Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1855 Page 3
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i kv :n ing star. L<H AL ISTF. LLIOENCE. Ohap-i.e* W. Cahriqa*. Esq.?We give to cur readen tho following la'tor from C. W. Carrigan, Esq., wni.h app?ar:d in the Or^an of yeiterday: \^ASBi90TC2f Cirr, March 8, I%c5. Editor c f the Ai**ricun Organ . Sir : A< vcu have published to the world, in tbe leading column of your paper of >bii data. tha< I am an -'Irl>h Catholic/' and as such was "imported to ar u-othe Datob. Irian, and Catholice of Alexandria to action,t hope tou will insert in an equally conspicuous place, this, irj dmia'. of the line. I a;n toi "Ir??h," but American, in birth and feeling My mndfstfcer and father cab bo "St 'he ?ame lir b ;i^ht. 1 am not an "'Irub Catholic " I was bred in tbe Methodist faith, b.iptited in the Metho dist Cbn'Oh, educatel in a Methodist institu tion, and have the honor t > bear the name of oleof the founders of Methodism, who coffered much in behalt of religous toleration ! I am an Amrriea- Protestant who hates profr? iption, and is willing *o allow all men constitutional rigbts, tbo chiefeu of which, is tbe right to worship God according to the die* tates of eon^cien'e g 1 have the honor to be, As., V Charles Weslbt C/briqam. th8 Weather has not been tbe subject of it!jch notice of late in the papers but now has called attention to itself by its boisterdu? and ??en rude conduct of yesterday. Men were stepped by the wind on the street, and all torts of antics played with their bats, and the lsdies were ill treated to such an extent that f they had to seek shelter. As if to oonceal its conduct, the wind kicked up such a great cloud ot'du t that it pulled the wool (bats) completely over the eyes of the dear people. But it i* an ill wind that blows no one any good. This wind has done more good than did tbe famous Gennin. with his army of brooms. in Broadway?the ".venue is as clean aj a parlor fl'or this morning. Tbe Jail Asn its Occupants.? It is rather mournful f >r one who ha. anything of pride left to visit tbe Jail of this county and look upon the priser.ers All colors, ages. site*, and rexe3, are eorfinrd in tint awful place, either wai'ing punishment or being punished for tbe crimes they h ive committed. No com plaint can be made of their keeper, for every effort is made to keep the prisoners in com fortable and bealthy conditions We noticed seme aged men. and soma small children; some well-raise-i men, who committed for trial at this court; seme for important ca?e?, others for very small eiimsi. W e believe full justice wiil be done them, and that appears to be all their cry. ?'Sam's"' Asorr?This evening, that ride* elowr, Sam Long, is to receive a ben ?a*. lie advertises in a card in another col* umn to deliver a stump speech; if it be like that ot the other evening. when he was adto * eating his clsi'nr for the Preaideaoy, in whi;b he promised to uboli.n whipping in tho army atd to introduce it into Congress, we think it must ;oui:5l?ing grand. Then he i? going to i:-. v live ?jooiio s'ngs He is to be sui taiuti by the V h <le troupe. among which the grea* f<?- t of tne day. tho Perche de la Globe, wiil apfcar for the first time in Washington A number ox volanteer songs, Ac., from gen ^lein^n of 'ha city will be sung, and Bob Han dy will giro a saaj-) fcb. Kaw Mksius Chitbcb.?The Wesley Chapel congregation e.-tal>lieued a di saion on Capitol Bill ;ou!9 time *go w}>ich has qqw acquired such strtrg h tba- with the ?td of the parent congregati. n they have been enabled to erect a hacdsime chuich. Kct Merari I!r >wn and Dsshie'.s ? fficia'.sl alternately during the year jast finiih?d. wi'h great snocc-s. We s?opose that the m.s^on will become a church and that the coherence n>?* in sesrin in Balti mcre wi!! jlace a ps^tor in charge. Aoaitst the Opkicer-" ?The ca -e? of tho fcrys *ho were taken fr?>iu the Nat'"an a'. Thea tre. t r ranting tbe pavement, has ca jstd an ittempt by a yon^g m.. a whoconsiders him self ir.jurei to pro*e.:u-e an tffi-er for false trrr-t He wat to just;.?? Clark to obtain a wsrr .nt; fcut the Mijjistr ito being unwilling to issne uo-le: tbo cir^uui2tances tho y. un^ mac bas determined to lay his wron? belore the grand jury. Ju>tiee Clark whs right in the course n? pursued, becauaa it not os.y saTei h m<elf tiom l.ame, but is a saving of expenae to tbe Govertmeat. Refair op Brioges?The Civil and Dipla. mat;j Approp'ialion >?.II ccu i:ns an appro priation of $10.COO, for the repair of thePo'o mac, Navy Yard, and upper bridge, nn.i to refund to the Comm?fsioEeT of Public Boi!d ing? $?? COW, advanced to h?m by the Corpora tion of Washington, in li;53, and expended by him on the Pctomac bridge, to repair tho damage by tre Oni? Fellows" Fcserat. ?The Columbia Lodge, I 0.0 F . having loet another one *.f its members. Mr D> na!d Stewart, have rutle arrangements, we learn, to attend hi* funeral to morrow attern*jon. bt 2 o'clock, from hi* late reeidcc.~e. eoroer of Eleventh and U sts , the proce??!on to be preceded by a band of mu*ic, to ilc!mead's burial ground, where the body is to be interred. Cbiuinal Coi irr ?Yesterday, after we lef', the Court sentenced negrvs Thomas Pratt, Peter Doaglas* and VVm iJibbs; the first two to one year each in jail, ar.d tbe third to nine months in jail. Tho court then adjourned until Monday. Low Water.?As u-ual after a heavy north west zale. the water in tbe canal bas disap peared and left tbe mul. s?nd. acd drainsge of the gas w^rks expc*cd to Tiew. Of eonr-e the boa's in the river wilt have to remain where they are until another opportunity ar rives, if tbe owners *>uh t> bring them to the canal whaives. Dismissed?David Warner, colored, who was charged with obtaining goods under fnlse presences, was arrested by .>t?cer Stewart nnd taken before Justice Clark yesterday. Af'er an examination of the faets, the Justice d.s missed the ease, there b'-ir.g no evidence to sustain the charge i Tbat Briuoe ?V.'e have not yet noticed the falling in of tbe irou bridge over tbe canal at Tenth street, though we have before called the attenti'ia of the authorities to its co^di tion Some folks tbink it pertectiy sate, and it may be, but we think the strengthening uf the itone step.; lending to it will add to its safety, anl secure the Corporation from a suit for damages Soiree Dab^ajte ?Ore of thcxe popular entertainments ot Mons is announced to take place on Monday night at Carusi s Saloon As there can be nothing more innocent in the line of amusemen's. than the?e Soiree.', we suppose the announce me r.t of one will bring a number of young pursues. * Pickpockets ?We nitked lv-t night tbe arrival in thi* city of a number of '-laacy" boys, who are vtel* known to the police of other cities. They .ore here t? doubt to practice Bpon thop- . an fiav ? uione/ to be stolen. It woulrt be weh k r the officers to be on I ho loctoat. ? Military Pak ade ?The new rifle company, Capt. >hekell, make their first para-le on Moo day mo'nio? The? ari?mble at the Ci'y Ha.l at y o clock, and will bs accomnanied by tbe National Greys as un escjrt. Tbe Mareeth ?Plenty for sale; customers numerous; stock in eze*Hent order; prices as heretofore, and money scarce. Watch Hetlb.ns ?All that appears on the docket is tbe naiue^ of eight lodgers, who were driven in by the wiad last nigut. 0BO&9XTOWR COBECSfONDUBCf Ctty Council*?Market?, (Vf. GBORAiSTOWB, Mirch 10.186S. Ilo Board cf Common met lajt cignt at the usual ncur Iu" Presiieut iu the cfca?r All ihe memtcrs preset except Mr. i?itlc2/ep Mr Picki"e?L the PfesiJeat, at noaflic J th? U%ial sUbJ.og (Hinaiittee. (mral ronttuQwaUvi^ froui (be Major ware r*ad, oaUing the attantioi of th? coon cils to the importance of passing an aot pro ?iding fo- rt?t?ment* of the oondition ?f the fineness of the oorpora ion on the fl'st of eaoh and every January; of thi imperfeot cbaractar of thre? important eorpiration ordi Tiaroe#. the dangeroua CMidition of the lar?r? ircb which | mw under Ray's milla, and one covering tbi late act of Corgr*t? providing for the codifi jation of the l?w? of the District of Columbia* The sag etiors contained in these me"safM wero, m motion of Mr. OfWorn, referred. Mr. Brines presented a memorial for a pump on Wophington itreet; referred. ' Mr. Cameron presented a memorial for a street ?o be cut through from High to Con rress streets, parallel with Road street; referred. .Mr. Osborn nnyed that the estimited re ceipts and expenditures of the poor houee be taken from the files and referred; agreed to. The Board then adjourned. No quorum in the Board of Alderman. Yesterday afternoon and last night we had a tremendous gale of wind from northwest. This morning tne weather ia again freezing oold. Flour market firm and tending upward. Sales at $8.75 a $9?demand confined chiefly to home trade Wheat?supply limited ; sales of white at $2 a $2 05; i-d $1 95 a $1. Spectator ALEXANDRIA COHRESFORD3HCX. Weather?TU'airiczli?lectures?Past ami Prospective Utmocrary?Salt?Councils? Stump Speiiing. fyr.. Alexandria. March 10,1855. The weather is olear and cold, with high winds from the northwest, whioh yesterday etripped the tin roof from Carson's restaurant on Cameron street, and to-day has diminished the waters in the Potemac to muoh u to retard navigation. The theatre at Washington Hall was well filled on Thursaay night to witness the drama of the Drunkard ai d the farce of the Loan of a Lover At the close Mr. Tyrrell came in front of the curtain, and in a neat speech informed tbe audier ce that Manager* Keenan and Weaver had hf; in debt, leaving the sal aries unpaid, and appealed to the audietioe to give them a full houee at tho next perform ancs. During the week ws have had leciurcs from Dr Domett, of Ricbmord; Rav T. O'Toole, of Washing'on; and Dr. Nota.of Georgetown. Wo have the promise of a lecture from Hev J P. Donelan on Sunday evening at St. Mary's church, and Rev. Dr. Lord, on Moniaj night, at Lyoeum Hall. ,it^ xhe Democracy seem by no means'Tttfour aged by the recent success of the Ktow Nothings in this city We learn that uum her*. dissatisfied wi'h the recent nomination*, have withdraTB from tbe Know Nothing lodge; ard it is certain tho Democrats will i>ol>. a largely increased vote for Wise The Democratic Assoc?r.tion is rapidly augmenting its oumbe.a, ai;d already nearly three kur. drtd have enrolled themselves for theoontest. <>ur newlv elected City Council met this morning and organ;z?d To-ni*ht " Hun. William Smith meets the peop'.e her* on ttc hustings. Ami. T~7?A ?:vKI> IO TriK Ladiks.-oood news fok THr ' SICK. or o* posro-s fioi r>KN monthly i*tt.xji, IV be-?t and ui"?t Infulliklr retin-dr ever difrotcKd for re 1 rrtag and < tiring *11 pa'.uful, ili-irfma;, aud difficult mm struatiou, suit removing all periodical ? bitrnction*. acd ir ?llttMi,t frcm w ha: MM. Tbeae Pills ate a rouakU TRtl'MPH IN MEMCAL SCIENCK Tliey ?re prej ared by a prvceea wlil'h cutv-?ntrate? the i*iKr"?li*nt? In o .? ?m*!l l>ulk, renderingIt unr.K*" iry for deticete ffiuaWa k> take l?rg? ilwm of uatiaeona drtipr*. |?r UT|miin>'i Pill, are the r??n t of : er TIIIKTY VE.* KS' EXPKKtENOh to l'ie tre?*n.?nt of tb* uieea*?f of female*.? T.jev bev.- Leen adve.tlae-t for a little over one year, jtt RKVKKAL. THOl'SANH KOXt-t I' ?T?" alre'1* *.eeu ?uli, and tl?e tK-uta'id for lUetu t>|Mdljr lii nt-aatM w ivreear 'he? bee. tuc known. They bave l-~en t' ?rra{lily tried In Yi'aahlinctoo, and found to act like a ! c!nrm. ; -fl'-lu l?y til Draggle', ia Watliiugwa, lle rgetown and .11* ? exandria, V.v. tiiar i?eoim* ' ^r.A^v m * dr ru?TMis:? rou oentlkvbn and I Youth*' *eer Mi*'.ufic*uri>.t wtih taaiea'id ilafancvby j N'iAn W A t.KKV. * CO.. ud-r t.rowna Hotel. Tbei'?t?efc : nabrac" ?l:e Pallt l or surt>><:t, Q?imrka, : ???it u? la**?; T^its 4?. biark ?<td bine Co th Dre?? < at", J J o-'fc C'?nt* i ! i!l fvtilona le ro!or-?, C??.?1ni?r. Punim-'a S itlea, dch VelTet Hllf ?, 4'.. Ma<-lc ,V^kIn Caaeiaier, floured Oa?*, and plafa tWitDKr Panlaloou*. For t!i jail.?Jack*'.*, Pa ita, Ve-t^, Overro?*?. tc. A* ? are njanufa' I'lier* tb?y ire eDabl??d aid n llt a?U at thm-/!1 r^.t pri< ta. Shirt* of ?aprrlr>r 5t,C<j!)?rs, Ol >\ea, Ttee, Ac., ?f l*t? aty'.ea aiwaya ni hand. -kac 10? PaKMirfti AT THE FA181?WUlTEHlRftrS ?"tl!l lu tl>? ai"-eu<!*Tire ?Tlte Jur.f* o| exrb of the lai? la.r? at tl.ltliuore, rttrhmoi.<l, and Xerr V<-;k awar^'d t leir htCbcat iTemloiiia ta J. H. W. f.>r thtlr KOf^rlority of Pbo t> ra|.ha, 8terei>?C"vea and U^(ucrm>t<|>?a mlilbllai Mr. W. al?o ter-lved two M>*<lai* at the World'* Kalr, Lon d ,u. and a {??-emlMui ?t Crystal New York. Alr.i, nrrt awirdi of tbe Ma-ylnn I Institute for thre* y?ari ; t. Wh!K>tir?f< l*aliery la Uiia ctty U on Pa. avenua, 4>s aud em *:r<iet?. fel> IT rry A FIlENOMlkNA IN KKOICINE ??"onchttl?, C?.nsh, Vy pe va Lleer ' ow idaluia, Scrofnla it. .?For all d'-'aee* of th ? F?ina'e Sy?ti-ni It "land* pre-eminent A G.^r*yman ja?t a a? It h?? cured u'rn *f Kror<'httls uf i d*noe aierb rartwr???arl!cai'a,? herealti*. Hampton S VEGETABLE TINCTIBE - By f? ?:id ac tion on the ?t 'Oiach, II-er aud kldneya, w ll cure Ut?pe|>. ?la, Coug'^. A*t*i?a, BroftCblal ?ud Lniut Aflartlonx i'tlwa in Pi.'k, -:de aud t; fa t. Conamuptuin 8>c ->luU, Knaq lu .tUBt. trout. Neara'Kla, F'.atula, Bowel CouiiiU'nta, Pilei, Worms, and Xoavoua Dvblltl.ea?with all dl*eaae? arlring from Impure hi od, and l? the f ea eat f?ix :i?r medii- ue ev. ?rkwwn. T ; ? lu'.iUhMe in-l c'ne H working wonder* i ; t'.r liuoiau f'anj?> i I verti-omeot to-day. iuar7 W/A|SmuMTOx re>-eiv?< all the new &<>oks and ?'<iw? re,.era ..a faat ** pabiloiied. He la a.;eat for Uarper's and all U>? otber Majaj'.r.ea, ?r.d'?;nr reader* will a! ?raj*e Bud a la-*- and ?ood ??rtn<?i i of Blauk book* an* KUtlouery a. bis Bock;'??re. (>d?.a BtlMIiif, cor Pa. arscne and 4 irt oiicn. * >n Uh: 10-1* metant, JUI.I A AN'N, infant daugh ter of ."Vtai^ar^t and Jobu O'Mrara. S?r H^r tuneial will take place to-niurrow Sun d IV) ?itrnio?iii, at 3 o'clock. * ? )n the iiiuruiiiK nt" the Vili innt3nt, at o o'?*l?ick, after a lo.izand pa nfui ilin?*.-<a, whtcli she tv>rr. wi'li ctiri-iia'i r?~ipiation, MA It V MIRANDA HURDLE, in the 3lst year of her age The liineral will leave the residence of her brojh?*r, on 8eooml street, between I* and O iitret-u, on Sunday, the I lib inst., at 1}^ ??'clock, tor Alex andria, fit whieh place the funeinl creBionie!* wii coDiiM*nec at 3 o'chKk, f>fin the M. E. Churclr. fm the 9th instant, DONALD STEH AMT. ard 45 yeara. rhe fnen<!s ot the fumiiy are requested to at tend hi" Itinera! froui hu late r?ida-n< at the cor ner of Eleventh end il atreeu, uu Sunday, at two o'clock p. ni. ]>ERKVrf AND UILLOTT'S STEEL PENS, var mis kind* and ciie?, houeht in person (rom it e makers and warranted (tennme. mar 6 FltANCfc TAYLOR. rf'u MEM HERS OF CONGRE?? fii OTHERS. I SILVER SPOONS, Ft?RKS, fcc.-M. W. G\LT ftt BR<>. invi e ~p< cial att?W>tion tn their Ho?-k of pure Silver Tahle, Dessert, ae>d Tea Spoon* en I Fork", Ladles, ISmter Knive#, ar^il aJl other ar ticle* of j ure Silver Ware, wlu^h i? larger and more varied titan ever ofT red to tbeir etiatimt r?*. M. W. GALT k. HRO., 3 44 Fa. av nue betw. 9th Mid 10th at*, feb 42-tf KiiW MUSIC. ' \ I r M are thiM day in receipt ot a t?/pe a."Meittiient yy of NEW Ml' Sit' from the prli?ei|ial pubh-h iii? hou??> in tiie coiuitrv, roiKiaiag of Songs, Dueeu, Tri ?*, March' ?,Ro>.'da?,Gallfi|f, duailrilleii, Fol^as, Mazotirkaf, Scbotfieches, G?Mn? from the Opern^, &c. AI*o, Mu-ic Books, Portfoliot:, .Viiifr- Paper, In firiiction Rooks, Music foi Brand", arranged in cfr-ap ?tyle; Rom, Pega Komii. and every article P- riaiyine to tbe inu-ic trade always tan hand at the Pisao and Mu-ic Ext iblishinent of JOHN F. ELLIS, mar 3 300 Pa. :.vrntfe. near Tenth Pt. QUGAR ROLASSKS, TEA k?. So hbdi> New Oil fans Susar *i5 barrt-U I'larifi^d do GO barrel* New Oib ana Moluwf 100 13 !b chert.* ltiack Tea, ia J% lb paper* .VHI tbs New Hop" 5,o0i) do Siioulder Bacon 3,000 do J"b's Q,liOti ?lo Breast Pieces 33t) superior Hums li kegs Wiftiern Ruiler 5 barrels Apple Brtndy 5 do Peach do Just received a:iJ for spI* bv MI'RRAY 4. FEMME?. mar fc?eo3t . (Nefft) T*l ATS, HATH, HATS!?We t-ave ?u?! JtJL received a large and fashionable assortment < f g? nt's travelling Hats aad I ape, which we offer for sale, til extremely low price*, at ill* Temple o^, Ffcliiou. BtFTT & HOPKINS'S. Corne' llrti st and Pa. avenue, Between Biotw ^' and Nauonal Hotels. mar 1 .enSw 0R0AlfS FOR, SALE. i SUPERI'Ik toned CHAPEL ORGAN'; and a JV. rtne ltotewool PABLOH ORGAN, tn.til nr.w on exhiritior it tbe >1. trop^iitan Mechank**' Fair. Thrv?r?- from tu?> :nrnufwiory of HENR V ERBr\ ot'Nctv Vi.rk F.?r??jr??. ie ? UJ?Iv lw Trrrf FCIIFFI., <>n I4'l| ?U?< t- nofiU of f. UK.NOV KKliE.N. I#t? ^9?enu i For bale and Rent. 170R RENT?A SMALL COTTAGE, CON / taming four rooms, situated on I twtw-en lath and lflui ?VeetJ. Esquire at the Family Gro 2 M. P. KING, tuar 10 . SI6S Vermont ivenue URNISHED HOUsE OR ROOMS FOR RENT i wo or three gentlemen ran eacii be accr m inodi'ed with parlora and bedr<wins communicating, turn-shed, and lighted with g??, or the entire house moy be obtained on the most moderate terms by the In <f Apr I. Apply at 510 Twelfth st eet 3d door Irom the ivirk\voo<l H<>um>. niar {?OR SALE?VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington, A ! vo-story Brirk House and Lot No. 970 R st w? Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 535, on T .ird ?t. l.ot *n Siith street, betwei n Louisiana avenue and C st. A'-o, a threr-story Brick House on High St., near Bnc street, Georgetown. Will b" sold low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 18?tf . IR'T CLASS DWELLING fOR RENT.-The _ fti-N'Tib-r offers for rei.t, on moderate terms to a j?" ?1 tenant, tlie fine brick Dwelling House on F street, f-econd iloor we-t from the corner of Ninth. It h ts hoths, gas fixtures, elianlHicrs and all mad ern improvements. Alan, for sale, a BRICKYARD, with horses, carts machinery, an everything necessary for carrying on the buhim ss. Clay duj sufficient for the coming wa:?n. Terms liberal. C.LYONS, mar* " 490 Tenth str et. FOR KENT?A PARLOR AND BEDROOMS. Each room is well furnished 1 nd desirable. T'-rms moderate. Inquire on the premises, No. 537 f'evt neenth street, between F and G. mar 9 - 2t* IfOR SALE AND RENT IN GEORGETOWN. The offices, with fire proof Vault attached, oc cupied for the IA>t twenty years by the Potomac Fire Insurance Company, will "be f r nnt oh the 1st day of April Tit ? Imu-e now occupied by Mr. Tlinmas Ci^-1, on Montgomery street, nearGiy, is for sale. Itcn tains 10 rooms, with pomp anu sundry out? b Hidings, on a. lot 40 by 140, and will be sold low. A ply to A. HYDE, mar 8?3t' 122 Washing ?n ?treei. FOR RENT?ON MODER ATE TERMS a small furnished House on E street, lietween 6rh and 7th streets. Apply to J C. G. KENNEDY, lOto sr. and Pa avenue. mar 7?if ROUSE FOR RENT A^D FIXTURES FOR t>ale, suitable lor a Confectioner and Cake Ba kery, or any other business 011 Pa avenue, between 19ih and 2 >th street. Apply on the premises, mar 6?5t* fjV)R RENT-A NEW BRICK IIOUSS on 13th street near M, containing eight rooms and a kite.ten Kent $15 p^e month. Inquire at 448 M street, between 13t!) and 14th st*., of 5?6t* L.RICHARDSON. 17URNISIIED HOUSE POR RENT?That com ni Mious House, No. 450 H i-treet; containing . li.-vr?n rooms, with hath room, gas tlx;urea, Sic., completely furnished in every particular, is for rent. App'y to N. M. MeGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th stre- t. fell 23- tf l,M>R RENT?FOUR NEW ANM CONVF.NI r cnt Brick Houses, brown masick fronts, eon t: iiiiiicr parlors with marble mantel-1,dining room, kitchen, servants room, and five chambers each, and Mtitatot on Thirteenth street, Island, near the p ih'i<* grounds, convenient to I'a. avmiue and the Departments Ront very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S tiflfcf, coiner of Sixth street aid Eouisiiina avenue, or at I). R. CLARKE'S Dm* | St ?re, Eleventh street. Island. mar 6?eotl TOOK REST THE DWELLING AND STORE 1' on llth -trer w st, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Firnham's Bookstore. Apply to (^ORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12:h and I) sts. [^OR RENT OR SALE ON KEASONABLE L TERMS? A twivso y frame Hon-**, with b?i"k building, containing six room", on 13^ street, between B and C street- south. Apply to C. A. DOITGHERTV, next door. A three-jtory Frame, with basement, on N. York av-:uif, itetween 4th aad 5th sts. west. A three-itory Frame, with bark building 011 I st. nonh. hetwi en 4th and f?T*i s-ts. west. Aoplv for the two l:i -t mentioned to JAMEi W BARKER, oik H street north, between I2:h and 13th sts. west. Also n twonory Frame, with l..V;k htliMir.*, on M'.migomerv 5tr?.ot, O or^owii. DICKSON & KING, fet? 7?eotf George ???vn. T^OR SALE-A FARAfc IN MONTGOMERY S county, Mi!. This land adioin* the properly which David Pmeh latch- l rus?it of the hei's ot W'u. tJaither, ad thf l..nds of Mrs. IliaU n.d Dr Duval. It is about four miles from tin: Seventh f. n ank rriiid, and betw en ton* ai d ten tnil? s from Wa^hiiujton. This land is tno-tlv covered with wood, the ?oil is very kind ari l hi^h suscf p'ibie of it::;>rovenient. It is well watered With teverai strrnr.ia of neTer-fatlini! water, and contains n Isrye amount of Intid capable of b^inj c-oivertotl i;ito meadows. '1 he tr.<ct contains one hundred and seventy-two acres. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very ueat Cottage, contain ing four rooms: ami four thousand new Chestnut IU:!s ready for fi nemg I will s; II the wuole tract [ or eighty acres ot it with the house. The terms of sale are ope fourth cash ; the bal ance iii one, two an-j three years, secured bv a deed ot tru.t. I.OUIS MACK ALL, Jr. r^etown, Marcii 2?2awtt" -VTARKET FARM FOR SALE.?THE SUB m. >' !b? r wight s to sell his Farm, situated in Prince George's count*, Maryland, and on the ?ta^e rr.xd froai Washingt 11 to U per Marihorn'. I; i- in a teal my I>*ation, ?nd contains forty on* acre*, and k :ttld make a capital maikct farm for a competent !* "sr?n, lieing rut ten rndes from Washington. The itr;>rovenien's on it confist of a new two story u?'Hlirt lioii-p. r. jtiod lurn, and all the necesj-ary out Imildinss. N? t being aciiuairited with the work ing "Ya form is the reason for oU'erins it for sale, and it will be di?DO*cd of to any one for muca lest than its real value, for cat>h. n:ar9 lw? JAS. H. CRANDELL A B ARE CH ANCE FOR A PROFIT ABLE IN ve?t<neiiL?For sale, a twu-story frame House, with attic, containing eicht rooms, exclusive of eel lar kitchen, situated ?n L between Ninth and Tenth xlreet- north, a pleasant location, near to market an<1 all the Dejiartmentd. Kiw further particulars aptdy to WM. P. PHEDD, Fancy (^K>ds and Millinery, 503 Eleventh it. mar 6?e<?2w ?- ? - - - ? ? ' ? ^ 1 >l'll.DING LOTS FOR SALE.?A VARIET I )ol Ruilding Lots in the vicinity of the City Hail. Al-o, in all oilier parts of the city, on accommodat ing ternf-. Enquire a"t Mrs. ADAMS' Hoarding ll'iuse, oppo-ue t?. Browns' Hotel, 10 be x en from (J to 'J a m. or 3 tu 4 p m. Al-o, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?c<.2in DAVID MYERLE. TlIE LAST CHANCE. IF the remaining Lots in Square615, and south ol Square No 915 situated on Maryland avenue, between 8th and 9iti streets, Capitol Hill, are nt*1 soM by the l?t Apr I, tbey will be withdrawn. Terms, $3 or j|5 per month. GEO. F. DY ER, Office ou D, next to corner of IO1I1 street* mar 8 eo2w IT*' ?R RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small amf wi ll cultivated Farai in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. OKME, corner of Kridge and Cotigreis st*., No. 87. feb 6?tf U0MES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Buildin* Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, i?itil spring, be N-Uflit at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 p. r month Title indisputable. Uii.on I-aud Office, 7th sr., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6:11 JOHN FOX, Secretary, Wanta. j"VfURSE WANTED.?A COMPETENT COL ore.l \ur>e for a child 20 months old. Apply I at MRS. PAiJRIS'S, 466 Thirteenth slrieet. mar 10?2i* . t\J ANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, fr and iron in a private family. Good reference required. Apply at No 328 North I street, corner of 15th. mar9~3t l>,f ANTE D?TW ENT Y FIVE GOOD VEST and TT pai-t Makers. None n.ed ap|?ly except tbo?e who ar* compet<;nt hand*. Constant work giveu. WALL &. STEPHENS, Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOUl kts. mar <S?6t Boarding. BOAHOINO.? Six or ei*ht genteel boarders, by the ni ^nth, wenk or day. cuu be aecouiuio dat d at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. !?77 B st.. opposite the Me.'.ropjiiritu offi ??*. mar 9? BO AH Ol NO.-MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Brown*' Hotel, has eeveral very desirable roo:ns, suitable for families or single gtiiil. men, which the would tent v.itii boa'd.on r?a-oi.abic te uis. She ca.i alro acci rain <5 .te 0 or t f. fUleii.en with meal*, without lodging. Wanted, a good ainlnj ro >m servant, hat can come well recommended. mar 8?tf 1>0 A IIUI NO.?MRS. CARTER, Capitol 11.11 "> wi'.l prepared to accoiumndata b.iar ien? ^er.o H"*nt or transient?insmedia:e?jr ;.ftcr tf.a a?l jy-.r i! lit of Coiivrof a id ih> Suprtioti (.o ut. K ??dtn?re No. A, Uv?w North i?ste of Capitoi. W4V y?eyflW Anction Salt*. By <!? C. ItcAt'lRB, Aueiionsar ??UfERB ROSEWOOD GRAND *I\NO, ELR v gant Cabinet Furniture, Hpleadid Ftench pla'e Mwws, Rich Curtains, Cti?Ms, Fn m il China and ? ol-fiMs Wart*, Costly w init, Superior Cmii'ito Horses, *e.?On WEDNESDAY iu rr.inr, March 2l?,?t JO o'clock, at the residence of his Jgxcellen c.y J. M. Tliado. the Peru, inn Minuter, on PeansyN wilt avenue, between 23d and. fi4th meet*, t *hnll seH all hia elegant lie usehold Effects, corWstii.g of Superb Rosewoo.1 Grand Piano, by Ru tikofer Magnificent suit- ? l .-olid Ro? w^od Parlor Furni ture, ophoJ tered in green and gold satin dam iKsk) (Smpn-ing thr*- large medallion back Scf. 9, oop siesta S>fa, ?ix large medallion Arm Cliairs, two VoKalr* and six Parlor Chairs Splendid Green and Go'd Siiin damask Curtains to match, Cornice, Lace Cnrtains, Bttf. EJcgaut French plate Mantel Mirror* Cottly mantel Clocks, eilt and bronze, with side pieces to match. Va^es ? Rich Gilt Gas Chandeliers, Candelabra*, and Brack ets Fine Tapestry, Bruise's, and Ven Han Carpets Suite of Rosewood Reerptlon room Furniture, up holstered in cann y colored satin dafra?k, consisting of a pair of Frcnch Sorns, 4 Arm and 6 fmsll Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, &c to match Rosewood Oval marble fp Tallies Walnut Extension Dining Tables Do Plush teat Dining Chair.-? Damask covered spring seat Couches Mahogany hair spring seat Lounges, Chairs Cane scat Arm and Cottage Chair* Marblivtop I'.eaufet, Builer's Trav Elegant ctim?on and Gold Band Dinner Bet Richly <tec?ratcd China Tea, Coffee and Chocolatp Service Heavy ri! ertnld plated Waiter?, Cake Baskets, Tea and Coftee Service Rich Crystal Cut glass Doeanlers, Tumbler*, Cham pagnes. Wines, Corilia's, Finger Bows, Wa ter B -itles, Claret Pitchers. &c. Mahogany Writing Desks, Book Shelves Moioeco and damask covered extension Chairs M; hogany Dressing liur* an*, Wardrobes French and Italian Bedsteads Marub* top Wa-hstsnils, Corner Stani* French t'iiitia and Granite Toila' Seta H*i--t hair and husk Mattresses Bolster* and Pillows. Bed Clothing ^ingfe Iron Bedstead*, ?ofa Bedsteads Bed and Table l.inen Scieeas, Fire lron?, Lamps Handsome Damask Curtains, Window Shades Furniture in servant*' rooms Oilc'nth, Cooking and other Stoves Coppers, Cookng IJtettsil*, be. At 4 o'clock, In front of the residence, a splendid pair of dark fay Carriage Horses, between su and seven * ears old, perfectly sound, and kind in single or double harness, and sai<l to be the fincn carriage horses in the District Also, ImmdUtsly after? In the dining rocm, a choice lot of the higlnst quality Wines, in boitles, comprising Champagnes, Port, Sherry, Madeira, fce , imported expr? s?.(v for private use. ^ Terms if sale: s?jfl and under cash ; over that ?om a credit of sixty axd ninety days, lor notes saiisfae I'irily endorsed, !?enring interest P S ?The iiuunP will be open lo visiters on the day previous lo the sale. JAS. C. McGUlRE, _ni?r Jo?d Auctioneer. By J. C. WtGfillE, Anetioitetr. SALE OF TWO SUPERIOR WORK HORSES On TUESDAY morning, Mareh 13:h. at i0 o'clk in front of the Auction Rooms, I shall sell two fine large work Horses, about sevei years old; sold t?y order of the Board of M inagers the Washington National Monument Society, b^caus- they hav.; no further use for them. Specia' attention is called ;?> tli ? -ale of these horses, as they are decidedly the finest work horses ever tiff-red for stle in the District. Terms: A credit ofii,tv and ninety days will be given lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing in terest. JAS. C. McGUlRE, mar 10-d Auctioneer. Hy J. C SlcRL'IiliC, Attcttonccr. IT ALU MILE BUILDING LOT ON PESNSVI. \ vasiia avenu<'.?On FRI DAY af rrnoou, the ilth in tuit, *t 5 o' lock, on th?* preiriise. , I jdiail tell pr.rt of L"t No. 0, in Square N . lf>6, Ir. n'inr feet on Pennsylvania avenue, Ik ?n 17m an.! l-th streets west, ranmn^ back one liiMiretl and twenty '"???t. Terms: One tliird<a-h ; iKilauc ii six ar?d iiine months, with interest, secured by a deed oftrn^t on the ; rpmises. JAS. C. ilcCUIRE, ??J _ A aciioiii-^r. (cf- The above arvl# t? poif|iot"<! un til i HI'HSDAY afternoon, March f jt'i. a: 6 o'cl 'k. on the premises. JAMES C McGUlRE, ttr'.r 10?d Auctini;? <?r. By C W. IIOTKLKR, Anctlmecr. I EXTENSIVE SALE OP WiXTS, LHiUORS, J aad Groceries, at ili.i C*.- ?f Wi liaui L nto.-i, corner of Seventh and l? rt*?-e*s.?The s!i?is-cr:bPr, des;:ous of phr>n;ing his buvinrs*. n iU sr!I. wj.h >u' r- s< rve, on FRIDAY. .Mjirrti 9 c-">Mmprein* at 10 o'clock, a. in., h's entire Rook Of Groeprips, Won.*, and Liquors Store Fixture*, xc.. emuisting in part ?i ? New Orleans, Port > R co, Crashed, and Pulverized Sugars Very superior Oal Government Java Coffee Fine Teas, Ca:idle?, Soaps, Spie s S'.arcn, Pepper, S*leratus, Baskets. Brooms li!i[e?rt?w1 ('tears, Tob tcco and SitulV Sjudiu.-s, Sauces; Amer can and English Pickles Bnitidis*, Gin, VV hi key, Jamaica Rum, Wines Bu ?:<! t?. Tubs, 8ic. ^tore Fixtures, tuch a* Counters, Shelves,, ce' titer and platfor.u Scale-, Store Truck, &c. To?eih? r with a lurzc assortment nf ivually so d by Grocers, which are deemed unnecessary to particularize. Special attention is called to the Chateau. Bern ard, Mallt-it &. Co.; Lo'idon Dock and Old luipprial iirandies. AI?o, sup?-ri"ir Old Whiskev, Madeira Wines, Jfcc. These Liquors are ur.snrpas^pd in quality, and worthy the att -lition of connoisseurs. The trade generally, and families will find this Scop worthy of their presence. Terms ; All ?|iits of nnd undt r $50 cash , over #50 a c rod it of thirty, aily, and ninety days, for aj provod endorsed notes, bearing interest. WM LINTON, mar 7?J C. VV. BOTLLl^R, Auctioneer. W*Ths sbovc sale will br contin ued on MONDAY mornine, at 10 o'clock. mar 10?It C. VV. I OTELEL, Auct bj J. C., Auctioneer. rrBUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT? I On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, lfi.V>, rt 4 o'clock, on the p emises, by virtue r.f a ..'ted o;" trust to the subs-liber, b ar n* date the 14th May, 16.V2, and duly recorded m Liber J. A. S., No. 40, folios 438, 4J9, and 440, one of the .'and records lor Washington county, I shall s?.ll the north halfol Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 33 feet 4 incites on l-2t!i Htreei west, between north C and D streets, running back 100 feel to a wide alley, with improve ni nts, conriftmg of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash; the residue in six and tw lve months, with interest, =ocured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. NICHOLAS C ALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUlRE. f?b 12?eokds Auctioneer. *#"Th? above sale It postponed until WEDNESDAY. March 7th, same hour. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee, fcb '2B J AS. Cs McGUlRE, Auct'r. 9(7" Th? "bove sale )? Turfite post pon?d until TT.'ESDAY, the 13th March, same hour an l placd. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee, mar 7 JAS. C. McGUlRE; Auctioneer. L&N3 WAEBMIT AHDF2..II0N CLAIMS r pub-<rribei has ;n bis pos-iession a copy of Mu-ter Roll of the Company commanded by Major George ivter, in the War of 1812, and is pre pared to obtain Bounty Land for all Soldiers wJ)o have been engaged in the service of their country since 1790; and all other claim* ."gainst the United States. RICHARD P. JAC'KPON. Office 155 B.idxe street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 7?lw VirATtiiK* AMD JEWKLHV, ?1 '? have cn haurl a good Mipply ot" fine WATCHES and JEWELRY -.vhich will be sold very cheap to *uu the times. Gold Le vi r Watches as low as $25, warranted to* krpp good time. Call and see tor yourselves at the stureof J. RtiBINSON, 319 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb 28?dim LOOK nERE!!! I f ORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served iT|l in amy war since 1790, whether as Officers, S.ddiers, Sailors, Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, TeanisUre, Laudsin n, (or their widows or minor childnn) who have not ytt received full 130 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well n. wme to us. pottvaid, and thtir Land Warrants wi.l be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD & CO., Claim Aeent's Office, opposit; U. S. Treasnry, Wusniagton Ctty, D. C mar 6? 3m MAP OF THE ISLAN > OF CUBA, compiled from the inaut reliable ^iwinish authorities, with Geog Hphical, Chroin logical, and Statistical Notes, mounted on rollers. u>ar 3 FB\NCK TAYLOR. ITl'<irKI riOXABLY ) The bjst plae- to ret a FINE LA G LrKR R EO TYPE OR A rERFFCT ? rERI- OS'-OPE, f .t UAIJiKRV* o\j.|i ?Hauaorftx'# ioon?Tcg*. Mat T~**?3U Auction* Bales. Ht J. o. MeGl'IEV, A?etlon*?r VEW HOUSK AND LOT OM FOURTEENTH JA Street at Pi:M?e 8al?s.?Oi WEDNESDAY if temona, March 14, at 4'< oV?ock, oo the pe, arise*, 1 shall, s-ll part ?*L<* Ni. 8, in <-quAre W, fronung 30 feet on 14th rtn et, with a three fti-t atlry at the side, running Imck 10U M, with the improv .'-meats, consiitinf at ti two story anil a tile tram* dwelling, containing ten mom*. The hou =e is newly built, in the maet substantial mannt r, and well finished in every rs?pect. Tfeete ia a r ump of eiceIN n? water before the door. Terms: One-third cash; the reel ae in *ix and twelve months, wi h iatere?t. seemed by a deed of | t ust on the prelaw s. * J AS. C. McGUlRE. mar 9?4 Aartmnitr. Br J. r. NeGriRE. AaetlM?*r. PEREMPTORY S.VIF, OF FOUR OF THE most desirable Rtii ding Louin the First Ward. <^n THURSDAY afternoon, March 15th, at o'clock, nn tlie premises, I t-hall fell, wit' out re ceive, Lot* 3, 4, J. dm! 6, it^square 1'6, frouting each '2#\4 feet on north f between T7th and 18th streets, runnine back 147 V feet W a twenty feet alley. 1 Th< low are delightfully *-itu;>ie<l. with a south ern front, about the ceptre of the block, on either side ?.f which have lieen erected fir>;t class h<>u-es, and oflVr greater inducements to person* dr?ir?u? of se-uring unobjectionable binltflng staes ?H*n any property tliat has b>en offered fto sale at auction for ] years. Title perfect and sale positive. Terms: One third ca;-h; the residue in two ev|UHl payments at si* and twelve month*, wuh intc est, secured by a deed of trn-t on the premises, to the satisfaction of the vendor. If the terms of the hale are not complied with in f>ur days frrm the day of the >ale, the property Mill be resold at the risk and expense of the first purrha ser All eonveyanemg at cost of purchaser. J AH. C. McGUIRE. mar 'J?d Aueiiohrer. I IVERPOOL SALT AT Al'(^FlON'T^i ?n~WEP j N !',rfI)AY neit, the 14th in-tant, at 11 o'clock a in., will be soM on board of Shin Jos. Tarratt, ly ing at oiir wharlj her cargo, consisting of 10.000 sack-- (J. A. Salt AlrO, 1,500 sacks fine Salt , Of Maishail'n K Jeffrie-, and Darey's brands, far torv filled, in full bleached sacks, and warranto*! 10 to the ton. Terms at the sale. FOWLE k CO., mar 9?d Alexandria. Vn PUBLIC SALB. BY virtue of a writ or distrain from George F. Kir*, and to me directed, against the good* *nd chattels of J. W. Jordan, I have levhd on the fol lowing g ifils which I shall offer at public sale, to the highest bidder for cash, on the ITih of March. Irt5>, at 10 o'clock a. m , to satis y hnu-e rent due a>id in arrears to George E Kirk. Sule to place in trout of the Bank of Wa-h liigtoo, to wit: Four p-rirg Shu iters Fifty-two uufini hed Doors Twelve Boxed Window Fr.ime.s ,'iT?o Irptofaj^ inch Mouldings Two Window Frames One Hot Bed Sa h Lot of Lumber Lot of Nails. tnar9?3t JAMES EXNIB, Bailiff. By OHEK'4 &? SCOTT Auctloneei a. Household and kitchen furniture Pianoiort", Sic. at Auction. - (?n M??Nl)AY, thf 19th instant, we shall sell, at '0 o'clinrk, a in., at the residence of u latiy declining h ns^kecainf, on the !(orth ?tde of I, ktwpeii Nir?th and Tenih streets west, an excellent a**o?tnieut cf i'urioture, v z: Mahogany serine ?*at Chairs and (niomacs D-> njart.-lc top 8?de Table anu Bureau Hne ('bickering Pianoforte, ot fine tone and touch Cherry llatr.ick, Washstands und 1'ahles Clock; Chu-a, Glass, Crockery nn?l Stoneware M ' pie Bedstead4, Mattresses ami Wardrobe Parlor, Step and Chamber Carpets Looking Classen, Window Curta n* Cane and wood si at Chairs Cocking, Radiator and other 8tov?? With a L"?>d assortment <d Kiichen Requisites With many oilier rwticles which we d?*efii ui:ne ce^sary to enumeta'e Term-: Under .?jriJV cash ; over that stint a crtcil of tnirty and sixty day--, f -r nf>t?:s satiafacloriiy ea dorsed li.*ari. f> nit* rt.-l. (.'BEEN At SCOTT, n?nr 8^d Auctioneers. 3y J. C. JIi fiPIKE. ? urtlnncf r. { RIJSTEE'S SALEOFfTOCK & TIXTUKES ? of a Mrn hant TaSor On MONDAY, March 19P:, at l'J o'clock, at the on 'he ea?t side of 4J^htreit, two doors ni.ilh of pa. avenue, i stiall :-e?l, by virtue of a deed of trust dated February 7, 1 H5.Y and duly leeorded aiuor.j? the land records ol Washington < our:'y, all the .^tock in trade and fix : it.s, coir prising - illne, black, olive, jre<?n, and hrowp t^lotlis Double and mlll'il p!ai:i and fancy Cas#i merCR ^ilk, satin, cloth, ^larseilles and Capstmere Vest in^s Sewing 3.Ik, Thread, Buttons, ("ord, Bindings Satin laced lining Silk, Brown Hr^and Paddtns Canton Flannel, < 'anvass, Cotton Sil via, Alpaca, Wadding. 4tc. .ALSO? (?te iarjr- French plate Minor, sue of plate 7J,by 50 inches ? Two French n:at ? Pirr Glasses ? ui?ji:? and Snow Counters, side Ccunter* Shelves and Drawerr, Sliow Backs Clock, stove. Chairs, Tables. &e. T- rms: a'ul ittid'.r ewt-h; over that sum a err dit ot'3<">, 6d, and days, for n-Hes sat!.-!;tciorily endorsed, bearing irrerest. J NO. C. KENNEDY.Tntstee. JAM. C. McOUIRE, nun 2?d Auctioneer. Bv 6REKV dk SCOTT, ,? ne*'oncers, VALUABLE TWO STORY FR AME HOUSE and L >t at Auction.? Oa MONDAY, the Idth it slant, at 5 o'clock p. in., we -hall sell, in fiont ot the premises, lots No ol ind 52: iu the subdivision ot" Square 463, improved by a two story frame ho??e with hick buddiug, wo<>ohouse, 8tc attached. The above de-eribed property is situated on the Island, between 6th and 7t(i ttreats west, and D and E . tracts aouth, on a wi(!c street through the -aid squire. Title it.disputable. Terms : One third ca^h ; the h&lancc in 6 and 12 months, on notes bearing interest. A deed given 8nd a deed rf trust taken GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 6 ? d Auc.iom-ers ? iy GBKKi dt SCOTT, a nc?? <>?e?rr. IIOUSEIIOLD AND KITC'EN FURNITURE XX at Auction.?(.in WEDNESDAY, the 14th in stant, at 10 o'c.ock, v.e shall se|j, at the residvnee ??fa gc ntiemnn declimnr housekeeping, on the *<-uih Mde t t North II s reet, between 6 h sn4 7th streeth west, I Hi vis's Row, an excellent a-eorttuent of near? Iv new Furniture, viz : Mahogany Sofas, parlor and rocking Chain. Do dining, sofa, card ntid other T. bl?s Do dressing and other Bureaus One line wx'nut Paiior Ret in Plush Feather Betis, Betiding. Mattresses und Bedsteads Fine painted Co'taje Chamber Set Maple, can-: and wo id scat Chairs Wash-lands, Matting Parlor, ia-.j^ige and chnmlier Carpets Cnina, glas-, crockery and plated Ware Looking Glasses, Waiters, and ivory haudle Knives and Firks Stoves of various descriptious A good assortment ol Kitchen requisites With many other article.* which we deem unne cessary to enmierute. Terms : ;? nd under ca.-h ; over that sum a credit of 60 ai.d 90 days, tor sati-fa torily endorsed notes, bcan.ig interest. GREEN & SCOTT, mar 8?d Auctioneers. Sf J C. DtrOVIRK, Aucilourtr. /CHOICE OLD WINES, LIQUORS, STOCK k V.^ Fixtures ufa Confectionerv Establishment, ke. On FRIDAY morning. Match 9th. at 10 o'clock, at the Confectionary store of J. H. Eberhach, on Penn sylvania avenue, between 21st and 22d sU , I shall sell Glass Cases, Counters, Drawer* Shelving. Bar Counters, Oytter B ites Candy Jars, B >ttles, Scales and Weights, 4m.. ALSO, A QUANTITY OF Madeira, Sherry and Rliine Wines, of very tr peiior quality, which has been in bottles some ten years. ALSO ? A small lot of C'tndi s, Prunes, llai-ins, Olive Oil Pickles, Preserves. Nuts, kc. Teruis: ,f20 and under cash; over that mm a credit of 60 and 5? days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearine interest. JA3. C. McGUIKE, mar 6?d Auctioneer. Gl>^h? sbuvc Sal* Is postponed until WEDNESDAY MORNIVG, March 14, same hour and plsce. G KEPPLER, ) WM. RUPP, f Trjrt**e? mar 8-d JAS. C McGUlRE, Auc *r. Br J.^C. MfOn^K, Aactlonstr. STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A SHOE STORE ai Auction ?On SATURDAY afternoon, (he 10th iiMant, at 3 o'clock, at the Store of Mr H O. Noj es, on Pennsylvania avenue, near 13 h street, I bh.iil M il the balance of his stock ard fixtures, com prising ? 200 pairs ladies' ribbed G iters and Morocco Boots Mirses' do do ?lo Gentlemen'e long Boots ard Show Boys' do do Ladies' Toilet Slippers Gentlemen'a C~U and Patent Leather Shoes. ALSO - Shelving, ? rawers, Bow Windows Gas FiX'itres, Sc.taes, Counter* Oilcloth, loi Tools, SiU. Tetoi- j $20 and mder ca&h ; over (hat sum a ere "it. ot .?0. fit*, and BO days. (? r n res ?a,.i?fuct'1rilv codoict J, bearipg tait rest. . J iAWW C- M UllilE, W 1^4 j TELKQRAPH1U kirmw roo tbi DAILY EVBffUtQ- BTA?. 8a v?y of the Bainbrtff o. ft*. KuRFOLf, Mar eh The oou't t>f Ir^airy will ntM| to-aorrow to iaqeire Ut? tbe iu> MM rostaloed bj the brig Beinbrldf*. K will consist of Cept. Carpeader, M pmHwt, and Ctptiloi Barron ud Nuab|. fimr Mason is to Jbe judge advocate Tbe floop of-war Jum'owd is dlnktr|laf ber p>wder. So wrrij baa jot bow bold Sba is said to bo peoitively rottaa Horrid KihUn Bosro*, March 9,?At South Uardiaor oo Wedneediy night, two elderly ladies, sister* of tba late Aboer Kneel and. woro mardered and their Loom ransacked A vagrant Froacb mi) bas eeen arretted on ivpidon The Sardinian Imaigrantn Nnw York. March 9 ?)i*joT Wood ban permitted the immigrants, brwnght by Ibo Sardinian frigate Iteo Oeneys to land, baricg become satisfied tbat Ibej are not convicts. Bridge Enrnt B stoji. March 9 ?A bridge cf the Yor?oat CcD'.ril near Winooaki, waabvnt yesterday Lost X10 000?fall/ ininrod. Reward for an Alleged Murderer. Xtw Yon. Marth 9.?Fire hatdred hi lars reward has been (fie red for the a'rest aad conviction of Biker, the ex policeman for tbe BJfposcd (Larder of Bill Poole. / rriv&l ef ih6 Stesm Frifate f asqaebaaa Pmi.lDBLrnia, March JO.?Tbe U. 8. Steamer t*nrqnebanr.a f.orn the Paoifi?, ar? rived this morning. Tba iSa^q ichanaa left Philadelphia Decem ber 26th 18v0, and Hampton Roads Jane ft, lFil. Sinee that time abe has fsi'ed 61,927 miles, visititg China, end Japan, ia connec tion with the l*?e expedition. Abe left Rio Ja. erio on the llth ot Feb. last. New York Mock Market Ntw Voev, March 10.?Stocks are ftrm Money Is unchanged Erie'' at 46|; Oteee? land and Toledo hniln-ad. 71; Comborlsnd C a? Company. 54?; Beading Kulrosd, St; Carton Co , 24? ; New York Central Railroad, 1)4 i; Cleveland and PitUbnrc Railhead, 40; .M'.-sonri 6'a, 94i ; Keniuckj d's, 102; Iadiaaa b'g, 87. Baltimore Marketa Baltimoxb, March 10 ?Floor?Howard St., 3t o barrels sold at $9?an advance of 12 eenta U aeat?rroeip's light, atd q eolation* are at yester lay s prices. Corn?sales at 8ia86e ior white; i6sS7 for yellow. Rsw York Markets. New York, March 10?Cotton is downward. F'< nr tc npwrrd, and tbe market firm Sales of .'J 200 bbl# of good Ohio at $9.2&a$9 79. Southern is tirac; rales of 2 000 bbis. Wheat is upward ard firm; sales of Pennsylvania white st $2 55; Sou bern, ^g?x>d <i2 35 Corn is upward and firm; sales of 10,000 bnahels of Western mixed at S>4i. Pork is upward and tits; s-ilcs ?*f old m?8? at $14.25 Bsefisaa ch*nged. with a moJerate demand at nrevioas rate* l.i?rd is np?ard and firm Whuky?? 'a!as of Ohio at 31c. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wiliarde* (ie oUl t kic.wii.uu> t '. l J P T .yior, (?OA W B Btdles, Mat* VV M Graham. ill N II Bolles do II C Kerne. Pa W Certer, Va F I! nd tck, <*.o J I)u Co lier, do L K Cultia*, jr, N'Y J tir^nf, do ?' M [>nfv, Ky J K Br.>h<ad, XV # IV Lyrle/lad J K Brick, do Rv C M Dnprev, I'a 8 Clap-i, M Browas' Hotel-t. r. k a. aaoww, J r Jaciuoe, Ala J A Houston. NO J IV Tyrne, Va Lt C Wilaonj do J VV Vaadenberg k. larfy, E Ruj*r, do (>a J M Worth, do A S;uart, Va C Toialiaeon. NO Mi ?? >1 M t'ochr^n, di .Mr Mernai h lady, WV l? M C?i hran, do Mr < nrbiui, do \V T NVaiimetoa, do C M? rt-y, d<? ,\ CinlurJ, NY J Lutxe a family, da J I* Joy, do Mi*? A Siunh, do VV VV VViNingham, Va Mi*? d Tucker, do L -V i;?d(, do I) F Pi>?, Maw C It Andrew, do I O GarJner, do (I J' hnson, Teun J Howe, NY >1 Mf Cormick, Va J A Brox?. lil S F Ctf-pp. do VV B leal, Md VV H<^tt-r, Pa II II K>>b?rteoa, do ? C"op<*, Va i A Brawner, do K *.1 Bartholow, do J P Lv1?y, Va Matlaaal Hotel?a. a. wiu^aa B Curfwra, Vk J II Selkirk, NY K S U tck. tin T 11 Ncwbold a family, I< II >'i>rtou i I'd), Va i*o A (> gt'vhat, NC N I. Darnalt, MJ J J Fr?-er*on, S*C J II Poor, M V. uckron, Maw J II H.-ugfat & lady, NT F. I. Ro?"ri?, Vd M H- II a f?>n, Te* J VV Ljud'-, Mm K I Hrent, Md C E Tvi.-r, Va M P Brooke, Va V Whit#-, Pa %* l? Territl, d ? II Mump, Md VV VV P.d??tl, Md J II Slu i p, do Mr Mitchell, do VV B Mc4>?iu, Va E B R'ac-iman, NY H Gunner, N M K Row, Va J Cha^e, ji, Ma?s ittrkw Ad Iloiee-i. i. a a. natwoo* S llarriMHi, NY C Buiii:icnm*, M4 A S J- ues, do T Bloye", do W Henry, dw VV VV H rp?*r, Va S i! VVil?ca. V.iri M C CmmM, DH P K lady, Va J Patrick a lady. Pa W il VN ai?'rhoH>e, do I'BUtd States Hotal?a. a. hacxvbt. C I>r?dv I. Jmiin E r' Pal cock, NY J T At us Md 11 l.ieii?D, Mcrmasy II A AmH'inr, do ?- t"UiidL, do J H'jM ins 'kii \Vcrafie<-l, do R H ('umniiiirc, NC P llouci, NC A VltrfMo, France Hansloit Iloati, Altiaudrla, V*. *. jtawToa, raora.'tioa. P C Mea<Ie. Va J A IJukm II, Md C r sorgan, Md N E Per y, do R J P >ulsoa a son. Va Mr Lord, do 1. It Taylor, do VV P Trimble, do R P. Po??*y, Md II D llalton, do I) R Chew, Va J G Booiaught, Va Dr Payor * lady, do H Gilleere, do Mr- E F Payne, do C H Uoland, do Mr* Maun-, d<? N VV Ford, do Mr> Maurv, -t chiMn-n k JS Harbour, jr, do Hrrvnnt, do G M Carter, do w?<t Maury, 1>C W C Billman, La SPEUIAL KOTICE. IMIF. HiWnbi'r, a? a<tin'Oi'tn.t<>r of II^*tate of th? 'ate John II. Brown, offers for ?le the ei t?-niive and well itelpfH Mock of F?mi(ure and tlo 1* ru.iu-.i. fi G?o<1f, in whol* or in lou, at ap pr:. is?-'iifnt |#ic??n. for rikli ??r umloubt^d pap*', l?" r iif Inaernti; al>o the lea** ot tb* rtuldine in wi-icti it coiitainw.!, known a? uApollo Hall " 1 o [etfona df*i?irir.c to ?:nc?*e in bu?p?**? ihi* uf f<?riii a fine opportunity, u lli<> rrwi of ihc buildtnf i<? i ind?*rai?; and the run ??' custom ?*ery t ?od. N. B.? Atl p> r<KHir in^kxl lo theeatat^arn earn e< ly requ?-s:r,i to makr miuirdiate aettiKaient., by ra-!i ft notra, otherwia#! (tieir accoiuita will bf pl.-iced io t!>?- handa o<Ounm-I for eeitl?-mort. J AH. C. McGClRE. t' h 27--yo6t AdMMUkir?tor iara iivll. SALE AT AUCTION. I UK un<1er?ifm-d bavin* re?itui?d the Auctsnn Bu?me*?, leave io offer his aenrice* to at t>*n I to Faleaof Hou^hol I Furrnure, Benl E<tetr, sto -kK, ac. Particular ?Mention fiven to ?be ar ran.ainent and dt.<po?al cf Uou>ei?o!d Furmtarr, Tin the en'lre si le (it d?* i<-ed) will be eet'ted ap aad ca>'i^d in twenty four hours' after the debvrry ?f the ;rv>d?. Ca?ii advances on tvery of Merchandise con?ixned lor unlimited Bile. Every tff ..t will be made to render ?a???lactortl*' "II aale* cnt.USU d to hia (era. C. VV. ? 5TELER, nar S^eo3w Iiw Hoi. FOR THE MECHANICS* FAIR AT WASHINGTON ff.T**KTHE THOM AS CQLT.TTTt WILL ^^ijj^niaitt rcjniiar tri|? to ii*e &b^v? Flt CMuuratMf on Tur*day, February 90th Pjats fare cents tech way. Coaches vii! take person; from and to ibe boot. Fau?b Cr-lltr.. I .'jave Alrrandti-t ar p nr. 1 e?vc V a.-{<:rijt,o!i 10 i.. sa 6AM L (iW?KKVI t ej^Mu AkUBdria, Va, lb6 <0-4

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