Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1855 Page 2
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V i ING STAR. W \-j{IINGTON PITY: WIDlLa'.v . if TSKFO. !f Merck 21. *?1 ? I ?? ?iifair: I ? l?JQPX?Q *FI*jr \sk THU MO AH LUG PRESS. The Vhk n announces the expected news of the entire adjustment of tbe Black Warrior difica y with Spain, for which we prep and oar reader? pome time since It seems to as that oar cotemporary it in error in the drift of his remark* apon the affair, which inperin dooe the impression that Spain yielded to the f**r ?f force, rather than to the clearness of the reasoning with which the Amerioan Sec retary of State placed the faets involved be fore the Voeen's Government The American despatch le which tbe editor refers is proba bly tbe most powerful paper that ever came from Mr. Mifey'a uand?as powerfully con clusive as \ny state paper that ever wa* penned wince civilixati a began. We prefer to be Jlere that Spain yielded gracefully to tbe foroe of its reasoning?not lo fear Wo think we recugniic in the promptness with which ahe acknowledged (he justice of oar demands, when thus made clear to ber understanding, a disposition to be reasonable in all her future ??eial in-ercourse with as; which diipoeition, If properly cultivated, will in time lead to her* Appreciation of the better polioy of selling Cnba to ns, ft- it ean never again be worth to her, by sny possible ' banco, as much as the ttoney this Government will willingly give for it 'he Lai an i The idea that Spain learns nothing and forget# nothing is, in the*e times fallacious; inasm.ich . s tbe principle of pro gress mmt affect bcr to a greater or lesi de gree. as it affects all else in the ncrld. The Inttlhfttic-r pibliihe* an amu-irg letter from its veteran corraspondent. Major Jack Downing, all about tbe Ostead Confer ?nee acd the liia:k Warrior atfair. Though the Major must bj getting old by this rime we can discover no mu3iine?? ia his j.kes, Which are quite piquant iu 1855 ss they were in 1&IS. The S?/utvei laughs heartily -it the idea of letting up Mr Gejrg? Law far a presidential candidate, conceiving hi? arpirutions in that way on a footing with bis speculations in con demned mu?kets There ia a deal of go-a fceaditivenesa in Ueorge, beyond a doubt. Hut it strikes us that he c*a hardly come a * Dry Tock B-ink operation upon the people of tbe United States. Tne same paper, discussing the Cuban question, says: " But of late the aspect of affairs his change! in m.^st important particulars No man at at! conversant with |&ssing events, can doubt for a moment that fcngi md and Jranc- have established ? 4ort of Cuban Protectori:e--aim..<i against the interests of the Luited states ani giving to those allied nations uie game power t o harm us from Cuba aa if the ulaad belonged to them The propo anion lor tais tripartite convention made some time ago, and the recent ac'lvity of British man-of-war in irar.spcrtin; Spanish troop* - uil:?|oatof Havcna wita the English and Spanish flags entwined, leave no doubt or un certainty It is clear?perfectly clear?that a Cuban Protectorate ha? been established by Legland i i ranee and that the end obieci and purpose of the protectorate is hostility to the united Stat*a and to the meet important people of the United States, lheec circumstances?strengthened and made mure significant and alarming by the efioris to Africanize the taltnd and by the ?rmitg and organising of the lr?e negr< ee? entire?y changed thi ?-*ops and bearinz the nature and cbiracter ol Cuban que* lion 11 e are no longer ceiled upon to decide whether we w 11 conien that, after proposi tions to purchase Cu'Ja eball remiin aSpin lan province, but wnether we will permit it to continue '.o t,a an Eijglirb nni Ftench p?ote>; yora-e. originating >n h -s ility to ua. and hav Wg nothing but hostile purposes for u.? " The I ocle Affair Ihe New Vors Express aay? that 4J:jr Tr ein, who figured in the Poole murder in the 4'21st ward, only in October lest Carried the Whig primary meeting." and ? wu in Tam many IIall at a mass meeting there, ratifying the Seymour nomination?crying dowa John Cochrane, and knocking down all who cried him up;" that ? Laker wao a Whig ? atriker ia the 8th ward of thia (New York) city, and. because of hia potent influence there in the primary meetings, he was made, through acme aldermen, a policeman! The Bakers, dis fua ed with the rough handling the present Ma.^or gives them, are now operating in Al bany to reduoe the police of tbe city to their ?abjection. bome of the New York papers, by way of ridiculing tbe efforts made to deify the bully Peole dub him ? St. Pcole !" The efforts re ? centiy maue to grow political capital out of the affair at Stanwix Hall are reacting rapidly Three fourths of the New lork city papers Mem now tu realise that they bid lair greatly to i&jure the moral toae of the community j and they are therefore commendabiy ttrain ing every nerve to do away wjth their bed ef fects. it it be not too late FEKMONAL. .... G. P K. James, E*q., British consul at Norielk, \a . (;he novelist James) is now in this city, at Willard a .... Commodore Newton aiso resched Wash ington this morning leaving hia ship, tbe Columbia at Norfolk. ....Mrs. Alexander Hamilton was the first person in tho L nited Mates for whom icecream was made Hon. Q. W, Jones of Tenn,, declines beooming a candidate for relection to Congress Mr l>cLt ot Gdorgit. ... .Mo*c; Small, the oldest newspaper car rier in Baltimore, now in his 7&th year, com menced his vocation in 1S06, and it i* and he hasaveraged in his walks 1? mi let each day, which for years fojt up a total of 245.392 miles which is nearly to the extent of 9 times aroand the world ....The publishers of the Louisville papers have sgreed to decline the publication of tbe hotel arrivals except when they are paid for at the rate ol two cents per name ???? Mornssey, the pugilist, is ont in a card in the New York Herald denying that he had anything i0 d0 with the death ol P**,le a y ?wan fr<>Te lb*1 ke was at home in bed wne- tae aflray occurred ....Josh lili.bee the actor, Bailed yester day for California on a profeasional visit. ... .Jacob C. Chapman. Esq , has withdrawn fT0I?i ?>*? Indianapohs Republican "Tell Chapman to crow. ' deiphiaFMk b%D^min 11 during in Philn .... Anthony Burns, the manumitted slave it is said, ia very ill with inflammation of the lung a He ia at the house of Lewia Tapnan in Brooklyn, N Y ln .... A Democratic meeting in Williamabnrg ya, haa eaJled upon Gen Bayly for explana tiena as to his course .... Hon Wm 0. Goode is announced as a candidate for re-election to Congress from the Petersburg (Va..j Ihsirict ....Hon Tnomas 8. Bocock is a candidate for re election to Congresa. He ia to address the people ot Halifax, Va., on Monday next. ....Mr Jas T Ball, of Alexandria county, na* nee*, appointed police ?ffi er at the Capi rol i r WASITTOTOJ NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tho Very Latest!?Tha last wonder cf the New York Herald ia a story about a conspira cy entered into between M. Calderon de la Barea, Mr. Marcy, General Ctmhiog. and the President to ruin Mr. Soule, on sending him to Madrid! A? childishly silly ?s lhi? con" coction is, that journal puts it forth with gravi ty equal to anything of the klad we ever saw in a newspaper. Its conductors forget that all the world recollect* that the President, on consultation with his Cabinet, sent Mr. Soule to Spain. The Herald* eiory is that they, at tho same time, sent with him. as secretary of Legation, a gentleman (who, by the by, was there previously) whom they knew to be implacably hostile to the leadiBg object of his mission?the acquisition of Cuba?the con summation of wbich they had notoriously more at heart tban ar.y "bthcr point cl A me i can policy incident to the times. Acd, further, that there has been a secret correspondence, designed to bring Mr. Soule into disgrace, going on between the patties named aboveand the Secretary aforesaid. Really, it seems ai though the Herald publishes only for Bed lamite.'. No man outride of a lunatic hospital w<>uld believe that these Government officers, bent on acquiring Cuba at they were, would strive to defeat their own end, which is neither more nor less tban the amount of this last roorback from the Herald?t mint. This story is -imply proof of the dullness of the times in Washington, from wbich something in the way of:t wonder must be nominally published daily, under the Herald's system We shall, prcba b!y, next have from the same source a story that the President und Messrs Marcy and Cmhing have formally and deliberately con spired to destroy the>r own standing before tho country, which would bo on a par with the one to which we refer above We may cut inappropriately ad J here, that, ,there has not been an instant since the inaug urvaou of Presidont Pierce, during which his rations with Mr. Soule and the latter'* witb him have not been as cordial as it is possible for those of two gentlemen to be. This fact is rotoriou? to all In Washington who kuow au:rht of public affairs So, every lice and wor!, attributing unkind feeling* towards the President, to Mr. Soule are utterly without foundation. lie did not, while here, either by w> ri or look, do aught to justify any portion of th- silly stories concerning his position to the Pr jident of the Administration, of which the newspapers have been so prolific of late. It wi I be remembered that up to a week ago. the Htrald has been protesting that the At torney General i? the bead and front of filli bosterism. to which it now makes him an iin plhcable e&emy for the last two years So it ' Th? Selection of Company Officers for the Fcrr Hew Hegiments?Though here and thtre we find individual gentlemen who have been personally disappointed in the selections to which we refer above, we have never known any similar action on the part of a President of the United States ao universally commended in t'ala city This ia remarkable, inasmuch as the e here congregated are. for the most part, politicians?while he has evidently eschewed poiuical claim* and influences altogether in determining on whom to bestow the ceminis sioDJ in question The truth is the brief re oiU.l of the previous services of every man on wh in be haa devolved it commission in either ol the n<)<* regiments, with which the promul ga'.ien of the list was accompanied, carries eo c-jficlu?ive conviction of the entire integ rity and oorrectne*? of his decisions, a* to foieclose all complaintl. if any were disposed to -aake them Jc*t one-half the company offers of each grade have be*n selected from tli? in civil life who have served their coun try in arms while an equal number have been taken from the present army?sufficient to sp^eiiiy infuse into the new t/oops the discip liic andetprit dn rorj>* which together render the present army of tho l'nited Sta'.oj the m st efficient in the world for its numbers. The Power of Corruption?We fear that the New York Legislature are about to give ar^ot'aer illustration of the power which cor rupts often exercises over legislative bodies in this country The various interests in the ci'y of New York, political, mercenary, and ol debauchery, who:?e rascalities havo been so ?"jccessfully exposed, and in a great mea suit arrested, by the reforms of Mayor Wood, havo combined before their Legislature to tie hie narda for the future, by taking from him th it power over the New Yoik police which, excised under his strong will and keen per ceplicns. has enabled him using that foroe as his means, to effect so muob good in ao short a ti<ue We regret to p?rcoi\e that Mr Henry J Raymond, now the Lieutenant Governor of tb? State, appears to be the main reliance of thxe urging the change. According to the Journal of Commerce, and other lead ing papers of New York city, discharged poiiceinon and rowdy politicians are well nigh the only open advocates in the city for the change; which in effect propo.-ea to place ov??r Mayor Wood in dealing with derelict p-.'licemea. a board of commissioners who are virtually to hold their offices by the fiver of the corner groceries ruin shops, gambling bou*e* and other such establishments a: rarely fall to combine together In New York to elect t > office persona who will be their tools?whose adminiatration of affairs there made tbe summary proceedings of Mayor Wood and Chief Matsell ao necessary. The U S Bioop of War Jamestown ?The result of the turvey recently ordered to ascer tain the tree condition of this ship, demon strate* that she ia in perfect order lor a three years cruiao It will recollected that on aailing from Philadelphia not long since, bound to take her poslciOb as one of the Afri can eoast squadron, anonymous letters ap poared, condemning her as unseawortby. The stir made over them in the newspapers probably caused the Secretary of the Navy to order a survey upon her at the Norfolk yard, where she touched Our reference above is to the result of that examination. We pre sume that she will proceed on her voyage as soon r* the paraphernalia taken out of her to permit tbe survey to be made, can be re] laced properly in her Freight ?A recent interesting decision ef the accounting branch of the Government may be stated aa follows, vis . An agent of the Vnited States ahipped on board a ateamer eer tain army supplies, some of which were de livered at the port of destination in a dam aged and worthless condition, and othera were lost. The owners otaimcd freight, und pat in a proteat showing tnat the aceamer met with bad weather, and waa compelled to make a harbor short of her destination, but no alle gation oi necessary jettiaon or aacrifioe of cargo ' wu pat in, or that the freighted good* had 1 been damaged by the perils of the seas. It wu held that a protest could no^ be reoeived I ?? evidence for th? mister or owoera, though it may be nseful in adjusting insurance for marine losses and in the calculation of aver ages, and that in the case presented there was no legal or fequiiabie claim for freight. Private Land Claim* in Indiana?Court Deed*?Improvement Bights of Head* of Families?Militia Donations ? Bj the act of July 27, 1S54, present owners of the olasses of claim? above mentioned are authorised to file their notices with the Register of the Land Office at Vinoennes, setting forth the nature of their rights. The time for filing (six months) ha< nearly expired. Thereafter, a Board of Commissioners is to be constituted by law to adjudicate these varied interests. The effect of all this will be to quiet these ancient patents, which is indispensable to the growth acd prosperity cf any community. The Extension of the 1 reaiury Department Building, Ac?This work, we learn, is to be built upon the original plan made by Thomas U. Walter*, Esq , architect, which was speci fled in the act making the appropriation to this and aooorded at the last session. The field engineering in connection with it, mon ticued in the Star of yesterday as being in progress, was to stako oat the ground whioh will bo covered by the magnificent building when it shall be completed. The prelimina ries are in the hands of Capt. Bowman, of the United States Engineers, the head of the Troaeury Department's now so important bu reau of construction, which has charge of the work on r.ew custom houses, marine hospitals, Ac This buroau, of recent existence, is re sponsible for the disbursement of very large amounts of public money, and its affairs are so o.-ndnctcd as to be a model for similar branches of the trusts of any Government, in Europe even i be erection of the extension above referred t> will make sad work with the symmetry of tb<> ground around the executive mansion, as a', pirsrnt laid out. It will cover or inclose ail tbo space in front of the present State De payment, and to, perhaps, 100 feet west of th< t building, and will also cause the removal of the stables cf the mansion and cover mueh of she present ga-den attached to it, running down to the s'reet bordering the grounds, im mediately surrounding the mansion on the sou'b side. Our Foreign Relation*.?W? are under the impression thai the Africa and Pacific, c>n their Inst voyages hitherward, brought advices t > 'he Government from nearly all our diplo U-'M'.Hts now on the other side of the Atlantic. ns'J that they embrace, perhaps, less of inter est than ever before on such nn occasion. In deed, the Eastern war question is almost ex c!usively occupying all the diplomatists of the worf.j. except of this Government, which alone ot th* civilized Powers of the earth keeps its a/I iir* clear of any direct cr indirect identifi ci ion with the matter. So our ministers and ch r^es find less to do just at this time than ever before?little opportunity, indeed, to en ga.; - the attention of those to whom they are accredited in the comparatively unimportant Ci<i it>r >hey have in abeyance with us It 'lora not seem to be expected in Washing ton tLht Mr. Itobt. if.. McLanc will extend his present trip to the United State?. His fimily, ? n which there Is sickness, met him in Paris, '*h?re ho is at present, attending to them. Wo noed hardly add that our interest* in CL'ina are in as fair a way as could be wished, a; ih ; tact ot hi* temporary absence from his |;o t under any circumstances, is proof of ih* Unitfri States Frigate Columbia - The N*vy Depar:in*nt have advices of the frigate Columbia, Commodore Newton, at Norfolk. The fever is raging on board o? her. Some '?Ivc or seven of her crew have died, and there arc now from forty to fifty of her men down in their hammocks from this terrible scourge. It wi.l be recollected that she is the flag-ship cf the Gulf SqaaJroa. She wa* last at tLo Island of :5t Thomas Army Officer* Resigned ?1st Li?utcnant3 Darnel T. Van Buren and John C. Moore, of the 2d artillery, U S A , have resigned, to talso effect, the resignation of the lormor, on tho ..lit cf March, ins; , and that of the latter, on tNe 28th alt. L'.st of Patents issuseu from the United Sutes Patent Office, tor the week ending March 2<). 184&-each bearing that date : Edward L Berthon, of Fareham, England. For improvement in folding life boate Pa tented in England June 12, 1S5I. EiP.u Bliss, of Newark, N. J ?For im p;i?ved awivol for watch chains Jehial E Blodgett, of Llannibal.N. Y.?For improved wagon brake . Wru. Z. W. .i Jno W. Chapman, of New Yor?, N. Y.?Kor improvement in knobs for l'astoning curtains and for other like pur poses. V P. Coibett, of Corbettsville, N. Y.?For me thod of self ventilation lor railroad cars. ?Jko 1*. Cov?ing, ot Seneca Falls, N Y ? For device for air chamber in pump.. Archibald II. Croiier. ci Oswogo. N. Y ? tor inaahine for cutting barrel heads. Char G. Curtis, ?1 Springfield, Mass ?For puu^ps Abbot H. Davis of East Cambridge, Mass.? For improved shut cartridge. Lljward Delano, of Syracuse, N. Y.- For improvement in feeding tucl to furnaces. Alexander 11 Gaston aud John Smith, of Sunbury, Ohio.?For improvement in rakes aud elevators Joel Haines, of West M.ddlebury, Ohio ? For improvement in extension tables Tlios llansn. of New York. N. Y.?Fot valve tor hjdraulio ram Libridge Harris, of Boston, Mass?For im provement in lamps Isaac W. lloaglaod, of Jersey City, N. J.? For ship augers, etc. Gideon Uotchkiss, of Windsor, N. Y.?For improvememLiu railroad car brakes Chad Keniaton. of Boston, Mass.?For im proved hand p;ess for printing. Ebenezer Morse, of Walpole, N. H ? For improvement in seed planters. Fred. Newbury, of Albany, N. Y ? For im provement in firearms Abner N. Newton, of Richmond, Ind ?For improvement in cartridges Daniel U. Phillips, of Greenville, III ?For improvement In seed planters. Loomis E. Ransom, of Havana, Ohio ?For improvement in the manufacture of bricks Fibk Russell, of Boston, Maw.?For im provement in mowing machines David Shive, of Philadelphia Pa.?For ma chine for polishing daguerreotype plate*. Lenj M Snell, of Hancock, Md ?For im provement in seed planters John A. Sprague and Bernard O'Connor, of Dayton. Ohio.?For improved self-loading eart. Elihu Street, of Montville, Conn ?For mor tising and tenoniog machine 11. Uhry and H. A Lattgens, of Patarson, N J ?For improvements in valve gearing for st earn cnsiuM Lewis \an Riper, of spring Valley, N. Y ? For improvement in icoms. William I Voae cf Newtonvilie, M&Js ? F>>r ptimpa Alexander I Wa'son, of Caatleton, N ?.? For improvement in breech loading fire acm* Lemuel T. Weill, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improved printing press Oscar Willi*, of Diiardville, N. C. ? For cen trifugal water wheel. Walter A. Wood, of Ilooeiok Fall*, N. Y. For improvement in grain and grass harvesters. George W N. Yoit, of Port Gibson, Miss. For improvement in eultifator?. Geo. A Prentiss, of Cheshire ciuoty, N. II. For improvement in the arrangement of wheel*, ailea, and friction rollers Geo. W. Stedman, of Vienna, N J ?F?>r improvement io sewing raacbirj?* Wm M. B liartlej, of New \ ork. N Y. For improyed press for making cylindro comi cal projectiles by pressure. Chaa W. Cotton, of Shelburne Falls, M i?s> For improvement in attaching augers to handled Reuben Shaler, o( Madison, Conn.?For im provements in ore separators. Thomas J. W Robertson, of New York, N. Y , as ignor to T J W. Robertson and Alfred E. Beach, of same place.?For improvement in sewing machines. ? Gilbert L Baiiej, of Portland, Me , assignor to himself and Mighill Nutting, of same place. For improvement in oastors for furniture. Designs.?Jos W. Gardner, of fthelburne Falls, Mass ?For design for table forks Jacob Beesley and Edward J. Delany. of Philadelphia, Pa.?For design for cooking ?toves. ?? The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 20th March, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the rodemption of stock $43.05$ 63 For paying Treasury debts 98,683 10 For the Customs 5,465 89 tor oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 3,21*9 00 For covering into the Treasury from customs 1,333,514 02 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 179,708 02 For the War Department 452,472 81 For repaying in the War Depart ment 132,678 71 For the Intel ior Department 16,420 69 For repaying for the Interior De partment 5 2.M> 69 Remarkable Devotion to ths Memory of a Pastor. Many of our readers ic-ir.eir. >: thn di$.'r?ss ing eveats of the death of Rev ,<a* Noar*e, then principal of the Central Academy. lie left this city last July, on a visit to the south ern part of Iowa, and, when returning, was attacked with cholera at Salem, Iowa, where he died after an illness of a few hours. Mr. Noorse removed to this city in 1S49, from Milroy, Pa., where be was paster of the Presbyterian church When his former con gregation heard of his death and that his re mains rested far from his home, they sent a delegation to exhume and bring back his body. Two gentlemen were appointed to per form that duty, and immediately ttarted on their mission. On arriving at Salem they found that tffe inhabitants were terror stricken at tho idea of raising the corpse, and did every thing in their power to dissuade them. But the oommittee were firm. One of them was takon sick, and the other oould obtain no as sistance, though he offered exorbitant sums. He then bought the necessary tools?for no one would lend them?and alone opened the grave the second night alter his arrival The next morning, he with difficulty ob tained assistanco in raising the coffin to the surface and plaoing it in th? ziao box pre pared for it; but then no one in the town could be hir**d to ?oder on the top, and he had to tffnd some distance Co fiad another porson to have it done. When that was accomplished, and all encased in a wooden box, the citizens could not do too much in honor to the de ce.xe?d. and whea the remains were taken to the boat, a long procession followed them. The committee were faithful to their trust there also. A hurricane sprang up, and much of the deck load wag swept overboard. The coffin was thrown on end , but one of the gen tlemen threw himself upon it, and held it down until it could be properly secured. The remains of tho faithful pastor now rest near the churih he rerved so well. The ex penses of the exhumation, near 200 dollars, were choerfully contributed by the grateful congregation over whom he had presided nearly twenty years His family will soon return to their old home. We seldom have seen such a tribute of re spect pai<^to one after death. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Baltimore, March 20, 1855. I have just seen a letter from our esteemed toyman Col. JohnS. Gittings, Esq., dated Havana, 14th inst. He was to sail on the 15tb in the Black Warrior for New Orleans, where ho purposes remaining lor some time. He writes in go- d spirits, and has greatly recov ered in health. This will be welcome intelli. gcncc to hi? many friends, not only in thia city but in Washington The health of hia wife, who accompanies him, is good. The rumored death of tno Emperor Nicbo Ihb. is yet a. topic of much conversation There are many who still believe the whole affair to be either a hoax or a mistake. I have seen a commercial circular, received by a large hou-:o in this city from tbeir correspondent in Lmdon, to which is added a postscript saying that a rumor prevailed in Londen jast before the sailing of the Africa, that the Empress, not the Emperjr, of Russia was dead. This would seem to throw some doubt on the aub. ject. and to make the least of it, leaves room for speculation. For my own part, I am very incredulous in reference to tbi Czar's death. Thero is no tangible evidence to my mind that such an event has taken place. On the other band, the arguments to prove that ho still lives are abundant. The tact that Lord Join Humeri received ?uch intelligence, proves j^?t m hin^ He is the very person abov6 ah otuois v, so would be selected, upon whom to perpeTaty such a hoax. And further, the channel through which the news was sent and promulgated, is the very one into which ounning and designing speculators would deaire to send it Parlia ment is the pale, above all others, where par ties to such a humbug would aim at giving il publicity My own impression is that Lord Rusael his been awfully hoaxed, nnd through bim the world. Every one has a right to their opinion 1 have seen something of hoaxes batoro, and know a little of the ap pliances u<-ed to get them up, and therefore shall bolieve Emperor Nicholas alive until further advices prove him dead The next steamer's news which will probably arrive to morrow or next day. is looked for with great anxfcty. It may put a different faoe on the aspect of affairs. Our city is without much news of moment. Ex President Tyler lectures to night before the Maryland Institute. Mr. Murdoch is playing a successful engage ment ai the Museum. Miss Morand, the Baltimore dt hut ant, is a decided attraction at the Holliday street. She is n?;t only beautiful, but full of talent, and destined to make a sensation in the world. Our city ia filling up rapidly with strangers and merchants. Business ia gradually be coming active and assuming a wholesome aspeot. Breadstuff* are scarce, but prices rather drooping. We are in expectation of large arrivals of provirions and other stuff from the West. Money is easy, and the banks discount freely. Good paper is taken on the street at 8 a 9 per cont. discount. Stocks are a degree firmer. Rodbrick. High Pkicb for Flour.?Messrs. Thos. .Branch and Son, of Petersburg Va., add re cently fifty barrels of fiour, belonging to E. C. Buiks, of Liberty at $11, $11 50 and $12 per barrel, making an aggregate of $11 M) for the lot. OFFICIAL Franklin Pure*, Prrjidmt of tkr VntfM btai'i *f\ America, to all trKom it may concern: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited1"? me | thxt Jrurs Kaifimai? has been appointed cowsnl of Saxony, nt GdfWtoii, for the State of Tc\a-, I Jo hereby reeognia' bun a* Mich, and declare him tree to exercise and enjoy >uch function*, power*, and privileges as arc allowed in the consul* of the most favored nations m the Uniwd States. In testimony thereof, 1 have caused these letter* to te made patent, and the seal of the I niled State* to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington the 16th day of March, A. D. 1855, and [b. s.J of the independence of the Uiuted Slates of America the seventy ninth. FRANKLIN TBRCE. By the President: W. L. MaKCY. Secretary of State. Frai\*ltn Pierre, Prendent of the UntiH States of j -Jmmca. to all whom it may concern : Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to | me that Amkdek Corrrait has been appointed consul of the Netherlands, at New Orleans, for the State* ot Loui*iana and Mississippi, I do hereby r?*eo?nise him as such, and declare him free to ex ercise and enjoy such functions, powers and prtv- j ileges as are allowed to the Consul* of the most fa vored nationa in the United State*. lu testimony whereof, 1 have cau*ed these letters ] to be made patent, and the seal of the United Statee | to be hereunto affixed. Civen under my band, at the eitv of Washington, the 17th day of March, A. D. 185.%, and of [r? s.J the independence of the United States of America the seventy-ninth. FRANKLIN TIERCE. By the President: W. L. Manor, Seeremry of State. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION LEC TURE8 MTTrUSSELL will lecture THIS (Wedne?#?a?) EVENtNG, on Meteorology. The public are invited. Lecture will commence at7^ o'eloek. mar 21?It ,LECTURE? MAI B. R FRENCH will deliver a lecture at Columb a Hall Cap * I Ml Hill, O. THURSDAY EVENING,22d instant, at 1 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited. Lecture free mar 21?2t .MERCHANTS EXCHANGE ?THERE | will be an adjotirued meeting of the Mer chants' Exchange at their Koom*. Star Buildings, coiner 11th street.on FRIDAY EVENING, 23d in ] slant, at o'clock. There will he an election held for all the officers ] of the Association, and it is desirable there should be a punctual attendance. S. BACON, Presided. JNO. F. ELLIS, Sec. mar 21?3t v * PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD,I mL ATTENTION ? Each and every member ' /Jftfl <>f the corps arc hereby notified to attend I ' TE, the drill on THURSDAY EVENING, the 0"-'il instant, at o'clock. It is earnestly requested that every member will | be at his post. Those members having sabres belonging to the | corp.* will bring them in for inspection. I?v order of the Captain, JOSEPH PECK. WJ1. II. IIAYWARD, O. S. mar 21 - It ATTENTION, WASHINGTON BLUES ?| There will be a meeting of the rorj?s on TO lORROW (Wednesday! EVENING, at 7| ?'clock, at the armory of the Company. It is earn-?tly requested that every member will tie punctual as busmess of importance will be laid { befoie tin meeting. J. J. MCLLOY, Lt. Commanding. THOS. BRIGGS, O. S mar 20-2t WASHLNGTON IlJ<;ilLANI>EKS, ATTLN | TION.?You are hereby requested to attend ii W a meeting ot the Company at the Hall next ill THURSDAY EVENING, the S2d instant, at 7 o'i lock. It is deniable that every meuil>cr of the Company I s'tould he there, as business of importance will be j laid before them. By order of JNO. REESE, Captain. YVM. FORSYTH, Secretary. mar 20?3t .SOIREE DANSANTE?PROF. II. W MUNDER respectfully announces to the I lover? of'trippine the light fantastic toe," ?hat his I tenth Soiree will lake place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 2lst, !??."> All those who ha\'e once attended Trof. M"iid?r's | Soirees, will not fail to call again. A large company and bright tunes are anticipate*'. | mar 20 -2t IJRACKLICT LOST"' ?n Mond ly evening ] > the 19th instant, between the residence of Hon J.iim T. Towers, F -treet, and Sain. Bacon, Esq . j E stre-t, a BRACELET, of Panama Chains, with closed clasp, having the owner's name on the inside. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it I at the Hat Store of TODD & CO., Ta avenue. mar 21?3t Op. Kit W A HO?Lost, on Monday, the 19Ji qpu instant, probably at the Smithsonian Institute an engraved GOLD CROSS, with moonstone centre aiotiwo lockets, one containing hair, the other a miniature. The abov? reward will be paid ff the ar ticle.- are left at Gait's Jewelry Srore, Pa aveuue. mar 21?3t* 1>ATENT AGENTS OR OTHERS WASTING Offices will find two veiy suitable and well lo cated rooms on Eighth street, the direct road to the | Patent Office from lhe avenue. HENRY JANNEY, mar 21 ?dlw 34-8 Pa. avenue. MARTIN'S UNRIVALLED GUITARS.?Three | ot these supeib instruments are now on exhi bai? n lor a limned p? nod, atreir Music 8tore. The j charming beauty ot their tone elicits the universal enwmsums of Professor* and Amateur*. IIILBUS * HIT/, mar 21 Sole Agents. NEW GOODS. (GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING.?We are now T leceiving our spring supplies of new riotbs, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Cashmcretts, Sumin< r Cloths. Liik ii Dnlls and Ducks, White and col'd Marseilles, Silk and Satin Vestings, 4tc . embracing the great est \ariety of rich new and fashionable Goods for I gentlemen's wear, to be found in tins city, which we I will make to order in the mo^t superior style of) workmen and finish, much cheaper thm the usual cily prices for goods of equal quality. WALL fc. STEPHENS, 33ft Pa. ave., neit to Iron Hall Also, three d<sirs east ot National Hotel, mar 21? 3t (Iniel&Ncws) DENTISTRY. KU. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of toe firm of | . Hunt St Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful/ porcelain te?th,witli or without gums.*-<1jC7W> lor specimens of which (deposited |?y Ihe^te firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this | ci\v These teeth are ear\ed and shaded to stiit each particular ease, and then resemblance to the natu ral organs i? so perfect as to deceive the most prac ticed eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the ii itutal teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted, office southwe-t corner Seventh and D s^s.? en trance on D. mar 21?6m NEW MILLINERY" On Saturday, March 24th, Miss I I Thompson will openournew stockSflMj JHKFof Spring Millinery, consisting of the^BJ( ^*fcvery latest -t\les of BONNETS,^?** FLOWERS, RIBBON'S, fltc , which she has select- ] ed from the latest importation*. She will a'so con stantlv make to order i verv description of Bonnet-I desired and hopes to be abie to give satisfaction to I every customer who may tavor us with their patron# | iige. We would ais > take this opportunity to call to the ] remembrance of citizens and strangers in the Dis triet the fact that Miss Thorn| son was the sucee* till competitor, and therefore gained the highest pre-| miiun for Bonnets at the Fair of the Metropolitan | Mechanics' Institute just closed in this eitv. Ill' I t'HINSON at MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue. First door west of Walter Harper k. Co's. mar2l-6t (Organ) a CARD,-The attention of the public is re /V. spectfully called to the sale of elegant Furni ture and Household Effects, at the residence of his Excellency J. M. Tirado, Peruvian Minister, corner of Pennsylvania avenue a >d 23d street, for particu lars of which reference is made to the advertisement in another column. Special attention is called to the Carriage Horse* which are believed to be superior to any ever offered for sale in this city. The W lies are very choice, and comprise the fob | lowing: Champagne, Bordeaux, Lagrange, Bucel las, Rheno, Chateau Lafitte, Sauterne, Chateau Mar geaux, Lavradio Madeira, Porto 1820, ahd Amontel ladoSherry. JAS. C. McGUIRE. mar 20?3t - Auctioneer. OLD CHAIRS MENDED^ MRS. WILLS, at No. 308 G street, the second | do r from Thirteenth, thankful to thow that' have assisted her in tin: endeavors she is making to support herself and family, gives notice that she is readv to miend all Old Chairs that may lie brought to hei. She will d) the work with promptness and fidelity. t mar 80?3t BPBIH0 BONNETS AND RIBBONS I have just' pened a fin? and cneap^^^^ gjyHiot of the nhove goods. which I uishflMti to call the auti u ?n or tlie ladie*. H|r A. TATE, mar 20?3t No. 314 Penna. avenue. Amusement*. INCREASED SUCCESS! or Tint GIFT ENTERTAINMENTS at odd FELLOWS HALL. TmMAI ft CO ?? I) I S S O L VJ_N G vil w S. THIS ( ? r7-M~<l?AY) EVENING, March tl?, 0 i whi> !? <? ."-i?? Br ves, containing ew splendid ATC/Hf fli* j::w llry. i * *x;y articles, value W .11 lie Distributed PRF.K, To the and ri>cr a? up"i? lb*1 prfKfltttwii of t.?e cbftk to Mr lUibaugfc, at the ticket office. The Watch and Jewelry were secured last Mfbt by ladk* shd gertWmen pr??-nt, and great satwfae n >n manifested. The exlubi ion will emmmmmcm at # o'clock. Any per*on may secure a number of cbancas by purchasing extra tickets Tickets 1WF.NTY FIVE CENTS only. inar 41 __ PEOPLE'S THEATRE. (I.ATE VARIETIES.) Mr Iwau Aotiog 4 Stag* Manager ....Jar Wmtit. rric(? of admission ?Orchestra Chair* 50 ets.; Par quette 37cents ; Regular Ticket * cent* ; Pri rate Boxes ?3 and $5. F?>URTH NIGHT OP Mr. C M WALCOT. FIRST NI?;HT OF MRS. WALCOT. THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, March 2ltf, Will be presented the petite comedy of TUB FOLLIES OP A RIGHT. Tif-rrc PallkH Mr Walcot Duke de Cliartres Mr. Whalley Ductit M de Chart res Mrs. Walcot To cor.clo.1e with the latirhable farce of KILL OR C(J?k. Mr Mr Walcot John ..Mr. Norton M'H. Brown Mrs. W ilcot inar 21?It CAKUSVS SALOON. THURSDAY EVEN IHG, March 2Sd MR. robert Seller HAS the honor to submit Ihe following pro gr.tmmc of lu* LA3T SOIREE. rart rtaei waso-roare 1. Sonata Patlietique. Op. I3,C mln Beethoven M?Movement "Grave." Allefro molto e con b*io. 21 " Adagio rantabile. 3d u Romio allegro. 2. I'.iotasie Hrilliante. "Somnamt ula.Thalberg 3. Li^icr OliDt; Wotie Mtwkl?oh? No 1, first hr?ok No.6, third book. *Duet?) No. 6. fifth Nook I. P.ano-Forte Selections from the works of Robert Heller. Nocturne. Aflat, op. 7. Byrojuert. Mazoinka Josephine. *? We may be happy yet ?' (Vane.) I'ART lICtKD. 1. Tlie remarkable and satirical experiment known as the Drum of the Spirits, will be introduced by Mr. Ilellcr. i. Tiie Seeona Sight Mvstery, with its atiendani Phenomena. Mr. Heller's invent rn 3. J'iie Marvellous Orange Tree. The merhnnical curiosity is the invention and manufacture of Mr. Heller. 1 be Tree buds, Mi s-otus, bears fruit, and produces Buteitlies. Tue Soiree will commence a'. 8 o'clock. Tickets may be obtained at the Mus e Stores mar 31 OJ) D FELLOIVS' HA LL, NA VY YAHD. At the aolicitation ol numerous friends Mr ROBEAT HELLErt, will five ONE more of his SPLKHDIO GIFT AMD MAGICAL ENTERTAINMENTS, On Wednesday Krsnlng, March '41. Ti'. kete only FIFTY Cent*. mar 19 NATIONAL THEATRE. Increasing popularity of ill Splendid Circus Company, or Misns <st skadiga*, '1 he best Eoue^irian Company in America. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE tv.ryWKDRKSDAl and SATURDAY. KVfcRY KVKRISO, G rai'd change of EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES, In which appear* Mile Ro-a. Mr Thos Kmc. Moni i.c Rneu, A. Ayiner, W < M< II, Masters Madi gaii, and Charles, Mr. II. P Madigan, William Foster. and the TIIRKt FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jim Mvrv, Carlo, and Sam I,org. The performance will com lade with the lairy -pec tacle of CINDERELLA, OR. FAIRY AND LITTLE GI.ASS SLIPPER. Characters by the juvenile troupe of Thirty LtH'e CkiMren. RKDCCTIOR or ru< [|. Private Roves, ?4; llnw Cinle and Parqueite, gentlemen with laoics, 25 een*s; Single gentlem* n. 3T \ cents; Family Circle, 25cents; Colored 6 allery 25 ce-t*. mar 5 CAHUSrS SALOON, THURSDAY KVKHIRO, March 24. HH. HORKRT HKLLKV lias the rbn 1*1 "ure of announcing to his friends and the citi rer'j- of the District that, at the solicitation of the former, he has deterniiried upon givn>? * >NE MORE SOIREE here previous to carrjing out his plans with a view to a permanent residence in ihiscity?the Snir? e u? b--riven next THURSDAY EVENING, at CARU SIS SALOON, and tocoruist of his performance on the PIANO FORTE, and SECOND-SIGHT, and Ml.t HANK AL ILLUSION, he being assisted in the musical part of lus entertainment by some of hi^ nmateur friends. Further particulars hereafter. mar 19?3t OLD SOLDIERS, SAIU)RS, AND MARINES AN liaxe their papers prepared, ard Warrants j obtained, under the late Bounty Land Act of March 3, l&kt, by calling at t' e banking house of HAMILTON tJ FA NT, No. 432 Pennsylvania Avenue, {r?- N. B. The highest price paid lor Land War ra"ts. mar 17 ?4t CHILDUKN'8 HOOPS reeved and for *? LAMMONU'S, 7Ui st. hi.u 19?3c TAKK NOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOCDS. PW. BROWNING, Men liant Tailor, under ? the Unrted State* Hotel, has just received a 1 irse supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and i* now prepared to i?f!er great bargains to all in want of g.xhl and fashionable clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be so'd at the lollowing low pric* s: Wh le suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or eas>iaiere, for .f 12. Fine Black Vrock and Dress Coats, fmat 910 to $15. (.'ood Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, iicm $-'t to 57. Marseilles snd Silk VeM*. from t?? J5. II.' keeps always on hand a large as>ortmeni of fancy aiticleit, such a? Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, U111 brellits, H.c. "Sole Agent for the ?a!e of Scott's Farbiona." mar 19?tj. Black buacy-lkts at i. w ,?ice?i,u L\MMOND'S,7ih n. mar 19 -3t .)nn BAKHLLHTAR 100 barrels ROSIN Daily expected per schooner "Providence," aud for sale by FoWLE k CO., mar 19?lw Alexandria, Va. V; OTICE TO FLUTISTS.?EISEMRRANDT?3 superior Premium D^asonic Flutes and t larion eti??s will b?' on exhibition and for ?ale fir a few days ai 1IILBUS h. HITZ S Music Depot. mar 19 T^TOTIC LOST ?On Hie 15th inst., between Xl the office of Hamilton G. Fant. E*q , and the. auction ftore of J. C. Maguire, a note drawn ly J. lohnton Smith, in tavor of and endorsed b? J. D. Brown, dated t)ct. 4, 1854, at 30 day, for $160. Supposed to have b?en drop)?ed out of the prote-t in w hich it was envelop?-d. The finder will oblige by leaving it with the book ke-f?er of the Washington City Savings Bank, mar 19-3t* L. JOHNSON. NO MORE SMOKING. DAVIS a LOWE, Bricklayers and Builders, have, obtained a |?reut for burt.ling chunneys that will not smoke, at a raving of III |?*r cent, in material, aid they bave l> ought their p:aa to tbat perfection that all pert- n? imunh-d wi.h imoky ehinir.e>?. can have ihi-m cui.d cr no pay. All kinds pf buckwork cnntmctrd for u|.rn the mc-st liht 1.1I tetsw. Residence 375 Ninth street, between G ami New York Avenue mar 19?3C

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