Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1855 Page 2
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>-^r juDTt&TisEMnm should be banded. in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they jrJty not appear until the next day. SFI&IT OF THX MORSLHG VBZSS. The Union give* ita reader* the eivil and diplomatic appropriation bill, discusses the President's approval of the Texas debt bill the people te be alwajs honest, and speaks of the war of the Democratic party upon the se oret foe. The Intnlligeneer if devoted to news items and The Smtin'l talks about foreign news, and discuses Know Nothingism, anti slavery, and temperance; closing its article on this subjeet - by saying. "Deapte their distrust of and hatred for Democrats, we be ieve that tha Southern W h'^s when Northern Know Nothingism shall be full; unveiled, will distrust and abhor it more than they have all along distrusted and hated Democracy. He believe that tha day is nut far distant when they will unite with tbe c ?ncerva'ive Democrats of the country. They have been deceived by their brother Whigs of the North; they will be deceived *>y the'Nor hern Know Nothing*, and the; must ei her unite with the Democratic party, or remtin a useless and ignoble local partj ? f>r cf *ucb a character is every ltoal party." fKiMtfnai.. ...? Oen J. A. Quitman, of Mississippi, and Gen Oeorge Cadwallader, of Philadelphia, ere at the National Hotel. .... In Nobiesvllle, la., Mrs. Julia Frey berger brought a suit against Martin Mount* j >y for damages caused by liquor sold by the defendant to tho plaintiff a nusband, John Frejbeiger The juy gave her a verdict cf fsce. .... Dr. A chilli Bays that Pirn IX. will prob ably d e as Pope, but that he is tha last of his ?ider that will ever rule Rjuie. Time will tell how good a prophet the vali nt dec or is ....Qej, Robert Patterson, of PhiladeN pt.a. la in this city, stopping at Willards' hotei A new theological magazine has been started by one of the paru?s in the old school church, entitled the Presbyterian Critic It is pub ished a: Baltimore, and appears under the auspices of Dr. btuart Robinson and Re? fhomas E Pa ir. It is to represent the anti Prfciceton and an i-centraliting party, and will oppose the present policy of the e?clesi astical b>aris of the church. .... James M. Hoyt, E?q , a lawyer of Cleve. land, Ohii. of eminent rupees in his profes sion, has just ea.cred upon ihe aiinbte.-ial of fice II s first setmon was preached in tho First Baptist church in thi.t city, two or three weeks ago. Mr. Hoyt, it *s faid, has taken this step as the reultof long considered que?, tions of day. .... The ' fl >tilla men" of the last war were introduced into the boun.y land bill by an amendment fr<~m Mr. May, of Md., who pre sented to Congret-s a brief review of their ?er vicas A: Biadensbarg thoy bore the brunt of tha fight, under Com Joshua Barney They are now numerous in the lower counties ti Maryland and on the Eastern Shore. Nei h?r the words : s?aji?n," ordinary reamen," nor " landsmen," in the bill, included thete men .... Mrs. Fanny Kemble hss given repeated readings of t*hakspe*re s Mid ummer Night s Dream a' Ex?ter Li all ia London, ac^cmpu. nied by Menilesoha's exquisite mu?io, and a band and oioru>, under Uie direction of Mr. Ceneaict. ....The Rev Alexander Urosart, of EJia burg ha* been for some lime in the United State*. collecting m aerial, for a liie of Jona than Edaaids. .... Joe esawell Joaos, who always wrv!? himself '? of >hoc*o," of this State, the autbM ot Jones's Defencc of N. rth Carolina, and who lougiii ? uuei acrts* lneS.ateuf Khoue iaiaud aie-i at toluab-js, , on the :10th u?t, u! pneumonia Jo. es wss deciJedl> a man ol parts, and of brilliant coave-actional powers.' ....Bancroft ha* a volume of his Miacsl. Uneoui Hriting^in the press of D Apjrteten ....The Ifography cf Gov. Djrr, we hear 11 I? PO" ..Mike Walsh was serenaded on his re S?*T t0 *** Y?rk 0D even had leen asserted that C. If. Ca/ri ' of Philadelphia, who spoke a? the ?,XVi mtVla$ a: ^'*-T*ndria on Monday h/l4 /**'? u * Catholioaad an I i,hai?n CJ , kM? ?n:ia.?tely acquaint d with Mr i#Ti' ' ye*n' P'?"Ounoe the char-e ^"7 -f trutu. lie u th! TnVi thTi^-Tc j ?^,laD?: Pjreat'. was baptize 1 in ... Iha U a. W-. U. Smith, of ^fllma; le..urei before the American Protestant As ?oclauon at Baltimor* last evening .... Banna-, eay. : We never mean to ICeti#i^(CLaD u ?Ur ,oif !!>!< Che'fUtlr ^""Uai Chevalier (Jreelev, and others wh ha e gi.tu their ?l.|y bi <ra. pties to the publio " Nature bis s . ve J B-n nan tbe trouole of this, acJ in addJon m^a him aa arrant k^ave .... I ha commi::e? of Congre.-s, who, at Judge Bayly's o?a re^e.f, investigated the J V?ir<aikf#.b71?'- ?!?? again, t ^f, ? <-ffijial coadact as a m?mb<et ia ?f ,be Cc??j^??on Hays ant ^ .#p^ unai>im udy that there wa? not tha si ght color for such a charge, aal no Impropriety ,n Judge Ba>i> e conduct. ....Judge Mason, the American Minister in i^'"^7kirfn?.Yrr,d int. ee: ft. Lis welfare, ?nd at the iSTSS ffiauc gather,, gat the laihories the family lf Mr Mason ?tl, pre.?,;t an>l wer. WJJ, congratulaieu ou tne H olster s recovery ....It is expected that Mil* Rachel ui 1 arriveio this country ea-ly inSettember nex? being e-ga^ed to play Ave week, in Lond n previous to her deper ure; this eogagemen: i< to eommer.<re ia July, for which the is t0 re uue w.! iwj liax-ca ihe 15th of August is aiii?f Vbe J<1? fiieU ufCD for her embark a?ou f^r America. .... Previous to Mr. Scale's arrival in Parii 10 88 article appeared in M;*n"bl-V eveniVjt beforw^M ?ur capital. The leave 01 the Viueen' 1,0 flattering recen,on_., ts 1 hua * m&8t an 0jJeciionuU latere^' * ?r*? M VjT The Crystal pTucTTtTlunTch built for tbe lata exhibition, iacrdered to be entirely emptied, and conrerud into an exercising ground for drilling and para.iiBg the troon. CF- The uicai valuable portion of the town of St. Mary's, Georgia, wu deatroyed by fire on Saturday las: li commenced ia an unoc cupied house which wv fi ed by design Cy"Ti.e Muajurl hou-e of delegatea has pa<ii>i a bill fixing the rata of interest In that S;at? at 10 par oeut. ty iLe blavea of iheoouth have bean aatid leg eontrihuuonito tha aufferitg poor of the North. They ara about to form a Jjurnalist's club In New Voik, where members of tbe press can meet ai.d erjoy themaalvu. WA#Hi*,OTOH WXWI AXD G0S8lr. IhtV'jto rower ?nd the H. Y. Timer? ^s athlngton correspondence of tbe New DsVy Tim** is lately timing with *bwe . the President. for the exercise of this pre rogative given him by tne Constitution which i he hM sworn tr upheld extract the ? Of the veto I need say but little. There can be scarce a doubt that unprejudiced men, "l ovSr the country, will feel chat in th?. act the Present has usurped and exercised a tvranical power inoet dangerous to the liber ties of the Republic. Ilis mes?ag? is oyer flow ing with theoant phrases tf siaall demagogues, about 'economy,' monopoly,' and all that sort of thing. With the Collins contract the President has nothing to do. That contract was made before the ccuntry had discovered anything of Franklin Pierce, except that he had tainted in Mexico. * * * ?? Franklin Pierre will yet learn that the veto power is not an inexhaustible element of popularity, upon which a weak, vasci latiDg, til judging President can draw art libitum in the expectation that bis capacity for mischief may blind ;he world to the want of m<r^l power over the affections, sentiments or respect of the mabiea. * * * * '? There is something very ,'ingular about this veto. The day before it came in tho Pre s". dent told a diatingui-hed Senator, us I am in formed, that he would ayprovt the bill. The idea of a veto of an Appropriation bill undar the?e circum-tances was deemed u'teily pro posterous; and the moat intelligent among tbe active opponents of the measure, In each House, tieeiy pronounced all such intimations to be utter nonsense ! But it turns cut that common sen.?e. a* they e timatedit, andFranl liu Pleroe are not fyuouuaous terms. ' It is reporteJ here that there was a time when this Washington correspondent of the Ttimts was every day ?een coming from the White Uou^e, and that the object of his visi< there was to obtain information in order to make the Timts more interesting. Then no such language appeared in his lotted but instead, only such words were used as would rather pleaso than effend. We have been versed in newspaperdom for some time, and hare learned that when a weathercock turns it is a sign that the wind has shitted. We are not posted ia the detail? of this matter at all. and would like to know what'* In the wind *ow. As t j tbe exercise cf this power by tbe Pretd dent, we have only to say, that from the time of Jackson down to the last Teto cf Presided Pierce, each veto has been sarctioued by i u - lie sentiment as soon as the people bed time to reflect, it is useless to speak of tht> u?e.* ol tb?3 powr, aa we hava already dene so at length. We will eu::j in the remarks of the New York Sun on tie subject: "The repeated exercise of the veto power by President Pierce, and the doubts of its propri ety which may have been excited in the minds of many. suggested the desirableness cf ^oilc ojmmcnts en tho subject It has been a fovo rite aim wiih a certain cla,-< of partisan preif es and j>bbing legislators to decry the vetc p iwer. and create a prejudice in the p^jul.u 111 td i g ucet its exercise, as il it threattned sojoegrea' danger to the country, but* verj cunsory examination of the matter will satir f| fy the unprtj tdiced mind '.hat the veto power is an imports'chec* on the hasty, bad, or c rrupt legislation, wisely placed in the bands <f the Executive by the Constitution, ani to be applied by hitn whenever, in his nnbia.-std judgment, the public interest* demand if. The veto power, wisely u td, is a m st valua ble element in the sjh tin ot '-chtcks ar.d bal ance:," whi.h distinguishes tho orgari.-in ?>t <>ur government trom that cf all others, anJ gives it its priceless value a.i a conservator and difluser of ireedom." A Leiter Writar'a Boich.?"0 s*rver," who writes from this city for the Philadelphia L >igtr, in a lite letter, says that Gen. Perei. ter F Smith '? ha* been appointed brigadier general, ihs President being afraid to appoint Qcn. Shilds on account cf his foreign birth " Il is scarcely ncceiiary to s*ytthero id no truth in this story. No appointment has been made for the position of biigidier general, and in all probability will not be, previous to lbs meeting cf noxt Congress. This story hns been circulated no doubt by the writer in question to gratify bis spite against the Presi dent, who failed to commission him as consul to Marseille?. ?? Observer," the New York Evening J'ost says 14 is an Austrian by birth, aLd a Swisj by profession.'' His foreign bir:h. we presume, was the least o*j:ction to him; there were f?r more weighty reasons than that. The facility with which the pen that afew daja ago prai el. can now atusa, id a p-oof that the l*u.\t w f? right in it; ettimatc of the profassion of the man who guiles it. The California Ecpub'ic ?California^ who yet remain iu Washington laugh heartily a the latest fabrication uoout theUolden State, published ia the shape of a later in that o. iginator <>f falsehood*?the N. Y. Jl'.rald? giving the pro'ended outlines of a grand scheme to #:art an independent Republic in that re gioc. A eotomporary truthfully remarks: '?It Ii one of the tricks to which Bennett is continually r'sorting. iu ordjr to attract at tention to his piper If he sucoeeda in selling a few extra oop*es by the fraud upon the pub lis ho is q>ii;e c ntent to have his falsehoods exposed tuo next day "lfae only wonderh [ that the people d) not get tired of bein^ cheated eo oil en by iheee lying bubbler j." An Interesting Case ?An Interesting oa?c is now being tried before the Sapreine Court, in which tbe United States is plaintiff and the Illinois Railroad Jt B.idge Company defend ants This case involves two questions, one is the right cf the State of Illinois to ruu a rail road through Keck Island, which is a Goveri - moiit reservation ; the other the right of tbe Sta'e to tbr.w a brlige acrocs the Mississippi Atrorney General Cuohmg and Mr. Hajte District Aitorncy cf Iilincis, appear for the l ni:e-t Siaten, and Keverdy Johnson ar.d Mr. Juid, of lllinoii>, for defendant*. Cl&ricul Charges in the Sixth Auditor's t Uice ''3 the Lth in.itant. Stcnben Jenkin*. a fourth cla-s clerk, resigned, i$l,S00 salary ) Davi l R Lindsay was Appointed a fourth classc erk in pla^e r.f Jeoklns, resigned. hiijih M Merchant was appointed a third clars clerk ^>1,600; in j.lacc of Lind. ay, pro moted James S Douglas, was appointed a second elatd clcrk ($1,400) in j lace of Merchant, pre noted On the Vth ir.a'ant, J. R Wilson, a ?eoond class clcrk, was removed, and A S Loughery, ?f first class, promoted to his ; lace. The War D cpartmf^t ?Ihis Department now pre??ut quite a lively appearance. A snort time since every thing looked dull, now daily run brrs fill tho ante room, waiting for an interview with the Seoretary of Wur or hi* confidential Secretary. We suppose that *bitots are applioants for positions in the new reguoeaU fjr themielree or their friends - Land Warrant Forger ?Tho Pension Of floe learn . by telegragu, from New Orleans, that Charles Bolaad has been eonvioted In at city of forging land warrants r Hon. John Bobbins?Tbe numerous friends of this gentleman in thin city will begvatifiod to learn that on hia arrival at Philadelphia he waa received by a Urge Lumber of Lis per. son a) and political friends in the meet cordial manner. Speeches wore made and touts drank, and everything ra??l rff in the hap. piest manner The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 8th of March there were of Treasury Warrants entered cn the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $11,712 70 Per paying Treasury debts 47.478 39 For the Customs 27,605 34 For eovericgintothe Treasury from miecellaueoos source? 2 00 For the War Department 454 31 For repaying in the War Depart ment 454 31 For the Navy Department 5 344 73 For the Interior Department 74,87^ 2* ? ? - ? ? ii. i ? , The Stanwix Hull Pugilists. Dill Fool, who was the subject of the ooward It attack at Stanwix Hail, in It road way, New York, has died from the effaots of the injuries inflicted on bim by Turner and Baker. It is known that be w?a afsiulted by a number of armed rowdies at the same time, when hehnd but one or twofriesdi within call. The Inn ing Post says: The deaea^ed is lying at hi.* residence, 164 Christopher street. Our reporter fou-,d the h>u?e closed this morning, and ascertained (hat Mrs Poole, the deceased 8 widow, was severely ill and hysterical, in consequence of her recent bereavement, and that a physician bad been Pent for. The house is a well furnished and genteel residence Theb .dy w -a lying in tho bar k pvlor, surrounded by many ot bis weeping relatives and friends The face was cal>n tbe I p8compressed, and thes'ron? lower jaw firmly dosed, the expre-sion being that of a man. who, in life had been posaes-cd of marked de termination of purpose and graat muscular energy He wore a dark moustaohe, and was a strongly built man of middle stature The feeling of his friendg in the neighbor hood of his residence is pretty freely exprea ed. fhey think ho at: ack. which has ended in his leath, was foul and 3avage prompted by ani mosity to him an an American, and urged on and committed by the Irish party On this subject a g?o leinan a atestocur re outer that he wa'with Poole at the moment pr bis decease, and whose name is Mason, P ole'a brother in lnw, and recite I to him his ( last words, which will undoubtedly will be in e/tdence to morrow Pooe *aid to him. jc9< , bifore expiriog. 1 think I'm & gomr ; if I I die. I die a tru? American ; and what grieve? me moor is. to think thit I'm mnrdere i a Net of Iri-h ?by Morri*sey in particular.'' It is slid lhat Poole ?it np in bed acJ c?>n verged with his friends about ball an hour before he Jied He gave directions to have ! b" body opened by the physicians. lie d? | sired to be dressed in a suit cf b!ack clothes, with pateDt leather boots, and a wlite cjlla* turnfd over bis c">at. The only one of tbe lar^e number of the as i!3nta of Poole, who is now in durance is Jim Tur'pr, t. e general bruiser and lighting :aan who shot himself through the arm while "?ndexvorinij to shoot Dill He ha* been ieunved from hi-> cell in the City Prison, and trarisferrrd to the Penitentiary JI .^pital on 'Jlackweil's I.-land in order tkut ho might be benefitted by the charge h?s parlor in the tomb* being too sin.?JI and damp Turner is in a aid condition, and hia arm apnea s to be worse than ever. He is mu;h reduced in flesh since his misfortune ami in carceration. It was rumored that Baker hai g>ne to the j sandwich Islands, and would never again ro turn to country. Th9 report u considered reliable Put the ond i? not yet. Prole's friends de sire that if Raker is on the face of the earth, , the fuiumer ehull not open wiihout seeing him, ieKd cr ulive in Now York, and in -h<? hanus I or tbe law, on which tb*y rely for justice. The Union of tlio Democracy at "Old Tammy.' The Democrats of New York city held a romicg meeting at T&many Hall for tb* pnr j poM of ? uniting the party.5' Speeches were delivered by Sinator Stuirt, of Michigan, ard ?ladge \Y .Hum?, of Iowa. Among others the oil jwirg resolutions were passed : Rrsolved, 'Jh.vt the "bi;D cry" of "foreign influence'7 in OU' mH*t, in*,cad of beekitg to ?.uipoce onerous obligations and restraint* on I tho poor emigrant, who, in his escape from yranuy and oppr?ssi -n. cornea to oontribute tin material aii to the development of tin? resource uf tho co-mtry, ought rather to ba lirected wgainft tho:e pampered tuiniona of English a: Ltncraoy interference with ho domestic it-sfitutions of tbe l aitod States nas bad f?r Parole object sectional agitation and the eventual disunion of our reoublio I> is against this crrcieb of foreign influence that the democracy c f New York pledge themselves always manfully ro battle v Itrxi./v dt I hat the Union Democracy of ?<rk, adhe. i:,g to tho true American doc r:ne of .Monroe, repudiate any line of govorn tneatal policy which does not resist to the ex I tbe 'life ai d fortunes'' of the nation, II European icteifsrence with the afftirg of c Ti itjei.t. and which will n>t re&ent to be utino.t tho en?ro.ichments which are ,oug t to be made by >h?> Allied Powers o ??a-era Ljrope, io China, the banduich Contrnl Amc-iea and Cuba /je.tVW That it h time for tae Democracy of New l i.iIf In view of the absorb,nK policy I or the Powers of Qr*at Uriuin ai.J to impose & check unon their West lr diun *ggrefaions, atd to defi .e the Amen ^n undeist iiiding of tho line ot conduct that should be pursued by us as a nation AVo/v d th*rrfor*t That as the unanimous I vo c^cf the L^iori Deaiocrecy of New York we hold tLe -cquitition of the island of Cul-u to I o rf prtramouct impoitance, not only to the thtuty ai.d intogiity of ibe States, but as ? eceesary, in a gcrgrapbical point of view t.B the possession of the <<elta of rho Mi-sis Mppi to the comme: cial greatnefs and honor cf Uie c ?untry The Operatic Troubles in New York. M. Marc-iek has published a letter, attrib utirg tLofai'ureof the opera enterprise partly to the fact that the ccm^ary was a snug little r^mily piiry, a^d had the appearance of un veritable romylot by Mr.retaek and Strakosoh, in which hp compares tho roup 'd theatre of Oie Ball to tha roup <r *tat of L juis Napo leon, and st4tos that the oppra tnJer 0!o Dull jo more requires arti??? cf talent than did !r; aact ender L -u.a Napoleon require mea uf :{cn ua. :: Ld J o Liukt it a great pi.y (ironical !y) that Uid iiu!I can't .end the artists c^nepi ri. g against him to Cayece or Lambon >e ibe N \ E*p;esssay.? : Nothing has yet been hear^ from 0*e Ball. Cuno-ity 1^ on tij ;.,c !o loam what sir; of en ex plan it.on he will give; und that one ic do min<i;d by ibe circumstances appears to to the uuiversil opinion t.grior JPid.ali states that ty his contract ?| Ton, to itceivo Sl.Otiy (not *1,500) per m ,n'b, guaranteed by Mr. Pha'ea He dcea not tb:nk that tho salaries to bo paid t0-r JUn? lhe dowof,ll of the op^ra Ibe 1 hiliidelphia Diiretin thinks tha*. the Kftai buff,rer by this " bur t up'" is that un fortunato and i?l-u?ed perj.,Lality, American Ole Dull ? splendid offor of a thou-and dol ? a 'f tor a tip top American opara by an Ainer. icaneomposer. is of course canceliod by the failure at the Academy, and v.eare denied the bPas of hearing W.fshirgUm and Franklin In a dao Columbu. in a gr^a cavatlna, or the Lut.etfi.ant?* Illinois in a sentimental ro inaosa. There is no h.;pe for the opera but in an appropriation from Congress. rV The owner of the" celebrated horse Wild Irl hman has challenged any to:S? in the Utilted States for three matches, fcr SZ ? 000 each. He proposes to match his horse for mile heats and repeat, two mile heats, and three mile heats, uj?on aDy race course on Long Island, and does not except the great blooded animal Leoompte Ofes Amkhic** Organiiatiox ?The Bee. Know Nothing paper in Bostoo. hej oome out is favor of an open organisation of iU party, and dtolares its belief that for ?he safety and perpetua'ion rf tbe Amerieaa party inch m zonae is an actual necessity. With regard to tbe most prominent persona now Wore the order for nomination to the Presidency, as they are affected by the secret mode of opera* tions, tbe editor says : "An evil result of the ?ecret motion of a poli tical party is its liability to saerifioepiiaoiplea to men This is an evil from which tne Ameri can party i* in no wise exempt, rj we propose to show ' by way of illustration " Injudicious partisan.1) of a certain prominent man have so well succeeded in coupling his name with a term well understood by every member of tbe secret American party, that the public on side, and many of the members within, begin to look u jon the Hon. ?am Houston as the head and front of Amerioan party?as the only ex. pouont of its principles?as its only eligible oandida'e for tbe Presidency. In a measure it bns already become, not a party of princi ples, but tbe party of a man; and for the im psrf-^otlons of that man. whoever he may be, the party inust consequently ruffer. This state . of thirgs b?2 naturally excited the jealousy of the parti**r.a of another prominent oitisen, a-id we find tbn' "Stockton Clubs'' are beicg secretly organized in every part of the Union. This of course, wi'l arouse ho friends of o'he.-s, and unle-s this evil ii checked, we shall soon find that instead of working together, a? a uDit, for the advancement of important prin ciplo?, the American party will be divided and subdivided into partisan elans for this, that, and the other man, until its total disruption is accomplished. Tax Two Mxw Kkqimrnts.?The act of Congress creating these two regiments, de. clares that the officers and men shall be entitled to the fame provi-ions for wonnds and di abilities, and tbe same provisions for wid ows and children, and the same allowance and benefits, in every reject, as are allowed to other troops composing the army of tbe United State*. The? shall be subject to the ruies and articles of war, and tbe men shall be recruited in the same manner as other troops, and with tbe same oonditions andlin.* itatioE*. ty A bill tosecutt to women ejuU rights with the sterner sex, making mariiage a spe cie? of limited partnership, wi h private ard joint property, and securing to widows the gu.i-i ansfcip of their children, has been or dered to a third reading in the IIocss of the New Jersey Legislature. I.vmaxa.?There ii considerable excitemert among tha politicians at Indianapolis since tho adjournment of the Legislature. The Governor on Wednesday appointed several State officers, but the Secretary of State re fused to administer the oath of office, and con sequently the places remain vacant. Kifcg Uomba, the ".butcher of Naples,'' has joined the Western Powers agaiast the tzar of Rustii. A few more such alliances, an i the allies vill entirely what little (?ymptithy they now Lave among nations pos sessing liberal institutions l"? Iho Postmaster General of Canada hss given notice in tbe House of Assembly, that he will introduce a bill for tbe abolition of postage on newspapers. This is an excellent example worthy of imitation. A series of resolutions have been offered in tho Pennsylvania Senate to annul the ad journment of the two Hoases till October, end 11*it)c the r.^j (Urnment to the 20th instant. Th^y were referred to the jadiciary committee. i5f~i'he Abtecubly of Wiiconain, by a vote of 41 jeas tc A3 nays, have ordered to a third reading the Prohibitory Liquor Law. \RRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Wlliardi* flo il- a t Jijc. wuuit. VV Robinson, Cat A Leivy, NY C R Wembrook, NY E Conklin, do J i; Corzens, do Col Davi*, Md VV B IIdIbrook, c'o U D T?-rry, Ky Major S J IMntzelinan, Dr D Sin? lair, NC USA ib T C ark, Mich Br? was' Iloiel ?r. r. U u. aaowa. I T Duuels, Ya J O'Neill k lady. Md it S Jone*, do J W Andrews, NY Iir J McE Mullikin, Mil T II Norria, do I' T adlrn, ?lo W H Russell, Mo J Eiwmdd, Li U Olover, Ya G E Jurvie, Va J I) Iniboden, do J 11 Sione O rt Hazard, Kl I) II Knapp, NY G I' VV?**t, Md Kev A F N Kolt'e, Md D F?ehurg?*r, do Mr Ma'oney, do T H Dix, Va L?r J McUube & 2 ladies, S S Gilbert, Mass do Mri H Gilbert, do s Johnson, do liUloa&l Kotct?a. j>. viluid. W T Brooke, NY J I! Ig'ehart, Md A I SuflVin, do J it I<;charr, do J F Tanner, Va H 11 iJutali, co I A Quiuuaii, Ml J Rogers, jr, do G?-n t'ailv alad<-r, Pa N I. Kari all, do E Mnidlekauf, Md T V Hcott,co V J Brown, ito C Mornt, ?lo N A Van Patten, ?C W P Smith, do C J Ktumy. \ a II 8 Taylor, do E Long, Md J F Winston, NT VV B Dobbin, ?ii W A !*mnh Si lady, Va Mr W> ton. .via-s R G Lindsay, NC Mr Crane, do A liaril, do J K Brown, Pa tttrU (Vnol IfOWS* -J. H. Si ft. KIRKW009 \V S Ma*on, Va T P Stone, Jr, Moaa (i N Daniels, Md T M Hanaly, do H VV KlncwooJ, La D Di?ifi g, Md <J T?-x J VV VV'oodrutr k. lady T P Buike, NY VV P Cowlvs k. lady, NY J W ^tone, Md I'nttid Stalls ISot?2-*a. b. Bftcxair. A R Alercrciobie, MJ J 1'nctr. DC T N Ay res, Ky J Bra>sil, Va M 9p^iic? r, ^Y A Tyler, do E T Jenkins, do Hon Judge Bliss, u i vv ?*aver, Va \V O Reg, do Mansion flouae, Alexandria, Va. A. NKWTOK, PROfRlKlOR. Mr^ Browning, NJ V Ti'uan, NY Mrs O-lltns, do K Beverly, Va A Varbury, Va T F Brou^na u, do V lian iln.n. Mi T N GitaujH, Md II >s P. iiLa VV II Harris, Va E Hall, V a T Wa'iace, do B P. '.tit, i'a Mia; Siriyer, do M Cuuway, V a T B N'alU-, do A G Grin nan, do C J Stoviti, do J Bird-all, .So .?? A Chancellor, do E 1) Pow?-II, dv I! il Field, Ala E C t: ikrr, Xt C B Smith, do .1 II KmiMiii, Md EL Moore, Del ii Coalman, do P W hite, Md ^GERMAN PREACHING ?Rt:v. P. MeiZ n r wiil hold a German f-rrvice next ^un day n.ornin^, the 11th instant, at 10 o'clock, : t ihe Columbia E .gtne House, Capiiol Hill, and in the af t? rno^n if ili<- same d ?y, at 3 o'clock, at the Hwe rt^i.borvian Chu ch, New Jersey avenue, Capito llill. Ail German frienua are invited to attend. P. ViKIriTER, inar 9?2t* German lUforinn?l Pr^atber. af---p5>PlIILOUEMIC SOCIETY.?There will be a meeting of tne rhilod? mic Hociety of C ni jeiowH Coliegf, on THURSDAY, March I5lh, at Ct p in, at which the non rrsident member* are re npcv-iiiilly invited to br prrsrnt. HAbRY BAUKEE, It C COM 118, SCOTT H. SMITH, mar 9 ? 1 w" Comiuit ee of Corre*|Mindeuce. NOT.CE TO TIIE FIREMEN OF WASHINGTON. MR. JIM MYERS Ret|i<xtAilly announce* that tt is bis intention to pres?<ut to the FIREMEN OF WASHINGTON A UEAUTIFUL SILViR TRUMPET vucao ai 11oo, On the occasion of his Benefit, and reepectftilJy .requ^ts the r.pi?ointin?nt of a Commit'ee from ea< h Company to meet him at tbe Bo* r (hep of the Na tional Tina re on TO MORROW (Saturday) morn lug, at 11 o clock, tor the purpove of devieing meas ures to enable each company to fairly coutend for ? the valuable priae. mar 9 J Ail TIONALJTH KATRE A C \ RD. SAM LONG, THE CLOWN. BflSpectfui y announce* to 'be cilia' n? cf Washing ton <h <? b'< N Will ukf place on SATURDAY MUilT, MARCH 10th, m ?dJitir?n to a HOST OF VOLUNTEERS, H< will SIRg riVR NEW c O j? 1 I c RUHOR And * STUMP SPEECH. The wonderful lent of (1? tune) -LE PEACHfi DE LA GLOBE, By Manx. L R_R U E rind THOMAS KING FUN FOH THK HLL.1U28 I LOOK Ol.T!! i mar 9-at A OARdT T'HE business relations existing between HUNT At DONALDSON, Dentals, have lifrn dissolved by mutual consent. The former will continue the practice of Denti try hi all its branches at lie Mine place. The latter has ?opened his offi -e at the cornet of Seventh and I? stree:?, over the Patriotic Rank, *i><< has provided himself with every facility fr>r nprmi ing in any department of the dental profeirimi. K. FINLEY HUNT. R. n. DONALDSON*. Having been associated for more than ti e year* pant with R. B Donaldson. hath prof K<io:iiil]r at r socially, I lake pleasure in It testimony to In* ???tegrity an a gentleman ai d his II a- a dentin and cheerfully recommend him as on? devrvieg the cm fidancc of the pub ic. R. FINLEY lit'XT. mar H- II.* [Organ & lnt*l. 3iJ IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING UP Housekeeping?Person* removing from Urn eit) and wlsbiuc to disp t>e of their Furniture am Ilnu-e*. keeping Utensi.s without tb? tr uble of sendii c them to Auction, can do so by calling upon u ur suire, N<?. 317 Pa. avei.ue, ?s we are I"C|?tre?l to i uy all Mich goods as may k" offere.1. R. II. J E WELLE X CO , mar 9 No. 311 Pa. aventc. Market farm for sale.-the sub scriber wish's to sell hi* Faun, situated in Prince George's count>, Maryland, and on the fa: e 'oad from Washingt n to U, per Marlboro'. It i- it. a healthy location, and con<ain< forty one acre*, at d would make a capital market farm for a compete.' iier-on, being rut ten miles from Washington. TI e tnprov. ments on it consist of a new t?o tt<>:\ ?twfili' g house, a good ban, and all the necesian out buildings. Not being acquainted with the work ing of a farm is the reason for offering it for sale, snd it will be di.-no?eri of to any one for iiiuca les? than its real value, for cash. mar 0 lw* JAS. H. CRANDELL rirCAIl AMHTUA. 0 --r> haifehesta Imperial. Gunpow der, Vr.ung Hy son. and &--long Tea, ver. kuwerior 25 bass Java I'cff 1,0(0 pounds CODFISH lOil dram* FIGS ?2.' boxes LEMON'S ard ORANGES 55 bid* eru* ed SUG AR 6 hhds NO do 300 cure IIIAMS 10 bbls LARD Just ie eived and for sale by '"<>r9 3t WILLIAM OK.MR. FANCY MILLINERY. ^^^MIS* AMELIA PRIBRAM Sister have n|,en??d a FANCY MIL-flfiK^ wRrMNEKY STORE on Priim. ave mie.Bj^T ** between Ten h at-d Elev? nth st-eets, -otujl sid?*, No /?7 7. and would re-pertful'y a'l ilifij'ttgtiticn of the Indies of Washington and vici nifMfclheir han<'?ome ar.d varied a^-ottment of im potmr and mai if ictute.1 Millerv, latest styles: New York, Paris, and London fash-ons of Straw, Silk Crape. Lace, Velvet and oshei Bonnet/ |<o,dr< n and other Cap-?. All order- in !?ie Kiiliinery linethankfu|lvreceived and faithfully attended to. * mar 9 lw* By J. C. flcUl'IUi:, AurtlOBMr. EW IKH SR AND LOT OV FOURTEENTH street at Public Sale?On WEDNESDAY af ?ernoon, March 14, at 4'< o'clock, on the nrerai-e*. 1 shall. s*-ll pnrt of Lot No. 8, ji. ?quar.- 23?, fronun? ?20 feet on I4tii ftreet, with a thiee feet a'lev at the side, running back 100 feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two s'ory and attic frame dwelling containing ten rooms. The hoa e is newly built, in the most * b.-tantiul manner, and well finish.-d in ?very r*?pfct. Theie is a t ump of excelh nt water b' fore the door. 'IVrm*: One-t!iird ea?h; th? resi'ue in fix and twelve months, wi h intemt, secured bv a deed ot trust od the premises. JAS. C. MjGUIRR, mar 0 - d A't. iioneer. By J. ? . 9IcOUIliK? Anrtlonctr. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FOUR OF THE mostdestra'de Pnilding Lnuinttae Kirst War**. Ou THURSDAY a^tcaior.n, March l*?th, at 4)f o'clock, on tht premise*, I thall sell, wit'out re setve. Lot* H, 4. 5. and 6, in square l'G. fronting each f'et on iif.rth I street, between i~th and lfth streets, running hack 147^ feel to a twentv feet alh'y. These lots are delightfudy situated, with a south ern front. Sibout the centre cf the block, on ?ide nt which have been erected first class houses, and oflVr greater inducements to persons desirous c,f se-uring unobjectionable building sites than any property that has been offered for sale at auction for yea's. Titl" pcHect and sale posiMve. Terms : One-third cash; the residue in two equal payments at six and twelve mnrctbs, with inte est, secured by a deed of tru-t ou the premises, to the sa> lsfactif?n of the v. ndcr. If the terms of tb* sale are not complied with in f-nr days irrm ihe day ot the sale, the pr<>|?ertv w ill be resold attha tiok and expeuse of ?he first purcha ser All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. C. McGL'IRE, ?nsr 9 ?d A uctionef r. Liverpool salt at auction.?^ wli" NESDAY next, the 14th instant, at 11 o'clock a m , will he soi l on board of Shin Jos. Tarratt, Iv iiig at our wharf, her ca go, consisting of 10.000 sacks G. A. Salt Also, 1.500 sacks fine Salt Of Marshall's >i Jeffries, and Darcy'.s brands, fac tory tilled, in full bleached sacks, and wr.rrante I 10 to the ton. Terms at the sale. FOWLE Ik t o., mar 3?d ^ Alexandria, Va. FOH ? AI.K, by A. JARDIN, Florist and \i:r ?e>-yman. 18th street, coiner of M ? ?25,0j0 FfUt Trees Ev.-r blooming R sea. Voss Roses, monthly Moss Standard P? rp.-tual Blooming Rose, 4 to fi feet in height, Cliinb'ns R >se? ' )rna#j?-!ital Snrubs f>r parlors and gardet:s Seveial thou-and Dwarf Pears. Apples, t'herrie/, Slc. 1 invite ihe at.entlon of the public to this collec tion, as It improbably the b st c^Ilccli >u of fruit treca nnd choice ro^es in Amcrica. All plants or trees warranted true to name and of first quality. ruar 'J?eo2w PUBLIC SALE. RY virtue of a writ o? distrain from George E. Kir<, nnd in me directed, agautFt the eoods an-l chatuli of I. VV. Jordan. I have levied on the fol lowing g >0'ls which 1 shall ?,ff.-r at public sale, to the high* st bidder tor cash, on 'tie 17th of March, 1855, a: 10 o'clock a. m , to sa'is y hou?e ieut due anil in ar cars to George E Kirk. Sale to tike place in (rent of the Bank cf Wash ingtor, to wit: Four p ir? Shutters Fi!>y-two unfinished Doors #V*-elve Boxed Window Frames ,'.60 feet of2|^ inch Mouldmgs Two Window Frames One Hot Bed Sa h Lot of Lumber Lot of Nails. mar9?3t JAMES ENNIS, Bailiff. VERY SUPERIOR iTaMS, &c. JUST rei-eived a lot ot tlmse very superi r Mary land Hams for family u-r. Al^o, a lot of fine sujar cured Shoulders', p'ime Leaf Lard at P2?^ cent? per pound; 20 bags su s*ri r Old Government and Java Toffee ; Cucumber Pick les at 75 cents per hundred, ready for use. pure Olive Oil, Tomato Sauce. Catsups of nil kinrfs. Also, a gieat variety of Sauces for fich, eame, 4.c. I 7.. M P. KING, 5465 Vermont ave., nonh Statue, mar 9- eo3t I ENGLISH DRAWING PAPERS, FROM THE i \Vh3tnun and Turkey Mills, Kent, E gland The undersigned ha* for sale the above (tap rs. the reputation of which has produced spurious imi tations in England as w? I! as in otiier parts of Eu rope. and can supply tlirm f om t ie largest n tlie smallest fixes, with a guriraa'ei: as to their genuin? 11 ess, having travelled SO uules in E"(land in order to buy in pe son from the onlv mnk?rs of the true fabric. FKANCK TAYLOR, ma 9 _ OLD CHAIRS TO MEND. RS. WILLS, on G street, the second do r from trc.m 13ih alreet ea?t, puts new cane ?eau in I old cnairs, in a good st le. She w uid b? thankful for the patronage of the | citlgear mar 9~dt IOYSI TOYS I-At LAMMOND'S, No 484 Seventh street, can be found a great variety ot fnyi and Fancy Notion* at prices that cannot fail to please the closest buyers. nmr 9? 3t M J Warranted to fit well, for sa'e at mar 9-JI L&MMOND'S, 7th at. Amusement* NATIONAL 1HE AT RE. loera-ulM succea, a-.d popularity of ? E?SR> * TCK8 dt B ADiOAl'l Bplendid Oircui Company. Tn? bMt Eqmttnan Com; .any in AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Evfry WKDIKIOAT ud SATO&UATi TDII EVMIROJUrck ?, Giar.d fhsnff of EQCESTK I AN NOVELTIES. In v lin-h appear* M'lle Bo a, Mr. Thoa King. Mont 1. ? !;??? ??, A. Aymor, W Odell, Masters Mad* fan, an 1 I'hst'ff, Mr H. P. Madigan, William I'twiif. and the THREE FAMOUS CLOWN'S. Jim Mjni, Carlo, and .^un Long. WANTED.?FIFTY LITTLE CHILDREN* for the F.vry Pantomino of C I \ |> r I E L L A. Thc? Jfcul'Vi fJ ttt Dam ing will be pnfrrrfd. riicru op *?hi*siwm Private Bo\e*.*4; l(roi('in> and Parqueite. SB cer*; f>r-he*tr!? s-st?. 7."?een *; ? rood nnd 1 t int IVr ind Colored ti *11 r;? **Tt ce t?. nur j A NOYiLT\ IN PIANOS. IN addition t<? Hi ? tcrlii-m itoik iu rUHt. the Mltiiciilwr is i.i receipt ol o vrti more PIANOS, making the uiOfi stud cmuplcl* a.-* u I south -t V v a I'\I.LOK Cli WWI ANO, aii iiiM/uuirni uf tt lir ly m i* style, |u the uiveition of ?kuh the late Jon.ii Clii keriug. E??|., devoted trm of bu coa sumuiate gen.ue and < tpcriftrc. It is now pttlKi ed by tiiM *?.iis, who inherit their father's talentr, ami have been carefully trained to bis art. Th a it - strumcM supplies the groat d? ?id? ratuni nf a pi. no, elegant hi torin, occupy ingotil) tbe space of a *qua;e pi.'Mio, yet pn*<?i -inc il'C >c ion and all the qua iti*s of tone of a srand piano It has met the highest ap pr ha ton of Profe'?r? Tinuns, Schartenburg, llen uian, and many of tin best judge* in this country . It i* destined to be the mod popular instrument ev ??r oft'e ??(! to tin? public ; already the de nt til l far etcte r the ability of the manfacturcrs to supply. Also, in agio See. t Louis XIV central and square Piano#, by (.'tuckering fc. S<?* Daring llie tbirty ihree yet**'?i?l>:.ce rf tlieir factory, now the tar iii the world, tli**ir instruments never bad w> wide a reputation,n r were so eagerly auught as at tbe present time. An excellt nt a-?M?rtme; t ot 6 % . fiV^ f \ and 7 oc tave Pi;*no* ot good touch, tone and nniati, by other apiiroaed uianulu^UWCts ot Itoet* u and New York. The Fiibi-cr.ber congratulate* purchasers on *o fa* vo-ahle an opj ortui iiy of personally selecting a pi ano from *ucn a superb stock. A? all the stihrcri her a purchas*?* are madt exclusively for cash, he can and will sell piano* and all artir en in hi* lioe a* low as they can be thought in the United State*, ei her for cash '* aj proved papier. Second hand piano* taken in part pa>inent. A good a. -on inert nf Guitar*. Mute*, Violin*, kc New Music constancy receive'. RICHARD DAVIS, mar *?3t No. 30? Pa. ave. ?i ?n the 5th F< hrtury, a silver PORTE j MONNAII;, containing or ?15, on l?t ?tr?et b'tween I'a avenue nnd C street. The finder will be | her ally rewarded by leaving it at thi* ofliee. or M > ?3 (mMm i iv?*nue. mar ^ ?3t* land cnderthk late act OF COXU'.EKS ?The undersigned aid take charge of any application* tor Ii< unty L?nd unCer the late atM of Concr***, and all interested will plea- e call upon him accord ngly, as tic w ill make advan ce?, and jive the htghe*t price for the warrant** <;eo. t. masfev, Ag? nt and Broker, No. rhirteenth *t. mar f>?,'ti? PIANOS FCR RENT. 'I \Vt) superior 7 octav Bou>kiir PIAVOPOITW ! for r-nt or m Apply et IIILBl S k HITZ'* Mime I?e|iot, wheie they ii;ay be fcen. mar 4 IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. PAY Roil* of Militia entitled to Land Bounty un de. the act of Coner*** September 2K, 1ftT?0, compiled fio>ii rolla in the Auditor** < ffice at Rich mond. Muster Rolls of the Virginia M.lilia in the War ol ;814, being a rupplemetit to the pay roll*. A few copies for ?ale at R FABNIIAM'8, Corner Pa. avenue aud 11th Us. A!>-o. at FRENCH'S, A uiaiuiria, Va. mar 8 1 R KW A RP<?Lo?t. on the evenine the I 26th Ft bru^rj-, a eo!J nionn ed *ingle Evefla**. Tile above reward wiil be paid by M. f'.LIOT, Apoiliecarv, corner of F and lith *t*. uiar 7?3t* L4JYD WABBAHT AND FK.?(IOH CLAIMS. IMiE sub* rd>er lia< in his possesion a enpr of Mu ter l.u'! o: th * Company commanded by Majr r ti'.orce peter, in tbe War of 1812, and is pr* pared t<> obtun Bounty Land for all Stddier* who h*ve b?-en ene.ijed in the ?ejvice of their eont.try since IT'JO; ana iii ot!i?*r el iinn r;gain?t the United State*. RtCIiAUi) P J \CX.-ON, <?fii e 1 5 3 B irtge irreet, G?*org^town, D. C. mar 7?lw St'PKKlOR HAVANA ClOARS Oil Private Sale.?The'at entfoa of the trade and private ?? i>tle:n?'n i? ca'.led to the > hoiee lot of m ported OIQ A RS, of ^various braiithi and flavor*, at private sale, on ihe second floor rf my auction rooma, fur a few dav?. JAS. C. McGIIIRE Auciiou and C-iintr.ission Merchant. uiar T?d3t STF.^ \RT'S SKVIJGIIT D A G 1* E P. R E A X Ih.ojia, over Gall'* Jrweiry Store, Pa.av?nue, i- where the public cat: have -pleiidid pictures taken at more rca*ona'.le juice* tbnu at any oilier ro<?m iii the city. Call early. Satisfaction alwaysgiveu. mar 7?lui ? ?/in CnRits OF PINE AND OAK DELIV 11 Fvr ered in an> p:irt of the city. Pine ?4 75? Oak 7j. Orders left with Mr. Met'llESNEV, Feed Store, Seventh street, op|MJMtc Mr.', Saddler, mnr "???;t BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. \I.T. my old friend* for wh- in I obtained Roonty Land, in less ijnantity than H?d acres, are here by informed that tt.eir name* and a record of tbe with the datee oi their certificate*, are on my Ia.ok. .s?? that I can, with facility, make out their declarations for additional land. Tbn>e who failed to obtain any land for want of tutficicnt aervice, m-uiy of'.v hoot are now entitled to 160 acre*, can the titoe allowed tecoided by uie. Oilier* will had it to th. ir interest to t all or write, and I will ?*nd forn;? ami in*tractions tor reasonable and fair compensation. JOHN* D.CLARK, mar ti? 1 in Agent. Washington. D? C. HIllLADibLFKlIA LAG PR BF.Hl DEPOT,"-' 3S1 Pj. at nue, Murctn A)% fith strut. Vt ? L hav ? at all times the t?e*t I iuladelpbu La V per Beer en I and, and < fler it now tor $alc for ?3 per krg, ai d in ({U trt bottle* for 51 30 per dozen. We *? tid the Beer free of coda to all parts of the city. Ma.iy phyucian* have recommended this B- ei a one ot the I>cm reuiedie* tor weak -tomarb*. tirtr 1m* F. C. k. W. GERECKE. Site** AliD.?The undeirisned wi I pay V ?-?./ l..r tite apprehension of Negio Wouiau M VRGAhET CHASE, purchased by the late Oweu Norfolk, at sale of Thomas and Bicha'd Harvey, ex eutors of Thoma- Harvejr. For Uie last eigiiteeu months said woman was iu Geo.getown, rhc is now hdieved to be iu Alexandria. She is auout ?iity yean of age; i> black, and about live fret lour inches high. * The nb< ve reward will b?i paid ?>u delivery to tbe *itb*criber, at l'pp?*r Marlboro'. 1'rince George's CO., MA. JNO. C. ML'LLIKIN, trar 3? Itw Administrator of Owen Noriolk. SIGNOR SEVERO STRINI HAS th- pleasure of a inouncine to tlie citia?ns of Wa&hiagtou that he csui take one more pu pil on the Vo al In-tructi- n for the spring sea-on. Terms .*4d p?>r quarter, twenty-four le* on*. Two I<'M**ii* p.-r v.rek. Arplv at .Mr. DAVIS'S Music Store. (Intel) mar d?lw LOOK HERE!!! MOREDOCXTV LAND TO ALL who *enred in any war since 1790, whether a? Officer*, Soldiers. S 11lors. Marine*, Clerk , Indians, Chap laiu*, Wagoa Master*, Te.un*, Landsiutn, (or their widows ?r nunor children) who have not yet received fall 16J acre*, and have been in service 14 day*, will do well t< write to u*. ;?o?f/?aid. and th? r Land Warranu will b?? f trw arded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD K CO., Claim AgentV Offic, oj-piMte L'. S. Treaanry, Wasl ingt-'n City, D. C mar 6- 3m EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. WE have j*i*t received a fresh lot of PRUNES, FIG^, ORANGES, LEMONS, kc. AI*o, a cats* of SARDINES, put up in *up? nor rtyle. Give us a call and Judge for younwlves I?on*t forget the No .400 Seventh ktreet, oppo. Odd Fellows' Ua l. N B. Balls', Part es, and Families *up;Jled on the uk st reasonable and ?ath>nictor\ term*, at Uie ?Ih rt e-t notice. RYDER & PLANT. tnar I?ltn MAP of THE ISLAN.i OF CUBA, compiled fnan the most relialde Spanish authontie*. with Geogrnpliical, ChronoUigicai, and Sian-tical Note*, mounted on ndlet*. mar 3 FRANCK TAYLOR.

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