Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1855 Page 3
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(. v kn1 N(t star. ^Local Intelligence. *.rr Ta*i> Itw? -It 1* to m* ? gratifying * w fceep our readers apprised, fiom time rim* of 'k? progres* mad* la the Important B-j'-urr,<*1 national works confided to the II ?od industry of the mechanic of the SLSi* Y#rd w? d#,l*ht to reTel noise and confusion " there preva 18 ; to h*ar the rattling engine and the his ,tMm?the loud echoes of the rolling ?11 *sd anchor "hop. end the gentle reverb* of the machinists' and carpenters' de r*1? cct?the merry rirgof the anvil, and \ebe*ring sound of the hammer. We de 'rllt in these. because .hey are indicative t onlv of individual comfort and prosperity, L of the advancement of our gallant little snder democratic auspices. rLity we proceed to notice hurriedly me of the prominent features of the work ??- in the course of conatruotion in this TJn workshop ~Xhs -Minnesota,' of whieh we gave the di M,nsions. 4c .in a previous article, ia pro " rtmz finely The whole of the irame ia fT *nd is half planked One half of ths birh acd gun deck beams are also in, und but frr the loss of the iron braces by accident v the vessel consigning them hither, the work would he much further advanced, as the ttir? are all worked out and ready to be fitted The " Minnesota " now developes her -^gtie and graceful proportions, and tboss re'w ia naval architecture pronounce her, jo far au fait. She will probably be the crack ??earner of the six and will, like all other steamers built at thia yard, exhibit the lepenor skill and workmanship of Washington mechanics Naval Constructor Pook wins the highest encomiums from all who yiew the aoble ship The cylinder recently cast foT the Minneso ta?measuring five feet in length and twenty sis* inches diameter, and weighing about <0.000 pounds?is now undergoing the process of boring, and ha* proved to be entirely fre* from any defect whatever. The boilers of the steam frigate are in rapid progress of construction, end will probably be completed by the rim* assigned for the fr?thing of the ship, early in the ensuing ftJl In the machinists' department they are also busily engaged on the engine* for the Minne sota, which will be ready in due time, and will, so doubt, like all others manufactured here, be found to work w*ll and efficiently. In the ordnance department a sst of bowit wrt, with their ammunition, have just been prepared for the ships Constellation acd Per rj, and will be shipped to Norfolk by the irsamer Engineer. Cajt. Olmstead, which ar rived here yesterday, and will probably leave to morrow. St Patrick's Day.?This day is held dear I y every Irishman in our land, whether Protest ant or Catholic, as the birthd-iy of the patron Mint of the Emera'd Isle; and well may they, for according 'o the tradition, St. Patrick was the first Christian mi?sionary that visited that then barbarous count.y. and at that early day the Catholi* was the ?nly Christian faith. Had we not the evidence of our almtnac. we should know that the day was >it hand, from the bad weather We cannot .-emember a perfectly pleasant return of this celebration But the storm will only make an in-door gathering more sociable The unpleasant aspect of every tbieg outside will cause the mind to turn io? ward for relief, a* well as the body for shel ter The mtny Associations, who delight to honor the return of this day, will, arouad the festive board, forget the inclemency of the we th*r, amid "the feast of reason and the fl.wot soul." as well aj the flow of many o'.h?r good things. In Baltimore, the day is celebrated by at tention t<? the various schools under the charge oi the Hibernians. In New York, it is adver tisei that tho corps of Irishmen will be re viewed by the Mayor, after which there is to be a grand festival; and in Philadelphia a grand banquet is to come off Lik* the 22d of February to us. when in p. foreign land, is this day to the sons of Erin j here In their union to oeiebrate the day, all differences will be forgotten, and ere ttie fes tivities of tbe ccea ion have closed, many who were estranged from each other will have be come reconciled. Tbe Methodist Episcopal Coxperehcb, sow in ees?ion atBaltimor*. has nearly brought its business to a clcs*, and will probably ad icurn by Monday or Tuesday Yesterday, Dr Peck, made t/u speech of the Conference, against the proposition to dispense with the service* of a Conference Agent and to impose the duties of that office upon the Presiding Elders of the several districts who should su perintend the operation of the oolporieurs The Doctor stood within the altar and spoke for about one hour in favor of the present system, in such an elo iutnt strain as to *n ? j chain the attention of all in the house Rev. Mr Phillips of ihe New York Book eoncern. made a report rlbtu which it is seen that the assets of the real estate, including machinery, amounted to $139 41*0 38; mer chandise and caa'crial, $357 716 72; debts, notes, book accounts. 5233,1I ft 41; other prop erty, $2 673, making a total of ?*761.995 51. The liabilities are, in bill payable, including notes and accounts $69,535 76; bonds held by the Methodic Episcopal Church. South $121, 000; ir.tere-t on the same. $o,470; piofita, $54,844 75; capital. $508146 ; making a total of $761,976 51. The book committee further report an in creaae in aales of books of last year of $48,i>00 The circulation of the Christian Advocate and Journal is 30.000; of the National Mags xine. 17,000 ; of the Sunday School Advocate. 90.000. The Sunday School publishing houie had issued over I .OO'J volumes The amount of tbe ten cent collection which hal been made throughout the oonfereace for the benefit of the Preachers' Aid Society, amounted to $1,055 77. H*s?y.?Mr. George Calvert, of Upperville, Ya., who received a siver medal for his bee palace, and premiums tor his honey taken from diferent hives at the recent exhibition of the Mechanics' Institute of this city, is a Yirginian, every inch of him. though endowed with all that - go ahead aotiveues/' in mat ters of mechauieal improvements, so p culiarly the eharateristic of the New Englander His bee palaoe is new admitted to be tbe best con trivance for securing tbe largest yield of ho ney, as well as thecleareat and cleanest yield, that has ever been invented. All who have tried it. (and a great many improving agricul turists in all quarters of the I'nion, have al ready availea ibemselves of it,) unite to cer tify to its immeasurable superiority over any and all o her contrivance* to the same end heretofore know n It car be used in the heart of any eity. The present M^yor of Boston, famous for his thorcujrb knowledge ol the habit* of the bee. and fcr v.fc succeaa in raUing large quantities of hc^ey in the heart of the great city in which he , 9*idm>, has triumphant ly demonstrated that fact W ith one of Mr. Cal vert s. bee palaces, any family in Washing ton may secure for themselves from 150 to 2j0 pounds of honey per annum, without a dollar of additional cost, and with but the ap plication and care of tbe female members of of the family circle. It can be seen on exhi bition at the Patent Office for a few days only. AGolp Watch k.;k Tw?stt-fiv?Cbmts.? There will, doubtless, be a large erowd at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday night, on tbe occasion of Tboma* A Co.'s beautiful exhibi tion of " Dissolving Views," the great attrac tion being the distribution of gifts to the value of $125 among tbe audience. The plan is a novel one, and we believe cannot be otherwise than fair and honest. The boxea containing the watch, jewelry, Jte., will be sent from the stores at which they may be purchased to Mr. llarbaugh, at the Hall, who is to mix them through each other and hand thAn out to tbe check holders as the boxes oome to hand. Tbe watch, whieh is a very fine one, and the large amount of jewelry and fancy articles, should induce every body to risk twen'y-five cents, besides being agreeably entertained by the exhibition ?? RlUEABI.ia asi> Corpibmatios?The judges >n daguerreotype* bad a rehearing yestenUv at the reqnest of one cf the dis*pt>oin?ed. which tesul'ed :n tbe un&nlmcus confirmation cf tbe opinion declared cn Wednesday even, log, vis N Smith Bennett, of Alexandria. Ya silver medal for tbe best daguerreotypes and stereo* copes * Th ? Circcs ?The bill of Madif an k Myers* circus performance* to-night a: the National Theit-e is a very rich and inviting one, in deed being far more attractive than on any former o<-oae:on We but express the opinion of all persons of good taste who have hon ored their entertainment* with their pretence in Washington, In saying that their performl anoeeara more skillful and agreeable than those of any other cirous company ever com iog among Ms Thoee of the most delicate { sensibilities need have no appreheneion of being offended by improper jokes or other lor>se language, in their ring, as they care fully eschew everything of tne sort; substi tuting genuine and moat amusing wit instead of that too common adjunct of the cirous per formances. Their riders, gymnast*, Ac , are the very first in their respective lines in the I'nitcd States beyond all question. Each scene or act the; present amply repays the visitor for the price of the ticket. We shall no*: attempt to particularise them, aa to do 10 would require as to devcte a full oolumn to their entertainment of to night alone. The Methodist Protestant Conference. This body commenced its session last Wedne.*. day at Alexandria, and has passed throuih the examination of chara -ter of its members, and other preliminary business. We may con sider the session fairly opened by the election ?f Key. J. W. Everisi a* tho president of tbe Conference, and the formation of the regular Handing committees Dr. Cox, President of Madisoa College, who is still a member of this oonferenee, in answer to the univeual call made, delivered an affect ing eulogy on tho character of the late I>r Reese. The m<wt important subjects under discus sion up to the present time have been the rate of compensation to the traveling preachers oi the Conference and tho proper distribution of funds in the hands of the^uperannuated fund society. Committees have been appointed to take each of these matters into consideration. Many of our city pulpits, not only of tbe two Methodist connections, but of other de nominations. will be filled by ministers from tbe Conferences at Baltimore and Alex andria Dr Teasdale's Church ?We understand that the husband of the lady baptized last Sunday night in the Thirteenth street Baptist church has since mads a profession of religion and is expected to be baptised to-morrow ni*ht. This youthful church seems to havo enjoyed a remarkable degree of prosperity during the past winter. Their spacious church edifice is to be completed during the ensuing summer, and when finished it will be one of the most attractive church houses in the city. The enterprising persons concerned in the erection of this elegant structure deserve the thanks and the substantial sympathy of the community. ?? The Markets.?As many as could stay from the market on Thursday morning, did so; but to-day all had to attend, and the con sequence was, crowded ways, muddy and damp. There is not sufiicient room in the old shed for all who go there to make purchases; but we presume the erection of the much talked of new one is about as distant as tbe finisning of the Washington Monument was when the corner stone was laid. The market was well supplied; better, in fact, than could have been expeeted luring the continuance of this wet weather. Prices are getttng to be more satisfactory to tho citi zens. ? Attempt to Poisoar?Last night, the family of Catharine Williams was suddenly siokened by eatin?, all being indisposed near the same time. Tnis excited their suspicions, and upon taking medicine they cast up from their stom achs what waa eaid to contain arsenio. A col ored woman, named Delia Hazel, and her fam ily were arrested upon susi icion of adminis tering the poison, and committed to prison for a further bearing by Justice Morsell Several of the poisoned family wer very sick, and one. we arc informed, has not yet entirely recov ered. The pEorLE's Theatri ?Iron Hall has been lense<i by Mr Keesan, and a fine com pany has been collected, frith the understand ing that the People s Theatre shall be made the best that Washington has }et seen This is the opening nigat, when Mr. Waloot, late ^f Burton's, ^iew York, will make his debut before a Washington audience We find John Weaver, the comic actor of so mueh celebrity, is the manager, and that Miss Howard. Mi*s Tyson and Mr. Norton are also members of the company. We hopo this wet wea'her will oe^se, that they mr-y have a full house. Funeral To-Morrow.?The Grand LoJge of the District of Columbia and Washington Lodge. No. 6, have made arrangements to at tend the funeral of P <1 Iaaac H. Wailes, to morrow afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock, from hia residence on Capitol Hill. Should the weather prove propitious, there will be a large procession, as the deceased waa held in very high esteem by hia brother members, as well aa the community at large. f Fatal Accidekt.?Yeeierday afternoon, some hands employed in a brick-yard, on Twenty Building Hill, were engaged in dig ginij under a c'aj bank, when it fell suddenly, an i a workman named Pat Keddy was eangbt under it, and so badly crushed as to cause his death in a few minutes afterwards. Cindrella?We understand that Myers A >?adigan have nearly completed their plans t jr tl.o opening of that gorgeous spectacle It will be commenced on Monday night. We predict lor it a good run. Watch Returns ?The journal at the guard house this morning gave tbe names ot two 1 d^er? who were dismissed, and one trial case: Patrick Conner, drunk and disorderly; work house 30 da} a. !T/""r'B HOGPL.IND'8 f'KLEBKATtli GKKMaV BIT ^ TKR3. There are few thing* which afford n* greater pleanur* than *UUds (lowo to writ* ? notice of th# <el*br*t."t Hoof laud Oarman Hitler*, bwauM w* are fully conartou* are conferring a public benefit, ami oar heart toll* ua thai by our notice* n.?ii> hivn beam iq(Jureal to take these Killer*, anal b~ur-?ra*| from Ji%?ib by Jjap^i*, liver complaint, kr for the cur* of which It >? certain It U prepared ?mi ?old only by L?r. f M. J ACKSON, at tho German Medline Store, Jo. ijo Arch street, Philadelphia. ?ea advertisement. ?,ar j_ Jm rVr?NKt'BALGI A?Tlii* formidable disease, which *eein* Mr. F. Boy den, formerly aafthe A*t>r Hwusa*, New York, and late proprietor of the Kxcliaiige Hotel, Klchiumid, V?., la one of the hundred* who have been ctira?d of sever* \eo ralgla. by C'AKTKK'd SI'AXInH MIXTI KK. Since hia cur* he had recommended It to nonibera of olh er*, who wi-re rufTcriug with nearly every form of <li*e**e. with tbe most wonderful ?accea*. He *ay* It la the moat extraordinary Medicine he ha* en?i *a*eu KM*!, and the i*esi purifler known. ? ? 'See advertisement In another coin nib. |T"7" READY MADK CLOTHfNO FOR GKNTLEPEN AND ?+~y Youth-' w??r manufactured with lasteand elegance by NOAH <V iLKi.K A CO., under Hrovsi' Hotel. Their aloek embrace the Paiitot or Sortoui Overcoat, Overaacka, ahapetJ and uerlagee; Talmta, black and bine OloU f)re?<t CoaU, Froa-k Coata of all fashionable color*, Caaelmer, Buaiueea rtu)tea, t^ch Velvet Veeta, Milk*, Ac., black doeakln Casaimer flf'irei Ca^enner, and plaiu Caeelmer PautaloaAiia. For the yonth?Jacket*, I*aula, Veela, OvercoaM. 1c. Aa tliey art tiielr own manufacturer* Uiey are en%biwl and will ?ell al tbe eery lowoat price*. Miiria of ^uperi'ac ut. Collars, Olovae. llee, 4c., of Ute atyiea ai way* ou hand. .tec 10? v cvRn ro ihk i adik?*.?uouu nkws foe the u?' MICK. UK. DCroNCO'8 UOI.OKN MONTHI.V FILI^t, tile beat and most infallible remedy ever <il*a overeal lor re 1 tM?| and curing all painful, dial reeving, and difficult men ?truatlon. and reino\trig all periodic*! cbetructlon*, ard Ir fegularlUea arisiu/ fr<lu whatever taaae. Tbeee Pill* are < complete v TBll'MPH IN MKOICAI. MCIKNCE. Tbey are preparael by * i ro -ee* which conceutrat** th' ingredientaInto a (mall bulk, time rendering It noneca *> *ry fa<r delicate fenialea to take large doa*ee of nneeeuue druge, l>r Oopouco'i Pllle ?re the reenit of over THIIiTY Vi 4 K6' KXPKKIKNGE in lite treatment of the dlaeaae* of foin*lea.? They hevt ba^eu ad ?? ? tl<a?I for a little ever one ye?r, yet SEVERAL THOI SAND BOXES have already been *<dd, and tile Uemand for Iheu rapidly crraeee wherever lliey b^coiua* known. They have been thoroughly tried lu WaahOgtou, and found to act Ilk* i charm. H <ld br all Oru^gltle in WaahiugMn, Georgetown and Al *iandrla, Va. mar 1?eolm* fK"7? rKKMUMS AT THE FAIRS.?WHlTEHrBHT*'1 rtill iu th* a*'-?D,ianr* ? The Jnriee of each of the Ut fain al Baltimore, kiclmionil, and N*w York awaided t*? *t? hlgheat (l emlom* to J. H W. for thair aaperioiity ol Pha log raphe, ^teraoecopee and Daga*rr*otrpe* eahlbltel. Mr. W. also received two Medal* at the World'* Fair, Lod doii, and a premium al Cryatal ?alaea, N*w York. Alto, th* Qr*t sward* of the Marylan 1 Inalltnt* (or thi t< year* pa*t. Whi*ehur?t'* Gallary la tUla city U on Fa. aeaoaa, betw and Uh atreat*. S* IT rr-7?A PHENOMtVA IN MEIilCINE.?Bronchilla, Oonfh Dy pe >aia Liver I'omplalnta, Scrofula. *<?.?For ai d'taaae^a of th* Fema'e 9y*lrtn It *und* preeminent, j G r-gytnaa Ju*t IniurM* aa It uaJ cured him of BronohlUi cfa Jeape at* nfc ract*r?narticalam hereaitar. SaMFTOXS Vtii?TASL? TINCrCBt?ir- It* mi d ac tl n on tne .t -mach. Ii?er aul kidneys, wrtl enre ?y*pip *U, Ccngh, Afthma. Bronchial and Long Affection*. F*Ig lu the k< ? J! l* and Brea?t, Consumption. Horofnla, Rhea madam, G mt. Neuralgia, Fialula, Bowel ComplaltiU, Pil*? Woruia, ?id Nervoua OebilUiea? with ail dl**a*e? ari*!u/ from lispure bliod, and 1* th* grea'.eat female medlc'ne ev er ka< wu.* tavaiaaul* madlda* 1* work lag wouder upon UiebumaafraM. 8? idwMMiwlmar T \i0l\?J^oLn?-?ntVb/ ,heRev- J- B. Dour Ian, ^'.19 ABBOT, of BerryvUie, Virginia, to Miu LAURA A- GOULD, second daughter of John A. Gould, of tbls city. ? On the 15th initant, by Rev. J. Q But sr. ED WARD OTTO FREYHOLD to AONE8 V CH B. VON OLUEMER, both oftbia city. OIUU. On th? 15th inst., Mr. IS*AC H. WAILES. In Berryvtlle, Va, on the 14th ina ant. of cmi Mimption, Mm. M. L.EBERHART. wife of Mr John E erharf, ami eldest daughter of Mr. John A. Gould, ofthisety. ' At the residence of his father, near Georgetown yesterday afternoon, C. A. MORTON, iu the ftOth > far of his age. Hi* funeral will take place from rhri?t Church, ,OW.n<i?" Mo?d:i>" evening next, 19th m.-tant, at half past 3 o clock. . ' F For Bale and gent. URNISHED ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR A ,'?Ueman ?nd Lady, ar Single Gentlemen, for Ti>!f ? ? ?r w,thout B,jafd? Mrs. C W. STEW ART S. Missouri avenue, between 3d and 4U streets, mar 17?3t* " fj*URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?The sub I scriber will rent hi* House with the Furniture and the stable, to a careful and punctual tenant, No. 4-05 Thirteenth street, between G and H. It may be examined and the terms ascertained at the h?> ***. For nale, a Horse and Carriage. inar 16-tft* CHARLES DUMMF.R. EjUjR SALE OR RENT?MR*. HUMPHREY'S Cottage, on the corner of 9th and H streets, is lor sale or rent. Enquire on the premises, mar 15? lw* FOR RF.NT-TWO OR THREE ROOMS, situ ated oil one floor can be obtained without board it a moderate price. No. 495 Ninth, l^tween D and fc streets. mJlr FOR SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington. A two-story Briok House and Lot No. 976 H st. WI'Ht. Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 532, on T.iird st. Lot ?n Siith street, between Louisiana avenue and C st. Also, a three-story Brlok House on High st., near Bri.lge -treet, Georgetown. Will be sold low and on a long credit. API>ly lo E K LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, mar 10?if FOR RENT THE DWELLING AND STORE on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Farnham's Bookstore. to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 3?eotf comer liiih and ?) st*. A RARE CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE IN vestment.?For sale, a two-story f rame House, with attic, containing eight rooms, exclusive of eel lar kitchen, situated <n L between Ninth and Tenth streets north, a pleasant location, nea* to market ami all the Department*. For further particulars apolv to WM. P. SHEDD, Fancy Good# and Millinery, 503 Eleventh si. mar 6?eo2w Building lots for sale?a variet* of Building Lot.' in the vicinity of the City Hall. Also, in all other parts of the city, on accommolat mg terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding llout'e, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from 8 to 9 a in. or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5-eo3m DAVID MVERLE. THE LAST CHANCE. IF the remaining Lots in Square 915, and south of Square No 915. situated on Maryland avenue, between 8th and 9ib streets, Capitol Hill, arc m t m?1?1 by the l?t April, they will be withdrawn. Terms, $3 or $5 per month. GEO. F. DYER, Office on D, next to corner of 10th street, mar 8 -eo2w FOR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE TERMS? A two-em. y frame House, with back building, containing six rooms, on 13>$ street, between B and C streets south. Applv to C. A. dougherty, next door. A three-story Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sts. west. A thrce-nory Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th ets. west. Apply forth* two last mentioned to JAME3 VV. BARKER, oi; H s"reet north, between 12th and 13th s-ts. west. Also a two Story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON &. KING, f'-'b *?eotf George own. FOR RENT?FOUR NEW ANI? CONVENI ent Hnc!. Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors wit.'i marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth stre-t, Island, near the i puhi'rounds, corvenicnt to Pa. av?nue and the Departments. Ren' very moderate. Apolv at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth sireet aid Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Drii' Store, Eleventh sm et, Island. mar 6?eotf STORAGE.?Th?*?; having Furniture. Dry Goods Groceries, 4tc., to be stored, will find ample ac eommodations |n the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basoments under the Star office, -corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. Jan 31?if HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lot*, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, laitil spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, pavable ?3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?8m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. A TEACHER WANTED?A SINGLE LADY' competent to teach all the branches of an En gli.-h education, music on the guitar, willing to take charge ot u mull class in private family, in the c tuntry, will be fully infoimed of particular* bv aldrearing (post paid) the subscriber, Urbanna", Fiejeiick county, Md. ,p\r_.17.T?_l! _ J. F. SIMMONS. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE middle-aged Woman, who can come well recommended, > tlo the cookisg, washing, and ironing fur a small amity. Apply at No. 338 E atreet, between 17th ??nd 18th streets. mar 17 It* A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation in a private family as chambermaid, and * t-her and ironer, or nu se Call at Mr. HAGAN'.S, Second street, b< .wWn U and D, Capitol Hill. 17- 3t? _____ WANTED?TO RENT A HOUSE WITH A few acres of grouud in a healthy location, ifear Washington or Georgetown. Ap;dy at the of fice of the Star, or address "W F G." Georgetown P >st Office. mar 15?3i* House w ante d?the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story brie* Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated north of F street. Address "S F A," through the Po?t Ofice, stat ng locution, pri?e, lie. mar li-lw* Boarding. BOARD1MO.? Six or eight genteel lioarders, by the month, we^k or day, can be arcommo dated at Mrs. DEVJENT'S, No. X77 B st.. r.pposite the Metropolitan offi te. mar 9?3w* BOARDING.?MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel; has several very desirable, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accomiu.-date 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wauled, a good dining room servant, thai can come well recommended. ui.uS? tf WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. WE offer our entire stock of elegant GOLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, .\c , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well 'oexamineour assortment, which is by far the largest, inost farluonable, and best selected ever offered to our customers. M. W. GALT fc bro., 394 Penn. avenue, between 9th and lOtn sts. inar 12?tf OFFICIAL. ARMY AMD flAYY RK GISTER for 1855 1 he Navy Register for the United State* for the > ear 1855 Official Army Register for 1855 Just published and for sale at ? - TAYLOR fc MAURY'S * inar 10 Bookstore, near 9th ?t. HOPE FOR THE TUTUBE, ANEW SONG, words written and'dcdicated to Mrs. Franklin Pierce, by Sheelah; music com posed by Frederick Kley, Esq. Ju?t published and for sale at HILBUS k HITZ'S Music Depot, Bur Buildings. mar 10 Stewarts skylight daguerrean R <oms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, ^ wiiere the public can have splendid pictaresUkeD at more reasonaLle prices than at any other room In the city. Call early. Satisfaction always gi'en. mar 7?1 m C1 LOCKS, CLOGK8, CLOCK* I?If yo?i j want a good Cio%.k, warranted to keap time, call at the st??re of j. ROBINSON, Jen 38?dim ** ***'' UPP?' Brow,'", Auction Bales. By C? W. BOTICLKR, &ae(lt*Mr. SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUR NITU RE AT AUCTION -On THURSDAY morning, March 82, at 10 o'cock, f nbmi kII, at ibe residence of Charles W. Harcnner. ?99 , situated on U street, between 4* and 5th ?tr<?.?, all of his Household Furniture, which l.? in eice||?nt order, bavins been in um but a short t inne, consisting of? Mahogany 8ofa. mahoganv Chairs Tapestry, Velvet Carpeting, mahogany Rock?f Marble-top Pier Tsb'es Embroidered Curtains and OrnamenU Marhle-topSofaTal4e, handsome brotised Clock Mahorany centre Table, mantel Ornaments Ha'I Oilcloth Brussels, ingrain, and Venitian Carpeting (?il Paintings, Lounge, Crockery and Case Ware French China Tea Sets Plaed Castors, Table Cutlery Mahogany French and high-post Bedsteads Cane-seat Chairs Mahoganv and marble top Dressing Bureaus Alarm Clock, Window Shades, Wardrobe* Washstanks, Toilet Sets Supeiior Fenth?r Beds, liedding Iron Reclining Chair Fine curled hair Mattresses, Hearth Rug? Tin Safe, portable Grate, chamber Stoves Kiicheu Furniture, superior Stove, fcc. Tert?? : All Miras under $40 cash; over ?40 a credit of sixty and ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes, bearing interest C. W. BOTELER, mar 17?dts Auctioneer By J> C. MeOVlKK, Extensive sale of excellent fi r niture and Housekeeping Effects.?OoTHURS DAY morning, the 8th March, at 10 o'clock, at the fesidence of J. H. Ebetbach, Esq., cn Pa avenue, ?tween 21st and 25Jd streets, I ?hall sell, without reserve, all of his Furniture and F.ffvcts, comphs im pair of handsome mahogany spring S>fas One dozen mahogany spring scat Chairs Marble and mahogany top centre and sofa Tables Gilt ane mahogany framed French plate Mirror Hand-ome Mantel Clocks, Giran'loles Damask and lace Curtains Cornice and Eixtures Venitian Blinds, Transparent Shade# Pictures, Chandeliers, Gas Fixtures Mahogany dining and centre Tables Sprint; seat Lonnges. cane sent Chairs Handsome Brussels parlor and stair Carpets Three-ply and ingrain Carpi's. Oilcloth Rugs, Matting, Stair Rods, CiasTi Enamrlled Cottage Set Mahogany and walnut French Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureaus. Washstands Excetlent double and single Wardrobes Secretary and Bookcase, Rockers Superior deuble and single Fesihcr Beds B> st hair and husk Mattresses Blankets, Comforts, Counterpanes Bolsters and Pillows Fire Irons, Toilet 8ets Handsome gln?s front China Clorrt Refr'zeraior, Sideboard, Hide Tables French and Stone China Dinner end Tea Ware Glassware, Table Cutlery. Castors Cooking Range, siuall Cook Stove Parlor and chamber Stoves, vari ills style* Excellent copper and tin Cooking Utensils Together with a large a3?ortment of Kitchen Re quisites. JA3. C. McGUIRE, mat 6?d Auctioneer. {ffj- The above talc la roitponed in consequence ot the rain until TUESDAY morning. March 20, at the same hour and place. G. KEPPLEt, I VVM. BUPP. mat IT J Ad. C. McGUIRG, Auctioneer. DfCAFNJCSR CURED.-The following u taken from Scott's Weekiy: DEAFNESS.?We understand (hat the sucress which has followed the use of SC ARPA'S ACOCJS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, lias been astonish ing, thousands of person* 1 aving been cured, whose cases were considered hopeless. The calls for thi medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article '?efore the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z D. GTLMAN, Wash ington, D. C., and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, Md ,as th?-re is a counterfeit article in the market. feb 2S-3m BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. A LL niy oi l friends for whom I obtained Ronntj J\. Land," in less quantity than lf?0 acres, are here by informed that tneir names and a record of th? evidence, with the dates of their certificates, are or. my book, so that I can, with lability, make out declarations for addi'ional land. ThtM who fail?*?! in obtain any 'and for want sufficient service, many of whom are now entitled to 160 acre?, car find the time allowed recordel hv me. Other* wili find it to tlieir interest to call or w rite, and I will send forms rind instructions for reasonable and fail compensation. Anv old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to pay for preparing their |>ap?vs will l?e instructed gratis by calling at the offioc. JOHN D. CLARK, mar 6?1 in Agent, Washington, I) C. M' W COME LEARN YOOR FATE. RS UCOltGk, late of England, wishes 10 _ inform the ladies and gentlemen of Washing ton and Georgetown that ?he can b? srn and con suited on the past, present and future events, at the late residence, No. 84 F street, between 21st und 22d streets, First Ward, opposite the Observatory. Her name is on the door. Hours frcm 9am to 8 o'clock p in. Ladies *25?Gentlemen 50 i.? nts feb 28?lm* I^O MEMBERS OF CONGRESS & SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, kc.?M. W. GALT k BRO. invi e special attention to their stock of pure Silver Table, Dessert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, Ladles, Ruiter Knives, and all other ar ticles of pure Silver Ware, which is largerand more varied than ever offered to their customers. M. W. QALT k BRO., 334 Pa. avenue betw. 9th and 10th sis. feb 23?tf R!C w AUD.?The undersigned will p<iy I tyZO $25 for the apprehension of Negro Woman MARGAKET CHASE, purchased by the late Owen Norfolk, at sale of Thomas und Ricliard Harvey, executors of Thomas Harvey. For the last eighteen months said woman was in Georgetown, she is now believed to be in Alexandria. She is about sixty years of age; is black, and about live feet four inches ! high. The above reward will bt? paid on delivery 10 the suhecril?er,at Upper Marlboro', Prince George's co., Md. JNO. C. MULLIKIN, mar 3?3w Administrator of Owen Norfolk. _ | PIANOS!?PIANOS! WE beg leave to call the attention of tliu public to our stock of Piano* now q? _ I hand, consisting of superb fini.-he.I and fi octave rosewood case in-si ? a fjg strumenu from tlie worid-reuewned * V y manufactories of H :llet, Dwvis k Co., Boston, and Ktiahc, Gaehle 81 Co., BalUinoi*, comprising in all the largest, most reliable and select assortment ever offered in this city. Also. Stools. Covers, fcc. Old Pianos taken in exchange. We will make reascnab'e discounts for cash, or sell on time. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. jan 31 EXCELSIOR IS OfJR MOTTO. [7 E have just received a fre*h lot of PRUNES, V FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, fcc. Also, a case of SARDINES, put up in superior style. Give us a call and judge for yourselves Don't forget the No , 499 Seventh street, oppo. Odd Fellows' Hall. N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the mnst reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short est notice. RVDER fc PLANT, mar 1?lm FANCY MILLINERY. .MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and Pis-i Iter have opened a FANCY MILLIN-I ERY STORE on Pennsylvania ave-1 'nue, between Tenth and Eleventh t-treets, south sile, No fill, and would respectful ly call the attention of the la-hes of Washington and .vicinity to their handsome and varied assortment of imported and manufactured Millinery, latest styles; New Yoik. Paris. an1 London fashions ol Straw, Silk, Crape. Lace. Velvet and other Bonnets. Also, dress aud other Caps. All orders iu the Millinery hne thankfully received aud faithfully attended to. mar lm* RRICHARDSON'S L1HCN I have just received a full supply of Richard sou's sort finish Linens, in every variety. N. York Mills and oilier superior Shirting. Muslins. Extra heavy T?b!c and double Damsbk Diapers. Ful! : tock of Housekeeping and Family DRY ROODS, of the bes and most desirab'e Fabrics, with ? full etock of Mournthg Goods, kc. Also, BOOTS and SIlOEb of the best makers, al the lowefl prices. J. W BARNECLO, No. 383 Seventh, betw II and I sts. mar 13?eo6t LOOK H X R E!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served in any war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers. Sailors, Marin"*, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, Teamsurs, Landsmrn, (01 their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well u, write to us.pottpaid, and thcii Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD k CO., Claim .Agent's Office, opposite U. 8.* Treasury, Washington City, D. fJ marJ5?3m IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING UP Housekeeping.?Persons removtng from tha city and wlshlncto dispose of their Furniture ana House keeping UteR9ils without the tr iuble of sending them to Auction, can do u> by calling upon us at rur si ore, No. 3 IT Pa. avenue, ?s w? are prepared to I uy all such goods as mttv 1>^ offered. R. H. JEVVELLE k CO., nar 0 No, 91 f F* ?v*?ue. Auction Balo*. By QBIII * SCOTT, Awctto* Crockery and glass, wooden and other Ware, Store Fixtures, lie., U Auction ? On MONDAY, th? 19th instant, we shall sell, M IV o'clock a. a , it the More of Mr* Deris, on the we t tide of Seventh, between L and M (treats north, *11 the effect* of Uis Stave, rit: Cbina, Ghee, Crockery and Wooden Were Tobacco and r<nuff A lot of excel'ent Cigar* A lot of Groceries and Spice*, Candy J are Ten Cuddies, Meal and Coffee Bins Scales and WcichM Willi many other article* which we d<-<-m unne cessary to enumerate. Term* cash. GREEN h SCOTT, mar 16?3t Auctioneers. By 'JRBBR * SCOTT. Auctioneer.. Household *. kitchen furniture at Auction.? On THURSDAY, the 33d instant, we shall tell, at the residence of Mrs. Wells, on 1st street, Capitol Hill, near Pennsylvania avenue, at 10 o'clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Furniture, via: Koeewood velvet covered Sofa Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking ('hair* Walnut marl>!s top Sofa and Centre Tables Maliogny dining, breaktast and card Tables Do dressing and other Bureaus Maple and walnut French, Cottage and other Bed stead* Do painted Wardrobe* and Washstands Parlor and chamber Window Curtains, Blinds Cbina, glass, crockery and stoneware Silver-plated Castors, Spoons and Forks, CantBe ?icks? Feather Beds, Bedding Straw and Shuck Mattreate* A large lot of table and bon-ie Line* Girando'es, eolar, hall and other Lamp* 3 ply, ingrain, and stair Carpet* end Mailing Hearth Rii??, and a lot of Oilcloth Rmnzrd Hatrack, Lounges, and Looking GUm ? Andirons, Shovel and Tong?, and Fender Conking, hall, gin ght ard other Stive* * With a large assortment nf Kitchen Bequtsi'e* With many other articles; which we deety untie cessary to enumerate. Terms: Under$25 cash; over that sum a credn of sixty and ninety days, for notes siusfactorily ei dor.-ed bearing interest. GBEEN fli SCOTT, mar Ifi?d Auctioneers. By J. C. McOlIIRK, Auctioneer ClfOICE OLD WINES, LIQUORS, STOCK it Fixtures of a Confectionarv Ertabli-hmeM, kc On FRIDAY morning, March 9th, at 10 ^ clock, a; the Confectionery store of J. H. Eberbach, on Pu avenue, between 91st and 33d streets I iha'.I -ell? Gla-s Cases, Counters, Drawers Shelving, Bar Counter*, Oyster Boxes Candy Jais, Bottle*, Scale* and Weight", Ac. ALSO, A QUANTITY OF Madeira, Sherry and Rhine Wines, of superior quality, whi'-'h h * been in bottle some ten years. AL80, A small lot of Candies, Prune*, RaL-^is, Olive Oil Pickles, Preserves, Nuts, he. Terms: jJ-20 and under, cash; over that sum credit of60 and 90 days, for saiistfk.torriy endorse notes, bearing interest. JAS. C McGUIRE, mar 6?d Auction* er. Jtsl~ Tlx* above sale la peitpjntd un til MONDAY morning, March same hour. G. KEPPLER, 1Tru?l0_ WM RUPP. } rrustc?e JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 15 - d Auctioneer. By OREER * SCOTT. Auetieaetr*. SALE RY ORDER OF THE Orphans" Court. ol Saddles and Harness.?On TUESDAY, the 20ii. instant, we shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. m . by order of the Orphan** Court, at the store lately occupied by J II Thomson, deceased, all the etock in ih store, vis: Double and "ingle Heme** of every description Rising an 1 Cart Saddles Kridles, Co lars and Whip* Trunk* cfe\ery description, lot of Saddle* Hardware, Sewing Hot re* Stools Wheelbarrow, Vice* With many other articles which we deem unne [ cessary t> enumerate. Terms: .?25 :ind under c!u=h; over that hoi a [ credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. GUSTAVUS WATERS, Admia*r. GSEEN it SCOTT, marl4~d Auctioneers. ^ W'OHRR. Anr.ttoneer OUPERB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, ELE w , ?ant ( abinet Furniture, Sflendid French plate M.rrors, S?.-h Curtains, Carpets, French China aud 'Ul , an Ware, ( osjy Wfne* Superior Carnage i ?eV.oC T.?n WEDNESDAr m mine, March ov"j' m t?" 1 ato'hP rew,,pnc? nf Ma E.tcellen cy j. >1. Tiradi, the Peruvian Minister, on Pennsyl vania avenne, between 23d and 24th Mreets, 1 shall wit all hisHezant He uphold Effects, consign* of Superb Ro*?w<*>d t;r3nd Piano, by Bu tikofer Magnificent suit? of solid Bos wood Parlor Furni ture, npholsterej fn green and gold satin dam ask, cempnmnp thre- |ar.?e medallion back Sot s one siesta S?da, ,ix ,ar{f<. medaIlion Arm Chairs, two Voltaire, and six parlor (hairs Splt-cdid preen and <#o!d Satin damask Cum in? to match, Cornice, Lace Curtains, flic. Elecant French nlate Mantel Mirrors Cottly mantel Clocks, gilt and brt-nze, with side pieces to mateh. Vases R,rh ?? G#" Chllld*,tar9> Candelabras, and Brack Pine Tapestry, Brusca, a?d Ve??tian Carpet* . uite of Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up holstered in eanruy colored satin damask consisting of a pair of French So'as, 4 Arm and 6 Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, he to match Rosewood Oval marble top Tables Walnut Extension Dining Tables I>o Piush seat Dining Chairs Damask covered spring seat Couches Mahogany hair spring seat Lounges, Chairs Cane scat Ann and Cotia^ Chairs Marbl. -top Beaufet, Butler's Trav Elegant crimson and G..|d Band Dinner Set Ricalv decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Service Heavy Sheffield plated Waiters, Cake Baakeu Tea and Cottee Service Rich Crystal Cut gla^s Decanters, Tumblers, Caam pagnes, Wines, Cordial, Finger Bowk, Wa m ? ,Cr CUret Pfchera, fcc. Mahogany Writing Derks, Bo^.k Shelves Moiocco and damask covered extension Chairs Mahogany Dressing Bimans Wardrobes ^rcnch and Dalian Bedstead-. Marble top Washstands, r Suud* Frrnch China and Granite Toilet Sets Best hair and hutk Mattresses Routers and Pillows, Bed Clothing Single Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bedsteads B^d and Table Linen Screens, Fire Irons, Lamps Handsome D*mask Curtains, Window Shauea Furniture in servants' rooms Oilcoth, Cocking und oilier Stoves Coppers, Cooku.g Utensils, & c. At 4 o'clock, In front of the resid>-nee, a splendid pair of daxk gray Carriage Horse*, lietween six aud seven v ear? old, p^ffectly sound, and kind in single or double the'S^ict 10 bc l',e ?De!!t r3?'nage hordes in , 4J,#' *mm?dirt?lw after? lij the dining rocm, a choice lot of the highest Sk ^ boltles, comprising Chkin|iaimes, Port, cherry, Madeira, kc., imported expressly for private use. r ' 1 erms of sale: $50 and under cash ; over that sum . It,i x!> M,d'linety days, for note* satislae tordy endorsed, Imtaring interest P. fl ?The heuse will be open to visiters on the day (irevious to the sale. ?ci.f 10 d MB-c FUOn THUhV^A^E"EFFECTS. S EffhaSip3S?L1 ^ ^bi8 Furni,ure Matogany hair spring seat Sofa Six do Parlor Chain Do Rocker* r r- *1?, Table' aud Carpets Gr.indoles, Clock Looking Gi*?*es Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Table Cane and wood seat Chair*, Oilcloth Redheads, Bureaus, Waslutanus Hair and husk Mattresses R >lstera and Pillows Cooking Stove. Tin Sale Together wiUi a general avorunent of Kitchen RetfuisitM. T-rms: and under ca*h ; over that sum a credit or2, 4, and 6 momhi, for notes saiufocioril v endorsed, N ann^ inteivift. __ .o, /AMES c. McGUIRE, mar 13?d Auctioneer 0Qr-Th? abov* Bala la p*Stp?ne?l unul MONDAY MORNING, Marob^ iSTh^V. mar I4_? JAS" C. McGUIRE, mar 14 d Auct-oneer. By J. C. JBcGLIHK, AaellVatar 'TIRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER r. tI ~~l?n MONDAY afternoon, April 3d, at A o clo?k, on the premise*, by virtue of two deeds 01 trust to the sutMCMber, one duted May 10. 1847 a??e recorded in liber W B , No. 131, folio ]?3, Ac . ike other dated June 10, 1847, and recorded m libei W fo" w La5Uf0,kl 470' kc,- lwo of "A SiS." for Washington county, in the District ?f Coiu?,b.? 13 14^ l%^^ ind J|J? Pr?m?s?s, lots numbered 10. 11j 7s IS S1 ,wHv: to the saitaction of the trust^ ' ^ NICHOLAS CALLAN. Tm tee. max 7 ? JAS. C. McGUIRE. Aootmuer. TELEGRAPHIC. FOB DAILY EVBWXWQ 8TAW Another Ameiioaa Triumph R?w>im, Pa , March IT.?Am election w?i held here yesterday for Major and Cotatili, whioh resulted in the el action ef Baird (iatr can) for Mkjor by 1,M0 rota?. Toacg (Dam oerat) received 840 Ilia alber Aaatiou candidates were aiacteU by about tha m?j>rhy. Arrival of tha Africa at! Boston, March 17.?Tha Africa arrived bara at eeven this mornirig. Her Mails wara tao lata for the morning trains' bat will be forward ad son:h and west this afternoon Baltimore Markets Baltimom, Marsh 17 ?Floar Is trm and unchanged. Wheat?Sales of 4,00# bushels, with an active demand at yesterday's prioee. Corn?Receipts of 11,000 bushels; lass aotive than on yesterday ; prists anehaogad. Haw York Markets ? Aftarnoon Matting New Tom, March 16 ?Cotton is has ad v-tnoad iajjc , under the steamer's news ; New Orleans fair 9ic ; Uplands middling 9c. Floor is downward and dull; good Obie at $9 37a $9 75; Southern is firm at f9af9 75. Wheat? No tranaaotions to note. Corn ia downward, a*d prices ara a trifle lower, sales of Weetern mixed at 96c. Pork is firm, with an upward tendency; salee at $14 25agl4 31 Beef is up. *ard and firm. Lard is unchanged. Hams Sia9c Whuky?Ohio ia heavy at SOiaSle. Sugars have advanoed {c.; Orleans. 4ja&H C?ffee?Rio i? fire . Sj irits Turpentine at 44ft ?4 jo. Galena Lead ij fir a. Rioe upward and firm. Haw York stack Market. New York, March 16 ? Stocks ara batter, and money ia unchanged Sales of Virginia rt'a ot 97 J; New York Central R R 94 ft; Cleveland and Toledo 7li; Readiag 81 j; Krio 441 Bcw York Market Xaw York. March 17 ? C otto a is upward and firm. Flour is dull with a declining ten* dency ; good Ohio at $9 37ja$9 7o ; Southern is firm bet transactions are limited Corn is dull, with a declining tendency?sales of Western mixed at 9Ma96 Pork is unehanged. Beef is upward and firm Lard is native and tinohmged- Oh is whisky is firmer; sales at 30*a31e. Few York Stock Market. New York. March 17.?Stock* are firm and in good demand. Money ia plenty. Sales at the earlv board of Brie at 47c; Cleveland aad Toledo Railroad $0 ; Camber!and Coal Com pany 34| ; Reading Railroad 84| ; Canton Company 272; New York Central Railroad y4J ; Pennsylvania Coal Compaey 105; Vir ginia fi's 97. New Jersey Municipsl Elections Fai,ku, N. J., March 15 ?Tha election of tow officers at this place resulted in the over throw of the Know Nothings Tbe town elerk. assessor collector, justice of the peace?in fact all the corporate effisers are either Democrats or Anti-Know Nothings Kentucky State Dtmocratic Convention. LorMViLLK, March 10.?Tbe Democratic State Convention met at Frarkfort yesterday and ncmic\tei Beverly L Clark, for Governor, and Bo yah Mngoffin for Lieut. Governor. Re.-nlutnns strongly denouncing the Know Nothings wcra passed. A Vessel to be Sent in Purs ait of Baker Naw York March 16 ?Tbe bark Grapes hot is to start in pursuit of Baker, tbe murderer of Poole, to-morrow Cyrus Shsy, Poole's brother-in-law, has been arreet-d, charged with appropriating ? everal hur.dred dollars, tbe contents of a tin box stolen from Lovejoy's Hotel in the sum mer of 18W. ? Examination of Henry D. Bird. PrrraRSBURA, Va. March 16 ?Henry D. Bird was jesterday examined before the Has tings Court in this oity. on a charge of em bee tling funds of the Southern Railroad Compa ny, and sent on for trial before the Circuit Superior Court, which meets in May next The accused was admitted to ball in the sum of $6 000. He has made an assignment of hie property to the company, which will psy tha defioit. NEW MUSIC. "IfTE are this day ? receipt of a large a*?ertment If of MCW MUi<(C fnw tbe principal publish ing h<>u-c* in the country, consisting of Songs, Dueets, Trio*. Marche?, ttondo*. Gallop* ? Qaaitnlle*, Polka*, Mazourka*, Sclioitisebe*, Gem* frvta the Operas, fcc. Al*o, Music Book*. Portfolio*, Mnrtc Paper, In struction Book*, Music f n Brando, arretted in ch?-ep nylc; Rows, Peg*. Rn?n, and r?wy article p*-riatnine to the music trade always on baud at the and Mafic Establishm nt oi JOHN P. ELLIS, mar 3 306 P\ 4>vrrue. near Tenth ft. 4 LL STKAhOSR5 j\. visi iug tlw Pity Siioukd *ee Hunter1* Cat a?so. l is I>? scnptieii of Powell'* great Pictur* alogue of ilje curtOtdue* <;l Uie Patent cftco. asw aw* BOYS' CLOTHING. IV order to *ell off <? 'r present stork of Bo'V aud Votith*' Winter Clothing we have determined to v#ff<jr our larite and fine a- -ortm<u', <%ofi*i*tiiig of#? ?vy desirable style and quality of f.?shK>i;ahle Ready made Garments, *uiuMe fur dress and a.hord wear, at gteail> reduced price*. WALL * STEPHENS. 333 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall febSt (fentiuelfcNews) FRUIT AND F.VERGREKNTRXKS The under-igiied ha* a splendid lock of all the ?tanda'd Fruit Trees' large, v leofii- and thrifty, via : Peach Trees of very *ii|i*imr qual:ty, all tbe lea* lug kind* Pears, A-?pl?-*, Plum*. Cherri**, Apricots, Grape Vine*, Sic. ri0,C00 Enrlisli Lancashire Gooseberries the large show kinds, due and Mrong ?20,000 Currants. Victoria. Red and White Dutch, Rod and While Grap-% Rlack Kapla* luv 10,0U0 Raspberries, fa*t?itf, K--J and White Aal werp, he. 1,000 Rhubarb Roou, Prince Allien, Victoria Cbau?> p*i^nr, Sic ?hade Tree* of best quality auch a.- Pilver and Hu jrar Maples. European and Antencan Licder.a Euroiiean Ath, Mountain A*h. Jic. Evergreen* in great variety ar.d ran *t kinds, via Arancar .an. Arbor Vitie, Cedrus de* nara. C. Libani, Kunebral Cypres* Crf|)toinerta. J a ponica, Titz Roya P<?iaeooia, LibroreJni?, t'hilen-i*. Princes Chimbra, P. tx9l?, P. Gerardiana, Pt*ea Wtbb ana, P. pindrou*, P. Pichta Abie* Menaienii A. Mortnda, ln*i< and Ensli^h Yen*, with many other beautiful Ev ergreen*, all at* pricc a. JOHN S\UL. Seed Store, cornrr 7Ji and II sta., Waatuugton. mar 14?e?i0i* & Rkpimk? hvoal... 50 barret* piwdered. craabod and clarified SI - GARS Ju*t received and for *ale low by BARROL'R It SEMMES, mar 13?e??3t Wo. ?f Loainua a\rnne. 75 Nils superfine and family FLOI.'R lu store- and lor s?le low by BAHBOt'R k SEMMES, uiar 12?eo3t No. 6T Louiaiana avenoe. ? WENTY OR LESr* SHARES WASHINGTtilV i a<>d New Vork Vacn?rtic Telegraph stock lor sale. Addree* Box 94T Post Oflkce. mar 14?eo3i* MhTH AI*riUTfI?We" ,"m7i received a large and (WsblewabU aeeortirem of ?em'* travelling Hat* and i apa, which we offer Pn sale, at extremelv low price*, at the Tenplc (H Fashion. " BUTT & HOPKINS'S. Corn*' 0th at aad Pa avenue. Between Browns' aud National Hotel*. H IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. PAY Roll* of Militia entitle* to Laud Bonat> un der the set of roe^r*** September ? Jfo0, eompfted from rolli in the Auditor** oftrr at R>cb taond. . ... Must*? Rolls of tl.e V.r|pnta Miliiia fc the U ar o 1819. being a supplement to the pay rolls. Afewco,?r?-l.? L FAaNH?M? (Viratr P>- avenue aad 1 ItSi >h Also, at FRENCH'S, Aleaaadna, Va, 8

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