Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1855 Page 3
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Local Intelligence. Franklin Biilding Association?There %aa a very large number of pereona of all callings present at Temperance Hall last night, at the organ: ration of this new associa tion, and a great deal of enthusiasm was taac ifested. The meeting was opened bj John S Hollingshead. Esq . being called to the chair, and T. M Hansou to act as secretary. After the transaction of some other preliminary basi nets. a constitution was adop'ed ; after which, on motion, a committee of fire was appointed by the Chair to nominate the officer* prescribed by the constitution, who, after retiring awhile retorted and made their report, and the lol lowing < ffiiers were elected for one year, the term of serv'Oe to commence from the first Monday in April next: President?Henry Barron. Vice President?Henry 1). Cooper. Treasurer?Edward C Dyer. Secretary?T. M. Hanson Directors?Chas. H James, Thomas 3 Don. oho. George W. Harkness George Jillard. K. M. Hanson, Geo Harvey, C. P. Smith, Geo Mattingly, and John Mills After ordering the constitution, Ac , to be printed, the meeting adjourned We understood that the stock of the asso ciation is limited to two thousand shares, of whioh, up to last night, fifteen hundred had been taken Those who desire to take any of the remaining five hundreJ shares can do so by calling at the store of Elward C. Dyer, ZM Penn>-ylvania avenue, and at T. M ilan s n s, 512 Seventh street, where the lists will regain until the first Monday in April. The Theatre?The representation of the '?Serious Family" and "Kaising the Wind," at Iron Hall, last night, went iff capitally. The company improve nightly, as they be come better acquainted with the houso and Washington audiences. Mr. Weaver seems to have taken our hints kindly, inasmuch as hi* Aminidab was performed on thi? occasion with much better tact-5 than on Saturday night last The audience testified their gratification (if y times in the course of the evening, and left tho house, one and all, in moat excellent humor. To night, they play "Kill or Cure" arid ' Follies of a Night/' two atandard pieces. Mrs Walcott. who sustains ^ier talented hus band very effectively, indeed, makes her fi at appearance here cn this occasion, and will, doubtless, be excellently well received As east, the public may rely on it, both the pieces to be repreaented to night will be well worth teeing, tor they suit the oompany exactly. We anticipate that besides Mr. and Mrs Walcott, Mr Weaver, Miss Howard, Miss Tyson, and Mefsrs. Norton and Newton will make great hits in these two favorite pieces The Mei.hahic'8 Ihstitdte?We invite the attention of ail who carry on mechanical or manufacturing business in Washington, Georgetown, aod Alexandria, to the conve nience for their business wi?h each other afforded by the new exchange room which tho Mechanic's Exchange Association of Washing ton have caused to be hited up on D street, in the Bank of Washington building. Already they ire beginning to resort there to arrange contracts with each other, and to obtain the multifarious information concerning the cxact condition of business in which they are inter wed. most readily to to obtained through a free interchange of views and tacts among themselves We advise all our master me chani-'s who desire to avail themselves of .i'l tho means within their reach, to the end of conducting their business to tho very best pc sible advantage, to apply without delay for admission into that association. Cincerellv?The circus was well attended last night a large and fashionable audience being present. J he spectacle of "Cinderella" was received wih rapturous applause, each if its many beautiful and interesting points be ing eheered aa it should have been The horsemanship of a!I the performers who ap peared in the course of the evening was re ceived. as usual. ?ith great favor, as well as the fea's of agility and proleeaional skill for which the c mpany of Myers and MaJigjn baa ao high a reputation. Their representation, this afternoon, should be well attended, a* at this time this estab lishment, on Wednesday aod Saturday after noons, is the only place of emusement open for the children ot the city. To-night, they of course play again. A Dl.?Af.REEARLE AND DASr.ERoCS PaVK ment ?The pavement on the north side cf 1) street, between Eighth and Ninth, has. for many months past, been in a condition render* ing it hardly passable without plunging over shoe top in mud and wate-r in bad wea'het" It ia proper to put up with such a condition of thing) for a reasonable time while building may be going on; but not for three or foor times aa long aa would be necessary with or dinary diligence to complete the work. A dcten citixens have aaked us on as many dif fereut occasions to cail the attention of the corporation authorities to this nuisance as we Duw do. our patience being, like theirs, ex haoated. Tee El Djru?o Uocse.?We invite atten tion to the advert i-emeiit of Mr. Reynolds, (late of WiHard'*,) who has opened one of the finest he uses in tbia city. We have tried him. and knew what edibles, drinkables, and amokables he can fu-nish. and take pleasure in letting our friei.ds know ot it. Besidea the eating ealoon. he has fitted up the seoond atory for supplying fuppers for any sized party, from two to fifty The fitting up cf the rooms are such as every one would like? easy quiet, and comfortable The reason we like Reynold's, is that one can get there whatever ;.md of one wants at short Bo t ice Catgut Again?Uilliam Vmberfield and Michael Murpfcy, who broke j til on Monday night last, were caught yesterday by '.'fficer Keese an l Watchman Ward, who started in pursuit of them as so'n as they were misled They were tound about twelve miles fiom here on ite Fairfax road, in company with a farmer, to whom they had represented them selves carpenters, unl who bad employed them as ?uch. Mucn credit i* due the officers who ap| rehended them for their perseverance in the search. We know of no stronger argument in favor of the erection ot a new jail tuan the facility with which pruouers cun escape under the present state of things. Tie Navt Yard To-night.?Mr Heller's entertainment at tKid Fellows' ilall. to-night, U; judge fr<>m the programme i ffered. will be one ot the best ever given in 'his city. Among the gifts are no less than three watches, one a 'lobias full jeweiled liver wntch, besides a fioe gnitar aod numerous ether costly articles W'e would advise a'.i our fiicnds in thai vi cinity to attend to night, knowing, from the high stand ng of the partiee having the enter tainm&bt in charge, that everything will be conducted in a manner whioh cannot fail to give general satisfaction ami -ratification. Professor Mimpcu's Soiree.?It will be perceivod. from our advertising coiutm.s. that l'rofesat r Munder given atotber of hie de lightful sciroep, this evening, in the hall at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street over Firnham'e bookstore The-:e soirees are proverbially delightful entettain menta. ami are consequently exceedingly pop ular. The Professor is a finished instructor ot the polite art. and by the correctness of hi* bearing a* a gentleman, has won the entire confidence of all who know him Frs at the Conference ? Rev. Josiah Yardeu. in reply to au argument of une of the members which tcr. icd to the ver^e ef bitter nee.- said : ?? Brother President, here are two %.i us against this measure? Vali?*ntt and Var den?two V' stards fot 5, two Vs make an X, therefore I think this should be re garded as in X pounder of the matter ; and as X standi for 10, it is also a ten pounder against it " Of oourse th it settled the affair. ?nd harmony was restored (Jirr* ?A g'eat d-?*l of satisfaction w?< manifested at "lhom t- JL Co J exhibition vT Dissolving '??ea? last fci^ht by '.td an-iisnje whet they opened tb??ir lijUs IT.o *.vatca ^[,il ouu'ier of si'kitc ot were t<3 etived and shown Another nch pr fu'ion of gift* will be gnen to-night a pits I j ail mean Death of Mrs. Kicr.?We regret that we here to announce the death of Mn P. Barton K?y, the wife of the District Attorney. This melancholy occurrence happened suddenly last evetiog We are told that when Mn. Key was taken, her husband started for a physician, but upon hia return his wife was no more. Ihe decease of thia estimable lady has thrown a gloom over the entire neighbor hood. She leaves a family of young children, ihe oldest about seven years of age. Matcibs.?We are indebted to M. H. Stephens A Co., in Brownt' marble building, for a large box of wax matohes and tapers combined, a very useful article indeed; inas much as they are sure to light, every oBe of them, and to burn for a minute or two after being set on fire by rubbing They are far more convenient and agreeable to use than ordinary friction matches. [communicated. A Clock ?In all the large cities of the Union, there is a olock upon their public buildings Washington is an exception. Is it tbe fault of the corporate authorities that we have no public clock7 Or does it belong to individual enterprise to purchss* and place one in its proper position 7 The tower of tbe Smithsonian .overiooka the ? hole city. Why nut have a public clock placed upon it ? Cms. Improvement* ?We no'iced '.his morning a number of woikmen In various aectiona of the city laying iff work for Lrioklayers, ma pons, and carpenters to go ahead with. Thia looks like the opening of the spring work which so much rejoices our mechanics, who have been do'ng but little during the past fall and winter. Criminal Cocrt?Yesterday, after the Star went to pressp Wm. White was sentenced to three years in jail. The court then ad journed. To-day, as soon as the court met, it ad journed until to-morrow,'in consequence of tbe death of the wife of the Distriot Attorney. Fcrl.? Our city canal has at length received water sufficient to carry one or two boats load ed rith wood over the bars of aand 'and gas tar. We hope our city authorities will do something to make the arrival of boata at the wharves more frequent Watcb Hbttrss.?Eleanor Mulliken, dis orderly. security and costs. Methodist Protectant Conference. In orJer to get the earliest and most au thentic news of the doicgs of this body, we sent down a special reporter to the Confer ence. We are not able to make room for the full report he has given, but will give the most interesting part. Among the resolutions passed are the fol lowing : Whereas, we believe the use of tobacoo in oar churches to be detrimental to our spiritual welfare: therefore Rf solved, That we hereby recommend and urge tbe necessity of the members and friends ot the Methodist Protectant Church through out the district ;o fully abstain from, and also to u?e their utmost endeavors to prohibit, the uce of the same during the Lours of divine worship. The committee to whom was referred the subject of dancing, reported emphatically against it, and stated thit thoae guilty of thia &ut ahould be considered fit subjects of church discipline. Tte committee to whom was referred the subject of lotteries reported as follows : Euotvfi, That it is the opinion of this Con ference, that the system cf lotterien is a great evil, founded in injustice?usually, if not ne cessarily, curried on with deception ; and has been the ruin, pecuniarily, of thousands, leading them to the commission of evil. Resolved, That it is the sjttlcd and pro found conviction of this body, that no Chris tian should in any way lend bis aid to their encouragement By resolution, the salary of the President of the Csnt'erence was raided to $700. Resolved, That os a Conference, we will crdially co-operate with the agents of the American Bible Society, and use all pre per effrtg to extend 'ho circulation and promote th? *tu iy of the Holy Scriptures in our charges. The following letter was presented by Kev. I>. E Bcese: WAfrBlNGTON ClTT, D. C. At the regular monthly meeting of the Youths' Home Missionary Society of the Meth odist Protestant Church, of Ninth street, held cn Sabbath afternoon, March 11,1B55, the fol lowing resolutions were adopted : 11*solved, That the Youths' llome Mission ary Society of thia church appoint Bev D E. Beese their agent to tbe ensuing session of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Meth odic ProtfBtant Church. Kts'tlved, Tbat the agcr.t bo. and is hereby, instructed to present, in the name of the so ciety. the sum of $*9 to tbe Home Missionary Society of said Conference. Reiolvei, Thaf the agent be also instructed to present to the Home Missionary Society of the Conference the sympathies of this society, and the aesuran-e that their best endeavors shall be used to send up to the Conference, at rs annual sessions, ail the material aid in their power J. Ac? Johwson. Edwin Steer. Sec y. President. On motion of Kcv. Mr. Yarden, the thanks of the Conference were tendered to tho society for the sum named and transmitted. - , At 1 o'rlock. the spec al order was called for. and the Conlcrecce went into committee of the whele on the state of the church. Dr Cox. President of Madison College, took the stand in behalf of the College, and made a feeling and beautiful speech in its behalf. Dr Cf X was followed by llev D Wilson, in a few pertinent remarks, which he concluded by offering tbe following resolution, which was passed: . , Resolved, That we will each use our best endeavors as aupcrinteLdents of circuits and stations to sell one limi:ed bcholarship at least in our respective fields of labor. Mr. Sutherland then made a few remarks, in wnich be gave hia unqualified approbation to the resolution of Bev D. Wilaon Bev. Jo?iah Yarden was next called on, an.l in one of bis most humorous speeches, set forth the claims of the C^l'egc in a moat effective manner, and theu collccted for the benefit of the College about $100, all that be said was needed at that point of time. Most of that money was contributed by the ministers them 841V Ci. The Conference then adjourned till 7 o'clock, when they mat and remained in seas.on till after midnight. , , T:ie following ministers were placed or cor. tint>ed on the superannuated 1st: Bev Messr*. Eli liinkle. Jcsiab Yarden. E D. Hamilton, T L. McLean, 11. P- Jordan, and Alfred ^Ihe following are the appointments for the ensuing year: John W. Evbrist, President. Eaat Baltimore?Jesse Shreeve Anne Aiundel?W. S. Hammond. 1st Church. Washington?to be fupphed Alexatdrii?J. T Murray. ? leorgetown?S. B Sutherland. Pipe Creek?Dr F. Swettiel, and J. A. Mck'uden. ? . . Baltimore Circuit?11. S. Morris, and J Thompson. Deer Creek?11 C Curbing, and W. Beinick. Concord?J. M. Elderdice. Kent?J. Briber's. C. Kversole. l>r. F. Wa ters Sup Assistant. y leen Anne's?11. P. Jordan, and D. Bowers, 'lalbot?W. Boby, and (i. S. May. Prince William?J M.Dennis. Niuth "treet, Washington?P L Wilton Trough Creek-W. G Holmes Williamiport-N. S. tircenaway. and b h Brown Snow ilill?Johu Morgan New Tuwn-L. W. Bates and E W Jones Caroline?W T. Wright. I? rchester?B T. B?yd Ne? Market-W. T Duinrn Alleghany-J. F. Accomac?one to be supplied, Harper's Ferry?J E Nichols. C'jciI.?J Elderdice Su-sex -T. A. Moore-one to be supplied. Brickmakera.?0 A. l?hermer. Il>ward ?D W Bates. A Hammond *-j? i rrii Circuit - J Clay. ^umicrlccd?E J L?rinkhou^e F.jti ;r.*" ?Oilier C?-X I'auibridge ? It J l>ay, one to be supi ncd farticle -J II Ellegojd. I'aion ? Br. A S. K?era)le; (1 H Met a den. Wa?t Baltimore?T. D. Valiant. Jeffenon?J. W Smiley. Frederick.?T. M Wilson, one to be fnp PhCharleeton ?Dr. J. J Murray. Reading Circuit?J. K llembold. Bethlehem ?D. Wilson. Salem Station.?D E. Reese South Baltimore Mission.?J R. Nichols. Peach Bottom ?J. Grabble. Luxuribs in Sas Francisco ?The Chinese in San Francisco are ''somewhat" onluxnries. Among other titbits advertised by a long queued testoratour in tho muddy city, we noti.'S the followicg "Smoked rats, preserved birds nests, and pickled bull dogs, served dsily at the ordinary at 3 P. M. Tickets $1 each. N. B ? Queues twisted and teeth picked without additional c>arge." (j^*"Ned Buntline" writes to the editor of tho Bangor Journal, in reference to Native American movements, as follows: ''We no longer need secrct societies?they were needed at first, but now they are a hin drance, a clog to our progress! Our principle.? are known, our party is firmed, our banner is unfurled openly to the world, by our merits let us stand or let us fall " ijTThe Sag Niohts (Say Nothings) have carried the election of Chief Engineer of the Fire Department in Cincinnati. The *'Stag His-Nibs" (a new soeiety) is to be organized in New York KROW.NOTHINOISM in Arkansas.?Know Nothingism is below par in Arkansas. The Legislature of that State had passed resolu tions denounoing the order, by ninety one to six. BTThe woods in the neighborhood of Rich mond are alive with robins. Great numbers are out shooting and bringing them to mar ket, where they bring 37* cents per dozen. lyihe Invalide Russe affirms that on th ljth of Jan., Baron Nicolay surrounded th' strongest fort held by tho Tchetban, called Schonaih-Capon, and took it by storm. This for: isdescribed as the Gibraltar of the Cau casus, and its capture is represented as the heaviest blow yet dealt at the power of Scha oayl. lyihe sum paid by the secretary of the navy for the steamer City of Boston, to go on the Arctio expedition was $50,000. The new light ship at Philadelphia is also to go on the expedition as aoon as refitted. IT"A curious system of smuggling was dis e'esed at the Thames police court, London, on iMond<iy. Three foreign women were charged with smuggling tobacco, which they brought ovor padded into their pettiooats Shameful Exhibition.?The trial of Ro m;tine, M idden and Keefer, for the murder cf John Dunbar, in January last, in Fort Wayne lr.d., took place last week and resulted in a ve; diet of guilty. The crowd present to hear the verJic. received it with stamping, ciap pir>g of bands, and other demonstrations of approbation. rr"T- oik poktry ok physic.?aykr-s pills, <nje t??' sugar-?hod, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up, Is there, and tell* with g!ant force on U>? very f.iiiei atlons of disease. There are thonsands of sufferers, w ii would M wear their distemper* if they knew they could he cured for 2S reuts. Try Ayer's P11U aud you will know It. m Purify the blood and disease will be starved ont. the system froui impurities aud yon a re cured ai re ?dy. Take thll best of all*, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weakness, Headache, Uarlmrlie, Side Ache, Jaundice, UUeu mati-m, derangements of iho Liver, Kidneys, and Bowel*, al! derangements and all diseases which a purgative remedy can reach, iiy before tliem like darkness before the Hun. Usader, if you are guttering from any of the uumeron* complaints they rnre -sutler no more?tiie remedy tan b?eu provided for yon, an.I It la criminal to neglect it. 'i bat Ayer's Clierrr Pectoral i the be-t medicine for a C'.offh, is known V> the whol^worM, and that Ayer's Pills aiet'ie he't of all Pill*, is known to those ?h? have a?ed them Prepared hy I>K. .'. C. AYEB, Lowell, Mam., ?And sold by L. I> OILMAN, Washington. ?. M. LI NTHICI M. Georgetown. JA?. C'HJK k CO., Frederlckeburg, and by al! Prngglata ??erywliere. feb 17?eoim rV?7=?A CARD TO TIIE LADIK8.?UOOI) NKW9 FOR THE SICK. I?R. DCrONOO'S GOLDEN MONTH I. Y PILLS, the beet and moat Infallible remedy ever discovered for re lie? ing and curing all paiufnl, distressing, and difficult men struation, and removing all periodical obstructions, acd ir ri-?iilarltle? arlslug fi cm whatever cause. Tl.?-se Pills arc a complete TUIIMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. , They are prepared by a process which couceutrate* tTie liigr-dleutalntf. a -rn 1 l.ulk, thus rendering it unnecessary for delicate teniae's t > take large doaes of nauseous drugs. Dr. Doponco's Pills a: e the resu!t of over THIRTY YK A RS' KXPKR1ENOK In the treatment of the diseases of femai-s.? Tliey heve been adveitieed for a little o\er one year, yet SEVERAL THOfSAND KOXKS hat e already been sold, and the demand for them rapidly in creases wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tried in Washington, and fouud to act like a char in. Sold by ail Druggists in Washington, Georgetown and Al txaisdrla, Va. mar 1?eo3m* ITJtl Shili.inhtob rcelves all the new Books and News papers ws fast as published. He Is agent for Harper's ai.d ail the other Magazines, and oar readers will always tlnd a Urge aud good assortment of Blank Books and stationery ?t h's Bookstore. Odeon rtulldlng. cor Pa. avenue and st. D1ICU. Oit the 21x1 instant, MARY ANN, daughter of Mmiricc and .Mary Rcidz, aged 2 years, 11 months and '27 day* 4Vller funeral will t=tkc place on Thursday even lie, 21 3 o'rloc k, friini the residence of lier failn r, ion \mv York avenue, between Twelfth and Thir Ifeiith streets * Uii Wednesday, the 21st instant, Mrs. MARTHA A. GRAY. (Xy- The friends of the futoily are respectfully in vite.i toattrud her funeral, w hich will take place; on Friday next, at 3 o'clock p. in , from the residence of h< r liushaud, John A. Gray, in the rear of 15lh utrctl.lifiutdi I. hiid M street. ? In thin citv, fin the yith instant, KLLKN, wife vf Pluli?? H.irton Key. air H'"f frituiln are invited to attend her funeral fr in tin residtnue of her father, Jas Swan, Frank Iiii street, Baltimore, lo morrow morning, llie in.'lant, al IU o'clock iu. (t'lty papers please copy.) On the 17ih instant, SARAH TAI.BURT, relict ? ?f the late Alegander Talburt, of this city, in the 63d year of her age Near Georgetown,on the 18th instant,C. A MOH T< ?N', in the 30th year of his age. On the i?-tU instant, Mr. ROBERT W CLAKKF., of btinorrhact' the lung*, in the 29th year of his age. On the 'JOtli instant, Mr. PATRICK BY.M, a na live of tjie parish of Drominkin county, s< u:h Ire land, but a resident of this ciiy lor the latt j8 years, aged 42 Vtiars. tjQ- His funeral will take place tomorrow, at H o'clock, fiom his late residence, corner of Third :>tret t and Massachusetts avenue. His friends aud acquaintance- are inviud to attend TO THE PUBLIC. ON the liih day ol March, 1&5.1,an advertisenient tha~ my i;>M>ds had been distrained aud would be sold at public auction for rent One George E. Kirk, appeared iu the Evening Star. As such an adver tise r.ient, i! unexplained, would have the tendency to injiiie my credit, w hicii is my only fortune, and only means of supporting my family, I make the fol lowing statement: ? iu the 1st day of Au>.'iu-t. 1854, I entered tnu? an agreement to lease, lor liveyea>s,from Geo. E. Kirk the part of lot No. ?, iu Square No 437, and preui i.-es, tor ,?t4(K) per annum. Mr. Kirk on his pan agreeing to furnish a new planing Machine am! ali its fixtures, at his c st, and have them finished fully tor uai within two months from said 1st Ati^ut , 1K.VI. This Mr. Kirk failed to do. The 9aid ma chine was not tinish<-d and httel up for use for two months after the time'specified. This was a great loss to me. The planing machine was worth more than all the machinery ?>n the premises. Mr. Kirfc further :tgreed to build a buck shop on said ground, move and set all the machinery, and put them in ^oivj luiining order, at his own cost and exjiens . Mr K.rk liaa entirely failed to perform his part ?t agreement, ami ? el demanded of me the payment o! the full rent of ?400 per annum, lor a n old ehop without root oi glairs in the windows, or shutters to keep out tin cold. It i? impossible lor a iy one to work in the shop in r uny weuiher, or to keep any thing dry. A cannot carry on business in the tho|i in iu present condition. I think when Mr. K. wi i?b* the matter well in Ins mind lus conscience will not let liiui charge me as much rent (or an old shop that is m a manner worth nothing, as I have iiad t ? pay for a new ? ne. It Mr. K. had demanded ! of me i small and just rent, I would have settled it with him, notwithstanding the failure to comply with his agreement. J. \V. JORDON. | mar 16 ?lw* TUK HONEY BEK. /wi.\ i.ur'j first r?<t-wnT.Vi i ? m v:i.n sV.soE BEE ril\?S( OR FALACt; m.y It ?e?-ri ii> Hie National, I' itcnt OlRce*tmi!d:ns for a i*>v dull only together with his beautiful *pe cim n- ?d' Virgin Honey. State, t'ouuty, aud l'aiii ily Iti"!!!* may be purchased. Inquire lor tliu ; at GEORGE CALVERT, inai 1*1?41' For Bale and Hent TWU PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR rei.U Enquire of JOS HARBAUOH, No *93 Seventh street. mar 2I?- 4t* FOR RENT?ONE of THii$f. LARGE FOI'R ??torv Hoonei, No 430 G street, opposite the Patent Office, lately occupied by Senator Jones, ol Georgia, containing seventeeh rooms, with bxth house, en* and flitiires complete?pump Ml th? yard fcc. Enquire of SAM'L MAGEE, No 441 Sev enth street. mar 21?eivtt* Rooms to let?in the rear, suita ble far mcchmical operations, on E'ghth street, hatween I) aiul E. west side. IIENRV JANNEY, ma?21?d w Pa, avenue. '?pillkrY ONE RUILDiNG SlfE!*, contain I Ing about five acres i :ich,on a credit of i i y*:af= within twenty fi?e mitiiMes rule or the Cite Po-t Of fice for sale, lying between Yvasliington and Rla dem-burg, distant from the central portion of the city Irom 2J4 to 3Jtf miles. The tract presents a front on tliree public roads, is hi a *ood neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of the couirry. We will sell the above lots on a credit of 10 yearn and on such terms as we are sure will injure to the purchaser an easy mode of pa) mcnt. On many ol the a'o-ive lots th^re afe fine proves of oak trees, ol the original growth, an 1 afo settle fine Springs ol water. IVe offer thrs? lots to residents of YVa>hingtnn, who would reside in the country and at the same time be able to attend to bus mess in the city. Also, a tract of good wood land adiaimug the same of about thirty-five acres, improved bv a good dwel ling house ; has on it a fine spring and spring Uou-e. two groves of large oak wood ?, and is well fenced. For tiie above either improved or unimproved city property will be taken in exchange at a fair valua tion. For lithographic pints of ihe ground and I'nrthri explanations of the terms of sale inquire of J NO. R. KIBREY, No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tune.?A lady having acquired a competency iu the Millinery business, is now desirous ot dispos ing of her establishment, a"d retiring into private life. Her location is one of the bent in the city, and is a rare opportunity for one j acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. mar 20?4t Restaurant and fixtures for sale The subscriber, as agent for Mr. Win II. ?g? Ciunpltell, offers for sab' Ins Wine*, Liquors. WJ. and eni're stock now hi the Waverly House Ren laurant, at the corner of New Jersey and Pennsyl vania avenues, f'apitol II.II. This house is most eligibly situated, Is a popular and much frequented resort, being iinmediat< ly fronting the souih gate of the Capitol, and within two minutes' walk of the Senate, the House ol' Representatives, and the Su preme Court The subscriber also offers tor sale part of Ins Household Furniture, Beds and (tedding, together with all Ins liar and Gas Fixtures Tne purchaser and lessee may have immediate pu.^e? moii, although the advertiser's lease will not expire until the 1st of June ensuing, and there will be no difficulty in renewing the lease to a , urictual tenant. To any person xvho may be desirous of engaging in the busine s of a Restaurant or Hotel keeper, an ex cellent oppo>tnnity i? hereby afforded of proeuring a most desirable and advantageous stand I'W DeSAULES, Agent. (UNWANTED, at the above Restaurant, a good Cook and Oyster Shucker. Beit wages giv> n. mar 20? 3t* IjVlR SALE?A FARM IN MONTGOMERY county, Md This land adjoins the properly which David Peugh lately bought of the heirs of W'li. Gaither, and the lands of Mrs. Beale and Dr Duvall. It is about four miles from the Seventh st. plank road, and between inns and ten miles from Washington. This land is mostly covered with wood, the soil is very kind and high susceptible ol improvement. It is well watered with several stream* of never failing water, and contains a large amount of land capable of being converted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred and seventy-two acres. There is on the place, ir. the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, eon'aio. ieg four rooms : and t'>ur thousand new Chestnut leady for fern ing I will sell the whole tract or eighty acres of it with the house. The terms of sale are one fourth cash ; the bal ance in one, two and three years, secured by a deed of tru.t. LOUIS MACKALL, Jr. GcrgetOWB, March 9?2awtf HOUSE FOR RENT?I HE HOUSE at present occupied by the subscriber. No. 35rt C steet i^ for rent. If desired the furniture, or a part ?>t it c m be puscha*ed <>ti accommodating terms. Pos sesion given the 1st of April. THO. HAVENNEB mar 1W 33tJ C street 1 .BURNISHED IIOU.SE FOR KENT?The sub . j-criher will r? nt his House with the Furniture and the stable, to a careful and punctual tenant, No. 405 Thirteenth street, between <1 ami H. It may be examined and the terms ascertained at the hoisc. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. mar 16-9C CHAHLES DUMMER. I^OR SALE OR RENT.?MRS. HUMPHREY S ' Cottage, on the corner of 9th and II streets- is for sole or rent Enquire on the premises, mar 15 -Iw* l?OR SALE?VALUABLE REAI. ESTATE ir. jP Washington. A two-storv Bri*k House and Lot No. 276 IS st. Wert. Part of Lot No. 15, in Square ?12, on T urd st. Lot:in Sixth street, between Louisiana avenue and C ft. Also, a three-story Brick House on High st., near Bridge street, Georgetown. Will be >o!d low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, No. 1SJ8 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 10?tf >t. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods _ Groceries, 8tc., to be stored, \x ill lind ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stonp paved, anil Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star officc. jan 31?if HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feel deep, on graded streets, can. imtil sp/ing, be bought at tne exceeding low price ol .*75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. jan 9?JOHN FOX. Secretary. Wants. V NURSE WANTED?FOR A CHILD TEN iu iitlnold. A colored one preferi^d. Enquire at No. 41U L street, between 3<rt and 4th mar 21?eolw" WANTS A SITUATION AS CHILD'S M \Ili or as travelling servant; will engage with any lady who can guarantee to seu justice done. Addres> the Star office. mar 21?2t* WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN or dining room servant, who understands h.> husines: perfectly well Iu IkhIi capacities. Addns "VV S," at this office. mar 21- 4t* Y\J ANTED.?A Harness Maker. None need ap \jf | l\ but a competent workman. Apply to mar20?3t JOHN N MORHISER. H* OUSE W A N I E D?THE ADVERTISEH wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-stor\ brie* Dwelling, suitable tor a small tamily, situate.] north of Pa. avenue. Vidros MS F A," through thi Post Office, ?tat ng location, price, Stc mar 12?lm* Boarding. BUAKDINU.?TWO LARGE trout Room with or without small rooms adjoining, .coin furnished, can be tiad with good board in :i puvate family from Virginia, by immedi ite applica tion at 390 H ureet corner New York avenue anil Thirteenth st- The hitualiou is high, healthy an.! every way desirable. Also, wanted a neat eolored house girl, mar 20?3t* OOARUlfliG.?Six or <*icLt genteel boarders 1) by the month, we*k or dav, can be accomuio dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No.'?7 7 B St.. opposit. the Me*ro|?olifin otfi w. mar 9?9w* IIOAKDINC?MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 3 Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has severs very desirable rooms, suitable for lainilit's r?r singli gentlemen, which she would lent with lioard, oi reasonable terms. She can also accomm'date 0 ci ri gentlemen with meal*, withinit lodging. W.uite.d, a good dining room servant, >hal cai com-- well recommended. mar 8?tf STOP YOUR COUGHING. "I UST received, |kt Adams & I'o.'s Fxpre<v oni ? I case of Ma Bard's >ew York Go'd Medal (JO DU< IPS, consisting of ILnana, Vamlla, Raspberry Lemon, and Horefiotjiid flavors. Also, a complete assorlnient of his celebrate* Choi olates, ot universal reputation and withou rival in the United State.-. For bale ai /.. M. P. KING'S. '/4G5 Vermont avenue, corner I street, mar IC?tf Pi?K SAI.E?A VERY FINE SADDLE AM r Buggy HORSE. The horse is young. g n!le and sound, and of fine stock ; would "wS make < ninr a very fine carriage horse, or a very plea-ant mling tiorfe. Also, lor ^ale ai. ?. *c? I'snt work liAijr, perfect i -ouad. /*ppiy to N*.. 4 J DuuLaitO'^i. Georg?: *i gi ir 1?lawtf (Uliclis, CMh.Um, t.LtiCK* 1?If >?" / want a good Clock, wan ant d to keep tune call at the st.fe of J. iBINSON, 349 Pa. ave.. opno. Browns' Hotel let 26?dJin Auction Gales. ?f J c. MfO I I HIC, Auctioneer. Extensive sale o? superior liquor* Preserve*, Cats'ips. Bar and Sttwe Ptitum he. On FBI DAY morning, March 93d, at I# o'clock, at tin* residence ??? J. H. Eberbaeh, Esq ,on Pennstl v ni avenue, between 21st and 2-Jd street*. I fhall sell Ins entire Flock o! Liquor*, W!ne?, lie , coin prising Hupertor dark nnd pal# Brandie* Do Madeira and Sherry Wine* Eo Santa Cruz Rum, Jamaica Spirit* HaUenheimer Wines. superior Bitters Kirchwas*er, MxjrnOir Eight do/.en supeiiot Walnut and Tomato ( al-uj?, in quart bottles Preserves, Cigar.*, fcc. Together Willi a large quantity of Future*, Clara CsfM, Glass Jars, Weights and Scale*, Bar Fit ?ur??s, fcr. Trrtn* ; if30 and under, cash ; over that Mini a credit of f?0 and W da) s, for sattsfa: lorily ?ndon-ed note*, bearing Interest. P S ?A portion m Tire above named Liquors was purchased at the ?ale of the late Col. P>le, George town, and are undoubtedly Verr of. G KEPPLEH, frrvt>? VVM. RIPP. """ <n J XS.C. McGl'IRK, Auctioneer. By ORBKN 4 SCOTT. Anrtlonirri. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On THURSDAY,the 2Jd instant, at 10 o'clock. we shall sell, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeet lt?c, on ih? ea*t Mde of Eleventh. between F an-1 O *ts. north, No. 46<i, an excellent assortment of Fumliur*, vie Mahogany Sofas, parlor and Hocking Chair* Do Oitomans, marble top Centre Table l>o Bureau-i Do extension dining and card Table# Lo French Bedsteads, dressing and other Glasses Clock, cane and wood ?rat Chair*. Washstanri* One fine roeewaod Piano Forte, 7 octaves, of fine t ine and touch Piano Stool and Covi r China, Glass and Crockery' Ware, among which a one French gold band and one white Tea artd Coffee Set Colt is* and other Bedsteads ami Wardrobe* Featiivr lleds and Bedding lla-rand Shuck Mattre.sne* Wa nut Whatnot, 100 v Is Books Excellent 3 ply, ingrain and stair Carpejs Uearth Rugs. Passage OUelofh and Matting Cooking, radiator and other Stoves ALS( >? A large lot of Kitchen Utensil* Willi many other article* which we de?*n unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: $25 and under; over that turn a credit^of ??!, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, (tearing interest. Also. the House will be for rent GREEN k SCOTT, mar 20?3t Auctioneers. By .1. C. NctiVlRK, A nrtton??r. ~ SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitchen Furniture?On TUESDAY morning. March 27th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Dot ti-rJ.G. Jewell on south side of I street, between !lih and lOtb, I ?hall sell an excellent assortment of Furniture, t^m*lstirig in part of? Marble top mirror trout Pier Table Do sofa Table, Han-kouie Clock Moliogany hair seat Divans S tin! mahogany Bookca-e and Secretary Do hair seat parlor and rocking Chair Do Side Tables and light stand Do Dressing Bureau, Work stand Beautiful Anhess<n Carpet, Matting Handsome gilt frame French p'ate Mirror l.uby and Agate V?-es. Mantel Ornaments Bedsteads, Mattress,Cot and Bedding Fine Cottage Set, numbering 10 pieces 1 r< m il t.'hiua and Glassware, Tablet Cutlery S.lver p'ated Castor. Spoon*, Forks Veniiian Bliilds, Cloth and Linen Table Covet* Bronze Ilitrack, Fire Screen Bra-s Andirons, Shovel, Tongs, Fenders Hearth Rug, Mats, Stair Carpeting and R>m1s P -destal, Bus s Figures and Pictures Refrigerator Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites, which it in unnecessary t'? mention. T' rm--: *30 nnd under rash ; over that sum a ere it of 2 and ? :r*o;iths, for notes satisfactorily end* rse t, bearing interest. JAMES C. MrGI'IRE, mar 19 ?d Auctioneer. Cj J. V. 91i UUIBK, Anciloncer. 'I^RUSTEE'S SALE OF improved PROPER * ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 2.i, ?t 5 o'clock, on the pr< mi-es, by virtue of two deeds of trust to the subscriber. one dited May 10. 1847. an 1 recorded .it liber W B . No. !34, folio 183, fee , ifce orhe;; dated June 10. 1*47, an I ri corded in libei W. II,, No. ].<.>, tolio 470. &c. two of the land records lor Washington c< uuly, in tile District *f C.dumbia, I shallsel , eu the pri nil.-"-', lot> ?o.mix-red 10, II, 1.1. 11, l.r>, and 16 1:1 square No X>5,Irontiuson llt.i ftref: u e?t. I?etwei u F and G <tre? south, w ith the i.nprovements, e? n-lstiiif of an excellent two story brick dw< I!iti2 ho;i- e. Terms: One third each; the residue in six, twelve and eighteen month', wish interest, to be secured t > !h" satistaction of ihe trustee. NICHOLAS CALL AN. Tru.-tee. JAS. C- McGUIRE, 111 ir 7?eo Auctioneer. ay tiltKKK * SCOTT. Auction****. T'liUSTEE'S SALE OF C ItOCERlES, I.I I ouors. Store Fixtures, ic , at Auction? Oti MONDAY, the 2ti>ii ins ant, I .-hail sell at lOo'cl'k a. in . at the ltoci ry store ef FrMtci* N. Roche, at th? f orn?:r of Thirteentli and F ?tr?'?'ts, by viriu?* of a d?'ed oj irvst to the ?ub-? ri her. b?.;nnj: date die 22d day ot Ki bniary, 1855, a?i<! duly ree ?r?le<, a'l l ie (iroeeries, Liquors, and Store Fixture* in she ?MabHshn ent. vi/.: l'< as, Sugars, Coll'ees. Cigars r.n.i Tobacco L'qnor* wul Wines ot every d?-erip'ion I'rm k< rv, stone, > aiii;eii and Woodw.tre Stand C.i^ks, Measiin*. Scales mil Weight* With a large assortment which we de w unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: .$2."> and under cash; over that sum a er -dit of 60, and !H) days, for note? .-atMVtctorily tn lorsed, bearing interest. I NO. C. HAMILTON, Trustee. The store will be for rent immediately alter the rale, and is considered one ot the best stand* in the city. GREEN 3i dOOTT, mar 16? eo 's Auctioneers. By URUEN 4k. 4?T t'. Auotion?*u. A VALUABLE BUILDING L<iT AT AUCTION. On FBI l>A Y, the 23d instant,. I 5 o'clock p m we shall sell, in fnmt of the premise*, Lot No. 26, ia the subdivision <;f Lou Nos. 1, 2, .1, 4, and 7. in Square No. 636. The lot fronts 20 feet on south D, between 4J^ and iid streets, ruuning back 105 fret to a 20 let t alley. Terms cash. GKEEN &. SCOTT, mar 111?d Auctioneers. Uy C. W.;8()TKM?M, Auct ioneer. S ALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUR MTURE AT AUCTION. Oti PHURSDAY nionuic. March 22. at lo o'eock, t >hall srll. at t!i? r? sid< nee of t'harles W. Ilaxenner. Es<| , situated on C stre-t. between 4^ and 6th streets, all of lift Household Furniture, whi< h is in excellent order, bavins been in u.-e but a -liortt line, consisting of? Mahogany Sofa, mahogany ('ba rs TajM-stry, Velvet Carpeting, mahogany Ro<. ker Marble-lop Pie* Tab'es Embroidered Curtail.* and Ornaments Martile top Sofa Table. Inndsome bronzed Clock Mahogany centre Table, mantel < iraameut* Hall (Jilelotli Brussels, ingrain, and Veni'.ian Carpeting < ill Paintings, Lounge,Crockery and <?lass Ware Frent h China Ten Set* I'la ed Cantors, Table Cutlery Vabozany French and hi^h-poFt Bedsteads 1 'ane seat I 'hairs Mahogauv and maib'e t"p Dressing Bureaus Uarm flock. Window Shades. Wardr?rbe* Washstanks. Toilet Sets Supenor Featlier Be?'s, I'etldiiig Iron Reclining ('hair Fine curled hair Mattresses. Hearth Rugs Tin Safe, |sutable Grate, ch.uulter Stoves Kill ht-n Furniture,superior Cool. 111 g Stove, kc. Teruis : All Mini ' nndt r ."f40 ca?h; ?tver .^40 a creiii* ot sixty and uinetv days, for a/pr<tved en dorsed notes, bearing interest C. W. ROI ELF.R. mar 17??lts Auctioneer 3> UUk KN ? SCOTT Anc|lon??r(. UOUSKIMLD &. KITCHEN FURNITURE at Auction.-?< in THURSDAY, Uie 22d instant, we shall ?et|. ai the residence of Mrs. Wells, on 1st street, Capiiol Hill, near Pennsylvania avenue, at 10 o'ebtck a. 111., an excellent assortment of Furniture, viz : Kosew;jod velvet covered Sofa Mahog iny Divans, parlor and rocking Chairs Walnut marble top Sofa and Centre Tables Mah'tg.iy dining, breakfast and card Tables Do dresaing anil other Bureau* Maple arid walnut French, Cottage und other Bcd s:ea Is Do fainted Wardrobes and Washstands I'ar.jr ^ mi cji nil tor Window Cuitains, Blinds China, -la-s, crockery an?l stoneware Silver f lated Castor>. Spi^cns aiM Forks, CandL ^l ick.s Feather Beds, Bedding Straw it ml Slim k Mattresses A la'??e lot of table and lieu e Linen Guuiclo'es, colar, h ill and other L:uep 3 ply, ingrain, and stair Carpets and Matting lleaiih Bugs, ami a lot ol Oilcloth Bron*.< d llatrack, L.twrges, and Looking Glass) > Andirons, Shove! and Tongs, and Fender Cocking, hall, airt tht and other Smve* With a large assortment rfKitchen Requ site* WitU many other article* which we deeai mine cessary to enumerate. Terms: ITnder J25 cash ; ov*r tliat miui a crt.r. of tiny and ninety days, f.f notes ? li<?a<ioril> c.i Jori.d L '.'iTinp tnieirat GSEEN s. ?COTT. mar Ifv?d \i;rqr,at. .-J WENTVOS LEM 8HAUCH WA8HIN6TI N J a:.d New York Masnetic Telegraph Mink tor sale. Address Box SI4T Post Office. mar 14?eo3i* TELEGRAPH 1< . KKTOKrKO FOB THK DAILY EVENING 6TAB. Appointment of L*w Lecturer at Harvard Bostob. March 20 ?The President and Fel low* of Harvard Univeriity at Cambridge h.ive appointed II?n Emory Washburn. la'e Governor of Massacba..-etts ?o be law lecturer iu the Law School, w? fill the va'anoy ?c?ca lioned bj the refusal of tl<e board to agree to the appointment of Juige Lorir g [ It will b* rocolleoted that Mr. W'Miubara was Governor m\ tbe time of Barn*' arraat, and mstained the Executive in i s efforts againet the attempted rescue ] Alleged Accessory admittei to fail Nmr York. March 21.-Judge M-?rri? haw Jeci Je-i to admit JamoJ Irving, charged with being accessory U the Pocle murder, to ba:l in the sum of $10,000. The District Attorney ia.isted that the rtatuary law required !wt d*ys notice of the nam* and residences ci the fecuritica beforo acceptsace, s'sting that this decision would probably be a puccdcnl fer other parties in the esme esse, el?o acoci so r ies Sailing of the (Mlice 8vbetitule Nbw Yon*, March 21.? The Naiktiil*, the substitute for the Pacific. sailed at noon to day for Liverj ool, ;?l passeogert. and $5ft3.? 0?0 in specie. Navigation of Ontario Eesumed. Oswbgo, March 21 ?A propeller left her? this moraing with freight and paatengers for Toronto, C. W. Active businrss will shortly commence Teirific Xxpioeioa in Coal Pitf K.cimord, March 20 ?A terrific eiulosii a oocorrod at tne MiJI nhiin coat pit' Ch<s er fleld, last evening. Si-teen person were taken out livln; an 1 eight dead, an i all will probably die It is fu.ipo-ed tbe-e were fifty in the pit at the time. T e expl>?nn w?? c msed by a premature blast Baltimore Markets IUi.vimobk, March 21.?F:our is dull?#alea of 200 barrels Howard street at $-< hT ; Ci y .Mills. $8.75 Wheat?sales o? 5,000 ?>?? - he I* of red a? $2.08n$tI2; *hi e. $2 I'.jfJ ??i Cera, white, SrtaS7c ; yellow, 87&8S. Few York Market Nkw Voaa, March 21 ?Cotton it jjwari iiad firm Flour is unchanged, with ? tuod crate demand at previ >us rat- s ; sa'es or '?< 5<'0 bblF.; S nthero is fi m?"-ales cf 1 Oi'O bids a 75. Wheat is upward and ti> m; s*les ttf Southern et $2 30 C-rn is upwa-<4 nod firm; aales of Wee-era mixed ?t lft'ii';6?c. l'ork is downward and dull B^ef i> ut>wsri a ..I firm Lard is upwafl, but not quotably h'gber Ohio Whisky in trm at 31a3l;: Krw York Stock Mhikct. Mew Yor.k March 21 ?Stocks are tetter a>. 1 act v*. J.Jon?y is aiuid?r.t Sal e at the bor.rl of E'ie a ??' Clevcl?' d ar d To ledo Kailruad. 80"!; Cumterland 1 oal Ommj* h> lit'; Reading K?iiroa<i 8.">; Canton Cm p'my 28; New York Centra' Railroad Com}.any J; Fennsvlvani* Coal Company 1?M ; In I'iar.a b'., 85J; Mi??o iri d't, 9.\* Virginia #'s at y7. A LEX A XDRIA COR R ESl'ON I>ENC L \scture*?lirtcnw linns* Jturnr I? \\rg,n .< Cur Work* Clo*td Up. ?Vf Alexa>prm, March 21. 1853 On Monday n'gbt a large ard respc:' t'e iciience c llecte-i at Lyceum H?ll, who lis te::e<l with marke l e'tea;Ion to the- lice lac tine of Bev. Dr Lrrd on " L uis XV i a: d bi.-> Court ' Tbe eminent ability and re- ?or"h which ever characterise the b:stori;3l dis Bfur.jes of l?r L wrre t romiLevly rrhi'?ited in 'his masterlr sketch of one of tbc in teref-ting period of French history. *"d we Feci sure no one who beard him re'ire-I f.r t . thi ball without the conviction that he h?J n -*3d a m at profitable evening At St. Mary's church. Rev Tha? II Ston-* ?tr*ot, S. J dian ur?ed on '? Tradition ex |>!ftinir^ the Catholic doctri ?? >>n that .-uhjec*, ot i enforcing iu> truth by exhibitioi ot ex tensive lenmiug and grea' a> llity Ju-'t after the audience fr^m the two lectuie* Hi d the members of the had rr tired to their homf-?. and cur city turm il be ^an to sick into stil r-ess. the alarm of fira sounded Ihe fircergine hoaseof thegallaut Friendship Fire Com- auy. situ^t^d on A'f"r 1 e'reot, hul beer touched wi'h the torch of the incendia-y. and was in fiaicef Uathermg speedily, our fi'eiuen soon conqu-red the do vouritg eUmeat?not, howe\er, beforo the roof and fteep e ha I yielded to the flatue and the fire Loll hal leen rendered useless. Th;? i? the second a'temj>t to set fire to an engine house within two months Oa Tuef lay night, Rev Mr Armstrong ce livered a lecture on - The L'nityof the llumrn haee," dispu'ing the idea of there having Se*:i t*o Ad-?ms. Ac. ft w-?? n fine display of 1< gi >*al eloquence, and from the satisfaction fe^led. we should think all thoueht with l.e speakar at its close. It was delivered befrne the Yo'icg Men's Chris*i?tn Assroiafi ?n. tr> ? honi Alexandria ha? been indebted formanj* in^'ruc'live lectures this pt-.F' Jeap >n ThTe is nothing new to d*v. La.^t ever ic the Virginia Car Works of Siti'h ?t lVrkiLP cUved up finally for *ant of fun Is It is pro pound t-? remove a portion of the e? abliehiren' to ZacesviRe, Ohio. A*t LATfcB F&OH MEXICO Ibe New Orleans papers hare newj from the City of Mexico by the Orazab?, to the d ins-t, and Vera Crux to the Mh in*>t. Several severe shocks of an eirthquakc had been experion?<d in tie ? itycf Mexico an-: vicinity. On tbe 2fiih ult.; Ssn'a lei t the oi'y lor th? South, having previots'y .-^u' ?* ?r - derabl btrtiics cf tr oops in iKle<<n?e It is rrj-erte i hy?bevffi3i^l pjpers 'oat two dnys *!itr hli arrival in lqu:?la he drf'eate*! a bvdy of iusnr "ents ur.der Col R^j'-nrfs Mortn i, and 'to& "he l it er ' It is aV> s a ed tba Mo eco had been t'ied bv a court martial and fen ecced to be shot. Other vict-tnt^ over tb troops of Alvaiex are reported, but tb^se ^ta?emen;s must be taken wi:b oneidtfrabie alio viiboe 'J be tec^nd drought which ha? been long and severe, his caused much tuffexing atd alarm li wa? reported at Vera Crux previous to tne foilicg of Of that Anna had re uriied to the c^; ital, acd it ii ib-> Jg s' h it lie did cot accomplish much by his j <urcey south Weextractthe following from th^ c>rte' p- tidei ce of the Bee We get little frcm tbe seat ol war A fs?v fkirmi^bes haveucu red without any mir ei re.ult. Al oui the last of February. U-n Ra in rti. who was in command of a detachment of Uovernmen* t.op?, cot:* sting of 30? iof:4? trv, lOti cavairy. atd two pieces of artillery, wis * defeated ot a p ?n? between Igu'tla a"' tho river Mesca'a. by Col VilUway Nava. I'e .-urrendertd at diecretn n. Some of hii? rner. fraternized with tbe insurgent#; the ether* we*e disarmed and sent w.tH t::eir cbicf to if.Qiia Sin'a Anna b&< b -d R-?mirea ar ast eJ, and ke will be tr'e I bv * c^urt martial !'? pe Santa Anna, the Frc^dcnt'* s-t. hn bten guilty ct ?c act of barbarous crrol J ?Jen. Piutar-o Cabtern having e^ptur* I 'be village de Z*potha el Wr?nde. inad? p-i ^ooie thirty five inrffensive inhabitants, ar. 1 w<<8 cor ducting thea? to Guadsl J -ra wt>er. e met l'ai e Sant^ Anna ar.d hi' laucers 1 epa t<?- k p.'S-'c^f-i&B of :lepriwss"i cpon *hoiii. ? cierewi' the uj?> t ravage fiti|?s*e After il?=;r?tUm f?c V-rr? of nva'ry ar. i fn.-.rr them to I-M.ot? th? ?al opir.g fca :? t - .irog^cd tbeui to ac avanoe ik?r"?d w tricn. aod bulged them singly, one a'ter ntbe-, taking the precaution eo to adjx?t tr.e npes as to prolong their suflerings as much *? poMtble

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