Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ~ WATflIN<3 TON 01 TY: B'TUR ? AKTfH.'O > H-rch 10 fcj* Advektismjijikts hboulU be bunded in by 12 o'clock. >L. o herwise they may n?t appear until the next day. B<?ro tc Bringing Suti for Lib 1!!! Jam?.- <ierujD Bennett, in his paper of ye? teTday,says: ?? We h ive eimiotn?iil in the Superior Court an scion itli* again-t d P Fry. f"?r publish:' g ii< the Tj.bunt, a few days ritoe, A m si *:rr<i u?. false and maliri>us libel. OOTenrg ? wo r< 'utMr. of that |<aper and -igneu by F > i?iin<e t. V, e^tll citi u dptohge* ft* the ?im o. bl'j choucand d lUra The libels cntiaii. *i e.lw charge*, ruai.ittg back almost to toe b?*iatiog of our editorial erucer. We aha!' p oceea ethis fu;^ tho satisfaction ot jas'i^e ??We arc 'IVerir.ined to follow up these ?uita to tl.e <*ii?nt oi' thu l*.w, and to have tull j-isti -e. t .,r n? ?rly twenty yea'd our personal chuT^ci, r??rt,: jx cr whi.-h hn-i bceu aith Out aiain or le.'iosiv.1! i*??r >hirt).6ve ?\ear?? h?*i beer Hbts?d, eliiD cied, vtllified bnd li belled by Cv>t*tDpor?rj journalists. and for the solf re-boo ifca. we, by eteigy, by en erprisw, by coDi'aLt aUe-nti. n, Lave ?iscn iu the *? rid >hile .ley cvuid nai ;*et aW tg SucU fs our dtteraiiBuiioc. i 1 : U'.h ihey will fiitd it beioic the cK'e >.f the year. *' Wcare prepaing, and eh^ll cbortly ?TOTtUie^ci!, a lifce. ??* agunst Jr.nus ??ud Bu-iq? Urotki, Dabluat-rs uf the New York ?jrpr ?*, t; r re; rii.tic { in their o!utnn? some of the ma'cii*! pci its of .be libels published by Fry ia the ' m* Bennett ij tri-ading on dangcraa; groa:d The crmtia-d prcs?<f the Union havo pab lisued. bat a itha of ;ho libels that li-tnett ha>, ar-.d 'h?t, too. o:. the very beat men the country can rr dur . Jlii i?h?'c.salc Siard'iE of the Pr i 'it:.' ana h Caoicct, hid foul libeis upor. th* character cf John W. Forney the hocud iu.2 tenauty 'h which be hn3 fol lowed tvey man who ta< n?t pleased tin from the time he ti s\ breams c nnt-cted wi'b tha irea- f thi cjti' try to t?ie prefrnt mo teen', t'y u'd deter Lhu lr>>si citor.nj a ooan to ?e?k relief fr? u aa outra^od pablio whoac t:e h? h*< arou-^1 l?j : li .pjnt ir? clijru ic brinj -1 rtL to hi J orfL tvil tie very be^t cilf. seas '-i thiu U^fu'jlio hy tr^ducii.g latin n bid JitrMii. Lcnne t f... j,etd, pe.Lap-, Laal be ia about io CJUiatiea a ^ame that two cai play at. a: i it a', when his libel foits an ccmmcj'r.i hij cs 'anie uiuy bs loilowei bj Otbe.6 g:e_tly o his di 'dvanuge Oto S?5tDi i: Loc^ty Lano Act ?We ptb lish in to d ij ? S ir a cuirrct c<jj>y of the 01 Sclciicr ' Bounty Laud Ac: to^etbe wi h t: < ioJ'rui i nj f fn Cuaami-sioner of Pen?ioca On M cjir ch ill punish the formj of pLcauo^, &o ?-A. ? 4. .... Tie '? llfrala of Freedom," thr advo cau- of A ul;ti?/U lja5uo, ot Kio:aj. tuj. pons tj. v r it Ue-.J r. >> e cuajlude '.t 'U th a >m- ho ; n jt very to t'.a heri interests .... At tue election held y^sterliy in 'hi lV'h ai i 2'.? b Wj*djtf Hal'iinore for a tntm tero; ? be Ci;y CoatKii John Uiibert, K N beat Cbi.? It wr^n D<o , 130 vot*-.*. At th elfic !'.i Z.uixerju J e i* X^vuii by B'jority h .oj. >.f 4i2 Vjt? ? eriay Do Oi 7 CojccH oi liil tiuui'e, iti.-.j ;?a* teal troia C?pi A 11 U- "iu n 'he er.<>! e*r :ip,>via ed ? a*'.eci a ?it? !?<" tti? I s ^jvciiuitnt kui-tj ing- in U> e. <% a wrcieu bid Irv?! ttie ?-l yo. i. vl Cit: C ji.cii, ?|i awu up i ?jg^> S J j itg tLi it.t?: \ ie<* b J w.rh L Ovjui m- ca of w y ar.i '?? a-.-?, vu : .ffj-ii, th? bali o? *fj9 !>.??? ^ Nvji'h p' t t at 000 o* a; ujjcb m tiieyoio *.ll">ri it. wae ? be p .c: aUui >n^l j/. wper y n a>en taint 1, c';^t Lj>ia.a dtsirin^ t%> repoi to tLi l'.fcijtut at ai e-tT:j a d?y fl pctsi*)l) ltj? cit'xeus of Biiiim.n? a*e o-t pow^ to diving tfc? PviL utfi :e Irom ltd t:e! en 1 locaiioa. .... <Jur ex^h tD^e p tpcia 8?y : ' Fx fcecator J tliujQg has fal'eu beir 1 a reSfOjtdo.e fcuai ol cvjr \uir<y tbouaai doUari, iu a reccut pat?a^? o? a laud rl.tiui cert?:n Aia^ua,iari. t-v Congrea., beu.^ it Miouat agreed uj in i'jr h s eervic h la t! even*, cf irie aiceeu.-e ^ncote .'ic-' '' He w uid bo please4 if thi? ac? nnf wer Crii-. a ut jT* m over leii > w eoula t.<.t I' 11 1 e t > $3u L\y. Wo reg.c to Jeurn -b.i: the-u xaoii.y iu the tt:gl.?K.? ho >d f7 000. .... liio 1'L.arleatoE t'ojrier ne tore th dec' a.e if Slay r Le?ja 0'l>a:,n'?u and Ojvt .* n 1- 4 t ;*?' oi tie lu.d: ji; iux-uuhc Clt;*tr.?-.f iha. St?'e fc .... (Jcorge a ton of BishOj Doane. w.t otdAtci i w Surday ia BarlicJ ton, XSow Jersey ?... Mr James Pbalc". oca cf the director oi ' -1 - ? ioik A.^-r y ot Maris, is goiri tc g-.^er op tc tra/iiit-L.- o Ole Uu:i ?o. e ; tioup.- nd *> ?,'. anabtr -jeas n " Poor Ol aianur t'?e ?nuu wai:a tho muaioian hj*, u b ill w h rraiafkal) e le^co lie ha ibai hi ui-y b? tou .d at nia Lo'.el i a y ifg *1 ?te;-8 ?. e <1e?tre 1 to be taken toward fciui. lbe | :ice p.tid per mouth to the pnn Clfsl jt 3 w?r? a= f tl .wi: ? Vostval! ?Oto; l>ei.uoea Ma>e z a 60o ; Patdatr. kosoa 4tu, li.- guoli iuor; lioh-uei luo; lid aieii 1 j>0; jJarili SJJ; Boojo 6ot); OolctU 400. i. ????Mr ii. II Jubi.8j3 id a candidate fo Col>. ie;d in }ir. KiaweliV 'ii-tr:ot. in VtriioiJ lie id l*r .ruble to Ki.ow No:hin i *3 .... I he Oaio btate Journal ieariid fcy a pri ?ate le tcr ?ha? Maj r Cocniigbem, P.?> mat ter 1 f u I t.tec! >tjtcj Army, b?3 Le*n robbct by $? me of the I cf rotes about Smta Fe. ol iLjty ihcu?and doilara in gold mad tilrer. li< l^6rs * lew a d ti $* o0o lor the recovery ti the uioney a*,d the contiCllon cl the rob'uerd ??..iaifljy cf Mr. K tymond tuemk er ol the Meiw Vo.K Asaembly [,ota Sta eu Uiand baa ccen ridden Ln a rail, and then b>irn\ by * me u 1 u coiitiiumta, on a count of bii at legf tre. rberj in voting lor Wui 11 Sewa.d for L 8. ."eoat. r. Her cuid to; wo- der if tbi? eflB-;y burnina e ec ed Ka; m ? J . lsyor oi !> ateu island at it ha^ Li Itjuhu alayor ol Syr.cuse. .... 11 n K. 11. ...ljtcr, of Ker.tuckv and E I Periu cf New \ork i. ive been admitted a* coun^llv. i bifr ra tho su^rema Court cf the Lntte-i Male? .... Jfce Herald say?, ilea Jere. Clem^cs is t^heai n ;i > tw 03 r0 rei.i tat? Flore?, lata ^reetdeot of the Kepublie of Ecuador ???? Viorcr ConfU?rant, the French Pou ^Vc'air.^'V'"' ' ibrel[,?"C <? ???blijk thVi. . . ,CV ,n -'ui lb.- p.?p:. y!^.? '!?? fc -'???. (-fcruMgh ll.d bett.r "paC';,t"" ^2-rin.r.s's-^ rau' will be tba en I of it * ?ad ?? the " But between the Auf han C?n,ni ?k ^anta aaO 000, of us a, u Banned, $,O oo2 Borw. we?ball not have much left jfl lb bard t inet if they get what ibey ask tor." .... Meiedi.h P titntry ann<juacea fcimael. af a cardialite -or tie Cio?ern<>f ebt;? of T?a0ea Ht . 1,8 ell>* "5 on tbe fuptori oi the Wai*a iVLCW M t bll'^S lyi mar u.ember* of ike N >r<b Con^rrgs* tl^n il v,h *.c . it, Spr.tgSed Meae., ioaiaJing ona of ho d.uoon>, ta\e brea di-or'Sed, or in mo:? ancieut phraaw ' e*:omaittnicatel,,? for hifiu/ ULur Jdd ibo viatj of the "spiritual* it.1 Ni charge whatevet is uiadu affecting ffcc ^X9(<U ot i-^Vt fv0 Ju^i ol to# individtiala. *FW3 AID I in of th* Earald?T o Captain. yet ap pointed? lbs m-w ^rmyC Ulcer. rot all to brst. .kMifrora tho Amy.?Feu PcCalloch h-i. not K<ttgned - So letter received from iho ? irp rcr if ftussia ?The few a'lpendtary loi ter writers lefc in Washington seem within a few daye. to bi'Vf. h'tkeo ou' with a new of rulumny and mendacity respecting the ( Pre?i lent and h:3 adminis'rati^n. We have a ,t ii.a? to notion a'.l their misrepresentations. ' bat propose on'y to s ate? 1st That the appointments of Captains *?d J.ioucnan's liavo not been innounoed nor de cided np.>n, and that the allegation of the New York Herald to the Contrary li a char acterise f ihehotd 2!. That it is not true th it the new ragi [ mots a*e to ba officered en.Le!? by appoint ments fr?m tha army. Mora thm half of them, at leust, r.ll ho given to chi'.iacs. 31 It b not true th*t Ben MoCulloch ha rosigned the item mission in tho ntv? .egimeuts teadercd him Ly the Pieaident, nor his be add re. Bed the President any le-.ter rcla iag thfretj. ?i'.h Tbe UtT 'U s ?tory oi the reeep'iou by th* President of an autograph letter Torn the Ltnperor of Ru.-da, has rot ? particle of foan ?ta'i n in truth. No tetter of any kin 1 has boon recently received from Emperor Nicho lis by any (fficcr of this Government, and the H:ra!d knows that its story is a silly, child LS fa'sebood. Whit wv hero 3jy,u ay be relied OB. Fiin at the Moautnc;,! ? We learn that Jos. H. Lradlsy, E<q , one of the new managors of tfca Washington Mouatueat Assiciation, yes r ;? >?y. during tie ab-ence of tbe Superinten dent vifi cd the Monument and got th? keys or tho place fiom the n.e*srnger. vhj wjs the oa'y one pre-ent. This morning, V> m Dou_'h e it. I>q , the Superintendon', wbo, we are to d n a wo ke: in niaib e and a mister r( h j profession, with lbs advice of the obi b. ?;i, wont to the mouument and tiadiDg the d or open to; k possession. Sht>rtl y if orward^ 8. S. Ur^g^g, Eq, t member cf the new board, waited on M D ?j^'-'er-y snd handed him an order, info m ii i b u t a a ? Mr. Brig who is a l>lak-mitb h^i l.ern appointed- superintendent in bb -ta-ii Mr Dougherty ir.f.rmed the bearer cd 'In r to t33t he d'd Lot rccoguiss the author it; i f base ? ho appointed him, atid woa'd re* trv a j. s eisionof th? monument until forcibly ejected. llfre we gee the new board appointing rn of its own b-.dy, ah> is a bl tcksuiith inat?ad of a worker iu marble, to the best; aiariedtffi * ii tbo gifr of tbe Association ? Will thuy n>? a'?'* aive the other places .'bat pay to m' n-i^tr. a!^)1 Wnat are we toj^dge fr m this ' llav? t iev cboren a biacksmob beoaas* they ioten t > tjaLb 'be mocumer)* *i*h iron ? or do the> a- ruua-?r hao it, intrcd to flni-h it with br:c t dJ afterwards whitewash it. giving ibe j >h to an-jther ciember of the board of mauagers. CrUfl.? of tbe letter writers of th Ne ? Yjfk H rufd, iu writing from this point, m taaged it? 3om<? way to get hold of ;be nj me ot g^ntierron *hi wrre ap licants fjf cup ? in^ p Bttlons'n the new r?gim-:nts a^dput. ! lisbes !h? naui?? to ihn wjiIJ aa baviog be?i ^' ap oir.tcd by ibo Prenvlent Ibe .:9~ ba [ ? b--ec re|.nt.lisbed by otbor papers having ? " : ri o lis i n At le-at twinij pcravu I; cj! ca on ue h a m >rnii)g to a?oeftaio whether 5 ! tr i- li t was co-r.'ct, aoma of whom nre appti car 's i"ar captaloeifS V'e rhink fuob j i.bUca | ti*?? s nr. only cruel, be' wicke<i?deviiish " iiere are miry ??ho still ttlnk the H-rj. d asirjdiys gone by, gives ea-ly and teliatkk ne*i,? .incog tbe pp'fc ints f.rrffi n manj r iT^pro to t.e fcuni. Tae pnblieation of tht !? t refered to. ^or a day. or uritil tbe fabrca t or could e expired, no d ubt had ih?too detcy tocre:k ibe cipecta! ol mai.y at p'rp.r.ts f?.r ir nr v ho nor a. ani r.iiai tLec<i| H [ ci j \ to iLj : , a of .hoa ? wh will never realise ?ip> tea! pleasure iherefrom No app^oi j | fie^t If?r ;bc pof Ciptaia Las jei bees :r; ti i lo. o eaattoa tbo reading puMiC against be !i v in;; wLat th?.y l ay eVc in in tte New Yot k 11 al>i and kindrrU ebccta. I: is but reldom til..: iuytiiiridj r?li*i>le fiadi iu wuy it'o tbeir columns, ptrtioalarly when it eotcerna tie prcsjut administration jnporttzt to Pct'm^aters ard the Public Wca;e rcquc-tc 1 to call attention to fix* law just j at-ej by Congress, ui- diiy mg the ra ta if p< atage, Ac., paiticu'arly to thus* proviaions rt?|uiring thut ail lettcra betweer placea id the United S<a ea sbnlt be pro pu;d fro to and ?fier the tira?. cf April, 18S5, by ataoips or otherwise, and tnac from and afttj tirat of Janaury text, puittnaEtrrs mug place postage a atn[ sn^on all pre pfid la i?is upon which such ataiups may not have been plural by the writerr. or which m iy act bn cncioited in stamped envelopes Prom and afer tbe flr3t of April, 1855, tho postage to be charged on each tit gle letter, f r any distance in the United States not e*. reeling S AGO m lee, ia tkrgs cent*, and over 3 COO milea I n cents. The law does not change the existing rates or regulations in regard to letters io or from Canada, or other foreign ooun tries, nor d >es it eliect the franking privilege. 'ibe previfion A regard to the regiBtratirn of valuable letters wiil be earried into effect, and special instmctiana i sued to p .stmas era on the subjeet aa ao^n as the necessary blanls can l e prrpared and distiibuted. We beg to ?a_ge.-t thr-t editors generally tbrough?u^ the United States would render an es."'ctial service to their readers by calling attention to this subj-st. U. S. Vessels Heard From ?Letters have been reeeived at the N ivy Department, ata ting that tbe fl?g.ship ladrpendecce left Rio on tbe 25; h of December, and the John Adams on the 19;h. Th? Current Operations of the Treasury rfpanmeot.? Ot yesterday, theWthol Marcb, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on tbo books of the Department ? For the redemption of stock $14 531 87 For paying Treasury debu 16 031 31 For Uie Customs 7,873 21 lo vT-d iato the Treasury trem Cu-^ms 4 035 89 For'he W at Department 191335 80 For repaying in the War Depart 12 '?r tho Interior Department 14,644 7i Sew D*Mp?nika i-LsonoM ?"ha ennaa' e ec.i'Dintbe State of New ilamp-hire will Outue off on lue^day. 13th ?n>t. Political ex ci e^eut runs high ia tfaar State. I -r The reoeipta of the Ams ioan Cjlonlsi ^,3 !y,aav# fa,Uo 0ff 1,6 00?- ? with what the, were last year at tht. time, acd the H?. Mr. Mclain ih- sec.etury, sava' |iu,?uu are o^dad x u*e preaeut woment i B/l. TIMBRE lOSBEiPOKDXHCE. Caltiuors. Miroh 9, lftiS. Thr Mii'tmryof* D'tert'^r* llohh-**?John Wita ot i? y' H so >y ? lh 'h p Wkittit'ch<nni '4?Uupt tin JIj m*-? f tU< L' ?5 A'till) r ul lit fC? titt!?- li'41' H' ST I hit ' -fy IT? X *f, I al'u'ed .1; ?j) la-t letter ul** u.y-feTieuj attempt a: burglary, vhich however, ws.3 de ter ed b> mcfia < > f an auonyaoo3 Ict cr. Tbo opulent gei tleman u;hiu nbuoi the outrage was Inlet. led, proves t?. be cur opulent million ai-e, Mr. V\yn>n, who resides in hi* spleudid pa'ac*. West Baltimore. I leara, bo*e7er, thai tbe burglars were int arrested, slavery utfir'una'.ely for the good t?f oar community e-capnd. There is no doubt that they male the at'empt to rob and were frustrated by u>e in> of an anaonym "us leU*r?and ttat thi? letter hvl It? crlgiu in tbo confes I ?nal of one the holy fa'her?, ?b) arrived at th>* sterol by Uifc in-: of his profession. Letters cf ih'.s class ? '0 pcnerully reprehensibio but in this in t'w.C'S it h i* proved servicesble. Tie inieves r-j sv.ipoo-ed to t?e pa t of a gang of English ?c?ui drels now infusing our oity It lb?-y -boald return to m ike a second attempt on the aixi premista, a wjtm reception will be iu *rt'tii:g Ojrdistinguished Know N -thing. Jobn^J \V, ivi ;?'.lead a~d front of the o.der in this j.y?and uas Seen for pome time, as 1 a u i * for iuod, cauv-t-sing the State ol \ irgiuia, cite unerring to-rning oouociis, &0-, in that iM'o IU ie slid id t>e regularly einploved * u mi'stonury iathi cause. Monsieur Godo'. irigttiil of tbo order in Mar?lanl, tbiaks bitL? If elightei by not havjsg been invited io a j tc any this aposV.e in hii Yiig uia peram "?ul i ii)03 Too mysterious parly in Baltimore, jodginp '"sow various indication?. needs considerable eemect. and more adhesive virtue than now ?jeler :a to it Tbe incurrnoe companies Afu'.i h'.ve a b td iik. were tbey to take a ? I.e. guaranteeing ?t from exclusion o.' dis olmiou ii the i;ev t ?elve moa'.hs. I a truth beyond all controversy that un Irss ? - no JV-No*hiigi*m expui;ge from its coed U illiberal, bigoted, and and republican : i itvf sectarian religious prejudice it must -I! Kid should If ?io opposition to Ca bnl cism be. ?8 I am informed, ttJ strong bn^wnrk. j?u'iv.c lititral, edncntfd men?men of high nil-.3 an I generous feelings, will spurn 'h? m v. ro ma ter *h it its other vi tues Lib i ? tty i* iiubl* bu big-try abomin ?ble ! ? e^r-it to le^rn :hat the health of lt*!V In j \Yhi'tin^ham, o^ the Ei>i?C 'p il Cburoh n i b p of Marjl'ind, i- new qui e teeM* 11a ii Mffl ted *i u h bronc i il aff ration which (,:i . a ? uj cousuuiption it is only occ ?sio*i : | y .tmt Lo HO'u u t.? preicb, ?nd then with s-? wo k a vo'cs rs to b." inau li o.e There i< rnuci auxie y in regird to him C ij-t in Hon, of tbe army at pre>eiit r?r? Mi-: ii? Bil'imiro. a;jd atiarbed to the ""teff ,t ?;, u Wulback bas b--?n ordered to Fort u h h to aka ebarg" of a 1 gbt battuty I k er" lits comj any will j ii'i the forca under t. ii lliiuey, *ii ? ar2 noon to [ eoetrate the ?i in iernt"ry ?>n an ex{.cdition ag iinst thnt MV*gi tri.sforthe purpose of checking their ,tr- cdi* 0>-pt-iu iIo*e is a gallant ou:g ?ffi;er. n-d highl- estcouiod t>y the ? i y wn-> Ktiow him n? BiMimore lie 'aka ?vi'3 bim the bts *?i>&ei ol h s num"rot>8 .t d* f ?r lu u.o fuo' ? Tbj expedition ? I? t o an aa-.ei.tur< one, and doubtless u;Lt with much lLicitiout 1 nave r.ot r-j 1 who WilS take bis plaoe hero It Is r Ujjng to kno* that eS.tent mtaos are *).? ?? fallen by tbe Governucnt to prot'0? tbe m: .':erj from ?av?ge itcur>ions. and esps i;i ,y 1 ;om tho barbarities of that savagj ua < i >n, iho r toux Th re aas an elect!m today to elect a I n"*:b-r < f tha Fecot.-d tra'ich of ht! c: y ii '-i: in pli.coot Mr Z mur.eruaa, fr m 'he i,; j ih and iiinevenh wsrdi I bave ji l?c?rd tbe re.-uit bu, bon Qsrs ar?. bit* ng g .it uia. r>i v f tire As t hii tbe a'rcng v .Si ttii g rf>:'t? I | rut ni* tbai p-*r;v r.tmpbec tbu Dcu.ocrat-5 makicg lo ?j"i :i 1 opp.iti tr.n. t irci y prcs'ots qnile a buMretaand lively . ,r;?' ce. a igerf. c er 'L ?uts arid ?< r>" iLg 'u Ir ui ail fju . t' rs - be hotels cwd'd and iba iedtea ions arj mi . ta.'uriftblo f r <he Sp.iog iradewbi hn ioi^ 'o th^ buT?i?ss. Flour has advicc?d .> i^..'S per bbl duiinj: the Wcofc ?viie? to ? ?!' il (Kara er. at ^3 a>7i and Cicy Mil.'u at out 1 fi m <3raia i:? u*?;va at prtri :u> p i ?.? Ct ff^e has iuiva?eed 1 ??efit per pou-'d ii i' g the wrefrk, wttb slo?ut 'JUDO bigs U:o I 1U h 1 cti. sock 01 baud onty 1000 Su^-ii8aod mi. I at, ?a iu g<?od supply? r. tiigbtly d p e-ted "1 Le c icdi'ion ot ' he gtncal mon^y market ei:--ir i much as it vf <f>. 1 fupp y is a;.un it. ?n I rvos ei?.sy whe.e the a-ouuty is ol . i . lo i i m naint ; be c jlII lei c? < f ttp Hji.-.e .-;e utity aud cJtt'ion are bowevar, f r US ~C) tb?^ pr: icipUl < f li < ?r" ' >1 ????i''n ar ;:;c ent, a&.l i' io tub'-' b .rcii tnej iiiw 7 Ci uti..uj so to b^ Lcr as have ?i.! -ry, ft.i ? ,u . . iu car coiuiueroinl movamer.t.-, treed -id ? iU-i-iii' ratbtr tban bi^!i pressure price . '} en; is only a moderatedamandfor m 'ney. ft ic abundant i.od continue! to eae't soun.J i v. merit. ?;o? J fi st cl.'nis pipor i-? ? iken on tut -trtet a' bi to U per cent. Second do. IU a il | ret difoiuut on :?.!! ai 6 per cent .'.'I counde oiks are in good rcquost fo* in ve ment, and prices are 'enJir g upward?. I ?eh <rg?-s am quiet. I quote on L^ndor ni'.'.iy] p ern Koneaicit. C'.<st of ins CoLLtftft Lisa?Mr. K;;k, ol r >a ?f. while in tb? Senate defending the Ap pro; liuion lor this line, re td tho t'ollowio,? New York Feb. 22 J8,?5. Tbe expense per vov??e, of tbe ttcauieis 0' -h's line tr? m New York to Li orpoo! ami I b-i ? : iacludi-x rep irs and insurance, for thi , as! s'~i mon h j,'average S47 79 Ika Youle Secretary. Aw ExCKLLEMT LKai^taTlVK EtUCTVKJTT A bill has b??n reported in tha New York ^ ?nite, which p-ovi?ic? tbat ro iptate, reil 0! I pers r?1,8:all hereafter be m;sfd or conveyed to any cirporation, bodj poli'ic or person, for pious or charitable neet es"cpt the tnmo be done by will or d ;ed, duly r>clni .wleUgcd acd attested atleisttis month; before the decease of the testator. I O i - A.voTBsr. :-"kcrxt Society.?The Pittsburg G .jette gutes 'hat there is a regularly organ ii.-l nsioc ation of blacks in th:t city, bound l.y the most eoieo.n oaths and meet ing i?i secret wh j?o object ifl the abduction of coiorcd servaut-rt traveling with their master;, who r re ;u<pected to be slaves. tr_. -^TUF.RF. WILI. HK A MEETING ??F tb ? Uoa'il uj I)ire< t'?rs of tin; MerclianU Li iianpt? un .HOMDA> nex?, at 7 p m. ?l-o, a e- n ral uu etmg ol Uie a;t'Uibcrdon'liJES M \ Y. at 7 p in. Bv i>r?ler ot the President: 10?sit J.\0. P. ELLIb, fc3t*i-'. r-^A HI'ECIAI? MEETINtJ O ' THE ? O unM Lib-wry Conitiany No I, at their i'>u ul pi*em THUttao VY EvE -INO, March 13,h, for Uititnesa of inip0r?a:i0H pendiug JO IN M TUBLEY, mar 10?ii* Provident. 4. jiATTEVTlOV NATIONAL GREYS?V?.u si M nrr heretiy nr.lerM t? ineK ai yur aunory on H fl MONDAY MORSINU, iht 12U? instant, at ? ill ilioVI c i. tor parade. Ry o ler : PETER EAGAN, O. 8. usar 10?It* ATTENTION MARIOv RIFLE"*.?YtiU ?tin tH-rtby or.leri-d to meet at \onr afmr>ry ?? M0N.1t V MORNING, tbo Ufcb instant, at 9 , ? . clock, for parani-. H, or.l r: J A UES FOXWELL, O S. mar 10 It* l.o, O. F ?Co I l'^mbia Lo&otjNo 10 T'ie M niiw-fi of tbii L'a<i|e are hi'r? by no r fle.i t> m-^t a ?h< ha'l ?n T > M ? >? ? tSun 'zj) Ai'i rnoo , at I "cikj to a.:eri?l Hi ttl ?? rai ?? our dt' < ??? Brother, D 'S alp Srcwaar Mjuib-rstf sister Ir'dfej are ira tcf try invited to auni-l. A n.c? tine of thf-1. di?e tv.llbib< H Tlti-; Evening to makt a. rarsi uitn'n t r the funeral. ht'UOLPH Bt'CHLY, N'. G. LYN4?E ELIOT, i".?. 0^ M-U .SOIREE DAV3AVTE AT CABUSI** d \L? ?OK?MONS CoC'lEU beg* leav. to Iniorm the is lies a id gentlemen of this crtv tliar hitfoir, e u;|| a'.t p'ico next AIOVD^Y MG T the 13th if. ? uk mn It ?? ? ,'IKR^AV PRE iCiilNW -K v. P .?iei - i : will bol I a 'ierrnin novice next -un day luon i jj. the 11th instant, at 10 o'clock, t h O'lBinbn C irine House, Cap:i ?i Uil!, a;>d Iti the a t>rn?V'n ?ub" ~ame d r, at 3 o'clock, at the riwe ?! ?fibor?w>i Chu en, New Jtf ey avei.u*'. Capit. II.II. A i :<ertnan trien is are iavit.-d in a't.-nd. P. i LISTER, mar 9-9.* Qsrrxa R fftmi H Pr a her PHlLOnF.MFC SO IIEI'V. There will _ t>e a meeting of toe Philodemie r*ocietv m O 'H|?lown Colege, ?mi TilUSSL) VY, March I5lli. at 3 i> m. at which the iton re-ldent members are re spectfulty i..vited to be preaent. KAkRv KAUKEE, R C COMttH, SCOTT h. i-MlTH, mar 9 ~lw* Commit ee of Corre*p ?n ?? nee. ^vEiROP^LtlAN MECU A\IC"?' IN' JV_5?T^HTI! UTE EXHI ?IT1( ?N.?XOTFCE - T:ie Manager* of the Exhibition regret to under si m J ill*t many uewiH visit th'? Exhibition will, d-pori:ors' ?wd other Ticket* borrowed irom th?-li friends. Th?* Committee i-re determined to expose such person- when lound with tick eta not their own T>?? doorkeepers have bwe i instructed to c lite all) exa n?n all i?k< ts herenliergire ented at ibe ilo??r Th? Ex' Ini ion will close on Werine day evening n xt. the Hill iiifiaut, when tliec o?m* aiidres* wi . be d live red, and the Award- annnunwl The various commute* s of judges are requesle i to hand in their final r. jtori on Saturday morn in; next. CH ARLES F. WOOD, Sup't. mar 8-Th*MT It (|>N-w.) jw-^-^METKOPOLnAX .Mi>II\NirS> IN fcvT, mute Exhibition?In oider lo afford tie '?olop-d population an oppoi tunny to vi*it the Exhi b mm, the tiinri of Management have set apa-i TCESDAY n? xi,the 13;h infant, fioai 10 a. in t< 4 |? in, for thai .urp we All d. sir .ii? therefor* of eni-ving the privilege will do well to attend accordingly. ity order: P. M PEARSOV, Rec. Sec. mar 7,10,13 | 'HE C ANTON TE\ COMPANY h ive ju-t re i ceived another l"t of tliat excellent Impend s?:id Gunpowder TEA, at 75c r?? r lb equal to an} f?'ld in the city for $ 1. Good Black Tea at 30 ct*. a'ul all other kinds of Tea-, wholesale and retail Infer tltail they ran He twiui!lit f"r anywh-re el-? Samd s may b*; had gratis Come to No 510 Sev it li --t e^t, 3 uuors below Odd Fellows' Hall, utftr 10?It iWEVTV FIVE CENTS REWARD ? RA> s aw?y, froin the subscribers, the-r regularly in derttired apprentice, NI iRODll TAVI.uK A persons are lier>>ty cautioned ajainst emptoying ?'i iin-bou .g, irn tin? o? mi any way encouraging hi Hlnence, under the r?*^ular pr-nalt'e? nnrlO 3t 1j. II. * (1. C. SC"NEI'ER FOR SALE.?A PAIR OF FINE CA?itIAtiI r-es lor ?a!e low, by a ge?itlemnn /JK l^avin''th" ? it\?ytiunr, go w?-ll in or d?uble burner*, mid -old for no lault m F 1 t'an If ^een at tlie .M**irn|?olU StaMe!*, It sir?*tt( h iw. en I3,'( and l lib strei w, near Pa. avcuue. mar 10?*2t* T N GREAT RECONCILIATION. r: I1E un It i 'lied will open a Kdn ot ",vool burnt Ll.ME (coniaiuing 6^0 barrels) on Mon ?Ja ni'<rnin2 next, for wlilcii the cash will be ?? qmrcd at tli?1 kitim or rn dflirery. I??- niu-t a lop this me'hoil or cl 1 u-"nes-<, as a grea' p <rn<>n ? hi.-sa'iM tin; p > t year arc iin-etlled and lying over ?SI at the Kiiii?liu'ilin*; addi ional A E HMOOT. National Liuie Ki.n, corner New Yorkaveniie ?nd Twaiiik ftieal mar 10 4i* ~II0PE FOR TtlE FUTURE. AXE V SuNG. wi?r.'.> writ'i n and dedicated t< >ir-. Frank in I'lere**, by She- Uli; ihumcc< iii po ^-d by Fo*il?riek Kiev. E?q Jn t pub i.-tiied and 01 .-ale at HILBU?* &. UITZ > M us": IJfpor, Ktitr i'uildiriL'S. inar 1U VOJAL MUSIO. S'GNOR SEVERO S Pit IM has c< nv ntrd to xiv msira< tiori* in Vocil VIus^c to ihose m the cit> o< Wa-hmrton who ite^lre bi-s^rTk-es. He <.oai highly rfcoain'iided bv p? r-ons of the hlgh<?-t re rpcctabjity who hav?? av.iiled th?*iii(i?',Vf-b of hi> ii - xuueuon.. Among iii.hIiw recomnicuil bi n 1 i.-* all w> d to nam* <o n M. ?lacauley, oi N. Yor E inira L ne In Plif'pi Principal of i'.it .p eo In >inute, Via<yland,a a tritnii r m i-t rfspcctabl I <lies, u hose m:u i Im n i I'.nm- ran he teen tit tit. offl 'e of the I-. Vrtiiii g Mnr. All<>r.1?*rs l?;li at il M'* lice Sl< r-1 of Rr-Jia d Davis Penu?>lva n nv, nuM, and ai ih<i Sto-e nf Hubus * ilin s?iai Uuildings. nil bi f{ten le I to. mar 10 3t 0aNAMENTAL TRE\S FOR SALK SO! lit*; best quality, lor Ftre<:t<<, r.v>>niio c* nn ti'ries, and lawui. Thf) are nil feed .*? hrg-, fr< growth, fiee t' ??ic-er-aul in<?ei ami arr H*?t mud e4. No. 1 Silver L?at Map*-, fnuri 1J o 15 lect in the clear, %n?! will furitHlir- ; llor-e C!??*.?n-t fr in 4 to fi feet hnrh ; Kiiiop-a Sycamore ot ilch to i.:ee; (<U Cmaljia, ot I nge ? z . Of the a^-'ve ir-e-* there i- a large *t?)?k ou hand. Pnc t according to i,:ze and i.untb r, from 25 ct to $1 Coiue and sec lor jofcr ?-if. t all npoii JAMES MAHER, mar 10?S3w* Public tiardentr. ? (Bait Sua law3w, Of Pin \l. am MY AMD AAV ? Kit GISTER for 1856 . he Navy Regiatut lor thr United States for the yeai 1Ss3o Oili lal Army R ^i^t't for IH.*5 Jati published and for ?a!e a: TAYLOR h MAURY'S tn-f 10 llookst'-re. i;?a' l>:h -t. "T^IRTS! SIIIKTS! N' E W A B R \ a E M E N T ? W X LL fit STE FHF.V?', H-i'-i pa. avenue, nex*. to Iron Hall. It . virg r omt>:ete(l iln ir ?rraiigenients. are uo*v pre pated to mak'-11 i>r n r O ntleiiien'-' SlllRTS oi mi P'-rior qua!iry in the m > t a[i ?rov?.l style?, a? slioit not ee, and wan ant a fit tn t.11 ca^e*. Ai-o,oi?i a id a lar-re airuortmeut of Rex'-y-malt Sl?iit-, oi fine quality, vaiving in prices fr< in *1 t .?1 W. mar 9-3i NEW HOoTAOE ACT. XCiTICC TO THE PUHLIC AND 1NSTRUC TIONS TO POSTM VSftRS. J OTI''t. n btreby given ib it, agreeably to an _ H act of Co;.4< t;rs approved Man li 3, 1:55, ih< follow nit! ra < s uf p*i?l ye art: '? be charged on onti alter tke jir t day uj JljrrU jicxf, in lieu ol thuse no*v UrhbllrLetf, lo u it: On evrry letter conveyed in l!ie iu iii be twwrn places in ilie U.iiied Suites, for any distance > ot exceeding three thousand mile.-, thiee eeuts; a'> ! lor any distance exceeding three thousand iinle , ten cent _ F.ttn aiel alter the fir>t day of April pre-pay men: on liners is requited? excepting upon -ueh a? a?e to or from a foreign eounirv, or io ( fficers ' i llu ?;< verninent on ofll>'ial business. The fiankint privilege rema ns unchanged. Kroui and after .he lirat day of January, eighteen hundi?d and filty mi, po-una?i? rs are required tn place posi^ge i pon all pro paid l? tiers on which ?iic!< stamps may i.ot have been placed b> the writers. My the 3' section of Pie act the Po*t:na?t'-r Oer.e ral i-auihorizi d to e-tabl:>h a u ifor.n *y-ieui IV the t'-^i^trai on of va'uahle li tters. Tills provisi in o: the law will be carried int-? eftVrt, and sp- cial in struetiuiu therefor will be is-nv! to Po trcasters as fion as <. lie necessary blanks v-an lo j. pjrtd and in tributed i * MES CA.MPST.I.? , s *i i o-n'l. Post OrncE De artm^n ? \1 "j5 mar iO? 3iawtApii!l United Statci Patent Office. W&SHtHiroN, Marc^> 9. 1855 ON t*:e petition of hi<li?nS 4Uofc>k of i alri in rr^, MJ. prayiag fur the extension of-* pat em granted to hia- on the 29.h i f Mat, IS! t. j.; an fairer m?at In '? w?cb oea f^r MI?itg a c Or. .=ri> p Snirgvii " for nreu re-irs firorn th/exrij rttifB rf th- **-d patent, vhicL: t^hea '^Iac* on the ? 9 * day ol 31 .v It is .ird?r??t. that the petition be beard at th. Pn'ent CHSee on Mo*.(!*y, the 1 i'h diy or %i? y at 12 o'clock :a; aud a I p::> -ok are notified to rp pear ar.'l ,<how cause, If anv th?y ha^e, why said pe '.ition ought not to be granted P rions oppodng ti.e exten-ion are required t? file In tue Patent OUlo their i-bjeetions, ?p<-cially tei forvh in writing, at least twer tv .^ayp. before the dnv >f hejir'ng; all testimony ftbd by ellhoi.* p*rty to t* a= d at the -aid heariu< mast b? taken and traiw oil-t.'d in accordance wltb the rules of the o^ca which will b? faruished on sppllcatirn 'I'he tostnn ?iy in tb? ease will b- oMm;J on the 4th o.' day, ; aeposiil-ns an l other papers re lie-! on as testimony, must bd flk i in the Office on or b-foi-e the raaruing of that diy; th^axguuenla I any. withlu.ten daya thereafter. Ordered, also, thut this notice bepubftnhed H tae Union, I ntelligoncer and Evening :*t*r, Wasblcjrtr.ii, D. C.: Arnij Uaitimor?. Mi; kvenl^g />rgui. Philadelphia, l'a.; Scientific American, New York : once a week for three successive weeks previous tr the li;h day of Hay next, the day of hearin;:. CU\KLKe MASON, Commissioner of Pat* n#a. 1. i.?E Utors cf the sb'JVH papers will ple^ae copy and ? nd tiieir bil * to the Pat nt Offisi. with a per eantalnin* this notice. ^ mar 10?lawSw OLD CHAIRS TO MEm \ ITTS. WILLS, on G street, the ?ecoo<i do r f.oai i-'I. '"'in '3 h ?ticeiea-t, pu1-* new cane -cms in Id c lairs, iii a good ft 'e. ^fie w uld a ? than 1?Itl for ihe puronajjp of the citizet.a ? 9_#, ?.? -I-At LAMM ? L>' , o 4V4 GoVc.itli street, cub be found a gita; varw-i. ?.f rny-- t'.nd Kancy Notion- at prices, tliac cannot fail to ? the closest buyers. 9 -3t r|i"?t KHllU' ' ui.LARIi 1 War.' uiu 'l to in Wt?, tor ?a't Ut L44lWO\Prt. 7U1 ?. l'lHT OP LBTTBHM Xrmaiwnf 111 tke Port Offue, WotSAngtev ,1). C-, Marck 10, I8?4. [Order#?to '? ade*rti$m (n f\e,4EvBin?? igrcealUr to the f$U?tring 'return of tke Part Ofu* Law?it keini the nr "*]?"/ cr 'taring tkc Imr not circu lation oj ani. datii, >?l<vr , *Ar<# m Washington: drc. S. jiiut t? if f'urthrr 'utcted, That th?* liet of ?eurr? rrntinlH aucaiicd l*i?r in sty p"?t uffier in inv city, town, or villaft, where newspaper* eball k printed, ?'?all,hereatier, b? published -?bc? only m iiewsj?apei which, belm i<*M>ed weekly, or <?: KU*t,*hall have tke large* circulation within tbe n.nftot the delivery of sail office, to be decided by ilit? pfttHiiiaster at such office.] ??"?>r?on* applying Tor lettere !? ths fotlawlagllet, wll mt ilx; >r? latnTiiKD. LlDTKS' LIST. A ' iro?, Yerllnda Art n, Ml** Ann)* A'MRt<>n?. Mis* Llrsl* N \Miai, M ?? Mar]* F A*M-n, Ml-* Ball * **?st < U:u?, Mr* Ann 1U1 . Ill** Aletba Krook*. Ml** Harriet Ana iMwn, H'?? Susannah 0 Dell, Mr* Jno liMt, M'** Aun Kuller, Mr* Elisabeth B! '?r? 1, Sm<n K t?*lley, Ml** Fanala M ilurit, Ml** Wary & cuuC, Mia* Mary Kttrres*. Mr* Add fVl?, Mra Mar* Colftnin Ml** Begins >?11 "au. Ml** Kaic; C*r*?r, Hre K'leti Cole tun, Mary JaD* ^autpbell. Mi** Kate : err. Mr* H B C<'nn?il, Mr* Salllc Calnan, VI r* diowley, WlMow ?InHley, Ml** Mary M Jodaoa. Mr* Adello* ilivin, Mis* Mary V Javidson, Mr* M J oley, Ann lalluii, Mr* Susannah i*vi*. Mr* H K Javidsoo, Mr* EMcabetli A iu\ .11, Mm* Elisabeth B rl(<D, Mi** Margaret ?J ioli, Mia* Fo te, Mr* E'Uh* ?ordon, Mr* Kutan K >* rreft, Mr* Batecca ualladay, Mf** I a^a .ey. Mrs M A ijraliain, M ** JaD* A ,i ilea, Mr* Daniel tiiiiC*, Mi** Kltiabeth M i>rati'in, Mr* f iunt, Mia* tfall, Mr. Sarah A * i nuvi, Mr* tf'ck*. Mrs Margaret, MraSaish I JallfD, Mri M*rg*ret H lima, Mn Elis* 3 Kiihan, Widdow larrl*, Mi* Beberca Ionian*, S!r* Rbod* I. t' pbum. *ll*i Maria O .lowdeu, Tresa larraaou, Mary A larrwoa, Mr* li*rg*-4t l.m'.iton, M *? Henrietta Unison, Mils Kluabeth K-lnzerliag, iTbrtntina \raft, HU? Margaret 2 aim, M1s* Anna vain. Mi-* Bo*a (eaiie, Mi** Haliora : irk win ,1, Mary Jane idler, Ili?* Bridget <?>, Mr* C mao lore, Mrs C A I.abier, Laura A Laiinber, Mary 2 Lawrence, Mre FmbcIs 9 Llfhtfoot. Mlee Mary L La'cbford. Manor* U*ent. Ml** Mery Mrrpty. Ma^-o^er, HenrietU Morr?M, Fren^et Maun. Mr* B B Mo re. Ml** Tlejtnia A Moor*. Mia* Marrloa Marttu. Harriet, Maderia, Mr* J Maoafiei't. Mr* LD Morrow, Ml?* Annette Marehali, Mr* Marfarel Ma'lbewa, M'a* Keurle McNetc-. Ml? Mai caret MrCre-y. Mr* MrKeui'e, M<ae Add McCormtck. Mre E.izal>etb McD nald. Mary MrOuinn, EJizabetk Sight, Mia* Mi oil, Mra Jane F Novee Mra Geo 8 U'l^ary, Catharine W O'Neal. Maigaret OkeveoD. Mr* KliXabeth O Connor, Aoote Ouster. Mi?e Frioce. Mlea* Frlce, Mr* 8arab FaUi*<iD, M!a* Eleaaor Palistie, Mr* Fowan*, M1e* CatUerlne Fl< li?ell. Mr* Aramiau PaiuT Mr* Mary J Fnraiey, Mi** Mary Qoi^lry. Marearel qnl'l Cathareue Xyai;. Mlaa Mary Ki1*y, Aud Jar' Beilly, Mre M J Kabfcit. Mr* Mary JaD* Btlef, Mia* Jaue Hanel*. Anna Rnb'n*< D Kl!?*beth Ki rdeu. Hannan Ktiiae, Mary Seal*, Mre I**a - Multii, Mra E'.ixab<>th Heymonr, Jenet Mpenrer, Mi*' Uole B Mallinica, Mi** L ^?mpeod, Mr* .Dry Hlocam, HeurielU Steven mid, Mary Tntt Mi** E'lratvth Te*t, Mr* P O Tanner Ml** Ana* Talbot, Mr* Millie rh maa, Anni- E Tboui\* Mr- Emily Taylor, Ml?* Jeniai* Th<>m? , Mra John Trinc?u*e, M i?* Catb.n u< Veil, Mra H K Vie'e. Mr* K U Vertner, Mr* Kliiobeth Will*. Mia* Am.lla Willaon, Mr* Martha W.lieon, Mr* Sarah W?ledom. Hally Yunnc, Mine Mai caret L OK!?TLKMEJt?r LIST Alb n, W W \ rii'.ld, S T ?ti?lr?rwe, O H Andrew* Ja* E <ilrju, Jno i in er*uu, Joe t ijmtun, H J A?*aU?r, tieorj* A idur, U o(e . kbry EJa-ard 'Uurd. E J* llbrtftit, C J .lamer, Wm rfaily, Wia irt i lord, W J, Wnl ira'iabaw. IV S liner, F W I ' a i,t*.ell, Tlio* K 'truurn, l ii * ifuti?*r, Tin>? H ??ell, 5aui>i?' -utter*oi th. 8 F iuwiin, J 1> iHWIi'ail, J II <>*r iard, J S it.akiey, J k ou'iani, J ?111* .i.r... *. C i J N ncKley. J&o ? ja* 3 Jiev rr, Jno : Ijrl'uiu J M ?it*an, Capt J no i ? r.e.d, J <i g*. Jno .1.0* J A . ? rcfcly, Jao C ?icaweil, J u ? jc an tli, J H iiate-, Henry ? r>'* u, l>r H S ii - er*, li o ?ciii.eU, Geo W ?aeticT, <a?o rtiu, i>w?, Geo 8 ?Ii 4^11; m4, F A 6 *?:! ? d, buuiund Uiliiu^iiiii *:, C'Ua* itardoua, ?' lirriit A Co ?iljebiw, C?|'t A i.loom, A M Aaker. Col K L llalei, K C llr r rulield, Xat'n ,.ab- ' U, < eander broern, Bev a G liri*i,l, jno II Lerl'-lliui, Mlfuor U itnkrwk ni, J Kro*J. Jo ? A Bielniid, R W C-dliiig, Jno Cuoiback, Win C?>n r, Wm U ? 'itHe*, Win 0 reon, W K Corel*, Tiioa rant, Ca(>t T J C?H.k. atuuri Fnrgereon, An<l Glh?-.D. J V Glover, W B Grever, Wm Garbutt, W U Gardn ??, Tl:*>t D Grter. Smmel Gro?*. Peta-r Go<'dliue. L i Gibaon, Jacob Gray, J W GUrl, Cliae Glue . J K Glaaktn. Jno Goalio , J a* Godfrey, J E 1 Mr'iw, Jno A Gibecn, UHfi Gay. G Griniml', Geo R Gibaon, bluiund G t frb Ml, Eru't Garst, U IV Geieler. C??? G:lmor?, A B 2 Gwyuu. B J Giitdi. A Anrelo M rrl*. B- Acting Master Harvey, W C I Hooper W A B Hey , Win Hb3ui.<tt. W D Haillay, W E H*r*-ey, Wm Harvey. T M Hou|li, W 3 H'.nman, LuJwig Hollan J D H J B Htifernan, Jno H re, J B Itarraud, J L Hobday, Juo M'-IC?rnon, K Miliar. Wm 0 McHenry, Jno M<-Donald. D McLaughlin, Juo M rrie. 9 1.1 >?wtoti, W H Newman. Geo S S rria, Lt Cba* K Olm'tead, D H <1 Berne, D A 3 Overman. R <i;.l.:u, Ja<-ob O'Dwire, Jno Fowy, W in V *rer;. Timothy S Parana. 8 H Plie pa, Setb Peter*, Juo Pet iy, Jr aephu* Porter. Jno Foar??r, J T Purd, Jno Page, H I, Poor, H V Packer. Ely fc Pari by. K A I*ep|ier, Dw'.ght i l'iilliip*. Claviu* Priut-e, B Pen,A G Pier*' n, A T Prrm.e. Abn*r BouiKden. J C Ho: k. Z O Ku?*worni Tl!l Km. y. P K 2 H"',eiln?", Jna H lti bard on. Miyj J B IIMwkMI J 1 Key nold ?, J C R ??e!, Dr Geo B 2 Kaja. G B Ko^r-, K G 2 Hurley, Gr enb*rry K '?iiardeo't, E A Hunter, G Harrtaoa, k llettmaii M JDB Hea.'i, DmiUa Uafeinan. D Hubtier, Clsa* Hartley Clia* Have, C Ales Harris. B M Mo<hI. Ab itr T Hot!mei?t<>r,ADj H de A D Hofer. A V Hat OU, A H til, Auguitu* J-me*. T X John* n. *Vm Je-*np, T oa W I ge, 8 W l Jo u*o*?, K C Job *on. R'c?i W Jan iu. L uia JuaiHsou, J K t IVi Joliiiaton, J J Jur -reon, J laiad I .ice soil, J K t iuiii iik- 1 Maude J t*U*OU, H I! Ci'ap e?. A1 r Joue*, Griffilh (V - ia^llftto, I.uis J one*. G W C.;r -man, J mea JacKsou, Oh a* C.ckr.aiie, JDlUu Jolma n. Col B P (*tiap|a*l, Juo C> a| iuan, J B t'. l t<-', J 2 G Her. Jno Cirro-?i>ay, Jerry Cra is, J 1 C ui ?r. Jereio'.ab I' rnt-y. J no C '^Uey, J a* Clark, J W C..U1 Ton Jn7 C 0 i'.e, Dr I eaac <" '?ilat d, J Cameron, Jno i,oun .r, Juo G Currau, Jamai 1 I, Heuiy ClarH, H K Cos, Geo F Croaa, Dr G W K1 rsleua, K A U Kiu^, T li 6 Kol. lataDni, 8 2 Keys, Riley Kuos. Jauie KilK'Ut' e, J Kelly. J** Ko? ke, JBU Klanberg, A Lawrence, >*mi i Lyons, MilU'I Ll[man, M H l.yotia, M Laack^rey. J Ltrcoiuko, Jnn Llu lei luait, Dr H B Tliouia*, Gen Kuiiniou. David Rioreau. B K kual. Alla n 2 Uailal o, Don Manti a?o Mfcck?tt, W H 8 ntp*ou. W P Sli r?y, Wm Small. Vi.-tor M Kb. eru? er, T C Smi'h, S P Miuith. 8 M noruiber **iie, R A Me:** L Minith, Jamea M *lewart, Jo" J Sba rar>f. Jo* If i>'innrviile, Jno Sleter, Jacob Suyder, Miclta-1 Mtiyder. Jno Sha*id, Juo T Mtew?rt. Jamea >hi glirue, Juo Hte*art, J H Stewart. J T Ml.ttil, Iaraai Nri\ Jno Sieva-;nt H L S|~*akinan, Hayee Stelare. F M Menial. ederick St -k', Edward Sa-Cmour, E I! vj ino'ir, C S M<ev ard. Cue* Moll, C C Stanton, B smith, J A Tliuntpeoo, W H laudii, T W Taliaferm, >' C Trabue, Mr Tlioiua*, I e\ i Todd, Lemuel TiH^tliaker, J H 8 Laiey, E P Larkiu. Dau'l Lee, C H Ly mitt, J W Ca'leu er. Ca|>t FD Mitchell K P Culicit. E D Marshall. 8 B CallaKhali, D 2 Morrti, B H Ca?upba*ll, D II A Co Moore, R D Carter. CI la* Cu ter, Ucn.aid ' om, I u, B C D?b?rty, Wm Doin rty. Tlioa Davi*, Air Da' iel, Jamri Doialu, Juo liabba, James Dickeraou, Lieut John H Diauey J a- R D*li(aU, D Di< k(U'U<i, D 8 Dalvo ', C tit 11 ? I raey, B J Dillon, David Kdmoiaton. 1 ho* Elliott, Stephen 2 kill*. S G Eld t idgp. Jaoji-4 Everett, J S A Bro Manila, Rotierl Martlu, Kev J Moore, O K M?gru !er, A B Mul aue, Mlcbaul Mowbray, M W Magaiie. J L Malio ty.Joliu Mcor^, J t,t Millet. J W A Mock'-'bee, J C Mart, J H 2 M-iill, J B Ma -omb. I'apt J K S'yer. Laac C M .ytier, Jama* Ma dos. Jamea Mere,! tb. J no Mo gall, Jacob F Mil *. J Miller, Jo* Mankin, J S tuiut .rlaanii, Eru't Uaher, Jaoie* Ely, O P Foroutan, Wesley Forreat W T Kowler, Tlio* Flvuti, Stniou Fo Icr, h II Fletcher, M L Fay, J bo N Fellows, J B Fraster. J. o A Fvuw tck, Juo H Foster, II D Fieaman, Henrh k Fuhui-stock, H C FrMtey, Ge ? W Fellow*. Geo W l it- ii, G N Fatrbanka, Ceo It Fil/.|t-ra.d, E ui'd Flaher, Frederick Fuller, CViaa U Farijuiia., A M On arc: i lo M clIaL, Lt J .MatU*oi!, H C Martin, H-ury Morgan, Feils J T. ugliJ, Jco Tliomaa.J Ad iia .Nl Totteu, J a nit - Tucker, Jno U Taylor, Jamea 2 Tamer, Henry Torrence, G W Tllp, Froderick Tom>ot*l, C Tompkma, Col D D Tlioiiipt-ou, Beu* Tuck. A mo* Tli aatson. Jo* Warat, W T 3 Wa.le, W Weir. W T W.vxlhou*?\ W W WiiHe, Dr W J 8 W'llaou, Mr Well*, W H Wick*. Wm H Wee ma, Dr s H W hit', Tboe H 2 Whiting, S S Woldou, P D Well*, S U Wlillelev, Mr White, M M Whttcomb, J M Wl-eaer. Joel Wolfe, J no William*, Col Iaaac W,H>.lrutl, J W Walker, J I. M al*'-n. H Moore, Marsh, A Co White, ?i M Mo.elauii, EuorU Walke, Dr F -k Moore, C E Merchant, MM a Clarke Mi ler, Chaa A Mo-rell, II D M nldowcr A W Mollan, Arthur Meger, Juo Mcariuoit, a, Cba* McKban, G Mc oud, Jno McClelland, J C . McCormirk, Juo' MctiriuU, Juo W beelawk, F F W illiauaron. E M 3 Wai iter, Kbenese: Wllliauia, E * Woodward, C Wood bury, Cba* Willing, Cba* Webe-, A Weaver, A B W bile. Col A Yoiiur, H N Young, W J Young, W B Zoeller, J C &-l?ler, Christian J A MPS 0. BSBRKT, P. M. ? ^ Ui a'jca Urn L1IU to tbe oaof, with ?"m I ti* w*9 Mr i^-uwlw Vntled Statci Patent Office, ) WABHiMiTcjr, Msr. h a, 16(5. | ON the petition of Ja?e< Hint, c! M ttie *eo h??er V, tl, prajing for th?? extension ol ? paUnt granted to b.ui on t'?*e 10th of July, 1SI', ft'! liaiT/TeiMtt in ' K?y Wrenches," for eer?r y arsfrcm the expfrmtion ff tkid patent, whiel Ukes vIrcc on the 10th d<v of Jn y, 18ii: It h ot-Jbic !, that thd e?id petition bo heard a' thi PuUut o&ico en Monduj, 'be ^5th oay of Jnnr De<t. at 12 o'clock, tn^ and all [???rsone ere notifl? to appea and show cause, if any they have, whj ought not to be tcranu*!. Persons opposing the e-xtension are required to AW in tbe Patent Otflce their fbjcctioot, specially arl forth in writing, at !eert twentv ilaye before the da] of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to h ase J at ibe *aid hearing utun be taken and truu uii'te H'j Becorvl <ncf with the rules of this Office trticb will be furnished on applk-ktkm. Tic testimony In the cane ..ill N- closed on thi lftib Jure; depositions and other pap-ers relied u| r>ii as t^stnno'iy uu>t ^ filed in th? office on or be fore tl.- mnrnin* of th >t day; the arguments, i not' ?*if! I t U > davs th??vartfr. <>r>ierua. aIw, that this u tice be pntliabed in tt>a Union, luU-llifeucer and Krertiug Star. Uashinctot l>. C-, IV-ns?.v, Iah, Hbiln-ie'phia. Pa, \u-rican. N??w Ye-k: ~nd ?ha? Hivt. i o t n. Ma n. uir-e- week for tnre*r ?acci*eeiTe w???i ? proticu* tc th4 -ttcu of J ano next.the dar of hearing:. (.'UARLK0 MASOX, 0oniaik9incer of Patents, t* -I'jiittreef tbe above vapera ai!l pUase tOyj Amusement*. I* AT JON A J* THE AIRE A U A K n. samTono, TI1E CLOWN. R??nectf.J>> acii-mi*** ?? *Bi?e?a ?f Waafeinf U>'> :b it 1< ? WW take nUc* on .. . 8ATCRDAT WA*CU lOtb, When. In ?<l Mtion to a UOST OF VOLCNTEKRS, Me will ?M?f FIVE S E w (' i) m I c sosqi And * STUMP SPEECH. Tb<! wonderful feat of (1st tuiic) LE PEiCHIi DE LA GLOBE. By Mont- L R * U E and THOMAS KIRS IftJft F?fH T iF miLLIOS t LOOK Ol*T!! m*r> 8t A CARD. THE liu?iric?? relations ??<! n( Mwe'tt Hl'Sf'f &. DONALDSOX, r? iitrti^tvcbm dii?alved by in'inul om-n.!. Tfie former w ill i on!itue the practice nf I>enti* try in ail it brain lift at he *ain? {dace. Tl?<* latter ha* opened hi* office at the cornet if Srv?nth and I) over ihr Pain tic Hun*, and h i |K vlded himself with evi ry facility tor "jurat ing iu any depaiuaenl cf the Cental p?of?-??on. R. KIN LEV IIITNT. R. n IH>VAH>?ON. Hav !if been imtciM for mor? tban ftf yeara pi i h itb R- B Uonsi'1?Ni, hnili p.?fi ?*WDtll? aim *? ? i .Jly, I lake pleasure in b?arii g lenuatony to has iitigrity a? a gentleman a* d hi* fk II a* a dentist, a-iil f i???? ?fully recommend him ai one de* mag (ii< c?? fiJmcf of the pub Ic. r. piM.nv iirvr. n<ar 9 ? 3 * {Orcait L Intel. 3iJ IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING CP H i?i-ckt cpin? ? Per???ii? removing from tbf city s.nd ?* l?biti?t<?rfi-p fcnffheji Furi.itnre spn Hmt?e fC'-p'ng I*tei'<il* withoa' the tr nb!e of sending !h?-i! to A union, ran do m by caling uj?o?? a* ?? : nr s.ore, No. 3 11 P ' avci.ue, ??* w? utr prepared in hv $11 fU< h goo.!-1 a-- inav he offered. R. H. JEWBLLE It CO, |.t5f g Xo. 311 Pa. avenue. ST OA fl ASP TICA. 2> hail* cheat* Imperial,, Yraog lly ?on. arid ?*<bmg Tea vcr* superior ?.*? bar* Java i 'offee l.o-o noamisCODFIr* I'M ? ilit.i* FIGS ?2 i kox?? LEMONS ai d ORAXQES ?? bbl? rnn I'd GXP. r. hHdf X O do 211 sng .r rnre' HAMS I i bill * LARD J- ft ?? civnl anJ foi ra!? to. r trU 3t WfLLIAM ORMF. FANCY MILLINERY. C* ?"?S* AMELIA r RIBK AM ?ndj|w^ fe -ure.! a FA NOV Ml!, ffc*** Xf j*f LINERV SI OREcn Pet na. ar. no. .Hxr' betirti n '!'"n'h and Eleventh *t er;p, f. ivh fide, No 2T7. ?.?d would re jort'nlly aH i .? Iiu?:i f.f the I idie* ?.f VVaduafHH and riri i'it. ; i th^ir |r ?r?.>n?'* rod vr>ri? d ri?-?flaw n? ot' im |.-?>. ?? d n:id urn ufieturrd Mill/ry. 'ato*t ?>!??: X?-w V?i i J'.tri?, .v?d l.ord> n fuhinw < f Stra#^, Sdli, C"r. e 1 ace. Velvet and other Born.-1*. t l*o.drca? ?!> ? rb?T Cap*. AM ? t 4er? in the "hihinfry line thankfii|H reee'vnd an i iAirhfu!ly nttenden to. roar 9 - 1 w* I...T?Ontbe .'1J1 F-bru?ry, a silver P'lRTE j MONNAIE. ? ems.ii hit >14 ?t ifc'.S, on let?tr< et between fa avpnu* and C ^lrref. The tin.ier wJl b- I U-*-ally n wa d'-i by leavutg it at tbi? othee%?r 03 IndiwaMrnir. mar o?3t* 1 iifW TV LAN!) I'VUERTHE LATE Af.T J> OF C?>Vlii ESS _TI?e urder.aned ?i.| take rlmr?-* < fai;y a[ {dil ution* t'? r P? ui.ty L nd under th? 'ate aetot <"??i'cr#*=. and al! ni'ivrfit ' ^nlplen^e c??!' 'po i him aec-?rd nply. a* he mil w ?fe s.dvan ce?. asid cive the higher* price tor the wnrranu. GE(?. '< MASSEV. Ay nt an J Broker, ?.o. 128 rhtrteecUi ^t. tr ir e?X* PIANOS Ff R RttJT. rf WO fup?Ttiw7 o?rt. v B"?idoir PIANOFORT S I 'or rent 'ir ^aic App'y at IliLBFS k. HITZ'S y< ???????? Ilepot, whete they nsay be seen. l.?*r tl IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. I) \Y KolUut" Militia entitled to Ltnd H' tinty un 'he ao' cf Omtrrin Sejaember 9b, lSTitf, c??i lied lr"-ii ii lic us ti.e Auditor'* ? ffict at Kica Uf H M-j-t' r Rolis ol Uie Virginia Militia in ibe War ol l* !?? ;ne a ati^plenieot to the pay rf'U. \ i^w cop.e* f.>r ?a!e at R FARXHAMS, C?Kner Pa. avmut and llth ?t-?. A at FRENCH'S, Alexandria, \a. in r 8 O" F -TART'S SK\ LIGHT I> AG C E R P E A N n ^??ow, over GahV J- welry Store, Pa*>?v i;?ie, i- wliere th?- rn!?!:c ran have ?plrnnid picture* taken at ii? ?re reaaonaLle pru e- than a: any other ro'im to tl r . irr. CtII early. SjiMraction alwajngiven. i:i if 7?lm H?ri CORI?S OF PINE AXD OAK I?KLIV M ' ere?1 in s:iy p?st of the ciijr. Pine $4 7S? *>al. ^ T5. ' ^d- r? lelt wi b Mr. MK'HEHXEY, Feed Store, Seveisth atrert, oppi.^ite Mr. Summers*, Saddler. in ti 5?6t BOUNTY L.*ND?ADDITIONAL. \I.L my oM fiien<1s for ?li ml obtainid lb ut t JT l.and, i.i lena quantity t'nau M?0 acrcr, are htre fcy ;n!trmed that w* ir nam** an-l a re?-oi?J ?>f tbe eVi *?'i re, with the dates o' their ? e tfftratee, are t:i my I ook. fo tliat I can. with facility, make out their <1 elaimiona 5 >r a?tdi:t?.ital laud. T.m -e ?hn faib d to < ! tam any land for want of atrtftciett tmitt, imiiy of whom are now entitled to ;69 find tbe titn?* rem.del by me. <itb?r? will find it to tb*tr Interest to eall or ? rite, and ! will *tii!l fonnc and iti!'trurtj<in!i for n aeoliable tr.d fair e? inpenaatnui. JOHN I). CI.AKK, ?Mr 6? I in Afrnt. Washincton. P?C FIllLADRLPBIA LAG^R BF.IR DEPOT, 381 Pj. airn?<. M?n>* 4>j i.?<' 6th ftrcrt. W^1 E have at all um?*? the b?*m f'bilaiiel|>bia L? V* fT Beef on I and, and i fler it uow for ^ale foi .-(.'I per keg, and in quart l?ottie* for % 1 50 per d< Z'-n. We vend the Beer Iree ol eo??* to all part* of the dtjr. fw* Many phyKieians hare r? commended fltt? R- er as one of the lient reia< die* for weak Moinncli!-. i.ta?5?lui? F. C. k \V. GKREt'KF. COME LEARN YOCR FATE. MR* UiLOltOK.Iai< of England. hiIi"# to inform the ladle* amf geutl<*?iien of Wakhilic toii find Georjp*towu tliat ehe cau lie iwn and crn rultt^l on the pa^t, pn^ent and futu*e eveau, at II e l?li- fsidniee. No 84 F street, letween 2let end Mrwti, Firrt W*rd, op|(o?ite the t)bm.rvatorj-. I!"r naaie i. on tile door. Hour* fr in a a m to 6 o'clock |> u?. '.adieu 35?'iucn 5?> ceptu f?.b 4P ?liu* \!.L KTKANOrRti vi-a ing the City Should -<*? llunt? rV ftt a'-o. His lieacripcioti uf Powell'* pr? at Picture atojiie of 'he curiontien of the Patetit ..ffl?e. frhSt? rbn* EXCELSIOR IS OCR MOTTO. \tT E have J is-t received a fre~h lot of PRITMES, M HGS. OKANGKS, ^;:M??NS, ke. Also., case of 8ARHIXES, |>u: up i<i ?U|? ri< i itjie, fiive u-? a C.-.II and jii.I?? f.i- ymiMm Don't forget the X<? .409 Seventh >tieet, ojif^i. 0?,| Fellow*' Ha I. X H. Ball-, I'armji, and Fatuilii ' ?up|lied on the iu> m n iHonnulv and tatndactott mrd<.ii the almrt' e-t no(!"e. UVPEK k PLANT, mar I?lm A NOVELTY IN P1ANCS. IV addiuon to the eiorbent ^to^?k in N?c,thr Mitaeriber in in receipt ofneven more PIAXC?S, making the mo^t exceilent and cmiiplete arc i<ment soutti 14*Xew Yrrk. Amour thaee ju-t mulKd a PARLOR GRANIi PIANO, rn inetiuuient of en* tir ly new Mvle, to the invention (I which tbe late Jon.u Chickeru g, E?q , devoted year* of hi.* con KHmuiate getnu? and i xnetienee. It ia n< w p? rd-< t ed by hi* ?cn#, who inicrit their faiher'a talent*, and have tx en carefully trained to hi>< art. Th t n - ETrument supplies the great d' -ideraturo of a ptano, elrgaiitin forui, occupjitgonly tbe ppacrnf a *qu.i e pinno, jet pi>s*e?sing ?be ac-ion uid all the qua m?> of tone of a granil piano It ban met the higher* pr Im ion <>f Prole*M?ri? Tidiiiik. Scharfi nburg, ll? rt - man, and many of ihe best )tid?e< in thi^>. It in iler tiiied to be the nio-t (topular in-lriiiii* ut ev er rffe ed to the American public ; already the de mand tar exc>te a the ability of the u.anfa' tcter? to ?upply. Also, magnified t Louia XIV central ami *quarc Piatiiw, by Chickean^ fe 8 ?ns During the thirn three years' exist*-aee rf their factory, now the lar ge?.t in the world, their tnatniuient* rev r had *? wide a r putation, u >r were *> eagerly aought a* at the preeitit time. An exceilmt aaaorroe-t r/6^,6V^, f\ and " ae tata Pui!.n* of giiod touch, tiat and Hiiin, by atlier apn'owd manufar turei> of Bo* n ???d X? w York. Tiie *ul??cr b'-r consratelati> rmeba era on *o ??? vinable an opportu itv of persona ly fflaeiing ? p? ami trout ?iich a *upert? turk. A toe har ? wrrlmm are m.-i<1? exclusively S>r ia?h. b em. aa<t will m tl u ari"? ard ??( artic ?*? an h ? lire as |.iw ,i? ibee far. >- > ? ???'! In the United 3tnt"-". el h?>r k?r t.irb or approve t par" F-v-o .d-Lund pia.i<? taken in part payni'M. .?? iffH..# arronri'fit oi G'ntrt?, Fiute?. VkIi?'. N:.vv "I . t cnn tahliy 1 *?iw* RlCH\kI? HAS IS, feftf f No. 9tf| Fa. tv*;

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