Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1855 Page 2
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WASHINGTON OjTT: Ar;W,C3!' .March 13 zy Adv sRTissJts>*T3 &hould.U handed in bj 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Storage.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basemeat, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. T*rms low. Apply at the Star office. SPIRIT OF THB MOaHLUG PRiSS The l*fi:ig'*rer publishes a long mani festo from the yen of Saata Anna, wherein that remarkable man rehearses what he has done for Mexio. In that conrection the edi tor says: "A great deal has been alleged and is daily repeated against this remarkable mart?for re markable he certainly if. boih in hia charac ter and eventful carerr?by thus# opposed to his adicir istr.ition; and akbnugh we may not feel dii^o. ti to accord to him all tha prai-.e ne claims for wha? he a.??ume? to have d ine for h'? Cf>?i?try, yet it cannot be denied that he po>fcsses the merit of having thus far ar ren cd the pngressof anarchy, and he may yet lay the four.J?ti u or the future prosperry of hi? eoun'ry. if he only know* hjw to use the immonto power which has been eoaflJed to him by tho id' j>ti'.y ct the Mexican people With reference to the know Nothing nomi tee? ia Virginia (their names having been published in the Star of yesterday,) the ln t.'llti-tncfr says, trnly : ??This is a strong ticket lJach of the gen tlemen i acied nas hal service In CongreM Tbe Crat is a \\ hi^ tne other two bemocra's; and all, we believe, ot on-ervstive views am feelirgs Ihev a-e men cf ability and expo lier/*- In public eff iirs, and of a fair share of per?jnal p-pnianty." The Union is very lugubrious, indeed, ovst the re:a!t rf ths New Hampshire election Tha editor seertJ f> thiak thv tho world u decidedly in a diogling way, saying forcibly of the alleged ? rebuks-' involved lu that re sult ?' Pjt it if not only Fr%nklin Pierco that his t,e33 rc-Vikol. JeCarsoL is rebuked for nis noble etF;rt? in f?vor of religious to'era tion iii Virginia; for his champion-hip ot em:g;atijn; and ftr his lifo-loog devotion ti? liberal priuciples. Washington id rebuked for his approval of the f itriot sm of tbeCamo ltc? L five te ij rebuked for his gallantry in defending tbe cause < f our infant colonies Jac??.'u is rebuked as tbe sonct an Irishman. Oar country \t rebuked, we lair, far pro'per irg so loi.jj u.-i icr ih>? exampie cf erilightouad leipslatioi and equal laws; for growing jrreat by th^j aid of the labcr and ihe valor of the adopted eitnen. There is to be a halt is out national career. Tns counsels of tbe sag?: of the p i?: nu?t be repuciated or revised. V."e mu->t ravel bask to the days of King Gecrgeand '.he alter, laws We tlu-? rcJtii mate the snirit th it drove cur f?there to tue western wilds. Nj loDger shall ltoger \\ il liau.3 cr Uihiaui Pena or Ueorge Calvert be the lights by which our path is m?do clear Ocr jiandard i- to La :h 11 cf an ia'oleran! p-ie ihccd.a corrupt c^url ac t a Mzoftd judi ciary We r est reverse the ideas of ih? rev olution, and forget th.u *e have had a put, in .La earr e^t c.ideavor to uako the future worth ? if cr bd whi?h persecutes lueii i?i c*iri u'; riirfrar o.r.;ts tb? ui for their roii.-.i r. a^ti them lor the lard ol their Lrnh' ' K*w Hampshire Eleciioa. Vf e are s<kiisued. fr-rn cur private aivice from New Hampihire, that the ufosioDi5tj' havecarriel the election in that State by i majority of between .wc and three thou-und and th?? hnvc a majority cf the Lfgiilt tore .a U.. h of iu branches T^is is the re suit ? f . v .* -jwti in cur | ap r on tbe di; Oy.ote jei eri^y. It is worthy ci' notice ij tlL> cv>R-wC.:.u thai ilr. Morrison and ^r Kittredge, toui o^potcl to the Nebraska bill are defeated by significant mej >riiie?, notwiih standing it wi0 auyposad that their action upo that rre-iure vra? in uefcrenco to Norther sentirne:;' V? e h.?ve nr. time now to c^mmec upon the re-u'.*. Ttec )C:?ct, however, on th part cf ihe friends of the Presiient, has bee i'obght rp^n principle, and up;n patriotic prit ciples L've.y ttction and every iim has bee decourced acd fc^rned bj- them and the mei who voted f-r Lz'.ct can, without question, b re!lel up n a? :he b^^i. of a totind, orthodox and Derf .cr?.?l: jarly What cat bs s?: 1 cf 's lu v jtid ag* n^t Lim, ex. cept th-1 tlc> have a^Ljeved victor^ f rnit i> ma V. ooD2?.?The fires J,ab;ng is the grtat j. jc cf ^outa Carolina have oocasiuned i^uch destru'tun of proj-arty other thai, tho Vilu?...e tnuber. On th9 11th inst., th#?i?rageJ so L'gh on the traok of the boulh Carolina railroad that the train waa caught, ard t arely ee:ar ed wiih tho lwss cl two ircizJt cars cf c?tt.n. The railroad ties w*rc cn lire 6*.-i it was feared "bat a la g< siw xnill on tho Ho* would also be burn'. News Las b*w recoive l at Lexirg^on that the fire has been ra.'ir ~ rt uai that Villscre a!] dty, acd that bam?, hense? l'-.tOis, cn the oatikir^-cx tLe h .Jalrcaiy been cocsumej. and great fears were eatertalced cor.ceri.lLg tl e ;?fety of the vlllaga. Ne-?s has r een received fr. n: tieorgia, by which it seen-; t-at there h is been great de?. trucuon cf ffojerty there ixorn the s?rno Ct3^o. In tij vuini:y of Goose C.cek. tbe wo <*? were on hrt and the wind waj setting towaadthe c.ty cf Charleston." The train o! cars had run tue gauntlet, but twooi them were ?acrifited to the insatiable appetite of the fiery demon. lu the ne-ghbor-ocl of Klrkwood, Colum bia. and Sandy K ir, houses ar.d barm bad been ucstroyed, and prtzt feirs were enter tained as to ^e p-tfety cf the villages t' em. seive?. One cf enr Aag' sta excLanges s<iyi the fire i? ragirg near Hamburg and Aiken. Tie Wilmington Herald, of Tuesday, w?ya the fire i- sp'cadicg in North Carolina, near 1'aye-tevilie, and ui?o in Moore county whjrc there L - Lecn ? heavy loss in ti-nberj turpec tinc, and iU-es In Kobes^n chanty, the tire ha? desLi^yej a'.veral fana-hootss, ic , that were etcirc.^d by fares', aad the fire waj ?teadi.y prf gre alag kt:*e n Clinton and War saw The woods in port.ans of Colambua Leaden, an^ .?*w Hanover c.tamiae, have elso cesn on fire, and great diiuage hria been sus tained. G?'L*der the new po.U,-, iJW) wbich to ta re chwct cn the firs', of July n<* x* all xingle letters mailed lor any distance net ex. ceediog thr:c thcasard miles are to pa7 tbr?e cents, arid for any dis'anc* exceeding three thousard mi!<s ton cert* Ha f an cnce in weight will corsti'ute ? iiogle letter. All letters mc:t h?? rTf j ?lid> ticcpt such is are to it from a f.rcig-, Cjun'ry, cr Ihcsa addre^stJ to the cfj?c:s oi the Ooverrment on othcial hp?m WlSlllXGTON ^EWS AND GOSSIP. The Greet Indie Rubber CoQtrcTarty ? Few persons are aware cf the importance of India rubber itj American commerce There ire at the N irth hundred* of factories enj?ag>d In working up the material for hundreds of purposes, each employing from one hundred to a thousand person9. We know a single Rubber factory in Williamsburg, N. Y , where combs only are mnde. in which more than one thou sand persons fis i constant employment. There are two patent righ's nec?3S irily used In all the branches of the rubber business. One is the " Hayward'' patont, whereby the gum is "vulcanised" by submitting it (iccorporatcd with sulphur) to a high degree of heat after having been spread on the material to which it may be applied; and the other is the "Chaf fee" patent, for the machinery by which the gum ii spread upon the cloth or other material, without a resort to the former solvent?turpeir. tine?by which a saving of some 62 cents is effected in the preparation ot every pomi of the gum used in oommorce, otherwise than in the raw sta*?. To give the reader an idea of the extent of the bcsir.esa in this country, we may remark that more than eight millions of dollars worth of rubber ehoes were made in the United States last year while the other article? manufactured here cf the same mate rial probably amounted in valuo to mu:h more than ten times that sum. The control ol the two essential patents (processes) referred to above, ha? placed the cntiro control cf the business in the hanus ot a comlication 0! capitalists located in various manulacturin ? States, who have, of course, grown enormously rieh by their operations. They contribute an nually a fund cf $22 OuO to prosecute suits against any and all who stand in the wtiy ol their monopoly. Horace H Day. whose name appears in the proceedings of the late Letcher investigating committee, bas, so far. been the only o] ponent they have ever f jund capable of seriously contesting with them. In the past ten year.' he h -s hod numercu; cross suite with them, ?|hting them here ir, Washington, before the Patent OEco. and when he fancied they were dabbling in mat ters before Congress out of their legitimate tu.-icess, cs well ac before the United State Courts in Xew Jersey, New York, RLoJe la laud, Connecticut and M&?sacbusetts. It b supposed that in the la?t five years these nu parous contests at law have cost tho combir.a tion ?10.000 p*r annum, and Day quite h:ilf that sum. lie defeated their application be fore the Patent Bureau not Icng since, for the renewal of the Hayward patent, on technical grounds only, if we are not mistaken, tho in vntor not having realised one hundred thousandth part ol' the bcno&t from tho fortu nate creation cf bis brain, which it hi* con ferred upon the public at largo. Last week after a ttial (in ProTidence, 11. I..) of trrelre weeks duration, iu which the e ,mbiaation ..err represented by eight of the first lawyers iu the United States, and Day by four, he gained a verdict, wresting from them the entire title to and property in tho Chofl'je patent alicve reteried to; the jury having rendered that the combination'^ interest n it v as void tarough in its obtasnmen* a valid sale of the latent Living 8ub:eqrjpntly been made to Day Wc i.ctico this remarkable trial because i's res It, seriously, and. we think, favorably t.fT:cta the interest of society, wh-ch is deeply Involved in the future of any American man ufacturirtg intere. t rej roionti-jg the produc tioaof perhaps one hundici millions o: dollar* I worth of gjod.-, annually. \>'enoti:e it, too J because its ie:ults convey a liejon of the value cf energy, enterprise. Courage, and sagacity >l business affairs that cannot bo so ioicibl; drawn from sermons or books. Day id a man of about fcrty years 01 age, bred a working shoemaker, wita the slenderest possible origi nal rtdvantage* of education and position His main law;?r throughout the last three 1. yeari of his controversy, has been an obsctir? , I young man namei Richardson. fresh and green from the mountain? of Mew Hampshire we believe II >wever, those two persons bav Q managed, by dint of the capacitics cf thei; h mmds and their perscvercnce, to triumj h over n the wealtbias: and really the most powerful a and active combination of capitalists ever en. e g-v??d in thi- coun'ry in stru^ling before the courts in a common cause I?ay gains his j| <.h:iffee pa'cnt. which most secure him great wealth eventually; whila Richardson gains , ition iU5fan ly, hj tuo loadit;* patent-case ia^cr in the United States?a reputation wiii h, with itscocsequoDce?, wjuld have been worth twetty years h-rd labor ol any profts sicca! gentleman in the country, witho t a tee While we arc upon tals iubjact. we may not inappropriately add that the class ot articles 11 which are mai.hfacture i of Inl.a rubber, end j huve fo recently entered into generul u'e in the countiy, nre beginning also to bo manu tactured extensively cf patta perch a, ur.d~r patent! a short t me since ^rante ! to John Ry d:r, of New York city V.'eare *?tisfied, from our observation, that in a few years tL? latter w'l drive the former hltaost entirely out cf the ma ket As manufactured of gutta per ch a. whi'o tb ey pc" a. s a;l the val uable quali ties cf rubber good*, they arc ulso fr-e from all the had qualities which renJertbo rubber goods disagreeable to uea in many respects lhus they emit no offensive scent; thov do not become soft in hot weathtr, or stiff in cold weather; they do not oatch and hold dirt and grit as rubber go-.ds do, and there, fore *re far mire lasting ; nor do they eifand and contract as their rivals do un der circa distances when that quali'y la a positive disadvantage as ia'^s. Gutta percha cver-shoe* beicg ?g plecsact ard healthy to we ir as 07er shoes made of leather, which ia not the case with rubber over tbor3. as all tho world ktv-ws. Gutta percha goods are als., much lighter than similar articles made of tho rival gum, which 13 another ira. prrtant advantage iu their favo.. Ihe use of tho Hay wax 1 ar.d Chslle- j atentc i. ?g requisite in tbe manufacture ot gutta percha, as in tha of rubb?r. Tbceo facts ccnce nir.g gutta percha ii ivc been rcca'.led to our mind by see in/ Mr. Jch^ ll^uar, tho gutta peroha paten tee in Washington to-day. He is stopp n ; at the Kirkwovd House, where he has with uiin ?o?eral specimens of his manufacture, all of which are we!l w r?h tho inspection of our fv'Iow citizens who, liko curselves, rrj ice in the swilt ai_d Pure progress of our country in the utefsl arts. Tho Jfonuntant?Tfco Organ is wrong in its denial, on the day before yesterday, of the fact* s'ated by us with r ferencc fo tfce rocent ljrcib:e fj^cMon cf Mr Dougherty, tho snper in endent of the work'on the Washington Monument. In all es<eut;a! joints our state, meat upon the subject w?s substantially true, as we learn ou further in jutry. Mr Brauley tov* the keys fMr. Udtco, the day watch. ! Mr. Uriggf, it' not a black mith by trade, rather than a roaaoijj (as the superintendent of ea.'h a work shouli be,) hae done black smithiog for the monument, aiid was paid for i the work by Mr Dougherty. Not very long i since he kept a blacksmith chop in this ci y i We st.;te these facta that the r* ? der cay per ceive that in what we have published on those I two points we have been correct. We have further to Bay that if breaking down doors I and window* by a mob, (which was done, we presume, to put Mr. Briggs in possession,) waa not taking forciblo possession, we do not know what force is. As much has been raid in the streets con cerning property of the association recently sold by order of the old board, we have to say that it consisted of the two work horses only, so ordered to be disposed of, as was stated in the' newspapers at the time, to afftrd those claiming to be the new board of management an opportunity to test their rights before the couita of law. They have declined embracing 1 that opportunity, which looks very much aa if taey prefer to rest their claim upon what they can effect, by surreptitious movements only I But for the countenanco which Mr. Bradley is I giving tj their acsheiues and net*, we take it I f >r granted that there wjuld hardly bo a man I vith anything at 8take in thiscommuni y who I would fail to denounce the extraordinary I maan3 to whi;h they have seen fit tj ro?vr', a: I being of a character decerving th? severest I reprehension of all law-abiding citizen*. | In explanation of the fact that Mr. Dough I erty made little resistance to their applica I tion of force to eject him f;om tho work, we I have to say that he did so only under express I orders from those from whom he derived his I authority and position, obeying their iuatruc I lions in this matter to the latter. Kow Know Nothing are Manufactured ? I The Cuban revolutionitta located in New York I city not long since sent an emissary named I De Goicopria to this city, to tender to Mr I Pierre Scule the compliment of a public din I ner, which that gentleman V6ry properly de 1 slinod in tho courteous manner in which he I treats all with whom he is thrown in contact I Mr. Goicouria wrote back an account of his I want of success with Mr S., which we find in I t ie New York Sun of a recent date. Ilis I I j'.te: is worthy of note on account of its con I c'u liag pass.ige, as follows, viz : 14 Of the crowd of friends who havo visited I him, (Mr Souio?Ed .) since he arrived here. I there are none who do rot speak with adm; I rition of tho loftiness and mHgnanimity he I ii-pla_vs whenever he id brought to .allude to I he relations in which he stands to General I Pierre and his Cabinet." Now. those who know Mr. Soulo personally I will re?;ize that this writer doos him great in I justice, in representing him as playing '? high I fillutin'' with reference to Lis friends in the I Government I The point, however, to which we aim U call I public attention, is tho Goolness wi h which I this unnaturalized foreigner, engaged noto I rionsly in effort; to compass the violation ot I the la we of the United States, with no bond I o attach him to cur coun'ry, assumes to sit in (judgment upon the conduct of the President I his Cabinet; which assumption i3 In I volvcd in the piragraph from his letter quoted I above. it' know Nottnngii.a wih but drive into I ib'-nrity, rni inoculate with becoming rcod I esty, tho horde ot foreign <unuaturali*od) ad I venturer; who essay to regulate public :<fifAirs I .mi i ublic opinions ou this side of tho Atlan I tic. and to ute the United State3 us the point I roii which they can with impunity manage I he affair* of othor coun'ries where they do I not dare to show their nose?, wo shall be very I thankful. Su.-h person*, to gratify their pro [ pensity f .r notoriety, to compass ends which ;ire I unlawful here, or to remodel American society I upon .?ans cullotish principles, ure the main I ot? acles in the way of the su;ces3 of the ef I forts of tho rcaliy patriotic and con3idera'e I nativo born Americans, who desire to prevent I tho great principles cf civil and religious | equality from being obliterated from the Con stitution and Lawsct the United States under I the pressure cf tho excitement agaiast all I foreigners, which at this time ranges in the I Ausrican popular mind. j I he Cruise of the U. ii Stealer Fulton in I Search of tho Sloop of War Albany ?The I l\ S steamer Fulton, Lieutenant Ccmmand ImgJi.hnK Mitchell, arrived a* Aspiowall, New Grenada, Mar;h 1st, after having made ? thorough search among the Bahami end Windward I-lands and ths Spani-h Main. 'Ihe Fulton e tiled from Norfolk ou tho ?Oth December, 1804, end touched at Na-sau, New Providence, is'.n Salvador, Matthews Town, laagaa, Cape llajticn, Puerto de Plsta. Sa tucia. Mayaguel, tt. Johns', (Porto Kico,) rn. l'hotua?, Frcdcrickf.tadr, St. Maitins, St's, Antigua, Guadaloupc, Martinique S". Lucia, St. Vinomt?, Grenada, Trinidud, La ? Junyra, L'uon A; re, Curaca >, Maracaibo, Santa Martha, Carthagena, Porto Bello, and \spinwill. The 1 ulton, a ft or leaving the latter placei *i.l visit San Junn da Nicaranu.t, thence touching at or sighting tba principal keja and dangers oo the line to Pedro Lank, ihenoo to Kingston, coasts of Honduras and Yucatan, and finally to Havana. Notwithstanding this active cruise, nonows of the missing Albany could be obtained. lJowa irom Cuha.?Ibi3 morning, we re ceived private advices from our attcr tive ccr rotpOLUen: in Havana, up to the 5th inst. At tb;?t time the United States war steamei Princeton waa there, and her officers v/tro en j ;i;:g tbemselve? temporarily in the society of tho American to idento oi that city. Tho Cpptain (Teneral was jn3t then a few miles out of the city, where ho had gone to ir-.p?ci a:i i review a camp of troo{ i that had been r-cenily formed. The poli ical pri:waer3 lately arrested, aiiorg them being !f>m? of the very first men of tho i land, it will be recollected, ware all kept in solitary confinement, no cn?, exoept public functionaries, being allowed tonpproa:h aay one of thorn on any prttcr.ce whatever. It was not known at that time when their trials wou'i commeccj. Cu;tcm h usa Contracts ?We leain that the Secre'F.rv of tho Treasury is about to issue propo-alj f^r the conatruotlon of the new cu?to:u-hou3as orderel by Congross to be bnilt at Providence, K. 1 , Milwaukie, Wis., and Chicago, 111 'lue expectation of the Depart mont is that the work on ail of them will be ej^mcncel in the cour.o of the summer. AppliOiliofls for Lands under tho JUgd Bounty Land Law ?Yesterday, about seven hundred and tifiy applicatiois for lands under the new bounty land law, and up to 11 a. m. to-day, they were continuing to come in at about the same merry rat* The Correct operalioni of lb? Trtausry Department.?On ye5terday, the 14th March, ther? wsra of Tre**ury Warrants entered on . ? ? * ? - ? the bocke of the Departmast? Fcr the redemption of stock $518 AS For paying Treasury debts 89,684 22 For the Cuetom*. 11,570 37 For ?overing iato the Treasury irom nJsecllaneous sources.... 93 94 For covering into the Treasary from customs 92 80 For the War Department 11,960 00 For the Navy Department 158.321 04 For the Interior Department 19,497 22 For repaying for the Interior De partment 10.V2S V3 Additional News from Europe, BY TIIE PACIFIC. DISTRESS IN ENGLAND?RIOTS AT LIV ERPOOL AND LONDON. Des'itution in England bad almost reached its height. From the combined causes of an unusually severe winter, unusually dear prices for all dessriptions of provisions, and a total stagnation of trade, the poor are in a deplora ble stare. Maay thousand laborers have been for we?ks without food, excepting the supplies of charity In Liverpool, the times have been peculiar ly severe in concequence of frost having stop ped the extensive building works, and from the continuance cfeastorly winds, having pre vented the arrival of the American shipping. The absence of shipping alone deprived near ly 5 000 dock laborers and porters of work, and of all descriptions of laborers, there were not fewer thin 18.000 men destitute of employ meut. Considering the number of helpless women and children dependent on these men, it represents a terrible amount of suffering. Our correspondent describes it as pitiable to see hundred? of poor fellows idling around the Exchange in the hopes of obtaining a ?'chance job." Considerable liberality has hi?en displayed by the citiiens, and -about ?3 000 were subscribed Relief stores were opened in various parts of the town, and tickets entitling the bolder to bread and coal were freely distributed. The conduct of the unemployed was. almost without exoeption, paaceablo and praiseworthy, although want was so great that instances had occurred where men had (aimed from hunger and fell on the strev.. The bulk of these really indus trious el'isses bore up bravely in the hop? of an early return to labor. However, on Tues. day, the 20th. great agitation was observable in the Scotland Road, in one of the lowest and most disreputable quarters of the town. By degrees the excitement swelled into the dim- n.ions of a riot. Panda of the discontented marched out iuto various parts of the town, I and caused the greatest consternation to the citizens. The s'ores along tho principle thor oughfares ware immediately closed, the jewel lers and silversmiths first, next the cutler* and gunsmiths, and finally tho entire trade of the town was suspended. These bands of ma rauders varied in number from 50 to nearly 100. but contained a considerable portion of woman a^d lads They geemed to have no sort of organisation, nor any definite object in view. At first they rushed tumultously into the bakers shops, twenty or thirty of which ware stormed and plundered. They also de manded and received money from various oth er storekeepers. An attack was made on St. John's market, but the gates wore closed, and tuo police beat off the beseigers. Towards evcniDg me to*a resumed its wonted appear ance An extra force of special constables was sworn in, nnd a number of the police were firmed and mounted Sixty prisoners were taken, and summarily sentenced by the Poliee Courts, to terms of bard labor, varyit-g from a week t.) turee months Next day. Wednesday, tho 21st, tbe disturb ances were rescmed. Iha same scenes again occurred : the provision shops were attacked, the police made successful skirmishes, and cap'urcd many of tho rioters The stores wero ciobeddu>irg purr of the day. hut, from the report of our correspondent who took occa sion personally to vr\ noss tUe " riots," this was k precaution quite unnecessary. The police were at all times more than a match for the m>b Since tLo 2isc ail had remained perfectly quiet. Similar disturbances, but on a smaller soale. took p!a?e in London. Bands of men and boys !< vied Contributions oa the storekeepers, ti l t ;e interference of the police stopped the enterprise. IN ItAKCIIESTtR j he report from Manchester is Ie*3 unfavor able th&u from Liverpool, but it shows dis tress. The severe frost had closed the canals and tbe workmen dependent on traffic were compelled to apply to the workhouse. Some hundred railway porters had been discharged from lack cf work. Tbe mills ure beginning to work on "short time." I* BIRMINGHAM. At Birmingham tbe state of the poor is very uistresriug. Nino thousand workmen *re out of work in tho town of Birmingham alone, and a proportionate number in the neighbor ing parishes. Notice has been given the iron workers that a redue.ion of wages can be no longer Helaycd Numbers of tbe needle makers of ltedditch, are without work. Tbe iratch-trade of Coventry is extremely dull, mostly from deficiency American of orders. In most cf toe other manufacturiBg towns and viil^gfts of the district, the prest-'uro of pau perism was on the increase, and measures were in operation to hffjrd tomporary relief The Nottingham Lace and Ilosiery trade was very dull, and the workmen were beziu ning to suQer from scarcity of employment and de irness of provisions At Leicester business remained so depressed that it r-vLuUer of hands wero out of work. lu Leeds and in the West Riding of York shire distress exist*, but id hoped only of a tciapora y naturo LATEST. '1 he dc'cr.tion of the Pacific enables us to = ate t^at affairs had takoa a decided turn for the better. A sudden thaw had eet in,?en abling the builders and canal-men to resume wrk while a charge of wind was bringing up a considerable amount of shipping It was Loped tho worst was past. SPAIN. Tna Proposals or ths United States to be Reconsidered.?In the course of the sit ting cn tbe 10th, the Minister of Foreign Af fairs, in reply to a question as to the s;a f tbe relations with the United States, begged permission to deny that tho Government or him-elf had ever wished to insult M Soule, and he then paid: "the United States Gov ernmoat on the 15th of January last resolved to replace the minister uho represented it at Madrid. V?'hen Iho rows arrived here that minister had already left.. Subsequently, we gave orders to submit to a rcw examination all qu3w'.iot.s pending with tae Uni'ed States, in order :o decide what is jast We are per. foctly in accord with the government of tbe Unuod State;, and Consequently we have the hope of arriving at a pneitic solution " WAR DECLARED AGAINST SARDINIA. Advices from St. Petersburg of the 17th an nounce that war is formally declared ag?in?t Sardinia. Notice is given to Sardinian ships to leavotbe Russian porta. The exequatur has been withdrawn from the Sardinian cocs?!?. and ti.e Russian agents at Genoa and Nice hnvc beeu recalled. The p.-opcrty of Sardinian ci'isecs is "placed under the protection of the laws " ty The Chicago Press states that an agent of the Netherlands Trading Company, more familiarly known as the Dutch East India Company, has visited Chicago on a tour of ob servation, with a view to opening a direct trade through the St. Lawrence and also through New York with tho Northwest, for iu productions of beef, pork, flo.r, etc , and with the Soutawist also, for its cotton, sugar, and tobacco. The head quarters of this rich asso. ciation are at Amsterdam, and tbe Company charters annually Eome 300 large ships in their trade with the Indie?. py*A young butcher of South Adams, Mass a few days since bought a bull which refused to be lod, whereupon ho gouged cut the poor animals eyes! The bull was butohered the next morning, but there was no family is South Adams poor enough to bay a piece ol that beef at any priee PER?01Af. .... Charles J. Jenkins, Win C L)awson and John E Ward are announced a? anti-ad ministration candidate.* for Governor in Geor gia ....John W. Dudley, late of Lynchburg, Va , is a candidate for tho Mayoralty of Cin cinnati .... The Memphis Whig denounces Mr. Gentry's self nomination for Governor of Ten nessee. .... Jonathan P. C.1 ley, son of the late Jonathan Cilley, of Maine, has a second time declined the appointment of cadet at West Point, and has entered Bowdoin College. ....On Thursday, of last week, Governor Wright, of Indiana, received as visitors at his residence in Indianapolis, Governors Pow e'.I of Kentucky, Jackson of Tennessee. Medill of Ohio, Matteson of Illinois, and Grimes of j Iowa .... Captain Samuel C. Reid, who formerly commanded the private armed brig General Armstrong, is lying dangerously ill at New York, and his recovery is considered very doubtful. .... It Is well that William Poole was shot by a native American. Some New York presses are trying to make the worst possible | use of hi" death and funeral. .... lion. George Rogers, the Democratic candidate for Congress, has been elected se. ] loctman of Topsham, Maine, where a coalition between theMhigs and Democrats was suc cessful in defeating the Know Nothings. tyihe great California tree will be exhib ited in the Park at New York previous to it removal to tho exposition at Paris. ibis tree cost the owner $12,0**0 to cut it down and transport it to New York. It is in sect:onr, and it will take ten man at leaft ten days to orect the tree in the Park. The body of it is thirty feet in diameter and ninety feet high. Senator Gwin, of California, it in taid, saw the tree growing at Sierra Nevada It is said that there is indisputable evidence of this mot - ster of the forest being three thou.and veaie old. The Military Ordered to bk c*der Arms os St. Patrice's D>v.?The New York Ex preg3 of last evening fays : We understand that the *h)Ie of General Sanford's Division of the New York Srtate Militia have been ordered to he UDdcr arme on Saturday next (St. Patrick's Day ) This divi sion includes fjur companies of the Irish Brigade, who will thus be prevented from joining the proposed military procession go that day. ty Wild du?k? are plenty in the American Bottom, opposite St Louis. The lakes und streams back eighw or nine miles from the river are said ti be swarming wi?h docks, that have just appeared there in numbers almost approaching to .iiyriads. The dirt carmen of New York have struck for higher wages. They want $2 50 They now get $2 25. Thes* strikes indicate that times are not as hard in New York as they are represented to be. Ij? ibere are 2S,687 Chinese now in Call fornia. Total Chineso emigration to that' State 48 940. Deaths, 1,333. Departures, 8, 029. So it ia stated in the Chinese paper of | San Francisoi. rF" Several human skeletons were found in a cave, partially walled up, on ths mountain near Charleston, Kanawha county, Va . a few days ago. They arc supposed to be the re mains of Indians -rcs^MITUSOMAN INSTITUTION LLC ^_i*r"TrREs. On FRIDAY evening, .March Ifilh, a lecture will he d? ltvcred by Dr. VV . F. Ciiamkixo, of Boston, on the "Fin- Alarm Telegiapii," with w- rku.g w^eli ami illustration*. Lecture will commence at "}?? o'clock. mar I I ? 3t ^REPETITION?HIE MEMBERS OF tJ^ST^Ceoruo Washington Tent, Xn. -2, Junior Ordsr of Recnahitee, will give an ?nlertair.mem in the bas?>inent of the sixth Presbyterian Churck,cor ner of Marvland awi lie and 6th street Island, ?m FRIDAY EVENING, March lGih, when they will (I v request) prcrtnt the original mor..l Temperance ilrania, entitled, JONADXH, SOX OF RECIIAB;. or, Washington City in 1855. I Tickets 2a cents? Children u.nder 10 yean hall price niar 14 EASTER i5 \LL?THE WASHINGTON*! GERMAN* YAGERS announce to their friends that Uicv intend giving a BALL on Easter Monday, at Carusi's Saloon. Particulars in u future ?IwrtbOMM. mar M?ink ATTENTION, COXTI NEXT A L GUARDS A meeting of the company will he held at the Mand llall. on FRIDAY EVENING, Mate. i6th, at 7 o'clock. Every member is requested lo crnne forward, as | business ot importance to the welfare of the compa ny requires your attendance. By order of WM. TUCKER, Lieut. Command's EDW'D HAMMEuSLEY, Secret cry mar 14 ? 3i* ^NOTIPE?THE FIRST GRAND AN nuai Ball of the Eagle Ciub will he given ; t Forrest Ha'.l, Georgetown, cn THURSDAY, tin April. See future advertisement. mar 1-?lw* -,1'HILODEMIC SOCIETY. - There wiJ' _ be a meeting of the Philodeintc Society of Georgetown College, on THURSDAY, March 15th at 5 {? m, at which the non resident member* are re spectfully i.iVited to be pres. r.t. 1IAKRV RAWTREE, K C COMBS. SCOTT K. SMITH, rra' y?lw* l'ii:timit -e of Cmrespoodence. LOJ*T? Th ? day, between St. John'*- Church nid Willards Hotel, a pair of lady's GOLD , SPECTACLES. If left at the Star office a suitable | rew.ird will be paid. mar 15- 1; 17*OR HIRE?BY THE YEAR OR MONTH, A pervitin Bov, 17 or 18 years of a^e. Enquire nt Wren's Hotel, corner of 8th and D street#, where] the Boy can be seen. mar 15?li* /1REEV PEAS, CORN AND TO M A TO F. 8 I T Preserved Ginger, Pine Apple, Has h. rrie-. Cranberries, Strawberries, Dam ons, Q ihices, and Gages. Green Gage, Crab Apple, Pehcli ami Grape Mar ma!ade. , Quince rii.1 Peach Je'.iy. 'runes, I'. andv Fruits | and Chow Chow. JOS. W. DAVIS, mar 15-It* corner D.h and E streets. T OOK HERE. ALL YE!?I OFFER for sale | I a the east half of Square 204, fronting on 14th at. The whole leog h well enclosed, all rich in cultiva tion and well set in timothy. It is well situated tV r a vegetable garden. Title from the government to me in 1811. The terms will be easy on appt ing to in>!, owner and proprietor, No 3 F urtcenth st. maris 3C WMMIJRt IIV. ? LMANACH POUR RIRE, pour 1855. Alma /\ i ach Comique, d#. Alciai.ich Sunatlque, do.. Aliuanaeli Aj-imlocique, do. Almanach Pr?|ibei-1 ique, d< . Almanach Pntere?que. do. Aimannch des Jeux de Socit te, do. Ahoanach de I'lllustMtiOn do. FRANCE TAYLOR, mat 15 "only two weeks longer. HAYING been .ery successful in reducing our stock, we have determined to commits our ^ales ct cost prices (ami niar y gcods at km than co-t) lor two weeks Icitger, in order to be better pre pared lor a t^refh aid complete spring supply. Remember, we thall not a-k or f\[*ct one cent profit on any arli?ie lor the next fuuro en days. The ladies should ?inhrace tins opportunity to se cure uieat bargains, as we shall positively close cur | Fales at cost p ices, in two weeks MAXWELL &. BRO.f the original Riband and Trimming Store, Pa. avtnue, betw. 9ih and 10th streets, mar 15?eo3t A RAFFLE, ON THE CORNER OF SEVENTH STREET AND MARYLAND AVENUE, offlOO worth of CLOI HE?-', the Ciothes to he measured for and made after the Raffle. One hundred chance* at $1 per chance; fifteen premium* List of premium*: I.-Cloth Coat, valued ?t $32 2?One Tweed Coat. *12 12 3 and 4 - Premium Cams, $9 and $8. $17 17 5, fi and 7?Pants .?7. Vest *ti, Vest %I8.... lo 8, 9 and 10 ?Vest $5, Vest $5, Vest 4, $14 14 II, 1*2, and 13 ?2 Vests $4 e?.-h, Vest $3 11 14 and 15.?"2 Vests s|3 each 6 Total ?1(W mar 15?3f W. DALTON, Merchant Tailor. Amusements ODD FELLOWS' hall,navy yard A GOLDEN SHOWER. ROBERT .iKLLEa TIIE UNRIVALLED MAGICIAN, On l Hl'RSDAY EVENING. th? IStb instant, win give one m'tiu MA'iMHCEVT MAGICAL EN TKRTAIVMEK T S, distributing VJUo ?o tli of SPLENDID GIFTS tiixinf the audience. For particulars see small bill* Gift Ticket* only M o ut-; to be had cf J. Ball Je*r? ler. 339 Ga ri on street, where the articles are' on exhil.ii ion ?and at the rfoor on thr evmn; of the GR\M? GOLDEN SOIREE. mar IJ-Jk NATIONAL THEATRE. Increasing popularity of tlie Splendid Circus Company OF hi KHS 4 HADIOAV, The Ih;M C'*'ie.?!r an ?\ m;iany in America. AFTERNi ?0.\ PERFORM A NCE Kvm WKDSKSOAY anri SATURDAY* kVaciiV h VKM\o, Giai d < Ifi. re of equestrian novelties, In wh cb appear- Mile Roea. Mr Tho* Kin*. Mo*. Le Ruen, A. Aymer, W < >deli. Ma?tera Ma/i gan, and ^Charles, Mr. II. I'. Madigan, ? William Fiwtrr. ami the THREE F.\M? ?L'S CLOWNS. J m Myers, Caito, ?u.l Sm l<uti|. WANTED?FIFTY LITTLE C HILDREN for th?* Fairy Pantomim- of CINDERELLA. 7h >se accustomed to Duca^ will be preferred. RCDrcTton or mien. Private Hoy? h. #-l; Dress Circle and Parqueite, gentlemen with lam-. -?5 cen's; Single g? nilem- n* 37? cent*; Family Circle, '2."> cent*; Colored 6 alter \ 25 ce t*. mar 5 'IMilt.KT i()APN-Ai LAMMOXD-8. Sev I enth sire.-t, can he had, cheap fcr ?.ash, Low's Brown Windsor and C!eavrr*a Honey 8oap, war ranted genuine. AI?o, Transparent Soap in bars mar 14- 3t N I lr ATCII TT JEWELRV. SILVERWARE, f EARLS IMAMOSIM, FANCY GOODS, tLC- Ac. At ennmelv LOIV PRICES, bv C ANFIELD, fiEO. A CO.. 330 Balimore street, Baltimore, Md. mar 14?tr TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Fourth Auditor'* Office, Mar. 18, 1855. JOTICE.- IVrwn; having claim* agam>t a ance due from th< tinted Mates to Alexander Doughtv, captain of the arter guard of the United States frigate Columbia, dec. ased, are hereby noti lied to present them at the othce of the Fourth Au d:ior of the Treasury, within two months from u?, d*le- mar 13?bt OHOKKl) ?. 1MCULKD SALRION O 3 c;?sen Halifax Salmon, fresh smoked, final' tiz? s. Ilalfax Salmon in barrels and turces Just revived by SIIEKELL BROTHERS, No. 6 opposite the Centre Maike:. mar 13?3t (Intel) ALouftTaiift I nderwood, Boston, preparing ; in cases her met callv sealed. For iale by MIEKELL BROTHERS. mar 13?3t (Intel) ARLINGTON POLKA. It ST puhli hed by HILRUS fc. H1T7., and for ?J sale at ail the principal Music Stores. It is em bellished with u correct likeness of i; ashington's favorite, the venerable G? rge Washington P Cbs Hi. and dedicated to him by tbe popular compter of this cily, Han* Krummacher. Music Depot, Star Buildings, Corner of Eleventh nret t and Pa avenue irar 13?tf A RAKE CH \N;.E Foil A MAGNIFICENT PI AfcO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian ln?utw<e, four superb l'IAN?>S. which were u.ade expressly for th s lair and may !?? ri lied upoi as superior instrument*. We will dis pose of l. e n upo'i Very terms, give an> r> a?mr.'ile time on uem, di' ide the payments into small notes, in fact, make any reasonable arn np? ments t<> suit juiehasers V\ e have also on hand in store the largest an.i met rtlia'. t as oitment of Pianos ever om*red in thi- city, i'-otii the r< nownvd auiniif ctortes ol Hal let, Havi*, & Co., B<;siou,and Bacoa k Riven, New York. < ?ld Pianos taken in exs hange. New M ">ic and an ass?riment of every anuii p?'naming to the music trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 3CC Penna. avenue, t.ear Tenth street, mar 13?tf BLANK BOOK*4 o( every size and variety, of tli tine?t mat rials and workmanship, as weil a.# oilier* of the cheapest I ind?. A large supply Ihiu;,ii tor cafh by the iindmij.icJ, for sale at rates mui h b?low the usual prices, 13 F1IAVCK TAYLOR. LOUDON WALTZ^ COMPOSED and dedicated to the?oun^ ladies ol Lvesburg, Va., ? > Prof. J A. Voung. A very pl'-ajiii^ composition, published ai the Masic Dejot ,,f HILBU8 fit ILT7-. n:ar 1-2? tf WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATF.D W \RE AT REDUCED PK1CF.S. \\J E - ff r our entire stock of elegant GOLD V* WATCHES, Riril JEWELRV. It'll: SILVERWARE, s?c .at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do w? II 'oexamineour .assortnu nt. which is by far the largest, mo>l fashionable, and best selected ev.r offered to our customers. M. W. CALT h liRO f < nn avenue, between 9tli and loui ?t? mar 12?tf RRICI! AItt>S<?N'S LINk N ? I have just received a full supply of R*>tr*r.? soa's soft fini.-li Linens, in every variety. N. Vork M I's and other superior Shirting. Mu>lim. Extr ? heavy Tsblc and double Damask Dinpers. Full -lock ? f Housekeeping and Family DRV GO<?DS, of the l?e? and m-M de-ira! I? Fabrics, with a full stock of Mourning G<x?d*, fee. Al? ?, 1500TS and SID 'ES of the best makers, at the lowest prices. J. VV BARNECLO, No. 3 83 seveuth. beiw H and I sts. mar 13?e?^6t Official akmy and navy rk G'STEK for i he Navy Revisit r for tbe United States for the year 1855 Offi ial Armv Regi^t. r for 1655 Jjst published and tor sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S IR:tf l(l Bookst ?re, near yth at. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, ANEW SONG, wordi wnttcn and dedicated tn - Mrs. Franknn Pierce, hv Sbeelah ; music com posed by Frederick Kley, Esq. Ju t published and for sale at IIILBUS k HITZ'H Music Depot, Star Buildings. mar 10 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS / Nl? SPOONS, fee Jl'ST received a large assortment of -uperior Ta ble t'utlerv of every \ar:?-ty. Also, eve y st le of the fines't qualitv ALBATA sroovs. TEA sets, cake has KETS, CANTORS, he. M. W. GALT & BRO., 324 Pa. ave., betw. 9ib and 10:h aia. mar 12? tf NEW MUSIC. \\T E are this day in receipt of a large assertment >> of NEW MUSIC from the principal publish ini; houses in the country, eousisiinc of 8one-<, Dueels, Trios, M.trch- ?, Rnndos,Gallops, Quailrilles, Polkas, Mazourka--, Scbottiarliea, Gem* from the Operas, h<*. ALo, Mu-ic Books. Poitfolios, Mu>lc Paper, In struction Books, Music foi Brands, arranged in cheap style; Rows, Peg*. Rosm, and every arocle pertaining to the mu ic trade alwaya on hand at th* t'usu and Music Establishment of JOHN F. ELLIS, mar 3 300 Pa. i venue,.near Tenth su FANCY MILLINERY. MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM andi ISiMer I ave < j? n.-,i :t FANCV MIL I LI VERY ST < IRE on Pelina. avenue.' 1 between Tei.ih and Eleventh streets^ south side, No. '277, and would respectfully *a. the attention of the l adies of Washington and Vici inly to their handsome and vari**d as^i^rtinent of im jswted and mai.ufactured Mill.ry. Infest st\les; New ?ork, Paris, and London fashions of Straw Silk Crape,Lace, Velvet and other Bonneu. AUo, dres, and other Caps. All orders in the Idiliinery line thankfully received and faithfully attended to. mar 9-lw* Lh tiTBAhOk RK visi ing tl?e City Should see Hunter's Cat also. I u Dcecnption of Pow ell's great Picture alogue of ibe curiosities of the Patent dice. feh 23?3m* BOYS' CLOTHING. IN order to sell ofl our presunt r!ock of Boys' ani V Quth*' \\ inter Cloihin^ wt* liave deterniirir<l u uflVr our targe and fine aifeorinjenf, conimtini of ev ery desirable style and quality of fashionable Read; made Garments, suurtJe for dresa and school wear at greatly reduced prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 395 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall. Feb 44 (ienunalANews; *

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