Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1855 Page 3
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h v ??'NINO STAR. L UC JL I\T E LLIGESC E. CoCDi il PftoCSBBUffiS?of Aid*" m$i ?the boam rnet last e/enin *. whon the report ot toe Iotendent of the Aaylcm was reed, end referred to oommittee on aeylum Mr. Clerke *ubmi tted the petitioo of Samuel wt rner, ft'kicg leave to erect two frame dwell ing house* oear bis brick dwelling; referrei. Mr Pepper presented a petition of kb, Kapp asking the remission of a fine ; referred to committee en claims. Mr Magrcder presented a petition of Mar garet Tenant, asking reraiseion of a fine; re ferred to committee on cltima Bill* and rea^luti >ns from the lower Board were then taken Bp. First in order came the substitute to the resolution of thanks to the Executive and Coegress passed by the Board on last Monday night. The oonduot of the lower Board in strikiog oat the name of the President was severely animadverted oo by Messrs. Magruder, Bor rows, Evens, and Pepper, all of whom declared they should vote against agreeing to the sub stitute. The question was then taken oa adopting the sub* i ute, which resulted in r?j;ctiagit; but two gentlemen voting in the affirmative? Messrs. Clark and Pearson. Mr. Pepper aabmitted a petition from wm. Myers, asking that the money he paid for a lioecse be refunded; referred to commute* on claims. A report wm received from the superinten dent cf public schools, stating that there was in his hands i me old school furniture, and asking what shoold be done with it Mr Pearson moved to authorise the trustee* of the public schools to dispoae of old and dilapidated school furniture; passed Mr. Bsyly, from the committee on olaims, reported adversely on the petition of T. M. Brush asking tor the remiss on of a fine, and asked to be discharged from further con?idera lion of the same; committee uisoharge d. The Board then adjourned. Common Cohhc /.?President in the cbair. The minutes of the list meeting were read by the Secretary Mr Newman presented the petition ot va rious citixens owt ing property on Pennsylva nia avenue from 22d street to 1' ck creek; re fsrred. Mr J. W. Davis presented Ue petition of certain citiaens relative to hi f ens; referred Mr Bnsey presented the petition of M. M White; referred. Mr P.ant, from the committee on improve ments. reported the jciat resolution relative to the 13;n st-eet sewer; pxssed. Mr. Stewart, frvin the s-tme committee, re ported the bill to remove certain nuisances in the Sixth Waid, with the amendment ot the Upper Boari, and an additional amendment, both of which which were agreed to, and the bill, as amended, passed, after a short ex planatory diicission. between Messrs. Bu?ev and Stewart Mr. Duncanson. from the committee on claims, rep>rted bill paving Francis Hutchirs $7, wh;ch he erroneously paid the Cor poration; passed. aisj, made an advene re port upon the petition of John Fletcher, to tsaume half the co?t of a pump in the Fourth ward; report adopted Mr Clements urged the necessity of this pump tj the neighbors, there not being usable water on the corner of 4;h nod I street, and hoped that the corporation would assume half the cost, Ac., of this pump. Mr Burey thought the committee Lad re ported right, that there were o her pumps in the city winch bad been boilt by private means. and wbieh this corporation had refused to assume. lie also quoted from the laws o!" the Corporation in snpport of his position Mr. Newman, from the same committee, reported a bill reuihtirg the fine imposed en Wm Jscobi for keeping open his store on Sunday ; rrj*c'ed?yeas t*? rays 13. Mr. Kelly, from the committee on the fire department, reported a bill paying michael McDermUt $oo 12} for repairs of the appara tus of the Columbia Fire Company. Mr. Birr, from the committee on public rehools, reported a bill establish!i g a pri mary schcol in the Third Ward, north of > ew Ycrk avenue, wi?h the neoeasary tpprop.ia tioos for expenses; passed. Mr Ball from the some committee, asked to be discharged from the communication ot Z llicbarda which was done Mr. Kelly, from a special ojmmittee. to whom the petition was referred, reported a bill, paying J Tea Eyck $7ju for losses sus tained by him, in lading out and numbering the city Mr Bcsey opposed the poss3ge of the till, stair g that a g eat many complain s h^d been made of the numbering, and that he knew what the law wan, when be took the ?ontraet. Mr. Smith stated that various individuals had preceded him in put'iDg numbera upon the various houses and he had thereby incarred lostes Mr Burey replied, that as he had made the contract perfectly awaro of everything in the oontract, he could not ask anything more Mr Smith again replied, stating the great hardship of the case that the figures had showed the loss of Mr. Ten Eyck to be actu ally $7S0. and hoped the bill would pae< Mr Bamberger op;.oeed the bill, aayisg that the law allowed any porvon to number taeir own house, and that thia '-interference" was no more than the na'ural competition of trade. After a short discussion, the bill was lost? yeas 4, naya 13 A communication wis received from the Secretary cf the Biard of Trustees of Public Schools; which was read, and ordered to be printed. Mr. J Robersen had leave to withdraw bis petition from the files cf this Board. The report of the Ictend&nt of the Asylam was referred to that committee Board of aldermen bill, plying ci. Vender, werken $ol2 fcr d?m?gcs su< aincd by break ing down of tha k street bridge, waa referred. The Board adj>urned. A Dxlightfcl Mi sical treat ?It ia very rarely that we have t.n opportunity of hear ing good piano forte musio There is a Titi a ted public taste which insists upon a depart ure from the high and classic, and a proclivity amor g some performers to descend to clap trap for the momentary gratification of a class whose ideas oan ascei-d no higher than the bonea and banjo, or a miserable attempt at intermingling patriotic airs with the solemn s'raina of music adapted to ti.e ci.urch. Thia la wrong? good music is alvaya adaptable, and the kigher the standard he inero correct will be the pcblio tis e V. e realized this truth strongly yesterday evei.icg. when listen ing to the music of Mr. Kobert lieller. at the ma?ic store cf hi 1 bue a liiig The performer was ?' in the vein"?he was surrounded by an appreciating audience, and it brought to our aund those occasions of wbLh we read in the aausio?I annals of Germany, where the great artists Beet in private to give to each other those fioor conceptions of the beautiful which a staid and powdere 1 publio know so little of We cannot express ourselves as we would, bat every lover of music knows what we mean. Mr Ileller, In oar opinion, is vastly superior te any other performer who haa ever been in our city. OaictsxL Watsr Colo* pictures ?An opportunity is now afforded the lovers cf art, through Messrs. Taylor a Maury, by the ex hibition at their atore, of eight water color paintings, by J (j Philp, cf London. They were intended for the exhibition at New York, but arrived in this country too late, and were oonseqaently sent on to Waahiagton. we will not attempt to criticise such exquisite productions, bat would recommend thrss who wish to see whet glorious effects can be pro duced by water colors, to inapect them Praiscwortuy ? Professor Kanol, a leader of a cotillon band in tbis city, hss been lying in ? very dacgerous state for several days pas . Uis drcumstanccs are *u*h that he and his family are dependent upon their friends. Fleet's cotillou b-ud of colored musicians, hearing of this, raised a purse of money and tendered it to him. which was thankfully re ceived Wno will imitate this worthv ox. at ?On Sunday n'ght, ofl5 cer Wise arrested Tobias iiotler, ft Isd of six teen yeftis. for attempting a rape upon t-a person of ft little girl ten yea's of age He was taken teforo J astioe Bates, who held him to bail to appoftr ftt the Crioinftl Court C?M*m?E*.-F?r the special bM?A of tha re'^8" ?[ th? Star who may hare buaiaes* with the Georgetowa Council#. we pnblieh the f-llowlng Bt and log committees whioh ??n appointed by Mr. Plekrell, President of tbe Board Of Common Council, on Friday evening o.^ Elacaoc ?-Edaa,_Osbern. and Bittinger laims Myers, Bang*, and Cameron P*m?*roe?Osborn, Semmes, and Edea. CanS Bllli?Bittiagar, Welch, and Mo Fija Com pan i os and Engines?Camaron, Edea, and Bittinger. *7*?. and Osborr. Harbor and Channel?Eda?, Semmes. and Grimes. Publio School#?Myers, Bang*, and Walob. # Market House?Walch, MeCann, and Bit tinuer. Poor and Work House?Semmes, Myers and CamatoD. Poiioe?MeCann, Oaborn, and Sammee Pumps?Grimes, Mjara, and Bittinger.' Streets?Bangs, Camaron, and Edsa Joint OoaaMfttee on Aooounts - Semmea, Banga, and Waloh. on A Narrow Eacipa ?Mr. Robart Heller having generously offared hia services on b? Md nli?ht*hlhSKfiWl ^0Dpe ,ateI^ ,#ft in ? std plight by thetr employers in Alexandria unfortunately miajcd the laat boat from Wash ington laat night, but rather than diaappoint the Alexandrian ha hirad a carriage to Uka h?h? driV#r ne^1*ot*d to procure r afUr proceeding iuh it w.r.1 J i ral? ,u?rm came on, and with it total darknaaa. Tha carriage nrooeedeH ?lowly, and Mr. Hallar, E^ESS! ?* T to?pl0r? Ha found Bey had .aft the road, and wore on the verge of a precipioe. A foot further and they wonld r^?^Kdl'h#d LBl" the riTer- Mr H- to en EllLi tk tJrtck'*nd ?ft?' moch difficulty found the road, making the driver lead the SKfl*?mself walking in advance to inaare ,8^? 7 of the carriage and hordes. He reached the city about midnight, drenched to tbe akin, having been five hours on the n-ad. K liter a poor return for a charitable inten tion to aerve bis neighbors. Prof. Hrllku at tHr Natt Yard ?IVe ?ee by announcement that the Profeaeor baa cloaed hie engagement at Alexandria, wher.t. W*-fr5 tof?rmed, aume ten thooeand persons visited hia extraordinary feafa of magic As he d srnbutes some two hundred dollara worth of splendid gifts at his entertainment at the ? avy i ard, we would recommend our friend* there to be on the qui vive, and be certain to aeoure tioketj in time Prop. J. McFarlahd.?Thfa famous gym naat haa been engaged by Messrs. Myers <k Jlad'gan, and aocomplishes hia extraordinary feat of walking on a single wire from the ex treme back of the stage to the dome of the L ul'Z* r Th* c'lerit7 with which he performa thia perilous ascent, exoitra the wonder of all who behold him. Robbery-.?Last night, between eight and nine o clock, some person entered the l?dirine room of J. 8 GalUher, jr. at his father's reai dence on Ninth street, and robbed him of fS 1a fcod,901X16 Mr. G. has (flared $100 reward for the detection of the thief and recovery of the property. Ass\clt ard Battery ? Jacob Know lea Sa?J*y for a desperate aa sault and battery on Mra Jonea. He was ar reated by offioer Wise, and aent to j*il in de fault of aecurity for court. We near thia morning that Mrs Jones is badly injured, and her recovery u doubtful. Watch Retcurs _jno Wood and Wm. Me^ichols drunken Tagrants ; workhouse AO ?*Ja- J- W. knipe, do.; dismissed. Thos 'tk dru?k and Profane; fine and ? w,r* " ltKig",il1'who"" ALFXAKDKIA CO?RESPO*DK5C5. Examination of Crump?Ths Prisoner ai.ul I "tim?L*etHr*M?TkeMtrc, fye Alexandria, March 13, 1855. The examination of Ueorge W. Crump, charged with the murder of Jos Bloxam, took place yesterday at the coart-house, before Justices Engliah and Price. C. E Stuart, ] Ksq-, appeared for the Commonweaith, and Mesara Brent, F. L Smith, and Marbury lor the prisoner. Great interest was felt, and the court room was threnged during the whale i examination. ] The facts showed that Bloxim, whe was ? cnppie, had been at an exhibition at Liberty I llall, and was passing up King street, the t ?o i Crumps and others making game of him. He retorted, firat by words, and then with a blow from hia crutoh on the head of Emory Crump. 1 hereupon the prisoner waa been to strike the cripple in the back, whojell, saying that Bee Lrump_ (the ntekaame of tbe prisoner; had s abbed him. He carried to I)r Stablex's tmoe, where he died in a faw minutes A poet mortem examination by Dra Stabler and Chancellor exhibit*J a wound in the back passing between the sixth and aeventh ribs' dividing the pulmonary artery and passing through the left lur.g When the prisoner dead"""*1' "claimed, 4 My God, is be Throughout the whole examination the prisoner seemed greatly affected, more than once to tears He is a young man, apparently not more than two and twenty. lie was a carpenter by trade, and has borne a good character heretofore, being remarkable, bow it the violence of hia temper. who generally drove a wagon, resided a*. \*??t Er d, near tne toll gate, and except when provoked, waa very inoffensive. He had been a cripple for ye3ra The court at the concluaion of the hearinz committed the prisoner to jail to await the April examining eourt. Laat night Dr. Lord, at the Lyoeum Hall, delivered a fine lecture on ?* Napoleon Bona parte '' Kev John P Ponelan, at St Mary's Church, discourred on Indnlgencea, and at the theatre the Lady of Lyona and Irish Tutor were given. In justice to Mr Keenan, the theatrical c mpany new here deaire us to state that Mis Tyrrell's remarks, noticed In the Star of Sat urday, had their origin in a mistake Mr K. haa returned and settled everything sstisfac tunly So much in simple justioe to the en torprising leaase. ami [^Z7*^^LwHOOrLAND'e, CXLRBIUTKD UKBMAN bit TaKo. ? Tlier* ,r* thlaiti which afford a* gr*??#r plruarn tl?u attune to ?r>t? ? notice of tb? relrbrate<l Hoof il'ltl'*""*" *?<*?a? waara fully rouacloua wa ara ronfarribK a pwMic hnipttt, and o*r heart tella na that by our u<4kn niauy have bean ikdnrad to takr U.aae Bluera. aii'I been reamed from death by dyapapala, llrar complaint. Z r. "f 15? "f wtl",h ?? '? It l? prepared au.l mU?Jy by p,. q M. JACRBOW. at tba German Mediae Store, No. I ju Arch atreet, fhiiaaalphia. a<1 vf rti*ema?it mjkr j 33^ -Jbto diaeaaa, which aecai* to OA^KH ^^ ?}?&Uk fr- '? Buydeo, formerly of uia Aator Uvuaa. \?w Tnrk ta'in'a ?Tf'UM*bn7a? "! JCxc,1-?nC? H tel. Rlcbmond, Va , la one of the handre'ta who have rc^ed rf r- v.n ralca, by CAKTKH S aTARISM MXT^RB. silica bia cure he baa recommended it to unmbera of oth ,r*?. w*r* au?erln? wiUi nearly every form of dia*a?e with the mm W '. lerful tncceea. ' He aaya it la the moat eitraordtnary ma.lictne ha haa eeer aeen uae.1. abd the beat puriOer known . ?.?aceaUvertisemrnt la another column. READY RAOS CLOTHINO FOR GKNTLEVEX AND Toutha' wear manufactured with taavaand alecancebv ROAR Wa LKKK A CO., under Browna' Hotel. Tbelr <to?k embrace Uie ralflot or Harloal Overcoat, Overaacki ahaped and uetlaitre. Talaaa, black and blue Cl"th Dreaa Coata, rro< k Coau of all faahlouabie colore, CWaalmar, Uuair.raa Nultea, tlcfa Vflvet VaaU. SUka, Ac., black doaakia Gaaaluter floured OMatmar, aad plain Caaximer TaaUloona. For the youth?JackaU, Paula, Vaata, OvarcoaU, Ac. A* they are tiit-lr owu luaiiufactarera they ara euabied aad wUI aell at the vary low eat pneea. Sklru of aaperler flt, Collar*, ?*io\ea, Ttaa, Ac., of lata atylaa alwaya on haad. dec la? vr~y ruairss at the fairs?whitkuirsts atUl In tbe aecendaar*.?The luriea of each of the laU kira a* B-lumora, Rklimoad, aad Haw York awarded tbelr hifheat praouuBi to J. H. W. for tbelr aapartortty of Fho tuvrapba, atareoacopaa aad l>atuarreotyp?w axhihttod. Mr. W. aleo reoal t e>t two Medala at tie World*a Fair, U? doe. aad a j remium at CryetaJ Fala?^ Raw Tart. Alao, tt,a Stat a war da of Um MaryWal Iuattlate tor 'kraa yaara peat. Wtitafaurat'a OwUary la UUa city |i m Fa. ?rwaa batw. and SU atraata. 17 WJM Rulumtoi reoatvaa all than aw Boot* aad Raw* raparaaafaataapabllahed Ha la aceal for Harpar'a aad all "? Macaalnaa, aad oar read ara will always Sad a | aad cool aaaortatoat af Blank Booka aad SlaUaaary at Odaoa Balldiac, oar Fa. evaaae aa4 4ft SI ITT^A rHINOMBNA IN M KDICIJOt.?R?otieh*tlA, OoHch 1 liyrpersia Llrer IMM Scrofula Ar.?For a'I d!eeaae* of tit Fw't ageless H rtand* pr? eminent. A tilfrgymen Jnst Infers)* ?* It bo cured him of Bronchitis of* <WW'HI eturaOw?wartlowiars heraansc IUMFTOVS VXOrTA-BUE TINCITXt??y its mild so t!on OB tbs iWMrt, tl?er u4 Udaeys, will cnre Dr*p?& ?u, CM|\ Aartsss, ?ronahUl a?d Laag Affections MU la IK# Back. M* a?d B Ml Oooenmptlon |eoftta, Xh?? ?latiesa, 0MHs Meara'st . FlataU, Bowel Oontpla ntt, Piles, Woiw, aud JT?r?o?e Debilities With *1] tll-amn* a-lsius from lanN U ol, anil la tbe fastest faisale mad a ae e* ar k i aw a. Tu's ln*aloalile me-J e ne !? work lot wonders np n the toman frame 9^*a4*e.-r?ewf>tt''-da7 Mar7 rr~7?*. CAM!) TO THI LAD1KS.-OOOD HITS FOB THE HICK. PB. DfPONCO'8 OOLOKN MONTHLY PILLS, tbe beet and mofl Infallible remedy avar dlecovered for re lieving and rnrtnc all palnfal, diatreeelac, and difficult men struation, and remortnc all periodical i bttructinnt, and lr r?tulaiiO<? arising from whatever cauaa. Tbeee Pills ara a complete TBIUMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. They ara prepared by a proewi which coocentratea the InjrMlentelnto a amall bulk, tbua rendering It unnecessary fir delicate female* to take large doeea of naaeeos* drnr* Dr. DtyoaM'i PUla are the raamt of over THIBTY TEAKS" EXPERIEMUE In the treatment of tba dlaeaaea of femalea.? j They have bean ad ve'lined for a little over oaa year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already keen aold, and tbe demand (or them rapidly In rruMt wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tr'ed Id Waablagtoa, a ad fonnd to act like a ch%m. 8 Id by all Droggtata la Washington, Georgetown and Al esendrla, Va. mar 1?eoAm* ? AKRIKD. In tJii* ciiy.on the 12th instant, bv tbe Rev. S. P. II.ll, Mr ALBERT M. SNYDER "to Mi?i MARY ELLEN HOLLAND. DIBD. On the lOUi instant, after a short illness, ED WL VH V. RICE, in the 31st year of hi* age. {ft^His funeral will take place this (Tuesday) af ternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence on Capitol Hill, corner of First an I B streets. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend. ? On the 11 h in tant, ELIZABETH MARY, eldest daughter of W. G. an J Sophia Ridgely. Uu the 10; to insui.t, after a short but severe ill ness, which she bore with christian hope and fwti tude, Mrs. SARAH SCOTT, in tbe 90th year of h? r age. OQb Her funeral will take place fiom the residence of her husband, ori H street, near Fourth, to-morrow (Wednesday) mornir-g, at 10 o'clock. Her friends and acquaintances art* respectfully invited to at tend. * On the 12th instant,at 8 o'clock p m., RICHARD DEMENT E*q., (for more than forty yeirs a Gov ernment clerk,) after a brief il.ncss of a few hours, in lite 6H:h year of bis age The friends of the family are invited lo hi* funeral, to take plac*4o-morrow (Wednesday) at 4 o'clock p. in., Trinity C:nruh. * * On the IItli instant, at his late residence, on Pa. svtnup, MICHaE'j l?RADY,r. native of the count) Cavan, Ireland, and for the laet 10 years a resident j of this city. 4(^ilis friends and acquaintances are res|?ect folly invited to attend his funeral at 6 o'clock a. m , | to-morrow morning, to tbe Baltimore ears. * For Bale and l*ent. 570R RENT?A SMALL COTPAdE, CON X taininc four rooms, situated on I st.. hwtwen Lift and 16th streets. Enquire at the Family Gro cery of Z M. P. KING, rmtr 10 963 Vermont avenue. 1*UVMSI1ED HOUSE OR ROOMS FOR RENT Two or three gertlemen can each be accom modated with parlors and bedrocms communicating, furmslted, and lighted with gas, or the entire house may be obtained on the most moderate terms by the 1st of Apr I. Apply at 310 Twelfth st eeC. 3d door from the ftirkwood House. mar 10-3t* FOR SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington. A two-story Brisk House and Lot No. 91 ft 11 st west. Part of Lot No. 16, in Square 532, on T iird st. Lot on Sixth street, betwe n Louisiana avenue | and C st. Also, a three-story Brick House on High st., near I Bridge street, Georgetown. Will b* sold low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown, mar 10?tf First class dwelling ?or rent.?The Mibscrih r offers for rent, on moderate terms to a good tenant, the fine brick Dwelling House on F street. i.econci door wert from tlie corner of Ninth. It has baths, gas fixtures, chan rcliers and all mod ern improvements. Also, for sale, a BRICKYARD, with horses, carts | machinery, an everything necessary for carrying on the b<i8in> *s. Clay du^ sufficient for the coming I season. Terms liberal. C.LYONS, mar 10?4t* 499 Tenth street. Furnished house por bent?That com tuodious Hou-e, No. 450 II street; containing eleven rooms, with hath room, g-ts fixtures, kc., J completely furnished in every particular, is for re lit. Apply to N. M. McUREGOK, Furniture Hester, 7th street. feb 23?11 ST< >RAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry G.iods ] Groceries, Jtc., to stored, will find ample ac com ir? oil at ion* in the larg**, airy, Has stone paved, and Dry Uas^ineots under the Mtar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?tf For KENT OR SALE UN REASONABLE | TERMS? A tw<>-nory frame Home, with back building, ] contaiaiug si* rooms, on I3>^ street, between B and (J streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-etory Frame, with bas'jiuent, on N. York | avenue, between 4th tuid 5<h sts. west. A three-uory Frame, witb back building, on I st. north, between 4th ami 5tb sts. we>t. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME? W. BARKER, on II street north, between 12th and 13tb sts. west. Also a two-story Fratue. with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKeON k KING, feb 7?eotf George.own. FOR iIF.NT.? FOUR NKW AND CONVENI ent Brick Houses, brown mastick frouu, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dhiing room, kitchen, servant s room, and five chambers each, ami siDi&ttvj on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. av?uue and tbe Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. M. CL AKKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aid Kouibiana avenue, or at D. 11. CLARKE'S Dru< ^tore, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eotf T?OR RENT-THE DWELLING AND STORK r on 11 tli street weft, one door from Pa. avenue, ii'ftli side, ailjoirnno F.trnhniirs Bookstore. Api/.v to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 3?eotf corner 12th and sts. A RARE CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE IN vestment.?For sale, a two-story frame House, wuh attic, containing eight rooms, exclusive of nd lar kitchen, situated tn L between Ninth and Tenth streets north, a pleasant location, near to market and all the Departments. For further particulars apply to WM. P. 8HEDD, Fancy Goods and Millinery, 503 Kleventh st. mar 6?eo2w BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE.?A VARIET ? of Building Lots in the vicinity of the City Hall. Also, in all other ptrts of ihe city, on accommoiat ing terms. Enquire at Mr?. ADAMS* Boarding House, opposite to Browns'Hotel, to be seen from tt to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. AlrO, an address through the Post Office will reteive attention. mar S?eotim DAVID MVERLE. s TUE LAST CHANCE. IF the remaining Lots in Square 815, and south o! Square No 915 si'UHted on Maryland avenue, between 8th and Ml streets, Capitol Hill, arc not sold by the 1st April, they will be withdrawn. Terms, $3 or per month. GEO. F. DYER, Office on D, next to corner of 10th street, mar 8 - eo2w MARKET FARM FOR SALE.?THE SUB seriber wisbef to sell bis Farm, situated in Piince George's county, Maryland, and on Ui^r Ha^e road from Waabingt n to U, per M&rlhoro'. It isin a oealiby location, and contains forty one acres, and w..uld make a capital market farm for a competent t person, h? ing hut ten miles from Washington. The | improvements on it consist of a n?w two story dwelling house, a good barn, and all tbe necessary out buildings. Not being acquainted with the work ing of a fartn is the reason for offering it for sale, and it will be disposed of to any one tor muca less than its real value, for oa*h. car 3 lw* JAS. II. CRANDELL. FOR RENT OR' EXCH VNGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm m Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Bridge and Congress sts., No. 8T. feb fr-tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lou, 34 feti front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, tBitil spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of ?75, payable 63 per month Title indisputable. Uuion Land office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hal), jan 9-?m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. (lOOK WANTED.?A WHITE WOMAN wlio j understands rooking, wasbiog and ironing, and ? du U is gooa references as to capacity and char acter, u wanted at No. 1 Franklin Piace, 1 st, bet. 13 h an1 14th. WaaU'd also, a while leimle bouse servant, mar 19- 3t* House w a n t e d?the advbbtiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story brics Dwelliug, suitable for a small family, situated north of F street. Address "S F A," through tbe post Office, stating location, price, kc. mv is-iw* Auction Sales. * ?COTT. Aacttoi I u Auc. mntM wh ch are ImTir^'e lSjPl^e **?*"?? ihreelud tii? other nine rt?om.7Sch^?l*,,mo< "*?>< '"?" * 8>.tSBJ Zrz Sfi Title indisputable. osTe"^" OBe lo?^ c??h; balance in 6 12. i a ,?.i 84 months, on notes bearing interest. le *nd A deed given and a deed of trust taken ""?-< ?'EEX - ?J c# ??OUIHI, Auetloa??r. Extensive sale of excellent fur mture and Housekeeping Effects OiiTMITdb DAY morning, the 8th a. iTovSk ? residence of J. H. Eberbich K?, 1 "* betwe?(? 91st and 22.1 streeti l?h'*Ji ^Tm ,"uc? reserve, all of his Furniture ?..U KtfeSi/cSl^' Pair of handsome mahogany spring S >fod 2?rWOEe,in,a^>,*ny gpnn* M!ml Caairx ?.?, -n?!1"," ?*,j?y ,op centre "*? Tables OiU aoe mahogany framed Frt?cb plate Mirror II and Mime Mantel Clocks, Gi andoles I minus* and lace Curtains Cornice and Fixtures Ven- ian Blinds, Transparent Shades Pictures, ChandHiers, Gas Future* Mahogany dining and centre Table.* wpnng seat Lounge*, cane seat Chain nftHi"!?* B?Mr'? P3"0' rtair Carpets 1 hree-ply and ingrain Carpels Oilcloth Kugs, Matting, Stair Rods, Clash Enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany a d walnut Frenrh Bed,.te.,'? eS,"! m"'" B"reaui- Washstands Excellent double and single Wardrobe* Secretary and Bookcase, Rocker* STKIISft "',rf "In?,e Feather Bed, Best hair and husk* "lankets, Comforts, Counteipnncs Bolster? and Pillows F re Irons, Toilet Sets Haridsiine gla?* front Cbinn Clo?et H'frigerator Sideboard, Side Tabll?* French and Stone China Dinner end Tea Ware Cutlery. <**tors * W*" l ooking Bani;e, small Cook Stove timber Stoves, various styles Kxeel ent copper and tin Cooking Utensils qu5t?! WMh * awnn,ent of Kitchen Re crSlfl?>r:6o,0an?dqnUnJer C?h; ov,>r ,h" ??? ? mar <??d MS. C. MkjUl RE, _. _ Auctioneer. iilWp?n?vft *T! "u '? Postponed un HITM"ch l;|." <" -S c. KEPPLER, W.M. BCPP. j 1 rusieea. mar8 MS. C. McGUfR ", _ Auctioneer. BAT&SSsg^tS> G. KEPPLER. , _ ' WM. Rl'l'P, I Trustees. mar 13 JAMES C. MeGL'IRE, . ___ Auctioneer. TBy J. C. McOUIRK. A?c.lo?.arr" On8THURdnAVEfOF HOUSE AM) LOT. 4 ofi? ?fternooo, March 1st, 1855, at *? o ciock, on the p enuses, by virtue'rii a .tw.i m 1852 an I H?|Ub* b a,-'n? J5"" ??'? Mth May !~*i an*l duly recorded in Liber its vn ^o* tts& *?? 'M ??? "* Ssiifci i!t' n county, I ahull sell the nonhhalfoi 9'm ^u,l,e493' IronUii!? 23 fee, 4 Incl* on 12th street west, between norti? i - n. a J r?n.i.? ^ 100 Sh' 2TSJT3!^ KlUfS.' COU?Ut n* 01 a ful?suntial brick dwelling Tt-rms: One-third cai^h ; the res ,|i,r in .ir ?nH * a leej of NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. f.b 12?eoicds MS- C> McGAt?,?E' ? k Auctioneer. . NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee mar 13- eoitda C AicC^'?^ Auctioneer. E?y GKEICN * SCOTT. Auctioneers. X?ff?,VE 2AL* ?F ?XCEI.LENr AND tfear.y new ll< usehold ami Kitchen Fumituri ai /ludioo ?On THfJR<4r? \v .i.- iV.u run,,lurL ?? ocVii b> ",e M" f'-n'i.nron. o,, & nortn side ot II street, between 'JJi ani 10th a vrrv superior aMorimeut of Furniture, vx : ' Maho^iiMy siIk and velvet covered s< las P tl,,c' iwl.w, and other Chairs, velvet covered "? aMd Ub*'rS velvet carpat cov bi! SKf ^Htrc' ";4,,d ??l,w TaMcs Pi, a ?'dtboard, dre^nig and other liurean' d,r^:nd wh,te Wu,^w ?-??'???- ssr ?r Girandoles, Mautcl Vi?es and Ornament* i>*n,es ^uiiia, t,iaa? and Crockery *are. amouc whieli are 1 w? SSLEa*,Uh ^ r "??? re. I large white dinner Set Silver plated Coffee and Tea Set and Caster ' .poons and Forks and ,vory handle ? , Knives Mahogany Bedsteads Do Wardrobes Marble top Wa^tum^ Rocking a-.d hair seat Chairs Hair and >huck Mattress?e? 1- eaUier Pillows and Bolsters ^cZitrR?uiTniT,\bnu'''ar"',aWc vuvet, Hruwels, anil other CariH't llenrth Rugs, Mats and Stair rUmI* . hovf-l, Tongs, S|,d Femiers Audmms and Spittoons, Refrigerators Cooking, Radiator and air-tight Stoves With'a hL """5' kitch,:" a"?l other Tables qiKe. ffentra' ^rtmr;it?? Kitchen Re .?Th * Ut,lCntiuu. of tb? Public is respeetfullv i?i ^ Terms: Under425 ca?h ? nv.r th.i c... mar I2_l k ^TT. ? ? Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUIRB, A ueJonMr, F oJ'SJsS HOUSEIlnr D EFFECTS ? . ltlUi?8DAV inorujiii' March l*iu? Mt in o clock, at the residence of J. W Rfed <<nr fe'-e Mahogany hair spring seat Sofa Six do Parlor Chairs l>o Ko-kers Do Centre Table, Curtains anu famei? Oranuoles Clock L-okrng ^1"" Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Table Cane anil wood seat Chair*. Oilcloth Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waphiiann ttair ami littsk Maitrei?es II >l.?ters and Pillows Conking Junre. Tin Sale I.JEI""4' ?' KUekn cS?;, c**h; nrFr ">?? ??. c. M. GL'IRE, Auctioneer. Boarding. BOAR DIB 6^-Six or eight genteel boarders, by the month, week or day, c?r be accommo dated at Mrs. DEMKNT'S, No. Jit 1 B St., oppoHite the Me'ropoliun office. mar 9?3w ' BOARDIHO.?MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rooms, suitable for tamilies or single guntleiuen, which she would rout with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accnum datu 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining room servant, hat can come well recommended. mar 8?if CLOCKS, CLOCKS, CLOCKS l-lfyou want a good Clock, wariant- d to keep time, call at the store of j. ROIUNSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. lit owns' Hotel, fell 20?dim A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEBD j?M received and for sale by SAM'L BACON k CO., fchlS?lm Owner Sev??tff #t. and Pa. ave. T?0 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS fc OTHERS. I SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, fco.-M. VV. GALT fc BRO. invi e special attention to thetr stock of pure Silver Table, Dessert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, Ladles, Butter Kuives, and all other ar ticles of pure 8ilver Ware, whi^h is larger aud more varied than ever offered to their cuntmuer*. M. W. GALT & BRO., S34 Pa. av :nue betw. 9ili and 10th ats. feb 23?U NEW MUSIC. WE arc this day in receipt of a large a?aeitment of NEW MUSIC trom the principal publish ing hou?ts in tlie couutry, con-isi>ng o<? Songs, Ducets, Trios, Marches, Rondos, Gnllnp^, Quadnll?.?, Polkas, Maaoujrkas, ttcbottisclics, Gem* (Voni the Operas, kc. Also, Music Books, Portfolios, Miiiic Paper, lo struction Books, Music foi Brands, arranged In ch^ap style; Rows, Pega. Romh. and every ankle pertaining to the music trade always on band at tin Piaao and Music Establishment of JOUN V. ELLIS, ?w 9 904 Pa. arenue, near Tenth ft. N Anctton Balta ? ?r J? C. HtOUlftK, OlfElB ROSEWOOD GRAND YfANoltLfc J prnU!r? ?5-^?wek*? fHWi, Kieh Curtail s, cfcipets, French China umi CuH*m Warn, Cowly V* W <5^ Horses, kc.?On WEDNESJ>aV ?Trnhv, 21st, *110 o'clock, at ?f residence of his Erects* ey J. M Tlrado. the Peruvian Minirer, on Penn?\i. vania avenue, betwe< n 83d and 94th street*. I ?ha wli all his eiegam H asehoid Effects, Consisting rt Superb Rosewood Grand Piano, bjr Bu nkufer Magnificent Mite of solid Rot wood Parlor Furni ture, upholstered in green and gold Mtin dan ask, comprising thre large medallion hack Sof?g, one siesta Soft, six large mtdailKHi Arm Chairs, two Voltaire, and six Parlor Chain Splendid Green and Gold Satin damask Curt tins to match, Cornice, Lace Curtains, kc. Elegant French plate Mantel Mirrors ( ?5tly mantel Clocks, gilt and bruose, with side pieces to match. Va*s Rich Gilt Gat Chandeliers, Candelahrat, and Brack Hi f Fine Tapestry, Brasse s, and V<w tian Carpets Suite of Rowwood Reception ruoui Furniture, is liolniered in cann y colored Mtni diouk consist ingof. pair of French So'as, 4 Are. and 6 smalt Chairs Handsome Curtains, (Entice, kc to match Ro*ewoo?l Oval marble t^p Tables Walnut Extension Diiung Tables Do Tlusii Mint [lining Chairs Damask covered spring teat Couchcs Mahogany hair spring seat Irftunges, Chairs Cane seat Ann and Cottage Chairs Marble-top tieaufet, Butler's Trav Elegant crimson and Gold Band Dinner Bet Richly decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Heavy Sferfield plated Waiters, Cake Baskets, Tea and Coffee 1 Rich Crystal Cutgtass Decan.ers, Tumblers, C_.ans pagnes, Wmet, Cordia's, Finger Bows, Wa ter 15 -tiles, Claret Pitchers, kc. Mahogany Writing De?ks, Pook Shelves Moiocco and datna?k coven d extension Chairs Mthorany Dressing Run an*. Wardrobes French and Italian Bedstead* Mar Me trp Wa.~hst*nd?, Corner Stands French <??iiia a"d Grunite Toilet Sets Bent hair arid husk Matireeses Bolrten> and Pillows, Bed Clothing Single Iron Bedsteads, ?ofa HcdstraJs Bed and Table I.inen Screens, Fire Irons, f amps llandwm>' I)f mask Curtains, Window hhades Furmtun* in *ervanu' rooms Oiic i'lh, Cooking and other Stoves Coppers, Cookirg Utensils, *e. At * o'clork, In trout of the resid-n^e, a splendid pair of dark gray Cam. e Horses, between nix and s?-ven \ear? old, perfect y tourd. and kind in single or doubW harne-M, and taui u? be the finest car tinge horses in the District Ala?, Immtdl'tely afi?r? In the dining rem, a choice lot of the highest quality Wines, in boitles, comprising Champagnes, Port, Sherry, Madeira, kc , imported expreti-ly fo? private use. Terms of sale: $.r<0 and und< r ca?h ; over that sum a credit of sixty aid ninety days, for notes saUstac torily endorsed, (serine intere?t P. S ?The house will be open to visiters on th? Jay previous to the sale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 10?d ^ Auctioneer. Ur C. McG UIH ?". Anrtlonssr. 'EW HOCJSK AND LOT ON FOURTEENTH _ . street at Public Sale ?On WEDNESDAY af ternoon, March 14, (1 4'-^ o'clock, on f h?* premises 1 shall, s II onrt of Lot No. 8, in square 239. fronrin; ?iO leel on 14(h rlreet, with a three feet alley at the side, running back 100 feet, ?ith the improvements, consisting of a two story ar.d attic frame dwelling containing ten rooms. The hou" is newly built, in the most * bslamia) manner, and eell finished in every r?-pect. Theie is a pump of excellent water before the door. Term*: One-third cash; the re*i ue iu six and twelve mot tl ?, wi h interest, secured by a deed of trust on the { remises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 9?d Auctioneer. Br J* McOVIRK. Anctloaur. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FOUR OF THE iw?t desirable Building Lou in the First Ward. On THURSDAY afternoon, March liKh, at 4J| o'clock, on the premises, I Hull sell, wit out re s?\-c, Lot-i :i, -1, 5. and 6, in square U6, fronting each 28J4 f *et on north I street, between 17th atd 18th mreel*, running back 147* feet to a tweuty feet alley. Th'se lots are delightfully Mtuated, with a south ern front, about the eei.ire cf the hlock, on eith?r side of which have been erecn- l lir-t class houses, and offer greater inducements to persons desirous ot teTuring unobiecuonab!e buil ling siles than an> propeity thai has been offered f??r sale at auctioii for yean. Title perfect and sale positive. Terms: One third canh; the residue tn tuo eijua' payments at -it .ntd twelve mo< ths, vtnh uile est, s?x:ured by a deed of tru-t on the premises, to the satisfaction of the vender. 11 the term# ot the sale arc not complied with ir fonr days from the day ot the t ale, the propeity v. ill be resold at the risk a-.Ml exptnse of the firM piireha mr All cenvej ancing at co?t of purchaser. JAS. C. McGUIRE. mat 9?d AuctiOfieer. IIVERPOOL SALT AT AUCTION.?On WEU j NESDAY next, the 14th in-tant, at II o'cl??ek a m., will bo sold on hoard of Shin Jos. Tarratt, ly ing at our wharf, her cargo, consisting of 10,<W) sacks G. A. Salt AI?o, 1,500 >acks fine Salt Of Maishall's Ji Jeffries, and Dnccy's brands, fac tory filled, in full bleached eacks, and wanantcd 10 to the ton. Term'* at ihe sale. I'OWLE k CO., mar P-d Alexandria, Va. "y GHEK1* & SCOTT, A atlUaetn. Household and kitcen furniture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 14th in *i.<nt, at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at the re*idvnce fa gentleman declining housekeeping, on the sowh -ide of North II s'reet, between 6th snd 7th street* west, D ma's R.>\v, an excellent assortment of near, ly ne.v Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofas, parlor and locking Chairs Do dining, sofa, card and other T.blts IK) dresMiig and other Bureaus One fine walnut Parlor Set in Plush Feather, Bidding, Mallreise* and Bedeteads Fine painted Co'ta^e Chamber Set Miplf*, can" and woo l seat Chairs Washstjiids, Matting I'arlor, passage and chamlier (Carpet. I'hina, glaj?, crockery and plated Ware U^okin^ Glasses, Waiters, and ivory handle Knives and F?;rks Stoves of vinous de?erip:ious A good assortoi?-nt of Kitchen requisites With many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Tenn* : ?25 snd under cash ; over that turn s credit of 60 ar.d 90 days, for satisfa .torily endorsed notes, beariag interest. GREEN k SCOTT, ma^8 - d Auctioneer*. By -V C. MeGUIRK. Auctioneer. CHOICE OLD WINES, LIQUORS, STOCK k Fixtures of a Confectionery Establishment, kc. On FRIDAY morning, March 9th, at 10 o'clock, ?t the (Confectionary ttoie of J. II. Kberbach, on Penn> sylvtnia avenue, between 21st and 22d sts , I shall sell? filass C>?ses C<?unttrs, Drawers Shelving, Counters, Oyster Boxes Candy Jars, ll utU-s, Scales and Wcifhts. kc. ALSO, A QUANTITY OF Madeira. Sherry mid Rhine Wines, of very m perior quality, which has been in b^ules fouie ten years. ALSO? A Fmall lot itf Candid, Prunes, Raieins, Olive fid Pickles, Preserve*. Nuts, kc. Terms: ,'ji?0 and under cash; over thnt ihb a credit of 60 and 90 days, for tatisfactonly endorsed notes, beanng interest. JA8. C. McGUIRE, mar 6?d Auctioneer. Or^Tlie tbovt Sala la postpoaed until WEDNESDAY MORNING, Miuch 14, tauie hour and pltce. G KEPPLER, ) Tnat^ WM. BUPP. t Trustees. 8??! J.\S. C McGUIRE. Auct?r. By J. V. UcOUlRE, Anatlonttr. ^RUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER ? ty:?On MONDAY anertioon, April 2d, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of two deeds ol trust to the -nbocriber, one d ited May 10. 1847, ann recorded in lil?er W B , No. 134, f dio 163, kc , the o'.be* dated Jii e 10 1S47, and record**! in libei W. B,, No. 1IU, folio 470, kc., two of the land records for Washington ceunty, in the District *f Columbia. I shall sel , on the premisas, lot? numbered 10,11, 13,14,15, and 16, in square No 355,lroniingon lit ? street west, jet ween F and G streets south, with the iinprovemerts, c< ns:sting of an excelleut two story brick dwelling house. Terms : One third cash; the resi&ue In ail, twelve and eighteen month', with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. Bjr J. C. HcOVIRKi Auctioneer. VALU \ BLE BUILDING LOT ON PE VNSYL vania avenue?On FRIDAY af cruoon, the 9th m.-l uit, at 5 o'clock, on the nrcmiaes, I shall sell Brt of Lot No. A, in Square No. 1G6, fronting 29^ ;t on Peniisylvsnia avenue, beiweeu 17tb and 18'h streets west, running back one hundred and twenty feet. Terms: One thirdca?h ; balance ia six and nine months, with interest, secured by a deed of lru?i on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIBE, mar 7?d Aocttencer. OQh Tl*? ?lwv? sale la aeitptatd un til rMURSD\Y afternoon, March 15th, at 5 o'el'k. on the premises. JAMES 0. McGUIRE, war iCwd Auctioneer, TELEGRAPHIC. MILT tt w? have do InteUif e? at tbe stomsr Pacific, now dn?, Iron Europe. ?nrtoe*. a^hlJ-R.p**,^, r*nch*J T* of Mawu' di**Ur, M tfc* ion eaaaod by th? gal* ?B Friday. Xmi km been iw ??iTtdfpoBi Cap* Cod that the skip (M mpposad yeeurday) fro* Savanah ton, want aahor* atBrew*ter'a Flnta. Y*et*r day It was rapartad tkat ika had ttralra teal of watar in her bold. Bha will probably ka got off. Tha schooner Oatokah from Norfolk for Boston it aabora caar Raoa Point, and all band* ara drowned. Tba vesael and Mart of bar cargo nra n total lota. An nnbnown barqaa, supposed to ba tba KJitto, from Charleston for Boetcn, U aabora b tab of Orleans, B a ratable oonnt j. Tba parti* ularr of bar situation ara unknown. Waatbar in PhiladalpkU PaiLansLraa,kfareh IS.?Rain falling Tarj heavily hero tbla morning Baltimore Marktti BALT'Moan, March 13 -Flour-Salee of Uoward ? treat at $8 87. cholea lots at ?. Wheat?Sal* s of 600 burhela of ohoioe for fami'y flour, white at *2 15a$2 2J Corn? Salee of 7 000 bnahela; wbite at MaSTe, Tal low at 87.88j. Tba market U Inactive: bay era and aellera ara holding back for "ttmti'a newa *?w York Market*. N*a \ oRi.Maroh 13.?Cotton is unchanged. Flour if upward, and tba markat ftrm Salea jf 2 "50 bbla of good Ohio at $9 37 a $9 bi. Sou hern ia buoyant 8a!as of 800 bbls at fV 12 a $9 SI Wheat upward and firm, southern red $2 15; white 52 28 a $2 30. Co-n if a tiiSe higher; (ale* of 45 000 ? usb cla V\ ester u mixed at 95 a 95| oanta Pork ia upward and firm Baef ia uneba-gad L?rd ia brui and upward. Whiskey?Salea of Ohio at 31 cants I? York Stock Market. N*w Youk, March 13 ?Stocks opanad buo ran?. but olosod heavy. Monaj is abandaat. S erltng ia firm. Erie Railroad, 4?i; Clave larjd ? ToUdo Railroad. 73|: Cumbarland C??l Company, 34; Reading Hailraad. MJ; Canton Compaoy, 25i; New York Oaatrai Railroad, 94i; Pennajlrania Coal Company, 104; Virginia fl's, 97; ladiana 5'a, 87. I estrueiire Cetflagrauon at Waatan, Wo BnprALo, March 12 ? On tba 7th inetaat n fira took pl*~* at Weaton. Me . which destroyad he principal buaincaa part of the city Two emire blocka occupied by mercbants wara deatroyad?lom $600,000. Jew York Liquor Lav. Xaw Yobs, March 12 -Wil'iam Delavan, the President of the State Temperance 8oci oiy, baa laaued a card atating that tba Liquor Lew before tba Legislature is in dangar and eailing upon tba friends of tba bill to rally to its rescue. Congressional dominations. Norfolk March 12 ?Tha Democratic Cob Tention at Suffolk re-nominated Jokn 8 Mill ion to repreeent tbe second Congreasionai die tiict in Congress. Charg) of Ka&ufbctunng Bogus Otis. Philadelphia, March 12 ?J as.-Daly Uar Ha. aged 70 years, has been oommilted by tba Mayor, to answer a charge of manafacturing bogu? rilrer ooin in this eity. # lbs Murder of Pool*. New Yon a, March 12 ?Councilman Karri, gin at.d policeman Daniel Linn have been ar rested and comn-itted to jail, charged with aiding Baker, tbe murderer of Poole, in mak ing his escape. It appears that Baker bad for aeTeral days been secreted in a boute in Jeraey eity, where It* wu attended by a female nurea and Tist ted by bia friende. Judge Stuart and a party o: police surrounded the hoaaeoa Friday night but Baker had bees informed of tboir *pproaoh and made bis eeoape. The female waa arraa ted, and gave tha namea of all who viaited Baker, among them were tbe two offioiala wjo are in cuatody It ia said $2,000 have been aubacribed in Jersey city, to ba paid for tba arrest of Baker. Loiter, the brother in law of Poole, who waa wounded at tbe aame affray, it ia thought will di?, aa infiamation has a*t in. Turner baa nearly recovered. B A It t* % I * 8 IN KUB UOl U Hill IC*, 4c ? A- TATE, No. 314 Pa. avenue, brtwtru tOlii an I 11th *trret?, Id now i unnin* off the remain (Icroibii Fail himI Winter flock <* bubrot4crit!i, ?liband.', I.accK, < "ap* and Fancy Notion* at very reduced prir<-i?, tbe mock consisting of many desira ble good*, ail of which will be xutd very cheap, pre vious to lajing in the Spring atouk. ?* ^ar 1?i'o6t ^,) X ft IC Vb AHD.?The undersigned will pay J ?i5 for the apprehension of Negro Woman MARiiAKL r III ASH, purchased by the late Owen Norfolk, at aale of Tlmuiaa and Richard Harvey, executor* of Thomaa Harvey. For the last eighteen mouth* -aid woman waa in Geot getown, ?be u now believed to be ia Alexandria. 8he ia about mity year* of age; u black, and iboat five feet Tour inchea hjgB. The above reward will b? paid on delivery to the subscriber, at Upper Mar b?m', Priuce Geoige>a co., Md JNO. C. MCLLIKIN. mar 3?3wv Adiuiniatmor of Uwen Norfolk. LUTD WARRANT A90PK..II0V CLAIMS I^HC >nbecribcr basin hia poaaewion a copy of .M'l-ter Koll ot the Company commanded by Major G<*>rge Peter, in the War o( 1812, and ia pra pared to obtain Bounty Lani for all Soidiera wbo have bern engaged in the service of their country aince 17'JO; and all other clanna against the United ^tatea. RICH AHD P. JACKSON. Office 155 B.idge atreet, Geurgetowu, D.C. n ar 7? lar WATCHES AND JICWKI.Itt.-l t aw cn b?nd a good aupplv o' fine WATCHEri and JEWELRY which w.ll be *>ld very cheap to tuit the tnn?a. Gold Le v r Wat'*bea aa low aa warranted to* keep good rime. Call and aee for youraelvea at tbe store of J. RotUKdON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb ^1-dlm LOOK HIRE!!! More bounty land to jill who ewed in *nt waa aioce 1790. wbetlier aa Officers, Soldiers, Sdlar*. Marines, Clerks, Indiana, Chap, lains, Wagon Masters, Tenm?t?ra, Landsm> n, (or their widows or minor ehildrm) wbo have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in atmcc 14 daya, will do well h. wnie to ua po*tp<ixi, aad therr Land Warrants will be forwarded to tbeai for the above quantity, and no charge ir they do n<* get it. LLOYD k CO., t^aim .AgentV Office, opposite U. 0. Treasury, Washington City, D. C mar 6 - 3m EXCELSIOR 18 OUR MOTTO. WE have Just r??eived a frenh b* of PRUNEf", FlGji. ORANGES, LEMONS, kc. Alao, a a*e of HARDINES, uut up in supejr* style. Give as a call arwl judae for younwlvee Don't forget the No ,499 Seventh Ureet, oppo. Odd Fellows' Ha I. N. B. Ball*, Parties, and Familiea supplied oo the most reasonable and aatiafactory terms at tha^tocrt est notice. RYDER 4 PLANT. mar I?lm COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MR* GIORGB, late of England, wishes to intorm the ladiea aad geatlemen of Washing ton and Georgetown that ?bc can be aeen aad con sulted on the peat, present aad futuie events, at the late residence, No. 8* F street, between Slst aad 22d etrceta, First Ward, opposite tbe Obeervaiory. Her name ia on the door. Hours from 9 a m to 6 o'clock p m Ladiea 13?Cetitiemea 30 ceo?a feb PHILADKLPaU LAGER BEIR DEPOT. 381 P<. etww, 4JK aa^MSiwi WE have at ail ttaaea the beat Philadelphia La ger Be?? os hand, aad ofWr tt aow te aaie for $3 per keg, and ia *aart boulee far ft St per dozen. . # _ _ . We acod the Beer free oi oo?u to all per* of tbe Many phy?ictaaa have reoomaM B< er as )Hie of the beat wodiaa fnr weak < ntaf t?in* f. C. * Wi

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