Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1855 Page 3
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tr V ? ;N IN<* STAR, , - t'l. .. ? i i ni*. 1 LOCAL ISTE LL1UEKC E. \ ? * f* * C<v?9K^ss is syi Wajbimgto* ?Wh?thef Congress makes H?5iogt^n will be useea. We are ?otnekinoes twitted wuh lae fact that Congress bring* to its train to uian] beauts ul ladies and talented men, io laucl harry and Kwll*. business and monev. th J without Congre s. Washington woe I d n>t be W Mhing*on. But It', ill look at the sontYast, an J see wherefore we should glorv io rhi? merctfml visitation of Providence in taking sway the crowd of M C.* that hare thronged ear houses and hotels. True, we have many farewells to repeat a* we pass in review the good qualities* of the session Farewell hot. erable and respectable legislators, farewell shakers; farewell thou Senate Chamber, where s'erling thoughts no frequent* ly emanate ; farewell tnou Ball of Reps??? whieh was the s<:? :e of many a gloik>us strife: farewell the mc.ce. an 1 Speaker's hammer, to<\ farewell. F-irewell great crowd of office seekers all; farewell to olftimants who have gained their cause, acid sap pointed men, to you farewell. And tha?|, m stglerious sct-r.e of strife of wits, we say |a re well lo_ thee ; fare well to al! thy busy trflpp o(kVTSi; farewell ye ready-wit ed crow<i/w?th 7?*' eunnu.g tricks and circumstantial Use; ftrewell ye ladies, uo. wbu lend, yenr aiiLyner winning smile and fascinating *lcnce<?tfK lengthened press of hands in meeting one *W?ttbdo aught aid you in you- suit?ye lobby imagers all, a long farewell." Farewell reporters "ell, your work is done; ye letter wrirefsr*t>o. ye can retire with rerdant laurels won. Farewell Smithsonian lectures, but in advance we bid you welcome for the eomicg year. Farewell thou best of tiroes for extra lies and startling news; farewell to busy rumors and mysterf " ous dread of veto pow$r? we bid you all fare well, and almost add, " Othello's occupation's gone." Tbeugh we here many '-good-bye*'' to say, we have slso m my welcomes to repeat. We would welcome the quiet of the place, and ere long the mu<ic o i our own beautiful pleasure grounds which *ill draw out the beauty of our own city, which we do not see when the city is orowded with ladies frosn abroad. We welcome the lesser priced in the market, and in all the stores all the hotels and boa/ding houses. Now it is eqr private opinion whip pored in the pebHe ear, that we have not kct much by the close of C^r^ess. We have gained a chance to recap rate; we have gained the money to -fix up'' with, and soon the sound or thechissel and hammer will be heard io nearly every streat a* the buildings, both public and private, are rising to wclcomo the ecrniug of another Congress. - Partisanship vs Public I.mtkrb.xt ?The Sentinel of this morniog gijs: The commit siens of several justices of the peace for tbe Munty ot Washington, which expired during the late session of Congress, were not renewed; "Know Xothingiua/'it is shrewdly suspected, being the hinderingi^use As acmsequenoe. the Third and berenth Wards are now with out police magistrates?or, in ether woid*', jus;ic< ? epecially set apart to a'tend to Waah* tngton Corporatioa business The City Coun cils will not e'.ect to that office pnsons other than those who belong to the 4: American party;" and the Administration will not aj. point men who are of tbat organisation iy.i b"Ut touching *ho question of right or wrong, it may be mentioned us a fact that tl e interests cf the nity do and must suffer pecu niarily an?* otherwise, if this state ot ihinrs shall continue. Lecuuse a ?'Know Nothing" justice cannot in every ward, be elected to the situation cf police magistrate, it will n ?t justify the City Fathers in leaving the cffice vacant. The appointment i;i required by mu nicipal law which should either oe rej e alcd < T carried into effect, according to our ideas of correct legis'atbm If the Know Nothings will not appoint at y but thcM of their own order to plac-*.- of trust, they cannot blame the present adminietialien cf they follow their example. Joxax>ab!? The members of ?he Junior Order of Pechabiics of the George Washington Tent gave an entertainment las. nigh*, in tl e basement ot the Sixth Presbyterian Church The first part of the evening was occupied in acting a fire dratra written for them by one of the seuior order. It was very well done, and all tbe character were wall rendered es pecially that of tbe "nice young man," who goes down step by step, until he become* a drunkard. After that waa over, the. ?ang several piecee in a very floe manner. A larg; audience was present, and expressed them selves well satirfi-d with the recults. We understaLd that, by request, they will short'y give another exhibition of the piece on the Islnnd. and alio probably on* at the Navy Yard, where they have been invited to re pea' it. - Apprexiioxd Thieves?-We Lavs often - heard it said that burglars, pickpockets and other thieves have apprentices, who are taught to steal skillfully We think there must be a grrat many of these young scamps in this oity who *re becoming quite proficient in their trades A gieat mauj houses ba\e been robbed ef do-^r keys and other small ar icles, and a few days since a boy was c*u:i?t and innished in act of taking tbe keys f.-rtn a house in the Second Ward Other boys have been eaoght in the set of taking the news papers fr-jm toutes where they are left by the carriers No one can see these little follows, bad as they are, onfined in the same prison with eld Lffer.Je.!8 aud not feci that it is equiv alent to tenuiog them to a s.-bool of vice. In view of thwe laots, therefore, wo hope that some steps may be taken to establish an ineti tufion where these iuTenileatn Jents ofioiquity could be put under the c?re of those who will teach them to do right An institution of ths kind, established immediately, would be a benefit to the eity, and in the end more than pay the inicidentul expenses. Asorr to Expirb - The Globe fives notice that after all the Congressional proceedings have been printed, the further publication of tba paper will be fuspended until the next ?es-ien ot Congress, which cot*mence3 L>ecem ber 3d. It is said this movement is taken in view ot the long and dull set-on which is to prevail during the recess, nrd which will?if the paper should continue, j; <vs a heavy loss. How will the large number of subscribers te the Imiit tilobe. who subscribed tor tiie en tire year, like this f Th* Pais?Last night the Marlon Kifles aocomianied by Pr/speri'i banJLvisitel the exhibi ion They j resented a line appear ance. especially after they had broken rROk.^ an l were promenading^ accompanied b; tbeir (fair) friead: They seemed to be in luek too, oo e of them bvught a slice of Wearer* trocarer eake which contains the tweUegold rings, and ?o breaking the ?ikeout rolled ore of the rings The hcott Ouarde alw visited the Pair last evening Tbe exhibition ro ou? were crowdcd to an extent we never befbre witnessed. Tub (jaasu Fa5Cr I)ki-> aki? Civic 1>all of tbe Yjung Aioerioa i)sncingC4ub eameg off this evening, at Odd Fellows Hall. Navy Yar.;, and promises to be a gr*u<J affsir 7hcae toad of :he My mazes of the dance as wo!l as tbo^e w), > woul<t while away a deligitlol tune wi-h tbe lovely beiles of the Navy \ard, afeould not fail Ut we nr-o^ent as evary arrange* inert has bean tunle by the club for the c?an Tort and plea:u;e of their guests Tbk Bic Gcrrci ?Vie hear aiany com plaints of the wine of fael in this eity Some say that it i*ca tsed by tho freeze we had some time ag?, and partly by 'he present low w??ter in the canal We reckon 'he low waiter i-? the ?ole caus^ Yfsterday at! to day the wsrer was neat.'y deep enough to fl >at a chip. We think the Mayor and Councils wou'd ben efit the laboring men of the District if they weald do socaeihi' ?* toward h^vir.g toue of the gas-tar snd mod that now fill it removed Per Dip? one of the gutter on Cvtal ?t-e< t would answer the pi. pc?e of flcitlng the wood baats until the canal ould > e elc*ned out i*D*i?niAKisH.--Tnis nocnintt nbo*' two o elocir. some scimp sbt Cje tc a irin oenj-e cn Sscotrd ftreet between r *nd ?}. aci ta.-oea the gable tt-d of tti? building before the fiaaei were extinguished Jne l ^o*e is one of a row kn .wo aa Mcl>eri?o? - sow The ac ute labors of neighbors eeve l t?j? en'irs pro }s/ty froB Jsltrucrton UJUKUUL COCKT TO-DAY ?SATAk JAMPOT too. n?grvi*, convicted of ttrceny, *u un-' tended to six mimtht io j*il C&rrrington fcf define^ I > HI ? A H t -*? ? Jt 1 ?? *'%%?? ? * ? M*r'^IiDqdoidwu acquitted of i*?eny. bw 4?l?i.n?4 jm another. chatge, Ratcliff for def.-nce. Andrew Riiwell, Patrick Rudy, uul Job* Skeckells foe a hot. The jury wu oat oxrtfcili we loft the Court room -IWcliff tordefeaoe end Carrington p'waantiof * Wm S. Magraw hu forfeited M4 recogni zance Mr. Calvert wm hU ball for the lum of $500 . . : LacTunas.?-Every evening. except Satur day and Snnday, during font, lectures will bo delivered in St Patrtok'4 Church This week t?eRev Dr O'Tooleis lecturing upon road icg the scriptures; showing (bat tho right to ?;uij them belangi to ovary Catholic. We ooiico that tbe Kov. Gentlemen in oharge of this oherrb bave bad g?a introduoed. giving up tbe old style Hmpe, and favoring tbe con gregation with u handsome and brilliant light. The work waa done by Captain Room. During lent service is performed twice eaoh week ia St. Ma'hews' Church, where the Rev. Mr. Lionel an h?? charge. The Mr vices at both churchea have been well attended. LtCTURC BEFORE TUB SCOTT OtARDS ?Lut night, Professor Ditniry delivered a lecture before this tine coups ay of young men, at Odd Fellows' Hall it was tbe same lecture he delivered before the Young Catholics' Friend Society, in Georgetown which was so highly applauded. The audience was not very large, in ccnse juenee of the -many othsr attractions in the city. We would advise Cur young friends to try again. Emigration ?This morning we noticed my eral famines, mostly German*, on their way through this District to the Far West, carrying up >n their backs immense toads constituting we presume, all their worldly substance. Not lesd than fifty have passed through withia tbe pMt.iorty eighihoura. ... Dbsadful Accideet.?Last night at the Cirous, held ie the Xatlenal Theatre, in the luidit ot the Pantonine whioh excites so mudh. laughter, a fat gentleman bursti he buttons off his vest, which flew aoross tbe hall with great velocity and slightly killed two boys. Wiu. Merited ?Messrs Wm. M<'.Failaud & Co , who bave those splendid Saiauiauder Skits at the Fair, we understand have received an order from the PuUsut office fur one of thair jas'ly celebrated fire. burglar and damp procf sifee hereby receiving another proof of their superiority. Their depot is at No. 145 Pratt street, Baltimore "A Pitcher that goes to the well too efteti U fure to be broken'' is aa old proverb an4 should be letnembered by those who go to tbe fair with bcrrowed tickets. lhe itapennteLdent of the exhibition, pub lishes a curd in another oolutun in which be gives notice thit all tickets will be examined and any one caught in using a borrowed ticket will be exposed. careful! At Wore Aoais ?We notioe that the hands emplojed to 1?vel tbe streets and lots in tbe seventh Ward, hate got at work again and arc quite fca-y with the jobs We thiak that tbe ?ork will be completed during the spring aoi puminsr . . t - ? Improvshexts.?lhe spring has opened well for our Washington mechanics, who are engaged ia house building Many are em ployed upon houaes which. were not fioieued last wiater, and we notice that many more are | engaged in preparing for the erection of otlier 1 buildings - you darki: s ull. J he Inaiiiuliou'* hall, upon sext Tuesday, for the board of Ma-an gers of the Metropolitan BtMhairic*' Instituto bave f?t apart that day for your especial benefit. * . Wari u Rktcrns. ? t Lee. drunk and lying in :te street; workfcouse 30 dty3 Chauucy Greer, drunk: fi;?e and costs. J no Robinson, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 3'J daji. l>ebby Conaway, out after hours, workhoate 30 days. Articl:* at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Iiatitvte. . It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space wiM permit, give a description of the many uMful.ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout the fair this inventive genius of American art "and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail t> interest the reader. Premium Da^vetrfmittjtra?We know eq artist who ha* better claim to tbe title than Whitehur t At tbe World's Fair in London two rued^!.' and two certificate* were awarded him; and wherever he has trade an exhibi tion in th:s country since the year 1850 ho has ipTatUblj obtained the premium HU pic tures now on exhibition at the Fair are perfect gems of art. and are entitled to tbe oncomiums which we have f request I v heard expressed of thew. liis gallery on the avenue, bstween Four-aLdk-balf Sixth rtr4ets possesses advantages whicii few similar establishments can claiu. Ilis facilities fer the production of flr?t clas-1 pictures are unrivalled?the recep tion saloon ladies dressing ro? m. and oper a'ing rooms being on tbe same floor, thus forming a new and most desirable arrange ment, A Tuit to his establishment cannot tail to afford pleasure Jtwe/ru and Silver Wore, Cfe.?Car; field. Brcher i Co., of Baltimore, bave on exhibition at tbe Fair a splendid case of silver ware and jewelry.. It is unnecessary to say a word in praise of this bouse. 1 beir reputation is M well eitabltshed for elegxut designs and gecd workmanship throughout tbe United States that no additional praire is needed And it is only to call the attention of thoM who h^ve frequently adsired th*.aa rtmewt of elegant articles deposi:ed by them, to acquaint thrm that, at the el?se oi tbe Fair, any one desirous of making a purchase of a' y of tbetn. that (be gentlemanly ageat will be in attendance there to wait on th?m * to the i.adies.-ooou mws for the MCK WC HI. OOMIEV T TMAA. ;'l? U-k4UI luwi rr?u>!'ly ?rn Mr 1( ??.<! rurlri< ?it tlistiaaaui^AOtl dlflW-iill ??T1 ?Irwtinii, ?U'I rrinoTtiij ?'l |^rli>Uttr?l ? batroctioiif. tr re?ular1t'M ?r.sinR wba(rv?r PilU ? ' ??mpiato ? * ? i i ! ? in. run M I H is MKOiC'aL aClfcNCK. TUj *ro |'i? ).?[r<l Uj" ? i<iu> m wUi< It Cvu<-^uir?f-? lli? l:i;r?"1lc t-la'v .> .i.i*': l.ulk, flm? r?tid?nii|( tt uiiu?>?|ary r*>r ilvlirstr lr,nlr< tjk* <ln???ii or n?D<rnna 'lnjK? l>r ?'? Pill. ? if(i*?rTHIHTV KXI'fcKIi.Ntifc in lit* |r?i>avcut 4 tl? diiHWi u( hm il<> ? Tlie; U?!?. ? Sv? liar I Iwr ? iitU* over uu? imr, j-t ??EVkR AL TMOt rj \ >Ii bOXES li?*? ?lre?<ljr W?*u -.iM, an>! rti?" ?i-wnan rtplUI* lu ?:?mm 11117 btymi* kuowa. Tti?r h*v? U*-t llaulOMliUtr lr?r-l In WAthia^ton, ana i rtn.4 14 act Ilk' a llMUI. ,| JC S. I(T l.j ill tu W.i-liii.^iiu, Ocjr(?towB at?<i Al ?tandrt*. Va _ ' marl?Vtin* fj-y* klAUY NUik Cfcorfl4NOFORCk.VTT.EVa* ANl? Tomb?'??*r ui?i.ul?ctu.?4 wUA U*t?au<i fiajai.4* Uy HO *ff WAL'kKtt a t'O., tinilrr B>6*Be* Rote). TU^Ir nnbrv? f??r?li?*i ot -*?iV\rt (?nfraa^kia. sha|-?.l ?oJ iMsiaK**; u?it *i:<t t>ia? <-.*tk r>r?a A"iv.* ?f all iMl viuUr '??!,. 1 a, nirr, ?tat'.-?a Ucli vjTirt V-<t? hilkn, ic., liU.-c ?'- -yi f- Cao*l|i.<-r, 111 r-l 1 ?--ln.?r, a;. I (.Ulu Cwiio?r PaulalouD^. Fot lha foalit?Jacket*, fan'*. Vcata, Ovcr<*<iat?, ac. A? the]| ar* Uialr WB uiaiUMr.r?r< II,*7 *r* >i.abM Bu<l will *4ll al Ui* ??rj low?*v (iiwei. n,n ia U i?r *1, 0> tf*ra. M?v?a, T!??. ar.. uf U*a <jla? aj^^i $ aa baud. ?lec H? UOOf/ vJill .> I'Ll.EBkAl ED 'jCHMaN blT; Uil'IJi wlrMl affoM m (rtak'r |il<Hlur? tfcau aMUnN Jn?w Ut ?rU? a uotlc of l?.? 0'ltt>r<lm) Huuf i*o4UriBt?n lw? ?*?< rm I all) ?vi<*t?Wt mm mt conf?rrti.c * i'u" 1'udl, <um! uur u? lj4 V* our u?>li't? m*i>y bave l*^n Ir.tnr*,! to Ut? tti>4? ? ii'i N*n mrn-J fr,.m ?>? <1 ?p?p?lV. iww ???niplalu*, to thBiru-e ?>? whlrb ?t t? It m (wapar^ 1 .n l umiy kj l?r. Q, it. J AtR.'HASi. at ia* I'Vimn M?0 tin* .tirf, N ?. l--^ AI ? 1 ?: rr t, Ph'U !*^li,a. are a-lterii?ciuc^t. >i"..n 1 An % _____ _ t-a. . . * - | ?^-^VFt"1t A t.Ot \ ?TSHi fbnr<M?W- <H*#aa-, >.<?n)? mmik k> .vrtetfc^ 4tc;? arfAtrMcita*. rt?44a )Ru>hM,ic 10 caKita^4?rA*i*n viixniu. Ur f Uuf Ui? A"t?t U?W^ N?w Vi.rk, .n<t )*:? t-r.-i rlotir of ?I.? >p H^t?r Klthui..ji,l, Va., nJ^la. iij OAIfltlfH *rASUB vtlXTCBI. ?VU.-* R.? cure ti? -uat rt< H tv,otMab*n "f fili al ^ who ?f'e innertug vr.lh fca^xlf *tHT l-f? ^ d'****. ?:?!. Ui? Iu"*t MffH , , .. . . . ?Qr ?<> * ft :?tarrr*fml!ii*ry fctiWtt* t>?" tMn ?>-I 1 ?? 1**: periiat k!?*wtt- ' *,*S?c?Jv?ri.-.c?e?t In an?tl??r ctMS. rtXMIT Hi AT THJS FalBS.?wusttnv ? " ti Th- ?TT!? Jori-I o. <"l tMlala iWit *t It.r.lmore, K ant *_r4JLwJi?- , k>,*'r l.Ut est j 1 / H W f-.r tte!f fVp'IVTny ot fho 1 ...firu, ma.1 i"tr>i?n?nTj*ra?i.iwtw. : Mr. W. |b'u tr. p|<*J IT? U*(UM ?t JlioWlrlil' d o", ?i1 '< j rer-.iimi at Cr?r.a1 rttatt, Tort. *l?.', 1<m unit att:i# Muryiaul t?a8??;-> *r *ir?a j 4>ra r??r. " J . j M|ii|a>.uj?i>"?iW* 11 i?ea t? aw., t s ai?4 ?b Mtmu. S* ? I 9I u.a V il a a "* J '.f *'a GRAND FANCY DRESS AND CIVIC ball. * ?RESd AM> CIVIC BALL "ARCH Sib, 1885* AT OLD FELLOW8' HALL, NAVY YARD. W. Rice* talentod bond !,* ft WW for the occasion. and wilt treat * J*?' of cbo,? cotlllonl.. vintion h . <1.,T'We<, 10 no tickets of in "I'PO^iu'y t? ex ten 1 a cor? otal tart atem to ladies who may be inclined to honor iheoi with tbdr pfweucft. ?? ? ? i 1 _ COMMITTEES. i Kanoffn on the part of a/itevt. t W,t : *' Bright, ^r*nn-^ j ^ Jno Brandt, J - W Dobbins, v ^ Pr.m Steven* Val Conner JLj||rr-.' -B MorseTI ? * * uSS?,"' "nu^met; W t Rudd, j Fiddi(> f I W T!,F PART OF CLUBS. CWJ Dmlley L Jones. Socia/ Ulii-Nf. E?ens, ri parley, W Ward a*^^lon Club.?Thos Dowling, Albert .Wagton Chi ?R G Eekloff, W H tu.n. TrrpticKorjt Cltf ?Si Marceron, P J Ennis. ?dmerieiM G7t?fr,?8 P Robertson, E Evan*. ??!*%? P"*.rl H Willson. VV J FwrgTon. tggle CW? U Harrison, Arclu'd Cunningham. fbunt Vtrnon Cl?b.~\\' H H Powers, G 8 Dona. AmiairClub.?J 3 flpggford, E F Alexander. ,, ? , Of Atran^eiaenU. [\ *??He*oii r? KeWboH* * i; awl in* *' Griflin . J Craiae SXcNauwe ? f'Ji4 8 HltU}n . * J CIrpbane u ? 2*? B Sparawk W Bradley R J Middteton \ rfilberu R M ,n*aR * rriar ; p8ailll zjmmMSr - OSanderstn Z Brush ? G Hunl *1 1 iTn '? Juf(ia? : F SlolFer TTCk!e,r J Oolthwuih J Armstrong zsks:. 72"'** JMcuud1 fv wi ? f'Sut* ; - B^t H a La Prvef E Banks .? T Clark / fh1!8 M Murray. ? J J VV hite ?? to hlCfr?^ltr/nm"UD? ??? r.mleraa" iad.e? ; to 6b had ot the Committee ofArranfei,i?nt^ .h, ^nncpal hotel*, or at tbe door on the evening of the No masks or blacked faces allowed m th? Ball room- Mar 1.3 6,id* TfctAm-KY Dspartmint, March 5, 1856^ NOTrCE 13 HEREBY GIVEN to the holder of stork ot the I nited State* ilracrioetj tn tfi#* ri-l towing neuce of 3d Jamiary last, that for the pir po*e <?f conipljMin- Uie pnrchaM or* the amou-t therein nnmed, thf* d^partsieiit will continue to purchase, uikti the fernig of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue t>f th?? Mini p'oponed not vet oh taiACil-aay ftl,15?,5A5 05, II raid ntocka arc offe? <1 and received here prior to (be first day of June nek.: Treascky Dkpartmext, Janii&ry a, l&K, Notice is hereby civeii to the hoMera oj t)i? fbl towinf det-crited atocks of tbe United ^talen, i?at inn <!? [>arun? iii in prepared to purchase, at any tikie between Uw dat<j hereof and the l*tday of Man h next, pniioiis of thoae stocks, amoiintuie in tbe ae C^-^ate to $1 tM.UOO, m H10 maiitter nod on ii?* te m? uerfflnafter menuoned, to wit? lu case ot any continent compftition, witfiin ?e amount nated; prtft retice will be g Ten in the orJf r m Uine in wbicb eaid stocks may l<e offered. Tiif certificate*, du 7 aiji^ned to the United States i.r I ,e l,afti?? wllti are u? receive tlie fttchmnt tnentu, uiup-t be transn hted to tins department; upon Si receipt wh- reof, a price will be paid compounded ot the following parti< ulars: 1 1. The pnr vslai',or at iouiit ip-cifiedin eaebtfcr tificate. r 2. A preniniin on the stock of tbflonn Jmthoriz .1 itLi U??lOT redeemable November 12, 1856 of2\ per rtmtij on tlie ftock ot tholoan an tho'lxe^ hj Ul act ot 1842, redeemable 31st lleotfi. I'er, 1862, ot 10 per cent.; on the sttx k of the loans authorized by the acts of IN7 and i 818, a ? d rCd< f*? able, the former on Hi. 31Pl December, 1867, an I the latter 01 th*2f)ih June, 1868, ef 16 i?er ceat ? ?nid on the stock of the l?an authorize,! t>v the i^ti '.'L .?' a,,d r^,*?nab'c on (he 3lnt ot iWmhrr,, In64. (commonly called the Texan tndemnPv,) 6 perc-nt. ! . 3 n" l'>e Par of ?><??? certificate from |he I , of Jaliuify, 1855, to tlie date of receipt and &t tlement at the Treasury, with the alfov wre '+or tbe money to reach the o\vn*r) of one day"?< intet*-t in addition Pnvmtnt for ?aid stocks will be madp in drafts of the PrenMirer ot tbo Um ed Htate?, on the a*i?u,l>f tr? ayurer at Boston, New York, PhilaiielpUa, as the pHx'ic^ v ay (l"iet. ? Bu*. to certificate will be e'ntiije,d to the benefit ot this notice which ^haJl not be actually received at the Treasury on or b"for?? the ?a?d lat day nf March CMt ? , , , JAMES CUTHRIB, ? maro?dt.uuel Hecre ary of the Treasury. LOOK HERE!!! p, MORE B'H NTY LAND TO ALL wlm served hi any war since 17W, whether as Officers Ho'diers. s .ilor-. .Marine, Clerks, Indians, Cl*(w laiiis, >> agon M^>tfr#, Teamstt rs, Landsmen, (or their wiilmvs or minor cbildn u) who have not vt recejv?difull 160 acre*, and h;ive been ni servicn'l4 days, will do well r. wn?e to us. pottpaU, and tb< ir Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get It LLOYD Is CO., Claim AcenrV Office, opposite U. t?. Treasury U asl.ington City, D. C mar 6 - 3m 1 rlH) MEMBERS OF CONGRESS & OTITERS. I rill.VEK SPOtJNB, FORKrt, fcc.-M. V\ . ttftO. wvt e special attention to tltelr stoek ofpur*s ?jlv^j^Table, Dessert, an)!Tea **|xipii# apd Forks, Ladles, Bu ter Knives, atid all other ar ticles of j,ure Silver Ware, which is larger and ntore varied lhan ever offered to ih?'ir customers. M. W. GALT k BRO., ' 334 Pa. av mue bctw. Wi and 10th Ms. fob 23?tf " ' . *' NEW MUSIC. ~ "1ITE ar<- th - day in receipt of a large assertnient \f of NEW MUdlUfroui the principal publi-h iuk house* 14 the couauy, coniisting of tioass, liueeis, Tn<*s, Mircbrs, Rondos, Gallops, Uwartrill?, Pulkas, Mazotirks^, Sobolhselies, Uun? from the UIlera^, &c. ANo, Music Books. Portfolios, Music Paper, In 1 struction Rooks, Music foi Brands, arranged in [cb?-ap st\h; Rows, Pegt- Rosin, and every ar.ide j pertaining 10 the music traJc always on hand at tlie Ptaao and Mu?ic EUtablichinrnt of JOHN F. ELi.I*, mar 3 306 Pa. uvenue, near Tenth st. IKON H?LL. SALE AT AUCTION. I^BE undersigned having re?umed the Auction Business, begs leave to offer his services to at tend to sales of Household Kurniture, R> al E-tate. Stocks, fitc. Particular attention given to the ar rangement and disposal ot Household Furniture, and the eirir* s; le (if de'ired) will be setttedup Ri-d I cashed in twenty-four hours' afier the drliv. sy 01 tti?* t?f>ods. Cash advances on every dea ^riptioa o*" M?rchat>dise comucned for unlimited s'.le. Every ? fTort will be made to render satwiactorllv all ^al??: entrusted to his care. C. W. BOTTLER. in^ir 6?eo3w Inin HaS. TOBIAS OFFICE No. 5 13 Seventh street, tbr^e doors Irom Odd Fellows'Hall. SPECTACLES and t;L A?>riES .-.nited to 1 very >ight, on a trne and $ci eir.ific pr.ncitle See circulars, to he had at ibe office, . feh 28?In** " excelsior is our motto. WE have J i?t received a fresh lot of PRUNES,1 FIGS ORANGES, LEMONS. Sir. A?,o, a ca-^e of SARDINES, put up iw superior style. Give us a e?!l and'judce for yourselves Don't forget the \ ( , 490 Seventh stret't, opjio. <>dil Feflows' Hall. N it. CjIN, t'artbv, niul Families ftippl;ed on the iik .il reasonable aod ratisfactory t? nus. at the sbnrt e-t uotico. RYDER 6t t'LAN'T. mat I?lm STEAMER GKO. PAG ORASGE \ RATLROAD. 'l'HI" under-'igii!* 1 having become proprietor* o( I the large and commodious Steamer GRORGE PAGE, Intend, hy lUeireflbrts, to seem module the commnnity travelling between VVaFhinrton ?nd llexandria, and the t-?c lities whicti they rrtf^r rt?r the transportation ol freight and the employment nonr liut c nw siti-1 gentlen'S'il ke ofiJcer- and ohligiii5 serrants, to merit a share of the public pa tronage, airi would respertfnP} caf! the aifniion mcrchauts and other cifinenk ot' Niih placid to tbej loflowing -rhedoleof prices at which their Boat nervaftjer be rnnt ' Passengers 5 cents ; Bugs'," wagon and one horse, 12,1$; Buggy w&woii and 2norses, 2o ; Horse and ri der, 12'4 ; .Ma*K?t wa^T and I horse, 25 ; Varke wag. n n und Trip 37'^; Market wac n and 2 horses, 25; Vlarket wa.oti r^ond trip $7\; Drays 25; Onjy> uuini rnp 37^; Ifaeks kJi\ Hacks round tripX^ ; per hnrrM 5'cents. And nff other trcigh' i i p npoTtiOlt. In conneetiofi with this boa- are Latham It Cook l?ite o: O.r iilbnso. ? ? " ?> 1 JCI1N VAN P.ISWff?K;> - , RICH'D WALLACIT, f ^ fi-Afi. itar K A RVTH&ii, F^O*'SAhfr-A 1'AMt OF rfNF. YOI.'NO North '? em BoWfrV n^sev,p?^?r?ty'keiiMe fn single or d< u'-b harn^s-. T wtll sell tbeni y^ry I<?\a and ujkhi uhic i I desir'ej. ' GEO S MA8BEV, ! mare-** A|e?t, No. 499 Tluneenth at sUi ?' ' "H For bale and Kant. EOR SALE AMI) RENT IN GEORGETOWN. Tbc office*, with Art proof Vault aua^b?d, oc Cupi-M fbr fee la-t twenty yean by the Poumif Fire Insuraae* Company, wiU b?f r r'nt ?n th? Ut 4 Jl trf April Th" hfnw now occupied by Mr. Thomas d?sel, on Montforwry meet, nearO*), is fiw^e; It to-tain? 10 rooms, with pump.ann ?in<!ry otit-j buildings, on a lot 49 by HO, and will be sold low. Apply to A. HYDE. mar S?3t 188 W?i(riin'>n nr?t FOR RENT-ON moderate TERMS a mall fumishe J House on E street, between fttb and 7th ?reef?. Apply to J C. G. KB.XNEDY, 10th ?n and Pa aven ie. mar 7?tf House f or rent and fixtures for sale, suitable for a Confectioner and Cake lie k?ry, or any other business on Pa avenue, between DMi ar.l 3 th street. Apply on the premisis. mar FOHRENT-A NEW BRICK HOUSil on IS* street. near M, remaining otcht r<V>m? and 1 kitchen Rent $15 P?r month Itiqune at 44 H M street, between 13Ui and 14th sts., of mar 5?flf L^RP'H ARDSON. 1 FOR RENT?A LARGE PLEASANT RoTTm on second floor, N"?. 311 south side Penn-vb vania avenue, 4 doors west of Ninth st. mar C?.ft* Furnished house for rent?That com modems House, Nj. 450 H street; containing eleven rooms, \7itli bath room, e*s fixtures, &c? completely fnrni?he?i in every particular, i? for rent. Apply to N..M. McGREGOR, Furniture Des'er, 7ili street. f?'h 23?tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or CUy Property, a small and well Farm in Fairfax coUaty, Va. Enquire of J. ORMq. corner of Bridge and Congress >ts., No. 87. :ebt-tf i tj*OR RENT-FOUR NEW AND CONVENl ent Wriek Aou?<?, brown inastck fronts, tainiug pa.-lors with marble mantel*, ditiinz 10014, kitchen, servant's room, and five chamber* raeli, and siiuatej on Thirte*>nth street, Island, near lib Eublic grounds, convenient la Pa. awime and tlr lepartments Rent very moderate. Apply at 1 H. CLARKE'S < ffiee, otner of Sixth mr?-et an EouisUna avenue, nr at D. B. CLARKE'S Dr^j Store, Eleventh stieet, Island. mar 6?emi j For sale-a farm in montgumerv county, Md. This land adjoins the property whtch David Peugh lately hougbt of the heirs ??i W-o. Gaither, a1 d th? lands of Mrs. Heale and Ift Duval!. It is about four mile* tioin the Seventh plank road, and bctw en nine and ten iniles fn ii' Washington This .and is mostly covered wit* wood, the vul is very kind and high Msceptible fc! rmprovement. It is well watered with 9rverbt stream* of never failing water, and contains a lar|e amount of land capable of belne converted in|o meadows. The tract contain* one hundred attd seventy-two acres.. There is on the i?lace, iu ttje proce-s of completion, a very neat ('otlag'-, con'ail ? ing four room* : and lour thousand new Lliestntl Ruts ready for fencing. I will sell the whole trafct or eighty acres of it with the house. The. terms of sale are one fourth cash ; the bal ance in one, two and three years, -jerured In a defd of trust. LOUIS MACKALL, Jr.] Georgetown, March 4?2awtf J RARE CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE IW vextmeut?For sale, a two story frame Hou ?>. I with attic, containing eight rooms, exclusive of til lar kitchen, situated ? n L between Ninth and Teiih streets north, a pleasant location, i.ear to marly t and all the Department*. For further particular* apiJv to WM. P. SHEDD, , Fancy Goods and Millinery, 50S Eleventh stJ mar 6?-eo2w ? STORAGE.?Those having Furniture. Dry G?k*1? Groceries, btc-, to be stored, will find ample a|r coinniodations in the large, airy, Hat stone pavtai. and Dry Bast menu uieler the ^tar office, corn< r Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star officii jan 31?tf ! HOMES FOR ALL.? Reautifuliy and healtli)l> locate.) R'lildlnz Lots, 24 fe?t fr?nt by 130 f^? t deep, on gmOed streets, can, iRitil wtring, b?* bou^ln at the exce< diris low price of $75, payable $3 p? r month Titl*> indisputable. Cnion L.ind office, 7th st., above Odd FHlow*'f!.:ll. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary! I Wants. SITUATION WANTED?A HEALTHY \UO man, v tthont child, wi-he- a wituati'M: a* a 1 nurse. Application made f r '-Bessie," at this #?f fice. mar 8 - li* .4. ANTF.D-B* A YOU ?G WOMAN, a sj|u Vv atioo to travel with a U'y. Would prefeJ 10 , g'? to t'a'ifomia. Good lei'ereuce given. Enqifire I at the Star office. mar 8?It} A~>iTdi7le agel> woman wan i> a pi ili - aiion as cook, or cook, washer and ironer it: a I small family, wno cari*be well ree"nuuend< d Drop a note at this office for '?!) S." mar 7?3t* VERSEF.R and farm hand* vvavTe 11? I wbh to hire an Overseer or Foreman on |ny farm in Fairfax county. A man with a wife ai. lii.-y children would be preterred. I also wish to biro two good hands. None tiled apply unless ihev come well recomue nd< d. Address me eithe.- at Washington City, or Avfcn dale, Fairfax Co., Va. mar 7?3t* FRANCIS A DICK EN: . AM I Eli -HV a REBfEt'i'AHLE > ERS 7S a Situation u.Nnnc, and having noobj c tion to travel with a f.unil v . Best of references | iv en Please call ax '?o. 16 T. irtecnili st, betw ?-n C and D. . mar 7?2i' WANTElC-TWENTY"Fl VE GOOD VEST 11 i p:u t Makers. None nc-ed apply except t!i i^e who are competent hand*. Constant work civet WALL & STEPHENS, Pa. avenu", between ?th and 10tb st mar ??fit IIr AN TED*-A YOUNG MAN OF INDUS'ljcl W ous and moral habits, to learn the Apot'iaa ry b'isineM;. One w!io has some knowledge ofjhe business preferred. AlaO, for r^, two Soda Fountains, and L)f.w Pipe in perfect ord*r. For lunher information ply to No. 317 Seventh street. ni?i 6 - 3t* Boarding. 4 4 f BOAIt.D19iU.-MRS. DCVALL, No. 361 fa. av-iiue, opposue Brown*' Hotel, has s*au><: very ilesirabla rooms, suitable for families or si grutUmen, which she would tent wiiii boardion reasonable terms. She can also accommodate 9 or gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good diniug room htrvaut, hat kan come well re<-oiumeiMled. mar 8?eo-2^ BOARDING.?MRS. CARTER, Capitol will be prepared to accommodate Ixiar 'e permanent or transient?immediately after tl.? journment of Congress and Ihe Supreme Court, j Rrsideiu-e No. 4, near North G lie of Capitolj ! mara-co2w* fid I r. \1 & res atphe BOYS' CLOTHING. N rrrder to sell off"o ir present stock of Poys' and _ Youths' Winter Clothing we have determitit ^ to olfer our large an<i fijie assortment, consisting offtv ? ry desirable style and quality 01 f.>shi^Bab> Kea<!) ma le G'irraents, ruiinble fur drew and ? liool %\?ar, at greatly reduced prices. WALL \ STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave., next to Iron HaR I feb 34 (ientiiMd&News) WATCH KS AND J K W Kt,f* 1 .-1 have on hi*nd a r??o?l supply o' fine ? watches and JEWELRY which Will be sold very ch^ap to suit the times. Gold L? v -r hs low as $25, warranted to keep good rime. Call mnd see tor voursefv^s . stor*: of > J. RrtBJNSOX, 340 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. feb 2B?dim : TAirCf ttO DB, PKBFTJMBBT, *c. J HUTCHINSON &. vtUNRO, are now Openinf ^.t the r rVtrr. No. 310 Pa. av*nu<\ a jplci|.!i 1 assortuieitt of GOODS, in the above line, vnutne. rating in part as Inflows, viz t fine Cabas, Dfesimg Case*, Po-te Monnaies.t ard Ca?e?, Jewell Shells, Wiell Boxes. Jet Ornaments, Labins', Pi\4t's and other chob'e Extracts, Pomades, roporir r *VatK. Cofi.b* ind Brushes mtnit varietr, and ?hort everything to be usually found in a first c?um> Fancy Hto e, and they cordially invite th ir friitids and th? public to riVe them a call. Their Store I# the first door west of Mew*. l|<ir per fc Co.'s, between Ninth and Tetith sts. mar 2?tt PALMER'S PATENT LEG. This AMERICAN INVENTION stands uui ivaricd both in this country and in Europe ilit worn by l.OdOpersou", an?J .with iiioft a-tonisjiing succeos. Li competition Willi 30 ojher rubntiiulei' of the be>t I rci'ch, Engusli, and Gennaq inanunicutre,!! received Ihe award of tlie o-kathspai. at the World's Ehhisi Tto* 11* Lohdojc. a- the be>t artiHcial limb know n. In 'his country it has Iteen ;hirty iime^ exhlhilrtd, in c<;m|>?uuon with all others, at ihe annua] Fairs in the principal cities, and r4s,ih' v>:<y iuatance, received the award of the. |u?hest or first i?tetnluhi. Antfa*- & C 'wnicg bouOr, by ;uc unanimous approval df aa Interna. iionaT v 'UticU. the " First Premium'*'-- j -* \ o- ly Silctr Kcdui given U.r Limbs?<was awv.-tiiHll th- inventor, at the New Yr.r'r Crystal Palace. } } PMnpfcWtS fu:i infiwmi'ion, sent er-.tsi to j erery ^ CRrii R FRANtC PAL-MEU.J 37 5 Cbe-iiilt ftreei. Pldladeltiiii. | icb 36-3ni T I A LARGE L?IT OF FLAX SEED ju?t retekvd and for sale by "? I i SAM'L BACON k CO.^ ' fablS?la Owner Bevtnib sc. ml Pa. |r|. 1 ?*?W. i Household and kitchen fvrwwie Ptaoolortr, fee. at A?ctitm.-On MoSDAA . toe l*U> iu?tant, wt dull arU, m to o'tlwi, ? X mt ? Ka rwa?l anna a/ a li_ 1 ? . " 6UCH ?. ICOTT. At r . _L j ^ ^ 5 ? ?t the reatfeqce'af a laoy deVliniac h u?ekemtnr oa the north side ut 1, thiwen Niatb nod Tntfn streets w*st, as aaccllmt assortment ot funuturr, Mahofany sprint w? Chairs and Ottomans IVi name top Side Table and Bur-an Fine Ctuckeiiag fi?liwif, of fine to#a aod mod Cherry Hatrack, Waahstands and Tablet Clock; China. OUm. Crockery aad Stoaeware Maple Bediteada, Mattr*s?ea ami Wardrobe Parlor, Step and Chamber Garp?? L<HiKinf Glasses, Window Curia na Cane and wood seat Chairs Coniuag, Radiator aad oter Stores With a good assortment ?I Ki'chen Requi-in Wall many other articles which we d em unne CKMUUjr to ?l:uaieiaic Terms: Under J iS cash; over that fun. a en if , of thirty and Mity day*, for notes satirise :only e.? doraed Hearing mtereat. G REEN *. SCOTT, mar 8?d Auctioneer*. ?????-?? ?. y ORRXR Si, SCOTT, A net t .taetri ""OU8EIIOLD AND KITCHEN KURNITI t at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, tie 14th >ir sunt, at 10 o'clock, we shell ?.JI, at th- r>"idaii< ? ^f a gentlemtu declining housekeeping, <>n the snutii sile i f N rtli H h reet, bct?f?n 6 h ?nl Ttli street wen, Daris's Bow, im excellent aaaort ncut of n< aj ly new Furniture, vix: Mahogany Sot a*, parlor and mckiut Chair* Do dining, iofa, card and other T. M a Do <lr> ssing and other Bureaus One fine walnut Par'or Set in Plash Feather Be .'a, Blading. Mattre-sr a and Be?lteadi Fine painted Cottage Chamber Set M >pl", cane and wood aeat Cnajr* Wash stands, Matting Pirlor, parage and chamber Carpet# China, eta**, erotke?J and pUt"<1 Ware t ook ng Glasse?, Waiters, and irory handle Kiuvi an ' F rka Stores of varicua descriptions \ good assortment of Kitchen requisites With many other articles which we deem onnfc ce??arv to et: itinerate. Terms : $*25 ?nd under cash ; nvt-r that sum i credit of 60 ai.d 90 dnys, lor eatisfa torily eudorsf notes, bearing interest. GREEN K SCOTT, mar 8 - d Auctioneers H By J C. McGUIRH, Aactlanctr CHOICE OLD WINES, LIUlORS. STOCK Fixture? oi a Confectionerv E??t*hJishm? nt, fcf I On FRIDAY morning, March 9th, at 10 o'clock, a I iho Coiifertionaiy store of J. H. Eberbach, on perai 1 sylvanta avenue, batwean 21st and'.Bd sts , I shil ?ell? Glass Cases, Counters, Drawers ?>- * Shelving. B<r Counters, Ov-ter Boxes Candy J.irs. It .tiles, S. ales .md Weights, &c. ALU), A QM: A mill OF Madeiri. Sh< rr>' anil Phine Wines, of very prr| quality, which h<<s been in bottles some t years." ALSO? A small lot of* Candies, Prunes, Rai'ins, Olive Oi Pirkles, Pr? s?r\es. Nuts, lie. ? Terms: -yjO and under enah; over that ?ana cr. dit of 60 and days, for aattsfactorily endor a notes, bearu-g interest. J AS. C. McCUIRE, mar 6??l A uc tioi*e? r 07* 1 lis abort lata la poatp?ttq< I until WEDNESDAY MORNING, March N,a.< hour and4>l.ce. ?; KEPPLER. \... . WM. RI'PP. Llrn*irt1 niar &-.I JAS. C McCL'IRK, Aue VJ I By C. W? BUTKLKK, Anctton?r EX1ENSIVE SAL.F< OF WINES, LlQJOlj and GriiC- ue? ?t Uie S:or? of VVm- L..>umi,cU ner uf Seventh and D stxeeta.?The nutwnbor d" siroin of cliat'g;nx bis Imsiue*. will ?HI,wiii<4" restrv-, i.ii FKIIlAY, March 9, cmaaicaciiif at o'clock a. in., ins e.-.tirc stock of Rtiswi^, Wl^ auJ Liquorn, trtore future-. flic., consi .tmc in New OrlfRr.s, TotUj Uic<'. Cru.Uu J and I'ulvcri ^ . ? - Very superior o'J norert^wicm Java Coffee Fin?- Teas, <'::ii.lles, CaudUs, S< aps, Spices I Starch, Pepper, Salaratus, Ca?kets. Kio>ih? lrupo !e?l < i^ars, ThImjcu aud ffnuJT ' -afdifi?*?. Sauces. American and Eiig?i?h P?okl? < Ur; tidies, Gin, Whiskey, Jamaica Ruai, Wine* KucRets. Tubs, S?c. Store F.vtn;*^ ?tj h ns Couuters. Shelv.-s, Hip counter and platf'.rm Scalos, Store Truck, a Trgi th> r with a large as?ortment of jroo.|? nsu j si'Id by Gr<iers, which is dceried utiue^f ? ary to particula i-e. Specia: attention i? called to the Chateau, Bit n?rd Ma e t k Co ; London Dork and OI ! I.npe^-< I Brandies. Also, superior C,|J Whisk")', Vaderia Wines, mc Thcs?' Liquors are nnsurp?s-ed in qu Jtity, o.i worthy the attention of con?o:-? urs The trade generally and families will find this worthy of th? presen e. Terms: AH >umi of and under $50 ca?!i, over 13 a ercdit of 30, 60 and 90da a, for a^i|?rov< .1 endorl. notes b<aiin- interest. WM. LINTOH. C, W. BOTELER. marO?if Auction'el tv HM 1! By OH-tCGX * NC?T1% Aaettonsaj YTALUABLE TWO STORY FRAME HOIf-I V and L'?t ?t Auction.- O.: MONDAV, tLe IK.? mstant. at 5 o'clock p in., w e -hall sell, in Iron' the prein se*.l ts N i 51 and 5*2: :n the rubdivii. of Sq*isr?- 463, improved by a two story fiaine hoj|.:< W'th bie)c buiMing, wnodliouse, fcc attached. Tlie ab?ive de cribed property i? situated on Isl-in-1, between 6th and 7lh stre? t? west, an-1 D _ E >trteu south, on ii wide strsct thtoo*b the s?|inre. Thlo intfi-putab'e. Terms : One third ca?h ; tl?c balance in 6 an< 1 months, on notes bearing interest. 1 A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, mar 6?d Auc.ioneera By J. C. MiGL'IRK. *ucilnh?ir< rRUSTLE'S SALE OF STOCK &. FIXTUik of a Merchant Tailor.?On MONDAY, Mate 12tb, at 10 o'clock, at the siore oh the ea-t w?li ? 4^ street, two doors noith of Pa avenu>-, I sin. m- i. by virtue, of a deed ?.t tru*t dated Fe!?ruar| ~i 1855. and duly recorded among the land rccordl? Washington couu'y, all the stock hi trade and mres, corrprising ? Hltie, black, idive, green, and brown Cloth? Double and single milled plain and fancy Cas*: meres Sill ?ntm, cloth, Maraeilles and Casnmere V^st IU2S ? Sewing Silk, Thread. Buttons Cord, Biudmgs Satin :xced lining Silk, Btown ilol.hDd PadUms Canto:. Flannel, Canvass, Cotton Sdts.i, Alpaca, Wadding, &c. ALSO? oae large French plate Mirrwr, >itf of^late7itij 50 inches Two French p ate Pier Glasses ? 'utH'ij; and Slu.w Counters, Side Counters Shelves and Drawers, Show Racks j Clock, stov*. Ctiairs, Tables, kc. Terms: and under cash; over that fura 1 credit of30,6i?. and 60 < ays, for note? i-atisiuctorilj endorsed, beanna interest. JNm. C. KENNEDV. Tnisie*. JAS. C. MKJIJIKK, mat 3?d Anctioaeer. Bjr J. C. McOl'IKEi A?etloB??r. STO^K AND FIXTURES OF A SHOE STORI at Amotion.- On SATURDAY afternoon, tb ? 0t!> instant, at 3 o'cloek, at the Store of Mr II O Noyefr,ou }'enr?-ylvania aveiiBe, near 13 h str-?e?, ) ?bar sell the bnlance ot lfis stock and fixtures, com prism?? ?Jrto pain ladies' ribbed Goiter* and Morocrn Boats Mtsnes' do do do ?Jentlemen's long Roots ard Shoe* Boys' do do ' Lidies' Toilet Slippers Gentlemen's Call and Patent Leather Sbc^1-. t ALrtO~r < i. i 'v/ Shelving, I rrwers, Bow Windows Gm Fiiuuct. 8e?te?s, Counters tnlcloth, lot Tools, 8tc. Terms: .<tjo and ender c:i>4i; over that sum t creJit of JO, 00, and 90 daya, for U9tes satisfaciorih ? ndorsel, beam.g Interest. JAMES C. MrOUIRe, mar 7?d Anctiaoecf. By J. O. McOPIRK, Auctioneer. YALU * BLE BUILDING LOT ON PUNNSYL vania ayeoue.?On FRIDAY af'ernoon, tlie 9tii ! lii^taat, at 5 u' lock, on the premises, I shall sell [ pan of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 166, fronting 29^? feet ou Peunsjlvania avenue, hetweeu 17th and 18(l! streets west, running back one hundred and twtuM feet. Tentos": On> third ea?h ; bakoce in six and tans months, with in'.etcst, secured b; a deed ?f ?utt on rtte premises!. JAS. C- McGUIBE, mar 7?d Auctioneer. !? urn, ?' -J 1 PROSPER!'S CORNET BAND NQ. 1 MR. FKEDLRIt.'K PROSTBRI b?v 'cave ?o in. form hu In tails and f muer pat" as that this '?and has Wren diiiy re-nrganiced aad u now and* r Lis >11 reciion. Mid Oe is fitly pr-p?red w ih a ha'd ot ihe most Seienuttc Musimn* in th? citr, to Air nish music for Bails, Parties, Parades. Pic Nics, Ei < ursions. kc., at the ahorteat notice pcasiMe, bv ap plvi g to FiiEl>ERlCK PHOSI'ERI. Leader,CHA-. V,i04PEa4. Corr^icuw, HILUUS k B1TZT VU sie Dt joi, or at PETER T.\LTAVUw'k?, op^wite the Garrison street. Nary Yard. fcli 1U J m* 1 I : ICST HECElVniJ; per brig A nr. ?ux?^Ah! n prtme lot ut Blu? aod W'uae. Merrsi POT A 1OEH. ' 100 liarrels prone Bsl<fw1n All Will bC <*0l<l IvjW (O Clu<6 CiUio^lMU^l! |?V M. CUuRlDtiKa ?ar i-lw Urnoa Wharf, Aicxaikuia .1. ijr.t #>i ;*>0till fttiilr l?4 Arrival tl Ue Cahawba alJbw Orleans New Ouuh, March 7.?Cakawfc* airlrM b?r? Ho 4ij with Umnl dlW of lh? 4?? ET?rjtklfi| m wk? she left, aad **?*? nesi was r% Thing The Saa Jsciatoaad frinee on war* both la port. The Marketi are uncbanged. The nop piles of Sugars wort impeded by lh? blockade. L .t? ?mCm ia China^a, *? Cncno. M*iek T?Tbe AaMleu n^piity for Major ?n Mi Toon hit b?w gr?at re joicing in ooasequenoe, and a lug* pttoefsioi KM formod, which paraded the stieets headad by a German band. Ota Caaa at Hotaa Detroit, March 7 ?Gen Cast hu arrived, and waa recalled with a salute of thirty-two ?ans. Burnt in Boa too BostuP, M- rch 8.?'The Burns rtaeptioo took place at the Fremont Temple left night, as previously announced. About 1904 pai* sons were present. It proved to be at ami* r l'gioas a Sat. Moat or the prominent aboil* tiomat wore absent Escape aad Betaptu o of a Morton# Albaxt March 8 ?Phelps, who was under sentence of deith for the murder of hi> wife, escaped from jail this morning, locking the jiiier in bia oetl. He was, however, rooaptured four milea from the city. Fire in Fatroit?Horaoa Burnt i?BT?oir, March 7 ?The IWery stable of J Long, in front of the Biddlo Boaaa, war butt last night, and from fifteen'to twenty borsee parish ad. A large number of carriages, wag^n* and s1eit hi were consameJ. The loss is stated at $20,000, upon which there waa enly an in surance of $5,000 Toath of a Pugilist. New Yoaa. March 8 ?Bill Poole, who waa shot com* days sinoe at Stanwix Hall, by Ba ker and other', died this morning of hi* wounds. lfew Orleans Markets Neh Orleaxs, M*rck 7 ?Cotton is an changed in erery respect. Bales for two days amount to 12 000 bate*. Freights on Cotton to Liverpool 1'- 32 Charleston Markot. Charleston. March 7.?Cotton ia apward and firm; sales for the week 2.750 Baltimore Markota Haltin >re, March 8.?Flour is dall this morning with small sales ; Howard street at $8 50at* 7*?; City Mills at $8 SO Corn?ro ce'pt* of 20 000 barbels. with sales of yellow at S6a88c ; white at NJa87, and mixed at S3c. Now Yorfr Itock Uarkot Saw York, Mircb 8 ? Stocks we dull /Money ia on'*hanged Sales at the first beard of Missouri 6's at 8S; Michigan 6's. 98J; Vir ginia fi's. 96; Cleveland and Toledo Kailtoad 73] Cleveland, Col uu.bus. acd Cincinnati, 103+; Etie Railroad, 40}; Canton, 25; Heading, 7 th. New York Central, 94$ New York Markot?Afternoon M f-icg New Yoaa, March 7.? Cotton i? downward and dull; tales of 300 bales. Flour is atrifie higher; good Ohio $9 25a$9 75; Southern $9a $9.75 Wheat ia upward and firm Geo*se* $2 79. Corn iseesie.-, bat sotqaotably lower Pork is a trifle higher; Old Moss $13 8Sa$14; New Mess $15 12s$15 25. Beef is upward and firm Lard is upward aad firm. Rioeia un changed, with a limited demand at previous sales Whisky is firm at 31 i Kio C ffee is firm at 10 jets Sugars and Mclaase. arc firm at former rates. Linseed Oil is active, and firm; sales at 80afil cents per gallon. Spirits Terpentine 42a43 oents Tobacco is buoyant Stocks opened heavy bat improved at the dose, and mosey eontlmes abundant. Cleveland k Toledo Railread. 72$; VirginiaCr. 95j: L^uia Una G's 801; Can'on. 24t; Pennsvlvarl* Coal Company, 102i; Cumberland, 34^; Erie, 40i; Reading. 97;. New York Markets New Youk, Maroh 7 ?Cotton is unohaaged, with a moderate cemand at previous rates. Flour is firm, -ith ac unward tendency; Southern?Sales of 1.800 bbls. at $9e$9 75. Wheat is upward and firm ; Southern white $2 25. Corn ia downward, and prices are a trifle lower; sales of 40 000 bushels Weste.n mixed at 92i93c Pork ia firm; sales of old m -4* at $14. B?ef is upward and firm Lard i? upward and firm. Whisky is better ; aale< of Ohio at 32c per gallon. NEW YOEK MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Defeat of the Kacw nothings at Osw?g>. Oswxoo, March 6 ?The election which took place here to-day was very exci:ing The entire Know Nothing vote was thrown for Samuel J liolley, the so t 'bell candidate fur mayor The W big and foreign votes were hrowo for Littlejohn, who is elected bv re&rly >00 msyorUy, It is reported tho Enow Notb mis spent $3 000 wi h tbe hope of gait ir.g tbe day Continual fighting Is going on over the city this evening. Defeat of tbe Know Nothing* at Utica. Utica, March 6?Henry H Fish, Whig, a as b>ew elected Mayor ?.f Hamilton by about 400 majority. Tlree Whig and three Demo cratic Aldermen have been eleoted. K N Defeat at tyraoeso. SvRict'sx. March 0?Lyman Stevens dem ocrat and fusionifv baa been elected Mayor by about 400 m*j)rity. The whole fur >n ticket has been o-rried tri imphantly. Six ft sionitt At iermen and Superriaors out of oiit^t ?re elected. There is great r*joieiag bore this evening, ben Area are biasing- a?d proeaaalons with bands of music are parading through tbe streets The town <t CaTenovia has gone whig _ K N Defeat at Iroy Troy. March ? ?John A Griswold, Demo crat and anti Koow Nothing, has boeneloc'ed Mayor bt'bbout 200 msjority over Stoium. whig. The Irish vote was unprecodantedly largo. Triumph of the Snow Nothpgs at Aabtrn At sons.March 0 ?Thee f) ion >a tftriseity, to-day. ba? ret?44ed in tbe trinmph of tbe Know Nothings'orer the people's ticket Tho Know Notbtng candidate for Mayor has a ma jority of abont 200 over his opponent The Know Notbings.arb are in high gl*e this even ing at tbe result. ? ' J"' 9 - 1*. Know making Victory at Eicb?tf RocnaaTca- M*rch 0 ?C J. Hoyden, tha Know Notbiag candidate for Mayor, baa been ?'ected to d^y by over 100 majority tlix *ort llindoo alderman are also elected rive Hin doo and five anpervieore hav? o*obi^ly been choeen. Tbe townaif Brigh ion Pittaford and Bergea went Whig H : Kr.ow racking Saccrwj's in Ksmihaittti Bostowi Mait>tt << ?At the town- alaocicri hetd throughout tLo State yesterdey ?be K N s appear to tare fully sustained tfca as cendercy tbw-aCvi^lrod last fall. OTtha ?f ty towns &?*rd fwm. thay kavo cafriod a* loast forty. VT . , . 3 ? $? / a- ? i..( .1. f. . Vils.) a f , ? ? ?ei* * #

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