Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1855 Page 3
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I? VKNING STAR. Local Intelligence. The Comxercemeut ? Aa announoed, the commencement of the Medical Department cf Georgetown College came off last night. Ser. vices were to have been opened by Dr. How ard ; bat he had no sooner made his appear ance than be was called out, we suppose professionally, and did not make his appear* anee dariog the exerciscs. 1IU place *aj supplied by one of bia colleague? After a few pertinent remarks, tbe Preai dent of the College conferred the deg ee of Doctor in Medicine on the following gradu ates : Jofeph C K. Clarke, of Missouri ; Jo seph A. mitb, of Maryland; Lewis Saur, of the District of Columbia ; James Grey Jewell of Mississppi; J. Elward Willett, of Mary land, Charles R Oueen, of the District of Colombia; Joshua V. D Middleton, of tbe the District of Columbia; 0 A Dailey, of Washington City, and Michael K. Shyne, of Washington City After an appropriate piece of mnsio, Prof J. M Snyder, delivered the annual addresj to the graduating class. He commenced by speaking of the idea entertained by some, that the reception of a diploma obviated the necessity of more study. This he pronounced erroneous?the phjsician should oontinue his study wbile be continued to practice; to be u"ll ?ersed in tbe healing art. one must have all the knowledge possible of chemistry, philoso phy, botany, and tbe soience* pertaining to mind and body?to attain any one of these was tbe work of a life time A knowledge of the languages, ancient and modern, though not indisponsible, would be of immense use to the physician, as be would then have access to un translated works of great value to him?there fore he advi>ed the graduates to turn their attention, among other things, to the classics In treating upon the tendency of the age to charlatanism, he reminded the class that ihey had become sworn enemies to quackery. Bat be also told them that they should not oppose it by violence or denunciatory language, but by perseverance in the true course, and by fraternal intercourse nraong themselves This would allow tbe public to deoide between them, and "they will judge you by your works.'' In speaking of tbe duties of the phjsician to bis patient, he inculcated the utmost kind ness. and then spoke in eloquent terms of tbe confidence often reposed in the family phy sician, and advised > he most inviolable secrecy under any and every circumstance. He spoke of the high rank in society often accorded the profeesion, and conjured them to preaetve by an uprght conduct the dignity of their cloth and the reputation of their Alma Mater Prof Snyder spoke for about three quarters of an hour, and concluded ty wishing tbe young doc'ors God-speed in t5eir profession. The exercise* were now cloaed by muaio. du riag which the class received the congratula tions of their friends. The Arrest ok Yolhg Earls.?It turns out that there was a mistake in tbe arrest of John Earle. of the First Ward, (noticed in our police report yesterday,) for stealing a wach It seems that he and the owner of the watch. E S. Farson, were very intimate, and that Earle was in the habit cf taking his watch and wearing it at his pleasure. They were both intoxicated at the time, and he was arrested by Mr. Marion Fenwick, (the keeper of the restaurantin which the sffair took place.) who witnessed the ast. without knowing that they wore in the babit of using tbe watch indiscriminately. Farson was too much intoxicated to make the ezpla nation before the committing magistrate that night. However, next morning, when the matter was before the grand jary, tbe expla nations then and there made, caused the com* plaint against Earle to bo instantly dismissed. More Light?It is a sin and a shame that this city is so pocrly supplied with light. Las; night when everything was of one color? when it was as black as Krebus, as tbe ace of spades, as a stack of black cat?, or any other classical figure?the gas lights looked more like ''dips than anything else. It was so dark at the foot of one cf the lamp p:sts that a man could not see the time of night by his '?gold watch and chain " What is tbe mat ter ' Is tbe strength uf tbe gas in tbe strong ?cent? We propose chat tbe proper authori ties give us less odor and more light. " Joxadab."?The second representation of this piece, by the members of Geo Washing ton Tent. No. 2. Junior Order ot llechabites, will be giveu to night, weather permitting, in the basetrenl of the Sixth Presbyterian church. Island. The first representation was well attended, and all who were there are Joud in praise of the efforts of the youths to please in their respective parts, and also of the riece itself. They will be assi. ted in tbe singing by a number of interesting little girls Go all who can, and encourage these youths in their laudable undertaking. Ihportast Case ? On Wednesday evening last, the case of the United States vs. T. S. J. Johnson. charged with false pretenses, c .me up before Justice Clark. Mr. Morgan ap peared for the Government, and Mr J. 11. Bradley for the defence. The evidence was not sufii :ient to justify the magistrate in de manding bail, and the case was dismissed. The c*ae presents some interesting and im'>nr tant points to wholesale merchants. The charge was biuught by a Philadelphia mer chant we are given to understand Death ?Tbe venerable Isaac U. Wailes dieu last n ght. He was very sick wbea Mrs Black died, and tbe melancholy event was kept fivm his knowledge, so that he died with out knowing it. Washington Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Q&i Fellows meet to night, and will take measure* to a'tend the funeral of their deceased brother, which will probably come off Sunday. Ele?tio5 or Officers.?At a regular mee' ing of Metropoliun Hook and Ladder Com pany, No , held in the Common Counoil cham ber. the following members were elected offi cars for the ensuing year : President, Jc>hn T. hater First Viee President, A Sioussa; Second Vice President, J. T. Chauncey; Treasurer. 11. A. Payne; Secretary, Charles E. Orme. Arrejt or a Blacksmith Shop.?Last night the guards picked up a portable forge and bellows, Queen's patent, which was found on the street and rather out of place. It was ta ken to tbe guard house, ana there identified as the property of Mr. Haskin's, who took care that it should not be sent down. Large Fi srral ?Yescerday Mr Jeremiah Sullivan, an old citisen cf Washington, was carried to his final resting place The funeral proceeaion was large, and *w composed of many of cur oldest ritisens Mr. Sullivan was a stone eutter. and the society, to which be belonged, was out in a body, wearing their small blue badge. Bvrolart.?Last night the Union bindery, corner of E and 13i stres s, was entered and a large amount of property destroyed and stolen An attempt wss also made to fire the building. A reward of $250 dollars has been offered fer the detec'ion of the parties con cerned ? Tie Hotels ?There are but few arrivals from abroad sin-e tbe adjournment of Con gress. and the proprietors, with their assist ants, will obtain rest, whi^h they need, though we have li'.tle doubt of its short continuance. Accident?Yesterday. Mr Wn\- Lamdtn, an aged shipwright, of Baltimore, was knocked from tbe staging while at work in tbe Navy Yard, and fell a distance ef eighteen feet He was severely hurt We have not beard whether he is out of danger. Th Fc5eral of Mrs Biaek took place yes terday, and was largely attended Watc* Ketcrss ?Elisabeth Clark. Elisa beth Bell and Mary Davis, o?lcred, profanity; fine and costs Kaohel A. Lan.da*e, nou reai dent; dismissed f^Tfce Chief cf Pol-ce of New Yofs city, ia his seusi-ancu*! report, annousces that there were forty-three arrests t<jr murder and one hundred and sixty six f^r assart with io tent to kill during the six nionthr ending with December last OEORQBTOWN CORRESPONDENCE Had D,Mnman? ?Inarkets G*o*?btow?, March 16, 1855. e are sotrj to be eompelled again to oall , *tlen,|on of many parenfa sod guBrdiana la our city to tho bad practice of allowing their boya to run the rtreete after nightfall; aepecially the parent* of thoee who are in the habit of^ congregating a boat the eerner of Htgh and W eet a'reeta, who hare more than once, roeently, rendered nwht hiieoaa by Disking a|] kind* of noiaea to the great annoy ance of aick and peaoeable peraona who lire in the neighborhood. We hare been request ed to ioform them that their names are known and to aasure them that if a repetition of the conduct which occurred there on Wedaeaday night takea place, that the polioe will be called to take them in cnarge. Wonder how thoae peraons who manifaated so much indignation at the rumored attack of Mr Wise upon the Methodiat, will faney the ?curriloua attack upon the Rer. Chaxli A I>am, contained in one of the Waahington "in. ' ?f 11 'trikea ua thft if they can ewallow that without flinching they If mniff.rt o?WD*Caa"1 Without ?akiD? naif an effort. O tempera, O mores! htr^Cg,nn^S ,0 *rrive H?in quite freely by the canal, and thingTaloni ita 7*7?* preaent a tomewhat liyely and en oouraging aapeot. OrI?^bmrD OJthe En?,Uh Miniater, Mr. 'rampton, an Inahman named Maroonr, haa k 'jDCf Monda3- I?t. It was .up XHt k \ drowned himaelf in Rook EJJr'? i * ? vt,y lhoro?gh warch having been made without diacorering the body, I ar? ?f opinion he haa left for parta unknown to aroid fome responaibilitiea. The offering of beef cattle for the week haa amounted to 70head, aold at $la$6 75 on the 10 50 net. Hoga, $7 50 whi Jui2a?'n? K#d wheat $l 90a*1 95 ; white, S2a|2.05. Spbctatob. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. W-l^f, ~M*tkodi** Protestant Con fereite v #? ^oveert?Lelebratiun Tomorrow? 3 te Custom House?Fish?Let tun* Alexandria. March 1?. 1855. March haa opered ita fountain* upon ve? the laat two daya hare been one oontioued lriatle. Little buaineai waa tr ana acted yea erday, and timea do cot aeem improred thia morning. rJ^hC?feTCe of th? Methodiat Proteatant ? ^??n in **"ion here for aome days transacting a large amount of buaineaa ntereating to thoeo connected with that reli gion organuat ion Rer EH Henkle presided jesierday. A reaolution providing a rule for rnL if4JD 4V11 0f "Uf ?r*n^>aated minister* waa laid on the table R,v. s. Keener Cox delivered an eloquent eulogy on the late hJ ,; ?e?;? O 0a for Preaiden', the rote atoed?Rer W. Robev 10- T w Batea. 15; J W. Everiat, 34. Seoond ballot? w ?V ;.?atea lu ; Everwt? 4* r?t j. W. Everest then took the chair with an apprc priate address . Laat night, at Waahington Hal), a part7 of Alexandria young men. ?< The Harmoneanit " gave a grand gift Concert. After aome fiae atnging, thirty gifts were distributed to the lucky onea The Hibernian Society hare made extensivo SWKf fr the Nation of to morrow' i c 8 d** ) A Procooason through our atree.a, a p*negyri?on St. Patrick at St Mary'a church, aiid a fine supper are among the ?? rangementa; bu- froai appearancea, the day ?iK an>t'hing but propitijua. 1 he commissioners to eeloct a site for our IiitSSKt"" ^ for P^0"18 for b?g!in t0 c^me in moderately. Roek, son .fl ail P c mt in plontifnlly, and TtTvld (kS?Mdvhld baro also b??n _ ,(iQr ?h-?rM are all ready, and ii v r Promi8e ?f a fine aeaa^n. m"L5. "*ag<>on lectures to-night at the V n If Episcopal Church (aouth) before the id A?ociation 8?bj?" jlind your own buaineas." Aj,, MmDER Scicidb.?The Ind'aiapolia Journal haa received the following letter from a friend in Dublin, Wayne ocunty, gi?lng an account of the murder of whioh we hare pub liahed a brief notice. It will be aeeu from hia statement that the murderer committed sui cide aa aoou aa he saw the coniequsnoea of hto act: < M...o t. 4,D, BU?. March 8. 1855. MESSRS Editors: Oar neighborhood waa bV0*21' r?iT* IDt?th? mo3t inteDM excitement by one of the most painful tragediea that has hi? erer been enacted here A Mr. Berjamin Wf ua nf*r Dei8^bor to the Rer. Mr hi^' bytenan preacher, aDproachad <ahh;? ) appirunt,uyia a friend|y way, and auch ^ ? L,"w,ithabn-cher knife, inflioting Sfil, ?? uJUied his death In ?bont three hours. Hickman immediately fled to a an.all atream and drowned himself W?heJieaK0DKa<,i'i,?ne'1 for this act> hfl V?^KPUrC.ha5ei ,a?d frr>m Hickman end la^d nn f.10 StJ?ck money- Hickuiin laid up, until it depreciated on his hands when be ipntei Scot: to take It back, which' t.w vUp?n wh,ch Hickman became ao enraged that he committed the act. Hick *D oId bach#lor of iateaiperate hab ita, Scott waa a popular miniater in hia aocie ty, and respected by thoae without. r A Hibt to Bachblobb ?It >? said that m irr.od men aie Je#e troubled with rheuma r^nn i oth?r, Dr Erancia explaina the reason ?sleep warmer. dJi* it-^rV '."d u pr'P*r?d U'ID.VI ?. . t, eTa? . 7lM *f ,h" com?r,.^At oa W. l:n?nt b.,. b4u pr'^J , Thl* Uijg fit* rar ^ J D" *? "? OILMAN, ctiaml-t, of Ollfmlvrlr ??ll by oVt'h 'U !ut,odncilou I lu tli- I) .trtct?,?t v"*?tr [U Ctu,mr?*P"r>b 1 * f4BB null ?t Any tiuio ?>? u. (,- ? ^ whom r? ?r?nc? r*n be matlm S ?8*cl*c?"rtn* Kben for A l<?nr tils** it w.. K!?0??' Wh? W??n ?ufl?rerf ^f="TKk?HOOrLANU 8 "UtBBATED GERM AN BIT tliuVlttl"/ .!'Z^ T ,rUi-h "ffoH n' Und u<r>u au, " "oUco oi the crlebr?tvt Uoof ? dlttoj-g, becviiM we are fully ruu?cl?u? we are Cui ferru.K ? public benefit, al,4 our heart telle u? th it t.r ?nr not,ceo ^eMU Iuced to Uk.^ li tter/ ? ^ mar 2?3m 3C/=*JiEl RALGIV?n?U foruiiJeble dioeaae, which eeoro* to OAKTKa S'wSwh ??!??* ofth<* hun<lrtM? who )i?v? kx^n rure i nf ??r.r v *" r^rta, b, CABTKtt-s spamVh mwiBa" M ,r" Neu er. "wh,. J?,1r* b,** r^omw*n?leJ It to QQiubert of oth tTr.'i Tk * w|th ue*r|Jr eTery form of will, the luxt w^,.lerfB| enoceee. He Mjr* it U tUe mc ,t ?xtr?..rJiuery mellclne lie haa ever ?t"' the beet purifier kuowi. # er ? 3w?tl\ertl^fnieiit in another coloinD. - s:^r ???? Try Ajror'e Plll? an.) yoa will ktow It Purify Uia blojd ao.l dlaeae^ will be lUrred oot reLlr"** *3 'Um '""l-aritloa aa4 you are rore.1 el wI^n^'H^t^be !l?rf*,,,Ve4' %n* Indlge'tlon, *" *mgrxi?' .?iJi;rT"**<> i/ thetn like da'kneee briora ih? Sun. . ? - mam** UTO|? Uia Mill. I J , 'ou ""fferlnx from any of the i. n rrou* coiuplainta they cure-autfer .h. mote-tUe remedy '. , b??eu pr w.le.1 for yi.u, auJ It la i rimiu.l t?. negleci It Ayer'e CVrn Pe. ?ur*l I. the beat me-llolno for a O.ujh, la kDowu to Uie wb.-le world, and that Ayer'a Pi'l. are I9? hoet of *11 Pill., known ?o thoae wha Far. tbm. Preparwl hj DB J. C. A YKK, Lowell, Ma*. , _Aod ?old *?y Z. D UILMAf, VaihlDiUm. G. M UNTHICTU, tieorgefown. J AS. COOK A CO., Prodorlckaburs, and by all Drnzzltta ?<arywhere. fob K-eolm rr~^ READY MADE CLOTHINO POB 0*NTLI?CR aKD Taatba' wear loaiiafactured with Laata and elasasce by NO VII WALXKB A CO., under Hrowti1 Hotel Their atoak an.. *oa tk? Pail tot or Sartoat O ear coat, Oreraacka, abaped ??" uarla^aa; Talmea, black and Use Cloth Draaa Coai?, Prurk Ooau of all faahlot.abl* color*, Caaalmer, Itaatnee* ja!"-?t ^?h Velvet Te?U, dllka, ke . black dooakln Caaelmer Br&raa ' aaelaisr, aitd plain Oaaaimar Paoulo -n*. Por the yo*th?Jjckata, Pauta. Veata, Ov?roaata, Ac. At thay are t .elr own KaaBkctarare thay are act Med and will aall at ?J* T*Fr ''7?** prio* W!rta nf tvperlec flt, Oo.iar*, Qk vea, ac., sI lata itylea a.waya oc hand. dec 10? <rj? ^?tt.MwwToa racalraa all theaew Book* and Bavi J*1 ** f?Wtobed. Ha U acaat for Harpar'* and all ll'-l ."'a "'"**? o"' rea4er? will alwaT* fl?d a hi* nnVk..'.^Book* ud Btatloaary at b 04??a a?iidlB<. oar Pa. avaaaa and d)| at. fK* PKKMimfl AT THE FAIRS.?WHTTIHCBST8 J?/ . ?till In the asrsndanc*.?Ths iartss of sack of ths l*M fclr* at Baltimore, Richmond, and Naw York awarded thalr tilghftat prsmloma tn J. H W. for tbatr superiority of Pho lograph*, St?rao?rop*a mi<< I>a*n#rr*f>typ*a sKhlMtod. Mr. W. alto r?c?iva4 two Mrdala at tha World'* Pair, Lon don, and a pramlom at Crj-atal Palaoe, Nrw York. Also, tha Brat award* of tha lnatltnva for thraa r*Wulah?r?t,i OaUary ta this city U oa Pa. arena*, hatw. iM and Mb str??U. M IT fr~^A PHXNOMKNA IN MBItlCIMB.?B'oncbttU, Oonch. D7?p?aala Liver Tonplalnu, Scrofula Ac.?For all d'aeaaea of the Female 8return It standa pr? ??m'nent. A Oiergyman J oat laforma n? It baa cored bin of Bronchitis of a deape'ate ck?raetar?nartiralam kWHltar. HAMPTON'S TEOITABLK TINCTCBC?By?Ita mild ac tion on tha atomach, ll?er an 1 kidneys, will rare I'>?pej. ela, Oo?i*h, Asthma, Bronchial and Lnnf Affactlona Paias ill the Bark, Hide and Hre??t, Oonaumptlon, Hcmfnla, Rhea matlam, Oont, Neara'ria, Fiatala, Bowel Complaints, Pile#, Worma, and Nerroaa liabilities?with all dlemu>*? arising from Itnpnre bl nd, and la tbe createat female medicine it ?r kn?wn. Tale invaluable medicine U working wonder* U|>od tba human frame. See advertisement to--la?. mar 7 MAURI IC1?. On the 15th instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith, Mr GEORGE O. COONS to Miss MARY JANE OSTRANDER, both of Virginia. O i the 4th instant, by the Rev. Stephen P. Hill, JOHN W. HAYS, of Baltimore, to Mi? MARY C. RIDGEWAY, of thin city. OIKO. The Late Mien vkl Rradt.?Away to the "city of the dead" bath another ot our "worthiist and most useful citizen* been born*', Iii that ccld and dark and t-ilent home - the crave now lie* all thrt wa? mortal of the late Michael Brad)?proprietor, for several year? past, of the Railroad Hotel in tins in- trapoiig. Mr. Brady a native of Ireland, and never had that Un4?mo justly famed for the gener osity and boi>pitality o( her sons?a more whole s mlcd representative. Indeed, in all tho relations of life he was a good and excellent man- His death l as brought sorrow, bitter sorrow, to the hearts of many, who, a few short days b' fore, were utter strangers to any such sensation. His : ged parents have lost a dutiful son; his grief stricken wife a ten der husband ; his infant boy an affectionate father; his numerous associates an honest frienl; his well pleased guests a generou* host, and tbe denizens of his neighborhood a valuable and patriot c fellow citizen. It is gratifying, however, to know that the funeral of such a man was atteudei not only by his bereaved and afflicted relatives, but by a long and std procession of c ndolins acquaintances and friends, every one of whom if questioned in refer ence to his character, would have answered in the poet's word*? " None knew him but to love bim, None named him but to praise." Requiescat in pace. ? For Bale and Jfc-ent. Furnished house for rent?The sub scriber will rent his House with the Furniture and the stuble, to a careful and punctual tenant, No. 403 Thirteenth street, between G and II. It may be examined and the terms ascertained at the hoase. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. mar 16 - 9t? CH ARLES DUMMER. 1/OR SALE OR RENT.?MR"*. HUMPHREY'S 1^ Cottage, on the corner of 9th and II streets- is fir sale er rent- Enquire oa the premises, mar 15-lw* FOR RENT?TWO OR THREE ROOMS, situ ated on one floor can be obtained without board ai a moderate price. No. 495 Ninth, between D and B streets. mar 15?3t* FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?The ad vertiser wishes either to sell on fair and reason aide ter terns, or exchanre liar property in the city, a Farm, situated about live miles from the Long Bridge, on the Columbia Turnpike, and near Kay ley's x Roads. It contains 154 acres of land, about t'lirty of which is cleared, and "the balance in hard t niber?a sufficient quantity, if cut and sold upon the land, would pay for the entire tract. He also wishes to purchase, in Washington, a comfortable h >use, and of sufficient dimension to accommodate a large family. Enquirt of \VM J. BRONAUGH, o i E street, near Temperance Hall, m ir 14?3t* I.V)R SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington. A two-story Brick House and Lot No. 476 II st West. Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 532, on T urd ft. Lot jii Sixth street, between Louisiana avenue and C st. Also, a three-story Brick House on High st., near Bridge street, Georgetown. Will he sod low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 1$8 Bridge street, Georgetow i. mar 10?tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods ? Groceries, Sic., to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basement* under the ^ur office, corner Pa avenue sr.d Fleventh st. Apply at the Star jan 31?tf jjOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully ami healthily 11 located Building Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet j deep, (tn graded streets, can, until sprinsr, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable .$3 per m mtli Title indisputable. Union l and office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FQX? Secretary. JjU)R SALE ? A FARM IN MONTGOMERY) ' county, M l This Innd adioins the property I which Davil Peugh lately bouebt of the heirs of| W n. Gaither, and th i lands of Mrs. Htale and Dr Diivall. Ii is about four miles from the Seventh st. pUnk road, and between nine and tun miles from Washington. This land is mostly covered with i wood, the ?oiI i^rery kind and hjfli susceptible of improvement. It is well watered with several stream* of never failing water, and contains a large amount of Isnd capablc of being converted into I meadow*. The tract couiains one hundred and seventy-two acres. There is on the place, in the I process of completion. a very neat Cottage, contain in? four rooms : and four thousand new Chestnut R > ls ready for fencing I will sell the whole tract | or eighty actus o( it with the house. The terms of sale are one fourth ?a.?h ; the bal ance in one, two and three years, secured by a deed I ol trust. LOUIS MACKALL, Jr. Georgetown, March 2?2awtf House for rent and furniture for I Sale.?A declining housekeeping o|fv*ra his Furniture for sals. It is plait, but new,] having been in ii-.- but about eight months. Terms l a-y. The house will be for rent. Address "T A," 1 at this office. mar 12-eo3t j . J" Wants. Vlf ANTED?'TO RENT A HOUSE W1T.1 A V f few acres of ground in a healthy location, I t:i r Wastnniton or G orgetown. Apply at th : ot ftve of the Star, or address " W F G." ?c(fg? town | loot Office. mar 15?3t* House w ante d.?the advertiser I wishes to purchase, tor cash, a good two-at??ry brica Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated north of F street. Addresii 4,S F A," through the ] Post Office, stat ng locati' u, price, k.c. mar 12-lw* Boarding. BOAHOIBiU.?Six or eight genteel boarders, | by the month, week or day, can be accoinmo dated at Mrs. DEVIENT'S, No. '477 B ?t., opposite | the Me rop ditan offi mar 9?3w* Boarding.?mrs. duvall, no. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rooms, suitable for tamihes or single I guiitleiiien, which she would rent with board, on re iionable terms. She caa also acccmm dst>: 6 or | tt gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining room servant, "hat can j come well recommended. msrtJ? tf NEW POSTAGE ACT. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AND 1NSTRUC TIONS TO POSTM \S1'ERS. N'OTILE is hereby given that, agreeably to an I act of Congress approved March 3,1855, the following raies of postjge are to be charged on and | after the Jint day of .fj i il next, in lieu of those now established, to wit: On every single letter conveyed in the m til be tween places in the United States, for any distance not exceeding tlin e thousand miles, three cents; I and for any distance exceeding three thousand miles, ten cent?. From and atl*r the first day of April pre-payment I on letters is requited?excepting upon such as are I to or a foreign country, or to officers < f the 1 Government on official business. The franking | privilege remains unchanged From and after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and titty six, postmasters are required to place postage stamps upon all pre paid letters on I which such stamps may not have been placid by tile writers. By the 31 section of the act the Postmaster Gene ral is authorized to establish a uniform system for ihe registration of valuable letters. This provision of tiie law will be carried into effect, and special in structions therefor will be issued to Postmasters as po?j|i as the necessary blanks can be prepired and | dt tributed JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster Gen'l. Post Orrtcc Dt astmskt, March 9,1855 mar 10?3tawtAprill IMPORTANT TO PEKSONS BRE \KING UP I Hou ekeeptng?Persons removing from tlM city and wishing to disp se of their Furniture and House keeping UtentUia without the tr uble of sending the in to Auction, can do so by calling upo i us at nur s ore, No. 317 Pa. avei.ii>-, ..s w? are prepared to ? uy all ?uch goods a- uiav b? offiered. B. tl. JEWELLE Si CO , uiur 9 No. 817 Pa. avesue. STEWART'S SKYLIGHT D AG U ERR E A N Ro'ims, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue,. is where the public can have splendid pictures taken at more reaaonaUe prices than at any otlier room in the city- Call early. Satisfaction always fives. aiar T?ln? Auction Bales. Bjr GRKBB * SCOTT. Crockery and glass, wooden ani other War*, Store Futures, fcc., at Auction ? O* MONDAY, the 19th instant, we >hall sell, at 1( o'clock i.m ,it the More of Mm Davis, on the we? aide of Seventh, between L and M streets north, al the effects of the Store, vi*: China, Glaas, Crockery and Wooden Ware Tobacco and Snuff A lot of excePent Cigar* A lot of Groceries and Spites, Candy Jara Tea Caddie*, Meal and Coffee Bias Scale* and Weights With many other article* which we drein urine cessary to enumerate. Terms cirti. GREEN h 9COTT, mar 16?3'. Auctioneers. By OllKKN A SCOTT. Auctioneer* HOUSEHOLD fc KITCHEN FURNITURE a Auction - On THURSDAY, the 22d instant we shall -ell, at the residence of Mrs. Well*, on Is street, Capitol Hill, near Pennsylvania avenue, at It o'clock a. in., an excellent ai?urimcnt of Furniture vis: Rosewood velvet covered Sofa Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking Chairs Walnut marhla top Sofa and Centre Tables Mahogny dining, breaktast and card Tables Do dressing and other Curenus Maple and walnut French, Coitag- and ?>th< r (tod steads Do painted Wardrobe* and Wash stands Parlor and ch?mber Window Curtains, Win I* China, glass, crockery and stoneware Silver-plated Castors, Spoons and Forks, Candle t ticks 1-Vather Beds, Bedding Straw and Shuck Mattresses A large lot of table and house Linen Giratido'es, colar, hall and other Lamps 3 ply, ingrain, and stair Carptu and Matting Hearth Rugs, and a lot ot Oilcloth Bronzed#latrack, Lo-.nges, and Looking Glass* s Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, ?id Fender Cooking, hall, airtight and other Stoves With a large assortment of Kitchen Requisites With many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: Under$25cash; over that rum a credi of sixty and ninety days, for noted sitisfactorily ea dorsed' bearing interest. GREEN Si SCOTT, mar 16?d Auctioneers. 1/ GRKKH it SCOTT. Anetionssr* IRUSTEE'S SALE OF G R OC E R 1 E S, LI quurs, Store Fixtures, &?;, at Auction?Ot MONDAY, the 24th ins ant, I shall sell, at 10 o cl'l a. nr, at the grocery store of Francis N. Roche, ai the corner of Thirteenth and F streets, by virtue o a deed of trust to the subscriber, hearing date th< 22d day of February, 1855, and duly recorded, all the Groceries, Liquors, and Store Fixtures in th< estab'ishtr ent, viz: Teas, Sugars. Coffees, Cigar? and Tobacco Liquors and Wines ot every description Crockery, stone, earthen and Woodware Stand Casks, Measures, Scales and Weights With a large assortment which we ne *in unne ces?ary to enumerate. Terms: $25 and under ca>h; over that sum : credit of 60, and 90 days, for notes satisfactorilj endorsed, bearing interest. JNO. C. HAMILTON, Trustee. The store will be for rent immediately after th< sale, and is cousidered one of the best stands in ih< city. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 16?eo s Auctioneers. GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. J OHM 8/vUL, begs to announce that he has iust completed his supply of the above, all carhfully selected from the stocks of the Lest growers in Eni land and the Contineir, viz : Prince Albert and oth er early Peas, early short top l'adt?h, Early York, Large York, London Market, early Battersea, Shil lings Queen, Flat Dutch, Drumhead and other very choice Cabbages; Purple Cape llrocole, Cauliflow er, Lettuces, Onions. Beets, Beans, Carrots, Pars nips, Coles' Crystal White Celery, Savoy's Leek, Turnips, Cucumbers. Melons, Tomattos, Herbs &c. with all other vegetable seeds in great variety, com prising the wt 11 tested standard kinds with the new varieties, superior in quality, and economical in price,to which he respecttully calls the attention of those who require a real ges utile article. His Ion experience in the feed trade fullv justifies him in <aying that hii seeds cannot fail to give gre t -atis factlon. Flower weds of the rarest and choicest kinds, sc lected with great care and what are specially suited to ihia climate, arc offered in single packets or col lections, at very low taiesi * Market Gardener* nnd others are respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds and scale of prices. Catalogues can be had on app!ieati n. Seed Store, corner 7?b and II -treets. inar 14?ecfit* D A 1C A PA 1CSS Cl RLl>.-Tht following ia . taken from Scott's Weekly: DEAFNESS?We understand thai ihe success which has followed the use of SCARPA'S Af'OIJS TIC OIL, in cases of Ileafnese, has been astoni^h iag, thousands of persons i aving liven cured, w hose ca.^Ss were considered hopeless. The call* for this medicine ate from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article Ik-fore the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and btiv of Z. I). GILMAN, Wash in?ton, D. C., and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, M.t.,as there is u counterfeit article in the market, feb 2S-3m BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. LI. my old friends for whom I obtained Bounty Land, in les<? quantity than i6;> acres, are here by informed that ttieir name~ and a record of the evidence, with the dates of ilieir certificates, are on my hook, no that I can, wiiii facility, make out then declarations for additional laud. Tho^e who failed to obtain any land for want of sufficient service, m uty of whom are now enutkd to 160 aer^s, car. find the time allowed recorded by me. Other* will find it to their interest to cal! or v. rite, and I will send forms and instructions lor reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to pay f'>r preparing their papers will be instructed gratis by calling at the office. JOIIX D. CLARK, mar 6?hit Agent. Washington, D O [jV)R SALE=^VERY~FlVE~SADDLE AND Baggy H< >RSE. The horse is young. rr\ g'ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make either a very fine carriage horse, or a very pleasant riding norse. Also, for sale an excellent work liorse, perfect')' sound. Apply to No. 43 Duribarton it., Georgn'n. mar 1?lawtf COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MRS. G 3COHOK, late uf England, wishes to inform the ladies and gentlemen of Washing ton and Georgetown that she can be seen and con sulted on the past, present uud iuture events, at the l ite residence, No. 84 F street, l>eiween 21st and 2Ji streets, First Ward, opposite the Observatory. Her name is on the door. Hours from 9am to 8 o'clock p in. Ladies 25?Gentlemen 50 cents feb 28?lm* ?|*0 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS a. OTHER*! I SILVER SPOONS, FoRXS, fcc.-M. W. t>ALT & BRO. invi e special attentien to their stock of pure Silver Table, Dissert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, Ladles, Buiter Knives, and all other ar ticles of pure Silver Ware, whte.i is larger and more varied than ever offered to their customers. M. W. GALT k. BRO., 3S4 Pa. av :nue bctw. iJth ,\nd 10th sts. feb 23?tf <!>,) pi It hi IV A KDi?The undersigned will pay $15 for the apprehension of Negro Woman MARGARET CHASE, purcha?M by the late Owen Norfolk, at sale of Thomas and Richard Harvey, executora of Thomas Harvey. For the last eighteen mouths said woman was m Georgetown, she is now believed to be in Alexandria. She is about sixty years of age; is black, and about five feel four inches hick. The above reward will h? paid on delivery to the subscriber, at Upper Marlboro', Prince George's co., Md. JNO. C. MULLIKIN, mar 3?3w Administrator of Owen Norfolk MackicuicL * coufisu 50 bbls No 3 Mackerel 3,000 lbs Codfish Just ru :eived and for sa'e low by BARBOITR & SEMMES, mar 12?eo.1t No. 07 Louisiana avenue. PIANOS!?PIANOS^ WE beg leave to call the attention of the public to our stock of Piano* now on hand, consisting of superb finished 7,i 6% and 6 octave rosewood ca-*e in-< struments from the world-r' uowncd ^manufactories of H illet, Davis fc Co., Boston, and Knabe. Gaehte fc. Co., BalUiuore, comprising in all the largest, most reliable and select assortment ever offered in this city. Also, Storls. Covers, fcc. Old Pianos taken in exchange. We will make reasonable .liscounts for cash, or aell ou time. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. jan 31 LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TV ALL who served in a!?y war since 1790, whether as Officers, Soldiers, Siilors, Marines, Clerks, Indians, ChajK lauis, Wagon M isters, Teamstcta, Landsnun, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and hare been in service 14 days, will do well U, write to ?s. po*tpaui, and their Li'nd Warrants will lie forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge :f they do not gef it. LLOYD fc CO., Claim Agent'# Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, D. C mar 0?3m EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. WE have just re.-eived a fresh lot of PRUNES, FIGS, ORANGE8, LEMONS, fcc. Also, a | i mo of SARDINES, pot up in superior style Give us a call and judje for yourselves Don't forget the No, 400 Seventh sweet, op|nv Odd Fellows' Hall. N B. Balls, Parties, nnd Families supplied on the nioi i reasonable and satisfactory urnis, at the short est notice. RYDER k PLANT, mar I?lm By &OTBWILL A. BROW If, AneUI SALE OP HOUSES, kc , BY ORDRR OF THE Orphan*' Court?On SATURDAY morning, the I7th instant, at 10 o'clock, in front of our Auc tion More, near Centre Market by order of the administrator of C. NY. Stewart, deceased, we shall sell? Two fine Hones, suitable either for saddle or bar u esa A tot of raddles and Bridle* With sundry other article* Terms : A credit of 80 dart for all *u?s over ftt BOTHWELL k BROWN, mar 14-d Auctioneer*. By J. C. McOVlRB, < (^HOIPE OLD WINES, LIQUORS. STOCK k j Fixtures of a Confectionary ErtaMHime?t, kc. Oo FRIDAY morn ng, March >h, at 10 o clock, at the Confectionery store of J. II. Eberbach, <*) Pa avenue, between 41st and 22d street* west, 1 shall sell? Glass Caaes, Counter*, Drawers Shflrini, HarCounters, Oyster Boxes Candy Jais, Bottles, Scales and VVVi|ht>, kc. ALSO, A QUANTITY OP Maieira, Sherr- and Rtune Wine*, of superior quality, which li s been in bottle soine ten years. ALSO. A small lot of f'andiea, Prunes, Raisin*, (Hire Oil Pickles, Preserves, Nuts, kc. Terms: f20and ttnd?i,ruh; over that sum ? credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfa torily *nlor>>e<i notes, bearing interest. JA8. ? McGUIRE, mar 6?d Auctioneer 49* Tin above aalo Is postponed un til MOND\Y mnrmuc, March 'ft, same hour. G. KEPPLKR, WM. RUPP. f Tru.ieea JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 15 d Auctioneer. By GREKI * SCOTT. Aadloaatn. SALE BY ORDER OF THE Orphans' Court, of Saddles and Harness.?On TUESDAY, the sBO>1 ui'tapt, we shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. m , by ordci of" the Orphan*' Court, at the store lately occupied by J II Thompson, deceased, all ihe stock in th< store, viz: Double and single Harness of ever>' description Riding and Cart Saddles Hridlea, Collars and Whips Trunks of every description, lot of Saddles Hardware, Sewing Horses Stools Wheelbarrow, Vices With many other articles which wc deem urine ce-sary it enumerate. Terms: $35 ami under csh; over that ?uni a credit of 60 and 90 daya, for satisfactorily endorsed note*, bearing interest. GUSTAVUS WATERS, AdrainV. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 14-d Auctioneers. By GREEN 4 SCOTT, AucUsnmis, I "WO TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSES .WD Lots at Auction.?On FRIDAY, tlie 9tii ln?t.. we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 4}? o'clock p. m , two good two story Frame Houses, with brick basunents, containing six conveniently ar ranged rooms each, and the lots on which they *tarid, l?eing pa t of Lot No. 19, in square 106. One lot fronts 18 and the oilier 19 feet on north K, betw. 17th and 18tf streets west, mining back 113 feet lo a ten feet alley, with a four feet alley between the houses, fot the convenience of eai li. Title indi?putable. Terms : One third cash ; ihe balance in 6 and 12 months, on notes bearing intere*t. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN k SCOTT, mar 5-eokds Auctioneers C7" Th? above islt Is postponed un 'il 1 UESD \Y, the 13iii in; tint, same hour. GREEN A SCOTT, mar 10 Auctioneers. Or?- Th) above aalo to furtht* post* poned in consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY, the 16th in?tant, at rame hour. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 14?d Auction**!*. By <1. C. McGUlKK. auctioneer SUPERB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, ELE C} gam Cabinet Furniture, Splendid French plate M rrors, Rich Curtains, Ca.pets, French China and Jutrglass Ware, Costly v\ mes, Superior Ca rtage Hones, kc.?On WEDNESDAY m< rninp, March 11 *t, 11 10 o'clock, ft the residence of his Excellen ey J. M. Tirado, ihs Peruvian Mnister, on Pennsyl vania avenue, between 5EM and 24th streets^ I si.all , sell all his elegant Household Effects, consisting of | Superb Rosewood <?rand Piano, by Bu'tlkofer Magnific ent suite of solid Ros wood Parlor Furni ture, upholstered in ereen and gold sarin dam ask, comprising thre- large medallion back Softs, one siesta Sofa, six large medallion Arm Chairs, two V? Itaire, and six Parlor Chairs Splendid Green and Uo'd S.itin Cumins to match, Cornice, Lace Curtains, kc. Elegant French plate Mantel Mirrors , Costly mantel Clocks, gilt and bronze, with mJ?* | pieces to match, Vases Rich Gilt Gaa Chandeliers, Candelabras. and Brack ets Fine Tapestry, Brusseand Venitian CarjM ts Suite of Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up bolstered in canary colored aatin dana>k. j coukistiaf of a pair of French So as, 4 Arm :<nd 6 mt.ll Cliair* Handsome Curtain-), Cornice, Ike to match Rosewood Oval marble u>p Tables Walnut Extension Dining Tables l)o Plu^h seat Dining Chairs Damask covered spring s? at Couches Mahogany hair fpring scat Lounges, Cliaus Cane seat Arm and Cottage Chairs Marble-top lieaufet, Hinler's Trav Elegant crimron and Gold Bsnd Dinner Set Richly decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Service Heavy SI ??(field plated Waiters, Cake Baskets, Tea " and Coflee Service Rich Crystal Cat-glass Decanters, Tumblers. C.iam pagne*, Wines, Cordia's, Finger Bows, Wa ter Battles, Claret Pitchers, &c. M.diogany Writing Desks, Book Shelves M'HOCCO and damask covered extension Chairs Mahogany Dressing Bur? ans, Wasdmbes Frencii and Italian Bedsteads Marble top Washstands, Corner Stands French China a*>d Granite Toilet Seta Be.-t hair and husk Mattresses BolFteis and Pillows, Bed Clothing Single Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bedstead* Bed and Table Linen Scieens, Fire Irons, Lamps Handsome D-mark Curtains, Window t*bades Furniture in servants' rooms Oilcloth, Cooking and other Stoves Coppers, Cookit g Utensils, t c. At 4 o'clock, lu front of the residence, a splendid pair of dark <ray Carnage Horses, between aix and seven ?eans old, perfectly sound, and kind in single or double harness, and said to be the finest carnage hones in the District Also, Imrn* dlstely after? In the dining ro in, a choice lot of the highest quality Wines, in bottles, comprising Champagnes, Port, Cherry, Madeira, kc , imported expressly lor private use. Terms of sale: $50 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of Pixty a ?J ninety days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bxarinc interest I P. 3.?The house will be open to visiters on the day previous to Uic sale. # JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household effects. On THUKSDAY morning, March l.r?th, at 10 | o'clock, at Ihe re.-idence of J. W. Reed, Esq, cor of 11th and L streets, 1 shall sell his Furniture [ and Effects, comprising? Mahogany hair spring ?eat Sofa Six do Parlor Chairs Do Rockers Do Centre Table, Curtains and Carpets G randoles, Clock Looking Glasses Mahogany.Sideboard, Dining Table Cane and wood seat Chairs, Oilcloth Bedstead?, Bureaus, Washsfands flair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Cooking Stove, Tin Sale Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: j^20 and rnder cash; over that quvi a credit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 1d Auctioneer. QO- The above Sale Is postponed until MONDAY MORNING, March 19, same hour. | JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 14?d Auctioneer. By J G. McG I'IRK, Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855, at 4 o'clock, on the p emises, by virtue of a deed of trust to tin subs liber, h ar nc date the 14th May, 1832, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 40, folios 438, 4.fl), and 440, one of the land records for Washington county, I shall sell the north half ol Lot No 19, in Square 29U, fronting 23 feef 4 inches on 13th ctreei west, between north C and D streets, running back 100 feel lo a wide alley, with improve m> nts, consisting of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue is six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. * NICHOLAS C 4LLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, f?b 12?eofcds Auctioneer. The above, sale U postponed unul TUESDAY, the 20th March, same hour. NICHOLAS rALLAN, Trostee JAS. C McGUIRE; Auctioneer. 13 er>kds PIANOS FOR RKNT. WO superior 7 oetave Boudoir PIANOFORTES , for rvet or salt. Apply at II1LBUS k HIT7/f Music Depot, where they may be oee>. mar 8 T TELEGRAPH Ki. HJtrORTU) rot TBS DAILY CVBima BTAV. LATH FKfl IC'tPl. Arrival of the Steamer Africa. DIATH OF THa KDnOK OI KTTStlA Ha lit ax, Mwtk 15 ? The Cuird iUmw Africa arrived here Bt one o clock, p. ? U day, wlh Liverpool da**! to lUttrJlj, the M iBStBBt. She brings the startUag uiouMBmt of the death cf ths Emperor at Baala. Early on Saturday Mnhg, <be 3d i as tent. U *m announced by telegraph from Loadoe to Liv erpool (bat reliable iatelltganes of the death of the CtBr bad been received. It waa pre. vioo'ly known that his physicians bed givea him no; and thifl fact on Friday OBBaed tbe funds to adrsooe. There is ne mistake about tbe matlar Tbe fact waa announced ta tbe Hoaoe of Lorda by Lo'd Clarendon. end is tbe Houee of Com moat by Lord Pslmerston. No particulars are known It is moat probable that be died f om apoplexy. His death ooeatred at obb o'eiook en Friday morning. tbe Id last. The ar.nounoement oaaael iateaM excitement is F rig land and Franca Tbe Peaoe Conference waa to open on tba 5th aad tbe expectations of a peeeefel result vera stronger. Raaaia seems to be makiag at tempts to eome to an ur.derttaBding with tba Western Powara. An official editorial is tba Correspondente of Vienna aaya: "A draft of a general treaty baa been pre pared, aeearing the integrity ef Tar key. and preventing tbe fature accroachment* ?f iadi viiual Powers; also, guaranteeing tba rights A Christians Tbii will be considered at the Conference " Ail the Plenipotentiaries, with tba exception of Lord John Raaeeil, had arrived at Vienna. Lord John had arrived at BerliB, aad imme diately procured aa andicnca with the KiBg and Manteuffel. Advices from tbe Crimea are of the time tenor aa those brought by tbe Pae fie Qatba 13 h of February, during the night, tba Rus sians mids a aor ie, but not a formidable oae. Fire t-oldiers wera ki led Dariag auother night 8>rtie, on the 14 h, tbe French lost thirty Cto On the 15tb, tbe condition of tbe Fret oh tro^s waa reported excellent It ia tumoral that tbe north aide of Sebaa? topol ia to be invested. Admiral Brouat tale graj hs the fo!lo wing " Rawibscb Bat Feb 20 Ob tbe 17th Eapatoria w*a attacked on the eaatera side, with eighty pieces of ertillerv aad aix ?egi men t so! cavalry, under Gee. KorflT. and twelve rejment* of infantry, consisting of about 25,* '?00 men, ui.d*r tbe orders of General Oaten sacken. Tbe combat lasted from ii aatil 10 -i. n , when the Rassians were repulsed. Their lea* was estimated at five hundred killed, and'be wounded in [ roportion. Tba lurks had thirty eight killed and two hundred and ?f?y wounded 7 he latter aleo l<>st seventy horses Tbe attack was not renewed by the Russians. The steamers which anchored in the roadstead contributed energetically to the defet ce of the town.:' At Liverpool cotton continued dull, at pre vioui rates Bread staffs generally were quiet %t tbe reduced prices brought by tba Paeifio Indian corn, however, was 61 to Is. lower. Consols closed on Friday at 91J. I umorod Arrest of Bakor. Philadelphia, Match 10 ?It is rnmorad here that bakor, the murderer of Poole, was arrested tLis nnrning at the Norristown Rail road Depot, fctould it prove correct informs t en will be transmitted. failing of a California Cteamer. New York, Mnreb 15.?The steamship Star of ihe Scu;h railed for Aspinwall to-day, with freight only, for Ssn Francisco. New Jersey ?ir Lino Railroid Trbhtos, March 15.? The South Jersey central Air L'ce Railroad Lill parsed the iloufe to-diy by a vote of 31 to 21. Arrival of the Baa Jacinto. Puilaoblpbia, March 10.?Tbe United States steamship. San Jacinto, latest from Key West, is reported below. Departure of tho Canada Eostos, March 15 ?The Canada will laavs Boston for Halifax and Liverpool. A snpple mentsry mail will be clossd at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning ihe Ohio River, Ac Ciicusiti, Maioh 10.?There is sixteen feet of water in the channel. Business is generally -active. Eastern Exchange has ad ranged to 2 { rem Baltimore Markets Baltibgbb, March 10 ? Flour is very firm? sales of Howard street at $9; City Mill at $3 75. Receipts of grain ere light, end little is doing at unchanged rates. New Tcrk Markets. Nrw York, March 10 ? Cottoa is Arm, with an upward tendency. Flour is uncbauged, with a modera e demand at previous rates? <t?des of 3,000 bbl# ; Southern is firm?sales of 2 ??> bbls. at $9 12a$9 87*. Wheat is a trifle lo*er?sales of 12.U00 bushels. Corn is an. changed; sales of Western mixed at 90c. Pork is fi:m and upward Beef Is uaohangod, with a moderate demand at previous rates Lard is downward and dull. Whisky is lower; sales of Ohio at 30io New York Stock Markot. New York, March 1* ?Stocks are decidedly better. Money easy Virginia 0's 97 ; North L irolina 0's. ito; Missouri 6'a, 95| ; Louisiana 0?92j; N Y Central, 94J; Erie. 40|; Cam b:riand Coal Co. 34i; Reading, 83i A Snow Storm. OGDXMSBtTRG, N. Y , March 14.?A snow form oommeneed yesterdsy aftcnoon end still 0- ntinues, drifting much. Tbe ioe is yet good scross ths St. Lawrence. Alleged Imbexxlemont PsTBRSBrRO. Vs., March 14 ? Henry D Bird late president of the Petersburg and ReaJ noke Railroad Company, was today arrested on charge ot having tmoestled some $31,000 of the fuud* of the company. He was taken before the Mijror, who refused to bail him, and be was eomoiired to J til. As high as $100,000 hail was ofi'ared, bat the mayor declined to re ceive it. Descent cn a 6ambling House PuiladblrBia, March 15.?The polios made a descent last night upon a gsmbling house in Chesuut s'.reet, below Tenth, whioh they Tund in fall opersti >n The Bank and appa ratus was captured and twenty seven parsons were made pri?oDen, mostly Southern and Wes tern merchints. Few Hampshire Ho:lion. Coscobd, March 15.?Returns from 205 towns give Metealf 31,735; Baker 20,584; Bell 3 200; and Fowler 1,104 The twenty tawos and voting places te besr from will probably reduce Metcalfs m?j ?rity about 1,500. New Jersey Municipal Sloctios - Catb Island, M?roh 14 ?The eleetioa for manicipAl oftjerr took place here yesterday Tha most iatease excitement prevailed until tho result was announced JahB H Cbareh was elected Mayor, Wm 8 Hoopee, Recorder, J' hn H F Stiles, Alderman Ths result: is lo^k^d upon ai i decii^oo ifiioit publio ia provemeutr, all also against lioeaoes n.VTP, VIATP, U\T9!-Wc ! svf tus revived a larje ar.J U-htonnbte ewwtirmt U f uiH trsvHIinn H*ts -J.d t'epp, which we nffrr ?-r Mle, at utremely low price*, at ibe Tempi. <? Fashion. BCJTT It HOPKIN.W1H. Oornfrtih et a*4 ra. arenec, Between Biown*' aad Nsttaaal Hotel

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