Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING QTAIt PUBLISH? EVBRY ATTEKNOON, 4 ? r P**#? aywMYAi 0 - ?f >4/ fV- Star B*U4ing> evntr P*n*4i~t\*amia cvrmu and E'twrtik strut, ,b^pwallac4i a iior e , Will be ?enre(l to (ubjcriktrs in the cities of Wmh iHjtim, Georgetown, AJ? xajirtria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AM) A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Ajent*. To a ul rab*cnbcr$ the ?uh*eript!on fc>riee i>* THREE DOLLARS AND riFTY CENTS a rear In ?^roire. TWO I>OL LARS fhr SIX MONTHS, ami ONE [MILLAR for THREE WfMITfl?. 5^9i<fli.s coriit om cur. I I w* VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D/C., TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 1855. ? it Hi ..... , , * _ ? i a .. ^f. a.i. ? * ? ?-.i ?* ' * ? - ??- ? * 4 NO. 689. THE WEE KEY STATU 0*0 U? fb<?4laaay Ten do to ami. J, i 00 .. .. 810 CtT- CAfM, MwAM AJIf*. . , 1 . II CCf~ Siaflc copies <ui-*r?pyee?) caa U procwed at +* *?**?? ?c paper. Price?nur carr*. ?? )llv||l -A* '1 ? rot-r* *-Te*n who art a* agejits will be allorv. 4 > n>?:mh)4n*nri?MiM ? y.M.i CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THo Great P?t<?iv of tha Blood! ?. * lot * Pftiticlt of Mercury In It! Am U**U*3t? Rkmsdt lor Scrofula, King's Rbeumetii*, Obstinate Cuiaaeone Kraptions, Plraviee or PfewfeV* th* fbe*, Blotch**, Boil*. Qhxaolc Sore Ejm, '.ting Worm o* Tetter, SaaU 1 BM, *ah?rr?mert aou Pale ?T tbe ?o4e? w4 Joint*, St?t>Sox-a Uloeve, Syphilitic Dte^rdw, LaaUfOt. Compla bU, t&4 all the iiwn* e ? vWh^dbu inJodWrna ow el dUrttiry, la prod n>* La Ufa, or Imparity of the B'ood. TH13 valuable Medicine, which hu become cel?? bnOed for the number cf ?xtr* rdinery cure effectetT fhrough !te e^ntry, bm ind'ured One propri etor, %t the urj nt requeet cf their friends, to offer Mliihf public. which they do with the u'aoAt cod fldence In fts *tr?a*s and wonderful curative prop <*U ? The fellowi ag cerlfl atea. ?elec:ed from a larg* trornVr, we, bowavr, ationg-T testimony than the mere wo**! of the p-oprfetor*; and ere all from gentlemen we'l kun*u -a th?ir loenlifcle*, and of the higher* respectability, many of th?m reeidinf in the city of Richmond. Va. F. BOYDtfN, **!., rf the Fx^hangb Hotel, Ki;h mood, known everywhere My; he has seen'be Med> icine ca'.led Cakth's gpawiSH Mixtcu, alm'uiatered in over e hundred casee, in nearly all the dlaeaaef fbr wbichit le recommended, with the no?t ant&n iahingly (C^?d r? <nilf He aays It 1* the moat ex tTa*m nary medicine he has ?fer seen. \M5tJB *Nl> PKYSR?ORBIT CUlHt?Jhereby certify that for thief years I had Ague rod Per?A of the m?>-t ??olentd(j^rtp;Hiiy T hsd several Phv ekiane, took l?rg- of Quinine, Mercury ind t bel eve klfth?T nlc* -vlrwrtl^ed, bnt all with out perron* nc relief. A* Sy>t I tri-d Carter^ ?ish Mixlu'vtwo botii'd oi .which effcctaeiLv I n*, i*n11 an happy ir> *?y 1 >we na?f i;eM'e?k chills or tevers since. 1 oond'JLec R the lett Tonic In this world, and the Only nedi?ine that wet reached ray case. ,% ?- JOKN U)MIDIN Diatu Drrca, near RWhracud, Va., O. B. lUCK, S&r^ j now la the city of Rkhxand and fbr many v*tr? (n th? T*oet bee each oonftdence i? the aitraJjTin^ effimoy of Carter'* Sp?a'dh Mixture. that In fcaa bought upwards ot be tattles, whkn he hu gives away to th9 afil ct^dy? Mr. L>aok aaya be h%? u?T?>r an;vn it I ? fiJt when taken vc *ding to directiona. j. Dr. MlSQJt, a praj'd.nrg Jlirdclan, and formerly of the City flotel, in the oliy c4 ikkhmend, ?7i h? haa wimewewl in a namb*r of Iur'^qom tb? offsets nt C?V* t+>nhh tfl 'tttse^ *4i?eh %wre tra y rurprkrfng . lie #?yt xu a cwy. ?f Oi>nv:a#f?t4on, de pendent ?n the Lire.*, th. good effec-i were woo derfnl indeed. SAMU&L M. cf the &na At Print'r & Momi, lacbm'rn'l, Wi4 cut^i cnre<l of Ihtvt ? cm SiaioT of thi?e eej.18 etending, by the a^r.f twi 'ttleii of Carter'# ttjan^h Mi/tuitj. . . ORKAT OtJnS 0/ sCROJObA ?The Kiitors o! e the Bishmonl i^publijan bit a-xe^Dt eGploye^ in their press r<x>m, cured of ?sio>nt gcrfcfuia. mm b*w?d vita Kh^umaiiBBi, which en'lrrly dbnb!<M fitwo wor'?. Two b ttlne of Curt??'b Pp?n?-b MUturc made a perfect ears of him, and the Kil ter- in a public notice, ?ay they '-cheerfully r*x>ni meal it to *11 who ?T3 a3icted with ?ny dkeeje oi the biootf " BTLLL ASCTIIltt CDE3 OP SCSOFUL.4~-Z hi.. tv?ty ralniM* boy nrei of 8c*cfula by Carter'? Spanish Mixt ara. I ^->nr.ller it ttuly a vaiaalle me-tlcinf- JAHSS M. TAYLIil, Cgn-laTt.-^' Q the R. P. and P. R. R. C<?.. R'-^itsioud. V*. BALI RHSUM OH 1>VKNTY YKAk.^ C7ANDISO CUiHD ? ? \lr. JOBS XMOMiVSON, redUni 4u the eity oi Enhmiau, w-m car? 1 bj three b ?tiLsj of CarterV BpauLh of Salt I'.hcum which he h*d for BMrly * years, end which all the pb~s-cians cf the t_ * v aid not riar?. Mr. ?lw?io?on i* a w? j k4. ? 4aL- ?u the ft i-i "hiorj l; n?l h>f i? ti. /* ii**Aahl-. , m VTtS. A. '2. VfTdHWS, cf RL-htao d a serraBt cure* u* ^j^hi'-ls, in th? worst form, Ly Oa ter's Span^h Mixture. lie e?ys h- ehecrfully recar;-! menda It, and ooikddcra it a yery lnvalunble mei cine. BCR70M, conml-Mioner ol th? r*Tenn-. aa> a he haa mo the good of Carter'? c pa nisi. Mixture in a nu!nb*r ?? ^vj-alliti; cases, and ?a>a it ia a perfect <?ure f-'t '-hat .'lornbte <iwoa?e. #M. Q. Kiiuajai, c*r?i nf old Boreeaad Ctoere, wh ch u.?tbl'?i hin fr?n wUkin^. Took a fe*r bottlea of'Ja- <*r*a ^paniah Mixture, acd w%s ea*M>d to w?lk viibout a or?U:h,ia * fehort time p?taanec.lj cured 1'rincipal Depota at M WAP.D, CLO0S A Cow No. 9^ Mai dan Lanv Sew Y">rk f T. W DYOTT 4 No. iSI No-tu ?ec?nd ft., Phil vielphia BENNETT A ??&??, Ho. 125 3(iain ?creet, Rich ttond Va. . . And for dale by <?I1ARL33 STOTT. TTakh'ogVn, D.C; HKNilY PJfifcL, Aiaiajjria, and by Drajgwte wwyibaa. Una* %i par bottle, or sia boUlea f t w?tt-tly Mott Bedell's Line. \?H' VQMK,41EXAXDRI-1, W.iSUIMiTOK CITY, -1SD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , . PACKETS. ^HI*? LING <>F PAfKETa BAILfJ \Vt>:KJ.Y T Ir.Mn pi?*r 14 River,New York,and oltenrr if ncce?ear>. and are vouip^^ed of the tnUowin; first claae vf??l? .New achr. -9. T. Pciell, B**ielL maMi-r. New achx. Hot: Bed*U. A. V. Treda cli. 8chr. .inn D., Win. '?liver, raaater. 8ch". I'oUmt, L. A. tiiuilh, maet^r. t*chr. Comirxiindrr-in-Chief, Wogl jm, matter. Mchr. (rretnuay, Wilson, maater. Tbeac veeerle are all fast aaiien. a ad Itoe maHtcra men of exp^nrtice in the trade, and the only tegu lar line of Washington Citv packet* M'/IT BE^EI.L, Wall street, N- T. P. 3. MASTERS * HONH, ? ?* Alexandria, V?. THOM AS BtLEY, feb 1 -4m Wafehmgton and D. C. DENTISTRY. S, MTJNSCN re3p?"tfhUy cal a pubHc atter.tiOB to hie new, patent, - jd 3KKATLY . ROVED raethod of -wttinft 'rtitlrteV' Teeth, with Coaanuot? Qum?thw verys p? Rpkcrrioi; o* t?? r art. ThketyU of Teeth hex Uie foQp? advantac? overall c there vte: aasar taTtikNOTH, CLK.iNUMab, COM. PO&I, and bJUUTY, tleiag with Nature la the*a respect*, and toaie other* excelling. Pubilo ir^pec tjen ia refpectfuily aolicitod. Plena cal? and aae ?peclmeca. CAUTION.?No other Deutia: is the DUttkt of Oo'-a abia hu a right to miu tola fitjle of Teeth. N. b ? Teeth coas'.Uu'iont'. y haalihy, pieggad and warranted for life. Office an1 houao at No. 208 2 atreat, near the cor aer ef t'e^r. ylrafita arent' and 14th street. BOY !??cf ' " TO IrtVCNTORS 1^a? office cf "The lnvecturs' Protection N?tiona. Union" ia on 711. ttreet, oppo?ite the fcaat Por tj?0 of the Patent Offi-e, and ia now ready to atteni to the b?<*tnan of it* ri-aibere, tatneir: in making araci. nation ?? and aslii ttsg ^it;, kc. InvenUrt^ an is. "i ted to cai- an 1 get a co^y of th. Conz.::aijn a^d ily u^s %r<.txa any lujbrma t&a will be g.ven UvkUag the Union. Aul lettsw btLune * ra?.ii i? direeted to "Ji5j c^ Coe, w-vre atteal.^i v>U be ^ren Uunsdiateiy. A c*jdei ah!-p }? n w-.^-tioa with the office, where awxWU cac. he tuada to order at the thorteet . -w li. a. GLAYTOh*. I3 ^9 Xy f reel l?*t I. P. K. O. PIANOS FOR ijAUS AND RENT. 1'HE eutMonbcr hae alwaye on h.?i*d a aMuiil mtot of Gnfoiui and American PI? ANOS, trout ibe vety l?**?t uiaintiiaeuirer*11 j" which he ntfrn for ?ate- at lo*"' P,K? than can be purcli???"d u? the Jhatnct of ? i?limit?ia, aiid ik> m<tx? accoNiuuiitakiig Lrruw- Ail l'ian?M purchaeedtr<>m :u> a>e warranted t" give ritisfac uoa. * >ld Pian.r. Ukfn ta fichanse. B. UKISS, Pr.?feee. r of Mu-*', ?... C. betw. Pourtt-eath and >'ifle*-ntii rueet*. ?b6?Jni* OLD, 31LVLR, SiITeL X PLATED SPEC TACLE? Xd >uit ?-vt r> itge and, eje. Riding Hpeca, R. R. Glasdea, Lye Pt.xcct"Lse Oiiaa^V <.f nil dencnp ? none. ftMaduiSt lilwert, Giggles; h.c? Parabola, penfucal, 1'iHicave, Convex, and Cokwed Gla^ee* puf to fraai*"i at ih< aborted notter. fer*tti? a went of ula-we- niay be aur^ to get iLO* whkh t?ne#l fhe eye at H. HEMKE.N'S, W V. 330 Pa avenue, betw. 9tu and 10th vie. law"* lia, iil' I r r .1 'aVbiiAilYh' AND IRON JAA> ieJ.v? d?> M ?eta l \ C^?Hutkfu> aaixtmeat e^ theee ch-a?? and du rable axtteles at tb4feotu*r<-r PenueyWni.iaat?au? mati r*ata afreet, ovar tte Waahui^toa >Kj7iag? w RALPH Ua?Kibd I u 5~ H S T. it f. frWiXK-r-'-i If vf ?*?ar?i ? 5o;r ttt W*DO:*oe, Ac., wifli ev*>th>.g t i ine t or.fec uou.try fine, in any part of the at ihe -noit ??t mxice, and on Ibe iwi reasooabie tenne, tea If^df . ? ? I >? .*. * DOCTOR HOOFl-AND'S L EB ftA TED <! >. -! II mmm fitters, pz. c. M JACXBOH, PhiU4!|u? Pa., WILL BrrBCTrALLT ccm LITER CMFI1WT, -BYSPRPglJl. JMJSMCK, C^lwie StTYout flebittty, D\*tate* of th* Aarfagy* mud aU status* mrirnwy from * di*. w&rcd Lirxt or &U*n*cK ? m i,a. v Such as Conrtipatiin, Inward Piled, Fullness, or - BTn.tffWtlw>mHI} A^rtftyoTtlfe Sttimach, Nan - sea, 'Heartburn, 1 Dtjgost *<* faod, FuM?ees <* weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at^the Pit ofthe^Stomyti. Swim IMu>tena<; al iWv Heart, Choking or dulfocatine S?m?atiou* when iii a lyir.g Pasture, Dimness ol Vision, Dole of.Wtba before the (figbt, Fever aof Dull Pain in the Hea I, Deficiency ut Perapirauou Yellowness ul? t-ie Skuu an?l Eyes, Painin tlu - A! ?' Baf,k* ^wb,? *??? ?#dden Flu-lus ol Heat Burning ihtfie Flesh, Coiwtam Iraagiu fireRt '^'Prewinn of Spirits. Till E proprietor, in calling toe attention of the 4. publi; to Uu? preparattoa, doe* so with a feel ing or the utmost cOnfidebce in iti* virtue and adap tation to ike dieses fsr which it i* reoohi mended h ii no neW And xntried article, bw one that ha$ sfoed tbete?t of ? ten yeans* trial berowtht? Aim ri can pcojjlf, and iu ifoutiuon and sale in unriv^!le<4 hr iriijr ?imirar vTUfti; The in i8s ftvor riven hy the mo*t p?on?inent fcj?d well known Physician* and Individ iai?, In i?H parts of I ?he country is l*dMn?. The foliowi ig frnni North C ;?? Itna is res??e tfully sub i iu rt, rrtVriiH# any who may still doubi, to a?y f*J|f umtaMlm," or Prac tical iluuk .'or t araiM* and Fafniiie-Ctn be bad gratis; ofal tftc A?e?u tor the Gukiiui Bittern. VEHTlMriSf F-RUM .SOHTU CAKOUSA. . c?rtijuate oj Dr. VC. SmitK, If Piu* Hiit, RuJi tnond County, N. C. h- ^ *? * Pw*jMu.-., March 4th, 1854. M. Jacks oh, iliflad' Iphit?Pear s^r * "J ftnrepfrn a subjert of Pjupepsta, in its woretr rtn, for the last five year*. Pitch was my condition for twelve months that rh* physicians and all who saw rne said I mn?t die. Wnile fn (his condition, F was carn-dI to the watering phic*. jn Virgmia, Tennes "?e and North Carolina, bat wa?n?t benefited by anf water w which I Was taken. While on my ?* Ratherfor-tton, a -mail vltfage in .North Carolina, t? try the fffeet i f I ??oaie Cha>yb*ate water in that place. About Lie iiM| ol Uw weec, 1 weal mi to a drug stor>- to ??>| aediciiku lor mv chihl and mysttf. Th^re were sev<?al ot Hie vej lye phyvniami m the stoi? and one ol them seeiaed totabe laterent ia niy case. aud,afier wkiag me some quvKtMuu*, mbmI hf hid l*eft*4yspe,?c,am| had be, n greatly b'n.i hoed by the iis? oi '? Ur. Uoort,.n(J's (.Vrman Bu ier?,U pn pared by yt-u, ar d lie iu^.ie4 that I would try Uve.biU-M Ue ai?<> called the at zt day at u.v room, ami lusted *? Hmm I would uy thtni tbat I asked bun to get me one Inittie. He did it and I commenced uking it n> directed, anJ f do say I was more benefitted Jiy it tii.ui all tiie water ari l loeiiurltie I ha4 ever ta\. u. A filer reaching home one of my neigh l?or? came to me for a preiu nption and medicine, (J* a d>Vpep tV*.) ari l i ira*.- him he,lrly tit the Hitters I had left which effected much goo.i iu Lis case, lie ha* oft. n,n me for more of the raoie fend of rnedi cine, saying hewas mire benefited by it than anv otlier he had taken, h it r have not been nNe to rrt any more (br hun or myself sine#; wilt yon, there-' fore, plra?e vhfp me a d >aen or more :u?->oii as pos sible. Respectfully yours, \V. BMITH. n. R HOOKBH. Uo??w*a ft?re, Wake Co., X. c., I < Mob^r M 1*53. .ays:- ? Uavine eiperienced verv 9<?it b: nefit Iron tb- use ot ? ilo?<l?,,d> Genn iii Biisets, in tjirwmc l?ysent< ry an.] functianal lie rangement?a the Liver, and us concomitant evils I am ibHiruua of oUaimne a quantity of it 1,? ihe' benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please r nd a lot, lie. fcv. ? ?ERTIFIC\TK OP WW. J. ATWOOT>. ?|w'7"ViLILi' ? N" C ' *<"? Ut> 1^3. Di.O. M Jackson?Pear Sir: Allow m? to ex pre?s to you my sineerc thanks for yonr discovery ora hte?iiHne which, to .-ay tlieteastof it, ha- ef fected a cure that all ft?5??-r m>vi trines, ftie.t I have ! taken, have entirely Puled to <1 >. "Hof.flandV Ger man Bmere^have curcd me of th? most stubborn f^,!?ihaW\f'Ue tever r I to th?* !?w 'i\ man Mr IwRBot a ttra.-iger in u is comrnauiTy, as I am w ell knows in this and tlie nrronn.lm* counri**, and can truly wtv that mv r? covery has astounded all my friends and relation* as I had trie?i everythintj recommended, and not??ii-f .hd me airy g?.>d until I <vk, pn veiled upon to try the Bitters. Vou ar?' at libertv to nake any wse ol thi? communication, for the benefit of the afflicted yon may think proper. Truly your?. WW. i. AT WOOD. t . aiam bktrr?i are entirety regtht/ihe, they invigorate I aaygpfcMgtlien the s}-t-*m, never |m>saate luaorf carn>; u?ed fbr infants as wtll as adulis. . r*1!\71 (ir:x,'JrK everywhere, and by z. D. GII.M AN, V*. a-bington; J. L. KIDWELL, ??eor^etowu^and J. U. PlEKPoNT, Alexandria, mar % a ? ?Jl- w?vpanij?s' coach factoky, OLSSrtb 11' in,n* Rain-y's Livery iUb'w >V1.NG to ths in.T^tis^J trcds which a generous bestowed apon me, I have b??n com peile^ to ere:t a uem and latger bollfing for the 0 ?**>?*? on of mv buaioM*. ii?r? I aoaii be en abled 10 rt*?rute all orders entrusted t- tn? HZ'"* a??l 1 woald roflo^ct tuby poddt a contmn*aoe of the publi/i pat-onag?. Carmg-s en i Wsgcna, of tht most mux! rn sty.e,, ballt of the best material^ and warranted to nirr satisfaction. . ep^irs ot every Irseriptinn pnnetnaliy attendei to. foe sals, cheap, a second-ban J Clarence Carrifcre, n^arU um? . ^ SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL be Kaflh-i! for as soon as the requb-ite number ofC'liaaees 1mv?- b?en taken, the fol loaiiig fplend d and ciwily articles, viz: let Prize. One spleuvljd gobi Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Hinging Bird aud ftday Chronometer, roost beautifully ? decorated and adorned with enamelled Panning* 6| fjQQ 2d Pnze. One Lady's Gold Wateb, ncbly 8?:t ' with Diamonds and Pamtmg on Enamel... Jvtt I 3d Prize. One Lady's UoM Watch, richly *? t w ith Diamonds, and PainUNg on Ei amH.. 1^0 4th Prize. One Gents Full Je*eled Patent Lever (with Compensator) golj llnntiog u Watch.. j0>< Sth Prize, lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased tiO Total value *mJoo There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollar* each. The raffle will take place at Hilbus & Hitz' Mu sic D*n?l, Htlr Birtldinr', certier Pa. awtine mid 11th street, where TicKeu cait be procured and the articles ar> <>u exhibition. Persons dwwasof pnwe-.-idog sdme o# Ike rtitxi I superb articles ol workniabaiup ever exhibited, have now an opp.vtunfty oMVred them of obtaining ?uch at au exucutely low price. Cailand examine for yourselves at the Music Do pot ot UILBCH & HITZ, Star Buildings, between Uie hours of 9 o'clock a. in. and 6 p. m. leb 7?tt PEOPOSALS FOR OIL FOR LIOirf.HOUSE? TBEASUHV DEPARTMENT, ) Oirioa l.toiiT Hocsk IIOAan, ? Miirch LO Lft.Vi I eEALKD PROPOSALS will be received at .his 1 . ??<-*e uodi i o'clock, p. in , on Monday, tlu-. X"iti day ot March instant, laiTi, for Mippiyuu 'he tight-house ert-iblishmeut with five tiiou-and (5,100) gallons best quality spring strained fptrni oil, in strong, small, iron-bound casks, in prime osder, free trou, leakage, contaiufng from thirty to for\y gallons each, and not excelling an average of thi.ty tivo ^alloH# eacb^ !?> l? delivered on board of a stiin at tiie city ol New Ycrk within ten day < after written ooiK-e >oeonifactor shnll have been received by hun, fre?* ut'eknrg>-, oihtr ihan the contract price tn the United States The oil cootraclcd for uuder the (ucaguuig ;po sals to be subject.-d to the usual tests id specific ijj.miy, teajp'TMOKfc ?>t wtoich It atll retr.ain Waipid. by burning and such other means ??> may b<- thought ;s >p rf by th?* person or persous to ?vhoiii tba*. duty may be assigiit-d by tlu* Light-IJouae Board, brxire it will be acceptec. All tests aad iiiapecuoi.s to be made p.ior to tbe trtny^atatioh of the oil fiom the contractor ? warehouse or other place of depoMte. Th?-tal to remain limpid at a tcinperatarc ol 4<j Je^res-e of PalKenheit or low *r. An bide met be sealed and endorse^ " Prop ?als for Oil lor Light house*," aod then placed m an-1 ati.?r onv9i<>p? and directed to ihe Becrjftary or tbe ' l?'jgbt-!l JHae boar/, Washington, D. C. Tlirbosrd, v,?er ?be r.uih^ritr of t*e d*|K.nm?ut ? f1 n,rr 8 '-b* Jigf t to je'ject Avf l'.&, it aaj he tlK ow^kt, 9tbfc coasider&apns than i?t am Mint . * - Ey order nf tlie l.igtit-Aou?e Poaidi 1 ,, ^HOJINlYry A JENKINS, .9" ' Si |l:lt| 1V Aft k* - - -W A T C H M A K E R , Hi J4U I30.PA.^VENUIt? '? Between Ninih and Tenth streets, WasMiksto*, d. c. I fall I'l?-*!t Vo^4*. f?r >.| ? > I l' " GHCi'r iwDUCttfliK^ ri. - ' ??JbN?l|JU>- BBMTUKK k W ' 999 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Afd., Otto# i* hny?T*, prftioas to ihetr annual *e? co ii)t pf rfp.vk, a tore1 stoefc <*' receut-v imported ff..ods, Kuth as WATCfrEf, JF.WEf/RY, BILVER WAMI^ JWdd ri'rt Hated ?>#N. OMi, GJiRD TO COST. * jan 31?tr sS8K)NER OF D&KD8 -TOR N?w Yrrk, j . i Tenaa. . - CaJL'ocola, ?few Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, " r'K?ntaoty( Hary?<uu\ : .A Michigan, Maine, Wisr.-r.Hin, Ohio, and Mlnuedeta,1' Tlbrida,' ' othw State*. . . r exoswsc. THOMAS, ATTQH^Er FOR CLAIMS, AJND I ROT ART PTTB1.1C. ?Vmstmirtt)* Pht**, mar Odd- F*llow*\ Hmit, , , SJVlNril STItK*r. Wauhcxstom, U.1"?. wiM ?.? ?"?"? 1 *. n. da\Tidqi, Attorney and Co?*i?Hor-at'LaWi '"' evMmrtf9iorfj?&. && f?i> ? ? '".???> ro? Srf.?UG w?! V YlrrlnU , NawY<ci ? .? , Wti/j? , . ~rntccVy, New Jer*?* 111!now bosietsD*, 0 tV^neMIrnt tfaaaachtuetta Mary lata i'annc;lvanln ftcriia 1 ?ntawi Alabama Iowa t^iU ' * <Ja!Jfcrirta ArkanaM * OpxflUct &4 Conveyancing in all it* fcr*n;??es promptly aa 1 ?O'Tratfllr executed. ? ? . , OA'*, L?ml*?n? avenfco, npp. Firth *tre?t. . pat ldrfdlji-j - i? ? l ' . .i - ? ? ? \ ? - TL* H1. GILLET, Gonmillnr At |L?w? Oflce and residence in Franklin Row. corner of K ?ad Thirte??tft street. ??** *J??dly ' TFM. M. MBKitrCK, Attornty at L> awi * SO. 33 fcOUlStA.fA atsncx. Will practice in tb* Supreme Court of ths United 4t*tw and tti?- Courts of the Uftsiet of Colombia. (!>*? pit ?fot f BAN^I50 MOUSE OF fAIRO ft RO0E8E; B Ow??ifc UnOed States" Treasury. OJH^-Storkf and ortier awurttiet! > and wld. . Intrrfrt at th<* rate or ?ti p*-r n nt p^r annum al lowed on deposits ?4i^n 14ft IQf .TO Ihys or longer. -,lh , B. OVikX. u ? ? I W. OWIS, B. ftWKX ft SON,, MIH TAR Y A i\D IS'A VA L MERCHAUT TAILORS, Ttyv-iyi.vAitk. AVK^rs, B?twe'4i l>iiirte<Tith and Fitteenth #tro?*tH, WASHINGTON CITY, P. C. A^Naral and Military UnUorms r?f tiled in tlie j neasert styla. . mar I'-^eolm \ JAT.INET MAivSil l"-lDE)VrAKEE.! voald rt-spr^Uoijy Inf ?m hhj firf-p.d*, ?e^aaftt'; ace?, ?n i : ?o?ral)7 ? iMt M* Ptitl poattflfl** a?l cr ?-r?1nK:? ;*?? of nnO^.oBs In the b?etr;B?n?r aai ct tb< Cbort ?a; :.otk*. a If. PA miMO neatly and promptly ??flt?t CCKK^All attended to at ? ,t . i** iborUrt ft?>t?ee? and ra the t?rt ^3|jjgqMWBg { a?n.r?r. prtifrn.-ii m ?Aa ?Nl ptrfvA men-; l?r, r*n i? ^ , j v?-'t ?tot ?, he r/cn.'d r*cp??tfoHy ; lollo'f, and ri!T cilvTCT tf ro*:1t e j^coe cf ? A.^?(?vy r.CCI'LV, Pa. b. d-1*. Wb #t>J * a-M>ldenc&; ISartta'B, |so. 3J6, i? tt 'rt ?oy?e w>9to^Tth ?tr>?t. ,my IT?ly - ' Private Modicel Treaties on rn? PiiYaioMWicii. v;bv c*naraiace, BY , " H. B. LA C>iOII, n. D? ytL/U.Vi', A* Y. &0 Pi(g*? arJ UK) ti: e Plain nod Cok>r?i Lltbo mytf and Platee. isi i Pri?? on'y 95 Cant*. H dSTrfnt fre- of po8ta;"?to all par'* cf ib^ CwUnT^* OUKAPK^T IKX)K KVKB PUJtLlcHKI-,*nO containing 1 nearly d u1/i? the qn,entity ol j ??aiinff matter in tbet. of the j P11TTY CENTS ORrf OLLAP.1 PUBLICATION. > It treat' on 'he PHYSfOl/) OY OF MAKRXAOF, and the Secret i !irmiti?<i a^4 ilfsrrd^T f?t youth and matuil'/, re-, ft*'ft ?*oef-e^e. wbie.h debiroy tnephrtdcal rod menr ? tal powb^, with obteiraticna ou marring', ita ijclks au\l ?iiequaliflc?tlo9P, and tb?ir TtmrJwei with liiho-jrephe, UlofUaung the anatom? and physiology, and tlireau*s of the repr1 lurtiyo crgim of boUi ?exe?, tbei* ?truotuit, uee? aad fanctione. A pojular and oompreh? nrfre tea Ciw on rhe duMe? ana CaeuaJ^t ?. f riog>e and max ried life?happy aud 'riuti'.?*we, mode cf -e O'iribff tli?r*?hiJet'eit ??'? uoo *n#<r.-tile onea?their aariaticn and xcBa>?4u^'jJ?rtint hint* to tho* oont?mp?at.a(? m-^Vlr^ruy tlut will ovwwme cb jectiou.i to it; uoru, bcweT<ir. should tak^ this im portant n:ep w^ hout Crat consulting ita pacee? sommrntariea oa tb^ diseases and ined'eal tteannrnt of fcm alee frorr. h?ianey to old a*e, each case graph lca)ly llluatr*t? i W haautifVil lithograph^ platea? n-rroaa debility, ita cau?-? and c-.ire, hy a prccn** at oac? ro >iBivle, ["aft and eSsttmi. that tailure Is impossible?rai-s for dally management?an aa*?y on gp rmatorrhoea arlth practioal oiiaerrationB on a i*fet, end more euccniaful mode of treatment?pre saufonary h<?t? ou the eaila reeultlng from ?mpiri aal practice?ant e?eay on all diawaee', r.rttfng from Indiscretion, with pUin and simale rules by which all parson* can cuxa thamsolraa without mercury? rcaieil^a tot those eelf Inflicted. inl?eriea and <li*ap pentad hopen so uiifcr.un?tbly pwaleni in the you lift. It la a truthful advLei- to the wtrtieJ and thoee "?cntemplaticg marriage. It? peruFai i-i par ttanlarly reccmmebied to Persons tntortainiof re sret doaMA ef tbwir physical conditietf, and who ar? xmccione cf hay in* baearded the hsaiih, heppineas and puvLccei U> which every human being u en titled to. Pries 25 cent* per ccpy, or fire cofias fcr ore dtN l*r. Mailed free of postage to an} pikit of th? Uni ted States. _ _ K. B-.?Th've w?: * prefer may nrmetntvr r?i C*on opon ary oftfcedlseasea upon f Lich hia i orb teeaJe either er^-nnlly or by mail. Medicine e?nt to rny p??rt of the Union a- cording to tilrectioi-e, eat'ol, psrU'd an 1 car*fnlly secured from all ol farvaton., AdJrers Ift:. M. H Li OROIX,No 81 Meliri Ijiti* or feet ociie i*>x i"w, Albany. N. V. yf cRlce cp? a daily from 9 a m to 0 p m, and cc flnndar from i nritil 6 p m. ?#-\Xhee lUmovad No. 6C Beavtr at., to 31 4f altlaia haae, Altany?N. Y. SecT * GRATIS ! JUbT PUBLISHED: A NEW DltfCOVEBY Il?f MKIXCINE! A FEW wor.U on tiw Raumial TreaUutnt, with out Medjwtte, ?f spermatorrhea, or Local \VeaklUMt Nervous Debili ty, Low KuiriU, Lassitude, Weak aetisofthe Limit.-i and Back. Iii?lii*po-/ ?imn and fncb^cuy for Htudy aniH Labor,! I>ullne,?? of Appr?b? n**>n, I/Om of M?in?ry, aversion to dociety, Love ot Soluude. TnniJity, Sell Dutruel, UiXiUi'-ex. HeJid Acbe, luvoluntarv lhacbargi *} Pain in the ^ide, Affection ef til - Eyes, Pimples on "the Fac?f 8?tital aud otbef miirintue in inan. ? PROM THE FRBNL'IFOP Dtl. B. HE IMNEY. The Hn)??rt.'v?t fact Br?t there alar.tiingcOmplalm may aaMiy l#a ieu?.)*e4-wilkout Medieien is, in ?hi* ! anall Uaet, clearly de:noii5ttated; and the entirely new and highly eucceaaful treatuieut, as adopted by Uie author, tully explained, by nieanecit which ev ury on?* u i-babied to cure ni'iiself perfectly, and at the lean pvesthlti coil, avoiduig thereby nil tbe aj-. i wrtm:d nostrums of the day. Pent tu any atldrees, pittis, and post ftee !n a sealed < nvelype^hvreniatui* (i>'iat-patd> two poai age stamps to Ur. U. DE LANfcY, No. 17 Liapvnard street, New York. j*B 17?3in meet* and Drawiug .Materia ? of superior quality The a:*th*i&atj:al tar'ru a*ou are ihiefly of Swiae manui?ct vry iu *t,U a? la separate pte^ea; A AiFTfiOre a,ad <ni oalfri Drawing paper* ex er ?ay. ^?aJiiy?- .:. . .. .. . AJ c. b;uii: i la a^l ta -idsg. *T6 Ptvo.tiiBiu. PLT^iAsrt WAUAZl^t tr>T Msroh. FRANCK TAYLOR. a <('? ;. j ?) ? ij e*fe _*:!!<*? - '? i I "f-tj tinti-it'j Treasury Department, March 5, 1855. NOTICE Ffl HEREBY 01 Vtt!*to the holdertof | stock (if the Unll?{#iHU? iWcriued in the fol lowing notice of 3d J?iyury last. that for the mr pose of completing t)? purchase of the amount therein named, this departjunt will continue to frthvhaae, ilpbo the terms of shid notice, to the ex tent of the teaiiliie of the rum proposed not yet ob tained?say $1,158,585 Off, if sawl stock* are of!>t*d a?d #?*e*ve<t lure prior lO lite first 4a)' of June next: Trfasury DfcurrHinrr, January 3, IR55. Notice is here by (riven to the holder* of the fol lowing described stocks of the linked Ktate*, that this department is,prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and ihr 1st day of March next, portions of Ihooe stocks, amounting in the ng ;regnie to $1490,MM, in the mannar and on tlie te lua hereinafter mentioned, U> wit; (n case of any contingent compe.liuon, within the umounx seated, preference will be g vea in ihe order At time in whicfi said rtock- inay t?c offered. Tli? certificate*, #uly a*sfcned to the 1'nlted States l?y the parties who'are tfrecwlTe the amount. tuerrof, must b? traiuritu-dlo this deportment; upon the receipt whereof, * pAc^wiM be paid compounded of Urn following part if i^Rrs: 1. The par value, or *i iount speolfiedin each cer tificate. 2. A premium on tfre Mock of the loan anthoriz d by the net of Jnly, 1R16. rerfeiimble November 11 1&6 hf8# percent.; on the stock of the loan an Thoriaod by the act of 18*J, red-'i-mabie 31st Dccem her. 186S, of 10 per cent.; on lh? atoek of the loam autttorixed by tlie acts of 1BV7 auil ISI8, a il ledeein ahle,'the former on Ih ? 31st December, 18C7, an*) the latter on the QOtli June, '.568, of 16 per cent; *nd on the stock of the lonn anth(Hi*eTl by the a<*t of 18M, and redeetnaWeon tie 3let of December. 1864, (commonly called Ihe Tctnn indemnity,) f> per c*-|)t. i 3. Interest on tue par of each certificate from M cf Janntry,, ro tlie dau.- of receipt and set tlement at Ihe Treasury, with the allowance (for the mAaey to reitrh the owner) of one nay's interest in addition. ' Payment for said stock* will We mad< in drafi* oi the Treasurer of tha Untied Stales. on the .wist art treasurer at New York, Philadelphia, ad the parties iray dreef. But to certificate will !>c entii'ed to the benefit cf | this notice which ?halt not he actually received ;.i the Tpaamirv on or Uefhro the said 1st day "f March next. JAMES CUTIIRIB, marft?dtJunel Swcre-ary of tlie Treasury. * PALMERS PATENT LEfi. TM11S AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled boUtih uu?county and in Europe. It is worn i>) 1,000 person*, and with mo.-t astonishing t-ucccw. In competition with 30 oile* suliiytiipi ot the best frrrnch, Enfjfish, and German iRnMifkctifrrq It'rtwrtved life t^nrd of th'1 O'KAT MtUlt. at tlie VVoR: d's Exhibi tioh i?? Londox, as the l?t>t artificial limb known, lit this country |M>eu thirty times -xhfbitcd, in "cempetition with an oihen., at the rmtiUal F*irs in the ptjfccipaiTiHfci'.and Da a, in e^ ei > instance, received Uw award of the lothies! or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by tiie unanimous approval of an interna, tinnal council. the " Fir*l Premium" ?* i ordy Silver Mtdcl aiveu for Lir?h??wa? awarded Uminveiitor, at tWo New York ? rystal Palace. Pamphlets giving (uil Uuoravit^'ii, ??eot irratb* JO every ajip.iCAni. R. FRANK PALMER. . 375 CTlennut street, Thiledtlpiiia. f*-b g*-3rr> ^ * ~ MORE ABOUT UyOK*. ' ONE"*' RQTAT.IN'J PERMTTATIOV PI.ATI; YOVE ? I LC H tS <t > m v .<7K, notv ( nly cniled ihe t>'(;|jl.i> ri FAIR LOCK. (if'iMrf key or kcv-Ao/e. t? tl:<; I.nek iliar sccar* d tltf outer-door* of ihe Heirine Ha'eihM ?onuineO .^l,00?at th? V\ urlu'* 2 .?ir, Uta!on,l%i, it l?ciin l ecesyary to <i*}l?>oK tuiK bvlure ot'ier lock ? in the safe couM be U!il.M;k- <l. .VJt puucx intcre?t^.l are referred to the foTowiu^ ie ii TriR WORLD'S I'AItt LOf K. sotice. I iinve tills day ?<.ld to 87tABNS S. MARVIN, MaruUctnr< ? of WILIIER'S Pafnt Salauuuder SAFE:#, New Y<crk, th<* Pate mi tight ?.f I my ROTATING FERMI*TATTOV PLATE LOCK, Commonly calle.l "JONES' ANTI 01,'NI't'W'DER L'M.K," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter title v. as acquired in cou^eijuence <?f I tkis Lu. k iieiuc placed in>a Kale at tin World a Pair, u nto Sl,0u0 in the ra:V, U> be the reward of any person w!io could <>p? n the door. The gold remained thereui for a period of fortj five days, whilst the viMtor.J ?nt tired of* thiriing t! e dials, with nich jioor pro-pect of success, tne nuni live of chert;** bein? *24,.'IMi 00<J. Bankers, Jeweler*, and Merchants whodesjreio have these Locks U|ion their doors, can have thrm b> applying to Stearns 8i Mar\in, No. 140 VValer street, w"tui have tho exclusive rijrht to maimfacture riid Locks in the L'tiHed States. HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January LOui, lBi3. STEARNS & MARVIN, Sccr.'*ssors ro Rich & Co , t44 St I Mi Water st.. V Y., THE ONI.Y M AK "iRS OF S A L A MADDER SAFES, coabtaia; tVILDER'S and RICII PAT ENTS. > . S. ?L UOWKLL. Agent, my 1 - Jm Geori{etowii, D. C. THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. rpo BE KAKt'LEJ) FOR IN 400 CHA.VJLb X AT EACH. PRIZE HO. 1 "St. Thomas of Villinuevn, giving Alms to die Poor," a copy of Murtllo, hy one of his pupils and toachad by that treat artist?eaid to be equal to th? original, cost $4,0110. PRIZE 2. " The adoration of the Wisa Mca of the Ea^t," a genuine Murillo ; coet $3,00<i. prize 3. " lleaJ of our Saviour," by Corrcggio; cost $1,000. PRI7E 4. " Herd of Ihe Blessed Virgin," by Carregeio; cn?i $1,000. Mr. S. A. MATI.ACK is autliorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR h. MAURY. All mom? recaved on account of tlie Rattle* Ml be deitosited in Bank until Um drawing tikes place, which will be duly announced J*ronx the National InMligenrer. Articles similar to the amicxed we have ob"rved in several dist ?nt papers, contained in iheir Wa^h instoii carresporidtuice. Wc ate glnd to sec that -j memlicr of the family is willing to dispose ol n par; of the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade> who, during his long resident in Spain, had opper tuuiues, which his opulence enabled huii to indulge, for selecting many of the finest paintings in Hjiain? that treasu?e-bou?* of pictorial riches. The dis turbed ?tate of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of an which would otherwise ne^er have been pti:cha.n ble. From the Boston Chronicle. f Chuf D'oavRLi or Art.?Several ckef dhuerrt* of Murillo, Ciifrcj^io, and other ina?t rs, which were iMOUgbt from Spam during revo lutionary time> !?y the tate R. VV Meade, have elicited the adrmra ion of connoisseurs during the past weekiu the Romndo of iRe Capitol. They are to be disposed of l >r :lie i ls-nefit of a claughur of Mr. Meade, residing in New York, after an opportunity lias been given to fho public for an examination. feb 6- tf , SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment of Silver Coffee S?:u, Pitchers. G-iblms, t.Vp-, Creaths, and nil kinds of Spoous ami ForWi, and jt variety of Faucv Silver ware, suitable for presents, via: Soup and Oyster Ladle#, t Yumb Srrspers, tish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., it offrrrdat low jni ces, and warranted sterliu?. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. at. nue, bet^ 9th ai?d 10rtr<.?. Ian )tf n.. -u. i , FAVCT 003DS, PEBF0MKBY, Ac. HUTCHINSON St MUNRO, are now opening at the r More, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid assort men I of GOODS,' ht riie abotc Ime, cnuire ' raung in pufl as tollows^yia; fine Cabas, Drei?icg P?)*te Moiiua>et,?. ur i l.'a- es, Jewell Boxes, Aliens, Shell Boxes. Jet Ornament*, f.uhins', Prver's and oilier choice Extracts, Pomades, Fuperu r Ba> Water, Cou>bs and llrushej in i^ri at, and In ?horl eveotfiHig to be usually found in a fir*t class Fancy Sioie, aud Uiey cordially invite their friends and the public to sive them a call. Their Store is the lirst door w*st of Me>trs. Hur per ai ( o.'s, between Niniti and Ttutli eis. mar 2?tf PR0SPERI S CORNET BAND NoTT MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI beg? leave to in form his friends and f irmer patrons that this baud baa btpi fully re-cr^anized aad w i ow unde hi? dlrecuouguki he is fuliy prepared a band ot ihe most ?Wit 1 lie Musician* in the city, to fur null muaia ibr Bail*^ Partlca, Parades, Pic Nica, Et " pc?*iMe,by au tycader CH/f?. ( II JU^Ol xjih , u?\wa | wa%|i? w*# HitZ'8 Ma-! -kic I>epoi, or mi PETER TALTAVUL?^f oppoalta the Oanl^m, (>airi>oii siraet, Navy Yard. fab It*?3aa* H ui a. - J . AW W ? O* EVENING STAR; death op the CZ1E.. n *TanJ of the de*th of the ^ Of L a^C thc fcc#of ^rone. In pla^e of speculation on whit may 1* the <X)tiseo uenops of this occurrence, we give a brief sketch of his life b?Ln,i:Ju'j ?? "96, .mi is the third son of the Emperor Paul * the two eldfer brothers being Alexander' j??. ?**?"> "m C?r, tnd CoiuUMioe. P.u1 had Mother son, Mi.hMl. Their motner was of the royal house of War temburg, end was a >ensib*e and virtu ous German housewife. Nicholas was not in hia earlier years destined for the imperial throne ; and his education and tiiat of Mtehfed *as di reefed by his mother. Among his tutors were the philologist Adelung. the polai J cal economist Storch, and in military I affairs, General Landsdorf. Nicholas devoted himself with ardor to the milita ry Science, -and acquired no little skill in music. His preference, however, in I the war days of his youth, was in thel mihttry art: and up to 1*15 he devoted [ oHWt ot his tfrne to it. At the conclusion of the creat neace of 1815, he trailed into foreign ZZ fruA and visited England. Rom mine to Russia, he married. July 13.1817, Char lotte, eldest daughter of Frederick Wil liam of Pmssia, and is the brother-in law of the pr.sent king. This lady embraced the Greek religion and took the name of Alexandra Feodorowna She has not enjoyed good health, anJ when confined to her chamber, the- cm-1 peror, who was devoted to her, alwavsl attended her, watched by her bedside and gave her her medicine. I It was in 1S21 that the fsurlv pact was agreed upon by which Cbnstantine resigned his right to the succession, and I Nicholas was declared to be heir to the tfcrone- At this time Alexander was laboring under great hjfpocondria; and this pact was kept a profound secret Nicholas, until 1825, assiduouiiy pre pared himsdf for his inheritance. lit yiwted all the I? iissian provinces, and I resided sotr e years in their chief cities. Alexander, in the year 1825, .spent aiuc.i time in traveling. In thc autumn I he was in the Crimea, leaving Sebastopol I the lUth of November, and with the eia-l press, s opped at Taranroy, exceeding'v I ill. On the 1st of December he died while prayeis were being offered in the I conveni church at St. Petersburg, andl the principal nobility were assembled! and the cveut was - announced, the grand duke Nicholas summoned thel guard of the palace and took the oath of I allegiauce to Coustantinc, when thel guard took the same oath, and the oth<.r I officials followed their example. At this I time Constantine was m Warsaw. The Senate soon announced that ii: I October, 1823, a seakd packet had beenl deposited with them, with injunctions to I open it in case of the death of Alexander. I before they proceeded to any other act.' I They now obeyed this command. It '?ontaintd a letter of Constantine, dated I January 14, 1822, renouncing the succes-1 sion* and a manifesto of Ale? andet, date'J I August 16, 1823, ratifying Constantine'* I deed of renunciation. Nicholas, how-| ever, refused to act upon taese instru-l ments, but directed the Senate to take I the oath of allegiance to his brother. I Meantime Constantine, who firat received I the news of the death of his father, re newed by letters his own abdication ,'anc sent them by his brother Michael,'and December 26 Nicholas mounted thel throne. Oaths of fidelity were taken b> I all the officials and most of the regi- J ments. It was announced, however, that one] regiment had quitted its barracks and I proclaimed Constantine. The military governor went to thea and was shot. Nicholas also appeared before them with-1 out arms, addressed them, but was not! successful ; and as evening approached, I he ordered the insurgents to be attacked by the troops, aud they were soon dis-l persi-d. On this occasion he gave great I proofs of calmness, personal courage, and presence of mind. This attempt was the work of a band | of men who had long resolved to strike a blow for constitutional liberty; and on this occasion capital punishment, which for a century had been banished from Russia, was revived in the execution of J the revolutionist. We have not the space to follow Nich olas from his accession as a emperor. An event attended it is worth remembering. When the chiefs of the insurrection were tr^ed, the emperor, behind a screen, pa tiently heard all the evidence ; and the reasons there given for the attempt, was a love of constitutional liberty. Nicholas ever cordially hated this form of govern ment. A government deriving its sauc tiou from the people, like that of the United States, he was accustomed to eu logise; but a form like the British mon archy he was in the habit of traducing, lie piofessedhia aim towards his coun try was to conquer its poverty and its barbarism, and to improve the conditiou of the Russian. Since his accession, Nicholas has re sided constantly in his dominions, but in 184.4 he visited Queen Victoria, and in 1&46, thc Pope. Ilis iron haud crushed unhappy Poland, aud still more unhappy Huagiry. It will be the aw ful judgment of history that he alone brought the present ece urge of war upon the nations, iiis object has been to in dt ntify Russian power ; and for th's lias Russian diplomacy worked for thirty years, in Persia, Germany, Austria, and Tilrkey.?bostm Post. NA1 UilALIZATIO;*. The following is the most concise aad corredt definition of naturalization th%t we have seen, anj will be uaeful *nl in. structive to cur readers. We mi it copied ia tto iioston Bee: ?* A foreigner who has reside! five years in the United States and one in a ?, ? ,.U a ? . U ..V ? M #. * . M m l'F?TIB?i 8taUs<raayyen?i himself before the ??? Lborued courts, and apply for aaturaJiae* t:on. lie roust, in tbe tiist plaoe,, br,ng tfo"cHi^fis of the railed Slates u> swe r that he has lived fire years In flfo country and one in the State, and that he is a"person 4 of good moral character, httachea to the principles of the Consti tution of the United States, and well dis f?osed to the good order and happiness of the same.' After which, he must swear Co 'the same facta substantially himself. Asid itf these oaths are falsely made, the natnraliaatkm is votii, and the parties subjected to imprison moot for perjury, la ibe next place, he must prove lhat it has- beta for two years past his dthberau intention tp make application to become a citizen of the United States. The only proof that will be accepted of this, if ht was of age when he came to ihis coun try, is a written declaration of such in tention, made two years previous, before a oourt, signed by its clcrk, and sealed with its seal. y The nest thing required of hiro is to take a solemn oath ujton the Bible, ' to bear true faith aud allegiance to the United States, and to renounce all fideli ty to every foreign prince, poteatate, state or sovereignty whatsoever, and es-. pccially to such jjotentatc as he had pre tious'y bten a put ject of* (mentioning by name the t^neen of England, Emperor of Austria, the Pope or whoever may be the novereign under whose authority he lived ) Subsequent arts contrary to this <>&ih are punishable bv tine, imprison* ment and death. " Finally he must reikounce his ordet or title of rank aud nobility, if he has any such, and resign bis commission, if he holds one, under any foreigu power. "He, hi,s wife and children then be come entitled to tbe rights of American citizens, so far a* the holding of property is concerned. But he cannot hold cer tain <.fficc? without a still further term of probation. And none but a native born citizen csn he President or Vice Presi dent of the United States." ?.*EFiTS OF ADTS-ttlSIKO 'I he following from the New Bedf?rd Standard is worth the trouble of reading by all business men : "Almost every day, we have practical demonstrations presented to our notice of the benefits of advertising. Wc have a little instance iu our mind nv.v which W will relaijg. A short time since, a patron left an advertisement of a firm which he had for sale, for insertion in tbe Standard, lie also ordered some bills of ? he sale for the purpose of posting in public places. The advertisement ap peared in the afternoon's paper, and be fore the bills were ready for delivery at our office, a purchaser had been found for the property by inians of the paper, and the tarn* had been sold. This is only one among the hundreds of instances of the benefits of advertising that fall under our notice. Advertising is in fact the motive power of all business. No man can se cure the public trade withont first in forming the public what goods he can oifer them, and what his system of doing business is. A man might as well at tempt, Dame Partington Tike, to wipe up the ocean with a mop. as to try to do business without employing the public press. Papers that have the largest class of readers, should be selected as the me dium of communication with the public. A paper iliat everybody reads, is cer trinly preferable to one that has but a limited circulation and is seen in but very few houses, shops or places of pub lic resort. Our business community generally ad vertise very liberally. They seem to be fully advised of the rieh returns which judicious advertising make, and manifest a determination to improve every facility that offers to increase -heir trade. There are a few sluggish, old fogies, "slow coaches" in every community who ap pear to be unmindful of the power of the press as applied to the trade; but the sad falling off in their business, the daily ac cumulations of dust and csbwebs upon their wares, are teaching them impressive lessons of a screw being loo^e somewhere in their business machinery. Trade will not seek out the merchant, lie must solicit it, and by frequent com munications with the public through the press, direct it to his doors. A man starts in business. How are the public to know that he is even in business with out be informs them of the fact ? How are they to know what he has to fell, or that he wants to sell anything, unless he lelfs them or it ? The grand secret of successful trade lies in one word, and it is to Advkrtisk. Thr Bells and th* Stcdbnt ?-At a certain splendid evening party, a haugh ty young beauty turned to a student who stood near her, and said: "Cousic John, I understand your ec centric triend L-? is here. I have a great curiosity to see him. Do bring him here and iatroduce him to me. ' The student went in search of his friend, and at length found him lounging on a sofa. ?*C'ome, I , my beautiful cousin Catharine wishes to be introduced to you,'f said he. "Well, trot her out, Jehn,M drawled L -wath an aflectedyawn. John returned to his cousin and ad vised her to de'er the introduction till a in >re favorable time, repealing the an swer he had received. Ihe beauty bit her lip; but tbe next moment6he said, "well, never fear, I shall insist on heing introduced." After some delay, L was ?P and the cereroouy of introduction was performed. ? Agreably surprised at the oeauty and ccmmeoding apptarance of Catharine, L made a profound tww; but, instead ct returning it, she stepped backward, and raising her eye-glass, sur veyed him from head to foot- and then waving rne back of her hand towards him, drawled out, "Tr6l him off, John! that is enough." . .

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