Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1855 Page 4
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evening LAXG5YH1 Laa?yne'.-how doth tha world cua*back - With mafic metnlnf to tlx heart. A* memorv roam the ?'?ny tralk. r 1 From winch hope's dreams were lo<h t.? jmh No joy like by P"? J?r appear?; * For what is gonr w* frel ?,"d P*nr> Were life spun ont a thousand yearn, ? It could not match Langsv ne. La^syne!?the day of childhood warn, When. totiennf by a mother's knee. Each sifht and sound had power to elfa'ni. And hope was high, and thought was free. I.angvyne!?the merry ??choo| boy days? How sweetly then life'* sun did shirte' Oh! liar the glorious pranks and pia>?. ? The raptures of Langsyne! , Langsyne: ?yea, in tb? found I heai , The rustling of th? summer groYC And view those nngi'l features near. Which first awoke the heart to love. How sweet it is in pencivemood, At windlea* midni?bt to recline. And fill the mental solltu le With spectres ironi Langsyue ! Lanfsvne ol?, where arc the> who bliareJ VVit'n as its pleasures bright and blithe : Kindly with some hath fortune fared; .And Km' have bowed b neath the acythe Of death; while others scattered far O'er foreign lands at fate repine. Oft wandering forth. *nealh twilight'* star, To mine on dear Langsrne! Langsyne!?the heart can never be Again so full of guileless trnth; Langsyne.'?the eyes no more shall aec, Ati no .'?the rainbow hopes of yoath. I.aagwvne f?with the resides a spell To raise th? spirits and Farewell !?there tun be no fan well To thee, loved. !ost Laagsyne! The Angel Gabriel at Home?His Adventures Among the Yankees.?The Glasgow Mail of the 12th of February states that John S. Orr, nicknamed the ?4 Angel Gabriel," has arrived at home from New York in the steamer Glasgow. It says: 44 A most dissonant screeching sound from the steamer reached the ears of the loungers ou the quay, and in which was soon recognized the old familiar war note of John S. Orr's, alias the Angel Ga briel's trumpet. As the vessel neared the wharf, 44 the Angel" (of discord) was only recognized by his old acquaint ances by the brazen emblems which he carried, for he appeared not only to have become a convert to the beard movement, but to allow his hair to grow until it hung over his shoulders. He sprung upon the quay, took up his old position at the gas-lamp pillar, blew a blast or two on his trumpet, and shortly har angued a crowd of carious lookers on, pointed to the scars on his head, which he had received in Canada and the United States in doing battle with Popery, said he would talk to the people of Greenock for hours on Monday night of his adven tures and hairbreadth escapes among the Yankeis, wheeled, rushed up the quay, going off to Glasgow by the railway train." A Heartfelt Sentiment Inoppor tunely Expressed.?A large and bril liant party in fashionable circles a few weeks since, not one hundred miles from our metropolis, and the festivities were kept up to so late an hour that the fair hostess became completely wearied out. Some fifteen minutes after the lady sup posed the last of her guests had gone, she walked into the supper room, where the gas had been turned down, and gave vent to her wearied spirit by ejaculating 44 thank God, they are all stutfed ?nd gone."' 44 Not quite all," squeaked out a voice, 441 have returned to tind an ear ring which I supposed was dropped while at the supp*r table!" The hcsless's chagrin can be bttter imagined than de scribed, when on tnrnirg round she dis covered one of our nearest fashionable neighbors '?Boston Pott. H7* " A fellow feeling makes us won drous kind." 44 W ell, now,"exclaimed Mrs. Parting ton, after reading the above quotation ; ' well, now, that are a fact; for I mind when I was a gal and the fellows come about me that 'ere way, it seemed like as if I couldn't refuse em nothing ;" and the old lady, with a deep sigh, went off into a revery on the romance ol youth. M. Laysel, a French chemist, says that he has discovered that, by grinding tea. in the same manner as coffee, before infu sion, the quantity of exhilerating fluid obtained is nearly doubljd. The expe riment is worth trying. AJOVEMfLNTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Same. Ltai-e for Dai*. St. Loms New York Havre..Mar. 10 pW? ' Boston Liver|?ool.\Mar. 14 Pacific Nww Y??tk Liverpi<ol...Mar. 21 Boston Liverpool ...Mar. 2r f,acino Llveipool..Xew \ork.. Feb 24 Hermann Brem n N?w Yotk.. Feb. 28 ?"ca Liv?-rp >4...Ro?ton Mar. 3 ?Uanuc -Liverpool...New York..Mar. 1U ^n,?* Haore New York..Mar. 14 , u " ?? Liverpool Boston....Mar. 17 America Livr ipuol.... Boston..... Mar. 31 (O-The California sttaui'rs leave New York on the ?Ui and 2utb el'each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL UOTELS. j W lilardt' uo t!?a-a & J c. wtLu&>. It3A G H Striker, Jr, NY J W ?Wf?-an?, Pa J J Archer, Md "! V **3n ^uan W YVeIN and two ladies, J A Noma. Fa do Kev A B V*n Zandt. Va H N'e.l on & family, Va W ?wV;' ^ vv J U VVdW a0d W De Lamia?, NY do K Prime, do 0 Dewey, Mass A l Keaton, Va J Howard, Ml Brown. JJetal-r p. k M. aaowa. !t ^ L' W IItinier, III * Bowman, Mass |( O M.d l?ion V. w^*iiT?rUl * Ud>? XnR L? *re'l, do* M T\V al worth, do BT Merries, Md F Thoma^Md G Doremm, ?y Hon RMT Hunter, \a H ^Vru#*rman do Hon W O Go.Hie, d.? G H l)?, y Va LA Pratt, NY A W Jatoer J A Klrkpa trick, Va W C Morns, Md ?? C d? ^ Henntngson, lady a h G Hall, Md ehitd, Gi Hon A C Butler. Sr F D Reynold" NY V W Hiliean , Md T H Snfkel do l? Gi unan, la W H <"lowe?, Va M Tr.Hib it, do T A Bled.ton, d? J A Ncvins. do X Mayo, do ? T?*\Temm LHoJS-on.F. JO Knot, do JH^ KtaCWM*. " " naJinf??t>, Ny m u ? l)r Boyd, do ' * F* JMTott,* L Loomi#, sc ??d H Hrukuu a *oo, <? H K 1>ay? Va St._m , f K Donrkoo. DC |>r An,u VVC*"W C W xnlp., ?? L ? i , rVte ^ I K M l G r Wilmon, do p r;?or^, do Mansion Hoan, Alexandria, Va a. *iwton, paoraiKToa. G B Smith, Va Rev T B Batch. Va T A Fou-to~do J Faster, Md r \vlZLi J A Morris, Pa ft i M<i plfISS?'St \ H ?*???.* PL *aahn, SY j K Wy*hto>, do iZirS: T",rt,"'v" _ rwo. 5S0f TK ?!????. I ifiJnt^rV?*?^',f??B Al*K LW PIXRCB, Prw mV** 8t!tV of doberebj h*!d at t> ^ ? S0*? ^at ? PUblij Mle will b? Ml?uLirV? oacs mt Acocsr^ia the 8tate of ^ commencing on Monday, i he twenty-fir* nt7k/ *M, for th? dispostl or all th*t portion _ , Jn* ??cfcons iD'l part* of ssotions of laa<l bearing M nruuoers within ait miles on mob aid* of tha {f?* **"<!?? Mob lx AMD Ohio aivta aaiuioAP, In tbe ?*?#* of Alasama and Mnmsfrri, subje t to ths ?>ubi? minimum price of two dollar* and Arty cent* Mr acre, as pr. vided by ibe at ol SOth September, I 'M, and ticepted from graduation aa to prk-e by the act of 4th Autrus:, 1KM, which wera a-Uvrttoel i to ba olfcrad for aale la p.-vHamation Mo. 493, bear ing date 'Sid May, 1863, but subsequently witi drawn uaii far h?r note. ? tor tba propoard Ta'ilroad ? from Braadnn to Moat r-mery by public uo ice No.' 494, bearing date 19.h August, 1SW; and the same ? ot being sutyfet to priviis entry at the dsteofsnid withdrawal, were eonse joentiy not restored ta mar ket by general notice No. 6?i, dated 6th September, 14M??ituatej iu the undermentioned townships, to wit: Nortk of the base line an-t east of the Choc* aw meri dian. Town?hip/oMr, of range thirteen Townships thr re, four, five, and six, cf range lour teen To vu.-hips three, four, flr?, tjx and sr-en. of rargvfitt>en rt7t?5aShir8 thrrt'Sour>S*'K, ??*. ?nd wren,of range ^Towaships five, six, and ter*n, of range ceres Township seren, of raogs eighteen. Notice i< also lerebv gwen that all ihs lands itt uatat outside of the (txlmU iimiti on each aide of the above ro4d withflrfrwn and not pi^c* restored to private entry aa above state 1, which will be fub j*ct to entry At oce dollar and tw#atj-fiv# ce-t* per eere, or (if for actual settlement aad pre emp !rC?*i^4 P."?)* pwribed by the graduation act of 4th August, 1654. in the foil >wing-ns?ned districts and townships la the States of Mits ssippi and Ala biina,wWi:11)6 gTibiect to entry and l^cuion on and after Monday the nineteenth day of Marr\ next, to wit: In the district of lands subject to sale at Augusta. Mississippi : ' A'orth of the bate line aid east tf the Choctaw nttn Man. Townships three, fou-, five, six and a^ren, cfrarge twelve Townships time, /our, fite, ?*, and seven, ol range thirteen ? Townships three, four J. ve. sue. and seven, of range fourteen ? Township m, of r*nsce flfte?n Townstiija four. and five, of raci>s sixteen own^^Lfci ce, /our, fize, six, anl sevtn, ot range se?fHH Townships three, four, five, six, and seven, el range eighteen. Id th* district cf lanl, subject to iaie at riKOP'v its. Alabama : Sort's of the base lin? and toest of the principii me ndiai. Townships thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and serentesn, of ran^e two Townsh pi thir;??n fonr'ean, fi. t< eo, sixteen and ter-tileen, of raog? three 'l'o?Lship? tbrttea, fourteen .fifteen, sixtr-n and seventeen, of Tange four Townships thirteen and fourteen, of rtn^ five. Th? townships d?sigoatrd in r man e U-rs are wholly w.thin the limits of six and lifc??n milf-s re scactUely on each ?id? of said r ai, and those in italics are pirtly wi h'n h ii iimits, as deMgnat-d on the diagrams which will l>* tarnished to tbe rs iiective district officers by the Commissioner of the G-jceral La?d ofTi-se. The lands will be soli, mvject to the rio>d of way gr?nte I l>y th? a<*t of 5i0th eeptem *r, 1850, toti' states aforesaid for said railroad, not t x;ee<Jing rme hundred feet on each side thereof, and therefjr- the paittcuur ,ractt of lan i which include the road will be S>H 'is einta'ning t^ quantities r. spectiTelj shown by the oftiral plats. The sections will be cfT-red at the r uVic s*l? ir the order in wh-eh th y ?ie a<!vert1s?d; tbe tale will be kept cpen f-ra (.u?fioient time to admit of offering all the lands, hut n^t es ee-ing two w-eks and applications to make private -ntTiescf the iand offered at public ?*le under this proclamation will not b? rv eired until thr drss of th^ twi weeks. Qir^n under my hanat tbe city or Washington this seventh day cf F?*bruirv. Auao ii-iaird one thou^audeUht buodre t scd v->. ^ ? FAANKlIN I'lltRCS. Py the Prwi-lsnt: John WiLspif, abiojer Uecerik! Land N'TTICI! TO PRB-BMi'lIQN CLAIMANT. ,t,U.n(ler the c,,t cf Conpesj a. p.oved S1 r.f March, eijiiiln.! "An *ct to extev.d pre ^mption rights to certain ?e'Uer? thirein ai-?nti -nv i " the r>-e emp tio i la <a were extended ver the above ?lliniiil alternate odd nuEb-*rtd actions within s'x milrs c n each sideot the route of fie road where the settle aent and improvement Were ins It prior t > *h j da'e or all tmen:, if prov-n up and p*l! for at tfce rat? o. twjoollan and fit^y c rt p,r a:re, be'oro the da/ tited for tae publi.- ?al-.; anl by tbo :13t np proved .<th Mar?h. lr?4. eotit'pi "An a t tor the relief or f metiers on lmJr= rtt,rr^l r.r railroad pur" ptreons who setrl.-d ard imp-orel tb^ ninjf-1 !ect:om p ^or to the da'e (,f wit >draxujl will be entitled to preemptions at the ordinarv minimum ence or th- p.iolic land',or at ttt r ,te .done d31Ur and twenty-fivr cents r~r acr-f ir prov n up and paid tor b*r re tut 'lay fii;d for the pub ic sale*? Therefore. ?,Tery per on entitled to the tigv tof pre emption in any of the alternat* o<ld numbered sec tou above meatnnet, wi bin aix miles ot the route or the road, und-r the actor 3d Mar h, 1?3, sbote ret-sr^J to, on RdtVrn^nts m*de prior to the 4th >' Febra?ry, 1SS3, (the date of illotuent) cr under ?h* act of 27 ca March, 1854, on ??Moment* nrfc prior to the d*t? t f ths--Tigiaai wi hJ-swsl or ih< aid? from wirkot. ^wi?t>t/ per on ?;nt tl?| to ejaptioa under *be act-f 27th itarch,, in "auv ot the anda oujide of the iix mtle II w ts direot.<l t be restore 1 to . n ry on t: .1 ITth dsy <?! .March u*xt u requirel to ej'abl'.s. the t^arif to tte sati^r cii >n jf he re ntjranj r??ir r of the proper la d office and mike payment the-efor at the pric fcx-d br law as soon as pracftcalile ifter se^in? this n' tice and b* the d-j eppoiu t-d frr the ; ubl r j-bIp ,.t restoration 'o rn-.rk^t of th- UuJ., embracing th trast ciaiuiwi; otherwise such <-l*i ^ b ? fo-f-ittd J*>tX WILSON, ? k m 1 Ccmm'stioBf r of General Und flic-. i*b 10- lawlJsr IIOWABD LIFE insurance COM PANY OF NEW YORK. H. C. tii'ALDIJIO, of Washington, Agent. "I'HE Howard Lne insurance Company, poser.'s X ,n? a" capital, and every facility for ex teudir? its operations upon the m<"?st secure b??i> makes ewv insurance against Life Risks upon Hie most favorable terms. H insuring upon the mutual plan a'e entt tied lo a pntportionaie share of the prrifits ; or udo? the jo,111 stock pian by winch U.ey Jay a lowerTt! of premium, but do not ^hare profit1*. policies are granud ei.her for life, or for a limited "Hie Howard commends it*elf to m-rson^ in all bul 'N*cia?y to every head of a family. - NlitiUiry or Naval nihcer^ off cr cn dutv may hk inxired in time oi peace. ^ Hp Persons Insured 111 tins Company liave the privi leee ol crossing the Atlantic, to i? Europe ai all seasons ol the >-<tr witriout extra tremium Sa,!5la r.7'U. f?r Ca" "rn,;'. Australia, or the /Iffi v vi a vl 3 reduet'd ralt of premium. T, ,m rtil Dl,trm> ??? door cast ot ,tut0 mar 3 -eolm BAUGAIXS IN l*H|}|tUIUlCRIl?N and"! HI ';Xr,:' N? 314 ,,a av? "??*, between 1 d?^o(hi l-ii'i'nfw" "'W remain der 01 bis > all ana Wiuter stock ol Embroideries Ribands, Laces, Caps and Fancy Notions at^ v.-rj reduced prices, the sto< k consisting ot many desira ble goods, all ot which will be sold very client) pre vious 10 laying ?n i|,e rfpnnf Mozk. ' P' pn> or ar 1?to6t P LOC Kf, CLOCKS, CLOCK*"!-If you call at*ihetKtnr^",?r C?ck, unnant d to keep ing call at the Hw^of j. K0BIN80N, reb 28?dim ** aVe'' ?ppu' Hotel. ^" institute polk a TUrfT published the above p ,u. ?I dwrficalril to (he OiRcer^ -m I an.l M?ropo(,?? Tv"'fv. t,"" Corner I feb 17 Music Publishers, Star Uuildinjp, I a avenue, Eleventh ami D s'i^u. w - We have on exhibiUon ^ Metroptrfuan Mechanics' Institute four These Piinn* we oflVr fi* sale at low r .te. a?A ?|ion exceedingly reasooabla tanns. AI*o, a superb ro^-wood (Juitir, Tdton's ?,a<ent ar#' ?''^?ged in getting up a raffle |.,r! ' r.h y* "? SftKi m. REABY-MADE clothing A T *EI>U,,EU I'&ICES ?As the season is ad . %*I4C<>(' ha?" determined lo sell olf the re avts ?r ?'Jr W,lU"r " creaily re k?it ri":?re *' nr'e,"?!I> wishing to con wU'"y 10 iMf,rcHa^* ti,le Overcoats, Tal??a? cv i l'jfl v" uf' c**ui and Fan V e?t^- Cnder h!'^ ; Tn ' *'lk' 8#Un a,,d Merino waiteL.i ai^ Diawers, an 1 ail oilier present v?i?^f!!i" *f f,,'e ^U lllly. will find oui Snnlni of t^ j^i^.** W!U " in ?he b: lower prices IjbViH ^ ?dvantage of much aa? WALL * aiEPHEN*. cssssjt, ?1 the Mit.ic I^iwtLf mlH??'* ? fet?2J , pmhilBU8 11 "ITZ. *?*ne* Pa. avenue and lllk au. PROPOSALS FO* MAIL BAGS. Pout Orrica DtrARTMMT, January 12, 1935. Sir a I FD PROPOSALS will be received at this Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of the 83J of i Aoftl next, for furnishing for four year# fh>m tbe let I day of July ???**' in 8ach quaaUtieeand at such time* as irsy be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bags of the following description, tn wit ? ('an vus Mail Bag*. Sue No. I, (43 inches in Inneth, and 62 inch*a in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, wfifhinc 15 ounces to the yard of ?7 inchcs width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and flve-foV. . , Size No.2, (41 inches in length, and 48 inched in circumference,) to be made ot cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of27 inches width, and the ciotli to be woven in every respec; like that of the first size of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces to the yard of 2*2 inches width, and tli cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sizes Nos. ) and 9 are to be made wuh a suflioici.t number of eyelet boles, and provided with strong cord to securc their mouths. All are to be well and distinctly marked " 17. S. Mail,'' and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Canvass Pouch**. Size No. 1.48 in. in lencth, and 60 in. circumference Size No. 2.41 do da 48 do 8ize No. 3. 38 do do 42 do Size No. 4. 33 do do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 25 do The body of the leather pouches is to be made of good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, weigh ing for Nos. 1 and 2 not loss than 8 ounc-s, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounccs to the sq. foot; the bottom and flap to lie of good skirting leather, well tanned, and the Mine to be well ana stro igly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches arc to be made of densely woven canvass, s > a? to resist water, or at least equal to that of which the pouchcs now in the service are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-mail Bags, (in saddle bags form.) Size No. 1. Rody 4a inches long, and 42 inches in circumference :it the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of s me, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 36 inches in circumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. Bo ly 42 inches long, and J2 inches in circumference at th?f widest parts; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags are to be made of ] good and substantial ba? leather, well tanned, and wi filing not less than 7 ounces to the ttquarc foot, and the seams to be well and strongly sewed ; or, if | rivetted, to be so dona as not to chafe the horse or rider. The canvass horse mail begs are to be made of the same quality ot fabric as the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and heath'r Drop-Utter Pouches, (with side pockets.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length, and :i6 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Canvas* Newspaper Mail Bam. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, wrighing at least l.r? ounces to the yard of 22 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and the hag to be so constructed as to be locked and to have a handle at each end. Size No. tf, (41 inches lone and 48 inches in cir cumference,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Prop 'sals tor improvements in the construction of I anyof the above-described mail-bag's, or in the ma terials thereof, ire invite i; and the relative value anil adaptation to the service as well as price of ] such improvement will be considered in deteruiiii in? the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not aecoin panied with samples of each article bid lor, showing the contraction, quality of materials, and workman ship proposed, and also with evidence of the com petency and ubtliiy of the bidder to eZecate the work according to contract. The specimens mast be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the 33d day cf April n?-xt, and will, in connexion with ifr" prJixnals .urtu the basts of the contracts. SptxiXi'Ui depou'ed by bidders which may with safety tod c?uvt,a:cace be used in the mail service will be fi>t at llo rates pro posed by them. A decision on the bids wiil be muJe on or before the tir.-t day of May uert, and the bidder or bidders ch'ipen will In' r quired to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of i u* next, with bond and sufficient sureties lur afciJtfn- j-e/fuojvye of tie obligations as entered Ali the articles contx&cuiA for are U> t-e delivered a: the contractor's expense, at lloston, Ma?ali'i tetts; New York and Buffalo, '?*. V.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore. Md.: Washington, f> L\; Charleston S.C.; Augusta-Ga.; Mou'gomery, Ala.; New Orleans, La ; Na-hvWy, Tenn ; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and St. Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at >uch times as the Depart ment mav require; and they are to be rigidly in spected before delivery, and none are to be received wh eh shall be inferior to the specimen* or stand ard I; gs. To enable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of mail hag* whi h wi'l i-robatly tie r> quired, they ai? informed that there were fur ui-hed for Die u?? of the Department, during the year which ended 30 h June la?t. 2 135 leather pouchcs; 3.978 canvass pouches; -I.1)? leather horse mail bags; 605 canvass horse mail bags ; and 17,110 cai.vass mail bans. Tlif propo?als should be endorsed " ProposalsJor Mail Iii't," and be addressed to the " Postmaster General." JAMES CAMPBELL, jan 15?lawl2w Postmaster General. 1>EV. JOHN LANAHAX, PASTOR <>K THE A; EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH ? A strong desire to benefit the afUictt d induces htm thus to eer ifv. We chal-eiift any other medicine in pri-sent s.ieli a mass of tes iiuony from gentlemen ami ladies of high ft ? tiding of our own we 1-knewn citizens, w ho testify of cures of COUGH, BR<>N CHITIS, RHECMATI8M DYSPEPSIA, !tc Baltimore, January y 1th, i855. Metsr?. Mortimer 4' Moirlray: I take pleasure in sa inz to you that I have used your''Hampton's Tincture" with very great (rofit. From a serious t iroat affection, my general health hid become very much impaired, when I com me need to um; '? II import's Tincture." I found its effects upon my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right cd up undsr its Use. 1 have several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as far as I have be? n in form<*d, they have use it with succcss. Yours truly, John LaV*iian,Pastor Of Exeter Ft., M. E. Clinch, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Raleigh, N. C., Fcb%8, 1*55. Messrs. Mortimer \ Mowbray: I do liere-y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one bottle, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, af er taking the f.urth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good ti?alth as ever I did in tuy life. I can, and do. with out the h ast hesitation, recommend the Tincture to all persons atthctei in my way. Your?, Geo. W. Weakley. CURE FITS?BEAD ! More to the Sick than Gold.? from one of the most resjiectablc Druggists in South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21, 1853. Messrs. Mihtimer 6t Mowbray:?The sale t>f your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends this valua4 le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with aston ishing success, and arc getting It by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest reini dy for rheu initio affections, and a wonderful cure hat been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I will fumi-.h you with a number of certificates if yon wi.-h them % I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Tr Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or Qit delicate children we believe it un> qualleit. Sold by MOBTIMRR & MOWBRAY, 140 Ba li more street, Baltimore, and 30-1 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. Ci.arks, Clarke 8t Bowling, W. Elliot, and H McPhkr son, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci hkl, Geoi^e town ; and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. leb 21?tr [No. 531.j Notice, of the. temporary continuance of the ijind Ojfice at Vincennes, Indiana. IN compliance with the act of Congress approved Feb.uary 13,1855, which provides "that the of ficii of register and receiver shall be continued at Vinci unes, Indiana, until after a final report shall have been msde by the commissioners, pursuant to the act of Congress approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty four," entitled "An act to ascertain and adjust the titles to certain lands in the State ot Indiana," notice is hereby given that the order tN.?. 52H) dated January 25,1855,directing the discontinuance of certain land offices in fndiana, ts suspended in its application to the offije at Vin cennes ''unld the services required by the act of *7ih July, 1834, of ihe coinmisKioneri sha'l have been fully performed," of which due notice will be giv n. Given under my hand, at the city of Wa.-hington, this 17th day of February, 1855 JOHN WfLSON, Commissioner General Land Office, teb 19>law6w ARNI, No. Bridge t'rret, Qeorgetiirn., 18 prepared to furni.-h Ball*, Dhtwrrs, 8otrr*a Wr ddiiios, kc., with everything in the Confec tionary line, in any part of the District, at tbe shoit est nonce, and om the moat reasonable terms, jaa IS?if TRAVELERS I IKJECTUKY. m ... ? ? LATHAM'S LINK OK < > HMIBU4US will l?uvr Aleiandn-t at 4, and ?* i m, and J% i? m. "VV i leave Washington at 6, 11. aud IS a m., 3Jtf and 7 pm. St an can hi ?i.cuie>I at the Office, Fairfax St., and NewtonV Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Scgar Store an t Kirk wood House. This Line runs ri-gularly winter and summer for the accommodation of the Public. I'a^enc'Td called lor and taken to their residences if not too lar. FARE?For the lir?t trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trip-* 25 cents. Trunk*extra. LATHAM k COOK. jan 8?If Ci&ODft W ELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN 'Tii NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON', TITILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore ? f and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to B iltimore and Baltimore to Ko?ton. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ne?s men of the District of t'oiurabia. The Agenu ?t < ither point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents : A. U. HALL, ~>S Exchange Pl-ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner WaslUngton and Albany sts., N. Y. J NO. VV. 8CHANK, jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. "for tile w est and soutii. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 1MPR0VKD ARRAN JKMkNTg FOR TRAVKLl IMPORTANT UlASOKS OPSCIIEDVDE!I Ibe late completion of the Central Ohio Railroad between Whe-ling *nd Columbus, uniting, as it do**, by ro 9'iort and direct a line, the Baltimore and 6h'o Railr ad with all portions of the West (anl North *nd Southwest.) gives this r^ute greatly increased advantages to throuzh travelers in that direction Do and afer MJNDAY, November '/I, 1854. tb? trains will be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fist trains daily wil' tun in each d'reciioa first?The MAIL TKA1N, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m., instead ol8 o'clock as heretofore, (exoept r>n Sunday,) and arriving at VV heeling at 2 40 a. m B'ioond?the EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , I istead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and rnnniug through to Whee ing in about 17 hcurs, reaching thrre at 10 26 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, SykK?yllle, Monocacy, Harpe-'s F?rrf, Mar'insburg, Mr John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg. Petterisao, Farm lagtoa, Cameron and Moundsville only, for wool ant water and meals. Both tfceee trains make prompt and regular connection wi h th> cirs of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zin.sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lonisville, Onyton, Sandusky, Toled\ Letrolt, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis, etc. Pa.?tengers leaving Raltlmore by the Mail Tr.'n; will re?.c* Cincinnati for dinner next day, while by the Kxpree* Train they arr ve there at 12 the n*Kt night, being kept but one night on the route by eitb-r tTaln Pa??^ngerf for the Northwest via Cleveland and all iut*>?urdi&le points can make a direct <omee ticn with he trains upon ths Cleveland ard Pitts burg Railror 1 at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble for steamers between Whaling and Wellrvifle, by leaving Baltimore in the Mall Train at 7 a. m. Returring, th* Trains leave Wheeling as follewe: The KXPKK8S TRMNat4 30p ra., reaching Pal ti-aore at 0.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. m , reaching Baltimore at 7 p m Through tickets Ly beat from Wheeling for Ci 'fi naH, Mxd'son. Lruirnllp, St. Louis and other River l iti-s, - i'l he so'd at a 1 times when the stag* j of w?t*r will eijoir. Through 'ick'ts between Baltimore and WtAnimr'-on, an J all the imiortant citi?-? tnl towns In the W^st, are sold at the Ticaet Otfces of the Company. PGR WAY PASSENGERS THE MAIL TRAIN, having Camden Station will take pt.ti3?i:?ers f t all the u ual stopping place? on the Road Returning, this tram leaves Wheeling at 11.45 mi lalght, Cumberland at 10.16 a. m., ana arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE PIUDEKICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Fted rick and intermediate riacee, will start at 4 p. m . daily (except Suu'!ay?-) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Reurnicg *111 leave Frederick at 0 a. m , arriving at Baltimore at 12.30, noon THELLIOTT'S MILLS ACCOMMODATION Till r>:n daily, (*xc?pt Suniars.) as follows: Leave Camd-u Station at tJ a m. and 3 p. m. Leave E'.Pcclt's Mills at 7 30 a m. and 6.33 p. m. WA SI1INGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN An FOLLOWS: y EAVk daily, except San lsj, at 6 and tX *? o. A.U an4 3 and ?[> in. On Boaday at 0 a si and 6 pm. L<r^ ? Baitimi ra at and 9 t m; uui 6 and S p n. On Sucday ui t. ru&nd 5 pm. The crnuectinns with Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaviag at 0 a m and 3 p m. Fcr Philadelphia and New York at 6, and 8)4 au and 6 pm. Fcr Annapolis at 8^ & m i.u 1 6 p ci. For Noriolk at 3 p ri. T. n. PARSONS, Agent Particn ar attenuon 5a called to the Rule requir ing a responsible Tcn'h?r for any person tf oolor who m^y wi?h to pww ov.r -he road. dec 13?dtf 0BANGE A5D ALEXANDRIA RAILKCAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, TUK Curs ieavs Alsxacdrii da'ly for OorJons villa and internadi-tte tations at 7 o'clock, a. m., oo the arrival ol the l>oat from Wa<-bln^tcn, giving emr'e tini'5 f r breakfast on l?ard. (J<n neoting c.t MtDa>%s Junct'-?n a train tor Sira<? bar;', at Warrenton Ja cti?-n wlt'i a train for War r^nton. and at Gordcnsville ^sith the trains on the Virginia Central llailruaJ for Richmond,Charlotte* viiie, acc Sttanton. The cars .eavs (JorJonn\lI> daily for Alexandria and intemeJial-; ^tationH, at \.i l>efore 12, a. m., oo the ariival of the trains o' the Virginia Central rail road from Uuhmoad, Chailctte^viile, and Staunton T-iROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrer.ton $2 00 M 41 Gor'onsville 3 60 <? " Charlottbdvilla 4 26 " * Staunton 6 90 " " Strasburg 3 60 " " J.ynehburg...^ ..^.6*6 44 ** Wincheater 8 60 " - Luray 4 26 u M New Market 6 00 " " Midlleburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with tha stages at Chtfloltee?iiie, on Mondays, VYedneclay", and Fri days For Luray aci Haw Market, connecting with the s ages at Culpcpcr, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat urttay. For Wlr.chentar daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Mildlebarz daily, connecting with the stages at tho Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent nov T?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Far? round trip fl; from Alex andra 75 cent-i?"lhe THOMAS COLLIER leaves Washington at W and Al 'saudria at 9% o'clock. Couch** leave the Capitol for ttebc&t at o'clk. Coach ftre 10 cents Hernons wishing the Ocarhec ?. :1 ' th?lr real ds I9e with Geo. A Thos. Parker r.^frwihment? on the bo?. \ o t 2H -dtf pam'L <;v:n\?Y, Capt VHE KEW YOUR 4b L1VKKPOUL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. 1VIU suit s 00-d! RISING THIS LINK ARB TIIF ATLANTIC, Capt. We?t. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Caw stack, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These ?h!j>s have be^n bnilt by oontract, expresj ly for G&7ernui*nt eerri^; every care has been taken in their eonstruoLion, as in the Engines to Ins^a strength and fp*ed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are uuequalled for elegance and comfort. Price of paajage fron New York to Liverpool, in first cabin 4PJ0 Secrnd Cab'.n 70 Kx-~luiiive use of extra sixe state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to ea<*h ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. Par freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO, C8 Wall street, Ne* Ycrk. EROWN, SHIPLEY k CO, LiverpooL E. Q. ROBERTS * CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A CO , 20 Rue Notre Dame des Tlctolres, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPER, Uavre. The owners of the?e ships will not be aooo on table for geld, silver, balllon, sfiois, jewelry, preaions stones or metals, unless bills ef lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed, nor 16?dly LA NOUVELLE HELOISE, edition illuetree pat JolMnnot, Baron, etc., in pamphlet?price 90 cents. Lea Confessions de Rousseau, in pamphlet, with many Illustrations, 50 cents Physiologic du Goat, per Brillat Bavarin, in pun phlee, with many illustrations, price 50 cents. Imported from Paris by fefc 17 FRANK TAYLOR. [So. M } ? OTICS OF UKITOHATIOM And Withdrawal ?/ rrrtatn Land' in the Cairo and Fulton Kaiboud Grant i:t Mis souri! NOIlCt I? RBRKBT G1VKN. that in ((&<*? qqenca of the rej r*wnt*tioiis of part et tha 1* legation io Congress f oo? tba Mata of Muaotui of a BufcWial changs in tu supposed roit# c-f tte Cairo aid Pulton railroad in said Stata, heretofore assumed in withdrawing lands from market frr the grant to said r >ad and on their :equeat that e?r ta'n of raid landa snould ba r*l? a<*>4, and others substituted in lira tb*r?of, rrnf- rmablj to aaid amended rout* which is direct acd rituat^d con< t-b arabij south of th?tkl rou'e; ths Fr^ihnt, \ y hia order bearing date tba 1st Abiuary iasrarf, baa directed thai the linds situated in tba Uwbkhips hereinafter enumerated, which were withdrawn from market br hia order of the l*tb cf May. Ib53, atd their reservation oostlouvd by puW c no i a No 497, bemrin; data ST.! January, 1854, for the Ca ' iro and Pulton railr a t {taut io th? tftate cf Mi* souri, fhall be restored tin ark*t, and that cartain othar litd< rituated in town-Lios nam d b? ow (including a portion of ths old cri*io?l icservaUoo) situated atthin tba probi la licit* of the grant ac cording to th? ronaof.<aiJ r tad a? am-nd d rhall be substituted at.d re erred f-n-n sale or entry tpr ? eruption clain.s not envpt.d) until firVr notice. Therefor*. all tha vacant lasts ?nlj-ct to atl< at JaciLicx, UiMouai. wbi.-b ware ^tyrct to ptirate entry at the d-re cf withdrawal, ?nl which h?ve not since b en preempt I la the fullowicg tewn ?hips w.ll ?salr be aahjeet t-? private entry ot sud after the nineir'nih day of March next. to wit: Sjrth of the bis' Unt ard rati nf the fifth principal mm itan. Townships 21, 22, 23 21, *6, ard 2*5, of tane* 3 Townships 212, 21, 24, 23, 26, 27, an J 2:8, rf innge 4. Townrhips 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 2*, '.9, tnl 30, of range 6. TowDsaip? 25, Cfl, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31, of tang* 0 Townships 25, 2J, 27, 28 , 29 3), 31. ani S2, of range 7, Townships 26, 17, 23, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of range >. Township." 26, i7, 28 , 29, 30, 31, 32, and 3?, cf range 9. Toanships 27, 2S, 29, 30, 3", 32, anl 33, cf :ar gt 10. Township* 2"5, 29, 30 31, 32, ?.nd 33. of rang* 11 Townships 28, 2d 80, 3i. 32, and 3-t, of ran/? 11 TowushU* 30, 31, 32. aid 33. cf rane* 13 To*n?bip' 29 30. 31, 32, and 34, ot r?nge It Town hips 29, SI, and 32, of rang-* 15 AUW, Thit all ^he lands sifua.eU in the same MbTEiCT within the following namr-d towniMpa aill be ri ser* ed from eala ir entTT (not fic^pJi^g pretmp tloOB) f<r the purpo?? n\ore tpre'fl d until ;ur?.h*r orders. iia: Xurth nf thf base line and ra*t of the fif.h princiycl meridian Townships 22*, 23?, an 1 2i?, of ra^gr 6 Vownstips 22*, 23* and 24*. of rang" 7 Towcehip* 21*. 22*. 23*, '^4*, hi t 2b*. of range 8 Tr wn>h i s 20, 21, 22 23, 24, and 25*, ol ranee 9 Townchips20,22,22, '21, 24, 2T>, aad 23*, cf racge 10 Towuhip4 21, 22, 23, 21 25, 20, aal 27*, cf raEg" 11 Townihips 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, sad 27*, 0'range 12 To irnihips 22, 23, 24, 26, 26', 27 ?, and 26* of rang? 13 Trwnships 22, 23, 24, *5*, i6?, 27?, anl 28* of range 1 4 Townships 23, 24*, 2u*, ZG*, 27*, anl 28*, of ranfe 15 Tcwnships 23, 24*, 25*, 20*, 27*, and 2i*, of range 16 Townships 24*. 25*, 20*, 27*, a~d 28*, of r?pge 17 Townsvips 2**, 25*, 20*, atd *7*. of range 11 All the townships marked thus * a ere .nrfuded in the original re*?ivjti n of 1S51 Pre empti ?n rila.mants entirtni t> any of tfe ab w me.itioniHl 1. nds to be ie trr?-d to mirketon th^ nintfe?ntU day of March n*rt on sett'eiuent* al ready m de, or ?fbioh ra^y ber?*it??r t* m<de, ard al o thofe claiming within any of :be fh>va town ships ? i'.hdr?wu or con in<!?d to b? raseircd cn s t thuipnts rnxd- p ior to th?! date cf t^e prefent wi hdrawal. will make prrof and p*v f >r ths eme, at the prie.'fixed by 1 iw, within tw-lve in nthe af ter th? _date of the r ? expect)% e S'tii^m- ut*; otber wl -e their cla m> wi 1 forfeited It is suggostel th it p:?-rnip i^n cia;x?r.U to lands with'n ti e tewnships to It- s<??-t r?-d to prlv?t? entry shoull jjirp notice cftb.?ir cNims and tie tLi pro f? with the lin ; ofH -er^ before the day a;p^int ?d fur the re-toraticn ot <he Nn.'a. ec a< ti pre ect th?ir claim* fr ni prirate on'.ry in ad efier thit d?y. acd prevent much difficulty and d- lay. Oiren u'd> r m" haad. at the <-ityof W??hiogtrn. this sixth day cf February, Ann ^ T>omlui o e thou sand, e'.jjrht hnnd ?-d anl fl ty fire. Hy onJ-r of the I r^iUeut: J >Ti N WILSON, Commis-ion?-r cf Grn?|^l Land offl.e feb 8?law6w I> oNKHVN ANDIRON MAN KL-?V?y be ee-n a bevatiful aaH">tme-!t r f ibese ? h ap and du rable article , at th-^orn-rcf Pen^ryiranfa avrnuf and T^nth street, over tee WA*liiovrt<.n 8aving> Bank. 1IASKLV8 nr.* 1*?mr.\' PIANOS!?PIANOS! \\J E heg leave to cali the attention of th? pnUic \\ to our stock of Pinno* now on hand, con?isiing of superb fmi*>he4 6V4 and C ??ctave rosewwxl cn?e in-^T^^PSj^ stiuiiieata front the woihi-renowneH / " H w - manufactnriea of II llet, Davi-< & t'o., Boston, and Knal?<\ (>aeh)e At Co., lialUiuore, conipruing in ail tlie largcwt, most r.-lialJe and select arsortinent ever oll'ered in this city. Also, Stools. Covers, flic. Old Piano* taken in exchange. We will make reaacnable di-vounts fur cash, or sell on lime. JOI1N.F. K!.LIS, No. 306 I*a. avenue, injar Tenth street. jan 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR Tilt. CURRENT YK.tR. qillE list is now open, and erery suliscrib^r of " $-"?i?0 will l>.' ent tied to? I. Au impression 01 a Plate, by J. T. Will more, A. R. A.,from tlr original picture by J. d. Ciia Ion, R. A., "A Water Party " II. A Volume containing thirty Wood Engraving!" illustrating subject* irom Lord Byron's Poem of"Childe ilarolde." And III. The chance of obtaining one of the prises to be allotted at tlie general meeting in April, which will include? Ttie r.glit to select t?r hiinself a va'uable work art fr'im one of the public exhibitions. Statuttes in bronze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Thor neycroft. Cop;e-> in bro; re, from an ordinal MoJei in relief by K. deflersoo, of ??Tlie Kntry of the f)uk? of Wellington into Madrid Staiuttes in porcrlam or panan. Proof Impressions of a large Litlio.rapb, byT. II. Magu:re, after the original picture by W P. Frith, K. A., *'The Three B< ws," from 3!o liere's " B mrgeois Centi!!i unme." Honorary Secretaries for Wa bington, *?Ie*srs. TAYLOR'& MAURY, Booksellers. jau 24 PK0P0SALS F0S FURKISHI5G PAPEE F0S TLE PUBLIC PBI5IIH0 I OrriCK SOPERlMTEJIDE!?T PrBLIC PklNTINO, Washington, danuary 25, 1S55. N pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, "An act to provide for executing the pn lie printing," fce., approved Au-ru-t 26, 1852, sealed proposa s will be received at thu office, in the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 28th day of M.irch uext, at 12 o'clock m., for liirnislimg the following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8,.">00 reams, weighini; 28 p mnds per ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 inches 3,100 ream8, weighing 26 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, weighing 24 pounds per ream, andmea Miring 16 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighine 22 poutids per ream, an 1 mea suring 18 hy 18 inche 400 reams, w eighing 12 pounds per ream, and nit a suring 12 by 16 inches AH these papers to be made of the best materials, and tini?hed in the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for sup plying the qaantuic* stated, at such times as the public service may icquire but the privilege is re served or ordering a greater quantity of either km I, should a greater quantity be required, at such tiines and in sdeh quantities n* may be deemed ne essary. Samples of each kind of paper must accompany eacb bid, and all pr jtosals and samples mu.t be transmitted to this office, free of postage or ot.ier expense Each proposal must be signed by the individual or fi m making it, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper mu<t be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Wa? bin:ton city, in good oro' r, free of alb and every txtra charge or ex pense, and subject to the impuctioa, count, u eight and measurement of the Supeunteiidcut, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for theui ; and none will be taken into consideration unlets sub.stauiially agreeing therewith. Boiids with approved securities will he required; and the supplying of an inferior article, or a fa?lu e to supply the quantity required at any tim 1 will be considered a violation of the contiact. Each bidder ia requited to lurnish with his propo aals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with mth tvi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addrerted to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the United States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper.*' A. G. SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing. Jan 29?eotj ROSA DE VRIES WALTZ, Composed by Hani Krummacber. Our Polka, dedicated to Miss Emma J. Brcwn, by tbe same composer, published and :x ra'.e at :he [ Murfc Depot of HILBUH k HlfZ. f*5 PHI ADitTHIA A0MHTISEMEM5, BWITEPfl WI1TB8 4T PHILADELPHIA JO!!* V. b ? t O a K , Dealer In a 1 <ae. at the ?'.flM oiu ertablirL-l Vuw Jk l t Ul J ALUM ajfiDlLL, Jr., No ;< ita^at kCBt >cr? Be low Pounh atretl. wher* cowftmrri wi' te Aaprliai with WJA&S and LJQCOM* oa the most a.xcB.?o> datiai. tericf. JACOB IHIDKR. Jr., Abetter be IB pomviao of rOMKJGS MJIfKS, OBce Ne. f? Wei ?ot etr*-et, Philadelphia, ebers he to pWMWi ? reeelvs order* tor the i; *ei?l Importation of *!???, Ac., from rtrk u? Lour ~s Is Euirpe, in qinOtki o< 4 r rg!f d<"'fn ud oi*ardj; t&d siso solicits for h?s ?*oa, aCl!N VAIGHAN t?MDITR, the patronage ol his fr?? n *r ?iKt former ca?U??ee? All Wines order- J lor V> aabiagtoB will be 4* lirsred by XxpnumfrtM <J frtiffkt. je ?- It DOCIOR VOCKSCLP. tiir rociuT jssculapius on, *vr.;> 0*R HI8 OWN PUYSICIA*. Th? Mltfoa, wltb Cne bund'-d ^scrtnor? chrwin^ Ut?ui( and JJtl . >rialu iJ ol lb* Hu(i : f<uo 'a everv ibtp* and k . ra. To which la tdi?d a fr .tie* en the CImum of 3 H, balMJ* the fcbh ss. ij.jr-rta?*w to ? ? rrieH ^*oi?>. or *b~?o natoa plating tarrlage. By WM KOCN>*, M. D. Lit no Uirft ??? ta'uit) to a ccpy ot tbi mflC'-'LAflOf to bV fb ll It mir Ntt him *ro?n aa rl y <ra?? I*? B' car* nut or w mas ? mis to tn? secret ct!;ca<io?s of married life ?*ciont read! ( Ue POCKET ^IMJULAriUP. Lot no oo? Iroic k L> in!ed Gouirh, T?Ib la tbt a*d% restless DigbU, nerx. us feel lap, end th? *i:oietraAa of WiMiae watki, ?Bd glTen op by their pby be ea?tber weem-it, with nt e?n?altie* tb? JK3CULA PTUE 1' tbo married. or those ebcat tobemuried rny n>p?dict*n:, rwe*t this ttnly ?m ful bock, as <t bae teen tb? o kbj ot M^taf trons moil of BBfortBrate errata.ra frcm the rery jati ?. death. jp^-Aa7 7?r#oa aerdl ?< T TiSFlT-IITI CCTTd ?nrWed in a letter, wilt rr-?-Te one rrf jr of tbl? rork by aelU or B*e cc?l?? wiJ Ve eeat for Ose Iwl i iire?, (post ?>*'.? El. TTM. TPCNG. . No. 1&2 Spruce street, PblledeirhU >p 15? ly eujusiii iuitiiiiiiin. ?? 32a?ti> r. cmeafta d. tmrv n k). SRITH ft CO., M?BBfactHT?i? ra4 VT. Dealer* In ALOOUC^. CA^HIKi, O ?i ?? RIAL OIL. Ac. No U 8. CALThST ?T?vAir. podte Weter etreet, r.ALTIMOEP, Hd. mar 81?ly f ilDlAl D 0 C T 0 t. L R e. SFENCKn , Lit i refr^looal wnto the oitiiene of Bel w..r?. T afct <-ui? hl'< kindf ?fOe?oe-e?Ukethea ut elttrat p?sB. or the uie of Bay koite. I eaa t;re k1. k. Uu>(! lite e-i S]uint, Rbeiioi etle P. ae. 1?lgyHf, BUM, rytjeyale, Pl'ee, P?l?j, or ?*ir other eliiLent tbe bur en 'amily ?re irbject to. He caa etcp trcm the Lnngs or Koee, en? :tub? frc?pj til# ' et'mt. Vy bnowtag the y etteoP? -.mae. I wea born bMni, end bes afcdl?l ?eeeni ,>?ra onder en Ic-Men poc^or who wu udub( tb? ?tl*l lodiar (hir'xe year*. 1>H. PI'KNOCH ha- removed from llr. Pockley'* ^?vdict liou^e, to No. 64, HANOVKR STRRRT. ea* 11 - tf T'eltlmore, Md AN APPEAL Tv) COMMON SENSkL LKT TliK Si' K HEaB TUC TRITH t'er r*i?i BENJ iMi*.? \% hrrt-vcr kiiuwa hi* t?>;i uiony will b?? rnnclBriK. but leet ihnee who ?lo kn<ivv tlie <*:iptAin should k arepticel. l>r. Lew. k lirit., niiiiiNlwnafUK !?**t know n nnd ino-t lnjrtily rtspcciililf citizens of Last'>n, ciMion* liie \v<>nu? rl'ul cure t?y Hampton's vboktabl* tinotukb. Kastow, Oct. 4, Ih54. Me*srt- Mortimer A' Mc iMcu : iii nt!?iii<'n?I Iff? ?t my duty to y??u mid the puh li ? to certify U> tlie elTeoU! ot Vcj^tebte Tincture. I was tor ni'ire ;ti n fi?? yeare Uliori?i Iiad^r a di ca^r of Chronic Rbeaniatiem. i?nu Uie I5r?*at pnrt of that time I was so helpless that I had t'? l?c lift peri from uiy l?ed aiid dr?*^??d in my c*otri?-< I btc*nf reduced to a mere skeleton. All the m?'?t icines I 'ook done nie no *o*>di a?d I continued t ? j[T<iw worse. I hcnrJ of Ham^lon^s Tinciurv srd LboQgti* I w*>uld ^ive it a trial. At this time 1 did not expect to li\-* one day after another. ( I'd r<* take it (the Tincture) tor the Rheumati??, but ta a short time I w*s well ?.f that disease. Prom t * ? tfectsof your'I incture and the help of 'S'?d I bim now* i?aing in kooJ health. 1 wish all the afflicted to try IlsmpUin's Vec ti>l.e Tincture, at> I have d >re, with the ?aiue i-lift Uma il has on Your abeiiicut ocrvaut, Is* AC Bc!tia?ib. We are acquainted with I?aac Benjamin . I him some of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, ana t>. deve the ?l?ove statement correct. Dawson at Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident Uiat the above kiatement is true and un exagt i.ited. J. A. Johnson, Ctiarlcs R ,b:nson. ChII and get pamphlets g-uUs, and ?--* e 'lt'i ot C<?u^h, Itnmcliius, Kheuntaii>m, Ntuiu??ia, Ihrs jjeppii, Nervmisaess and General VVerAne-s. As a (Vinilc medicine or for delicate ehildien we b lieve it ur.t quailed. 8nld by MORTIMER & M >WBRAV, 1U) Hu.u mor? strict, D dliaMMe; and liu-4 Broadwrv, N. Y:*k Ciias. Stott Si Co., J. C. Mooftc, It B. Cl>rk? Ci.ak e St Bowlino, W. F.luot, and II. McPue* eon, \Vx<4iinftoQ; also, by It. 8. F. Ci?set., tle??rre town, and <\ C. Ilcnav, Alexandria, and by Dm; ei?t* evervwlie-e. jan H?tr COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Belief In Fl*i NIbbui. TYLER V COMrO(7WD Ql'U ARABIC &TRCF. lucrtsslnz d^siaaa fwr tliia cic*t piewtaui. 1 _ ssi*.., r . u (flcn ;ors r-^irdy tor til pula'eai/ iMiui*, liw enab'el >he pro?iktor to reduce '.he price s? fe.- to tilaoe it within the reach of al> cl# <?-*. It/ asiperiotily OT8?- ijoat slm.lar jreparationfi i? av losted by nacy em:?*Bt pfcyrciaui a bo bavshe<a eye wAi-afc^es of iN efflca-y wuen tlie usual rems iiea bive Ui!ed: a by then-and f t oar moat r? spec'able cltl?."ns ~l.o / i??e ns^d It In their 'BTillat both s* pi r-nU*>?*oJ cure with never ftiiing ?uc oee<, f r th.? la:t twenty ye*r". daring which pertoj with Tery SitUe aid trcia alv?r:unac? *c., it ba ^TaIusIIj Fprea-1 leputa iao ever the whoV Uu. >n la eu'es receut ; ~oLlt J'\wr$entu, rfc , it giveJ iuBtili?te rtiitT, v d ?en< rally cure? in a d?y or two, wiil-cut ii icrl'erin^ vith diet or basins , or reMderaj; the ^yetria mr?re au-'otpriWe ct ^I a. , a cbroeic c^^as, j??fi?a, W.oopng Lt-cgX, tynuo, Bronchitis. Ajteixcru ?-f the Lvit^st and Lfcarump tA>n, it alwaya very b c. Ici*.! and s^l.toia tails, when ccmi^cuc?d in liue to t erfbet a cu.e. rtrica 2'. Lad CO ce-*s a battle. Pc'.J vht lesi e Ly i'att raon A H^trn Stcttft v? , Ril? :y ?? 0-'. Aiez&nJrla by Pe?l ft btevaua. li Qcorjetosru by Ur. Cissei ?- TTLLKS CUM Ati A3IC CAXD T DUO IS, a similar cjilposition to ths above, but ia a ci:d?x abI rjnr- |o?ub> t> ris ; tliry act like a ctarm oa a MMkmm 0^^v:, asi dear the throw; an J ro'e?; the contain uo itgnnrus drs*. ar? parti-u lat.y nciubuM for children, fisquantera of pab Uo aaMmb.ies, public ?pes.k r* eingart. As Price !a; i an J Hi, ? eels per bos. for aa'd a; au?t Dru^ a^d Caii^y Stores. oct 17?if SOMETHING NEW. 0PPC3irK TIIK MARKET ON PKKXSTLVA NIA AVKNUI 4 doors bei^w Ninth tteeL is a NKW CLOTKINO STORE for Ktn anJ ttrys, openad thl? day. DhCKKK,<ne ot tha cheapest Olotbing Merchants ia tb< NVrih. Las d teraiaeJ to cfler to the citizen} of Wschincton and vtcmitr. hi? er&?lWit Cl'.fbin^ at the l-w?>ot Northern prices, iot cafch only. Ibere the POOR JttAN will finl jaft sach a Clothlp? Sto-e a?ihae lrtnft boon wanted >n \Va><uic/U??n. ilia mutto u d.cap foi ca h, and oxi t atcs onlt. A good substantial woollen aoat be wai eoll tv 12 76; aul heavy winter pants, well lined for ft .ik, and fire ecats, nverooats, snl vesta, in prcportfoa. Qood wool and fr-v.ton un ler-hirts, hosiery, glove*, ftc., ch?a;er tb in tho cheapest. nov 11??j 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF all tires av! quality, Piencbor Qrnaan plate, P-.mcy or y'am Portrait and Picture Ptarns, Giit or >"?ncy Oolc?. .1. Ab>o, Gilt Uoon Moulding, Marble top Bracket* and 1 titles. Cornic-** made to order. Alee, 1.11 k'nJs of old aork. resided with <lia,-Atch and on rea?Gi:ebie t rt&a by J. WAGNER, 35 3 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirk wood TIrnae d?e 28?tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BL'lbitiiNO LG1>? of 10 feet *r more, la various parts ol the Oity, ?wd Geo getown %k >?? prices, and terms to auiu LLOYD ft 00. BUILDING STORK, Por sale, deliverable at tha Oaaal, or Wkarrea la Vaa .ington, Oocrgctown, or Alexandria. LLOYD ft Oa 16th street, opp Tiansatr DeeartmewL Iv ?-lv CUAIlLEk IIAPK.1NS, Archtteet. 'Ta. areime. krtvM, Temtk and BZseentA OreHs,) >\ ASR1NOTOH. D. C. (I* ILL cotitiuce :u furn^^Mans, detail workntg TT Ihaaingi. and Umldings <2 cvtry description,and also toT^peTinund tbeir. itc MKu

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