Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1855 Page 4
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[oornaras nam ecrruxsiar.J ?lit Fr?a Coring**?, by Middle nidga, Oak HUl, ttiDon-ugh, aad Doable Catgna, loOrtfla, SB m In N?ck, oq<*? a vnL T ?n Oov o|tts slonday * t 5 a m Arrive at Gridln mm ay by ? p a beaveGrifBn tow :*y n 6 a jn arrive at 0. riagton eatne dare by I p m 4414 from Lythouia by ffct ivock, to White House 14 suit' and trk once a weak Leave Lythouia Friday iilin Arr t? at* Honee sum day by 12 m Leave White douse Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Lythouia aae day by 6pm 6414 from Lythouia to Rockbridjp, 0 a ad back once a week. Leava Lytoonia To are lay at 7 a m Arrive at Koek bridge aame day* by 9 a m. Leav - Koekbridge ihumiay at 10 a m Arrive a? Lythouia mm days by IS id ?41c Fromt*tone Mountain, by Yellow Hirer an I Sweat Water to LawrenceriUe, 20 mile* and back, tu tima a w?en Leave Stoce aiountain, daily, cioept Suaday, at7 a a Arrive at Lawrenoevihe mud* daya by 11 a m l?ave Lawretoevill? daily, exoept Sunday,at 1* Arrive at Stone Mountain name days by 4 p m 0417 Frtn Stone Mountain, by tlnckneyvilla, to Warsaw, IK milee ana oeck, once a week Leave dtone Mountain Saturday at 1 p d Arrir?a; Warut same day by 7 p m, Leave ? arcaw Saturday at# am Arrive at J1 tons Vtmataw same day by 12 m 0418 Proui Decs'/ar, by Panther jvllie, Tucker's Cabin, and rttockbrilge. o McDonough, 27 a*iee and back., once a weak. Lea to Decatur Friday at b a oi Arrive at MeDonough same day by ? p m Leave -.cDotoa^fc Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Lejatur uune day by 6pm <H1? from Mclonough, by Spring, to candy Rid**. 10 mil", and back, otca a weak. Lmvi- MdK cough S*tur>ay at 8 a ra Arr. v* at Sandy Ridge same day by 11am Leav* tan,? Ki-lge 8i.tur >ay at Ik m. Arrive ftl McDcuough wud? day by 3 p m. Wj From MoDcnouph to Joneeb. ro', 14 di<1m aoi back, tlx Uic." a week Leave McDvnough caily, except Sunday, at 8 am Arrive at Jouetboro s me days bv 12 m l/eave Jone bcro daily, except Sunday,at 1 p n Arrive at ilcD.noogh mm day by 5 p m <H2l Jrrim Washington, by i;anburg, i etersbur*, CaHjoun s M.ila, S C , and leca an, to AV b?viU?C H, 4&m1l-fi end bark, twice a we. k Uave Wathirgton Tu-sd.y, and Saturday at 9+am Arrive at ? bbevilie C U tame days by Up a Leave Abbeville C U Monday and Fridav at 8 ? a Arrive at Wa.hingt^n rame days by 6pm i*rt^o?aJs lor daily service ar? Livltad, with ? new to convey the jzreat Not'hern and South ern aaiia, it a tp ed of not 1-sa than b m lea an hour f4i:Fr. a Washington, by Malloryeville, Fishdam. and Indian Hill, to klbtrion, 31 aiies llU back, on<*> a week. Tnave Washi- >gton Friday at 9 .?? m Arrive at Elberttn same day by t5 n a. Leaveklbrtou Satrrdny a. 9 a m Arrive at VV a.-hi often item- day by ? p in |*4S3 From ?v a-^ing cdIou ntrev lie, 12 and back, once a week. I^eave Washington Friday at 1 p u Arrive at Ontreville aame day by o p m Le?v? Centr-vilt- Friiay at 8 a ci ArtiV# at A asbi-gtou s*me day by 12 m ?124 FrmUay^viUe. by Ueath rv Ue t> Lincolo toa, 14 in lea and back, t*ije a week Leave Ray?v lie Tuesday and Thursday, at 11 a bq Arrive at Lit coin ton same dav? by 3 pm Ua<? Litcolntju Tueeday and Tnursdav at 6 a m Arrive atlUysville same dayi by 10 a m 042> From Lexington, by Point ? eter, Broad R ve *, klberton, Harmony, Cold M ater. Montevideo, kv rgre-D. S. C-, Hock dilla. and Mountain c.eek, to Anderson C H, miles and baci, twice a week Ideate Lexington Tueeday aad Fridaj- at ? a m Arrive at klberton same days bytpm Lea'aklo-rtou VVe.Jnef.liv and taturdava*6 a m at Aadmon C H stale daye by 9 p m, Leavr- AnJersonC H Vne day and Friday at b a a Arrive at Klberton same days by b p m L av- tibertoc Wedneed^y aad aiurday at 4 am Arrive at Lexington came lay by fcjjm 6 42b From I^xingtoL, to Lex.i-gton Depot, 3 ollti ati l a k twelve imea a we. k L*av? L x ngtcn daily, encept Su.tey, a 7i a m acd 1pm * Arrive at Lexington D^potiia-? eayeby84am and 2pm 1-eav L-xington Dep>l Uiir, Sunday, at 9 am and 3pm Arrive at ijexington fsbc ' , *j ty 10 a m and 4pm ?4S7 From Aih^na, by Bwc >b?l, Uxr a > ny Grove. Mayrrille,, Popia"*pri *^s, tiu^h-s vurg a .4 Dawgon. to Clarksvilie. 62 milet, ^ndaark uucb * week Ltave Atliebs Xueeley at 0 a m Arrive a< Clark^viile next day by 6 p m Leave Clarksvilie Tbur ?day at 6 a m Arrive at Athens next day by d p m ?42S Fr.m A.hena, by Jefferuon. Pond Fork an J Sugar Hill to tiaineaville, 40 miles and ba?>k three tia?? a week. ' Leave Au.?na, Iueeday, Ihureday and Satur day a 6 a m Arrive at Qaineevills same days by 2p m L^nveQaineavdle Monday, Wednt^day and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Atiena aamedajj l>y 6 p ta 042y From Ath?ns. by Daaetrville acd Madiaoa Spring-, to Carnesville, 88 mile- and back thre? times a wa?k Leave Athena "ueaiay, Thnrsiay and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Carnesviile same days by 7 p m Leave Caineevilie Monday, Wednesday and F riday attain Arrive at Athens same day by 7 n m ?430 From Athens, by P enter's Stand, to Fort Lamar, 24 mile- acd back, onne a waek I?-a*e Athens Tuesday a'J a m Arrive at Fort Lamar sam* dav bv 8 p m l eave Fcit Lnciar \\edneeday ati a m Arrive at Athec> tame day by tip ci ?431 Trom Ma iacn prings. by Frank In Springs, Bower ,n le and MartWcL', to Uenley'e Store ?*2 oilles and beck, once a week. 1?ave M .disi n tprin.-s Tuesday at 9 a m Arrive at Henley V Btore same day by 8 p m '?ave Ueoley > tttre Wednesday at 4 a ca Airive at Madlaon Spring* tame day by 3 p m 6|:i2 ,MC^,Mt7'Ti,l%^.arcT# Utj,? Middle Kivf? an i llol ij^sworth, to Allen dale, 44 miiee and back, cno a we'k. t?av?} Maysville Thursday at 3 p m Arrive at Allendale nex <?ar by 1 p m Leave Al'ecd&le Friday at 1 { p m Airive at Maysville n xt day bv 2pm ^ rton Gainecville, by War Iliil, Oillamiile, Hudson and Walnut Hill, to Carneeville, 39 miles and back once a week Leave Gainesville Friday at 6 am Arrive at v.arneeville same day by 6 p m Leave Carr.esville Saturday at ? a m Arrive at aineaville same day by 0 p m ?434 From New Bridge and Auraria, to Dahlonega, 2o miles and back, three times' a week Uave Uain**rilie Monday, WedresJay ani Friday at 7 a in Am veal Dahlonegw aan* days by 8 p m 1-eave Dablenega Toeeday, Thursday and Sat urday a t 1 p m Uaineevilie caaedaya by 8pm ?^434 Frca tfainesvll.*, by CrossviUe, Smlthvi la, Barrettoville. High Tower, Poerd Tree, oranne Fort Buffi ogton, Canton, Foster Midland Lifiin,* Oal, to Ktowah, 02 mUis ana bark, on^ a week. ?nave Oaiaearille T uesday at I p m A rrsre at Ftowah next day by 7 p m l?ave Ktowah Randay at 5 a m Arrive at Gainesville n*xt day by 12 m *^<5 Frt.m Oain??viUe, by Duane treet, to Clark*, ville, 30 nil es and back, three timee a week L*?ve Oa necrilla Tuesday, Thuraday and Sat urda) at 3 p m Arrive at Clarksvilie aaae days by 11 p m Leave Clarke villa Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 6 a m Arr*v- at Gainesville aame day by 2 p m ?437 From Gain sville, by Ar<a, to t?clkrrllle, 18 miiee and, once a w ek Leave Gaineavdla Friiay at 1 p a Arrive at Polkaville aame day by 7 p m Leave P lk?vUle Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Oar eerille same day by 12 in Froa Carne* ville, by Bald Spring and Kraatna to Jeff'raoo. 30 mtlee and back, once a week Leave Carnesville Saturday at 8 a a Amveat Jefferaon aaae day b? 6 p m Leave Jeffers n Friday at 8 a m Arrive at caruaevllie anas day by 6pm ?439 From Moaeley'a Store tb Walton's rord aad bacX, once a week Bidder* will ita'a the dietaace and pronoM a / eebedn'e. ?440 From Dahlon?ga by Cooper's Cap.Gaddiatown, Skeinah Will Scott, Vorganton. Hot Hou?a, Hiwassea, Ocppar Mine, ieon, Bra -b Creek, Higdc a's Sure and Parkaviile, to Benton, 83 ailee and ba-k, once a week Leav- Dahion^ga Tnseiay atOa m Arrive at Ban ton next 'ihnrsd*y by 12 m Leave en ton i h mad ay at 1 p m Arrive at Dahlonega next Saturday by ? p m 6441 From Dahlonega to R und Hill. 13 allaa and back, onoe a weak Leave Dahlonega Saturday atl p a Arrive at bound Hill nne day by A p a Inn hound Hill Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Doblonafa same day by Ha *U2 From Dnhkvu??. by Aink^iaOatooea,F?ince *d-%rd,Cbf.U0V, *AM?ay, ^Jk.and rwitito, *> I^nva Da^cean nt I a B Arrive atSpriaf PUof 6 P ? Leave Sprt^iOa* Mo^V ? AiKva at pelt b7 ? P ? a. 6443 From Cisnt'ii, by jCI Grgund, Jlatnagevill*, and Juno, K> D&hhni^n 40 rail"* and back, one * a wetk U?*? Canton %tnrday at 6 a m Airiw it DiUosfft* mat dvp by 6 p m Laa*e lMhlns*|t tridiy at ft ? m Arrive at Oaatou aot day by ft j> m 0444 Fram Jefttram, by John Ha-^olph'aaod Uiai, to Unmmlag a ad back, ooee a week Bidden will ntate the diwtanoe and propose a schedule 0446 From 8pr:ng Place, by Cedar Rikce to Dalton, l'i mile* aod hwk, three tfmea a week U?t? Pla>& M iodir, Wednee lay, and and Fr day at 8 a m Arrive at Dalt n sain - days by 19 m Le*re Daltoti Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive ?t Hprtfijf wvm? days by 4 p m ^ 6446 From Blair *rille by Chcestre, Loudantie and P1ea;aut Hetreat, to L'ahlonega, 34 miles and back, once a week l**re Blairrri le Monday at 6 a m Arrire at L>ahlonega as me day by ft p m * Letre D*hi -neua Tuesday at ft a m Arrire at B'.alrsrille ram - day by ft p m 0447 From BtairrviUe, by Young Cane, to Morgan loo, 20 miles and back, twice h week Letve Biairsrille Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrire at Morgantoq same day* by I'im Lt are Mcrganton Mou jay and Friday at 1 p m Arrire at Biairsrille ?ntne daya by 7 p m ft448 From Clayt- n to Biairsrille, 40 mile.-* and back Onoe a week Leave Clayton Wednesday at 6 a m Arrire at BUirsrille came day by 7 p m Leave B'air^vil e Thursday at 6 a m at Clay t hi sam? day by 7 p m 0449 From Mergantown to Murphey, N.O, and baek once a week Bdders ^aillstated stance and propote a fchcd ole 6460 From Ball Ground to Eil^j&y and back, once a we??k Bidders will state the distance and propose a -cheddle 6451 Frow Morganton, by BlaeRhlge, White Path, El'^jay, Talking Rock, Fairinount and Pine L g, to Casmlle, 60 miles and back, twice a Week Leave Morgantbn Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Casaville n?*xt days by ?> p m ? L ave CaMvill' Monday ?Ld ihursday at 8i tu Arrive at Morganr&n next days by 12"m 6452 From Ytung Cant-, by Skeinah. Stock Hill, Tekeaetly, and Carticay to Talkiug Hock, 42 miles ana back cn.v, a week Leave toung Can* W?d> e*day at 7 a m s Arrive at Taikmg Rock same day by 8 p m L ave Talk ng Rook Tuesday at 5 a m Arriv at Young Cane sametdav by 6 p m 6453 Frotn Jasper to Cassville and b&ca, once a week Bidden w ll state the distance and propose a c b*dule 6154 Fr"?m Lawrenceviile, by Caitt'e and Dog Moun tain, to Gainttaville, 31 miles and back, thret " iuie? a we* k L?a>e Lawrenceviile Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 m Arrive at G inegrllle Fan>e dars by 8 p m Leave Gainesville Tuesday, Ihuraday and Sat" urdayat 3 a m Arrive at lnwrrncarille same days by 11 a m 6464 irom Lawienoeville, by CLinqurpin (ir ve, Aaborn, Mulberry, and Marcus to Jefferson, 30 a, lies an t back, cnce a week 1/eave Lawrencerille Friday at 8 a m Arrire at Jefferson fame day b; 6pm Leavi Jefl-rsoa Saturdty at 8 a m Arrire at Lawrenceviile sate day by 6 p 111 G4i6 Fr m LawrencevJle, by Suwannee. Sheltoit vlll-, waves Creek, Cumnii g, tnd Lew.stoc, to High Tower, 36 miles and b* k, twice a week to Sheltonville. and once a week the re ? Uhae I<v?ve Lawrnccriile Tuc-*day and Friday at 6a m Arrive at Sue tonville same day by ilan Lea?e ahtltonrille Tuesday and Saturday at 1* p m ArriTe a' Lawrenceviile -ame day.-) by C p m Leave ?-helu>iivilli- Friday at 12 m Arrive at High Tow?-r >ain? d?y by 7pm Leave lligL Jower Saturday at*6 i m Arrive at ^heltonriliesame day by 12 m 6467 From dount Yo-.-ah, by .eo tfkiti.'- Mountain aud Polkvilie, to spring, 26 miles an 1 back. on;e awpek Leave Mou'.t Yonih Saturday at 6 a m Arrire at Po lar cpring Fa&e day by 1pm 1/eave ? opliir Spring Saturday at l p m Arrire at Moai<t ion h f-ame day by 9 p m 6168 Fr^m ?tla..ta,b.. Ultoy, .-andu.wu, Campbe l ten, Dark Corner Viila i>ica, and ilickorv Lerel, to v. arrollt n, 60 miles and bask, ttm"* time* a we?-k. Leave Aclaatn Monday, Wednesday, and iridey at U m Arriv bt CVroIlton next da s by o p m Leave Carrolltcn Monday. Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at At anta next day* by 2 p m Propo??lato un by Flint liill ard Sand III.1, i mitdng Hick ry Level, a e invited. 64W Fiem Marietta, by Roswell, Lebanon, Faru hou-e, Big ere k, Cun ming, Coal MounU u, Cto?arill>-, and Au aria. V> Oaaloue^a, 14 miles and back, three time* a we?k. Leare Marietta Monday, IVeinesday and Fri day at 8 a m Arrive at Cumming name days by 7pm Le*v>j ummipg Tu?edsy, Thur^dav, and Satur day at 7 a m Arr re at Dahlone?a t^atae davi by 3 p m Leare Dabloof^n Monday, Wedn>?day, and FH day at ft * 1 ? Arrive at Ju aui c >ame daya bv 5 p m Leave Cuna i nj <.?uday, lhuraday, and Satur day at 6 a in Arrivv at M .r. ? < n-1 (Iy? by p m 64/0 Fiom tkti' ta, 1 ? may and Woodstock, to Canton, 21 m I> - t? back, three ?imee a week. Leave Marietit Tueiiav . Ihuraday and Satur day at 7 a m Arrive at Cau oti simo days by 1 p m Leave Canton Moniuy, Wedueeday, a&?l Frid.iy at 7 a m Arrives' Marietta same days by 1 p m 6401 From Marintta, by Powder firings, t) Felt Spring*, 17 mil's* ai d b-ct,tw1<^a week. Leave Marietta Tu*?sday and Friday at 7 ^ io Arrive at tsKlt^prings same days b 12 m Leave cait Springs Tuesday aud Pridav it 1pm Arrive at Marietta?am?- days b.< 6 p m 6462 From Marietta, by Lor Mountain, to lull*?, 18 nd back, cnce a week. Leave Marietta Wednesday at 1 p in Arrire at D.l as sam*1 day bt 7 p m I>?Hve Dallas Wednewlay at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta shu?? day by p m G4ft'i From Cartersviile, byStilenbor ',to Van Weit. 28 mil' a and back, twice a we-k. I/eave Cart^rrville l'ueaday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Van Wert ame days by 6 p m Leave Van Wert Monday and Thursday at 9 am Arrire at CartHrsrill* same day8 by 6 p m 6464 From Cassviile, by Little Pra-ri**, Honor*, Rid bud Fi*e bridge and ? lolly creek, to Spri' p Pldct*, 30 miles and back, once a week. 1/eave Cae-viile Saturday at 6 a m Arrire at 'pring Place ^me day by 6 p m Leave hpring i lace Friday at 6 a m* Arrive at Canmlle sime day by ft p m 6465 From Kingston to^Rome, IS 3-6 mil-s and ba<-it, six times a week.* Leave Kingston daily, except Punday, at 8 a n Arrive at ttoai? same days by a m I?eave Rome dai'y, except Sunday at 5 a m Arrive at Kingston s-^medays by 7^ a m 6466 From Resaca, by Sugar Valley VI lanou, 1 a fayette, and Pond Spring, to Frick'e Osp, 3'J miles and back, once a week. 1- ave Resa< a Friday at 6 a m Arrire at Frick'aOap -ameda^ by 7p m Leave Frick'* Oap Saturday at 6 a m Arrire at Re?aca same day by 7pm 0407 Fmni King; old, by Wood's tation, to Lafay ette, 24 nii t*s and bark, twice a week. Lt?y*j Ringgold Moniay pnd Thursday at 1 p b> Arrive *t Latayet'e *>ame days by 8p m Leave Lalayette Monday anil Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at hiu>jgo)d same days by 12 m 6468 From ChatUn >oga,Tenn., b. R Seville, Ga , to Frick's Hap, 26 mi es aad lack.once a wc?k. L?aTe Chattanooga Wednesday at S a m Arrive at F-ick's Uapsaiae aay y 6 p ui Leave Friek's Uap 1 u?^day a 8 a m Arrive at Chattanooga i?me day by 6pm 6469 From chattanooga. Tenn-. t'* tlua-1 of McLe inore's Cavo. (ia.. and ba< k, once ? w-ea. Bidaeri will #tite the distance, and pro^>oee h schedule 6470 From L fayette by Bock Spring and Snow Ilid to Roasvilkv 22 mi lea and back, once a weak Leare Lafayette Tuesday at 6 a m Arrire at Kosavi le same day by 12 m Leare KMsrilie Tuesday at 1 p n* Arrire at La?ayetta same day fcy 8 p m 6471 F om La ayette by Chestnut Fats to Gordon's Springs. 9 miles and back, once a week Laaye Ijifayrtte eaturday at 6 a m Arrive at Uordon'a Spring aam- day by 9 a m -* L are Gordon's Springs Pa' ur ay at lw a m Arrire at La?iyett** same day by 1 p m 6473 Fnm Rome by Armucbee, lilr town, Moun Bickory, Summerville and Tri n Factory to L?&y<*tte 41 uile- and back, twice a week L*are Rome Monday and > hurscUiy at 6 a m Arrire at Lafayette'r am ? days by p m Leave Lafayette Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrire at Roma t-eme days by 7 p m 647 J Fiom Kom? by Vann'c Valley and Lake Creek to Ce<lartown,20 m<l<s and back, three t:m? a week l.eare R< me Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 m Arrire at C*d?rtown rame davs bv 10 p m L are Cadartown Monday, #elne day and Fri day at 6 a m Arrire at Home same day a by 12 tu 0474 From Rome by Thomas's M'lli Cedar Creek Oceola, Ala , and Howell's Croa* Roads to Cet tra, 40 n. lea and back, onoe a week Leave R m? Friday at 6 a m Arrire at Centre same day by T p m Leave Centre Satu>day at 6 a m A1"*'** *t Rom* san>? day by 7 p m 0476 Fr- m C^tartown to Putt, kinkiL, % m las aA( back, once a I eare Cadartown Friday at 2 p m Arrire at Pumpkicp.1i same day by 5 pm L?*r? ram^kinplll Fi dar at 1') a m Arrire at Odartown tamrdar bv 1 p ? 0470 >>om t'ftlmiUn by County U?e and Oedar Branch to Hirer Tow?, 2\t nUei aod beck, oD4i week Lwr? Palme to Pridsy at? a in A rrtt* a Hirer rows hum day bjr IS n L-er* Biver Town Friday at 1 p *a Arrive at Palmetto um? day by 7 p m 6477 Newnan by Saluda to KAdkron, IS ?Ue? and back, t* ic. a week Leax-Newnan WeJaeaday and Patnrdsy at 11 am Arrve at Kldron same days by 2 p m Leave Kidron Veiixtdiy and Saturday it 7 am Aariveat Newnan name dayaby 10 am 6478 From Newnan by Lodi Rutherford, Bowen Til" and Tail Pim toCarrollton, 27 mile# and bick, one.* a week L aT* Ne*nan Saturday at Ba m Arrive at Camll'ou >une by 6 p at L-av ? Oarrollton Fr.dai at 8 a ni Art ve at N"wnan tame day by Op ml 6171) Prom N'Wion by Willow l}ror? and Obrlnth to Asbbury.20 mi lee and b*e\, ?irt?ea w^k Leave Newnan Taeed y atd Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Asbury same days by 12 m I-*a-e Asbary Tu*?lay and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at >??nan sam? daya by 7 p m 6*80 From Neman by Rio Rnd Knon Grove to f rank'in, 21 mile* and back, once a week L<-ave Newnan Wedneelay at? a m^ Arrive at Frnnklin xame day by 12 m Ii8'T? Franklin VVrdneday at 1 pm Arrive at Newnsn earn ? day by 7 p*n 6181 From Ne?ann by Paris, Ixvation aad Har al* n to Kris, 20 miles and back, oace a w eek L ave Newnan 'a'urday at 8 am Arrive at Erin rame day by 5 p in Leave r rin Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Aewnsn s im? day by 6 p m 61S2 from Li Grange by O'Ntal's Mills. Cochran's Ctom Road?. liamilto and Castulato Colusa bos, 45 miles and ba-k, dailv L?av La O ' nj?e da 1 j at P? a m Arrive a; Columbus gam days by p m L-*ave Cclumbns daily at 8 a m Arrirc at La Orange same days by 8pm 6493 From La Orange oy Vernon, ntloch, Wehad A!*.. R >ck Mi h and Jtoanketo Wedo we-, 5mib> end ! ack one? a week La br?nge Tue-day at 1 p m Arrive af Weedowe* teat day by 6 p m Leave Weedo ?ee Thurrd y at 8 a m Arri-e at Li Orange netrday by lla m 6484 From Li (Iranfe by Houston to Fracklin, 21 m'!^ and lack, twice a week L*?re Li Grange '"u sday and Saturday at 1 pm A r ve at Franklin same days by 7 p m Leave Frn>klin Tu-s ay and Saturday at6 a m Arrive at 1a urangs same daya b. 1U m 6'bo Fr.un Villa Rica t j Van W<.rt, 21 nLles and back. o?ice a week L ave Vil a Ric# Saturday at 6am Arrive ?t Van Wert same day by 12 m Leave Van Wert Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Villa P.ica same day by 7 p m 64*6 From Villa Rica, by 1 u-npkm Viua and Dal las, to Huntsville, 20 tuilei and back, occe a *e< k. l..'H?e Vlila Rica Monday at 6 a m Arr ve at liuntsvilla snm day by '2 m Leave Huntsville >Ioud>ty at 1pm A-riv- ?t Villa nica same day by 7 p m 64-7 From Villa Kita, by Burnt Sta d. Copp?r 'Mil, Tallapoosa, <>ak Level, Aia., and Rtbfit Town, to J cksonvile, 60 miles and back, 0 co a week. Liave Villa R<ca Wecnet-day at 8 a m Arrive ?t Jatkwnv He next d?y by 6 p m Jacksonville Friday at 5 m Arrive a' Villa <ica rext d*y by 6 ^ m 64:8 F'Oin Villa ltioa by L>t g Le f and K'na, to Cedartown, 11 miiec and ba k, one a W3;k. Le ve Villa ok* Monday at 7 * m Arrive at Cedartown ame day by 6 p n? L??v- Uedartown Tue day a 7 a in Arrive a" Villa Kica am day b/ 6 p m 4SW Fr >m Villa Kica 10 Flint LL11,Cmiiaeaudlack, once a week Leave Vili tsica Wedn*8lHy at 10 a m Arr ve at Fl;nt Hill i-aoi" d y by f2m IAiave Flint Hill Wednesday a 7am Arrive at Vill i > i?B m<- day by W a m 6490 troiii Oarro lt n, by -4iurel uill and Union Mills,to frankl n, 37 miles anu bac*,once a week L?av ? Carn 11 on Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Franklin day by 6 o m Leave Franklin Thursday at tfa m Arrive at Ca rollt. n aacni* d-?y by 6 p m tttl From (Ireenv)ll-, oy Farirer'H.*Whiti? Sulphur Springs, Kind's (Jap, ?<nd Goodm n's Croea R^ais to Cochran's Cross Road*, 24 mile* and bac^i, twioe a *e-k Le ve Oreet?ville Widnosday and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Cochran's Cross Roads sane days by 12 in Ltave Co-bian's Cross Roads Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Gr<-et>viile tam? days by 8 p m 6492 From Greenville to Warm' Springs. 12 miles an J ijaok. twioe a weik in Jua? July and Augu-t, and once a woek the residue of ih? year. Prom lit June to 31s/ Augutl. I>eave Gree ;vi,le Wednerday and Saturday at 1U a in Arrive n Warm Springs 'aiae days by 2 p m lieave Warm spring* Wtdn-miay aod iaturdsy at 4a m Artive at breenville same days by 11am From. Isf September to 31 't May. Granville Kat -rday t 8 a m Arrive at W^rm spring?? same d?y by 11 a m L_*ave Warm spring* ^aturd yat 11^ a m Arrive at tire nviUe Mm- day by 2 p m 6492 Fr?m Or-jenville. by W odbury and Meg<Ja leua, to Fltahaat Uill, 27 mil e and back, ence . a week L?*v ureenvill1 Friday at b a m Arrive at feasant liiil same day bv 5 p m L-a?e i'leasaat Uill Saturday at 8 a m Arriv- at Gretnvil e ssm^ ua bv 6pm 6194 From Jones's Mill-*, by aocky Mount,io Holly, 1 ? m l *s aud back ou*ea weet L-aveJvn'Vs Md;Surdaya Sam Arriv- a: Holly f-m?* lay by 12 m Leiveii"!!- Si ur ay at 1 p m Arrive -t J. ces'? Mil g 8am>- day by j p iu tf4Wo From Pi-^a^ant Mill, by BHlevue. Blnff rp lnpv, W'Vcrlv Hull, a'd KHeravills, to Columbus^ 40 m'l?*s and ba<-k, t?ite a wevk L?'ave Tlea^nt Hill Wednesday and Saturday a t 7 a m Arrive at Oolumbus sam^days by fi p t.i L-ave Columbus Tuesday an i Friday at 7 a m Arriveat l-a=ant H>If fame days bv 6 p m 6HW From Knoxville ?:y Horvwt-H, to Ru-?< Ilville, 12 mil's and buck, nee a week Leave Koox vile .-atMr lay atS am Arrive *t iisi'e'lvill'' fame 'lay by 12 m L^ave Rtif?rllvilleSetur.iayat 2pm Arriv- at Encxville ame day by 6 ]?m 64W7 From Knoxviil# to liammock' (>r>ve, Cullo d?*ii, acd Wajnm-tnsv l'e, to Tbomastc-n, "Jt mi!u ? and b ck. tvricea we> k Leav* Knoxv:lle Mruday and Ft if'ay at9 a m Arrive at"?immaston samsday^ by 6pm Leave Thomaetou Tuesday and Saturday nt 6 a m Arrive at Knozville same dayp by 4 p rn 6498 From KnoxvRle, by Hickory Qro?e, llootetis vill',<J rson-ville, Piattsbui?-, s'd Centr?, tc Talbot too, 1(7 mile* aud back nee a week L*ave K ox?* lie W doesda a', fi a ui Arrive at Tj-lhoit' n ?aim- day l>y 7pm l^ave Talbot on Thursday as 6 & m Arrive at Knoxvttl" <udi< day by 7 p ia 6499 i r <m Crl tmbus, by C ttaire %??11, aaJi a'own, Pa- naha chee, LoKpkin, ^uthburt, and ot ton Hill, to Fcri, 79 miles and back, tbie* tim-s aw**k Leave Oolumbuii Tuesday, Thursday and Satcr day,at 4 a m Arrive at Fort Gaines $ame c'aya by 12 night L?avc *"rt Gaint-.-' Monday, WeiEcaday and Fri day, at 4 a m Arrive at Columbus Fauie days by 12 night 6500 From Colnmbu*, by Pie?Imon*, Mu'berry Grove, Mountain lliil, aid ? hlts ville, tic Weft ''tint, 3S mi e> a^d ba*k t?ije a veefc I.rave 'V4um. us l u -day and FiM^v, at 6 a m Arrive at VVe^t Point Kaiae d?ys by 0 p.m L> ave VV'St Point \Veln?*day and --aturday al 6am Arrive at Colombu* -ame davs by 6 p m 6o0l From Fort Gaiues, by Bl?kelv i'jne Ridge, > team Mill, and Ar^yle, to Obatt hooccee Fla, "S miles aud ba k. twice a week Laave Fort Ga n--s Welnefd'v and Saturday ai lpm Arrive at Cbattiho<v?b*e next d ?ys bf 8 p ia Leave Chattahoocbeo Tu?.day and Friiavat t am Arrive at Fort Gainer n-xt da vg by 12 in f\rr lift po/tmai'eri in G'argii authori*-d to ret tify to the tvjici'ncy of guarantors, ;ee " Inttruc Hons * annexed. FLORIDA. Buldt. s are requested tc examine carefully the m t^ruc'ims, '"orms of projnotal die., attached to l/ii< advertUfnent. 6801 From Charleston, S C, by Jacksonville, Fla M .udarin, Maccnol'a Mill*, MM 'le . r<, Pi o lata, acd Orange Mills, io P latka COo milt, aad ba-k. twick a e k Le*r e Char lea ton Tue t?y and Satnrrfay at 3 pn Arrive at Jmk nv b n at da^sby 12 m i?" ^'l^O'vills Wednesday snd Sunday a 12 m .\rrive at Pilatka next !ays by 6 a m L-ave Pilatka Monday and Thursday at 9 a n Arrive at Jacksonville next day* by 3 ?? m Leave Jacksonville Tuesday and Fpidav at - am. " Arriveat Charleston n?-1 dtysbylO a m Bid. to ex ten I to Wclaka are invited ?80S Fern Jacksonville, by Parbar'f, AUiK?tor L ttl^ li?erf M^n*)ii SpriDgi. Crln<nbuf Maiiaou, Sandy Ford, and Monticallo, U T?ll .haa^ee, 192 miles and hack, twice i week. ^ Leave Jacksonville rund .y an! Vfedncrisy a 7pm A: riv at Tall ah as ee Id 48 hour?, by 7 p m L?tTs Tallabsaeee Sunday ?rd w?dn??d? v at! am \ir1re at Jaskaenvillel* 4% hours, b) Z n w 0803 From $ Augutina to Ploolata, 18 mil* ud beok. four times a ?*?k fceav* ? Augustine Sunday ?nd Walnetdey at 8am tad 12 m Arnvs it PltotftU MM day bf lp ? and S pn Leave Pieolatu M0?d?J and Tfcll'liiy ?t ? ? maodltm ' .. Arrive at 8t Aururtlna MM* days by 11 a m and 5pm 8804 From Pliatka. by Orange Spring*, Orange Iaks, Silver Fp-iag, Ocala, Oaap laafd, An E-tta, Piercevill . Melendas, and Fori Tiy ; to Tampa, 168 milt* and back, twlaa ? weak Leave Pl'atka Monday and Thursday at 7 a a Arrive a' Tampa next Wednesday a%d Satur day by 4 p m Leave Tampa Monday end Thursday at 2 a m Arrive at Piakanext Wednesday and Satur day by 10 pm Proposals to omit Bilvrr Ppang will be con sidered. 0806 From Pl'atka, by Wrlaka, Vo'uMs, and En tarpr ?e,to MHlonville 130 miles and back, enoe a week. Id steam bea' ??eave Pila ka Monday at 8 am Arrive at M? llonvl e next day by 11 a m L?-avf MelloDvillv Tnwdty at 1 pm Arri?e at Pilatka next day by 8 pm Bid* to commence at Welakaare invited 6800 From Enter pri-,- to New 8m; ma, 30 alias and back, once a we?k Lea-a Knterp-ise Ta-riay it 8 a m Arrive a< New Smyrna ame day by 6 p a Leave New 8myrni Moediy ?t 0am Arrive at Enterprise Mine day by 0 p m 6507 From Mew Smyrna to Indian liiver, 190 miles and back, twice a moo h LeaVrt New Smyrna on the 1st and 3d Wednea da's of each m nth Arrive at Indian River In 6 days L?*v* Ii di .n River on the 3d and 4th Satur days of e?ch ra n h Arriv* at New Smyrna in six day* 0^08 Frnm ndlan River, by Jupiter to Miaal, 188 mi'e* ao 1 bsck, o ce a moo'h l>eave Indian liiver on the Jet Friday of each mnnth Arrive at M'ami In 6 days Leave Miami on t h?2d Friday of each month Arrive at lndUn River in Odays 6809 F' Om K*y West to Miami, 800 miles and back, onre a m >eth Leave Key West on tile 8th of each month Arrive nt Miami by the l*th Leave Miami on the l?tb of each month Arrive at Key West by theS4th 6810 Fr< m Newnansville by Fort Clark, Waca htotie, Mlcanopy, Flemington. and Newton, to O* ala, 67 mil** and back, twice a wet-k, supnl in* Wacahoctie only on tb? return tr p on Friday, and omitting Mioanopy on that trip Leave Newn&nville Wedaueday andSandsy at 7am Arriv at Ocala next days by 10 a m lieave Ocala Tbur-d^y and Monday at3 p m A- ive at Mwnan><vilie next days by 8 p m 6811 From Newna i vile, by Bllb>vUle and Provi dence. to Alligator, 40 miles and back, tvica a week Lea e NVwnansville Thursday and Saturday at 9 am Arrive at Mllgator i am* days by 8 p m I<eave Allecat r Tu??d?y and F iday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnanmll- lame dayJ by 5 p m 6812 From Newnan-vilie. by ct L ale, to Near River, it miU? aod bark, onre av,k Leave Newnan-vil e Thorsday at 1 p m Arr ye at New Rive-sam day by 8 p m Leav* >ew River Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Newna'i'v.lle same d?y by 12 m 6813 Pr in Newnausvflle. by Tustenug e, San a F-, Cl-y Landing, *ac ?asra, and Loi.g PoV. 'o Acsena Otie, 119 miles and back, once a week Leave ewransvil'e Wednesday at 7 am Ar- ve at *UenaOtie next Saturday l>y 8 m Leave At ena otie Faturlay at 11 a Ar.ive ?t Newnmsvil e n?xt Tuesday by 8 p m 6314 Fr m V?wn?n vide, by Fort -a lee, to Mid dieburg, &0 miK ? ani >a k, noe a we*k I^eave Newnansville VIe In day tt Sin Arr:ve at WHdieburg next day oy 0 p m L-ave Midd^ebu g 'uesdUy at 6a m /\riive tt Newn&nsvili- next day by 11 a m Bid? f-r eemiW'ekly rerviee wiU be con side- ed 0*16 From Sew River to tf idd!ebarg, 30 mikt and back, once a week I-eav Now Blv-r Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv at <11 d eburg sime day by 7 p m Le.Tc Middlebur^t Thu eda. a 7 a m Ariv- at New River name dty b 7pm 6816 From ar/'s Ferry to Fort ilarieo ?nd back, on at a wee Biddern will rta'e the dist nce and pr?po?e a aclrdule of dep^rturj" unl arrivals 6817 ^rom Alli^&tor, by Durham and Olustee, to New nivr,46 mllen aad btck, onoea we? k Leav^ Alligator Friday at 6am Arrive at ?w KiTer tun? lav by 10 p m I>eave Ne- River Saturday a 6 a m Arrlva at Alligator ?am- day by 10 p m 6S18 From Alligator, by Suwhn >ee flh ala, to Biou t'a i'erry, 3<i miles and back, onoe a week I'eave Alligator Friday at 5 a m Arr v? at Bloun's Ferry same day by 6 p m l<o*ve Blount's Ferry Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at All ga or ey oy 6 p m 6819 From Al.igator, by White Sprins^, Ja?per, 11-llevil.e Jecniigs, ? h rry Lave, Haj.bur.'. and Ciiftoc to Monticllo. 96 miles an bacx onoe a week l^uve Alifiator Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Mooticwllo next Wednesday by 9 p m Leave M n ice lo 'Ihur day at 6 am Arrsve at Alligatrr n^xt Saturday by 1 p m Bids lor oemi weekly service *111 be considered 6820 From OraDge Springs, by Morrioon's Mills and Fort Crane, to Alicanopy, '&} milee and lack, take a week Leave Orange Springe Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Micannriy tame days by 1 p m Lsave Mican py Tuesday a^u Friday at 2 p m Arrive at 'range Springs aiaie days by 10 p u? 6S21 FruinO ala, by Ling to A tamsville, 30 miles and back, onre a week r^eave Ocala ~atur ay at 6 a m Arrive at Adam^villi ame day by 6 p m I-eave Adam Vii.e Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Ocala same Jay by 6 p m 6823 From Adam >ville, by Pin? Borcujh and L*ke UntSn, io K?rt Butler, 60 miles aid buck, once a week I>es ve A iaw-ville Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Fore Butier nex day by 7 p ui L^ave Fort Butler Tnur-tiay at 8 a m at Adamsville o xt day by >'i m 6b23 From Aug -?ta o llomosaxca, 12 milt?s aul back, twice a week Leave Auguesta Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at lfcino<i*?a Fame days by 19 m Leave LUmor-asea Weduesday and Sacurdav at 9 o m Arrive at A u^usta tame days by 0 p ta 6894 From Melendei, by Cedar Tree, to Fort Dad.>, 21 iuLch ana I act. one a week. J^uve ><el?ndei atardd^a 1 p m Arrive nt Fort Dade ?ame day by 8 p m 1. ave Fort Da .e 8a*urday at 5 a m Arrive at >ulende> fame day by i9 m 0^26 From I'isrceville, by Springfield, to Bay Port, li> miirs aud back, oace a w ek, 1<t-av?* ri^r?-e?ille Satuiuay at 6 I m Arrive at Bay I'or. same day by 12 in Leave Bay Port Saturday at 1 pm at P ercevd e same day by 7 p m Otiiti From Bomo-affa, by crystal Kiver. to Long Pond, 40 miles ?nd back once a week. Leave Ilomosas a Friday at 2 p m Ajrlve at L ng ??o d nex day by 6 p m Leave lx>ng 1'ond ihurtday at ti a m Arrhe at II mofvca r^xt uav t v 12 m * Bids io extend to Clay Laa?iu-; ?nll be consid ered 6H27 From Tampa to BlauxUv, 4^ c.i'es and back, onoe a we k Leave i'mui-a .iiureday atoain Arrive ut K uatee next day b 13 m I."av? Man a Tee Friday a> 1 p m Arrive at l\inpa net Jay by 6 p m 6S28 From Tampa to Old Tampa Ba,, 80 miles and ba<-k, ono?- a week * Leave Tampa Men ay at fl a m Arrive at Old Tampa Kay same day by 6 p m I<eave Old lampa Bay Tuesday ai t> ? m Arrive at Tampa same day by 6pm 6829 From ramp., by Kennedy's 8.ore, to Iche puckesaesa, 30 milee and beck, once a week. L*ave I ampa Th ursday *t7 a in Arriv* at Ich>-hucker assa s^mr day by 6 p m l.eave Icbepucie a sm Weace day at 7 Arrive at lampa eamedav ry 6 ? m 6S30 From Ichep"cke3ars? ta J. rnlg ?. 62 miles d back, once a w ek. I^aye . - h puck sa?S Fr day at 0 * m Arrive at j>rauan next day by 12 m Le?ve Jer Uan Saturday at 1 p m Arrive ?t I In pec .es sea next day by 6 p m 6831 From Melkuville to JernUan, 90 miles acd tack once a week. Leave Mellonville Tuesday at 12 m Arrive at Jernig n om' d.y by 8 p m liea^ a Jernlgan ednesday at 7 n m Arrive at *! Ilonvlllc same day by 4pm 08X2 From T^llaha ee?, nj : ewport to St Marks, 33 ir ilu and b4ck, thrra'|mr? a weak. Leave Tal -h^s a Mcnday. Wednesday, and Friday ?t7?m " Arrive at St Marks same days by I p m l*ave at Marks Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur dayat7am Arrive at Tallah-aree sam? days by 1 p m 6833 From Tallahassee, by Hicoeuki*. to Buaker* IIi 11,28 arlrs ?nd >ack, twic a weak. Lca.e Iallabassee Monday atd Wadne^ay at I am Arrive at Bunk-r'a Kill came days by 5 p m Leave Bunker s Hill Tuaeday and Thursday at I am Arrive at Tallahasse-eamadays by 6nm V*L *2 ^ wauksenab, 18 miles ao< back twleaavaek. Leave TallUiaf^ Monday and Wadna>?lay at i am Arrive at Waikeeoah same days by 12 m Ixave Weukeenah Monday and lVado(fd*y a I p m ' at TsUahaaaas a&me days by 7 p m (US From Ttlltbeeeee, kr BtbUd-o. Shell Faint, Pintotft ud So^enopp j, to Walker, 00 miles I/an TnllrtiM-se Wedn*4ay ?t * a m Arrive at Walk** Mit As* by 11 m Lnn Vtlkw Tbcniiy at 1 p a Arrive at Tallaha see aut dajkrlfB esse I.OB T Mrtnn by Mom Btal v's, on the TtfogM river, to Ridieyiville, and net, one* Bidden will state the t'stanee aad propose a rh'hli S8i7 from SrUleplea to ftahoiloway, 90 bUm an< baca, om a week Leave tftUepfea V n4?y atiia Arrive at Fiaho'lowar iuh day by IS m LwTt Finhol oway Mooda} at I p m Arrive at atilep ea mb? oay by 8 p m 6SC8 Pr '? H*di?on. by' haries Mi 11a, Charles Imy, udHtf Boat n. to Clay fcatdlrg, SO miles and bank, oooa a week Lwt* Madteon Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Clay Lai ding neat WeJneedsy by 6 pm L<?v? Clay Landing Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Madison next Sa rday by Op m 6839 Froaa Madi-on, by Hamburg and CHftou, to Qrovereville, Ga., SO aiki an back, one* a twk Leave Madison Monday at 6 a o Arrive at Jrorerrri'le ?ame day by 0 p m Leave Grovemille T>eedai at 6 a m A rive at Madia ?n aama day by 0 p m 0$40 From Wauke^nab by eas'.ey. Moeely Hall mod St ll*p ea to Mali*on, 32 mJ?t and back, owawak Leave fftukrnab Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Madison sane day bytpn Le re Ma is a Friday a <5 a m Arrive at Wankeenah mb? day by 6 p m 6541 From Quiury to Cba abooebee, 81 miles and back, t ree tinea awtk Leave Qainoy Monday, Wednesday and Friday itTan Arrive at Obattaboocbe same day* by 12 m Leave Cattahooc'ee Tuesday, Thursday and "atarday at 7 a m Arrive at Q iincy rame days by 12 m Bids to oommsnoe at rallahasseare Invited. 0843 From Ba nbri ige. Qa, by Chattah' ocbe Kla.. <>c*- >see. West Linton Ki lley-vilie, R ckoe'r Bluff, Icla and fort Gadsden to Apelachko la, "J06 mile.* and bark, tbrse time* a week from the I ^ October to 1' tb June of e?-h year, and twi?? a week tie residue, in fir>t cltae steam o>mts, wit. the privilege of ustvc two bor e coacbee from Bain ridge to Chutta hooeba when the river is too low far naviga tion. From 15W October to l&tA June. Leave Ba nbtidgeTuetday, Ihurjday aad Set u day at 2p m Amve at Apaiachloola next Wednesday and Friday a* 4 p m and Monday at 11 a m Leave A alackyda tuaday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6 a in Arrive at Bun bridge next days br 8am From Utih June to 1 bth October. Leave Bainbridge Tuesday and Saturday at 3 P m Arrive at Apalach'eola next days by 4 p m. L ave Apal*c ilrcla Monday at 10 a m, and Wednesday at 10 p m Arriv* at Bainbridge next Tuesday by 11 a m, and Ihured-y by 10 p m 6343 From Oh Uahoo?he?, by NarUcna, Crowell. Campbellton. G-neva, Ala. AnVr^on'a Mill. Fl?-, GeiitFT lie, Almirinte. Milton, ?nd flor id to <n, to Ptusaoola, 200 miles and back, twW a wek Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Saturday st 8pm Arrve at Pensaoola next Friday and Tuesday by 4 p m Leave ensacola Tuesday and Friday at bam ArriV- *t httahoochee next Thursday aad > unlay by 5 p m 6844 From Apala li col*, by Chattahoochee, to Co unting. <>*. and back, occe a week. Biid-re will state the d -tanee, nam* interme diat-* office . and p""p se ? schedule 6S45 From ?'a i-nna by Orange ?ill. Verooo. So g as .villa, and Knox I'chee Anna 64 mil s and bare. on*e a week Lav Mana in a Th red y at Cam ^ rrive at Uehee nna next day by 6 p m L-nve c'?o#e Anna Tuesiay ?t6am Arrive a. *arianna next day by 7 p m h d? or semi- eekly ??rv1ce will be oonsilered. 6946 From Wert Wintoi, by Aspen Grove, to Abe Spring 22 miles an! back, once a *> ek Le?ve Weet Wi ton Monday atiam Arrive at Abe 8 rirg snme day by 12 m L ave Abe Hpring Mood y at 1 p m A*Vme %t W?st wlnton s<ra? dsy by 8 p m 6347 Fr m Vernon to8' Andrew'^ Uay, 46 milts and back, one* ? week ].?av# Vernon Fril?y fct 6 a m Arrive nt St Andrew'^ Bay same day by 8 p m ljenve 8t Andrew's B?? Saturday at 6am Arrire at Vernon mb? day by 8 p m f-848 From Milton, by Coon Hi 1, Nathansvllle, AU . a"d *ort :-.awf rd, to Spa.ta, 70 mile? and back, ones a week Leave Milton Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive *t epar an'ii day by 6pm L?ar? Sparta Friday at6 a m Ax rive tt Milton n?-xt day ky 6 pm 6849 From Mi ton, by Ka?t ?iv?r an ? Alaqua, to Co Anna. 89 lies and lack, onoe a week. L?av Milton Wednesday at^im Arr vent Uch"" Anna nex Fri<l*ybyl0 p m Leav* Cchee 8? nrday at 6 a m Ar iveat Mi* ton next Monday by 6p m Bidn for st-ml weekly srrvic? will be conridere-i 6860 From fensMola by Blakriy, Ala., te Mobile, 57 miles and beck, daily L ave P* nsacoln dai.y at 12 m Arrive at M b'le next day by ? a m Leav* Mobile daily at 7 a m Arrive at Pensaiola n-xt days by H a m 6311 From PeasaooU to Warri-gtoa, 9 miles asi back dai y Ltav- Pensacola dally at 8| a m Arr ve at vv?rriugto? ssme day by 6| a m Leave Warriugtoa daily at 7 a m Arr ve at ?*ei ao?l? ttn? day bv 10 a m 6352 From New Or ea-s La, by Pen<??cola, Fla^ A.p' 11h hi'cla, St Marks, Cedar K?y-, Tam p and Mauatte, to Key West, 1,000 u,il-a and b?ck, ' wice a month, in eteamboats Leave \?w Or eaus on the 10th and 24lhof each month Arrve at K v West on the ^Oth and 4th Leave Key W<st on the 10th axd 24:h of ea< h month Arri*e at New Orleans on the 20th and 4th hbr list of post-*astertin Florida aut'iorufd to certi fy to the tufhcuncy qf cuaranton, see " Jn<(rv> tions" annsx-d INSTRUCTIONS Form of a proptaa! tcKerc no cJiangt from alvfr'.w. ment is oonU mylaUd by the bidder. I, ? of , county of , Stat* of , prupo.'t- to convey be mail* from Juiy 1, I860 to JuneoO, 1869, ou route No lr-m to ??. agreeably to the adfer isement of the Postmaster ueu?ral| dated January Ix, 1865, and l*y the following ui .de of cony yance, vis: f<?r the annual sum of dollars This proprsil is male with full knowledge of the distsu e > h- rou e, the weight et the mail to Le carried, and all cihTr particulars in reference to the routs and eervice, and alto after full examina'icn of the inet'nrtious and requirements attached to the advertisem-nt. Dated [Signed.] Ibrm qf a Guaranty. The undersigned, residing at , State of ??, u derUke that, if th foregoing bid for carrying thr mail* on route No. be a oep el by the foetmia ter Qoat-ral, the b'.dd-r shad, pnor to the 1st day of July 1 *56, or as soon thereat er as may ba, enter into the required obligation to perform the service proposed, with g od and sulttcient sureties. Tbls we do with a ful knowledae of the obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors uud ?r th 27thseeden of the act of Coigress of July *2 1830 Dated [Signed by two guarantors.] Fr>rm of Certificate. The und?rri*ned, po^tiuasier of , Ftate of , certifies und-r his o?thor office, thst he ie aojuain'-ed with the guarantors, and know* th.m to be men cf property, and able to maks good their guaranty. Dated [Signed.] Th?e sufficiency of guarantors on proposal* may Ve certltW by a judg<- o' * court ot record, and by pott B^Uri ??. the tollnw ng po t offices, and no oikert: In the Ftftte of YI&GiMA. post mister* of office# at the court house or county Met of each county; aod et A* ette, Berk Ij Spring*, Kerry*ill*, Beth any, Big li k, Br dgeport, Browntburg, Uuckhm non, Chrs'i nsbu g, ClarksTille, Columbia, tan Title, lias Tille Km r? lrairujounilr?lmouTh,Farm ?iU?, Krederi ksborg, Front Koyal, Goi -on?ri le Gieigsville, On a- do te, Harper's Ferry, Harris- n burg, Uowaidsri le, Kanawha Saline, Lexington Middieburg, Lynchburg, Morganttwn, Newbern New Market, Newtow , 8U-pb*n*burg. North Moun tain, >ak Cr jye, Old Point Comfort, P*tU>Ei*>ur<. Peter tbuiK, 8*lem.. ScctUril e, Shepherdsuw Union. Univert-ity of Virgiaia, Dppervi le, Warsaw, W?t?-rford, Wayu?fbaro', Weston, White Sulptur Springe also, Baltimore, Cumberland, Frederick, and 11a Sirstown, Md.; Uniontowu and Washington. l*a., iounuTille Tenn.; Washington and Oecrgetown, D.C. In the Ftate of WORTH CAROL'NA, postmasters of offices at tha court house or count *st of each county; and at Chapel Hill, Davidson College, En field ?ay-tteyilli, Franfelinton, Gaeton, Ooldsboro' Oreeneb r ?*, Henderson, Kenans-ills, Milton, Mur fre?sboro,' Oxlorti, Ba'em, Sc tland Neck, Wil lams ton, Yanoeyril e. In the Stne of SOOTH CAROLINA, postmasters of offices at the eonr>bou'e or teat of justice ot t ach district, and at Aiken Bennett'Tiile, Bi-bopyi le, M cksTille, Charaw, Ock-sbury, Conwayboru\ T ue West Corner. O abamsTtl f, 0 rani fertile, Hamburg, Uar'i Blulf, Pendleton, Society Hill, Bta efourg, -wafer vi.le, Wa't"ib->ro' Winsbor?', Yo.k*ilie:nlso Unoxri le, Ten ?; CUytou, Ua. In the state of GK JKOIA, postmasters of cfficee at ths court house or eoontt-ssat ot each county; ani et AdaUrUU, Aiotny, Atlanta, Auraria, Bam* ,111a, Oelh?c.a. Oar er??UK wwaaraa olumbus, Dehl miv Falto%, Km T?Uil. fort Gelaee. I-*t > altey, Urdi, Kw7 mSk tpatBC*, ftHMt Kaaamw [oat- sua a, Marietta, Qaford, P?ni?id, y>udtawa, Willi in'. M?p * ?2 |ln the State of fCoklDA, J t the ooart bo nan or <runty*..|BJ?^1r>a ^ ?d at Appa aehtcola, Mleu py, Mlmi. ?Town. Ju^tr, Jeaainc*. Mandarin, Vwport, Ne* Smyrna, Pioa^'a, Tampa Deh? AauT Jala, Pl'atka, Qulacy. Warriegtoc tmditionj to bt mowy??W in ih* nerti an, u - extent Uu Department may dmrnprpm* 1. 9eveu minutes ?r* ?!Io?n f > aach Itl be offices wben not otherwise *;?afi?L fv, M^IU. W-.a it ie mm.? bat on railroad tad rta?Mi ni roeti i?re in to be no more delay thin it nMnmt tot aa tchang* of the mail tar* t- On rout** when* the mode of convevancc r it, the rpcc al agents of the Department, TZ ott ofSoe blank*. mail t>a?*. lock* aad keya, an ? a oonveyed without extra charge 3. On rai'read and steamteat lines, Br uafc ati anada mail*, when offered are lcI* poorer*! with, at additional pay; also, the ronte agent* of the d* artment, for whose exclusive u?* whit, travelling ith the mail*, a commodious <?r. or apartment la is <y.ulre of a oar, properly lighted. warmed, at>a lrniobrd. a? d adapts to th4-oc>nTaaieniaMMimeat nd due security of the mails, 1* to be pmrwi^ tie contractor, under the direction af the ber-Tv tint trips nat perfctm^. ?sfon* not mtimUr^niTL 1*7 of the tnP *,.7. far behind time a to ^ ? Hattmeotla ?d-aad lent. - ? 0*parv 4. No jar will be made for trip* n?t nd for each of each omlatdon* lamed three times the *d acted. For arrival* x> fat behind tin# *m u, annexion with depending m*ii*.,nd - xcused, one-fourth of thecompenaation hr tkl^Ic . -uhject to forfeiture IWu^TWy^J^ ft Vf"1- :T Vtrformv** in^^" * rwcifledm the contract. Fnrr? i^ateddebr>.,^5" f the kind herein sfiecifW. enlarg-d ?rtionnd to the nature thereof and the * - f the mail, may be made > 4. For leaving behind or throwing off the m^u IT portion of them for the admiaaion of trrr r for bein* concerned in setting up or running xproes conveying commercial intelligent ahaL '' ? quarter * pay may br deducted ?. Fines will be impoae<l. unleaa the 4Utmm m promptly and mtiaferterily explained bT nTitu ate* ot postmaster*. or the affidavits of ' ther^Z table peraena, for falling to arrive in centract mZ or neglecting to take the mail from, or dabwTt ?ar*L ?atTmriag It (owing either to th! naultablepeMof the plao, or manner of '"jnred, destroyed, robbed, or I oat aadfcJ efumng, after demand, to convey the mail u ?y_ laently a* the contractr>r run*, or i* ccn-wy ^ UeDI^'i C*mCh' <*'? #r 'team boat on a route. 7. The Po*tma?ter General may annul the coo tM ?>r repeated fkilurea to run agreaab'y tr> ontra? ?rdiaobeyingthep.?? ofBce law., or tbe inSS. ion* of the Department; for refuting to dj-eharm earner when required by the Department todcac (?r OMigning the contract without the a*aeat of tk* 'ostmarter Ueneral; tor running an expreae a* aJbr? uid; or for transporting peraont or packa^aa ^oa t-yin?c mailable matter out of the m&U. '? ^b** Po*tma*ter General may order an incna* f service on a rout* by allowing tbere* r a pro rata Bcrwuie on the contract pay. He may ehanm he schedule of arrival* and departure*, without ncrea*e of pay, provided he doe* not curtail the mount of running time, lie may al*o order aa fr-r:: fp1' ^ allowing, within the rertrte. .".of t|lr '**"? * pro rata increase of pay for the i ldiuonal *toek or carrier*, If any. The extractor cay. howeTer, in the caee of in- renae of tneed re luquiah the contract by giving prompt uotare to th* Apartment that be prefer* doing *o to carryic* th? r^rlnt0 The l'oatma*ter General ij^alae urtail or diacontinue the eervioe, at pro rata da rea* of pay, allowing one month'* extra <x>ar >enaation on the amount di.?j en?ed with, whenever n his opinion the public iutere*te do not require the *??,?? in case he detdres to supersede it by a <liW (ot grade of tranoportat on. n ^*ymcDt> w'" be mad* for the service by oollaa .ions from, or drafts on po*tma>U-rs, or otherwise iner the expiration of each quart* r?eqy in Febra try. May, August.and Nonmber. 10. The distance- are given acoonling to the best .'?formation; but no Increased pay will be allowed mould they be greater than advartised, if the point* r? supplied be correctly eta ted Bidden must in form themselves on this point 11. The Poetmaater General i> p rohibited bv law r-om knowingly making a contract f rthe transi-^ taOon of the mails with any person who shall haw entered into, or propow d to enter into, any combina tion to prevent the makin; of any bid for a mall c?nf^ft by ">7 other person or peroons, or who snail have made any agr^ment. or shall have gives r>r Performed, or promised to give or perform, any r^nsideration whatever, or to do or not to do any irung whatever, in order to induce any other persoa 2? persons not to hid for a mail contract. Particular ?6^nt>on Is ,called to the 28th aectiori of the act g( .?.??, prohibiting comhinationt to Diwvent bidding * ?ii t Si w*^ed after time, via: 3 p m ot the lfth April, IS?6, or without the guaranty required ?.? ?w, or that conibme* several routes in on, sm of " mpensatinn. cannot be conrtiiemi in ?mpetition srith a regular proposal reasonable in am? nnt. 13. Bidders should, in all <-as*<. fir>t r>rcpoH. for service stnctly according to the advertiwment, and then, if they desire, rparately f.,r oillereni wrier and if the regular bid be the lowest otlerwd for the *'ivertised service, the otiler bids tn?y be considered; ?* 'be alterations proposed are reconim. nded by the postmasters and citixens intere?ted, or if they shall fcpp?*r manifestly right and proper 14 There should be but one route bid for ia a propoaa!. 16. The route, the aerie*, the yearly pay, the name and residence of the bidder, and *boee of each member of a firm, where a company otters, sliouid ie distinctly stated, also the mode of conveyance. If a higher mode than horsetiack be intended. The words '* with due celerity, certainty, and security," inserted to indicate the mode aT conveyance, trill oonstttute a "tlar bid.'' 16 Hidd rs are equestel to uss, as far a? practt cablo, tf e printed f >rm ? f proposal furnished ly the <"epartm-nt *o write out in In 1 the turn cfthetr t?ds> aLd to re'ain c piearf them. No a'ter-d bid? nan b? coPBii-rad, and to bid* oace submi'ted can L-e withdrawn. Kach b d must be guaranteed by t wo r*'ponabie P-;5?n' Gearral cua antee* caamt be admitted 17. The bid should be sealed: subscribed " Mail Proposals, State of ." addressed to the Sec ond Aesistaut Postma. ter General," Con ra t ( and ??nt by not by, or to, an ag-nt, and pat n#t nclose propoaa's (or lettfrg cf any kiaoj their quarterly returns ??ntracte axe to be executed and returned to ^Department by or before the 1st of ialy, lbM, out the service muet h? c. mmeno d on the mail day next utter that date, whether the c ntrarts beex* cured or not No proposition for tran ters will te oon-Me-ed ua?l the "cn'racts are ? xecut d lo doe f?rm and received at tb? d-rartment; and hen ?" allowed UDl*i gcod and suffewnt dwtewJTt ai* glVe?'10 h? arUrmiDrd bJ the rncL ?t offices on or near railroads, but ,r?m a station, will imm SSI'** ^ 10thwof APril next, report th?r exact distance Jrom the nearest station, and bow they are otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the Postmaster General to direct a mail messenger supply from the 1st af July next. lI"1Sf^,[ 18 of an act of Coatrem, approved March 3, IMS, provides that contract* for the trans portation of the mail ahall be let, " in every case tc Md'irr tenderinff ^ufflrieot iruariDtkf For faithful performance, without other reference to the mode of such transportation than may be neces sary to provide for the due oelerity, certainty, and ?ccurity of such transportation." Under this lav a new description of bids has been received. It doe* not specify a mods of conveyance, but engages to take the entire mail each trip with oelerity. certain an(l security, using the term.* of th- law. These J?1 ^ styled, from the manner in which they are designated on the books of the Department. ** &ar tAdg," and thev will be construed as providing for the "?tire mail, furuxvrr large, and whatever man themadeof conveyance wceuary to uaurr tit " oelerttg, certaxnty, and security," In all ca^es where tlie lowest grade of servies is believed to be sufficient, the lowest hid will be accep ted, if duly guarantied, in preferenr* tea" stir' or specific bid. , ^ hen the lowest bid is not a star bid. and ipwiln either mo mode or an imadrenal* mode of oonvevanoa, it will not be accepted, but set x-%i<ie for a spei-illc bid pr<,pc?^in< the necessaiy service. When the bid does not spe-nfy a m?ie of coa* ?eyance, aloo, when it proposes to carry ? s-xirding to the advertisement," but without su< li s|ie? ibcaCon It will be considered as a proposal lor horseback ser vice. 21. A modification of a bid, in auy of its essential terms, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be received, so as to interfere with r-golar competition, after the la>t hour set for receiving bids. 2tL Postmaster* are to be careful not to certily the sufficiency of guarantor* or sureties without knowing that they are persons of sufficient respon sibility ; and all bidders, guarantor*, and sureties are distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for the sen Ice proj-o??l for in the accepted bids their legal liabilities will be en forced against them. ? . _ 23. The contracts will l?e substantially In the tonat heretofore used in thi> Depaituieut, except tu ths respects particularly mentioned in these instruc tions; and on all railroad and stenmls-at n.ates tba contractors will be required to deliver tb'- mails nic the post offices at the ends of the routes and into aU the immediate post offices, not more than eighty rods from the railroad or landing. t4. 1'reeent contractors and person* known at ths Department, must, equally with others, procure guarantors and certificates of their suffiusn^y rutv stantially in the forms above prescribed. The cer tificates of sufficiency must le si 'ued by a postaaas tar. at oae of the places b??< re aaiued, ?t a judge ot a court of record. Postmasters at the ends *<t rouUs on *b ch th? y think the present mode of conveyance inadequate, ?hi a*Uh the mail each trip for six rucoe?*1r^ wcete" on weekly routes, sr.d three weeks on otWr rcutea andrreport the result by lOthApril, ISfci J(HV CAMPBtLU , j*i J>?8li?r PoetsOcnrtal

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