Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAftJ JOHN LITTLIJOHH Jete Uttlafnhn was staunch and strong. Upright an J downright-scorning Wrong; He cave goo.I weight and pni-1 his way, He itiodrhi fm himself an J tie sntd hw any. Whenever a rascal !>tfave u? paw, ln-tcad of silver, money or bras*, Hp took his bamtner and said, with a trown, "The cvtn i$ ?puri*%u....nail it down." Job* Littlejohn w as firm and true; Yi?u could nr.t cheat him In "two and two." When foolish arguers, might and uiaia, ami twisted the clear and tits plain. He aw through the males of their speech ? Tile suupls th ught bevo d their reach? \nd, rrii*hine thHr logic, mid, with a firoww, "TV coin is tpomo's. ...nail U down." lohn Liltiejohn maintained the Right, Through storm and >niiic, ui the w orld's despite. W hen foo's and quacks d??ired his vote, I >"i??"d wi h argniwn** learned by rote, < ?r. by coaxing, ibr.aei or pwise. tried To gain his au-.port to ilie w ronaful side, ??Nay, nav !'? Mid John, with an angry frown, '? Tot .frn is tpnriom-... nail i: <f?? r?." V'lien t??'d that King- a right divine, %nd then the l'eo,?e were herds of ; wine? 1 hat Noble were tit to rule That the Poor were uni<r proved by School ? That ewasrles IW was the proper fate ? M all b it 'he wc.lUiy and the great, John shook in* h> id,and ware, with a fiown, ??74* run it ?/'?noui....ruti it down.'* When toln that events might jucify A taHe and crooked polity? That a decent hope of future good, Might excuse departure from rectitude, Ami a lie, if white, wt< a small oflencc, To be forgiven b> men of sense. "Nay, nay !" said John, with a sigUand atrowe. "The coin it spurious nail it down." When lold mm t!ie Pulpit or Uie press That Heaven was a ^,5 ace of nclmiv ne?s? That none but th c?*lld enter there \N ho knell w ,th the orthodox at prayer, And hcM. alt virtues rut o: tneir p-;le A* "i'ie work, of no avail, JolinVface grew dark, as be swore, with a frown. ?'The roin is ijiurionj... .nail tt down." m WVancrtlw world iw eves won'd Mind iaJ- o prtiencc of pucIi a kind? With Humbug, Cant, and Bigotry? i >r a spn.itiu* fUain Philosophy? With Wioyjdi .-?ed up in guise of Right, 4n,1 lurtn ?"? pa-ten* itself for Light, Let imi'ate Jorn,and exclaim, with afrowu, ??Tk?: i.oiu m spurious... .nuil it dorm " A 'iraneR MA.ioR-(iESEBAL.~They do strange things iu Maine, betides pa?8iDg anti liquor law*. In the House of R*present?tives ou Friday, one tia member?. Mr. E?i Jones, a highly respectable member of the Society of Friends, was elected Msj >r General of .the mi litia ot the State Mr Jones maJe a speech, and after referring to the changes he htd witnessed in the popular rnird on the va rious moral qne-tioos of the day, he alluded to military matters, and said: 4,SJll more wonderful, who would have be lieved that the State of Maine, that .not a few year.4 sincc gloried in in Orostook exp^ditien and was noisy with military trainings and the din of ar^as. would in 1855 exhibit the jpecta ale of a peaceable member of the Society of Friends betn* sleeted to the post of Major General of a division of militia, and that by the repre enuuvesof the people in legislative capacity." We venture to sty, that if his warlike ca pacities are pui to t*st, he will achieve some thing better than a Grey town A Little Bar in Love a*n Crime ?Four boys wore arrested on Friday evening a*. Car sum s Maseu? where they had called to hire ? prira e Sda for theoftelves 'lhe eldest ol the youngster.3 had ' fallen in lovo"' with little Eva, aid for several nights last week had hired a stage-box for LimadV and companions at per night. The manager of the Museum seeing thorn coa&o ?o often for a private box and suspecting they kid money that had been obtained duh.Lee ly. sent, for the police, and on searching tt-im empty envelope, ad lres ?ed t? Sneppard A Co . F ?;ton street, was f >ub?1 on the person of the oldest b?>j. It was then ascertained that that Crm hai reoectly los' several money-le'te"?. and tbig boy having been the person who tovd the !e ters ont of th< Poet OScc for the Crm he was suspected oi retaining tbeoi for his own use, and was sen before the United States Court Oa one even ing last week, be threw upon the s'age a hand some gold bracelet tor -little Eva,'' and hi< beeu in the habit of watching the cotoh th ii she entorei as <he w is leaving the Museum foi home sfter the evening's performince, and ol tisg into it. lie is about 14 years of age 1". ?r,hune. r BxasrM arTEtt Bt'RWS ?barnum ha? writ ten to Senator Hitchcock of Beaton, offeritij $500 lo anthony Barm if he witl appear fo five ?ee .3 at the Museum in New York an< tell hij story. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS Name. Leait for Dm/*. Louu Xew York Havre...Mai. J l 'anatfa iioston l>ivcr|iool.. Mar 1 rscilic Vcw Yoik Liverponf... Afar, i? Af ica Htfciw Liverpool... Mar. Pacific?? Liverpool..New York...Feb. 2^ Hc/ms'in Hrtme,i....\cw York.. Ktb. 2t AJru? LTverp-irt Mar. i Atlantic Liverpool...New York...Mar 1(1 t'ui mi Ilaore New \?>rk.,>l<ir. 14 Asia i .m rp< ?'.?! Borina.... .Mar. 17 America. l.iv.rivjOl.... ll ?-toa .. .M;u.31 0|^ The CB'tfuvaia steamers leave New York on Uie oUi jutJ -JOUi oi cuii uiomb. AivKlVALSj \? PRINCIPAL IIOTEisS. Wlliards* iift.c!-B t k j c, wiluMi ?' Duvej, M*-s J It Li^pincott, Pa ???it Padrr^on, Pa I" la ?tu?->fa M?-x G 11 P.igr, lT^A t a ll itloiin. J*Y fi 1. Will >rd. NY Mrs I. M llotfiunn, do ti N Heat'i Misk S O llolTuinn, do ?i II il<'iita, All I) dt Garcoiwnr,do i; W llauh NY ?> Latrabe, Md K AH. n, do J G Co-te:l'i, Cjba G C Franklin, Rl 5Jr^?>wn?, ilatel? r. r. k a. srowv. E I. Clarke i. ladv, Pa W Horp-r, Md A N Bmck?'tt- and l?dy, McLcaa, do Ya It W Dunaway, Ya T (> L'uroid 4l sisti r,<io W W ilarp*-r, d<? J M f in mil k lad), XJ ai Le\y, N Y I. Hradle*., I"t T II Xsni^ln J l? t lUc g. r, Mi SJ Megaigil, Pa W il Ma tz. do J B Kldndgc, do G Walter, NY ? Wiasfan, jr, Ttnn J MclVviO, ?i<> Mrs i Johnston, do J do W Broaden, jr, Md J P 1.%!???, Va J F i>udcrga~i, ?<u l?i K Summer?, do 11 M Br gdeii, do J M Pl? kMSto. do J Koeeiibaum, Va 11 O Mi4dlei<>n, d" Xattoaal Uotel?a. ?. willakd. 3 \>tu, Va G Davidson, 11 Cartwrigltl, Ta J S Saw?rn, do W A Ihviii#, d ? J Wot, NY Mi?s Conway, Va W R Cornell, I I A O i;nnnau, do A I) Hawee, Md A Winchester. Md Mr* II IU?n, do II Carroll It wo. do W Wo? dworth, Pa T C Wilson, ao W K White, do H ; * K Griffi.h, di W T G Win-ton, Pa J S McCallousli. M. W H Witte, d ' W N Lord, do P C Nk-Imi!**, Va Ulrkwood iloais ? j. ski. t.*i?woo-. C Brockaway. Cal C'apt I. >1 Goldsborough, W P Co Ate. h. lai>, NY L'MN J Awkeiij., KagWI T It Ash. Pa K Joiit". do gHKu.h, do * apt II., I SA Dr J II Uiuiter, Md ? "Mmea. Md ,lr K fcl|lb Aa >l d* Miss Smith, d ? < ItonukTZv E " T1,wrP' ' * ' j Y A 11 WadMmos, Va 8 tarter, do . W Corwiae,lM Cwtt.d Stal.s Slytel-. >. J Green. Pa W Raaseil M M WCIasky, IM i, Baker. ?o C Arue?, Va R I'eitil, Pa W Rankin. NY A Phaw. Va A T t.riffin J t> Sullivan, do J T Mitchell, Md L Kelly, do C Kjr?rr, Fa Manifoe Hoaae, Alexandria, Va. A. IIIWTO*, nW)PKl?TOR. Mi? A Rawait, >Y C Wilson, IM' H H Rol??-rtsor Md R P Nolaod, Va J A Brawn*i <k? F I. Mirshall..)?? a T Aahbv, Va "*i? *ee?i*e. Wl S Bare, d>> - J C Hoaian, Va T Kerl.n. do H J T White, dv 3 Cumss, NY j Sogers, Jr, Md Rev IJr Dalnrr.pie, Mj p Dm. do H Br? v> n, Va T. W Johnson, Va J G Wion, do w p Cowl. * k lady NV MrtleBeM.'O' *"? W A H'Jsli ng, dw J Warden, Md * K Horkhcldef, NY J bender, |i?> [No UO] iK| By the Preitdiator the ValtwlSUtu, IV tursuipcrof law, |, Fit A* KLIN I'lJBP.'JK, I fw ment of the Unitsd Hutei of America, do twrehy anl make known that * pobifo m1? will M he ?! at the lan 1 oflloa ?t AOBj ??a, in the State of Mis*m8]?pi. -"omaandng on *?enday,'hthtntf-fird dny of Mly next, for th* disposal of all th*t pi>rtio^ ot h- wotiOM no 1 parts of tMttoni of land bwrtag Mi numbers within six nr 1m oo ea^h side of ths hu?of ih? Mob li tmoim uvea auiaOAD, tn the Stat-s i f Ala- am a an 4 Misuse ?ri suhje t to th* d;utls min mum pries of two dollar." an<l fifty eeutj r?r acre, m pr> vided by ?he act ot SOch I'ep'ember, ?50, ?nj cir-epted from ifraluaU >n *? to pries by th?act<f4t*i Varus.-, 1HM, which were a-tv*r$i*el to bj offor-d f >r )jU in p/rvlsination 492, bnarv in/ date 23d May, 1863, bot subsequently witt* draw.i uoti farther notie ? tor the proposed ladroai from Bra* don to Moat{~aer? by public n<vi?e Nek 491, b- irinz d*t? 19.h August, I f53; anl t In s*me not to:n* ruhfset to private ?ntry at the dsteofsaid witadrsws', wer* eonso-jcsrtly not r^tor d to mar kt by g?n-ral notice J?o. 622, dated 6th feptsrabsr, 1*51, situated in the on terpen ticned townthipa, to wit: .VorrA of the bete line and rati >f the Choctaw meri dian. Township Jour, cf rang* rhi't^en Townships t\rte, fou^Jivt, and six, of range four teen T)?n hips *hre?, four, fire, fir and ?cpen. of ra g? flft ?n Townshipi tArre, four, five, six, and sevon,of range sixteen Townships five, nx, and teren, of range seven teen Towrehip wit of ra-igs eighteen No'ice i* ?'?> berebv gwen that all :hs lanfo s't uat?' imt.-ide nf the lixdtUe -'imiU on each si le of the *bo*e road withdrawn acd no- res- red i<> rrir?> entry as ahov* state I, which will be sn) jict to entrv at one dollar and twenty-five < per ~cre, <r (11 tor actual settlement aad preemp tion! at the pric?s pr/? ribed by the graduation a? of-ith August. 1864, in the foil 'wing-named d'ftriots an i township? in the States of Miss ?supi and Ala ban a, will be subject to entry and l^atton on and after Vf< odat the nineteenth day of March next, to J wit: In the district of landd subject to sale at Alul'Sta, | Worth of the has? line ar t fast cf the Choctaw meri dian. T wnahips thrt', four,five, six and seven, of range tweiv* 'iown-hips thr?e, four, five, nix, aad tcven, ot j range thirteen T . m ush p^> three. fuur.Jirf , tix, and seven, of range | fourteen Tueosh'p tever , of rsn^e fifteen T ^Dbhys t/vee, four, and five, of range sixteen To *r> pi lifii, four, Jive, sir, anl irven, of ra'ig T ?*r?hipa three, fcrir, five, fix, and tevn, *1 rar ^ ? o ^htf?n. In tb? di3fri<rt cf lanls subject to :&le at Cemopc us Alabama: Xori i oj tiz bate linaad west of the principal me ridian. Town-hips thirteen, tourteen, fiftftn, sixteen and seventeen, of rsnre two I'own^h p< tbir.enn, fourteen, fi t?en, sixteen aad seventeen, of ta?2? three To /eihif* th ruen, icutt^nufit1ecn, tixUin and e?>. tet??j, of :&n<c fou T -mships th:rteen and f};srtj*n, cl ran<? five. Tbe town'hip? dmixos ^i in r mau etersare *h w.tbin t~a liznii3 v tix and ?fi *n milt-s r?* freci'vely o?; e?n;h tid-tcf < al. and those in i'a'i ? are partly within s-id limit9, us deeignateif oa t]?* diagrams which will be furni.?h"J to tte re s ject'Tft d'strict f fflews by the Commi'-eiouer of tie Ge ? l.a id -flice. The lani- will be sold, subject to tki right of troy gr.cie; by tha a:tof *2U.h ,-cpteiu itr, 1850, to tl ?? rftat-s afite'ai i for saiu railroad, not ? needing ure hundred fee' on each si-e tharecf, and therefore the pattx-u'ar -ract? cf lan which include the road will be s>!i ss containing the quantities rrfpenivel) shown by the idfival p?ats. The section? will be off ned at the public sale !r> the 'rler in which th y are adv?rM*?d; the tale will be kept open for s snfHcieat tiro* to admit of off-Ting all the lands, >"ut nat ex?w!ing tw? Wiek-'; ard app'i nation* trv mak? private ent-les of the land^ rff-rr-1 at publv: *ild und?*r ihis prcclamati n wiil not 1 r.- tired until af:??r the chse cf the twe we^ts. Given nnder ray h?n-f. at the city of Washington thisieveti'h day of F??bra%rv, Anao D mini one th aftn! ei<ht huadred *nd fifty f v?. FKAN KLIN TIERCK. Py the Prceident: Johs VYil*<&, Cc?tr.m'r?'^ner Oenrral Land Uf2;e. KOTIC8 T^ PRE EMP1ION OLAIMANSS. Uader th?s act of Coag'efl-, approved 31 of Marcb. Sj'J, ??i:titlel ' An ?ct '.c exten?l prt? eiapti >n to certain set:)a.-5 'hj^'n a> *nti ?n- i " the pr?-?3p iio . 1*- s wer?- ex:ejni?-il ? Ter the ab"Te mentio$t-u ait^rnate o.jj nui.h -ru! sec i;n? w.tbin h x tuil.-s < rt ?-a<-ii sid-" t'^c route ot the read where the turtle an l iaiprc^tmant wer* m vl prior t> the da r of *li txen', if T*roatu up ai J psi i for ?it rat' o. I * > collars sod fitty c-nt-> per acre, before the it. fixed for tbe public said: mad byUieaotao proved 7th Marc h, 18{4. entitled 'An a t tor the r??: itrf of settltrs r>n lards reserved for railroad pur po t-s," p^r-^on* who settled a d iraprored tbe abov^ ?aiLMl taction? p.-ior to the <hUe of untniravxil will beentifl-dto p w emptious attheordinary minimum yr'.oe of th- public land^.cr at the r^te of - ne dollar anl twenty-live cents je-r sere, if proven up and psid for b f re :die dayfix-dfor !he pub ic a*le:? Th- refore, ererj jer.-ou enlilled to the tigv t of pre t-snjtion i:t any cf th? alternate odd numbered see t ons Viove c.eDtione?. wl hin six toiler o! the route of the road, u id?r the sot of ?1 Mtrch, l?i3, ab< \e r*frirt*l to, cn s-ttiements in -<1- prior to the 4th o; February, 1863,(the da e ct a io'ment) or under the act <jf 271ti March 1851, on s?-ttlemet,t8 mad^ pr ot o tbe d*t* tf th' r rij,iC,i withdrawal of the ar df fn>a? muk'it, li^ewi^e eyfrv preoa entitUJ to pre emption under tLe act f 27tb March, 1854, in anj of tbe lands outside ij the iix au'e iim ts dire Ud t' l>e restore J to . n ry ou the 17 th day of March next is r.*|uir*S t > c j sblis tv.e tame to the sati f cti n .i h* re i;t?.- an i reoeiTrr of the proper la -a o?oe. anl biaks payment the*efor at ihi; prica 6.X--1 by Inw izj s'en at practicable ifter eefinj: thi* n rJoe. and before the d y appointed f? r the publ c fair tr re-toration ro m trk?-t of th- lands embra'-inij the trart claim* i; otherwise such * laiT wil! b- forftited. Jt)!IN WIL90N, . CcnMnis^orer of General Und (flee, leb 10- lawl3? 1 HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW YORK. II C. SPAIjDIMG, o! Washington, Agent *IIE Howard Life Insnrance Company, posse;.* _ ing an .imple capital, and ev^ry facility for ex tending iu operations upon th?- most w?cure bast.-, inake* ?-very m^umnce ajrunit Life Ruk* upon the ui'M't fovoraltle terin?. Parties injuring upon the mutual plan are cnti tied to a prupottionaie slia'e of the profits ; or upon tbv joint stojk plan l>y which tlo-y pay a lower rat< wt premium, but do not share profits. Policies are granted either tor life,or for a limited period. The Il??ward commends itscil' to pi rsons in ell station-, but especially to every head of a family. Military or Naval?'(Seers off '.r on duty m >y be injured in tune o peace. Persons insured in ilns Company have the privi le-e of crtMsinv the Atlantic, to port'* i-i Europ't, ai all seasons of the year witnout extra i reiniiim.? Special (mtiiiit? for Cali'ornia, Aiutrnlia. or the SandwicV Island-, at a reduced rate of premium. i itficc No. 338 North l> street, one iloor ea?t ot Tenth mar 3?eolni Bargains in bMimoiDkiuhs 4c.-A T ATE, No. 31* I'a. avenue, betwt rn It>lii and 11 tii streets, is now running off the remain der of his i all an-J Winter stock ot Embroideries, Rihands, Laces, taps and Fancy Notions at very reduced prices, th> stork consisting of many de^ira We g'Msls, all of which will be sold very cheap, pre. tiou> to ln)ing in tbe Spring stock. it ar 1 ?eoCt ('LOCK?, CLOCKS, CLOCK % I?If you j want a good Clock, warrant d to keep time, call at the store of .1. KtHllNAON. 3*# Pa. ave., oppo. Hrowns' Hotel. fob 09-dim A PREMIUM PIANOS.?We have on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute tour magnificent Pianos, made vxpressly to our order lot this fair. These Pianos we offer for sale al low rates and up m exceedingly reasonable terms. Also, a superb rosewood Guitar. Tiltan's latent, which we are engaged in setting up a raffle for. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th stf. feb 20 ^READY-MADE CLOTHING T REDUi'ED PRICES ? A? the season is ad vanced We have determined to sell off the re maining portion of our winter Mock at greatly re duced price#; therefore getitlemeu wishing to coii salt economy in pnrch i-ing fine Overcoats, Tnlw..* Dn ss, VrtH-k, and Bu-i i? s? Coals j Black and Fan ey Ca?hin?*re Pants ; Velvet. Silk, Satin and Merino Vests; Under?(Mru and Drawers, hiii all otiier rea fy ma le garments of fine quality, will find our present variety to in- as well assorted as in the b^ anninx of Uie seas >ii. wnh th? a<lvanta<< of much lower prions. WALL k WIEPHF.NS, 344 Pa. avenue, next to Iron llall leb ?2 (SeiitmelkNews) DRAUGHT ALE. THE undermined respectfully announce Uiat they hav* otit-uiied the sole Agen<-y of th? litstnet lor the tale ul' Kurtx k NV'* >ork Draught Ale, and have m ide ai ran?eriH-nts so as |i have it eon uantlv on hand, m> that all who may favor tbeni with their cu tun will i><- pt'iictuallv served. Aj UTti-U, a f up ply of lorter, Ale, ?".dci and Min "r,l VVarer eonstaniiy on hand. Orders hy mail, or given our driven will meet rvtth str.rt attention. Tmn.rash. ARNV Si SflI\N. A first rate \\ but little used, for sale Ai)i?ly tf> \tlN Y 1 Stll*V ' Mt'i'l IfOllllUg Dt pot. ifl ??suiii QeurgttwwH INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. XJXALTQ restored akd L1F1 XI. UVQTIXflKFP, by uM. Ml)R2 =6 I.STIGOaATrra SLtXIH OS COKOiAL.?At first tfcc proper tiM attributed to ?? ;>?. t/OSSS B irmCORATTNG i KUXIKOR ^r? <Swb*4 frbnlow, Ths public often d-cn/?i, cwtd not beliexx the rtxojde and sublime truth* ?? >ooar ?d bv the discoverer.? Fu? ft?-te, ui. i*nl?Mj? iv<t- r treated bj wltr estee of tfee highest c'??'c ui character, are now triumph ing over ?U Coubts. INCREDULITY 18 OVER THROWN by e aw of testimony which Is perfect!? IrroiJftsMe. The Rl.rrra remedies, In a!l e?wr,th? deplorable evils uMnz from amlsn.v or abuse of the various organ wljch male up the To-iir-ful machine ehlled a+a. It restores to full vigor every delicate func tion coau*cted with that mysterious compound agency of natter n,l mind, noces.^ary to the reprt hicti-moj human life. To persona cx feeble muecil ia, r frame, or deficient in vital pcwer, It is recom mended as the only means of communicating tL >t energy which la necessary to the p? per enjoyment ot all the natural appetres, as wall as the higher tn? ntal attributes. Its b-nefldal effecta are not con Jned to either er* or to *ny age. The feeble girl, the oiling wife, the listlep*, ernerated youth, the overwora man ot Dudnees, tbe victim of nyrvoua de pr*?*i;>n, the individual suff?ring from general de bility, or from the weakness of a single ergen, wiD all bn-l immediate and permanent relief from the aie of this Incomparable renovator. To those who hare a sredisprxdtion to paralyris it will prove a <v>ii,j lets and nnfailLtg safeguard qpalnst that terri bl? malady. There are many, perhap?. who bare eo tri??-1 with the.r conatitctlcns, that they think then-selves beyord the cf medicine. Let not a/e~ th?89 despair. The Elixir deals with disease as tt erista, witheut reference to causes, and will not r..y r-ccre the disorder itself, but ft*'BUILD liUUXBN CONSTITUTION ii?e derangements of the system, leading to n? Otis Ae -~sm, nnd the forms of nervous disease it eit, are so ou nerou* that it would require a column to enumerate the maladies for which thi* prepare ation is a rpeoiflc. A few, however, may beenume fte', vis: neuralgia, tic dolere&ux, headache. tncip i nt paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi na' infections. muscular debility, tremers, flatulent*, * pruning eenaation in th- fleeh, numbness, torpid ity cl th lirer, mental depresdon, weakness of th" ?rill, iadlspoi'tton t? nrvre, falctness after exercise, ircc u sle?p in i terrifying dream?, inability lo re vs1:! in nn? p'?ce r position, weakness of the pro? r?eeive oiflane, sexual inocmpetency, melanoholv, .uocomania, finor albus, nking at the stomach, fe? z -> irregu'aritiee, a nhronic tendency to miscar 'iw*>, euaciation, and all complaints growing out of a fr?-e indut.rence of the pa?nicns, and all barrenners bat does n?t proved trom orginic causes beyond The r<--kch of medicine. W herever tl?? orpac to be acted upon are free daifcrc. ticn or strlcturai diseases itisarerred ;.hat MORSE'S INVIGORATING ELIXIR t.!i :?-p!fiee wenfeness with strength, incapacity with '-tey, 'lregularity with uniform and natural ao Hi'/, md tills not enly without hxturd of reartion, >ut ?-:ia s happy effect on the general organization. ; cr-Bea: in mind that ? 'l mnUdi*^, wherever they :?!, firMh witli the nenrr qs system, and that the .-.r J :? tion ?:* th ? nerres or motion and sensation is hr -iea'death. Besrinmlnd alec, that fbr eyery tin i tf Jl?eaee the Elixer Cordial Is tbie i*bls f reparation k*?own. CAt'TIO*. Lh. Mosra'a Istiiciutts' Ccuniit. ?ias been ccua r-t1 ?*! by some unprincipled perrons. I n future, all the genuine Cevaial will have the per. -.-v-.ot'p fhc "?mi1* panted -'Tcr the cork of '*cb ?t'. b. the folio > in^ words blcwn in the Ot.-, flora?>? lavlgoratlagCoidtal, C. IX ilihU, Pror-ri*torf K.T *J- The Cordial le put up highly conoentrated,in fir: i tottlss. ? ?1 pet icttle: two for $5; fix for $12. 0. H. RING, Proprietor, IW Broadway, New York. 3->ld by Druggists thrrui,hoTit the Urited PtatM, f^a". viae, and Weet Indie* AUKNTH. SVftjblngton?Z. I? GII.WAH. ''?Jtimor^?8. 8. HAN'Jfci. Rlctimond-PSNNETT Z ETLER?. W *T 3" rr>** nilV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF Tilt: I I, i:\HTLKSIKCF.r, >1 K. CHURCH.? A - desire to benefit the al'ihcfed indncee ti:m Iris ti> cer if/. We chal'euce any other ioe<licinc t> | rt sent -<weli a n.a-w of tee iaiony from gentbine" t litiiier of high -tindiiig of our own w?:.l-known iK. win t^-tifV oi rurM of COUGH, BKON CHI I RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, flic 1I*i.timork, January 21th, IS.>5. *f' ?. Mortimer v Mon-hrarj: i t ik<: pleasure in sa>ing to you that I have used v-ur '?llaniptn:i's Tincture*' with very great profit. Fiv>?n n aerioiMt.iroat aff. my general !i!-:tltl) fi -1 become very muclr iinpaireii, when I com in- nc*- J to use ? - HamptonTincture." I found ? - i-eta 'i;*> m> g?*n< r ? I health inoet salutary My nervom n>>teni and digestive organs t*?oii right -.1 up under its use. I have several times rccontmended it to my friende, an 1 in every ease, as lar as 1 have been in loriued. they have use it with success. Yours truly, John LaiTaiian,Taetor Of Exctrr st., M. E. Chifrch, Balt'.uiore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Raleioh, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855. M rrs- Mortimer if Mowbray : I do here y certify tJiat about twelve month!* ago I was taken wijh a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs i>* I had lour attacks of it I wa? advieed to try fir. H impton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one h >.ti<-, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I wa-i much belter; and that, taking the fourth l o'tie, 1 was entirely well, and now I enjoy us good htalili as ever I did in my life. 1 can, and do. with <>t;i the lea.?t hesitation, recommend the Tincture to all person, adiicted in uiy tv.iy. Yours, Ggo. W. Wcakle*. CI'RE FITS?READ! to tie Sk\ than Ovid.?I'rom one of the most r |>eciable Dru^.'ists in South Carolina. .Charleston. S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. Mortimer & Mowbray:?The ?de ef i-?ir MaiuptonV Vigtitnhle Tincture is increasing e ery and eruy bottle so'd recommends this v-.lua le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our inters have tried it in different cases Willi aston* ir r^vrrrsf, and are getting it by half dozens. It 'i is b I on od to be the preaTest rent' dy fur rlieu ii: iiie afieciions, and a wonderful cure lias been I. rtormed oh a negro bov, ?uflering from Fits. I will fj-nish you with n nutnher of certificates if you wish ihein I am, gentlemen, yours, \V. G Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see run s of '.'ough, Kroncliitis Rheuniatism, Nenraljia, Dye ^epsia, Nervousness and General Wcakuckn. As a ii-male medicine or fur delicat : childrt n we b. I.tve it unequallei:. Sold by MORTIMER St MOWBRAY, MO Ratii -iiorc street, B.dtunore, and .'W4 Broadway, N. York ? ?|IA?. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moore. D. B.Ciarke, ' i.akke & Bowliks, \V. Elliot, and II M< Phkr Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Cr skl, Geoiue ?own; and C. C. P-errv, Alexandria, and hv Drug % * I even w ben. M 21?tr IN... 9BB.1 NOTICE OF THE IKSCONTINU INCE Of the L ni/ed Stute* lar>/l offL r nt JeJfer^onvUle, Pin reiinei and H'inainttc, Indiana. UNDER Uie provisions of the second scction of the act of Congress, approved June 12, I8?, " hich declares "thit whenever the quantity of puh h Id' ds remaining unsold in any land district shall be reduced to a number of acres let* than one bun dled thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to discontinue the laud office for such district; and d* any land in any such dL-trict shall remain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land office, the same shall be subject u> sale at some one of the existing land of ticcs iu'?t convenient to the district in which the laud offiec shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretaiy of the Treasury shall give notice;" and inasmuch as the 7th section of the act approved 4ih Sept inher, .811, authorizes the Secret ry Of the Treasury to co- tinue any laud district in which is situated U?: sral of government if iny one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold in such district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion such continuance may be required by publiu convenience or in order to close the laud system in such &>talc at a convenient point uuder the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1840, aid ina* ii xic h as the duty a bo re retfuired ha* been devoiitd upon the Secretary of the Interior by "the act to es abli%k the Home Department," approved 3d March, lo49: Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view oj reports trom th* lanl officerj at Jkftersonvillr, ViNfEKXte, and Winamac, that the vacant laml in each of said districts is reduced below one hundred thou-an i acres, the Secret'iry of the Interior, with the approbation of the Pre ulent. has directed that tne laud offices at Jeffersomville, Yincenkes and Win amac; in the State of Indiana, be discontinued, and the lants remaining unsold at the time of the discontinuance lie made subject to sale at the land office at Indianapolis, iheeeat of government oi said State. Lands remaining ^unsold, and uaprropriated by law, and subject to pr.vate entry within the limits ot the district* now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those odices, fnnu the date of the receipt of this notice by the reg stcrs and receivers thereof, and the land oittccrs at Imdi anapolls will give public notice of the day on wlrch they will be prwparwt to receive applications for enfriee of any -:ioh |.n,js at their office. JOHN 1LSO.V. C.>n,n? of General Land Oihce. IaiHTaW 25, 1855. j:?n *?9--2av\ e .v ~ A8NY, I\o. S & Bridge tfrtti, Georgetown, i ffpirrd to furnish Balls, Dinnfrs. PotRFe W HbAiH4^s> kc., with eycivthiug lu Jbe Coi.fec i tioi; iry hue, m any part of ihe District. ^ tin. rl;uif ??' ii./li e, uiiu on tit" i!iU?t r. .iKfiahir term*, Iaii IV?1? l'KfA V i-X.Util' . ?f JkbO'i UK V. . ATIIAH*S LIHIC OfP OHHIBIIVCI JLi will !??..*??. Alexandria at 4, T^i, and 9# ini, IV$ and 3J* p m. WiW leavn Wii!ttiini:u>o*at6,11, and 18 a' in- 3% a;.tl 7 p m. Beau ran 1* secured at Dm 0???? Fairfax ?t., and Mewtou's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's t*??ur Store nn i Kirk wood House. This Line ium regularly winter and summer for the acc< iruuo-lauon untie Public. PasMM jers called lor and taken to their residences il not t?M? iar. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular Uips '25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK, .ian JV-tf CBOHWEI L'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN *? NEW YORK BALTIMORE a BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to B.iltuiiore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi noss men of the District of rotumbta. The Agents af cither point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. U. HALL, 58 Exchange Pl*ce, Baltimore. II. B CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?dim ? Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIbKOAf). IMPROVED ARRAN 4EMRNT8 FOB TRAVEL I IMPORTANT CHANQK8 OF SCHEDUDK! t Th? late completion of the *ISl^^C5H?0en,-r*' Ohio Railroad between Wbe-ling and Columbus, uniting as it dots, by ro short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Kailrcad with all portions of the West (and North an 1 Southwest.) gives this rente greatly increased a Irantages to through travelers in that direction. On and afer MuNDAY, November 27, 1854, the trains will be ran as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fkst trains daily will run in each direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, leavlog Camden Station at 7 a. m., instead ol8 o'clock as heretofore, (exeept on Sunday,) and arriving it Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. 8eoond?The EXPRK8S TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , lnst?sd of st 7 p. in., as heretofore, and running thron^h to Whee'ing in about 17 tours, reach!Lg theri mc 10 2f, a. m. This train will st?p at Wash ington Junction, Sykesviile, Monocacy, Harper's K?rry, Martinsburg, Kir John's Run. Cumberland, Piidmont, Kowlesburg, Newburg, Fetterman, Farm ingten, Camarou and Moundaville only, for wood and water and meals. Both these trains mak? prompt and reguUr connection with thn can of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zanrgville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Pay ton, vx'iuuu^u.^ viu lUUAMi iA'uir? liiuj s nj vuait Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Indianapolis, Chicairo, St L"uis,etc. Passangers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tr-.'n; wi 1 reac^- Cincinnati for dinn#r next day. while by the Bxpress Train they arrive the*?! at 12 the next ni^ht. being kept but one night on the route by eith*r train Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and all Intermediate polrts can make a direct ronneo tion with he trains upon tha Cleveland and Pitta burg Railrord at all times when the Ohio is navi^a Beturrdng, the Trains leave Wheeling as follew?: ble fcr steamers between Wheeling and Wellrvi by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. in. The EXPRESS TR\IN at 4 ;t0 p m., reaching L'al tinore at 9.60 a. m. The MAIL TKAIN at 11.45 p. IB , reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m ?^?Through tic Wets by boat from Wheeling Ibr Cioci nati, Madism Louisville, 8t. Louis and other River Cities, ? HI be so'.d at a 1 times when the stage of whW will adnl*. 49* Through tir-k?ts between Baltimore and Wasnimrton, and all th* important cities end towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the Oompany. FOR WAY PASSENGERS THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take psseencrnrs f->r all the usual stopping pliu*? on the Road Re'nm'ng, this train le-.res Wheeling at 11-46 mlinifrbt, Cumbfrlnrd at 10-16 a. m^ani arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FRKDEKICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and !nt-rcedi?te places, will (Hart at 4 p. m., daily (excoj-t Sunday*) arriving in Freder ick at 7.W Re nr?*ng ?ill leave Frederick at 9 a. m . arriving at Baltimore at 12 30. noon THE ELLIC i PTb MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be run diily, (^xc-pt Snndavr,) as follows : Leave Camd'ii Htatkn at 6 a m and 3 p. m. I.-eave E'licott's Mills at 7.30 a. n. and 8.30 p. ra. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: IEAVK daily, except Sunday, ct fl and 8# a m. j a-d 2 and 6 pm. On Fnu^ay at 0 a m and 5 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4% and 9kd; and 5 and 8 p a. On Sunday at 4 V a it' and 5 pm. The connections with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 0 a a and 3 p re. For Philadelphia and New York at 0, and 8>? a m and 6 pm. For Annapolis at ?. m and 6 p in t For Noraolk at 3 p m. T H. PARSONS, Agent Pnrtlcu ar attention is called to the Rule requir ing a responsible voucher lor any person ef color who m*y wi-h to paaa or r the road. dec 18-?:!tf OEAFOE AND ALEXANDRIA BAILB')Af). O71 and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Cars leave Alexandria daily for Gorlons* t villa and intermediate stations at "if o'clock, a. m., on the arrival of the boat from Wa*bln<trn, g ving ample time for breakfaet on board. On nesting at Manassas Jur.ctl*D a train lor Ptraa hurg, at Warrenrcn Ju cticn wit i a train fcr War r-nlon, and at Gordonsville wl:h ?he trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Hi. hciond,Charlottes vtlle, and Staunton The cars ieave Oordcnsvil'.e dally for Alexardria and intermediate stations, at before 12, a. ra., on the arrival of the train? o' the Virginia Onfal rail road from Richmond, Charlott<*v1!l*, and Staunton THROUGH TICKKl'3. From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 * 44 Gordonsville 3 60 M " Charlottes villa 4 26 " " S'aunton 6 SO " ?? Ptrasburg 3 60 " " Lynchburg fl 76 " ? Winchester 3 60 " ?? l.ursy... 4 26 " " New Market 6 00 44 44 Mid ileburg 2 26 For Lynrhburc, connecting with the stages at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri days Fcr Lnray and New Market, oonnectlng with ?b* s ages at Culpeper, on Tc^dayp.Thnrsday^, and Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with the stcges at Piedmont For Miidleburg dally, c< nnecting with the stages at tb* Plains. Per order: T.T. B. 1'ROCKETT, Ag?nt uov 7?Itf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUKSUAY8 and FRIDAYS. iFara round trip fl; from Alsz anjrl* 76 c?*i<ts?Tl.a ii'-OMA^ COLLYEB ieave? Wasbiogfou a: 9 ^r.d >'? ?t ?>'.< o'cloc'a. Uf-acbus iea*-* the Capit i J:i ? t. t at 8)4 o'clk. Coach fare '0 oeu -i. Persons wishing He Coach?-a rii: ic^ve their resi d? ice with G eo. & i iios* I a e.. IUfre<ihm<?nt? on Lha boa:. 0-t 28?dif SAM'L QEDN<Y. Capt TUK KKW YORK. A. L1VKKPOOL UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMERS. r|MlK HIIIPS COMPRISING THIS LIN? ABE X THE? ATLANTIC, C-pt. W*et I'ACI FIC, Oapt- Nye, BALTIO. Capt. Cemstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These 6hips have be*n built by contract, expn?c - ly for Government 6*>rvi-?; every care has been tak 'n in their c.*nstru3tion, as In the Knginns 10 lnsjra strength anl speei. and their aootmmoda. tioLS for passengers are unequalled lor elegance and comfort. Price of passage froai New York to Liverpool, in first cabin $130 Seoond Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra sise state rooms ?00 From Liverpool to New York ?3o and ?4). An experienced burgeon attached to each ship. No t*rtb can b? secured until p <id for. Fcr (raight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS * CO., 66 Wall street, Nev Ycrk. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. E. G. ROBERT8 A CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A CO, 28 Roe Notre Dame des Vh to4ie& Paris. GEO. H. DRAPKR, Havca. The owners of ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious ?tones or metals, unless bills af Lading are signed therefor, an1 the value there af therein expressed, ncv 16?dl v H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 830 Pm. ovenue, bt'.iotm WA and lOtA s(r<eU Offers far sale a magnificent assortment ot PI AM ONI) JEWELRY, ' r. M Ur.ioflets, Hr?.axt|?in.j, FJirnngs, Seal Finn | Wpdiiiuj: ^im?-nFwb uud V^i rhaiim, S?*Jt!s, Lock' , lViu i!?, nnmtil?i?, Tditktij, tie i An ac'icltj* we w*rf4uletj a* n?i*rr?niied sol -inustiaiiv lOWf i%?. IV [No. 6S9.J . NOTICE OF IIJBS TOR ATI OS And Withdrawal of ertoin Land* ?? ik* Cairo mud Fulton Railroad Grant in Mio mn. None* IS HEREBY GIVEN, that la con** flOMMs of the rei r?-?utloii. of part of tbs a ?legation in (osf ew f on thi fttiU of Ml?? i1 of* material ehang~ ?*? t;>? ^opposed rout* of the Cairo ard Fulton railroad in s*id 8toU, heretofore assumed in wlthdraurg lanV from market frr the grant tosaldr>ad and on the* r request that cer tain of raid lands mould be reha*e-i, and others substituted io lion thereof, ronf zwib j to wM ame ndad roue which U direct aid situated consid erably Moth of tba eld tob'o; th- President, by h<a order bear ng date the la February inn taut, baa directed that tho landa a< tutted tn the townabipa h -retaafta* eaaat'tat^*. which w*v withdrawn ft >tn market br Ma order of the l*th of May, 1853, ?id their nmrrMkn eon tinned by pnblle noike So 497, bearing date 23d January, 1864, for the a* iro and Pulton railroad grant ia the Ptete of Mis souri, shall be restored to tuarket, and that certain other !*nda rituated in town?hips nam*d M ow (lor!nd!ng * portion of the ?M nriatnal reservation) ?:ta?fad within the proba le Uaita of the grant ac cording to the roa'eof -aid road an aro.nd d thall be sub'iiMitsd and re erred from sale or entry ipr ? emprion claims not exoepted) until fur h*r notice. Therefore. all tho vacant Ian is en^j*t to sale at Jickscn, Miasocai. wbi^b were select to private entry at the da^o of withdrawal. *od which h?ve rotaineeb en preempt d in tho Allowing town *hip% w.U ?gain be aahjeet t" prira e entry oa and after the nineteenth day if March next, to nit: Ifrrth of the bat line and east of the fifth principal IHCTvil&n. TrwoFhipa 21, 22, 23 2?, 26,'and 26. of range 3 Toackhips 22 2J, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, tf raogc Townships 22, 23, 24, 28, 26, 27, 2*, C9, and 30, of range 6. ' Townships 26, '26, 27, 28, 29, 80, and 31, of range Townships 25, 96, 27, 28 , 29, 30, 31, and 32, of range 7, Totnshlpe 26, 27, 25, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of ranee'. Tow?hip? 96, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, S2, and ?, of ranee 9. ^Townships 27, 28, 29, 30, 3!, 32, and S3, of tan ge Township* 2*, 29, 30 31, 32, and 33. of range 11 Town-hips 28, 2t 30, 8l, 32, and 33, of range 1J Townehips *>, 30, 31, 32, a?d 33, of rang* 13 Township* 29 30, 31. 32. and 84, ot range 14 T<r?n?htps 29, 31, and 32, of r-nge 16 ALSO, 1 hit all the lands aituated in the rami district within the following battled towmhlps will be re sorted from sale <r entiv (not excepting pre cmp ?ions) f_>r the purpose above t peelfltd until lurLher ord^rp, ri?: Xvrth of the batr livt and fnst of the fifth principal meridian Townships 22*, 23*. an i 24?, of .aag* 6 ! Townabips 2<!?, 23* and 24?, of range 7 TowtFhipe 21*. aa?, ?? 24*, an i 25*. of range 8 1 T- wnfhips 20, 21, 22 23, 24. and 25*. o1 ramre 9 Tjwnthips20, 21, 22, *}, 24, 25, aod 29*, of racge ^Townships 21, 22, 23, 24. 26, 26, and 2T*, of rarge Town* hips 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 26, aad X*, of range 1 M Townships 22, 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27* and 28* of range 13 Trwnabipa 22, 23, 24, 26*, 26*, 27* and 28* of range 11 townships 23, 24*, 26*, 26*, 27*, and 28*, of range 15 Townships 23, 24*, 25?, 26*, 27*, and 28*, of range 40 Tiwr.ships 24*. 26*, 26*, 37*, and 28*, of range 17 Town-' ips 24?, 26*, 26*, nod 27*. of range 18. All th* Uwnxhipa raar?;?d ?bua ? wore.nclnded in the original reaerv?ti' n of 186i. Pre t*mpti in cUimants eutitled to any of tt? ab ve wer.tioned Irnds to be ree,ored to m%rket on the mnrteenth day cf March next on sett'em^ntf al ready m<di, or which may hereafter be m-ide, and ai-o thofe claiming within any of the abova town ships fithdr&wQ or coa.iir:cd to h* rf^rteJ on fft tl-*m?*nts made p k>r to the date of t-e pre ent W! hdruwa] will rrnk* prcof ?nd pi? for th? runt, ih* pric? Hied by 1 *w, mithin twelve mMnth^ af t?r fb- date of the r respective aettlem-nt*: other wtap their claims will be forfeited. It is mggestci th?t pre-emption claimacu to lpn'lf- ?;thiu the townships to be rest rrd to private ontryshouli gir^ n.tioe of their claims and file the pro fi with the Un oft.-eM before the daT arp^lnt rd for the re-totaticn ot ihe Unit, so a> to pro ect th?ir .aim* fr ^m private entry cn a?d after th*t d y. ard pr?rent much difiiculty and d* lay. Give i uod^-rmv Land, at the city of W.ahicatcn, this sixth day of F?bru*ry, \nno Doalni oae thoa srnJ. ej^bt hand ed and fl ty fire. l:y crdsr of the PrfsiJen;: JOIN WILFON, Commiisioner cf General Land Offlce. feo o?law6w 1>BNRHYN AND IRON M ANTRL??May bo se^e - * teautifui anurtmeat of thes^ ch^ap and du rable artir!ea, at thecorn?rof p^ui sylviuia ar-nue aulTactb atrae% %ver tne Was^ii gf>n Paving RALPH UAfiKINa ont 18 ?vf PIANOS!?PIANOS! 1XTE beg leave to call the attenuon ot Uie public ? ? to our f<tock of Pianos now on hand, con-idling of superb iini-h?H "* ilCT3l[ m iuid 6 octave roscwrxtd case *trnments from the world-reno\vn?'d I " 1 tf 5 manufactories of II llet, Davi- h Co., Boston, and Knabe. Gaehlc fc Co., iialumore, compruuig ui all the largi st. most n-liablt' and select as?nrtm?*nt cvtr offt-rr (1 in thtrt city. Aleo. Stools. Covers, fcc. old Pianos taken in exchange. We will make rca^ciiabie tii-count* for caai:, or ?*" o? Umc. JUliN' F. ELLIS, ^?* 306 Pa. avenue, near Ttniii sue* t. jan 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON. TfLAN FOR THE CURREST YEJIR. lib Mat i.- now open, and erery fUhKriber ?d will !>?- ent tied to? I. An impreseio* of a Plate, by T. Willmorv, A. R. A.,from tiie original picture bj- J. J. Cha Ion, R. A., "A Wa'.er Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood En^raviiiffs illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's Poem ??t " ChilUe llarolde."' And Hi. The chance ot obtaining one of the prizes to be aUotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? 1 lie nglit to select for himself a valuable work nj art from one ot the public exhibitions. Statuttes in bronze ?.f her Majeaiy on Horseback, by T. T1i-t neycrolt. Copies in l?roii*e, from an orcinil .Mo<lel 1 r r.?lc/.. y R Jefferso"? ?l" ?? The Entry of the Duke of W ellington inU) Madrid Stamues in porcelain ?* P?r'a?- Pr,*>f Impressions of a large Lithograph, .y '"a?uirc, after the original picture bv W I. Fnth, R. A.. "The Three ws,? from" .Mo liere'a u B mrgeois Ueiiulhonimc." Honorary Secretaries for Washington. Me*rs TAYLOR at MAURY, Booksellers. jan 21 PK0P08ALS FOR FU&HISHIKG PAFEB FOR Xbl PUBLIC PRlI?ri50 Orricg SurEaiNTBNDBirr PriLic Printino. 1 Washington, January 25. 1855. ? pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled "An act to provide for execuun? the pu lie printing," fcc.. approved Aucut-t fl6. 1852, sealed propo-m s will be rpceived at this office, in th? Cao itol, unul Wednesday, the 28Ui dav ot March next at li o'clock m., for furnishing ihe following quan titjes and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8,500 rt anis, weighing 28 pounds por ream, and mca suruig 19 by 26 inches 3,100 reams, weighing 26 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, wei-tung 24 pounds per ream, nnd mca Btinng 18 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, aod mea suring 18 by 18 inche* 400 reams, weighing 12 pounds per n am, and mea suring 12 by 16 inches All these papers to be made of the bc<t materials, and tiniahed in the best manlier and tree froin adul teration A contract will be entered into for si.p plving the qaaniitirs etated. at such times as the public service may require but the privilege is re served of ordering a preater quantity of either kin I should a great, r qiauuty be required, at such times and in mch quantities as may be deemed necessary. S tnn !??? of each kind of paper must accompany each bid, and a'l proposals and samples mu.t bi transmitted to this offlce, free of postage or otiier expense Each pro(?osal must be aigned by the individual or ti m making it, and must specify the price pei pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but I one price) o| each description of paper. All the .paper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Washington ckyt in good oruer, fri:e of ?i|| and every extra charge or ex pense, and subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the Supeiintendent, and be mi all respects satiafactory. Blank forms for proposals will he furnished at thix otnee to persons applying for them ; and none will ??e taken into consideration unlets substantially' agreeing therewith. Bonds wiiii approved securities will be required: ?nd the supplying of an inferior article, or a fadui* to supply the quantity required at any > will be considered a violation of the contract. Each biddor is required to furnish with his propo sals satisfactory evidence o! his ability to execute it and any proposal unaccompanied with such evi dcuce will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ??? UW hWiC rrinti"?- C^P'Wl ot the United ^tat^s, Waihington, and endorsed "Piopo^aJ Supplying Paper. ? p?wai^ ioi _ A. C. SEAMAN, ?'um WARE. a"'t"' iw W '? *""*? ?1B UHIWu to PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENT?. 81TIDERS WIVES AT PHlLADKLPHiA. FOHJf V. SR1DBR, DmIw tm W>u*.H the former old wrtMwl mmt Etore mJACCM ?orIDEM. Jr., No. T? Walaut MTvb low Fourvh etrr-et, with WU'JW and LIQUORS m term*. J A.CO* IHIdKR, Jr.. Ageat tor Im l? roruiion of roRKiQir 4una, om<? Ke.Tf Wal S-Ut street, Philadelphia, where ha k pn|irnl te ordm tor the ipfitol Importatioe ? Wlaae. Ac, from vartoaa Iwwm In Europe. la fintMii mt a nnfl* domb tod apwarda; *ad alar aoUaita tor Aia feoa, JOHN V AUG HAN 8NIDER, the of bis trfenda and foir<?r CBi'uam ATI Wlnea erden J for Waahirgtca will be 4a liw?d by Exptmmfrte <f frtigXi. ,? I , j COCTOE YOrRKBLV. THE POCKET iB8CTLAPIT79 * OR, BVtHY ONE nis own PHYEICIA... The Fiftieth Pditloa, with 0a? hundred BngravlBye ehcwtng Dtseaaea sad Mk I formations of the Buaaa 8y?tera in evary ahaae aad for* To whirb !? ad lad a Treatise ?a the DWun of Females,befcgoftii? high Mt lc porting tr. DirrVd people, or 'how eoatea plating ?ilil>?i. By wm. to in**, m. d. Let ao totter hi Mkaa?l to preeeat a copy at tb? JBBCULAIIU8 to Ria ah'l* It May aa t ? Ma im aa early <ra??. Let ao youne dm er wrsun en ar la to th* gnrft cbl'^raUona <?f marri-d lite utttoat r?e4i if the POCK VT jESCVLAPICB. M mom nr?rtni from a harkui?d O^wt, Pmla la iht 1"^, res tiem nights, awrr na <e?lin^a. ud tb? what* era ia of fcryypeptfc peased:^*, aad ap by tbair phy sician. b? another woraant, without -o^aaitia# the ?3-CULAP1U8 Lava the msnWl, or thc*? about to be married any xn pediment, read thla ti?1y u?e fa' book, a? It ban beea th? ra'aa* 01 aa^-ag treaa ? d 5s of unfortunate areata?'? from the vary jawa *. ''itb. CV-Abt peraon aendlng TWBNTY-FIYB CENT* enc'oeed In a letter, will r?ceUe oaa ccf y of thl? *r?rk by Ball, ar fir* oopiat ai l la i?i for Osa Dal tddraM, (poat pa!?) DR. W*f. T^UNE, No. 1M Sprats rtrart. Philadelphia. ap 18?ly umim iunmuiR. i ticBABP m. BMirm. ??otaa d. win (1 D. SMITH * CO.f Maaafa-tnraca aad T, Dealawla ALCOHOL, CANPIUNB, WHR RIAL OIL. Ac. No. 24 P. CALVERT STHKFT, op porfta W.tor rtreat, BALTIMQILX, Md. roar 21?ly 1 P IA H 0 0 CI 0 B . K 9. SP?!*CKK O'^fifcU Pr^raaakiDal nnrTlc* tc tba cltli^Bi of Bak I ?2 care aT t.rdf of Caaoera?tafc*than . t -at+bcnt ^aln, or tb^ a^a of any kalto. I caa :or? ail k'adi ct Tits and ffanaa, Rhanxnatto Paiac, (VpraBptttn, Dropay, Dy^papa<a, Pl>a, Palay, or ir,j nti.f>r allKcat th? hccan family ar?> anbHct to. i> to atop Fl*1'w fr<-.m tba Lane* ar !*???*?, aay tl'?ae? froir tb? latVuf, by knowl'vr th# f-atiaafa c ias. I w?.? V'-'-n blind, and ha? arod1?c >fT?r?l /?; ?? ^tlar an Icd!?tr. Dorior who aw amoaf tba ?n^ Indian* thirt?an y?*r?. I>R. 81'ENC?R ba* rmwd from Mr. Buckley's Hoarding L'ouse, to No. 94, HANOYER rTP.BPT, *ig 11- tf Baltimore, Md. AN APPEAL T ) COMMON SENSE. 1ST THE STCK IIS*R THI Tin H. Captain B*!?jamik.? \\ hrrcver known his ??^rtl mo:iy will br conciuaivi*. But l?*?*? llioae who do nut know the Captain should if acepucal, Dr. Law son & Hro., witii orlitrs ot tb?* t>??t kuowa and mo?t lii;bly resjH-ctahJe c:uz? ns of Easton, ? ndorw ?t?a \v ndfrful cure by HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. Hastom, Oil. 4, lt04. /Jc?r? Mortimer 4 ff^u-Urn ,: Ccatleiiifn?I f?*?-l it my duty to y?ti snd tl?e pub lie lo certify to the effecta of flampton^i Vfjetalite Tincture. I wa- for more thrin five years latiorinc "tuler a di-ea?e <if Clirotiic Rheumatism, and the er "at part of tiiat time i was so h<flple?s ib it I had ?'? l>e In lpi-d froui my betl and dre?F#*d in iny clotl>*fl I '?'?caiae reduc d to a nitTv skeleton. AM th .- ~;v-l i .'isea I took do::*- me nn e<n->d, aad I contnnn-d f<? gnw worse. I heard of HaaiptonV Tinrf?ir?- and th-'.ujrht I wf>uld cive tt a trial. At tliis I did r. 't erpeet to liv? one dav a0?*r anoth^i. I I'd i ?* ta!;e it (the Tincture) ft?r the Klieumn'i-m, ieif in a -hort tune I was wet! ?.f that dis< asr. I'roai t.* ejlectaof your 1 incrure and the he.p ot <>'*d 1 am ii.-w i;euiii| in giMNi h? alth. I wi<h all the afflicted to try HamptonYrpt*t* Tincture, as I have d n.e, with the sam*> <-S?et uiat II has on Your obedient servant, I a a ac Bujaiik. We are acquainted with !?aac B>-njami.i; eold h'rn some of HamptonV Vegetable Tincture,a?u bt lieve the Above statement correct. . Dawboi to Bao. From our knowledpe of Captnin Benjamin we ara coufident tliat the above statement is true and an ex igerated. J. A. Jobmsom, Charles R bimpr. ' til ard jet pamphlets U 'tls. and see c ?re# ot t-"Ugb. Broocliiu?, Rh< umati^m, Nearn>rla, I>?* r pria. NVrvousaeas and General M'eakus-f. As a ? *Ta'e me,!ieuie or for delicate childien we bdieve it unequalled. fold hv MORTIMER K MOWBRAY, 140 B?m mor?' street, Ilalumore; and 304 Broadw-v. N. Vorlt Cua3. ?tott to Co., J. B. >1oork, P B. Clarkk 1'r.AKft 5i Bowiino, W. ItonoT. and H. M' PurR som, VVasbinjroa; also, by R. S. F. Cissai.,G?i?rie town, an I C. ('. I?i:rrt. Alexandria, and by Drug ri?tn everywhere. jan #?tr COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, itclleflta Klrt Mlnntaa. TITERS COMl'OCXD QL'Mt* K ABIC &TRUF. r|'EK IncreaainK d*?manl for this most p easant, J aafc and sfiracion^ r-zi?dy tor all fulmcsaiy discaaoc, hae enabled th? prrhriator to mdnce th* r-Hce ao m to pla1*' K aithia the mci of all rlasae*. It? aapehority over most *:iailar preparat'oos i? at tested Vy many emtoect fhyslciani who ha*a t*rm eya witEewaa of iN sffloa~v wban the usual rama di"* have failed; also by thou and of onr meat re ?p?ciable eitiaans who kit va uvi it in taeir 'amiltaa bo'b aafravntira and cure with rerer titling aor. ce?e f r the J?et twenty yara, daring wLich periol w th veTy little aid from aiv?rti?ir?. Ac.. lt ba naiually spread reputa i-^n ever the wlx 'e U* -oa. la ?.~?a of recant Onldi Ccuffia, Uoarttutu, tk., it Sivas immediate relief, a^d f n rally eurem in a day or two, without intertorinz with diet <?r burin ? ?, or rcadering the ayetam mora susceptible ct Colo., ia rhroric caa**, Jtihma. Whoop ng CoitffS. Croup, frytnetotii, AffecHont of the Lungi, and Ortwvwp bon. it is always very b nefidal and aeldom Saita, when commenced in time to perfect a cure. Price 2f> aad b0 cent* a bottle. So'd whole** a by Patteraon A Nairn, t?totf A Co, Ri Ige'.y A Or. Alexandria by Paai A Swrena. la tie~r*etown by Mr. dsaal A?- TTLEBTS GUM ARABIC OANDT DM01R a "Inula? composition to tba above, but in a milder and ia?>r? portable form ; they aet ll*e a cba'-m on a traubleroiae Cough, aad clear tba throat ard arisa; th?y contain no icjarioua drug, are particu larly recommended for childrvn. frequenters of ptb lie aaaembliea, public speak-ra. sing ere, Ac. Prioa 13^ and So oanta par box. For sale at moft Drug and Catdy ftoraa. oct IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPl'OSTTE Tnn MARRET CN PENXPYLVA SIA AVKNUE 4 door* below Ninth Hec^ le a NEW CLOTHING 8T0RE for M?n and I oy% oraaal this day. DKCKKR. <ne ot the cbaape C.othing Merchsura in tl.? N rth has d ter>niz.e] to cEar to the ci-un n? of Waahiofton and v.rinitv, his exoellent Clothing at the luwrat NortLarc prireB, toe cash only. There the POOti MAN will find jost such a Clc thiac Stor* as ba* lon^ teeo a anted in M ashtngV^a. His usotto ia cheap >o. ca-h, and on* pbjci cmt. a good xubatantial woollen coat he wnl sail hr $2 7i; and heavy winter pauta, well lined for ft and fiLa coats, oaereoata, ?nd vesta, io prcportkn Oood wool and conou underrhirta, h**iery. glovea, Ac., cheaper than the rheapeat. aov II t* 255 Looking Glauses, 255 OF all rites and qnaluy, Piencb or German p'a>. Fancy or plaiu P- rtrhit and Picture Fram ?s Oilt or Fancy Colored. A l?o, Gilt Room Motildiug, Mat Lie top Urarkr*j and lablaa Ooraie*s made to order. A!all kinds of old wurk reside J with dia^t^i and on raa?onable t run by J. WAGNFP, ? 5 5 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkaood lleu.<a. dec ??-tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL liUlLDlMG LOM of 10 faet ar more, is varioaa parta ot tba City, and Georgetown. a? lew pricaa, and tarns to auit. LLOYD A 00 IDILD1 K O STOFI tC , For fa e, deliverable at tbe Oausl, or Wb?rte^ ia WaahlrgtoB, Oac rgetcwa, or Alarasdna. IAOYD A 4Si 16th street, cpp. TTeajrorr Drparta^ct b S8-lv ORARLKS *1 lyElSH, Architect. To. atenac. betv. en TraUb a-A EUverJk .ir*>*,) V\ tSRiMiTOV, p. C. \JL II.I. coiitiiiiu- 'o tuiui^LJ'lau-, i'h.u viKiti ft l*ltfWI||ga itl.ff s(< JgEagnS uf b?i;r.!.hjr <4 t Vtij dfKfiMwu a?u atac M tupflh?'i*i.U iU? f . H i-yll

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