Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1855 Page 4
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? ? THE OLD 8^1*8. Cod k'>f>?? the UiirtfU' ? (;<vl M**#a the yonn* one#mloo . Who rarwr-r miuiy h^.n4??r ifcte^ 5 " " (?oil blesw them?? '.j aiij uew. The '4?J -ne* tir* our f<? .i?yti nn?d In Moorty nf yore ^ 'Ih* y?nn c one* have th^ir h?h?s irnintstflned, .V lb* old once did brf .rf5 ? ? , ? Of e?nitn or North, or East <* Vtt fl, ' ? T? in ?irter* all utu J te ; one mother nurs?.d iu?in at lur breast. And that wa? f.itw ry r And may Me ??r-tct ulmse hartt V>alf*Viv? i 1 w cat Iheii vital i*r. ad. ? t ? r ,B? scorned w htl.> i* lin, world alive, m And scorned w'u-^ he j* u*.i! NrirvUll the tv;?) with Niinrl> ' L^t'? drift* "God paw iii.*Kii ?gvH * ' The ejily king b> ri liiti .tn^, e ?? > ? The so\> rm*u Peuple'* Kivft- ? f For they're the ? ?l> King I > All "tin.- !? I de-pi>e; The K nt that towers aHivc the throne? The King that never dies. Ohl may that sceptre wide extend O'er every iaiv: arM With >ut hifiniiinz. without end, Ami coi qu-'r t? set free !? - "TiU Freedom"? har ner li-?ak? alone, A hescori in the skj, " * r- . And m*?n no other Lord shall own no' lie who rnle? on !ti?*i. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE The Mynttrtom $1 flOO Note?The liogirs Army 'AppowtnifMt* ? Cof. John A7<sgru. tier?h\ars abort t thr Pacific?Thi Weark? r, i\c. *1 EALriMo&s, Marcfc 13,16i&. lor savon cea jcurs fast there bus been, ?very now and then, revived tha history of a 31 000 cote, which was taken by Mr. Cobb frciu an eld negro w^maa, who, supposing it ore dollar, < fi'ered it in payment lor some groceries, she bad purchased. Afcor adver tiairg i:, be placrd it in tbe bands of (be city Kegis'er, where it ha* remained ever since No lawful claimant Las yet been found, and tie note is etili public property Within a few days past som-i thing.-* have coin* to light indica.irig taat the n >te was given in mistake to a yonr.g colored girl, or prepensing appear ance Circom^taiic-f. however, are-if -uch a nature t'at even fo large a strn cannot coin pcaeate tor the exposnre A train of ciicamo'.irrss. however, uny transpire. by which tbe whole mystery wil! find sotauoa upon philosophical principle* It premises rather rich d^velot met Is, ai:d may tS id s me fun when tally ^jlv:d Tiie recent boijua appointments of ^ffiicrs for tbe new regimer ^, tatk q-iite a number of youi.g otL-ers here an l eL-ewhere by sur prise ^ nie of tbem snpposod it a reality, and were much rfj*ioe?l at the promo'ion; but atter baring hope esclted, were cfeagrincl iu letting down. iL^-re were, bowtrer, nanus ou that lift ir. all respect* w r:hy toe po^l ion, and it w uld d?( surprise me to see at leas. c-j or two of the names in the real list when it ctrncs < at. ibeta U wu.e prooabiitty that Co!. John yir^r. de-, an <. th *er whose valor and galUn'ry fttaid j.:e eu ineut, will bo tra'mfarred to tLe ommand of Fwrt Alclienry, and tbe officer a! prcernt sta'ionel tbere, to the ?zi?litio3 agaiont the Sioca on the wes'ero fronfier I o'-a'rrethit ?>??? ?di'or i> abont beio? a^roritteJ with li !i. K chardaoo. I' 4 , it publishing the A-gj.=?. Tui^ is aa old j,jrn;.l ard he oaly i>em <cratic j.apcr pub'.iaae i ii Lialumore it certainly 1 ?*s a wk1*j L'eld. nroj should make m-jpey. If the ediiors will cs chew partiisn p?-liti*? an l turn tfiei a'tention besmese, there caa be no doubt of succtss Ihe day of prosperity ir parti/m j >urnali<>m. h^ + sesrly esrired ? \ e'>p e b*xe becoin-' sick of cKip-trar, humbug and hite it I never ve' k: e? a daily j .arml to j - .>per upon po litics 1 here ate now qui'e terioui apprcLoi.iinns in reg .r I to tbe *ifo;y ol tLe -termer Picifi ?, several days overdue ^ha m ly have bvcr detaired by fone unfo? escen acc^.Ient. |j not tear 1 f'ctn i y the Afrl-a s advice-, a boa due at ifali? x, there m^y be rt^l cju. e v alarm bat tb-sn tfcoro is not mach no ce. ry lor lac rc\i Iron J.uroj 0 ii l^oied for wi'h great apxicty I va?j pojiibiy brit; a.:coauts of a differsn aspect upon tbo facj of turopeas affair We hive had u rw.:nlar nortbeitt storm to day. and tbere arc f?arrf ct damige to Tesse! on the co i?t liusins-t i; L reals toffs steady. Silei Howard otrcs ll,ur ai f-> 57; City Miil? $b .5 \N Leat "Ca oe and very firm. Provi tions ard g oce ieft in good request. Xbe xuoi.^y mirket ia e.' jy. I\o eb^cge it other arliclei Ror>EBicK. B?TTr.RTn?ji Menici.fR.?A distirgcJshe. F?neian rbysician writes to a fiie&d in th V\ ef", ij ia dulicAte bea.ih.?' Tuke t your-elf ay*.utg, Leiilihy, virtuous. :in 1 ani Kile w:fe it will do you ni>ro good in on winter than ail the uinerMl vrater in Ameri ca, for twenty years. AJOV EMkh'l'S o i Of LAN ST?AMERS r-A,."* ?? ?r-*'-c< icr Lfirtrt. 1 ,4lC ?*"k Liverpool...Mar. ^1 ..l 'C*: Lnrerpo.,|....%|ar. y, '? ? V" ?!.. Viv Vork.. Feb y-1 lierMt.Mi JSrem -h VoiK.. Feb. 2< ' ! Likvrp mI...BenMn Mar. a Aliii.u.' 1"Vi(|>iu1,...\,:k Vork...Mar 111 ."**** Sew York..M;u. 14 ?-r.. rpool .Bontoo.... Mar. 1? ?Au,cri'a ?"V?ipoiiI....Bos|o,i .. Mar. L'l .. teaai-.-s leave Sew Vork mi the ath tad iu'u .it eicii month. ARRIVAL:! AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wiilardi' * U. j. c. wttt *aD J Silman, MJ J || liram, Pa ' a.dy ^ liiek-r, wo ^ ? ^ vlir, \ li iiultlri], |ji 0 lUiaar.n, du j; |{ lla^v^?U, S\ B iir?eii. i and aJy, LJini i, La J* H Sin-ruian. Ka J U Low 5- la.1v, do II Mar-h, VlaM Mi'* Lain, 'W A Ma'-h, d-> ?'1 ^ ^ S Harnnfion. do 1 L Hamul' t- i., M I Mi, M A Mrw<-r, \lt IT at !?***! Hotel r o. wiliaki), Va m .| ZeUia, UsJ\f T ? \\ ujwrr. Pa J Graham, Md L VVheMOR, NY |? j ,4<ihin. I'a II l.l'.tlej iill I*O J .4 l.r.i?U*. d i L M'lnmd-. Pa J I^I Vrt, III B t; U hita!', Va ? P Kane ?' Broivn, M ? J H- at'le, |r \y " E? >11 ? J W, Ct J 9 llaMi? z*. d.> ||K \ ,wle? f)ri '! ^ 'aly, 1.-; p W ('rain >1d i? f Parkliursl, Md Uro^-oa' Hotel?t r. & n. .BOw*. I. Myer^, N V j; y Fatcuhar I'a l> F E?!esku:z ai;d lady, J p Iiri??,w, \\ I' "Prl~ n M J ^ i!? ^iUnt> i N*ly. O D T*K v, ' Li'p"s!",,> * II f'henau and 5 IjJie-. )h?. L ."uiith .lo , m. , C P Dement,'do H V?rn?. jr .^ol .HI Gardner. \ t C Howard, fal J Bvatli*. jr, XY A Johnson, XV /. Cromwell, Maws l> O VVukIii, iio KI.1& ?o?d Ilou.e j ?. KJtKW00D. A B Henderson, Ga J J Wh Va W P St:;iiiba< k,\y J Brook?. MU KPV.l tr.y, Md LLm,?7 J M I.ikins, A.a ?j E Wood. Pa !*. b aM, n' l)r' >?r Maw, Va ' * J "?'-!-n, Md W M Slendy, Md Iv n Vh ,C",U1* X Y T p do ?v " Pher.aj, ll^ope , ..lw" ,Cv..St*tt# "ticnn. J II . e?tt, M>l |) ^ y. P Deeper, do X l"r!,ru D*earie. f a A Kl ib"\y* W F.I ie. Can p t V. ^V^ tI*-"1}-clin o,., d;, V C Siu.i. Pa JL I .Mich \? J F \ aaandale. Md p Tl:ar-i?in' .j" JPOIavr-or. XJ J Li k l* d, l!u J Xr*3jyf 1*^1 J ':uriyGa . J Sei z,'d*> W Cra'f, Pa wiiaioi* Iluuiti A'/x indrla, y? * cirruN, MuiMinoi. JESiwm.Va T 0?Tle, Va ' ? U T Wf??Mp,ion, dp C fiarkiu-*, DC J I? Moore, do J Moore, Kr Ma?t Mp re, do J B Fickliu, Va W J Reynold*, .!o R | f|.,pe, do F M PiMuaii, rM jt <f \\ arij d0 T 8 Ma!?, do j yf *.Uer, Jr, do J >? Ban, ur. jr, do j k P. I?. do <# 4 inai". n:l, Ct A lovejf'y, d<> J K I.e. < i?pi. N K v.(i A|iit.>r;e, Pa W V\ Crain,^^J >jh l-vid. do ?FR0F&8&LS FOIIOIL FOR LIOHT.H'lUSES I REASt RY department, " Ornrvc Lzihi Hoapc. ? v . Much 10, 1653. \ L LALLO PBOPnsALB will be received at ihn *vy ? rtire until 1 o'clock, p. m , on Monday, the day of Mar h iiwtant, IHM, for Mipplying ilif lighthouse e?tibl.?hment witb five thousand (5,C0U) .gallon* best quality sprint? strained sperm oil, in Mroar. small, iron-bound casks, in prime order, free from leakage. containing from thirty to forty gallons each, and not exceeding an average of thirty five gallon-; each, to Imj delivered on h.iard of a ship at the city of New York within ten day< after written eolice jo thr contractor sha'l have been received l>y hint, free of charge, other than the contract price, to the United States The oil contrai'tcd for under tJi? foregoing prnpo ?als to be subjected to the u^ual tests of specific gravity, te mperature <>t which it will remain limpid, by burning aiM ich other means as may be thought proper by the rson or persons to whom that diitv may bi assign. J bv th- Light-House Hoard, be'or. it ?hl Ire |ivpfii'*(|. All te; t- and inspection* to t.: made p.ior to tl,.; lr.ins(>ortatioii of the oil from the c,,*l'r<,<;,or " B '"ehou-t; or "titer place of deposit?. Hie oil to remain limpid at a temperature of 40 degrees o| Fahrenheit or lower. Ail bids must be scaJed and endorsed '? Prop-vat* ,or, L'P??l houses," aid then placed in an h ren\elope and directed to the Secretary of the ?riK I Board, Washington, I). t\ I he board, Uinter the authority of t*e department, resery ? the right to re.ect any bid, though it mav tlle ,ow< "t, Ironi other considerations than it amonnt. Ey order of the Lig it Aou e Board: ^T,,uRNToV A- JENKINS, mar 13?eor26m:ir g , r?tary. Hakom.s. is r: ?^ 4c.-A. TATE, No. 31* V a. averue, be,ween l'lii and 11th str et?, id now ruuning off the remain der ot h'.-s 1 all and Winter stock ot Embroideries, Hi hands, Traces, ("apj and Fancy Notions at very reduced prices, the stoclf consisting of many dt ?ira M- goods, all of which will le sold verv cheap, pie. vious to laying in the Spring . tock. ?" n far I s n ar I?eoCt ATACKKUKL A CODF1SH i.f 1 50 bbls No "I Mackerel 3,(Ou lbs I'odti-h Ju-t r*?eivej and for sal?* low by BARBOUR & HEMMED, mar 1J?e<>3t No. C J Louisiana avenu^. LAW i'ARTNERSUI P. UPREM E<"? ?URTOF THE ITNITEO STAT2S. ROBERT J. WALK-BR rind LOUIS ,I\NJN have formed a c partnership under the name oi 'Walker and Janin," for the argument of ca*es in the Supreme Court of the I nited Sta?es, at Wash intrton city, wli?ie both w ill '> tiend throughout t.' e future sessions ol Hint ? onrt. They muv be address! at Wa-hin^toii, N. York or New Orleans hn ltt?eo3m? IKON II L!i. SALE AT AUCTION. ' mi undersigned having re?umed (he Auctim ! Business, bt>jr< leave to <?if?r his iervic. - to tend to sties ot Household furniture, ReaJ E-tate, Stocks, Slc. | articular attention given to the m mogement and i'i?|>osal of 'lnu<iih''ld Furniture, an.t tl e en'ire ?: le (if d-"ir<vl, Kill l>e -etiP*d up and cashed in twenty i.?ur hours' after the dthv? ry ol the goods, i.asn advances ( ii eveiy ilescrintion ol Morchnndise conngnedtor un<iiaiud s.*.le. Everk effort will be made to n nder -atisiaetoriK all j-ab ", entrusted to his rare. \y. BdtELEK, mar S?n-Ju _ Ir in n>a> *K? POUTAOS Ali'l . notice to the i rni.'r and i.vsTRur TH 'N.-J T?? I t J.-STM \s rtIIS. VOI'ICEiJ hereby given that. agrPeablv to i.t aef f Congress approved Mareli 3,, t! following rales of |n?,?ti*,> are to be charged on and <ift+r the J;r*t ilcy of ncjf, in lieu ol tho^c now established, to wit: < ?:i every single |et?er conveyed in l'ie in iil be tween p! in the I" ited Sta;.-. lor any tfi.-lau. e not < iceedi.ig t'jr? e Uiousand miles, < cut ; and '>>r any di.stanc? exceetlii.^ three tboiuai ?! miles, ten cent--. From and after the fjr^t dsv of April pre-pormen! on l-tters is required? ujk.ii ,-u. h as a-e i ? '-r Irotn a t nei^i c*4k;imr\, tii tti ciUcirs * I the ti..vernm; nt n . fiicial busy.e^. The franking privilege rema ii> in. l.:,n d. Fromland after the tirst day of Jaumrr, e^hte n liunur. d and fifty ?ix, ^ -tma-ters ait- r, quired to place jerst je -tri sips siil pre p.ii l letters <-i which >uch stamps may i.; llltVe i;tc:i nlietd by the wnters. Ilv the 31 ^eriir.n of t' e a.M the Postmaster Gei.e. ra' is authorized to e-tal.! -li a u if r.n ?y-tem l. r the registration Of va :; .i.le lota ra. TWprovi-i n ot the law will k? carn?d int?affect, ud >p. cial in strac'i 'ns therefor will ? e i- u.-<l to Po.-tr.iarters as soon a- 'lie necessary blank-- can be pr^p^nda .l di tn!?utc:l JAMES campbell, Postmaster (Jen'L Post Orrit e 1)e aktmint, March !?, le.ji mar 10?3ta wt April I 8 > t.?? I.HVN ,\Nl/ Kit?*/. ?i r ? ? ty |vi f I -f.?- ??. ? -t"> anlc-.e ?ibiaattld?, at tbwra?rt I iaareau %n! T<ath r-'.reei, cr~- ;..8 v.a .^rric M RAti!'rl :HSKl\j~ PIANOS! -PIANOS! UrE 5kg leave to c .11 th* attention of the nub';c t "> o'ir -to<'J; of |*i.:>ins row on band, consisting of su;M-rb lini'.hi V,. and fj ?'et'ive ro-ewiwi i < a ? t:i * * - ? ' strtrnents from the worl! renowne,) / ?' -3 V? manufactories of II llet, li.ivi-ft Co., Boston, a:;:l Kn ibc, 1, ;? nle x t"., II iitimor>', coiiiprisinr in :?!! tlie i.arg' .-<t. !? lmVJe and u? tect assortmeiil ev< i IIIUiik city. Also, yt.nJs. ? <>\. r?, Jcr. ? '.?? i .kr*n in ^-ii'tiangi' We h;!' n. s-- rea'e c wmt:!. f.?i <^a?h m sell on tun. . _ ^ r ^ P;i* nvenu*, n? ar Tenth* jan ,;l T f ATS, I. \ tv, nA?rsi-U> Inve j,., ' 'l ? ?' at I fashionable msortn.ent (?! r in ti traveili.ijj Hats an 1 I'aps. which we offer !? i ~|iJe. at exiiuniely low price., at the Temtiie i.| f a ,mm. BUTT ^ HOPKINS'S. Come (itti ,t ai?j pi(> avenue, le tween B owns'and National llot-is. 'rinr 1?e,.iw ORGANS FOR SALeT A SI PERIok toned CIIAPFX ORGAN; ar.J a line Rosewood PARLOR ?>RQa V. N,th now on ? \.I1 Mtiou at the Meiropditan Mechninrs' Fair. < INev'V-k'1 INe ,ir"U at,"r.vo? I1ENRV ERI'.il.v r r Terms, sc . apply to pro ". SCllFEL. op I4i', teb HENRV EKfJEN. FIti ISSl/ilAHC* C lilPA / S7\rTr^K,' I3TR'?CrOF COLUMBIA, /^IIIAR | LRE<> by I iiirress, ? Her* to the prop. ni y?'" '* l>-1" 1 < b.aper means of iti-uratie ? t|.any ot.i-r Company ULVK.^ES WARD, President. ? IIAS. W ll.jso.X, r. larv MATH FA V i:\ I'.RV, iVeaMir. r. MANAtiKRS I lyases VV ?*r.l John Van Hi wick lieanas II agjen P. W\ Browning J. C. MrKeldeii. l r'U'ry" and"1Ma r' ?Ur""r f'0Ui 'tUa aV' ',,,e Office hour- from 3 to G o\ luck p. m. feb3b ? eotf piiF.SiCII .nOKMNU i'ash mere, \ I Ivet, Merino just o;?~n'd thin da\ at MUTT fc HOPKINS'S, Cfm r r.tii and Pa avrmm, Ret ween Rrown-'ind Nninmal lloifls. mar I?e 'J'.v TO LOVERS OF MUTTER" HE attention of those font of p.nil BUJ'TEil i. ea!led to tli t.? t la at I hav ' iu?: receiv.-d I4*J kep ofjnme l.e-!i BUJ' I'ER, which is offered at the lowest possible prices, e.tiier v hole^ale or re SlJf? wwhm fresh Km: Rntte , ?hKh c^n ? f to.jrid at mv ?t.Ylj . iiJir r j;i tlie I e? ?? c. jSisboA. ALfc,b) \ lAioni.Ttamtwn^ ?>' IMA l"'rtU ",r*'rt? -r ot M ? J > v.iO 1 run Frepj Ev.r bi .ominq R v,,m |...... m .. ? >4ithiiard FrrjMfiuul i!l mcutUL. 4 11 (> i?m i ... height, Climbing R >?e* ' 1 ' '*, l | Ornamental Snruhs for parlors and gardens ' & Several thoitsaiid Dwar; Pears, Apple., Therm s, I ipyite t he attention, of the pnhlic t., ,),js r0.,, .. w^'baWy theb st collection ot fruit trees a..d cho'ee r:bt? in America ""c"*,r? ? ! ' iiou J?eoiW \ "},a*11 A SlOliASJitS iibds \ U. Hiicar -bbls do Molasses Just received and for su)e by ^ BAK'tOCR & SCMMJ.S . W u No^ 0 7 Louisiana avenue. ORNAMENTAL TREES FOR SALK. S Of the be.t quality, f.^r street-, i vet. tie.,^ cemeteries, and lawns. Th. y ure all secd-X ling , fiee growtn, free iron. i?uc<crs and insict. ami are not stcn'eJ. ?No. 1 Silver Lent Maire-' lr..m MI# 13 fed te tin ,'ear, ,n | well tumuli- ?' llone Chi tnat Inoi i to C Cm high ; Europ..,,, o-;>?moL')' ? d<t. Catalpa, of l uge I r,. Ol ll.e above tr, e, there is a large >tV?k on hand. t i ?t' Jl"cor,,"1? l'> nud nuoib-r, from 'JJ ct.-. u '' Come and see for your elf. marl'&T ? JAMES MA HER, mar 1? ^3w Public Garifener. (Balkan l iwJw, v ?. A R NY, Tg nrex^r^ .7r**?? Cr'et' ^r^trn, I ^VnSiN.U"'h! ,D:,"'ER?.v8ofrt?. U-'fiary i,.lw, in'anv m, 1 f ,rr\ ',fn^ '}l? Con'^ est notice and on itie i... . at t!ie ?hott jaii 19?!u 1 lh^ w-WHe terms. T Wi f.iP] NO TIC l? or HKtiTOUATlOX And lVttr*drawu2 of certain La.ids M ike Cairo and t'idton Hm/tcad (3 rant in Mis souri. NOTiCK 1$ HKRKRY OlVfcN. tbat in queneacf the retrawn tat iocs of part or the 1ele?ation In r*on;;reai? f.-rnn the fr'tate of Mba^nri of a iEat>n?l chniig* in the supposed route of the Cairo s:d Fallot; r-tilroad In said st*te, heretofore assumed in withdraw irs; Un 'p t'r m raarket frr the grant to saiJ, ..n<i "n their :?q';e?t that c?r t-iin of phvJ land- p'lcold *"? nl'ucl, and otbw* substituted io iiea thereof, ofmOrrnably to pai-l ?nwled roir# which D d;*ect *r.d fitvtt*d con II er&bly soma cf tit it Id mule; fk' I rrtident, ly h>e order bf-arint,'date the la. tVojusry in?tat.t, hap dir*ct?d that. th* IttMiB situtted .n ths turnrtijf j hereinafter ratia?vnt?rd, whtcb were withdrawn ' fp'i market bv hi* o: ier of ths I "h of May, IsSi, KLd their res** ration cntitioawd bv public aoli.e No 49", bcaxiu? dale 2Sd January. 1&51, for the Ca iro an i Fultoa railroad gra~.i ia th- Kiaie < f J in souil. fhail bo vartorad to :?? k-i, and that certain other l?tsd-t situated ia tovn lip* gjih d - ow (lr finding a per Hon rf h-?<-d rhrioU re^ervb'ioo) S'tua'ed with'n the pr< hi le 'irr-Jte of the e;root oordli'S to th? rouf?ot <til r u rj aaurd d <-h\il be Btjlxtlt.ct?d a:.d re crved t'< o n ?ale or entry U'r * eruption claims not e*o-?pird) un .il ft;r her co*icc. Tbe'ofor- all the ?ac?nt l*n If fo'jjct to S'l* at Jackson, Missouri wi.i*h were 8aly-"*t to ptirate entry att'i* d.'e <?! withdriwsl, ?nd nhi'b hue not Kite* b en pre cm:t -<1 in the filiowisg tewn ?hlp*, **ai ?? b- ii ,Hwt t r-riva e e*itry o . md ?-f.'er t:ie iiinc" nl'i lUiy of March ntxl to wit: N?rth of the but lint ar,d fat of thrfifth n'riix- ? >. Townships 21, 52, 2.i 21, 5.% rr.l 20 cf tan*1* d To/,ct-hijM 22 2 <, 2i, 2>. Iti, 2., au.i 18 < f rfc??g?: 4. Tow^b?i 8 '23, 2i, 2*, 2t>, V7, 23, i9, tnJ C0,"c.f range 5. Township 2.% 27, CS, 20, TO, and 31, cf ran'e 6 Township* 23, 2t>, 27, "2S, X'i, :I0, 31, au l C2, ct ran^e 7, Toenahlpe ai, 27, 2H, '.'J, .r;0. 31, 22, and 33, 01 ran<e Towefhits 2d, 17, 28, 29, 30, ?.\, S2, alii of r?**.Kf. 9. 'i'o vn.- hipfl 27, ?8,23, .>0, 3', 32, cr. 1 31. cf run ge 10. Township* 2'. 29. 30 31, r?2. gnd 33. of ran^3 1' Tow a.-hi | i*, "t ?0, r.nd 31, of ranzt* 11 T two. hj ? V, 30, 3?, "2. a >d 33 < 1 r^njf^ IA To?QPuip -?? 30, 31, hl i 3-i, oi r^nge 11 Town hip1*'? ?, 31, ar.d 32. jf rings IS A L?0, 'l'h?t ail h.^ land* sirnn.ej in th?? bams district w.thin the foilowi>j? r.s"3ed town-hips will he re HDrrel fVora ?ab?tT witrv (irt excvtiis pr^trap* iionn) I'jr \h? purpa:.. ;i' >>tn p- olli d untJi iui ihor o.-J.-re. Tiz: Xo?!Jt oft\e li. IIa%>i tasi ?</thr )'ji't prir cijul rr.'ridinn 'l'ox?-,l ij ? 2- ?, auit!4 ,ofri?2-'t* wn*hi; 2:*, i 11* cf rg'ic -7 Tnr> 21s, 2?* ' 21*, an 1 'lo*. cf ritge S T..wa?-h'i i A), 21, V:J Hi, 24. ? r.J 13*. ol ran^c 9 T WW h'pt20, Si, 2 -? /, und 23*, tif ran*;.) 10 T wn.'h'pc i\ 22, 23, 'jI 25, 2i, h21 '17*. cf rang-* 11 Town bins '21, 2'.', 23, 21, 25, 2i5, ac * 27*, r.*raa ?-? 12 Tnwi.f liij.;? 2 !, C,-\ 21, 2"?, 20*, 27*, aui Q'i'of ran^n 13 Town#! ips 22, 23, 24, 'i7":, anl 2ft*, cf rtxy?? i. ? 1'", "i*. i-'*. ii'*.27 ar.J58*. orr*j.o It 'fowoahi. ? 2 ^ i* 1.'.*, lb*, 27*, *ni 2if, r rran^e Iri T wi.f.?i'i ? 24*, 24*, 2^,27?,eM2S*.?fn i'gM7 I owa ? i|n - ?*, 2i*, 10*, ac^l i7+, of rae<<? 1".. ^ fi ? t *11 id,'* marked * vere.uclulei in th- o:i do\\ re?erv tt n ??f 18iJ. Prei.mpti n c'tiiitsu: * entitled t? a"V ?'f t3 e aV v-? tr.?v tina-i I il e ~t rt?<1 to niirke' or. th" mn'lcnth day < f * 'j.rch n-fxi ow fett err.'nt r.l r--iidT tin'l" rrwhif hin i^ hert-a.irr t-.- ia -'o, a:?d at o th ?? w.t'air. ar.yct tfc? -b vr iovs D I;. t "? it.vjJr :?vn or < oji in u*d to b3 resnrred rn e t tl<?'aer.t'? i 1 p ? r tv, ih- dw'.e <i t'e pre:eit w, hir.'-'l will ;i :ik- pr-'->f i.ud p.?y tJt Ih^ *t>tu*, it 'h jT'c ? fijre I tw 1 ?-. ?? i ? mi twelve ni nth- Hi t~r 1. '.'it- f t .he r-t ? tiva M-tt'?m*nta; other* wi^;tl irc'i. . i tit.-1. It I: ?'>,! ;??? tel t' : )?? e-4mp i*.n c'aisJic'.a to Uc4l * it! i n t?.e f *ii. '? h !:? b- ?L:-t rtd ? ? |K*V *t? tatrys -Mill <-? i? r-ir cKi.U" at? 1 i.1 !h-? fi wit i 'b-* l?.n c. . -r* b-ftre tb-j in: p Int ^<l fjr 'h*; rj toiHti. n i-t : 'i? l nifs f??> >*? t-'- pv.1 *-"t tbsit l'.iu fr >; rii't) en-ry a u d ej..T thit d- r. at..i i: "ert touch ditFrul y aod d* I ?y. 'iive ? it I rr.l ?%:. 1. at th.- ciC/Oi W-abia^ion, thies.* "" dav f i' hru -.**, *r ? T>0?o - thou sand, el"bt h'ai ?d ..i.ti tj five iiy order '! ihi* Pi - . ',-nt > J ) N H !' O'.T, C" ? r. ra'. Land OITlca f :h >i?lr.*A ij.T Rr.V. JOHN I.ANAII.IX, PASTOR OP THR KXETElt Sl'UKKT, M C Cill'KOil A -itroiig tit'.ire lo beeetii lie afflicted itidice- Inn tliu< to ccr'ilV. IV'e chnl ??iiC': anv other iiieiiiciuu !? ;>r< ?"nt - -u ti a iua.- <'i' i - imony from j?"nth'inen in'l ludi<M of liisli si iidiiii 'if our own weil-ktii?\vn cit zeiis. v bo te-ntV <>i ctire-i ??t CitlKJH, IIRti.V i lUTIrf, Klll.l .YI ATI.SM DVSI'KP.SIA, Jt. I!a!.?imoke, January 24th, J/furt. Morti i.i cr .v Mo ?/ hrai;: I lake |>]t-.t-?ir*: i.i enunj luyiu ii,;it I l av.- ns-.'-l ,*nir '?!! iinpti.r'a T ni't-ir?:" v. .tii ve-y sceul pi-dit. t'r ?m a m li i'it't iroat alircti >n, my ceneral ht-alih had b< i'ui.i i': i -It i.tij : !? I, wlii'ti I rom in-.,f, 1 to i:-e '? lla::;jit'UV Tmcturf." 1 lound it- ?'F- cts ?rt.? . my j- n-r I health mo i saliilaty. ? Mv iiervotf -y :? ai .liji.-tive <?r/.ti. - :on ri^l.t ? I Uj> U'ld-ir it< u:?k. I have pev?rml ti tit r. iid-al it t<? my Irii'nds, nn.J i'i ? iy ?? ? ,a.-:.irii: I Iciw Sfrn ia i- rtr."d. V.'.ry hn"f:;^ it willi -uce -- . Your* ir'i'v, Ji'iiK Lan.uian, Px-lor ?>1 Kx.-f r ft.. M B. < hfKfb, fialtiuiori*. lihillWHNU OF 'I I1K l.rvr S. lUrrtfln, N. C., i'e'u.rt, 1 :V-i. ii. \rr;. M.rriiiticr <V Mov t>rtty: 1 do her.' y ocrtil'y thr.t ahont twelve months nti i ru taken witn a - ?;-.ere h<-morrbaf*> <>t the l,*.ii and bad tout att.?< Its of it I w ia advised to r r\- l>r. Ilamsttoii'.- V'i? salable 'l'mottire I procnri'il one ixHtle, and after takins tvlacli, I was oalistied th it I w ? mu ll I.'-;: r ? . ! tit it, r taking the t'- Iwtth;, I wai e? <:n ly w?-ll. and now I ??: Jny u.- t"t<al twaltli a - <-ver I di ! io my !ilh. i ran, and do. v illi out 1 In lea l h reci rn n.l ih? Tnictiui to ail p. rsoiu ath:ci< d ill my e- iy V')Uli , \i ? W dtKl.l.Vi rtioi fit a?, i: \d : flore tjlhe Su.k than G-jIJ.?froiu one ot tJic mojt re-pectable DiUgsi.-'ts iu South Caridioa. < M*HUST<.N, 3. C. Se|?t. '21,1853. M<-s-is. M hi i.MtR at Uohsiut:?The sale f.f your Hampton's Veget t.le 'Tnn-tnre ia increasing ev.-ry oay, and ivery hoitle t "!d reconimenii'U.i-i valua le nied.Lin.-to the a/H'cti d. Several ?>t our pi inters have fried it ia diff' rent ra.-.'- with a ton ? aiir.j, incce s, an 1 are ceitiuj; it by half dozen*, it hai b< c? lound t > !?* the great' t i?:m- dy ;'.>r ilieu nnti'> afT-Ctioas, and a v/ rfal cmc itas be?!i porfo'rrcd on a in .-.o bf?v, autT. iuii; from Fit.-. I will fu ?i: !i jOii with *. number of certificates if yon tvi :h ;b tn I am, pentl met jou.-, W. O. Trott. I T.!! j.nd" get patnphtet* gratu, and i^ee < ur> s of t'nii'h, Probi fjjoi, Kb imati-ui, Neuralgia, Dy* pep-ia, \ervon*nivs and General Weakness. As feaiale m>*dieine or for delicat-: chiblr* n \v?: bob eve it un< quallet?. Sold by MORTIMKn St MO\VU:?AY, H0 I'a'ii mor ? tn et, H.iltintoro, and I?4 Hroa.tway, N. York '"ims.^tott 6c Co., J. I!. Moon-, li. II. Ci Afitr, 1'i.tREF Iw, \V. I"i.ii.?t, an.i II >1< I'iier mik, vV ? .hintto-i; a!--o, by It. i-5. I*, (.'i hbl, tieo ye town; ?nd <>'. lir.KRV, Ah \an>:m, ami bv lirnjj gi.,; evi rywhere. feb 91?tr THE ART UNION OF LONDON. l'l.AX FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. 'piiBlist is now open, and erery t-uljscnber of 1 $5.5J will be e .t tied io ? I. An iinp.-e?io? oi a i'iate, by J. T. Wuhuoi", A. It. A.,froni the original picture by J. J. f'iia I oi,, U. A., " \ Water Party." II. \ ViMii.nt containing thirty Wood Kogravinga ilhitlrntin^ suhjects trom l.ord Byron's Porin ol " t nod'' ll.trolde." And III. The chance ol ob'ainingone il tin- priie.i to be allotted ai the (general meeting in April, whit h will include Tlit i tiiil to uJect tor iiiuiMflt' a va'uahle work of art from one of the public exliil.itions. Stat titles in bronze of her Majesty on (I> rscback, Iiv T. Tlior neycrort. fopie* in brn. z >, from :?:? oriiiintl Model in relief by II I tterson, i f ?? Tiie Llntry of tite Duke of Welliagtoa into Madrid Siatuttes in porcelain or narian. I'r ot Impre^-ions of a large LUliortaph, byT. II. Mp.gnire, after the original picture by W. I*. Frith, I*. A.. "The Three B> wj," froai Mo liere'a 44 B mrgeois CeRtilhorume.,> llononry S-crttarira f?r W.uhinzton, Messrs. TAYLOR k. MAURY, Books.jaa 21 PHILADBLP Mi4 LAG "II BEER DEPOT, 3fc 1 Pi- ai'ii'K, between 4% and (U/t W ^ ' av il" the best Philadelphia La V? U' r Beer on band, and offer it now for nele for ?3 per k-ir, and in q i irt bott!ea furSl f/J per dozen. We at ad the Beer lice of co-ts to ail parts of the city. Many piiysiciaoa have recommended Ibis B- er a- one ,.f u?. r?medics for weak *toii!acb-=. mar 5?ltn* F. C. fc. W. GEttECKK. * f. A TCllKS A .YD J ??" W Kf.ll T_-l have cn hinil h good aupply of line WATt'HK.^ and JEWELHY whicbw.ll be aold very cto Hp to 2u:t the times. Gold Le v. r Wate rs ns low as $25, warranted to'? k<*ep so<id time. Call anil see lor yourselves at the ptoreof j. ROBIVSOV, 349 Pa. ave.,oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb 28?dim P'i K BUY'S AND GII.LOTT'S ST F.F. I. PENS, var mis kliiJ" and, hou?ht iu person from the makers mid warranted genuine, mar 6 FRANCE TAYEOU. I TKAV KICKS' ' tKK<T??KV. LAiflAJi'B Ll&ib OF ? lUaflUUgttSi wiil le,.ve Alexandria at 4, 7J?, and 9>f a in, l'<<j and <i>i p in. V\ ilH leave Washington at 6,11, and 12 a ' in., 3^ and 7 pm. j? can be secured at Ui? Office, Fairfax St., ami Newton's Mansion House ; in VVashuigloD, ai Hall's Segar Store an 1 Kirk wood House. This Line ruin regularly winter and summer foi tlie accommodation of the Public. Pat-fi-iifTrs called lor and taken to their residence if not too far. FARC?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all filler r? ^ular trip* 25 cents. Trunksiztra. LATHAM X COOK, jan ??if CROMWELL'!! BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ~V NEW YORK BALTIMORE ^ * BOSTON, "ITriLL ''ispoteh a Steamer daily from Baltimore 1V and NewYork, arid twice a week from Boston to H iltiniore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ness rntn "f the IH.^trict of Columbia. Tlie Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill ofladinsto Washington at the lowest rates ol freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to l.y the following agents: A. I'. llALL, 58 Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. R CROMWELL. Corner Washington and Alhany sts., N. Y. J NO. W. SCI1ANK, jsn 14?JHm Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR TIIE WF.ST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIhtiOAD. IMPROVED ARHAN'JfcMKNrS FOR TRAVEL! 1MFOBTAHT LHASGK8 OPSCHKDIDK! ! The late completion of the Central Ohio Railroad between Whe-ling and Columbus, uniting, as it does, by to short ani aire-t a line, tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railrrad vrrh all portions of the West (ani North aui Southwest.) gives this route greatly increased advantages to tiirorrgh travelers in that direction. On h-?l ef <r M j.N'DAY, Nd%emb,jr 17, 1854, the trains vrl-, !?> r?:a ?s fallows: FOR THROUGH PASSP-XQFRS. Two ftpt t-ains d-.ily wil! tan In each i'rectlon Fir t?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station ?-t 7 a. r>., Insteid c \H '.'clock ?s heretofore, (except through to Wfcee'ingln about 17 hours, reaeh'r g th^r^ ?t 10 2.'? a. a. Thlstrsia will "top at Wa*b i jg*on Junction, Pykesviile, Monocacy, Kar^e-'e V rr \ MarMnsburg, "?ir John's Run. Cumberland, Pie 'ainnt. Rowlesturg, N??b*irj, ^ettermar, Fsrm I ('fiUfron ani Mound^viile only, for wcct ani t. ;t'-r and reaie Bjth tfce^a trains mate *_rc:np' end regular connection wi b th- c^rs ol the 0?atra' Ohio Ko?1 .'or Caxnbridg ?, Zan-sville, Ne"? iri, C -lurrbrr, Cincinnati, I-ocirvi'le, T'ayton. -anJr.?';/, Tcled >, i.etr it. Indianapolis Chicz.>, Ft !.ou.u, * :c. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Trv;i : tk*c' Cincinnati for dinnrr next day, while liv tue Express Traiu they err ve there at ) Z tb* nest eight, bring kept but cue night on the route Vy eitli-r tra>n Pa.?*ng*r>. for tbe Northwest via Cleveland and ail intf rm^Aiat- point* eaa cauke a direct crteo t;on wuh he trains upon th? Cleveland and Pitta ;.;irg Rndrord at a'l times whs i th? Ohio is iiavi*v t'.f 6j" .'teHniT'; betwi?en Tv'h ^liav: ard Wellrvlll*, by 'eiiving Bahimcre in ihe >.a;l Train at 7 a. m. ; he Trains I?av.- Wheedrg as fr.ll?wp; ! The KXPUK83 TRaIM at 41<0 p m^ reecbir.^ l al ' ti :o-? at 9.?.j n. n. ITie MAIL. TRAIN at 11.45 f. in . r^s-1 irg Ba timore ft m 7 p. Though tickets by b:;.t Irom Wheeling for ri'i-i rati, Msdism L ulcville, St. Ixrul.i and other Kirer if. ?*. i 1 fu.d at a 1 times when tbe stag* Of w r w;l! a Ittit. j rui.h 'Irheti l^twe^n Baltimore and I W- nil rt n. ar. i e;l tho impr.rtant eitus ?;ni towns in tna V7rs;, eoid .\t the Ticket OCices of the | Co*jp ?j F >!< WAV PAS^RN^ERS TJtr; "I THAIS, "jvli 0?m<ten w;!l ta'-'.? n- :?:? rem f r o'l ti:* u?".al etoppir^ places i P th? K > ' !te*uming, ihfa trr-in Wf.eelhig at 11.4, niliulnrht, Ci!mb?riat,d at 10.15 a. u., an t arrives at Riilrir.iore at 7 o it. THK K?kDE ICK sCCOMMOTiATION TRAIN, for Feederick and ict'ruicliate tlacce, will e'art at 4 p. m . ^ail7 (tr.- Fun 'nv ) ar.-iv'ng in Freder i*h ?:t 7 40 are'-;.* *i'.i 1-ire irr<ieri.'5?t at 9 a. ni , an.Ti'g at BaltiEi--re t* 11 30. n?>o*i T:i!J Sll.TOlT/1 4tC(.MM0DATI0N Ti.i ?>? r -! j d,;i7, (.-V p' Sunda s,) as follows: ! ? * .'6 Cvwi-u Sft'P'u at 5 a ra. aitd 3 p. m. L'.a*- "ill* ai 7.1*0 a. m. aci C.30 p. u. Vv^Sni.'CGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS KUH AS FOLLOWS: * I'AVtdilij, trc-;.i Sunday, at. Z m:J 83^ a.n. 1 t c. I ? cr ? '? ? n. v^.. Sur tiy c.'. ?> a la ar.i 6 p m. I tvs i.: and V? am; and 6 3 p 5E. On Sua-I^y . t ?? % t. :.i f<ril !> p u. T>.e cccnejtjens with lve.Jti uore A Ohio Ra'hc^l fir the h'.vt ere by triio* !->avi?/ at 0 a m a id 3 ?r?. Per Phil "pLU ai; * Uesr kotk at 6, aci &Vt a in .'Op IC. F? r Ann^ptilifl tt 6'> am. id C p u. For Nor.c'U v.? 3 ; T. R. rAR.^OVS, Agent ! Tjr', ?r-..".eBi'.on is called to tbe Rule t??iair ' lag e tz-- cos'ble Toaefcer for eny p?rsm of fr?'jr 1 ttL-* iu y m\ h to pa.w ov r th-* r(?ed. ? dec 13?-Jtf OEAEOK AND ALXXANDEIA KAILRUAD. i?g (hi and after Tuesday. A'ou. 7, 1854, ? 'M;-: Ce-a iexve A1-xardrU dvly for Gordons i. v.ite ?.:ij i ?-> >?-:' t* itattoM at7J^ o'clock, ! a . o . ?he arr'c*! ot tbs I>ost *r".m Washington, \ g'.n.igaiau'f* time for brenkfnrt on board. LVn ! bftCln* at Mana?<as Jur ;t'.n witu a tru.u for ?lrai J b-' ^, at 'v'arrvnton J a ^tion wit/: a train for War , r', and at Uonlonbr'lie Jttii thw trains on the ? "Vi- :? i? r^otrai Kailicu Di llvhiuondjCfcarhtUa ' *.I'"'., and Stsunton Th?.-\'< uav? G rdrn.-iV* ?!*ily for Alexar.dt'.a a*id inUfiaediste r.tstion.', at V. befor? 13, a. n?., on tb? u-.i] al of the trails o the virgin La Central ra!l ft- tu Ul*l:moa t, 01 irlct?. : vii'v. uad Staunti n. T-moua:r TioKKT8. I'r^.j Al?*lci9iiia to V.'arr-uU-n f - ^0 M ?* Oor-jonitviP* It i/t 44 ?? Chir'ott-sviUe 4 .'6 u " Staunton fi $>0 '* " Straebur? " .">0 " 44 j.rnchburg 8 76 44 " Wiochef?ter 3 W> *4 " I.nray 4 26 41 " Srrr 6 Ot) *4 " Ml.l-lleburg 2 26 For r.yncl;bn~r, coan?et!ng tab the stages at, tu Mon J ays, We-lceaiay, and Fri lavT For Luray ani lie* i.atket, connscUng with tbe a agf-i at Celp-?p?r, en Tufcedayfl,Thureda) s, and Sat ttrdey F r ^?lnrbee;or dally, wnce-'itig vrlth the stages at I ied -jont :Vr dally, ecnn'c^ag Tilth the Btsgee at tbs Plains. Per oraer: W. B. IU10CX1J1T, Agent. qov 7?Jtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. . . On 1 UJiSl)AYS and FRIDAYS. round trip $1; from Alez nnlri't 7b cents?'lb* TT'OMA'i (.V)L<LYKR leaves We-Thiogt^n at 9 * rcd nr. 0'^ o'clock. C'arhw* l^av ? ? Cafli I! ?; at at 8^ o'clk r-,v!i fire '0 ?i?a. ?!" rlsh'.p? th? C 4:*.'g y iil Wave their resi deic. wl".h Qeo. A Tt'f-s. i'>irer Ite.'refl'jiacnt? on th^ L^s.". o r 29?dtf SAM'I. QgDNWY. Capt ?!!??: fKW VUUH & LIVERPOOL (JNITED STATES __ MAIL STEAMERS. '"ITIE ^ Hi. :3 COM.-RlaUxa TUI8 UNi! ARE I TLIK? A LLAXTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt. Nye, BALTIC Capt. Oerjgtook, ADRIATIC, Capt. Qra.'tcn. Th*?e i-hit,.- i?3ve benn built by ccntr^ct, expres. - ly for Government eerviiv; erory care bas be-ii taion tn their con?tru !*jon, a< ia the Engines to iri(.-:r^ H ??*n^th aa-1 ep?ed, and their accamtQ-^ia t!i>"H tor j ih?eng;r? are unequalled for elegance an i comfort. I'rs-e of v??-age froai NrW York to L t rpocl, in virpt cabin $1 i0 Sey.nd Cair n 70 Kxrlv<iv* uu ol extra site starn rooms $00 Frcua Liverpool to N*>w York ?30 and ?'J0. * n nx^erlenceJ curgeon attached to each r hip. No berth can *-?? aortred nnlil paid for. >cr freight or p?W(?? apcly to UWAItl) K. COLT.IN8 A CO., t8 Wall 6treet, Ne * York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , Liverpool. E. O. ROBERTS k CO., 13 Klug'd *-ra.s Yard, London. JOnN MUNROK A CO, 'M Ru? Notre Bume d?d Virtoires, Far!]. QEO H. DRAPfcR, tlavre. TLe owners of tbe-e rhips will tot be accsunt&bU for goll, silver, bullion, speci*, iowelry, precious stonen or roetsls, unless bills of lading are tigndd therefor, ani the value thereof thvrein expressed, ncr 16?dly -hT semkenTje welerT A'a. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10<4 ttreetl-, Offers for sal.* a magnificent asaortmeut of DIAMONO JEWELRY, Grid Br:ce'ets, Breastpins, Earriigf^ Seal Rtnga Wedding Rme^, Tob and Vest ChamV, Seals, Lock' iPenoile, Thimbles,Trinkets, etc All arriolea are warranted as represented and i-old unusually low, jan IV 1 PROPOSALS FOR STAMPS. Post vmaa f uunii?, ^ February 94, -Sift. PEOPd'AJL^ *111 be ttwlied at th ? dtpirtintn ant I tin 30th day of .M iroh next, for farn'sh lor s'an-p* for the Uf? of the pint rffcain the llni ted c(UtM fcr f^ur y??ra from !he 1st d*y of Apti nMtt, wh?n crdered t* t>-e detriment, of the f .1 lowing d *eri; tiens ??{!: The name of the ct!W asd State tn eiraglar fern cat from a po.ld berk o hardened steel, act miul< 10 tuch maan?r u t> ?!rait of 1'tiers and fl-ur* to designate the moath and cay, wi'h a tbuat screw to ke?> puch lw: era and n?urrs in p'.ace? Soch rtimp, and the letter* c uaprsl-g the, t< h? of the us tbo* now manufactured at? in us*. A turned Tfcahort'-y handle, of the pam? like s!i?, t-? be secured" :asened ti th? tarap. Th? months of the year a" breviated 60 ac to contain bol tb'.ea lttiera ea-h, pflu-?air c sue now in us*, ac<J to bs cut from solid blocks cf hardaned st< el. F> n-e? for the days rf the month, from 1 to 31 inrlu fire, to be mat? of ik? ha'di. sd mrt/1, and cf th s'le last af(.r?pail Also. tn<rps with the ward* "pdl" a^d '?In*,' o th? f'rrn of those new in u?e, with tamed ha:. dlea. A'so, with fi/ures d?n".tiug tte rate* it P'vsttg*, ?a.l similar O iLfse now ia us?, wi 1 turned bandies. Al?, atam e fbr frr*lgn mails u^al by the ?r?u York and Hoston offices. A1 of the ab^ve stamps to be n>td? cf harden.-' steel. ? The p*opo-aL? mu*t a'fo contain separate lils f.i lh? ? lrcuiar s'am/, with he months and figures AIm, for each *#pnr*'e pl?M, ccn alLirg lli-* mf nth, sonsisticg of three 1-ttere A ?-o, fur each separate pi ce lor 'he days of tb? month. Afe i, for c mp!ete s?ts of-eontk* an! figures A't-o, f"r rath e?p.rat<? piec*, villi the word '?paid" and Also, for each s-'para'e pUc-% with the fl/nrrf d<* noting iha rate." ot foit g-?. ThenmV.Lgof th- dii f*i>nt pet? w'!l no?, however. b- g Ten to diff ret * contractors, b t the prop-ral for 'h* who'e which r deetnod irnst fav>r*b'e to ?aed partme/it will b* a" cepted department r???iv^s 'o lts?lf ths ri^l i to r ject all pr? posa's if t ie price is de?med extiav agant, and aipotb- ri;:'nt to ?.*c..'pt irojoa?I' i'rrr.i ?he same inllTiiual or trm f. r ;he circ.i'ar ptaxj with nam's of nrontbs and S^sir^s o' l.ard n> st?el. u d h'1 ti e ntbe.* stamp ?>f o:L?r ui^eaii, U deemel advisable. Proposes will be r'caivel ltd cans'dered frr a.l the staajpp above nam-d to b? ccin>ret of fth-< m-,?e.!al than barlenej tt??1; aad the ?tep*rime?it "'BfTTes tfc# rght to w capt pu k prrp pal?i!it shs 1 be de?m9d for the Int-^rf si of the d^partm-nt to d. ??>. Sp?c'meTjs of the rarfous kind* of s am s n?qnlr? d (on st-?l can be p?ea at the Anp<intm<<Dt ''fflce o* 11 i< ?'-p?-tm-n*. JAVE? CA 4fBELL, mar 1? Kwtw po?t ? a^tcr Geaer.t OFFICE X'i 51% 8ev?-nUi htreft, tbree doors irnm Od.l F< llow-' If.til. HPEtTACI.E - ac.t GLASSES suited to every *ight, on a irue and vci fimfic principle See circulars, to be bad at tin office.. feb 5S ? 1m* >VASIHNGTON AQUEDUCtT" Office Washinqton Aq idpct, 1 VVa-hmeton, .Vlari b 7, 1<*T5. | 1)R(H'OSA!.S arc invi'ed t'?r yradinuoa, .-t me and brick masonry, iiani~, ?u*in?ls, ai> J oth< i work* of the Washington Aqueduct. Propo>aln received U|? t'? t!te rth of May will be opened ai noon o: th u nay Map-. profiles, and specifications of the work will b1? ready ("or examination on i j.d after the vO'di day ot' April next. Pro|K?^aN will be received t- r lite work &f particu lar culvers, t ridges, 6^o., dei^ribed :n the jilaisi" and specification?. Portions ouly < f ?-.n.e ot" tli? w? rki can be cotn pl< ted under the pr?suit appropriation, but all ilif contracts for unfinished work u ill be subject to fu ture appropriations by CTongrww. 'I Ite E itin^r re serves tiie rifht to prescribe th? amount of work te be done and r??t ? of progress under tuch contracl for eneti app-opriation, and, in ca.?e r?f the appro priation not holding out ?mficiei?ily, to d?*cide \\h;-n and what woiks slull b - el tpp? d until fund* become availabV. In ca-cof the en'ire stoppage of any pa^'iculat work for want of funds, the reserved ten p r cent, will l?e p \?d, if, m the j*i l^ineni of the Engineer, the work Iks been properly executed solar as it has gone. Payiucn!s will be iuad<* iu sp-.cie checks upon the United Statts Treasury upon t'ie monthly estimate* of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent ; a id it will lie n condition ofall contracts that the workmen >!i.ol be p.n 1 their full wage? rmntb-y and in i-pecie. All bids sh- uid lie ealed and endorsed u Propo sals for work on the Wa*-hin^ton Aqueduct." The United States reserves i'h* riaht t-i rej.><-t any or all the bid* should they not be deemed advan tagenus, arid to nake ?uch arrangements a. n ay be considered most conducive to the progress ol the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a writ'en guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per sons, to the effect that lie or 'hev undertake that tin bidder or bidder' will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with S'hxi and sufficient suntirs, tor the completion ?l the wo; I; undertaken; said guarantee to tie accompanied by :lie certificate of the United States district ju Ice. United States di.-t ict attorney, navy asetii, oraoirw officer ol the General Gov, rmiieiii or in.uvviaal known to tne Engineer <;r llepirtiuent of, thai the guai.intors are able to make g >.?d their guarantee, Form of G .arcntce. To Capt. M. C Me gj, U. S. Engineers: We, the utidtr.-igiied, reaideuts of , in tbt State of ? . hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with tla United S;aies and guaranty, in case tlie foregoing bid of be accepted, lliat heoi they vri'i. witb:n ten da $ after the aeceptance ol said bid, nvecute a contract for the same, ?*uh ?M>d and sufficient sureties, to perform the work oi tarnish the articles promised, in conformity to Ihf terms of the advertisement under which it wua made ; and, in ca<e the ,?aid should fail to cider into contract, as aforesaid, we guaranty t? make go >d the difference between the offer by the said and the next lowest uiuder. A. It. C !?. I hereby cenifv tint, to the be-t of n:y knowledge and belief, the above named guarantor* are goot! and sufficient. E r. M V. MEIGS, Capffun of Enginee.s in Charge. mar 7?-?otHay8lt?rtf HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANV OF NEW YORK. II C SPA G III !>i U? of Washington, Agent. 'I'HR Howard Life Insurance Company, possess. X ing an ampl- capital, and every facility for ex tending its operations up?m ilo most secure basis, makes every in-urance a^ain^t Li:'e Risks upon the most favorable terms. Parties insuring upon the mutual plan are enti tied to a proportionate share of tiie profits ; or up m the joint stock plan by which they pay a lower rate of premium, but do not share profits. Policies are granted either lor life, or for a limited period The Howard commends itself to persons iu ull stations, but especially to every head of n family. Military or Naval < 'fficers off or on duty may be insured in time o' peace. Persons insured in ibis Company have the ptivi lege of crossing the Atlantic, to porn in Europe, at all seasons of the year witnout extra i remiuiu.? Special permit* for California, Australia, or the SandwicV Islands, at a reduced rate of premium. Office No. 338 N'ortli D street, one door east of Tenth mar 3 -colin C^L.??THI" a MAP'S TO ORDER CHEXPER j thTi ever.?In ojdf*r to run off he remainder of our large stock of Cloths, Ca?sinieres, and \ est ings, we will at this season take measure and uiakc to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality 20 per cmt. cheap r than our usually low prices. WALL fc. STBPUKNS, 329Ta. avenue, next door to Irou llall. feh li> (SehunelSiNews) BEAUTIFUL WinTE TEETU. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtaining th.-se bene fits, s.ould use ZER MAN'S CELEU RATED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, Unit it has now be come a atuidard favorite with the citizen; of New Y< rk. P d'adelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every source the moat Buttering laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding eura* are immediately bfn efitted by its use; its action upon them is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanses the teeth *o thrroughly, that they are made to rival pearl i>i whitene-s, and diffuses through the mouth such a delightful freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quirilely sweet. It disinfects all those impurities which tend to produce decay and a? a consequence, when these are removed, the teeth must always re main 8' unl. It is used and recommended by all the cmineti Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Ualtiuiore, and other cities where it has be n in(0>duced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZERMAN, Drug^i t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Drnggisu everywh?r<*, at 9S cents per bottle. W. H. GILLMAN, jan 17?3m Agent fiir Waslnnrton City. SILVER PLATED WARE. C^OMPLETE Coffee Sou, Castors, Cak# and Fitu J Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table. Des sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and tiip'e plated on Albata, the bestsubrtitute lor silver wa* ranuwl and rold by H. HEMKEN. No. 33(1 Pa. avenue, lietween 0th and HHa stv jan 19 AMERICAN YEAR BOOK OF FACTS and An nual of Scientific Discovery for 1C5S, 1 volume 3l>4 pageg,,fl 2y. FBANCK TAYLOR, feb 16 ?Hi Alif.QkififlSEWtNTS. J SJfflCBR'B WETF? .1 T PHILADUhJf/U*. on* v. tnio|CH? dmi?)i Mw,?tu? ftr.Uft ?4<t WUm Man oi JACOh &i2C?h, Jr, Nj '<* Volant street, icwr Juors k? low lour.h where emxmmert will to ?npf!*d with WlSZS tnd UQVOBS on the moct aoeoaeme datloe term* J MUft KiinFH, Jr^Apttfor to Im port..* cf f'HKiGS HlNt'i, CMEoe he.7e\Vkl it> street l'hila ?*ls>:?Je, ?bMt to I* pnpwi if rrttiii ? ro?n t?r tl?- *^ci?l Jr portMicn of Wic< *, frou vanou* bc uw is Kir-ope. in qam'JUn ? * d:crl? do sea r aj cpvar-ir; *n J alsc solicits for Aon, J- 1LN VAI GU AN SMPK&, the pairoaajt# o: hi* frkti* eu 1 farmer cautonym %? AH Ki-M ov-lercd for ^Vaahmgton will b? d? iwH by *ip'ws/r? $/ ftttghi. ft?iy DO, . U VO?'H^KLV. TIIX POCK ST ALSCULAPIC8: OB, *Vr:... r. ??!? OWN riiY8JGLA>. To* N?U?th PdttioB, wua n# hnndrvl k|TtTitr< "?-ing DIhwi and Mk ? nation* of the Boau ?i ?a in nwry and a? To which is ad led a wtr? on ft* DWwi of Fra?"??*, *%i??7?ftbe birb* est hr;vrSB*~*"to irtrrVl puiK cr 'b^-aa c*ntem plating rnrilaf*. by W*i. YLU.Vtf, M. D. Let do (iihar 1- a?acted to n??nt a ecyj of tba .?0CtLAftCS to blaebiU It m->v rai* him trrm an early L ' ?# ; :aa< tc*j. or wfiua n'.tr a bo tc ? a?-r?* orL,?un ot oainrj lifa readl :< the POCKhY A^SCoLaPITV. let wo cm mfiering from a bsckr Coarh, I*?in in th? ?*>'??* rw.t'KeS liRb.'a, ar:nv?ji eni the w?vU trn? ?>f !>j*\ epue and g<?en op by ttoir } b r ikkn, to taottor cca?t, intktt -.?"treinn; the Xl*CULAPIl'8. Have t^ merries, or thsae abcat lo ha inarrle] nay mo-d-mei t, r?ad this ttily t* rt.1 do:k-, sf Itlu toen th< lum a) mtIu^ u cn noi cf ontortnnaU ctmIq.x Iron the very jewt >. .-ath. ej p?riaii aeni:-* TW TT-flTf CENTS aaehe-d fa a lottsr, will mtt-ira ona eopvof ihl? ?ork by siaU, cr i-T* oopK will to aant br Ona ltt? address, (pc-Jt pal.*} D&. Vm. TODKQ, Mo. ItS Sftar* itr+*U Phfi*di!pbia ar IS? ly iitTiinii titimiiiB. ?tcirinn b. num. tmr.a% d. ?im. /~1 U. kNl'l B it C O , ^-1 \ T. tArl-raIn AlOOUOU' AMPHLNI, Hi ?.IAI -VL, a?. Ko. Si p. CALTKXT 8."Ufc:Al. -y ^aita W^tar strtet, BJ'.LUX JB9 L'X mar 21?ly V9 D1&J DPCiObT 4. H. O. {r f *'? ;a "*r?1ef ? to tto olLiao* o* l-?J .?aor?. :I -*?> rure ?|i kic<!' ofOtwcer"? '.'t'd*c t wju oat ???'.?. or t.i,? v<* cf any kn *. 1 r*a "Tr* a!l -ittir,.: t"t' %M>1 Ki ?mv wsrf'[lb, PaUy, ^ ..y '-th'r uri1-*: . > ? !uan :auily a ? ?m* ?aci 'v '? <"*a Hi.'*! y i tr a tba Lrng* or f* r> r?t ^y knewsat tb? taU*?-t'? ifcTrs. I w?? '? ri. hliod, and MadSx. *a*er?l ?~*Tb at if tr> !c"u I>".cr aUc w*a iircog t?? Ic "'?n? ;*?#. I>R. il'KNCKHbr rfBWtd from Mr. R? Ki#y . )aaidi&< No. J?4, HANOVER STRKlfT. % t II- If iUitino^a, IU AN APPEAL T J COMMON SENSL. IITTHF SICK III: a R THE TROH. Cavr vix Bcxjii?.? Wherever know n his te^t nerny vill rimclij'?t*. But Im thw ?liu*io ;i<K kno-.v tin- CapiHiii ali< u!d beirrplKtl, l>*. l -.iw ?Hl X Bro., with oUm ts <?f ttic b?-*t know n mii n:o>< SiiChly rt-^pect<ibi>' cit:z?nk of Haston. eituor^e bia wunderiul cur?- iiv HAMPTON S VSOKTABLB T1NCTU**. !'A8TON Oc I. 4, It&k Me-*Ti- HortiiarT 4' Movhrc > : Gtiult lU'-a? I teel it mv i.utv to >ou Mil1 Ml.' ['Ut> lie t<* cerufy to tin? ? fiVn-u ??; llaraptim y Vtv uH.' Tincture. I was for ?n>r>* th ii five yean l^bormt ??ndera di.^aae of Cbrttnic Bh< uinatimn. and li>e creit piirt of that tine I was m> h-lj?l? ?-? iknt I !<???! t'i be ii? l(?!-d from my fw-d and drenwd in my < 1 b**c&in?' r^li:i-? d to a uure ?krl*ton. All the m?vt icinrs I to k done iu? ii" c and f o<<iitiuu?-d !?? piiw twrse. I h?"*rd of 1Uiu(iI?iiV Tincture rid thought 1 woulJ it a At thu tiiur I di! not expi ( l to !iv?> mr day aft? r another. I I'd i ?a t.ikr it (thi? Tif.rTUfe> for tlif Bh**nniHti?ai, l?i < i'i a ?il?ort iim<' I vac tn ll ? f Fr?wn t..? fflieot!?oi"y.iTir I uirtur- and the he:pot (i<<d 1 am n?W E'iti'ig ir. go-fcl it* alth. I wiadi all the afflicted lo try HamptonV Vfptr.U' Tiacturo, as I have d >re, m ith the mme eject tu-t it has o:i Yoar ?l>e<li< nt swant, I?aac Cnjimii. We an* a< ijitiir'.^d with !*?*? Bei.jnniiti, ?<?!u him aonieot Hainpton-f Veretabii" Tincture,aiiu Ir <io?e the alx>ve statr iui nt corrwct. Uawsor k lli.i. Prom oi.r knnwldfi of Ca|?tain Benjamin we ar? coufidi'ut t!iat the above utatement is true and uu exagerated. J- A. Jounmn, Chxriss Kvniaam. C'!l and pet pamphlet* and feeowsu i^onjh, Bronchitis, Kheutnatism, Neur;.i<>ia, l?v> |;e^ia, Ncrvoumewi :md General Waiku?i j>. A?a female mediein? or f<ir delicate childirn we Iievc it unequalled. Hold hy MORTIMER h MOWBRAY, itURaiU moro street, Baiumore; and Alt Broadwr v, N. V ><k Cms. k Co., J. B. Moore, P. B. Cuux C t. a r k it &. Bow lino. W. Elliot, and II. MePHcn to*. Waj-hington; a!?o, by B. 8. F. Cimhel. Geoite !o?rn, and <\ <\ Hkrrv, Alexandria, aud by Druit psUf?. r)%bf'e. jan 8?tr COUGHS, COLDS, U0ARSENES9. BslUf In VStc Mlnutti, VOMPuVXif Giu* ARAVU ZTZC* iia il< aanl fOr tbii nn%t |r.ex^nt, r-1 L5..I f-C. a ious rea*Jy i'-? ail;uiu..--ii ?' 4iLaJ (Diblei tba pri.-ritUr to r**luc* tto price do as to plao it wilt'.- the ro*cb 61 tl! tlw.*-* It* pe "priority cTer n;f;.t fulltr j.rcpa'-atson* if at teste i hy mscy eu.ii.eut i h>?eiMM wbo haTat?,t?j vj* triiuwsi'i ci i*i e^jetrr cl>?? tl* neua'. tress di.*i h ?v* aJ?o by (Lou^andt f oar tioat r? spec'.ao.' citiaMM wh^> k??-j .-?*<1 It i? tb?'.r 'kiu'lM both ?2 ficv-utim a^d cute ?? .ill taver U'Ur ? *u> rt<n f r tr.r lut ttr^nty y?ars. di-rln? wbivb p?. ? i trlth tery liUle ^id troui a-Jverti^su?, ic., it t.. ^raiually ?y?read r? puta:lon ever tha wbole i'nios. In ca?fi- oi *??*.-?>-1 (hilt CUnaruneu. <#r , i: giTftgisimscuMUi ie!ief. ar d g?n?rally euro 1- a di? or t**o, ?ithoat i:.t(.rfering with di?t or tuab? rt or re%d??ii.? Uie sjstpus nor* ?u?-o*ptiU? t| Ctla., -u chrotic caaw, w4r.yi.-nc, TPkonj ng Cough. CYwuy*, B-nncMOt, JfLXiCTiX ?/ih* l.vngt, cr.s Cmrui*; Men, Uu always vmj b n?IiUl aad s?-i u?aj tau.\ wben ^ Tzmtucei .n l:aie to yerfact a care. frV-? 2* a&l 10 cci.te a fc-.ttls. toil1, vaola^ala by Pfctv-'.non a J.'i'rn. ^tciti Co, Pd!g?.l7 L Ci>. 4*>ex..c.drla by teal L Siexecs. la Qwrnrtova l>x Mr. CiBcei. Cr- TYLXtTS Cl'li ARtniC CAUL J DKOtit ? etiuil.r <vcapodt:on ta tu? above, bat In * icila*: su * n.- r* }.ort:.fci? toisa; th??y act like a charm os a troub!oaoia? Ccat^h, end ol^ar the threat ual roi*; ir.ey ccnttln no I'jjur'.oas drag, arc partlru la;.y Tree^uaen-iri for chiiur.^. frequeatari ntpab tic vieL ' lies, puhlls nffuk?rc ?i:i2?ra, ho. !\i e aud 25 ce^te per box. " >i rt** i* rse^t I'rag aai Candy Eloraa. ret >7? SOMETHING NEW. OVPC^TS TFIr V'AP.KCT 0* PiNNFYLVA NIA AVKNUR 4 dcf.r* tol>w Ninth "ti??e: ir H NEW C LOTUINO eTOKE for M. n and Hoy% opeu?l t>ii-? day. 'ne ot th? cheaper- j, Cicthln;; Merchuotd in th? Krrih. baa d terminal to (ffat.i she d'irw cl Wanhin'ton and vi?.ialty. Lif? ?T'v-.l' nt 0Wh!i:??t tl?? Uw?at Soittoru j.rW*s foi ou)b o'jty. Th* r? Oi? rOOK MAX will CuJ juat auih a Clothlap Store a" baa lon^ been ? wanted in Washington. Ilia motto is cheap lor ca?h, and errs m:cs CSiT. A good substantial woollen aoat he will aeU fv $2 "5; and heavy winter pant*, well lined, tor (1 .'2a, tnd fire coatK, overcoats and Teats, in pre portion. Good woe.' and oo'tca under. Lifts, hosiery, gioeea, Ac.. ?-!?? a rt tli -.a the ? heap<*t. noT 11?ti 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OV all rtawfl and quality, Prencb or German plate, Kanry or plam Portrait and Picture Pram *. Qilt cr F??;icy Or>lored. Al-o, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Bracket# ari laths. G niioe: mads to order. Alee, ali k noa of old work ragilded with diepatcb and on reasonable t rma by J. WAQNIX, d c arenas, opp. Kirkwood lit u. r FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN " SMAI.L BCILDINQ M)TS of 10 feet cr mor>. ?n wart u<? part* ot tba City, and Georgetown, el tow prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. BI'ILDIIQ STORK, Por sale, deliverable nt th* Canal, or Wharves la Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A 00. 15th rtreet, epp. Treaanry Depart^-et. Iv 18?1 v CllARLfc S K1A?K.INS, Architect. f.fa. attfte Mw\?r. Tenlk and EinerJh rfrret*,) watwiwerow. i?. r. \\J U.T. contimte To turnub plana, <VtJiil workin? ii lliawn.^H and s|?e JRpKUqia ot buiWnig# t-very dcM.-ripuo:i,aiid also to\Ui^hTn?nd their < tec tK>u, no i?

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