Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED KVERY AFTERNOON, {WltTEfT SUNDAY.) At the i<tar Budding, corner Pennsylvania ax'fHtte and Eleventh street, By WALLACH A IIOPK, WiM tic Mtv?il iw subscribers ia (he cilic< ot Wasli ingtoa, (io.r^ciown, Alt tandria. Baltimore and P' .' SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payaMe weekly to th* A*?*nH- To mail sulwcriber* tiie *ub*cription prt-'r y THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year hi adthmkt, TWO DOL LARS fhr SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fm THREE MONTHS. 3^-Si*gl? COFIM osi rtrr. /I A T*fwr?f> W-. 9S VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. CM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 1855. NO. 690. THE WEEKLY STAR. This ?xc?ll<w: Family and N*w? Journal?con uttvin* a greatnr variety at inwrraunf reading tiia.i cao be fouad ta any uther?i? publiabed on Saturday TfMI. SiH^e ptt MfMlUB 1 to cirn. Five copiex 5 <A? 1 t ? . . . M Wl Twenty do ?.L5W CH^-CaSH, llfiUtllT II itVidCK. Qp-t'mfU' ?Opw* (IK wrapper*) ran br |*o< nh-4 at the cnumcf, imnrdi4t?ly a<l?-r thr !.???? ??f tuw paper. Frier, man civ?. Fo? r.*talters nlinafta?ag?ii will le al?a? a eomnj.sniitn of twatjr p^r crut. van i Cii\ O SPANISH MIXTURE. Th? Great Pwrlfler ot th? ii.ood! Fot a Particle of Mercury In It! Aa IniklXiBLi Ram k?r tWci'u!*, Kiog'B Kril p> eaatUtn. Utni -.aU Cu:?ueoua ErupliorS P<mtri<!? ot PastoU b tbe fac?, Blotches, Bcilb. Chronic Sere Hy*e, King Worm rr Tettrr, Sral Enlargement and Pain of the IVneu fci-0 Joint*. S.ubi-or* Ulcer?, Syphilitic Div>t4?ts Lumhaco. Spia*i nti, and al? the diaeae' < ?rising from an in^uiiMi'Us use of Merutry, Iir prod ?<-?? n l ii>, ?r Impurity of'.be Blood. 'J'lIIS tilr' ~'<j N< Ir'M. *hirh bu b?o--in? c?Ii? 1 brat*d fcr tiir notabor of xf-a?rdina-y enre?. effected tbrcuyN :*? ?K?acy, b?= ind'ie?i th? propr ? ?to-a, at the ? -g-n? -.-quest r f ?h?ir frtendt, to eff-r Is to the pub'tc, wnich they do with the ulragei cot 9 tnita tirm** a&d ?onie,Tul curatve pro; erti a Tb? following certW-aVs, 'elected iron i large number, are, boweTi-r, Pt-on^r t>-?!imoii thaa the me --? wo> cf iwe p.cprietor.s ; *n ! *j? a i fion gentlemen we'l Saowu to tli'ir !oca>i-!ee, at i of the higher resp^wntlity, many of th*c: res dint in the ity cf Richmond, Va. P. HOYDr N. Kaq? cf the Kx.haage Rot-1, Rich mond, known everywhere aaya h* baareen he Me !? Iclne ea'led Casrxa's SraimH Mmuat.adg obtoni in over a hundrei cav-s, in ne?rly eli the disease tor which it is recommenied, with the co?? aston ishingly good regatta. He sajs it is the neat ? trvd nary raadiH*?t> he h>a ?ver s*en. AOUii IKD rgVtiA?GREAT CU:tK.?I herecy r?e*ify that for thro- y .'arj I had Ague c-nd F?v t cf the a>t violent <I??:rtp'ion. I h*d several Fh ? ricUv,took l?rge inanities of Qainine, Vercury, ,od I bel-e^e ail th? T^aic.- adrertir-ed, bata'l wifi cut r-^rmea^nt relief. At la?t ? tri?A Cart-r'e .-peeisn Mixtue, two bntti?? of which eff-ct i&i y i ?i n>, ana I eat b*ppy to say I ha?-e had nel^be: -hi1'* or !e> ?r r a:-. i consider it the t<ut 7ol c i? *ui* world, at! th? ocly medieiae t^at ta?sb*d rs.7 cas*. JOHN LONODSV. Hiavir biTCH,r^ar Biehmoad, Vs. C. B. L.tJC.k, L*i~, now ia the city of Richaon i and fsr aany years In thr Post CMBc?, bo* each er>n3J?nce in ths a?trnisblng efl^aey of Cart?r'?' f r airh Mix^r*. th-?t b: h?* bcu^hi opwi^? of t which te b?s girjti jw^v t.> tb% 'jS *.t^d.? Mr. La-S pmy? he h -< u-'Ter knowa it to fa!l when uX?n a-v rdinx to direction*. Dr. M1NQ1 a prd**tiinv( Phv.?!eiaa, ari fo^er y if the City Irtei, ia cbedtyof Ki?;hra>ai, sayH Y 1 a? witawd ia a cumber - f io-nanoeeta* ?tt-ct? "! Car er's ia:;h Mittar-*, ?flieh wert* in^ t-^ y furptviag. He My# !i> ??tise of Con^miptlon, c* pendant on the Life, tb? rood ?ffena wer? w?j L?rfnl indeed. S A ML'XL M. DRINKS A. of the Arm of Drirlfr A Morrie, Richmond, was ?areI cnr?d of U??Cc. v plaint of three * ear3 ptaaJiag. by the US' cf tv Lcitlee of Carter'# 8pani b Mixture. GRKtTCUR* 0# JK5R0FULA ?The Lditora of the RWraoo t Republican Ii d a ee eaut employe; in their pr?Si room, cured of Tiol?nt Scrofula, cox b-n d with Rhaoma-Jam, which entirely disable biia from work. Two bottles of Carter ? ?p?.n'.> Miitan road* a perf-ct enre of hi>n, and the fid tort ii a public uotki% ^j?y they 4 cheerful!' rscon mea 1 it to all wbo ar<? a!?i:;e J with *sy dinew oi tfc?- blood " t'TILL ArOfHSaCUBlOFSCROrriiA.?Iir 1 a T?ry TaJr.abie boy - Jr?-d of Htrcfula by Gvrt?r:# gpacUh .Mixture, "ic^neiter it truly % r&laaV.e ttedkioe. 51. TAVLOli, Conductor on tbe R. F. aa 1 P. R. U. Co . Richmond, v* tALT RIIZXJX Or 7WK3TY YKAHs STANDING CU vi.D Mr. JOTI*; T^0>!P?.1S, reMiing ia the dry ot Richia*>2d w*? carei by three b >tt!e? of Carter'? Fpasish .tlii ar-s cf Salt Rheum, which he h*d for ?early ;veaty -e-tra. a ad which all th? phyexiane cdtV iccid not u-e. Mr. Th'.mpw?n is a well k-2o*-? ? j??a'-Art in th- city of Richmond-' and h> Unset, .a ??-ksb!e. WIA. a.SLVITUU -Va, of Richmocd had a errant cared ci v TphiM?, in the worst form, by C?'ter*p Bpan*ah Mixtur-. He eay3 h? ch-erfally r?r?pi m?ndJ '.t, and coni'lderx it a eery invaluable meai cina. KD^VIN EUATON, coma!?sioner of tbe mmu -. pays he ha^ ?eea the g'^ eff. eta of Carter's p*nL-h Mixta e m n number of ^Tpbilitic ca<es, and says it ia a t?*rf*:t ?ar-? f. rthat h',-rible <li>-eap?'. KM. g TiAc.VTOJD, ef Rictim^d, cur-1 of old 3cr-M and Ulw#. wh ch imbled hiji fr*?ro w*lkimr Took a fi?w outtlet) of Cj?r>r'a (*p^ai>*h j^iature, aad w.\e ?aakied io walk witboat a crutch, in a thart time permanently cure-1. I'nncipHl ivpot- at H. WARD, CLOSE A To,, No. ?? Maiian " an-; Naw York T. W DYorT A SONS, No. is2 North Second 8t., Rulwdelpbui UBNNFTf A BKKitR, No. 12a Main street, Rich co ad, 7a. Ana for sale by CU\HLKi STOTT. Waehingt-n, D. C; UKNiiY PEEL, Alexou .iia, acd by eTerywh??. Frtca %\ per bottle, or cii bottle f. r $5. M3 2'.?If Mott Bedell s Line. SEW YORK, ALEXJiSbRIA, IVJtSHIXVTOX LITY, .1X1) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. rlMJM LINE OF PACKCTS SAILS WEEKLV I'nuii |>??*r 14 Ka?f Kivw,X?"w York, and ?.|'i?*ii^f kt n> ccv?ary, uad arc cou.po^ed ot the Miow sng fir-t claae veseela: N?w achr. .1. Y. Re.U:i, BcdelL iaa?tt r. New ?otir. Mott (Udell, V. Trcdwell. Schr. .fnn D.. Wia. Oliver, master. Sell . YiJur.', L. A. Sim Hi. maeter. Schr. CoMuwa^rr-ia-Cki^jf. W'ogljm, maet> r. f*clir. Green ay, \Vn--??n, maeter. The?* iifC <1)1 lo>. ?ail-rs, aiid the nx-tora ro? n of MpriKuce in !h? t.Mde, md the onl} r< gu lar lint of Waahii>gi<?u Lay paci;ctd. MOTT BEcEi-L, Wali street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS St SONS, Alexandria, Va. THO.M\S RILEY, ftb l ?6m W ajhiafton nnH l>. C. "guatis : JUST ITBLISIILIi: A NEW DISCOVLI Y IN medicine: A FEW wonld on Him lUtional TrcaUucnt, with iHit Medicine, oi Spennatorrtu a, <?r L<>cal WiaKuci't, NVrvous l?? bi(i iy, l^>w Sou:b>. Latitude, Weak ot tlie Liiiihe and Back, Intli^io-j wtiou and lifai^ity lor Study .in<l< Labor, I>ulln?--* ??t Appreh?-nai<>ii. I<o>s ot '^l'-incry, aversion to ^ix-Kty, Love ot Solrndf. 'I'unidity, Selt f?istrii-t. Ilium-:**, Head A< li. , iiivo'ur.tary Ih.Hchar?ej, Pam in t ir Side, Affection ot til Eyes, Panptej on tfie Face, S.-xual and other iu^irniiliea in man. FR<iM THE FRENCH < ?F I?R. B. I)E LANEY. The unpxl.Mit fact that tlteae il irniingLOi.iplaii !a Riay e^aiiy be removed witfx .it Medicine i<, u tbi^ nuall tract, eli arly dcuiotioUat* d; and (lie entirely new and highly ?ucce>stul trea'inent, as ado >ted >y ttie author, :ulty e?e!oined, by uieana ot nli<ch ev ery one i* ? naMed t-> car* hirai^eli' perfectly, ind at the b ast |/oa?ib.e cu't, avoiding thereby all he ad veruaed :i(xtmn< o|'the day. 5ent ta any *ddr< ??-, patia, and pvt fn e in a ?ealed envelope, by reiiiiTting ?.i>oal paid) t*\n post age -la-iip^ to Dr. It. DEL.WLY, No. 1? Lt*;iu:iard street, New York. jan 17?Din 1 PIANOS FOR SALfci AND RENT. MIE aulMcriber tis- always on hand a jtMOit inent of <?ennan aii.l American l'l A.NoS, tmmUie very betN n WMNn^ tftfi wliteh he otfer* foe I>:?l - n< .?ver v?f?ces ttian can b?- purehaor 1 in Ilf'rict of Columbia, and ? u the most accomm vlalmg terms. All Pianos (Mwchaaed from are warranted to g?ve satiatac lion. Oid Pianos taken in < \cba:iite. B. RE1SS, Ptofcnoi i?f Musi.*, <i, bet*. Fourteenlii arid Pifteentli ?ueetf. elifv-jm* i 1 OLD. SILVER. STEEL i PLATED SPEC \JT TACLES i ? -^it vi ry agt and, eye, Riding Sjhc^, K R Ola->? s, Eye! ndttlMi Eye tila-i- - i.r all d'>cri|? ' ttona. Reading Gia*?e*, Goggles; he., ParaieHa, Perifocal, Cone ?ve, fuuvex, and Colored G!a>*ea put in Iraiues st the alioitest notice. PtfeMi* iu want oi gia-?ea may lie sure to gel those which heuehi the eve ai II. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 I'a. avenue, aetiv. 'Jtiiand 10th ?ts. Jan i0_ A R N Y t So. fed b$%l?c ticor^eioun, 1*i prepared to luiui-li Halls, Diw.aaKa, Sorraa* WfcDDtaas, Ik' , w nti everything m ihe 4'onree nonary hi**:, iu aoy p*it ot the District, at the .-tioit est nouce, and <m th? mo.-t reasonable leruta. I?w 13-if FOR POOR AND LABORING M?N. OMALL BUILDING ly?TS of l? feet m ?r-, >t O e?riou? parta cl Hi City, eoi Geo-geto* n. a lew pri-ea, e?1 ferau to islL LU>YB A CO P I' II. Ill K U STO Jl hi , r?r *>te. ?!?"Tsxatte at tfc# Cadi, if ???* I. iv.ajr . 2 ??- * -IrWJ -? i JYT m Cfj D?i:?? ?j>i iirt.'T, i% & ly DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S ckl?uratei> (German BitUrs, MtEP.tEED BT DE. C. M. JACKSON, PhiladV, Pa., WILL EFFZCTUA LLY CURE LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUWHCB, Chronic or Aerr out Debility, Diteatet of tks A idneyt, and all ditto tet arising from a dis ordered Liver or Stomach. Such a? C?.ii-iipit,ni, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomaeh, Nau sea, Hear, burn Disgust for food, Fullness or weight in ihe Stomach, Sour Eructations, dink ing cr Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim tiling of the Head, Hurr ed and difficult Breathing. Plo.tering at ihe Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations wbfn in a lying Posture, Dimness ot Vi-ion, l>?t;* of Webs before the Sight, Fever and l?u.' Pain in the Hea l, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of tlie Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Suit-, Bac*, Chest, Limits, he., Sudden Flu-hes of Heat llurvm? in the Flesh, Constant Iniacin ings of Evd, and tirea: depression of Spirits. ' I'HB^preprietor, in calling ti;e attention of the i. pabli to this preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utmost ci-nndence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended It i-. no new and untried article, but one that ha. s*<M?d the te?t of a ten years' trial before the Amen c an people, and its reputation and sale is unnvull" by any similar preparations extant. The testim ? .y iri its fivor given by the most pronrnent and well known Pimictan* nrd individual*, in all parts ??' 'he country is imn f?!ise. The following frrm X.irt-t Cs>i"lina is ie*pe tidily sub ?it: ?*. ?<Vprii g nnv who may still doubt, toiny'-Meao"' i,'" or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farm* -s in : !,.miliCs, ?r. he had gratis, of a I t!. ?? Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Olfi~e nd Ma- ofactory t^O Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond County, AT. C. Pine lULu, March 4th, 1854. L>*. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dea Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rm, for the la-t five years. sii-:h was my condition fc twelve months that the physicians and all who saw inc said I must die. While in this condition, I was carri-d to the watering places in Virginia, Tetinee. see and North Carolina, but ivai n?t benefited by anv water to which 1 was taken. While on my way home, I stopp"d a week at RutherfoHtou, ? small village in Nortel Carolina, t* try the effect < t ?.>me Chalybeate v ater in that place. About thi last of the week, I went into a drug store to gei ?ome medicine for tny eh.Id and myBeif. There were several of the .illase physicians in the store, and one of them s??ei led to take some interest hi my case aud, after askiog inc some questions, said h? had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the u.-e of ?? Dr. Hoofi.ud's German Bit ters," prepared by y u, and he insisted that I would t v the Butxrs He also called ihe next day at inv loom, and insisted so much that I would try theio Oat I asked h:m to get inc one bottle. He did r, and I commenced taking it a* directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water an medicine I had ever taken After reaching home one of my neighbors came to m?? for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic.) an*1 i gav him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected mu.'h goo I in his case lie ha* often called on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying h** was m ?r?' benefitted by it than any other he had tak'-n, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myself since; will you, tl)' re Core, please shij? me a d-?;'.en or more as soon a-? pos sible. l!'^spectiuliy yours, \V. SMITH. I). R. HOOKER. Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C , ?I. t-jtw-r 24 1853, says: - 4 Having experienced very ereitt benefit horn ihe u^e of 44 Hooftand'* German Bitters," in I'hronic Dysentery and rtinetional de rangenentnf the Liver. and its com nm.tant evils, I am de-irnu* of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of uiy community. You will, therefore, please semi a lot, fc.-. iic. CERriFK'ATR OF WM. J. ATWOOD. HrttTsvir.LK, Vadkih Co. N. C , Nov. l?t, 1853. I*l. C. M- Jackson?U?*ar Sir: Allow me to ex pre*, to >?*! my sincere thank* for your disc overy of a medicine w!iic*j, to *uy the lea-1 of it, has r.f feeted n cure that aJ.l other mod'Cin* s, tlmt I have laken. have entirely fail* <1 to do. 44lloofland's (Jcr tuan Bitters" have cured ine of tha ni'?sf stubborn and iijsravated ease of the files that, perhaps, ever tell tn tlie lot of man My case is not a stranger in community, u? I am well Known in this and the tirroumling counties, and can truly tav that my re covery has astounded a!! my friend* and relations, a*- I hail tried everything revoinuiended, and nothing did lire any go hI until I was prevailed upon to try ihe Bitters. You are it liberty to irake any Nse m this ciNriinumcation, for the benefit ot the atlliclcd, voir may thmk projwr. Truiy vours, WM. J. ATWOOD. Tliese bttters are entirely re^etuUe, they invigorate ?tnd strensth'-n the sy-t?in, never prostrate it, aud can b- used for inUnt^ a~ well as adults F*?r s?le hy rettrteciable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. GIDM \N, v\ a-hington; J. L. KIDWKLL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIERPONT, Alexandria, inar 1?lv T. H PEILLIPS' COACH FACTOSY, 477 ; t, adj'.ic(nz K?ln?y'? Livery >tab'es tn '.Ue iccreaAed tr??l^ which a generous ptfSIi Les bs-'towed upe-n ms, i have been com ;elle<j to ere- a lit* ?nd larger boJI'Mng tor th^ c^ en < f ri? business. Here I shall b? eo aMel to .-xecute all >->rd":a entrust* 1 t" m< with g.-esf-r Deilitf *s an 1 lispa oL. aai I would ra*;?ecf tufcy solicit i ontiBu?uc*? n: ths publl *fl pat-oo?g?-. Carrie*-* a: : Wagons, cf th* most mod rn styie, buiU of rLeb it a*tHr-als, and warranted to i,iv* Mbt.'&<4tor. ..?pitirso* 'ftrj i';"r;pfiPO non-tually attaiiJe; to. Kor <*'?, eL >?), a second-hand Clarence Carr!a>?e ceariy ? ?* -ri ? tl PALMER'S PATENT LEG. 'IMIIS A hEKICAN I N V KN TI O N 1 stands unrivalled botli iu this country and in Europe Iris worn Lv 1,000 |Kr*or^, .?nd with miM aston.siting succcm. In cotu;?i>tioii with 30 Hiicr substitutes of Ute best trench. Etgltoli, and German manufacture,ii received the award of the o'kai meoal a: uit: Woki.i/s Exiiiai tiov in Lox.iom. a- the be-; nruficial limb known. l:i >hi? country it has been tinrty timej exhibited, in co..inetition with all others, at th annual Fairs in the p4i<vi^>al ciUes,a-idi s. titve<y instance. received the award o< the iucli .st or I: pieuiiuui. Aud as a crowning 1 ouoi the unaiiiinous appr >al of an intern riorial < ?unci: th- F premium" i only Silver Mt 'al g vtn *or Limbs w. - .i\\. ided theinvrutor, a. tlie i ew ^ ork t.'rystal falace. Pamphlets giv;iig nil information, sent sratis to every npphcant. ?. FRANK PALMLR, 37 5 Chesnut street, Pluladel^hi.i. feb ?3m SPLENDID UAFFLE. f-e Raffled for as soon as the requisite f j iiumoer of Chances have been taken, the fol lowuiif si^end d and c? s;ly arucles, vis: 1st Pnse. ? lue splendid goJd Paper Weiglit. co.,taming au Automa-oii Singing Bird and eday Ghrontanvtcr. most beautifully decorated a:.d acorned with enaim lied Paintings. ? $1 fiOO 'Jd Prize. One Lady's oold Watch, richly srl wuli Diamond: and Panning on Enamel .. iVO 3?1 Prize. One Lady's ??old Watch, richly si t with Diain mds, and Paiuting n E>am< l.. lio 4th Pr-xe. (inc Gents Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Com|?ensator) gold Hunting Watch 10i firh Pnse. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased 00 Total value 'Hicre will be* Two Hundred Chances, at Tea Dollars each. The rattle will lake place at Hilbus & Ilitz' Mu sic Depot, Star Budding, corm-r Pa. avenue aud 11th street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. ftrsons desirous of possessing some of me most >tiperb article', oi workmanship ever exhibited, ha\e iiomt an op'Hjflumty offered lliem o( obtaining i-Uili ?ti :ui extremely low pyce. 4 'all aud ??tainiii': for vmrselves a! ihe Music lie pot <>1 IIILBCS fc HIT'/, sur BuHJing-, beiw. en the litnira of 9 o'clock a. iu< and C p. m. feb 7? tt _ _ PR0SPERI S CORNET BAND NO. 1 % t R. FREDERICK PROSPER! beSs l-ave 41 ?> ItJl lorru bis triends and Ixme. paison- that tins hand has !>?*i lully f organized aud <s i.ow uitd<" dlreettttti, Mid lie fully |?re|MTed w.lli a baud 01 tlie mosi li^ntitie Mu>i> isns in ih?? city, l?? "ir ni b iroiAtc Um H tils, i'sitie#, Parades. Pk- \n*s, E? C*'llit**, ik , at His >U<M l??i notice pc?-lM', ??>' ap pijt"5tc? Fr.LutHli. t PK09PESi, Leader.Cti.U i'hrMPCR!. Condncor, (ULCU3 ^ HIT* J Mu -=k D ,.?t, or-t feETE?< TALTAVCl.'S. ot posliv tue i>?rriaon, li.iiri.oa sttses, Navy Yard, l-.b l'J?3iu* GHEAT ItVDUCICmK'VT*. CANFIELD. BROTHER & CO . S99 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md., Offer to buyer% previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a large stock of reeent'J nupored goods,such a* WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, ~1lf>ati and Plated Goods, Clocks, Bronzes, Vosta, Musical Boxes, Dresden China, <fv , AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT RE GARD TO COST. ian 31-tr R. H. GILLET, Coaniillor at L?w, Offloe residence in Kranklin How. co'B?r o/ K and Thirteenth street ??** 98? fiINKING ROUSE OF PAIBO &ROCRSE Opposite Untied States Treasury. BONDS, Stocks and othw securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of.six per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when left for 30 days or longer, jan 24?Km l. OWES. 9 w. OWEN. B. OWKW & SON. MILITARY Al\'D NAVAL merchant tailors, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, WASHINGTON CITY, D C. Naval and .Military Uniforms executed in the neatest style. mar Si?eolm JA8TNET MAKER & UND5KTAKKB. rHfc na-i?r? ?n** wmU r*i^.e.-tfal!y in'-rm bl* fri?nds, *r>d thepdb'ic i'PEertilj .hat he ?? ?: coat'.na-jc t*> > In L-'s Ji? c f1 urinees in Ihs beet manner anl at tbe short i UCliC*. H KI^AIRISU neatly and prcmr>:y eir.vjoted. Kit Aljf stt'iificu to a*. ? ' ? , le ihortest n ?(tie?, er.d In rb? aan*r. 7? Laj riierv*'.'- mHtptr/eat tKW >vr, c*n ?n t\* -<*?? -tnat ??.nkfu!!'vr pant fevers, h* roo'.d m-pectfaliy joiia aei vlll - n irsfc* t> r>nit a r r.tmuane* ct ?j*??axn*. afttiony Bccm-Y, Pa. u. -dde, iJht^e-a 9th ead 10th?t*. e^sMtocc: tr. H?rtia'?, No. 396, 1) t tri ior?e eeet ei Ttb Fir*et. c'?* IT?ly Private Medical 'iraatiea WN THE It'llYPIOI.OJiICAL V'K V OF MARRliGS, BT K. II. l.A CiUHX, n. D., ALBANY N V. U-0 Pages and ISO fine Plain aod Colore i Litho tjre;>ba at; i Plates. Prist oai> 5i5 Cant* **| fre* of potitajeto >?!i par's cf the U nine-** CL'KaPE-T i'-OOK EVER PUHM->HK? .--ndcon'aining nearly d ub'?s the quantity of r-a 'ing matter in that of the FIfTY CENTS OR OOLLAIi PUSi.IC \TIONK It^rsatson 'he PHYSIOLO GY OF MARRIAQB, and the Secret I ? flrio!tie? and dlsonl^v cf y. uth and maturity, re ^ultin^ ff m ex? a?8-s, arhl'-h destroy th?*phvf ic\l *nd men tal power*, with olwrritioii* oi it. it-**,"?>, its >iut?i^ ?al diBqualifications, sr.d tholr r?ui-iiec; with U'h<VTaph*, illa?trA?:a^ the anatoui. scd phymr!^7, a*^d diaea^p of the rrpr - i-ict:7? orga-s of both eexea. th? r ct7ucliu?, nner ??; ' !tt"chvi. Apj^a'arard ?,.' iapr?h?R.*'r^ tr<^ r<?- the dai.-? and canxi^': ^ f eicpl* ati! n>ar n -a lift?i-c;py find ? ?;'?* .' -""''H-Vf-. J-J^dc cf tc o irior thra- lnfol'citc.-? '.ofe.1',1- one??tbe:r Mviation and rnftfT' . ? ^.r?rt<nt hlc.fB to t^o-e ?joct*ii--j.!fttic2 r*,*-s n.--ay t" ?*t trili ov*i'<T''_ie r>v> iertlor.s to it; roo ? *2 <r. rt??nl<l tnbe thin iir pr.rU'it s op ac..* t.rsl e^nstiltinR it* pvztf,? ymmectr.r?! s 0 r U ainerfesar 1 i?i" ot fe2*l?-fl frcti '?'?.t?ncy to oM r ? vrh csr* ^r^jh Icailv DiurtTiU-i '?'? bc&utifn! litho!rrtp>.!o ; !atw - a?rroifl dcbirtT, its cau-e# rt.l-:r?, >7 t proe?;i ?: one.n so riu?: !?"..?l > t ad ffT-.ctr.iii ?hfct {..'vlure Is lopocHMe?rules for deiiy uk-.n&rj?*x-T:t?si e-c- y ?>n c?y rrcat. v.tcii *H4.h ; rac'kal r.?.^-Ts?i'rs r,ti b hf r, pu t more eaere.T?fdl n-'-'i of tr ?s^ment?-pi?> .... ?ti'-'ihr? h:rt? or, tie ???ie ietul.;ng fr-im ea:pi i X-* r?r.ji e?-a-' o?i a!l ctseijej ? tPdVvre.v r?, n t?. p'.n'i in1) ?5cio!?; rul'-? V j ?bW*h ail perrons tt'f ttj*m->:I v** wi'.ho'ft me-rury? for thee relf iufl'.ct't ?;d di r.? |?oicte-i h^pee ?0 I'nfcrtxumtely rr'T'.Vnt lu th four;* It i^ a tratuvul a<lTi tr ?*? the mr.rried and thoev untem ?et;cg Its phrasal io pur ti:ul?rly iecom,o<raa*d to prions entertainltg te jret donMs of tfcfeir pMyeieai ??oud'ticn, and -?h<? ere rjnpciou^ tf harioi; bst^rded tbr- hsilth, htvp<n and priviiei'ji to which ?-Terj hnm^a Lein^ in oi tttledt0- ? , Pile* 25eentfl per copy, cr Ave ccpiM f< 1 c ue d ?! !*r. Mailed fies ol p^Uge to ony p?f c? the Uni ted Sf%te?. N. B.?Those who rre'er rosy eonfult Dr I /. Cs-.i" upon any of tfcailise&ee* upon which his boo1: Kith<-r .erocnally or by raai; W^IIc'cp "ent to ao> part r* the Linen n-cordlng to directtonf, mfd) pack* ! and cav^nllT see?rcd fiosr. all ol," A?idre*e f?r. M. U 1. a CJ^tOlX,No 51 i* 1 v.u<? or Pest Gfit"* *ios 119, Albany. N. V. tf Office open d?iiy from 6 a to ta 9 p t:, ai.d ?>?' incday fr<>a i uutil ?? p iu. Oific* il?ntoveil froa No. 56 Pe-iverti.. to 31 oiaSucn Lnii?, Albany, N. Y. tec 1 MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONES' ROTATING PERMUTATION PL VTE Lf)CK, ii'?w commonly callcd the WtlRLHf FAIR LOCK, uitfiout key or key-hole, is the Lock that secured the out* r doors of the Ht rruit! Sale thai contained 3I.OO0 at the World's Fair, London, 1851, it bciiiK tn-ccs?:arj to unlock this before other lock.* in the ?at'e could be unhKked. All partis* interested are referred to the following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. I have this day sold to Messrs. STEAP.Nri it MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'S Patent Salamander SAFES, New York, the Patent right ol rov ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called '?JONES' ANTI GCNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WOPvLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter tide w is acquired in conetqucnce 01 this Look Iteing placed in a Safe at the World'r Fair, with ?1,000 in tiie Safe, to be the reward ol afly person who could open the door. The -old remained therein for a period of fort> ftve .Itivs, whilst the visitors got tired of turning tin: dnls, with Mich |>oor pro-pert of success, the num ber of changes being 'i4,300,000. Bankers, Jewelers, aud Merchants who desire tn have these Lock* upon th? ir door^, can have them by applying to Stearns & Marvin, N<?. 140 Wutei street, who have the exclusive right to manufu 'turc said l.<H!ks in the Uni'ed ^tate.-. HENRY C. JUNEF. Newark, N. J., Ja ,uarv '^Otli, 1W3. BTEAI.NS &. MARVIN, Stc ??ssor to Rich &. Co , . 14 it 146 Water st., \. V., THE ONLY M Ah KS OF SAL AM A > DEN SAFES, com? inina vVILDER'S and RICH PAT EN I H. S. li. HOWELL, Agent, , Ini Georgetown. D. C. T11E LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES, '|>0 BE RAFFLED FOR IN 5*00 CHANCES 1 AT 9'4& EACH PRIZE NO. 1 "tft. Thomas of Vill nueva. givina Alms to tht Poor." a copy <d Murdlo, by one of his pupds ant touched by that ureal artist?said to be equal to th?, cost ,f4,0?l0. PR12.E 2 " The adoration of the W ise Meu of the East," a Murillo ; cost ,$3,000. , prize 3. " IleaJ of our Saviour," by Cotre^gio; co^t $1,000 prize 4. " He^d of the ttlwsed Virgin," by Carreggio; t.?s 91,000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK Is authorized to receivi BUbscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may ii? obtained, or of Meears. TAYLOR * MAf SY. All money received on atrcount of the Raffle wil t>e deposited in Bank until the drawing takes place which will be duly announced. J*rom the S\ JU>imI lateHigencer. Articles similar t?? the annexed we have ol?.?eive?i iu several distuit papers, coBtiintd in their >V';..-!i ingtou correspondence. We ate giaJ to see that 1 member of the fianiiy is willing to dispose ol h |>ar of the rare collection of the lat': Richard VV. Meade who, during his long residence in Spain, had oppor tuiiiii"^, which Ins opulence enabled htin to indulge f<?r seleeiiiig many of ihe finest paintings in Spain? tint treasure-house of pictorial ricliea. The dis turbed state ot tile country at the time, moreover made it favorable for obtainini; many gems of ar which would i>ther\Msc never have h**eu purch '-a We. t'tosn the Ho ton CKroniile. Cu?r B*utivRaa or Art.?Several chef d'lw ire ofSliliillvi, Correg^io, and other mast re, which ?tr l,i.eight from Spain during revolutionary times bj the It VV Meude. Iiev-i elicited the admit.; mm of v>nr< i' ?.ari .lwrii^ ibe ?j.?t w&ceui the Ev.ti.'i"' o:'trt- Cajit 'l Vb y ari ;a N: di?poe.^l *??" i-<r tir I' r> ill ol - uauihter oi ^l^a.-lc. rc^udi"? jr. Ncr V-nk. after tu opi oitunuy has been given to tiv public lor an eianiiuauon. r?b 6? ti N1 T**asi-*y DirAitTXiRT, March o, 1855. JOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holdersof stock ot ?hc United Slates dcscrined in the ft j. lowing notice of ,'fj January last, that for the |.ur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, department will continue to purchase. upon the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the ?um proponed not yet oh Uined?say $1,158,485 0.'>. ir said stocks are offered and received here prior to the firM day of June nt xi: Theaspry Department, January 3, 1S55. Notice is hereby given to the holder* of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this ih partment is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and ihc 1st day of Mar.-h next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the ag gregate 10 .<51 900,000, in the manner and on the te ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be g ven in ihe order of time in which said stocks may he offered. Th ? certificates, duly assigned to the United Sut-:s by the parties who are to receive the amount tnereol, must be traufiiritted to this departmut; upon the receipt whereof, a pr:ce will be paid compounded ot the following particulars: 1. The par value, or ai tount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium ou ihe stock of the loan autlionz d by the net of July, 1846, redeemable November 1*2 1856 of 2J| j>er cent.; on the stock of the loan au thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decern ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans aullmrized by the actsof 18.47 and 18-18. a d >-ed*?ein able, the former on th 31st f>ecember, 1867, an I the tatter ou the 20th June, 1868. of 1G p? r cer:; ind on the stock of the loan niilhori/.cd by the an of 1850, i nd redeemable on the 3lst of Decemtv r. 1864, (commonly called t..e Texan indemnity,^ 6 per c-nt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from Me 1st 4 Janu iry, 185.S, to the date of receipt and f t tleu ent at the Treasury, with the allowance (: ir the ;?ioney ? rcach the owner) of on? day's inter -i in a-ldiu< n F for said stocks will be made in dratf of the Treasurer of the Uni'cd States, on tho a??istoit Irea urer at Ros;n.i, \ev. York, Philadelphia, as {Kiriies ii'aydi?cct. Put to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall ,>ot be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st dav ? f War h ??Cit. JAMES GUTIIKIS. mar 6?dtlunel Secretary of the Treasury. BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. 4 LL my old fnends for wfi in I obtained Bounty /V Land, in less quantity than 160 a"res, are here bv laformed that tueir names and a record of the evidence, with the date* o: their eertifieaten, are on my hook, so that I ean, with facility, make out then declarations for additional land. Thoi.o w ho fail* d to obtain any laud for want of sufficient service, in tny of whom are now entitled to 160 acres, car. find the tint" allowed recorded by me. Others will find it to their interest to call or write, and I wiil send forms and instruction* for reasonable and fan compensation. Any old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to p:i\ ft>r preparing their papers will be instructed grari by calling al the office JOIIV I). CLARK, mar 6?1m Agent, Washington, D C "fancy millinery. MISS AMELIA PRIBRAM and Sa lter have opened a FANCY MILLIX-I EHY STORE on P<nn.-n Ivatiri nvc" 'riu?\ between Tenth ^ind Elmnth '?'reels, south si le, No 7, and would respectlti! ly call the attention of the ladies of Washington 't r. J vicinity to their handsome an 1 vnr ed a^orlntent of imported and manufactured Millinery, latent si\b New Yo k. Paris, an 1 London fashion* ot Straw, .^ilk, Crape. |,aee. Velvet and ether Bonnet?. Also, dress and other Cap All orders in the Millinery liue thankfully iceeiv. <1 and faithfully attended to mar 'J?1 in * M LOOK HERE!!! ore bounty lam? to Jill who w rv. d in AMY War since 17W, whether as Office:.; Soldiers. S ?ilor-. Marines, Clerk-*, Indians, ('ha > !ains. Wagon Masters, Teamsl is, Lani'tsui ii, <nr their widows or minor children) who l.&vv not >*t received full 160 acres, and hive been ? n service 14 days, will do well t< write to us. fioitpaid, md th* ir Land Warrants wi I l?e forwarded to them for ? .e ahovi quantity, and no chartre if tbey do not get it. LLOYI) N. Co., Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. S. TiuafUiy. Washington City, D. C ? nitirf?3m" VLL ST*<AW?ITHS visi ing ilui City Should see Hunter's Cat also. I*is Description of Powell's great Picture alo'iiie of the curiosities of the Patent office. Mi 23?9m * EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. \\J E have just received a fresh lot of PRUNES, Vl FIGfJ, ORANGES, LEMONS, Sic. Also. .I ca.-o of SARDINES, put up in superior style Give us a call ami juilje fur yourselves Don't forget the No , 499 Seventh street, nppo. odd Fellows' Hall. N. II. Balls, Parties, and Famili?s supplied on the most re?.>onabie a ad satisfactory terms, at the short est notice. RYDER it PLANT, mar I?lm UNION ACADEMY. Corn/r of Fb'tri tenth it. at A AY w York avtnipi APLW nor* pupUs can be received to maNe up th* lirai'ei uumtier. Aj-pHn?tion must be ojtide soon. Ths <1lFctpl?n?i, instruction, n:x 1 luesut of illustration ar? each u to ineuro satiofiitto.-j pro gres- la those ?.npl!s who aie paactual, regular ana obedient. Circular* at th# Bookstores. d?#Sft?5id 7,. ?'? ARLINGTON POLKA. JUST published by 11ILRUS 4l HITZ, and for sale at ail the principal Mu ic Stores. It is ein iM'llishcd vviili a correct likeness of ?, asbin^ton's favorite, the venerable George Washington P Cus tis, and dedicated to him by the popular comitos-er of this city, IIam> Krummacber. Music l>? |e>t,Star Buddings, ?'oriier of Eleventh htreet and Pa avenue, mar 13?tf HOPE FOR TUE FUTURE, ANEW SONG, word* writ'en and dedicated to Mrs. Franklin Pierce, by Slieelah; musicci.iu |Mised by Fr?*l? ricK Kley, lis?j. Ju t published and lot sale at 1IILBUS &. Ill'FZ'S Musn: Depot, Star Buildings. mar ID s LMANACH POIJK RlllE, pour 1855. Alma nach Comique, do. Aliuaiiuch Sunathjue. do. Almanac!: AstrolOtjique, do Almanaeh Proptict* ique, d< . Alninnach Pitteresque, do. Almatincli des Jtux dt Societc, do. Ahnanach de I'lllu ir.iiien do. FRANCK TAYLOR, mar 15 \\T ATC I1KS, V% JEW'ELRV, SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS PEARLS, fani:y goods, fcc. &c. \i extreiiielv LOW PRICES, bv C INFIELD, BRO. it CO , i|29 Baliiuiort btreet, Caluinure, .Vd. mar 14- tr A RARE CHAN? E FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition al the Fair at ihe Smithsonian Institute, tour &uperb PI AN< >S, which were made expressly for th * fair and may be relied upo*i as superior instruments. W?; will dis pose of them upon very reasonable terms, eive any reasonable time on them, divide the payments into fiuall notes, in fact, make any reasonable nrr. nge ni< jits to buit purchasers VVe have also on hand in store the Iarge?t and most reliab'e as ortmeiit of Pianos ever offered in thii city, froai Ihe tenownvd tnanuf ctones of llal Int, Dans, & Co ,Boston,and Bavon & Riven, New York. Old Pianos taken ill exchange. New Music and an assortment ol cvciv ariu-le (M-rraitiifii; to the music trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 P enna. avenue, near Tenth strtef. mar 13?tt UIUttLUlt II^KtAiS, Architect. 'Pa. avrnue, Tenth uiui Hiccenth i/ntfi, WASKtNO'CON, p. c: 11; ILL contiui e to furnish Plans, detail wnrkim \f lluiWiNji ? tut spei^nsaioys ol tniildinf" <? every d*'^ riptJon.and also to sii|>erin'.cnd their < itc 'ton leh I?? ? "1>LANK BO<?KS ol every mzc aud vaiiety, i t the J.I finest iiihI rials and workmanship, as well a~ oihers of the cheapest hinds. A mrge mpplv bought tor cash by the uidersigncd. tor sale at rat s much I clow the usual prices, mar 13 PEAXCK TA Y L< ML OPF1CUL AKBIY AND SAW KK GI8THR for 185o riie Navy Uefiitcr tor the United State- tor ihe ye tr ifrii ulil .iil AlCi", K 1 ?'.! 1 i.'v J>Ts' atid ft r a; TAYFOH It "MAURY'S mar lo Bo0X-t..rc, near ihli EVENING STAli. (COMMUNICATED. 7H? PUBLIC SCHOOLS One of the city newspapers, in its la*t issue, after quoting from the memorial recently presented to Congress by the Board of Trustees of Public Schools, in dulged in a strain of exaggerated remarks which, without explanation, may do in jury to the cause they were doubtless in tended to benefit. The simple truth ij mighty, and all that the friends of the Public School system desire is that it should Ve fairly represented: that what it has done, and what it has failed to ac complish may be fully understood. Ti.e writer of the article says, "almost ever, application for improvement vitally ne cessary for the prosperous continuanceof the nucleus of a system which we have at present, is met with the objection, ?wait till Congress doeo something fcr us.'" In point of fact, (or many years iesr:y every application, with the single excei - lion which wil! be noticed beiov. that has 4>een in ade by the Trustees to U c City Councils for appropriations fit school purposes has been grants. The past and present Councils ha'. : manifested x most praiseworthy libera - lty in co-operating with the Trus-ees in the improvement of the Public School*. Every request that has been b? ? hern, which was accompanied by an es timate, lor the establishment of ne* schools, for more teachers, for increase in rheir compensation, for new furnituri. ar.d to pay higher rents for better scb.x I rooms, lias been granted, and it is be lieved the estimates of the Trustees have been always passed without reduction. Within twelve years the annual ap propriation for schools has ii-en from about $1,700 to more than $17.(K>0?an increase of more than one thousand pir cent. Wc challenge any city. North or South, to show, within the same time, a greater per. centage of increase in its ap propriations for Public Schoois. % The memorial states that 4-in 1842 the expenditure by the Corporation foi school purposes was j 1,755. There vrert at that time but two schools, two teach ers, and about two hundred pupils. Tlit expendi * ures for the year J 853-'4 amount ing to $17,63?J: theie are now twenty four schools, thirty-seven teachers, and about twenty-two hundred pupils." ' This statement, which will not be de nied, shows conclusively that we have not been, as stated by the writer, " vain ly depending upon Congress without our making an etfort cither io build school hous'jj, provide first iate teachers, or, ri short, do any thing more than move along with the current of events.'' With in a lew years we have built two new school houses, and la>t year purchased one school-house and added a second story to another. In regard to the statement that "hun dreds of children are crammed into school rooms that should not contain fifties, ' it is answered by the fact that not, one of the public schools numbers more than a hundred and forty pupils, while the usual number is seventy, and thoaveiage attendance does not exceed fifty, which is the proper number for one teacher. It is true that Congress was memorial ized at its last session ou the subject of gtaniing aid to the schooli. The trustee would have been derelict to their duty, if, after the manifest interest exhibited by the President and the Secretary ol the Interior lor the advancement of the pub lie school system cf Washington, they had neglected to second the efforts o: the Executive and to press their recommen dations upon the atteution of Congress. The writer says, 44 the regulations of the trustees in regard to text books and studies are daily and openly violated." In a few instanced this may have been true; but the teachers have been recent ly notified, by direction of the trustees, that such violation of the rules wdl no longer be permitted, and it is net appre hended there will be any more complaint on this score. 44 >ome \oung female teachers," it is said, 44 have seventy pupils crowded into their narrow rooais, while others tiave less than one-hall that number." Only two schools, it i- believed, '? haw le?.s than one-half that number"'?one, tie female departmc ii cf the First district school, and the oilier a primary johool on the western bi rder of the city. The great want at present is new school-houses, and this went has olt^n been brought to the attention of the Councils by the trustees. The present B ird has not bet n neglectful of their duly in this respect. They have pre pared a report on the subject of school houses, which will doubtless be laid lore the Councils this evening, in which they earnestly renew the recommenda tions which have heretofore been made, to erect new and substantial school houses, to be constructed m the best manner, and on the most improved plans. It is to be hoped that the city which has. heretofore been so liberal, will no longer neglect this important matter. The writer says there is no uuifoi m system of instruction in the public school in this city. We trust there never will be! We hope there never will be a Procrustean system of instruction estab lished, to which all must conform. All good teachers have some peculiar quali ties, either natural or acquired, by which they are distinguished, and which lbuy stamp inefl'aceably upon their pupils, ard thus give a maiked and distinctive character to tlicii schools. The same is true ot sc1kk>1 disci] line One teacher whom we have in mind, has acq.ired much reputation for the order which prevails in his school, and which has been secured by a liberal use of the strap Another teacher has quite as good cider, but never u>es corporeal punishment. Thi uuc g .v . lis t.y ftfti the other by love. A tbiid lacier se cures diligence and punctuality by re i wards, and a fourth attains the same ob jects by a cultivation of the moral pr:n ? ciplcs, and by "nspiring a love for what is true and right. Another charge is 44 the want of sys tematic organization that causes the six teen thousand doll irs our citj' annually ' appropriates for education to be really less valuable than ten thousand properly expended." Let us look at the fa<*ts as presented by the lest anntnl rej>ort cf the Trustees. Amount paid for salaries of Teachers and assistants, $13 23H ?3 Tlie writer would scarccly wish this sum reduced. Rea s of school rooms, $1-138 32. Books and stationery for indigent pupils. $257 41. Repairs of school houses and contingent expenses, ?1 010 22. Pur chase of new furniture, 72 Fuel and stoves, $43f? 22. Premiums and continent expenses of B ard of Trus tees, $213 36. Silary of Treasurer, S20<\ Salary of Secretary, $'200. *i * n ? well set how anv re !uction culd he male in any of the above i?c:r?s wi'liou? injury to the schoo's, unless, j. n*h*nce, ihe exorbitant sa'arics psid to tha Trea surer and Secretary. It appears, by the samn repnit t' at the cost to the city for instructing each pupil in the public schools, was six dol lars and nire cents. Wc should like to knox wh^rc such instruction vs a child receives fur a year in many of our public sc'tooL can be se cured for less money. We had occasion to inquire at two private schools in the city th ? price ot' tuition for a child about twelve years old and found it to b? $100 for the school year, about forty-four weeks, and if in struction was given in what arc called 44 accomplishments," it would amount to more than two hundred dollars March 10, 1855. (J. J. A. Fatttkr Mathrw.?A letter from this distinguished advocate of total absti nence from intoxicating drinks, dated Funchal, Madeira, Jan 22, addressed to Dr. Ilayden. of Dublin, speak? ho-efully of at least his partial restoration fiom the paralysis with which he has been aftliclcd. He says, that 4* under the influence of the genial climate of the niand his par alysed limbs ^re much improved," and he thus concludes his letter : ?? The only wish I have for improved health is, that it may enable me to re sume my labors, for the few remaining years of my life, in the sacred cause oi' temperance. Should it be? the merciful will of the great, (iod not to restore my health, I fervenily pray that the Aimigh ty may, in his goodness call me to him self, that I may not In: a burden to my ft lends, and in particular to you. dearest Dr. LI ay den, my gre-af and only bent IV tor. It is you alone w Lo rescued me from wretchedness and almost despair, and bid me hope once more. Your exer tions hive been indefcrgab'e to extri cate me from inexpressible agony of mind/' ? ? ?? ? - -? ?? Ei.opkmkkt ? Attempt to 5iioot mi; Skihckr.?On Saturday nipht last says the Fredonia Censor of the 13th instant.) a couple arrived at Dunkirk in the cars, and stopj <d at the / merican hotel, where they passed as husltand and wife Yes terday morning the true husband of the woma i arrived in pursuit, and requested to be shown their room. B< ing directed to it, he burst in, and presenting a double barrelled pistol at the gay Lotha:io, at tempted to discharge it, but tailed. The scuttle being heard by others, as sistance arrived, and the weapon was ta ken from him. lie was taken before a justice and examined in the afternoon, and in an interim of the trial, while stand ing at the doorway, he levelled another pistol, which he had procured *ubsequent to the first attempt at the destroyer eif his peace, and discharged it. The b:ll missed the intended victim, but the in | jured husband, supposing it had proved effectual, declared that both were r ow ruined, and he was satisfied. Subse quently he seemed convu sed. and avowed that he had taken poison, but whether this is actually the case, is not determined. Both parties are from J'enn sylvania. British Rw;i lar> ?Capt. Marryatt. speaking of the military strength of this country, s:?id that twe nty thousand lirit ish r-^uiars could march from one cm el e>f the L'uion to the other without nntv;:i >c | rious resistance: but he added a most ; important hint -and it was, that he 1 doubted whether a single one of the 1 twenty thousand would ever get back. His idea was, that being without a ?tan(i 1 ing airny, the country taken without sur prise. with no time to conceit plans of resistance, the twenty thou*ani regulars might, by rapid movements, traverse the whole length of the Union; but in at tempting to letum they would find the aspect of things materially changed. The whole land would literally l?e brist ling with bayonets. The Captain look a correct view of things. The Kepub'icis got up on the principle- which distin guishes the mysterious architecture of an eel trap -very ea9y to feet in, but mighty difficult to get out of. If you doubt this, consult those whe undertook to suppress New (Means. Fisii "?*KKKDlXeJ.?In a recent vi^it to the ti h hatching establishment of M. Co>b?, in Paris, it is saiel that the French Minister of Agricultuie, Commerce, aud Public Works, found there 250.000 new ly hatched tish, l.So.tKH* of which had only jast been brought up from the es tablishment at Huninguen. AH this large number were com eyed to Pans at the same time, and without* perceptible U#*s. The tish comprised cumaion trout, tiv>ui frjiu the lakes, t*alu?on from the Rhine, and tiout from ti;efrwi>8 lake-?. rap^Potitenea is neve?r a lutlog ^aiae. Civil. i-T v.ill al?*>* r?pn>.Uce itecLf iu otb*r<, mi I tLo ?ho i. afw-ys polit. will f .are to J ,r0. least he OLttCh ?? h? grv*f 44 5o Bit, MV? Lfr ? lUrco. 44*Ut be J?CcieLt io rrupeci ? o"\ e'bert vhi fcrcirftfrt cf r??r?Ct lu '

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