Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAB WASHINGTON CITY: W DHES'MY *FT3HPOaiT Mareh 14 ZJ* Adveetishmsxts should be handed in bj 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not tppear until the next day. ? r f?lKU OF THS M0251NexFB?SS. The Union takes Lord Elgin \o task for making exceedingly light of the present Ad mi nstraticn, on bis retnrn to England, the i resident having showered upon him, while ?Dgaged in negotiating the Reciprocity Treaty, a multitude of personally kind and courteous nets. The same journal holds op to public reprehension the demagogueism of the sermon delivered over the bodj of the ruflan, Poole, on the recent occasion ef his funeral. , The Seiuisift jok*s over the affair of Sena tor Samcer and his " Ida Ma;;" and shows up the demagogueism of the efforts to create popular sympathy for the deceased blackguard Poole. Qecgi Law in Pennsylvania. The Lannttfrian, a paper published at Lancaster,Pa , says: "A number of members of the present Legislature, fancying that some money can be made cut of George Law, the great specu.a'or, have addressed him a letter requesting the use of his name in connection with the Know Nothing nomination for the Presidency, it u believed by many that George u worth scma fire uin ions of d?Uars? rnadj by obtaining some fat jobs from the <iovtrnment*nd purchasing old muskets for filibustering expedit.onj?and it is given oat b; h:3 friends that he is willing to spend ' half nis wealth" to rcach the Wfcite Hou?e What peculiar qualifications Mr. Law pos ters for the Presidency, no one can tell. That be Lj an illiterate man, every person who has ever come in contact with him, can testify It la true, that te has been successful, like thousand* of others ia this country, in amass ing wealth; but that that should fit him to disoharge the duties of ihe highest effiee in gitt of a free people, we have yet te learn We rather suspect that George Saadert. late Consul to London, wrote Laws letter to the members of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and that he U at the bot;om of this movement. 'Iho '*67 York Hermi t has Leen secured for the campaigi, and a de^pera'e effort will fee maie to a^varoe this la#t great speculation of the great Dry Bank sf eculator. All politicians who wish " to put money in their purs 3. " w 11 plcaso st-p forward. Now is the ii:re lo cnllit PcTxaa a Macazixc ^old -The New York Evenirg Post : ? We understand that Put nam has sold b;s magazine for $12;C00. We have not hea:d *hut, if any, charges ia its editorial nrauageoieut are cinteujf laied.*' A Naw BiocRirnv ?The New York Ex prers says : To the life cf Greeiy, Wik.ff Bar. arm, and Be a-.erf, is Br,w to be added the life of \Sm Pvolt! Already apublUfcLg h:use in New Yoik is pr^ar.Lg ihe mateiial. ETlwoc lpo:teur agents or the American and icrt-ga Biole Society are now ?u3tained in New Mcxko. Tnat society has rec;ntly sen; Tor circulation ia that country a larfe quantity cf the Spanish ticripiures Ihe So ciety ha* e also n:aae a donation of French Bibles a:.d TestaTents for Ilayti. PWisOSAL. ....TLe Chief Justice of Penaj>Wani.?, SiflSr'Vif*1*' ?j2iv'a at !te coaacnco Jhl J. e? ? 0Ii Samrday last, Ihe degree it Lector ot i^awe ....The venerable widow of President Ilir ruan hae recovered her r*ual health I? w i) to rtmcabtr-.d that this widely esteemed f"r ?? ....An excoianiunlcated memoer of the Methodist Church at Port Gibson, Midsiasippi a; to U reinstated, aLd all th? r-tmteis ccnrrmed except Br. Woodward wS?iBd? **???zrsaassi * "?'L,. rt, il ?f U,, tulpi;?r ,t. ch".h' -"fir H"" ***?*> >? rw*. kb tcry uf S:?rrhKec*crn Yi-cinii a . 1 tis iocms ,s 2|SW in ,*e ; rt?, inclcoing^J ? ???itt Jiuay Buiwerha? retired Irom di lnt?!hb eCIr'CC Ca a i ccount J HI i-e-Itfc l.e La u. w at ia L^y ....Capt. Win. B. Whitehead,ofBaliioore. Wr ha officer, we are pleaaed to hear, ha, b.>* : Ia^iaUted as a Ca->ta:ii ir ?h. revetne service 1 l"e " Raphael Felix, Rachel the actress's trc t.jer m d agctt, h^e rej roved the Pa?ia Cor respondent of tkt, hdrr'ndtnc9 Bel? paper, fc.r the story regaiding the ri^bt of ex to.;, itaebel will ec.oa-k ju^ew Orleans probably on the 1st of Septem v'l"^ralicr motioned by the .rVk ?r M ,ike,J to ^he manjeo ment of the opera in that ci'* ir? v ^ , onic diplomacy, ourerve^ the" Mirror, wn'ich characterizea rbe theveLer, wctUd a^bit bim o ?e:p the rebellious tlime^of ^ tra troupo in subjea'iun Ihe Chevaliar^ aumi rabl?; too, would faru^ tS ^eV ka^rel?v^r,L?^t;lrUlatten, " the^ ArrUcn, the infornai machine man, jiSrj WaSlft ^ ... ii;?smVdr c^'tr1'0LS'ihrhy ^ that he realize* .he horr'ur If ??. R?moxSc ?cttt at work wi? his c^ence ? .... Uc?. Francis Gii.'ette, of Vermont, in writing to a '? colored g?tt.'eni3n of his ^tatA nat:e?J iloc>e.t attcm. ts to de^raie tfc jK-.i-yt o^n race who in tau* e.iy* Mi efidearoK te alevate the c.Icred popuil ? ? ..iLe i;B>ack Swan," ' Ida Mfiy." anu Anthony Burns, it is said, *ili he the creat caros *mrng ihe Abolitionia's at Ycrk d?wiag!be wcr.irer&ary week in May. h'r *!r ed>t?r cf the w'l,1,1\i",p'i }' who was ?Prn 3 O'J'estiag Kenruek?; ce.rIJ?Fl^e iiickmar ?/?. "1; "'.i:r?;d ? *? <>?? Jauet.e ?? aluion be u.n u.l . . .. . for preteU.i.g tokilw tS fl ^10 Lt,C3 man wLo tse bleu m iU!i tf * an " * * Lrla'.cw tho teac'tr wri-ng died recently in :5?tuh Car,.- Ba ....There is a Vanhee teameter iu Littleton , whosutthjs.vcafeet high iu Vu gt ' ?*f* f A rar* m^#I 5Jd ?JLa?:ry 6 sna ? ???Thegrave tsd altar of P^pe Aienn fhl X>rC,TtJr' ta*e lc;? discovered at tbo via Mouientaca, at Koae. Pillar? riehlv r'i" tb# T*a:|? Wbk>h j# d? 7 a gbt of rter^- hie slats, TiL i! r " J1* cl ,L# foor,b ?*ntury, huve 1Bd lht wcrkl ?re pushing on ' *P-?? of the rains, with great seal. -j WAIHUIBTOff mi AXD GOSSIP. The Know Nothing Hominatiana is Vir ginia.?We have jut before going to press, ft private dispatch from Winchester, announcing tie following as tha ncminationi made last trght g iid this morning by tha Know Nothing State Congestion, now in session in Winches tar, Tii: Thos. S Flournoy, (whig ) of Halifax county, for Governor. J M. II Beale, (democrat,) of Mason county, lor Lieatenatt Governor. John M. Pattoo, (democrat,) of Klchmond city, for Attorney General. All these nomination* were made on the first ballot Magic ?The habitue of New York city for the fire years ending six months since, who has been ab.ent from its thoroughfares since that time, will be astounded at the change? which the energy and sagacity of Mayor Wood, (aidtd by under-officials really disposed to assist his work of reform) has effected. Broad way, and all the other of the city's grsat thoroughfares, through the whole of their length, looked, last week, as clean as the parade ground of a ltusjian fortification; while the cross streets do not contain a tithe of the filth which not long since rendered it a sickening job, indeed, for a stranger to per ambulate the high ways of the commercial me tropolis. The " corner groccry keepers"?the wretches who retail most villainous compounds under the soubriquet of liquors, to young and o!d, good, bad and indifferent, in places which the poor of the neighborhood, of both sexes, a^d all rges, frequent necessarily almost hourly?are at length comp!etely in subjection to the law. Not one of t-iora can now bo irduced to sell oven bread on Sunday, the risk of prosecution fcr keeping open on that day being almost an absolute certainty, owing to the vigilance cf the police. Ii a passer drops his handkerchief in Broadway, a policeman overtakes and hands it to him in a miaute. If an elderly lady or little gir! desires to cross that bu?y street, a policeman is sure to be at hand, to secure for her a suro transit amid the animals and wheels cf the multitude of vehicles Now, a policemen has but to rai:e hi* finger, and any o. o whti;e conduct teems likely to need his interference, obeys the s?gn with wonder ful alacrity; the crrtainty of sn arrest, other wii9, nnc con^cq'teut in 'ant punkhtnent by the fiat cf tfce M tyor, being ever present ap parently before the eye* of al! who not long sin-e wero a^caitemei to behave like rufuauf to those in the street* who m-.ght ha unable to protcct themselves. Tha Par* is now always clear of decide! loaters, nor arc persons of known bad character (of whom the New York police know tecs cf th..u-an Is by sight) al lowed to linger a momeut anywhere in a par ticular place. The fcackmen seem all to have beoome cor taous to every body, r.nd no longer annoy travelers at the landings and d<?po'?, or visitors cf places of amusemert. The Five Points have vanished. a differt-iit population being vUitle around th?t lntely so disreputab'e quarter. The cri i.e3 of the harpiea who prey on the emigrant?, of tbo meek auctioneers rrd of tho=e who practice the hundred other callings in New York, tho basis of suc:?s in wbich li:-s in swiudiia^ ml bullying, nre new pnnuked within one or two hour* after inr)r ma'icn boj been ledgeu; which insures the lodgnent ot the necessary information, as toon as the victim finds that he or she has been tahen in a-d done for. Any one who trenches in any manner on the rights of bis ne;gh o r. or of the public, in New York, now ex pects to be quickly fummoned by a policeman to attend btfore bis honor tho Mayor, who bears toth sides of a ease, given judgment, and signa the order to have it carried out, all in an average of five minutes to the cause, and m*ke3 it a rule rarely to listen to an appeal for a stay of*execution! Tha consequence of all this is, that New \ork is besoming a more truly polite city than Paris, every one rocking to avoid iatcrfering with the comfort or r ghts of any ore else. The police are already satisfied wiih too order compelling them always to ap pear ia a conspicuous uniform. While they assiduously watch the public, the lattor quite as assiduously wat hes them. 'Jheir efficient dijchargc of thair duties 13 noticed by all im mediately interested; so they get due credit lor all their faithful services. An esprit flu rorps on thoir pert has already teen the result, such is we never bcrore saw among that class of public functionaries. Instant di?m?jsil or other punishment now follows the slightest derelictica from duty or improper eonduot on the pari of a policsman, as it is noted by hun dreds, and quickly repoaei to the chief. The Mayor and the Chief who h?ve together worked these magical reform?, very frequeUly over step their lawful authority, beyond all ques tion, in so doing. Yet public opinion eo main tains them, t^at thoso whose legal rights are thus trenc:.ed upon haruiy daro to compluin Tha changes whrh tbtsa two efficient func tionaries hava effected ia the .ttuiu* of tha commercial metropolis of tho New World, amount, ia fact, to a social revolution essen tially altering the face cf sojiaty thera. fo thit i*. is difficult for one who Las boon ab sent for a few months from the city, to recog nize tae Laaring aad habits of its denizens, in public. louutt'alAst ?Tuesday a New York Ihr. a'.d has the following : n x . V>ARI)I!,Efl Claim ? A Suspicions Pillu of Bueisaas -lt appeals that tLe res olu.ion w: ich parsed Congress in Au? st las; requesting the Presiler.t to institute proceed ing* in law and equity against e!I *uch a.-'enti, attorneys, &i d cootcder .tes as may ha\e as. ?Lted in prusacuiing the fiauduleut claiui3 cf Gardiner and Moan, ba.i never officially rencbed the Pr?;i Jent to this day. This, w?f believe was a llov-? resolr.tion, and *s such wa-tnderihe charge of i'orney. Why did be fad to c.inmunica'e it to the President? Was he ?!?? a party to thy Gardiner c nspir. acy, end if "?I111 he been guilty of suppress ing tb? rorolution <f the Houst?" If gaily, a< we understand the laws, he 13 clearly a eubj ct for the District p* utentiarf. '?V. ecril upon Uie Washington Union for an ex; l.w.o i*n ot' tbii mysterious transaction As for these Gardner aud Mears claim* and ihs Gj'8'amiirg batance-i due the tieasary, we h..V6 no doubt they will be thoroughly overha' leu by tbe next Coogre*s. What savs Farne^?;' This is the most fcwerp ng falsehood that hat issuedfrt m Bocnet for a week. The reso lution was du y delivered to the Prcsideo', and was placed 10 the hands of the Attorney General on the fi:h cf August. 1654! r Clfki Appointed and Promoted ?The act 1' ^arcb 3d, 18C?5, accorded to the oGee of the 3J Auditor of the Treasury, to aid in the preparation of the papers to b? incident to the axpeetcd applications for lands under the new bounty land law, a number of additional lit class ($1,300 per annum) clerkt Of these, seven have been appointed veryrecently, vis: MoMrs 8 Ltnten, of Pa : J. L Duke, of La.; T W Jordan of Cai.; Thos. Cox. of D C; j W. W. Oain'i, of La ; Jno. M. Leltch. of S C-; and T. Singleton, of Va Mr. C. A. Page.of Ky., has been promoted from a lit cl^ss clerkship in the Secretary of the Treasury's office to a 21 class ($1,400 par annum) clerkship in the 31 Auditor's offioe, ?ice Whiting, deceased; and Wm P. Patelle, of Ohio, has been appointed to fill the 1st class clerkship in the Secretary '! offioe vaca ted by the promotion ef Page. *? fieri -al Changes in the Pension Office.? Chas. R Rhett, promoted to the chief clerk, ship cf the bounty land division?salary $2 000. * Stephen Q. Dodge promoted to the fourth class in place of Rhett?salary $1,800. A. R. Sparks, Lu-ien Peyton, Wm. L. Clea ver, Wm. II. Woodley, J. P. Tustin, John Calvert, O. W. Marsh, Charles J Wagner. W. A. Johnson, and D. McCook, promoted from the second to third class?salary$l,600. Nicholas Quaokenbush and Thomas P. Wa'? son transferred from 'he Indian Bureau, and B. P. DaBow and Samuel F. Glenn frem the Census Bureau, as clerks of the second class salary, $1,400. M B. D. l*ne, James Morris^nd W. W. Sperry promoted from the first to the second olaes. Ihe following gentlemen have been desig naied for examination with a view to appoint ment as olerks of the first or sacond class: J. F. Carter, of Pa ; Chase, of Mich ; H. D LiCo3^if, of Iowa; James M. Miner, of Miss; George S. Patterson, of Ohio; II. H. Goodloe, of Tenn ; Jchn W. ilaucock, of N. C ; A V. Hofer, of Mo.; Georga II. Hutchins of Fla ; , of Va ; James Long, of 111 ; R. A Mathews, of Geo ; J. Warren New. comb, of Mass ; L. D. Newland, of Md ; K F. Page, of N. H ; William E. Patton, of Wis ; Theodore -Ilced, cf Ind ; D. C. Wilson, of N. J.; Peter Bosancon, Jr , of La.; Howard, of S. C.; John Will, of Pa; W. T Crenshaw, of 111. It ^uLdorstood that thcs-3 are all the ap pointments it will be ncoes-sary to make prior to the 1st of July next. List of Patents isu*ed from tha United State? Patent Office, lor tha week ending March 13, 18s5 ? each bearing that date : Wm. E. Arnold, of Rochester, N. Y.?For improved sa?h fastener. lfcaophilu* A. Ash bur nor, of Philadelphia, Pn.?For improvement In bottle stopper ias te*:ing*. James M. Bot'urn, of New York, N Y ?For policing apparatus for watch maker's lathes. Alan3jn Brown, of R.Chester, N. Y.?For improvements in machines for turning, boriog ltd slotting metals. Zj Butt, of Linjoloton.N. C ? Forimprove ment in s^lf-loading earn C M. E ikin, of West Philadelphia, Pa ?Por improvement in excicd rg dirt from grooved railroad rails. Eboer Foster, of Fairton, N. J.?For im provement in hocp jack* for sailing vessels. Noble T. Greene, of Bridgeport, C?nn ?For improvement in cut cf valves for steam en gines ? H. Lndington and S. 11. Sup'on. of Addison, Pa ?For improvement in reed planters. J. W. Heard, of Providence, R. I ?For im provement in gas regulators. J >s Hyda, of New York, N. Y.?For im prf'Vta.ent ia icro* wrenches. L">u>s Koch, of New York. N Y.?For ma chine Tor making paper boxe?. Geo. Leaoa. of OjT?eg->, In. Y.?For improved grain cleaner. Wm. W. Guiwits, of FodgeriviUe, N Y.? For improvement in sleighs. Kobert C. Mauck. of Harrisonburg, Va ? For improved di cbing machine. Andrew Miyer, of Philadelphia, Pa.?lor improved valves for ga^-burners. J ..mrs McCrackon, of Eloomli; Id, N Y.? For improved evaporating app iratu' Hiram Moore, of Charleston, Mich.?For mchod of operating pumps by wind E'-j?h M irgan, ot M<>rgantowii, Va ? For improvement in washing rnach-.te*. I-dw F. Oveidcor, of Chat?;.noga, T^nn ? For improvement in fho-extiEguiahing com position*. F.-eierick C. ItiJor, cf ProviJencr, 11. I.? For improvement in lamps. Jes^e Uu.?sell, ef Elkton. Ky.?For improve ment in brick kilns. Christopher Wo.ter, of Bridgeport, Ct.?For irrrroremontd in ordnance. Henry Lawrence, of New York, N. Y.?For improved na<ety ferry bridge Frederic W. I rann, of Saxonville, Mass.? For improvement in curtxin rollers. Edward Vaughn, of Alliance, O.?For im provement in stump machines. ? Wm. Vfurreick, of Lirmingham, Pa?For improvement in door looks. George W. Wheatlj, of Ila'odsburg, Ky.? F*r im.roremCTit in ?ave* gutters for bouses. ltollin White, of Hartford, Conn ?For im prove jient in breech loading fire a-rni, ?ino C. Scho-jley, of Cincinnati, Onio.?For improvement in process of curing meat?. James Smith, of Mendea. N. Y ?For im provement in the manufacture of stone paste boards. t-red. S Stoddard, cf Litchfield, Conn.?For in. (.rovemeat in machinery for spinning wool. James 11. Sutton, of Honesdale, Pa. For improvement in air heating furnace. 1-aac P. Trimble, of Livingston, N. Y.?For iu.proved apparatus for operating ventilators. Caii. Cunningham, of Nashua, N. II., as signor to John C Pedriik, of Boston, Mas* ? For improvement in Bensole vapor apparatus t ???sel A. Knox, of Worcester, Mas*., as pjf-ae la Kugdes, Nourse. Masm A Co , cf sea tplaas ?For improvement in cultivators. hmmrm ?Martin H. Crane, of Cincin nati tT-U: *?:;igcor to Crane, Breed Jk Co , of s<>u? y - For design fcr metallio coffins. Pa January 23, 1855 I^^eb.'r Frost A James Monroa, of Albion, Mi >i.- 9*t improvement in machinery for st|;*ratlag tlaar from b;aa. Pi-tented Feb ru??^ 2T, 1340 Vhe Current Operations of tiio Treasury .-tpar tnaat.?? i. yesterday, the 13th March, ?h-.-re were of Trot-iury Warrants entered on tkc bo.knof tha Department? t%or the rodom,>tion of stock $3,574 00 For Tr**??ury deb*.s 5,400 53 For the 1 titer ior l/ep..r mei.t 2o.024 48 F..r the Ccatoma C7,06d 36 For amount of warrants received und entered 52 003 14 For repaying for the Interior De partment 543 63 For coveiirg into tie Treasury from custouu 35 00 For covering into the Treasury from Laaui 161,012 14 lor coveriLg into tLo Troasury from Uiis>:?ilaneous sources.... 2,822 16 ih? Pcolo Excitemoct. T\j** exoi'eme t iu Nnw York about the mur dir of P.iole, st 11 continues Tha New York pa|i?rj cf yvMo/dav say that Baker, the mur onrer of Pools, it i? row kctown, has sailed for tho Canaries, in a brig. The authorities are making arrtugecLe-its to charter a steamer to give chase to her. Harvey Yoang, a gambler, John Lynn, and a man named McLaughlin have been arrested on charge of aiding in bis escape. Mayjr Wood says that Baker is aot a n.cinber of the Pt lice. He resigned on tho 0th of February, to prevent his being tamed out A meeting of the fiends of Poole ia call od or'lburrday evening, 'otakc measure) for erecting a monument to bis tnem.ry, and to cecare a fund for thebentli; of his family. ? George L?w has tendered a ship to go in puriuii of tha brig on which Baker took pat a. ge. A man named Born* has admitted that he secured Biker a passage in the bri& the name of which is the Isabella Jewett, Captain Chapman B? MAGNETIC TELEGRAM, LATEft FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Steamer Pacific. New York March 14 ?The Pacific bat ar rived wtb cm wnk'i later Europq^a date*. She reached her dock at a little before 9 a. m , bringing 61 passengers. The Palmerston ministry has fallen to pieeea. Graham, Gladstone, and Herbert, hare re signed ostensibly on account of the passage of Roebuck's motion, bat private squabbles in the cabinet are believed to be the cause. Rumor says thai Roefoffk's party will aot real satisfied without tbe impeachment of Lord Raglan and one or more of the ex-ministers. Lord Palmerstoa Is.much troubled about the re construction of the cabinet, not having ful-y completed it. Lord Joha Russell takes the Colonial Secretaryship as a stop gap, but will complete his mission to Vienna. Rumor given Lord Raglan a seat in the cab inet, and the Earl of Carlisle, Viceroy of Ire land, and the new chancellorship of the Ex* cbeqner, to Mr. Lewis, an untried man. Members of tho Government express confi dent hope* that tbe pending negotiations will lead to an honorable peace, although war measures continue all over Europe. Very inclement weather has caused much suffering among the poor in England. Riots have occurred at Liverpool and Leadon, but no oharge for the better is yet apparent. Sir Charles Wood takes Sir James Graham's place as first Lord of the Admiralty. The Vienna conference will be opened in a few days ; all parties profess an anxiety for peace It is officially announced by the allies that on the 17th, Gen. Leprandi, with 40,000 men and 70 guns, attaoked the Turks atEupatoria, were repulsed by Omer Pacha with a loss of 500 killed. The Pacific arrived out at Liverpool on the 23d. The Afrioa and Sarah Sands had not ariived when the Paoifio left; but she saw a steamer off Skerries at 1 p. m. on the 27th, sup. posed to be the Afrioa. The tfnion arrived at Ccwes on the afternoon of the 20th. Louis Napoleon seemi determined to pro* ceed to tbo Crimen, but England and Austria have advised him to stay at home. A statement that Russia has declared war against Sardinia is not confirmed. Tuscany has joined the Western Powers; but Nantes has not. THE SEAT OF WAR. /.ffa:r3 before Sebastopol continue un changed A battle was fought at Eapatoria on tbe 17th. Tbe Russians, under General Lipraiidi, attacked the Tnrke, but after four hours firing retired beyond the range of the shells from the English ships. The forces of the Turks and Kustiens were nearly equal? perhaps a preponderance of a few thousands of the latter cvsr tbo former. The Turks, who were commanded by Omar Pacha in person, did not pursus the Russians. Lord Raglan is said to have resigned his command to avoij a recall. Earl Luc an ard some other officers have be<3n invited to resign. Joseph Hume i3 dead. THE MARKETS. Liverpool, Feb. 28.?Cotton is dull, and has declined a*i eighth. Breadstuff* are de pressed. "Ficnr?Western Canal at 40 shil ling9 Corn?White 44s.; yellow 45s. [8SCOMD DISPATCH I Lord John Russell has published an address to bis constituents defining bis position, and places himself in their han^s as a oandidate for a renewal of their confidence. Oa tbe 14th the royal assent was given to the North American Fisheries bill A Convention between Great Britain and the Porte has been eigned for the enlistment of a Turkish contingent. An interesting debate arose upon the ques tion of going into committee on the army esti mates. Lord Palmerston said the sufferings of the /.r?>arose from physioal oauses, beyond tho control of man, and was not confined to the British The sick and wounded in the Russian army had been estimated at 35.000 He also announced the recall of the Earl of Lucan, in consequence of his difference with Lord R.iglan. On tbe 20ih the Duke of Cambridge took his .seat in the House of Lord3. Lord Panmure said compulsory measures mast unquestionably be resorted to, to fill tbe ranks of tho service. la the lloiue of CommonB a discussion arose in regard to commeroe with Rufsla since the oommenoement of the war. It was stated in debate, that under the prosent system of block ading. the interior trade of Russia suffered no injury, and that ten millions of pounds sterl ing bad gone from Great Britain to that country. Tbe right of eeach was urged as a necessity in order to prevent the introduction of Rus sian goods iato Great Britain. It was deemed not advisable to lay before tbe House the correspondence between Great Britain and the United States on international arrangements during the war. It was stated, however, that the two countries continued on the most friendly terms. Destitution in England had almost reached its height. The unusually high prices of pro visions, stagnation of business, and an unusu ally severe winter, had thrown thousands out of employment, with no food. Every two or three days disturbances occur among the un employed in London and Liverpool. Tho weather in the Crimea has considerably moderated, and the snow has almost entirely disappaarod. Tbe health of the army Is bet. ur. The doge operations are progressing with considerable vigor. Orders have been re ceived at Constantinople to prepare a hospital, with bads for 5.000 men; from which it is in ferred that an assault is soon to be made upon Sebaete^cl. The Baltic fleet Is to consist of fifty war aeamers, carrying 2,060 guns, and five float ing batteries, oarrying8 guns each; eight mor tar ships, and twenty eight steam gun boats, carrying 68 guns; making a total of 100 ves sels, carrying 2,278 guvs. Whether Louis Napoleon will go to the Crimea is a matter of question. It is said that he has drawn a plan of vast military strategy, which be wishes to personally superintend. England and Austria think he had better leave it with his Generals. The Americans in Paris gave a grand ball io commemoration of Washington's birth day. Nearly all of the members of the diplomatic corps, as well as many members of the French government, were present The French papers mention that a most de ?tructive earthquake had oecurred in Italy, almost entirely destroyieg the city of Catania. In Prusjia a oommittee of the Mooed obam b?r at Berlin Msc'.Ted to prefers a Dot* of a want of confidence in the ministerial policy In Austria the semi cflhia! jjurnalj of Vi enna contradict positively that Austria in tends negotiating a fifteen million loan in LnglanJ. The imperial p.??ace at Prague, the real* dance of the cz emperor, bad been destroyed by fire. Til Patbht OrrjCK ?The late Congress haa mada provision far a larger number of examiners and clarka in the Patent Offioe, in order to dispose of patent casas with greater despatch. In addition to tha presaat force, thara era to be four principal axaminars aid fear assistant examiners, and if aecaweary, tha Commifiionar of Patanta ia authorised to em ploy two other principal examiners and two assistants. HTAt the election in 8t. Johnsbury, Ver mont, last Tuesday, tbe entire know nothing ticket was defeated by msjwitje? ranging from GO to 200. The largest rote ever given was osst on that da/. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION LEC TUBES. On FRIDAY evening, .March 16th. a lecture wiil t?e drlivered by Dr. W. P. Ciiasmsq, of Bcston, t.i the "Fire Alarm Telegraph," with working models and illustrations. Lecture will commence at 7V o'clock. mar 14 ? 3t ^REPETITION ?1 HE MEMtERS OF ^GL'orje Washington Teni, No. a, Junior Order of Rechabitrs, will give an entertainment ii the basement of the Sixth Pmbytetiaa Church, ror ner of Maryland av-jrue and 6th ttrett Island, on FRIDAY EVENING, March 16ih, *hen they will (by request) pre- fnt the original m<*..l Temperauc* drama, entitled, JOMADAB, SON OF Ri^CHAB ; or, Washington City in 1855. Ticket* 25 cenu? Children under 10 y.iars hal price _ mar 14 .NOTICE.?THE SUBSCRIBERS to ib New Building Association arc request*d to meet at Tempcrance Ha!!, E meet, on TUE."* DAY EVENING, the 90th inst., at o'clock, 'oi the purpose of otganiaing the Association. Person* wishing to subscribe for Mock, in the meantime, are informed that book* of ?ub?crir>tior> are Mill open at T. M. Hansom's Office, No. 5154 S.Tenth street, and E. O. Dyer's Store, No 956 Pa. avpi up. mar It -e >3t ATTES'TION, CONTINENTAL GUARDS A meeting of the eompanv will be held at the Island H*ll, on FRll'AY EVFNlNG, Maicn I6ih, at 7 o'clock. , Every member is requested '?o come forward, as business o( importance to the welfare of the cotupi uy requires your attendance. By order of VVM. TUCXER, Lieut. Cotnn.and'g. EDW-D HAMMEhSLLY, Set re cry mar 14 ?3l* ,NOTICE.-THE MARION RIFLES in _ __ tend giving th'ir first annual Hall MON DAY, the 16Ui April next Particulars in future advertUen.ent. WILL H. H. TOWERS. See. mar 13?2t (Ii.t,Organ,Union Sent) ,THE ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT OF _ the Mer.icsl Department of G-orretown College will be held at the Smithsonian Institution on THURSDAY, the 15th in*tiiit, at 7t? o'clock, p. m. The degree of M. D will be conferred by Rev. Barnard A Maguire, President, and the annua ad dress to the graduate* will be pror.ounced bv J. M. Snjder, M. D., Professor of Stugery. Members of the Medical pioTcsfion and the public geuerally ar.- invited to attend. FLODr?ARDO HOWARD, mar 12?3t Dean, ic ,NO ril F ?THK FIK.-if (.SAM) AN nual Ball of the Eagle Club will be g:ven t Forrest Ha.I, Georgetown, rn THURSD AY, the I9'.h April. See future advertisement. mar 12?lw* ^?----^PhIlODEMIC SOCIETY.-There wil' ?05? I* " meeting of the Philodemic Society of Georgetown College, on THURSDAY, March 15th, at 5 p m, at which the non resident members are re spectfully invited to b" prfscnt. HARRV BAWTRF.E, R C COMBS. SCOTT H. SMITH, mar 9?1 w* Committee of Correrpondtnce. Twenty or less sh aken Washington and New York Magnetic Tei? graph stock for sale. Address Box 347 Post Office 14?eo3;* rpOlLKT IOA?!J- At LAMMOND'S. S?-v 1. enth street, can he had, cheap fr ca.?h, Low's Brown Windsor and Cleaver's Honey Soan- war rant? d geniuue. Al?o, Tren-parent Soap in bars. mar 14 - 3t A Gentlemen of the l)i?wi t is respectfully invited to I he sa'e of spleniiJ FURNITURE, which will tike place at the laie resilience of the Hon Mr Pennineton, at 10 o'clock a. m., on Thursday, the i 15th instniit, on H, near the corner of Tenth street west. The Furniture U cf a fine quality, and the | sale will be well worthy jheir attention. Gi*EEN & SCOTT, mar 14?It Auctioneers. KITATlHkia, tf JEWEI.RV, SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS, I EARLS, FANCY GOODS, kc. Sic. At extremely LOW PRICES, bv CANFIELD, I'RO. & CO., 930 Bal imore street, Baltimore, Md. mar 14-tr GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. J OH N S \UL beg* to announce that he has hist | completed hie suppiyefthe above, all carhfully selected from the stocks of the be*t growers in Enz land and the Contln^n", viz: Princ" Albert ar.d oth er earlv Peas, early short top Rrtdi h, Eirl/ Ynrk,| Large York, Loudon Market, early Battersea, Shil lings Queen, Flat Detch, Drumhead and other very cho ce Cnbbaites; Purple Caje Brocole, Cauliflow er, Lettuces, Onions. Beets Resns, Carrots, Tars nips, Coles' Crys:al White Celery, Pavov's Leek, Turnips, Cui umbi rs. Melon-, Torn atto*, Herbs sr, wilh all ether vegetable seeds in great variety, com prising the w? II test, d standard kinds with ?tie new varietn s, superior in qualitr, and eeonomical in price^o which he respectfully cads the attention of] thosx who require a real gez uine article. His I >o experience in the teed trade fulls justifies him in -aying thai hi; seeds cannot fail to give gre..t satis faction. Flower 8' eds r.f the rarest an! choicest kinds, s* lected with great ca.*e and what are socially suited to ihis climate, are offered in single packets or co! lections, at very low rates. Market Gardeners and others are respectfully In vited to inspect the seeds and tcale of prices. Catalogues can be hnd on applicati n. Seed Store, corner 7tSi and II streets, mar 14?ec6t* RECEIVING SPUING SUPPLIES WE are nnw opening m?ny new and t'erirabl? Spring Goods, to which we invite the atten tion of purchasers generally before making their se lections We name a few hadiiig articles? 75 pieces tine plaid a d plain Cambrics, cheao 10J do neat style Ciiintzcs and Freneh bril liants . 20 do Marcherter and other stylesnice Ginf-1 hams 50 do Richardson's and BatUies' Shirting Linens 200 do superior bleached Shirting Cottons 9-4, 10 4, 12 4 Linen and Cotton Sheetings A I'irge lot nt Towellings, damask Napkins and Ta ble Diapers Also, a let of light stripe and plaid Dress Silks at greatly reduced price?. Spring Mou-selines. Challey De I.aitits end Ba rege De Lames, all of beautiful designs With a general assortment of New Goods which we will stII at fair prices for cash, or ou shoii t:iue to promst purchasers. O^-All articles sold at our establishment are war ranted to prove as represented. COLLEY k SEARS, No. 593 Seventh st, 3 doors above Pa. av. mar 14?eolw ~FRTJIT AND EVERGREEN TREES7 The undersigned has a splendid^^j lock cf a i the standard Fruit Trees V* ,?rfef vigor< us and tbiittv, vir : I Peach Treea of vary superior quality, all the leading ! kinds Pears A ?p|es, Plums, Cherries, .\7ricots, Crape Vines, &.c. 60.C00 English Lancashire Gooseberries, the large show kinds, ftne an-) strong 30,000 Currants, Victoria, Red and White Dutch, Red and White Grapp, Black Naples lie. 10,COO Raspberries, Fastoin, Red and White Ant werp, lie. 1,000 Rt ut?arb Roots, Prince Albert, Victoria Cham paigne, fee Shade Trees of best qualily rach as Sil**er and ?u- , gar Maples, European and American Lindens European Asb, Mountain Atb, fcc. Evergreens in great variety ard rareat kinds, vir Arancar aa, Arbor Vitw, Cedms des? ara, C. Libanl, Funebral Cypress. Ciyjiti meria, ia poniea, Titt Roya pAtagon.a, Llbmeedrus, I'hllenkis. Pnncea Chimbra, p. ezr-elss, P. Gerardiana, Pieea Wtbb ana, P pindrons, P. Piclita Abies Menuienli A. Morlnda, Irish and English Ye- s, with itiauv other beautiful Ev ergieensj all at moderate pric? s. JOHN S\UL, Seed Store, corner 7J? and H its., Washington, mar 14?eo8t# Amaaemftct* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. XA VY YARD A GOLDEN SHOWER. ROBERT tiKLLBA THE UNRIVALLED MAGICIAN, Oa ? HURSDAt KVEN'INM<? L*h inxant, will five of hi* 1 A^NlMCSBIT magical KN ? TERTAINMENT8, distributing $*DJ *u Ui of SPLENDID GIFTi* among Um audience. For particulars see small bills Gift TVket* "???}? 50 ?*?!-?; in k* hai of J. B*i Jew* hr, XV G?'ivo? street, where the irucln are on exbitx i-Hi?and at ih? tor on the tveniag cf the GR<ND GOLDEN SOIREE- mar 13-3| NATIONAL THEATRE. Incre?aing p> (Nilihij of the Splendid Circus Company. OF MY&ng * M A DIG A * , The tost Eque*tn*.n Oapanjr la Aaerica. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Every WKDKKkDlT and IATQRDAV. Ik VIC IIY I YSCMSC, Giard <?h?. ie of EQUESTRIAN .NOVELTIES, In wk eh appear- Vile Rwi. Mr 11mm Kmc, Mi?a Le Rueu, A. Aymer, W Od? II. Muirri Ma..i {an, an i Charles, Mr. II. P Midifu, William Foster. ant* ihe THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jim Myers, Carlo, and Sam Loaf. WANTED?FIFTY LITTLE CHILDREN for th?* Fairy Pantomme of CINDERELLA. Th >k? acca>tomed to Dancing will he pr?fbrr?d aaoccTioN or rurii. Private Boxes. ft; Press Circle and Pirqtrttr, rentlmisn with la ne?, -25 een.s; Sin*le gentlim* a, 37cents; Family Circle, 25 cc?M; Colored Waller> ii ce b. mar 5 TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Fourth Auditor'a Office, Mar. It, 185&. VOTICE. Person- having claims agamst a bal i.\ mice due trout the United State* to Ahxander Douthiy, captain of Uie a ter piard of the United ?Mate* frigate Culkinbia, deceased, are hereby unn lie* to present thnm at the office of the Fourth Au .iitor of the Treasury, within two month* from thin date. ' mar 13-3l SMOKED * PIVHLKO SALMON 3 eases ll-.lifax Salmon, fresh smoked, small wzes. Ilalfax Salmon in barrels and U rces Just received hy SHF.KELL BROTHERS, No. 4 opposite the Centre .Maike:. mar 13?3; (Intel) PRB9U SALM<>2? ALOBiTBRB f UndeiwooJ, Boston, preparing; in caaes her met:cally sealed. For >a!f by SIIEKELL BROTHERS, mar 13?St (Intel) $100 REWARD. THE lodging 'ot'iii cf the advertiser, at his father a resilience on 9th street, was entered in hia ab sence lavt night (Monday) b-'tween the hours ol 0 and 9 o'clcck. and a Bureau drawer entered by a ta!se key, and riflei of a small mahogany box, con taining? 5 #20 gold pi?cc*.._ ?100 1 50 note (Northern) 50 4 20 ?'o Virginia ........... SO 1 19 do IB 8 3 do (Northern) 84 2 1 gold pieces. S 9 5 do 10 fS76 Two pieces Jewelry. The above reward will be given for the detection of the rohb? r and recovery of the money. mar 13?-it JNO. S. GiLLAHER, ir. ARLINGTON POLKaT JUST published by HILWUS k HIT7., and for ?ale at ail the principal Muiic Store*. It i? em bellished with a correct likene?? of v. aahlnftor"a favorire, the venerable Gecrge Washington P Cns tis, and dedicated to him by the popular compos* r of this city, Hans Krummacher. Music Depot,Star Bu ldincs, Comer of Eleventh street and Pa avenue, mar 13?tf A RAKE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI A NO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, ?vl.ich were made ?\pre*?ly for th t tair and may be r?I.<-d upo-t a* superior instrument*. We will dis p??se of t iem upon very rea.*o ;ab!e terms, give an) n aionable time on thetn, divide rhe payments into soul! notes, in fact, make any reasonable arr.nge x-ms to riiit pucharers We hav.* also on hand in store the lamii ai.<l mo-t reliab'e a? crtment of Pianos ever offered in this city, fro ii the rrnowned msnuf ctones of Hal let, Davis, k Co , Boston,and I'aoon k Kvven. New York. (Hd Pianos taken in eichante. New Music and an a?scrimer.t of evt ry article pertaining to the uiasic trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street, mar 13?tf BLANK BOOKS uf every sixe and variety, of th? fine t mat nals and workmanship, as well at others of the cheapest kinds. \ urge supply bough' for cash by the undersigned, for sale at rat< a much below the usual prices. iimr 13 FRANCK TAYLOR TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS /\n spoons, he JUST received a large amorunent of superior Ta ble l utlery of every variety. Also, evcy st le of the finest quality ALBATA K)RK?, SPOONS, TCi SLITS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, kc. M. W. GALT k BBO., 394 Pa ave., betw. 9 h and 10 h sta. mar 19?31 LOUDON WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the - ouiij la lies ui L-esburj, Va., ? y Prof. J A. Young. A very phasing cou.position, nublhbfd at the Music I^|x>t of IIILBUS k HITZ. 12?tf (CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rif. H?rvey j Newc tub. GRAY k K ALL A NT YVF., 498 Seventh stre.t are the ac< nts tor the Mile of this work in the Histrict of Columbia and Alexandria. Subscription price ?3. Seve ral of the City Pastors having carefully ex iiniued it, unite in pronouncing it a complete llis to?y of Christian Missi* ns throughout the woild, an i-recommend ? very Christian layiuan, u ho wisli es to keep himself ln'oinied of ibe movrui nt and triumph* uf Christ's Kinedom in this Earth, to pro vide himself with a copy. Circulars containing a synopsis ??f the coa'ent^ can be had cu applicati' n ai the Bookstore of GRAY k B4LLANTYNE, mar 13?3t 498 Seventh street. IOftT?IN GEORGETOWN, OR ITS VIC1N j ity, r cbas. d Gul 1 Bracelet. The Under mill be ?ttiiahly rewarded by leaving it at tie residence cf P. W. Pairo, on Prospect street, Georretown, or at the * ffice of "airo k Nourse, Washington city, mar 19?3i* WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES \17 E 'Her our entire stock of slegant GOLD W W A I'CHE S, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, sc , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well ?o examine our aaaortment. which is by far the largest, most fashionable, and best selected ever offered to our customers M. W. GALT k BRO., 334 rem avenue, Between 9ih and 10th ats mar 12?If ^ PIANO FORTES. PERSONS washing to buy an excellent Piano Forte, in every rc-pect, are ed to examine the Tiano Fo tes made by Messrs STEINWAY k SONS, P8 Walker street, xew York, now on exhi bition at the Smithsonian Institution. Any inform aiiou respecting prices, guarantee, kc , will be given. mar 19?3t* GREAT RECONCILIATION. rrilE underpinned will open a Kiln of fre?b woo.l C learnt LIME (contsining 600 barrels) on Mon div ni lining next, for which the ca*h will be re qnked at the kilns or on dtlitcry. He must adopt this nie:ho 1 or cly bu-'ineas, as a great portion ot his sales the p.vt^ar are unsettled and lying over. %1 at the Kilr.?hauling additional National Lime Kiln, corner New York avenue and Twentieth street. mar 10 4t* A E SMOOT. ?Y( OKKICIAI. ARMY AKD3AVY RK GISTER for 1855 The Navy Register for the United States for th year 1855 Offi ial Army Regi-t?r for 1855 Just published and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S mar 10 Bookstore, near 9th at HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, ANEA' BONG, words written and dedicated to Mrs. Franklin Pierce, by Sheelah; mnsic com-" posed by Fredeilck Kley, Esq. Jo t published and ?ors?le at HILB03 k HITZ S Music Depot, Star Baildinga. mar 10 A Lb STi?ANO*UH u\. vi?i ing the City Should sec I!uuter*s Cat al*o. I is liescripiii n cf Poweil'a great Picture alogue of the cano?tiea of the Patent cfice, fab 83-.3m*

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