacks of his open and secret foes was able, and his rebuke of Know Noth ibgism scathing. The speech throughout was applauded, and at the clo#e Mr. Carrigan was greeted with three cheers An effort is being ncade to induce this gentleman to canvass Virginia, and, if possible, he may do so. pyganias is already blessed with five large, good locking weekly newspapers?the Herald, pnblished ?t Leavenworth; the Pioneer, at Kiekapoo; the Herald of Freedom, Kansas Tribune, and Kansas Free State, at Lawrecoe Another Journal is soon to be started at Achl eon. t OTAll the railroad companies In Indiana lMtve given free passes to tbe members of the Legislature. Is not this reviving the ?? dead head" system in its most objectionable form ? ALXXAYDBIA COBUSfOID1WC1 Result of (hi Municipal Election-?Potomac Company?Lecturt, $c. AitBXAsnnia, March T, lfc65. The municipal e ection yesterday passed off quietly. No fight* and bat little wrangling cocarred at tbe po)l?. No groat interest ap pet red to bo manifested, for it was oonooled the Koow Nothing tichet would bo elected. Tbe result lams ap as follows : For Mayor. Gtorge P Wise, Am. - 781 David Funiten, Anti K N . 233 Msjwity for Wite, 643 Auditor. U. Johnston, Am. ? ? * 767 D. R Semmes, Anti K. N. ? ? 225 Majority fur Johnston, - ? 542 Surveyor. W. D. Stuart, Am. 770 R. J. Smith, Anti K. N. - ? 245 Majjrity for Stuart, ? ? 626 Attorney. Christopher Neale, Am. ? - 727 0. W. Wattles. Anti K. N. - - 2S8 Majority for Neale, - - 439 Superintendent of Gat Works. J. J. Campbell, Am ... 782 Thomas Kell, Anti K. N. ? 221 Majority for Campbell, ? - 551 Superintendent of Police. Walter L Peon, Am. ? ? ? 713 Jisepb C. Moore, Anti K. N. - 292 ? ~ M?jority for Penn, - - 421 Cl^rk of the Market. Thomas Whittington, Am. - - 783 Levi Ilardle, Anti K. N. ? - 22(5 Majority for Whitting on, ? 569 M'a*urer of Wood and Bark, John I. Proctor, Am ... 757 Wm. Morgan, Anti K N. - - 224 M?jwity fur Proctor, ? - 533 Ganger. George MoCleish, Am. ? - 756 James McLean, Anti K. N. ? * 222 Majority for MoCleish, - ? 533 Collector of Taxes?Northern District. J. A Field, Am - - - - 764 J. W. Hollingsbury, Anti K N. ? 230 Majority for Field, - - 534 Southern District. W. R. Ball. Am. .... 768 R. J. Sheeby, Anti K. N. - ? 235 Majtrity for Ball. ? ? - 533 Engineer of tJie Fire Department. Charles S. Price, Am. ? - 774 Tsaac Kell, Anti K K. 241 Majority for Price, - - 533 Measurer.* of Lumber. Wm. Campbell. Am. ... 755 Wm II MoKnight, Am. - - 768 W R.Campbell. Anti K.N. - - 228 J. T. Ilill, Anti N. N. - ? 137 The following ticket, proposed by the Know Nothing council, was elected for Council. Writh the exception of Messrs. Dempeey, Reid, Smith, and Plain, the entire old Board has been ignored: Pint Ward ?Alderman, James Dempsey. Common Council?L. McKencie, J. J.Wheat, Jos. Grimes, and Geo. Plain. Second Ward ?Alderman, A. W. Ea?tlack. Common Council?Thos. M Monroe. Jos 5. Stanabury. S J Sanders, and John Howell. Third Ward.?Alderman, James H. Reid. Common Council?James P. Smith. J. H Mc Veigh, T. M MoCormick, and W. U. Herbert Fourth Ward.?Alderman, Lawrence B Tajlor. Common Council?T. B. Robertson, W. B Richards, jr., John Summers, and Wm. A bonfire and some other signs of rejoicing on the part 0! the victors concluded the day The Potomac River Steamboat Company are maturing plans for the sreody commence ment of their enterprise The following gen tlemen constitute tho Board: Jas P. Smith, President; E. J. Plowden, J. J Riee, of the the river counties, S. Shinn, G. H Robinson, and G. R Wltmer, of Alexandria, Directors. Amusements are yet plentiful: fair at Sa repta, liellor's magio and sifte at Liberty, and Mr. C. H Taylor's band or Virginia minstrols at Washington Hall. llev. T. 0'Toole, of Washington, lectures 0' St Mary's Church to night on ??The Unity the Churoh Ami. West Point Cadet from the Frbu Acad, but.?We stated some days ago that tbe Hon. Hirem Walbridge, from the third Concession* ai dis'rict of New York, had offered to nomi nate for a Cadetsbip at West Point, any stu dent whom tbe pupils of the New York Free Academy might select from their number. The Free Academy boys eleoted Walter Mc* Farland of the freshman class, and he has re ceived tbe appointment. It is said that "the selection has fallen upoa a worthy and deserv ing youth. He is a half orphan, (his father being deceased.) and while a member of the academy, has maintained a high rank as a scholar, though he has been obliged to inter rupt bii studies somewhat by giring private instructions, in order to acquire the moans of support for himself, a widowed mother and a dependant fumily." This is as it should be, and the action of Mr Walbridge reflects great credit upon him. It is too often the case, that tho sons of tho rich and ariatocratio are seleotod as oadets, while thoso in the humbler walks of life, fully their equals, and generally their superiors, ate overlooked The army should never be oome the hot-bed of aristocraoy, but should lo open to all who have the oourage to brave tbe storm cf battle Who can predict the future of this new appointee ? Who knows but that Walter McFarland may fill the post now oc cupied by Gen. Scott ' Give merit a trial? don't drive it in the oorcer and push forward woaltny presumption. Thk CosnpiRAcr 1* Cpba ? A correspond ent of the S ivanah Georgian, who rooontly vis ited Havana, states that a oonspiracy was no doubt formed in the island a short time since, with the object of assisting and co operating with the Invasionists. Many of the most dis tinguLhed citiiens participated, and large Bums of money wore sent to the United States. But the conspirators were betrayed by one of their number, asd henoe tbe reeent arrest*. It is said that there are at least three hundred persons are now in eustody. Among those uau*el are Don Pinto, heretofore an intimate friend of the Captain General, and SenoxCin* trn, a distinguished lawyer. Many ereoles who had enlisted into the volunteers, had been disarmed, and ordered to quit tho island at twenty feur hour's notice. The greatest ex citement prevailed, and spies were abroad in all directions. Navt Appropriation Bill.?This bill pro. rides for tbe construction of six steam frigates authorized at the lsst session of Congress, and appropriates $868 000 for tho Collins lino of Liverpool steamers, together with the usual provision for tho support of tho Navy. The whole amouat covered by tho bill as it paaed tbo two Houses and doabtless received tho President's signature, is $15,000,000 or up wards Tho Senate's amendments inoorpora ting the Texaa Navy with that of tho United Staies?appropriating $100,000 for a naval depot at New Orleans, and a farther rum for the establishment of a nary yard at Memphle, were stricken out by tho oommittee of confer ence, and so were lost Also, tho Senate's amendment regulating the mode of steam nav igation upon the navigable waters within tho limits of the United Tuorrtio tv Baltimobi fan of thta! morning taji: "Over the Herring Ran raoe coarse jotter lay afternoon, against tint, the firii trot was! four miles for $360 again*' 13 minute*, by Felix aborseowued b> Mr W* McDoa&IJ The time w t tnao? in 13 minute* 11 weo?o< aifoilowj: Ir. mile. 3.11; 24.2 59; SJ. 3r3; 4'h. 2 68 fcooni trot, wm for the ?'.me d > ance ft: $130. against 13 tniru'M, by Biuo Dick, also owned by Mr. MeDuaald. The time made waa 12 minutes 20 saeonds, as fol lows: 1st mila, 3 21; 2d. 3 01; 4ib, 2 66. That is pretty good goiog, tba bones winning in both < U NATIONAL GUARD, ATTENTION - -Yr? an- hereby notified to a:t-nd a refu ar month ly meeting THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, March 7 h, at 7 o'clock. By o.der cf Capt. Tait mar 7?It* T E. LLOYD, ?ec. v PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at lSl tention?You are hereby ordered to ?wt, /BB? with sabres, for drill, at the armory at 4 f "Tl o'clock, cm THURSDAY AFTERNOON March 8th. By order af Capt. Perk : JNO. ii. MeCUrcllBN, Secretary mar 7?It ATMOSPHERIC TELEGRAPH.? R E _ m?DibHr J. 8. RICHARDSON'S Lecture | on mis great invention TO NlCillT at (< o'clock, it Caruai's Saloon. Tickets S5 cents. mir 7?1.* METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN _ Vtitute Exhibition?In order to aff?rdtlie colored ropulation an opportunity to vL?it the F.xhi bitinn. the Beard of Management have ^t apart TUESDAY next, the 13ih inetaat. from 10 a. iu to 4 p m, for thai purpose All desirous therefore of enjoying the privilege, v i I do well to attend accordingly. Bv order: P. M PKACSOV, Etc. 8'C. mar 7,10,13 the NBCH \xFc's "exchange.?At _ _ a meeting of the uiewbeva of to* Median ic's Exchange. tu 1.1 at the room- on C street, near Bank of Washington, on last evening, ihe follow ing named g?ntlf men were eleet?"d ofirrrt: M G. EMORY*. Preside t. WM. McLKAN, First Vice Fre-ident. JOB ANGERS. Second co do WM.GUNNELL,Third do dj THOS. LEWIS, t'ouiill do do ALEX. RUTHKR FORD. Trea-urer. WM. J. McCOLLAM, Secretary. The Room* will be open dai!/, from 8# o'clock a. m. to 4 p. Thursday of each Wr-ek is s< t aj>art an a day of general meeting, at which, it is understcod, all the membenof tlie Exchange will be prevent between the hour, of 11# o'clock a m and 9 pm. Bv order: WM. J. McCOLLAM, ma r 9??-o3t Seen ta ry. UNION GUARD.-THE MEMBERS OF THE corns are requeste? to attend at th^ir armorv J WEDNESDAY EVENING, at L I. II 11'a, at __ 7 o'clock. Young men wishing tu join arc respectfully invi ted. By order Lieut. J. J. Mulloy, commanding mar 6 2t J. SHEA, Sec. .LECTURE ?REV MILTON HENRY will deliv-r a lecture at Columbia II >11 Capitol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, the 8th n Riant, at ~\A o'clock. Subject: "The responsibility of American yonrg men." The public are Invit d t<. attend. Lecture free, mar 6 - /nnr.MEMBERS OF GLOKGE vA AMI ington Tent, No. 2. Junior Order of Rech abites, will give an entertainment in the basement of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, corner of Mary land avenue and Sixth street, Island, on WEDNES D\Y EVENING, March 7tli, on whic h occasion they will present an original moral Tempe-ance Drama, written expresely for ihein. entitled, JON'A DAB, HON OF RECH AB; or Wa lur.gtoa City in 1855. Tickets 25 cents?Cbil ren under ten years half price. THE COMMITTEE, mar 3?3t _ WE ARE YOUNG'71'ET YOUTH 52, ihen plead our can<e."?A Lecture or the benefit of iiie Scott Gusrd* will b" delivered by Prof. Alexander Dimitrt,at Odd Fallows' llall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. March 7ih,at 7J4o'clk. The procei ds of the above Lectuie will be appro priated toward* anl ng the corps in purchasing their arms. Sub ject?"The arts of Statuary and Architecture, in Athens " Tickets 25 cents. mar 2?5t* Q1 HEW AKiii?Lost, on the evening of the <n)l 26th February, a gold moun ed single F.veglas?. The above reward will be- paid by M. ELlOT, Apothecary, corner of F and 12th sts! inar 7?3i* STEW A RT'S HK V LIGHT D \G U ERR BAN Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, is where the public can have splendid pictures taken at more reasonable prices than at any other room in the city. Tall early. Satisfaction always given, mar 7?lni LAND WARRANT ANDPfUfclON CLAIMS. 'IM1E subscriber has in his possession a copv of I Mu-ter Roll ot the Company commanded by Majf r George Peter, in the War of 1812, and Is pre pared to obtain Bountv Land for all Soldiers who have been engaged in the service of their country since 1790; and all other claims against the United States. RICHARD P JACKSON. Office 153 B.idge street, Georgetown, I) C. 1 mar 7?Iw LU X?On Tuesday morning, March 6Ji, be between 15ih street and Centre Market, bunch o: small Keys. Any person fin'ing the same wiil tt suitably rt.warded bv leaving them at the Iscuse of the R^v. S P. IIILL. II street, No. 347, two d<M>rs east of Lafayette Square. mar 7?It* SUPKftlOK HAVANA CIGARS ON Private Sale.?The attention of the trade and private gentlemen is calUd to tlie choice lot of im ported CIGARS, of Jvannus brands and flavors, at pnvate sale, on the second fl-aor cf my ailPtton rooms, for a few davs. JAS. C. McGUIRE Auction and Couimisiuon Merchant. mar 7- J3t st io ma dly The beat plac? to ret a FIXE DAGUERREOTYPE OR A PERFECT STF.RfrOSCOPF, la at HeCAUTh V'8 6ALLBHV> OVTR SHILMNOTOK'a lOOKSTOIK. mar 7?eo3t* PERRY'S AND GILLOTT S STEEL PENS, various kinds and sizes, bought in person from the niftker* and warranted genuine. m,Y6_ _ FRANCK TAYLOa. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrire WashimotonAq ebuct, ) VVa hiiigton, March 7, 18C5. / PROPOSALS are invi'.ed for graduation, stone and brick and masonr*, itams, tunnels.and other works ot the WafclMictuu Aqueduct. Proposal# received up to Uie 8tli of May will be op< ned ai noon of that dale. Maps, profiles, nud speciAcatk)B? of the woik wi I b* ready for examination on ?nd after the iOth day of April noit. Proposals Mill lie received !'? r the work cf purlieu lar culverts, trid?es, kc., as described :n tlie plans and specification*. Portions only cf some of tlis works can be com pleted under the present a(.propriution. but all th^ contracts for unfinished work will be ?ubject to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Engitutr re serves the ri^ht to prcscribc the am?untot work to be uoiie and rUe of progress under inch contract tor each app-opriation, and, in case r.f the appro priation not hcl jing out suficiently, to decide when anj what works shi'I b ? . t pptd umilfunJs become available. In case of the tn'ire stoppage of any par icular work for want of funds, the resetved ten per cent, will be pStd if, in th -judgtiu'iu of the Engineer, the work lus been properly executed so far as it has gone. Payments will he made in fptcie checks upon the United State? Treasury, upon ?he monthly e?timate? of the Engineer, and it will be a condition of all contracts that the workmen shall be puil their full wages monthly and in specie. All bids sh u!d be sealed and endorsed " Propo sals for work on the Washington Aquedu>:t." 1 he United States reserve* the right to rej.-ct any or ail the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangement* a. u ay be considered most conducive to the progress of the work. Every cflrr must he accompanied by a written gUHi*t:t? e, signed by one or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he rr 'hey undertake ihatthe bidder or bidders will, if his or tb< ir bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within ten days, with good geoc and sufficient sureties, lor the cotuple.ion if the work undertaken; raid guarantee to be acrom pauied by tlie certificate of the United State* dis trict attorney, navy agent, or some other oificerof the General Gov. rnment or individual known to Engineer or Department of War that the guaiautors are able to make good their gumunty. Foitn of G or an tee. To Capt. M. C. Me'g?, IT. 8. Engineers: We, the undersigned, residents of , in the State of ?? , he.cby, jointly and severally, cove nant with the United Slates and guaranty, in case the foregoing b:d of .. be accepted, that he or they will, within ten davs after the acceptation of said bid, sxecute a contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, to permorm or furnish the articles proposed, in conformity to tht terms of the advertisement under which it was made; and. hi case tue said ? fhould fail to enter into con tract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make goid tht difference between the offer of the **id - nl the beat lowest hL'der. A. jj I hcrebv cvrtify that, to the best of my kbowI^U and belief, the above named guarantor* are nod and sufficient. p mar 7 T% A inn?in mill NATIONAL THEATRE. lucre id rig aaeceaa and popularity of ? KT1II A IADIft4??j Splendid Circus Company. Tl?e b st Equestrian Company in America. AFTERNOON PERFORM AM CE Every WSDHKIDAT and MTl'ROAl. TIIIi kVIRlRfl. March T, Oiard rhange nt r.arr.-TKiAN novelties. fn which ijipcar* M'llr Mr. TNn Kim, Moat Le Ruen, A. Ayoae r, VN odeli. Master* Madi gan, an ' i'harle?, .Mr. M. P Madigan. W.iiiam ! o?i?t m?.i the THREE FAMolS CLOWNS. Jim My-r*,? arlo, rnd Sam Long. WANTED? FIFTY LIT1I.K CHILDREN fur the Fa.rv Pantonnne of r I V II F. R E 1.1. A. Tho?e accu-tomod to f?a:iemg will he pr?frrred raters or *t>m*siow Private Rom. $<; Itp^i'irrlt and PvqufT.r, St ctri; OrohMlri seats. T5c -n't; > rood and Third TW an 1 Colored (lattery '2T. ce I*. mar 5 IAA CORD8 ?P PINK AND OAR DKLIY IUU rrrd in Mf pit! of the city. Pine |4 7i? Onk #5 75. Order* lelt Mr. MtCHESNEY, Feed Store, Seventh mreel, opposite Mr. Summers', Saddler. mar 5?6t TO MANUFACTURES* ft KACHIVUTS ? HE MATTE S WAN' MAI HIKE AND MAK I UFACTUKING CO., have on exhibuofi and fnr uif, at llw Metropolitan Mechanic's Institute, iIm- following maclut?ei\ : ? One horse, boiizonul, high pressure Sum En gine Two Iron pUner*. onr p'aning 7 fl,, and Ike other J% n. in leu; h. Oi,e 3?i.u- Lathe, rhat smlng* 98 inches orer shears, of a v? ry neat ?! le, and improved pattern. Shears 10 ft. long i?n? Woo lw.. th ? patent Wood Planing Machine, one .16 inch Conor, Card. ?lie 2 doub'e headed Drawtig One Filling (ring auJ traveler) Spinning Fi.ime, of 7spudUs. One \ wide Loom (juil.ic pattern) with improved pick motion, without using pick* r rods. Th - public are re*perifully inviied to the machine department of the Inatitute, where interested par ti r* will receive information and price* concerning Mich machinery an they may require, for almost every branch of manufacture. The Work*, which are of over 43 yean standing and well known to a majority of Southern manufac turer?, are situated at Matteawsn, I hit hs*s county. New York. ?ne mile from the Fuhkill Depot. Hud son River Railroad, two hour*.' from New York city. KAMI EL R. SCHENCK, mar 5?3r* Ag? nt. UBDIICNBKH THIC CHILDRKK ? At LAM MONf>*8, 8th street, can be found (?race Hoop*, RMiledo e?, Building Hlockr, Crying I) ill*, Toy Tea .Sets, India Rubber Ball, kc.. and for sale low for cash. mar S - 3t* NEW CONFECTIONERY. FRUIT A$D SEGAR STORK. f|ilR robwribrrtMprctfully invitn an examina I tion of his elegant assortment of CONFEC TfONERV, whicJi, in quality and price will be round equal to any bout* in the city. Ite ha* likewise a choice a?tide in SEGARS of various br mdi', to rattr th# palate of rvrry ger.tle man. JOHN H MATHIOT, mar 5? 3t* 8th at corner of D. PHILADKLPRIA LAGfcR BEER DEPOT, 381 Pi. urenae, l-rtirccn 4 % <imi 1/A gtrrrL \Kj E have at all ura<-s the b?-?t Philadelphia La ? v ger I'.eer on I and, and i.fier it now lor aale for 03 per keg, and in quart bottles tor f 1 50 per dozen. We mjbJ tbc Beer Iree of rat* to all parts of lb* city. Many physicians have recommended this B< et nt- <Kie ol the best n ine lie* for weak "tomarbs, mar S-lm* F. C. fc. W. GERECKE. c CHAPPED HANDS?At LAMMOND'S, 7tli stre? t, can be hid Tian-pa rent Toile Scap in bars, ilie best article in use for chapped bands, mar ti?-i MAI' I?F THE ISLAN?? OF CUBA. co?.piied from the most reliable t*pam?b autboriiie*. with Goog aphical, Clinun logic al, and Statistical Not? s, mourned < n rollers. mar 3 FRANCE TAYLOB. C?,1 RBV, ARD.?The- und?*r*icn?*d will pay W v 0OC for the apprehension of Negro Woman M ARGAKET CHASE, purebred by thr late Owen Norfolk, -t sale of l liomas and Richard Harve\, eiecutom of Thomu Harvey. For the laai eighteen months <?id weman wa? hi Geoigetowrn, ^he is now believed to be in Alexandria. Phe is about siity yeara of age; u Mack, &nd about five feet four inches high. Th? The ahr ve reward will h? paid on delivery lo the ?uhecribar, at Cpper Mar U^ro', Pnnc- Geo?ge,? in., Md. JNO. C. MCLLIKIN. mar 3?3w AJmmiftrator of Owen Norfolk. NEW MUSIC. WE are this day in receipt of a tare# a?ftertment of NEW MCSIC from tlie |*riucipa: publish ing houiies In the courny, cou-istint of Song*, Dueeis, Trios, Marcbcf, ttoi.dof .Gal op-*, Uuaitnlle*, Polkas, Mazourkar, Scbottisches, G?m? from the Operas, kc. Al?o, Mu?ic Ikierks. Toitfolio-. Music Paper, In struction Book?. Music foi Brands, arrai g.-d in cheap style; Rows, Pegs. Rocm, and every anicle p* rtauurg to the um>-ic trade always on hand at the Piano and Mu*ic Establishment of JOHN F. ELLIS, mar 3 306 Pa.. venue, near Tenth st. TkTILE^ REGISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE ]^j Pipsr?.?A conipl' te set if Niie-a' Renter, 76 voli, or any other Books w-.ll be given m exchange for tne '? American Sutta Paperv" and " American Archhrea," or they will be purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR fc MAURY'S tcb 14 Bookstore, near Nintb street. Tluwn l)ci'aHTMairr, March S, 1865. N OTICE Id HEREBY GIVEN to the bolder*oi stork of 'he United State* described in tbe fol lowing nntice of :td Jannary iast, that for the put pose of c< mpletinc the purchase of tbe am< in t therein named, this depattnent will continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ei tent of the ie>idn<> ot the >mo p.opo*ed no. y? tob tained?aay ^1,158^85 05, if said stocks are offer* 4 mii.1 received here prior to tbe first day of June next: Tnr 4Fr*Y l)cr**Tiii:NT, January 3, lftiS. Notice is hereby given to the lutlders of tbe fol lowing de?f rited stocks of the United States, that tins d* partial m is prepared to purchase, at any time between tbe date hereof bud the 1st da) of Mar h next, portions of tho?>' stocks, amouuuug 10 the ag cregate to (l,900,f00. in the manner and on tbc te uir hereinalu-r mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, w ithin tLe tmount stated, preference will b*- g ven tu the order of Uine iti which said sttK-ks may be offered. Tbe MilMi . 1. < ) jti?d to the L'uited States by tiie p.itties who are to receive the amount tuereof, must be tiatisu ltted to thi* department; upon tbe reecipt whereof, a will be fait! compounded id the follow ing paiticular^: I. The par vali|e,or ai ?ount specified in each cer tificate. U A premium on the t:ook of the loan authoriz d by tlie set of July, 1846, redeemable November 13, 1&6 of2\ percent ; on the stock of the loan au thorized by t'ie act of 1842, redeemabte 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of tbe loans authorized by the acts of 184? and 1818. a d redeem al<l?Ytbe former en the 3M Deceniter, 1867, and tLe 'alter on the 90th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorized by tbe act of 1650, and Tedc mab e on the 31st ol December. 1864, (commonly called the Tcian indemni y,) 6 per c lit. 3. Interest rn tl>e par of each certificate from the l?t of Janu <ry, 1855, to the date of receipl and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach tbe owner) of ?n? day's interest in addition Payment for said stccks will be made in dralta of the Ttea>urer of the Uni'ed States, on the isstKant treasurer at Hmhi, New Y><rk, rinladelphia, as tbe parties n ay direct. But to certihcate w ill be entitled to the benefit of this notice which t-kail not be actually received at the Treasury on e.r before the said 1st dav r?f Match next. JAMES CUTHfelE. mar 6?diJunel Secre ary of the Treaaury. LOOK HIRE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO jILL who aervrd in awt wan since 1790. whether a* Officers, Soldiers, Sailor*. Marine*, Clerk*, Indiana, Cba| 'ainn, Wag >n Masters, Teaaiaura, Landsmen, (or their widows or uunor children) who Lave not yet received full 1G0 acres, and have been in service 14 day*, will do well k. write to ua. postpaid, and tbeir Lnnd Warrants will be forwarded to tbem for tbe above quantity, and no charge if they do not get It. LLOYD k CO., C^a:m AgeniV (Xfie*, opposite U. 8. Ttenanry, Washington City, D. C mar f>3m BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. ALL my old frienda for whim I obtained Bounty Lmd, hi les* quauuty than 160 acres, are here by informed that their names and a record of tbe evidence, with the dates of their certificate*, are on my book, an tbni I can, w th ffccHity, make oat tbeu declftiationa for r.idliltnal land. Tbo?* who flailed to obtain ary land for want of sufficient eervtce, many of whom are now entitled to 100 acre*, can find tbe time allowed recorded by me. Other* will find it to tbeir Interest to call or write, ard I will ?end form* and instructions for reasonable tmi fair MBpensauon. JOHN D. CLARK, mar 6?la Agent, Washington, PjQ,

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