Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: JUES">a? 4 rrc ft'Of** Kirch 18 017* ADViKTiaiJUurei ebould be banded is by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. ?.. A Paper Worth Having. We know from experience the time some an compelled to consume in oorreapondenoe with itsent friends, Id which thtj are izptottd to a'i the newt of the oity, and we know the difficulty with which such Lima can be af forded from their business. We have bit upon a plan by which to save mash of tbia labor? it lc aa follows : Take aoopy of that excellent newa ail family paper, The Wksslt Star, enclose it in a wrapper, and send it to thoae friend/. It ia illed with all the intereatinga news of the week, each aa the deaths and marriages and on dits of the town, the bast and moat authentic newa from the Depart* menta?naval, military, and clerical?and every thing elae that would bo intareating in a friendly letter. Take the papar of last week for a aample : On the first page ia that beautiful poem 14 The American Flag," and another floe poem; then a floe story, and a' grand "Election Speech-' far*the boys at ?chool to recite. On the secand page, under the head of ?? Personal," the news of the do ings of most of the prominent men of the country, & feW ]iQe9 devoted to each. On the third page, the lob*! news of Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (which eon taina and interesting acoount of tha ooncert of the Philharmonic Society,) Thursday and Fri day, thua gi nog all thecitj newa for the week ; j than follow a the offiiial and other newa of th? week, oompiled from the Daily and arranged under ita proper head, in which ia given the raault of the election in Alexandria, an article on the appropriation for tha Diatriot, the Lamea of the judgea, ??., eompoaing the Court of CI tiau, interesting naws from New Mexioo, an account of the Merchants' Exchange Asso ciation of this city, a report of the presenta tion of plata tj Senator Dawson, Ac. Oa be fifth page, ao account of the facta in the case of Senator Sumner becoming a slaveholder, and many other artioles of great interest to the public generally. We forgot to say that on the eighth page is tha vato of the Collins m steamer bill, and a copy of the bounty land bill, and many other mat;er*of great interest. This ia but a specimen of what ihe paper can. taina every wetk-ani yei we issue it at the small price of $1 2o per year. SPIRIT OF THK idO^MHG PRESS The Union's leader is about "Tha new regiments capacity and qualifications to lead trcopa,'7 in which the military qualifications of the field cffiaers recently appointed by the Presided are diecusaed The Union also no tleee?4Mr Seward on the Know Nothings," In which tha: gentleman is roughly handled, aa the following extract will show : "Mr. Seward is now extremely anxious to 'SSL? *B?htb'h ?rdrrutioa <<> adopted But he u not con tent in this dem onsuauon His sympathies have always run wuh the black cauae. Hia politics have al ways partaken of the Aliicau hue. Nothing arouse* his patriotism so much M a <jark8 \ tffe,ed * A,w *ork "hue Irish aid Dutch into Vir m HXChao<* for the ire* blacks ef that ?? r iae l1?l ?,1 th* De*r? ?-ce r 54 Stlf hU To him ell p*>Hts?? would be a profi le.s and un invok^f h?D'*'1 ^ not lhac abolition tu. """ k" <"? Tha Union alw publisnea tho third of tha senaa of ariici,s on - The P,esidenfa Veto of ??^7 ?re appearing in the Boston Post, and promise to present sunTOmp,et# hi,t?ncai and which a r and hi"t0r7 ?f lhe,e Which a half century of di^ion hss pr,. wm'rk ,Ch&,n ?f p9li,ieal ?TeatJ Which the ?poliarltn claim i, interwoven, ha. ifs in a period anterior to the anTth r ?' J*7 Ir"tJ with the qiCMtuzM involved, are tboas fZh!r? n*P!" ?\MCtwo wbIch divided the fathers > f the republic into the two great car ties of iherr day-the Federalist and the Ke lob.icaLs. The U. no Ir?d,r uni?.?,; bo, i, saw wiUl, *>ook no. ices, and news items The Sknumi ducuues "Cuba and our rela I Know - ot^ingt lika a thousand of brick. In refer ence to the Know Neuiag candidates in Vir ginia thu jiarnal eays: "" icf?ra?K>n ooiccs or"' ."rr,'rrC?? b"; correct ih\,i j 001 ua<i?fUke to sav?that on "?? 1 glLt? Know ^uihlDga Will huld a ?rAn.l inatVtheir i lh",town ?f * iuchsater. to notn J eandidates for Governor, Lieuten w.- ' ?nd Attorney General We> pieauma that the i^rtaiion is correct know k"* S fr^ whom we Tk L u8 1vq,jW ^othii gs. aLd the travel tbrougn this city, in tho direction of vfii. Chester teiids to corroborate it." J hew Hampshire The election in that btate for Governor, members of Congress, members of the legisla ture, and all State and t>>wn t fibers, transpires to-day. Ihere is uncertainty in the State and out of it, as to what the result will be. The old Democratic party, herded by the present Governor Baker, who is a candidate for re election, is opposed by the remnant of the Whig perty, by the Abolitionists, by tha Free scilera, by ihe An i-Nebrusk* men, and laat, but not least, ty the eombined and deapexate efidfts of ihe "Know Nothings," ?r ' liindocs," aa they have been " dubbed " in the eanvssa With sach acoabiaatijn against the Demo crats. it will be amaaing beyond ooinpsriaon if they are not defeated by majorities of thou sands. But the friends of Gen. Pierce and bis poli cy have made a bold, brave, and patriotic fight. They have defied every mm, far from attempting to conciliate, have sc, ffed and scorued all the factions combined againat them. Patriotic men?men who love Ihie L aion and wian to aee it perpetuated for many, many generatione? will applaud the devotion to principle, and the high patrioiiam which has inspired the fiienda of the President in New Hampshire, let the result be what it may The Democratic party have met their enemiea tinglr-kandtd and alone, and though they may lose all elae in the result, tbey will pre aerve their honor. We have made arrange ments to rteaive dispatches giving the eariieat retana. "J r CT The Bicbmond Poet, the organ of the Virginia Know Nothings, admits virtually the genuineness < ( the re?eni publication oCtheir Kltual and Ooaftituticn in tha Richmond Es* ^uirer WASKHOTOI nwi AID gossip. The World Wants ft Hero!?The senior editor of the Star returned to his post tbil morning from tha North, where he spent a week io Woking at the great world, without opening that rto him) mo?t annoyiog bora?a newspaper. While in New Yo?k, ba ?aw the funeral of tha ruffian and rowdy, Poole con earning whose untimely end ao muoh is now being published in tha newspapers. Poole was what if there termed a "fancy man"?a bully and blackguard, the companion and proteotor of swindlers and thieve*, and the managing man for a gang of despetadoee whoee only oeteneible means of earning a live lihood, if in hiring their fists to car-y primary eleotione for either wing of tha Whig party whioh will pay moat money for auoh service, oa eaoh passing cocaaion. He (Poale) waa long the terror of New York city, having been indicted for varioaa crimes. While living, he waa held in unfeigneAorror by all reapecta bla peraons in tha Ameriean commercial ine tropolia. He receive! his death wound at the handa of a member of a similar gang of scoun drels, who carry on a besinea* for the Demo, exats, like to that of Poole and his confreres. Being notorious, some fifty thousand persons turned out to see him buried, perhaps ten thousand of them following hii remains to the grave. He waa thus converted into a hero, showing that New York city if aadly in want I of a wonder juet now. The worst feature in I the affair, is the fast that with very few ex I oeptions the immense orowd following this no I torious ruffian to the grave, was native bora? men who bout that of all men in the world. I they, being Amerioanf, are beat qualified for I self government. Now, while it is very true I that tha great maas of onr native born felUw I Americana oontiol themselves far better in all I positions as citiiens, than do any others, the I world over, that, with full knowledge of the 1 character of Poole, ten thousand of them, of I New York city, should thu3 worship his I memory in publio, shows that even the native I born population of our large cities requires I for tha well being of scoiety there, the govern I ment of sumptuary lawa whioh, happily, era I no where else needed in the United States The funeral cortege of the ruffian Poole was I nothing more than an ovation to notorious vice, I b utality and crime, and it was precisely on a par in the morality of its tone, with the avowed I ovations to the worst principles of human na Iture, which disgraced Paris in her original I revolutionary days. j To ua, the sight waa indeed a melancholy I one, inasmuch as it engendered such reflec I tions as we express "above. The New York I world just now wants a hero sadly, and such I haa been the demagoguism of the la t teL I years in that quarter, as to induoe rowdyism, 1 ruffianism, thieving, swindling, and their kin I dred vices to combine together, as it were, tc I astonish society there, by displaying them* I selves with drums beating and colors flying, tc I the mortification of all who have the well I being of the community really at heart. Ii I waa, in fact, glorying in what should have pro I ducod universal sftame. Talis Intelligence ?It is said that at Pekin I when an editor insert* any falso intelligence I the possibility of its repetition is removed by 1 the r?mjval of his head. If this rule were I adopted in the United Sta'es, what a host of I headless editor* thero would be, for scarcely a I day passee that we do not pick up a*, least a I dosen papers, Containing items purporting tc I be Washington news that have no: 1 he least I foundation in truth. The grossest misapprc I hensiocs, and greatest amount of wholesale I slanders, perhaps, is f^und in the Washington I correspondence of the letter writers for the I press of the country opposed to tha present I administration. The silliest rumor- and I meat improbable storiea are picked up tn the I Avenue and at the hotels, and aent off to theii ' I employers by the letter writera aa the mo3t I reliable and important news from the Capitol II and frequently commented on by the editor I of iha journals receiving these precious epia ' I ties in a most aerioua manner. The great evil I of this thing is, that when it is discovered thai ' their readers have been deceived by the falsi intelligence they have printed, most of these editors bave rot tha manliness nor Justice tc correet their errors. The people, however, are beginning to see these things in their truo light, and will, ere lor.g. lose all confidence in the men who, to gratify party rancor, or the malevolcace of tueirown bad hearts, give to their readers false intelligence, that they may irjare a po lilipal opponent, or a personal enemy. Chiel among ttoee who delight in thia thing, is Beaneit, of the Herald. He atopa at nothing thti will injure those he hates The greater the falsehood the better the item. Tee Alba. ny At'as thus noticea Strabismus Bennett and hia Satanic Herald: '?The New York Herald seems to devote itself to the lowest forms cf poliiioal gossip? to inventions too idle for belief, too insipid for jokes. '?Every prophecy it has ma Jo has turned out falae ; every mousure it advocated has proved a failuro, and it goes on sinking from one furia of abaurdity to another till it ia nat only mired, but accustomed to, and con tent with, the mire If, as at Pekin, the heads of such editors are not removed, publio opinion will be as swift and sure in punishing the offenders, as tha Chinese txccutioner. The ona cuts off the head, the other tha psper by withdraw ing iu countenance. ^Applications for Bounty Land Warrants ? We understand that already eoine fifteen hun dred applications have been made for bounty lacds ander the law paaied by Cocgreea only a week ago Yesterday three hundred and itty such applications were received. It ia estimated at the Penaion Bureau that about 300,000 aueh applications will be made under tha new law, requiring 32,000,000 of acres to aatiafy them. The amendments made in the bill by the House, reduced the quantiy of lands to be taken up under it from moro than 100 000,000 acrea to about the quantity we name above. Movements of American Diplomatists ? We learn that the Hon. A C. Dodge, Ameri can Minister U Madrid, contemplatea depart ing from New York for hia post, in abont a fortnight. And ala?, that Mr. Buchanan will not prob ably reaeh home (tha United Statea) before the 1st of November next. Magnanimity of the Freaident.?The corre spondent of the N. Y Evening Post says: 44 When Col Benton was being triad in tha furnace of jffiiotion, the President called on him and tendered to him a home and the hoe fatalities of the White Uouse. Thia was too mueh for the stem old Roman, who oould defy a world in arms against him, but melted o tears at such consideration and kindness from the Pretideal He declined, with suit able expressions of ^latitude, aocepting, how ever, the pioffarad ase of lha library tod manuscripts Xh? iteamshlp Paaiflo ? i'esterday after Moo, la New York, littla spp-ehension ap peared to b? enteitainea io Wall strest, for the safety of the Pacifio, inasmuch aa up to tha time, her voyage out and back had sot boen longer than an average one. It will be fecolleeted that she was detained on thia aide Dme few days after her usual time of s tiling. The Carrent Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 12th March, there were of Treasury Warrant! entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $13 492 43 For paying Treasury debts 52,334 26 For the Interior Department 31,84149 For the Customs,.... 49.247 77 For the War Department.......... 49,000 00 For appropriation warrant for the War Department, received and entered 3.297.765 IB For the N avy Department 108,671 43 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources and from custom* 3,123 74 For repaying on account of the Navy 100 61 In the roport of Saturday, printed in the Star of yesterday, the compositor by inadver tence made an error in setting op the note in brackets. Itahould have read: Of this amount the sum of $607,309 75 was for and on account of the service of the Po*t Office Department. PflRNOMAIi. .... We are anxious to dee the " early poems" of Jam^s Gordon Bennett. .... It is said that the Know Nothings ol Fredericksburg Va., have nominated John 3. Caldwell for Major. .... Mr. Henry T. Wartman, of Kocking ham county, Va., pnbHelv announces his withdrawal from the Know Nothing organisa tion. In his oard he expresses the belief that the Order is declining iu Virginia. .... Bsring, Brothers A Co., of London, have been appointed, by the Board of Public Works, agents for.the State of Virginia, for the sale of State Securities. .... Tne Know Nothings of the Third Con gressional District of Connecticut have nomi nated Kev. Sidney Dean for Congress Mr Dean was a member of the last Legislature of O -ncectiout; was formerly a Methodist preach er, but of late has followed the business ol saoem king. ....Win M Burwell, E?q., is presented as a candidate for the House of Delegates of Vir ^inia, in Bedford county Mr. B edi'.od the Republic of this oity, and we thought was at present ediin^ the Baltimore Patiiot. He is a fine writer; out a Miter partisan. .... It ia said that C. mmodore Stockton's friends are hard at work in New Jersey to se cure him the i?. N. nomination for the Pre*i It's no use; he never waa born to be Pieadent. m ....We see it announced in the New Hamp. shire papers that Hon. Daniel Mace of Indi ana, ana Hon Lewis J>. Campbell of Ohio ?ere, with John P H ?1 o, to address the people of that State against the Democratic nominee*. ....Mrs. Frederick Sears, formerly a Miss Shaw, who was a noted Boston belle, died io ihat eity on Saturday last. ....At a printers' festival at the Atlantic Bouse. Couocil Bluff* Iowa tho following toast wmgiven:?"Mark W. Izard late mar shall bar now governor of Nebraski; he can not be cut-marshalied and Ii?ard to beat. Maik that " .... Washington Irving has nearly comple ted a life of Qen Washing en, upon which he nas long been engaged .... Prince Demid< ff, the rich Kusian, hai advertised in the official journal of Floren<*e, for a loan of $200 0000 at 5 per esnt II is lashers pn pj?e to isooe bonds of $20 000 to be redeemable in five years, binding upon the prince* esta'e in iuscany and his invaluable aiines io Hus ia. He placed the immense rev enues <f his mines at tbe service of hia mas tor, tbeCiar, at the commencement of the wa'< Llenoe this e ill fo- a loan. ...It is said that the names of Win. C. Rives, John M Bottv and Win. (extra Billy] Smith will be presented to ibe Virginia K N convention that meets at Winohester to-day. ....We are informed that the Southern cotton growers are about to send C. G. Baylor, late editor of tbe Baltimore Timet, and a! present a olerk in the StaXe Department, as a epe.ial agent to Europe to obtain in detail all neees?ary information in relation to theootton interests, and the remedies "for the present ruinous Liverpool monopoly," by means of a direct trade. .... Edwin Forrest, the tragedian, has lately had an <ffer of fifty thousand dollars tc act fifty nights in California. He h is also just received an offer of mx thousand dollar* to act twenty nights in St. Louis ....The Governor of New York has ap pointed E P Cowles E.q , formerly of Hud* son, at present of this city, to aueceed tbe Jate Judge hdwards on the bench of the Su preme Court. Wilmijgtox Powder Mill Explosion ? The W ilming'.on Republic gives the following acoount of the powder mill explosion in that vicinity on Saturday: Our oity was thrown into a state of consid erable ex.'itement a few minutes before three o clock, on Saturday afternoon, by the explo sion of ona ot the powder mills of Mr. Uarasche in New C:>tle Hundred, and immediately af ter hundreds of men and boys were on their way to tbe tceue ot disaster They found that the powder, in one of the dust, rolling and presr mills, amounting to near a ton, had ex ploded, shattering the building to piece.*, kil ling two uten named William McDonald and James Kane, and bedly irjuiing Richard Fa gan. James Dunbar, and Daniel Bradley. iVm Roe, tbe engineer, oecaped with a slight burn on tbe'face aad a scratch on the back, and immediately rushed to the resistance of Fagan tearing off hia burning garments, and probably saved bis life, at legist prolonged it None cf ibe men were seriounly bruised, but received most of their injuries from being burnt by tbe powder and the burning of their garments. One man had his clothes iorp off, ani ran in a nude sta'e from the mill to the house, where he died in the spaoe of un hour. Nxw Haui'shibe ?The eleetion for Gover nor, memoen of the State Legislature, and Congressmen, comes eff in this S ate to day. The present canvass in New Hampshire has been conducted nub a bitterness heretofore unequalled in the political annals of the State. No Sbaviko oh Scspays ?The barbers of Pro?idence have petitioned the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, to cause the law relating to shops being kept o^eo on the Sabbath to be enforced. Tbe petition is signed by nearly every one o: the profession. FaEDBaicxaat BO ?The "News" states that eight new s.ores of different kinds have, during the last few days, been opened in Fredericks borg. This is regarded as an evidence of the rapidly increasing prosperity of that town. Erysipelas.?Tnis disease prevails to a considerable extent in theoountry surrounding Danville, Va. It usu^ly affects the throat and tongue, and is said to be very mush like the diiefee known as the black tongue. "T?? Rabbits."?A secret association (not K. N.)has keen organised at Albany?said to have political ends in viesa. They are eal led ' the rabbits." CF" Seventy thousand dollais have bees raised for the establiahment of a Universalis College, to be located at Salisbury, 111. Manage of Got. Cumming, of Hebraaka. The message of Acting Gov Cummiig to the Territorial Legislature of Ntbruks, vu delivered on January 18th. Ja ^ooioei^f it, tbe Governor regra-s the n >a arrival ot Got Burt i sucoes<or, u ho ia aawi.ling and uaible to poiat out tbe policy of aaether; therefore he limits himself to a few rooom mcndations ot a general character. He speaks of the firm and jadloioui conduct of Go? Burt, and of hie efficiency, in high terma, and regreta his death. He calla atten tion to the Paoifio RtUroad scheme, and rec ommenda that Congress be petitioned, through their delegate, to have the road eons true led up the valley of tbe Platte, giving bit Nam why that roate should be preferred. But ia view of the lectional oonflict with whieh the subject is surrounded, he suggests that the memorial should principally ash for a tele graphic and letter mail eommunioation with the Picifij, and that the emigrant route and new settlements be proteotei from the Indians by the fame plan so strongly urged by Sena tor Gwin during the last session of Congress, ?is., a weekly express mail and proper pro tection for it. lie a.iys: " In the enactment of a Code of Laws, and tbe establishment of publio institutions, ycu have the benefit of an ample fund of experi ence treasured by neighboring State? which have p issed through the same ordeaT It ia believed that, by a comparison of the r statu tory provisions, and with the oo-operation of the Territorial Judiciary, a system ot law and practice may be framed, suffioiontly symmet rical and complete, to need but little material modification by future aasemblies." "T would also suggest, in this connection, that specimens of every species of mineral, found on the premises of any eitisen, (not ex cepting Lime Rock. Sand-stone, Slate, Gyp sum, aod the products of metalliferous veins.) shall be sect, carefully described, to the exec utive office, to bo deposited in a territorial cabinet, which will be of material advantage in effceting a just conception and proper de velopment of our miueral wealth." In regard to Indians, be fears that they may prove troublesome during' the spiiog, and therefore recommends that volunteers be called out. Ha concludes bis message by speahing of the fierce contest whieh preoeded the fo.mation ol the Territory, and of the breaking down ol geographioal lines between the North and the Sjuth in thus constituting a Territory, whose oititens have relatives in every State, and then recommends that no sectional controversy be introduced to their assemblies, thus maricg the harmony with which they had so happily commenced. The messige is characterised by a firm, eon fiient tone, and is well worthy preservation with archives of the new Territory. Bev. Ch&rlet A. Davis This gentleman, who now resides at Rich, moad. Va , having been wantonly assailed in the eo!umcs cf the Penny Post, published al Richmond, replies in a manner that is noi very highly relished by tbe editor To giT? our readers an idea of the manner in whiob the heverend gentleman wield* his pen, wc quote the concluding portion of his letter: " i'ou have been pleased to enlighten i he pub lio in regard to uy personal history, but have (ignorantly, I have no doubt,) fallen intc several gro*s errors; which 1 ought to correct Yuu say that I "oame to this place from Wa hing on city." That is true. Tnat ?? lot maoy jean I was a clerk in one of the public department ' True again. But it is not tru*. aa you state, that while reaiding there ?' / did net officiate as a Minister of the (rosp I Ihis is a gross, wholesale wanton slander. Nor is it true that I was appointed to office, as you effi-m, by a Democratic ad mi nidtra1 ion My first appointment to office waa under the lamented Harrison. And, if tbe revelation will relieve tbe mind of any anxious, bu weak brother, I have to aay that during my whole contiuuance in office, I win known only as a Whig, inia is slander No 2. "You also in'orm jour readers, (and I really ought to feel obliged to you, as a stranger, for idtroduoing me so generally) that I "held the post of Cuunoilman. which I obtained by Democratic vo es, and tbe aid of the adminis tration. " It is proper that I should say. that during ?he twelve years of my recent soj ?urn in my native ciiy, 1 was frequently honored by my fellow citizens with posts of honor and responsibility, representing them in Conven tioas.. Councils, Public Schools, Commission ers of Poor, <ko., but in no instance on part? grounds Perhaps my la?t election may have been an exception. I did run as an "Anti ^00w-Nothing," and I did beat my opponent. Lut I did not regard my sucoes3 as a Demo cratic measure. ? " i her* is not a public man in Washington Who does not know that the Post is shooting wide oi the mark, in this instance. "It is simply ridiouloua to listen to tbe pra ting ot the political press, in regard to their deep interest in behalf of Methodism and re ligion. And so far as I am personally con cerned I desire the writer for the Poet to un Jerstand, that my ministerial robes have not been committed to his keeping. He is not mv tDr' u ?,r " he ?u?rd*? of the oburoh tj which i belong Wben I find myself unable to preserve these robes "untarnished," I shall reek a custodian whose doctrioes and whose life will jua ily the hope that their purity will not be ataiued." r ' Party Spirit.?To give our readers an idea of the manner in which the political oanvass, which closes to-aay in New Hampshire, has been conducted, we tako the following head ings of articles that appeared in late num. be-s of tbe several party orgaas: [Froui the Concord Ecportt-r, Aiiti-AdminUtfawon 1 r. .'f IbU|ig?rj.'? ?? Tk.Th.gT.? Doomed. ?? Pierce Groggeries," ?? More Pa triot Bogus, ' " Look out tor Lying 1hu*? " "Beware of the Lies of the Patriot," "Dodainir the Nebraska Issue," Ac. 8 6 [Fro.., the Concord Patriot. Administration] *' A Lv mg Affidavit," " IliDd .o Funerals " ? Satan Retaking Sin," "Edmund Burk's Hor ror of the Conoo.d Clique," ?? Mark the P.un J*rcI?' ' Motcair the Slave Catcher," ? Hin doo Treachery," " Going in fo* the Plunder/1 " W olves upon the Walk." " Rum, Drunken ness, and Rowdyism at the Hindoo Meetins " " Look out for V te Stealers," " Despotism of Jvnow Notbingism. Sacrbd Spots vor Sale ?The Barnstable Patriot contains an advertisement in which the birthplace and homestead of James Otis, the illustrious patriot, of revolutionary mem ory; is cfi red for sale It says: The location commands a fine prospect, the roil is rich, and ao spot in New England it more attractive on account of its patriotie as rociations. We oommend the attention of those who bare gone from tbe Cspe and have acquired fortunes, and who should now be ready to return to this p!aoe, as a spot whercn to construot an attractive Home upon conse crated grounds. Marshfield, the chosen seat of Webster, is to be sold at auction by Col. N. A. Thompson, on Wednesday, the 14th inst. Thb U. 8. Sloop or War J arks town?An official notification has been received by Com modore Stewart, from Mr. Hart, the Naval Constructor at Norfolk, that, after a careful examination, he is able to pronounoe the Jamestown aeaworthy, and fit for a three year's cruise Tbe report of her unfitness for sea originated in an anonymous letter purporting to have been written by a mechanic employed in the Navy Yard. rVThe dashing 93 Highlanders the pride of the English army, left Constantinople 800 strong, and after their arriyal in the Crimea received aa addition of 150 men This gal lant regiment has recently returned to Coa stantlnople, reduced to fourteen men and five ofioers, though still bearing with them their florioas aad unsullied banner- i CHANT'S exchange?there 'will be a special mertine of the Board oi j Director* and nunbci THIS EVENING at ? o'clfc I and punctual attendance it requested. Tne members are informed that the Ex'bangt R? m< Rr o.?i ? r ry inrhi th*y will lod | c no I. ??'??? tires ami nrw*?a;or- ?>????? a I |wrt? o itne Union , 3 it 'CON, Pr? extent. J. F. ELLIS, Stf'^7 ?nr A SPECIAL VEEI ISO OP THt. (.0-. wei i.ibwjCniunny N 1, ai ;n*-tr u*u al lace on THUttSDAYXVFAIvG March 13th. for boainessot ubik?.u?<* i"-'"1 1 1 JOHN M. TURKEY, mar 13-11 President. NOTICE? THE MARION RIFLES la ;?rd giving th'tr first annual llall MON DAY, the 16ih April next. Particular^) future advertisement. mar 13?2t WILL H. H. TOWERS. S?c. (I t,Organ. UniooSeni) v * PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, JHL Atenuon.?Aa adjourned mating will be JBBI h< lil at the armory on TUESDAY, March - f It 13:h, at 7 o'clock , Every member ia reqoe-ted to attend, prepared to pet He hi* dues, or abid? by i be action taken against delinquent^ By order of Capt. Peck : JNO. II. McCUTCIIEN, Secretary. Txar ia-at ?THE ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT OF the Medical Department of Georgetown I College will be held at the Smithsonian Inatitution | on THURSDAY, the 15th in*t*nt, at 7yt o'clock, p. in. The degree of M. D will be conferred by Rev Barnard A Maguire, Preaident, and the annua ad drers to the graduate* will be pronounced by J. M Snyder, M. D., Professor of Surgery. Member* ot the Medical profession and the puhln generally ar.- Invited to attend. FLODOARDO HOWARD, mar 18?3t Dean, fcc ,E\STER BALL?THE WASHINGTON GERMAN YAOERS announce to theii friend* that they intend giving a BALL on Ea-tei Monday, at Carti*i"s Salo ^n. Particular* in a futun I alvertisetmnl. inar 12?eo3t .NOTICE-?THE FIRST GRAND AN nual Ball of tbe Kagle Club will be givei f t Forrest Ha I, Georgetown, on THURSDAY, Um 19th April. Bee future advertisement. mar 12?lw* ,PHILODEMIC POCIETY.-There wil' _ be a meeting of the Pbilod* mie Society ?.t j O-orgetown College, on THURSDAY, March 15th. at 5 p m, at which the non resident member* are re spectfully iaVitcd to be prt*ent. I1ARRV B AUK EE, R C COMBS, SCOTT It. SMITH, mar9-lw* Commitee of Correspondence. .METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN ___ STirUTE EXHIBITION.?NOTICE. | The Managers of the Exhibition retr# t to under stand that many persons visit the Exhibition with depositors' and other Ticket* borrowed from their | friend*. The Committee are determined to expo?r ( such person- when found with ticket* not their own. The doorkeeper* have b~ei instructed t'? ctiticalli examin- all iokiti hereafter pre ented a? the door. Th>* Eibibi ion will close on Wedne dfty evening next, the 14lh Instant, when the clotting address wi I be delivered, and tin- Award- announced CHARLES F. WOOD, Sup't mar 8?TiiSMT 4t (IstelkNews) TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Fourth Auditor's Office, Mar. 12,1855. NOTICE. --Person* having claims acainst a bal ance due from tli- Cuited Slate# to Alexander Doughty, captain of the a'ter-guard of the United Statea frigate Columbia, dec? a*ed, are hereby noti fied to preaent them at the office ol the Fourth Au ditor of the Treasury, within two month* from this date. mar 13?3t RHICI1 AIIDSON'* L.INACN? I have just received a full supply of Richard son's soft finish Linen*, in every variety. N. Yor? M I's and other superior Shirting Mu-lin*. Extra heavy Tnble and double l)ama*k Diaper-'. Full stock of Housekeeping and Famiiy DRY GOOIM. of the be* and m ?t de-irabH Fabric*, with a lull stock of Mourning Goods, fcc Al* ?, BOOTS and SHOES of the best makers, ai the lowest prices J. W BARNECLO, No. 383 Seventh, betw H and I st*. mar 13?ec6t ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NA VY YARD. A GOLDEN SHOWER. ROBS- T llleu TIIE UNRIVALLED MAGICIAN, Oa IIURSOAY EVENING, the 15?h instant, will give one of hi* vi A?,N IFICKNT MAGICAL E.N '1'ERTAINMEN i S, distributing #200 wo th ol SPLENDIU GIFTS among the audience. For | arucularn see small bills Gift Ti' ket* only .'iO cents; to be had of J. Ball, Jeweler, 3J9 Ga-n on street, where the articles are on exhibii'Hi?and at the door on the evening of the GR AND GOLDEN SOIREE. mar 13 - 3t nnoKKD * PlthLKD SALMON O 3 cases Halifax Salmon, fresh smoked, small sizes. Halfax Salmon in barrels and ti< rcea Just received by SHEKELL BROTHERS, No. 4 opp-Aite the Centre Marke:. mar 13?3t (Intel) F" ?r.?U SALMON * LOBM'KHIi Underwood, Boston, preparing ; in caaes her ! ineticaiiv -ealtd. For i^ale by SHEKELL BROTHERS, inar 13?3t (Intel) $100 REWARD. nPHE lodging >o<>in of the advertiser, at hi* father's I re?.i.lence on 9th street, was entered in his ah sence last night (Vtonday) b iween the hours of 8 and tf o'clock, and a Bureau drawer entered by a talae key. and rifled of a small mahogany box, ctn tainiog? 5 $20 gold pieces $100 1 .">0 note (Northern) .V) 4 20 do Virginia 80 1 10 do 10 t) 3 do (Northern) 24 2 1 gold pieces 2 2 S do 10 $276 Two p;eces Jeweliy. The above reward will l*e give-i for the detection of the robber and recovery of the money, mar JNO. H. G 4LLAHF.R, Jr. ARLINGTON POLKA. JUST published by HILRUS 4. H1TZ, and for sale at all the puncipal Mu-ic Stores. It is em bellished with a correct likeness <.f i, ashlngton's favorite, the venerable George Washington P Cus ti*. and dedicated to him by the popular composer [ of this city, Hans Krununacher. Music Depot,Star Buildings, Comer of Eleventh street and Pa ayenue. mar 13?if A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which were made expressly fur th s lair and may be relied upo > as superior instruments. We will dis pose of mem upon very reasojable term*, give any reasonable tune on them, divide the payment* into small notes, in fact, make any reasonable jrn nge j mi nts to suit pu-chasers We have also on hand in store the largest and moct reiiabe a* ortment of Piano* e\?-r offered in thi* city, fio ii tbe renowned mauuf ctore* of Mal let, Davis, Co .Boston, and Bacon k Raven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchange. New M >sic and an assortment of every article pertaining to tbe music trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Penna. avenue, near Teuth stitet. mar 13?tf | PB0P0S AH FOitOiL FOR I.IOHT.EOUIES TRRASUHY DEPARTMENT, ) OtrtoE Light House Hoard. V Mrr-h 10 1855. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at ihis rffice until 1 oVIock, p. m . on .Monday, the [2d|hdayof March instant, 1855, for supplying ihe light-house establishment wi*n five ihou.-and (5/00) gallons best quality spring st aine j sperm < il, m strong, small, inn bound casks, in prime order, tre? fron. leakage, coi taining from thirty to forty gallons each, and not exceeding an average of thirty fivo sallon each, to lie delivered on board of a ship at the city of New York within ten flay- after written eotlce jo the contractor shall have been received by him, free of charge, other than the contract price to the United States Tbe oil contracted for under the foregoing propo sals to be subjected to the n>-ual tests of specific gravity, te nperature ot which it will ren.ain limpid by burniug and such other means a* may b>* thought proper by tbe person or persors to ?h<Hn that duty may b? assigned by the Light-House Board, befr?re it will be accepted. All tests and inspections to te made p iorto the transportation of the oil from tbe contractor s warehouse or other place of deposi e. The oil to remain limpid at a temperature of 40 degrees of Fatrenheit or lower. All bids must be sealed and endorsed " Proposals for Oil lor Light house*," and then placed in an other envelope and directed to the Secretary ol the Light-House Board, Washington, D- C. The board, under the authority of tse department, rrsenrs the right to re ect any I id, though it may be the lowest, from other consideration* than its amount. Ey order of the Light- Aou=e Board : THORNTON A. JENKINS, mar 13?eot96mar Secretary. BLANK BOOKS of every size and variety, of tbe finest mat rials and worknmnslup, aa well as I others of the cheapest k inds. A' utrgr supply bought for cash by the undersigned, for sale at rat- s much ; below 11m usual price*. mar 18 FRANCK TAYLOR. Amazements. NATIONAL THEATRE. Ifier?M0(r>? prpmUnry at the Splendid Circus Company. OF - Y*H* * *IAI)IOA*? The- b*rt S^v^trfmi Company In Aaenca. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE emrWKKllR^OAY ami IATCRDAT. k V KHY fCVRRUt, G<ard change ot EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES, la which appear' Vf*!!?? Rtva. Mr Tbos King. Moaa Le R'?en, A. Aymer, V*' Od? II. Marten MWI gas, an ? (baries, Mr. H. P Mad>ga?, William Kortir. a?1 ikf THRE?: FAMOUS CLOWN?. Jim My-ik Carlo, and Sam Loaf. WANTED.?FlFTY LITTLE CHILDREN for the Fairy Pantonnne of CINDERELLA. Those a?u4>titftl to Dancing ?ilte pn-ferted. rnters or ipmimioi. Priratr Rrnei, Dr^s Circle and fwqaeitr, ?> ntlrnnn witta lane-. 25 c *n ?; Single (*nUfm>i, 37% cents; Family Circle, rents; Colored Salter) i5c? tt, air S JUST , bi- i ( TABLE CCTLIRY, ALBATA FORKS ANn srooNS. ae CST received a larg? assortment of superior Ta utlery of every vanity. AI*o. ?ve j ?t lc of tl?e fine*! quality At.DAT A *ORK8. SPOOXS, TEa SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, kc. M W. GALT k RRO , 394 Pa ave., betw. 9 h and lOJi at*, nar 19~3t LOUDON WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated lo the ?ounf ladies tjf Ltctbiiri, Va., ^ Pud". J A. Ynnf. A very pira?inr composition, published at I he Music Depot ?f IIILBUS k HlTZ. mar 12?if ________________ CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Re*. Harvey j Newemb. GRAY k HALLANTYNE. 498 Seventh street are the only agent* for the sale ot tins work in the '?i?tri<*t of i.'oluntl ia and Alexandria. Hukteripuoa once Several of the CHy Pirtoro having carefully ei tniuif.1 it, unite in oronouticmz it a complete His ?ory of Christian Mi*si? ns throughout the world, in I recommend every Christian layman, who wish ?*s to keep bims* If uilntmed of the movement and triumph* of ChrisTa Kingdom in this Earth, to pro vide himself with a copy. Circulars containing a synoptic of the con'ents can b" bad cn application at the Bookstore of GRlY k BtLLANTYKE, mar IS?3t 498 Sevyith KrerL Lost?in georgctown,or its vicin ity, r chased GoM Bracelet. The finder will be -uitably rewarded by lea\ing it at the residence i f O. W Pairo. on Prn?p< ct street, Georgetown, or at th? office ?f Pairo k Nourse, Washiu(ton city. mar 12?3i* WATCHES. JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLATED WAGE \T REDUCED PRICES. T\? E 'i(ler <*ir entire stock of elegant GOLD YY WATCHES, RICH 'EWF.LRY, PURE SILVERWARE, ic , at greatly reduced rate*. Frwtn> would do m il *o examine our assortment, winch i* hy tar the largest. mo-t fashionable, and hot selected tmoffered toour < ustomers. M. W GALT k BRO., 394 Pcnn avenue, between 9th and 10th *L?. mar 1*2?If PIANO FORTES. PERSONS wishing to buy au excellent Piano Forte in tvery re.?pect. are invi ed to examine the Piano Fit*tew made by Me?s? STEINWAY k SONS, 88 Walker street, * ew York, now on exhi bition at the Sru ths> nian Institution. Any iuform aiion respecting prices, guarantee, kc , will be given. mar 12?3t* WENTY- FIVE CENTS REWARD.?RAN _ aw?y, fr >tu the subscribers, their regularly in dentured apprentice, NI ROD R. TAYLOR. All persons are hereby cautioned against employing or harboring, tru ting or in any way (ticouraging his absence, under the regular penalties mar 10- 3t L. II. *. G. C. 8CHNEILER. GREAT RECONCILIATION. THE undersigned will open a Kiln of fresh wood butnt LIME (containing 610 barrel*) on M?n d*v morning next, for which the cash will be re quired at the kilns or on delivery. He mipt adopt this method or clip business, ax a great portion >i| his sa'es the pi?t^-ar are unhealed and lying over, ?f I at the Kiln?hauling add hi ?nal A E. SMOOT. National Lime Kiln, comer New York avenue and Twentieth ttre?L mar 10 At* I VOCAL MUSIC. SIGNOR SEVERO STRINI has consented to give instructions in Vocal Music to thtpe in the city of \Va*hir>zton who desire kis servics. He comes highly recommrnded bv per-ons of the highest re rpertability who have availed tliemselves of his in stru 'Dons. Among those who r? c-mmend him h? in allowed to name John M. Macauley, of N. York, E'aaira I. ncola Phelp*. Principal ot Patapsco In stitute, Maryland,and a nutnlter of mowt respectable ladies, whose recommendations can be seen at the office of th?- Evenii g Star. All orders left at the Mustice St?.re ?if Richard Davit.. 308 Pennsylvania avenue, and at the Store of Hilbus k Hits, Sutr Buildings, will be attQuied to. mar 10?3t OFFICIAL. AHMY AND NAVY RE GISTER for 18&. '1 be Navy Register for the United States for the year 185.5 Offi ia! Army R 'filter for 1855 Just published and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S mar 10 Bookstore, near 9th at. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, ANEW SONG, words written and dedicated to Mrs. Frank iu Pierce, by Sheelah ; music com posed by Frederick Kley, Esq. Ju t published and 'orsale at IIILBUS k MTZ'S Musij Depot. Star Ruildtn;s. mar 10 IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BItK.AK.ING UP Hou ekeeping.? Persons removing from the city and wishing to disp se of their furniture and Honse keeping Utensils without the trouble of sendii.g them to Auction, can do so by calling upo : us at tir store, No. 317 Pa. avei.ue, rs ws are prepared to t uy all such goods as niav !>?? offered. R. H. JEWELLE k CO , mar 9 No. 317 Pa. avenue. FANCY MILLINERY. MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and^^. Sister lave ni>ene<t a FANCY MlL-^^^bc LIN'ERY SI'oREon Penr.a. avenue.^HP between Tenth and Eleventh streets, south side, No. 97 7* and would respectfully 'all the attention of the ladles of Waxhingiou and vici nity to their handsome and varied assortment of im potted and manufactured Millery, latest styles; New York. Paris, and Loodou flnhmtis of Straw, Silk, ? 'rape, Lace, Velvet and other Bonnets. Also,drtM a&d other Caps. All crder.s iu the Milunety line thankfu|1y received and faithfully attended to. mar 9?|w# PIANOS FOR RENT. TvWO superior 7 octave Boudoir PIANOFORT?8 for rent or sala. Apply at IIILBUS k HITZ'S Music Depot, where they may be seen. mar 8 IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. PAY Rolls of Militia entitled to Land Bouut* un der the act of Congress September 28, J8j0, compiled from rolla in the Auditor's office at Rich mond. Muster RolU of tbe Virginia Militia in the War oi 1812, being a supplement to tbe pay rolU. A few copies for sale at R FARMIAM'S, Corner Pa. avenue and 11th its. .Also, wt FRENCH'S, Alexandria, Va. nmr 8 STEWART'S SK> LIGHT DAGUERREAN Rooms, over Gait s J? welry Store, Pa. avennc, is where the public can have splendid picture* taken at more reasona I** prices than at any other room ui the city. Call early. Satisfaction alwaya given, mar 7?lm BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. ALL my o'd friends for whem I obtained Bounty L und, la Irsa q-<antity than 160 acres, are here l>y informed that their names and a record of tbe evidence, w ith the dates of their certificates, are o? aiy book, so that I can, with facilitv, make o?t their leclaiations for additional land. i'no?e wbo failed lo obtain any land for want of sufficient service, many of whom are now entitled to 160 scrta, can !ind the time allowed recorded by me. Others will find it to their interest to call or write, and I will m nd forms and lustructiou* for reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or iheir Widows, to pay 'or preparing their papers wid be instructed gratia t?y calling at the office. JOHN D. CLARK, inar 6-lm Agent, Washington, D CI FOR 8ALE?A VERY FINE 8ADDLE AND flaggy HORSE. The horse ia young. . {?ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make eithrr a very fine carnage borva, or a rery plea-ant riding norse. Also, for sale an ncellent work boras, perfect'y <und. Amdy to No. 43 Dunbar on it^ George tV. mar 1?lawtf ALL. kTMAIOVRt vM ing the City Bhonld see Homer's Cat ?lao. F D |i? scripticn of Powells great Picture ilogueof the cariosities of the Patent oAce. ftb 23?3m*

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