Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. teibots to exmrs f From ?*? of February*"} . Who4a?w Bad di4 Mi lory Jbbm B Dow ? Who would not hat# askad for him a longar lif* ? Tb? shrift* of gentna koldi not many ?uch iaip*i?ion?d wowhipporj. &d?1 oven th?y ar? covered by the 11 groat company" above. They flash upon our pathway; give a few gen tie gra?pa of the hand, tmile upon ua like aome angelic via ion, then vaoiah, and leave oi only a swelling mound of green in their atead. r The following lines were written aad ad dressed to a lady of this city oa the oooasioo of a preeentation of flowers. Mr. Dow had delivered a masterly oration oa the fourth of July At its close the lady went forward, and with patriotio enthusiasm offered him the beautiful bouquet li ia sad to tbink that ths prophetic foreboding eipresaei in the last line was so toon realised. A wreath did indeed hang upon "a broken lyre," for it encircl?i \tj ccjfi* lid. Kead these sweet verses then, with softer tonea, and abed a tear to the mem ory of aature's gentlest interpreter, J E. lew. ? m a ?. TO MBS D H'o prntiUtd the wntATXHlh'a hunch of flou trt upon the ronehutea ofhit eiratio*, July 4,1*43. The Gerciaa yottth in ol<len time, Wuh ?uengih ot uerve their prizes won, And often on the brow of crime The laurel glittered in the auu. But here, the wreath by beamy twined, la placed upon p olid b ow? A grateful offencg to the mind That never knew its wo. th till bow. Ob, that which charms tlie lovely throng In Freedom'* Itoijr hour, must l?? A gmthing 11 on iiumortal --oog, A spark of pure divinity. Ilow urate'ul then the laimT wreath To?Mie wheee harp has cedsed to ring! Its influence, like an anger* breath, Shall thrill, wuh joy, eni h silent etiinf. Then, lady fair, accept the l3y An hon>?t beart pours out for thee; Though in .i distant cl me it stray, Tbv n m? -hail fill its memory-, And ?h'-n the chanceful world grows cold, And uight surrounds life's dying fire, Thy wreath, more precious tar than gold, Shall hant upon a broken lure ___ J. E D. Ingland Counting toe Cost of thi War.?Mr. Bright, a clear-headed mer chant of England, and a m mber of Par liament, has been figuring up one year's cost of war. He calculates that th British are paying one hundred and fi?t] millions of dollars more for food on ac count of the war, while the government are spending one hundred millions o dollars extra on the same account: am what is there obtairie<Tin return ? Whea is selling in England for 73s. Id. a quar ter, or Is. Gd. higher than the highesi price ever known since 1819. Yet tb< harvest of 1854 in England was th? roost productive ever known. He givei it as his solemn belief that if the foreigr policy keeps food up so high, six millions quarters of corn being kept out of th< country by war, before two years art over the Government will shoot English men in the streets. Hundreds of sailing vessels, and sixty or seventy of the larg est steamers, instead of carrying passen gers and manufactures to all parts of thi wcrld, are now employed most unpro ductively in carrying soldiers, horses stores, shot, and shell to the Crimea, li the trade of the Baltic there is a falling off of 5,000 vessels, about 50 per cent, ii the English, and nearly 90 per cent, ii the Russian. The vessels of the othei States have also sullered a proportionate diminution. Prussia has suflered slight ]y; Sweden fornts the only exception. Terrapins.?Virginia has a law im posiag a heavy penalty for catching ter rapins out of their season: and the Nev Jersey Legislature has just passed an ac prohibiting any person from catching terrapins between the first days of Marci and November in each year, exc;pt or his own premises, under a penalty of ter dollars for each otience. The practice o catching terrapins, in seins and othei ways, during the summer months, wher they are neither desirable nor healthful has almost led to their extinction in the waters of New Jersey and Delaware The principal supply for the north, tht Baltimore Sun states, now goes from th< Eastern shore of Virginia, and in tht Northern cities they sell at this season at SI 2 a $15 per dozen, while a few yean ago they could be had for S3 a $4. An application for a similar law has been made to the legislature of Delaware, and will be made to that olMaryla nd at its next meeting. A Rile Witholt ax Exception.? There never yet lived that young lady who did not like to be told she was pret ty MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. JTair.e. Least For Day*. St. Louts New York Ilavre..Mar. Iti Carada Hilton Liverpool.. Mar 14 Facinc N%w Yotk......Liverpool...Mar. '21 Af tea .11 >stoa Liverpool...Mar Pacific Liverpool..New York...Feb 24 Hermann ..Bremen... .New York.. Feb. Uf Alrua Liverp Mil...Boston Mar. :i Atlantis Liverpool...New York..Mar 10 Union Haore N'nv York..Mar. 14 Asia ...l.iverpool. Boston.... Mar. 17 America Liverpool....Bostoo .. Mar. 31 The California ?leam<rs leave New York on the 2th and Jttih el each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. SatUatl IZotal ??. ?. willaeb. T Wr'ght & two ladies, J I. Stephenson, Cal USA Judge Legrand, Md Mr B H FitUl, Sandwich \V frtoe,.o Islands U VV Crook, do N T Pctur, HI U Miller, du c VV buuegan S A liubbo, NY J S WUsoii, NY F ? Luckett k ladv Ya C VV Richard*, d<> 11 Slump, Md J VV Caper, <fe? J H Siunip, Jo, G S Gtbaon, Md J F Souder, Fa J C Stone, NC 8 FmUunjhaai k chtl C Weish, Pa dren. Maaa J II Stebbina. NY Mi-* Hammond, do J C Carter, I'SN Mr Frotliinghani. do J A Biyl, Tei:n C Brady & lady. Fa Capt tuuver, Ky ? Terry a lady, do A VV Mocandgv NY Brawns' Uotat-T. r. k m. laowx. W Sollen, DC J C Pratt a family, Maw H L Ore. T.ieaf, NY J M Mayo k la.ty, do J T Hooti, Va J K Larua k lady, Md Dr R A Jonee, Ala J F Buliard, Va Dr H W M Waabingtot, Judge G II Lee, do Va TN Paruielee, NY Dr W rope, Ala C O L"Oirl*, Pa IH J S Jarkom, Va II D GeUton, Md G SI mho j er, do Dr J Z Maddu t, do A Carter. Jr. N J A LI'iaoo, jia J n Tu^Ue k lady, do J C Green, ?C J A Ba.lry, Ma** T Mindel, Pa E llaniuond, NY J H Cornork, NJ j Yeate*, \fi N Lackland, Mi VV R M Braner Ton Dr Scoit k lady, Va G P Ba?keu, do' Ml* Pratroa*. do J W.Terry, HC K K King, Ala Ulrkwood liaai*-i- I. k a. iia?wo?? J Duling, Md VV J4Varrrn, NY W Nix?mi, Va VV J Welton, Md TS Berry, *Y J J Ha^y. F C T Tltoaiaa, do J & tflml, Va I'biC.4 suita Hofal?B. a. ?aCi?iv. A Taylor, NY M Polty, Va J Q Wheatley, Ga J Rnrfcfr, do L J WU1 ogon, do Sol D Gordoo aad laif, MU D RTtVUOM,**: . ? Dr *1 Coehnkf F A tJ-i * - J B Owen, VH S y Wvod dy J C Whaily, Fa cr . . ,'?#? B?LL. run. J"1! AUCTION. fpHI1 uodamgned having resumed the Auction ' ?*C" le*?* to off?r bis services to at t*Od to MlM of Hntuehold lurtftura, Real ?*Ut?, Block*, m.o. Particular attention given to tb? ar r*af*n?ent a?d disposal of Household l-'uraiturs, aadi the entire si Je (if desired) will be Milled up ana cached la twenty-four hours' after the delivery oI ?p good*. Cash advance* on every description of ?rchaudiae consigned tor unlimited s Je. Every effort will be made to render satisfactorily all sales entrusted to his care. C. W. BOTELER. mar &?co3w Iron llall. tTCQUKSTIOIfABLY The best ptae to eet a FIXE DAGUERREOTYPE OR A PERFECT 8TERF09C0PE, Is at SicC AUTKY'S GALLKRTa Ort* SlIILMNOTON'* BOOKSTORE J^nar 7?eo3t# United States Patent Office. Ov ?*. ?<m? Wasmtoe, Mareb 9,18M th* Petition of Hiiu'xg 0loser, of balH mere, MJ. praying for the extension of a pat em granted to him on the 29;h cf May. 184 L for toJfZTZT'? ?*ohi"?s ?r Rising ard 8 /cr s?Ten years from tho expi ?Td.?,r 'X *blft-1"-? "? Petition be heard atth* IVent 'XBoe on Monday, the 14ih day of May. next at li o clock m ; and all permma are notified to ap "ny tfc#y h*v?? why said p? tition ought not to be granted exten^?* ars required tr Si IS. 9?* theiro,'i?cticni, Fpeclally set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the dnj of heanng; all testimony fil-d by either party to be uwd at the said hearing must be taken and trans At* J?i with thM rulM 0 ' the offioe. which will be furnished on application. ,ijrfce?t?rt1mr?7? ,n.the c*s*s W1" I* eloaedon thr ?n of May, 1855 ; depositions and other papers re ied on as testimony, mu?t be bled in the Office on or before the morning of that day; the arguments, it any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Intelligencer and EveningStar, Washington. Argua B altioore, Mil; Kvenii g Argus, Philadelphia, Pa.; Scientitic American, New York; rmoe a week for three successive weeks previous tc the Kth day of AUy next, the day of hearinr. CIlAitLKd MASON, _ ? UJ1 ^ ^ Commissioner of Patents. F. 8.?Kdltora of the above papers will plea.* cop* and a nd their bills to the Patent Office, *ith a Pa per containing this notice. mar 10-law3w MKW POSTAGE ACT. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AND 1NSTRUC TIONS TO POSTMASTERS. NOTICE is hereby given tint, agr?enblv to an act ot Congrcaa appro veil March 3,155T>, tht ' I ""lowing nues oi post ge are to be charged on aui ajter the fiTU day of April next, m lieu of those now established, to wit: On every sinele letter conveyed in the m il! ho tween places m Hie Tinted States, for anv distant* not exceeding three thousand nnles, three tent.-*: and for any distance exceeding three thousand mile-', ten cent-. Front and alter tbp first day of April prepayment . on letters is requited?excepting ti;?< n such as are I to or from a for ign country, or to officers-f the I government on official business. The frankui" 1 ? privilege remains intcban^-d. From and after the first day of January, eighteen bundled and fiity six, postmasters are requir-d to place postage .-tamps upon ail pre-paid letters on which Mich stamps may z.ot have Wen placed b\ the writers. By the 31 sectiou of the act tho Postmaster Gene* ral is authorized to ertalil^b a Uiiforn system tin the registration of valuable letters. Tllh n?liiiiin ' oi the law will be carried int? efl^ct, slid special in I Struct tons thereior will l.e ts,ue?J to Postmasters as noon as the necessary blanks can be prepared and 1 Ui trtbuted 1 JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster C-'n'l. Post Office 1>r artmekt, March 9, leOa. mar 10?3tawt.Apri!l PKNRHYN AND I SON ilAVTKf^_<;ay be *>,, a ba?Mtifui a*.? .rtuieat of th??j - h-a^ and dc r*j'thaoorn rcf r^nnsylvaaia avean *od . ?uth atre^t, oTer toe Woshioiiton Waving' ?*?*- .. RALPH UA8KIN8 *.>? IS t' PIANOS .'?PIANOS! WE beg leave to call the attention of the Dttblic to our stock of l'iamts now on ? , hand, consisuns of superb finish^ ? 7. -l. .-KiaiSJCv and t> oetave rosewood case strnmenta from th- world renowned / ? " \f f manufactories of 11 llet, l?avn x Boston, and Knabe, tiaelile s. Co., Baltimore, comprising in al: lare-sf, ino?t reliable and select a-s-jrtment ever ?ff^rrd in tins city. Also. Stools. Cover*, Old Pianos taken in exchange. W ? will make reas< nable'dueounts for rash, oi mil on tune: JOIIN P. ELLIS. No. 300 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. jan 31 [No. 531.J iWotxcr of the temporary continuance of ttu mud Office at Vtncennes, Indiana. FN compliance with the act of Congress approved p . A. Feb uary 13. Irii, w bich provides "tiia' the of >| area of register an. I receiver .ball l?; continued at vuicemies. Indiana, unul altera final r> th,ft shall have been m .de by the commissioners, pursuant to the act of Congres.-? approved July twenty seventh eighteen hundred ami btty tour," entitled "An act lL' a"?t'na'n adjust the tities to certain lands in ? tne State ollndi-ois," notice is hereby given that the order tNo. 5&!t dated January 25,1855,directing the discontinuance ot certain land offices in Indiana t? suspended in it* application to the offi ce at Vin cennes "until the services required by the ret of -?ih July, i8o4. of the cummisHiouers aha I have Performed," o." which due notice will be Given under my hand, at the city of VVa hingtnn. this l<th day of February, l?."?5. JOHN WILSON, e k to , Coounwsioner General Land Office, feb IK - lawt>w ORNAMENTAL TREES FOR SALK. ? Of the beft quality, for streets, afenuesw cemeteries, and lawns. They are all secd-^C lings, tree growth, free from suckers and insecT ..udareBotstuned. No. 1 Silver Leal Maple', 19# '? 15 feet th* clear, and well furnishe- ; ^ JL V"'". .fmm 4 l" 6 feet hish ; Europea, Sycamore of r.,-b foliage; do. Casalpa, of large ur Ihe above trees there a ,arge .to.k on Inind. I rices according to size and numbtr, front 25 els. to ^1. l oiue and t?ve for yoor^if. Cafl ujic:i JAMES MAHER * ? , 1'uhl.c S?,. ^Bult Sun lawJw, SPECIAL NOTICE. I'UE subsenber, ai aitministrator of I lie estate of the late John 1>. brown, offers for sale the ei tensive and well selected stock of Furniture am. House t-uriiislung Goods, in whole or in lots, at ap praisenteiu puces, for cash or undoubted*papur, a,!? Iefc* Of the lidding in which u is contained, known as "Apollo Hall." 1 o persons desiring to engage in business this al fords a fine opportunity, aa the rent of tbe builuin^ is moderate and the run of custom very g ?od. | N. B.- All persons indebted to tne estate are earn ?? ly requested to malte immediate settlement, bv cash ? r notes, otherwise their accounts will be placed in the hands of counsel for settlement. , ? JAS. C. McGUlRE, eb - eo6t Adnntiisir?tor Sl5?hh? "ol-!*???*. TliiA, A*. O hhds New Oileans Sugar 23 barrel* clarified do GO bjurel* New Orleans Molas ijJJ ,1.J ^.Cher|" Bl?ckTea, in * lb popem ??00 lbs New Hope 5^jU0 do Sh<MiJder Uacou 3.010 do J. Wi 2,000 do Breast Pieces 3*) superior Ham 12 kegs h estern Butter o barrels App'c Br ndy o do P- ach do Just received aud for sale by ,??TS l-We I,.V? Iu? , ...? u i??ve tiave jus JX received a large and fa-blonable t? ortincnt of Kent's travelling Hats and Caps, which we offer for safe, at eitramely low prices, at the Temple ol Pa.sliion. BUTT 4 HOPKINS'S. Corne> 6th st and Pa. avenue, Between Crowns' and National Hotels. mar 1?eo3w ORGANS FOR SALE. ABCPERIOK toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Roeewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on nhibiuon at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair They are from fkc manufactory of HEN RY ERBEN of New Vork. For UiM-s &c ? apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th street, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 28 - eotf THE MUTUAL 7IEK HISURANCI C iMPA HY OF THE i ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, | eUARTEREI) by Cuigre??, offer*- to the property owners of the Di^Uict safer and cheaper means j of insurance than any other Company UnYS<*ES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSOV, Sacretarv. MATfMtW G. E HERY, Treasurer. Malacca*. Hyuaiw Ward John Van Riswick Thomas B'agden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathew ?i. Emery. J. C. MeKelden. Office, Columbia Placc, corner Louisiana avenue and 7tb street. Office hoars ftom 3 to C o'clock p. m. fcb 9fi?eotf r FRKNCM HoamiO OOWRH, Cash mere> Valvet, Merino,just opened this day at - ' BOTf fc HOPKINS'S, , _ Come r 8th st. and Pa. uwnua Between Browns'knd Nauonal Ho?l?. mar 1?e*2w PROPOSALS FOH 21 AIL BAGS Posr Orncc DsF*aTV*~r, January 12, 1&55. SEALED PB0PO8AL9 will be n'WT?4 at thii Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of tb? 83u o< April nsxt, ior furnishing for four year* from the 1st day ot July next, in such quantified and at such I"*1 *? n?y be required and ordered lor the mail sennee, mail bags of the following description, tc Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, un I 62 inches in circumference,) to he made of cotton canvas*, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to be'douhled and twisted ami five-foli?. 1 fixe No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 48 Inches in ^ circumference,) to be made of cotton cauvass, C wsigturig H ounces to the yard of 27 inches width, * and the cloth to be woven in every respect like thai of the first size of bags. 9ixe No. 3, (32 incites in length and 38 Inrhes in circumference.) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces t<? the yard of22 inches width, ind th cloth to be woven as al>ove described. The canvass hags of sizes No*. 1 and 2 are to hs made with a sufficient number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. All are to he well and distinctly marked ,4t7. S. Marl," and to be numbered according to the sizej above specified. ^ Leather and Canvass Punches. Size No. 1.48 in iu length, and 60 In. circumfercnce Size No. 2. 41 do da 48 Jj Sixe No. 3. 36 do do 42 do Sixe No. 4.96 ?lo do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pouches is to l?e made oi good and substantial bag-leather, well tanned, weigh nig lor Noa. I and 2 not l-jss tiian b ounces, and foi the smaller sizes not lessJhan 7 ounces to the sq foot; the bottom and tl.ip to be of good tlirtin/ leather, well tanned, and the same to be well ant stro-igly secured with tlie best iron rive s, wel tinned. The canvass pouches are to he made oi densely woven canvass, s as to re?? water, or a least equal to that of which the pouches now in thi service are made. Leather ami Canvass Horse-mail Uags, (il saddle bagj form.) Size No. 1. liod) 48 inches long, and 42 inches it circumference at the ^dest parts ; ends or bottom of s me, 14 by 26 incl#s Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 36 inches it circumference at the widest paru ; cuds or bottouii of same, 12 hy 24 inches Size No 3. Bo ty 42 inches long, an i 32 inches u circumference at the widest parts; cuds or liottom of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags are to be made o good and substantial l?ai? leather, well tanaud. nn< weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square f.vrt and the seains to be well and strongly sewed ; ? r, i rivctted, to be so done as not to chafe the hor^e ?? f I nder. 'l'ne canvass horse mail bajrs are to be made o the same quality oi fabric as tin- oonche* above de scribed. Canvass an>t ljeathsr Drep-letter Pouches (with side pockets.) Size \\k 4. ?K) in. in length, anil 36 in cireumferenci Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Ctinrow Nempaper Mail Bat*. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length and 62 inches ir circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass w. izhing at lea.?t 15 ounces to the yard of '22 niche, width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled anc twisted and five fold, and the bag to be so constructec as to h? locked and ro have a handle at eac > end. Sixe No. 2, (41 inches long and 4b inches in cir euntlereaee,) u? be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. |. Prop sals tor improvements in the construction oi ?ny of the above-describe.l mul-bags, or in the ma te, tals thereof, ire invite.i; and the relative value .i'd adaptation to the service as well as price ol such improvement will be considered in determin ing the lowest and heM bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each article bid lor, show in* the construction, quality o: materials, and workman ship proposed, and also with evHunce of the com petency an-! ibility oi iha btHettoegeccte the work according to contract. The specimens must be delivered v. th* Depart ment on or before the 83-J Jay ' f April next, ami will, iu conoexiou with :cj FT3|*Mals ijK* th? basif ??l Oie contracis. S; aciireiis drpost-ed by bidders *v|jich may with flufcty c9QY%taDce used in the mail service *i!l b?j ft* at the rat's pro [?osed by them. A decision on ;li? bi.lj will Ik made on or before tlie first day oi' May ne:!, and the bidder or bidder-* chosen will be r qmred to cUU;r into contract?-i i?; before the 15t!i u;:y of 'nM next. Wftft bond and sufficient sureties tw &?utfcfnl cf tin1 obligations as enierri Jrzi. All the articles cootrattod for are ?o is delivered at the contractor's erprate, at VlHsacbu ?etts; NVw York and Buffclo, N. y.; |* 'iPadelphia and Pittsburgh, i'a.; halumore. Mil.: Washington, D. C.; Charleston S.C.; Augusta, Ga.; Momeoniery, Ala.; Mrw Orleans, La ; NasliVWle, Tenn.; l^iuis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and St. Louis, Wo., in such quantities and at Mich times as the Depart ment mav require ; and they are to be rigidly in spected bef<ire d?*iivery, and none arc to be received shall be inferior to tlie ppecimens or Maml ard b ?s. To enable bidders to estimate the number of th* different kinds of mail bags win -h will probably U r. mured, they are imormed that there were'fur nisbed for the u*<; of tin* Department dnriue the year which ended .'JO h June !ast 2 135 leathfi pouches; 3 'J78 canvass pouches; 450 leather horse mail bags ; 605 canvass hors ? mail bags ; and 17,110 ci Viss mail bn^'s. The proposals diould he endorsed *? Propositi for Mail Huef," and be addressed to the " J'o\lmc?tcr General." JAMES CAMPBELL, j'in l-r>--la^ 12w Po.vtmaster Ceneral. REY.VJOHN i'ANAHAN, PASi-UR OF THE LXhTER SI REET, M. E. CHURCH A strong de-ire to be. etit tiie alflicted in laces mm irius to ccr ?f>. We clial cngo any other uieuicin<i to present such a ma-s <-f testimony from gentlemen and <adies ot high rtHiidiug of our own we.l-kuown cit.zens. who te-iilv of cures of COUGH. BRON CHITI8, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, kc lr Baltiuore, January 2Uh, 1855. Mcurt. Mortimer 4' Mou-hray: I take plea-ure in to you that I have used your "Hampton's Tincluro" witli very great prolit. From a serious t iroat alTeotion, mv general health had become very much unpaired, when I com lueffeej H Ul,e ? llimpr>n's Tincture." I found it- clfrcts my gen*-r I healtii most s;iluiaiy My nervous system and digestive organs ?<?on right ed up uuder its u?e. I 1 have several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, a> fa. a> 1 have beeu in iurmed, a.ey have use it wnh success. Yours truly, Johh Lam^han, Pastor Oi Lifter St., M. E. CbtfFch, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF~TIIE LUNGS. ? u .. , Rauhoh, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855 MIesfrt. Mortimer 4* Mowbray : I do here .y certify that about twelve months a?<> I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lmi?s and hail four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton s Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one b ntle, aiiu after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, taking the f unit bottle, | was entirely well, and now I etijoy as good hsalth as ever I did in luy life. I cau,and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend ihe Tincture to all p*^snn* afflicted in my w.-\y. ^ oure> Gzo. W. VVkaklkv. CURE FITS?RE\D! More totbe Sick thun Gold.?>rom one of tlie most respectable Drugiists in South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. M ?ktimer & Mowbrat:?The sal* ?f your ttampion's Vegetable 1'inctnre is mcrcas iig every day, and every bottle sold recommends thi-< valua le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our I planters have tried it in different cases wuh aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dozen*. It has been found to be the greatest <em dy lor rheu matic aifeciKMis, and a wonderful cute ha< been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. 1 will fu nibii you with a number of certificates if you wish litem 1 Bin? ?*r't!,*nien yours, W*. G. T*ott. Call and get pamphlet* gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and Geoeral Weakness. As a teuiale medicine or b?r delicate children we believe it uii* quail**:. Hold by MORTIMER St MOWBRAY, 140 Balii more street. Baltimore, and 3?>4 Broadway, N. York Ciise. wott k Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarre, I .n?Sw. ki w,' W* Kluot' H McPmer 1 by R S" F' Cl HKL toxvn , and C. C. Uerky, Alexandria, and bv Dnig gists everywhere. feb 21?tr THE ART UNION OF LONDON*~ T,^.VA yOR TIiE CURRENT YEAR. Jl |? "! ""w ?JP*'n, mi l erery tubsenbejr ot will be e 11'tied to? I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T. Willmore. b? u a ?V it,??nn?In'11 P'citirc by J. J. Cha Ion, H. A., "A Water Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood Engravings "L*!?Stre ?^oht;,inin? one. of the prizes to wjh w,"i in ap"'. nr .'h '^ i valuable work Ot .. . J.1!"' public exhibitions. Statuttes in broazeof her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Thnr m Kf bv R? br?aZ-t>' fr0,u an on?inal Model <* 'The Entry of the Duke of v\ ellington inui Madrid Statuttes in porcelain . ' P7i mlnJPr,?!,i"OM of ? large Lithograph, p Vmh h a :.^Srr ^ orisi,,al p,clure by ^ , , H*n i1,e ^bree Bi ws," from Mo Iterns" BmrgeoisGentilhomme." Honorary Secretaries for Waslvn*ton TAVLOtt > MAUKV. A B N T , TijrZJtyZx on mo,rt reasonable terms. TKAYLLCl^ 1 1KKUTUKY. writ, leave Alexandria at 4, 7Y, anil 9# ?? in, 1 V? aud 3Jt i> ni. V\ ul /ITIIAMW MSh ' *4AiaU?** drta 1 ? .. Mi f? leave WaeiuntrloH at G, ll, ami 13 a ' ??.,9Jg aid 7 pm. Seats can be secured at the CHBce, Fairfax ft., and Newton'* Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Segnr Shire an ' Kirk wood House. This Line run* regularly winter and summer for tb? accommodation of'the Puhtic. Passenger* called tor and taken to their residence! if not t??? tar. PARE?For the fir.t trip up and last trip down, 50 cent*; all other regular trip- 35 cents. Trunk*extra. LATHAM fc COOK. jan 0?tf CROMWELL'* BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN -fci "K NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYorfc, and twice a week from Boston to B tltiinore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busl nees men of the lustrict of Columbia. The AgenU at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commi*?ions charged. Application! for freicfit promptly attended to by the following a?ents: A. L'. HALL, 5? Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Wcshlnjrton and Albany ?*.. N. Y. JNO. W. BCI1ANK, jan 14?dSm Foot of India Wharf, Ronton. FOR TUB W EST-^ND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAIbKOAB. IMPROVED ARRAN^MKNTS FOR TRAVBII IMPORTANT CHANO?S OFUCBEDUDKII fcS CHESBE3P '711(1 !*** completion of the antral Ohio Railroad between Wbe ling and Columbus, uniting, as it does, by to short ail Clrect a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North and Southwest,) gives this r'ute greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. 00 and afer M N DAY, November ?7, 1864, the trains fril- t>e run ss follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two ftst t.ainn daily wil' rnn in each d'recti on flrat?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. ni., instead ot8 ''clock ss heretofore, fexeept oq Sunday,) and an-ivlng ?t Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The EXPRESS TR N, leaving at 5 p m , inst?*d of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, aod running through to Whee'ing In about 17 hcurs, reaehlr y th?r>? *t 10 26 a. m. This train will step at Wash ini^'on Junction, Syk.?sTill?, Monocacy, Htrpr'i P rr?, Marlnsburg. ~ir John'* Run. Cumberland, Pi-Jmont, P.owlesburg, Newburg, retterman, Farm lngtf*n, Cameron snd Monndsvi'le only, for woo? a ul water and oeals. Both tfce-e trains roak' prompt and regular ccnncctlon wi'h th- errs o? th Ceiitra! Ohio Road for Cambridge Zao-sville, New ar?, Columhn*, Cincinnati, Louisril1?, t'ayton, Sandnsky, Toled\ tetroiL Indianapolis Chicago, Ft Louis, etc. Pa^ungers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tr-?n; wi l re^c Cincinnati for dinn?r next day, while by the fcxprepg Train they arr ve ther? at 12 the next nigh', being kept but one' night on the route by pi'li-r train PatKeuger* for the Northwest via Cleveland and all intermediate ic-i^ts can mike a direct c-nnec tlon with h? trains upon th.? C.eveland and Pitls b jrg Railrord a; all times whe- the Ohio is naviga b> for steamers between Wheeling ard Welii.rille, by Baltimore in >h? l!a:l Train at 7 a. m Retur? ing, the Trains leave Wheeling as fbllews: The EXPRK8S TR*INat430p m., reaching Pal ti a ore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. in . reaching Ba timore at m 7 p. OUI"Through tickets by boat from Wheeling ffcr d ci nati, M .dimn Loul- ville, St. Lrui? and other Riser * itles, i 1 be sold at a 1 times when the stage of w+tf-r will alxlr. Through ikkets between Baltimore and W ftiin>rt.,a, and all the important cities and towns in the Wnst, are sold at the Ticket OtSoee of the FOR WAY PASSENGERS TiltC ?IAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Ftatica will tnlie P'U'eDfr'-ra for all th" u^nal (topping places on the Kond P.e-arDmg, - hie train leaves Wheeling at 11.45 midatgbt, Cumberland at 10.16 a. mn an l arrives ?t Baltimore at 7 n m. THE PRkDE vICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, Psr Frederick aod intermediate places, will start at 4 p. m., daily (except Sun <ayr) arriving in Freder 1 i5\ at 7.40 Ro'urning *ill leave Frederick at 8 a. pi, amving at Caltimore at 12.30. noon THE KLLIOM'rt MfLLS aCOMMODATION wl'l be rtin daily, (eso p* Snndaij,) a^ follows : I>-ave OriuJ-p. Stntl"n at & a m and 8 p. m. Lea re KlL:ocU'a Mills at T.'CJ a. ui. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BR^TCII RAILROAD. flUII P.CN AS F^?I T.'"'Wgr IE AVK da.i/, excipt Sunday, aul K# a. u. i a d 3 and 5 p ci. On Sasdayat 6 .? ni and 6 p tn. Le^ve Battis?i? at 4^ t.rA Oam; and 6 and 8 P 13. On at 4 ^ a m?md 5 pm. The conae?tlf?nj *?th Baltimore k Ohio RaHroad fb>- An Weflt. ai? t?y U.vua teaviag a* C a m a ad 3 p TB. l>or Phliad?!j.hJa ari Ne?r York at 6, and a m t.nd 5 pm. V-v Annsroli-i at 1% & n &nd 6 p m. h'ji Wciitiii nt 3 p m. T. U. PARS0N8, Ag?nt Psrtiou ar pttention ?c? c&lied to ths Rule requlr i.ii? t responsible voa?h?r for auy person ?f color who m-y wi-h to peas or r the road. dee 13?: t/ ORANGE ARD ALEXANDRIA RAILS;Al). On and after Tuesday, iVoy. 7, 1854, rt^HE Cefs l?>.i\e Alrxaudria daMy for Gordons 3. vUlo and i:;t^.-ia-di?:te tat .ons at 7jl{ o'ct-ck, a. rn., oi? the arrival of the boa' from Wa*hin?tci>, giving ample time for br-?kf?L3t on board Con necting at Manasm* .luoct'.n with a tramfcr Strar ber^, at Warreur-ia J a ction wit'? a tr-iin Ibr War ronton, and at Oordonsrille with th^ tr*ins on the Virginia Central KailroaJ for Richmond, Charlotte? ville, and Staunton Ttie c*rs ieav? Gordoasrille dtilv fr.r Alexandria and internie-llat* ctetions, at \jC before 12, a. is., on the arrival of the trains r>- th^ v'L girdaCenti'al rail road from IlichmowJ. Chariotr?svi)!?, ant Staur.U s THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrentoa $2 00 ? ? GorJonsville 3 63 " " Charlottesville 4 2} 44 M ' PtauntoT. 6 90 " 44 Struhurj....... 8 60 44 u Lynnhburg.............. ?76 44 44 Winoheeter..^.....^^ 8 60 44 u Luray 4 26 44 ? New Market.........^. 6 00 44 44 Middlebnrg 2 26 For Lyuohbnrg, connect ing with the stages at ^iirlotteerilla, on Mond^yd,^Wednesday, aud In lays ? For Luz^y un<i New Market, connecting with the t> agea at Culpep?r. on Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Sat urday ? For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Mlduiwbarg daily, connecting with the etages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent nor 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ? 0n TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. 4l4a&?fcto?Pare round trip $1; from Alex indrii 75 cnslt -'the l'UOMAS OOLLYER leave* '?VaKliiugron at 9 and Aloxandna at 8V4 o'oldek. t ^eech?* leave the Capitol for tk e beat at 8 % o'clk ?Joach fare '0 cents. Pepsoni wishing the CoicLes will leave their reel da ice with Geo. k Thoa. Parker Refreshments on the boa*. o t 28 -dtf P.Vl'o GEBN'^Y. Capt THE *EW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rPlIK *UIP3 COMPRISING THIS UNI ARB 1 THE? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Capt. Nve, BALTIC, Capt. Oc-jjstoek, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These shlp^ have been bollt by contraot, express ly for Government aerri'-e; every care has been taken In their constrnodon, as in the Engines to ine^r# strength and ap-ei, and their accommoda 1 tioas fur ^as&engers are unequalled for elegM^ce and comfort. Price of paauge from New York to L:y rpnol, In fli st cab' n... )lkJ0 Cabin 70 Kiclaxive une of exrra sise sta'e raonu 2W From Liverpool to New Tork ?30 and ?20. An experienced enrgeon attached to each ship. No berth Can ha tecured until paid for.' Per freight or naafeucs apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS ft CO., 66 Wall street, Ne * Ycrk. BROWN, SHIPLEY * CO, It. G. ROB*RT3 ft CO., LlT*rpo?L 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE ft CO, 20 Rue Notre Dame 4?s Yietolres. Paris GEO. H. DRAPkR, H?t?. Tie owners of thee* ships will not be aooonntable for gold, silvsr. bullion, speoie, jewelry, precions tones or metals, unless bills of lading are sine* therefor, an4 the value thereof therein expressed H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 38? Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOflk itreats., Uners tor nie a nagQiflcent aasnmnent of ? .. 0 , diamond jewelry, cw Bnee'ett, Brea?p!ns, Earringi, Seal Btnn Wedding Rtnv", Fob and Vem chain*. Beats, Loc ate, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc v:' ) All articles are warraoted as represented and soM unusually low, j,n jg PROPOSALS FOE STAMPS. Put ? rncm Cvirnon. IVtrwy ti, f?5 HOPO^AL^ %i71 b* rtcetxed at tb ? d-partr-#M Vnt'l *h? 30th day bfMirc>>^xt,fc" f irn ?b in? ?Uo pa for tb? up# o' tL* p *t offe a In the Url wd ?Ut? frr fruryitM from *h# l?t d*j of Apil next, th-n ordered by tfce department, of the t*Y loving d?orij.tirna, vis: The uw of tfca city a?d flat* la dranlar fern cat from ? so id block o' harden** ?tee-, and mad< In au<*h manner m to a 'ol; of 1-ttera aud flgarw to dealgntta the icoith and r*ay, whh a tbumt ?<*r?w to eo ? Mich lei ers and fl-nrts in place ? Bach tt<mp, and the le:i*?e c rat^si g tbe, U b of the sam ? six* aa tho?a now manufact ? r?d and inois A turned mabora-y aandie, of tha aam< Ilka ?lx?, t be aecurel/ aaened to ha tamp. Thi months of he year aMir*riat*d "o aa to contain bul tbraa l?t*ara rt'b. of 'he raat sixa now in um, and to b? eat trom ael!d bVeVs rf h&idened at-al. F c u^aa for the day* < f 'h- month, from t to fcl. Inelu ^ire, to ba mal* of .ike Lard* *d matal, and of th? aim laat atoraaid Also, ta * ps with ths wnrda "pUt" a d ??free," o tb f raa of tto.e now In w*, with turned has Alao, (tampa with flxurea d?n tiaj t! e rate* M p-w'ag?, (ini slmt'ar tc thoa- now la us?, wi h tars'd ban Ilex. Also, stain * for forign mail* u?tl by tb? Fern York and lioaton offW*. A1 of the above aiamja '.o be aidm of hardened at-a!. Ih- proposals must a'so rontnin separate bids f;i tb# ircu'ar a am , with he m> nths and flgu-ea Abo, for each f?pa*a> p\c?, eon alnlcg the m nth, tnnafatiag of brae l-ttera A ? for each separate pi w tor 'b <?ays of th< month. Al? >, for o rnp'ete aets of tron^fea an^ flfurea Also, for each f?p*r:?t? pie.-,?, vlth \u* * ord.< ' paid" and "fro-." Alao, for each separate puc?, with tLe fl/ur. a de noting th ? r tea ft \ (n t ge. Th~ nak)Eg of th? dif f nnt sets will not, bo?ever, b* g r?-i todiff ren> contractor*, b-t the prop ral fcr th? who e wb?c'i i? 4e?mud moat fcrr.rableto tie department wlil b;ac oept?d. The department r-*<??i v<-a 'o if* If :h? ?i,{hi to r ject til pr a if tbe prise- ia d eme 1 ?xti?v ay^t, and a-no tho right to wrcpt (r>^oa-.l' r?f m the nme lnilriJual or firm for the rirra'ar atan.p with nam^i of xroiitna and fic-rt-a o' hard n I ateel. a iatltb?nther i!unp- of o'Jier material, it dtvmed advlanb.'e I'ropcaaia v ui be r-cjivet snd cona Ur aH I tLe atitmpa above mm*d to be com pored of oth-' m .te ial than harlaned aUel; aod tae department r^servea the right t" acoept ."-urb prop **ls ifit -ha j ba deemed for tha inter* a; of the departm-at tj do ao. Fp>eime&a of the rartoc? kinda of a am a required (on a; ?l can be ae?n at the Ap^intm-Bt < ? -e o | tl.i. Jap< tm nr. J AMKl CA rtt'BKLL.. marl 1 w4w Prvt a-t?r (3er>#e,l TOBIAS. r OmCENo 5.2 SivenUi atr?et, thr^e dor.ra a Jura FT""W*'>"1'K<TA( LK3 and oi.A-SE3 suited to every Mght, on a iru^ ari l >ci entitle principle j*e<; circulars, to he had at the offio* feb 2S?ltn* WASIUNGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrici W a an i koto it A<j anrcT, > . Wa Inncton, March 7. lK?.r> i pROPfM.V.S are inv-red Yor 5ti5u st.V LL and bnek maaonry, dam-, tunn. la, anj yU?er I work* of the W MfcflMnn Aqueduct. Proposals re.-eiv-d up to the 8th of May will be I op?-ned a noon of that <1ni Maps, profi'ea, and -?pec)fica:i..rj? ?,f the work will be re-dy tor examination on and alter the -Oth day of April next ' Piopo?al? will U- recriv.^d 1? r the work uf particu lar culverts, ? rid.ea, fitc.. aa dttcriM in tbc rti.uia and specifications. Portions only . f of th?# w..rks can be com plied under the present appropriation, but all the contracts for unbi.ished w<>rk w ill be mbject to fu ture appropriations by Omiti-a*. 'I he Euj-in. ? r re | serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to I be done and of profr^s* untli r mch c?.i,tract lor each app opriation, and, in ca*c i f the aporo prtation not hulding out a iffieiently, to decide wtien available' W?rkS Sh"i' b ' "l pped become in ca-e of the en'ire stoppage of anv par-jcular , w.>rk for want ot fundr, tbe reserved ten per cent will be p .id. if, in tb ? jud<wen! of the Engineer, the gone ea prwpe,ly ?*^cuted FOfnr aa it has Pajmen's will he mid* in specie rhcck? upenthr Ignited ^tates Treasury.up-m .Uemonthlv eHtmiate of Engineer, reaen ine 10 per cent ; "and it will | be a condiiidii otall eontractt. that the workmen *!ial! A?.aL? .tl,fcir fuil M'?iitlu> and in specie. All hi-ts k?i u-d tut and eiot^ned " Prooo sals for work on the Washington Aquedti.'t." I he United States reserve- the ngu: to r. ject anv or all tbe bids should tney not be deemed aJvan tase?u?, and to make such arrangements a n av be considered most conducive to the progre.s ot* the work. I Every r ff. r mn?t be accompanied by a written I guarantee, signed by one or more resiM?nsible per aons, to the elT-ct that he c r he-, undo take tbattlie hinder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accented enter into an oblivion, within ten da.s, with f?> t and sufficient aurct.ea, mrthe completion. lUie V*k undertaKen; said guarantee 10 b^ acrompanied bv the certificate of ihe I'nited Statea district ju-1E<." I inted States dist ict attorney navy aS.-,?. or officer of th<- General Gov rnr-ent cr in known 10 ine Engineer or department of War, thai I the giurantr ra are able to make pod th^ir guarantee. Formof G aranUe. To Capt. M C Me g-ij U. g. Ei,;iue. ra: I We, tiie urdervgned, residents of , in tin Slate ot ?- .her. by, jointly and -everaJlv' cove nant with th< I'tiited States gnd guaranty, in cns< tae for. going bid ..t \,r accepted, that he..r ?T S?*Wllt"" len da s afer Ti t ittHH ol I said bid, axecute n cootr&et for Uiesame, wKh rood and sufficient furet e- to perform ihe work oi the artich's proposed, in conformity to the Wins of the advert'-.-inent under which it wa inade ; and, in ca*e the .aid ?h-mldfail to en er Into contract as a:oresaid we gttarantv t<> make goid the ditlerence between ihe otrer hv thf sAid and the next lowest bidder. A. U. I hereby oerufy that, to the l,e?t of my knowledge nH!i Jk".' abj,vc '"arned guarautork are good and suffie lent. E M C MEIGS, ' Mr 7?o. **?&$*tf K"e":,'"s HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW YOHK. a^i ?uhV?S1 * Q* ? Washington, Agent. I I1E Howard Life Insuraace Company, p:?*4P^. I ing an ampl ? capital, and every facility :or . x tenduig its operatlona up.;n the most secure basi makea ev^ry insurance against Life Kiska upon th-' nw?t favorable terms. ^ f'a"les *?iwng "pin the mutual plan are enti led to a proportionate ahar.i of tbe profit, ; or uix.n the joint mojk plan by which ttiey pay a lower ra:c hut do not share profits. period' arC prant'sd ei,hrr f"r 1,fr?or <or a limited 1'he Howard commesida itseif to nersom in a'l MUOJ,, bU,?e',d5^21 a" Military or Naval Officer, off cr on dutv mav be insured m tune e peace. ' i-?'^n'insurei tn ,hu Com^ny have ^bc ptivi I a* of crossing the Atlantic, to porn i.i Europe at alla. a?on8 o, the year wit'out extra . rcrnlum' . Cah on,i*' Auatralin, or the Handwic. lalan> a, at a reduced rate of premium. North D aueet, one ,tonr e^st of 4- 'ta mar3eolm CL.,h,?I*?.MADi2TO ORr,ER CHEM'ER lha.i ever.?In ojder to run off >he remainder Oi our lar^e sto.-k of Cioths, Cas?imeres and ^ *,U 41 thu ?eaaoa take uieasuie auJ make order Gentlemen's Garments of tiret oualitv 20 |wr cent, cheap r than our usually low price?. nnn n WALL X STEfii KN8, feb 19 Pa (SLi?Ue',^1 d(M,r to ,r"?* Hall. '^D (Sehtim ilkXews) BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH H^lMhoVnS HMS' an d- a tivvefc:r breath. All who are deairous ot obtaining these benc nis, s.ould use Z K R M iNM , EI PHP.-rvi, TOOTH-WASH. Tliiadelicious article combiuea -omany meritorious qualiaes, that it hu now be come a standard favorite with'tTe cSiSZL I7k>w Scribe It' i " ?hlp,Ua "nd Baitimore. Dentists pre acrtbe it in their practice moat succeardnllv an i .fin""""" *'* bM Si ?httu"fr^h <ilffu^,a^r'S1'!Uie' moutVauch'a oui-lte v "?at breRth " rendered cx Which tendon J ^,ne'ts 4,1 tho*e impuritiea n h n .lfr? " Produce decay and us a couso?juenc? man?sound re,ooveJ? ^ ^etb muM always rc rJn?i?UTdarand ,^*commPn(,ed by a" tbc eminen oSr^, !I NeY York' Philadelphia, Baltimore, and bM" ? A,: ?n!Ire.T*d^^only by PRAV<'I0 ZERMAN, Orug^i t ana chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phoa dclphia, and sold by all Drnggist* ev-^j whsre mi 25 ?? t$>tUe. W. H. CILLM AN^ jan 17 3m Agent H?r Washington City. SILVER PLATED WARE" sert, aad Tea Spoons and Forka, double InH on AIba'?- ^ beat substitute lor rUver iL* Noaaao'J y " H. 6EMKEV jan^ip ?venu?, between 0th and Uka ?> ^ET'*130- r?"?!ivVLTr SKIDFR 6 WlXfEB AT PHIL AD&LtHtA J OH R V. miUKK^Dh^rla ?Im. ?iit, k rKM old Mtabitakod Wtm &m< <* JALOM XXLDLiL Jr, No. T? Walaat street, kw icon k? lew Fourth wreaC whorv uwmwiri wit) be wHh*i with W7.VE5 Md LIQUORS oft tfcs ma ho.??? I dttlaf terms. JACUH BR1DKR, Jr^ i|M(fn b? l? "ion of FORKJOU +1 \F.f, OA* No.?? Wsl _s? street. Philadelphia, wbsre b? Is U rMr* crdera for the r^HW iBpnrtotln of VlMti Ac, frrn varioM Looses It Sirups. la qnutittai o< ? uc sob ct? ardf; eLd alsosolicits fur h* Son JOU.* VAIGHAN SNIDkli. the patronage o? hi* friend* and forn*r ra'tOMtn %? All WIooj ordered fot W aal.ngtoc ?tT be de livered by tf/Vs*?t. DOCiOK VOnUBLft THE PCCKKT ^ascuLAPrns - CR, BYBRT 0.1k UIB OWN PHTSXCIA*. Tbe Kmeth Bdlties, w;tfc hundred Engraving ? showing W?nm aad Ma i (rrwttoM of tBe Baasa 9j 'mb la averv ih*jx ant futai. To vhk& la at tod a Tr- tiM on (be DIumm of I PowikJi-i, Wng of the blfb [ Mt lmpor???*-?"t* Morrlnt pw*. or <b0M rontem p-k'Jngnnnlego. By Wfl. YCttfl, *. Ik Let bo lather be Mfca?I to present a copy of the ^CrLAFlXJS to hie ah'H It air him from as rl7 <rmi p. L*t bo josi^ man cr wr man ? JT ?n I to ths worst cbligntfoos of BianW ilia allfcont readl ig the KC&it AMJVLAPIC8. Let m om r-^ifenujf a bn. hi-^ Ci c^h, Psto to ?be e*-, rfntiMS LishV, nerroua feelings, end Ibewbo.e tra.s oi Bym}tie MBM'kBS, and wiran op by tbar ; tr sldss. be another ctinent, w'thrTit ?x>Dra!t*.r< tne ATCULAPIU8. n#ve the carried, or tho~ abtut to be married aay 'opsd'-Hit, read tbia tnly vm 1U book, as It baa been ihs nr eca a? saviar tr ou? indi of uaJbrtanate ctw't* h? tba ?i:j >va ? 1.1th. a<~ Aay pet arm nod!'J 1TV* MlT-fiV ? CKWT? enclosed to a lot**, wilf racnlve coo oopyof thU a orb by sail, or Ave ???!?< will bo Mat lat 0b? UA 1 '"/Lidroaa, [poet paid) D?. WM. TOCBO. Bo. IM Bpraoa atra^t. PbUadWr^ cp if?ly limit IMitllSitEiti. tiCSACS B. &MITV. ?*->??? ?. ?K1T> GI). SMITH ^ CO., Meaafbrtn-ew ?.oi '# DtiUra ;a AUXMICK CAMPli*::*, bllI > aiALOTU *c. No. 34 S. CALYBFT pceSte W*t*r ftrrot, QALTIMOI'J^ i'X MM 21?ly VfDlAB DOCXOS. 1 ft. a. sfiUtCkR ;r#?bl? Pro'j ? ;tai terr'st* to tb? cltowee* of Pa1 x^ore. I rx.-o cur? al2 klwJe of Oaaocr*?taAerbea it r'ttaa! i?:i..'-riu uro of aoy ksi>. I ^a >.(> *i". r> r.u trd Sr^BF, BbcaniJ uc F'a'a*, Wari 'ija, t-.-rpnr. r? p*rrt?? Pt'^s kT.r cttar a'.:i ?'.* " *? bor-ao family ar? amtfaA to :?e ?n air j> We*.? r?* :mc tbe Loaga or Be*, <ditvM by knoartoc tb? pauoof BJ-1? r TK *- rr cE<i hu atOdUd MTTki r??n> iitd"i **i t>o<^cr wb? ru <:?.? c'd Iud^ac-- ywkre. *l'ENCi?H boi r^moTed from Mr. Buckl<?*k Board sn s HovM, to No. 81, QANOVKB STB BBC, anf 11 - tf 1 ?itiB?o?*s SCd AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSZ. LET THE NICK HfcftK THE TfttlH. CaFTfti* 1'KTiJAMiM?Wherever known bin tea'i mony wi'l be n?nc!u?:T?-. But le*t fh?ve who Jo know the Captain atxiuld beecepiical. Dr. I ???* son k Bro., wttli adMnaflbu b??t kwian and im<mi ItiKbly refi?ecUWe citiicu* of Eaat<?n, endntac uh wonderful care by HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTUBB. Kahto!*, < H t. 4, 1N64. Mrttrt Mortimer 3r MouArrcro : GeaCcmea? i feel it my outy to you ?n<l tlie put lie M ccrufy to tlie effecu ??i Hampton''* VegHaUe Tincture. I vai lot mure Unn five yeani laboring imder a disease of Chronic Ehrumltua. and Hie gr?*<*t part of tliat time I mas m> |aelpi?-iw tbat I ba?i t?> be helped fnmi my bed and dr?\-wd in my I iHtamf reduced to a nier*- *keleux?. All Uio ibixI icinrt I to'b iJone me i.o joihI, and 1 c< ntiuu< <1 t ? grow wofee. I heard of HaiitptuuV Tincture ?i*l thonrht I would wive it a tml. At this time I d?d not erpert to liv^ one day after another. I I'd r* take it (the Tincture) for the KhrumatMn, l?s:f ' i a -hort time I wa? well ? f that diwa?e. Pnau tit. effect* of your I incture and the be'p of li'ill I *mi n >v j?rtung in rood health. ! wi.-h all th< atfiicted to try HamptonVeget:. Tincture, aj I have d >? e, with tbe saiif - eject Uiat it lias on Yoar obedient Mrvant, Isaac Rnavm. We are acqoninted with (^nac P.*-n;ami.i, >o.J him of Hamilton'? VefetaUe Tincture,aauU deve tlie ?bove stat'-nient coriuct. Dftweoo a Bao. From nr.r knon leds? oS Ciptain Benjamia we are ci nfid?-ni Uiat the above statement i* true and u.t exa?eratLd. J. A. Jobkcmi, CHiaui K .aiMi'k. C .11 end f t pamphlet* irau*. and aec r nr< ot Cough, Broncbuu, CtieuMli?u, Netkioria, lh* r? p-ia, Nervousness and General lVeak.i?^a. A? a femitc medicine or for delicate children u <? butteve it unequriMed. Sold by MORTIMFR h. M-MVCRAY, IW Bk u more ?treet. BtJumore; and JO4 Broadw- v. b. V?*rk Cha.s. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore, l?. B. ClaBKv CLar? e ti Bowling. W. Elliot, and H. Mri'irn ?on, Wa'hin^fm; also, by R. 8. F. Cishel. G*^?rife town, ami C. C. ukrev, Alexandria, and t?y Dru^ cist.* ev**ywhe-e. jan 8?tr C0UGI1S, COLDS. HOAKSENESS, il*ll*ftn Plvs Bluatii. TTLEUS COMPOCND CUJk ARABIC STMUi THK lur.'Misias Oc^aaad for tLij a'-ft p-es*i??.t safe, fcsi eiaocioue rensdy tcrali < distal . Li^b enauitr*. Uta pntvrietor ?? r^lw.' price 83 as to place il aitbi.*. ihe leazb oi al< It# ea{,ijicrit/ ov?r moet e xilar praparkiKMa ?? at testod by ciany ac!DeBt(Ly?iclans who hare t?< ?? eya witT ess?s of It* e.acacr whao tba usual mrve dies have t&i'cd; nl"> by tliOB -and > i oar moet re fpvstabie citia?ns ?bo Vive '-.wd It to tk?ir asdiioj lotb aann reativa and cur? witb rever cue c?<? t >t tbe Ust twenty yoar?. uciiDg wbicb pen^l With v?ry iltilt aid froa adv?rtts;n/. As, >t L . KTa-inallj- r^i-ad reputaMr-a over tbe ^rhol?- c'nioo Ib caM? of rocont Culdi Ccu$/is, ?fe, i: gives imss-dute relief, a^d yrn-rA'.'y curae to a dsv cr two, viltout icwrfertog wub dk-t or boaink f, or r?cdariag ib* EfBtaM mora s usee put'<i cf Cua, a chro' ic c ;of?., Wi^~>rg Cay a, C foa,-. Broucknit, Aj^ctioas c f th' Lur^i, and Couwa^ Mr,n. It 1s always vrry b c?adal aud acVoia tb.i, <h*o ? uit :enoed to t'raa t"> p?"rCact a cur*. Pilca la aud L-'1 cei/ta a bottle. Sold wholesale by Patterson A Va'rs. Stott A Cc , Ridgaly A Co. Alaxaadrla by Peal * ouinUk. * j Qaor^?U/wc by lir. Ola^e; TYLER'S aUM ARABIC CJ31TDT DRGlt. a simllu ccaposiLlcn to tba above, bat to a tnllle. aBd ti? r? itrtkbls fond; they act lika a ' on a troahle?<-ue Oongh, aad clear the throat rr J voice; thay contain no lojarious drug, ar* paru:c larly recouaiaDded for children, fraqasoter* ot pvb lie aaseaibLna, public speakers atagara, Aa. Priaa 1ii;i end cents par box. Per sale at mott Drug and Candy Stores. oct IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOSITE TaK MARKST ON PKNN'-jYLVA NIA AVKNDE 4 doors below Ntoth ~tte?, la t NEW CL0TH1N0 STORE for i:^n act Uoya, opeo??1 this day. DCCKlcR, tei of th? cbMP?a. C in thing JJerchknts in tb? Nf rib. baa d -taratoad to < ffar to tbe ciU^mt of Washington and vicinity, his excellent d"?ti:n^at the lowest Nc. tham pKku, to: caah ou'y. 'i'L- rn tbe POUhL MAN aQl flr.d jcrt cac'i a dothiag Store as Las lc&? beta wantod in \Vfc?hinntou. IIis molto is cl^ap k. cash, aod cm run citlt. A good sui sta*:ti.l wcollan coat he will tall fv 42 75; ani heavy winter pants, wall ltoed. forfl^a; and flee coitu, overccau, and vMta, la pre portion. Good wool and cV.ton under shirts, hQaiery, gloves, | Be., cheaper th?n tbe cheapest. nov 11?tf 1255 Looking GIbbsob, 255 ^VFa'l sizes aai quality, P.encbor Omtin p?atr, \J Feney or plaui Portrait and P.cura I ran; s. GUt or Fancy Colored. AIjo, GUt Boom Mouldlag, Marble top Bracket* and 1 abUw. . Oraioei made to ords?. 411 Wnd* of *?k regilded with diepatjk aad ob reasonable t rmt by J. WAQNBB, * ?> 5 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkwoc^d U?-use. . FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SHALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet ?r More, n various parts ot tbe City, and Geo>getowu, M prices, aod ternu to salt LLOYD A 00. BVILDIIO ITOHB, _F".*U? dsUverable at ths Oaaal, or Wharves to Washington, Gaorgetown, or Alexandria L10YD A Oo 1'th atreat, opp. Trssanr/ D?pajta?*t. IT M-lT CHARLBM IlASILlHSr^rekltcci. ?asaas, katMsan Tenth, mud EUvtnik UreeO,) _ . . WAMIMTO*, d. c. \XJ 'Lb continue roCurii^h Mans, detail vofkiag Vv rb twinge and apecjufiflApna n( buildings m ev?y description,and also toTtfflCnnt?nd tbeir ? iec feb l-wu

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