Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1855 Page 3
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KVVNtNO STAR. Local Intelligence. lllfta Life ? McFarlanJ will walk 00 a sin g.e wire across the open space in t.i* Avenue to the National Theatre tu?s afternoon, at hall past two o'elock The N Y. Herald < f Feb ruary 23d thai speaks of bim - "At a quarter past 6 o'elock McF'rlar.d made bis appearance a! the garret window of the Branch Hotel, and was rcc ived eith great cheering. ?? At a givea signal he commenced hia peril* oat performance, and walked ilowlj forward, beariog in his hands a h* aneitg pole some fifteen feet in length The crowd, which hot a moment before was quite uproarious, sad danly became hushed and still, and all gated with breathless attention on the daring gy mast. a# be cautiously advatced step by s< - p The interest of the va?t assembly at t'ris time was intense, and man; of the wemen a.erted their faces, fearful that snj moment be might be dashed headlong to the pavement below When he arrived at the middle of the street, he stopped, as if irresolute, and stood bal ancing himself for % tew moments At this a murmur pa>sed through the crowd, 4 He is fallirg,' 'he is falling.' accompanied with con* aider.) c!e excitement; but. suddenly ohaDging his position, he did down tad sat on the rope, whereupon tlVa crowd sent up a wild 'hurrah' in compliment o his adroitness After gy rating feed circamgyratir g for some time, he regained hi? foctho'd, and succeeded in gaining the other side of the street without farther difficulty, on reaehiu ;-which he was greeted with loud and long continued cheering from the vast assemblage in the street below. After waiting for some time in vain, to see if the performance would be repeated, the crowd slowly dispersed " Look cut for thsm, Messrs. Police ? Every Sunday afternoon, of late, we are credibly informei, a very mischievous and noisy gang of colored boys of all ages are ac customed to cocgregate around the corner cf 15th and M streets, to the annojanceof the neighborhood, and more especially of the congregation of the linicn Bethel Church, located just there They play ball on Sunday aftemooo, screamiog and swearing at ?* the top of their bent," and on Monday night they amused themselves by entering the church ai.d creating disturbances so ;-s at times to inter rupt the swi-ee. There are two disreputable grop shops, we also hear, in that vicinity, open night and day, Sunday included, where any and all serts of people can buy very bad rum. some of their customers being boys of the gang above de scribe]. We have every re.ieon to place corfi lance in these facts, and thus ask the aid of the police in putting a stop to this state of things in that qi?ter. The Close op tub Fair ?This h the last day of the season, ?.nd today we take our last look at many of the curiosities and ia ?entiona that have so long satiated our won der-loving appetite. This evening will proba bly find toe largest crowd ia the hall that has yet been seen there, Ibe lecture room will also present great attractions At 7 o'clock, the address will be delivereJ. after which the prizes will l?e a?arded to the sue cesaful competitors. If the weather bo pro pitious we expect to see the beauty of our city well represented there We are much gratified to learn that the Beard have voted to pay the expenses of the ltteMr. Wbitely incurred in G:t ng up his per fumery case at the Fair. Sioxor Severo Stkisi ?This gantlcman is about to establish in Waihington perma. cently fer the purfofe of giving instructions in vocal music. Signor 2>trini is admirably qualified tar the profession be has undertaken, he is a gentleman of affable manners and the highest order of talents Lie was for some time connected with Madaa.s Anna Bishop s cpera troupe, when he received the highest encomiums finm the press in diQerea* parts of the country Strini is the best baritone singer we ever heard. He comes rmon^ us highly recommended by seme of our u*vet respecta ble citizen Orders left for this gentleman at the stores of llilbus A hits and Mr Davis will be at tended to. Wasbiscto* Moxc'ient.- The Washington correspondent of the Baltimare Sun, in ye* terday s paper, thus notices the troubles at the Monument : " Considerable sensation is produced here by the forcible ejec'ment o? the superintend en: of the Wathiugton Monument by order of the new trustees The incumbent held his post under the appointment of the < Id Bo.nrd, which was lately superseded by the eleotion of a Know Xothirg board The people of the country who h^ve contributed to tbis work have a right to expect, that it *?ill be properly conducted, no matter who ms>y be the mana gers Iheiutject is now undergoing an inves tigation by the grand jury. Heal Estate ?We learn that Mr. Thomas Lumpkin, of our city, recently sold a square of ground east of the Capitol, containing a'u >ut one hundred and Mxty th< u&aua feet, to Mr. James P Corbio, Esq., tf Mo.-s Seek. Va , for $j,000?about three certs per square foot. This ii evidence of the bealtby state of the real estate market in eur city, which, in view of the recent liberal appropriation hy Con gress to carry on atd perfect the introduction of pure water into our city, must cause real e*tate 10 rise in every section thereof. The Circus last night presented great at tractions to tha public. Besides the many almost inciedi !?-' feat* of the various perform ers sl J the *c^rrus;ifu:tigusticktins .-cintile tiona of wit ' of he elov. ns. as Sum Long call* it, the g eat performer, McFarland. walked to the dome of the theatre on a single wire. This was rcccived without a word; tut when they at w the feat accomplished, the shout cf approbation was almost deafesi'g. Toe Bexifit.? The great acrobats and athletes, Le hue and King, are to receive a benefit to night. All their own ex raoruinary powera will be brought into play, and many new attractions will be preserved, among which will be teen and heard tho witticisms and antics cf Lipman. tho French clown, McFarland will repeat iris performances on a 5[rentier scale tLan last night. We bespeak or thein a full house. Win Whipping?This ui. manly act has bean more frequent tiu.irg several months past than we have kuo*n in this city daring thef.ur jears previous So.^e tiuies the of fence has been c&mmi Ud br person] of fair reputation, at other limes by drunken men, or men of bad character. Last night a colored man, named llenry Lawience, quarrelled with bis wife, and struck her with a large pi'eber, catting her head badly. He w;uld probably have d^ne ber greater damage if be had act been prevented by some one present. He was sent to jail this morning by Justica M jrsell. Svorisg Houses.?The neighborhood of C and Third streets has been greatly annoyed for acme time paat by a cumber of boys, white and solored, who run about from door to door, Iullit* bells, rapping on the doors ard win. ows, howling, screaming, and d >iug all they can to vex tbe neighbors. Two cjlored boys were arrested list night for stoniog a house on Third street, and narrowly escaped a whip ping this morning at the guard h*u^e They were released on security, but their case is a warning to other bjys in mat neighborhood. Fuseral ?The W'aaLington Light Infantry, Lieut. John P. Tucker commnnding, paraded yesterday afernoon to pay t ie last tribute of respect to a deceased member, Eimund V. Kice They were#aocompan.?d by F. Pros peri'? Brass Band and attrartel much st tention upon the avenue The rain and mud made it a very unpleasant parade for the corps. Qoon Orricaus ?The offijers of tha Hfth District police appear to hare considerable work to do, and we are plos^ed to say they attend to it. Ri>tcus and disorderly pe-sons frequently go into thtt district to hate their sport, bat seldom leave without the company of one or the o'.ber cf th so efficen Masonic Ft.ieral ?Ibe member- of Leba non Lodge are out this afternoon, attending the funeral of Richard Dement. Esq. The services were performed at TriAity Church by tfet putor. fwt if Kt*ftAlL Gum ?Tbi I?uin6?? i wbioh \uaally pervade* the region of Kendall Oreen, was disturbed aboat 1 If o'clock last eight by a hcarie alarm cf Are, bringing the 1 drowsy neighbors from their oomfo-table oucbo* aiid.-waTQ embraces to the eeene of action in a costume indicating toot? habit* on the p->ri cf the oompiny. Th?- fire fortunately had not made prcgreei enough to jattify a e?ll f jr the machine, as buckets were convenient, and a rigorous ex* excise of them soon so restrained the raging element as to relieve our minds of any serious apprehensions. The furniture wu returned, and the deniieni again sought their retreati. March 14, 1855 Obkrv**. Ho, ron tbi Natt Yard!?No leas than fifteen huge boxes, oontaining paraphernalia of Prof Heller, passed throngh the eity this morning, en route for the Nary Yard, from which we infer that our friends there may ex pect to see the Professor outdo all his former efforts Lock out,-and see that yon secure places for to-morrow night's exhibition. To n* Repeated.?By reference to our ad vert a ng columns, it will be seen that George Washington Tent of the Jnntor Kechabites will lepeat the entertainment giTen by them a week or two since, when they received the placdits of an appreciating audience. Straling Goods.?Lewis Johnson, eolored, better known as Fat Lew, was seen yesterday rtealing good3 from S Bacon A Co 's grocery He ?as arrested last night by officer Kimball, and lodged in the guard house. This morning he was committed to jail in default of security f?rcoort. ? Watch Returns ?Lewis Johnson, colored, larceny; jail. Randolph Pitts, malioioualy stoning a house; security. R H.Jefferson, slave, do , do. Henry Lawifnoe, eolored, beating hi < wife ; jail. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Metropolitan Railroad?Sabbath School Exhibition?Markets, \e. Georgetown, March 14,1855 We learn from a rouble souroe that the President and director of the Metropolitan R.ailroad have resolved to put under contract, immediately, some trenty miles of the woik. The bids have been placed in the hand? of a committee, conaistlng of the engineer, pre?i dent, Capt. Boyce and H. C. Mathews, with authority to contract with those who bids are most reliable and favorable to the company S) the work will certainly be coiftmenced be-1 fore the first of May. Our Corporation, and all other subscribers to the stock may, there fore. calculate on having to meet the second instalment on tueir subscriptions some time du-ir.g the ensuing summer, to enable the rt-crk when once ^commenced to go on without interruption. We have beard several nerions who have, probably, been fearful that the work would never be commenced, intimate their intention to foifeit the first instalment, ? which they have paid, and meet no more of' their subscription to the stcck From decisions of oourts heretofore made in similar cases, wo think all such will find themselves mistaken in their calculations The law regards ali such subscribers a? parties to a binding contract from which there is no escape but by oomplying with the terms. A<1 knew the natnre of the contract before they entered into it, and they are bound to meet this as much as any other honoit obligation. The law, wo think, will satisfy them of this lact. The pupils of the Methodist Protestant Sab ba h School are getting roady f^r another ex hibition, to come off on next Monday evening. We have seen the programme for the occasion, ar.d can assure the readers of the Star that it offers quite a rich bill of fare. The prooeeds are for the benefit of the school We hope to fee the church crowded. We can assure all who may go, that the performance of little Mas?ers Jewell and Libbywill more than com pensate them for the price ot a ticket?12: cenf3. Education versus pauperism, or a literal il lustration cf the old adage, pouring in at the spile and letting out at the bung. A o ty of ten th< usind inhabitants, pacing $2,800 a year for tho support of pauperism, and $1 500 for the support of public schools ! If this is not the most downright inconsistency, we confess that wo as yet see through a glass dimly. Our market was well supplied this morning with the finny tribe, at moderate price?. The weather for two day has been dark and gloomy?very unfavorable tor all kinds of out door bu^ioecs. Flour is selliog at $9? very little doing and st<)ck unusually light. Rei wheat, 11.95; white$1 9Ja$2 05. Spectator. The Schdat Liquor Law ?Got. Pollock, cf Pennsylvania, has signed the Sunday Liquor Lhw. It will take effect en the 12th of April. Under this law any tavern keep* r, beer bouse keeper, tippling shop, keeper of any eating house, who sells, or knowingly permit! any spiritious or malt liquor, wine or cider, to be drank on his premises, oan be fined fifty dollars ?one half to the informer and the other half to tho overseer of the poor. The riolatermay also in nddition to the above penalty, be pre sented for a misdemeanor, and be finod not less than $10, nor more than $100 and be im prisoned from ten to 6J days. T7*DK- HOOKLANDS CELEBRATED (ikltMAN BIT J-/ TKRS. There are few thing* which a.T>rd in grea'er pleasure Uiau ?1M1U* "low l to write ? uulice of the celebrate 1 Hoof U:> J lierm-n Bl'.ters, !??(? we are fully conscious we are conferring ? public benefit, and our :eart telle us that by ?nr notice* m?uy have been lidu-ed to uke the?? Hitter*, aud been re* :ued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint. Cor the cure or which It In certain It I* prepared ami ?old only by l?r. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine St -,-e, Nj. 1JO Arch street, Philadelphia. b.j advertisement. mar 3 im r[ y^*NK' RAL6IA.?This formidable dieeaae, which Reem* l>"-' eeetm to h.ifjle the mill cf physicians, yields |ik? uia.ic to CARTER S SPANISH WIXTLUK. Mr. K. boydcu, formerly of the Astor Hunse, New York, an-l late proprietor of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond, Va., is uuo of the hundred* wi.o have Iwq cured of severe Neu ralgia, by CARTERS SPANISH MIXTlitK Since Mi cure he baa recommended It to numbers of oth ers. who were suffering wlUi nearly every form of diaea*e, with the most wouderfol ikci ss. He aays it is the uiost extraordinary medicine he has ever Seen used, aud the bent purifier known. ?.?Seeadvertisement In another column. heady made clothing for gentlemen and Youths' wear manufactured with taeteand elegance by NOAH WALKER A CO., nuder Browns' Hotel. Their stock eu.brace the Palitotor Surtout Overcoat, Overaacks, sh.iped aud keelage*; Talwaa, black and blue Cloth Dress Coeta, Krock Coats of all faahlouable colors, Caaaimer, Bualue** Suil<-s,^kb Velvet Veeta, Silks, Ac., black doefklu Caaaimer, tJgure<TTaaslaier, anJ plain Cwsmiuer Paiitalooua. For the youlli?Jackeis, Fai.t?, Veets, Overcoats, Ac. As they are their owu-tna.iufacturer* Uiey are euabled aud will aeil at the very lowest price*. Shirts of snperier fit. Collar*, Glove*, Tie*, Ac., of lata style* always on baud. ?lac Jo? (V"5=? THE POETRY OP PHYSIC.?AYER-S PILI.8, gild* ^' sugar-shod, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up, is there, and with giant force t.u the very fouiola'ious of disease. There are thooaainl* of suifei era, who would uot wear the'r distempers If they knew they cou.d be cored f >r li cent*. Try Ayer'* Pills aud you wi'l know It. Partfy the blood and diaease will be starve<i out Cleans* the system (ion imparities aud you are cured al ready. Take this beet cf all rnr^ativef, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Wnaaues*. He?<lacbe, Ba< ka< he, Si le A' he. Jaundice, Rheu iiiatNin, derangements of the Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels, all rterainceinei^t" and all dlaeaeea which a purgative remedy oan reach, tly before theui like darkness before the Sun. R-ad?r, il you are sutleriug from any of the uumercus ] complaint* they cure?suffer no more?the remedy ha* been provided for yon, and It le criminal to neglect It. That Ayer'* Cherry Pe< toral I* the best medicine for a C>a*h, Is kiu>wu to the whole world, aud that Ayer'* Pill* are the bent of all Pills, is known to those wbe have used them. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYAH, Lowell, Has*., ?Aud sold ky Z. D. 6II.MAN, Washington. U. M. LIN rUICI M, Ueerget- wn. J AH. COOK A CO., ^ledei irkaburg, and by all Drngglata [ ?eery where. feb 17??o2m ty-7? PR EM If MS AT THE FAIRS.?WHITEHl'RST'S L^-' still In the awen.lance ?The Juries of each of the ... te fair* at Baltimore, Ri' hiqpbd, and New York awarded tneir highest premium* to J. H. W. for their (uperlortty of Pho togr?phe, Stereoecopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Sir. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lob don and a premium at Cryetai Palace, New York. Also, the first award* of the Maryland Inst.lute for three year* ^ White hurst's Ga'lerj lu till* city 1* ou Pa. ?vena*, betw. t)| and 6th street*. t*\> IT ir;u 8*ll.Ul*Ta> receive* all the new Rook* and Nsw? papers a* fa*t aa publlai.e I. He I* age*t for Harper'* and aU thelther Magaxiaee. and onr reader* will always And a Urge and good a*eortmeiit of Blank Rooks aud Stationery at tU Bookstore, Odeoo boilJIog, oor Pa. avenue and et PUJtXOMFNA IN MEDICINE.?B'ODChltt*, Coogh, k*~' byp?i*is Liver t o-rplaiuta, Scrofula. Ae.?For ail d'eeases of Uis Petaa'e Syrtem it stands preem'nent. A Clergyman Just luform* u* It ha* cured him of Bronchitis ofadeepe ale character?nartlcn'a'S hereafter. HAMPTON S TEUCTaBLE TINCTt'EE?Bp >*? ?Ud ac tion on the stomacn. User and kidney*, will cure Dyspep ?ta, Coug^, Astuu-a. Sronohlal aad Lung Affections Palps la il a Utck, Sid* aud iireast, Oon*OLjpU<>n Scrofula, Rhea niaitsm, Uoot. Njaraigla, P.stula, Dowel Complaint*, Pile*, Worms, aid N*rvnas Deblllti**?with all diseaaee arising frojn impure bl od, and is the g-ea'est female medicine ev er kwwn Tnle In valuable medicine Is vorklng wouder* spott the Uumaa frame. Ste?lv*rti*em*nt to-day. ?erT omo. Siiiliif ftiv, r?it tiif morning tii(! 13?h in*!., Mrs*, i E II W. bLA' K daughter ol Mr. J H Wailei oT| this city. Herfuner*! will be attended at her father's real deuce, oo Capitol Hill, an Thursday tb? 15th Inst., at 11 o'clock a-m. # On the 14th in.-!., after a *hort illness. HF.NRY MONTGOMERY, e^n of Jainea Mahot y. ajrd four years 1 month and 16 days. * Of consumption, at 9 o'clock p m., on the 12Ui in stant, MARGARET S , wife of Wrn. R. M. Offutf, in the 28th year ?f her age, formerly rf Baltimore, Md., but for the last three years a resident ofthu city. In Washington. on Friday in irning, March 3d, Mra. ANN C. BALL, in the 38th year of her age. A riend who waa much with her daring her last a t kness, would pay a public trioute to her men ory: For a period ot twenty yearn she had been a mem l?*r of the christian church. The uniformity of her faith, the integrity of her character, and her patience in suffering will he lon? rem?mbered by furv ving rel tives i>nd friend?. In her darkest hours fhe re cog' ixed the band of a merciful Cod. Witi un cloud 2d faith and firm tru t she looked beyond the swelling* of Jordan A short period before she died she dreamed that she m hs the lone occupant of a small barque on an almwt boundless ocean. The atorm ran high and tne wavea dashed furiouslj-, hut there was music in the storm. In the distance -he espied a beautiful island. and a voice directed her to guide her b.tique t>i that island; the obeyed tlie voice, and in a short time the barque leached Hie desired have a of rwt The inland was filled with angelic figiues A female friend approached h r. saying, ?My sister, ftw this deliverance you ought to give thanks to Grid " She replied "I will not only thank linn, hut I will kneel and praise him in a louJ voice " She awoke, rela ted the dream, and in a short time after her spi>It soared aloft to tjie God who gave it. A large company of friends followed her remains to the Congressional Burial Ground, where the body must sleep until the resu'rection of the just. An ornament to her six, an example to believers, an affectionate wife, and devoted mother?he< mem ory will be long cherished bv her relatives and n large circle of surviving friend*. F. F For Bale and Bent. ARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE ?The ad veriiser wishes either to sell on fair and read - able ter terjis, or exchange f?r property hi the city, a Farm, situated about five miles from the Long ttiidge, on tiie Columbia Turnpike, and near Ray ley's x Roads. It cpntain* 154 acres *?f laud, al?ou> ihirty ol which is cleared, and the balance in had t tuber?amfficiect quantity, if cut and sold upon the land, would pay for the entire tract. He also wirhf tu purchase, in Waybill41011, a comfortable liiiU'i, :ind of sufficient dimension to accommodate a la-ft'! family. Eoquirt of WM J. BRON ACGII, on E str-et. near Temperance Hall, in^r 14 ? 3t* For rent?a small cottaie, con taming four rooms, situated on I ft., tivtw* en I tli and I61I1 street*. Enquire at the F;imil\ Gro cery or z. M. P. KINt;, mar 10 # 963 Veimont avenue. I^OR SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in _ Washington. A two-story llri;R House and Lot No. JilO H st west. Part ofLot No. 15, in Square 535, on T urd ft. Lot ?u Sixth street, between Louisiana avenue and C st. m Also, a three-story Brick House on High st., near Bridge street, Georgetown. Will be soid low and on a long credit Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 1J38 Bridge street, Georgetown, mar 10?if IT*IRST CLASS DWELLING FOR RENT.?The Mthscrib-r offers for ret.t, on moderate t? rm* to a good tinant, the fine brick Dwellinj House on F street, second door west from the corner of Ninth. It has bath*, gas fixtures, chan eliers and all m >d ern improvements. Also, sale, a BRICKYARD, willi horse.-, carts machinery, an everything necessary for carrying on , the business. Clay duj sufficient for the enniing season. Terms liberal. C. LYONS, mar 10?It* 401) Tenth strict. 1 * ? ? | STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods | Groceries, fcc., to be stored, will find ample ac commodation* in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basement* under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?tf Market farm for sale.?the sub -criber wishes to se|i his Farm, situated in Prince George's county, Maryland, and on the htage r >ad from Wasliingt n to U, per Marlt.oro'. It is in n healthy location, and con'ain* forty one a'-res,and would make a capital market farm for a competent [ rson, being t.ut ten miles from Washington. The improvements on it consist of a new two dory dweliics hou*e. a good barn, and all the necessary out building*. Nut being acquainted with the work in* of a farm is the reasnn for offering it for sale, J and it will he disposed of to any one for mucn less | than its rea! value, for cash. mar 9 lw* JAS. H. CRANDELL. JJOR SALE-A FARM IN MONTGOMERY county, Md. This land ad-oins the property 1 which David Peugh lately bought of the heirs of| W 11. Gaither, and the land* of Mr*. Beale and Dr Duvail. It is about four miles front the Seventh st. pUnk road, and between nins and ten miles from Washington. Tin* land is mostly covered with wood, the soil is very kind and high susceptible ot improvement. It is weil watered with several streamt of never-failing w ater, and contains a large amount of land capable of til ing convetted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred and ?venty-two acres. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, contain.. ing four rooms : and lour tliousand new Chestnut | teady for fencing I will sell the whole tract or eighty acrcs ot it with the house. j The terms of rale are one fourth cash ; the bal-1 ance in one, two and three years, secured by a deed ol tru.t. LOUIS MACKALL, Jr. Ge rgetown, March 2?2awif House for rent and furniture for Sale?A gentleman declining hous-t ecpii.g off.-rs his Furniture for sal t. It 1* plain, but new, having been in use but ab >ut eight months. Terms ea-y. The house will be for rent. Address MT A," at this office. ? mar 12?eo3t I loMES FOR ALL.?Beauulul'y and healthily I 3L located Building Lots, 24 tett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, iBitil spring, be bougtit at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per til*mill Title indisputable. Union Laud Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Want a. WANTED?A FRENCH LADY WOULD like to find a titration as Frenrh Teacher in a .invate family, wheie khe will be able of learning music, or to tr ive.i with a famil. sjoing to France. Adilres* '? M P E," at the Star office. mar 14?It* (KK)K WANTED.?A WHITE WOMAN who j understands cooking, waiting and ironing, uud wtio has good references as to capacity and char, is wanted at No. 1 Franklin Place, I St., bet. 13 i* and 14tti. Wanted also, a white feinile hou^e servant, mar 12- 3i* nOUrE W ANTE D.?THE ADVERTISER I wit lies to purchase, for easti, a goad two-story bn:i .ling, suitable for a sui ill family, situated north ol"F street. Address "S F A," through the Po.-t < ifficc, stat ng location, price, &c. mar 12?lw* 1?LOUU ^ 75 bbls superfine and family FLOUR In stor-j and for sale low by B.V<BOUR & 8EMMES, mar 12?eo3t No. G7 Louisiana avenue. 'tei if FANCY MILLINERY. MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and. Sister have opened a FANCY M1L LI .VERY STORE on Pemia. avenue,I hetweeu Tenth and Eleventh st eets, soutli fide, No.'/47 7, and would re.-pectlully -ail the attention of the ladies of Washington and vici uity to their hand:oiue and varied assoitnieut of uu ?>tted and inariufactured Mslh ry, latest ?tvle>; New ! ork, Paris, ami London fashions of Straw, Silk, | Crape, Lace, Velvet ar.d othei Bonnets, a !so,drea> and other Caps. All orders in the >iiliinery line thankfu|ly received | and faithfully attended to. mar 9-lw* "planus FOR KENT. TWO superior 7 octave B iudoir PIANOFORTES ; for rent or sale. Appty at HILBL'S St HITZ'H Music Depot, where they may be seen. mar 8 IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. PAY Rolls of Militia entitled to Land Bounty un der the act of Congress September 2?, 1850, ] compiled from rolls in the Auditor's office at Rich rnond. Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War ol I8i2, being a supplement to the pay rolls. A lew copies for sale at R FARNHAM'S, Cttruer Pa. aveuue aud 11th tts. Also. ?t FRENCH'S, Alexandria, Va. mar 8 IE WART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Siore, Pa. avenue, is where the public can have splendid pictures taken atuiore reasonable prices than at any other room in the city. Call early. S.iUs.*'aetion always given, mar 7?1 in RBP1IVKD hlfuAttV 50 barrels powdered, crushed and clarified SU GARS Just received and for sale low by BARBOUR fc SEMMES, mar li?eo3t No. 09 Louisiana avenue. S Auction 8a?eft. un By CIRIBI 4 SCOTT.*A aetl oaeere. SAL??Y ORDER OF THE Orphan* Court, of baddies and Hi/nm-Oa TUESDAY. the 90ih AT? 10 o'clock a. m , by order Court? w **?? lately occupied ^?ore, ?i*-M,'P"?n' deceastd? #l1 t*19 ?t0ck in Douide and single Harness of every description Rt'ing an \ Cart Saddles v PridUs, Co lars and Wlilp* Trunks cfev^ry description, lot of Saddles Hardware, Sewing Homes Stools Wheel bar r?w, Vices Wilh many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: $25 and under canto; over that snm a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endowed notes, bearing interest. GUSTAVUS WATERS, Admin'r. ' GREEN & SCOTT, mar 14 -d Auctioneers. By QR1ER * S^OTT, Auctlontsrs, 'pWO TWO-STORV FRAME HOU8ES AND 1 Lots at Auction.-On FRIDAY, the 9th inst.. we shall sell, in front of tlie premises, at 4^ o'clock p. m , two food two story Frame Houses, with brick basements, containing six conveniently ar ranged rooms each, and the lots cn which they stand, being pa t of Lot No. 19, in square 126. One lot fronts 18 and the other 19 feet on north K, betw. I7tl? ?n.l 18th streets west, mining back 113 feet to a ten feet alley, with a four feet alley between the ho ises, for the convenience of rath. Title indisputable. Terms : One third ca>h ; the balance in G and 12 months, on notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN At SCOTT, mar 5-ootids Aticuom ers GlT* The abovs ial? It psilponid lil T 1 r.SD ^ Y, the I3tli inrtant. ?ame Ititir. GREEN k SCOTT, 10 Auctioneers, ft?" Tl>* ?bnve eel* In furthe" poll poned in consequence, of the rain,until FRIDAY, the IGtli instant, at same hour. GREEN k, SCOTT, mar 14 -il Auctioneers., By J. C. MeUt'IRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household effects. < ?n THURSDAY morning. March loth, at 10 o'clock, at the residence oI J. W. Reed, Esq, cor ner of 11th ami L streets, 1 shall sell Ins Furniture and Effects, comprising - Mahogany hair spring m at Sofa Six do 1'arlor ( hairs Do Rockcrs Do Centre Table, Curtains mid Caipets G randolcs, flock Luoking Glasses Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Table Cane and wood seat Chairs, Oilcloth Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waalietands flair and busk Bolder* and Pillows Conking Stove, Tin Sate Together with a general assortment of Kilchcsi Requisites. Terms: ,*20 and tinder cash ; over that sum a credit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily endorse 1, bearing interest. JAMES C. MrGUIRE, '"ar 1? ? Auctioneer. 017-1 lie ?bm Sale le postponed until t HI DAN MORNING, March In. same hour. JAS. C. McGlTIKK, mar 15. T1' An- tioneer. By QRKEN * SCOTT. Auctioned. TWO FR %ME HOUSES AND LOTS at Auc tion.?On THURSDAY, the l.Mh instant, at 5 o'clock p. in., we shall s? II. in f'ont of ihe j remises, part of Lot No. 2, m Square 437, with ins improve ments. wheh are two trame house, one containing three and the other nine rootns : each house front ing 12 feet on south G, be'ween 7th ard *th streets west, with a five feet alley beiwwen the two, mik ing the whole front 29 feet, running back ?6 feet 7 inches. Title indisputable. Terms ? One-lourth cash ; balantc in G 12, 16 and 24 months, on notes bearing interest. A deed given anJ a deed of trust fit^^n. GREEN & SCOTT, mar 13? 1 Auctioneers. LI VEKPOOL SALT AT AUCTION.?On WED NESDAY next, the 14th in-iant, jt II o'clock a in., wiil t>? sold on board of Ship Jos. Tarratt, ly ing at our wharf, her cargo, con^i-tm" of 10,Ck)0 sacks G. A. Salt Also, 1,500 sac^s fine Salt Of Marshall's & Jeffries, and Durty's brands, fac lory fi'led, in full bleached sacks, and warranted 10 to the ion. Terms at the sale. FOWLE &. CO., niar ^?d Alexandria, Va. By J. C MeGUIRIC, Auctioneer. T/"ALU I BLE BUILDING LOT ON PKfcNSVL > va:iiaavenue.?On FR! DAY af ernoffn, the 9th in>tant, at 5 oVIoek, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 5, in Square No. 166, f ronting 29V4 fe?*t on Pennsjivani.i avenue, between 17ili and 18th streets west, running back one hundred and twenty feet. ierms: One third ca?h ; balanci ia six and nine months, wiiii interest, secured !?? a d< od of trust on the premises. jAS. V. McGUIRE, mar 7?<1 Auctioneer. {?-The above sale Is poitponed un til ' HURSDAY afternoon, March 15th, at 5 o'cl'k, on the premises. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. Boarding. BOAKDiaiO^-Six or eight senteel boarders, by the month, we ;k or dav, c ?n be accomuio dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. 97 7 B ?t-. opposite the^Me ropolitan offi ??. mar 0?3w* BO AUDI X1?.?MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, lias very desirable rooms, suitable for taiuaics "r einglr guntlmien, which she would tent ?:th board, on reasonable terms. She can also acci.iui date 6 ot ? gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a g>?od dining room servant, bat con come wi II recommended. mar 8?tf J>OAKOISa.?MRS. CARTER, Capitol ILIl wi I be prepared to accommodate bo.irdcis? permanent or transieut?immediately alter thv ad jiMirnmeiit of Congress and the Supreme Court. Residence No. 4, near North Gate of Capitol, mar 2?co2w* (BLOCKS, CLOCKS, CLOCK* I?If you j want a good Clock, v/ariant-d to kcrp tune, call at the store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., opp->. llmwiu' II??tcI. fob 28?dim I li MEMBERS OF CONGRESS it OTHERS SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, &-.-M. W. GALT t*. BRO. invi e special attention to their stock of pure Silver Table, Dessert, and T? a ^ j ooio ami Ladles, Bu ter Knives, and all oilier ar ticles ort ure Silver Ware, which is larger and more varied than ever offered to their customers. M. VV. GALT & BRO., 324 Pa. av :nue betw. 9tli and 10.h sis. feb 23?tf NEW MUSIC. WE are this day in receipt of a tirgt- assortment of NEVV MUSIC from the piiiii.pal publish mg bou.-es in ttoe coiuitry, cou-i-tiug of Songs, Dueets, Trios, Marches, Rondos, Gall<.|?.-, Uuadnllir, Polkas, Mar.ourkas, Schotti^rhrf, Gt-nii from llie Op? ras, fiic. Also, Music Books, Portfolios, Music Paper, In slructiou Books, Music toi Brands, arranged hi clit-ap style; Rows, Pegs. Rosin, and every article peftaininf to the. uiumc trade uiways ou baud at the I'jafco and Mu?ic EslabliMuuent ot JOHN F. ELLIS, uiar 3 300 Pa. avenue, near Tenth st. DtCAFNKS* CURED.-The following is taken from Scott's Weekly: DEAFNESS?We uudc^und lliat the suceess whit h has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOCS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, h&e be.'n astonuh ing, t.iousatids of persons i aviug bee n cured, whose eases were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from all parts ot the country, ft being, we believe, the only article before the j ublic for the cure ot that distressing dis?-a>e. Be particular and buy of Z D. GILMAN, Wash iugton, D. C., and S S. IIANCK, Ballii.ioic, Md , as there is a counterfeit article in lite market, feb 28?9in I)ERRY'S AND GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS, various kinds and sizes, bought in person from the makers and warranted genuine. marj6 FRANCK TAYLOR. BOYS' CLOTHING. IN order to sell off o ir pressnt stock of Boys' and Youths' Winter Clothing we have determined to offer our large and fine assortment, consisting of ev ery desirable style and quality of fashionable Ready made Garineuts, suitable for dress and s liool wear, at greatly reduced prices. WALL fli STEPHENS, 345 Pa. ave., next io Iron Hall, feb 24 (yentinelfcNews) FOR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AND Baggy HORSE- The liorse U young, ffv g-ntle and sound, uud of fine stock ; would make ? itto.r a very fine carriage horse, or a very plea.-ant riding norse. Also, for sale an excellent work hor c, perfect'y sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton ?j., Ucorget'n. mar I?lawtf LAND W ABB AST AND FXAII0K CLAIM?. 'pDE subscriber basin his poa*< >n a copy of l Mu fr Roll of the Company commanded by Major George P?ter, in the War of 5812, and i? pre Enred to obtain Bounty Land for all Soldiers who ave be?*n engaged in the service of th?-ir country since 1790; and all other claims aga! rn-t the United States. RICHARD P. JACKSON, Offlce IBS Badge iireet, Georgetown, D. C. ?V 7-lw Auction Salts Vhousb^Sid1"* onTSiSRSSth IitoaJ], sail pan oClo? No. 8, in 90 feet on l*h street. with a side, running back 100 wi*X " ** consisting of * two ?ory tr.d attic fr,,", S containing ten room*. * The bou*e is newly built in lbs moat substantial manner, and well finished in every r*?pect. Thete ia a pump of eicelient water before the door. Terina: One-third ca?h; the real ;ue in six and twelve months, with interest, aecured by a deed of trtm on the premiaea. ? . JAS. C. McGUlRE, mar 9-d Auctioneer. ?rOUtlV * ICOTT'AaatlMNri. INTENSIVE SALE OF EXCELLENT AND IwaHy new Household and Kitchen Furniture at Auction -On THURSDAY, the 15th instant, we ?nail veil, at 10 o'clock, a. m , at the honse No. 410, ll,e Moo. Mr. Pennington. oo the ?f H wreet> ^iween 9 b andlOth, a very nipenor assortment of Furniture, vi* : Mahouhny wtlx and velvet covered Solas IK> ( thic, parlor, and other Chaira, vHvet covered ' 1)0 ?err,iUn* a'ld Cbmirs,? Vfl? cerpet eov l? VntTr' *id* aud wb?T Tables Pi , i ^ide hoard, dre??n?g and other Bureaus Til!, *""* n',ut" CwltttaiS? w (?irar.dul.-K, Mantel Varna and Ornaments Cbta K,'?rav,Q^' ?flt tnmm , C rockeryware, among wlilch are tdS! SSI-** r ?d band Tea I large white dinner Set * Silver plated Toffee and Tea Set and Castor* D> Sp?.ons and Fork, and .vory handle Knivts .Mahogany Redstiads Do Wardrobes Marble top Wa-h. Hud* Rocking a .d hair seat Chairs Hair r nd I uck Matirer*ses Feather Pillows and B< Isters Bedding of ever* description, hou*e and table Linen r uie Velvet, Bru?>*li, and other Carpets lienrth Rug*, Matt, and Stair Rod* I Shovel, Tongs, and Fenders Audiroti* and Spittoons, Ki'lrifrraiora t'-ookmg. Radiator and air-tight Stoves Extension dining, kitchen and other Tables \\ itli a large arid general as*ortm? nt wl Kitchen Re quisilcs l'lie anentin of the public is respectfully mvi ed to tlie tal<-, as ibe Furniture is of a fine uuality, and ?WI Hr" w?rtlf th *ir attention. I erais: Under |*iS cmJi ; over that rum a credit *inrl?iyi days, fug notes sjtiafaclonly cm dorscd hearing interest. ., . GREEN Si SCOTT, inaMj-d Auctioneers. ?m "'UUIRK. A uciioa*?r ^rpEKB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, El.t i.r K?'?t'-abinct Furniture, Splendid French iWate SEE: IV' Curyv,!'. La.,|M"? Frt,,ch <*'?????? ?ut-g ass U are, Costly w ines, Superior Horses, fcc.?On WEDNESDaV m> rnmg, March . ? oc'1' Ht ^,e residence of hi* Excellrn cy J. M.l irado, the Peruvian Minister, on Psunnyl vaiita avenue, between 'J3d aud 94th streets, I shall sell all his elegant Household Effects, conwftin* at Superb Boxwood Grand Piano, by Bu tikofer Magnificent suite ol solid Ros w od Parlor Furni ture, upholstered iu green and gold satin dam ask, comprising thre* large medallion b:ick Sofia, one siesta Sofa, six large medallion Arm Chairs, two Voltaire, and six Parlor Chair* Splendid Green and Gold Satin damask CurHins to match. Cornice, Lace Curtain*, kc. Llegaat French plate Mantel Mirrors Costly mantel Clocks, exit and bronze, with side pieces to match, Va-es Rich Gilt Gas Chandeliers, Candt la bra*, and Brack Fine Tapestry, Brasses, and V.-n tian Carpets ' i Suite or Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up holstered in cana-y colored satin dama?k P"ir "* *rench So M, 4 Arm' and 6 -inrdl Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, &c to match Rosewood Oval marble tip Tables Walnut Extrusion Dining Tables Do PiusJi ,<eat Dining Clialrs Damai-k covered spring seat Couches Mahoirmy hnir spring seat Lounges, Chairs Lane seat Arm and Cottage Chairs Marble-top lu aufer, Butler's Trav Elegant crini on and G- Id Bsnd ninner 8et Richly decor ucd China Tea, Coffee and Lhoc&lote ^ervlc^ Heavy Si eHield plated WaiUr?, Cake Baskets, T?a rnii l( iIpp S?rvife Rich Crystal Cut gla-s Decanters, Tumblers, C .am pagnes. Wines, Cord:a s. Finger Bows, Wa ter Battle*, Claret Pitchers, fcc. Mahogany Writins I)etk<, Book Sheiveg M.hocco and dama*k covered extension Chairs Mahogany Dressing Buirans, Wardrobes French and Italian Bedsteads Marble tcp Wa.- h*tnnd?. Conn r Stands Freneh t.liina ai.d (Jramte Toilet Sets B^t hair and husk Mattresees Bolster* and Pillows. Bed Clothin* Simrie Iron Bedstead.-, fofa Bedsteads t<ud and Table Linen Screens, Fire Irons, Lamps Handsome Damask Curtains, Window Slides r urniture in >ervanu' rooms Oilc oth, Cookins and other Stoves Coppers, Cookirg Utensils, Sc. At 4 o'clock, In fiont ol the residence, a splendid pair of dark grav Carnage Horses, between six aud seven \ear? Hid, perfect y soti-d and kind in single or double tl^'ihM/ict ?a'111? ^ "'e ine,t car?We Worses in Alio, IniuidDtely afisr In the dinins rorm, a choice lot of the highest ?-m. si eV'\ C'lupri.-ing Cliatnpagnes, I on, Slurry, Madeira, Kc , imported expressly for private use. 1 ' Terius if sale: .??."<0.uiJ nnd -rca?h ; over that sum "i eradit ol Mity a id ninety davs, for not. , satisiao torily endorsed, Iw-arins iutcre.-t P. fi ?The house will be open lo visiters on the pievioui ;o flic sale* . JAS. C. McGUlRE, _,?aM0-d_ Auctioneer. a uriJv ?'? McGlJlKK. A net lonear. LWIlAM.h SALE OF EXCELLENT FI R I ^ nHiire and H ;u.-?k? t ping Effects.?On TI1URS l?-\* morning, the 8th March, at 10 o'clock, at the residence ol J. 11. Euerbach, E^|., eD Pa avenue nizz* iMreti5''1 ',,an s<"' w'u",u' ^?^rve, ail ?f |IU I-urniture and Effect", compris I'air o: hand?? uic irah'>gany spring S>fas I' >ne dozen mahogany tpring .seat Chairs Marble ami mahogany top centre ;uul sofa Tables (?ill ane m?li gany framed French pla c Minor II nid Omc .Mantel Clocks, Gran 'olci |l.itua>k atid lace Curtains Cornice and Futures Ve?|. Mil Blinds, Transparent Sliadc? fieturcs. Chandeliers, Ga?? Fixtures Main ganv dining and centre Tables Spring n at Louugca. cane seat Chairs H indsonic Bru??els parlor and ttair Caipett I hree-ply and mgraiu Carpets. Oilcloth Rugi. M itiiiig, Suir 1(<k1>, Clash Enaimlied Collage 8et Mahogany a -d walnut French Bedrtea 9 Dieasing r.nd plain Bureaus. Waj.liMai.ds bxcetlcnt double and single Wardrobes Secretary and Bookcase. Rockers Superior deuMe and single Feathtr Beds Rest hair and husk* (?lanktts, Com torts, Countei panes Bolsters aud Pillows Fire Irons, Toilet Sets Handsome g:a * front China Cl<?et Refrigerator, Sideward, Side Tables French ai d Stnnc China Dinner end Tea Ware Ulasbware, Table Cutlery, Castor., Cooking Range, soiall Coo* Stove Parlor and chamber Stoves, various styles Excellent copper and tin Cooking Utensi's Together with a large assortment of Kitchen Re rjUiMtes. Terms: ,$30 and under cash; over that ?um a I credit of 60, and ?0 days, for note* sati.-iactori!\ endorsed, b? armg interest. . , JA3. U. McGUlRE, ?? . Auction* er ni^i*\\W1 ove ,alr '? ?"#,,por'?d ?? il l CLSD.VY inorning, March 13, at the same I liour aud place. G. KEPPLER, ) ~ . VVM. KUHP. \ JAS. C. MeGUIR *, l,,*f w Auctioneer. The ib?v* aa'e Is furtltar poat Pv*14' I. "wing to the illne*-of Mr. Ebeibacu. until FRIDAY morning, Much 16ih, same hour. G. KEPPLER. i_ WM. RUPP, (Trustees. JAMES C. McGUlRE, mar 13 Auctioneer. By J. MeUUIRK. Auctlonosr. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FOUR OF THE most desirai.le Building Lottm the First Ward. I Qn THURSDAY afternoon, March 15th, at 4k u'clock, on the pnaiises, 1 shall sell, wit* out re ?eive. Lots 3, 4, 5, aud 6, in square 156, fronting t;ach feet on north I streer, between 17th and lHtii ftieeis, running back 147J< feet to a twenty leet alley. ' These lots arc delightfully situated, with a south ern front, abiut the cetstre of the block, on either ?ide ?>f which liave been erected first class bousas and offer crater inducements to persons desirous ol ?e?urinc unobjectionable bnilding sites thsa any property thai has b en offered for sale at aucfion for yearn. 1 Title perfect and sale positive. Tertni: Or e third cash; the residue ia two Moai i payments ai mx and twelve months, with interest secured by a deed of trut on the premises to thi ?a'isfaction of Uie vendor. ' If the terms of the sale are not complied a 1th h> t>ui days frc m the day of the pale, the pronenv win b resold at the risk and expense if the fiiSJJjJl-1 All coi.veyauciog at cost of purobaaer, m;ir q j JAS, C. McGUlRE, A?MinV, TELEOBArmC. KkTOBVBB rot VBV DAILY EVENnr? BTAM. % feat Conoid. March 13 -Th? rvtifti of tk? e.ectioc ufun received indicate that "Som' btS ? ve t New Hampshire OS clear as Hmu eha?etts, electing governor, legislature, aid member* of Coagrees. Tbe governor's voto here stand* B.ker demoeret, TT4; Motoalf, kaow nothing. 1,094; and Ball, whig, ISO All tha towns thus far haard from shew the same relative Tata. [?BCOBD dis raven.) Coscobd, March 14 ?Complete returns from f>5 cities and towa? Motoalf, 12,844 veUe; Baker, 8.168; Bell, 1,345; Fowler, ?? I?, complete returns from axae 40 ether towns have been received, which do not materially very the oomplexioo of tbe above la Heshaa M trail reoeived 1.021; Baker 473; Bell 109; Fowler 26 la Portsmouth Matealf reoeived 790; Baker M, Bell 81; fowler 1. Cheshire oounty hu gone strong for the Knew Nothings The Democrats here give ep the election. Metcalf s majority will prebably he la the neighborhood of 3,000 Three antwad ministration members of Cec grees are certainly elected. [vbibd dispatci ) Cobcoud, March 14.?Fell returnsfrom 104, nearly two-thirds of the State, give Metcalfe, 18,*67; Baker, 13J67; Bell, 3,073; fowler, ilO. K?presentatives sre clamed?Kaow No thing, 123; Democrat*, 28, Whigs, 3. Arrival of tha Creecent City?4* Mail Steamer fired at by a Spanish Ship ?f War. Nbw You, March 14.?The Cieeeeat Olty has arrived here with Havana dates sf the 8*.h The El Dorado from Aspiawall reported that she was twice Ared at by the Spanish Frigate Ferroloaa, and waa compelled to atop and exhibit her papers. Oae shot struck the water abont twenty yards from the Kl Dora do's boat, ani the other passed immediately over ber wheel house The steamer Princeton wet in port, and %lso the British vessels of war. Vestal and Bcsxard The Cuban news is unimportant. Sagars are unchanged; molasses if held Armly; lard is heavy, and exchange is dull. Latest from Mexico. Nbw Oblkaxs, March 11.?The Oriaahabed arrived with Mexican dates to the 3d, aad te the 8;h from Vera Cms. Santa Acne had gone South aith his tpeops. leaving but 1,500 behind him. The oAelal paper says be has gone to the Baths, bat It is rumored that he has gone to meet Alvares A severe shock of earthquake wee expert - enced in Mexico oa the 28th alt Detention of the Canada Bo*tob, March 14.?The Canada has hrtk en her shaft and will be detained a day or two fur repairs. Baltimore Markets Baltikobb, March 14 ?Floor?Sales of 100 barrols Howard street at $8 75. Wheat? e?a!es ot 3.000 bushels: red at $2.00 a $2.10; ?hite at $2 10 a $2 20 Corn?Sales of barbels, mixed at 87 a 88 eents, and yellow at 3!) e 90 cents. Kyc?Sales of 000 bathe is Pennsylvania at $1 20 per bushel. Hew York Stock Market Nbw.Yobk, March 14 ? Stocks opened heav> tut closed firmer-Money is unchanged. Erie Htilroed, 452; Cleveland A Toledo Railroad, 74, ( amberlai 4 Ceil Company. 33]; Reeding ilailread, S2J; Canton Company, 25; Mis souri 6'* 9 ii Cleveland Columbus and Clo> ciunati R U , 105. Vow York Markets New York,March 14 ?Cotton is unchanged. Flour is dull with a deolioing tendency. Sales of 18 000 bbl* of good Ohio at $9.25 a $9 81. ^ou'hern is l*regul r Sales of 700 bhls. at 19 <6* a $9 81 Wheat is dull. Corn up ward aid prices are a trifle higher, but busi te-t is dull." Western mixed at 96 ft. Pork is unchanged wsth moderate demand. Beef up ward aud firm. Lard unchanged, with limited bur.oes at previous rates Whisky unchanged Kcow Hothing Vieto.y Babcok. Me . March 12?At the mnnclpal election to day, J T K. llajwood, Know No tiicg, (als>> on the citisen*' ticket,) was cboeen Mayor. 'Ibe vole stood?Haywood, 1 356; W. U. Mills, 756. The aldermen andoouncilmen are elected in the same rati). The Collins Lino. New Yobk. March 13 ?The steamer Na?h vilie bas been chartered b* the Collins line to take the place of the Pacifis, which can now scarce arrive in lime to sail on Saturday i ext. Frightful Occurrence?Fall tag of the Floor of a Town Hall. Coxcord, N. II., Maroh 13 ?A frightful accident occurred at Meredith to day. Whi'.at the people were ballotiog in the lowe Hall, the flo r suddenly gave way, nrecipitating ? -rue three hundrtd persons into the store* be* neat.h, a distance of 18 feet. Forty peraons were teken out with their limbs broken and otherwise injured, four of whom are not eip ctei to recover. The affair produoed a most intense excitement. BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. \LL my old friend* for whom I obtained Bourn/ Land, iu legs quantity tbau 163 acre*, are here t?> lutoruied that tueir name* and a reoord of Um evidence, with the date* ot their certificates, are oa iuy book, so tbat I can, with facility, make out tf>e*r d< claialions for addirioual land. Tl???e wbo failed toobtatuauy land for want of autfieient service, many of w hom are now enuUed to 160 acre*, can find the time allowed recorded by me. Other* wUl find it to their interest to call or write, and 1 will ??end forum iiud matrucuon* for reasonable aad fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or ibeir Widows, unable to pay for preparing their papers wi I be instructed gratia by calling at the office. JOHN D. CLARK, iu?r6?lui Agent, Washington, It C. IMI'OkTAKT TO PERSONS BREAKINU UP Hou ?*keeping?Persons reutovuif fro*u ti?e eity and wli>hiiif lodisp aeoftbeir Furaitureaae Uwi? keeping Utensils without tbe trouble of sending iliein to Aucti<m, can do so h/ cal.uig upon u? el ? ur store, No. 319 Pa. avenue, ** w? are prepared to ? uy all ?uch | mar 9 ch good? a* may L- offered. K. U. JKWELLE k. CO, No. 917 Pa. avtaiu. ALAKGK LOT OF PLAX UEfiD recelveff aud for sale by SAtCL B\LON a CX)^ feklS?la Oorwr u. and Pa. a?a. KIC W ARD, ?Tbe undersigned wttl pay V4 J <J>5 for the apprelieMtoa of Negro u M ARUAKCT CHAOk*, purchased by tbe late Owen Norfolk, at sale of Thuuiaa aad Richard Harvey, executors o! Thomas Harvey. For the last eighteen mouth* *aid woman waa m Georgetown, ?he w aow believed lo be ia Alexandria. She ia about ritty vrars of age ; b Mack, and about five feet four Itches hifb. The above reward will be paid oa delivery t? the subscriber,at Upper Mar lx?tw\Pitee? Ce*rf?*e te, *d. J NO b. mulliiOn, mar 3-3w Adudnmrator of Oweu ?mh LOOK HIRE!!! U ORE BOUNTY LAND TO -ALL whoaerved 3d 1" A*V *41 Since 17V, wh^thrras Offcnt, S ulor?. Indian, ?ain?, Wagon M^r*. Teamauro^Laadsmeu, (or their widows or ?!??<* children) who have MM ye? received fbll ISO acres, and have hem In service 14 dhvs, Will <*> weM m wme to Qs po*tf?id, end ?*?* L tud Warrants wi I he forwarded in ihem far Ihe ilK>ve quantity, and no charge if they do get *. LLOYD k CO., C.aim Af?"',? Ogle*, opposite V. * T" "aaeiy, Waahiugtou Citjr, D. C

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