Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1855 Page 2
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-t;\ prrwn stxk: WASHlffQTQN PITY:,,, j TSTBS^AV APTTO*095 ..?Msrch 8. Q^T* Advehttshmmts should be handed in "by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise t"hey may not appear until the next day. ?- ??? ' * ? ? Storage.?Storage will oe taken in the fine large diy basement, corner of Elerenth street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The Central location and easy accfess to this store-room makes tbe most desirable pi*^ q! |h? kind in Washington. Tftrxoalow* Apply attfct Stcu ofticx . > . ^ - >: . ... GPJirm that spring h?s gained upon us, it wt-uld be Hell t/* retnind the business eoia rifiinity o( Ibf great advant4?V of.ftdvWtiliD^, i? the Jitcntug Star, , It lar thp largest plteuletian of ,a?yi daily pafper pob Uihed Lxl \V isbicjtcoj v. iiile it L rer,d by all ciaaaoe,.-i ?.?-? - *?? 0~- --t- ??? Cv?I;UX CF 7 3E MO&MSU JPEESS. j , The Union of thia mornifig again ;notics? Xr Hunts attack upon th4 President and bi? ?etoes unier the.caption ef TheJailare tt the ftttf roptad revolution in the House of Ret. . rtsentatives." iedring this, it likens Mr IJurvi1? spei^i *tc thet-of Sergeant Bdtfue |o grapbeeeliy Tared by Dickens in one (1 his novels. The Uj iOfl clore3 its article wiii the following renuttkii" ' 7 \ ** Ah. 1 now, we wftQld 'asit of Misrfrs' Hanjf, W^e^ler. Washburn, and the re?f, will carry thia ea*c to then constituents? VS if) they, like ifcen, \o tiiu pet>fle oa-the merija of Uiia -veto? ?? Revolutions nevcr^o bac" ward?.:" Mr. Caa pbell fhoufd utTandori work sroatyhaticalty commenced. Witt "Si Wash tuna a-k tbe prople of1 Mah*e to accei plish the work of impeachment?which Ci grfs* trAiLpie-i under foot ? Yiijl Mr- Huhl enact Bui-Ostj a iuiring crowds tn Louia aoa ? tl? Mr Wheuler aof urn the questiip to New y?>k.'0T a^jiurn iXioiever ?' ? " ' g ttlen^n willtooa find that t^e txastrj, Jika Ccngxocs, will col tail to i|c ? d^piy improve i bj ih^ a?ticn;of.the txeci tive whom they have so strongly censured.' } ''The T^te iri thellou-e in favot.oT the tc^u waa no* co: fined t^tfendheratk. but incladeJ:a number of the leaders of the oppofitioc/ Tie Mhst of the c ur.trj upon that, act will not Ic a af.c pMi; tipre-?ioH. A..d thjeewhoci pect'a d'ffereiit result w:l! fi d teat their c < fort? will end *n s farlura a^ eottpkfe And a di-gra-e:u! as that Ayhich hap even?ken- hi ? iiuct. Mr Campbell. Mr.; AVaah bur a. and M r. ? Wheeler.'/ ; ; . , The tjnion aiso diacaues '-the Presidctt an?l i.he Veto P^wur,"! remarking that? " the partieic who rail at thi* aot ef tils Pre?ident wi>i fir. I th|t, like the *.e oc? of Qe i. Jackson, no'.h>cg is so cea&in of acce > tab:e to the people as a bold, direct, aud o > portuns eipres.-i^n of scntimer.t on tbe ps rl of tbe Cbiet Mag .irate of tbe United States The Sentinel dt^e-.-uises uboat the redu^ti r ? of the tat'C". t^e fugitive Pnrn? and the rcce ?! ele:ti->a at A'es ?ndr: i It appears t*iat &in :c Burti b^j c | ariha-ed by the. Abolitio ?? ists they are exhibiting hiu: at thj North, li so ic.acli a '.<ead, wo >uppcae, by which tb?j will reaiixe a hanl* me profit on (heir invent mant On tb^ rabj.Qt the Se?r*/ie/ remarkj ,4 WLen Mr-''. ' I.-tjrna waa in liodtou at a fugitive tl ivo n?u *??? remanded bick c sertrude, in t l?ia ' eg:o plra?ec.!o<:y he to d everybody th he L?wr m?"?n' to leave hi master, and iha'- Le in j>j?vod -ijaia-t ti t will, lie T?ae deiijjh^ed to ao? hie maste and expressed a sincere desire to return bun ? with him lie dec!-rod that tbe B?.tou Ab > litioniits Uak no m? re notice of bim than i he were a d,g until vney. f?ond out thnt fc i mi-*er had gone on u claim Lim as a logiti i ilave &ni tha. then they b^ca^ne Tory kii ?. and very c'aii. jious Thi? wai owing to t < opportunity it affj-ded them of exairin - *? ration.. w. . !| Now. after be has beta parcha^ed Br arm J.atok j whodiaioverel that theyconld reali ,< a tortane b^ ujak n?j a show of hm. acd il ?be same time prr Juce a great Ab->li'i.>n s i r, he ia carried about ?od made to contradi il ?yverji 'hing tlathe then scared Ihegod j ?nti Set radka Paraona open their churches ;< bim. itud iheCym^i >n liuek negro delivers hii l sell in elegant fc?ugki.-h Afier which, aco. , LECTIO* laXAKKS IIP * "F Tne erudite Doctor J'anglw? failed aftec : long trial to correct the language of Lo^d ah' Luiij Doma?, but the abolitiun .ipec ilaiol? - with Vaake* ingenoiry and abolition magic have in a few<non huiftj n?jtcnlj txaniformf< 'Tony Burcs the siave, io>o a rRee citizhs< and made him mtTur. Barns?bat they ba^( eaectedel in making birr 'Speak tbe K-iglUt Uoguage with c'*rrecMre?,*' us tbe eld graa> mar h in it. ^.hey uara wade him an orak>i ?n 1 an oracle.'.' In no . aing the Alexandra election the sa d< p*ieiiay^: " \\ e uaio Bv doubt that this will he cbr s tened? tBe firaiguu from VirgiciaJ It will be h tiled as a great Know Nothing triumph, aad wi ? ^e boated < f a? tbe sore /orerunrter of the Virginia rots in tbe approaching i^te e.'eetifc-j. "libirfit wtil be a mere humbog. It me, nctbirg But a municipal elcotion in a pljc* that has clwa;, s Hex** Whig by a-very In^g1 maj.rity. Besides, tbe re clccted Major ?*as tooin peisonaily and ? fficially very porular. He it e^id tc be the best Mayor tbat Alex-^r. dria nas jet had. Very lew political opn?; nentc wanted to vote agiinst him rt We learn that a \ery large number of lie mocrati did not co to the polls, and that tbe W big or Kuow Nothing vote did not excefed its UiUtlairengtb. Those who judgeot tbe Virginia Stateeleoticn by this elwcikn will ha sadly deceived. Alexandria In not yet Vjr ? gin?? ?fit seeoM that Mr# Uilmaa the great gun of New Turk kw->w ^oikiagum. was letportcd to teaon tee -Visgmia i*now Nothings what lo 4o Ihia u ckgzuhcac: enoa^h !:> - ? * Tbe InttCfigtveer cotlces fhe Ortend 'd?<|a mentj, sajipg; #" J. *? Manji pa*sagas uL these docmneuU - :be aect.moiMa acid - vieiu which the> advanca? will ?nifriiic it they ao b*h deeply roseate tfce coliidciAte American pnblic ; and ihe arro gant. meddling, dictatorial {.pint which tiy eahibil low aids thadomestic aJfainot a fee lie il ec?i<> will, we fear, grea&ly dain<?e f um in the eje." ot the. world. The vartaal d|g . k?aU, too-, ot Cr.ugreaK iri^m U?c tcbeme, as #x preeaed by leluai-.g ihs provisional meaenroe recoojueaUti by the Pre*vuotit to meet an an ticipated eauergcncy in car Spanish reiatioa?. gives Uxe afiau the nu ot au aaaarborized Sfocedure On# ot the Mmitter^. indeed, un er;akes w jebuke U>Lgret? lot no: boxing the President iu coercive measures agaiftst ?^pein. . . ; ... , VW As an evidence o^ the popularTty of the httmvg st(ir Lu distant peiU ? f oui Bepab **?> weli as m heme where it has a much !*'??* ^ircalation than other papers,) we will inform our readers tint the a*ail?, for tbs past few days, huve hreaght at whe subscriptions ofejmte a aam5r ef new subscribers from 5Ww Mexico Kansas and Nebraska fy.Mr K T Harvey, delegate in the Legi* latore from the county of Putnam Va., pno ljsbe* aeoaaaiuaination iu the Kanawha Be publieaa. ttetieg rhat tbe name*of9g membera ?-wanting only fjor to make a majority?were v obtained to a petitiou .to-Ute (governor for an extra session x um Legieiature t - -re ate ana hna lred ana twenty, three banks m he Seate of Indiana Out of thete fifteen are at par in Cincinnati, tha bal. anoe tatyiag bat wees ire aod twenty-fire par cent diMooat. ?tMMTKW* rr* Senator Su aner a Slay# holder'?Much fon >? afloat in th > papers of this part of the coun vl try on thin a .bjeot and bot few of tho** pa-J pers seem to have a flear Uftderstucding of the subject yn which W* Jlft jotfc have no sympathy with Su&sr poses, but we always wish t<?ive version of these rumo ai they arc in this cai Two or tbree years ago a light mulatto, named John Bott*, ran away from Virginia knd got to B ston. Being a sma: t, active boy> in a sForYlme he established himself in a a barber, ard in tifO yeetrt had laid up about The Burns rise then occurred. artf It 96~fHgfct?ne<i~&fa tbaf BeTm-' taadul^lf ??an ad negotiating ^ 0wcef, wJo K*hiWy tt?ae from bow rn Vi? *?nie,*ertrw purohwercf his freedoih, whrcli ?be flnalfy ? a?cnip!Wh5tf ? m of the $(100. But row'for the rotoatfc* oT the aa,i children ifc Qid yirgicia, and wbhod.toh&Ve tlicm with ?.! $e. .$?$. he could not raise i lie eum requisite to jurahaje them tymfcl&joU} ljad rec jurat to Jbe sympathies of tlpe Bosfo^i' abolitifnisu Xn a abort time suftioier.t m<m^y wiifi rai/od.u. opea negotiations, ani the mat ter waa.plaoad in th^e heads of lloa/Charlis Sumner. ILe immediately visited the owner ot the family. itMed theo'ojeut of hit* visit?* ?hef-mwbasobf ?Me famfly?ww? weU reoeivt t, and the terth of Jthe roh; arranged. ? j ? Therfamily ocn^ted of t&e mother, a quad roon," one yV?ong boy, and tsro -very youdg glfft*; thW market Y>rlc"e was $2,800 but the ef one of thetheirs. Under the eircurnetacofj' as th* "family, wero "to be , sot at liberty, t'.Je owner offer*!, to., ponivey the family to Sumner for .1800 ..lie e*w the family, add tou&d. they ware ailgpod Jooking and light < 000 little girl. _Mc.ry, being so white that io one could deuyjt the presence cf negro blooj.. i>ilieviBg that the monoy c*uld easily tjc raii-ed, bead anted the required sum, aougl; and lm>ut?ht he family-to thweify, aud k?pt tfcearon tlioi Iriand ' Holding tbtHr pi pers: he trvsrthdte jVcome a slaveholder Thi? t>y tbc way ?ite Vlte'to so&e scurriicu^ rumofr ;l rtferote'e "U> Mr. Sumner,1 which. In jaati< to him, we ooulraj^ct. Mr. Sumner had fevcral copios of'he da guerreotype of this white girl," Mary, tak?js and sent to Lis eastern friends accompanies by the letter, in which he spoke of tnis Mary.' as a -'second Ida May.' This was a privats letter, but when published, caused great ex ci cement i? MaMichuscttfc The miniature were copied acd circulated through the Ma*a ohuaeUs Legislature, and ia a short lime tb-j requisite att.unt raised for the re-p*ymeur of the tneney Mr. S adfanced. > As there was so much fro.ingon the subjec, Bat?s deerred the freedom cf Lia o^m and his wife a brothers and tistera also, and such r"Hc, tie state of public sentiment that Mr. Sumner roon was requested to purchase them and draw on Boston ruea fcr the amount whatever it m.ght bo. This he has done in a meudure; he ha* bought tro boys a^d ia now negotiating for the pnTchase. wi' the remainder One oi them is owneS in Alexandria and worth*' n le?st $1,000. We have always regarded Mr. Summer and his friends a? disunijnita. bat we are glad to tind that they manitett ruae sino?ruyi f their action? n regard to the " poor slave ' - ! In tb,s ?nat?e , the owiwr of the elavee met | tbs Abolition itj more thm halfway. If they 3' had ex;*aded the ironey the Burns riot eor J them in t&i.< mannor, they might have given I freedom to at least one hundred slaves. Tin Dcsconians have eet their brother fanatics i. g<?ed ejcaaple in this icstance. ' ???? ? * * w rromotioaa ia the Navy ? Master William N -'effers to be a Lieutenant from the 30th January.. 1S05, vice Lieut C U. Hunter, dif missed. Master WOliam t Austin to le a Lieuten' actfr.m the ^th February, 1855, vjCu L4ett 1? L. Johapon, deceased ^ C assed Midshipman John Waloett ti? be r M ?t,t*r from the Joih January. 16a4, vico Jef fers, pr?<mo'od Parsed Midshipman J , S. MoCauley to be a - ? Afajtor from tne5th febroary. 1S55, vicoAt. ' tin, promoted 1 1 aased Mid<hipm^u.Thomas S. Phelr>s. Jno M?<lig4n, Jr.,A. f W.rl.j, ,}. V. Dennis, ton, Ward Pauldrng,Geo A Stevena. F * ,Cjnover, fdward Barret^ Colriile Tfrr? ?! Jotn W. Bennett, Peter Wnger. Jr , Joan P Hail, Homer C Blake, Clark U. Welli, s. P. ?Quackenhuih, Earl LcgH^, I>?ivid Ochiltree Ju^ph Bradford, R U L?wry, J. II. Carl ter, A McLaughJn, W.. U. Park.,., j. Pegu broke Jooe;, 1> A MoDermut, W'uL P. Bu#k n?r, George Ji, MofPn, W Low. U> K Bridge ai^ ttiohard L L?w. to be Maatfr. m the 4ine cf protqoiitm, from the lst;of Marrh.isaS a? the act o; fJn grefs. approved 28:h February. 1S55 r*l ' ' ? I *aval Iatellig?nce.?The Ume ha? new came /or; the relief of the Mediterranean sqiadron; and Secretary Dobbin has caused the fine frigates Congress and Constellation to tegot ready for sea. They are now readyiin erery respect, eactpt that they are without either men or effioers. The first are to ;be shipped as fail as possible, and many amofc. the latter, are striving haxd to he sent on this dc!ightful fat*?n. ? - t . " lhe Congress wUl unqueiUonably wear fee broad pennant, but who will be in comm^d ?f the relief squadron ia not yet knowa Maiiy oflioers are jMesaing ikeir ekihus the offiee, but ait yet nor.o have heen answered it is supposed thatthe wi? ,^d our aewly appointed Minister to Spain at Clffl.. This would be very apptopriate, as u no ^fl.ry where display i? 0f to mucheonsKnuence as ia Spain, and there ire no means by which our Minister oould mi ke his entrance into Spain with so tmich eclat fas with the hand of the flagship p)ayiog, id amidt^e roar of her guns in answer to 1 bo salute of the fqrt?; and the ftdshisg of epj u.' letts, awords.and biyene's. Ihe relief squadron will not sail under ii* weeks. 4 11 ? The 5e w Brigadier ?Among the many si ly rumors with which our city is flaiiy filled, i 1 aj , report stating that lion. Jtff. Davis, Secretary 1 of War, had b^en appointed to the position of i Bxigadier General,, provided for under {ha regnant. hxH We scatoely need remind our readers that there is no truth in the feJ j port; ;t haaheen maaatactuced that fhe bib- < tees of-our pnt-.itc-piacee may-have a subjlcfr 1 tn di,rc* in their effbitrto while away thbir time ? j I " Th?H?raU, ofyeeTerday. repeaw this itie ? lory, knowing at the same time thai it utterly void of truth; being glad huwever to #jT 4 , 1 eatch at enyHtBgtlwt woW mWtete ag*t&st the Administration. " Caftifc'Appll ioV>d by the President at Large for 1855 ? 4iisender J. Mcintosh, of Georgia' jon of Gapt: M^fcntwh, of the Navy. Wm. W HftTr^erj, of Virginia; father los^ In the Gradayuv and bis uncle in the Albanyj jAa tj^iwH- 'jf New York ; father died it the aerfiee. William 11. Marriott, of Maryland, fatnilj distinguished in the military csrvioe of the eountry. Dadley Rlloy, son of the late Gen Riley. - frank Huger. son of Colonel Hager, W~. -Sr -?? > . ; 1/ t a ? | / ? Chtcrlei S. &*', edb i>f Captafn Bow man -Robert W. Mitchell, Pennsylvania ' . Janet P. Martin, of Kantookf* ?v- " j - ?i f! ?? " The Current Operations of tae Taeasury ^Department.?-?n yea'.eniay, the 7 th of March* tbore were of 1 re&suryWar rants entered On the booksef the Deptfrt*noBt?r>:'1 ??:I Fe* paying Treasury dehtd v\v.v?* HKWJ fcur the-Oust urns?*. ft,407 L. Foj the.War !,i fr>r repaying, in the War Dep?t:>., mfefie ?g|? e ? ? ? ? ? e t e ? e ? e e e ? e e e e e e 1 ?4-??7 PW For thoInterior Departbieiit.1.. .W ?,5fcI06411H .. ?.t J ? ii' ??! 1 ? ..I ? ? Tteasooand Mtf> Violeaee >'? We-are fast swinging ftoal the safl^ hsrfcbr *n out fathers mbordlthe'sfclp Of Stktfe'n ptotir I ts vile' work * In rtferet, and n secret rallies its miserable followers, to rt?ob violence and outrage on free speech- The let e:at confutation says,,''"Congress shall r&t abridge tho freedom of tlje progs,pp of,speech " an;} jet what Congress d.4ro,not do,, miflnigh popspiretors do, u?ooif ?mh inhere ang^s d^reinot tread.' .L. ??ii J We are tuese remarks from reading a/i sceouat in a Rochester paper, headed es fallows:.--, ? * <}-?? - ' -'-'J Great row at the Ci*y Hall'^Know-Nothing iu-jb!?Meeting of citsaens ? broken up!?Sen a i?r DJc^inson pvt^ down)-?Rochester dt graced, and her oldest Citizens deprived of t^e iibOity iff speech by A mob of secret conspif ' ...t -?I "Then follows the actt'nnf of their tcenuon abia orgies.' Tho hfcll rOSOtintled Wlt|l frrlgli fa! n-rises', groains, and hisses. TuTg^f aad Oo^ono' expressions, unJfit f?r pubTioation, "broke from the jlipsoj tbe uiobocr^sts. Cot t'tulon reigned saprume, and Senator lncfc ia.'on was not allowed to speak. And ^lltois is dope in s>frce cot)ntryLand under the thadrv ot the haUa of jaatioe- . These traitors drea4 the exposure of their tressor, and ill | tbe air with hideous noises tadrowrf the Irntfc. [Ii this right? Let the people ooutider wto | they are, aad under what kind of gworamdnt they live?and the outrage only beeemea rac)ie glaring. This is not the first time in tbe his tory of this new conspiracy that a direct at tempt h*S been made to' break-dowh free Fpce;h, and, under a sfor'tta of howtlcgsf, his?e?i and groans, hide their trca-wu It was done in Chicago, when niggorism and lig.try "atiited to beat down the gr-?&t chatn pi'jn of popular sovereignlj. 1^ wa^( done in Wafhi. gton, ihe metropolia of the Up;oi|-i nj:, in this city, wiihina atone'p throw of tlis Ih o. tho members of this treasonable a^sta itt U'P mot in their eecrebhauDts and rosolvadko oa'-ige free spoech. They dil so, and broke jup t jo uroeting. It wa? done ia New Ilaropsbvic, Hi now (gain in Rochester, N. Y Wknt o^mnentary can be made upon such dastardly ^?n/luet? We oar* net if Democrats, Whigs, or Know Nothings are guilty of tkis crime? ce wCl dcLortfcce i*\ dencance it early %Ld ever, flefcoifrice it as a violatf ju of constitu tional right*, and a foul blot upon our repib Tcaa character ? L_: i. L Letter from General Scott The fulloKing Ieiler from Gen Scott gir?s ihe lie ta repealed a^^enicn ot the op ,-ocition press, stating that Bishop Hughes of fered the C^tbolic vote of the country to Gen. Scot:,,qn Qocdition that he would put a Catbo 1 ?: into Lis cabinet; that Gen. Scott declieed to accept! ihs proposition, aud it wss tken ujude to Gea Fierce and accep'ed. New Yofk, March 1, l?55i Gentlemen : I have just received, throdgh he Hon. Mr. Gibbard M C , at Washington, vour juint tetter dated the, 21th ult., in which .ruaytuoic th it, in some rccect politiial Idrc?., delivered in yoter ncfghbOrhuod ntid I in your -] re?ence, the speaker declared ei 0 atmtiaily,. that hi the last Presidential c n (vass?' . . [ < '? BUhop Hughes of Now York propose^ to ienrral Scott to sell the Catholic vote, ? ho nebitatod to reply; when the proposition raa [ ma id to Generul Pierce, and aeoepted an< a Jenuit. was pluocd at the head of the. Post Of ce l>eparttueui. ' .1 '? That Biahop Hughev' demands were is >oc ed to by the pafty to w)iom' he first ,ji ro r><??ed, except that he demanded- a-Cabinet of Ecer, upon which you hesitated; and thepo p ribrios was made to Getr. Pieroe, $od he ^s aon led." ? And your letter to iao thuj coo^l'aded ;! - "Believing the srattfrnent ti be falte a hassly -ca umn^t-s oi the lair fame of your! ?tad tho other distinguished genricmeo imdli ^^ted tbe tby, we wi-uld re?p60'fally r^ufcst f you to Inierm uj at your eulie^tConvesi cnoe whether the ^ta^eoient of Mr -, so m it relates to you is true."" I say that thfe statement or sta^e raents J have qaotcd frem your letter. frd If as iro\ e. ure, in reipcot u> nysolf, absolcti^.v i alsk, und I luuu, no doubt thejf are equa ly .< > in resjVct (u my yoiiti&al friC\lds and < l>oheMt* in tbe canvas? allade'd tfr. I retnaLo, gentlemen, *irk great respect, your obedient servant, Wu*fiin<n oti - . ?" x>- The New Postage Law. We give the follewing ?ytwpsls of the dew postage Jaw, which will be interesting toevi iry ore trho wtitej ;tnd receivet leHerer l'ndor thrt law all single letters mailed (for any distance sot exceed in g three 4kou*and miles are to pay three cents, and for any .dis tance gxoeeding three thousand miles {en confg. ? . 4 - \ Half an ounae in weight - will Conltitut? a tingle letter; and double, treble, and quad u *>ke letters to be eharged ia tbe same prop 9r ,ljn. ,? - - - j.._. All letters must be prepaid, except sucfai as are to or from a foreign country, or those id ' on he l.-eeied to the offlcers of the Government i ilicial business - ?hela>v ia to take cflect from and alter neat fis;al quarter. . , , ; After the first of January next the pottoofcis* ters are to affix stamps upon an prepaid ten upon which none are plaerd by writer i. A registration oi valuable letteis is required to be made upon the. payment of a fee of ive cents in addition to the prepai'i postage, pat the Government Will not be responsible tor he loss of any registered letter or paekefc ? > ? e The irankibg privilege is to regain as here tofore. . ,, , . _?*"_ Sellipg postage stamps for a larger som t tan thew marked value is to' be phnisneld U a t lis demeairtrf. * 1 ? ?i . , .. ? Politics awn ths Clxbqy.?The 80s on Recoider: one ofthe-oldeK 1 elIgioae paper in dhe \ nltkd States,1 is;'takihg strong ground against clergymen leoiDg" their polpits tu be pome legislators or politician* ' ^ ?i#?l V* I .... The Democrat# of the 19th and 20th Wards of Baltimore, have nominated Char ts Towcod. Esq., for tfee feat in the Citj Council mad? v?cant by ibi resignation of Mr. Zim Towaon ia a leadiig Bomber t Ckwrcb, ?do??cf (be moat BalflfJore. Tha^leciij? oornes H _ K ^ mocrat. who ayoraltv at1 n law of Gen. Extra Billj Smith, who is a candidate for re-election to Congices, haa commenced eanvaasing hti dtitrtct ttris a nmt eff#"riv3 in ?!3R;(ti,ys rtvwifi"v .... TheMarlboro^PUnter^aAdvocatecriii_ ci.-ee Hon. A. E. Soller'a remark about slavery being a cttr^', dlosing,iVsiUtlcW%7 saying : "Mr Sollera would probably have baiter satisfied pab'.ic opinion in theae parti by leav ing Mf. Wibon,coated over with Know Koih inglsitf ami Abolitionism, as he is, to fight bis own ba Vies;'.-ince, by volunteering to deferjd him. he has felt It necessary to avow anopid-j ion upon,1he subject of slavery, which we cat cot, but regard aa unfortunate, it ia alwais best to keep out of bad company. "Evil <*>?4 munications corrupt good morale ...,, The Qbicago Trigone says that kover nor Matterson will not give Jsdge Trumbulla certlfiftato of hi* eleetlbh tb the United* Senate. He baaes hia refusal on the ground that the J udge is not eligible under the clause e'the ConatUmiun. which prohiblta any Judge cf the Supreme Court from aooepting aly ether offloe during the terra for which be was eleoted Judge, nor for oce year after the ex piration of iqcH term. Jhdge Trumbull be.-* resigned the office of Judge, but the term fir which he waa elected haa not yet expired. i-.i * Prancid T. Porter, brother of Col. PT ter, of the Spirit of ^ie Timea,diedin New Ok. leant receotlv. ..... The father of Matt. Ward, the murder er, who bronght auit against the city of Louito VHie,' for IdjtriWs done hi*teniae by 4hw *4ob,% la?t spring, hvs lost his rait-on demurrer. < I)e g-)t3 no compensation. ' " **"? ? j ....Daniel Ullmana, the Hindoo, of New York, ia on a visit tb Virginia for the purpose of canvaaslug the State againat Mr. Wise I' spoke at Alexandria on Monday night. It a aid .that other K.N. speakers are about visit Virginia, auiong whom ia Mr-" Wilmot, Baltimore. 6 >S o *>f Bountv Lawd.?A book ia published, and now for sale by K. Farnham, containing t ie pay rclla of thoae entitled to the benefits sf tc? bounty land law passed by the late C< i gresa. It coctaina some 1,362 pagea of nan cs of officers and men who served la the war i i .a. 1812. Every olaim agent ahould have a coff BAUIIMuBK CO &KEt FOlDEHCZ k rw E Rtturii' of bur lieptt tentative* ?-Senator Pearee?A fylyxterixjii* Attempt at KoMrry; ; JSurglarf Arrested?Huskiest, frf -BabTDfona, March 7, 1655.1 The dissolution of Congreaa has brou^it heme (Mir repreeentativee. Mr. Vanaant Joofca quite well, having fully recovered from the effects of hi# late illnesa The people of Bal timore have a high regard for this gentleir m Common aeDte, tbc very beat sonse a man c^n have, and the most difficult to procure, is hi? test marked quality He is cow busy amotg the ha'Ji, und is making the " fur fly." I have not eecn Mr. May, but presume Le is safely lodged in the domestic domicil ? We are somewhat disappointed at the defeat -4f ibo~mter a"Ti(l' n?Trt>df '.ft are aware of the unavoidable oausee whi?h thTew it overboard . ? ! The Honorable Senator Pearco waa in <*ir city to day, en router home?ard. Do suff^n muoh from a bad oold, but is recuperating. The Whigs feel juatly proud of this did i i guiahed Statesman. He atanda firm to the i? interests and thoae of our State and city. A II credit is due for hi' indefatigable efforts n the River and Harbor improvement bill. Th< r o are strong probabilities that he may not or ly be yet in the Prea: lential field aa a Candida e, bat in the Presidential chair No man in t >? Sarty stands fairer throughout our lnl< n low be stands upon the Rn'w Nothing qu t:on,Iam unable to say He is libera! ail free from aecUriau bigotry; of this, I have^o doubt I have iust learned of a very singular C| cumstance . A Jew d?js ago, one cf our nn opulaiit citiaeis received an anonymous let* stating that an attempt would be made o^| a certain night by bur.;lars to rob hia premiss, anl admonishiAg him to keep guard Sup posing there might be *omu truih in the m|9 tie note, and believing no harm oouid re^AIt from keeping a look-out. the gentleman allu-id to prosured the serviced of four stout police c fB cers, and on the night in question hid.them sla lioncd aj teutinels in hid bouse Sure enouv, about the ?' dread hour,"' when " churoh yuwu. jawfi,^ aod^ue half the world ia*japprtjin alumheiB,". ToV Btout. atalwaft raffima wire observed toalirg the wnll by maana ot a r?^e. They so^n eutercd the yard asd proceeded to break open a trnck doof of the house lb ir object W iSk aa stated In the anonymous no e to rob th.e person alluded to of his eilter plate and other valuables, a large amount of which wu known to be in hia poaseaaion. fye next efiort of the thieves waa t> break opei] lock of an inner door. Whilst busily engaged at thie boaring, filiC kz , all the g#a lights about the premi|e? were immediately lighted The police <|5 cera alippeJ forth, and, in the twinkling of eye. arrested the whole party?four in nu ber. 'THey wUro placed, in crfnflnemont, a id are believed to be E^iah burglara who h t re numerous acooaplioe?.. .The matter haatti as far, been kept eccret, in the hope of avaki og further awd importast diaeoveriea it ia at p posed that the Jetton whi aent ?he anonymdua letter waa one or the gang, and be<?bmiT>g a u '.-cience smitten, mado the di?cldSUfe.; or tl at the secret may have been discovered throu ;h the confefkional, and the robber?' plana int r forftd'v^th 'by a^idteTrom aotofrCa^helid Jl >r ^man. "^o futla the a'cry. I give it at it came to me, with the hope of hearing lUrt er particulars * ut ? > .i r Our city ia filling up w'tb jtrangera, J|ni bust seas 16 gr?dually tnrrnsing A v< ry large and profitHble Hpr>?? tr^.^ ialookf)-. Money ie easier, ani Con id "-adually iloring. ilakXRicxi K N. MAsii>K8foJr. W.^Barber, the fc^fki priest of the inystejioua order i?~ilew Yo^k, has recently tabued a manifeaTo to lEe Wttbjlul of hia state, from which wo extraet th?fpll#w ing: v ?. , '?Thecourge of m-mben of the presint Legislature of the 3We, belonging tb' the orr der is a matter wortfcy of yonr consid6rat: )*. I trust a pn>per investigation will b? male, and judicious recommendationasenttothea b ordio^e eotntnisno-rfWoh thrV 'taiy ^eio ig, that pact* *4d every one who haa ^jpro troicherou3 to the cause he has l$cdgdjl to i at tain may be depriwd of aji/fn-wartq injure ha orJeMn'fflture -? - -j The rapid, and 1 may say'tenj rocoden ted growth ef the Order haa ?alufally ?xci ed alarm amqJpolUio^fr parties of the day, andamXItloua Waders havp. sought bur mnka?to dirt|irbi)^'p?hce and deptroy ?ur io&uenoe, Bat the action ,of, the paa proved a timeiy warning, aad dsapita ?he )p position without and the treaobery within, we h^lti to-J^y the p4IMiMl 4e?ikiy ofHnStatju. * ?? ' 11 Bimio os Wis*.?Some one writing f o? reterabarg, Va , to the Ktehmcnd Enqu rer saya: ,r. r. 7ln .i- .-a .x ??Any reaeoffable atnoant 'ef money oai be, trot here, af oaa hour's notltfe, rtlatHenryA mU litl Utlje hext boveriitrt- ofTir gJ^aa/wtUe^utofone or two th -iid dollara, wod nop?attton* for more eo* ered " " a g. an to' crt Vir. thpm- ? oonU3~ ITSix Jurcra have - been rejeotei at |the -oommanpeme^t of ,the trial of ^.tjfhur McMa hqn'ftjr mender l? Troy,!, NY. on the gtU>nd that they were .Know Nothings, and pTlja diced efainat the Catholice confcreD** He itotr an<F rn iftllii prce macks to ustftg ths smiles of Mtkotot Bpiwupal Church ?* At the annual conference now in session it Baltimore, the following action *u taken on the. weed?' i'O Robert fed^en here aroee and movei; thai&ot more .rfej wenty members ol thq id to be absent at onei smoking cigars. Mr very good natured re ist the evil praotiee o reed which provoked the :rs and excited the atten tion of the whole Inuse. He stated that km had made a very cartful calcula i<n in regard to the growing evil and come to theconclu-; ?ion thai the ?am of 16,000 was wasted aor.n< allj by the Meth' aist preachers oTtbe Balti 3*?c Conference Tor tobacco yd ci|v\ That clrcalaticn was based upoir the* wiitf Vial two hundred cf the preacherschewed tebaccC and tlTet onelmnSrea smo?ed cigars, and that he oould not posslWy eoaoeivo with what kin?i of oonaoienoe ihey oould aotthus wkeo ther knew they must -give fta.aocount to God for tbeir oowdcct ? The sum Urns wasted would be awply sufficient to support two mission* lea fa China. The speaker recelleeted how i last conference the old consecrate! this Light Street Church had been ieseer ated by the filthy ure of tobaceo, ant .felt mortified whenever -he thought of it life had one* been a slave to (he vioe, but trough tfcfe good providence of God, was led to set his elrror, and was finally oofiver ed .. JjLev,. AquiUa Reese ? I. wsnt t$ k??w hoi tone it has been since you were converted ? Mr Gadde*-?About two years-ego. sir-r end now 1 would like to see the wholo Bait) more Conference an anti-tobaceo p?ing?ociety Rev. Eliaha Bulter moved to refer the mat ter to the committee on temperaoce. Rev W. T D Ciemm moved to refer it to* committee, and that Mr. Butler be placed it the head of that committee. /.Rer flamuei Register, pteacher in chargr of the Monument street church, arose an8 ii - formed them that the building bad recently baendntsevedsaad*cleaned* and. that th?dr gen'.lcmerxl WtO used tobacco would find number of spittoons on the gentlemen's tide cf oiAM?l Wat* hi did r.<j look upon tobacco merely a* a luxury?i' ha(i l a uses, and had dane&im-good. He moved So lay tbe whole matter on the table, which prt Bishop Vattth laid that he cculd not c4e how any member of the oonference oould a ? sert that the chewing of tobacoo did him goc< A NeMRROfs Familt.?Mrs Mary Carper, whose death, at" the advanced age of el^ht; | six, was recorded a abort time ago, left as m ay as One hundred and fifty descendants. T Winobesier, Va. Republican says: '?Oneef her sons can number twenty ni I grandchildren, and a great grand bild or t? fhe Carpers of this county, who are datcen ed from hex, belong to the worthiest, and ic industrious portion of our inhabitants.'* The waters of the upper Sacramento i teeming with the finest salmon, which ate oaagbt and carried to San FrancLco, where [ they are sold at three csnts per ponnd. METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' l| _ HTITUTE EXHIBITION.?\OTIUEl [ The Manajpr? of the Exhibition reer?t fO urnij stand that many person* vimt tb<* Exhtblmm w| (h posHora' and other Tirketa borrow* d from th| friend*. Tbe Committee are drtermin?-d to rtfO" mH) pCrt**i- wh?*n iound With ticke'.snot their o\Cii. The doorkeepers have beei instructed to efitica y I ex*min- ail ijkete hereafter priveoted at the doo Tilt Exhibition will rtose on Wednesday evenAg rh \t. th>- 14th t net ant, wh^n i!?ee o?mg ndidre^a i I tx* drlivfed, and tin? Award* announced The various committee* ??t" judge* are r? qic dil to hand in their final r? port on Saturday rnoin is -1 ... . . CHARLES F WOOD, Sup't mar 8-TuPMTult (Ict?l8tXe?b) }t MONTGOMERY GUARDS-YOU ARE Si queried t att?:nd the regular monthly nieeifcr tj^t the Ompany at the armory of the tVai Ik h ington Li^ht Infantry on FRIDAY, the 9ili ?taut. Pv order of Capt. Kev: mar6 ?Tu>Th WM. O'SULLlV.W, gee ii ^LECTURE? RKV MILTON HENlY mi: deliVfr a lectnre at Olnmbia H. II i faprtol Hilt, on THURSDAY EVENING, the $)> n *ra?t, at oVloek. Su^pct: "The reapK)nstblhty of AmCTtcan ym|-? [ nirn." "rtie nnbtic are Invited to attehd. Lecture fh*4. nntfl I On ih? 5Ut F.bruarv, a silver PUR j MONNAIE, i, vontainin^ %14 ?c $15, on l^t fir h'iw??ii Pa ttveaue and C street. Tbe f mter |ib?>>a!ly rf\varde<l hy leavum tt at tbw ?flier, No. 63 Indiana avetw**. inor 8?3( E i"r LtJ,^T?A liiinch of KEYS, one silver plated,tm ye?t"rday eveuing, n^ar the Smilh^oM'.an r | hUtute. The finder.?ill be libeia'ly rewarded n nd confer a favtr by rtturiung thim to Uie tic ?Vt offe L at \.\ih Institute. mar 3?lt^ iioi'N'TV I, AN?) UNDER THE LATE ACT ^ OPCOWfilES??Tlie undersigned ?''??>> prhargo .?fai y applicatlow* for Bounty L ind uniei tlr- late aciot ( oiigrrg*, and all interH^ted will phi e t all upon lim aee?>fd:ngly, a- In' will ruaitu tuivfo [ ens, ;uid give tb? high?'?t price for the warrant'. ; GEO. I. >1ASSEV, ? .\frnt and Broker, No. 438 rhirteeulli ?t mar 8?3i* ^IIKAR Wt?l. A??i?Csf TIC A, dfct. lihds New Orleans Sugar ~25 barrels elarirt?*d do 60 barrels New Orlean? Mola<-<es ? lit? 13 lb ohe-ta Tea, In \ lb paper; .'<(? lh^ New Hop* 5.000 do Shoulder Bacon 3,000 do Seise' ' ' 2,000 Ho ftrea*t P.eeCs '' 3"MFuperior Hains WVep Wr^hfUtfttfr ' ? S barrets Apple Br?-miy *?? s; do p^ach do Jutt rceel\^d and for pal* hv WURRAY K SEMMES mtrt?'ed3U- ? < New*) PfAN JS FOR RENT. I^VO sitp? rior 7 bttav BoHrfoir PIAVOFi iRTEH for rent Or ?aj?- Apply ar TilLTtUS 8i HIT^'S Mimic Dejiot. wiiere tliey may be seen. mar ? TH?LASTCHANOE. F 'Ii'- );rij)alnif?!! Lot# hi Square 915, and ?0"Jfh <W Syuafc M^uated on Maryland at 'MiUe, 1 between Brh and 9'tl Mreet#, Uaprtol Hill, art fdt to'<i by the l?t *pr.V, tftey will be withdrawn. Tciius, SJ or ?.") p r month. GF.O. F. DY ER. .. .. Officc ojiuext to cgrjier of rD;h s reel, a Kir 8 - eo'iw important" document^.1 5>A V UiilU of AiU'i ^HUtt> d lo J .an J Bounty in a tier the act of.Ctta^rea^ dt-yUiiiber 88, J?CO, couipUad froiu rolkw tUe Auditor'* ?,the* at Kiph iiiuuiid* ... I Miuter Roll* ol U e \"irginia Mj4j?ui in tbe Wa| ol ItjrJ, being a euppleinent b> the pa\ roll*. A few copies for tale at R FARNHAJiS, -. IVwuer Pa. avenue aud Uth etf^ A 1m*, at FWiNUll'c?, AHrxandfia, Va. j% c.<. > i i iu iirr 4 A novelty IN PIANOS. IN lo tli? excellent mo?k ut rto-?. th? nutwnbT is in receipt of aeven more PIAN9S. making lit* 4iiomI cxeoilem and coM|Het* an.iHnfeit | south of New York. Among tho^e jaat ieceite4 i> a l'ARLOR GR.\.NS PIANO, an i. Miument ofk-u tir iy wew ctySe, WMho invenuowsf the nie Jarnt* (tuckering, E^., dewrce# ->eai? of Ine c|>i - >U!iimate genius and experience.. It t*.uowperu<M led by his son*. wh? inherit th?*W iaUter'a tab 4u, [otid Dave bee* ci?r?fully triuned taniaart. Th sj-.i - ?trumeni auppliMUM great UMidrraiant of a p.;>h<> . Irftut 10 ftwHl. occupying only iHeapaceof a upSie pianw, yet poaae"nitis Uie ac.ion and all tb? qi a i\u b | .i twee of a grand piano It baa met ihe i .*ii ? - pu pr ba ion ol Prolew?ors Timme, Scharfenburg, llpn" mau. and niody o!*th?be?1 judgt- i'? tin* country k U dvkUiK'd to be the uio^t j<op^lar instrument j? v er".)ffi;*6d t"lht Artierican public*; atreaSy the de ' i^tanil far ?jc ^ ^ the ability of rtie iRanfactnreii to supply . Albo, magnffic^i t Louie XIY central and aqi|are I Piauqp, by.C6h;ierin? 8i 5dA? Pirrfif the Unity thfee years* eilh* nee cf their tkctory, now tbe lar get.t in Hi* world, their instrument* never had fo wide a riputauoii, u >r weru so eS^erfy aought u a; nr^twuiL ti aie. tr Au exceficmaMorunctii of6Xj n?>d " tate P*aoo? ofgixid touch. tn4e'andlhd???r, by o I ;ipnMS#d h)anv|(ar turer* of Bo?t<>n and New ro ^ -TU^'butudfribLt-congratulate* purchaser? <m voi able an o^>> jof per*c<iCtt< 1 ano irom aueh a *up< rb>tork. Ai all. pie I ocr a purclnis'en are maJ-. exclusively Soi Ca.?. can and will aeU aud all artic'^ m h e puc as lo\r as tfiex fa* be bou^bi ia. the UniieJ ?<ate^, t*l her for cash-or ap^pjwd pap^*?. - . ! Second-hand piaiow taJMii in part payiii^nt. A gu<iaa?eerMMeut|9f4uiia?^OM^Yaulu?JSic N*w Mwtc con-ventty i?uiv?l - ... . MrcaAko DAYia, { war ft?i i No. 309 Fa, a\t. *????? i i . i ?,! rf. jw j#U I# il 1 IHATIOIUI tUKATRt.11 I ' " ' IMAiAi mmmm and poprtoiQr at.. ? B?sa>. ftJCIiil * MDIOAI'I ? Splendid Circus Company. The hot EqiMhin Company in America. " APTE*NOON PERPOBMAlf&K *" Every WBDRKIDAT and SATURDAY? 4inii ^iui7?^a i. .. aod <? tying* ot , EttUE?TRlA* NOVELTtES. In which appear- M^lle ?.?'*, *r. Tbtw Kmc. Moat ' Le Roea, A. Arwiff, W 6d< h. Mm?era llaff ? (an, aa<l Chancy Mr- U- f >la<li|M, William rwMf. Mi4 the * THREE FAMOCF CLOWNS. ? Jim Mjrer?, Carlo, i.nd Mm Long. WANTED.?FIFTY LITTLE CHILDREN fur the Fa?ry Pantomin*af ' . ..,1, ,crspil?lLA. . .. TMKlr m < a-taoi#: U Daicfcig ?iM b? pr? 4tre<1 Prival". B<'\c?. ?4. l?rfT? Circle v>d PMQuette. SO can*; Or best ra ?f?U, 7:? cent*: < corn! and Third Pier and C 4o*ed Gallery .bee. t?. " I Vlr 5> . WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. \ Orrice WtiwiiiTXr Ai) cover. . ? ?'l htnaion. Marrti t IH&S. ) PROPOSAL are lavr.ed ft* intintiOB. ?.???? and (Tick roa* -iiry. dam, tin.n< 1* and *HJi. i work* of the W?i;im?n Aymiact ? ^ Projo-at* re rived up ho Uie ?*U OJ Way wfll be op~?*d-a' aooa of day. .... Map*. profit, a ihI specihcaitotu of ibe work aril I ??v ready lor eiaiuinatiOn on tad altar tf?e 1OU1 day of April next. - ??*? - ? ? l'i?>p?-al* will b? received l'4 lb' iwnl ei'parUru* lar cihrenii, i nd*e*. lie., a<- d?*cribed-in the plan* and epet iticMion*. - ? ? Pofi?wi? only ?( *?n of Uw w. ik* can l>c com <?tH? d MKWt the piearnt approprmwon, but all ibe ?-?ntract- for uiiliiii?h?-d work Kill be *ulycet to f?r? wre appro priation* by 0>n*r?*#L. The P,ngm** r re erves the aclH to ra-MTibc tie amount o< work to be dene and rate ??f pro*re?s under r-jjeb contract .or Cacb sppr<?priat|<i0, and^ in ena^of the appro pi.ation not balding out autfi lently, m deride w^en :ind what works be n pped untP fbmt? become available. Jb ea oof the en'ir* stoppage of any parjcular wor? H>r want of fun<K Hit n-served ten per cent. will be p id. it, in the jud(men*of tbe f^xmrcr, tbe work lu* been properly eiccnted eofar as itha? gone. Paymea'a will be m?de in *f?ec*e check* upon the United SraH?. Treasury. nprn .b?- rrnnttHy mimar< of the Kngiaaar, renervirp U) percetii.: and it will t* a coii4n?nn otalt coniractattrat th?- workmen afca.1 b?* |?nl J fheir fnM wage? ni<>ntlH^and m 'pecte. AH bid* ?ld Iw rated and eiwlrrwd 44 Propo ^aU for w^rk on thf Wasbinfton Atpu-dwn ** I be Uoit?'d Stale* ree? rve? the right to rejf-ct any or all thi bHli- -Immi1 J they 1.1U 1m dtujuoi advat, tareoin>v and to mak*- mm U arrancemenU a> ? ay lie considered n??>w chm!iu in to uic prugraM ol-iii* worlD F.vwry eff r niiut be accentby a whltrn cu irant?e, ficn<*d by oMaram n?p<iaMbl? prr ioa?, to tbe effect that he (<r 'her \iudt tak?- tbat the buld' t or bidders mil, \f his or thnr bid be accepted, ; e ibcr into pp obt<{sa:ioo. within t -n daye^ with gpod ?ud -ufficiei t-?urtt ct, torthc compl-tioTi < f the wo k uudcjtak'-n; i>atd euarar te? 'o *~i a~rt i fiafn 1 b> t)? certificaif of tlie Uniied iS'afey iMiiict judge. ' mted Mate* <'i?t'ict attorney nary Mg"i4% or aone ?llicer of tbe General Gov. nine nt .or ip.livMiml Wnowo U? tne Enpneer or Department of War, Uat !*!" gturrnt'Ts ar' .it> ? :o iinke j: ?-d ?!. irfjiramr?^ / J Form of G .arar.tcr 4 To Capt. M. C ,Me-c*,t- Engineers: We, the tir.d-T?iine<t. rr.-irlentii o* , in the State of . hereby, Jomtly Bnd i^rerally. cove nant with the I'nit'Vl Mate* and euaranty, in cane the foregalaf bid of be ncce|4??d. that be or they will, w irhiu ten da a afrer the acceptanct of ?.iM bid. ?x*cnte a contract ft* tHe mtmc, ?itb W'd ?n4 mitficnnt ?iirebef. to f*tfv>rm the wort or l'i riii-di the articl?-? p op '."ed, ;n coi.fomiity TO thf terma of the adverti^ment under which it wa* otarle ; and, <n ca-e the k*Ml . ? rbould fail to ? kief into contrac' aa aforesaid, me Luaranty t? rttake gu id the difference between tbe offer by the -aid and the next lowett uiddcr. A. H C D. f her? l.y certify that, to the Irem of r y knowl*<lg<> bclloi. th< al<ore named ^uaranlor> are yood an 1 -u(7icie|>t. E P. mar 7??rtffaj$kwif O 1 K KW A RD.?l^ost, on the eve nine of ihe ^ t Wt?? Fcbfuiry. a cold i ioa? ed ?ncie Eyi t?a.v. ilte above reward will be |?aid by M. ELK?T. A-eitbeoarv. conier of F and 12th ?t*. ui?r 7?3t* LLSD WARSAHT AND P??I10H CLAIMS I'LK sub-cr lier ba? in hi* pox^^ion a cop* of 1 M'l-ter Ko!l of the Company romnimlN by Vfajor Georpe peter, in the War of :C12, and isi pre pared to ? litaiH Bounty Land tor all tvoldier* wbo lutve been encafed in thw ?ervi?* at" tbeir conn'ry -ince 1 an<l aN other cUmiii agauiM ti?e Coii' j Statea. UK II Mill P JA< K8?)N. *tffice 159 R idge street, Georgetown, B.C. mar 7?lw LOST?On Tu'Miy uionnng, Myci; ?*b? tie between 15ih Ptrett and Centre Mwk^t, bmicli of small Key?. Any person fin ing the pawe w ill be suitably rew arded l>y lea\inp thiui at tbe bouse of the R? v S P. HILL. H street, No 3J)T, two doora east of Lafayette Square. mar S? It* O UPKRIOtt II A VAX a CIGARS OH 5 Private Sale.?The attention of the trade and private ft-nfiemen i? callr.l to the choice lot of lni ported t'U A R"4, of 'various brands and flamta, at private sale, on the er-cond floor of my auction . r ?ni, for a few days. \d J AS. C McGCIRE - --- - ? Aaetioa and Mivchnnt. ' inar 7?d3t 1 ,> TEW ART'S SKV LIGHT DAG lit UBS AN i Rooms, over ??al'V J. we*y Su?rt. Pa avenue, i* where the publ o-can hav?a|? pk'i urea taken at n?>.re ieasona. !? fwir< - than at uay oiH< r roon. in the city, i'all early. Sati?laciiat) aiw ay# girea. mar 7?I in . ? ?. T)EfiRY'S AND GILLOTT'tf S i EEL pt>S, I various kind- and Mzes, bouebt in {>cr<on f < m Uie makers and warranted ?? nuuie. mar 6 FRANCK TAYLOR. \ inn CORDS OP PINK AND OAK iLf* J ercd in tiny part of tbe city. Pine *4 75? Oak MS 75-. " r Ont^ni HlwMi Mr. Mef'HfAVflY, Feed Store, Seventh atreet. oppome Mr. Summers', Sa idler, mar S-(k ? RKHKnBICK TilK CHILDRBk ? At LAMUtiNliV. btli aUeet. una be found Uaaaa Uoops, B??ii!.?do'ea. Huildiuc Uiookr, (>|:r.r Dolls, Toy Tea Sets, India Rubber RaU, iLa., and i'or vale low for eaab. inaf &' it* BOUNTY LAND?A DDI T1 OX A l7~ ALL my 01<ffriends for wb m I nhtmned Hminty Land. iM lean i^uaiitity than MW acrta, are here >v informed that toou name* and a record at the 1 "vidnnee. with the daaex o: their cc.tRical.em, yr on n?v hook, no that ( caa, with (aeiliiv, loakr out ftbeir ib elaiatrons for addmottid laud. Taoe wba4ail^d *0 obtam any taori for want nf -atfioeiu aeraicr, nuiay of whom ar?- now entMind to iM Her* a, c in the time al!'?wod recoidnd by we. tu*eaa will f hd it to tbeir interest to call or write, and 1 w-ill .1 nd torma and inatractnma for rranonaHr and lair 1 oompenaation. JOHN Ii. CLARK, ??iar 6 ? 1 m . Agent. Wa>biticbm. JWC 7! , FD1LADKLFHU LAGfcR BKTR D?POI, 3S1 Pi. at?aar. M^eeu 4.^ a+ii irffc sirnf. kl E have at all times the best Ptiiladef]?h!a La \\ ger Hcer on 1 au?l, and c ll>r it now .lor rale fi>r gr3 per keg, 0Ji4 in quart l>ottIe? for fl 5? | er Dd tbe Beer Iree Of cOsW lo art part* of the ?-4X ^ Many |thy?iciatkf have recommended tins B'-er a? one of tlie beat n aoedieJ for weak stomn<-h?. tnar 5?lm* F. C- * W. OERECKE. nUAPPfCD HAM18-AI LAMMOND'S. 7tb street, can be had Tran pa rem Toile eM aj> 111 bars, ihe b?>t article >u use for chapped banrls. mm 6?3t MAP OP TffE ISLAW ? <?F Cr*A coiialed from llie iiioj! reliable Spani?h autharitiev. Aith Geographical. Oirom logual, and HtMiMical Notes, mcuiited on rollers. ',J* ? e.' mar 3 FRANCK TATt.OP. d A,")C HKW AKD.?The underMcand Will piy for tlw anprebenrfon <4" >c?o tA'oman >t MIOAlJfrr < IIAtJF^ parcba#ed by tlie late Ow en Norf?>lk, at nale ??f IbOMB* and .RjHiaNl Harv*'>, executors of 'llioma* Harvey. For the last eighteen montbs acid woman was 111 Gcoiretown, "he is now believed to be fn Alexandria. She Is about ?itly vt tm of age; is !4ack, aad ahooi Ave flfcet 100 iache? hirh. " * The above reward will be pmd i?a deli'eryao tbe ei|b?Pr>t^.a< VfTrr .Maa hnro'. Prince Ueotgea CO., M<3. JNOi. G. Mi'LLiKlN. Diar 3^-3w ?" Adawanaeator of ?an^i ^arf<llk? _ \TILEI' BUGUTER fOB AXLERl.CA'N STATE IN Paja-ra.?A oompl te aet oT Nile*> Register, 76 vol*, or any other Bonks will be civen in ?-?(Range tor the ?' 4merien?i State Pai?rfr" ami " American ArctNvt^,". ur w hI b< purchased at a liberal l*ice- TAYLOTr V if AI RY 8 feb 14 Rook More, mar ."Ninth, dree t SIGNGR SEVfcJtO Si'BTNl n \S Uie plv-a.*ui< of aonountnaptto !he .eauxeti* of V\'wl?opnn that he tan lakir onr sore pu p:l on the Vocal In-infctrvn M the iprmr teaaon. T< iiw* pt i qua: ter.'twenty-four le? nu>; Two lea?^, yrwrck A1 ply ?( Mr. DAVlr?>J5 Mtt* \9mm, ilatcl) niio .

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