Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1855 Page 4
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EVENiNU STAK. THE FT^T BOBN. The fir*; b'rn is a fairy child, A won Irons tiaaa.ifc.u ! A -m cr't'ur-, loo ; and w3d, A m i* ?m ?xu!t?ti >n I. B?-i 1" the lb apon the stair*, luta iskp Imgr^ vitb ligbtneas; Aad cradieail leature* fan Are wa. heil with i-.y-Uc brightnera Flr?t piedf* of tlietr betrothed love? ?O, hapj.v m. y hat eUim it! Fun imr cut from H av^? al? ive? O, h ?|?|?y lh< y tli a .nine u! It iu ?e- me Ii uariiuM wiili its voice, Aitd with qui ?? tau^lit r ri 'ginf, >la>e- the iiiAiiimau- in >hm tej ice, A biuret. rapture on gu<g lu be ?iry ail Hi' ke-wi'fl i? l> inf> By ai.turt J li?bt re* n.bles Fm. f??mi > f, wimi flunrii-'f wing*, On l.iir* coiitine- 'ri Bole-. So xtM<- "???' ilvjwe ih ii e v ? it birth, Oi k'*Ut*r a.?i of M lire ; So mo h 01 iMm werX iVuitt on earth, Ana et ciucii oq-an<>:b?r ? Tn Cttil aj?d DiPLtHiTic Bill ?Among the appropriation* made io this b.ll passed at the oioee ot the session of Coogreas. are the following:, Omp-tm'ion and mileage of Senators. $196 7lt; di of the U me $*{>1 97?; compoo ??ii?ti ot effij-rt of Ssnate. $70 284; do o! Htuie $43 9:6; eontiugeat, exp-nse? of Sec. ate $194 000; do of Hoise, $245 823; Con Library. $15 5O0; for 24 oopie* of Globe for e^rb member ot Congress, $17,352; for binding same, $<>910; for re poring de bate-. $7 500; expanses ? f public buildings and grounds $65" 310: book# for 3?w Cor gre ?? men, $7 452, stationery for members. $4 910; repan >f Vpiiol. #5 0?0; do nt irejiient - bou-w. ff 000: expenses northeast exe*n ire build n<, |7,lo2- do i?outhea?t building $344 38H; do , e^st wing of Patent office. $7. 408; d? , b ilding oom-r F ar.d 7th street. $17 i93; do, southwest exeeTive huifdirg. So 2rtj; to support rbe peti entiarj -.f District of Columbia $*312; do , insane of do $16 - 800; to; furnishing hospital bui-diai*. *12 02-:, fjr removing femes lor eateuija vf Cap>tv FqaTe, $15 030 ; to th? aaxi.iary guard. $19 ? OOQ; lor new .lorn* ot: Capitol, $100 000 ; for Ooilej iag sgricoitu ? statistic ics aad di. tributing cu rag* nr.: se* t, $25 000 ; lemova of ?:?ne wall rf scu trn boundary of Presi dent's Park, $15,000 ; and to complw'o ?mi revire the gra 'ej of W ash : gtor., Ac , $j.0('0 Taa Banks or thb UxiTto IStatbb ? A ro port couiuiu iica.ed t> Corgre^ by (be Secretary of the T-"a?ury, in relation "to the Banks ol the Unite J a; tha close of the )at> jeir. in- luii-s xeinrna from 13 307 bankf aid hranrbes with a r?H>or ei capital of $332 167 2^3, jhowir* *n increase during rhr year cf ni e y ui >e in the cumber of*\ and of $%' 802 2V7 in the amount of c*i it?i paid in Hut thong i there bu be ;n an iu ciea e in ;h ? nam er of beuk? and io tbec?p iui jaid m. it nppear? hat their <peeie hat been redhead oe^wtea five aud fis ?rtilli >r?? or from fb9 J 'O ?53 to $33 90^ 5t6. ^nd thri? circulation I'farly eig'it^n miMcn. or fn u: $2?-3 689 2t'i o $ibtt452 223 If ,be barik. bud mide ail .fcei.- te urn# ou 'be fir-t d47 oi <Jh: uaTj, lsi4. at.d tbi d iy ?i _Jai uarv 185ft if e ii. crotary Relieves that hereiac of oirea aii m w uld haw. been f..und to b? mucii giea>er lb .n is exhibited in g?,neT i! ta&ies Tb^j .irn s let luafcug the return from t c !"> .nks ii- scai) of the was tha timoof she ;eariaw!iieh th 5r iscaesweie frea'Cit ? A itional IntmlLg*tremr. An I*ponTA5r DisrovKRr ?JV Thcmfj Uo.ker of New Orfenn? bas di -ov^red a cue.u Icat preparation wti:h, mixed wi-h mud ? brnkUjer w? ai 1 mix lime and ^aod make* no e\cejl?n? rtaf ?t > ,1 ?bat can be inaie ; Qi co d in'he ?>w 0 le^ri market for thirtv cenu i er bar-el,\f m?d? by ha'd or fifte?i Mots, if n.adj bT iav?b?nary I? ii^bt? e?ji ly; the.ei- *.oiff -.? "?? <m?ll ?ioitted; butiu tie srro :e and hut \? y l.t-l- durt er en d-rs hat little e. idt ?a.e leit.teg j.Hiforc'eaniM ?i!v^rt hra s ? r o he umi it Uiitttftj ir?*l th* a hes ra <ke tuierbi/ie smd p:ptr and n si eo go-vi for s^ruhbiLg fl ,-<t* ic" 1 he paten ee also a .-<u>es us," Bavs ths Ao?ri?anExp >cent ' thatii will cotonly ban well n gra ej (where we saw bur. i.gj-tUi in a otes, furnaces, for a^elticg. ot.j f0] m <kijg f e-Li. n fac? it c tn be pat to all th prac icle mt* of wo?yd ur coal, excepl th. purpose of gene aticg 4 ?? ThbFcssia5 asd AcgTaiai Amr -S)mr i1 u ? filial ori*aus of llusna iu Ucr nunt bar* vecrDt1y ii.formel toai ihe rt v ?ow had 6*> 0<i0 mm in iho field. aDd tl^ wittiin nx mo .ths a reserve army ot" 2't) ?>ui m?3 will b= . rg islied The srrength of m *fLTl*n "rmi*y i9 "s *?'???? : l>.e Is arn> 07 0?o mea. with 144 gun*; ibe 2i wi h 12l' ?iJi VT *Q<1 1?f' P"*"*'' th* 3 1 23 J 00.) m^:l with 2j2guBS the 4 b. Utf.8 0 m^n Mrous 000?y.7Jl,8,udJ?* of ion monthr H' *itbin two or threr t&~Io Philadelphia on Sundav l.^st a aeJ ioa! ge-.tleaan ??op} icg *: tha ISion Hotel in A.ehst eer visi edtheR?v Dr Cwi'da:an*f chnr?h. Twelfth au U ^cg-^r,,^ (>a 00In iLing ou ef church f-r Se vlc? were .,v?r fceron-ed tha: a fem. le pre s:d .igaini' inar, oau-eal anner. lie recc ed from her and the 1 a:ration =ras re^arel However b? litt e of it; buc a tor we'kinir j liori diibnee he d..a vered that u g pucne had been picked of $4J0. . A Km Plllio Dovr*. -W6 -take tha re ?poc ib:li y of paiiing dowu from the heal ot this ?,aper u? name of Daoiel Wood, which for :he lasi three davo uw stood there as Dam ocra ts oaodida-e far Jn.-tk'e. Oc.- rets >a fvi jo 1 >mg :s s?n?ply this : We are entirely s*r I n d th at Mr ".ooi is a member of the kaow nothing a dor.?lljcu ttr U?lon. ARRIVALS AT P2INC1PAL HOTELS U .iiaidi* l*? ?i~B * k J (, wilt.*AO. V - B',SY rapt T Leach. Ma*? hv'.f'T: *1 f H *^ntr-wt, Jf J W l|.>pcl I, do f; H met, L'iJI ?; I) P'cfcwwH, do J 1^ >| | U S Vi T " and ly, Maw. r? li ?" l ly DC DM M Kibboo, do w W M tin N V U Badot, do W Andtr, do irhV';;',"r- K* JBerkk, !?? G 8n..ih, I'a II L Owmip Md A A P I*e. Va rMn HaJl?, F H J nea, \ Y C M ba-.snm, USA %V J Mace, NY K?eh a. a 4. iimwooi W W Uar^oT, \*? C Hu cnhi^e, do ? fc C Cweoeii. I?el f,.| M v\ irw,? J lairica -nd 1 , p* J U Beck, V. D St .rrru, Xt W D. MtlM sc 17 ?"r,y' 1 A ^-^o.i NY t 1 ' J Ai$4ier?o## iioi JWat f.Va B J P--ter?, do 3Xmm,NY G S k ft*, do G B B orawtil. Pa ) Holiag, aid ^ M - Hon, NY L Kc,r--iu. d? J Ll Pope, Md Whi Nijitu. V* ?i W bttrfctrks, NY f d Beiry, NY f st'oi-i n.i.c".? a. a. wi:.i tgp, S J Taorn. Ala P IiafTy, NY ir?^r. d > llF.w-)ib Pa H I un.lw, NY J M S.intSi. Al * Mi*. KG Kinj, Pa J A'* 1. Trias . L } ?"?eon, j?C J C Ray. . V H-c^rd-n... Mm c N ti?.*ie, MJ nT, v\"0 ',d? .1 R?i , Gj D Hent ana ly,.% \ g p Wlute. Md F K^wlr.. vy 1)1 F **?*?'!? 1, Va 55sat\v % J II P ?w, M l N'r r" k.' ^ L Bard y. III J Vv 60 , #. 61 v ?- ? >'? t "5i ? "? * DJT ipi^ti v. T E ,;a ' II F Wm-a. il. X.J j V R ow * Mia, WHMe...w,Cc KeC.a,a",'v? W II Ger.00, Mm T 1; Ari(t?rw>i<, do IVyJZ, v. *! U.0sirr>i-T- ?? I. *? tvarrra, ta J wnbe.!. U p b ?. C a-riU <10 E mm D A SJ BY Whitehall, Va ?? ??'#? fj ?. I | 1, p.r|D|? A * TTar.Hn, Ca W Fiirhmlrs Md W's H do J W 'le?t rt V? J M I4kr,.-C FFKu'.a *ma A Car o, r XI W i.?k'.K, {'I' H"r'i W 3.ikvr. u J A ie?, Va BE Clam, Va J Tavae^ do ?..L do J a ?amlin, UBS H m n K?y, O WD i*r, Me I M/? Wegufcr an4 ror, VT w H Joau*)?, nr J U OdJK. Va . i *-ftj t f?TlCB OF ".K-TORATIOar And Hr?fhdrmmal of e**Uun lj*nds ?? tks CV'o trnd t'niton Hat I road Grant in Mis MOlfri ^ ^ ?' NOH3F. I" nxj;BT GTV?:Jf that i ? ccnaa q'i*ne? cf the r?f reaaa tattoos ot Mr* of 'be aOon It f.otu the ftate r?f ' { a iut*ritl r.^ingr In t&e iupto?-d ro^t" of to* Cairo ??*1 Pulton uilnxd in wait <*t?t?, hTib fetr i!Huis?d 'n ii:hdrt*'iig 1 t*(*i itcid ns?rk*t f* f the (TTint i: nil rntd and en their ?!'?? tfcat o r of ? t id luati* aVriid be r*l>a e-1, and ?th'-* a s,ib.J>utm la iieu tbajr of. enaf-ratably to t?ld *-A>rLd-?i rou ? which i. d Kt?j(lw u?t d con U ar?M]t >m U at tli <li 'oa ?; th* > r .iient, ty b<s order b ar ug uate lie la *-b nary iua:a't, bis vh?; the Uuoa a tuited.n cbe t?wi>8htyt h- rrioifj-r eoum-ratei , -h'oh ?rr* ?fii&drawn tr n :u?rkn?b bi?frJ?i of tbt P?h<.f V?y * J tveir v?tio'i eict<nn?4 by publ c no i e V? 40 , Vaiie/da> 2od January, 1851, far th* Oa iro ml Puilou raiin ad gai.t iu th-? Male if V is Mn.'. > b? e*;or?-d to mk-i, anl to*t certain oihsr i bill Miuatad in town bl:>* iIImo* (1 rind ng % prrt-n of th?oid ri-inU te erT*tioD) ?' * Hb'" lb* I mW la ticniU of lh? grtot ac corii-.g .o lh? rou eof ?aU r -?d ??< aui-iid d fhXU sab-ii ut a a> d c? sn-^J f o na'-e or en;** 4pr ? en? .oa tlaiw not e*cp:?d) un il f r h>;r nc u*. ibt?rsiur<: ail L ie vacant lam* fcu^j e; ta a?l> at iicK3cX, MleSOCal whiih were a^bj^et to t>riv-.t? entry at t\? .t? # of w ti.druFkl, nd which h-te ? r.t aii.<-? b er pr- ?m ,t-l iu the f. lliirisg two ?hip<, w I! rail he s :? loot t prira ? ar.try 0.1 and <-f ?r t"Je nineteenth day of i/areh next to wit: N >rth of at bos lir.* ard tarl of Uuiijlfih prmcipa' m ri Iutn. Town?Mp? 81. '12, U3 2?, V5, ?;nd 2?, of taatf 3 ?o?m.hipa in 24, ?6, 26, 27, and "?8, tf rmrg'' rewr#bl?s 22, 23 24, 2?, 26, 27, 2*, ?9, tad SO, of ringa 6. ^ iownahlp? C5, 26( 27, IS, 29, 20, asd 81, of ran fa Town^blps 25 26, 27 , 28 , 29, ?0, 81, anl 82, of rang?? 7, "owrhhipi 26, S7, 5?, 8P, CO, 31. 82, juid 33, oi MTI '?? . TjvmIiIw 2-5, -.7, 23, 29, 31, 31, 32, and 33, of ra <ca 9 io*t-hip? 27. ?8.86, 30. 3', 32, ari 33, of rang^ 10. .'o n?Vp? 2^. C9 30 31, "2. tnd 33. of ran^9 11 *'.->wu blp? *?, '29 :0. S 3Z, *r.4 Si, of ran^a 12 T-ri b; s 3-?, :tt, 32, a d Xi it r^n-.* 18 To-* n^'iips ?i? 30, 31, 32, ai>d -^4, of r*vgo 14 To? n htpa 29. 31, and 82, of r*nge 16 / L80, Thai ail t * ?ar d-'situ* In tfcc sams dists ci *1 hln the follOwlog ncra^d tow-'bips will > i troji-alrt ? r en'..r (net rxc^ptl- c crjemp i ? ) f r ?h? purpo*? ?";ofe p^c'.fl d unril 'urther rierr, Tia: N"7ih of ttu base line nxd mr! ij the fijlh yrir.cijKil Wieri&in TowtsMpa 2?*. 2*5*, ku of ra?>g ? S'^hf i}g 2i*,23* a':d 24" ofraag-7 Tnwt fhlps 21*. *23\ 24*, an i 25*. t T rr.rge 3 *n^h|i 21, ?2 23, 24. ? rd 25*. o? ran," U )wm?hipA20,21, 22, it, 24, and 2o?, of TowT?ibip?21 22, 23, 24 25, 23, a?i 27?, cf rat g* 11 ? ^ ^T&?ru hfpji TU, 22, 23, 24^25, 25, aad 27*, o'rang^ To^nf hipe 22, 03, 24, 25, 20', 27*, an 138*of range f"??aii|p* 22, 23, ?4 if?27?, anl 28* o? rans? 11 owc?b!p? 23, 24*, X*, lb*,27', fnd 28*, of rao^e T: vnehlpa 23, 24* 26*, 26*. 27*, and 2S?, e f range T trrf ?p? 24*. 2T>\ 2**,27*. a"d 2fi*, cf mrgf 17 Town jN p? V 26*, :ff, acd 17* or ran** IS. \;i ' t * t wn-?bi(>F w irk^d 'hoa ? were nrlaied in th- ori<in?: r?^<erv tt u of 1S5 5 P-? jmr i n rlinnb eati !ed t-? ar>y of He ?b">T? r?? tioa?-' I l iti'olw n?r r.r?d to m irk*tcr> b mn*te->nth dly * f r^rch nsxi oi. ^ett e:r-nt i.l r 7 an d ? r .. oioh he-, a ipt tv* n ?!?, a.. i) t'-i Hi Wit.ti-j nr.y ?f tbo j.biv ; .OA u e Ipr r <ir. wn or in "'J "o b> RitrrrJ rn f t ?1-n-Tit? dj p br to ?b- d<t* of t e pr-?en wi bdr??-al will lnri;^ pr> of and p?y fjr th^ m*, 'i'jrc flxel bj 1 ?, wit; :a tf Ire ni nt'~ ai t r h <:ate of the r iscp-rtlve MSt'ecr n!?; otl^r ?Iw thwc'a jn* wl l be ftrfeite 1 It w -ujr- ?;! thi-t p.c^-mpl^n e'ait3".tfii t '* ? * itlilu ^?'( wnc.hipf to b?'?-< rrdtopuvt ?a ry * i v 1! r?r? nj*-r^ f ;h-?r oMin- and fl* i>. . <? f* r>it;. t: i l?.*i otRj?r-? b f .r^t^ednT ajp.'lfi' ? 1 fir ihe re t^ratim of the l?n a. eo it pro i tl-lr - I t in- Ir - pr'Tn'e etiiry n a"d i f;tr tb d ??. ^.'.d > r',ion' n:nrt di^,1','ui*v and d-1 ?y. ?lite- a d*m - Vii i, ih' iKyrf \V??binjr: t h'? ?ix .b day ! F bru iry. rrm f^cmla. 0j?. th.; - =an??. >*ieht bnni <d an i fl ty fl*e. ity ord-r cf the I'm ient: J v~!i wiij?or:, Cotam'itfi nt-r cf <len?r?.! Land Office 8 ?1 ?rf * | > > Y \ ti 1 ?;.jn M K ? c ? L ,ie r^7 1 *bfc .u!,fa a? ttmect or ihf <-h ap *l1 !?.">le thacorn-rnf fTanth etrtet, ot-c tL# W .-vhington ral:?:i uisrimi ? t IS- ... J' PIANOS!?PIANuS! V E l*cit liave u>? all the aiMitton .if the pub!t< * * Ui our i<lock of |'i,iq;jh now on t-fta), ronawtin^ ol ?upetb tiai-he 7, _jrn1.'Wj'' i and 8 ??ct;?v?; ro ?^vr.?>tl ea^e in -ira ne??ts fro.n tin- worUlreuowiiM.l f 0 " y .iaiiafarti>ri<-4 of 11 lit-t, 1) ivi- fit Co., Bn.-Mn, an,i Ku >bt: G ? h.e x Co., lialn .mrr-, coiuori^in^ in ;.l ?' * (U'Xi rvii.ibb- mot wl^ct rlmentcvti ff ? d in this ciiv. Aiao. Stool*, tovern, 4ic. ' *?.d Pian;?*iat>ea m eichangd. Wf will tnaku reaM:nal> ? i counts f >r ranh, oi *11 on time JOHN F. E LIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, nearT. ntli sinft. jao 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON. r ^ '.V FOR THtL CURRENT YL~1R. ? K'lai i- ih>w open, a id e.try rUhscu: tx <>i &)j<J wnl be e t tl?*fl to? I. An iinpr. sio. of a i'l a., by J. T. IViitmoff A K. A..from ihe irl?t ,^l picture by J. J. Cha I?d, K. A , "A 'Vaiii T.iriy " II. A Voluiae containing ti.irty Bi^rariui: iUutftrMtinjr feubjertj fr. in l.ord Oyroo's P( iZ of *? ChiMe ila> olde.-"' ^Vnd III Tin; chance ol obtaining on^ ?f the priztg t< bt- allotted ai tiif sjenemi mrirtuii iu Aiuii which win include? liar glit to select l.?r hini8f'K* a va uakle work < ir' f'om of the pu'ilieexhibition.'. n '.-oni" ..I her .M;ijea.> on H. r? bjck, by T. Th r iieycfOK. i ojne- m brn; m, from an or ?;in4l .Mo ?i? re.'.ef by U JefTeraon, of ?? The C dry ol the Dui ot w into MaUrnl Siaiuuea in porceln., J" P;,r'ii?- Pr. of lmpr*>??NMM of a large Litiio rap1, by T. H. >5 aguire, aft?-i liie original picture by vV ' ? 1 rit.i, R. A.. '? Tho Three tf. ws," frou Vo In re'i " H iuri{.-oi* G? i.ulh" Honorary Seer-tari' .s lor VVaiiungton, .Memiri TAVLOR Si MAURY, Book^ellera jan kJ4 PK'JP.)S \LS yo dL > U FAfi.1 FOE r-E PtJBUC flUHIIKO Orrici StprPivrvnnri*T Prsttc P?i*t no, I Wa?hiii<jt?.?', January *25 |R*?.V N purou^nce of the (irovuioi.^ ot' the act cut tie A.i act to provide lor eiecutms ihe pi. ?t. ^nutnig,'' St.-, approv* | An/u.t tt, 1KV-2, ?e.ku propoea - wid he recei ved a1 tiiis ofliee. in the Ca. Uol. uo4l Wednesday, ilie 2bih .lay of M trch iin at 12 o ciock m., lor forr.ishine 'he following qua i tiii- s and d?**eri,?t!.?in .if wutiu^ pap?-r, to wit: 6;5001< ani', weirhinc 2b p^undd p;r ream, and niea 8?rring 19 by 28 in lies 3,100 ream?. wei?hing-26 pounda pi-rrcam, rnd n>ea ' auring ljS by 25 inches 103 rcauu, weighing 24 p mnJapcr rcini, and hi* a r'U.'ine Itf bv 2*2 inch' g 340 r a:n?, weichiui '22 pounds iwrrcani, an J inta furing 18 by 18 niche 400 ream', * etching 12 rounds jier ream, and m- a auntie J*2 bv 1? iuchea All these |?(iera to be made of the be-t muferialM and inulled m the beat manner and Iree from aiiul lera"nn A contiaci will be entered into lor .u,. pl.ini th- qaaotitic vt1te4t at ?uch time, aa the public service may i?.,iiire but the privilege U re rerve?l o. ordering a crraler ipiantity of either kin 1 0 .-..d a ff^at. r qnaioiiy be requir.-,1, at Mich li...e,' end in ?uch quanntirs u? mav be d eined ne essarv ? '" each ku.doi paper mu-t\ bi\ an i all pr?(M?<?al* arid samples mu.t b* iraiHmituj to thi* office, free of pomct or of mm expense Each pro|?>tal must be signed bv the individual or h mi niakiiM it, and niu^t ?;?ecify the |?rice m" pound, ami ihe consequent price p. r reain i.?ud tiui oo? price) ?>f each deacription of paper. AH th- paper nm?t delivers! at *uch place places .IS ID ty be (ie*icuiteii in Wa-hin toil city. i> g-Mii U r, trrr of all rw.d ev?-ry extra cha re or ej pen c. (.ubjrct to ihe iaspttction, coiffit, wei|j!i and iu> taureiueiit ol the Supe. iniendent, and be i all *-^p ct? s.itivfrictory. Blaek form* lot jrrofr sals will be foroi?lied at ? l" persona a .p vni? f?,r Jieui ; and n--ne wi'l be taken imo cun-id. rauoa unlc.-s ?ubM iniiuUt agn ci i ig therewith. Bo^da w?a appr irej[ aecwitlea aril' be requirer an I th.* ?upp^ri ?; tf an interior article, or a ladu ? to sipp!> tin? quatitity required a: any tim will In cc isi rrrd a violaiMn of the contract. E ?ch bidder i? r. uaired to furnish with bi.i p-o|ei a<is saiistactcry ev dence of nis a ulity f i execut" it and any prop >^a unaccomiiaxjiod wi:n sutii tv. nenCf Will b?- rafted. l*ropo?ala will b<- ad.lre-acd to the *'.,*uptri"teri?'? entof ih- PuMic Printing. Ctpuoi ol tio Unit, i ^"at-s \Vasiii"ft..n, anj cudo.'??d ' Piopi.aJ* to Supplying Paper.*? A. O. SEAMAN. ,,w ^up^rtot-n Viitoftij P.j ilic Prnifine ^?O?i?li.VI2K i'?Q WAKE. C arijiLw ,ff' ? Cam uad rI". Kr? ?g?S^?t)" rhite rueul' T.:*!e, nitLtf^ril i^k ^pootiB and Forka, .wub!t aad tli t 5nSd Md ISfd^hv **<>??rt-tltaie tor allv^r wi. vV aa^ y H BEMKEf. i jan ? between vt|? ?;id )9rj o-x , a. IN v iy Oil AllNii CORDI Al A t> REM MESON IN MKDTCINK fTBALTfl R58TORID AHD HI* II. LMNQTHIt w br .1 wK. MOftSI.H INfWORATlKa ELIX1K OR OJtOiAI.?\t ftrnt the profit tie* ^rrlbnte-J to i-r,. UOfiea'i' TNYIGCRATINa K'.!XlR?ltt 3UX91AI? ww 'lo*'i*dfabu^ca*. Ths publloofcM ?.)bMtW MifM tbe rtvrple -.dJ tJb'lA( ?nu( nccwd br the 4<P(ftT?M - '^iii farte, fa~t? attct^d by wtt <?*??? 01 tte Wtfher. eu&i and character, are now trluxapb *12 cvw ?.5 double. IK0RSUUL1T? 18 t/VlR TBIOWN by a raaee cf testimony wbih it perf-ctly lrT*<istabl*. Tha ?UJCl* remedies, In all <*<*?'., tie deplorable ?vlia nrtaln;; frea its^OHnr abm" of tbs ^arteo* or$?n? vrnkb make up the Tr.-vd-,"nl zsaefcln* s*l]*<J ?u. It rwiorofl to full v>gor every <Mlcate "a?e i-u aonneeted with th%t tsyctarHm* c-tnpoocJ ???n7 of matter c J aiel, n?*e.?rr to the re frv !*tctism of human lift To persons or fr-?bl# melon '?r fr*m?, or d?9oient In vital power. It to reoous laeaisd us ths only iu?an? of fMntr.'inlsating that -ner^y which Is n?C!T iry to the pr. per enjoyment M nil th? natn?aJ appetites, ar. w?!l a* the Libber nentsl attribr tej. It* beneficial are ict con ??o?S to either sex or to toy a?e. The feeble g'iri, ?he ailing wile, the llatlew, eraevatcd youth, tbe orwTorn n:an cu bnrin<*?, the Tictim o*' osrvoci da pre ^ion, the individual suffering from general de hli:ty, or'ron the weeks?*- of a rin;le oriran, will *?'. find itamsiiaV aui permanent relief froia tba .??? of ?ais ino^mpurable renovator. To those rho mt#? predisposition to pM*iys)a it will prawn h :ov\l?te au-i unfailing safeguard cjf?in:t that terrl Me malady. Tiicre are Danj, perhapj, wto here ee tr- ed aitii ILc'r constitution*, tnst they think lilacs'lrea bcyorvl t?a rea:h cf Batata*.' Let not even th?eedespiJ*.? The K'dsir deals with dieeaa.iM It?..istj, w',iheu' referen w tr. car ew. aad wiU tc* iih tmaow the ai?c>rdar itMl f. bwt Vr?o t.Ko?itiN OJtNdnxcrtON ibe Awu^ttMntr, of the rjp*nnf Imd-'n? to ntr 0(t3 -i Jews re, mc?1 the form of nerrna* dutdaee !i *lf, are go nuncrons that it woali requlrrneolatrr ic fian^a,'] the eu^jKlioi fcr whisb tfcla prpper^ a'nn U aepeciCo. A f>w, fcoweTer, may bwrnnin* > M1, ti3: nenralria, tic i^Vreaax. h?w 'tche. inci^ i r.r pa'-alysto. hjrtar.1?, palpitrtion cfthe h?irt, pp. ?1? aftfcUooB, mi". rii'ji;-.t-Jtre!n?r*,f\Rtal?n k p"C"<tT!j; oer.5iticn In th? Peiin, n- n'one^, torpii t-r of th ll*er, mental de^r^asiow, w?akne?" of ?:!:? ? S'l, ia-Uspti'tion U more, .s.:ctneee after rieyci" i->Vea sltfp ??-i 1 terrify'.fg, inability re asicin one pltce - position, w?tkcaPB oi the prc - iwtlv* organs, sextij. inc^iupettacy, ciclacshalj. ?: ;o n-i' a.fluor aluti?, uiiiig at tue atomitc-i, f - ? ie irr^gn'-?r U?i, a cfrouac ??;cdoaoy to m;.s;sr LSjvoatUn. ?o4 all ecmpiaints tfrowinr; out o: 1 ^.-e Ip'2*U fjice of the enii all 1 vrenr.w U?t vioei n?t fr->a o.'srr.a>e cacata bcyot>2 *t* rfad: of in? tirina. nr'hoaerei t>!9 orgatis t9 fc? attfu upen are ftr?e >>ni titlform ;t)oo or strict oral iiaaasse ii u a??rrA. that MORSJTg TIfTIO'JRATTNO KLIXSR *'l"i rsplac? ? a i*n*re with itr?nfth, incapacity with ttt&iency. im ^uJarity witb uniform e.nd nata'a) to Ifiiy, snd tbis not only ?*hoat hi.aard of Miction, ?>*ir with a happy efl?5t or the general orffanisntirn W^lkmr in mindUiat ail ualadiee, where???.? thej *?in, ji<KsA aith the ufer?on8 ?y^tom, and that t>-' < n'tsatico ?->f the n??r?es or motion and ?entttion 1? r>foy?i?al death. Hear in mind also, that for every k.:cd 01" rervoUH dbwue th? Klfxer Ord'^J ia th# ?5;j crevaretion krowo. UAl'TIOX. D*. Motai's Irrsoa vr<r-i Co? r-ut l*? bees oe?a tarfeite-' by acms nnpiinci^ie.; p<rscna. In fa:ora, h ; thecenoica Coiolal aiil hare the' pr07>rieCnr> f^-c riin'Je .jrer the cork cf eao! bottle, and t2.? folio * infironlii bl->* n in the r' tea Or., 1.ariiki iarl^oijalleg Cirdlal, C. SI Ri:tO, Proprietor, ?.* ?yr The Oordial Is put up higU^ coc:?ctrat?d, Id ;'.nt bottlss. itte5,?$3 per hoi lie; two fijr (,!?; ill fci- Jli C. II. JII-'O, iToirlator, \il Broadsr?y, New York. Sold by Dmggiata ttron^bort Lht United States, Ganadae, and <??et lediee. AOISNTT, Wa?hi v'ton - Z 9. ?i IL VAX. D*iUav.;??1*. 8 I.I A KC -- n et:?mi: ?bmnn rrr f Bf ?!% l**r V.? Rev. joun i. vnahas pastor or the EXEl'EK dl UEEr, >1 E i.HUKCH ?\ sau.ig ueiiie .0 i??* ctil Cii? inflict- d iiHacee >1 hi f? c-er if.. We : any oih* r m' iiiciix ?fi -eni s'icli a n.a?; of te* iuiouy front g.^ iul. nn -? and la id 8 o! irxh ;t n Jiiij; of our dam wl-I Hu-w o >?, v.I10 t- <ti?'y ?>i cure* <?f COI/QH, IIKON* ?;ain?, uiieumatism iiY^HEPgiA, Ac Hiliimore, January *24Ui, !8i5. Mf&irt. btortitner Movbi ay: i t ife piiM-ure in n^>iug to you that I have uscl ?'..ur' U.AinpfoK1^ Tincture" Willi very great | rufit. rrnin a 8?'ii<>u.4t iroat lion, my (5?:neral'ti Ii 11I b?c<nne very much ifnptir?-d, ivhun > cor;i tneucei to u.*e ' ILiinpt n'? Tm.ture." I fo^t d 1 tlT-C<a u;?o my I iie iitu luwt salutary.? Wy in rv ii ?y.?t?'in and di;j?riive organs ?>ion right ?d ??(? i"d?r it* us*:. I 1j.iv aeV'-ral tinier rrcniimeniM it to my fneu .in 1 in f very cnae, as tar as l bare been in lorined, they have 11 it wi;h 6ucc?as. Yours truly, John Liaii?x,I'.ictor Of E*et?*r rt.. M. E Charth, Ualtiuiore. ?4 _____ BLEEDlNli OP THE LUNRS. RiLiMD, N. Feb 8, 1W5 >fcim. Mrrtiinit 4' Mow>, ?y: I do lifre y ccrtity t?iHt >ilx>ut twelve mon'hs ago I was tikeii with a ,-evrc heiimrrt'ajfe of tlie Lniigi i'l i liad four .it! ickeof it ! wj? advispd to try l?>. lainptotr-i V?nc?-iab!:* Tincture I (-roc. red one > ?itle, a i,t after taking <vhich, I was iiiiefied ih-st i v- i? much belt r; and ih u, uf ? r inking tlie t nrtb onlc, ! was entirely well. a>id 11 ?v 1 e joy im good he Ifh e? ev^r I did 111 my hie. I can, and <10 w?h <>ut the lea-it h^^itation. rec? mineiid the Tincture to nil r>--'K >rsi ctcd in my way Your*, Giro. VV. Wiakmv. CURB F1TH?RE \D! Vwi Co the Sick than Gold ? rum one of the Uiost re-p x t-itde Uiuseifta in South Carolina. Ch\rle8Ton. ti. C. "epl. 21,1853. VfMi. M iiiTiMta A .Mowbray The fale of <?'ir 1 tampion*e vtgciNbh* Tinctore is in< rt-aj ng :cery o iy, and ? vei v A> it1'* eo'd recoinm^n l< tln 1 : ia le me !i<*ine U^he ;iffl?cti-d. Hcveial of our I >i 1 te? hava tried it in different ca^ca nnh a?tou s.iir g <ucii!v, ami getting it by half diifn^. It ia< beep ftiuiid t>* be the >r< at>-st em dy f.?r rh? u iiauc atr>-ctioii?, and 1 wonderful cue ha- been ?erf.irinetl on a negr 1 L;>-, *ufl"t rin^ from fits. 1 v? Ii fu ti 1 >ou witn a number ol reiltticale* if you vUli dieiu I am, Rentleiner, yours, , \V*. G Taorr. Call antl |f?-t |taiiif>nlets gratie, ami son cur1 h of >u.Uit liriiiicliitia, ttbeuiuati*ui, Neuralgia, Dye ep.aa, N'err> a?ne?<4 and Geuersnt VVVa:iiie?s. As a i-r.iale medicine i>r f.r dehcite claUrcn we l^ li^vt 111 ?? quaiie .. Suld hy MORTIMER & MOWB AY, 14d Ba'li no re eticet, li.itimorv, and 304 Uioadway, N. York 'HAS- f*TOTT St Co., J. 11. VIooxk, L). ii. Clabkk, :Ji.?rke A itowlino, VV. Ei.Li'iT, aort H IUcChkh os, VVa>>hin?ton ; alv., by tt. S. F i'i ski., G en ?e owu; and r. C. tttanv, Alexandria, and liv D ug jij'f >-vf r> .vtipf, feh 21?tr u. ijJC-J N'OTH E OF T.lB nt^CO.VriN'U ^NCfi Of Liu Li.UtJ Stale* latul at J'ffersonviile, I'in cevnci atui h'inamac, Indinnti, UN Li L U the prov.sioi.8 of the second section of] the act ofCon^re?B, approved June 12, 1&40, which declares <4ih t whenever :hc quantity of pub lic la >dr! remaining unsold in any iand district fha!! be reduced to a n tun Iter of acres le?v, than one hun dred tiMxi.sand, it i-haii be tlie duty of the Sec ret try of the Treasury to di-cor.unue the land o fie*- for such district; and if ,?ny land in any a h dtstrict ?Iiad reiaam unsold at the lime of the liscontmuince of a land ollic ?, the same shall be <ul"i* ct to sale at home one of the existing iand of fices i.ioet convenient to the district in which tlie land office shall Irive hern discontinued, ?>f winch the Secretary of the Treasury sliail give notice and inasmuch as the 7th ttecrion of the act approved 4th Sept ruber, Ml, authorises tlie. Secret ry ol the Treasury to co UiiU<*~aiiv land district in which is situated th-i seal of (torernnieiit ?f juy one 01 the Slates., nutwithotaadui^ tbe quantity ol laud unsold in Kucb district may not amount to tnt<re than one hundred thousand acres, when in liis opinion stieb continuance may be required by public convenience or in order to clone the land system 111 s'icb tf late at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on that Fiibiect approved June I'j, 164J, and iruo ..uch at the d.Uy above rii/nircd has been devolved u.ioii <Ae Seeretuiyof tbe TtUerior by "tbe act to e? a^^li^b tbe Home LrpaHmcnt, 'approved 31 March, 1849: iVotice is accordinjly herebv pven that, In view of teiiorts from th ? lan ? olficer al Jeffkr?o.n villk, Viicuxii, and VVimahac, liiat the vacant land in each o^ said dista rs is reduced l?ei??w imi? liundr.'.! tiiou^m 1 acp-s, ttjrf Secretory of tbe Interior, uitK tbe approbation of tbe Prenirnt. h?s directed thai the I ortieesat Jli pi Rsonvitte, VtiiCKKMK^ and Winamac; in iho ^lat'- 01 Indiana, be <li8cniiuuued, and the lan is remaining unsold at tlie time of rhe ?liseontinH nice be m ide -ul?j"el lo esde a: the land office ?l > xi>i an a foils. tlie eeat of sorerniiicnt of s^id Stale. Laii<ls lemainuig untold, and uap rcpriated b) law, asid subject to pr \at? ? ntry usihiii t e iinilts aft ie diftriots now disc eitiuti;.!. wi I ?:ea-? to be -ub; ^?ci to entry a? heret 'fore at ?no-'e nts"*#, fnnn the (Hie of me receipt of tbi* notice ^>v the rej ?ter> md re -eifets thereof, and the land nffi.-er- at Ijini te will give public noilee of the dav . ?? ivh h they will b? jirapar d m rec- tve t plic it r.11 for aatriee of an ^ucii land their offl- e JOIIV ?. IhSOV. Cnfnmi^nner of CeuB-al Land Olii *e. JamjA-r -IS. 18S5 jao ~J -ii?6 v A Ifo t4 Brtdar t'reet, GeorgiCnrn. i rraparcd to fumlrn Balls, I>?n*rfta, 8nf"^w _ \Ytsoixoa, fitc., with everythinc in tbe Cw''* Jo lary line, Ii any part nf the Dinrfet,*? the it j w uodca, and on the moat r***?nsh|e t?-rais. [ TKAVkLkfCv * iKJbb to*.!. ^ IATHAM'S Link UK ntlilBl)?ihi? > wdl l?s- ve Alexandria at 4, Til, and ax < hi. I? and J}* p m. Willi ieav< i? at ft, 11, and a m.,3^ *i?i * pp. i: .? b? *?cured at Um Office, Fairfax at, and \e?tun'? Mamtoii House) in Washington, M Uab's di gur Store an Kirk wood FIoum. This Line ram n eularlv winter and suaMaer for the :.CC' "t the PeMic.. Pa- either-" called for and taken to UMtrresidences if not i??>?far. PMlE-Fiir the fir>t trip up and la-t trip dowr, 60 cents ; all other regular tri|v- 95 cents. Trunk*extra. LATHAM k COOE. Jan 8?11 ci?o.nwic' L"* BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN -n, > NEW YORK BALTIMORE ^ ? TlTtX^YV k BARTON, WILL 'tinpatcli a Steamer daily from Bnltioanra and Ne* York, ind twice a week from Bo-ion to B dtitiiore and Baltimore to Ko*t<in. This lin*- nffords nn'-qnalh d facilities to the bind n"?-? men of ib?- District of ''mnmbia. The Agents at either point will r??lTe freight and five a through bit* ofiHdmg to Wanhinrton ?? the lowevt rate* o. fri ix'it and no comtnis-ion charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to by the following amenta: A. MALL, 58 Exchange PI ce, Ralumore. H. B CROMWELL, Cofaet1 Washington :ind Albany at<., N. Y. JNO. V\. 8CHANK, Jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. "~FOR THE EST AND ftHJTH. BALTIMORE AN It OHIO EAltiROAD. i l-MPKOVJkU AT.UAN .f-Mf Nr8 FOR T :*VBLI IMPORTANT tHASUcS orHCHKDUDEll \ -"TlCSBSJSSR The 1st- eoapWtfco of th HBr* m'MEN* Central Ohio Railroad between VFbe ling ani Coombus nniting M it does, bv ro abort and direct a Use, the Baltimore and Ohio Kalir ad w tb all portions of the w#?t (an ? North an 1 dDuihtreat,! girei tI:U r ate great!y increased advantages to throagh traveler? in tbat direction. On and tf er M NDAY, \ovembdr -7, 1854, the Wine wil- b? run a* follow*: FQRTHR' :U6H PAaBFNOKRfl. Two fat.t t:ains daily wil inn in eaeb d'reelorj Hrat?The MAIL TRAIN. lewiog Camden StsU^n at 7 a. m., in*te-l o|S 'clock as heretofore, (exc pt (Hi Sundav.) an 1 a-nving ?t Wheeling at '2 40 a. n Second?The H Xf'KrgS TR ilN, leaving at 5 p in , !-,?tesd o! at 7 p. m., a* h?Wo*or*, and ntnni ~g t^r^ngh to Wbee'tn? ?? about it bmra, rearb'cu f ? ->t 10 25 a. m. Th<? traia will ct-p at Wa-h ir.j'on Jnnction, Syk-'jville, Monocacv, fluroe-V F rr?, Hir'tiwWrj, *ir Jobn'o Run. Cumberland. Pi-dtnont, Howleaburg. Newi?ursr, ""ettermar, Fnrui Iogt5~, Oamerou an J MoundsTiile only, fcr wr^jt an 1 water acd toea'.a. Both th"e? train* qi.'&? tTouip' and regular eouncetion wi'h ti?* e-r? ot tb^ O tral Ohio Hoad 'or CaTrbridg-, Z-m-sriile, >'ew ari, Oolunbua, Cin-innati, Louiarill.% ^ayton. 5?anda?lty, Toled\ tetr It Irdianaro!^ Chi(v ??, St *tc. Paswnger<; leaving Baltimore by i be 3fiil Tr n; wi l resc' (Ircinoati f-<r iianrr n<?*t day, whl'e by the f Sprees Traia they arr tb>?r' at l i tT-e n?xt nigh', b?log kept but one night on the route t.y 'ith r train Pareeng?rp fo'tte Northwe't ria Clera'a^d tnd all iofftmeliate j-oi tg can m^ke a direct <r:?? ti^n with he traina upon th* C e?ela"d ?rd P'tta b irg R i lrord a* aVi times wh*- the Ohio i? nari<ra ble n-a'ea-nen-between Wheeling ar 1 WelU.elue, by tearing Balti^icrt In he Mail Train at 7 a. tc Retorfiiig. ihe Trairn l?are Wheeiirg r.a ibilewc: The PXPfl"8S TR *. IN at 4 30 p m., reeeblng 'a' ti ao-e at #.60 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.43 f. ?I rvrcblrgBa tlmore *t Bk 7 p. itJ-Tbrragh tiB?e'^ b nt rt*?>n Wheeling tt>r CI ci nati, M-die^n L u'-sille, St. Taenia and oth#r River iti-n, i 1 b? no d at a 1 times wbea the stag* of ?? f?r will almlr. ^Thr.iuth tickets 'etw^n Baltimore i.nd W?jniniron. aad oil the imrortant dtiea and town la the Weat, ure sold at the T;cke Offoes of tbe V> ?*.. p ^ ny FOR WAT P*.88KVERB TU^ MAIL TRAIN, '?avin? C^mderi PtuMan '.*111 tak; naase^ftere f r t'l the u<ual rtopr ing pla-"e? on the Ko<J Ite'urr.irp, hia train le*ree Wl'.eeling at 11.45 ml' Crab flard at 10 15 a. m. au . ar "ieea it Ht'timore ..t 7 r> ro. THE KKrpg ICR '-CCO >1 VOCATION TRAIN, f^r P edcri*! an t i t nn(d te rla^e, wi'l s art at 4pm. -ifi iy (excrj?t Sun nv')'ng in Fre<>> lok ?t 7.40 i;-3 iimlnr * 11; la ?*e Frederick at 3 &. m . a-r vlng at Telt'tncre at 13 20. nocn 1MB r.l.LIC -\T* Mil."* -CfMMMCDATlOT* 1 ??l'i h-j r?*n di'ly, f-*'* p J a.) ?s foliow^: Lvave Cm:j-! r. Cta-I- ?? jit 3 n a ind 3 p. m Leara Kil colt'a Mil!? st T a ia. and C.C0 p. m. W^jSIIINQTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAIN* RUIT AS FOLL 1?8: [EAT* daily, crsej t f>ciii?y, at 6 and 8# a. m. i o d 3 and f> p m. On ?>vn lay at C a m en-i 6 p m. Le.^yr :JvHm rtj at ind Otc; ard 5 ard8 p ra. On S't-"ty 4 V am end 5 p m. Th- ftncj;! v ^'t*. HiULmorf? A Ohio Ra'l-rai f-r the sn by trains tearing at 0 ? d m~i 3 pa. F< - t*hU-.<!*>M* and clr~r Y_:k at 0, ?.ni am sr-d C p m. F^r A us ipolls at a a and o p m. Fj.- KonCil at 3 p n. T n. PARSCNF, AgM.t P-rt!;u ??r attention l?i caile-i to the Ru'e requtr ing a rcspoui'stle *cu3ii?r for eB7 person af c-:k>? wno a 7 wi-h to p&as o? r fcf rc*d d-e '8?^tf oaAaoK A9D AL>:xANDaiA nma.Ai/ On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THK Cara leaTe AJ-xa'-drit da Iy for Ojr !cn Ji Tillj and :nte-ai di ?? tations at 7 3f o'cl r\ a. m., o th? arr'Tsi o? tb? ?x>a: lr?m Wi?hln^?n JWim[?OmI9 tins for breakf*at on boe.rd <.'? n | nectin.' c*. M-tnnvv? Jnnct .r Tith a tr?io Jar ^?7. at Wi^rresrcn J ? rticn nk a tr**n for -??iitou, urd at Oo^dcuirHl^ rlla the tr.ins on th Virw inia ?>istra! Hai:roaJ fbrlli hmcad,Chariot-"? "i!?*, and Staunton Tli^car^ ienae Goelonevil'e d?l!r <br Alesat-dr e and in wmcdiat* ata'-iocs. at before '2 ?. ir.. ot the a-rir&i of tbe tridns o the Vi-giniaC-ntr&l rail road f:"ia VJcbmc. i. Ch?jriolte?TlTl?, enJ ','taunrm t 'Rooa.i ri' sisrs. From Alexandria to "err- nton ^ f0 " ?3ur<or<STnie *$ 51 Ch?el0?t.arill- ......... 4 2J M Sreantof 6.P0 " ** ftra>>burg 3 M I.trchbnrg 6 75 ? ? Wineh-et-r 8 M /? -- ~ ? n 1 iur* v...................... 4 ^ u " New Market..... 5 W M M Mid ileburg 2 For Lynchbtirj, cunaecVrg with tbe e' .ihariottssvillr?, on Mondays, WedoaAday, and Fri d?a a r Laray and New ^atket, ooncrdlng with tL? s a*rr? at Culpcper, on Tue8d?>a,Tliured?ys, and S*t urday For Winc^wtcr daily, ronnsctLi^ witli tlie rtig?e it Fit-l aor?t r r ^ildUburg diii;, t-reacting with tLfl etac* ut tb^ Plains. ? Par order: W. iJ. ER0CKBTT, Ag?nt n?r 7?dt/ FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and PRIDAY8. ^F; r? round trip tl; from Al?x ^niris 7a r# nts ?"lLe IHOMAS CO LYilR Waqbi3$to? at fi en-l % at 3'^ o'clock. ? Itiob-.^ l.-a*-! th'* C:p' t ? r ? i-v. at 3J? o'clk <.otch ftre 0 I'orxoni mia'iing tbe . ' lire their re?i ds tea wi'h Geo. A 'i'hji . t*. ?iefreslitaeut- ou U*>; t? v O t 38 -^Itf OCDN*Y. Capt VIIK NiCW 4k LIVattPOOL zmt UNITED STATES _ MAIL STEAM ER8. rpi1B HI1P8 COMi UISING TUtB LINK ABU L ATLANTI0, Ort. We?t PACIFIC, Cant. N^e, BaLIIO, Capt. Cametoek, ADi'JATIC, C?p'.. Qraiton These ships have b*-?n boilt by oontract, erprea - ly for Oorarnmmt eerri<?; every cure bas be?D taken in their con-ann ion. aa in tbe Rngiues u iu<>-.r? htrengt^ and ep*el. and the r a-~?< tione to- passengers are unequalled for e>g.nj and comtoxt. Pr? e of cassage frooi N?nr Ytik to I. w rp^oi, in firpt ?? jb* o................... ?.............................. ^ i dit ^ M <'*b u 11 ? M Kicl? ie?- uee t-f -fXtTa aite ate.?? roem* 31)6 ?'roui Liverpool tj !*ew Ycrk ?30 an J ?30. an ?zrerienoe^ furgeon attae.rrd to eaeh,hi?. No berth oan *e a.c-ired until paid tor. For freight or pe?a<e apply to JU>WARD K. COLLIN8 A CO., 63 Wail street. Na * Ycrk. BHOWN, 8U1PLSY 4 CO, Liverpocl. Fw O. ROBBRTB k OO., 18 Ring'a Arvrs Vard. London. JOHN MUNROE A CO, 28 &U- Notre Dsme dc* f Foci* GfiO a CRAP .R, Ilavte Ti e owner? of -ne e ?-fcip(? w'li not b- a^ut table f 1 -o'I eiirer, b'lil'oo, je -"ai*y, precise.? Mei >r metuls. u* -?? b.tV ?f !:???? .... aj> ?t?r?et tl;?r? r. an lL:- t K.U.- tt<e-n;f th*r? in *.\ :-? . :. rev 10-lly 11. SF.MiiiiS. JEWELER, So. 33t* t'a. .iccuuc, I'C o&y.i \?% 1 d ItKA ? eta., Qfijf* ktr ?.il a MiHgniticttui i o< DIAVJONU Jt.WCLCY, JcM Br>c?'et?, Bteastpins, Eirrtnyi, B?*l RlnfS rYedding Rings, Fob and Vex Cicalas, &eals, i<Ofl?* t:?. Pfnc?l?, Thimblee, TViakata. ete AU ar.icles art ffttraoted ?<. raprM?ntcd and -om isoMMJly law. J Ml 19 [KO.M0] Bjr UtPtMliintortk* r?lt*48UUi. TNinrasaaeeaf l*w. LPRANK UN PIBSCS. Pw X Mtont of ;h? (Totted BliM ? of iatrln, 4b brrtj ?Mi?n til make known ton- a puo'l: tab viU be he 4 at the land ol??- ?t inctti, in tbe Stele ? * MMwm cmbbxi tag on ' onday, 'he ftoenfp <trif dtiy ^ M*g Mrt, f -r i>? dispee U of all tba p^rtn n ol hi eec| om *n : p r' i o ser.oaj of laa i be?rin* odd una *r* vili.iu . x u in on ?a h sW1e_?f th llo" of h* Mob li osro arras atria o ad. "n lv? - : -.t ' ? f Alt *aa mm ? MM* a rn eubjv : to th d a11 * stin ana or op of iwo dr11a- * a -.o fifty coo ts r?r acre, ?? i?r v.d?-d by ibe act ot iO h nop wnbo*, kM, a .id ? xoept? d (T3BJ graiuatiu if to pries >y thn kct f4a Au-ui , Sit waict wors a ?^Wi io b-off r-d f r * Is 1?> po Io 491. b-?r lo* daf" tM May, 1*M b..t ? uV"e?o-n ly witl ? drew- u.-'t *or h-r not o ? for to? pro^?d ra 1 ?ad 't?*bi Bra -don to Mo t- m?r b> pull tn) I ? No. 4^4. b**?jlnw dt'*? 19 b t acujt, 1HU ao> th.i etsoe not Ho n( ?wty* "t *opr vats ntry at t?e 4<teora?id wit wt?va , ??*- ?x ntojcwat y n t r tor d to mar k t .u D r<l uotie* >o ?**,da ed foil 1WA' situated in the nnicrmrnticnod toon>bi^r, *? wtt: Mm* of thf ham line and ?ajf of tht Town-fcinyonr, o* r>?op? M'twa Townji j(>? t?] try four Jim*, and tie, of range fonr Co -n b!ps hrd ). fear, Are, aiz aul mm, ct ra go firt an Town* hi ra thrte.Jbu-,jtwt, six, and seven,of ran^e aixtaati township* /lea lia, and teren, of range sever Towrsliip term, of 'igtteo?. Nonce l< ?la >1 er by P*~' J*1 %I1 h* J?f$L,? nato oaisi le of iSa Ja mi-'* limit cm oh Ji "Us J to ariva'e -ntry a- ahov stater wbkh will &*?? - l?it to entfv at one drlla- and twenty-five ce per -ore, *>r (ti ior actual S'ttlirent o .d f t em> ^n) at tko f *7 of 4th Aa^iul, Ib54 iotbalo I w?nz-?.?J?dd atri? t# ^ townahl;a io the Stitoa of Ml.a BfUpl un-i Aia, blTa, wf'l b? mbj-ct o ontry andj^O<ttn-? "? ??? ? af-jor >fooda> the ntmUMmik day of March next, to wit i thf district of lands ?u*Jaet to aala at AoocrrA, ^Nurth of th* bat', lime v*d eati <f 0* Choctaw aaen dian. T wd'hipa (kr*,j9ur,ft9?, ?U and aeren, ofraaga tW^,w'n.hipa thfa, /cur, flra, mm, and reven, ot ^r^arnah'P? thrre, /bmr.flve nm and aeren, of range aaaaw. ofr-.nre fifteen ToWD!*h.> thrv, four an? *??. of range Town?Wia *>'** ***> M> *nl *?"? r*T^w"vipW*rM, f*mr, M*. **. tr'd ?eri'?' *l range ?c;h:een. In tfc? district cflanii enbjfet to ra.e at Dmopv Vort* vj the Ian* a*** ???< ?/ *** principal me ridta*. Town bips thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, alxleen as) B8tan?eao, ?f ran.-a two . . ? ?_? rowu.'b p? t^ir.een fonr.een, fl teaa, rMeen at> fr-rm><n. of ra?ge 'hreo . To^rablpa tb rt??a, fonrt efyffUcn, listen an t ere teeo. of >ao^e foar . T w? ahip? 'b.rteen and fifteen, of ran** The >own?bipa d< id?r.?ted in r .b Mr w.thio tba limita of ei* and fift-n ">?;??' ; ? ect r-ly on e .ob 5d*of ?U r ad, afcd tb ae m t'a'?c? *re par'ly wi bin a id 'imit*, ?a dealglUt oa the diagramh wbich will b? forniahed to tbe ^ a ecTWe diftrict offloeta by tbe JommUsloner of tb ^Tbe*lan is wii^be soH xu*jtcit? the ri'ktof way *ruite by the act ot 80 h >rt.iem ?< r.'860, to ? e *t ?tra m f >i e- ai' fjr rai'^oa't. nor , x^.ton err hurvt'cd feet on *>\-h ?i e ?h-re f. aod t>nref>r- tt ca;t ca ar ract < of lan ?? bicb iuolode ihe rmA will be e ll ** omta^uiofr tie qoant.tiea r ?p<?ure<? chow a by the ?'^fil" al plata. The ee-tiane will b? ciff-red at t' ? rnMks aale i^ tne r-er la ?h cb th y ?ra adaer iaed; ?^a ?a?o wiH b? *ept epen f)'a euilcier.t tlm<* to admit ot offering ail 'he Unda, ut c t t?ro w-rfc; a->d app i -atioo? t" roak- p >r*t? mlr.eecf the lard? rff'red a publi? ??1' ucd r hi" pr<<l*aiatly? *i; not r? ei?ed until nf^r ibe el< a? of tbe two W Qlreo aDi?? my han'J, at th? city of aa^dagton. tb s r ven h day cf F-orai.-v.Amo D-mlal os* * " ht 1'a'"r',1 "f58b'!w pi sacs. Py tb" PreeWant: Johs Wrwcir, _ Oojjiu nioner Ocaeral La^i Off ^e. N0TIC3 TO PRE EM^HON CHIMAN83. Under tH?ac:? f "Va/ies* ao{T. rel 31 of Ware. . ".853, entl'le-1 "An -et vt ritend pro empri'^l riris ? toc?rUin as'v.lorp h*rjin a *nt? >n?t " tbe pre exp tlo 1* AWT* eS'ended v^r ?b- above m?i ior pj o>l<1 d phj I hg w^ihin ^ x icil*i ? n "?en ?UtfOi route of where tb* settle susnt andiapfo'emei-t wtro mil pri-r t- the da e ofU tr?o , iforoven up and p-i-i f-r fct t^e re. oft v . oliar< and fifty o-ot< p. r t-.r*. be ere tb* la fixet tor toe public eal? ; ani by tba aot ap prove-1 Tth March. 1^64. eotl'iel 4Aa aft tbr r ? ief of a- t'.era on Un <b res-r- ed tor r*ilr ?ad P".r ? ea " p-rsens wb ? a?U?d ? d 1?proved ibe *b<.y-' a,-r ? i Vtion' p or to the da-c of wit hdrawal ?i 1 I)-* eati l-d to ?? ? raaptlooa aith-ordinary mi- sfficw r?w < f 'h- oob'ic l&udv>r st1'" r te of ? ne d ?ii>>r a .1 iwntr-fivr ceuta p-r acr-, ^f prev^n up ktd o-il f r b f n tt." dav fli<i for ib" p-ib w aalc:? Ta re ore, eve*y f?r on euil'l'd to* tof pr : mrti n I- any < f the ?lr?ra,t ? d nnaibe ?-d >e t oo a^ove meat one . wi flneix oiile ot tbe route at tb? r?Nd, n d r tbe >et cf VI r h, H53, *h . e ? f??red to, on eott'tai nts prior to tb ? 4th ^ b?? y, 18S3,?tbeda HOta lo ment) or un W tr .rt of 'i7c ? Mareh 1851 on e-til?eKrts r;?.d^ pr ir totbed?t ftheevHti'-a wi hlraw?l of tb? ki i!3 fron ir.-.rK-'. U ewi e .vtrv p?r'on entitle! to?'? eiap'. ej ti '.er rr? kCt f 27tb Mare , l&tt. in ar.y ot tin? * da ctifjict#/1 c it* mue i m to dire-:?-d t? b^ rc ? r.-. cc n r. on ?? 17th uay ol tt-:eh r^at. la l ?l t ei t* e =erac tr tbe ??ti-f-c^i n ,1 he re .it s end Teaa ? r of the irrpe^ la a ofree, udiM^ raeot ih^'efor at ih?5 prTo^ law at r? not Iter Wim? thlt P"''c*. ?r>4 b-f re th' " y ppiin*?;t for the jnble?aletf re-tration *?> mrbt of tb* la^da eaibraricc the u-aj. cUimeJi ttb^rwlee aoah^Uia wiUb-h fetttd. Cotnmleslo'ser of eneral Land ' A*. f^blO lawl3w HOWARD LIFP INSURANCE COM fAsNY OP NEW YORK. II C 8PAOf?'fWashington,Agent. SHE Howard Lire In,.uranrc Company. p<i**-ra ing an tinjil** capiiiU, anil fvnty facility 11 'calling iU op. rn.lisina np,>n tbe iro?t ncvure btri', inakKM i-v rv m-urance <igaiu>t Life Kiska up jd tKe aost l.svorai?lr terms. Par tie* ioeunnn upor the rautu'd p!an a** enti tled l<? h proj?ortiona;e eliar^ of the profile ; or up??n die ioint rtoj* plan by which tliey pay a lower la:-: of pri-iiiium, but do not fhare profits. Puliciea dfi grant-Mi either lor Iiff,or for a limited period The Howard commends itaelf to person* m till tUtron^, but especiiillv to every ot' n family Mill ary or Naval Officera off cr on duty nuy be nteured in lime. # peacc. IVr-ons insured in thu Company have 'he privi lege of cri??6iiif tbe Atlantic, to port* iu Ean?p<*, at nil ?easona of the j.iar wit out eitra remiuin Hpecial permit* for Cab ornia, Anatraiia, or th?* tiandwic> Ulan.ia, at a reduced rate of premium. Oifiee So. 338 North Daireet, one .'oor i-ust of Te.nh mar 3 eolru B' ARUAI A 1,% K MrtllOlU" HI k>, _ *c.? A TATE, No. 314 Pa. avenue, between lOtii and 11 tli ttr-et?, is now ? unuiu? oflf the remain der ol" his Fall and Winter stock ot Embroideries, kibands, Lace*, Cup* an 1 F-*ney Notions at ver> re .ncod pries, tbe stock conshstini oi'mauv dei-:ra ble fnoils, all ol* which will be sold very cheap, pre vious to la\m^ in the Spring stock. u ar 1?eo6t CLOCK-, CUM MS CLOCK. ? I?If you want a good C'ock, wariant d to k(>?p time, call al the store of J. KOUINSON, 3 49 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb 38?dim fjiiEMIUM PIANOS.?We have on exhibition L at the MeU>?p ditan Mechanics' Institute lour Magnificent Piano*, mad<: uxpresaiy to our order for this fair. These Pianos wc offr for sale al low rates and upon exceedingly reasonable terms. Also, asup-rb rosewo d Guitir, Tiitou's natect, which we are engaged iu p ttmg up a raffle tor. JOHN P EI LI8, 800 Pa. avenue, betweeu 9t!i .nd lOtn sta. febatl READY-MADE OlOPHINQ \T HEUU ED PRICES As the acason is ad vanced we have deierinined to sell off the re maining portion of o*jr winter stock at eroatly re ducad prices; then-lore gentlemen wishing to oon etilt wnotny in purchasing fine Overcoats, Talm-s Dress, ITr?ck. and Hn^i iess Cwats; Black and Fan cy Cashmere Pants ; Velvet, Silk, fetid and Merino * ' If ? ? ? - * Veet?; (Jnderehirts aid l'rawers? an1 all Otlier ready ma Ic garments of flue qu di'.y, will find i>ur present variety to be as well assorted aa in the b - ginning of the teas in. wi'h tbe advantage of trnch lower prices. WALL ?L 8 EPHEVS, 340 Pa avenue, next to Ir^n Hall frb S9 (^entinelklv* EXPKO NliW TEAK Pat8L?T8. 0" al! tau braajnes ofhuiss s ooalust-d la this a,'/, ernes p-rtsjs, ? f a>l oth>r< ailara tLe >au mi p-"? r? *aJ sh-n ? a ??*? *i? pr-fe tace tor -s*v i? i n- oae la tl? i' hM? nes? cout.nuc if >ie eu<V?Ui :'i ire n<r. nro->- i 'ii^Ul-ia-ii <rj ?uj.i or r.vth. t> nr.'j.: j( si--r.ig up ?"?r tbe p*<t, l t?ru?- ty r? iu;i?. wto .r# ici. otei to onii ? a ?ettlS "I 5oi d"iay I wiii fitdiut rfive njtloe that all f<i'ttr? oL #0 isia uuy tie cntr*et?d with o.? must N- m A* #itt ? e:Vr "<*> u>, au4 vrith tLe o?a isc V>1 ler^v *? in* that ?h?v are io te o ninthly, be rr.?y. : ones at <uf', *Hkh 1 h*ve nrt-psrei fur tS pr*e. encept - u>--b of u? atm-^oera mho b ?r- i ways bean proOfW. X. M p. kiN\i. fHI *{?vitt?>SEM?NTf. sjtidebb wnrss AT P HI LADELPrlii. JOIXff V. SXIOKU, DwOnfi ntn?e,Bt the f.rfcer oii ?rttbliib?l Wrnt BUi f ct JdCUM yjfTDXJi. /r? !?3 T? Wilrmt atuwt. xmr iron a* Jow r??Hl r^'.. wbar* u nmimi ra win be rapfl#4 ?itb IPZA'A* ami LIQUORS cr the wart inaaai daring lrraw. JACOB KRIUKft, ?Ir.? Afest far ha l? TVMKIQN ?/AYJ,Ofl?No.T?Wai ? u -treet. Ph'ladelfhia, wbaea be la re ??Ht? ordm tor tb? frtW ' n-portatJoa At, (ton vMtoia ke.-?v>a h> Ecropa. la qaaaltie* of ? s agle domb act opvard/; ?rd aber aolietta tor kua itoa, Juii > VAl?HA* KMI'BR, tbf patrtBage of M? fr.eauU u4 oi'toRtrti V AH WIs? ml*, ej tor V aahitgtoe will be 4? Kered ty A*^p%f. je ??J j DOOlOl lOl'RULF. THE rOCMT JB30TJLAPIU9 * *T1*T 0?* riB OWN PHTSOTA-. Tta PlfJath Sditloa, with Goo hundred Eagranapa ahewlae DL'itf aad Mai format 00 of the Imau >/af ?tj wm ihaa? ui km. To whiri limMa | trwt>m onUk Mmm of VeauJef, of the hiab wt impprt*or.-"to mtim p?cp>, or 'bow nostra ? - / pw?.1tcc5S,* m? d. Lot me 1att*r ha XIipiI t? preeant a aoff af the JBOIL 11*198 to hk ablU II m%y nrt him Maw aa tattr ?.t? 1 *. L-* r?> y-sag n?* or nrain'jr i? to thi geeret ?tUxAUow* ?f toarrled ttfe atthrat - ?*41 >g ti ? POCXlT *5?.CULAPIC8. Ut ao om ??. >r*nf fwi a 0cu?b, PUa la cbe 1M1, -eetlaai riRhtu, ner-rtit faatags ?o0 tlwvM* tnta 1 if (WipVjfo^ ui riven cp by (Mr phy? i<-;aa. N; aoctliar r ota"*it. v uhoa*. ccaraltiac the LVTULAPIPS. ELaee tb* rurrltJ. or thoea abrvt ?o be irrrr!?' any 'lrpedlmT.t, xtz.6 thia tialv aw V. b>ck, ?.? It ha? Veen tba r^ana *1 MVtBf ttoae Klaif ur fwtac*ta ntrtiw fro* tboeeryJava?. >ath ^Abt f?no& cendlr ; TWINTT-Fm OKNTi ?o?'3^od fa a toiter, ail: cao aopy of tbta "rt bj Kill, ci CTa ctflx tT! It Mtbr Ocalloi "?ViTfar, Cyovt pa1:?) D1 Wil. TOUIfO, No. IK tpraw atiact. Phil*d?tyhi %y It? ly MIMMlltTiMlsf' ~i< saaa a. sxira. ?r ^?a ?. ritrn. ?1 1 U. hMITH 4b CO.. Maaafftrtarara inl It. IV*1?h in ALCOHOL, CAMFTir* W, *IU? <1AL OTfv fte. Ko. o4 8. CALTMBT ST^OT, rp V^'Ni W??t atroet BALTIMORE, 114 ?m??iy f*J 1 a 2 DCCTO?. i R G. WPENC1B v Vf< vi* r^Meail B^iTir* t<* thf ritHfna af PoU ??it* I cop mr*> a!' klra<*f ofOaao^r*?takatbaw ' ?r-.tboot pola. or th? ceo cf aay kni**. I raa -- ?>l kic<*? of P)tx aud f < uiar, Bb?irr -Ce PaJaa, '-V Prcwy, Uyip^ato, PUa, ToUr, or ? j ?i'v??t tfca har an family ai* aotject to. ? ? frra* fh# Lnnra ?r Kow, naiy ? u .? *r? a |ef>at, ly kaewtae rts# patiu*^ . iif. I vu horn Mic^. at4 |v a^cd^d aorrra) w! v.'d r %x> ladiaa Dctor wbo war aguoeft tba [ ? : lT? l:ant tb'rt*?a y^ara. ?l'?NCSit has rmaorad ttom Mr. Pa-b>y*a . HoTtm,to Wo. Si, HANOTXB BTTvUlT. I 11- tS Kaltlatora, Mi AN APPSAL T ) COMMON SENSE. LIT THE IKK nttX THE TaCTH. Captaih BasjAain.? Whe'^vnr kr?>wn liia (Ml j <nony will hr cw?rlu?iT?. But tbo?r wbo do ! -mt know the Oaptiiii *l:oald N- !**ptK-aJ, Or. I>anr ! ^ n & Bro.. with otlurr* of th? b*>*t known and mo-t | highly table cit.zeoa of E^aat<rn. ftidorae tiu wonderful carc by Hampton's tjooktabiji tinotiu. KAaron, (Xt 4,1MM. Vetrn Mortimer ST Mjrckrey : <?-?u!ei??. r>? I feel it tr?? cnty to you atwl tke pob 1 it-? t-? conify to U??: rffetOi 01 IU#?p*nnS W?? table I linciore. I Wi<a for m<?re tb n flv?- jcrii !n>mring j "nder a difea^s of Ckriale Rht-nuiatisra. and the ereat part of that lin<e I w*? ao h-I}^?'k? tint I haJ ! M he h?*1j??*?f fnun rayJ"*! ni?d dre^?V. ,u my ttot.V* I heciimc redne-^i to n nurre Kk?;et??n. Ail Iho aie.t I krin^ I u?rk dr?nc me no aood, ???d I cotiumi'-d t<i , crow worae 1 Irtiri of ilaiapUtn'D Tinctar*- *nd j thought ! would ?ivc it a tnal. At ths* iiuic i 4k! I Hot expect to !fv?? one dviy after aoorJirr. 1 J:?l ihX 1 ttke it (the Tinctorr) for rhe Rlieuwr lL-m, U.t !?? a short time f ?a< w*n ?.f flmt Kioai tbe etfectBOf yomr "I inetore and tli? he'^ o< li-ki I am ' n->w uetti; h in gorxl health. j I wi?h ail tii*? alHirted to try ffampv>?'n V ? c- iclvr Tiactu.-e, n.- I bare d -re, w :tU the uuu < I b it! on Your :boiU? ?t *orvai?t, UiiC Ba*>}A?tK. We are aequ'.iat'-d wiib I^aac B*-I^:iuu<i, I him f-otneof Hampton's Ve-etablr Tinnure,anjbt 1 deve the abort rtatemcM correct. IU w?o?r a Fao. Prom our knowlo^pa of Captain n'-rjan.m *e are confident tbe above au\i< mrni ix true ;.nd ua ezageruled. J. A. .<obm?om, i Ca*aiaa R a:*a? w. I C';II ar.l ft pamphlet* patl-?, f>ud tt* c *rci ?i< : t.'wuch, Bronch'tie, Rheuuiatiom. Ncut.^pia, l?v* ? 'vp-ia. TCervoaanev* and Oen?rU (Vrnka* ?*. A? a ! f?*mile ni'-'li'-irc ?w for driieate oiuldi>u we b< Uers ' it tinerju; lb-4. ' Hold by *:f)RTIMr R & MOW PR AY, iWM . riore btri et, ttalumuits and 304 Broo<hr*v. ^i. b iek | l-Haa. fTorr St Co., J. B. Mooac, f? I.. Cuiu I Ci**; e A Rowliiuj. W. Elijot, an.l II. MrPHta I f or, \Va?hingtoa; also, bv It. S. T. Cta^Ki., *S**crso ' town, atnl C. C. Bcrrt. A'.ezandria, and t?y ?ru^ I ciau ?ay he e. jaa R-tr i COUGHS. COLDS, BOARS ENLSS, I Ral'rf tn Klv< Klunua. TTLEVS COMPOUXV GUM JKaR.< SFltrF. 1 : pHK iDcreat>ii.^ i'*T*aa<i for r;(i- aMT?t l ?afe t-cJ efK -i.jioa3 rexiejy ; ri.1 pa!a"5?i ?? u?et.a?w, ti j aael'^1 the ; r^ u. r-?I^ T 'ioe a?- to p'ac? it th? r*> b r>? *5? r'* a?* Tt* awierioTitj ore - xs.r-r~* a'srlar yrtpatf-.rci- :* tt"/ j '7naajaainnt;byi:?b!>r wbt> ?-i?\e!'<<u j ? y? wit-*wi of tta aCc?ry wl.eo tt"-e a?t*' r?t&? ilea hare :uUZ;.alto by tbo?ojrd of our axwt i? ? jeoia*>i? cit?ser:s who ka^a a^-d ft ?n th'ir 'aniiliea to'h aa prerentira and core wtth T???ar fxlirv roc w f r tb* I%?t twvtr y?a?a, U.iriag ?1.WA pe<cl With very ijf.a t' l trans airnrtihln.v Me , it b? cr\ iualif rytesl r?-pvta Ian cvar what* ra*o& Ja cisea oi raceat C^iM C?.;u, M<urvi4Xi. <?e*. 1" Kiv?a icuu?4iat? relief, ar d ^en rVJy curee in t dar or two, i?i^.cut it-terf^rlsg with dirt or tc?ia* , or readaripg th? pystein xaor? ?v?r?p*ible ft a chn tagee, AtOmz, Wk,.tp>%^ Cmn'i. CYrmp, AaaeWt'i, .if-^ixona ef th* Lvn^t, ana Cmsmmp Hon, it i> R.lwiyd very b u??d?l aod *el ^.s. ytfn -?J to time t*> p^rfact a car#. P:ioe aad tD cecti< a bottia. 8o'd whn'esaie by Pattern 1 A Na'ra. 2t"?tt k in, 3ilg-)l? X Ci-. Alazas'iria by Feel A rteren*. la r?orT-roTTT bv Mr. Ctoe! rrLxnnsgumarabk mitdt dboi\ a cisiilkr ccaip^eiUoa to iba above, bet in a ciildrt tod nr-r? portab!# form ; tbey net like a charm ca a fcroaLlercztte Coaga, aad ol ar the Uiroat ral Triae; *hey ooLtaia no Injurioaj dra^. are rartj-a l?"ly reooaaaeuded for ohtldraa. fraqcenterc of lie aa<i;:ab'JM, prbtic apaak -ra rtn^ra, Aa Pri?? \2y? kj)ii k5 eentr per box. For sale at most L-rag aa ' Oaady Btoraa. oct IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOBTTE TH-: MAr.KKT ON mi$ILVA VIA AVKNDB 4 .lor.ra below Matb fteet, J i- a N*V? lLOTUIN'Q 870&G for K?a and U.y%^ o -ent' tU? day. D. '? ttl"'*, ma of the cteapee"^ Cictl;ir.p M^reben'r ia ?b- Nor*h baa d f^rmiae! ' Cer to ibe cttUen* of WrdMartot and vicinity, bis eToollent Q<?tiiasat iha L/we?4Iwthara prkca, fot* cafh oaly. Th-re the route MAJ* vfll fiai jaai sapa a dothls. t ?ore as haa loaf beeo wau'eJ :n Uaahingt>L. H i uUtc U c)m|* IK ca?b, and 0*1 peici csar. A ?9od m*-?taatial w-ollea eoat he w.!l ae ! 1?* f2 75; aai btavy arint^T panta, wall Uaai for |1 Uk. ?u; fi'.e roata. overoo^ia, aad vehta, la pr: portion. O00.I wool ar.d eo toa aader blrta, bnaierv, giDvea. Ac., cb^a er th ia i.b? cbaapeef. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Q-lssses, 255 l^kP all rizea auJ qu*l..y. F.eacS or Ooiaan ptata, \J kaacy or pla*u P rtrait and P;etur? Pran a, Ollt o* Paacy Colored. Abe, Gilt lioom Mcaldlaf, Marble top Ih^lrt and i ablaa. Ornioe* a ad 4 t" o-4?r. Aiaa, all klad? of old work regUded with dif. at-h and on rraaoaabla t ran by J WAGKFH, ?3?Pa. a^aaae, opp. Klrkao^d ll^uaa. deet?j-tf FOE POOR AND LABORING MEN. SV-AoL BSiUH-NO U) ? - of 10 ieat er a>o?-? , O ?%rtou? tJirir of tla City, aad ?ieo,j?aio?rn, at low prtOM, aad LSI ma So aai:. LLOYD k UO. bcildima atom k, Pet ??.?, d' 'rer^'1 U rfet>Caiil. nr l? *vhtagroa, "a*-. r*?-u. a a, r aj* .Mj'Jnu. ^ ? v/i lb a C j l."??ai cr,? T-eaaa*' ft",*'4*i'a( J??-4v_ CH&RL s ft| v R tfihitcai. 1 'vP?. ?aamiat b*h: er Tent\ anl Harn.ik Sr~M.\ ?v aafraaroa, b. e II; ILTi coatlRt-* ?Mifternbb[l'ia'ia, II li'iwin^ *i'-*rafgjbft"n' *' iMiHiii'.r i.f ooavy dacfipU04,Ai>d alar do hu>ctituM*?i >lt' k u> tlWL let I?bl|

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