Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1855 Page 3
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Kl. *?' N IN (t STAR. Local Intelligence. J^Cr*c,M-?? ?* Ald?rm?D ? . ut.n,8htattb# mmMl ho"> Mr. Presi d?nt Hill in the chair. Tb? Chair laid before the Board a oommi moationfrom the Major. sug*es'iog the pro priety of appropriating $.{,000 for the Lj. Bant of the interest 00 the half 3 early stock of the corporation, referred to the finance 00m mitt ee CB Also. a communication the name officer ??**? od. from F. Ll.tle , ..T,V UrSJi* "".?PI""P'i?lion for the re. of *n obstruction in the eanal at " Ten S? n!n*? h?tC^'" eiu*d b> tb* waging Of the gulley between New Jersey avenue and fno,h?r from ?*me nffloer ?iJU ^d".h.* (ired*,DKm?ctiine be pro JintJ from V. 8t.oneJwal,? b? ?long the Maryland avenue to its western termination^ The amount which the 00mmis inoner aiked to be appropriated to these ends being $25,000; referred to the committee on the eanal. The Chair next laid before the Board a bill Horn the lower Board for the establishment of Mh001 in th? northern seetioQ of Third Ward; referred to the public schools committee Also, a bill to pay Michael McDermot for repairs done on the Colombia Fire Company's hose carriages; referred to the fire depart Bent committee. Alto a bill for the relief of Francis Hatch 2&i9 referred to the hail?? ootcmitteo. Also, the bill the remove certain nuisances 10 amended by the lower Board as to have the sidewalk on H street east, filled up at the cost of the property holders there; referred to the Sixth nard de egation. Mr Clarke reported from a special commit tee, a bill to j^rmit Samuel Warner to erect two frame dwelling houses on Tenth street ?ast After debate between Messrs. Clarke and Pepper for and Messrs. Reed and Marks against the bil. it was rejected?yeas 5. nays 6. Mr. Pepper presented a petition from the Perseverance I ire Company for five hundred feet of hose; referred to the fire department committee , * Mr Bayly presented the petition of R Par ker, asking the remission of a fine; referred to the finance committee Mr. B. also introduced a bill for the relief of James Watson ; passed. Mr Houston introduced a bill for cleanine gutters and alleys in the Fifth Ward, appro pmting $100 to that end ; passed. Mr Magrmder presented the petition of Mrs. M CheoTer. asking to be reimbursed for expenses to her growing out of the change of the grade of K street; referred to the im provements committee Mr. Evans presented the petition of the Commissioners of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Wards, for an additional appropria tion for water pipes; referred to the improve ments committee Mr Magruder moved to reconsider the vote by which the Bosrd had rejected the bill for the relief of Samuel Warner, on the question of its third reading. Mr Clark then advocated its passage, and Mr parson opposed it; when it was read the third time and parsed? yeas 8, navs 3 Mr Pepper offered a resolution direction the city purveyor to furnish an estimate for grading 4j street from New York avenue to O street north: passed. Mr P also introduced a bill appropriating $00 to make a gravel foot walk on E street aouth; passed. Mr Bajly reported a bill for the relief of WmRupp remitting a fine of $20 imposed on him by Justice Morsell. Mr Pearson opposed the bill; which was aoiy pa#se?l. Mr Reed reported back from the fire de partment committee the bill to pay Michael McDermot $06 12i for repairs of tbe hose car n^r?8 firo Company; passed. The Chair laid before the Board a commu nication from the Mayor, covering a letter from the city surveyor in relation to the zraie of 9th street east; referred. Mr Peeper offered a resolution directing the committee on improvements to inquire into the propne'y of erecting a wooden bridge across the canal at Sixth street west; agreed llr. Marks reported back from the commit tee on improvements the bill for the removal of certain nuisances, above referred to, ren emmending concurrence in the lower Board's amendment to the previous amendment of this Board; concurred in. The Board then adjourned. Common Council ? President in the chair with all tbe members preseut Mr Ruff presented the petition of George M. Dove, and others, members of the Ameri canlicxk and Ladder Co., for an anpropri* ation to enable them to purchase an apparatus referred. rr ' Mr J W. Davis, frotn the committee on im> Bvements, reported a bill paying 11. Brown for certain work done in the Fifth Ward passed ' Mr Duncanson. from the committeo on claims, reported a bill remitting the fine iui y??sd upon M. M White, for removing earth from Massachusetts avenue: passed. Mr Busey. from the committee on Police, reported a bill empowering the Board of Heal h to cause to l>e removed any hog-pens which they maj deem prejudicial to the health of the city; passed. The following bills f om the Board of Aider Ben were ta^en up: Fer remitting fine of Mary Sullivan for sell iagliquor, referred. To gravel Fourth street from D to E streets* referred For remitting fine of Catharine White for ?elling liquor; refe-red. Granting permission to J Rhodes to erect a frame building next his brick house corner ef M and 10th streets; referred Paying Mrs E F Simines$17 50. being the balance due upon the unexpired license of her deceased husband; pasted. Remitting fine of J Guttensoc for violation Of the Sunday law, referred Bill authorising the sale of the old and di lapidated school furniture not in use, and tbe proceeds to be appropriated towards the con ::zt9nt expenses of schools: j assed Joint resolution authorizing tbe Mayer to nave iron plates with the names of the promi nent streets of the eitj, at an expense not to ?xceed *150; paaied Bill authorizing the Mayor to have the lamps and lamp posts of the city repaired aa tHey may need repaiit, parsed Bill to repair the reservoir in the Sixth Ward: passed. The joint resolution of thank* to the Kxecu tiue and Congress of the United States, was returned, with its smrndbiont non-concurred la Resolution laid ca table Mr Clements presen'ed the petition of T. Young and others , referred. Mr busey, from oommittea on police, re ported adversely oh the bill granting permis sion to J Rhodes to erect a fr*tne next to his briek building. Mr. Bsrr introduced a bill appropriating $510 cot of the fund of Second Ward, to im prove Vermont avenue; referred. On motion ot Mr. Snoot, the act to correct the tax booka in regard to lots 15 to IV, square lfio, and repaying w.e taxes erroneously paid, was passed Mr Donn. from a select committee, reported bill relative to the weight of nay, straw, and fodder, and coal; ordered to be printed. Mr. ;?mith presented a petition for graveling N ktreat. between Second and Third streets* referred. The bill appropriating $1,500 out of tbe funds of the First Ward,far the redemption of paving stoek was then taken up After some conversation upon tbe subject Mr. Busey offered a resolution requesting the Mayor to furnish this Board with all the facts within his knowledge relative to the grading and paving of Pennsylvania avenue, and the issuing of this stock; adopted. % Mr Ruff offered a resolution, requesting the Mayor to furnbh a drawing or diagram, snow ing the grades of Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth, and Thirteenth streets east; adopted. The Board then adjourned evening, the who was charged with killing tbe colcrtd cook cf the county jail ?>m* time since. ?a. louud de^d in bis cell lie h*<i bsio 10 lifted but bcitg derated wu sol tried w M. F Magraw ?The Sentinel of thii I morning nji: ' Thii individual, hiving been I coneicted in the Criminal Court, on Friday, of I an awfeult fen I battery on (bat not with intent I to kill) Wm. n Hop?, his counsel moved for ? 11 new trial, on the ground of newly disoovaved I tostimony They did not, however, file an af- I G davit, whioh ii required by the practice of 11 the oourt in suoh eases, having come to the I, conclusion to abide the verdiot of the jury I without further legal proceedings. " Accordingly, yesterday morning, Mr. Ma- j ( craw came into oourt to receive sentence I. Ilis honor, Judge Crawford, addreesiog the 11 prisoner (as we learn from a gentleman who I < was present) strongly condemned the practiee I < of carrying deadly weapons. However, proper, 11 he said, this might be on the western fron- ; tiers, Euoh instruments should ba laid aside ' in a peaceable community like omn. If Mr. | Magraw had any ezplaaa'ions la ask of Mr. j Ho?e, be should have called upon him at his i place of business, and not seek him out at a I < hotel, where he was peaceably dining with I' bis family. As to the indeoent spitting in ll Mr Hope's face, it was in the opinion of all , redacting people, a disgraoe to Magraw and ( n?t to Jfr. Hope ; though differently Intended I. by the aggressor. "It having been represented te his honor that Mr Magr&w's contract for,carrying the I' mails was in a deranged condition, and im portant public buritass required Mr. M.'s presence elsewhere, the court, in consideration I of these circumstances, sentenced him to pay a I > fine of $100 and costs, probably forty or filty |c dollars additional. " This amount U exclusive of the fees paid I to bis three eminent counsellors. It is dua to I ? them to sty they performed their duty with I marked ability ; while Mr. Key, for the United I States, stood the fire of the oombined legal I' talent, and conducted the proseontioo, in a I highly creditable manner I - The Theatre.?" Used Up," was capitally J. rendered last night at the Iron Hall before a I' very discriminating audience, who repeatedly, , in the course of the performance of the pieee, 11 testified much gratification with the way in I whieh its various scenes went off. Mr. Wal eott's rendering of Sir Charles Coldstream, Miss Howard'? Mary Wursel, Mr. Norton's I John Ironbrace, and Mr. Newton's Wursel, If were exceedingly well rendered, each being I cast in an appropriate part The after piece, was very well playad, keeping the audience in a roar of laughter Tom the moment the cur tain rose until its close. * I \ There was a cracked horn in the orchestra. I however, which occasionally marred the plea- I sure of the evening's entertainment, to which 11 the leader will do well to look. I ( To-night, they again present the " Berious | Family'' and ?' Kaisiog the Wind." Their I success in both these pieoes on Saturday night I will doubtless cause them to be greeted with a full bouse, for they play both exceedingly well. I We sincerely hc>pe that our play-going el- I J l^w-citizens will make it a point to sustain Mr. I < Kaenan in his enterprise at Iron Hall, so that ? wo may have among us a good theatrioal com. i pany during the long recess on which we have I just entered Our experience with suoh mat ters teaches us that the manner in which man I agers cater for the public amusement depends, I r for the most part, on the disposition which ?? communities show in the matter of seconding I. their efforts to please. Fire in Alexandria?Last night, about h 11 o'olock. the Friendship engine-house was 1 discovered to be on fire. In a short time, the I" Friendship engine was playing on it, but only I to prevent houses in the vi ;inity from burning. I The engine-house could not be saved It has I lately been fitted up in fine style by the com- I pany. Most of the fixtures of the hall were I saved, as well as the engine itself, but the I house was completely destroyed. There wero I i no engines on the spot with the exception ef i the "Friendship." Why was that? I' Conference Proceedings ?Yesterday the !' Methodist Protestant Conference at Alexan- I dria passed resolutions raising the salary of I unmarried preacuers train $ll?0 per annum to I $150 ; that of married oues from $200 to $300. I and an allowance of $25 for every child under It fit teen years of age On Sabbath evening $200 Is was subscribed to the suporanuated fund, aud I la?t evening over $300 Dr. Val ient addressed I tne meeting, end war followed by Dr ? V.I Reese. editor of the Methodist Protestant, in I; a most amusing speech. Ebcafe krom Prison ?Win. Umberfieldl, and Michael Murphy, two young men who I < were in jail lor an assault and battery on il person in the First Ward broke jail 1 feat night about b o'clock. They effected their escape I; by eawing the iron bars, and drawing the I sreker rod Irom the pump in the jail yard and 11 using it to scale the walls. There wad a num- 11 ber of constables in the guard-room at the 11 time they performed this feat,. and they start- I ed immediately in pursuit; but we were in- |! forme! this morning that there had been no I traces of them as yet discovered. I Who got the Watcb '?We are authorized to state that the splendid gold watch given i with the other articles cf jewe'ry, Ac , to the 1 audience at Thomas A Co.'s exhibition of '' '?Dissolving View*,'- last night, was obtained j by Mr. Edward Deoble, of this city. By refer ecce to the advertisement, our readers will | observe that another wa ch of the same value, : together with fine jewelry, perfumery, fancy artieles. &e , will again be given out to-night. In order to giTe satisfaction, the boxes pill be given out to the audience as they enter the ' hall I Criminal Court.?Yesterday, Wm F. Ma graw was sentenced to pay a fine of $100 and costs Julia Haghes, for malicious mischief, was sentenced to six months imprisonment. Jacob Roles, for assault, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment. Geo ge Kaglin, negro, was convicted f ?r resisting an officer, and aen tenced to two menths in jail. Wm. King was acquitted of arson Ic-day, Wm White, for malicious mischief, was found guilty. Grand Concert ?The numerous friends of i Mr Robert Heller have at last succeeded in i inducing him to give a public concert wbioh 1 will take place at Caru-i s Saloon, on Thurs day evening When we asaert that Mr H. is without a living superior on the piano forte, i we a.'sert a fact universally acknowledged by 1 all who have beard the great maestros, and have had an opportunity of comparing Mr. Heller's performances with theirs Of course, every body at all musical will be there. Duces ?The river this morn ng was almost onvered with wild ducks, and boats and canoes of every shape and kind in chase of them, armed with every kind of fire arm, from the old Queen's arm to the big patent boat swivel. Game will be plenty in market now. Bclldiiu Association.? Thosa who are subscribers to the new Building Association about to be raised In this oity, should bear in mind that the first meeting Is to be held to night at Temperance Hall. As the full amount of s'ock is not yet is a good oppor tunity fox any one to join it now. The Automaton Songster?the prettiest and moat complete work of art now in this city?can only be seen for a tew days longer, at the music store of Hilbus A Hits All de siring to obtain the splendid prize, or ono of the enamel and gold diamond ornamented watches, are requested to call immediately. Watch Returns ? W. II. Ridgeway, dis orderly in market, fine and oosts; Timothy Sullivan, do , dismissed; Thoe. Toland, drunk and disorderly in market, fiae and cts s; Wm. Sullivan, fighting, security for peace; John Sullivan, do , dj.; H A. Christine, profanity, fine and coets; St. John Laport, disorderly, fine and costs ; Legrand Luckeit, drunk in the street, tine and costs ; John Hough, profanity, dismissed Joseph Smith, John Williams. H Lea J. D. Wall, David Bell, and Samuel Island, (all colored) unlawful gathering, fine and costs; Joseph Sheriff, resisting officers, security for peace; Dr. Jordan, aaaault and battery, jail; W. C. Donavan. resisting officers, security for peace ; W. M. Curby, profanity, fine and costs; F Stuart, drunk in the streets, fine and eosts Jo? W knipe. drunken vagrant, workhouse sixty days ; Francis Sherman, do., do. I DIED On Um? I9'h u.ftant, Mrs. #. LEIGIi LACKEY. wifcufR J. Lackry. , ' 1'rit-ud* at<* iiivitt'd to attend hfr funeral to t>tor iow, -ii.t iu?(, at !i o'clock, at ''outer ft IJili and i. streets. ? For Bale and Fast A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR-I tune.?A lady having acquired a competency n the Millinery business, is now desirous ol dispos ng of her establishment, nd retiring into private ife. Her location ia one of the best in the city, and , a a rare opportunity for one [acquainted with the lU'iuesa. For terms and particular* apply at this (Bee. mar 20-4t Restaurant and fixtures for sale The subscriber, aa agent for Mr Win II. 'amphell, nffers for sale hia Win*-*, Liquor*,JES. ind en.ire stock now in the Waverly House Res aurnnt, at the corner of New Jersey nnd Pennsyl- | rania avenue*, Capitol 11:11. This house is most fliglbly situated, Is a popular and much frequented csort, being nitim-diai* ly fronting the south gate of I h- Capitol, and within two minute*'walk of the | Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Su irpm' Court The subscriber also offers for salol >art of hi* Household Furniture. R->d* and Bedding, ogMher with all his Bar and Gas Fixtures The turcln-er and lessee may have immediate posses ion, although the advertiser's leas* will not expire ratil the 1st of June ensuing, and there will be no lifficutiyin renewing the lease to a punctual tenant. To any person who may be desirous of engaging in he bu*ine s of a Restaurant or Hotel keeper, an ex ellent opportunity is hereby afforded of procuring a nost demriU>le and advantageous stand P A DxSAULES, Agent (fo^WANTED, at the above Restaurant. a good | 'ook nnd Ovster Shucker. Be*t wages given. mar 20?3t* HOH.SK FOR RENT ?THE HOUSE at present occupied by the subscriber, No. 390 C street i for rent. If desired the furniture, or a part ot it *n be puschawd on accommodating terms. Pos essinn given the 1st of April. THO. HAVENNER, ihar 19 . 356 C street EjllKNISHED ROOMS, SU1TARLE FOR A Gentleman and Lady, or Single Gentlemen, for eht. with or without Board, at Mr*. C W. STEW UlT'S, M'ssoun avenue, between 3d and 4 ft streets, mar 17? 3t* <v if URN I SHED HOUSE FOR RENT?The sub scriber will rent hi* House with the Furniture md the stable, to a careful and punctual tenant, Co. 405 Thirteenth street, between G and H. It nay be examined and the terms ascertained at the io ?se. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. mar 16 -9t* CIIAWLE8 DUMMER. For sale or rent.?mrs. humphrevs Cottage, on the corner of 9th and II streets- is r?r sale or rent- Enquire on the premises. mar 15 -I w* FOR SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in I Washington. A two-story Brick House and Lot No. 370 II st. rest. . Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 532, on T.iird st. Lot on Siith street, between Louisiana avenue nd C st. Also, a three-story Brick House on High st., near | Sridife street, Georgetown. Will be sold low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown. tnar 10?tf STORAGE?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods ^ Groceries, fcc., to be stored, will find ample ac oimnodations in the larsje, airy, flag stone paved, lid Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa .venue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?tf I^OR RENT-THE DWELLING AND STOKE I on lltli street west, one door from Pa. avenue, iorili side, adjoining Farnhain's Rookstore. Apply 0 GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corncr 12th and I) sts. RARE CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE IN votment.?For sale, a two-story frame House, mh attic, containing eight rooms, exclusive of eel tr Kitchen, situated ?ii L between Ninth and Tenth tr^ts north, a pleasant location, near to market nd all thr Departments. For lurtlicr particulars apnlv to wm. p. shedd, Fancy Goods and Millinery, 3021 Eleventh st. mar 6?eo2w BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE.?A VARIETY ot Building Lots in the vicinity of the City llall. iNo. in all other part* of the city, on accominoiiat ng terms. Enquire at Mr*. ADAMS' Board ins louse, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be se en from to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through lie Post Office will receive attention. I<nr5?cirJm DAVID MYERLE. TUE LAST CHANCE. 1 F the remaining Lots iu Square 915, and south of L Square No 91.'> situated on Maryland avenue, etween 8th and 9ih streets, Capitol Hill, are net i?ld by the 1st April, they will be withdrawn. Terms, ?3 or $5 per month. GEO. F. DYER, Office on D, next to corner of 10'Ji street, mir 8 -ro2w I^OR KENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE 1 TERMS? A two-sto.y frame House, with back building, :ontainimt six rooms, on 13},? street, between B and I streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-story Frame, with basement "on N. York iveniie, between 4th and 5th st*. west. A three-story Frame, with hick building, on I st. lorth, between 4th and 5th sts. west. Apply for the two last mentiohed to JAMES W. 3ARKER, on II street north, between 12th and 13th its. west. Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON & KING, feb 7?eotf Georgetown. For rent?four new and conveni ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con aimng parlors with marble mantels, dininc room, ntchen, ..ervant's room, and five chambers each, md situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the miMic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue arid the R'part'iicnt*. Runt very moderate. Apply at ?. I. CLARKE'S qffice, corner of Sixth street aid Louisiana avenue, or at I). B. CLARKE'S Dru^ Store, Eleventh Street, Island. mar 6?eotf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beauufully and healthily I located Btiilding Lots, 24 felt front by 130 feet leep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought it t!i? exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per nonth. Title indisputable. Union I and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. 1 ANTED.?A Harness Maker. None in ed ap ply but a competent workman. Apply to mar 20?3t w JOHN N MORHISER. ANTED.?A RESPECTABLE middle-aged] \f Woman, who can come well recoftuucndrd, u do the cookiag, washing, and ironing for a small inwly. Apply at No. 2138 G street, between 17th md 18th streets. mar 20 It* House w a n t e d.?the advertiser wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story iricit Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated iorili of Pa.avenue. Address "S F A," through the Post Office, stat ng location, price, lie. mar 12?lm* A teacher wanted.?a single lady, competent lo teach nil the branches of an En jlish education, music on the guitar, willing to take :harge of a hiimII clasa 111 private family, in the lountry^ will be fully intoinied of particulars by iddiHfsing (post paid) the subscriber, I'rbanna,! Frederick county, Md. mar 17?3t* J. F. SIMMONS. A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A 8IT uation in a private family as chambermaid, and tva?herar<d ironer,or nu se. Call at Mr. HAGA.N'S, Second street, between C and D, Capitol Hill. mar 17 - 3t* Boarding. BOARDING.?TWO LARGE front Rooms, I Willi or without small rooms adjoining, com TorUibly furnished, cat he t:ud with good board in a private family from Virginia, by immediate applica lion at 390 H street corner New York avenue and Thirteenth st The situation is high, healthy and every way desirable. Also, wanted a neat eolored house girl, mar *0?3t* BOARDING.- Six or eight genteel boarders, by the month, wc-:k or day, can be accommo dated at Mrs. DEVENT'd, No. $77 B st., opposite the Me ropolitan offi :e. mar 9?3w* l)OAIlDINC?.?MRS. DUVALL, XJ Pa. avenu>; opp? No. 331 >?; oppoMte Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable ron-jjs. suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board. 011 reasonable leims. She can also accommodate 6 or | 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining room servant, ?hat can | come well recommended. inarB?U" WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. 1\I E 'jffer our entire stock of elegant GOLD f? WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE | SILVTRWABE, m , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well to examine our assortment. 1 which is by far the largest, mast fashionable, and best selected ever offersd to our customers. M. W GALT k. BRO.. 3214 Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. mar 12?if C~ LOOKS* CLOCKS, CLOCKS I?If you ] w ?nt a good Clock, wanant-rt keep time, tall at the store of J- ROBINSON, 34V i'a, ?ve., Browns' Hotei. <!? Auction Bales. by J. C. keouirb, Auctioneer. Extensive sale o? superior liquors Preserves, Cats ipn, Bar and Store Fixture* kc. On FRIDAY morniag, Ma-cb 513j, at 10 o'clock, at the resilience of J. H. Eberbach, Emj , on Pennsvl v ni avenue, between 2Ut and 2jd streets, i shall ?ell hia entire stock of Liquors, Wine#, kc , com prising (superior dark and pal* Brandies Do Madeira and Sherry Wines Eo Santa Cruz Rum, Jamaica Spirits Hauenheimer Wines, superior Bitters Kirchwasser, Absynthe eight dozen super ot Walnut and Tomato Catsup*, in quart fcnlles Preserves, Cigars, kc. Together with a large quantity of Fixtures, (.lass CJase-, filasa Jars, WeigbU and Scales, Bar Fix tures, kc. Terms: $30 and under, cash ; over that sum a jredit of60 and 90 days, for saiiifa torily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S.?a portion of the above named Liquors was purchased at the aale of the late Col. P>lc, George town, and are undoubtedly very super or. g. KEPPLER, |t wm. BUPP. | * nist^m. mar ?0 JAS. C. McGUIRS, Auctioneer. By gakkn * SCOTT, Auctlonttri. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 22d instant, it 10 o'clock, w? shall sell, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, on the east side >t" Eleventh, between F and G sts. north, No. 460, in excellent assortment of Furniture, viz ? Mahogany Sofas, parlor and Rocking Chairs i>o Ottomans, marble-top Centre Table Do Bureaus ho extension dining and card Tables Lo French Bedsteads, dressing and other Glasses "lock, cane and wood seat Chairs, Washstands Jne finu rosewood Piano Forte, 7 octaves, of fine tone and touch Piano Stool and Covtr Jhina, Glass arid Crockery Ware, among which arc one French gold band and one white Tea and Coffee Set cottage and other Bedsteads and Wardrobes feather Beds and Redding lair and Shuck Mattresses VVa nut Whatnot, 100 v. Is Books Excellent 3 ply, ingrain and stair Carpet* Hearth Hugs, pa^sag* Oilcloth and Mailing Jookin?, radiator and other Stoves ALSO? \ large lot of Kitchen Utensils Willi many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: $25 and under rush; over that mm a :rtdit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily ?ndor*ed. bearing interest. Also, the House will be for rent GREEN k SCOTT, mar 20?3t Auctioneers. . By J. C. mcguike, Auctioneer. EVXECUTOR'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE j Improved Real Estate.?On MONDAY after 10011, April 16th, at 4j^ o'clock, on the premises lie subscriber, a* uxecutor of the la'e Cha*. B. da ,is, will sell at pu< lie auction, the west half of Lot vo. 5, in square No. 3<?, frontiuz about 3 feet on S street north, between 9th and 10th streets west, uniting hack about 150 feet to a 30 foot alley, with lie improvements, consisting of a two etory Biick Jwelling House and hack building, containing 12 oom*, with a small brick office adjoining. This property is handsomely located within a few ninute*' walk of the Post office, Patent Office, the \venue, and Centre Market, and is very desirable us a private residence. Immediately aficr the ?l>ove, 1 shall sell, on the ireinises. Lot No. 4, in Square 105. fronting about !j feet on 11 street north, between Ibtli and 19th ?ts vest, running back ig0 feet inches to a wide alley inpreved by a substantial two story br:ck dwelling louse and back building. This property has a good taved side alley, in addition to the rear alley Terms: Onoha!fca>h ; balance io six and twi Ive nonths, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed if trust on the premises. GEO A DAVIS. Executor. JAS. C McGUIKE, mar 20?Sattkd* Auctioneer. TO THE PUBLIC. [ \N the 12th dsv of March, 1&5>,an advertisement l ' ilia mv goods had been distrained and would be mid at public auction for rent i-iie George E. Kirk, ippeared in the Kvttning Star. As such an adver isement, it unexplained, would have tiie tendency 0 injure my credit, which is my o.ily fortune, and ?nlv means of suppoiung my family, i make the fol owing statement: On the 1st day of August, 1854, I ent- red into an u?e? in'*nt to lea?c, for five yea* s, from Geo. E. Kirk he part of lot No. ?, m Square \o 4:n, and prem rs, tor .*400 per annum. Mr. Kirk on his part igreeing to furnish a new planing Machine arid all ts fixtures, at his c st, a'id have them finished fully or use within two months from >-aid 1-t Aiigut , i854. This Mr. Kirk failed to do. The said ma 1 hian was not finished and title 1 up for use for two uonths after the time'specified. This was a preat ? >ss to me. The planing machine was wor'h m'>re ban all tin; machinery on hie premises. Mr. Kirk urth?r agreed to build a brick shop on said ground, nove and set nil the machinery, and put itiem ia food running order, at his oivn cost and ex pens \ Mr Kirk ha* entirely failed to jierfonn his part oi igreemeiit, and *et demanded of m- the payment of he full rent of $400 p?-r annum, for a n old shop without roof or glase in the windows, or shutters to keep out the cold. It is impossible for aiy ot e to work iu the shop in r-iiny wea'her, or to keep any hing dry. A man cannot carry on business in the ?hop iu its present condition. 1 think when Mr. K. weighs the matter well in his mind his conscience will not let him charge me as much rent for an r?ld {hi*p that is in a manner worth nothing, as i have tad to pay for a new one. If Mr. K. had demanded if ine a small and just rent, I would have settled it with him, notwithstanding the failure to comply wii'i his agreement. J. W. JORDON. mar 16 ?lw* FRUIT AND EVERGREEN TREES. The undersigned has a splendid tock of ail the standard Fruit Trees* large, vigorous and thrifty, via: _ _ Peach Trees of very superior qual.ty, all the leading kinds Pears, Aiples, Plums, Cherries, Apricots, Grape | Vines, kc. (>0,000 English Lancashire tJooseberries, the large | show kinds, fine and strong 20,000 Cui rants, Victoria, Red and White Dutch,) Red and White Grape, Black Naples kc. 10,000 Raspberries, Fastolff, Red and White Ant-1 werp, kc. 1,000 Rhubarb Roots, Prince Albert, Victoria Cham paigne, kc Shade Trees of best quality such as Silver and Su gar Maples, European and American Lindens | European Ash, Mountain Ash, kc. Evergreens in great variety and rarest kinds, viz :?, Arlror Vita*, Cedrus des <?ara, C. Libani, Funebral Cypress. Cryptomerla, ja ponica, Tit* Royu Patagonia, Librocedrus, i Cbilensis, Princes Chinibra, P. excelsa, P. Gerardiana, Picea W> bbiana, P. pindrous, P. Picbta Abies Menzienu A. Morinda, Irish and English Yews, with many other beautiful Ev ergreens, all at moderate prices. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, corner Till and II sis., Washington, mar 14?eust* ONLY TWO WEEKS LONGER^ HAVING been very successful in reducing our stock, we have determined to continue our sales at cost prices (and many goods at less than cost) for two weeks longer, in order to b* better pre par< 4 for a fresh and complete spring supply. Remember, we shall not ask or exp?ct one cent profit on any article lor the next fourteen days. The ladies should embrace this opportunity to se cure great bargains, as we shall positively close our j sales at cost p ices, in two weeks maxwell^k PRO., the original Riband and Trimming Store, Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th streets, mar 15?eo3t NEW CATHOLIC BOOKS. FABIO'.A, or the Church of the Catacombs, by | Cardinal Wiseman. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of the | Most Blessed Virgin Mary. THE christian VIRTUES, by St. Liguori. The Prophet of the Ruined Abbey, Altou Park,! kc , together with a large assortment of School Books and Stationery, for sale by. W. A. KENNEDY, 4588 Seventh st., between G an4 H. mar 16?eo3t* Notice ? to the manufacturers and Vendors of Bricks, ..mi to all wlr>m it may concern : The undersigned hereby caution the public not lo creditor trust any peison or persons on our joint or individual accounts, under any represen tationu whatever, for bricks or any other commodity, except they be members of our respective families, for whose pecuniary obligations we are of course individually liable. A. ii MECHLIN, mar 17-3teo* C. alexander. STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, per Adams k Co.'s Express, one case of Ma llarrt's *ew York Gold Medal GUM DROPS, consisting of B4iiana, Vanilla, Raspbsrry, Lemon, and flavors. Also, a complete assortment of his celebrated Chocolates, of universal reputation and without rival In the United States. For sale at Z. M. P, KING'S, 365 Vermont avenue, corner I street, m-tr 16?tf qftoboe C b&ooks, Aitoraey sod Couna?|ior?at>law| UPPER MALBOROUGH, MarylakD, Will practice in the Courts of Prince George's, Cal vert, Cbaile* and Sr. Mary's t'ounties, and in the COURT OF APPEALS, mij five prompt munition to the collect ion of ul. claims ui ciUitr jj the abute counties. ww if?4tiw Auction Sales. By J* C. NcQVIRK. A?etlon*?r. SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitchen Furniture ?On TUESDAY morning. March 97th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Doe tor J. G. Jewell on south side of I street, between 9th and lOtb, J ji^H sell aa excellent assortment of Furniture, cteiwinf in part of? Marble top mirror front Pier Table IK> sofa Table, Handsome Clock Mohogany hair seat Divan* Solid mahogany Bookca e and Secretary fvi hair seat parlor .ind rocking Chair Do Side Table* and light stand Do Dressing Bureau, Work stand Beautiful Anbeneoa Carpet, Matting Handsome gilt frame French p ate Mirror Ruby and Aiate Vases, Mantel Ornaments Bedstead*, Matt rwsses, Col and Bedding Fine Cottage Set, numberins 10 piece* French China aud Glassware. Table Cutlery S Iver plated Casto**, Spoons, Fork* Venitian Blidd*. Clotli and Linen Table Covers Bronze II\xrack, Fire Screen Brass Andiron*, Shovel, Tonga, Fender* Hearth Rug, Mat*. Stair Carpeting and Kod* 1' destal, Hm.s, Figures and Pictures Refrigerator Together with a f.ncral assortment of Kitchen Requisite*, which it is unnecessary to mention. Tirms: $30 and under cash; over ihat sum a ere lit of 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily endorse 1, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 19?d Auctiooe?r. By QIIBKN SCOT r. Auctlonssrr, VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUtTIOK. On FRIOAY, IheMil instant, i 5 o'clock p m we shall *e||. in front of the premises, Lot No. 26, iu the subdivision of Lits No*. 1, 2, 3, 4, and ?, in Square No. 53G- The lot front- 20 feet on south l>, between 4^ and 34 streets, running back I Oft feet to a 20 feet alley. Term* cash. GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 19?d Auctioneer*. By C. W>)BUTKLBK, Anetloassr. S ALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUR NITURE AT AUCTION. -On THURSDAY morning, March 22, at Ifto'cock, I shall sell, at the resilience of Charles \V. Havenner, Esq , situated on I! street, between 4% and 5th streets, all of h? Household Furniture, which is :n excellent oriffV, liaving Iweu in u*e but a shortt irae, consisting of? Mahogany Sofa. mahogany Chaws Tapestry, Velvet Carpeting, mahogany Rocker Marble-top Piec Tab'e* Embroider d Curtains and Ornaments Marble-top Sofa Table, handsome bronzed Clock Maliogany centre Table, mantel Ornaments Ila'l Oilcloth Brussels, ingrain, and Venitian Carpeting Oil Paintings, Lounge,Crockery and Glass Ware Freneli China Tea Set* Pla ed Castors, Table Cutlery Mahogany French and high post Bedsteads Cane seat Chairs Mahogany and marble-top Dressing Bureau* Alarm Clock, Window Shades, Wardrobes Washstanks, Toilet Sets Supeiior Feather Bed*, Tedding Iron Reclining Chair Fine curled hair Mattressos, Hearth Rugs Tin Safe, portable (irate, chamber Stoves Kitchen Furniture,superior Cool ing Stove. Jtc. Terms : All rums und-r $40 cash; over $40 a ?re.lit of sixty and ninety days, for approved en Icrse l notes, bearing interest C. W BOTELER. mar 17?dts Auctioneer Hy J. C. McUUlRIC, Auctioneer. I TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855, at I o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed ot rust to the subs- tiber, baring date the 14th May, lfeo2, and duly recorded in Lib?r J. A. 8., No. 40, V*:io* 438, 439, and 410, one of the land records for IVa-hinst in county, I shall sell the north half ol Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 fe-" 4 inches r?ii Pith street west, between north C and D streets, unning back MH) ice I to a wide alley, with iinprove nents, consisting of a substantial brick dwelling Souse. Terms: One third cash; the residue in six and .welvc months, with interest, secured by a deed of .rust on the premise*. NICHOLAS CALL AN, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ftb 12?co lids Aucttonee'. fi- The above isle In postponed mtil TUESDAY, the 20:h March, same li'>ur. v NICHOLAS CALL AN, Trustee J AS. C. McGUIRE; Auctioneer, mar 13 eokds K? i7ttkK!t a st'-ilTT Anetloneci. Household <*. kitchen furniture at Auction. - On THURSDAY, the 22>| instant, ac shall iell, at the residence of Mrs. Wells, on 1st meet, Capitol Hill, near Pennsylvania avenue, at 10 ?"clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Furniture, /;x : Koscwnod velvet covered Sofa Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking Chairs IValnut marble top Sola and Centre Tables Hahogny dining, hreaktast and card Tabli* Do dressing and other Uureau* Maple and walnut French, Cottage and other Bed steads Do painted Wardrobe* and Wash?tand* Parlor and chamber Window Curtains, Blinds Jiiina, glass, crockery and stoneware vlver plated Castors, Spoon? and Forks, Candle sticks P ather H?-ds, Bediiing ^traw and Shuck Maitre*se? A large lot oftab'c and house Linen (?uando'c*, colar, hail and other Lamps J ply, ingrain, and stair Carpets and Matting H? arth Rues, and a lot ol Oilcloth R'oitx?d Hatrack, Lounges, and Looking Glass's Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, and Fender Cooking, hall, airt ght ar>d other Steves With a large assortment of Kitchen Requisite* With many other articles which we deem untie tessary to enumerate. Terms: Under$25 cash; ovvr that film a credit [>f sixty and ninety days, for notes s iiisfactorily ea ior>ed bearing interest. GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 16?d Auctioneers. "y J. C. DlcGUIllK. Aneilonstr SUPERB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, ELE gant Cabinet Furniture, Splendid French plate M rrors, Rich Curtains, Caipets, French" China ard I'ut-glass Ware, Costly Wines, Superior Cairia^e II >rses, kc.?On WEONESDAY m ming, March iilst, : t 10 o'clock, at the residence of his Excetlen cy J. M. Tirado, the Peruvian Minister, on Pennsyl vania avenue, between 23d and 24th streets, I shall sell all Ins elegant Household Effects, consisting ol Superb Rosewood Grand Piano, by llu tikofer Magnificent suite of solid Ros wi od Parlor Furni ture, upholstered in green and gold satin dam ask, comprising thre ? large medallion back Sofas, one siesta Sofa, six Targe medallion Ann Chairs, two Voltaire, and six Parlor Chairs Splendid Green and Gold Sitin damask Curtuns to match, Cornice, Lace Curtains, fee. Elegant French plate Mantel Mirrors Costly mantel Clocks, gilt and bronze, with side pieces to match, Vases Rich Gilt Gas Chandeliers, Candelabras, and Brack eta Fin?- Tapestry, Bruise's, and Venitian Carpets Suite of Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up bolstered in canai y colored saiin damask, consisting of a pair of French Soas, 4 Arm and 6 small Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, fcc. to match Rosewood Oval marble t-p Tables Walnut Extension Dining Tables Do Plush seat Dining Chairs Damask covered spring seat Couches Mahogany hair spring scat Lounges, Chairs Cane seat Arm and Cottage Chairs Marble-top Hoaufet, Fuller's Trav Elegant crimson and Gold Band Dinner Set ? Richly decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolat* Service Heavy Sheffield plated Waiters, Cake Basket', Tea and Coflee Service Rich Crystal Cut glass Decanters, Tumblers, Cham pagnes, Wines, Cordials, Finger Bows, Wa ter Bottles, Claret Pitchers, fcc. Mahogany Writing Decks, Book Shelves Moiocco and damask covered extension Chair* Mahogany Dressing Bureans, Wardrobes French and Italian Bedsteads Marble ten Withstand*, Corner Stands French China ar.d Granite Toilet Sets Best hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows. Bed Clothing Single Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bedsteads Bed and Table Linen Scieens, Fire Iron^ Lamps Handsome Damask Curtain*, Window Shades Furniture in servants' rooms Oilc'oth, Cooking and other Stoves Coppers, Cooking Utensils, frc. At 4 o'clock, In front of the residence, a splendid pair of dark gray Carnage Horses, between six and ssven tears old, perfectly sound, and kind in single or double harness, and said to be the finest carnage horsrs in the District Alaoi lmoi?dl'tely after? In the dining ro; in, a choice lot of the highest quality Wines, in bottles, comprising Champagnes, Port, Slurry, Madeira, fcc , ltiiponed expressly for private use. Terms of sale: $50 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty a* d ninety days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing intere>t P. S?The house will be open to visiters on the day previous to the sale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. IRON HALL. SALE AT AUCTION. TBE undersigned having resumed the Auction Business, begs leave to offer Ins services to at 1 lend to sales of Household Furniture, Real Estate, i Stocks, fee. Particular attention given to the ar- j rangement and disposal of Household Furniture, I and the entire * le (if fetired) will be settled up and , cashed in twenty-four hoore' after the delivery of the roods. Caah advances on ev<?iv description of' Merchandise consigned for unlimited s^.le. Every ! tlfort will Le made to rfl^er satictacuuily all salts j entrust* d to his care C> W. HOTiiLEH, mur ft?eoJw iror* H$U. | TELEGRAPHIC. BBTOBQBn FOB TBI DAILY EVEEOJTO BTAB. Another Imw Walking Viatrry. FBBDBBICKSBOB6, Va, March 2# ? The municipal election bold here yeatarday. ra raited in the eleetion of the whole A?riflBB ticket, including the mayor and all the city nlfieera. ThB StBBBBT ?BBSaehOBVita Nrw York, Mar'h 19 ?Jadga Hall kaadia niaaad tha libel againat the aaapeatad ataamer Maa.*achoaetU. bat gave tha aaaal "oartifteata >f probable caaae of libel." The Caaada at Halifax. Halifax March It?Tha Canada arrired lere at two o'clock thia morning, and aailad or Liverpool at Ihraa e'elock. Opanlflf Bf tha Hndaon Itw. Albabt, Marob JO ?Tha lUaaar Oregon, from New Tark arrived hare thia Baoraing. laving worked bar way throagh tha Ibb with in* aerioai difficulty Caath Bl a Diatiagaiahed Citiaaa Carlisle, Pa , March 30 ?J Ellia Boabam, Cbnirman of the Democratic State Central Committee, died la?t evening of oongcation of tin Iut gs He wea about 30 yaara old. Sentence of Parka the Kardarar Cibcibhati, March 19.?Tha motion for a new trial in the caae of Parka wai oTarralad. lie has baen sentenced to ba knag on thB 5ret Friday in June next. Hbw Syatem of Canal lupport I7rw Yobk, March 20 ?It ia nndetatood lore to-day that Got. Ciark will aead to tha Legialatare a melange recommending the im joaition of tolla upon railroad fra'ght for tha entfit of the Canala Tire in Few York. fee. Nrw Yona, March 19.?The oil factory of Kerrigan & Dougherty in Henryfatreat, -veada itroyed by fire thia morning The loet ia mot laeertaiaed. but there waa an insurance upon :he establiahment of $11 000. Mea?r?. Walla, Fargo A Co publish a aard letting forth the aolidity of their firm, declar ug t'jat every engagement will be fully mat. ind that tha buaineaa of tha hooaa will ga on i? uaual. A latter to tha New York Herald, plaoed >n board tka Uncle Sam, aa aha waa about eaving 6an Franaiaoo, aaya: "Mesam. Ad ims A Co. have made arrangementa with their treditore within the last half hour, to pay 25 ?ent* on the dollar in caah, and they take tha usignee'a paper for tbe balance. Tha ho?aa aill be going again in two weeka." Few York Market Naw York, Marob 20 ?Cotton unchanged, with a limited buainesa Flour cull and da rlir.iog aalaa of 3,000 ; Soothers f-m. Wheat r oi tra'd and firm? a?ilea of Southern white at a $2 38 Corn ia a trifle higher?Weat irn mixed. 95c ; white 97c.; yellow. 96Ja97c. Beef nnchanged Pork upward, and prieee a ;?ifla higher than laat quoted. Lard ia an tbangel. Whisky ia heavy. Baltimore Markets. Paltivoric. March 20.? Flour ia toaiaai it yesterday "a rafea. Wheat -galea of 4 000 in^hala red at $2.10 a $2 13; white $2 16 a 12 30?the latter price ia the higheat point irhich wheat has reached in thia market for ?cm* rears Corn?aalea of white at 80 a 37; fellow ai "6 a 87. Few York Stock Markot. Naw York, March 20 ?Stocka openad hea rv. but cloaed active Money ia unchanged. >j>I;a at tbe firat bierl of Erie at 471; lie - an Railroad 33; Cumbarlaod Coal Company >4}; Heading Railroad 81} ; Canton C mpany !S jt; Pennsylvania Coal Company 107; New ft rk Central 7'a, 101 J. Conviction of K:ssan^. Naw York. March 19.?Kiaaana haa baen jonvicted of forgery in tha third dagraa. Fffect of tha California Failuea ia Few York Nbw York, March 19 ?Tha California fail ure* have produced no effect hare. Stocks gee srftllj advanced from 1 to 2 par oent. Private idvicea lead to the belief that all the hooaa* *'11 resume payment in a few weeka. Tbe iteam?r communicated wiih tha ahora at 12 :> clock lest night and some faw speculators ;o hold of her newa. and thia morning opera ted in stocks extenaivciy, calculating upon a heavy doolina; but when the board mat all nocks advanced, and tha apaculatora, who op erated for a decline, lost eome $30,000. Tha sews did not generally transpire till nearly 11 o'olock thia forenoon. MORE BARGAINS AT the UV\ a^nngtou Store," late M&gruder k Calvert V. InmIi Linen* all pricea Pillow do H< autiful rtrlea white and col'd Brilliants S ripcd and figured Chintzes New style Challey Merege Ik> Silks, Moufeeline, Lawns Bcrege de Lame, kc. hi addition to tl.e above there l? a large mock of spm.g and summer tJoods, purchased of the late firm. which wil be sold remarkably low, to cloee out ibe enure :tork. ? Customers can Hy upon great bargains at No. lO o|ip. Cfntrr Market, mar 16? Iw (Int) b-tw. 8th and 9tn at*. DKAFNKSS CURED?The following u taken Iiuib Soott's Weekly: HKAFNKS4.?Wr understand that the aucrfii* n hirh has followed the use at SCAKPA'P ACOUU TIC OIL, in cases of IVafnes#, lias been a?tonuh ing, tlHfU^aiida of persons i aving he**n cured, who?c s w. re ronsiderttd lH>pe|fs?. Tlie calls for thi? metlicine are from all |titris nt ihe country, it being, we believe, the only artic'e beiore the putriic for the cure ol' that distressing disease. Be partirular and bu> of Z O. GILMAN, Waali ington, U. C., and S 8.' HA.NCE, Baltimore, Md .aa there is a counterfeit article in the market, feb 96?im COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MBS O V OHO* , late of England, wi*l?e? to inform the ladies ami gentlemen of Washing loo and (?eorfKtown that she can be se^n and con siiit' d on the past, present and fuiure events, at tBc late re>?dence. No. 8# F Mreet, between 2lrt and 2-1 streets, Fust Ward, oj?pcnute the Observatory, tier name w on the door. Hours fr<~m 9am to 8 o'clock p m Ladies 95?Gentlemen 50 centa feb 98? I m* STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGL'ERRBAN Booms, over Galt'? Jewelry Store, Pa. avenaa, U whete the public can have splendid picture* taken at more reaaona le prices than at aay other room in tlie city. Call early. SatiefacUon alwaya given, m-tr 7?lni TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS , NO SPOONS, Be J I ST received a large a?ortmeatof aapvnor Ta ble < utlery of every variety. Also, eve y at le of the fine?t quality ALBATA fOKKS, SPfMl\'S, TEl SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, kc. M. W. GA1.T k RBO., 3#4 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10 Ji ata. mar 19-If IV.?OKTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING IIP lion-ekee|ang ?Persons removing from tbe eity and wishing to di*p? ae of th? ir Fnriutiire ami House ket'fwug Utensils wiihoui ihe trouble of aendn.g them to Auction, can d?? ao by eal ing upo i us a? rur Mire, No. 317 Pa. awi w, ?? we arc prepared to ? uy all auch roods a* m*y be offered. R. H. JEWELLK k CO , m ir 9 No. 31 f Pa. avanac. M'O MEMBERS OF CONGRESS k OTHERS I SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, kc.-M. W. GALT k BHO. invi e ap^cial attention to Uielr ?t-K k Ol pure Oliver TaUc, He?aert, and Tea HpnOM Rnd Forks, Ladlre, Bu.ter kmvn, and all other ar tif l-s of pure Stiver Ware, whieh 1a iargnrand ai*ra ? e.i'-d ?lnn ever offered to their customer*. M W. GALT. k BHO., 3*4 Pa. av'41 we befw. Mfi Bad 10U ?t*. 1 |oh Uh-tf

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